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Postby Athara Magarat » Fri Jul 09, 2021 7:11 pm


July 10th, 2021

Jeriga, Aizcona, Weinam and hosts Khas-Kirati Republic enter UAFA Cup 2021 final four



The first match of the quarterfinals between San Montagna and Jeriga took place during the day on Khas-Kirati Republic National Stadium. Quite a sizable number of Khas-Kirati fans came to cheer for the San Montagnan Aquile and Chathaese players like Samir Sathak.

"We are proud of our brothers like Samir Sathak who have proved themselves in anther country." A Tapu Sahar local whose face was painted blue said.

"Samir Sathak should win the UAFA Cup Golden Boot." A woman waving the San Montagnan and the Khas-Kirati Republic's national flags shouted. Many Khas-Kirati Republic citizens and San Montagnans, despite the hostility between the their governments, have a friendly rivalry when it comes to the beautiful game. Both are considered strong teams from Argus and have always performed well in other tournaments like the Isles Cup, with the Khas-Kirati White Tigers even being the runners-up in the Isles Cup 2021 earlier this year. However, the hopes of San Montagnans and quite a many Khas-Kirati Republic citizens to see their two teams clash in later games was shattered after the unexpected 1 - 0 defeat at the hands of Jeriga's Los Campeones.

In the 35th minute of the match, Jeriga's defender Alfonzo took advantage of a corner-kick to easily find the net with after the Aquile goalkeeper Francesco Garibaldi was confusingly dived in the wrong direction. There were attempts made by the Aquile in the second half but it turned to be fruitless and the match ended with the Los Campeones securing their place in the final four while shocked San Montagnans players and fans now had to head home.

The quarterfinals match between Aizcona and Zephyrisia took place at Sinja Stadium during the night. The Celestes of Zephyrisia were looking confident with their striker Abram Gallo being the Top Scorer of the tournament but the match proved why placing your team at the hands of one star player is not a good idea. The Celestes started strong with shots fired mostly by Gallo but Aizcona's goalkeeper Teokrito Zumeta made brilliant saves. The Bloodied Falangek of Aizcona then went on the counter-attack and in the 26th minute, Estral midfielder Bittor Yharce found the net. In the 72nd minute, the Bloodied Falangek doubled their lead with an Arato Varrutia goal. The fate of both teams was sealed when Estral midfielder Ezekel Hormazabal made the score 3 - 0.

In what is now being dubbed the most thrilling match of the tournament so far by pundits, Weinam battled against the Tsunterlands at Newa Stadium earlier during day-time. In the 32nd minute, the Tsunter Sons of the Sea fired the first shot with a goal from defender Stifer Talktalk Chae’La Arbeg. Weinam's Blue Dragons equalized in the 52nd minute through midfielder Dai Jingyi. Just three minutes later, the Tsunters were in the lead again from a James Gaunty Chae’La Ganguard goal. In the 71st minute, the Blue Dragons were neck and neck against the Sons of the Sea again after forward Lang Zhong struck the net. The game entered extra time and Blue Dragons players Hwang Qiang and Zhen Zedong added their goals to lead their team into victory and to the final four.

Later that night, the final UAFA Cup 2021 quarterfinals match between Segentova and the Khas-Kirati Republic took place at the Tapu Dome. The White Tigers left winger Fau-doh Armaja dribbled his way past several Segentovan defenders and scored in the 21st minute. Just two minutes later, Khas-Kirati attacking left-back Kaji Man Iwahang decided to perform a rainbow kick to confuse Segentovan players in front of him but he instead sent the ball back towards his team's net. White Tigers captain and goalkeeper Ankit Maharjan had no time to react and the Segentovans equalized through this own goal, the third own goal of this tournament so far. Three minutes before half-time, Iwahang redeemed himself in front of his teammates and fans by performing a spectacular bicycle cross from Samir Gurung cross and firing it pass Segentovan goalkeeper Robert Lémieux. The second half of the match went uneventful as the White Tigers tried to maintain possession of the ball and keep the score intact. While both teams did indeed made attempts to score, both Maharjan and Lémieux made excellent saves. In the 83rd minute, White Tigers defensive midfielder Miraj Rajbansi was shown the yellow card for tackling down an opponent. When the final whistle was blown, the hosts were in the semifinals while the Segentovans were headed home.

Upcoming Semifinals Fixtures

- Jeriga v Aizcona (Khas-Kirati Republic National Stadium)

- Weinam v Khas-Kirati Republic (Tapu Dome)
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Postby Corindia » Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:16 pm


Rumors of new Glimpo confirmed: Six months after the release of the wildly successful Glimpusmen video game by developer LoadLord Interactive, Glimpusmen fever had begun to ebb as fans began to complete their collections, discover all of the game's secrets, and bide their time for the much awaited season two release, which is anticipated to contain a new generation of Glimpos as well as new mechanics and regions to explore. Due to the vast quantities and often convoluted methods of acquiring the creatures, unsubstantiated rumors had long circulated about as of yet undiscovered, or as the fanbase has called them, "Cryptic" Glimpos, but these had so far been hoaxes or simply impossible to confirm. Until now.

Noctopus, the new Glimpo

Noctopus is real: At least one player has caught one of the cryptic Glimpos, and LoadLord has confirmed its legitimacy. While still remaining coy about the second season, LLI has stated that the Glimpo, known as Noctopus, was part of the original batch of Glimpos, and had simply remained hidden until now. LLI would neither confirm nor deny the existence of other cryptic Glimpos, causing a whirlwind of speculation and activity amongst "Glimpers", or dedicated fans of the franchise. Although the exact method of capturing Noctopus has not been thoroughly documented, sources online appear to suggest it involved phases of the moon, certain teams winning soccer matches, and an incredibly obscure trail of breadcrumbs left in the Glimpusmen television series. No doubt players will further solidify these steps as more Glimpers catch the elusive Glimpo in the hopes of finally completing their season 1 Glimpfolio while others intend to focus on the hunt for new cryptic Glimpos. One likely candidate, known to Glimpers as Garagolon, is theorized to be connected to a synchronization of the regional space station's orbit and the tides.


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Postby Aizcona » Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:27 pm


SINJA, KHAS-KIRAT REPUBLIC - Estral fans are jubilant at Sinja Stadium and across Aizcona after the Estral National Team provided a statement victory against Zephyrisia in an utter domination of a game. This continues the idea that the team was going to come back strong after the first loss against the White Tigers and it seems like their motivation to win the cup is higher than any other team in the tourney. After the game the coach came out and stated, "The Zephyrisians rely too much on Gallo, he's such a good player but all we had to do was shut him down and then the game was over. Our players played an incredibly good game and now its on to Jeriga." When we interviewed the Falangek's goalkeeper he was super excited, "Two more games and we're bringing this cup home!" Aizcona is now moving onto the semi-finals to face Jeriga, a team with a strong defense that just beat the favorited San Montagnans. Here's a breakdown of the quarter-finals game.

The game started out rather slow for Aizcona with Zephyrisia mainly having possession although some beautiful saves by Zumeta made certain that nothing went in, after the Falangek started to clamp down on Gallo though momentum shifted. Here the Falangek went on the counter attack and in the 26th minute midfielder Bittor Yharce was able to make a breakaway after a pass from Larrachi which gave him the ability to send a shot straight past the Zephyrisian goalkeeper. The game went on to have a solid back and forth for 45 minutes with neither team able send one into the net but in the 72nd minute Arato Varrutia was able to score his first goal of the cup after an assist from Aldaiburu faked out the Zephyrisian goalkeeper and gave Varrutia an open net to sink one into. Only ten minutes later midfielder Ezekel Hormazabal would put a statement closer on the game with a beautiful shot from thirty yards out that found its way into the top left corner of the net, out of reach of the tired Zephyrisian goalkeeper. The Falangek got a yellow card for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct from Hormazabal but Estral fans were absolutely loving it. Stadium security had to break up a few fights between Estral fans and Zephyrisian fans after the card.

Estral fans are ecstatic and once again bars and pubs are now spilling their celebrations onto the streets around Aizcona. The national government has put out a reminder not to drink and drive and to be careful tonight.

Now though the national team is onto face Jeriga. It is a team with a strong defense, albiet a weak offense. In a surprise though they were able to knock San Montagna out of the cup in the quarter-finals so they are not weak by any stretch.


In addition to the celebrations about the quarter-finals victory, Estral social media has been washed over with memes about the Tsunter national team and their failure against Weinam. Many people were joking that they couldn't handle the pressure, that they were too fearful of facing the much better Estral National Team and gifs of their own goal by Calloway are still popping up everywhere. There is still an incredible amount of love for Keverai going on after they crushed the Tsunterlands in a humiliating defeat and some members of government have teased that the Keverites might receive a gift for their victory that was the most watched game in Aizcona outside of the Falangek's games.

Notably the Minister of Defense posted on Twitter that "Pirates need to stick to the sea."


The new release by singer Jaso Erura, Gainkargatuta (Overloaded in English), has topped Estral song charts after just three days. The song quickly became a hit and has been called "The Song for Summer" by fellow artist Arantza Aguirrebeña. Already the song is on every radio station and has been downloaded over 100,000 times. It is even seeing popularity outside of Aizcona. We were able to get an interview with Jaso Erura, the full interview can be found here.

Interviewer: "What inspired you to create this song? The lyrics are heavily about drugs and being disoriented but the beat is extremely upbeat. Do you feel that listeners aren't understanding what you're singing about?

Jaso Erura: "I wouldn't say that, I deliberately made the song upbeat as that is the vibes that you have when you visit Urrezko Hiria. I wanted people to be able to enjoy the song and have fun and dance to it. I feel like those that want to understand the lyrics will and for those people the song will have meaning. I was inspired to write it after my most recent concert in Urrezko Hiria. I felt so, overloaded is the best way to put it and that's why I called the song that. I was constantly on the move, singing dancing, and I don't think I was sober once after the first day on the island. I think it's an amazing place, but I think there are people who understand the feeling that you get sometimes going there and that's what I wanted to sing about."

Interviewer: "Is this going to remain a single or do you have an album coming up soon that you can talk about?"

