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De Oppresso Liber (Spec Ops/OOC/Open)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2022 8:43 pm
by Dayganistan

The United States Army Special Forces, more commonly known as the Green Berets, are elite special operations troops tracing the origins officially to the early 1950s, and unofficially further back to unconventional Allied forces operating during WWII. Since Vietnam, they have served in every military engagement the United States has found itself in, as well as unofficial clandestine operations around the globe. Today, their primary missions are unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, special reconnaissance, direct action and foreign internal defence in hostile environments around the world. Even as the United States shifts towards great power competition, the mission of the Green Beret remains just as important as ever.

Our story focuses not on the entire US Army Special Forces, but rather one team of Green Berets. Operational Detachment Alpha 1322 is a team of Green Berets in the 1st Special Forces Group based at Joint Base Lewis-McCord in Washington. Officially assigned to operations in Asia and the Pacific, they have spent the better part of the last two decades primarily deploying to the Middle East instead. With the official pullout of American forces from Afghanistan and a shift towards great power competition by the American military, the 1st Special Forces Group in 2022 finds themselves once again pivoting primarily towards the Asian theater. Here, they'll face such enemies as the ever present threat of global jihad, drug smugglers, Russian private military contractors, and possibly even the armed forces of the People's Republic of China or North Korea. All in a day's work to protect America's allies, and keep America's place of power in the world as increasingly belligerent rivals try to carve away at their influence. This is the story of the men and women who carry out some of the most dangerous and most important missions carried out by the American military, and their brotherhood forged on the battlefield.

Assault Rifles
Geissele URG-I - The current iteration of the venerable M4 carbine used by US Army Special Forces. Comes equipped with an MLOK handguard to increase modularity and reduce weight, as well as various reliability upgrades. Available with 11.5 or 14.5 inch barrel. 5.56x45mm.
FN SCAR-H - A heavier hitting alternative to the M4 carbine, and once a candidate to replace it altogether in SOCOM. Available with 13, 16 or 20 inch barrel. 7.62x51mm.
Sig MCX Rattler - A short barreled and concealable rifle for use in situations where an ultra compact weapon may be advantageous. Chambered for .300 Blackout but can be swapped to 5.56mm by changing the bolt and barrel.
Sig MCX SPEAR - A competitor in the US Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon program, it has been issued to certain SOCOM units for evaluation. Chambered for the new 6.8x51mm ammunition meant to accompany the weapon system, but can be swapped to 5.56 or 6.5 Creedmoor by swapping the bolt and barrel.

M17 - New standard issue US military handgun. 9x19mm
Glock 19 - Alternate handgun authorized for use by SOCOM. 9x19mm.
M1911 - This handgun may be over 100 years old and may be what your grandfather carried in Vietnam, but it still works. Chambered in .45 ACP.
Mk. 23 - A handgun developed specifically to the requirements of SOCOM under the Offensive Handgun program. Chambered in .45 ACP.

Submachine Guns
Sig MPX - A modern 9mm submachine gun, operating with a gas piston system rather than the simple blowback systems of older designs. Controls and overall layout mimic AR-15 pattern rifles, making the weapon a very effective option when lower profile, concealable firearms are required. 9x19mm.

Machine Guns
Mk. 46 - A lightweight version of the standard M249 SAW belt fed machine gun. 5.56x45mm
Mk. 48 - The big brother of the Mk. 46. 7.62x51mm.
M240L - The latest iteration of the FN MAG in US service. Uses titanium in its construction reduce weight, is fitted with an adjustable stock, and has the option for a shorter barrel than the previous M240B. 7.62x51mm.
Sig LMG-6.8 - The light machine gun meant to accompany the MCX SPEAR if it is adopted under the NGSW program, has been given to SOCOM for evaluation. Like the MCX SPEAR, it is chambered for 6.8x51mm but can easily be swapped to 7.62 NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor by replacing the bolt and barrel.

Precision Rifles
Mk. 14 EBR - An upgraded version of the classic M14 battle rifle, used a designated marksman rifle. 7.62x51mm.
M110K1 - The latest version of the Knight's Armamement SR-25 sharpshooter's rifle used by SOCOM. This version is chambered for the 6.5mm Creedmoor cartridge rather than stand 7.62 NATO.
Barret MRAD - A bolt action sniper rifle recently adopted by SOCOM. The rifle is provided with barrels and bolts to fire 7.62 NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum, or .338 Lapua Magnum depending on the shooter's choice or logistical considerations.
M107 - A semi-automatic anti material rifle. When someone says ".50 cal" this is probably the first rifle that comes to mind. Chambered for .50 BMG.

