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The New Amsterdam Daily (Political Satire/Comedy RP) OOC

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 10:03 am
by Caliland

"New York's Finest Newspaper"

The IC Page

About the RP

This RP is set primarily in New York City. It centers around The New Amsterdam Daily, a newspaper run by James Solomon, who is reminiscent of J. Jonah Jameson from the Spider-Man movies. The paper's focus is on an election right now, and because politics sells papers, Mr. Solomon has made all of his reporters cover the election in some capacity, regardless of what they used to write about. This is mainly because the Daily has lost it's reputation over the past ten years, and money troubles have afflicted it, leading to the main political writers to quit and leave for other newspapers. Only a loyal few remain.

Characters are staff of the newspaper who are being forced to cover politics by their boss. I will play the politicians, as well as a few other NPCs.

The World of The New Amsterdam Daily

The world of this RP is identical to ours, except COVID-19 never happened. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Post do not exist in this universe. Also the politicians in New York are different. But other than that it's basically a carbon copy.

The Daily was founded in 1873, by Joseph Hart. The paper was known as the New Amsterdam Daily Journal until 1923, when it adopted it's current name. The Hart family sold it to a media corporation in 1986. In 2003, James Solomon sued the company, and was given control of the Daily as a settlement. He is now the editor-in-chief, publisher, and owner of the Daily.

The paper's offices are on the top 3 floors of the Flatiron Building in Midtown Manhattan. The top floor contains James Solomon's office, other executive offices, and a conference room. The floor blow that is where the bullpen is located, this is the beating heart of The New Amsterdam Daily, where most of the writer's and reporter's offices are located. Below that is the floor with the break room, restrooms, as well as the offices for the people who format the newspaper before it is sent to the printers across the East River.

The paper's main rivals are The New York Tribune and the New York Herald. The National Informer is also a rival, but not as much of a worry.

There are 3 main races in this year's (2022, because why not hold elections at the start of the year) election.

The mayoral election candidates:
Roy Greenfield, a businessman who is interested in making New York City more attractive to business again.
John Martinson, deputy mayor to the last mayor, he wants to help New York City's people and communities.
Anna Harper, an activist who is running on a social-environmental platform.
Jack Dawson, beloved actor and NYC resident who is running because why not.

The city council election. The district of Midtown's race is receiving the most attention. Candidates:
Tom Ward, successful lawyer who sees this as the next step in his career.
Sonia Stevens, community leader who wants to represent her community.
Danny Miller, and average New Yorker who is fed up with politics and wants to make a difference.

The gubernatorial election candidates:
Larry Russell, a Wall Street financier from NYC.
Will Edwards, a state legislator from the wilds of upstate New York.


1. If there is an issue of dispute, take it up with me.
2. No godmoding, trying to control someone else's character or an NPC.
3. Keep it PG-13, also swearing is allowed, but no f-bombs.
4. Don't go overboard with the dark comedy.
5. Stay on track.
As long as you follow these simple guidelines, you'll be all right

Character Application Form

Feel free to use mine as an example

Character Application

Name: James Solomon
Sex: male
Age: late 50's
Appearance: tall, with brown flattop hair, grey sideburns, a mustache and often wearing a plaid necktie and brown vest or tweed jacket.

Position: publisher, editor-in-chief, owner

Personality: He is a blustering, bombastic, hyperactive man who loves making money by selling papers. He has however, embraced the idea of equal pay, in that he pays all his employees equally low. He is obsessed with beating his rivals Kirk McCloskey of The New York Tribune and Harold Hess of the New York Herald. He is not keen on politicians, and regards them as "public menaces", but he will often play both sides to sell twice as many papers.
Skills: Leadership, knowledge of the newspaper business
Weaknesses: He lacks the ability to calm down.
Likes: Money, selling newspapers, hot dogs, saving money
Dislikes: politicians, New Jersey
Goals: to be the best newspaperman in New York

Biography: He started here on day in the early 1990's in the mailroom, and worked his way up to editor-in-chief by 2003. That same year he sued the company that owned the Daily at the time, and settled out of court, winning the ownership of the paper. It went downhill form there, as the paper lost readership to the Internet, social media, and the other two newspapers. He has a wife, whom he argues with on a daily basis, he also has two children in their early 20's.

Misc. his best friend is Tim Grant, a fact-checker. They both started on the same day in the 90's.

