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Postby Palmyrion » Thu Jan 27, 2022 1:54 am

I'm gonna use this RP to show how an adult (high-functioning) autistic would be like during a survival situation. Expect sensory overload episodes.

Name: Nathaniel Clarke
Age (DoB): 19 (02 February 1999)
Nationality: American (ethnically Filipino-American)
Appearance: 170cm, 75kg

Occupation: College student
Immunity: None

  • Backpack
    • Water flask, 1.5L (full)
    • 3 x 12oz cans of corned beef
    • 3 x granola bars
    • Sleeping bag
    • Flashlight
  • On person
    • Wallet
      • $100 in cash
      • Family photo
      • Father's credit card
      • Mother's credit card
    • Mid-range Android cellphone + charger
    • Crude spear, 1.5m long (basically a kitchen knife tied to the end of a broomstick)
  • Clothing: black t-shirt, denims, father's boots, knee-length socks, hoodie

  • Craftsmanship - His father used to be a carpenter, and he learned from occasionally helping his father in his father's carpentry shop. This is what inspired him to take up a carpentry technical-vocational course in the Chicago Vocational High School. Nathaniel, at present, is a fresh graduate of CVHS, with a certificate for carpentry. His carpentry skills would prove useful in the construction of defenses and, to an extent, improvised weaponry.
  • Attention to detail/meticulousness - while this skill of his also comes with the downside of frequently missing the forest for the trees (which I'll discuss in the Weaknesses portion later), his attention to detail means he can spot small mistakes and nuances easily.
  • Culinary arts - His mother used to be a sous chef in a local Chicago restaurant, and has also taught Nathaniel basic cooking skills. Nathaniel thus knows how to make simple but tasty dishes from foodstuffs that his fellow survivors could gather, a skill that would provide a morale booster for his fellows.
  • Excessive attention to detail - this is where the "missing the forest for the trees" part comes in, as Nathaniel could become so meticulous and detail-obsessed about a specific situation that he forgets the larger situation around him.
  • High-functioning autism - being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4, Nathaniel suffers from the nerfs that come with autism, such as below-average social and interpersonal skills, imaginative activity, repetitive mannerisms, and in the worst of situations bouts of sensory overload anxiety and panic.
  • Survivor's guilt - Having had to kill his entire family - his mother, father, and two elder siblings - after they turned into infected, Nathaniel carries a huge weight of survivor's guilt on his back, and is starting to exhibit symptoms of PTSD.

Personality: Creative, Analytical, Introverted, Melancholic

Likes: (optional)
Dislikes: (optional)

Biography: Nathaniel is the youngest and only surviving child of Jonathan Clarke (born 09 November 1965) and Mariana dela Cruz (born 21 April 1972). His mother's family migrated to the States at the ending days of the Marcos dictatorship, seeking better opportunities for living as the Philippines succumbed to the fatal consequences of the Marcos regime's corruption and ineptitude, while his father comes from a long line of craftsmen in Chicago and owns Clarke and Co. Carpentry.

His family, save for him, were infected at some point in time, turning them into what were effectively zombies. Survival meant having to kill his entire family of infected, looting his family's larder of what he could bring in a backpack, and fleeing home, never to return again. He would eventually find himself hiding at the Chicago Public Library after nearly two weeks of wandering aimlessly around the city.

RP Example: Bad Blood: A Carey Hakenson Case - A string of kidnappings, abandoned bodies, and cases of voyeurism occurring in a French ethnic enclave seem inspired by transphobia. CBI Agent Hakenson is on the case after the police officer assigned to investigate the recent crime wave has been abducted.