Jaso Erura: "Ah haha, I don't think that's a fair question when you know I can't talk about that kind of thing. I will say that I'm always working on new music and I have some stuff that I'm sure fans will be excited about. For now we've just gotta enjoy this beautiful summer as best we can."
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Pet Trade Complicit in Genetic Pollution of Snails

Postby Corindia » Fri Jul 09, 2021 11:36 pm


Pet Trade Complicit in Genetic Pollution of Snails: Corindia's freshwater point snails, or snails of the genus Neomelania, have been popular in the aquarium trade since its introduction to the islands that make up the nation in the 20th century. These snails, of which different species are endemic to individual islands, and in some cases areas as small as specific lakes and rivers, are prized for their variety of coloration and ease of care in an aquarium setting. The ability of species of the genus to hybridize and produce fertile offspring has led to many common strains of point snails which through careful breeding and selection, show traits uncommon in their wild counterparts such as stripes or a larger size. While some wild hybrids are easy to identify, most are more cryptic, as the species often look similar and as such any offspring between them would be difficult to detect visually. Still, locals and scientists who observe these snails in their natural environment have long suspected that hybrid populations of these snails are overtaking species with more limited geographic ranges. These suspicions were confirmed by a report in the Corindi Environmental Journal published last week which through extensive sampling and genetic testing, proved that hybrid snails had infiltrated almost all sampled populations of point snails. Some wild populations showed only minor traces of outside DNA, but some populations had become so mixed that it is likely there are no remaining purebred individuals.

Hybrid point snails for sale at a pet store

The pet trade's role:
The report further concluded that most of the mixture in some of the most impacted wild populations had occurred in the last 3 decades, roughly coinciding with the explosion of new breeds of point snail in the aquarium hobby which would have resulted in some amount of snails escaping into waters their species did not already occupy. While some mixture had happened earlier, and has probably been happening since the original speciation of the genus, the degree to which it has been occurring in recent generations of point snails has left many who study them concerned that the genetic pollution of some species has reached a tipping point, with the original species being essentially extinct. This, compounded by the environmental pressures already impacting many less widely spread species, is a cause for concern for the diversity of wild point snail species, of which Corindia is estimated to have over 140. A group of biologists from the University of Carmo has petitioned for President Paquet to do more to protect these species, as they are frequently considered to be in no risk due to the common belief that all Neomelania snails are a single species which is itself in no danger.


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Postby Ainslie » Sat Jul 10, 2021 12:51 am

10th of July, 2021


Arnton, WL - Sunny. Max: 27C Min: 15C

DOMESTIC: Governor Hailes signs off on first local council demerger in decades

KIANARA (AN) - In one controversial stroke of her pen, Wesland Governor Brianna Hailes has made official the dismantling of the Wesland Ranges Regional Council. The local government area, which covers a broad stretch of Wesland ranging from the outskirts of Herriden to the foothills west of Port Blacken, was created by a merger of the Kianara Town Council and the Venterra Shire Council alongside some land being taken off outer suburban councils in Port Blacken some twenty five years ago. The move has been met with great support amongst residents from the Wesland Ranges, the geographical region that the Governor herself grew up in and called home for well over thirty years.

It is this very fact which makes the demerger today particularly contentious politically. There have been suggestions both from the opposition and from commentators that the Governor’s approval of the demerger should have been done at arm’s length and the fact that this is the first and what appears to be the only one on the cards has raised concerns that this is favoritism from one of the Wesland Ranges’ own. It has also raised criticism because breaking the Wesland Ranges Council two different entities means that an additional seat on the council of mayors will open up at the next election - one which quite possibly could go to ACEGAD rather than Ahnited, particularly after this overwhelmingly popular proposal is executed by the Hailes Government.

However, Willen Arade from the University of Arnton points to the voting histories of the two councils before they merged as evidence that the concerns are not warranted and potentially baseless.

“I am not entirely sure where they are coming from. The Wesland Ranges has been the cradle of the environmentalist movement and whilst the Ahnslen Centrists [ACEGAD] have made a lot of progress on that front since 1995, protectors of the natural environment still overwhelmingly vote for the Science and Technology Party - particularly those across the Wesland Ranges where they have historically enjoyed high support. In fact, the demerger is probably a bit of an own goal from Governor Hailes - the votes in and around Kianara are what securely makes the merged council under ACEGAD control. At the next election, if the demerger does go ahead as planned, it is likely that that additional seat would go to the Science and Technology Party.”

He further solidifies this point by drawing on broader voting trends since the 1950s.

“Where the votes of Mannen go, particularly those of Renderra, the Weslanders living around Venterra typically vote the same way - there’s a correlation there. Renderra has not deserted the STP so there’s no reason to suggest Venterra has not.”

The Governor also hit back at the allegations, claiming that:

“This is a decision that makes sense. I have seen first hand the damage that regional council mergers have done - people have to go further for work, for elections, to perform basic services. Local councils are the lifeblood of society outside of cities and the fact it could take over an hour’s drive to get to one is worrying. In such a remote and at times difficult to access area like the Wesland Ranges, it simply makes sense to have smaller councils of a similar mind who can operate more effectively in an autonomous way. Growing up in Kianara, I saw first-hand what the loss of the Venterra Council meant to those living between where I was and Port Blacken”.

Arda, who lives in a border community in southern Wesland, has a renewed sense of hope and anticipation that the Wesland Ranges demerger means that his own council - the Lower Auslen Regional Council - will follow suit.

“Yes, I heard Governor Hailes on the television this morning. Everything she talked about resonated with my experience and that of the wider local community here. The mergers happened in 1995. We now can see the effect that they are having and it is not good. Sure, the people up in Auslena work to deliver the best outcomes they can for us but they are not able to simply because they are so far away. I do hope Ms Hailes does not stop with the Wesland Ranges - the amalgamations have had the effects she describes at least around me in southern Wesland, probably in the west too.”

Arda touches on an important point that these mergers are almost uniquely a rural experience. In 1995, the Government of the day, convinced with the cost benefits and the overall efficiency gains that council amalgamations could have, decided to bring a number of rural councils together to form ‘super-councils’ like Lower Auslen, Herriden, Wesland Ranges or Upper Wesland Council. As the electoral government began to draw up plans for larger councils such as those in Arnton, local residents became particularly vocal and forced the government to back down from the plans - partially due to the strong resistance and open criticism the National Capital Authority had to amalgamations in Arnton, which has been cited as a reason for why the regional areas were merged first. After the first council in Arnton was merged - the inner suburban councils of Narara and Prenten to form the inner south council - the National Capital Authority threatened to halt all of its services to the Government unless they vested the ability to merge councils in Arnton to the Authority alone to which they complied. This led to only one council being merged in Arnton.

Similar to Arda, residents across the inner south are hoping that a demerger is on its way in their communities. For them it is not access to services rather it is a matter of local politics, power and population says Melanie Carver, the President of the Prenten-Hillston Residents Association,

“A council means a seat - a voice at the table. So many more people have moved into our area and that means each person is becoming less and less important in this democracy we try to keep going around here. It disempowers residents associations like ours, who have to compete with other local community groups for space and time with members we used to have discussions with at least once every few months. The Inner-South Council is not fit for purpose, so we hope that the Governor’s personal experience of the damage that mergers do will inform her decision here too.”

Sources close to the Governor have confirmed that she is currently looking through a number of proposals from different stakeholders across merged councils - with residents of the Herriden West, Inner-South and the Foothills Councils overwhelming the office with petitions, letters and inquiries.

If Hailes begins a campaign of de-merging, she may fundamentally change the political landscape in Ainslie’s largest electorate - a decision that is coming as there is a rising threat to ACEGAD’S centre-left voting base which is particularly strong in Wesland. There are also growing calls for more transparency and accountability in how councils are operated and how they influence the delegation Wesland sends to the Electoral Council. This may be a tipping point for local government reform not only in Wesland but across the nation.

DOMESTIC: 'Maxi' the troublesome kangaroo relocated after threatening locals

ARNTON (AN) - Following numerous allegations from injured locals, ‘Maxi’, a kangaroo who has attained notoriety and has become a local icon in southwestern Arnton, has been moved from Barker’s Reserve north of Menindara to a national park west of the city. Wesland Parks Authority today announced that the kangaroo had been moved and apologised for the street that had to be closed as the marsupial tried to make a last ditch attempt to regain his freedom and return to his community. Maxi is the only kangaroo in his mob to be moved, whilst the remainder estimated to be around ten are still in the reserve.

The decision, which was made by animal control officials two days ago after the kangaroo menacingly approached a mother walking her dog along the nearby footpath, has been met with mixed opinions by the community. Melanie Carver, who is the current President of the Prenten-Hillston Residents Association, thanked the Parks Authority for dealing with the troublesome roo.

“Many of our members enjoy the wonderful public facilities that the local council and the National Capital Authority have designed and constructed for us. This kangaroo though has been causing a number of headaches for the local community, with some of our members opting to avoid the vicinity of the Reserve so as not to disturb the group of kangaroos.”

However, many have expressed disappointment at the move, especially on social media platforms:

“End of an era. We’ll be together once again when the time is right.”

“Gonna miss watching Maxi fight all the beta roos in #BarkersReserve. Hopefully one will rise to take his place.”

Local ecologists are concerned that the moving of Maxi may disturb the already fractured and disturbed existence of the group of kangaroos which call the Reserve home, particularly as they have lost the alpha of the group. Some have expressed concern that the remaining kangaroos may become more hostile and violent in an attempt to fill the void that has opened as a result of Maxi’s departure.

Meanwhile, local historians have quickly moved to catalogue the strange instance of a national conservation authority coming to the neighbourhood to remove Maxi.

“We have a long and storied history, filled with unique events people would hardly expect to have occurred in the southwest. I am sure that one more entry of this nature will be done when we record all the details around Maxi’s removal. It’s funny actually, Maxi got his name from the community who used to call him ‘Maximum’. Maxi was naturally a shortening of them. The name was to describe the dominance he had over the fellow roos in the park and how quickly he would become violent if someone threatened him or the mobs young. It’s ironic that that is precisely why he has been relocated”, Sue, an amateur urban historian, noted.

Plans are already underway to immortalise Maxi with construction of a makeshift sculpture apparently taking place according to local social media. The local mayor briefly reminded residents this morning that there were a number of regulations which would make this unlawful and suggested that they should instead make a petition to council if they believe that the events of today warrant commemoration.

The Parks Authority later in the day confirmed that Maxi’s relocation was completed, with his release into a conservation area west of the city imminent.