Character Application

Name: Tim Grant
Sex: male
Age: late-50's
Appearance: Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October

Position: Fact-checker

Personality: Tim is a calm Scotsman. He is often the one to calm James Solomon down, as they are old friends. He is devoted to printing the truth, free of political bias, or commercial endorsement. His favorite quote is "The foolish man never reads a newspaper, an even more foolish man believes everything he reads in the newspaper." He is the opposite of Solomon's personality, and keeps him in check.
Skills: Unbiased editing, an eye for detail, calming James Solomon down. But above all, that accent.
Weaknesses: modern technology, understanding New Yorkers' accents.
Likes: Scotland, fish and chips, the idea of people being well-informed with reliable news. Old movies
Dislikes: Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, hmm, I wonder why?
Goals: to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the news the Daily prints

Biography: As a boy in Scotland, he often spent his days off school watching his grandfather work at printing a newspaper in Edinburgh. He later helped print the paper, and he learned the value of reliable information in a democratic society. He moved to London and worked at the London bureau of an American paper, The New York Tribune. He was promoted, and came to America to work at the Tribune. After a dispute with his editor over some biased material, he quit. Not finding any work in writing he got a position at the Daily. There he became friends with James Solomon. As he rose the ranks, he improved the paper's reporting. When James Solomon came to power, Tim was promoted to fact-checker, and now every story goes by his desk to make sure it is accurate. He often conflicts with James Solomon over the more sensationalist stories the latter wishes to print.

Misc. I literally came up with the Sean Connery idea because I kept imagining the way he would pronounce James Solomon's name.

Code: Select all
[align=center][b]Character Application[/b][/align]


[b]Position:[/b] (what they do for the newspaper, e.g. Sportswriter, Photographer, etc.)


[b]Biography:[/b] (At least one paragraph)


Staff of The New Amsterdam Daily

James Solomon, Publisher, Owner, Editor-in-chief (Caliland)
Tim Grant, Fact-Checker (Caliland)
Jacob Walker, International Photographer (Caliland)
Gene Clark, Local News Writer (Nova Catania)
Phil Goldman, Investigative Reporter (Nova Catania)
Arusha Washington, Columnist (Voxija)
DeMarcus Clark, Sportswriter (Talchyon)
Gerard Louis Orgueilleux, Food Critic (Constaniana)
Frank "Footlong" Davidson, Political Columnist (Deblar)
Brady Biggs, Reporter/Columnist (Novyy Stristia)
Martha McDow, City Hall Reporter (Hopal)
Erich Grunfeld-Walendau, Finance Writer (Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States)
Marlon Yates, Photographer (Madrinpoor)
Tommy Anderson, Advertiser (The Beckett Basement)(nation CTE'd)
Grant Kispeak, Albany Reporter (South Olpen)
Julia von Ditz, Royalty Correspondent (Barapam)
Liam, Intern whose name hardly anyone remembers (Shared NPC, everybody writes his part then he interacts with their character)

Credit to Nova Catania for the logo

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 10:48 am
by Meretica
Character Application

Name: Victoria Oliver Sr.
Sex: Female
Claimed Age: 45
Real Age: 55
Appearance: Wendie Malick (as seen in Hot in Cleveland)

Position: Chief Political Analyst, Democratic Strategist, Opinion Piece Creator

Personality: Victoria loves to be the center of attention. She can't get enough compliments and is, as much as one can be, delightfully vain. Despite all her faults, Victoria who may be self-obsessed is always there when her relatively few friends need her. The only thing that may challenge her love of herself might be her love of politics, which she describes as "the perfect way to be self-serving, famous, and beloved all at once."
Skills: Skilled writer, orator, and matchmaker
Weaknesses: Vanity, self-love
Likes: Tarot, social media, her job
Dislikes: People that aren't famous or political
Goals: To be remembered as one of the great journalists of history

Biography: Victoria Oliver Sr. is a long-time journalist and political correspondent that has written about New York politics longer than she'd care to admit. After joining her high school's newspaper staff in the late 1960s, she fell in love with politics and reporting. She has been married and divorced ten times, with one child coming from her marriages-- VIctoria Oliver Jr. Much to the chagrin of her relatives, Victoria Jr. is much like her mother and has taken a keen interest in journalism. Sr. and Jr. have had many arguments, though, as the younger Victoria would prefer to join a media organization like CNN or MSNBC. THe Oliver family are devout Democrats and will always have a Democratic bias. Victoria hopes to one day run for office, but she has refrained from doing so as someone might share her real age.


PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:01 am
by Caliland
Meretica wrote: -snip-

Accepted, welcome to The New Amsterdam Daily!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 3:42 pm
by Nova Catania
Character Application

Name: Phil Goldman
Sex: male
Age: 68
Appearance: an old man who looks like Danny DeVito

Position: Investigative reporter

Personality: Very paranoid, he’s an avid conspiracy theorist. He is also somewhat stuck in the Cold War, as he claims to have worked of the CIA. He is very distrusting, and uses a typewriter instead of a computer because it can’t be hacked. He also labels things he doesn’t like as communist.
Skills: Investigation, espionage , coming up with wild conspiracy theories.
Weaknesses: his paranoia, his distrust of almost everything and everyone, the inability to pronounce the letter ‘r’.
Likes: the Yankees, America, and soda
Dislikes: it’s a long list: communists, businesses raising prices (it’s communist!), the Mets (can’t win a World Series without a miracle), diet soda (it’s for communists!), hipsters (those commie bastards!), organic food (a symbol of communism), social media (a breeding ground for SOCIALISM!), yoga (pretty sure Lenin invented it), public transportation (that’s communist), video games (they rot your brain and are used to recruit teenagers into a Russian black ops assassin program), hair that is any color other than black, brown, blonde, grey or white (dying your hair any other color is, you guessed it, communist!), hoodies (assassins wear them!), Scandinavian furniture (they’re from socialists, for socialists), electric cars (they’re part of a conspiracy to control our movements and travel), pop music (it’s just annoying), anime (it’s pretty much communist), K-pop (probably not communist, but you can never be too careful), Star Trek (Star Wars is better), Faberge eggs (they’re Russian and communist), Canadians (don’t even get me started!), plastic surgery (it’s for communists), the Internet (you never know what lurks here), lotteries (communist), casinos (communist), feng shui (communist), anything from the West Coast (yup, communist)
Goals: to expose all the hidden conspiracies around us

Biography: He worked for the CIA during the Cold War. After the Cold War, he turned to investigative journalism for a career. He also began coming up with crazy conspiracy theories. At first he did freelance work, but then he realized that the major papers were run by big media corporations who had other agendas. So he went to work for the New Amsterdam Daily, which was owned by it’s editor-in-chief. He has just returned from a “mission” which was actually a vacation.

Misc. Anything I said in parenthesis is satire.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 4:09 pm
by Voxija
So you're a fraud... Solomon! How about that... Solomon!

I like this. Reminds me of the Daily Carrot and an RP I did about the fifties.

Character Application

Name: Arusha Washington
Sex: female
Age: 26
Appearance: 5' 6", a bit plump. Has frizzy, untamable hair that Arusha is considering dying purple and often covers with a hat. Dark skin like ash in an ashtray, and Arusha still has pimples despite being in her twenties.

Position: Columnist (used to be entertainment, but now political)

Personality: An idealistic and upbeat person, slowly becoming less idealistic and upbeat as real life and the realities of politics get to her. A genuine, kind, and friendly person, but developing some sadness in response to everything going on. Thinks she is right, and everyone else's opinion is wrong. Highly emotional.
Skills: Writing, people skills, book smarts.
Weaknesses: Too trusting, way too naive, and easily disappointed. Also a bit egotistical.
Likes: Discussing politics, Broadway shows, halal food stands, and writing.
Dislikes: People disagreeing with her, people being jerks, finding out that people are jerks, and financial trouble.
Goals: Live her best life, express herself, and convert everyone to her political agenda.

Biography: Arusha Washington was born in Brooklyn to a family that owned a "Southern Cooking!" restaurant that didn't do so well. Her family was middle class, but the sort of middle class that lives paycheck to paycheck and buys everything with credit cards. Her parents shielded her from their financial troubles until college.

Arusha took out student loans, but was still okay. "Southern Cooking!" was associated with hicks in New York, but she was still okay. But then her family's business fell under, and Arusha was not okay. Within a week, Arusha Washington developed very strong political views, including progressivism, accepting everyone even vermin, and the fallacy of more government aid. Arusha, perhaps in reaction to her financial trauma, became very idealistic.

She got a degree in useless, and got an entry-level job at the New Amsterdam. Arusha totally sent money to her parents, don't worry. She reported on Broadway shows and the like before ...Solomon! decided to reassign her to politics. Arusha was happy. She was always interested in politics, not enough to get a job on it, but now she did get a job in it! But now Arusha Washington is seeing the reality of power politics and corruption. It's kind of depressing. Edit: she's still paying off her student loans.

Misc. Arusha never swears. Arusha might convert to Islam. I will always write the name ...Solomon! like that.