Remington 870 - A 12 gauge pump action shotgun. While it still has applications as a combat weapon, it is more often seen in a cut down form as a tool for door breaching.
M26 MASS - A bolt action 12 gauge shotgun. Was initially designed as an underbarrel attachment for the M4, but is almost exclusively issued as a standalone weapon system

Heavy weapons
M320 - 40mm grenade launcher. Can be mounted under a rifle. However, it is generally used as a standalone system.
M79 - This old, Vietnam era 40mm grenade launcher still remains in service with American special operations forces due to its advantage in range and accuracy over the M203 and M320. While they are often seen unmodified, special operations forces sometimes modify them by cutting off the stock and cutting down the barrel in a configuration referred to as the "pirate gun."
M32A1 MGL - The heaviest grenade launcher not mounted on a vehicle, the M32 fires 40mm grenades from a 6 shot revolving magazine.
AT4 - Single shot disposable anti-tank weapon.
Carl Gustaf M3E1 - 84mm recoilless rifle.
Javelin - Infrared seeking anti-tank missile.

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[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]
[b]Team Role:[/b]
[b]Identifying Features:[/b]
[b]Languages Spoken:[/b]
[b]Next of Kin:[/b]
[b]Preferred Primary Weapon:[/b]
[b]Preferred Sidearm:[/b]
[b]Personal Effects:[/b]

1: OP/Co-OP have final say. No exceptions.

2: OP/Co-OP reserve the right to deny any application for whatever reason.

3: No God-modding or Meta-gaming.

4: No directly controlling another player character unless given permission to do so. As stated above you may freely control any and all NPC’s that are not central to any major plotline. If you have something planned, I'd encourage doing a co-write.

5: Posts must be a paragraph minimum. One-liners are unacceptable.

6: Try to use correct grammar. No walls of text that are not broken up into paragraphs.

7: Be courteous to one another in the OOC. Feel free to be as much of a dick in the IC as you desire.

8: Be active should you apply. No need to be online 24/7 (as I certainly will not be) but don’t go through the effort of joining and never post anything. If you will be gone for any significant amount of time please leave a message stating that you will be gone. Those who do not risk having their characters killed off.

9: Your character cannot be overpowered. You can die and every challenge should be just that, a challenge. Any overpowered characters will bring forth the wrath of the OP in the form of even worse obstacles and outcomes.

10: Have fun.

ODA 1322 Roster

Fireteam Alpha
Detachment Commander - Cpt. Ryan Harris
Operations Sergeant
Weapons Sergeant Sgt. Anastasiya "Anya" Salvadorovichna Komissarovna
Medical Sergeant Ssgt. Harold "Harry" Quinn
Engineering Sergeant Ssgt. Tarvo Kärkkäinen
Communications Sergeant
Combat Controller - Msgt. Joseph "Bear" Bridges

Fireteam Bravo
Assistant Detachment Commander
Intelligence Sergeant
Weapons Sergeant
Medical Sergeant
Engineering Sergeant
Communications Sergeant

While these will be the primary roles of your MOS, as a Green Beret you are cross trained to be able to take on the role of any of your teammates as needed, with the exception of the Combat Controller who is a specialist attached from the Air Force.

Detachment Commander - Exactly what it says on the label. Usually a Captain.
Assistant Detachment Commander - Second in command. Usually Warrant Officer 1 or Chief Warrant Officer 2
Operations Sergeant - Plans missions in collaboration with the commanders and Intelligence Sergeant and is responsible for the overall training, organization and functioning of the ODA, but is still a fully trained operator who goes out in the field on mission. The senior enlisted man, and usually the most experienced operator in the team. Usually a Master Sergeant
Intelligence Sergeant - Analyzes intel obtained operationally and assists in planning missions with the Operations Sergeant and commanders. Like the others, is still a fully trained operator. Has a secondary responsibility of ensuring the team has all the mission critical supplies the require. Usually a Sergeant First Class
Weapons Sergeant - Specializes in operating heavier weapons systems (machine guns, anti tank weapons, vehicle mounted weapons, etc.) and is responsible for the maintenance of the team's weapons. Most also be an expert in any weapons likely to be encountered used by hostile forces or friendly indigenous forces. Ranks either Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or Sergeant First Class.
Medical Sergeant - The medic of the team, capable of treating battlefield trauma or providing more general medical care. Ranks either Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or Sergeant First Class.
Engineering Sergeant - Responsible for combat engineering tasks such as demolitions, explosive ordnance disposal, and construction of fortifications but is also able to oversee civil engineering tasks. Ranks either Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or Sergeant First Class.
Communications Sergeant - Responsible for operating and maintaining the team's communication systems. Ranks either Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or Sergeant First Class.
Combat Controller - Personnel attached from the Air Force to direct air assets in support of the team's operations.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2022 8:44 pm
by Dayganistan

