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Postby Vostochnyye Ravniny » Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:59 pm

The White House, Federal City of Moskva
Operation Royal Eagle (Pt.1)

The ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen (the boss of the Internal Security and a Matsrak Aristocrat) was in the 7th Floor of the white house, in front of a wide window that gives a view on the Kirov Boulevard. She was holding a file with her left hand, we could read "Operation Royal Eagle" on the first page of the file. She was waiting for KGB's Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov, both have conveined for a non-formal meeting.

Director Solovyov exited the elevator and walked towards Director Van De Kigen, Van De Kigen looked disturbed. When the coridor they where in became calmer, they started having a conversation...

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "Countess Maria, what is the operational status ?" he asked whilst smiling.

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "The Niagarans are almost ready, the operation will follow as planned... but what if in the Citadel 34 Breach, the Secret Documents about this very-own operation were the real target of the attempted robbery ?" she said with a serious tone.

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "What do you mean ?"

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "My superintendents and the itsCSI team on the case came to the conclusion that nothing was robbed, the Commando searched for documents... on a raid yesterday, we discovered a encrypted messaging device and first decryption reports say that they were looking for documents regarding foreign political manipulation..."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "Are the documents secured ?"

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "They were transfered to Base Romeo."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "They are secured for now... does foreign intelligence services have a clue of what we're doing ?"

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "Neither the FSA or the Korai."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "If it's the case, then we proceed with the operation... To minimize the federal governement involvement in the Niagaran operations, Matsrak mercenaries will be employed."

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "I already contacted Van Harlem, I arranged a meeting with him later this day... This sort of Black-Ops sets back Matsrakia to the times of the Van Harlem TNF Dictatorship."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "The Golden Era of the MSSB... nowadays it's a mere State Police Force."

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "The MSSDF's Spetsnaz are available if needed, a Spetsnaz Commando of the Landwehr and a Spetsnaz Commando of the MASDF will be in reserve."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "I Doubt the Premier will authorize their usage, he distrusts more and more the MSSDF after their Reforms and Modernisation programs with foreign equipement."

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "Give me a week, I'll handle the problem with the help of Wernitzig."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "Do you have news from the former Premier ?"

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "From my Father ? No... for him I'm just one of his Daughters."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "Yes, but isn't the point of having Children to form a Family ?"

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "He only focuses on mourning... I'm pretty sure he didn't talked to my mother in years..."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov nods

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "I have to go Countess, I Have a meeting with Van Rosa in one Hour."

ITS Bureau Director Maria Van De Kigen: "I'll be on my way to meet Van Harlem and discuss about the countours of the Mercenary contract."

KGB Bureau Director Samuel Solovyov: "Always remember this: Who Dares wins."

In a span of 10 Minutes, one of the most ambitious Political Conspiracies in the history of the KGB was decided and given a green light. Preparatives were almost done... It's only a question of time now...

To be continued...
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Postby Dunferm » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:48 am

Boston, The United Provinces and Territories of the Furbish Islands
15th September, 8:24

Proceed with the task - the message received from the operative centre.

Reluctantly, Alexander Eugene Petersen, a middle-aged man of middle height and with stubble, known at home as Colonel Max Otto Isaiah, put away his old-fashioned phone, and peeked out the window, covered with blinds. Renting a small, but comfortable flat for a few nights offered him privacy just needed for an agent of the military intelligence branch of the General Headquarters, the General Department.

The weather was cloudy, with cold winds coming from the sea, laving the old stones like the ocean washing the stones in ebb and flow.

He then proceeded to dress in his 'field suit' - a handful of clothes fit for early autumn in Furbish Islands to create the impression of a careless tourist, a khaki-coloured backpack, and most importantly, a small plastic bottle, full white, with no sign or label, in his pocket.

As he left his rented house, he met with eyes with his colleague, Russel Bosberry, who left an hour earlier to scout the destination points of the 'special delivery'.

- You take the park and his house; I take the café and the car.

The task was a delicate one, and the risk of international scandal was all but inevitable, still the indecision would cost Dunferm dearly. Alexander then took a light rail to a residential area of Boston, the federal capital of this country, and after he went to a small park on foot, that was lying just a few metres away from his house. He knew the exact time and exact bench that the target would sit on, a product of careful observation, and leaving nothing to chance, he made sure that no one was around, and then took the plastic bottle, swapped its cap for a sprayer, and covered the bench with a tiny layer of liquid, which was under no circumstances to be touched. But this was just part of the scheme. He then left the park, straight for the target's house, moving between tall houses coloured yellow and blue, before reaching the approach that led to a modern one-story house of white colour, built according to the latest fashion. Immediately forging a masquerade of intent, he approached a huge door of dark wood, and knocked a few times, knowing that no-one was at home. Then he took the same bottle and released its remaining liquid. Now, with the deed done, Alexander Petersen proceeded to return to his flat, and from there he, with Russel Bosberry would get a plane to Ravenspire, immediately not looking back.

Boston, The United Provinces and Territories of the Furbish Islands
15th September, 16:03

Philip Le Sueur was sitting on the bench in a small park near his house. Negotiations with the Vostoan Embassy were coming good, and Le Sueur had one important asset - a portfolio of secret documents, largely from the Dunfermian Navy and Air Force, that would compromise a number of operations in the Ocean for the future. A wind started a blow, and a cold shiver tingled him. Decided that he should not spend much time in public, he stood up from his seat, and decided to come home by taking senseless directions to confuse his potential pursuers, like a white hare confusing foxes in winter by making false trails. However, once he moved his leg a little, a strange feeling emerged from his chest, which felt like mustard stuck deep in the gullet, sea-sickness, and nausea. He wanted to take a breath but found that he couldn't. Soon, faintness stroke him like an arrow, and he collapsed to the ground, choking, and barely keeping his head raised. The colourful surroundings were blurring in his eyes, and he felt that his body was fading - he was dying. As he desperately was looking for help, he found not a soul on the streets, and soon a strange, pleasant feeling started overtaking his pain.

Soon, Le Sueur passed away.
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Postby New Waldensia » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:51 am

September 15, 2021
Nordenlind, Arnaud, New Waldensia

Haakon Liindstrof peered through his binoculars. The herd of reindeer was cresting a ridge some two miles to the east. The gap was closing. He sat back down on his snowmachine and started moving down the slope, headed to the cutoff point.

"They're headed toward Möhldir Lake. I'm on my way there now," he said into a radio. His fellow herdsmen, two other pairs, were en route as well. The winter snows had come early, and the tribal herds needed to be brought in to closer corrals.

The Skandar village, in the far north of Arnaud, depended on their herds to get them through winter. This had been a productive year, with good agricultural output and a healthy growth in the herd, but soon the icepack would come with a vengeance and supplies from the south would be much more difficult to obtain.

As he made his way across the Arctic plain, something caught his eye in a small ravine. He steered his vehicle toward the edge, and stepped off for a closer look.