Why do kangaroos attack?
The removal of Maxi raises a number of questions as to how it came to this point - kangaroos are known to live happily and peacefully amongst Arntoners, so was Maxi an exception or is this really a time where we need to alert the community to the potential dangers in engaging with the marsupial. In fact, whilst kangaroo attacks are very rare even in urban communities there are a number of reasons why they may become hostile such as:
  • If their habitats are significantly disturbed
  • They are confused, startled or confronted with a threat close to them
  • If a dog or other pet approaches them
  • If kangaroos are sparring or exhibiting behaviour that is aggressive or standoffish
  • If kangaroos are with their young
  • If a kangaroo used to people is unusually aggressive by nature

Whilst it is not entirely clear yet if Maxi fit any of these or the incidents involved with meet any of these criteria, it is well known that this particular roo was well-acquainted with humans and it is perfectly possible he may have just shown more aggressive traits as a part of his personality. Arendai has contacted the Parks Authority and the local council for information regarding previous incidents and the specific traits or behaviour exhibited by Maxi which prompted the relocation.

What should you do if you have a kangaroo problem?
There are a number of steps people can take to avoid kangaroo attacks:
  • Install fencing around the home and other places that kangaroos may feel startled if they see a human around.
  • Keep your pets on leash and avoid letting cats outside of the house
  • Do not approach a kangaroo showing aggressive behaviour, or one that looks startled or confronted.
  • Do not approach kangaroos if they are with their young or they are nearby.
  • Learn about the local kangaroos - see if you can work out where they normally live or if they are active at certain times of the day - as a general rule, avoid areas known to have aggressive kangaroos around the times of dusk and dawn when they are most active.

Professor Relinde of the Wesland University, who offered the tips above, stressed that people should not seek to injure or kill local kangaroos.
“I’ve heard of people believing they should incapacitate or kill kangaroos that are posing a problem to their properties or to the community at large. Not only does attempting this put you at even more risk of being injured by these powerful animals, you would also be breaking the law and exposing yourself to large fines and potential imprisonment if you did so. You should do as this community did - notify local authorities so the professionals can deal with it.”

Maxi’s story is certainly an uncommon one. However, it gives important reminders for us all to make sure that we act safely around kangaroos especially in cities more integrated with the natural environment such as Arnton. Whilst these cities enjoy being so close to high quality leisure and recreation in the great outdoors, it carries with it some risks that can easily be managed.

“Kangaroos should be way down the list of threats we have everyday. As long as we know how to live around them, they pose little threat to the community.”, as Professor Relinde says.

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Postby Jeriga » Sat Jul 10, 2021 1:06 pm

July 10th, 2021
The King's Daily
Montien, Jeriga

Prime Minister Gonzalo Makes Constitution Day Speech Alongside King Moreno

Montien- Prime Minister Gonzalo and King Moreno opened celebrations for Constitution Day from the Palace balcony as thousands gathered for the week long affair. The speech by Gonzalo, who spoke before the King, touched on the events that led to the constitution's writing and its great promise that all people of Jeriga would not only be equally represented in their government, but be equal in standing, view, and concern of the law. However, the Prime Minister also took time to mention the continued need for solidarity between the people and the Crown. Just after the Prime Minister finished, the young King Eloy Moreno, crowned only last year after his father's death to cancer, echoed the Prime Minister's sentiments, calling for the continued march of progress in Jeriga. The King continued after this, however.

"While the workers of Jeriga must continue marching in solidarity towards the future, let us not forget the role and place of our faiths and of the Church which gives that faith its structure. March forward, but do not leave the church and our traditions in the shadow of your torch. Only through faith can we find unity, strength, and purpose. Only through faith can we move forwards as one people to our glorious purpose."

This comes as studies and polls indicate falling participation in the Church of Jeriga, which has consumed the monarch's public statements since he took the crown. Some more conservative elements in Parliament have echoed his concerns in speeches and statements in recent months.

Following the King's speech, the mayor of Montien raised a glass and announced the beginning of celebrations with a loud "Viva Jeriga!"

The celebrations are to last the week in which all but the most essential services are closed.

July 9th, 2021
Football Network
Khas-Kirati Republic National Stadium
Athara Magarat


In an excruciatingly close match, Jeriga beat the San Montagnans 1-0 with the winning shot being taken by Alfonzo of Alvensin.

The win was the result of both a strong Jerigan defense and an uncharacteristically aggressive offense. Though the San Montagnans stood strong, shot after shot was taken by the Jerigans, keeping the opposing goalie hard at work saving the team. In the first half, Njord fainted left, throwing the goalie off guard, then passed it quickly to the right where Alfonzo slid in and made the score.

Even being in the lead, Jeriga didn't let up. Shots were taken by every offensive player in the match, with Garcia making two attempts from midfield to prevent possession of the ball by San Montagna. In the only instance where the opposing team made it to the Jerigan net, the goalie swooped in at the last second and stopped a draw.

This uncharacteristically aggressive game comes after a near knock out loss to Weinam kicked the team into high gear.

"That loss really put us in low spirits," Coach Gabriel Fulgencio said in an interview following today's game. "We knew we had to change it up against San Montagna if we were to stay in the fight. So I told them to play aggressive and not let our country down. They did it and they did it well, despite an amazing performance by the other team."

The Los Companeos will play against Aizcona in the semi-finals. Catch the game here tomorrow!
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Postby Biaten » Sat Jul 10, 2021 3:25 pm

Saturday 10th July 2021
Hachen Times
Republic of Biaten


Supreme Court blocks anti-racism hate speech bill

Last week, Parliament approved The Hate Speech Act, which would prohibit people from using racist language in public, with the President approving the law on Monday. However, the Supreme Court have today ruled that the Act is unconstitutional, violating the constitutional right to freedom of speech, thought and expression. The ruling, 5-2, has delivered an awful blow to the government’s agenda of promoting multiculturalism.

Despite the fact that all 10 Justices of the Supreme Court were selected by the Social Democrats, this is not the first time that the Supreme Court has blocked the government’s legislation. In 2014, the Auvian regional government, with bipartisan support from both the Social Democrats and Conservative Democrats, tried to introduce surgical castration, but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. The government also attempted to pass hate speech legislation in 2015, which was also ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. With liberal Justice Kaitlyn Dirksen set to step down next year, according to the rule that Supreme Court Justices must retire by the age of 75, many are speculating that Chancellor Siegel may choose a moderate conservative to replace her in order to protect the government’s more authoritarian legislation.

President Breitbarth signs executive order releasing 3,000 nonviolent inmates

President Breitbarth has signed an executive order releasing 3,000 nonviolent prisoners convicted of misdemeanours such as drug buying and selling, bribery and tax evasion, with the list recommended to the President by the 2021 Judicial Reform Committee. The Committee, consisting of MPs and Justice Ministry Officials, was created in late May on the request of the President in order to consider which prisoners would be suitable for early release after the President raised concerns over the high number of incarcerations. Most of the 3,000 released will be placed on probation, and will be encouraged to pursue employment. In order to help the former convicts in this, Minister of Justice Ruby Bernhard has recently announced that the government will propose legislation prohibiting employers from asking job applicants if they have a criminal conviction, a policy which the ‘Ban the Box’ campaign group has pushed for for years.

This has all again thrown the issue of the criminal justice system in to the arena. Leader of the National Revolution Party Jeffery Harlan has reinvigorated his support for the abolition of prisons and replacing them with re-education camps that seek to reform rather than punish criminals in a speech to Parliament this afternoon, while politicians on the far-right have advocated for concentration camps similar to those in authoritarian countries.

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Postby San Montagna » Sun Jul 11, 2021 10:58 am

San Montagna News Network
July 9th 2021
Sabazio, San Montagna

San Montagna lose in Quarterfinals


When the full time whistle blew at Khas-Kirati Stadium, the worst fear of San Montagnan supporters was realised. The Aquile had lost to Jeriga, prolonging the trend of disappointing tournaments for the national team.

From the early stages of the first half, it was clear Jeriga was in complete control of possession and the game, easily outplaying the San Montagnans, and managing to net a goal in the thirty fifth minute thanks to defender Alfonzo, who took advantage of a corner kick to head in a goal past goalkeeper Garibaldi. The Goal came in the middle of a first half where San Montagna failed to register a shot attempt, while Jeriga managed to register 7. The second half proved only slightly better, as the Aquile managed to register two shots on the target, but no goals. The most dangerous San Montagnan chance came in the 83rd minute, as Mario Beretta had a chance to score a tap-in, but whiffed on the ball and it was ultimately saved without much worry by Goalkeeper Santiago. The Jerigans on the other hand, registered no less than 11 shot attempts, including 5 on target shots. Despite the one sided nature of the game, Francesco Garibaldi made 7 saves to maintain the illusion of a close game, which finished 1-0.

The loss only adds to a growing list of disappointing international outings for San Montagna in recent years. Speaking to the press, Gianluca Riva offered his sincerest apologies for the early exit. “After the game against The Tsunterlands, I had promised to work with the team to improve our offensive game and fix our mistakes, however we instead found ourselves utterly dominated and hopeless almost from kick-off.” Questions were then asked about the future, to which Riva responded that “There is no need to worry about where we will go from here, we will build on this result and do better next time. We’ve already done better here than we did at Isles Cup, and I can see us making the finals next time around. This is a great team I’ve got here, and I’m sure they have it in them to make our country proud. San Montagna have failed to get past the first round of the knockout stage in every international competition since 2017, where they made it through the Round of 16 before losing in the quarterfinals.

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Postby Aizcona » Sun Jul 11, 2021 11:10 am


KHAS-KIRAT REPUBLIC - The semi-finals started off with the game between Aizcona and Jeriga which ended in a 3-1 Estral victory. Arato Varrutia could only be described as the hero of the game, when the fatigue of this cup tournament was starting to set in, he uplifted his teammates and placed the team firmly on his back scoring his second and third goals of the tournament. Estral fans are once again excited and the government is considering announcing the day after the finals game as a holiday this year for public safety.

Estral social media has mostly been showering love upon Arato Varrutia and even the Jerigan own goal is not being meme'd on in the same fashion as the Tsunter one as there is not much animosity against Jeriga in Aizcona. A breakdown of the game is below.

