The Asipian Society (Fantasy, Reference Lore, Restricted)

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The Asipian Society (Fantasy, Reference Lore, Restricted)

Postby Tesserach » Wed Nov 23, 2022 8:30 am

The Asipian Society - Lore Reference Thread

Random Lore and Other Reference Information
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A fantasy horror character RP set in a mythical regency era(like) fantasy setting.

-currently restricted, mostly to keep group size manageable given the hands on nature of the RP.
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Postby Tesserach » Wed Nov 23, 2022 8:41 am

Case Studies


This case was referred to the Society from the local gentry, who mentioned in their letter the region had traditions of travellers and woodsmen speaking of strange lights in the swampy woods. This had largely been relegated to local folklore, but a series of incidents involving such lights attempting to lure some of the local children into the woods at night prompted concern from the local community and by extension a letter to The Society.

The file was taken on by the Capricorn team

Initial Inquiries

Initial investigations in local magistry records revealed the earliest mention of such lights going back at least 200 years, before which there existed few if any written accounts from the region. Our interviews witht the local population indicated that such traditions were well-known in the area but such sightings had been rare. Most agreed the sudden appearance of the lights so near the village was new. The belief seemed to have become prevalent that the lights were specifically targeting young children with the aim of luring them into the woods.

Local children were familiar with the stories, and did not pursue the lights far enough away from the village to become lost.

Older records are scarce, and it does seem some travellers through the woods likely did disappear though given the historic wildness of the region it is unclear if any of these were related to the lights themselves. Both by tradition and the description the phenomena resembles those traditionally associated with the will-o-the-wisp phenomenon. No deaths or recent disappearances were reported to explain the sudden re-emergence of the phenomenon either.

Most traditions identify the phenomenon as being related to spirits of the dead, or fae - while other entities are sometimes offered up. In addition resolving the issue to settle the local population on behalf of our client, the opportunity to resolve this longstanding mystery was identified as a key opportunity.

Direct Investigations

Risk to personnel was largely regarded as minimal, but supplies of cold iron were secured as a precaution, as well as holy symbols to attempt to ward off dead spirits and materials to salt and destroy human remains if need be. We also made sure to acquire amble supplies to make our way through rough forest and swamp at night.

Three days of scouting the area and we did note lights off of the main road. Investigating, the light did lead us further into the misty swampland before we lost sight of it.

Given the forest and mist cover, navigation by stars was impossible. This investigator would assess the likelihood that anyone, without significant cross-country navigation experience, would have lost the trail. Given the terrain, finding it again would have been a stroke of profound luck. In our case we had compass and an experienced team counting steps.

By these means we retraced our steps again in the daylight. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to have noticed at night but roughly where the light was lost we noted a significant rise in the ground. Further investigation suggested the possibility of a mound.

We set the area under observation the next night, and were able to observe the same lights as before emerging from the mound itself. The lights lingered, approaching investigators, before returning to the mound. They repeated this action several times. Investigators approached reported experiencing warmth, and believed the action to be a 'welcoming' gesture. In either event, it seemed clear we were dealing with some form of fae whose motives were unclear. Attempts at establishing verbal communications all failed.

The next day we began questioning people familiar with local fae legends but no one seemed to know much beyond common stories these investigators were already familiar with. We were however, referred to an elderly woman living in another village well-known to be knowledgeable on such matters.

Ferelith, the woman in question, was more than willing to assist our investigation for coin. She lamented that many of the old stories, and traditions had - over the years - been lost and she was one of the few who still remembered old stories her grandmother had passed down to her. Several of which she shared with us, and this investigator suggests it might be worthwhile to perform a follow-up visit to record some of these old stories and traditions for posterity.

Ferelith was uncertain why the fae had gone dormant so long or why they had suddenly appeared. She did, however, recount that it was said when people needed to speak with the seelie courts in this area - offerings of fresh cut springs of oak, ash and thorn were usually accepted. She also indicated the fae would not speak with us while we had cold iron about our persons.

Returning to the mound the next night we set out the offerings by the mount and resumed our observation. Eventually the light emerged, and appeared to hover over the offering. We observed the light grow brighter for a time, blindingly so, before fading with a strange being standing over the mound. Androgynous in appearance, the creature had large eyes, a set of curled horns similar but shorter than those of a ram, cloven hooves and a head of red hair.

We approached the creature and greeted it and it responded in common Inrisian, inviting us into it's mound. Being aware of stories of travellers being led into faerie realms, never to return, we declined without assurances of our safe conduct and return - which the creature gave. Later we asked what would have happened if we had not and it confirmed that very likely we would have spent the rest of our lives within the realm - perhaps being returned in old age to take care of any unfinished business before we died.

Our subsequent conversations revealed that several local youths had, on multiple occasions, disturbed its mound and old agreements entitled them to extract a transgressions. Described price for such tra. The fae recounted that, once, people from the village had made regular offerings. The practice had fallen off and they had largely stopped visiting, but when local youths being disturbing the mound the seelie court had decided to re-invoke the old ways. The fae indicated the court would accept other compensations, and a renewal of contracts.


We returned to the client and informed them of the situation, appraising them of what dangers the fae represented. We offered to intermediate, but after consulting the local villagers, they advised that our contract could be considered fulfilled and they would entreat with the fae directly.

Follow Up

A follow up visitation was performed two months later by support staff to ensure nothing untowards had occurred but nothing seemed evident during their inquiries. The fae had largely retreated to their barrows. Local villagers and the client both reported matters had been settled with offerings of sprigs, warm milk, and occasional keepsakes.

Client complaints appear resolved. Payment received.


Demonstration of direct connection between whisp phenomena and fae origins. First confirmed documentation of contact with seelie courts. Research department may wish to follow up, renewing direct contact with the court in question and redoubling efforts to locate other such faerie mounds.
Current threat classification - Active Category 1

(In the margins someone has written a note: referred to foreign ministry)

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Postby Tesserach » Sun Nov 27, 2022 1:15 am

News from The Inrisisian Whig Standard

Radicals in Parliament
Recent elections saw the return of Republicans and other Radical elements to Parliament. The MP for Cannis Riding, Mr. Robert Theade is a well-known agitator of the most base variety only a step removed from the colonial traitors he is known to associate with. It is beyond the ken of this editor as to how, given the obvious destruction such ideas have wrought on the continent, that such men are allowed to take a seat within the Highest Hall instead of joining populists like Maisallant in exile on Selba.

East Side Cannibal Caught

The madman Fredrick Howes, had been on the run for some months following having been caught devouring the flesh of a close friend in the east side of Inris was recognized by the crew of a ship he was attempting to board out of Westshire. Despite numerous witnesses to the ghastly crime, the man denies any wrongdoing, showing no remorse for his crimes.

Mr. Howes currently awaits medical examination, judging his mental fitness. It remains to be seen whether the man will be hanged or be remanded to Royal New Order of Lady Bathory Hospital.

No Progress in Congress of Karlstadt
Bitter divide among members of the Holy Alliance continues over the fate of the Duchy of Wroklau. Reports suggest the Duke Steiner von Kochshard abandoned the talks entirely and is in consultation with Emperor Heinrich, with many rumours circulating that a renewal of military operations, much to the chagrine of a continent still reeling from years of war.

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