Shattered Stars (fallout/IC/Signups)

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Shattered Stars (fallout/IC/Signups)

Postby The Democratic Republic of Nytoa » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:33 am

Background: In 2077 after escalating tension the nuclear war happened, hundreds of years later the effects govern life with Vegas falling to the legion in the second battle of Hoover dam as the NCR funds rebellions in the legion. With the western Brotherhood destroyed the remaining Brotherhoods in disarray the Enclave has returned and is the undisputed ruler of the New York (city and state) wasteland with the diamond city overrun by thousands of feral ghouls and death claws from Boston. The outcasts have been destroyed by the eastern Brotherhood after staging one final attack and failing. Despite losing Vegas it was quickly forgotten by the public after there victory over the legion leading to a quarter of its territory being taken. The remnants of the US army that didn’t join the enclave have created the nation of American West Virginia. A communist state has risen in the Midwest with a population of 200k . The followers of the apocalypse have taken the boneyard. As the world reaches 2305 everything knows something big is going to happen soon…

1. Follow the NS TOS
2. My rule is law
3. The code is WOOP put this in you app
4. Custom countries are allowed but keep them reasonable
5. No godmodding
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Postby Tysoania » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:03 pm

Museum of Dave, New Olney
Republic of Dave

"And here, you can see the Deathclaw skull that Dave personally retrieved. Legend says that he killed the Deathclaw with only a hunting knife!" Elsie Freeman gestured to the Deathclaw skull sitting proudly in a gleaming glass and wood display case, and the tourists listening to her ooh'd and aah'd over it. Although the Museum had been in its current spot in New Olney for over 5 years, tourists still came in every day from all over the Republic to learn about the history of the Republic and its idolized founder. Not that Elsie was complaining, because it meant that she got to keep her job as the Museum curator.

"And on the opposite wall is Dave's trusty hunting rifle. It was with this rifle at his side that Dave made his legendary trek to Underworld and Rivet City in the Capital ruins to convince them to join the Republic of Dave in rejecting the dictatorships of the Brotherhood and the Enclave. This rifle was recovered from the spot where Dave fell leading the famous charge into the Brotherhood lines at the Battle of the Purifier, which is shown in a painting down the hall." Elsie was fairly certain that, by now, everyone in the Republic had heard the story of the Republic's formation, but she still liked referencing it to show off that the Museum had the actual rifle, not a replica or some cheap knockoff.

Walking down the hall with the tour group in tow, she pointed to a painting of a group of people around a table. "This painting shows the representatives of the various factions meeting to hammer out the formal unification of the factions into the Republic, and if you look in the background of the painting, you can see Dave's portrait. This really shows how critical Dave was to establishing the Republic."

Elsie stopped in front of a mounted map of the Capital Wasteland and the surrounding areas, with some arrows and push pins decorating its surface. "This map shows the campaign waged by the Republic to eliminate the Brotherhood and Enclave invaders on the borderlands of the Republic of Dave, finishing off the work started by Dave. Although the liberation of the Purifier and Raven Rock gave the Republic legitimacy and military strength, it was the destruction of the invaders that truly unified the Republic. The push eastwards also allowed the Republic to join up with the settlements throughout the Merry Land Wasteland that had previously suffered without water, food, or security, adding them to the Republic and further supporting the fight for independence."

"And that concludes our tour! Feel free to wander around, and if you're feeling patriotic, we've got a donation box at the entrance for the Dave Patriotic Fund. All caps collected go to our troops in Appalachia." The group began to disperse as some of the tourists began pulling out cameras, and not seeing anyone with questions, Elsie walked back to the front desk at the entrance to the Museum. That had been the last tour for the day, and in a few hours, she would shoo any stragglers out before sweeping the wooden floors, turning off the lights, and heading home for the night. She might have to stop by the market on the way home, she thought; she needed to pick up some tatos for dinner, but wasn't sure if her husband would buy some on his way back from work at the Olney Powerworks. She decided that she'd get some; better safe than sorry, especially with the recent fluctuations in food prices. The demand for resources for the Appalachia Campaign was starting to affect life everywhere, even in the capital of New Olney.

Camp Shepherd, Appalachian Territories

Camp Shepherd was the farthest reach of Republic authority in Appalachia, and it was very apparent to Fourth-Commander Bob Beets. The camp had been built here to ensure that the Republic held a bridge across the Potomac River for a theoretical attack on Martin's Town, but it seemed that that was as far as the Republic was going to get. The 2nd Army, in which 4th-Cdr Beets commanded a squad of 10 troops, had arrived here in Camp Shepherd a month ago and done nothing since, having been bogged down in guerrilla warfare against American West Virginia, who also claimed this part of Appalachia. Although the 2nd Army had some 300 soldiers and artillery available, Command had not yet ordered an advance on their probable target of Martin's Town, and as a result, 4th-Cdr Beets had watched the enemy take the opportunity to fortify the town against an assault. Although the Republic had clashed with AWV on a handful of occasions, they had been minor skirmishes and it seemed that both sides were waiting for the other to make the first move. To Beets, it just seemed like a waste.

Beets' last mission, two days ago, had been to make contact with the settlers at a hospital just outside Martin's Town and see if they were open to the Republic's goal of annexation. On the trek there, he had marveled at how clean the entire area was, compared to the Capital Wasteland that he had grown up in, and the lack of defenses at the hospital had thrown him for a loop. Luckily, the unit hadn't had to engage them, as the promise of food and water had worked wonders, as usual. By comparison, Camp Shepherd seemed like a shantytown on return. Guards wandered everywhere, tents and mud sprawled as far as the eye could see, and the sound of construction rang out day and night from the bridge across the river.

Hopefully, though, that was about to change. As Beets sat in his tent, reading the orders that had just arrived, his mind began to race. The 2nd Army had finally made up its mind to begin an offensive soon, as soon as the last of its artillery arrived at the front from the armouries back in the heartland. Beets was to take his unit north to an old village called Bedington and begin probing the outer defenses of Martin's Town, which lay just south of Bedington. Further orders would await him there.

The game was afoot.

Republic troops begin moving to the northern and southern flanks of Martin's Town
Artillery finishes moving into position at the front
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