The game started off very slow, although the Falangek were shown a yellow card almost immediately. The first major action would come in the 21st minute when Jeriga's Gallo sailed a goal past the Estral goalkeeper. Jeriga would stay on the offensive for much of the first half of the game with the team kicking six more shots at the net, all missed or saved though. It would be in the 45th minute though where the Falangek gathered themselves, rallied and started to take control of the game. The team would continue to attack the Jerigan net until the 58th minute where a corner kick from Altzeste Larrachi would allow the hero of the game, Arato Varrutia, to make a beautiful header to sail the ball past the sprawling Jerigan goalkeeper. The game would remain tied, even with all the Estral pressure, until the end of regulation time. Extra time was a back and forth until Estral pressure finally broke the Jerigan team, in the 108th minute a mistake from Jeriga's midfielder Rogelio while in a defensive setting would tip a blocked shot into the net causing an own goal to go past his weary goalkeeper. After this with Aizcona up 2-1 and the Jerigan team's spirit lowered, only 6 minutes later, Arato Varrutia would put a cap on the game with a beautiful kick into the net. That would bascially be the finisher on the game and Varrutia's celebration running around with his shirt off got the stadium of Estral fans into an uproar. The dogpile on him from his team is all over the internet today.

The Estral National Team takes on Weinam next in the Final game of the tournament. Both teams are very good and while Weinam has not been scoring as much as Aizcona, the Estral manager says not to make light of them. The players though are feeling good and continue to feel like they can bring the cup back to Aizcona with them. At the end of the game the players were huddled chanting "One more game." This finale is looking to be a great game and fans all over Aizcona are going to be anxious to see the conclusion to one of Aizcona's best cup runs in recent years.
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Postby Weinam » Mon Jul 12, 2021 6:38 am




Weinam wins thrilling game to claim regional championship

12th July 2021

Weinam was celebrating last night as they claimed victory in the final of the UAFA 2021 tournament. A two goal victory over favorites Aizcona saw Weinam take the title which led to nationwide late night parties and jubilation. Goals from Hwang Qiang and Tang Zhenya stunned Aizcona, who were unable to respond. Aizcona were regarded as the tournament favorites from the outset. Fantastic displays throughout the tournament saw Weinam progress to the anticipated final, showing fearlessness, calm and dedication to the cause. A clean sheet against Aizcona is no easy feat and Weinam can be immensely proud of their achievement over the last few weeks.

Weinam's players and staff celebrated in front of their exultant fans, manager Jan Komodai was left to reflect on an outstanding job, their 14th game unbeaten crowned with the UAFA 2021 title.

Komodai has put together an impressive mix of youth and experience, and at the back he can still rely on those two old warhorses of Weinamese football, Tang Zhenya and Zhen Zedong, as durable as ever despite a combined age of 70.

Weinam proved their pedigree with wins over Khas-Kirati Republic, The Tsunterlands and Torom in the knockout stages and were unfazed by having to face a thunderous Tapu Dome packed with Aizcona fans.

And all done after failing to qualify for the 2020 Isles Cup, which was regarded as a national sporting humiliation.

Now Weinam are back as the winners of UAFA 2021, testimony to the work of Komoda and his players
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Postby Laeden » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:50 am

Arcadia, Laeden

Turbulence in the Senate

The Senate of Laeden will be quite busy in the following week, since it has began discussing the new project presented by Senator Alberic of Arandor. The Senator wants to modernize the laws concerning the civil and administrative liability of the State, perfecting the extensive, but often conflicting, legislation on the matter. The idea is to provide clear directives explaining when and how the State may be held accountable by its actions, while also determining how can it compensate the victims of its actions or inactions.
The discussion is augmented by the recente decision of the Supreme Court regarding freedom of speech, in which the Political Sciences professor Laërtes Castel was a pivot to a broader debate concerning how could the State interfere in public discourse. The Justices were adamantly against the professor’s arrest, not only ordering his immediate freedom but also expressly prohibiting the State from arresting further people for expressing their political thoughts regarding governance. Justice Tellier, the rapporteur of the said case, ordered the head of the Republican Guard to conduct an investigation on which authorities were connected to the arrest, indicating that they may be prosecuted by their actions.
Obviously this whole affair attracted the attention of the Senate, which explains the timing of the project of Senator Alberic, which had been presented before, but was archived by unknown reasons.
While the political mood is, as usual, mild in Arcadia, the recent moves by the high authorities of the Republic seemingly pleased the citizens of the Duchy of Arandor, especially those who dwell in Illyria and Volyènne, cities thought by many to be “political ticking bombs”. Fewer demonstrations have been seen on the streets and the activities in the local universities, paralyzed since the arrest of professor Laërtes, have resumed.

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Nu Vaxta-ta Kirat

Postby Kilat » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:35 pm

Nu Vaxta-ta Kirat
The truth beholden.

The freedom for work is being assaulted by the government

AMANTAPURNA (12/07) - The unicameral parliament of Kilat, Tinilarahang, is the highest representative of the Kilatese people. Though the parliament's recent action doesn't seem to reflect the majority voice, a mass of demonstration starts to pour on the streets in Amantapurna, the capital of Kilat. Two months earlier, the aptly-named Hang's Circle party, the ruling party of Kilat, announced their decision to pass the omnibus law that attempts to address the ongoing problems of labour shortage.

Kilat, being a newly-industrialised state, suffers from lack of manpower as many still preferred working on their family rice fields and farms. This is exacerbated by the low wages offered by many companies who tried to cut their cost by reducing the cost of labour. This move is supported by the government who sees cheap labour as a means to attract foreign investment. How do the government try to turn factory work into something more attractive? By requiring that every village send a portion of its able workforce to work in factories in cities.

This caused considerable outrage across the country, who sees this as a trespass against their freedom. The Opposition leader, Vugara Tutumi, denounced this unprecedented move. "Not even the infamous and tyrannical Tuma Hang ever decreed this kind of forced resettlement of hard working people," was his word.

The demonstration in downtown Amantapurna, led by Tutumi, remained peaceful. The Prime Minister has yet to comment on this ongoing demonstration.

Movie star Uruvasi Ri'sal arrested for alleged Buzz possession

TUNUSA (12/07) - The calm morning of Tunusa, the second-largest city in Kilat and the centre of entertainment, was disturbed after the announcement of the arrest of Uruvasi Ri'sal, a prominent movie star. The rumour of Ri'sal arrest has spread sporadically in TWItter, speculating about the circumstances of her arrest. One gossip account even speculates that Ri'sal was arrested for the murder of another known movie star, Celine Nang.

Chief of Tunusan Metro Police, Huluhung Trakat, announced in a press conference that Ri'sal was arrested for alleged Buzz possession. He declined to comment further, stating that the Police are still waiting for further information from the interrogation session.

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Postby Essena » Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:48 am

The Essenian Post
"News You Can Use"
Essena | Politics | Business | Health | Technology | Opinion

With Gains in the Assembly, The CLP Make a Play for Chancellor
By: Hugh Morris

With gains in the Assembly, the Civil Liberty Party (CLP) has fielded its first candidate for Chancellor. Making it the first election where a third candidate will be on the ballot. The candidate that the CLP has chosen Delegate Marcus Harrison from Solaris. A former captain in the Essenian Navy and a former district attorney, Marcus Harrison is excited to join the race for Chancellor stating "The election is no longer ideology vs idealogy, it is now a choice, a real choice, for the Essenian people. I hope to bring a new perspective to the race. Two-party elections are the thing of the past in Essena and I hope that my entry into the election signals to others out there that they too can run and add their perspective to the great nation that is Essena." With Chancellor elections approaching this will be a historic moment for Essena as we see a peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another; the only question is who will be the next Chancellor.
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Postby Dormill and Stiura » Wed Jul 14, 2021 3:03 pm

Bastille Day 2021: A Somber Reminder of the Cost of Peace

Wednesday, 14 July 2021
Evening Edition

The famous holiday was marked first by mourning for the loss of 12 Doraltic citizens in Dociara station shooting nearly two weeks ago.

By: Ellery Ackerman
Cour Rouge - Where in most of the previous years the Bastille Day celebrations marked the height for Doraltic culture and the embracing of its past and future, today's parade and subsequent celebrations were marked by feelings of sorrow and regret. Barely two weeks ago, terrorists attacked the Dociara Grand Central Station in what security experts across Gael have described as the "most audacious attack against a prominent public place since De Strijd ended" resulting in the deaths of 26 people, including 12 Dormill-Stiuraians and 5 Ahnslens and the lockdown of the city by the Roendavarian Royal Guard.

When the day's parade began from behind the Capitol Square, it was led by the funeral procession of these very Dormill-Stiuraians, each of whom were honored with the Order of Merit, followed by the procession of President Dyson's motorcade. As opposed to past parades where he would be seen smiling and waving to the collected crowd of visitors from across the region, today he maintained a somber composure, simply holding hands with his partner Sylvia Vilar and allowing the procession to proceed mostly silently across Republic Avenue and then Avenue of France on the way to the Red Court's east gate.

This year's speech was also mournful in nature, with the President saying the following to start:
To our fallen brothers and sisters in revolution, from those who stormed Arette when news of this very day stretched across the oceans, to those I will inter to their final resting places across our great nation, I am truly humbled. Humbled by the chance to live in a nation where the ideals of Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood were forged with the unique cultures of two whole worlds to create a unique identity, one that anybody, from anywhere, can adopt as their own. I regret I could not save those who fell to the hands of terrorists in the beloved Eternal City, nor those Roendavarian and Ahnslen lives that were also cut short by brutal savages. But my resolve on this day, and all days, will not waver in the face of this tragedy; instead, it will grow stronger. Those who dare strike out at Dormill and Stiura or her allies, whoever they shall be, will rue their attempts to weaken us. For it was in bloody combat at the foot of La Bastille that the revolutionary spirit of our Republic was born, fueled by a desire to right the injustices of people who only saw us as chattel to be forced around, the Frenchmen and Women who stormed that great prison of injustice did not fear death that day, and neither will we. These United Republics will stand for all who seek freedom from tyranny, safety from bigotry, and companionship between nations, from the great forests in Roendavar to the idyllic seas of the Wakes; we will fight as they fought for the rights of all.

