Treaty of Zephyr (Darklands Only)

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Treaty of Zephyr (Darklands Only)

Postby Kauvara » Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:29 pm

Treaty Of Zephyr

The Treaty Of Zephyr is a treaty which binds together the nations of the Western Hemisphere in a technological, military and economic alliance, ensuring dominance over the Darklands region.

The Treaty Of Zephyr is named after Zephyr, the mythological Western Wing which throughout history has been regarded as the most favourable wind.

Ingre-Mari Falasaami, Prime Minister of Prizyetsa
Sanne Javarson, Prizyetsi Minister of External Affairs
Alek Ananson, Appointed Representative to the TOZ of Prizyetsa
Richard Pike, President of Octovia
Aleksandr Or’yan, Emperor of Kauvara
Jessica Fontson, Prime Minister of Kauvara
Doctor Shun Sasaki, Kauvaran Director of Science and Technology
Anthony Aquino, Emperor of Las-Pilipinas
Doctor Theodore Velero, Pilipino Minister of Science and Technology

The Treaty Of Zephyr is written with the well-fare of it’s people in mind, as well as the well-fare of all nations in the Darklands in mind, with the hopes that the Treaty Of Zephyr will not be used as an excuse for the use of unnecessary violence. It is not a reason for other nations to worry, as it was written with the intent of being a peaceful agreement.


1. Calls for the establishment of embassies in the nations of all sighnees of the Treaty Of Zephyr, to further diplomatic unity and partnership.

2. Member nations open joint research facilities and education programs to further the advancement of technology and encourage young adults to contribute to the scientific advancement of member nations, as well as the sharing of information and technological breakthroughs gained by said research facilities and programs.
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