There, sticking out from an exposed patch of soil on the side of the small gully, was something distinctly man-made. It appeared to be the corner of a small box, or chest.

Haakon slid down to investigate. He reached out with a gloved hand. It was made of wood, with an iron rim around the edges. It appeared to be in decent shape considering that it had spent an indeterminate time buried. He brushed at the dirt around it, exposing more of the box. Pulling his knife out, he used it to shovel more of the cold soil away from underneath, hitting something solid as he did so.

Crouching down a little, he carefully swept dirt away until he saw it. Something... metallic. He continued, his curiosity thoroughly engaged.

He shivered. A bony hand was coming into view, with what appeared to be chain mail by the wrist.

"What have I found?" he whispered aloud.
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Postby Vostochnyye Ravniny » Fri Sep 17, 2021 2:30 am

This RP Arc was made in collaboration with greater niagara, logar and furbish islands.

Après moi, le déluge... (PT.1)
Federal City of Amsterdam (Capital of the Grand Duchy of Mastrakia)

At last, after 100 years of Forced Republicanism, the Matsrakian lands saw it's Throne and Aristocracy restored. It didn't give Independence to the Matsraks, but at least ensured Peace and Liberty in the region. This restoration was part of the Pax Kagia policy...

At the city's Main Airport, everyone were waiting for the Foreign delegations plane.
Three Delegations were expected to arrive: FI's Delegation, the Logarian Delegation and the Niagaran Delegation.

The ITS Director Maria Van De Kigen and 100 of her Special Agents & Superintendents were waiting for the Planes arrivals, they were on Amsterdam's Airport Tarmac with a Grand Motorcade.

"Those FI Baboons are almost here" Director Van De Kigen Thought to herself.

The Logarain Airplane arrived. Exiting from the luxurious airplane that sheltered the Logarian Delegation, Prince Regent Edward followed by the delegation directly went to the encounter of the Director. "Salutations," said Edward in salute, "we have have brought gifts." Edward gestured to the shamans, carrying on their hands Logarian goods TBD.

"Greetings your esteemed Exelence and Welcome to Matsrakia" Said the Landwehr 4 Stars General Arnold Wernitzig, in charge of the security of Logarian's Delegation "My name is Arnold Wernitzig, I'll be escorting your exelencies throughout your stay" he said.

Meanwhile, Director Van De Kigen announced the arrival of the Logarian Delegation on her Radio. Then a Radio Transmission came in, it announced to the ITS Director that, the Furbish Delegation Plane was diverted towards the Southern Airport of Amsterdam, a Airport Mainly used by Low-Cost Companies.

She laughed and then headed towards the Logarian Plane.

Meanwhile in the Furbish Plane, above Amsterdam...

"We've been diverted to the Southern airport." said the pilot over the radio.

"Told you this was a bad idea." said Hutters to the small delegation inside the plane, "If our motorcade is sent to a different airport we are turning back immediately."

"It's the airport used by budget airlines." said one airman who was walking by.

"This is why our planes have their own stairs. We still have the special payloads. Just in case." said Hutters. an FSA agent nodded, holding two differently colored wooden boxes inside a briefcase.

"I will be in charge of giving gifts." said Trudeau, "I do not trust either one of you.". Hutters and Iſamaan laughed.

The plane, a small passenger airliner with many modifications for the Furbish government, touches down at the airport, followed shortly by a cargo plane carrying the motorcade. Stadtholder Adjoa Iſamaan, Prime Miniſter Arthur Trudeau, Deputy Prime Miniſter of Foreign Affairs Floris Hutters were present, so was William Erichſen, the second in command of the Boſton Gendarmerie, and the king of The Furbish Islands, were in the delegation.

Back at the city's main airport...

The General Wernitzig then asked, "Is the Korai agents armed?"

"There are ten Korai agents and Six Imperial guards here armed with a simple pistol," Edward explained.

Director Van De Kigen, dressed in a Matsrak Traditional Nobility apareal, arrived, "Greetings your Exelencies, The Korai and the Imperial Guards need to have the Safety screen always engaged on their pistols" she said.

"Absolutely," said a smiling Prince Regent to the Director.

"Did the Kaguchenkov Family remained in Logar?" The Director Asked.

"I fear yes," said Edward, "the Emperor wanted solely Logarians within the delegation."

"Understandable, please follow us" the Director Said.

The Logarian delegation entered in ITS's cars, the motorcade shortly departed towards the city-center where the coronation ceremony was about to take place.

Meanwhile in the Southern City Airport...

As the Furbish Transports landed, 30 Police Cars of the local SWAT, 10 BMP-2M and 5 Heng Long T-72 of the National Guard waited for the plane on the Tarmac.

As the Planes taxied towards the parking cargo ramp number 8, a Police Officer took a Megaphone from his car and said, "This is the Matsrakian State Security Bureau, for security reasons please put your hands on your head whilst exiting the Plane! And whilst Exiting the Plane, please Wave a White Flag or Something white!"

Meanwhile, more than 100 Policemen and Soldiers were pointing their arms towards the Plane and arround the Plane... Well 100+1 since a photograph was taking photos of the scene.

"Get the fuck out. Now." said Erichſen looking from the window.

"Or defy their orders. They aren't going to shoot us and risk angering the entire international community." said Hutters.

"With all due respect, Deputy Hutters, this is not the best idea." said Erichſen.

"Again, they are not going to shoot international visitors. No matter how much we annoy them. Get the flag." said Hutters.

The plane opened its door and lowered its stairs. Two FSA agents were the first to walk out, with concealed firearms and their hands at their sides. Then left Hutters with an aide by his side, waving a large revolutionary era Furbish flag with the words "LIBERTY EQUALITY FRATERNITY" written in Dutch. Hutters waved at the officers.

The Policeman then spoke with the Megaphone, "Terrorists... State your Demmands !"

Meanwhile, a Truck Full of Riflemen of the Landwehr Equiped with AK-74s and Manpads arrived on site, and shortly after the Photograph took the picture and called ITS's Director to inform that his job was done.

"What is Deputy Hutters' wife's number?" Erichſen asked.

Hutters turned back to the plane saying "Someone give this idiot our invitation!"

Trudeau handed it to an FSA agent and said "Are you sure this will be a good idea?"

"Are they really going to blow up a plane that clearly has our coat of arms and 'Furbish Air Force' and written in their own language?" Hutters said. "And don't fly Deputy Trudeau's flag." he said, giving the agent a pin with the revolutionary Furbish flag and a smaller flag to hold.

The agent walked down the stairs waving the flag while the other two drew their pistols. He walked towards the police officer with a megaphone, holding the invitation given by the Vostonian government in Boſton several weeks earlier.

The MSSB Officers looked confused (at least tried): they were told, officialy, that the FI Plane was hijacked, meanwhile the Rear-Echelon Group were dying of laughter over the Radio.

