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De Oppresso Liber (IC)

Postby Dayganistan » Tue Feb 01, 2022 12:09 pm


Tacoma, Washington
February 7th, 2022

"So, you're going on to high readiness rotation today?"

"You knew it was coming," Ryan looked up from his breakfast, across the table towards his fiance, Arielle, who had asked the question. An attractive Asian woman in her late 20s with hair dyed light brown who wore round framed glasses. To Ryan, the most beautiful woman in the world and the love of his life. "We've been through high readiness cycles before, Arielle. You know I'm going to be home every night still and it doesn't mean I'm deploying. Only short term missions out of country if any at all."

Arielle sighed, and adjusted her glasses. "I know, it feels different this time. I'm not just your girlfriend, I'm going to be your wife. And it's going to be tough to plan the wedding if you're going to be spending longer hours at the base and could be deployed at any time."

Ryan took a sip from his coffee. "We still haven't set a date for the wedding. We'll find time for all the planning, don't worry. High readiness is only a few months anyway. Everything will work out, I promise."

Just as Arielle was about to speak again, Ryan's phone began to vibrate in his pocket. A text message from his company commander came through, one only for him and not for the rest of the team. He was needed at base ASAP. He finished up his coffee and stood up from the table.

"Time to go already?" Arielle asked.

"Yeah," Ryan said as he gave his fiance a kiss on the forehead, before grabbing his Multicam jacket and walking towards the door. "Could just be a drill to keep us on our toes, could be something real. I'll still be home tonight hopefully, SOCOM isn't that mean to send us out of the States on our first day on high readiness."

"Well, have a good day at work," Arielle called to Ryan as he tried to rush out of the door. "I love you, don't die."

"Love you too." Ryan called back as he walked out of the door, towards his car. A Mini Countryman JCW painted in a metallic light green certainly wasn't the vehicle one would expect a military man to drive, but he found it perfectly serviceable as both a commuter and a fun vehicle to do some light offroading with. He started the engine and reversed out of the driveway, before turning to make his way down the street, towards the base.

Joint Base Lewis McCord

Ryan arrived at base before the rest of his team, reporting to the secure briefing room as ordered by the company commander, Major Ramirez. Ramirez was a tall man of Mexican descent, a man who an observer could tell has seen plenty of combat through the Global War on Terror just through the look in his eyes and the way he carried himself. Major Ramirez was an officer Ryan respected a lot, a man he hoped to emulate if he decided it was time to take a step back from the field and finally take on a promotion to a company commander. The choice Arielle would want him to make, after they're married and have a child. Not a choice Ryan was ready to make, however.

"Captain Harris, good morning. Hope I wasn't interrupting anything at home," Major Ramirez said as Ryan entered the room.

"Nothing I didn't want to get out of anyway, Major. Arielle is worried I might deploy with no notice and she's been on my ass about planning the wedding. What did you call me in for?" Ryan asked.

"Well Captain, you guys should hurry up and set a date for that wedding. You know I'm going to show up for one of my ODA leaders getting married whenever it is." The Major began. "Unfortunately, she's right to be worried about you deploying soon. South Korean intelligence is suspecting they've been infiltrated by North Korean intelligence assets and commandos after picking up chatter from Pyongyang. We're not sure if it's for real or a false alarm, but they're taking it seriously. They might want SOCOM assets, and since your team is on high readiness as of today, you're slated to go over if they want American help."

The Major gave Ryan a folder. He looked through it, it contained all the reports they had about the potential developing situation in Korea. "Thanks Major, I'll update my guys when they get in."

With the briefing concluded, Ryan made his way to his team's ready room. The room was set up almost as an office break room with a simple kitchen area, a small table, two couches, and a TV mounted on the wall. The first one in, Ryan started the coffee maker and waited for the team to arrive.

Over the next half hour, the team started to filter in. When they all arrived, Ryan began to give his briefing on the day's situation.

"Alright, first of all, welcome to day one of our high readiness rotation. We'll get through it fine, hopefully with not too much time downrange," He began. "So, we have the usual threats in our AO. China continues to be belligerent. Civil conflict in Myanmar continues to worsen, and that's still remaining on radar for an ODA to deploy there long term once the Pentagon gets a better idea of which rebel group isn't full of assholes who are going to commit ethnic cleansing. India and Pakistan are at each other's throats as usual. And North Korea, I've been updated on something big with them."

