OUTBREAK (Sandbox/Survival - OOC / OPEN)

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OUTBREAK (Sandbox/Survival - OOC / OPEN)

Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:00 pm

It happened so suddenly, the beginning of the end.

Millions have been infected.
Countless have died; countless more ravaged by illness.
Victims of a plague unlike any before witnessed in the annals of human history.

A new dawn rises in the aftermath of ruin.
For the survivors in the twilight of civilization nothing will ever be the same.
The United States has collapsed.
Quarantine has failed.

No help is coming.

No safety exists.

Will you succumb to infection?
Or will you discover the truth of our death?

It is summer 2018, and a virus of unknown origins has devastated the United States. Millions have been killed, and millions more have been infected. The fortunate succumb to illness. Some lose themselves to infection, attacking anything and everything with a feral hunger; others are ravaged by horrific mutations and have lost their humanity. The lucky few are gifted with immunity.

This RP will be set primarily in the city of Chicago and the surrounded area. Those who survived the initial outbreak and quarantine have long since abandoned the city, and only the brave, foolish, or desperate remain to scavenge what is left. Riots have torn through the downtown districts and adjacent neighborhoods. Looting has left little of value, and what does remain lies deep where infection runs rampant. The United States Army and National Guard could not prevent the inevitable, and abandoned checkpoints block most major roads and avenues. The streets are eerily quiet like that of a ghost town, but danger lurks in the shadows, and rarely is one ever truly alone.

You are here for a reason. Perhaps you were left behind, or are searching for lost loved ones, or seek the thrill of an apocalypse.
Whatever the reason your goal is ultimately the same: to survive.

Although reminiscent to L4D or Resident Evil, this is first-and-foremost a tale of survival, the struggle to persevere against impossible odds, not an action blockbuster, so be mindful to keep things to a semi-realistic or reasonable tone. The horde is numerous and cannot be stopped. In the end this is a story about people.

• Delete all parenthesis and unused optional tabs.
• Multiple characters are allowed but do not create more than you can handle or they will be culled.
• Only a few characters with military/police/survivalist/etc. backgrounds will be accepted. First come; first served. (5/5)
• Only a few characters can start with total immunity. First come; first served. (3/3)
• Characters with no immunity can become infected. Furthermore, characters can die if not careful.
• Avoid using personality quirks to define Skills and Weaknesses.

Code: Select all
[b]Age (DoB):[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Include height and weight; spoiler large images.)

[b]Immunity:[/b] (None, Carrier, Immune)

[b]Equipment:[/b] (Be reasonable with starting gear; guns and ammo should be uncommon.)



[b]Likes:[/b] (optional)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (optional)

[b]Biography:[/b] (Two paragraphs; include why they're in Chicago.)

[b]RP Example:[/b]

[b][size=50][color=red]DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564[/color][/size][/b]

The virus cannot survive within these individuals.
TD-13; the virus is capable of surviving within an individual with no apparent harm. Can spread infection.
No immunity. Individual is susceptible to infection.

Characters with no immunity can become infected upon contact with the virus. During these instances of unintended viral transmission, the newly infected individual has a 15% chance of being immune, otherwise the character will suffer illness as the virus mutates into one of several different strains, as dictated by the prevalence listed underneath VIRUS DATABASE. This will be handled by OP.

T-13 is an artificial mutagen possessing a high degree of lethality. The virus quickly and oftentimes destructively targets the DNA sequence of living organisms, resulting in abnormal cell growth, uncontrolled cell division, necrosis (cell death), and spontaneous DNA recombination and mutation. The virus cannot survive outside a living host and, as such, transmission is predominantly through direct contact with an infected individual via tainted blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids, however, close proximity (coughing, sneezing, etc.) can potentially lead to infection in rare circumstances. Once inside a host the virus mutates into one of several identified strains, a process that is believed to be influenced by the genetic makeup of the individual. There is no consistent method to predict which strain will form.

As final note, the virus will mutate regardless of the strain of the initial infection.

The most common strain, the virus embeds itself into the respiratory and circulatory systems of a host, however, other body systems may be affected to a lesser extent. Flu-like symptoms are likely to develop in the early stages of infection and generally worsen over time. The lungs especially are irreparably damaged, leading to breathing difficulties and, in the latter stages, internal hemorrhaging with death arriving soon thereafter. Incubation periods and progression vary wildly between individuals, but the very young, old, and those with a compromised immune system will oftentimes succumb in a matter of days if not hours. Healthy individuals can potentially survive for several weeks with proper medical treatment.
Survival is believed to be less than one percent.
The virus targets the neural pathways of a host with minor mutations in both the skeletal and muscular systems having been observed in some instances. Although varying between individuals, brain, nerve, and spinal damage can result, potentially leading to partial or full paralysis and brain death in extreme circumstances. Those who survive infection often suffer catastrophic brain damage.
The most destructive variation, the virus indiscriminately targets DNA sequences throughout the body, leading to uncontrolled and unpredictable recombination. Progressing in a manner similar to TB-13, given time an infected individual will undergo severe physical mutation which, oftentimes, if fatal. Survivors are generally no longer human in terms of appearance and are extremely dangerous vectors of the virus.
Extreme caution is advised when encountering such individuals.
A relatively neutral strain that causes no physical change within a host body, however, flu-like symptoms may be present during the initial stage of infection. Despite its benign nature, the virus may still be transmitted to other individuals upon contact.
A random mutation in viral RNA has allowed for cross-species transmission. A catch-all designation, progression varies with identifiable mutations ranging in intensity from nonexistent to extensive. Any creature can potentially be infected, but those in greater contact with humanity are at a substantially greater risk.
An aerosolize permutation of the virus. The presence of microscopic, organic compounds allow for extended survivability outside a living host, thus making this alteration ideal for airborne transmission.
Arid environments will quickly decay the effectiveness of the aerosol.

DANGER: Moderate
The virus has destroyed the minds of these individuals, leaving behind a husk of what once was human. Feral and highly aggressive (in most documented cases), the Infected will attack anyone and anything and will pursue their prey relentlessly in an effort to sate their voracious hunger, and have been known to kill their own from time-to-time. Brain damage has rendered the Infected resistant to most forms of shock but they are easily killed from injuries that would prove fatal otherwise. Alone, a single Infected is relatively weak, but in groups they can easily swarm a location. A few have demonstrated the ability to use simple tools and weapons.
Like Infected, these individuals have suffered traumatic brain degradation due to viral infection, leading to increased aggression and psychosis, but, unlike Infected, they retain much of their intelligence and have not gone feral completely. They retain the ability to form coherent speech, use tools and weapons, and can understand abstract ideations. Although it varies between individuals, Psychotics can be unreasonable, extremely paranoid, and generally react to any perceived threat with overwhelming violence. It has been noted, however, that many will return to locations of importance, whether it be a home or workplace. Alternatively, some have displayed no discernible pattern to their behavior. Psychotics are best avoided for personal safety.
Often seen roaming in small packs, Mutts are dogs or similar canids (wolves, coyotes, etc.) that have become infected, and although large breeds are typically encountered small breeds are not unheard of. Possessing some primal intelligence, Mutts are capable hunters when the need arises and have been known to attack lone survivors. Mutts often refrain from attacking large groups outright but may harass survivors for some time in search of food when scavenging proves ineffective.
Crows and other scavengers were quick to contract the virus, and although many show minimal adverse affects they have become increasingly territorial and, if provoked, will aggressively bombard and attack survivors. This behavior will generally attract more infected.