5 Minutes passed, and a Mi-8, Transport Helicopter landed near the Airplane, it was escorted by a Mil-28M Gunship Helicopter. ITS Superintendent Mikhail Cabanovich disembarked the Mi-8 whilst the Mil-28M Gunship remained in the air overseeing the scene.

"Greetings" The Superintendent Said, "When the ATC says to Tune frequency 765.99 mhz and Sqwak 111 it's to avoid something don't you think ?" he said with a serious tone.

"We would appreciate if you did not attempt to murder every Furbishman that set foot here for the last two and a half months!" Hutters shouted from the top of the stairs.

Immediately 7 Riflemen Pointed their AK-74, equiped with a Right-Side Red Laser Point, towards Hutters.

The Superintendent Shouted, "Who the Fuck are you !?"

The Photograph took a Picture of Hutters were we could see 7 red Points and their Laser Rays on his Forehead.

The Superintendent then said, "Ah yes... Your the Fat-Ill Inbred boy that keeps sending us Viagra, well guess fucking what mate ?!"

"We have more in the plane if you need it!" Hutters shouted.

"We have IQ enhancers Here! And Trust Me you need them! Now get the fuck down of the plane, they are waiting for your stupid ass at the Cathedral !" the Superintendent Shouted.

"Take some yourself before offering them to your betters." Hutters shouted. He turned back to the plane and said "Are you four seriously afraid of a country that uses laser pointers and has officials that can't watch their mouths?" Everyone in the plane laughed.

"If anything happens we are getting on the next flight out of here one way or another." said Erichſen after a long moment, "Even if it involves stowing away after taking public transit."

The five member Furbish delegation, with interpreters and FSA agents exited and boarded their limousines which were parked before the plane, and they headed off to the cathedral.

On the Highway towards the Cathedral, the motorcade encountered a Road-Block: 5 Unmarked Black MMW 520d Touring of the MSSB were blocking the Road.

3 MSSB Officers disembarked from their cars and walked towards the road-block to get passage. Suddenly 2 SU-75 Checkmate Prototypes perform a Fly By. One does a Barrel roll that could be seen by the whole motorcade. The Two Prototypes then make a left sharp turn and disappeared in the clouds.

The Motorcade is authorized to pass the MSSB Road-Block, they exited the highway by the exit no.7 and drove for 5 minutes towards a Train Station.

The whole Motorcade stops in front of the Train Station, we could read 'High Speed Train Station' wrote in Dutch on the Facade.

"These planes are a joke." said Trudeau as he looked through the window, and everyone laughed.

"Clearly compensating for something." said Hutters, "Next time we should have included penis enlargement pills in our box."

As the cars pulled by the train station, the delegation laughed again. "If only Richard was here to see this joke of a country." said Hutters.

"Quite an interesting looking cathedral." said the driver of the front car after rolling down the window.

"You'll see in a moment why we don't need your stupid industry, the last bit of the Journey will be in High Speed Train and next time I'll order personaly your arrest and execution" said Superintendent Cabanovich.

"Believed you repealed the death penalty?" the driver said.

Superintendent Cabanovich laughed and walked towards his car, whilst walking he said: "Take the Train or return to the joke of what is your Country, we don't care, waste your Monney on your stupid aircraft Carier instead of visiting us!".

He embarked in his car. Moments after the MSSB Cars left the scene. Seconds after this, the motorcade of the Greater Niagaran Delegation exited by the southern parking lot exit and drove by the Furbishmen at high speed.

We could ear a MNRC station broadcast in the distance, "Good Afternoon, it's 12h15 and thus the hour for a short trafic broadcast: a High Speed Train is about to depart from Yeltsine Station in 10 Minutes towards the City Center".

"Didn't even give us tickets?" said Hutters, opening the window from his seat to the driver. The driver shook his head.

"Even if this was a death trap, I do not like the thought of being stuck there and relying on their kindness to get us out." said Trudeau.

"Me neither." said Hutters, "We will check this out, if there aren't any first class seats available we are turning back immediately.". He opened and door and stood up, followed by an FSA agent.

"I have a feeling they are recording everything we are doing here." said Trudeau.

"Pray they do." said Hutters, "They can show the world themselves the clowns and warmongers they are."

Hutters and the FSA agent entered the station, then walked over to the train and entered, making their way to the first class section.

The Train was a CRH380A Hexie, manufactured by the Yue Xian Rail Corporation.

They entered in a First Class Wagoon, it was empty, only a Shadowy Matsrak was in it, siting in the last row.

Hutters and the FSA Agent sat down in the Wagoon and then train takes off, leaving the rest of the Delegation behind...

The Shadowy Man laughed and says, "Greetings Hutters..."

Hutters grabbed his phone and messaged the rest of the delegation. He put it down and said "Good afternoon. Who are you?"

Meanwhile outside the train...

"I warned him." said Trudeau over the encrypted radio of Hutters.

"I warned you too." said Erichſen from another car over a heavily encrypted radio connection, "You should all head back to the airport and tell Hutters to get out too."

"I'm going to the cathedral, we aren't leaving one of our men behind." said Trudeau, but the others agreed they will head back to the airport.

Trudeau with two FSA agents boarded the front car, headed to the cathedral, while the rest boarded the others and drove back to the airport.

"God rest your souls." said Erichſen.

back in the train...

"The Man That Can Flood the Furbish Black Market like no one ever did" the shadowy man said whilst laughing.

"You mean the Gendarmerie's budget?" said Hutters while laughing, recalling the amount of weapons confiscated in Furbish ports and airports.

"Do you know a certain, Sergeant Harreveld?" the Shadowy figure said.

"How would you know the name of a Boſton Gendarmerie sergeant with tasks that do not involve customs?" Hutters said.

The Train Stops at the next station and the Shadowy figure exits the Train whilst laughing, before he could respond to Hutters question.

The Train then proceeds towards the City Center Train Station.

Trudeau looked at his phone, seeing Hutters' and the train's location from his own phone. He suddenly got an SMS from Hutters. "Some idiot on this train claims to be able to flood the Furbish black market and asked me about Sergeant Harreveld."

Trudeau replied "I am headed with two FSA agents to the cathedral. We are leaving."

"You should have left with them." replied Hutters.

Then the trains arrives at the Amsterdam Central Train Station... the train was at quay... The Premier of the UNK, Leo Makarov, then enters in the Train with 7 KGB Agents. "Why would you leave, Herr Hutters ?" Premier Leo Makarov Aksed whilst sitting down.

"We wouldn't if you stopped attempting to murder every Furbishman who sets foot in your country." said Hutters.

The Premier Laughed, "We didn't attempted murdering you... It's always more funnier when we clown someone than being clowned... Isn't it ?" he said.

Being an experienced politician, Hutters did not show any sign of the anger that rushed through him, instead responding calmly "Deputy Trudeau has more Viagra and extra small condoms for you in his car."

"With the Pictures of your shlong on the internet... It seems that they are more appropriate to you Herr Hutters" he said whilst laughing.