He paused, and took a sip from his coffee. "South Korean intelligence is suspecting there's been an infiltration by North Korean intelligence assets and possibly commandos. They're not entirely sure if it's happened, but they've detected chatter north of the 38th Parallel that suggests Pyongyang may have active assets in the South. Now, South Koreans can handle this on their own, but they still find it important to share this intel with us. I've been informed by command that the Koreans may want SOCOM assets to work with them due to suspected presence of North Korean commandos, and risk of threat to American military and diplomatic personnel. If they want US assets, it's going to be our team going in. We'll know by tomorrow morning if we're going. If we go, we'll be operating in the Seoul metro area. I'm thinking we'll run a few CQB drills today to prepare for that, unless anyone else has input on what we should focus on in training the next couple days."
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Postby Bolslania » Tue Feb 01, 2022 4:32 pm

Olympia, Washington

Tarvo stood quietly by the coffee machine in his homes' kitchen. He was staring at the window, thinking about usual homeowner concerns. His yard needed to have some work done, and the windows were older than himself and needed to be replaced. He sighed and took a swig of his coffee. His wife interrupted his musings by planting her face into his shoulder. After a moment spent like that, she looked up and him.

"You're up earlier than usual." She said. Tarvo could tell by the way she said it she knew the reason why already.

"We're on our high readiness cycle. You know the drill. Out early in the morning and back late at night." He said turning his head to face her. Anna sighed dramatically before she poured herself a cup of coffee. She returned to her position next to the Finn before speaking again.

"Do you think you'll be deploying anywhere?" She asked. Tarvo shrugged.

"Who knows. Probably not for a week at least. SOCOM doesn't usually send us out first day of high readiness." He replied.

"Good. When do you need to leave?" She asked. Tarvo was already wearing his uniform. He looked at his watch.

"In about now." Tarvo said. His wife chuckled softly, standing up on her toes to deliver a kiss before returning to her regular 5' 6".

"Well good luck and don't get yourself killed." She said, putting a final hand on his chest before she made her way back to the stairs.

"I for one, am going back to bed." Tarvo smiled at her before she disappeared up the stairs. He set his empty coffee mug on the counter and stepped outside to face the day.

Tarvo swung open the door into his team's ready room. He was the second member to arrive, Captain Harris already waiting by the coffee maker.

"Morning Sir." Tarvo said. His sleeves had been rolled up to 3 inches above the elbow. Tarvo liked to feel the cold wind of a Washington winter on his arms, it reminded him of home. He made his way to one of the couches and sat down, bringing a hand up to rub the last traces of sleep from his eyes.

30 minutes later and Tarvo was furrowing his brow at what his Officer had to say. Norks in South Korean intelligence? It would be messy if what the South Koreans were saying was true. Getting into it with Nork commandoes and case officers was not an ideal situation to the veteran operator.

Harris had suggested running CQB drills to prep for operations in the Seoul Metro area. A plan which Tarvo had no problems with.

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Postby Herador » Wed Feb 02, 2022 11:09 pm

Harry Quinn
Denny-Blaine, Seattle, Washington
Quinn Home
Early Morning - February 7th, 2022

Harry liked the Winter's in Washington, he got to wake up before the sun had risen and even though no city really ever slept, it was still quiet in their little suburb. Sitting at the little garden table in their yard with a cigarette in one hand a cup of coffee in the other, Harry felt himself loosen up a bit and relax, so much so that he hardly noticed when Nina came out. Pulling her robe tight against the cold, she pulled one of the wood chairs next to Harry and sat down, wrapping her arm around his and pulling him close before taking the cigarette Harry offered her, lighting it off of Harry's and taking out when of his earphones to listen to the kind of mellow beats he played every morning. The pair sat there for a while, Nina taking a few sips of his coffee and resting her head on his shoulder, as the darkness began to slowly change into pre-dawn.

"You get her ready Harry, I'll start on breakfast?"

Harry didn't answer for a moment, lost in momentary domestically before Nina shook him by the elbow with her arm still wrapped around his. "Come on Harry, wake up."

"Yeah." He nodded, kissing his wife on the cheek. "I'll round her up." The pair walked inside, arm-in-arm.

"Up 'n at 'em, Atom Ant!" Harry called out jovially as he turned on the light. His Dad had always woken him up like that and he had fallen into it. "Come on sleepy, time to wake up." Ellen rolled over and groaned. "None of that now kiddo, come on." He placed a hand on her shoulder and gave it a little wiggle only to be met with another groan. Harry started to pick her up, lean her forward really, and groaned with a smile setting her back down and play-trying again, "Good grief kid, you're getting big!"

She whined again, trying to cover her eyes from the light. "Daaaaaad stoooooop."

She'd had enough and was coming to so Harry simply sat her upright. "Good morning sweety." kissing her on the forehead he draped a robe around her tiny shoulders. "Come on, lets go brush our teeth, yeah?" Ellen could only nod groggily in response, taking Harry's hand as he led her to the bathroom and set up her brush for her.

"30 seconds left, right, and-"

"Front." Ellen interrupted him, mouth full of toothpaste. "I know, Dad."