Individuals suffering from TC-13 infection have undergone extensive and abnormally destructive mutation and are colloquially referred to as Reavers, however, the origin of this term remains unknown. Reavers come in many shapes and forms, from the massive to the unassuming, yet the danger posed by these creatures should not be underestimated. These infected should be avoided at all costs.

DANGER: Very High
DANGER: Very High
DANGER: Moderate
A canid having undergone uncontrolled mutation, the Hound is a powerful apex predator, incredibly strong and resilient with a tough hide, crushing bite-force, and heightened senses. Not much information is available as these creatures are rarely seen. Indirect observation has shown these creatures to be aggressively territorial, solitary, and capable of approaching situations with a measure of cunning. It has also been noted that Infected tend to avoid a Hound's territory. Survivors are advised to do the same.
DANGER: Moderate

An international corporation headquartered in Chicago, Atlas is likely the most powerful non-governmental entity in the western hemisphere. With a focus on medical and genetic research, Atlas is rumored to have some connection to the T-13 outbreak, however, such conspiracies have little evidence to justify the allegations. Regardless, Atlas has shown an increasing interest in the infection. Although believed to have ceased most functions, members of the Atlas Security Division are still believed to be active in some capacity in the Chicagoland area.
Once the most powerful nation in the world, the United States has struggled to maintain control in the face of overwhelming infection. Forced from its seat of power in Washington D.C., the government has withdrawn to the interior of the nation in one final bid to survive the outbreak, however, even as civilization falls apart the United States military continues to oversee operations in many areas that have since been abandoned. Priorities have since shifted from protecting the citizens to slowing the spread of infection.

STATUS: Defunct
The police were hard hit during the quarantine. Those who were not killed or infected have since fled the city. A few holdouts continue to enforce the law but the CPD if effectively dissolved.
The National Guard was vital in implementing the quarantine of Chicago and, as such, deployed a significant number of personnel and equipment to oversee operations. With the local and federal government having collapsed, the surviving soldiers have found themselves in an increasingly untenable situation. Most have withdrawn to nearby armories or garrisons while others have simply gone AWOL.
STATUS: Active
One of many street gangs active in Chicago before the outbreak, the gang is supposedly still active in the low-income CHA housing projects and surrounding areas. Their activities vary from scavenging the ruins and abandoned houses to robbing other survivors.

• OP/Co-OP has final say. OP/Co-OP can deny applications for any reason. No exceptions.

• No God-modding or Meta-gaming. No directly controlling a PLAYER CHARACTER, GMPC, or FACTION unless given permission to do so. Moving people along towards a destination is fine, but keep actions vague. Minor NPC's can be controlled freely within reason. (Be mindful of established personalities.)

• PLAYER CHARACTERS must remain in the specified area(s).
Characters traveling beyond these established borders will be considered INACTIVE.

• Be reasonable when looting for gear, weapons, or supplies. If unsure if something if reasonable then ask OP/Co-OP.

• No one-liners. Try to use correct grammar. Use paragraphs. Your writing should be easy to read. Making an attempt will suffice.

• No fighting or arguing in the OOC. Any issues should be addressed by OP/Co-OP or taken to TG.

• Keep the story PG-13. No topic is off-limits but be mindful of how it is presented.

• Be active should you apply. If you will be inactive for any considerable period of time for whatever the reason then alert the OP/Co-OP, or post that you will be gone in the OOC, or your character will be culled. Additionally, if you fail to respond within 72 hours and are holding back a scenario or others we will move on without you.

• No overpowered characters. No killing everything in sight. Things should be difficult or I will make the situation significantly worse.

• Have fun.
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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:00 pm

DAY 26
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
83°F (28°C) - Cloudy w/ Chance of Rain

• DAY 00 (07-19-2016)
    A bio-terrorism attack hits O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Hundreds succumb to illness in the first several hours with thousands more exposed. Most are transferred to local hospitals for emergency treatment. Those responsible are never identified.
• DAY 02
    Following the rapid spread of infection the CDC imposes severe travel restrictions, limiting movement into or out from Chicago and surrounding municipalities. The United States National Guard is deployed to establish checkpoints; air traffic is grounded.
• DAY 03
    Infection is reported in Indianapolis, St. Louis, and New Orleans. These areas are added to the CDC quarantine.
• DAY 05
    Riots engulf Chicago after several individuals are killed during an attempt to bypass a checkpoint.
• DAY 06
    The INFECTED are encountered for the first time. An information blackout is enacted nationwide as martial law is declared in afflicted zones. Thousands gather in quarantined cities to continue protests. Death toll has reached 20,000 in affected cities.
• DAY 07
    Tensions reach a boiling point as riots again engulf Chicago. The United States Army and National Guard are deployed to secure vital sections of the city, including Willis Tower and Midway International Airport, and are authorized to use lethal force as necessary. Downtown Chicago suffers extensive damage before order is reestablished two days later.
• DAY 08
    Infection is reported in New York City and Los Angeles.
• DAY 09
    Infection is reported in Boston. The CDC bans all international travel as the United States closes its borders.
• DAY 11
    The CDC bans all travel within the United States. Quarantine is enacted nationwide.
• DAY 15
    Quarantine fails in New York City. Government officials are evacuated from Washington D.C. to an undisclosed location in Colorado.
• DAY 16
    Quarantine fails in Chicago.
• DAY 18
    The Federal Government is unable to contain the virus. SAFE ZONES are established across the interior of the nation; a mass exodus begins as tens of thousands flee the cities. Death toll has skyrocketed to 10,000,000 and is rapidly climbing.
• DAY 19
    REAVERS are encountered for the first time. Quarantine fails in Los Angels.
• DAY 20
    Infection is reported in Toronto. The United States Air Force begins a bombing campaign in Los Angels and the surrounding areas. The city is reduced to rubble; countless infected are killed alongside trapped survivors.
• DAY 23
    The Federal Government ceases all normal operations. Death toll has very nearly reached 75,000,000 nationwide.
• DAY 26 (08-14-2018)
    The beginning.

Survivor - 000 || Bandit - 000

Infected - 014 || Psychotic - 000 || Mutt - 000 || Carrion - 000

Brute - 000 || Butcher - 000 || Goliath - 000 || Hound - 000 || Lurker - 000 || Popper - 000 || Screamer - 000 || Wheezer - 000
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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:02 pm

Goals and encounters will be listed here. As this RP is predominantly a sandbox, these objectives are optional, however, completing them will earn you rewards and serve to create an overarching narrative. Some may be time sensitive. Failed objectives will be marked in red.