"I beg to differ." said Hutters, now attempting to hold back laughter at the knowledge that Vostonian leaders watch deepfaked porn on the internet. He stood up and made his way towards the exit, followed by the FSA agent.

The 7 KGB Agents blocks the Exit. Hutters and the FSA remained blocked in the Wagon.

"In fact we created those videos Herr Hutters" the Premier Said.(modifié)

However, the 7 KGB Agents blocks the Exit. Hutters and the FSA remained blocked in the Wagon. "In fact we created those videos Herr Hutters" the Premier Said.

"Getting murdered on a high speed train, name a more Vosto-Furbish way to die." thought Hutters.

At that comment, Hutters broke into a small sweat trying to hold his laughter and the FSA agent cracked a small smile. They looked at each other, knowing what they were thinking, less afraid of being kidnapped but instead processing what they just heard, that the Vostonian government spends money making pornography of foreign leaders.

"Glad the Furbish embassy here sits empty and I never repealed the no travel advisory." thought Hutters.

"When you have a Troll Army at your disposal, it's never gets unattractive and costly..." he said whilst going towards the exit, "We shall have a walk now, the Grand Duke and the Logarian Delegation is waiting" he said whilst exiting the Wagoon.

The Whole Station was filled with MSSB and KGB Spetsnaz operatives, no one could exit neither enter.

Hutters followed along with his agent, looking carefully at his phone.

The Group walked outside the station and joined the Logarian and Niagaran Delegation in the presidential Tribune, Hutters was joined by the rest of his Delegation, assisting to the Militray Parade they were...

10 Minutes in, after a final argument, the FI Delegation left the Tribune: everyone were insulting the Delegation.

The Delegation enters in their cars and heads back to the airport, along the way Riot Police Struggled to maintain Order alongside the Highways and roads. They arrived at the airport where the delegation board the plane. The transport and the cargo plane take off immediately, headed to the Dodo Republic for a meeting tomorrow.

But this part of History shall be written... In a near Futur...

To be continued...

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Postby Furbish Islands » Fri Sep 17, 2021 2:00 pm

Watford, Boſton
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

Eveniŋ, Wedneſday, 15 September 2021

On the outskirts of the city stood several small suburbs. These houses were large by Furbish standards, though small by those of other countries. Most streets were thin, being able to park cars on one lane and two to drive. Unlike in many countries, suburbs were typically the homes of poorer residents, who could not afford increasing rent of apartment blocks in the city center, which increased despite the city’s attempts to construct more housing. These towns were still well connected by the city transit network, with buses and trams taking them to the nearest suburban train station if not directly to the city center. Like many of these towns, Watford started off as a small town before being consolidated into Boſton, being merged into the borough of Watford with other towns nearby.

Traveling along one of the smaller roads was a Gendarmerie SUV. Large vehicles like this one were not usually used in cities, unless they carried large cargo.

“Hear some beeping from the back.” said the driver.

“Not my phone going off.” said the gendarme in the passenger seat, “and not my radio.” he said as he checked it. “Wait, stop.” he said.

The driver pulled into one of the parking lanes, and the passenger exited, opening the trunk. “Our machine detected chemicals.” he said.

“What?” the driver said.

“Some nerve gas. One that only Dunferm uses.”

“Nerve gas in fucking Watford?”

“Did you hear about the park they cordoned off because a lot of people got sick? And that Dunfermian died?”

“The park is all the way– holy shit.” said the driver, eyes widening. He quickly took his radio. “This is car 12, we’ve just detected Novice nerve gas a substantial distance away from that park in Watford.”

Furbiſh Government Tranſport Jet
Voſtonian Airſpace

Afternoon, Wedneſday, 15 September 2021

“Insulting us as we left, I was wrong about them sucking up to us.” said Hutters as the plane took off, while he rolled up his sleeve and took out a microphone, “Two can play this game.”

Everyone in the plane laughed. At the same time, the FSA agents took off their dark sunglasses, taking out cameras and microphones rigged inside them before putting the sunglasses back on. Another agent waved an x-ray wand over all people to make sure no one had a hidden microphone given.

“Let’s replay my second favorite part.” said Hutters, rewinding his microphone to a part when the premier said “It’s always more funnier when we clown someone than being clowned… Isn’t it?”

“Let’s show them how funny blockading their embassy is.” said Trudeau, “What’s your favorite by the way?”

“Glad we didn’t remove our travel warning.” said Hutters, “When we land we will kick out the Vostonian embassy and ban their government officials from entry. There is nothing they are able to do about it.”. Hutters then added “Oh, and my favorite part of that recording was when that premier admitted his government has a troll army making pornography featuring us.”, causing the entire plane to erupt in laughter.

“Hope that duke is happy.” said Trudeau sarcastically. He took one of the wooden boxes which was planned to be given to the grand duke, full of Furbish chocolates, and grabbed several.

“Give Yuri that box and leave the Viagra behind.” said Hutters, “Dodo Republic will be a useful friend when UKN responds. Alert the rest of PEE what just happened, we have video evidence of it.”

“Notify PEE now.” said Iſamaan, who usually stays silent during meetings like every stadtholder, “This is important, and let them know we plan sanctions.”

“Will be written now.” said Hutters, taking out his laptop.

“Dodoian ATC won’t mind if we’re a couple hours early, right?” Trudeau shouted to the pilots.
To ðe Governments of ðe Protective-Economic Entente:

Good eveniŋ Your Excellencies,

Today our delegation was ſuppoſed to viſit ðe coronation of ðe grand duke of Mastrakia. Inſtead, after beiŋ ſent to an airport uſed by budget airlines, our planes were ſurrounded by armed men ƿo demanded we walk wiþ our hands above our heads and wave a ƿite flag, ðen referred to our delegation as “terroriſts”. I myſelf ðen had ſeven laſer pointers from ſniper rifles on me. An ISB ſuperintendent ſoon arrived, to call myſelf an “inbred fat-ill boy” and ſaid our delegation needed IQ enhancers. Ðey ſent us on a train, ƿich took off wiþ only myſelf and an FSA agent onboard. Ƿen it arrived at its deſtination, KGB agents blocked off ðe exit, and ðe premier ðen ſaid his government creates pornography of world leaders, ðen referred to all of ðis as “clowniŋ” equivalent to ðeir viſit two weeks before, as if þreateniŋ world leaders wiþ armed men is in any way equivalent to ƿat Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands has done. Attached to ðis letter are recordiŋs of ðe events from cameras and microphones rigged on ðe sunglaſſes of FSA agents.

All of ðis is nothiŋ leſs ðan an attack on Furbiſh ſovereignty. Ƿen our delegation returns to Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands, ðe Kaguan embaſſy will be expelled and heavy economic ſanctions will be levied againſt ðe United Kaguan Nations and allies. We ſtroŋly urge all PEE members to take ſimilar actions.

