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Postby Makonia » Tue Nov 05, 2019 6:56 pm

All Hail Queen Émérente of Makonia!
Royal Family land in Makonia


Émérente I of Makonia.

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Natala de la Maroux (
January 1, 2089 | Bagata, Makonia

For the second time, thousands greeted our new beloved queen as she landed in splendor befitting the new young monarch. Queen Émérente, her new official regnal title that has been adopted arrived aboard the yacht, the Aurelians with her dashingly handsome husband, Prince Christopher of Gênes and their son, the adorable new Crown Prince Célestin in her arms as they disembarked and were greeted by a crowd of cheering thousands. Césaire Toussainte, Head the new National Assembly organized by the Queen formally welcomed the young Queen to the Kingdom on behalf of the Makonian people.

“Not since Jelena the Great has a Queen been so loved” declared Toussainte, “And now we are graced with Émérente the Liberator!”

The humble Queen Émérente, with her son in her arms recounted her great honor at being elected to the duty of serving as Queen of Makonia, promising that under her rule that Makonia would enter a new golden age, riding from the ashes of the tyrannical reigns of her predecessors and into a glittering celestial future. This is embodied in both the Queen’s new personal dynastic motto, Tout pou Makonia, All for Makonia! As well as in her chosen regnal name. Émérente, unique and distance from the names of the previous dynasty is one of Makonian Creole origin, meaning “Chosen Daughter”. That is the truth. The Makonian people have chosen their Queen, and we have chosen wisely!

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Postby Corrandmia » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:05 am

Conglomerate News Network

Merchant Naval Conglomerate Founded!

Written by Vina Corona

Today, the nation was blown away by, what many at first believed to be an uprising, however, what has turned out to be a carefully planned, and approved course of actions. Today, Twenty-Three Corrandmian based corporations, including national giants such as Honan Electronics, Vick Engineering and Hora Aviation, attended a massive commercial conference in the capital city, and began debates over a pressing issue, the frontier. The Dominion itself had currently made little to no effort to create a national space agency, neither having the funds to sustain a stranding fleet, nor the incentive to do so. However, the corporations present agreed that while the nation did not have much to gain from active participation in offworld activities, they did. With this agreement, they set to vote several options, most of which were voted down, however, Jisona Vick of Vick Engineering put forward the idea of a united conglomerate, where all of the member corporations would put forward their full cooperation, and an equal share of profits, towards the goal of exploration and exploitation of offworld resources and assets.With this proposal on the floor, the vote came in, 21-2, and Witt this, the fateful decision was made in earnest. At 19:00 Hours, the final draft of the Founding Pact was signed, bringing the Merchat Naval Conglomerste into existence. With that in order, the conference, now named the Conglomerate Board of Directors, or CBD, set to work voting in a CEO, and this was carried out swiftly and efficiently, with Jisona Vick being given the position, and his son taking his place in his old company. This action has made Jisona among the wealthiest and most powerful men within the entire Dominion, rivaling even the Imperial Family itself in wealth. What he will do with this new found power and wealth is yet to be seen, and many are eager to see where this will go

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Postby Beliany » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:51 am

Princess Sofia gives birth to a boy!


Crest of the House of Coudenberg

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Henri Eschareau (
January 22, 2089 | Bleugate, Beliany

Crown Prince Baudouin and Princess Sofia welcomed a second child into the world today with the birth of their son, Prince Leopold Philippe of Beliany, named in honor of his paternal and maternal grandfathers, King Leopold and Prince Philippe of Genes respectively. The labor of the birth began early this morning at the palace, and at the request of the Crown Princess, the birth took place there, with the attendants and royal doctors coming to the palace. The Crown Princess gave birth to a boy at 10:46 am today. At 11:00 am it was announced that child is named Leopold Philippe. As the second child of the Duke of Brabant the new prince is third-in-line to the throne of Beliany after his father and older sister, Princess Marie-Sofie.

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Postby Les Etats Connuriste » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:43 pm



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His Imperial Majesty, Connor Pearson II

Upon the conclusion of an investigation conducted by the Ministry of Justice in Connuriste, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor would like to publicly announce the following.

The man known to the world as Julian Blackthorn is in truth the long thought to be deceased Prince Julian of Connuriste, as proven by DNA evidence.

This investigation has brought other facts to light, and in conjunction with this revelation, the Crown of Connuriste would find it appropriate to have His Imperial Highness Prince Julian of Connuriste and the former Princess of Great Hyruke, Caroline Blackthorn, subject to a retrial where new evidence can be brought forward and examined fully and thoroughly.

The Crown of Connuriste will petition the League of Harmony to host this retrial should the authorities in Great Hyruke and the Netherlands not wish to comply with our request, as all avenues of investigation require full consideration in order to bring about real and true justice.

The Crown of Connuriste finds it appropriate to acquit and fully exonerate Marie of Wied of all charges relating to the death of Prince Julian of Connuriste, as this did not happen.

The Crown also finds it appropriate to publicly apologise to Marie of Wied for previous campaigns against her which bring damage to her good reputation.

The message was broadcast on all domestic television channels, appeared as breaking news on all internet connected electronic devices and digital billboards, and was even shown on the big screens at half time in the Connuriste Cup game between Servette and FC Lausanne.

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Postby Aellyria » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:32 am

The Holy Imperial Army Marches

Today in celebration of the Holy Emperor Andreas' seventh birthday in the holy month of January, the Holy Imperial Army marched through the streets of the capital city Reykjavik , where the First Estate quietly moved the political capital to earlier this year, adorning it in scarlet and white that the Holy Empire is known for. The entire Holy Imperial family could be seen there as well as the two young lords guardians and their family. Even Princess Clementina was seen a publicly, playing with Andreas and Erik as well as the young Feynarn children Arin and Quinn who seem to be getting along quite well with the Aeylgarn children, which is well and good as they are currently fostering in the imperial household.

The Holy Imperial Army was wearing their black dress uniforms complete with parade covers and all, the music played the swift war drums of ancient Aellyria as they once had in real battles as the army drilled with their new rifles. It was quite spectacular and the common people were thrilled with the spectacle.
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Postby Aellyria » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:48 am

The Holiday season is upon us!

Happy Holidays to the people of Aellyria! As all good Aellyrians know the traditional holiday season starts in mid winter in our culture, unlike the Catholic holiday season which has been introduced and extends our own holiday season quite early. However the traditional holiday of Koliada in which we celebrate the god Oth whom many also call Father Winter brings us into the colder months and gifts us with the knowledge of hot cider and the roast ham a common staple of the Aellyrian diet.

This is celebrated through a local festival wherein the festival goers drink hot mulled cider and wine and drink roasted ham, wear masks and dance around bonfires to keep away the World Eater Jormangandur.


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