A Light in the Dark
Calling Home
Corporate Espionage
Food for Thought
Higher Education
Missing VIP's
Pirate Radio
School's Out Forever
Soul Searching

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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:03 pm

Aniyah Bird - Emike
Curtis Freeman^ - Anowa
David Lind^ - Emike
Cameron Oosthuizen* - Anowa
Kenneth Peterson - Volghar
Cameron Swanson^ - Bolslania
Samuel Walker - Reverend Norv
James C. Wess - Paddy O Fernature

• Martin Rockford, Unemployed [54]

Charlie Mills* - Shyluz
• Rachel Persson, Concierge [27]

• Jack Hopper, Radio DJ [34]
Mark Lahey - Ecologiania
• Shay Talbott, Radio Technician [29]

[National Guard] Luke LaForge^ - Tayner
Samantha Tallow - Beiarusia

[CPD] Ramone Jackson - Empire of Donnerland
Casper Stern - Vacif

• Cole Bennett, Student [20]
Khalil Moses - Segral
• Lynn Nguyen, Student [20]
Paul Reeves - Thai Sweet Billy

• Mackenzie Colbert, Office Worker [26]
• Bruce Nash, Janitor [52]
• Merrick Pierce, Office Worker [34]
[Atlas] Lauren Pryzbylewski* - Hastur
• Adam Raines, Security [42]
• Toby Sherburne, Office Worker [25]
[Atlas] Henrik Sondergaard - Thai Sweet Billy

• Lawrence Carpenter, Student [21]
• Joyce Hamilton, Student [19]
• Morgan Kaur, Student [20]

• Vivian Blackmoore, Student [12]
• Jeffery Hanover, Principal [55]
• Malcom Nellis, Student [12]
• Roland White, Student [11]

• [Atlas] Regina Allen, Legal Department[54]
• [Atlas] Elijah Bell, Regional Director [62]
• [Atlas] Owen Cook, Scientist [34]
• Latoya Johnson, Church Secretary [51]
• Madeline Leeds, Sunday School Teacher [30]
• [Atlas] Xir Liao, COO [42]
• Ian O'Rourke, Pastor [44]
• Angela Penske, Church Secretary [33]
• [Atlas] Colin Tallow, CFO [39]

DAY 00
• TBD [Cause]


* = Immune
^ = Carrier
Teal = NPC
Orange = GMPC
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Postby Kyraina » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:06 pm

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is suppose to go here?

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Postby The King Isle » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:09 pm

Tag for interest
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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:11 pm

Name: Samantha Tallow
Age (DoB): 14 (October 30, 2004)
Nationality: English
Samantha is small for her age, and despite being involved in school athletics is a tad bit on the scrawny side. Fair skinned with a somewhat angular face that has yet to mature fully with thin lips, expressive blue-green eyes, and a smattering of freckles peppering the bridge of her nose. Sandy-blond hair is roughly shoulder-length and is messy during the best of times. Ears are double-pierced with silver hoops. Stands a little over 4'11" (149.8 cm) and weighs 91 pounds (41 kg).

Occupation: Student, High School Freshman
Immunity: None

  • Backpack
    • Bandages x3
    • Batteries-D x2
    • Blanket
    • Flashlight
    • Granola Bar x2
    • Pen, Blue Ink x2
    • Radio, Handheld
    • Sketchbook
    • Spare Clothing (T-Shirt / Socks x2 / Underwear)
    • Water Bottle
  • Atlas Briefcase
  • On Person
    • Cellphone w/ Charger
    • Multi-Tool
    • Wallet
      • Cash - $25
      • Atlas ID Card (Guest)
      • Credit Card
      • Photograph, Family
      • School ID Card
  • Clothing
    • T-Shirt, Grey/White Stripes
    • Mini-Skirt, Charcoal
    • Leggings, Black
    • Ugg Boots

Has a keen eye for detail and is very attentive to her surroundings. Is reasonably intelligent and can remember the small details that others may forget. Despite her handicap she is reasonably aware of nearby threats and generally is quick to notice when things are not quite right.

British Sign Language
Samantha is fluent in BSL and has grown accustomed to reading the body language of those around her.

Track & Field
Participated in school sports. Can outrun most threats, has good pacing and endurance, and, overall, is reasonably healthy. Was not the track star and never broke a school record but has the makings of an adequate athlete despite her small size.

Samantha has poor drawing and penmanship skills. Handwriting is difficult to read when writing quickly.

Child at Heart
Is still very much a child. Acts without thinking, doesn't considered long-term consequences, and is rather dependent on others for survival. Cannot cook or take care of herself beyond the basic necessities. Has very few useful skills. Is stubborn to a fault and is prone to giving in to childish behavior. Wants to be involved but is in no position to be making important decisions.

Deaf / Mute
Samantha was born deaf and, because of this, cannot speak, but does have a voice (as well as a speech impairment).

Small & Weak
She is smaller than average and is physically weak, possessing better cardio than raw strength. Samantha cannot lift much weight and is unlikely to win a physical fight. On the plus side she can fit into small gaps that others cannot.

Does not eat meat, but has no issue consuming cheese, eggs, and milk.

Considering the fact that communication can be troublesome (what with her being both deaf and mute) Samantha is often considered to be shy or introverted, but in reality she is genuinely a polite and kind person who can easily befriend others once a connection has been established. An extrovert. Despite this, she can be stubborn in her ways and rarely changes her opinions. Optimistic, but exceedingly ignorant of the way things are. Does not handle her emotions well and is prone to brooding, however, she is often the first to offer emotional support even if she herself cannot make the situation better. Is the sort of person to reflect the emotional state of those around her. Is a self-proclaimed vegetarian and absolutely refuses to eat meat. Gets bored easily.

Likes: Being Outside; Junk Food; Sports; Vibrant Colors; Warm Temperatures
Dislikes: Being Left Out of the Loop; Blood; Boredom; the Dark; Heights; Needles; Spiders

    Samantha Tallow is the only daughter of a wealthy English family. Born deaf and, as a result, mute, her childhood was challenging at times but otherwise relatively normal. While capable of applying herself intellectually, Samantha was truly more at home on the field as opposed to the classroom, being a longtime member of her school's track and field team. She has also played football (soccer) and was briefly a stand-in for the softball team. Despite her disability Samantha has excelled in sports and has overcome many obstacles that would otherwise keep her sidelined. Outside of athletics she has few close friends. Communication is difficult, thus leading to a lack of interest on her part. Samantha is an upbeat girl with a mostly positive outlook on life.

    Her father, Colin Tallow, is the CFO of the European division of Atlas Biomedical, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and is frequently away on business. Samantha often joins him when school is not in secession, having been to America on several occasions, as well as France, Germany, Canada, and South Korea. Arriving in Chicago shortly before the outbreak, she and her father were trapped in the United States due to the travel restrictions and later quarantine. Fortunately, they were spared much of the anarchy, Samantha especially as she was purposely kept uninformed of the goings-on beyond the hotel, the two of them safe in downtown Chicago alongside a multitude of other Atlas VIP's and protected by both the United States National Guard and, more closely, the Atlas Security Division personnel assigned to them. Samantha was largely oblivious of the severity of the situation, the riots being an odd commotion that was easily ignored. By Day 14, Atlas begins the process of evacuating VIP's but efforts are largely hampered by the ongoing quarantine. Two days later the quarantine fails and the United States military shifts its focus towards self-preservation. Samantha, her father, and a few others are shuttled by car to Midway International Airport, however, they never arrive, being forced to divert due to traffic and ultimately caught unaware by the Infected.