Floris Hutters, Deputy Prime Miniſter of Foreign Affairs of Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

Foreign Affairs Miniſtry Buildiŋ, Capital Diſtrict
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

Morniŋ, Friday, 17 September 2021

“Hello Heinz.” said Floris Hutters as he stepped inside his foreign affairs office to a 19 year old aide, Heinz Lodewijk, a political science and international relations university student interning for Hutters for the semester. Hutters took a sip of his coffee.

“Good morning Floris.” said Lodewijk.

“Are you working on anything important?” asked Hutters.

“Not important, just–” began Lodewijk.

“Meet me at my office.” said Hutters.

Those words were usually not a good thing to hear from a superior, but Lodewijk knew the tone. Hutters was planning something. He followed Hutters to his office.

The truck sounded its siren, and the driver of a car beside it knew he was being pulled over. He drove off to the side, and the truck stopped beside it. Taking a look at the truck caused a wave of stress to rush through the driver. It was an armored truck, painted dark blue with yellow and red stripes across the middle with “GENDARMERIE” written above it and the coat of arms next to it. This truck was one of several made by Furbish contractors for the Gendarmerie. Armored trucks were a rare sight, especially in urban areas where the Gendarmerie preferred much smaller cars which could fit in city streets. Trucks in city streets were not a good sign because of it, though they still get large amounts of onlookers.

The truck driver rolled down the window. “Good morning, how are you?” she said.

“I am good, how are you?” said the driver of the smaller car.

“Good.” said the truck driver, “This is a one way street.”

“Oh, I am sorry about that.” said the man in the smaller car, turning slightly red as he noticed the one way arrows.

“You may want to check out your taillight and update your registration.”

“Did not realize that needed repairs. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Have a good day!”. Both drivers waved and the car turned and drove away, while the truck remained in the lane.

“Kaguan embassy is around the corner. Now waiting for Deputy Hutters’ signal.” said Lucia Harreveld said as she rolled up the window.

“You were right to not accept their invitation.” said William Erichſen. He held his phone showing the picture of Hutters standing on top of a staircase, waving to a group of soldiers pointing guns at him, while next to him an aide waved a giant revolutionary Furbish flag. “These were uploaded on RT not long after we took off.”

“This man is insane. I have lots of respect for him.” said Harreveld.

“He’s never going down without a fight, and probably thought of at least seventy different ways he’s about to humiliate the embassy and consular staff as they leave.” said Erichſen. He swiped on his phone to show another picture with Hutters smiling and waving as seven laser pointers are shown at him.

“They have laser pointers?!” said Harreveld as she burst out laughing.

“You haven’t seen these pictures before? They’ve been all over Furbish media where RT seemed to not realize they’re having the opposite effect on the rest of the world. Hell, Hutters himself posted them.”

“Not surprised. They’re definitely going to be on the next LU campaign posters.”

Hutters sat down at his desk, laying out his briefcase, and taking out two framed photographs going viral across the world.

“Were you not afraid of being shot during either of them?” Lodewijk asked.

“I look at it this way.” said Hutters, “Chances are they were not going to murder us and cause international outrage. But if they seriously planned to, the way we acted wasn’t going to stop them. Better to put up a fight. This was not all of course.”

“Did they threaten you more?” said Lodewijk.

“Yes, they did.” said Hutters, taking out two small recording devices, “I slipped a device in my sleeve and recorded everything. These aren’t the ones, just copied my favorite parts from this.”. He played both, one at a time, the first recording a conversation he had with an ISB superintendent from the top of his plane, and the second with a conversation on the train, where the Kaguans called what they did clowning then admitted to having an army making pornography. Lodewijk could not help but laugh, and so did Hutters. He said “I’ve listened this so many times the last few days and it still gets me every time.”

“Have others seen these yet?”

“Not yet, and there is plenty of more dirt on them that is being sent to the media. However, I brought you here and showed you all of this because I have an important mission for you. This will likely sound strange but bear with me. The cabinet agreed their entire diplomatic staff will be expelled and government declared personnae non grata.”

“Do I need to write up the forms?”

“No. Well sort of.” Hutters laughed, “You will write the letter announcing their expulsion and give them exactly 24 hours to leave, but leave the diplomatic courtesy. Curse them out as much as you can in that letter.”

“Are you serious?” asked Lodewijk, who looked more confused.

“Yes I am serious. This is not a test or anything. After nearly murdering me then saying it is equivalent to everything else I’ve done they deserve nothing less.”

“And when will this be done?”

Hutters looked at the clock. “By noon your letter should be finished.” he said, “Then use my phone to call the ambassador and demand an explanation for the events two days ago, and act courteous in that call. However it is resolved, send that letter and tell them to check their email as it is done. The Gendarmerie is already near their embassy and consulates and will show up on my signal.”

“Okay. I can do all of that.” said Lodewijk, cracking a small smile.

“I am glad I can count on you, Heinz.” said Hutters, “Oh and don’t use your real name, something random like Arnold Kutz in case they try to track you down.”

The phone of the Vostonian embassy in Boſton rang. The caller is the phone from the foreign affairs minister’s office.

The phone call took some time to be answered, since the 15th of September, the Government issued Order 567-44 ordering that all documents to be transferred back to the Country or be destroyed.

Thirty seconds after the start, ambassador Jën Markt responded.

“This is the ambassador of The United Nations, state your identity” he said.

“Hello, this is Arnold Kutz calling from the Miniſtry of Foreign Affairs.” said a young man's voice, “May I ask for an explanation as to what happened on the Furbish visit two your country two days ago?”

“A Official inquiry has been demanded to determine the Sanctions to take on the MSSB’s misbehavior, however the Civil Transportation Bureau inquiry says that your transports did not comply with the frequency change issued by the ATC and thus the local ATC declared your plane as hijacked.” the ambassador said with a Strong accent.

“Bullshit.” Hutters muttered, “They’ve told us nothing about a change.”

“We never received word of the frequency change, but I am sure this was not the cause of an ISB superintendent cursing at our delegation or your premier having seven agents prevent the foreign affairs minister from leaving the train for some time.” said Lodewijk, “And your premier laughed at all of this?”

“The ITS, not the ISB sir… Now listen up because I’m going to only say it one time” the ambassador said, “An Official and Neutral Inquiry has been demanded by the Premier Himself.”

“From the encounter on the train the premier seems to have thought this was hilarious, and has yet to give a formal apology after two days.” said Lodewijk.

“We have no comments to do on this.” Markt said with a serious tone.

“He’s lying. End the call and send the mail.” said Hutters.

“Very well then. Thank you for your time, and please check your email.” said Lodewijk before hanging up. On that order, he went to Hutters’ computer and pressed the enter button. Hutters pressed the enter button on his phone, sending an SMS to several Gendarmerie trucks.

The following email was sent to the embassy and consulates:

Hey ſhitheads

After attemptiŋ to fuckiŋ murder our eſteemed government on þree ſeparate occaſions you bitches in and affiliated wiþ ðe circus ðat is ðe government of your ſhithole country have been declared pesonnae non grata. All aſſhats operating excuſes of embaſſies and conſulates have 24 hours to get ðe fuck out of our country and go fuck ðemſelves.