To the dude above: as a Trekkie, Star Trek is indeed Communist.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:21 pm
by Talchyon
Character Application

Name: DeMarcus Clark
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: DeMarcus chilling

Position: Sportswriter. Technically, an NFL beat writer.

Personality: Laid-back. Chill. Politically apathetic.
Skills: An insane amount of NFL trivia knowledge. Some knowledge of those who work in the merchant marine due to college. Some photography skills. Some writing ability (nothing that will ever win any journalist awards though).
Weaknesses: He is completely politically apathetic. He has no interest in politics at all. Also, DeMarcus is a one-trick pony when it comes to journalism. When DeMarcus has to write other sports (e.g., MLB, the NBA, hockey, the Olympics), somehow, the stories always end up being articles on the NFL. You can only guess how his political columns are going to read.

Likes: The NFL. Looking fly on his salary.
Dislikes: Having people upset at his articles (because he doesn't understand why anyone would be upset reading about Patrick Mahomes' influence on the New York political race, or how many field goals the governor candidates would be able to pull off at Met Life Stadium). Having to justify his writing to the editors.
Goals: Someday, make it in the NFL as a walk-on. If that's impossible, make podcasts that get more than 3 views about football.

Biography: DeMarcus Clark had NFL dreams ever since he could remember. Growing up and watching the greats play, like Peyton Manning and an old Brett Favre, DeMarcus was sure in high school that he would be one of the few, proud, athletes the nation would see on Sunday afternoon tv.

Unfortunately, college recruiting coaches didn't share quite that same vision. Not recruited for any university known for it's football program, or any NCAA Division-I or -II university in general, DeMarcus went to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy with a football scholarship. He was able to play safety there - even saw some decent playing time in varsity games his senior year. But the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, an NCAA-Division III school, has never been known either for it's football program or it's journalism major. And that's what DeMarcus was involved in there.

Still, DeMarcus persisted. He pushed himself, training, making highlight videos of him, testing, all so that he might get a chance to get invited to the NFL combine. Didn't happen. The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy did have a pro day, though (don't ask me how), when scouts from various NFL franchises were invited to come to scope out the (meager) talent the school had. There was actually an NFL scout there that day! (He had gotten lost and had been trying to go upstate). DeMarcus never got a phone call from him though.

He went and tried out for the local semi-pro team, the Bronx Bombers and was accepted. He played two and a half seasons, before the league ran out of money and folded. Since then, DeMarcus knew he needed a job, and wanted to spend his career in sports journalism so he could spout off NFL facts that his mind never seemed to forget. Somehow, the New Amsterdam Daily, being a reputable newspaper, was willing to take DeMarcus on! (Some have theorized that the main reason was because they mistook DeMarcus for a journalist who had once worked for ESPN, and not E''s P & N, a lawn care service in the lower Bronx that DeMarcus had been employed at previously).

Personally, DeMarcus' parents are still living. He stops in and sees them every so often. A few younger brothers, none of whom made it to the bright lights of the gridiron either. Definitely no wife, because you first need to be dating someone to get to that stage, and DeMarcus still hasn't gotten there yet. So he's single. Lives with a few roommates.

Misc. He always tries to take pictures of athletes in big game moments, but his pics are either awful shots (the bottom half of a basketball player in a jump shot, for example) or are attempts with him trying to get in the picture as a fanboy with the stars. Also, DeMarcus does have a car. A 2005 SUV.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:51 pm
by Constaniana
Character Application

Name: Monsieur Gerard Louis Orgueilleux
Sex: Male
Age: 46
Appearance: His default prideful form. Here he is explaining that not all sparkling vin is le champagne for the 800th time that day. Lastly, here he is defending himself against a M*D*nalds franchise that opened too close to his appartement

Position: Food critic extraordinaire

Personality: Prideful beyond belief. A true sigma male unafraid to tell people that their food is bad, refuse to elaborate, and then leave. Very intelligent.
Skills: A palate as sharply honed as a rapier, firearms, hand-to-hand combat, parachuting, fluent in the Romance languages, Persian Farsi, and assorted West African languages;
Weaknesses: Colourblind. His personality understandably gets him into all sorts of trouble. Physical danger he can get out of due to his...previous work experience, but he tends to leave terrible impressions in his wake, which results in many a professional setback. Has difficulty focusing on things that do not appeal to his elite sensibilities.
Likes: Superior food, France, Superior French food, classical architecture, Michelin tyres
Dislikes: Inferior food, Perfidious Albion, Most of America, politics
Goals: Educate the backwards people of America about proper cuisine; earn enough to afford his annual month-long holiday in August; eat at every three-Michelin-star restaurant