    Abandoned, it was her father's guidance and unwavering optimism that allowed them to survive even as infection tore across the nation unchecked. The situation was grim, but Samantha remained hopeful so long as she was with her father. The two stayed put initially, not risking the chance in going out to seek help, assuming wrongly that help would come to them, but with few supplies on-hand there was no choice but to move on, to the airport at first, but later to escape the city entirely. They wouldn't make it far before being separated by a group of Infected. That was three days ago. Alone, the girl continues on towards their planned meeting spot, determined to find her missing father.

RP Example: Halo: Trepidation

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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Postby Anowa » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:17 pm

Will get an app up later.
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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:18 pm

Anowa wrote:Will get an app up later.

Sounds good. No rush.

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Postby Ithalian Empire » Sat Jan 08, 2022 4:39 pm

Hell yeah. I'll get an app up some point this week.
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Postby Tayner » Sat Jan 08, 2022 6:11 pm

Name: Luke LaForge
Age: 23
Nationality: American

Occupation: Illinois National Guard, Specialist
Immunity: Carrier

Equipment: FN M4, CCO, Foregrip, IOTV, ACH, 7 STANAGs (2 full, one half, rest empty), uniform, wet weather gear, carton of marlboro reds (half full), 3 MREs, 2 1 quart canteens, zippo, IFAK, KBAR, compass, ear pro, flashlight, pen/notepad, assault pack.

Skills: Marksmanship, first aid, fit
Weaknesses: Tobacco addiction, Impulsive, heavy sleeper

Personality: Luke joined the army to pay for college, then dropped out of school. He has since committed to the Army, taking to it's values of never accepting defeat and never leaving anyone behind. While serious with his work, he's light hearted and a jokester. When under stress, however, he can be curt.

Likes: Marlboro Reds, energy drinks, rain, alcohol
Dislikes: Politics, needles, alcohol

Born in a small town in Louisiana in 1995, Luke and his brother were raised up by his mother alone, his dad being a mariner who was lost at sea during a hurricane when he was young. After High School, Luke passing with flying colors, he would get a scholarship for the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he would study business. While some college was paid for, it was not a full scholarship, so Luke enlisted in the Illinois National Guard at 19 to help cover the rest of the cost.

Enlisting as an Engineer, Luke would attend Basic Training at Fort Leonardwood, MO. He would return to school, however drop out after another semester of school. Since then, Luke had acquired a civilian job as a construction worker after bouncing from job to job. He would work for a few years, being called up every now and then for the National Guard. When the outbreak started, his unit was called up to help handle the situation in Chicago.

RP Example: Any of the previous Outbreaks

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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Just gonna get something out there to work on later

Postby Herador » Sat Jan 08, 2022 6:58 pm

Name: Alexander Hyde
Age (DoB): 23/07/1992
Nationality: American
Appearance: (Include height and weight; spoiler large images.)

Occupation: Port of Chicago Longshoreman
Immunity: Carrier

Equipment: (Be reasonable with starting gear; guns and ammo should be uncommon.)



Likes: (optional)
Dislikes: (optional)

Biography: (Two paragraphs; include why they're in Chicago.)

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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Postby Thai Sweet Billy » Sat Jan 08, 2022 10:09 pm

Name: Henrik Sondergaard
Age: 48 | 1/9/1970
Nationality: Danish
Appearance: Dr. Sondergaard stands at 5'11 and 163 lbs, with brown hair, a stubble, and brown eyes. Constantly seems to be sulking and low-energy and his eyes show signs of sleep deprivation.

Occupation: Atlas Biomedical (US Branch); Senior Genetics Research Administrator
Immunity: None

  • Atlas-embroidered Backpack:
    • Glock 19 9mm, 15+1 rounds
    • One fully loaded Glock 19 magazine, one half loaded.
    • Satellite phone, half charge
    • Atlas PDA
    • First Aid Kit with a tourniquet, bandages, gauze, tape, shears, and antibiotics
    • Large nitrile gloves, 1 pack of 100 (already opened)
    • 3 ply surgical mask, 1 pack of 50 (32/50)
    • Travel sized hand sanitizer
    • Pen and paper
    • Stainless steel water bottle
    • Extra pair of clothes
  • On Person:
    • White labcoat, size large
    • x2 pack of Camel cigarettes
    • Zippo lighter
    • iPhone plus charger
    • Wallet
      • ID, credit card, $50, various gift cards
    • Lanyard with Atlas ID card and laboratory keys
    • Clothes

  • Intelligent: Henrik has an almost savant level of intellect on his subject matter, and is overall a generally book smart person.
  • Charismatic: Henrik has a naturally commanding presence and usually brings with him a sense of authority and prestige, and can often remain cool in stressful situations to keep others grounded and focused.
  • Fit: Despite his age, Henrik has been keeping up with personal fitness, and generally has better stamina and endurance than most people around his age.
  • First Aid Cert: Henrik is certified in first aid and can provide basic aid to some injuries.

  • Smoker: Henrik is a smoker and will get cranky/uppity if he does not smoke to de-stress, which can have effects on his focus and temper.
  • Arrogant: Henrik is selfish to his core and is normally uncaring for others' opinions or needs, much rather focusing on his own. If someone is in need of help, and he cannot spare to offer assistance, he won't bother helping.
  • Terrible Shot: Henrik is not a good shot with a firearm, nor is he a decent combatant overall.
  • Neat Freak: Henrik hates disorder and changes to his schedule or setup, and overall despises messy situations. If he is in a messy environment, he will not work properly unless things are fixed to his liking.

Personality: Henrik is comparable to a force of nature; it's hard to change his mind once he puts himself to a task, be it a personal objective or research project. He has little patience for foolishness among his peers and has a short temper to match it. Its very difficult to precisely pinpoint his psychological profile given that he seems to switch between being downright ruthless in his ambitions and being balanced in his day to day interactions. Henrik also has a noteworthy habit of going against official orders in order to produce results most favorable to him.

Likes: Cats, peace and quiet, smoking, electronic music
Dislikes: Messes, incompetent colleagues, drinking

Henrik Sondergaard was born Copenhagen in 1970 to a fairly well-off family. Most of his early childhood was uninteresting until he reached the equivalent of middle school, where it became readily apparent that he was predisposed to the sciences and biology after achieving high scores in those areas. Sondergaard made almost immaculate grades in his later years of schooling and was fortunate enough to attend the University of Zurich, where he graduated with a degree in Genetics. He would later attend Harvard University on scholarship under its PhD program, and promptly began his long journey in a nearly decade-long career of education in biomedical engineering and genetics.

It was around this time that Henrik was approached by Atlas Biomedical, who offered him the possibility of employment under its growing Genetics Research department. Henrik took the offer without hesitation and continued his education while working with Atlas, and would spend another portion of his life participating in various experiments and work studies on behalf of Atlas.

After finally graduating with a PhD in biomedical engineering, Henrik was officially moved to Atlas' Genetics Research department, taking up an office first in New York City, before being moved to Atlanta, then finally Chicago. Between the three moves, he steadily rose the ranks in his department before eventually achieving the position of a Senior Genetics Research Administration, a relatively high-ranking position within his department.