Name: Ryan Harris
Date of Birth: 2/13/1991
Place of Birth: Spokane, Washington
Rank: Captain
Team Role: Detachment Commander
Sex: Male
Identifying Features: Stands at approximately 5'10" and weighs 175 pounds. Has no identifying visual marks.
Languages Spoken: English (native), Korean (fluent), Persian (intermediate), Tagalog (beginner), Mandarin (beginner), Cantonese (beginner)
Next of Kin: Arielle Zhao (fiancee, 27), Catherine Harris (Mother, 57), John Harris (Father, 60)
Preferred Primary Weapon: Geissele URG-I
Preferred Sidearm: M17
Personal Effects: Smartphone, photo of him with his fiancee
Personality: INTP
Bio: Captain Harris was born February 2nd, 1991 in Spokane, Washington. His mother was a nurse and his father was a high school math teacher, he would be their only child. As a child, he hoped he would one day be a doctor or a teacher himself to follow his parents. Or, his more unrealistic dream was that he would one day be a star hockey player in the NHL. That is, until he saw the events of 9/11 and the subsequent beginnings of the Global War on Terror at the age of 10. He quickly changed his plans to wanting to join the military. His parents were against this, but they soon reached a compromise. Rather than enlisting at 18, Harris would attend university and commission as an officer. He attended the University of Washington where he majored in political science and went through ROTC while attending post secondary education. His chosen path was that of a special forces officer, something his parents were again unhappy about but respected his decision. Harris finished post secondary education in 2013, and shipped out for training that summer.

His basic officer training was easy enough and the biggest challenge was adjusting to military life. He had been working out and getting in shape for special operations over the course of the last several years. Harris finally completed his training in November of 2014, and was assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group in January of 2015. He has been the leader of his team since that time and has seen operators come and go through his ODA, but has willingly passed up opportunities for promotion so he could continue operating in the field with his men. He has deployed operationally to Syria, Afghanistan (twice), and the Philippines. Cpt. Harris is currently engaged to be married to his fiancee, whom he met in late 2019.

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by Kyraina

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:17 pm
by Kyraina

Name: Joseph "Bear" Bear Bridges

Date of Birth:29Sept1987

Place of Birth:Arlington, TX

Rank: Master Sgt (E-7)

Team Role: Combat Controller/Marksman/Gunner


Identifying Features: Bear stands at 6'2" and 225 lbs. He has Tribal Tattoos on his Arms, covering them like sleeves. He has a vertical scar on his stomach stretching from Belly Button to top of hips, several scars on his thighs from Bullets, as well as a small two inch scar on his Right knee. Has burn marks on both of his calfs

Languages Spoken: English (Fluent), Creek (Fluent), Pashto (Intermediate), Arabic (Fluent), German (intermediate), Spanish (Beginner)

Next of Kin:TSgt Meagan Bridges (Wife), Cypress Bridges(Son), Alena Bridges (Daughter), Dan Bridges (Father), DeeDee Bridges (Mother)

Preferred Primary Weapon:MK48/MK14

Preferred Sidearm:Glock 19/M45 (M1911)

Personal Effects: Bear Claw Necklace, Cat S60 Smartphone, picture of wife and kids

Personality: Known to be of a sarcastic and smart ass attitude, is known to play partical jokes on all ranks. Despite this he is also a serious person when it comes time to rock and roll.

Bio: Born to a full blooded creek Mother and a Half creek father, Bear was the oldest of 2 kids. Growing up, while not the best player on his sport teams, was often times the heart and leader of the team. This was proven when he helped lead his Hockey and lacrosse teams to the state championships in Texas his Junior and senior years just to come up short. Upon Graduation of High school and motivated by 9/11, Bear would go on to enlist in the USAF as a Combat Controller. 3 years after Enlisting in 2006, Bear would be declared Operational with the 21st STS.