Harry rustled her hair with a grin as they made their way back to her room. "What kind of day is it today?" He asked, holding up shirts. "Bright pink?" Too cold, Ellen insisted. "How about an Owl House shirt?" This wouldn't do, apparently. "Hmmmm." Harry sighed, "What could we choose?"

"It's cooooold, Dad!" Ellen called out laughing.

"Ah, then I know just the thing!" he replied and pulled out a shirt with Elsa on it, because what little girl didn't love Frozen? With a shirt that finally met Ellen's refined taste, the rest of the ensemble just came together and the two were skipping downstairs two at a time, drawn to the smell of whatever Nina had cooking.

"Well, that took a while," Nina said with a smile, kissing her daughter good morning as Ellen went to sit down. She put a hand on Harry's arm as he went past, "Couldn't decide on a shirt?"

Harry could only shrug. "She gets it from you, Ms. Burberry." A smack to the arm sent Harry to the table next to Ellen.

"So, what's on the agenda for today, kid?"

"Mrs. Arnold said we're getting close to finishing The Hostile Hospital!" Ellen chirped back, taking her morning pills with a glass of apple juice.

"Awesome! Can't wait! Hear that Nina? They're almost done with The Hostile Hospital!"

"Excellent." She said, bringing around Ellens plate of eggs and pancakes. "Can't wait to finally get to watch that episode when you all finish." She put the plate down in front of Ellen who went right for her fork and knife.

"Ah-ah! What do we say?"

"TaĊĦakkor, momma."

Harry Quinn
Fort Lewis-McCord
Morning - February 7th, 2022

Harry sat in his car listening to some group of poor SOB's qualify at the rifle range, wondering what it was like for normal people when they got to work. Pulling a coat back over his ACU's he hopped out of his car, always slightly aware of how his aging little Fiesta stood out in a lot of Mustang's, Camero's, and pick-up trucks. Passing a pair of guys from another ODA on a jog he gave them a wave and got one back, it all felt weirdly normal, it was always hard for him to shake the feeling of normality on base. He didn't like it. Harry wanted to keep his lives separate, he had a normal life and he had this, and when this started to feel too normal it felt like it was creeping into the other part of who he was. He was a Dad and went to PTA meetings and supervised class field trips, and then he packed bullet wounds and jumped out of planes and carried a rifle. Those were two distinct things.

"Shit." He growled, lighting a cigarette at the edge of the lot. He was overthinking it again. He did that a lot, overthinking, and it never worked out well for him. He spied Tarvo on the far side of the lot making his way inside and waved, but Tarvo must have missed him, it was too early to be keeping an eye out for co-workers across the parking lot. Co-workers? "Fuck it." He muttered to himself, tossing the half-smoked cigarette to the pavement and followed Tarvo inside. Picking a seat next to the Finn, Harry took a gulp of coffee and offered another paper cup to him.

The usual business was going down, coup in Myanmar was going poorly for everyone, Pakistan and India were still having a diplomatic slap fight, China was up to Chinese shit, and... well that was some news, wasn't it? Harry put a hand in the air.

"Mornin' Cap. If we get sent into Seoul, do you have any idea how we're going to deploy? Full kit, clean gear, plainclothes?"
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Postby Kyraina » Sun Feb 06, 2022 9:34 pm

MSgt Joseph "Bear" Bridges
Greenwater, WA

Bear stood out on the deck of his house overlooking the River, and the snow, off to the southeast he could see the sun raising above the mountains, and smiled at the beautiful sight. He felt hands warp around his chest under his arms, and a head rest between his shoulder blades.

"Good morning Babe, You ready to for Y'alls high readiness cycle?" said the female voice with a accent you could tell was from Southern Cali.

"Yeah I guess Honey. I just hope you don't get deployed while I'm deployed on mission, because we both know I will be deployed at some point during this cycle, and we know it could happen with in the next hour." Bear said to his wife.

"I know Babe, besides we already have plans in place if that happens. You shouldn't worry about it so much, but I Know you do, At least you don't have the fast pace deployment cycle of the 24th or Delta Anymore. Now let's get inside and get ready for the day. Besides its my day to take the kids to School."

Joint Base Ft Lewis-McCord

Bear, dressed in OCP ACU, parked his 2010 Toyota Tundra 4x4, and climbed out. He saw other ODAs coming and going and even saw a couple of his teammates on their way into work. the Scarlet Beret on Bear's head, stood out in the guys that wore the Army's coveted Green Beret, and yet despite that Bear was one of the most experienced operators attached to or even in the 1st SFG. Half of the current ODA he was attached to haven't even been green berets long, but crossed trained into it to earn their Beret.

Bear walked into the ODA's ready room, and sat a box of donuts down on the table beside the brewed coffee, and he listened to the brief.

"We should also do helicopter insert on tops of buildings, and a couple different approaches on top of standard CQB drills Capt. We dont really know what we will be going into so it dont help to run it all."
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