In contrast to the somber message President Dyson presented, the parade was unique this year for featuring one of the largest foreign representations by proportion, with forces from Keomora (in the form of Imperial President Jon-Auth'an Darcwyll joined by units from the Ceremonial Blackwood Dragoons and the 13th Benezandrian Foot Grenadier Guard Battalion), Segentova (in the form of the 20th Chasseurs Regiment), Arvan (in the form of President Timothy Wayne joined by units from the St. Recont Guard), and Keverai (in the form of Kevarite President Renaut joined by Keveraite Presidential Guard) in attendance in addition to the United Republics Defense Forces. The somber mood would proceed well into the night before the fireworks celebration over the Kapolder improved the mood. In all, some data collection agencies have reported a downturn in celebratory activities such as drinking, partying, and vacation-related travel beyond the metro area for this year's celebrations. Some commentators attributed this to President Dyson's message and attitude throughout, with others stating in various interviews throughout the day that "Dyson should not have brought down the mood of the nation's most sacred holiday over what happened in Roendavar." For further opinions on this year's celebrations, find the Opinions section of Today's Paper.
Fighting Intensifies in Thar City for the second week in a row

By: Calista Beaumont
International District - The League remains paralyzed in the debate over the Roendavarian-submitted ecocide resolution while fighting in the Khas-Kiriat's fourth-largest city, Thar City, continues uninterrupted for the second week in a row. Forces of the unrecognized "Ipachi State" have been clashing with Chathaese rebel groups since the start of the month, contained mostly within the southwestern neighborhoods of the Bhumi district. Magrati officials reported throughout the fighting that, aside from isolated incidents, the clashes have remained contained to that area since 05 July thanks to helicopter support from Ipachi State military forces operating in the city's east.

The League Mission in Argus (LEMIA) has been frozen in place at their facilities in Ghan Pokhara as the League Secretariat remains focused on the ecocide debate, though its current commander, Marshall Garazi of Segentova promises an imminent LEMIA intervention once the League provides authorization. Meanwhile, Doraltic Army forces under the command of Major Mathias Morriss remain committed to their interpretation of the mission, with the Major stating in an interview with Army Today Online quote: "The [United Republics] Army will assess the situation on the ground on its own terms, not those of the League. However we must respect the will of the Magrati people in this matter, so far they have not requested mission forces to intervene in this ongoing situation, and thus we remain. Hopefully, soon the League can shape itself up enough to at least allow us more operational freedom to respond to situations like these." When asked about the possibility of Tasztil or San Montagnan responses, given that they support the Ipachi State and the Chathaese rebel groups respectively: "I do not anticipate state-level intervention from either at this given time. Though if they do indeed intervene to support their puppet groups, it will only serve to inflame the situation further and put the mission and the overall security of the Khas-Kiriat Republic in jeopardy."

The Vroomen Dispatch did reach out to the Office of the United Republics Ambassador to the League, which responded with the following statement:
The Office of the Ambassador is aware of the situation on the ground in Thar City, and the Ambassador is working with international partners both within the League proper and across the International District to formulate a response. However, League by-laws stipulate that the Secretariat cannot suspend an ongoing debate.

Other Stories in Today's Paper
  • Ringoven: Rising murder rates attributed to increased cult activity, police report says.
  • Sport: GFA Champions Cup "well underway" according to leadership, kickoff at De Launey Stadium scheduled for 2:45 CGT on 30 July
  • Sud, Wake Islands: Lenana upbeat about new infrastructure proposals.

More in the paper edition...
The Vroomen Dispatch - Delivering the Kapitein's News since 1626
Editor-in-Chief - Zacharie Madison
© MMXXI The Vroomen Dispatch Company
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Postby Segentova » Wed Jul 14, 2021 3:26 pm


Quartidi, 24 Mess. CCXXVI | Monday, Jul. 12 2021
Nouveau Toulon

Queen Karen of Belantica to visit Segentova
The Segentovan ministry of foreign affairs announced in a press release earlier this day that they are expecting a state visit from Queen Karen of Belantica. The visit comes expectedly, as the governments of the two countries have been working on formalizing closer relations in trade and diplomacy over the last few months. This is in-turn a part of Chief-of-State Delaxroix' good neighbor-policy, which seeks greater cooperation and strengthening of ties towards Gael.

The Chief of State holding a speech outlining his foreign policy during a rally in the leadup to the 2018 executive election (Photo; RdNP archives)

The queens itinerary will consist of, but not be limited to; attending the Bastille-Day parade of Nouveau Toulon, delivering a speech to both chambers of the National Convention, as well as a visit to the Imperial-War memorial center. The trip will be finished off with a state-banquet hosted in the executive mansion.
The queen will arrive at Nouveau Toulon International airport tomorrow, and the visit is expected to last for another 3 days.
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Postby Wellsia » Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:55 pm


MATRIMONY: It is official His Highness King Elerha Maximus, formerly Prince Maximus of Haveland, has contacted His Majesty Herewald Cyning for permission to make contact with Her Highness Victoria Althedis for official engagement and unification of the Royal Houses of Wellsia and Nhoor. His Majesty King Elerha has stated that the decision to establish a relationship between them is entirely up to Her Highness. From our sources within the palace, this seem to be a matter of state as the hearts are already connected. The Princess represented Wellsia at the nuptials of King Elerha, which for unknown reasons was called off at the last moment. Reports are that the two spent long hours in conversation following the announcement and since then have maintained contact via text and internet. It is claimed, that her highness has more then once been found asleep in front of her monitor. Reports are that the Princess's infectious smile has returned and she is once again the happy queen of society that she was up to four years ago. Our little Princess has had a tragic life and it is time for her to find true happiness and love. First the death of her mother at the young age of three, but more importantly, only four years ago her finance Lord Steadholder Edwin Therwingi was killed in a training accident only two days before their nuptials. The whole nation is exuberant for our Princess.
Of course nothing can become official until the Princess and her entourage arrive at Sarruc, Nhoor. Accompanying the Princess are her brother Victor Atheling and his wife Edyth Atheldis, as representatives for His Majesty. The Archchancellor of the Kingdom, and Archchancellor of State will also be going with her, finally she will be assisted by her personal attendants.
A little about the Kingdom of Nhoor. Nhoor lies at the far western end of the sub-continent of Raedelon and is a large and powerful nation, one of the largest in The Western Isles. The kingdom has a much colder climate then Wellsia, which with Her Highness being an avid skier will give her many new slopes to practice own. The primary religion of Nhoor is Duvactism, a polytheistic religion with a variety of gods and goddesses. The strangest aspect of Nhoor is they use a duodecimal counting system, which means that it is a positional notation numeral system using twelve instead of ten as its base number. The number 10 in duodecimal represents 12 units, 20 equals 24 units, 100 equals 144 units etc.
It is not known if the King enjoys the outdoors, doing such things as hunting, fishing and camping, but Nhoor has plenty of space to do such. Lets hope the Princess can get him out of the palace every now and then, being an avid sportswoman herself.
Once again all of Wellsia is overjoyed for our Princess and hope for a long happy life for her.
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Postby New Jacobland » Fri Jul 16, 2021 6:17 am

Gamers Newz
New Jacobland


Popular hit game Glimpusmen by LoadLord is again in the news in the gaming community. One of the most hyped games in years, it sold record amounts across the country. Just when the craze seemed to settle down LoadLord came out with some big news.

Firstly the mysterious "cryptic" Glimpos that have been stumping gamers have been confirmed to exist. Skeptical fans questioned the rumours, believing the features to be nothing more than a hoax. They have been proven wrong with the latest press release. The cryptic Glimpo that started all the rumours, Noctopus, has also been confirmed by LoadLord as the first cryptic Glimpo to be found. The details on how to find remain a closely guarded secret, and only the most hardcore gamers across the nation have discovered these Glimpos.

That was already some shocking Glimpusmen news. However, that was not all that was presented in the press release. Arguably even bigger, the moment fans have been waiting for, GLIMPUSMEN SEASON TWO IS COMING OUT! Just as the best Glimpers in the world are completing their S1 Glimpfolios, LoadLord dropped a bombshell, one much anticipated by the Glimpusmen community. TWItter has been lighting up over the events, and this is sure to boost the already dominant game's popularity.

In other news:
Major gaming company W&B has announced a new game will be released soon, but has remained coy on the details.

Bestselling publisher Arthur and Co. is seeking approval from LoadLord to release a Glimpusmen guide.
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Postby Havalland » Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:18 am

Havalland wrote:The Royal Cryer

New FPS sweeping the nation.

With the massive development in VR and Haptic technologies for the purpose of simulation, it was only a matter of time until it would be used to enhance the video game experience. Ace Entertainment, the video game company founded in 1989 and creator of the Lexicon game console has switched their vision to VR. With the release of the Lexicon Vision, a VR headset that introduces haptic sensors and interchangeable scent modules. also introduced was the Lexicon Touch, a haptic suit supporting weather haptics allowing the player to experience the heat of the dessert or the cold of a tundra.
Although these technologies were being researched already, this provides an attainable and affordable VR experience.
Of course these are only to help their new game, a VR FPS title. Crimson Fields is a Multiplayer FPS game set in the Imperial War, offering a realistic experience even up to being able to scan your face onto your soldier with mixed results, however there is in depth customization that is period correct. Another praise the game gets is for how dark and gritty it can be especially with the audio that can play from a downed player.
The game allows you to play several factions and game modes, you can defend the isle in aviation mode or push on the Neo-Imperial front in Grand Operation.
With the representation of multiple countries and the popularity of the game Ace Entertainment hopes to reach a global audience.

Prince Arthur turns 1

On May 2nd 2021 Prince Arthur had turned 1 year old, a small celebration was held by the royal family. However multiple gifts were mailed in by civilians. This backed up the security staff for about 3 hours, however nothing harmful was found and letters of appreciation were sent in return, King Leon III insisted on signing each individual letter himself to show his gratitude.