Still in Chicago by the time of the outbreak, Henrik was effectively trapped due to the travel restrictions and quarantine, but was safe from most of the anarchy given many other Atlas VIPs often received close protection by Atlas Security and the National Guard. Slated to evacuate alongside the other Atlas VIPs, he was kept back by a litany of hinderances, including the quarantine and other factors. When quarantine eventually fell, however, Henrik was speedily evacuated to the Atlas laboratory within Chicago by a small security detail, informed that another team would come to extract him soon. On the way to the building (which would soon be overrun anyways), the group was ambushed by infected, and Henrik managed to escape as one of the last survivors, taking refuge within an Atlas-owned clinic in Ashland, where he would barricade himself in to keep himself safe from the outside.

With whittling supplies, and dwindling time and patience to spare, Henrik's only options now are to wait for the supposed extraction to arrive, or leave and find his own way in the city, and somehow make it out alive.

RP Example: Halo: Trepidation

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Postby Deblar » Sat Jan 08, 2022 10:17 pm

Tag for interest

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Postby Psychii » Sat Jan 08, 2022 10:30 pm

Tagging for interest.

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Postby Anowa » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:03 pm

Name: Cameron Oosthuizen
Age (DoB): 33 [02/28/1985]
Nationality: American
Appearance: Cameron is described as "expectedly athletic for her role" and "a corn fed boot licking fascist". Broad shouldered and above average height and weight at 6'2 and 169 pounds, these descriptors are not entirely inaccurate. Blonde hair and blue eyes does not help with the former descriptor. Hair is typically done up in to a bun, face has a 'dusting' of freckles, a faded scar runs under the left side of her lip due to an incident as a child. A faded 5 inch scar runs along the center of her abdomen due to a required surgical intervention after she swallowed a battery as a child, as a result, she doesn't have a bellybutton.

Occupation: United States Deputy Marshal (GS-12)
Immunity: Immune

  • MK18 MOD 0 w/ CVLIFE Reflex, Flip Up Irons, Foregrip, One Point Sling, Baffle Suppressor
  • 3x STANAG 30 Round Magazines (Full)
  • 2x STANAG 30 Round Magazines (Empty)
  • Ruger GP100 7"
  • 1x 7 Round Speedloaders (Full)
  • 1x 7 Round Speedloaders (Empty)
  • Buck 110 knife
  • Collapsible Baton
  • Kevlar lined combat gloves
  • USMS SOG Uniform
  • Motorola Radio and Speaker
  • AR500 Plate Carrier emblazoned with "US MARSHAL"
  • FAST High Cut
  • Elbow and Knee pads
  • Ballistic Anti-Fog Goggles
  • Airboss LBM Gas Mask w/ 11x 40mm STANAG filters
  • Zippo Lighter
  • Climbing Gear
  • 60 Feet of Rope
  • 1L Canteen
  • 12x Flexicuffs
  • 55L Backpack
    • Maglite
    • Duct Tape 1/4 Roll
    • Flexicuffs
    • 14x Chem Lights
    • Moonbeam
    • Sundaly Throat Mic
    • Pen
    • Waterproof Journal
    • 2x Rolls of 1" Medical Tape
    • 4x Rolls of 3" Medical Tape
    • 5x 300mL Superglue
    • 12x Combat gauze packs
    • Roll of gaffer tape
    • Box of Tampons
    • 2x Forceps
    • Box of Butterfly Strips
    • Leatherman Multitool
    • Titanium Mess Kit
    • 500mL Vaseline
    • Bottle of 400 Ibuprofen tablets
    • Box of Condoms
  • B2005CAN Bayonet
  • USMS Badge
  • Wallet

Cameron regularly scored highly on all marksmanship tests during her evaluations for promotion in her service.

Physically Fit
Alongside Marksmanship, Cameron also scored highly on physical fitness tests during evaluations.

Mild Superiority Complex
Cameron doesn't like being overruled or being in the wrong, and is likely to take it negatively.

Nail Chewer
Cameron has a bad habit of chewing her fingertips when stressed and unoccupied, At best it'll result in some dexterity loss, at worst it'll result in infections.

Personality: Cameron is a driven individual, she holds herself to a high standard in regards to the operation and success of her tasks, and is very difficult to deter or override, being almost preternaturally stubborn. That being said, she is amiable despite being notably reactionless to most she interacts with, desiring to form a facade of stoicism to avoid attachment.

Biography: Cameron was born in Omaha, Nebraska to corn farmers, being first generation South African immigrants, from an early age, she displayed a level of academic awareness, and physical competence that came from farmyard living. She didn't make very many friends in school, owing to a rather distant demeanour. When she graduated high school, she floated around for a few years before enrolling in university for a dual Criminal Justice and Sociology degree, looking for a job in law enforcement, all the while serving her civic duty as a common retail clerk.

Upon her university graduation, Cameron ended up applying for both the FBI as well as the USMS, the former ending up responding to her first, and the agency she ended up becoming a part of. One of the few raw recruits the Marshals end up recruiting, Cameron was rather slow on the draw for many aspects of her career, although finding her footing around her 25th Birthday. The remainder of her career would be typical of a Deputy, until most recently she volunteered for the SOG in 2015. Passing physical fitness tests and competency exams, she would end up one of the less than 100 members of the Marshal's tactical unit, and would be stationed in S.D Ohio, in Cincinatti.

When shit hit the fan, Cameron, alongside a team of seven other Marshals, were instructed to evacuate members of the CDC facility in Cincinatti, the one federal lab in the US to have a proper grasp on the nature of the virus and it's effects. It was ultimately a failure. The only member of staff they retrieved from the facility was a viral researcher who stressed the importance of tissue samples he needed to go back for, indirectly causing the deaths off two Marshals, the objective to retrieve said samples was abandoned. Furthermore, a prolonged engagement with mobs of infected resulted in their evac helicopter being forced to flee due to low fuel, and the loss of another Marshal. Fleeing on foot resulted in another loss, and by the time they reached safety after stealing a truck, it was discovered that the other two marshals were infected, not due to bites, but due to proximity to the asymptomatic researcher. Cameron survived due to a genetic immunity.

At this point, the Researcher was all but forced in to a hazmat suit for the safety of others. The two, having now been stuck together, were now forced to flee on the ground to the nearest safe haven, which to their knowledge, was O'Hare Airport. Unfortunately, arriving too late.

RP Example: B to Bruh

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Postby Shyluz » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:03 pm

Name: Charlie Mills
Age (DoB): 26 years (October 2nd, 1992)

Nationality: 'merican, Chicago native.
Appearance: Charlie stands at 162.5 cm (5' 4") and weighs in at about 52 kg (115-ish lbs). While not particularly fit, Charlie isn't unhealthy either. Her eyes tend to have bags, as she often goes with little to no sleep through the night.

Occupation: Clerk at a local liquor/convenience store.
Immunity: Immune

  • Hastily-Repaired Messenger Bag
    • Old First Aid Kit, OSHA Compliant
    • 4-Pack, AA Batteries
    • x4 Molotov Cocktails, Jack Daniels 1.75 lt Bottle
    • x49 Bic Lighter 50 ct Brick
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Fistful of Granola Bars
    • Bag of Cheddar Sunchips
    • Pilot G2 Black, Empty
    • Commercial Walkie-Talkie
    • Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30, 1 qt Bottle
    • Spare Underwear and Socks
    • Sugar-Free Energy Drink, 16 fl oz Can
  • On Person
    • Cellphone w/Charger
    • Wallet
      • $10 Bill
      • Credit Cards
      • $3, Coinage
    • Baseball Bat
    • Bic Lighter, Chartreuse
  • Clothing
    • Shabby Hoodie, Dull Red w/White Graphic Design
    • Generic T-Shirt, White
    • Jeans, Black
    • Worn Canvas Loafers, Black


Charlie has spent a half-decade working in a liquor store. Shoplifters and drunks have developed Charlie's perception well beyond the baseline.