Biography: Gerard was born in Burgundy, France. His father was a Michelin inspector, and he claims his family tree includes chefs of the kings of France, the House of Bonaparte, Charles De Gaulle, and Joan of Arc. He grew up in a family that was very happy to eat traditional French food. One of his earliest memories was participating in a riot against a proposed McDonald's franchise at the age of three. Orgueilleux proudly served in the French special forces, though he does not elaborate on what particular unit he was a member of, or what he actually did. Three years ago he retired from the military, supposedly because he had developed colourblindness. He initially did freelance work for various publications in France and the rest of Europe, mostly writing about food or tourism related-matters. Once or twice he wrote some pieces about geopolitics, but he said his myriad non-disclosure agreements with the French Republic prevented him from fully expressing his thoughts on such matters.

So what brought this consummate French snob to New York?

Some people live in New York because they were simply born there and don't feel like leaving. Some people live there because they have nowhere else they feel they can go to start their life over. Some people's employers tell them to move there, and so they do. Some people think their dreams will come true once they move there, assuming they don't get beaten up by a crackhead on the subway. But for a very select few, or perhaps only someone like Gerard, there is a profoundly different reason, one that alienates him from the lesser fools around him. If a man wants to fish he must go by a body of water. If he wants to ski he must go to a snowy mountain. And if he wants to make fun of Americans for their inferior cuisine, he must go to America and bully them to their faces. And so like Don Quixote tilting at windmills Monsieur Orgueilleux came to New York, the Paris of America, to do battle with any restaurateur foolish enough to cross swords with him.

Misc. Despite his...interesting personality, he is somehow reputedly happily married to a beautiful woman and has several children. It helps that she's probably as prideful as he is. Gerard doesn't talk about his home life much, an old habit from his special forces days so le enemy wouldn't have a profile of who they should le kidnap.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2022 8:26 am
by Caliland
Nova Catania wrote: -snip-

Voxija wrote: -snip-

Talchyon wrote: -snip-

Constaniana wrote: -snip-

All accepted! Welcome to The New Amsterdam Daily!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 9:28 am
by Caliland
Just a reminder, the IC thread will be put up before the end of the week. I'm still waiting to see if anyone else will join.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 10:26 am
by Deblar
Tag for interest

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 11:16 am
by Deblar
Character Application

Name: Frank “Footlong” Davidson
Sex: male
Age: 46
Appearance: think Dwight from The Office

Position: Political Collumnist, Opinion Piece Writer

Frank, or “Footlong”, as people call him (you’ll find out why soon), is an interesting specimen. He is a quirky and outgoing fellow, who just about always has something to say about almost everything. He speaks his mind, so if he’s unhappy or annoyed about anything, you’ll definitely know it. He also has a very keen, or as most say, insane, interest in politics, and he has political ambitions of his own. Just one problem; he has the political IQ of “a $5 Footlong”, as his superior Victoria Oliver says (hence his nickname). His solutions to hot-button issues, like abortion rights and racial discrimination, are, in a word, unconventional; he has proposed allowing only half of women to get an abortion to satisfy both pro-life and pro-choice, and has proposed solving racism by having everyone meet in the middle…No literally, his plan is to have a racial awareness meeting in the literal geographical center of the United States to promote everyone “getting along”. These are only a couple of plenty of other wacky ideas.

Skills: Knows an insane amount about politics; he’s able to name every active member of the New York State Senate off the top of his head, along with plenty of other useless political facts.
Weaknesses: not the sharpest tool in the shed, much too persistent for his own good, rather large ego
Likes: Politics, Chinese food, politics, writing about and studying political developments, did I mention politics?
Dislikes: DeMarcus (he finds his lack of interest in or knowledge of politics disturbing), political apathy in all of its forms, the current American political scene (he finds all of the Democratic vs. Republican ordeals “boring”), the establishment (again, it’s boring), Reaganomics
Goals: one day run for public office

Frank Davidson was born in the Washington DC area to a politician father and a trophy wife mother. His dad was a corrupt politician who served in the US House of Representatives, and he often showed Frank around the Capitol grounds, birthing Frank’s passion for politics. When Frank was in college, his father’s corruption was made public, and things fell apart in his family in large proportions; his mother got a divorce to save face and Frank himself publicly distanced himself from his disgraced father, who would resign from his position Nixon style and retire to a quiet life in his home state of Maryland, where he would pass away a few years later.