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Postby Belantica » Sat Jul 17, 2021 8:35 am

Queen Karen Visiting Segentova
Not to long ago, Queen Karen departed the United Queendoms on a state visit to Segentova. Recently, the Segentovan government, was making strides to warm up relations with nations and Gael. It is believed that Belantica is the first Gaelic nation to improve relations with Segentova. The purpose of her trip is to launch talks relating to trade and general foreign relations between the two nations. During her visit alongside several aides and her wife High Princess Viktoria, they attended Segentova's Bastille Day celebrations in their capital of Nouveau Toulon, visited the Imperial War Memorial Center, and delivered speeches in front of both chamber's of their National Convention (similar to a Parliament or Congress). The Queen's visit lasted 3 days, and she is expected to return soon with documents that solidify both the Belantic and Segentovan efforts to improve relations between the two states. She also met with their Chief of State (similar to a President) Mr. Delaxroix to discuss possible ideas on how both nations can become warmer with one another and ponder on the idea of the "Grand Corridor", an idea created by the late intellectual Thomas Barnes in 1898 that essentially binds Gael and Argus together through a complex network or ports, roads, and rail. Before departing, the Queen was asked about how her sexual orientation will effect talks. Her reply was "I feel that is irrelevant to what this state visit is trying to accomplish. I'm going there to perform actual bsuiness, not some lecture about that sort of stuff." It is expected that after her return, more work will be started in both nations to build a better working mutual relationship.
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With a delay, President Pacton Inca finally discusses Prime Minister Deren Pova’s visit to Ainslie and the PM’s talks with Ainslie’s Prime Minister Elliana Gifford

President Pacton Inca gives his look into the Lesva–Ainslie talks, providing what he calls a personal and a Lesvan point of view into how it went and what occurred


President Pacton Inca shared his view of the visit by Prime Minister Deren Pova to Ainslie and the agreements that had been reached there. The President said this during a visit to the Carto (legislature), where he spoke before deputies:

For the most part, I only have positive things to say about the Ainslie visit. I do. The most important thing is that it seems like we have managed to preserve the special neighborly and even historical relationship between Lesva and Ainslie. The Saela Spring has not so far created a rift that many feared. We did not have to listen to passive aggressive or outright aggressive criticisms to our new brand of democracy under our Throngist ideology and towards our policies, like we had encountered from the likes of “the righteous” politicians of Albeuve in the past. Nobody was there to lecture anybody in that meeting and disrespectfully intervene in each other’s internal affairs, and I personally liked seeing that a lot and I think that should remain for future meetings and dialogues to be a success. Everything went according to protocol and there were many key declarations made and projects planned along with other initiatives set up, voiced by our side and by the side of Ainslie. These are long-term goals, so I do not think they should “scare away” any skeptics right now, because we will need to observe how things will progress in the geopolitical arena first and foremost.

Lesvan officials declined an invitation to attend the Bastille Day Parade in Dormill and Stiura: Prime Minister Deren Pova still wants talks between Lesva and Dormill and Stiura

Lesva is still interested in dialogue with Dormill and Stiura, presenting it as necessary for regional stability and security, possibly even prosperity down the line

Head of government Prime Minister Deren Pova said that despite Lesvan officials having declined a welcoming to attend the Bastille Day Parade in Dormill and Stiura, Lesva still sees a need in a dialogue with Dormill and Stiura to determine the standing of both countries on one another, as well as to “draw approximate lines” of what kind of alignments Gael and the world are currently fragmented into, following revolutionary events and other changes of the like in many countries, affecting the power balance in the world. The Prime Minister said he is ready to engage with colleagues from Dormill and Stiura, but not before making another personal working visit to Balnik himself, as there are some things that are in need of discussion. No specifics have been provided to the press.
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21st of July, 2021


Arnton, WL - Hot & Windy. Max: 29C Min: 18C

INTERNATIONAL: Nations to collaborate in rethink of agriculture science and climate resilience

ANERTAH (AN) - Delegations from Roendavar and Segentova arrived in Arlanah’s capital today to announce a landmark agreement to accelerate breakthroughs in agriculture sciences and sustainable development. It will see the strengthening of existing ties between key agricultural institutes and research bodies as well as increased government support for these groups to do more research into the key challenges facing their communities - including solutions to tackling the task of emissions reduction, responding to the effects of climate change and developing diverse new cultivars of popular crops in order to improve efficiency and yields.

The unlikely collaboration comes after months of negotiations between the relevant government departments of the three nations, who claim to have come to a “deep and renewed understanding of the issues and concerns for both policy and practice in the fields of farming and agriculture more widely.” Representing the Ahnslens at the announcement was Marik Aslie, the Federal Minister for Regional Communities & Primary Industries whilst the Governor of Arlanah, Aurelia Garver, was also in attendance.

Key announcements covered a range of policy areas, particularly those of interest to the Arlanite Governor, which seems to suggest that the Federal Government who insisted that it was their department who spearheaded the negotiations were downplaying the involvement of the new leader of Ainslie’s most agriculture-focused electorate. The three delegations all held a joint press conference in front of the University of Arlanah, a tertiary institution set to win big under the new arrangements negotiated in the past few days.

At the press conference, the first announcement was that agriculture research institutes would be expanded across each of the three nations and their operations further supported by the relevant national governments. In particular, these organisations have been tasked by the three governments to investigate issues such as water quality and reliability, desertification, land management and fire management. As climate change sets in and the demand for foodstuffs grows with increasing populations, the three delegations pointed to the need for a “more focused, urgent and collaborative approach” to facing these issues, as the Roendavarian Agriculture Minister worded it.

“It is simple economics that will help us avoid a catastrophe. As demand for food increases, we must in turn increase the output and the ability of our farmers to offer that all important food and fibre to the citizens who need it to survive. We cannot let output slide but rather we must accelerate it - it is innovation and technology which holds the key to a more sustainable future in this regard”, Minister Aslie declared to reporters this afternoon.

Climate and hydrological models have suggested that Dallara and Arlanah, key agriculture regions in Ainslie, are amongst the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change - a cause near to the Aslie’s heart.

“I grew up not far from here, in a little town south of Menindai. I have grown up seeing the devastating effects droughts can have both financially and mentally on farmers but even to the communities at large. Our rural and regional communities rely on primary industries to keep them growing and thriving - we cannot let climate change and the drying climate it very well could bring to threaten this”, the Minister further noted.

The three nations also agreed to share information on their breeding and genetic modification processes in an attempt to reveal more crops that can live through the diverse and challenging climates of the future, as well as offer higher yields for farmers both in the present and into the near future.

“A new, less thirsty cotton variant would be a gamechanger for farmers across our nations. Projects like this is how we can really chase a reality where we have those sorts of options available to us. Madame Garver in particular highlighted that this is the sort of thing Arlanite farmers already want and need - they have to stop growing cotton already because of how much water it needs.”, Matthieu Toutain, The Segentovan Minister for Agriculture stated.

Also on the agenda was the role agriculture can play in a low carbon future, with all three delegations pointing to the potential for the sector to fill an important role in mitigating the future effects of climate change.

“Agriculture has commonly been seen as an impediment upon an aspiration for a carbon neutral future as beef increasingly is being blamed for the effects of climate change and the modest reductions in our footprint as societies. This kind of mentality is frankly wrong. Farmers have an important role to play in actually moving us away from carbon and offering us an alternative future where we can at least avoid the most troubling scenarios brought before us by climate scientists.”, Governor Garver stated.

Carbon farms in particular are being put under the spotlight by the three nations, with each of the governments announcing new grants and subsidies to encourage farm owners to come on board with an array of different projects and initiatives. Roendavar’s Agriculture Minister, Theiala Lanthruel Calthiarein, pointed to the ability of cattle farmers and “virtually any farmer” to capture carbon in the air and place it underground. Much of the money in this area is aimed to boost the efforts of start-ups attempting to scale the soil sequestration model and the various technologies and machines needed to measure carbon in the soil. Further, it is aimed to bring farmers and agricultural scientists together through marketing campaigns, demonstrations and a targeted information campaign in order for increased adoption of this technology.

The delegations also announced further support and funding to encourage farmers to plant native trees and shrubs across their farms in order to increase the amount of vegetation and hence carbon dioxide taken out of the atmosphere. Whilst no definitive agreement on specifics has yet been reached on the matter, the delegations have also committed to offering “real solutions” to meat and dairy farmers who want to reduce their emissions and lessen the “at times damaging” impact agriculture has on climate action more broadly.

Aslie also made a remark about the need for rural and regional communities to have the same attention as urban areas in how governments direct funding and initiatives to meet carbon targets and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

“We need to bring the regions with us. There is no point standing up in Arnton and telling everyone to buy an electric car without actually dealing with every issue that stands before us. The packages we have announced today aim to address real problems we have heard from industry as they try to decrease their footprint and maintain sustainable business models into the future.”
Marik Aslie, Minister for the Regions & Primary Industries

Overall, the package has been met with optimism although much of this remains to be reasonably cautious, Agriculture groups across Ainslie such as the Cotton Association hope that the measures announced today represent a “real commitment to supporting industries jeopardised by the introduction of more and more stringent environmental policy and offering them a viable roadmap into the future.”

Experts remain sceptical about the ability of these three nations to collaborate in the field of agriculture, with one political sciences professor, Arlen Cavarow from the University of Norlands, noting that the agreement is “quite left-field and virtually unseen. This sort of collaboration is unusual for three nations who have not done much together in this policy area.” However, Mr. Cavarow, in an exclusive interview with Arendai, clarified his comments and qualified them by noting that the potential benefits for industry as a result of this announcement far outweigh the possible inefficiencies and bureaucracy inherent in this sort of collaboration.

SPORT: Cricket - Openers rally Ahnslens to victory in Arborai

ARBORAI (AN) - Half-centuries were aplenty in the northern city over recent days, as both the Ahnslen and Jacobian teams enjoyed the batsman-friendly conditions on offer at Forrester Park in Arborai. Renowned as a swing-friendly pitch, this characteristic of the ground’s surface seemed to only come into play towards the end of the five days and spent most of its time troubling middle order batsmen and the tail.

On Day One, Ainslie posted a score of 343 all out with Mellen (74 runs) and Captain Karalee (70 runs) leading the charge with a number of useful contributions from other batsmen offering these players the stability of established partnerships as they sought to build a competitive score. Left-arm seamer Ned Wenton was the major threat to the Ahnslens in the first innings, taking the wickets of Hotham, Randall and Canters. As the wickets began to fall, the tail seemed reasonable in their batting performance, holding on to get scores in the high teens - a rare feat for Arborai as the norm is typically frustrated middle order batsmen without much support.