Over the Next 16 years Bear would go on Missions around the world deploying not only with AFSOC Teams, but Green Berets, Seals, Raiders, Rangers, and even Force Recon in support of Iraqi Freedom, and all aspects of Enduring Freedom, and even in Syria for Operation Inherent Resolve. In 2016 Bear would make and pass Selection into the 24th STS, The USAF's Equivalent of Delta Force. In 2019 Bear Would Make and Pass Selection into Delta Force. Now after 2 Years in Delta Force, Bear has been assigned to the 22nd STS and has been attached to a ODA Team in the 1st SFG at Joint Base Lewis-McCord.

Along the way he Met a One Meagan Osbour, who is also enlisted in the USAF. He would later Marry her in 2009, and they have two kids together, Cypress age 10, and Alena age 6

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by Dayganistan
Kyraina wrote:Joseph "Bear" Bear Bridges


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by Herador
Medical Sergeant Harry Quinn will return. Tomorrow probably, I'll at least port the badic info over and change shit later.


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by Herador

Name: Harold "Harry" Quinn
Date of Birth: October 4th, 1994, age 27.
Place of Birth: San Jose, California
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Team Role: Medical Sergeant
Sex: Male
Identifying Features: No visible scars, though multiple tattoos (mostly classical and Afghan designs), as well as Ellen and Nina's name in Dari in a stylized heart over his left breast, the words "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" across his upper back and "Memento Mori" across his chest.
Languages Spoken: English (Native), Spanish (High School courses, tested "Proficient"), Dari (Independent study, tested "Conversationally Fluent"), and Vietnamese ( Defence Language Institute study, tested "Fluent")
Next of Kin: Nazanina Quinn (Wife), Ellen Quinn (daughter)
Preferred Primary Weapon: SIG MCX RATTLER (attaches a suppressor, red dot, vertical grip, and LA-5B/PEQ)
Preferred Sidearm: Mk. 23 (attaches a suppressor and AN/PEQ-6)
Personal Effects:
  • Pack of cigarettes (x4) + lighter (x2)
  • Pocket flashlight
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
  • Headphones
  • Casio G-Shock
  • Leatherman multitool
Personality: INFP
Bio: Quinn's early life has few points of note, he came from a lower-middle-class family that lived in the Alum Rock neighborhood of San Jose, California. His childhood seemed to have been pleasant enough with his father working as a municipal garbage collector and his mother a nurse at Regional Medical Center. At school Quinn was a mostly C and occasionally B student who showed an aptitude for history and English courses. The first clear point of interest in his life is the death of his parents in 2009 during his first year of high school. At the time of their deaths, he was attending James Lick High with his best friend at the time Nazanina Ghani, whose family took both Quinn and his sister in after the "incident". The incident itself is particularly unfortunate, a workmate of Harry's father had loaned him two thousand dollars to help with Harry's Sister Jasmine's medical bills and after several months of being unable to pay the workmate back a fight broke out when that workmate came to the Quinn household to finally collect. The altercation eventually escalated to a point where the workmate got a pistol from his car to threaten Mr. Quinn but went sideways when, in a struggle, the gun went off and shot Mrs. Quinn in the head. Needless to say, the fighting only got worse and only ended when Mr. Quinn was also shot and killed. Both of the Quinn children were out that night, Harry with Nazanina and Jasmine with friends, and had to be found and informed by the police.
The families had been close for a long time through Harry and Nina's friendship and Hamid and Sahraa Ghani adopted them both when no other next of kin for the children could be found.

Quinn enlisted in the Army directly after graduation with his adoptive parent's blessing, college was not something Quinn felt he would have taken to well and trade school wasn't an attractive option either on the same grounds, and Hamid and Sahraa privately hoped that the Army would help give him a sense of belonging that would help transition him in adapting to his adult life. Quinn went through BCT at Fort Benning and by all accounts was a perfectly average recruit, remembering something his father had told him a long time ago, "Do what they tell you, when they tell you, how they tell you, and don't stop until they tell you." Quinn's time in the Army's medic training program was a bit more difficult for him, but he managed to pass near the head of his class.