Frank, meanwhile, earned a degree in Political Science and would move to New York City, where he would then study journalism for four years at Brooklyn College. After graduating, he became an independent political journalist, covering breaking political news out of Washington DC and Albany, a gig he rather enjoyed, however the lack of recognition for his work is what he didn’t like; he’s the kind of person who wants to impact the world while being seen doing it. Eventually, he wound up at the New Amsterdam Daily, where’d he’d rise the ranks over the years (somehow) and eventually wind up in his current position, which he’s held for about 7 years. He has a goal of one day running for public office and “restoring honor to the Davidson name that was tainted by my father”, but he’s put those dreams on hold to focus on his career.

Lately, with the Daily putting its focus on the upcoming electoral season, Frank has been in Heaven, really getting into his element. Expect him to be one of, if not the, most productive employees in the entire office.

Misc. His political ideology? If anything, probably radical centrism on a lot of drugs

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 7:17 pm
by Hopal
Looks interesting, I'll try to get an app up tomorrow.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:04 am
by Novyy Stristia
Character Application

Name: Brady Biggs
Sex: Male
Age: 29 (the big 3-0 comes in a month!)
Appearance: Paul Rudd. I’d say a young Paul Rudd but he simply does not age.

Position: Reporter, occasional columnist

Personality: Biggs is a joker, first and foremost. He loves to have a smile on his face and he’s always in an upbeat three coffees deep mood. Biggs is in his element when he’s at a party or in a crowd and he likes to keep the office lively by interacting with (and antagonising some) coworkers. He’s fast to be loyal to those he cares about, quickly adopting his boss’s rivalries with fellow newspapers. No one could say he isn’t an extrovert, but while he might seem to be busier playing hard than working hard, he always turns his work in on time and well done because the only thing he’s crazier about than having a good time is his writing.
Skills: A great writer, charismatic, naturally lucky.
Weaknesses: Struggles to take charge in of his life, immature, doesn’t care about fudging some of the news
Likes: Writing fiction (and maybe a little sometimes blending it with reality, who can really say?), the Mets, goofing off with his friends/coworkers, dancing/singing in the shower, a good soft pretzel.
Dislikes: Anything French bar the fries, the Yankees, The New York Tribune/Herald, lectures from Grant about “journalistic integrity.”
Goals: Finally write his own book.

Biography: Brady Biggs was born the youngest of three boys in Brooklyn, with a stay at home mom and a military father. From a young age he traveled the world as his father was deployed in various places each with their own unique culture, including France (which he developed a deep dislike for), Germany, Japan, and Hawaii. It was during his youth that his experience influenced his life’s dream: he would be a superhero. Sadly for Brady Biggs, not all dreams come true, but by his senior year of high school his life would change for forever. He had joined the book club in an attempt to impress a girl he was interested in, only to become fascinated with the written word. He loved the stories that they could tell and places that they could take you to, from the centre of the Earth of a far away supernova. Biggs went to college for a degree in writing and dreamed all the while of making his own magnum opus. He graduated and was finally ready to make good on that desire when his father was hurt severely in a car accident and could no longer walk. Biggs wanted to be able to provide for his parents and ease their burden, so he applied for a job at the New Amsterdam Daily (he loved the name) and got to work making a (wow, that’s it? That’s all he makes? This isn’t cheap labour this is modern day serfdom!) passable wage for himself and his family, thinking he could put off his dreams for another time when he was older. He learned he loved writing for a captive audience, providing his special blend of fact and maybe not so fact that readers loved and certain executives hated. Now he’s fast approaching thirty and things are getting dark for Biggs in terms of time, but he always keeps a bright attitude hoping someday it’ll all work out.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 6:44 am
by Caliland
Deblar wrote: -snip-

I can see that it's a work in progress, but consider yourself accepted!

Novyy Stristia wrote: -snip-

Accepted, welcome aboard!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 12:03 pm
by Hopal
Character Application

Name: Martha McDow
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Appearance: Young, 5'6, Medium-Long Strawberry Blonde Hair, Rather Pale Skin