Arnold Kutz, Miniſtry of Foreign Affairs

Attached to this letter was a two hundred guilder OnlyFans gift card and codes for subscriptions to numerous porn sites, some of which only have gay porn. At the same time, armored Gendarmerie trucks appeared out of nowhere in front of all embassies and consulates.

“We already did, you shitty Wuss” said Markt. He hanged the phone 5 seconds after that.

Fifteen minutes after, the lights were shut down for the last time and a 15 Car and truck strong Motorcade exited the Embassy towards the airport where military Transports where waiting them. This evacuation effort already commenced on the 15th. Seeing the motorcade leave the embassy, the driver of the truck and the passenger gave them the finger.

In a secret ITS base, somewhere in the Urals Mountains, ITS Director Van De Kigen was in her office, when a KGB Envoy entered her office. The two had a cordial discussion, but then the ‘ Boſton Papers’ question was brought.

Van De Kigen took a deep breath and responded, “We have an ultimate card to play… A Poker Match never ends like this… No one insults us without consequences.”

As she said that, she put on her table a photo of Hutters and a file named ‘Operation Final Judgment’
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Postby Logar » Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:09 pm

   The light wind gently pushed the window's curtains, the breeze was very much enjoyed by Marcus as he appreciated the view of his small apartment to the beach. He did not come from an ancient, wealthy house, clan, or business family of Logar, instead he came from a subtle small family of the Empire's middle class. As he listened to a sad-natured Logarian popular music song named Train of Dawn, he smoked his near-ending budget cigarette which he lit with his $1 lighter, while leaning on his window to the beach. At his side, there was a small table which held a bunch of empty beer bottles.
   — When will this nightmare end? — He asked himself, almost crying, upon smoking the final tobacco of his cigarette, throwing it away after extinguishing the ember.
   Staggering, he went to the encounter of his bed, turning the light off as he laid down to rest. When?, he thought to himself, making such question again. When he looked to the wall clock, he noticed: It was 1:34 AM, far past the time he had to take his dysthymia medicine, 10:30 PM. As he reached the pill box on his bedside table, he then seated on his bed and walked towards the beer bottles near the windows and grabbed one he hadn't opened and went back to his bed. He again sunk in thoughts, I have all the instruments to end this... Why should this continue?; The young man suddenly took all the pills and drank of the beer out of the bottle, and went to sleep. Eternally.
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Postby Dunferm » Sun Sep 19, 2021 2:36 pm

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

18.IX.2021 A.D.

A note to the Government of the United Nations of Kaga

His Majesty wishes to inform the following to the Government of the United Nations of Kaga,

On May 15 of this year, the delegation of the government officials of the United Provinces and Territories of the Furbish Islands was received by the United Nations of Kaga with nothing but abuse, maltreatment, derision, defamation, and violation of the international law concerning the diplomatic immunity. His Majesty, His ministers, and the Legislative Diet denounce this treatment not only as violation of international law and good faith between the governments, but also as the violation of the sacred duty of hospitality.

His Majesty wishes to remind the Government of the United Nations of Kaga that on the agreement signed between the Crown and the predecessor state of the United Nations of Kaga on 26th July 2021, the Dunfermian side expressed its desire to respect sovereignty of Kaga in return for the promise of the same to avoid inciting conflict with other nations. However, the Government of the United Nations of Kaga and its predecessors have breached the terms of the said agreement, and repeatedly threatened all other nations with war and conflict, which have violated the trust and faith of the entire nation that was laid upon the leaders and governors of Kaga, and thus the recent visit by the officials of the Furbish Islands is a definite and explicit statement that the Government of the United Nations of Kaga is not interested in preserving peace and the equality between nations of the world.

Furthermore, the recent embargo of Dunfermian goods in the United Nations of Kaga is unequivocal neglect of the so-called elected Government to its citizenry, as the 500 million souls are forbidden to access quality healthcare, imported provisions, and housing, leaving them exposed to disease, food insecurity, and lack of shelter.

As such, with great disappointment, His Majesty wishes to inform that henceforth all diplomatic ties between the Crown of Dunferm and the Government of the United Nations of Kaga are severed.

Additionally, the following measures have been taken by ministers on the highest commission:

I. The Chief of State, Premier, Federal Ministers, senior civil servants, provincial executives, members of the Duma, generals, managers and stock-holders of the Kagaian military industrial complex, are declared persona non grata within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Dunferm.
II. All private property of the aforementioned persons are confiscated by the Crown.
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Postby Attancia » Mon Sep 20, 2021 7:17 am

17th of September 2021

A letter is sent to respond to the Furbish.

To Floris Hutters and the government of The Furbish Islands,

Your Excellencies,

It is disgusting that any government should have the unworthy self-created pomp and heraldry to affront another nation in such a way, least not the Vostoians. As obscene as the government manufactured pornography is, I must concede that I have watched it myself and it is most unsatisfactory. For that failure alone we must surely take action; how could any government produce such low-quality media of any sort?

Attancia is a PEE state. Your suggested actions will be put into place effective immediate. The Vostoian diplomats have been expelled and the embassy is being repurposed as an Eastern Orthodox church. Further economic sanctions will be applied: the Attancian government will place heavy tariffs on Vostoian oil and gas, and we shall review certain companies for ties to the government. Those that do shall have embargoes placed upon them.

In addition, our diplomats left the country several days ago. There will not be a hostage situation.

With regards,
Valerius Miele, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
The Attancian Government

A few days previously, the Attancian ambassadors in the UNK packed up and left in a private Attancian jet escorted by two Eurofighters. The sanctions threatened by the letter are now effective.
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"Attancia is slightly less retarded now" -I forgot the name someone in TL discord once

Also...Attancia types too well to be 13, if I'm honest. Something doesn't add up. -Fluvannia

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Postby Furbish Islands » Mon Sep 20, 2021 8:00 pm

████████████████████, ███████
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

███████, Friday, 19 September 2021

Agent ███████ from the Furbish Secret Service pressed the button. She immediately heard the elevator being pulled up, coming to a stop after a long moment, and the door opened. She stepped inside and the door closed. She tapped her ID on a scanner, then tapped her finger on a fingerprint scanner, then looked towards an iris scanner, then entered a password, until being able to press a button to go to her floor. The pulleys screeched again as the elevator slowly lowered, deep underground into the complex, the existence of which was not well known, nevermind its location or the scope of its operations. To all but a handful officials this area was one of many stretches of jungle the public is not allowed to set foot into, officially because it is a nature reserve.

Deep underground, the elevator finally reached a full stop, opening its doors for Agent ███████ before closing almost immediately. There, Agent ███████ faced a maze of concrete corridors. She stepped out, walking the path she was told to walk through the unmarked corridors. A rush of hot air hit her as she took a few steps, and her steps echoed through the corridors, but few were there to hear them. The lights turned on as Agent ███████ walked before them. Eventually, she reached the room she was told to be at, another unmarked door inside the long corridor except for a single scanner where she tapped her ID and finger again. The door opened, briefly, giving her just enough time to step inside.

