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And now it begins again.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:26 pm
by The Grey Isles
The masstelegrams, the cheesy mottos. The meaningless Campaign Words. I doubt any one in the election even knows that they cant do any of that so they are really just lying the role of general secretary is confusing, meanigless and never was explained before and after the election. All I see are nations competing to get more titles to be more elite and more executive, they seek more power. Well I thought Before this was cureable until I realised I had become one of them trying to get votes. They commend themselves and condemn others, So I now say to you:

!!!!This is a puppet show, say "I wont be a puppet any more"!!!

Also, fix your preferences on your telegrams to ingore campaign messages, your inbox is begging you to do it.

Also also, Ignore my sig, I have no time to fix it.