Position: City Hall Reporter

Personality: Martha is a giddy and energetic person, she's still very much an inspired visionary who believes in this romanticized image of a journalist bringing the people the full unfiltered truth, not yet corrupted by the reality of life, and is very naïve to the realities of life. She's rather kind, though not very considerate, and thinks very selfishly, holding to no loyalties to anyone, only staying with The Daily because no one else would take her on and pay her more, and she has a very short attention span.
Skills: Charismatic and can often get what she needs out of people, She can almost always find the right words and is a good writer
Weaknesses: Perfectionist and can almost never meet deadlines, Easily Distracted, Very Bad at Time Management
Likes: Cake, Anything Sugary, Social Media, Parties, Nightclubs
Dislikes: Ignorant Old People (Like Victoria Oliver and Phil Goldman), Vegetables, Most Current Politicians (she sees them as "too dramatic" and say "never get anything done"), Social Conservatives, Stalwarts, Frank Davidson, Most of the Staff at The Daily
Goals: Pay off Student Debt, Get a Major Role on One of the National Networks

Biography: Martha McDow was born to a higher middle class banking family in Northern Northern New Jersey, in the suburbs of New York, even though of her family were bankers, both of her parents were lawyers. Martha had always wanted to be a lawyer like her parents, which was much to the disappointment of her grandparents. She seemed to disappoint her family a lot, she out a student loan to study Political Science at Cornell, in hopes of applying for law school after getting her bachelor's degree. But she never did very well in school, she was always missing deadlines and her grades were always mediocre at best. But she would never go to law school, as all of her applications were rejected. She was a kind of at a loss for what to do, but after were one her university friends rejected a position at the declining New Amsterdam Daily Martha decided to apply, and settled for journalism as her chosen career path, changing her dreams too. Once hired she would be put in as a City Hall Reporter, staying there for the six years since her hiring, and in that time the number of City Hall Reporters have dwindled for the New Amsterdam Daily as the prestige of newspaper has declined as people have left, leaving Martha as one of the more senior reporters in City Hall. She's tried to leave the New Amsterdam Daily on many occasions, but all of those attempts failed, either because her track record had turned others off, or they didn't offer to pay her enough. Now she faces the busiest time of her career, election time, with an editor in overdrive.


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by Caliland
Hopal wrote: -snip-

Accepted! Welcome to The New Amsterdam Daily.

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by Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States
Character Application

Name: Erich Grünfeld-Walendau
Sex: Male
Age: 64
Appearance: PierreProudhon (adding picture later)

Position: Financial writer

Personality: Erich is a reserved, quiet individual, and well-known for being somewhat of a grouch. He can be jolly, though, under the right circumstances. These emotions people generally have to figure out from context, since it can be hard to understand what Erich is actually saying; whether it is just a regular comment or some kind of vague metaphor. Erich is incredibly bad at small talk and proud of that fact, and conversations with him have a tendency to end on grand philosophical statements. Talking about the weather is a sure way to invite a comment on how capitalism has comodified dryness by selling umbrellas instead of distributing them freely among the workers.
Skills: Erich is a brilliant philosopher with a genius mind for finance and material analysis. He has the memory of an elephant too, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the US economy. He can also build an IED with regular office supplies and can fire a sub machine gun with pinpoint accuracy, two extremely useless skills in an office.
Weaknesses: His writing is so dense and requires so much knowledge about further literature and anarchist nomenclature that it is incomprehensible. Nobody has the faintest idea what he writes about, and most assume that that is because they don’t understand finance. Erich lacks the social awareness to know that he bores the living daylights out of anyone he talks to. He does get invited to talk on big events just because people suspect he is saying something others understand, and as such, everyone pretends to know what he is talking about.
Likes: Bonbons and other chocolates, the smell of gun grease and petrol, writing and musing philosphically, communism, his cluttered office
Dislikes: Any form of activism that does not conform to his ideas of the perfect anarchist revolution (this includes any and all activism), reformist and incrementalist parliamentarian politics, revisionist (everyone), Solomon (bourgeouis dog)
Goals: The violent over throw of the state in a ideologically pure uprising that exactly conforms to the principles of academic Marxism and subsequent theories by great anarchists authors.

Biography: Erich was born into a relatively wealthy upper middle class family in Bonn, West Germany, in 1957. Both his parents were HR managers and bourgeouis dogs, so Erich ran away after he become 18, fuelled by a desire to learn more about anarcho-communist theory. He roamed the country for some time until he joined the Rote Armee Fraktion at age 19. It was there that is love for radical action was truly awakened, and that he got his first taste of Marxist philosophy. He became a writer for the movement, but from an early age he developed a writing style so sophisticated that only he could really understand what he was saying. It was abstract, lacking in useful examples and filled with metaphors more confusing than the information it was trying to explain.