“Good ███████, Agent ███████.” said the voice of a man, who was the only other person inside this room.”

“Good ███████.” said Agent ███████.

“I am glad you were able to make it here safely. We have a new mission for you, already talked with █████ other agents and plan to speak with ████████ more.”. said the man. He motioned to a giant folder on the table, which he opened, showing a small picture of the premier of the United Kaguan Nations.

After reading through the small briefing, Agent ███████ nodded and said “Yes sir.”

Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

Eveniŋ, Sunday, 19 September 2021

Ivan Maslica began his show with the news of Philip Le Sueur, who was found dead in Watford park in a late Friday afternoon. The park was cordoned off soon after, as any person who entered got sick. Novice nerve gas was later discovered, a nerve agent used only by Dunferm, which drew a strong condemnation from the Furbish government. This would have been the largest news in The Furbish Islands if not for a disastrous visit that happened the same day.

“For our main story tonight is the recent events concerning the United Kaguan Nations.” began Maslica, “The country that brought you borscht, ushankas, and sex tapes of every Furbishman who’s ever appeared on the news.”. The studio audience laughed as a picture of a sex tape of Maslica was shown. “Yes, this is from one they made of me.” he said, “which you can tell is fake because that guy is a lot better than I am.”. The audience laughed harder.

“On Monday the 23rd of August, two Kaguan officials landed for a visit.” said Maslica, and then the image of the officials on budget airline stairs was shown as the audience laughed, “No, this image is not fake, they were actually given those stairs. After that they were allegedly escorted by a Gendarmerie sergeant pulled from Boſton only half an hour before, then led through the airport including through customs, before being connected to their motorcade which was diverted to a completely different airport, reportedly by accident. They were then lead through narrow streets and into mixed traffic, and lead by gendarmes on horseback until they were greeted by the Furbish government, who arrived by public transport. After the meeting they were allegedly given an OnlyFans gift card and then forced to wait for hours at the airport because air traffic control simply forgot about them, according to them.”

“The Furbish delegation was still invited to the coronation of the grand duke of Mastrakia, who looks like the unholy cross between a pig and Pope Ulysses.” continued Maslica, as he displayed their pictures as the audience laughed.

“This happened last Wednesday, which took a much different turn. Upon landing, the transport jet was surrounded by soldiers who called them terrorists and demanded they surrender. Floris Hutters, voted the most fuckable man in The Furbish Islands by New Maasland Life magazine, left with an aide flying a revolutionary flag. This picture was shared widely over RT,” Maslica said, showing that picture, “and so was this one, where Hutters smiled as if he did not have a hundred guns pointed at him.”, and the other picture was shownn and as the audience laughed Maslica said, “Yes, apparently they are undeveloped enough to use laser pointers.”

“Now the following are videos taken from cameras rigged on the glasses of FSA agents, released by FBC two days later.” said Maslica, then the video played of the exchange between Hutters and the ITS agent, the studio audience laughing hard again, and so did Maslica. When it ended he continued, “Damn, Hutters must have a fucking death wish if he’s willing to insult that guy as guns are pointed at him. Although judging by the face of that ITS superintendent he has bigger problems to worry about than just his IQ. He clearly had the same barber I did.”. An old picture of Maslica was shown and the audience laughed again.

“Now here is another video from a train.” said Maslica, showing the exchange between Hutters and the premier, until continuing, “Now this may actually be the funniest joke on our show and we did not even fucking write that. Besides the premier who looks like what would happen if former Dodoian president Waldoon fucked a potato that was grown at a nuclear reactor, if I had known by tax dollars were going to making porn of politicians I would start a riot. Unless it is Victor Yuri. Step on my throat, Victor Yuri, you rudely large man. Break my fingers you broody mountain.”. Picture of him were shown as the audience laughed. Maslica already shared many masochistic fantasies involving Yuri on the show.

“Anyway, this ended with most of the cars turning back except for one with Arthur Trudeau inside to rescue Hutters. Now if that wasn’t loyalty I don’t know what is. Most of my friends would abandon me if we went camping and heard a growl, but Trudeau said ‘Yes I know we’ve just been sent to a death trap but I will rescue my rival from this’. Of course, the Vostonian response was far from same.” said Maslica, as he played the video of the Furbishmen being insulted as they left “Holy shit, I do not like Trudeau or Hutters either, but that is just a whole new level of immaturity. This is not even acceptable in a kindergarten classroom when a kid walks out of class, nevermind on the world stage. After leaving early, they ended up spending the night in their plane landed at Fort Valkyrie Air Force Base. After returning Friday, the Vostonian ambassador was officially expelled and left promptly. Reportedly he was given OnlyFans gift cards and subscriptions to gay porn sites in the letter. The foreign affairs ministry seems to devote half its budget to porn sites and sex shops just to insult world leaders.” Maslica said as the audience continued laughing.

“But as the ambassador was leaving, an armored Gendarmerie truck was present.” said Maslica, as he showed a video of the Gendarmerie truck where the driver pointed two middle fingers at the ambassador’s motorcade, “Just look at that driver flipping him off, she looks like her boss just quit his job and she never has to deal with him again, and this is what half the people who work for me wish they can do to their boss.”

“Afterwards a letter was sent to four PEE governments, Dunferm, Fluvannia, Hrvada, and The Furbish Islands, excluding Attancia and Logar, which was released by the FBC. It called us ‘racial supremacists’ and ‘autocratic powers’. Oh come on, you called us autocratic while ignoring the actual autocratic regime in the alliance.”. The audience laughed as the flag of Logar was displayed.

“Of course, The Furbish Islands is not an autocratic regime, which you can easily tell because I got away with all of this.”. Videos then played of Maslica insulting various politicians over the last seven seasons his show ran, including many former and current prominent politicians.

“He started it with saying with accusing us as viewing the UNK as ‘dogs’ and ‘unequal’, although you really are not helping your image with these insults. Hell, you’ve just turned yourself into a bigger joke, judging by reactions from the public.”. The audience laughed harder as a montage was played of Maslica walking around the streets of Boſton, asking random people about their thoughts on the UNK and that letter.

“United Nations of Kagu? Oh, that’s what that shithole called themselves now. Surprised they didn’t fall apart after constant wars.” said one person.

“Floris Hutters needs to thank them. I do not like the Liberal Union but if that picture is used in their campaign posters Hutters had my vote.” said another person.

“They really think they can take us on? I’d love to see those incompetent orangutans try.” said a person while laughing.

“Why should we give a shit? What are they going to do, bomb us to the ground from the opposite end of the planet?” someone asked.

“And this is representative of all we’ve seen.” said Maslica as the audience laughed.