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Postby Kazarogkai » Thu Jan 27, 2022 3:28 am

Changed the name to Kings Hill Rangers. Referring their along with Solomon's, fictional, home neighborhood. As mentioned before Chicago Gangs(not counting sets) don't typically name themselves after specific locations per say but oh well. The aforementioned P Stones did it so can I.
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Postby Beiarusia » Thu Jan 27, 2022 12:56 pm

Kazarogkai wrote:Name: Solomon "Trigger" Day

DENIED. While I have no issue discussing things or even listening to suggestions, the aggressive smarter than you attitude is unappreciated and, quite frankly, I have too much going on to deal with it. Thank you for showing interest in the RP but I do not believe you are someone that i want to associate with.
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Postby South Sourpistan » Thu Jan 27, 2022 6:45 pm

Name: Andrew Green
Age (DoB): 40 {September 9th, 1978}
Nationality: British (British-Irish decent)
Appearance: Weight: 58 lbs, 6.4 inches

Occupation: Tourist (Trapped)
Immunity: None

Equipment: Phone, Charger, Self Portrait, Family Portrait (The family portrait has a girl, a man, a woman, and a cat.) Flask, 2 sets of Clothing

Skills: Scope Training, Pistol Training, Carpentry.
Weaknesses: Allergic to Wasps, not a natural killer.

Personality: smart and brave, very unfriendly and a bit dull.

Biography: Mr Andrew Green is a 40-year-old middle manager who enjoys baking, attending museums and watching sport. He is smart and brave, but can also be very unfriendly and a bit dull.
He is an British Person who defines himself as straight. He started studying business studies at college but never finished the course. He is allergic to wasps. He was in Chicago for 3 months when the outbreak started, he is also a tourist.

RP Example: he would grab some cans, and he would find some morphine, and a crowbar.

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Postby South Sourpistan » Tue Feb 01, 2022 6:56 pm

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Postby Beiarusia » Tue Feb 01, 2022 7:10 pm

It's been a hectic few days IRL. Will look at apps tonight or tomorrow.

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Postby Beiarusia » Thu Feb 03, 2022 6:17 pm

Palmyrion wrote:Name: Nathaniel Clarke
DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

My apologies for the delay. ACCEPTED.

South Sourpistan wrote:Name: Andrew Green

Sorry for the delay. While I don't mind a simple app I'd ask for you to flesh out the bio a bit more.
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Postby Arengin Union » Sun Feb 06, 2022 2:17 am

Name: Jason L. Wright
Nationality: American
HT: 5'11 ft WT: 175 lbs

Occupation: Construction Worker
Immunity: Carrier


Hard Working Man
As a former construction worker Jason has superb endurance as well as a lack of fear of heights due to spending prolonged periods of time at high altitude structures under construction, his time as a construction worker has truly made him a hard hitting and brawny type.

Natural Ingenuity
With knowledge of the basics of construction work as well as having the innate ability of jury rigging. His profession is partly what has allowed him to stay alive and even giving him options out of tricky situations thanks to a multitude of tools at his disposal, even without his tools he could easily find ways to get out of bad circumstances.

Cynical Amidst Friends
Despite his endurance and abilities Jason has anti-social tendencies such as a lack of trust of others even before the collapse as well as being naturally hardheaded and refusing any help or advice from other people which he often considers as foolish or lacking any life skills and street smarts such as himself.
He is also not the smartest person educationally, having only finished high school and lacking in his reading abilities due to dyslexia since childhood. This gives him a rather simplistic look of the world as he does not understand the nuance of people's action and he may take their behavior and action at face value rather than analyzing further.

Personality: No-nonsense and direct, Jason rushes to action rather than waiting for things to get worse or better and relying on blind hope. His lack of patience may make him seem rash and inconsiderate but he often thinks of solving issues for the better of everyone and not just for himself,

Likes: Repairing, Jogging, Honest People, Grilling, Carpentry.
Dislikes: Know It All Savants, Policemen, College Smart Alecks, Liars, People that don't listen to him.

Biography: Orphaned and with no immediate family that he knows of Jason has risen through his various adversities since childhood, managing to barely scrounge through High School while dealing with dyslexia all while excelling at carpentry courses in school. Once he turned 18 he sought work as a private contractor through workshops and courses that would supposedly allow him to get into the business without needing to go to an expensive college which he couldn't afford. This was not to be as Jason lacked more than a basic high school diploma and had no wishes in wasting years trying to get a fancy degree. Without many options around him Jason found himself working for hire at the local suburbs and areas around his neighborhood doing odd carpentry work, shingle replacement, plumbing, and overall acting as a rapid service handy man who'd do the job for less than it would cost hiring a certified contractor. Jasom simply sought to make enough money to make ends meet as he lived out of his van and saved up little by little to someday open his own workshop.