Improvised Incendiaries
In the month since the End Times began, Charlie has had both the means and the opportunity to practice--and supposedly--perfect the manufacture of Molotov cocktails.

It Just Makes Her Stronger
Carlie has spent nearly a month isolated in a convivence store. There was little else to do but drink. Because of this, Charlie is surprisingly dexterous when inebriated. Combining this dexterity, the unpredictable movements of the totally sloshed, Charlie almost appears to be a better fighter when drunk. Maybe it really is "liquid courage" after all?


Aspirin Allergy
Charlie has an aspirin allergy--in short, this means a good chunk of non-prescription painkillers cause her to go into anaphylactic shock upon ingestion. While this isn't particularly crippling, considering the widespread use of acetaminophen and ibuprofen based medicines, aspirin is especially effective against fevers. Illnesses will be somewhat more difficult to deal with for Charlie.

Lack of Formal Training
Charlie is not a soldier, police officer, reservist, martial artist or any such. Any properly trained combatant could easily put her into the dirt.


Charlie doesn't handle high-intensity situations well. Keep in mind that she's access to firebombs.

Personality: Charlie was your run-of-the-mill nightshift clerk, general apathy and lack of effort in spades, but a month of high-stress survival has warped her into a semi-paranoid, adrenaline and caffeine-fueled nightmare with a developing case of pyromania.

Likes: The comfort and safety of Blythe's Convenience. Booze. Her growing knack for arson.
Dislikes: Everything. The government, the Infected, Blythe's, the outside, her ratty hoodie, the fucking squeaky faucet, and the fact that the only thing between her and certain death is a shitty metal grate.

Biography: Charlie Mills is a born and raised Chicagoan, not that Chicago really exists anymore. Her family was never particularly well off, though she never wanted for a roof or food, anything beyond that was a luxury. Her father a welder and her mother a social studies teacher, her parents encouraged her heavily to go to school and get a degree. Ideally in a well paying field, like medicine or law. Charlie, being an average student with no particular motivation or talent attended a local university for two years--racking up a fairly sizeable amount of debt, due to a lack of scholarships--and promptly dropped out when she saw the writing on the wall. School wasn't for her.

Her father encouraged her to try for a technical education, to become a welder or a plumber or an electrician, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. At the age of twenty-two, Charlie moved out of her parent's modest home and began to rent an especially modest apartment. It was then that she began to work at Blythe's Convenience, a small family owned convenience store whose patrons were mostly there for the liquor. While her hourly wage was low, she lived a comfortable lifestyle as she only had to support herself. Charlie took the night-shifts, primarily because they paid more, and became almost nocturnal.

Since quarantine went into effect, Charlie has spent most of her time tucked away in Blythe's. With no sign of the Blythe family, the only person with a key is herself. Having closed the security shutters and darkened the windows with a mixture of paint, sheets, and paper-mache, Charlie has turned her convenience store into a miniature castle. Rarely has she ventured out from her makeshift haven, only to secure vital supplies or small luxuries from nearby homes and stores.

RP Example: lol, lmao

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Postby Hastur » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:03 pm


Name:Lauren Pryzbylewski
Age (DoB): 31 (25/02/1987)
Nationality: American

Lauren Pryzbylewski stands at 184cm (6’0) in stature, weighing in at around 65 kilogram with a athletic build, she has three injuries on her right arm and leg, two bites and one laceration, they have been covered with bandages and guazes. Currently outfitted with the Atlas issued sanitation team uniform, black combat boots, cargo trousers, teeshirt and a membrane soft shell combat jacket, with the carrier rig over the top of it.

Occupation: Atlas Sanitation Team Contractor
Immunity: Immune

  • Carried Equipment

    • M4A1 with heavy aftermarket customisations and a 11.5 inch barrel.
      • A Warcomp flashhider for mounting a 6'' Surefire socom suppressor.
      • Elcan SpecterDR 4X + Mini Red Dot mounted to larue riser.
      • Set of knights armament 45 degree offset folding sights kept as backups.
      • Steiner DBAL A3 and surefire scout weapon light fixed to an keymod handguard with seperate pressure pads attached to the foregrip.
      • Two point sling.
    • H&K P2000 chambered in .40 S&W
      • Surefire X200 LED connected to a pressure pad on the pistol grip.
    • Four P2000 13 round pistol magazines fully loaded with .40 S&W JHP rounds.

    • KA-BAR Becker BK2 survival knife.

    • Six thirty STANAG magazines, two loaded with 5.56×45mm NATO rounds.

    • Black AVS plate carrier fitted with level III plates, fitted with pouches for ammunition, radio and adminstration supplies.

    • Black battle belt with synthetic holster, three pistol magazine pouches, a knife sheath, canteen pouch, IFAK and a dump pouch.

    • Navigational equipment including a Vector 21 Rangefinder, GPS (Garmin Wrist GPS 401 and Garmin eTrex), regional maps and compass along with notepad, pencils and pens to make ammendments and notes.

    • Motorola SRX 2200 with throat microphone, PTT and transparent acoustic earpeace.

    • Avon M50 gas mask with a blackout visor, filters and carry bag.

    • A PDA containing operational information detailing security codes, key objectives, VIPs and area maps.

    • Zippo lighter with a cigarette tin containing several handrolled cigarettes.

    • Atlas Issued security identification keycard. Level 2.

  • Black Eberlestock F5 backpack -

    • Taser 7 CQ Home Defense with extra cartridges.

    • Emergency Trauma first aid kit containing basic medical equipment.

    • Jet injector with Atlas provided anti viral medication, six doses.

    • Secure hardcase containing sensitive Atlas files and hard drives.

    • Several road flares.

    • Twenty pack of green glow sticks.

    • A re-sealable plastic bag containing her American passport, $10000 dollars in assorted bills, $25000 dollars of gold and silver bars (Perth, PAMP) in 50 gram and 100 gram increments.

    • A set of civilian clothing, comprised of nike sneakers, jeans, a plain black long sleeve tee-shirt and a black wool sweater.

    • Fifty foot of parachute cord.

    • Duct tape.

    • Iridium 9575A Satellite phone, half charge.

    • Two days worth of American MREs.

    • Flex cuffs.

    • Personal effects and hygine products.


Military Training: Having ten years experience within the military and a further two within security contracting, Pryzbylewski is a well-trained individual who showcases an exceptional level of flexibility coming from their background as a special forces communication sergeant in the 10th SFG(A).

Collected: Pryzbylewski is a suprisingly calm individual, having a high stress threshold, she rarely raises her voice unnecessarily and keeps herself stowed away.

Linguist: Pryzbylewski is well versed in languages, being able to speak English, German and French fluently, while having a professional proficency in Russian and Polish.