This was eventually what saved him from life imprisonment after he was arrested, since neither the prosecution nor the judges could make much sense of his writings, and thus it was impossible to tell whether he really agreed with the RAF. In 1985 he was convicted to twenty years imprisonment, of which he served fifteen. He used his time in prison to develop his philosophy and writing further, only increasing its dense nature and unreadibility. His books, however, were translated into Faroese, where his literature received an avid readership. This income allowed him to move to the United States. He spent some time as a bohemian writer in the New York art scene, going to college to study bourgeouis economics, and eventually he found employment with the New Amsterdam Daily, primarily based on his book sale figures (entirely inside the Faroese islands). He has been a finance writer ever since, and because of this the New Amsterdam Daily is well-read in Europe. Or rather, one tiny Danish-owned part of it. The switch from general news to political news irks him, because of his disdain for reformist parliamentarian politics.

Misc.: In every article, Erich calls for the violent overthrow of capitalism and the death of all fat cats, but since his writing is so incredibly dense bordering on the incomprehensible, no-one has figured that out yet, including the editor-in-chief, who assumes it’s just because he doesn’t understand finance.

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by Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States
I hope Erich and Phil can get along.

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by Caliland
Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States wrote: -snip-

Accepted! Welcome to The New Amsterdam Daily.
Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States wrote:I hope Erich and Phil can get along.

Something tells me they'll be bickering all day.

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by Caliland

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by Meretica
Fyi, I'll be posting from the nation Maugrym from now on

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by Talchyon


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by Madrinpoor
Character Application

Name: Marlon Yates
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Appearance: Greg Kinnear, You've Got Mail

Position: Head Photographer

Personality: Kind of eccentric, never gets discouraged, overly micromanaging, thinks of himself as much more artistic than he actually is, his email handle is, still uses AOL, hates authority and often flagrantly disregards it, pesters people about things until they get done, hints that he's gay even though he's really not because he thinks it gives him more cred in the art world
Skills: Quite a good photographer, has connections (somehow), doesn't ever give up on anything no matter how awful it is
Weaknesses: Absolutely hopeless with women, wastes time taking pictures nobody will use, not particularly impartial, annoyingly artsy, if you spend three minutes with him you'd get fed up, but in the end he still manages to take good pictures with a smug expression
Likes: Godard, black and white photography, beatniks (wishes he was a part of that generation), watered down vodka, all food, 90s gangsta rap (go figure), hair gel
Dislikes: "Crassness", Republicans, action movies, most of the Time Magazine editorial staff, publishers, beer, gasoline, people who don't know what they're doing doing anything
Goals: Publish his photography book, find love, become so well known that there's a Marlon Yates Photography Award

Biography: Marlon Yates was born in 1988 to Hare Krishna-practicing parents in San Francisco, which tells you most of what you need to know about his childhood. From a young age, he thought he was different from everyone else because he was going to be a famous artist and they would all be losers. The only school he got into was Kalamazoo College, where he got a dual major in philosophy and art and therefore wasted his parent's money. He moved to New York City but obviously he couldn't find any jobs and ended up working as a waiter — then quit in a hough, sold everything, and moved to Amsterdam, where he learned to appreciate weed and bike four hours a day. After only a year in Amsterdam, he moved back to the States, this time becoming a drag queen in North Carolina.

His drag queen career didn't work out, and he suffered a mid-life crisis at age 25. His dad had bought shares in Huawei when it was $4, and now was a successful businessman in China. Marlon asked his dad for money, and used it to buy a camera and a horrific Sebring-Vanguard Citicar and interview for a job at Time Magazine — they somehow discovered his drag queening days and hired him for diversity even though he isn't gay. Marlon shrugged and went to work.

At first he got no assignments because he had no experience with cameras. Then, one day, one of the photographers supposed to photograph an AIDS march was sick and Marlon filled in — and he managed to photograph the exact moment a cop hit a protestor in the balls with a billy club, a photo that would go on to win national acclaim, get Marlon a permanent spot on the Time photography crew, and put ideas of photography greatness into his head. He worked for Time for a while, then left to work for a startup newspaper that catered mainly to Fijian diaspora, and when that newspaper went under he returned to Time. Then, he left Time again, this time to work for the New Amsterdam Daily covering the elections in New York. He's about to start his first day. He's also working on a photography book of food in low light situations, which he hopes to finish soon but will never get published.

Misc. Once was given the opportunity to create a cover page for Time Magazine — the article was discontinued because of the excessive use of black and white spirals "gave an old man a seizure."


Not 100% sure I want to go through with this, I just wanted to put this app out there.

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by Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States
Hahahaha, I seem to have misread the opening post, Cali :p But nice save on your part, will pay better attention.

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So, what's the general timeline we're looking at here?