Fortune would turn for Jason when in one of his odd jobs repairing a fallen garage door the owner of the home would see potential in him and offer him a job in his construction company, with little going for him Jason accepted. The years went by and Jason continued to work under the company of Mason Kipper doing renovation work for the city and private clients. Life turned for the better with a steady flow of income as Jason was able to afford an apartment, better tools and gear and overall a comfortable life all things considered. Kippers company would turn up a major contract with the city with a renovation project for the Grant Park area in Downtown Chicago. The weeks went on smoothly as Jason and his fellow workmen spent long hours to get the renovation done on time, a hefty bonus on the line if they finished by the deadline.

Things came to a halt immediately in the aftermath of the attack at O'Hare International as all projects in the city were put on a halt and that included Kipper's company. Tensions began to rise fast as the National Guard became involved and would not allow people out of the city which included Jason and his co-workers and things escalated fast once so-called infected started to appear which only added confusion as rumors and conspiracies spread around. Jason and dozens of his co-workers and their families were fast to band together by the time of the 7th day thanks to Kipper's fast rallying over their short wave radios and when riots began to get out of control as Jason and his fellow construction workmen would help defend local businesses from rioters, looters, and infected alike. Once the national guard re-established order Jason found himself detained alongside various others due to their actions in the riots and were held up at the newly established Grant Park Detention Center which was ironically the site they had been working at for weeks before.

Jason's stay at the GPDC was akin to being in something worse than a refugee camp, with hundreds of suspected rioters and troublemakers held up in tight caged spaces with barely enough food and water. Jason would make himself useful by taking part of a smuggling operation where he along with others would steal food and other supplies from the guard and help distribute it among the detainees. For the next days that followed things began to get out of control fast as within the 15th-day people at the GPDC became unruly and the guard began shooting people which prompted even more resistance and it became worse for the guard when a local armed posse led by Kipper attacked the site to free the people held up. Bullets flew all around as the fences were torn down, explosions rang out, and infected would kill Guardsmen and civilians alike. Jason did the best he could to rally some people, getting a hold of his old equipment he and the remaining escapees managed to regroup with Kipper and some of his men. The group numbered in about 60 people strong by day 23 when things truly took a turn for the worse as it was clear the government had lost control of the situation and now the civilian population was essentially on their own.

Day 26 arrived and it seemed that the city had become a genuine hell hole and all that remains is survival. Jason remains a member of Kipper's group made up mostly of fellow-workmen, their families, and few survivors from the GPDC massacre. Having taken up haven at the South Loop Elementary School, Jason and the others have become a militia of sorts as they help defend the school from infected and rioters. Supplies are running low as the group has only a dozen men able to pose any defense and even fewer are willing to go out and seek out food, medicine, and anything else that could be useful, Jason has become one of the few runners in the group willing to go out and seek supplies as Kipper hopes that they can soon get the wounded and sick ready to move out of the city as soon as they find enough vehicles and gas to get everyone out. Jason for his part fights the good fight trying to find supplies and hopefully the few other good people in the city amidst the outbreak.

RP Example: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=483459

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Postby Paddy O Fernature » Sun Feb 06, 2022 9:46 am

Sorry for the late reply, got hit hard by two winter storms over the last week.

Working on a post, will hopefully be caught up today.

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Postby Beiarusia » Tue Feb 08, 2022 9:49 am

Paddy O Fernature wrote:Sorry for the late reply, got hit hard by two winter storms over the last week.

Working on a post, will hopefully be caught up today.

No problem. Also got hit by a snowstorm so my job has been backed up.

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Postby Mizrad » Fri Feb 18, 2022 1:33 pm

Hey everyone! This still kicking?
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