Injured: Pryzbylewski has recently sustained injuries, particularly bites on her right hand and outer arm, and laceration on her right thigh. These injuries will hinder movement to a degree, possibly get infected, and on occasion create an elevated level of paranoia amongst people due to the stigma around such injuries.

Non Chicago Native:Pryzbylewski isn't a Chicago native nor has she had much time to properly learn her surroundings. As a result, she has been actuvely relying on GPS to properly nativagate the metropolitian area.

Trust Issues: Due to the nature of her job, Pryzbylewski doesn't trust anyone outside of the company, and even then, that level of trust is certainly limited.


Pryzbylewski a stoic woman with a stony facade, she is someone with clear mental flexibility and a deeply collected attitude within the field. She is naturally reactive with problem solving, with Pryzblewski preferring to observe and then take a calculated and measured response, being a notable believer in actions speak louder than words, with her generally having little favour for those who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

She showcases a high degree of perseverance, being able to keep a lid on her emotions through the complex situations through suppression, mental autopilot and a healthy dose of black humour. Socially, she can appear somewhat aloof in conversations and often has little to say immediately but can be sincere enough to not provoke most people, with her making a routine of remembering details about people. That being said, she often doesn't like talking about herself or her personal life.


Pryzbylewski is a fan of classic film having grown up around a wide array of foreign cinema in the west. She has a taste Horror, Westerns and Science Fiction.

Enjoys frequent recreactional exercise when possible. Her favourites include jogging, basketball and soccer, which she often uses a way to mediate stress.

She is a fan of travelling and the outdoors having spent most of her life on the move and around nature. Enjoys fieldwork and hikes, having a certain affinity for them.

Enjoys a good pilsner, particularly with a hand rolled cigarette.


While not explictly clostrophobic, Pryzbylewski isn't fond of tunnels and tight spots.

Pryzbylewski has a strong dislike for nosey people, particularly those who put their nose in her business.

She has a strong dislike for the chicago deep dish.

Dislikes Polish literature.


Pryzbylewski was born in Munich during the late eighties. A military brat, her father was an officer with the US military, her mother a Munich native. Constant moves based on deployments characterised her childhood, with Pryzbylewski’s youth being concentrated in US military installations within the Germany in Munich, and later in the southern United States. Her upbringing was strict, with her family having unnaturally high expectations as an only child. This pressure led to a highly competitive and independent attitude during her youth, with Pryzbylewski being construed as a driven loner who struggled to fit in with the community because of periodic moves. She excelled in athletics but later had an academically average performance, having a lack of interest in her studies.

Pryzbylewski entered service at eighteen despite being pushed to attend university by her family, electing to go for airborne following the MEPs and ASVAB, receiving basic training and jump school at Fort Benning, being placed with the 3rd Infantry BCT from 2006 to 2009. She had a positive record during her service, receiving the air assault badge following completion of Air Assault School. She got two relatively quiet deployments to the Kandahar province in Afghanistan, her unit often running security for transport, installations, and bases, and infrequently conducted aid missions and reached out with the locals in the area, with Pryzbylewski spending five months of their rotation working with a FET unit in 2009.

Given the opportunity, and feeling rather unfilled with their current position, Pryzbylewski elected to enlist within 18X, applying for a transfer towards the end of their active service. They passed through the pipeline, completing SFAS and later the Q course, with Pryzbylewski excelling within the language course. Qualified as a special forces communication sergeant and was placed within the 10th SFG(A). Pryzbylewski spent six years with the unit, being primarily involved in the War on Terror, seeing deployments in Georgia, North Africa, and later Iraq, most of which were spent conducting counter insurgency and training operations with local forces.

Pryzbylewski was discharged in 2015 towards the end of her service, returning home to upstate New York to settle down with their long time spouse and Atlas employee, Michelle Hogue, initially working as a risk advisor for several companies looking to operate in areas considered unsafe. Despite the stable middle class lifestyle, she found the sedentary lifetyle difficult to adopt to after spending her entire life constantly on the move, leading her to consider taking work as a security contractor for Atlas corporation. Pryzbylewski being employed as close protection officer for Atlas executives in Europe and Asia for several months before being shifted to work with the Sanitation teams in early 2017, being tasked with securing high value facilities and counter industrial intelligence operations.

During the terrorist attack in O’Hare international airport, Pryzbylewski found them and their team promptly deployed to the city to conduct security audit of high level Atlas laboratories following the assumed leaks, but as things gradually became worse over the city, she later tasked with the distruction of Atlas material and evacuation of key Atlas personnel.

RP Example:

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Postby Domacria » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:09 pm

Very large modern island nation in the South Pacific. Ruled by a compassionate yet slightly-unhinged king, with a very isolationist yet empathetic populace. Notable characteristics: terrifyingly mighty air force and navy, world famous cars, legendary blend of wildlife.

NS stats are canon; factbook coming soon. Some things are my RL views, some things are not. If curious, feel free to telegram.

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Postby Empire of Donner land » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:17 pm

Name: Ramone Jackson
Age (DoB): 23
Nationality: American
Appearance: 5'10" and 175 lbs, Caucasian. His light brown hair is cut down to police code, but not a complete shave, which he protested to. He has hazel eyes, which are typically covered by prescription polarizing glasses. Due to police training, he has a semi-athletic build, though isn't particularly intimidating or imposing to the average individual.

Occupation: Police Officer, recently field promoted to Chief of Ravine Avenue Precinct.
Immunity: None

  • Level IIIA Kevlar Vest
  • Chicago PD Badge
  • Chicago PD Patrol Uniform (Shirt, Pants, Boots, etc)
  • Duty Belt and Holster
  • Backpack
  • Prescription Polarized Glasses

  • Glock 22 w/ 15+1 Rounds.
  • 3x 15 Rnd Magazines
  • Flashlight
  • Hand Radio
  • Cell Phone
  • Personal Aid Kit
  • 2x 2l Water Bottles
  • Wallet
  • Screwdriver
  • Insulated Gloves
  • 1x Bag of Smarties
  • 2x Emergency FEMA Rations

Novice Actor
Before Ramone joined the Chicago PD to be a Police Officer, he tried to be an actor, attempting to get parts on TV Shows, Advertisements, Movies. Of course, he wasn't particularly successful, or else he might not even be here in this situation. Nonetheless, the experience in the art of acting has made him into a convincing liar and somewhat skilled orator. He's able to talk himself out of some situations.

A natural gymnast had he actually decided to go into it at least. Nimble and able to get out of a bad situation by running, jumping, and dodging.

Amateur Electrician
Before he decided to be an actor, he briefly worked as an electrician as he was between jobs and still trying to find a niche. He picked up the tools and tricks of the trade, most of which could be useful in the field of police work. So he knows his way around a building's electrical systems, for the most part. He's good at fixing at least, not particularly good at fabricating.

Ramone has only worked for the Chicago Police Department for less than a month. With his luck, he managed to be recruited just a week before everything went down and the country started to fall apart. His introduction to Police work has been bloody, and the rules and regulations he was taught now don't seem to apply anymore.

Action is better than nothing, so when Ramone doesn't have a better idea, he acts on immediate instinct. A boon or a curse, though probably mostly a curse. He can't help it.

When someone is in need, they can't help but try to help, regardless of if it endangers himself or hurts his own chances at survival.

Corrected Vision.
His poor near-sighted vision is only corrected by his prescription glasses, he's hopeless if he loses them.