“The premier then called PEE’s attitude towards the Dodo Republic ‘repugnant and immoral’.” Maslica paused as a picture of Trudeau shaking hands with Yuri was shown and the audience laughed, “Coming from the ones that repeatedly violated the DR’s sovereignty. Now this is an example of ‘Pan-Kaguism’, a belief held by the current ruling party, which believes that the UNK is the government and protector of all nations in Kagu, from the ones which were forcefully unified, twice, to the independent countries of Attancia, the Dodo Republic, and East Estovakia. UNK has repeatedly encroached on the sovereignty of all three of those countries, then wondering why two of them are seeking closer ties with The Furbish Islands. East Estovakia, of course broke from the USSRK and is on the brink of a civil war, meanwhile Attancia and the Dodo Republic have remained independent from mainland Kagu for its entire history. ‘Pan-Kaguism’ really is nothing more than imperialism. This is like saying that I can fuck a donkey because it lives in my neighbor’s house.”. A picture was then shown of a donkey sitting on top of the premier, and the audience laughed again.

“Now most importantly, this letter involved passing sweeping sanctions over the four governments mentioned. In response, the National Assembly introduced a bill that would declare an all out embargo over the UNK, and giving one week for their allies, the Antarctic Circle State and Greater Niagara, to cut all ties with the UNK or face a Furbish embargo. Then on Saturday, the Gendarmerie’s Special Operations Force stormed the now abandoned Vostonian embassy during an exercise, just after flying rags where the Vostonian flags flew, and broadcast this over FBC.”, some clips of the raid were shown, including the rags and gendarmes breaking through the door, then Maslica said “The embassy currently is planned to be demolished and turned into affordable housing units.”

“The government’s use of media did not end there. That letter I mentioned was released publicly with corrections for all of the premier’s grammar mistakes. Now just imagine being corrected in your Fluvan by Floris fucking Hutters.”, said Maslica, and as the audience laughed he said in a Dutch accent “‘I can barely speak your language but I know that here you misspelled the word resources and here you were supposed to use we not us’.”

“Also on Saturday the cabinet and shadow cabinet visited a Great War memorial, where the Furbish army defeated the Vostonians.” said Maslica, showing images from the visit, “Now following their actions, Attancia and Dunferm were the first to stand by The Furbish Islands. However, Logar remained silent, which is concerning considering their ties with the UNK, which puts then in direct violation of several parts of the CBT.”

“Earlier today, as the UNK announced the commissioning of a new aircraft carrier, and a new defense minister who no joke, is only 1.65 meters tall, making him the least intimidating admiral.” Maslica said, showing a picture of an exaggurated short Putin standing in front of Trudeau and Hutters, then continued after the audience finished laughing, “Anyway, he said the cold war never ended, only evolved.”

“On the same day the cabinet and shadow cabinet visited Air Force, Army, and Navy bases, inspecting soldiers and ships with commanders.” said Maslica, showing pictures from the visits “But the relaxed nature of these visits, which included a football game on the decks of the FNS Nieuwe Maasland, overlooked by the FNS Dandeneau and FNS Kitſon, two ships named after Great War generals, reflects the General Furbish attitude to the UNK, and the fact that they’re a fucking joke.”. The audience began to laugh more, and Maslica continued, “They have dealt with constant rebellions for decades, and now while threatening their neighbors still cannot invade two small island countries on their doorstep. Hell, they are even unable to invade their neighbor to the east. Now all of this I just said will definitely get me in serious trouble with them, but why should I care? From their responses and social media posts you can tell the only thing they are able to do is call us baboons and fake low quality sex tapes.”. The audience laughed harder over these comments.

“Some have reported Furbish trolls made their own sex tapes of Vostonian officials, and in all of them Vostonian officials have erectile dysfunction.” said Maslica, displaying the headlines from some newspapers and platforms. “Now just for a moment, spare a thought for the journalists who had to look through these sex tapes to confirm this. Not what they signed up for.” he continued, and the audience laughed harder, and Maslica said “But I’ve decided to help them out a little. We have bought ten thousand guilders worth of Viagra and extra small condoms, shipped to an address in the Antarctic Circle State via Attancia. From there, we had someone send them to the residences of several Vostonian government officials, and according to the courier they have arrived just now!”

The order trackers were then displayed and the audience burst out laughing harder. Maslica said “Now when another sex tape of me appears you know where it came from. I’ve been Ivan Maslica, that’s our show, thank you for watching, see you next week and have a great night!”
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Postby Logar » Tue Sep 21, 2021 7:34 am

The crowd was very well positioned in front of the Honor Square, guarded by the local policemen, undercover Korai agents, the Imperial Royal Guard and some Army soldiers. Four black cars scouted by countless police motorcycles and at least four Army humvees emerged in direction of the square, and when they positioned themselves who they carried was finally revealed as they left the vehicles: Prince Regent Edward, the Courtmaster, Michael Veers, the mayor of the City of Villanova, the President of the Province of Villanova, and, finally, the Emperor of Logar, the young Adrian, which was the reason of a multitude of applause and noise as the people urged to see him.
⠀The reason such important officials were gathered their was simple though extraordinarily important. The government had ready for two years a bronze statue of now deceased Emperor August IV, that was to be uncovered by his only son, and now his successor, in the presence of his living brother, Adrian's uncle, Prince Edward, Duke of Highwaters. In the presence of two crimson-robed imperial royal guards, the Emperor finally begun:
⠀— Today, my loyal and loving friends, we gather here to remind, everyone, each country in this planet, each government, that we remember. And that's why I am here, now, with you, in this extraordinary moment, to uncover this statue, of someone who left this ground not so long ago, but is always within our memories.
⠀As the Emperor walks, with his uncle, closer to the dark red cloth with gold and black details that covered the statue, the crowd awaited in silence while cameras flashed and clicked from the public and the press. Both stayed there for a moment so that people could take their pictures of this occasion before it was uncovered.
⠀Suddenly, when "it was time", Adrian gazed to Edward, who confirmed with his head. The Emperor positioned his now ungloved hands on the cloth, and, synchronized with his uncle, revealed the statue: A magnificent work of Emperor August IV. The public loudly applauded and screamed, some chanting "Glory to Logar", and even solely "Logar", as both Edward and Adrian hugged.
⠀— He was a great man, Adrian. — Edward said to his nephew's ear. — And I am willing to keep his honor.
⠀— I know, Uncle. — Adrian answered. — And thank you.
⠀The public enjoyed several, free things from the government, from Logarian flag lapel pins, little flags to hold on a metal thin rod, to even food and commemorative coins offered only there. The event, broadcasted to all of Logar, had the rare presence of the Emperor, who was still in the Idenburg manor undergoing "treatment", regaining conscience through and through as he was secretly informed of world events by the Korai. As the event ended and the government officials departed, the Monument Guard then alerted the local crowd "it was time to go", there was simple much people to handle by themselves, having therefore the help of the present, still-undercover Korai agents, the Imperial Royal Guard and the small military unit there alongside the province police.
The subtleties of being intelligent is being simple-minded to subdue your obscure traits.
— Logar, 18.08.21



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