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Postby Ainslie » Tue May 04, 2021 2:03 pm

The Tsunterlands wrote:I have a news post article detailing the aid I'm sending ready to go. Just need to design a banner but it should go out today or tomorrow.

Would it be ok if a state agent were to travel with my foreign workers to basically try a set up worker cooperatives (gotta spread that ideology) and other pro tsunter/cooperatist political organisations?

Good to hear. As long as you at least thinly veil the agent as being there for a purpose that’s benevolent, he should be fine. All the rest is okay.
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Postby Martenyika » Tue May 04, 2021 4:30 pm

Ainslie wrote:Especially Martenyika - i've noticed that you set up the potential for aid but haven't actually sent it as per se. Of course, you don't need to necessarily write an IC post about it but if you are it'd be really good to know before the storyline begins to catch up with the modern day more quickly.

I see my next IC post(s) for Serval, and especially Martenyika's official aid effort, taking place a few more days to a week or so later than where we're at now, so we could probably advance the time some.

That would be when more tangible aid and personnel arrive, so there's more for me to work with. I decided that the Martenyikan military will send a small task force along similar lines to Domanania, to provide extra manpower and muscle for search and rescue, aid distribution, and whatever else. A major focus would be on bolstering teams from other WIDA nations, as well as distributing some of their own aid materials. That said, obviously they wouldn't be limited to just working alongside WIDA nation efforts, it's just the primary way Martenyika is going to frame its response.
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Postby Ioudaia » Tue May 04, 2021 4:34 pm

Ainslie wrote:2. That brings me to a question about pacing - as for those that are aiding Norregan and Sud, have all of you posted the immediate IC stuff you wanted to write to bring your people into those islands?

Essentially. You may assume a team similar to the one I posted has landed/will land in each state. I can tack that on to my current post if you'd like, but I thought I'd focus on a smaller group for character-scale RPing.

Ainslie wrote:In a week probably, my aim is to get us up to the real life day with posts but of course I'm happy to allow backdated posts and stuff like that.

So, how will we advance the story? Roughly real time? 'cause I don't actually know much about disaster recovery and how much can be done how quickly.

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Postby The Tsunterlands » Wed May 05, 2021 10:48 am

Ainslie wrote:Good to hear. As long as you at least thinly veil the agent as being there for a purpose that’s benevolent, he should be fine. All the rest is okay.

Ok, thanks. Posted in news about the aid being sent to the Wake Isles.
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