Personality: Ramone is an empathic individual who seems doubtful of themselves, if not unconfident. They try to see the best in people, but now that this whole apocalypse has unfolded, this has conflicted with his worldview quite a bit, with all he can do being to try his best to do his job. He is perhaps too trusting, and too charitable, for his own good. Despite all of this, he handles stress remarkably well, something he was surprised to find out about himself during his first firefight early in the outbreak when the looting and chaos began. It is incredibly clear to him, and obviously to others, that he is in over his head and no training whatsoever has prepared him for this. At least his instincts work.

Likes: Classic and post-modern literature, tinkering, practice shooting.
Dislikes: Russian post-modern literature, sitcom television, his glasses.

Biography: Ramone has lived in Chicago, or at least the outer suburbs of it, for around his entire life. He graduated from high school, but his grades weren't particularly good enough to get into any good colleges, so he settled for a number of plan B opportunities. As he entered into his twenties, he started a career as an electrician, but after working for a company for a while, making a reasonable amount of money, he quit, feeling he could somehow "do better". It was then he decided that he'd chase a career in acting, though due to his lack of confidence, he very rarely landed opportunities except for in advertisements. Regardless, his acting skills were actually quite good, though he never got the chance to play on television, forever resenting the sitcom shows that rejected him afterward. As saved money ran low, he then decided to give police work a try, thinking it could give him future experience to come back into acting with.

After joining the Chicago Police Department at the Ravine Avenue precinct, it wasn't long until the outbreak of the T-13 Virus soiled his plans. His first month of policing was met with looting, riots, sporadic gunfights, and trying to repel the undead with little success. Nearing the end of his first month he was treated to a field promotion, the chief of the precinct was leaving town as fast as they could, seeing that the situation was becoming untenable. Just as they were leaving, and Ramone pleaded to make them stay, he was left with the words "good luck, this is your fucking job now." As they barreled away in a Police Cruiser, leaving him in charge of the Ravine Avenue Precinct.

RP Example: Ace Combat, Halo: Trepidation, etc.

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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:18 pm

All Immune slots are taken. If WiP apps are not completed these slots will become available.
Until further notice immunity will have to be gained in the IC.
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Postby Novsiveltz » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:29 pm

Tagging for interest. Too late to create character?

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Postby Beiarusia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:31 pm

Novsiveltz wrote:Tagging for interest. Too late to create character?

Nope. We just have the limit for Total Immune characters but OOC is open and will probably always be open.

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Postby Thai Sweet Billy » Sun Jan 09, 2022 12:27 am

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Postby Vacif » Sun Jan 09, 2022 12:59 am

Name: Casper Stern
Age (DoB): 36
Nationality: American
Appearance: 5'10, 176 lbs, face

Occupation: Deputy Acting Regional FEMA Administrator
Immunity: None

  • Clothes
    • Red Bump Helmet
    • Dust Goggles
    • Respirator
    • Navy FEMA Jacket
    • White Button Up Shirt
    • Grey FEMA T-Shirt
    • Tan Utility Pants
    • Brown Work Boots
  • FEMA Bag
    • Laptop
    • Laptop Charger
    • Phone Charger
    • Headphones
    • Emergency First Aid Kit
    • Emergency Rations
    • Emergency Hand-Crank Radio
    • Sleeping Pad
    • 2L Water Bottle
    • Blanket
    • Inflatable Pillow
    • Flashlight
    • Batteries
    • Wet Wipes
    • Spare Clothes
    • Waterproof Notebook
    • Pens
    • Manual Can Opener
    • Map of Chicago
    • Toilet Paper
    • Carton of Santa Fe Cigarettes
  • On Person
    • Hand Radio
    • Cellphone
    • Wallet
    • ID Card
    • Matches
    • Keys
    • Whistle
    • Bic Lighter
    • 24 pack of Santa Fe's
    • Homemade Spear

High Stress Threshold

Casper is use to high stress and highly volatile situations, he's been in war zones, been taken hostage, handled evacuations and natural disasters. To make him snap, might just take everything this apocalypse has.
Described as having the patience of a Saint, Casper Stern is a very patient man.
Casper is a collected and diplomatic individually who is not fast to resort to belligerence and threats. He is capable of conversing with the most extreme of individuals.
Physically Active
Unlike most people, Stern actually keeps up with his daily exercise routine and takes care of himself.
Casper has a taste for Santa Fe cigarettes, helps with his coping of the situation, not great for his lungs. Also not that common of a brand.
Having handled disasters in the past and not fought the more volatile infected, Casper may be in over his head.
No Combat Training
Stern hasn't had any formal combat training. He's no martial artist that can break bones, not a soldier who can shoot a man at 800 meters. He's no killer, but he'll have to become one if he wants to survive.
Casper has lost hope in any help coming. Mentally exhausted, emotionally drained, and all but in name burnt out. He's seen more death in the past month than an entire decade overseas, providing humanitarian aid. When he does sleep, he doesn't sleep well.
Casper is a fairly rigid individual with a schedule, a certain way of doing things and is easily predicted.
Personality: A level-headed and adaptable individual, Casper is use to adapting to rapidly changing situations and negotiating with people. He is use to navigating byzantine bureaucracy and fickle politicians. Though the recent apocalypse and the lack of support from the Federal government has left him exhausted and demoralized. Accepting help is not coming, Casper has taken it upon himself to help where he can, spreading and providing information to help survivors in and outside of Chicago.

Likes: Santa Fe Cigarettes, Pineapple Pizza, Cilantro, Treasure Hunting
Dislikes: Nestle, Trypophobia, Birds, Conspiracy Theorists, Deep Dish Pizza

Born and raised in Chicago to a pair of first responders. While growing up as an only child with no blood related aunts or uncles, the young Casper never felt alone. He was raised just as much by his parents as he was Engine 22, the fire unit his parents were attached to. The firefighters and EMTs there were just as much family to him as his own parents. As a youth he was active, polite and always volunteering. He would often volunteer at local festivals, with city hall and at the library. Casper would attend university in Washington for Homeland Security and Disaster Management, intent on serving in disaster response. To develop his resume he would volunteer with the Red Cross in 2003 to help with the Indian Ocean tsunamis and again in 2004 with the clean up of Hurricane Katrina.

With no shortage of work to be done, Casper has done disaster response all over the continental United States and across North Africa and the Middle East. Having gained quite a lot of expertise maintaining and establishing refugee camps and coordinating relief efforts. His dedication has had him in the line of direct danger on numerous occasions from meeting with warlords in Africa to negotiate terms to being held hostage in Iraq and in Syria during humanitarian aide deployments. After a few too many close calls, Casper would return back to the United States to Chicago where a spot for the Deputy Director of FEMA Region 5 sat. With over a decade of experience both on the ground and in administrative positions, Casper fit quite well into his new position.

However many years of training and experience he'd had dealing with war, disease, famine or natural disasters however would not help him deal with the Outbreak though. With things going wrong in more ways than he could count and with the situation rapidly deteriorating, there isn't much of either a federal government left or a situation to manage. Now all that's left is Casper and a skeleton crew of federal employees trying to make a difference.

RP Example: Halo: Trepidation, ACE COMBAT: ASHES OF WAR, Aftermath

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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