A brief rain delay caused the Jacobian first innings to start later, although play was extended on day two to accommodate for this. It was an unnervingly similar innings to that of Ainslie, sparking worries that this test very much could hang in the balance and the momentum the home team had built would be dashed by a first match win by the team from New Jacobland. Josephs, Jones and Sallop combined together to offer a score of 2-180 which if the viewer focused on these three only, they must have thought New Jacobland were set for 400+. Whilst Carter at #4 offered a 45, his falling short of the sorts of totals posted by the openers seemed to be a critical moment for the Jacobian team. As soon as Carter departed from the crease, the elegant and fluid batting performances seen early in the innings quickly turned into chaos as the middle-order attempted to judge the sudden introduction of swing into the day’s play - further exacerbated by the cloud cover and the humid conditions of the Arborai afternoon. In these conditions, Ahnslen swing bowler Jesse Pararen featured prominently by posting 3-59 by the end of the innings. That is a statistic which would look even better when considering that once the openers left, he took three wickets for 27.

As Ainslie’s openers took to the crease, their team held a fairly insignificant lead over the touring team of about 30 runs. Mellen and Hotham appeared eager to replicate the successes of their first innings partnership, but this was quickly disrupted by the departure of Hotham after he misjudged a slow inswinging delivery from Rod Jackson which sailed through the gate to knock the bails off of his leg stump. Connor Karalee’s efforts to establish a strong partnership high in the order were far more successful, as he posted a valuable 63 runs - the first fifteen with Mellen and the remainder with Comara, who himself posted 35. The middle-order posted reasonable scores to elevate Ainslie to a total of 241, which is slightly above average and partially explained by the urgent need to quicken the run rate to avoid a draw. Mark Seville was key to limiting this total by taking four wickets - the important middle-order scalps of Comara and Bersen as well as those of Randall and Brunnel. Wenton returned to dislodge partnerships at the top by removing Mellen early and eventually getting the captain caught in the slips.

Late on the fourth day, the Jacobians looked enthusiastic of their chances to chase down the 272 runs they needed for the victory with the openers successfully setting up a foundation for the middle-order to take the game on with Josephs posting 55 runs, Jones 59 and Sallop 44. The wobbles began as the worn down red ball began to swing again soon before lunch on the fifth day. Sallop and Carter, the two batsman who started the morning quickly switched from offence to defense presumably in an attempt to offer explosive hitters further down the order the opportunity to play freely later in the day. This plan backfired spectacularly, as Paararen and Dundan rapidly took to the task of taking wickets. After Talara, Ainslie’s top spinner, made a brief appearance to remove Carter on 22, Pararen shortly sent Sallop back to the changerooms in a sign of things to come. Cook and Lewis both struggled against the high quality pace attack as their tail faltered even moreso. Roland, Seville, Hall and Wenton were all dismissed on single figures at the Jacobian #6 and #10 launched a last ditch counteroffensive that quickly also failed.

The adage that the team who wins the toss and bats first in Arborai wins was fulfilled once again, as New Jacobland only managed to get to 241 - the vast majority of those runs coming off sunny conditions on the afternoon of Day Four. The result is that the visitors fell thirty runs short of the Ahnslens, a margin that is hardly embarrassing for teams chasing down a home side who won the toss. Jesse Pararen, who took 7 wickets for his man of the match performance, was largely upbeat about the efforts of the Ahnslens at Arborai.

“It’s the first time as a national test team we have gotten together so all and all it was quite a positive performance from all the boys - the openers are in their elements as are Karalee and Carter. Obviously as a bowling unit we have a part to play, but if this is what our top four have already been able to produce our chances of defending our title at home are really good.”
Jesse Pararen,

In the post match press conference, the Ahnslen coach Chris Keranne and captain Connor Karalee were similarly pleased with the performance but pointed to the need for the middle order to pull through.

“Whilst we’re posting good totals up the top, I suppose that leaves our middle order without an opportunity to show up - however, clearly we won’t always be able to post good scores and that’s when your #5, #6 and #7 are worth their weight in gold. With the bowling unit we’ve got and the top order we’ve got, if we finetune the middle parts of our innings I think we’re a real force to contend with.”
Connor Karalee

Meanwhile, the Jacobian team were similarly positive, with their coach highlighting that a 30 run loss in Arborai is “virtually a win for a chasing team in swing-friendly conditions”. In a similar fashion to the Ahnslens, they expressed the need for the openers to not be expected to take all the weight of an innings.

“We know what that middle area of our eleven are capable of - and we’ve seen Dale [Carter] post some good starts so it’ll be about building on that if we really want to take the fight to the Ahnslens and win this series.”
Roy Jones, captain of the New Jacobland team.

The two teams now have a day’s rest before travelling to Mandara, where they will play the 2nd test of this series between the 22nd and 26th of July. They then move east to play a day/night test is held in Renderra in the week following.

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July 22nd, 2021

Gathbandhan to move its headquarters to Star City


The multinational financial services provider Gathbandhan has stated that the company will be moving its headquarters from Thar City, where it was founded in 1890 by Manish Bahadur Lampucchwa, to the Ipachi State capital of Star City.

"Thar City is no longer safe. Not for us, not for the people. The fighting has been going for more than 20 days and it is getting worse day after day." The family head and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Narendra Lampucchwa said in a press conference with foreign reporters, including those from the Khas-Kirati Republic.

"Our Thar City headquarters had always been a ceremonial one just because Mr (Manish) Lampucchwa had founded our company there. Otherwise, our company already performed most of its operations from Star City or other major branches across the Isles." CEO Tilak Rana stated. "Our Star City office has premium grade facilities that will provide our employees with more creativity to work. Such a workplace is needed to take Gathbandhan further into the future."

Gathbandhan is the largest company in Ipachi State by revenue and the third largest in Vendriothos (so-called Magarat region by foreigners) overall after Janacar and Rakhal of the Khas-Kirati Republic.

Gathbandhan's move comes a day after the surprise attacks launched by Chathaese rebel groups in an Ipachi State Telecom station and the (now) former headquarters of Gathbandhan. The Chathaese rebels had earlier that day launched an assault of the central prison in Thar City to free arrested Chathaese activists (whom the Ipachi State considers "dangerous terrorists") but it ended in failure. They then switched their objective to capturing the Ipachi State Telecom station and the former Gathbandhan headquarters.

Gathbandhan's Chairman Narendra Lampucchwa and CEO Tilak Rana alleged that their employees had been either killed or taken hostage by the Chathaese rebels. A commander of the "Chatha Company" organization denied the Gathbandhan allegations and stated that "only a few high-ranking Gathbandhan employees had been taken hostage."

"They are being treated humanely, unlike what the prisoners in Ipachi State prisons have to face. We have provided the local Ipachi State authorities in Thar City with a list of names. The hostages will be released if our comrades rotting in the central prison are freed." The Chatha Company commander added.
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2021 Arpasian Tornado Outbreak is only just beginning

Southwestern Piquellon Region

For the past weeks, meteorologists from Institut National De Météorologie (IDNDM) have been receiving an increase of tornado sightings in the regions of Piquellon, The Central Mountains, Upper Sascony, and Some bits of Sarkia and Lower Sascony. some people have suspected that this is the beginning of a new, and possibly deadlier tornado outbreak since the 1929 Three Regions Tornado. Some of these funnels are reported to be small harmless wisps, other times, they are reported to be kilometer-wide monsters, one such example is Big Brother, a 120 Kilometer wide wedge tornado that lasted 3 hours, before it dissipated near the Vache County border.
A close up image of Big Brother destroying a local field, taken by a storm chaser.

signs of Big Brother's formation started out as a series of small F0 tornadoes are spotted, that would later merge into an F5, at 13:27 P.M, a tornado warning is issued for the counties of Longue, Rouge, Picard and Vache. Big Brother formed at around 13:55 and 14:05 P.M, at that time, most residents in the predicted path of the tornado had been evacuated, or have already seek shelter.
After the storm had passed, the full extent of the damage caused was visibly seen, casualties were light, yet entire villages, farmland and suburbs were all but destroyed. 17 people died, with a further 19 Injured. Big Brother is classified as the 7th Costliest Tornado in Arpasian history as well as the 41st most deadly in Arpasian history.

The aftermath of Big Brother.

"I lost my cattle and sheep!" states one farmer. "That thing impaled my herd and flock with wooden fence poles and iron bars! this is truly a harsh blow for my business, I also lost 1290 Arpasian Rael after the tornado destroyed our farmland! now I only have money to purchase 2 pairs of cattle!" luckily, local communities have started to rebuild after the Tornado.
"This is only just the beginning." states meteorologist Cédric Bourcier "Big Brother is only one of the first of many to come in this year, we should be expecting more of these that can potentially be stronger than that of Big Brother,. So what we must do is prepare and stay calm." he added.
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TADO jets intercept Estral aircraft violating Tsunter sovereignty


Yesterday the Tsunter Air Defence Organisation scrambled four White Falcon jets to intercept Estral military aircraft flying over the South. The Falcons were launched from TADO Blighting near Lizmoia after two Estral EH-8 Trumoia were detected in crossing over in Tsunter air space. According to a TADO press release the Trumoia’s were in Tsunter air space for around six minutes, between 11:17 and 11.23am, before being escorted out by the Tsunter Air Force.

As Estral military aircraft doesn’t transmit information to the Tsunter Air Traffic controllers TADO sent out a warning was sent out to civilian aircraft to avoid the region where the Estral’s were operating. The all clear was giving out at midday but the several international flights were delayed as a result of the interruption.

The Tsunter Ambassador in Estra, Karloff Ch’La Waterman, has made an official complaint to Estral Government about the violation of Tsunter airspace. According to Waterman the Estral Government has so far declined to comment on what operation the Trumoia’s were conducting in Tsunter airspace.

A statement from Grand Conclave announced that it strongly condemned this act of “characteristic Estral belligerence” and criticised the Estral regime for inflaming tensions without provocation. It also praised the work of TADO in both detecting and intercepting the Estral aircraft stating it demonstrated the readiness of the Organisation to defend the Tsunterlands from Estral aggression.

CTR signs major trade agreement with Laeden

The Cooperative Tsunter Republic and the Republic of Laeden have signed a major trading agreement in what commentors are hoping will herald a new era of economic cooperation between the two Mesder nations. The 80-page trade agreement, which the Tsunter Government claims is worth more than 10 billion pounds, was signed in Arcadia, Laeden today by Director of International Trade, Southward Chae’La Bonny, and Laedenian Secretary of Foreign Relations Ignace Saurnier following several months of negotiations.