After training, Quinn was deployed to the 82nd Airborne's 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, attending Jump School and proposing to Nazanina in between his graduation from DCMT and his posting in the 504th. He was soon deployed with a large portion of the 504th to Afghanistan's Ghazni province. He served the tour well, often volunteering to attach to patrols that he wasn't explicitly ordered to accompany and making quite the impression with his superiors in the 1st Battalion's BAS. On his return home after his first deployment, he married Nazanina and they moved to housing at Fort Benning. During this time, Nazanina applied to Columbus State University shortly afterward and enrolling in CSU's "College of Letters and Sciences" Robotics Engineering program. Quinn would deploy to Afghanistan again, though this time the 504th would act in a reserve role based out of Bagram, and during this time he became interested in joining the Army SF after interacting with the SFG members who would come through the base.

Quinn struggled with his initial phases of the Q Course though he did manage to pass onward. During Phase I, found his element again, displaying a willingness to learn any and all material provided. During Phase II he was initially assigned Spanish (Note: Catagory 1 language) though when he indicated he was already fluent, passed the Oral Proficiency Interview, and requested a different language course he was reassigned to Vietnamese and went on to pass Phase III without incident.

Quinn made an impression on his instructors during Phase IV, or Robin Sage. The simulated operation's objective was the capture of an enemy officer and rescue of several high-value political prisoners from a camp deep in the North Carolina backcountry and from what I've read it could not have gone worse. The trainee in charge of the operation made several tactical blunders in the leadup to the operation (minimal recon of approach routes, no recon of objectives, arguments with volunteer Guerilla commanders over assault tactics, and dismissive attitude to guerilla recommendations regarding the planned assault), and though Quinn spent most of the days in the lead up to the assault treating the civilian volunteer for heat exhaustion and other minor issues, he spent a large amount of time in the arguments, typically in the Guerilla Commanders corner. In the end it fell to Quinn and another trainee he had become friends with, Tarvo, to lead the simulated assault, which the pair achieved with flying colors.

These days Quinn lives in Seattle with Nina, now a mathematics professor at the University of Washington. Ellen, who was born with the same illness as Harry's sister, attends The Bush School and is doted on by Harry and Nina.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2022 2:24 pm
by Anowa

Name: Anastasiya "Anya" Salvadorovichna Komissarovna
Date of Birth: October 17th, 1989
Place of Birth: Leningrad, Russian SFSR (Now Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
Rank: Sergeant
Team Role: Weapons Sergeant
Sex: Female
Identifying Features: 6'3, 195 lbs, broad shouldered. A faded 6 inch scar runs along the center of her abdomen due to a required surgical intervention after she swallowed a battery as a child, as a result, she doesn't have a bellybutton. A ragged scar along her left inner forearm after accidentally putting her arm through a window.
Languages Spoken: Russian (Native), Carribean Spanish (Fluent), English (Fluent), Thai (Intermediate), Japanese (Intermediate)
Next of Kin: Joaquin Amengual (Uncle, 64), Sabrina Amengual (Aunt, 59)
Preferred Primary Weapon: Geissele URG-I, Carl Gustaf M3
Preferred Sidearm: Glock 19
Personal Effects: Cat S60 Smartphone
Personality: Anya is driven in many aspects of her life. An academic mindset instilled in her by her father and a militant aspect instilled in her by her mother have almost always been at odds with one another, yet the woman has found a way to balance such values. Inhumanly driven in some way or another, Anya has very few individuals she could call proper friends, and is typically socially aloof, or outright socially inept. Little spare time outside of her work has lead to many calling her a workaholic, which is a accurate adjective. The level of social isolation she seems to be under works both to her benefit and detriment, she is more than mentally equipped to sustain prolonged periods without social contact; yet she also seems to drive herself further and further in to a feedback loop, given her attempts at subconsciously distracting from her lack of social activity.

Bio: Born to Cuban and Russian agricultural engineers, Anya's early life was not spent in Russia. While she was born in Saint Petersburg, she and her parents moved to Guantánamo when the girl was 2. It was where she lived until 1994, when her father died of skin cancer, and she and her mother moved back to Saint Petersburg, and then to Moscow. Her early life in Russia was met with a mixed perspective, having adopted a Spanish accent due to living in Cuba, and with the odd patronymic name she had, she didn't make very many friends due to the ostracism of that alone in post-Soviet Russia.