According to Southward the primary goal of the Tsunter-Laeden Trade Partnership Agreement (or TPA) was to increase imports of Laedenian agricultural produce in the Tsunterlands. Laeden is a major breadbasket in the Mesder Sea with much of its economy rests on its large agricultural production. The deal with such a country could prove a major boon to the Tsunterlands which, due to the almost complete lack of arable land, is often said to be the “wealthiest country always on the verge on famine”. Within the trade agreement the Tsunter government has agreed to subsidise around 90% of the costs of importing Laedenian agricultural products. Southward claims that “buying Laedenian” will save the average Tsunter around 60S$ a month on food shopping.

The Tsunter government has also agreed to eliminate all tariffs on the import of Laedenian medical supplies. This has been praised within the Tsunter healthcare industry and is predicted to lower medical costs for Tsunters by between 20 to 30 per cent.
For their part the Laedenian government have agreed to eliminate all tariffs on Tsunter electronic goods and to not charge custom duties on the import of Tsunter-made boats to the Laeden.

Also, part of the Tsunter trade delegation was Chips Chae’La Vayne, CEO of the Tsunter Mesder Shipping Cooperative. His role in negotiations was heavily praised by Southward, who said it was honoured to work such a beacon of Tsunter industry. Chips’ was likely vital in securing the Laedenian government’s agreement to allow TMSC to build a new port in Illyria, Laeden. According to the provisions of the trade agreement Laeden will allow TMSC to operate this new site as a freeport for ten years after construction of the port is finished.

While the deal has been largely met with praise in both countries a few voices in the Tsunterlands have expressed concern about the Tsunterlands becoming too dependent on food exports from a single country. Speaking to NC Today, former Public Health policy guru, Groodie Ch’La Morrow, said that any disruption to the Laedenian agriculture industry, such as an outbreak of Blight, could quickly lead to food shortages in the Tsunterlands. However, supporters of the deal have been quick to respond that as Laeden is a regional leader in genetic manipulation in plants the risk of such an outbreak is incredibly low.

Former dictator dies, age 102
Bullman in 1987, serving as National Chairman

Richard Bullman Chae’La Gwayne, who served as the Chairman of the Tsunter Cooperative Republic from 1986 to 1988, passed away in the early hours of today from complications relating to Parkinson’s Disease, according to a press release for the Gwayne clan has announced. Bullman led the nation in the twilight stages of the 35-year era of single rule by the Cooperative Party and his time in office is largely remembered as a period of economic hardship and widespread political opposition to the Co-Operative regime, which would eventually result his forced resignation by reformist elements in his own party and constitutional reform enabling multi-party elections.

Born in December of 1918 in a small Clan Gwayne town on the East Bank of the Raya Lake, the political situation of Bullman’s childhood bares a strike similarity to years of his premiership, being defined largely by economic crisis, political repression and national upheaval especially following the outbreak of the Imperial War in 1941. Bullman was conscripted into the Tsunter National Army and served in an Anti-Tank unit on the Aizconian front. During this time, he became exposed to the Cooperatist ideology that began sweeping through lower ranks of the armed forces. In 1947, in preparation for the impending Free Power invasion, he found himself redeployed to as an officer in a Territorial Defence Brigade, whose purpose was to wage guerrilla warfare against the invading forces. After the Tsunter surrender he, along with the majority of his unit, mutinied and briefly became one of the many paramilitary bands loosely associated with the Cooperative Party before being captured and disarmed by the Jerigan army in 1949.

He remained a staunch member of the Cooperative party during the coalition government of the early 1950s and when the Cooperative Party won the 1950 elections, he was rewarded for his loyalty by being appointed as Clan Captain of Clan Gwayne following the forced resignation of the previous Captain, Goliath Ch’La Gwayne, after he participated in the 1954 anti-Cooperative protests. Following Prime Minister Titan Ch’La Rackham’s reformation of the Tsunter economy, Bullman would oversee the Clan Gwayne’s absorption of several smaller Cooperatives, helping form the Amalgamated Raya Cooperative, a prominent shipping company based in the Raya Lake region and would become a major employer in the region. During the 1965 Interior War he helped lease between the Tsunter Armed Forces and the ethnic Tsunter communities living in the Interior. He also created Gwayne Medical Co-op and supervised the building of the Baztoyan City Hospital in 1967, providing healthcare to the then-underdeveloped region.

In 1970 he stepped down as Clan Captain to serve as Junior Minister for the Directorate of Health in the government of Titan Rackham, where he earned praise for helping overhaul much of the outdated institutions of the Tsunter healthcare system overseeing its transformation from a single national entity into several small cooperatives that could be more efficiently respond to the needs of their local communities. Following Titan’s death in 1981 the Cooperative party divided into two factions: the Reformers, who sought greater democratisation of the political and cooperative system, and anti-reformers, who opposed them. Bullman emerged as a leading anti-reformist and was controversially appointed to the position of Director of the Interior during the ill-fated premiership of Pike Ch’La Cawan, who sought to create a government balanced between the two camps. Pike’s attempts at political appeasement would prevent his government of achieving anything of note and next years would see the Reformers and Anti-Reforms fight tooth and claw over every policy. Pike would resign in 1986 and in the following leadership election Bullman was able to win a slight plurality allowing him to take over the premiership. Shortly after his ascension to power he would direct the power of the National Security Directorate against the reformers, purging many of them from the party and having them sent to the notorious Grathenporre Prison Camp. In doing so Bullman ended up alienating much of the grass-roots party membership, an act that would come to haunt him later.

The two other issues that dominated his time in office was the continuing violence in the Interior between Ipachi separatist and Tsunter nationalist paramilitaries and the Tsunterlands’ out of control rising foreign debt, which was a result of massive government spending on both defence (a consequence of the ongoing Mesder Cold War) and infrastructure projects meant to keep labour obsolescence low. In 1987 a rise in interest rates saw the government unable to pay off its debts without seriously cutting spending or raising taxes. Bullman’s government opted for the former and announced a reduction the “Food and Fuel Rate”. As their food prices and energy costs rose public anger and resentment towards the government grew and in June 1988 protests would break out in in cities across the Hook Peninsulas. Many of these protests would turn to riots and would last until September in what became known as “the Long Summer”.

In August, a group of military officers and non-purged Reformers came together to conspire to remove Bullman from power. They would help organised a motion among the Cooperative Party General Forum that call for Bullman to resign. It passed with approval from 70% of the grassroots membership. When Bullman refused key figures of the military took as a just cause to remove him from power by force. General Cassius Chae’La Ganguard, together with the 2nd Armoured Brigade and 6th Infantry Brigade, would take to the streets of Libertalia. Ganguard, with around 80 soldiers, would enter the Prime Minister’s residence and requested that Bullman resign from office. After obtaining Bullman’s resignation Ganguard announced he would lead a four-month provisional government while preparing the country for open multi-party democratic elections.

Bullman for his part would spend those months under house arrest before going into voluntary exile to Loxodon in 1989. There he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1998 at the age of 80. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s he remained highly critical of the coalition governments of that era. In 2010 he accepted a deal to return to the Tsunterlands after voicing his support for new Tsunter Constitution while in 2012 he issued a formal apology to those who had been arrested and tortured by the NSD as political dissidents during his time in office. He spent the last ten years of life living with his daughter and grandchildren on the shores of the Raya Lake while struggling with his worsening Parkinson’s. Three days ago, he was admitted to Baztoyan City Hospital with pneumonia, which is a common development for those who suffer from the disease and would pass away at 3:50am today.

In a short statement, a spokesperson for the Gwayne clan said that while Bullman’s political legacy will always be fraught with controversy he will be remembered by both his immediate and extended family as a stern but ultimately loving husband, father, grandfather and patriarch.
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22nd of July, AD 2021
The Leiden National




A large fire on the Silver Pearl, one of Massena Sea Cruises medium sized vessels, forced a hasty evacuation of its crew as it sat in the port of Mylan. The fire broke out at around 2:30 PM local time on Thursday, damaging much of the ship's superstructure along its starboard side. The fire raged for around 5 hours before port firefighters managed to successfully put it out. According to local authorities and a spokesman from MSC, there were fortunately no passengers on board at the time and all 48 crew were successfully evacuated off the cruise ship, which has a capacity of 1,800.

The cruise ship had just finished a week-long tour of Lake Maragent's southern coast (Lake Maragent being the largest of Zephyrisia's Great Lakes) and was undergoing routine two-week period maintenance and refitting when the fire broke out. While an investigation by port authorities and MSC is ongoing, it is hypothesized that the fire was possibly caused due to an electrical short-circuit or by faulty wiring. Given the cruise ship was anchored away from the busier portions of the harbor, it is expected that there will be no disruption to maritime traffic or port operation. However, while the Silver Pearl can still operated under its own power, it will probably need assistance to reach drydock for repairs.

Aldus Planchette, the Captain of the Silver Pearl, praised the conduct of all involved, saying that "everyone responded calmly and with great professionalism."

The spectacle attracted a large number of onlookers who crowded along Mylan's piers to witness the inferno and the efforts of the port's fire brigade to put it out. Given Mylan's status as a tourist destination, this no doubt added some color to the vacations of whoever was visiting at the time. The afternoon's adventures could also be seen from the heights to the west of the city, where there is a fine view of Mylan, its harbor, and the Bay of Nephra.



The violation of Tsunter airspace by Estral fighters raised many eyebrows in Leiden, with Foreign Minister Hal Bannan making an official statement calling the Estral Air Force's incursion yesterday "disturbing" and "a complete departure from regional arrangements."

"Such blatant disregard for the integrity of international boundaries is a concerning prospect," Bannan remarked to reporters. "It is the position of this government to give the benefit of the doubt to our neighbors. But make no mistake, the silence of the Estral government will speak volumes if they do not condemn and apologize for this. Even if it remains an isolated incident for the time being, the Estral government must reign in its military and cease this saber-rattling if it wishes to preserve the relational progress made between the nations of Central and South Argus."

The foreign minister's words might seem to indicate a departure from the apathetic attitude toward the Tsunters at first, but it is more likely that Bannan's comments should be taken to express concern more for Zephyrisia's own security than for its northern neighbors. The status of the border between Zephyrisia and the Estral Republic along the Cataline Isthmus remains a contested issue among those in Leiden, who remain wary of any potential destabilization in our northern provinces. The Estral government, meanwhile has yet to make a statement regarding yesterday's events.

While such incidents are not new by any means in the region, it has been a long time since such a test of another nation's defenses was carried out so brazenly and openly.



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