While eventually her Spanish accent waned, as she entered highschool, she was left a rather sparse social circle, many of whom emigrated from Russia upon graduation. Something she followed suit in when her mother passed from cancer complications. Returning to Cuba, she worked on her aunt's sugar cane farm for 4 years before immigrating to the US at 23. In 2012 she enlisted in the US Army, in the 31B MOS. After Basic and AIT, she would go through jump school with the rest of her class assigned to the 503rd MP. When her 5 year EAS came up, she re-enlisted, and five months later would express a request to participate in Ranger School, after completing it, she requested a transfer to an infantry unit that was accepted. After another 5 months, she would end up taking the course at Fort Benning for Pathfinder. In 2019, she would again be away from her unit when she put in a letter requesting selection for the Q-Course.

After a re-cycle from a torn esophagus, she would make it through selection, rotating back to her unit until the next opening in the course, which she (like courses before) passed with little to no problems. She would be assigned to ODA 1322 in March of 2021.

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by Dayganistan
Anowa wrote:Anastasiya "Anya" Salvadorovichna Komissarovna


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by Bolslania

Name:Tarvo Kärkkäinen
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1990, age 32
Place of Birth:Vantaa, Finland
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Team Role: Engineering Sergeant
Sex: Male
Identifying Features: Repeatedly broken nose, shrapnel scarring on left cheek, Finnish lion crest tattooed on left breast, bullet scar in left arm.
Languages Spoken: Finnish, English, Swedish, Pashto (Intermediate)
Next of Kin: Samo Kärkkäinen (brother), Anna Smith Kärkkäinen (Wife), Michael Kärkkäinen (Son)
Preferred Primary Weapon: Mk. 48, Mk. 46, Carl Gustav
Preferred Sidearm: M17
Personal Effects: Picture of family, smartphone, Finnish Army dogtags.
Personality: INTJ
Cool as a Cucumber
Tarvo has been in the game for a while, and as such its hard to phase or panic the man. He's also cool under pressure and remains calm in stressful environments.

Finnish Nature
Tarvo is a naturally quiet and reserved person, but in certain situations he's joking and friendly with people he knows. Furthermore, he's bold and adventurous, being quick to volunteer for risky missions.

Professional Fighting Man
Tarvo loves to fight, and while he is not a directly confrontational person, he is loathe to back down from a tense situation and more than willing to knock some heads if the situation calls for it.
Tarvo Kärkkäinen was born in Vantaa to a nurse and police officer, Tarvo grew up with a life common to many. His father and mother were often working irregular hours, so he was left to his own devices most of the time. Before the days of widespread social media or cell phones, Tarvo spent a lot of his time exploring or playing in the streets of Vantaa, or working on cars. As a teenager, he got a job at his uncle's autobody shop, and would spend hours there, tinkering with vehicles.

Academically, Tarvo was adequate, but vehicles trumped his academics, and more than once his uncle had to suspend him from working so that Tarvo would actually do his school-work. When not in school or fixing cars, Tarvo was getting in to fistfights. Tarvo quickly found he loved the adrenaline rush of fighting, joining his local boxing club. As a boxer he was very good, and he even won a few regional medals.

Then came the day when Tarvo's public education came to an end and the now 18 Finn had to find work or go to college. Having spent 4 years working for his uncle, Tarvo wanted something more. So he joined the Finnish army. Tarvo quickly adapted to the military lifestyle, his skill with vehicles landing him a place in a mechanized Jaeger company in Karelia. In the army Tarvo was trained in the military applications of vehicles, which added nicely to his present vehicle related skillset. After spending a few years as a grunt soldier, Tarvo decided to apply for the Finnish Army Special Forces. He would go to the Utti Jeager regiment in Northern Finland, and be pushed to the maximum his body could endure as he trained to become a member of the Special Jaeger Battalion. He would graduate from his training successfully and spent the next 4 years as a member of FINSOF, deploying to Iraq as part of ISAF on several occasions to train Iraqis to fight local insurgents. He would leave the Finnish Army at the age of 24, and then he would leave Finland entirely.

He immigrated to the United States at the age of 26, and would spend a year getting himself situated in the country. It was during this time that he met Anna Smith, and they would marry later that year. At the age of 27 he joined the U.S Army to get his citizenship, and would quickly go in to training to become a Green Beret. Having been through SOF training before, he handled Green Beret training decently, and has spent the last 4 years as a member of the US Army's SOF unit.

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by Dayganistan
Bolslania wrote:Tarvo Kärkkäinen


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by Dayganistan
Herador wrote:Harold "Harry" Quinn