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Northern Socialist Council Republics
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Postby Northern Socialist Council Republics » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:41 am

SFS Frihed, Commonwealth Naval Command 1st Fleet, Dogger Bank (148km from the coast of Airstrip One),
03rd of January, Year 936 of the Nuclear Era

Captain Sigrid Rasmusdatter, responsible for the flagship of the 1st Fleet, tracked the hostile fleet through her detection systems.

That there were foreign ships in the vicinity of the NSRS, foreign warships at that, was a sign of how lax the Ministry of Peace had gotten in its security over the past years of reconciliation. If it was up to her, she'd already have given the orders to drive these foreign savages out of these sacred waters. Unfortunately for her, the Party decreed that no offensive military actions would be taken until their situation could be more properly ascertained, and the situation had not yet been so ascertained.

It was obvious enough that their neighbours had all been suddenly replaced. The question was, replaced with what? The Continental States seemed to have consolidated into a heretic empire, this "People's Republic" of Germany, while to the east the Soviet Union seems to have taken the place of Panslavia.

Honestly, Sigrid just wanted the servants of the people in the Ministry of Peace to make a decision already. Either turn on their radios and put Treaties of Amity and Cooperation before these new neighbouring states, or let her shoot these heretics and savages out of the water. Above all, put an end to this indecisive strategy of remaining silent, doing nothing, and just quietly tailing the activities of these new neighbours.


Alas, while the wheels of the Party turned decisively with crushing torque, they most certainly did not turn quickly.
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Doje Islands
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Postby Doje Islands » Sun Jul 18, 2021 11:00 am

This post was retconned out of existence. Sorry for bothering you.
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Fenvaria Republic
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Postby Fenvaria Republic » Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:57 pm

January 2nd, ISOT year 0
Government quarter, New Gneisenau
Location: Scotland

It was a quiet and snowy day within the city of New Gneisenau, the capital of the New Gneisenau colony, the snow fluttered downward and covered the streets and sidewalks of the city as the early morning commuters began their travels. For the moment you couldn't tell that this peaceful city had been suddenly transported to a new world thanks to an artifact that was recovered simply months before. However, two days ago it decided to teleport the whole colony here, to this unknown world. Militant Governor Tsaregorodtsev Yelisey Yanovich, leader of the New Gneisenau colony sighed as he looked out the window of his armored personnel carrier and saw the falling snow and people walking by. He also noticed an increase in Home Guard and Army patrols throughout the city. It was not surprising as yesterday, some separatists attempted to target his APC but this plot was unraveled by the Home Guard and Imperial Security Ministry. All of the terrorists were quickly executed for treason, conspiracy to commit treason and several accounts of illegal weapon possession.

It did not surprise him, seperatist fighters and terrorist attacks had been increasingly common before the Event. As the New Gneisenau colony sat on the border with the Independent Region, a region of space that managed to break away from the Empire and the Commonwealth after the 17 Years War. Thus, independence fighters from this region would migrate to the border colonies and stir up trouble. Also, the Region was now becoming a hotbed for Commonwealth and Imperial expansion, with colonies getting absorbed and tensions running high again.

However, the politics and the tensions of their old realm no longer mattered to the Militant Governor. He had a duty to the Iron Emperor, to ensure stability and order of the colony, to protect the colony from all foreign and domestic threats. And by the Great Wolf Mother he was going to that. Once that had been achieved he then would prioritize re-establishing contact with the wider Empire.

“My lord, we are almost to the Government Quarter, we are passing through the West Gate now.” commented the driver. Soon the vehicle was filled with artificial light as they entered a tunnel and for a brief second he could see what appeared to be an armored building with several heavy machine guns on it.

The Government Quarter, also known as the Citadel, was perhaps one of the most well defended positions within the city and even the colony. It happens to be one of the oldest sections of the colony, tracing its roots back to the first military base and the original landing site. Over time its purpose would change, going from housing colonists to housing government officials and various departments as the colony expanded. Its defenses would also improve, going from simple but effective defenses to the massive and imposing defensive structures that now made up its area. Its massive walls were lined with artillery positions, wall mounted guns, bunkers, and various other defenses. For anyone to invade an Imperial city and not expect a long siege was a daunting task, but to face down the citadel was let alone suicide.

The Citadel was split into several sections with each of them having their own purpose, however they all surrounded a massive fort like structure within the citadel. This building was known as the Keep, this heavily fortified building had two main functions, it served as the last and final line of defense. But it also served as a meeting place for the colony’s political figures.

Stepping out of the APC, Militant Governor Tsaregorodtsev Yelisey Yanovich as he pulled a cigar out of his cigar case and pulled out his lighter. He then cupped his free hand around the end of the cigar and lit it. The flame of the lighter burned the end of the cigar until it turned amber. The governor then flicked the cap of the lighter close and took a drag from his cigar which was soon followed by a thick cloud of white-grey smoke as he walked up the concrete grey steps of the Keep which was covered in clumps of white from the constant snowfall.

“Militant Governor” spoke a voice beside him, when he looked to the side he saw one of his guards, a Jagershcultze. These soldiers were the basic infantry of the Imperial Army, and are damn good fighters. The soldier wore the standard issue Mk IV combat uniform, but instead of a helmet the soldier wore a green beret. Their webbing differs from the standard issue rifle webbing, instead opting for one submachine gun magazine pouch and a pistol holster with magazine pouch. “Quite snowy out today, huh?”

“Indeed corporal” replied the Militant Governor with a smile on his face as he held the cigar in one hand. “I must say it's quite the pretty sight, it reminds me too much of home.” he then sighed

“Indeed sir, it is quite like home...hopefully there are not a lot of predators lurking out there beyond the walls.”

“Well, hopefully the Council has something good to report during the next meeting.” chuckled the Militant Governor, both of them continued to walk up the stairs of the Keep. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the Militant Governor was greeted by two massive solid oak doors which swung open and he walked into a grand, well lit atrium. However, he was not here to enjoy the comfort of the atrium, he was here to meet with the council. Wasting no time, the man quickly headed to the stairs and then off to the Council Chambers.

“Lord Captain Nikitovich, do you have anything to report about the Imperial Decree’s construction?” asked the Militant Governor looking at the Lord Captain as he took another draw from his cigar.

Duranichev Miron Nikitovich dark grey canid-like ears perked up and his copper-blue eyes looked up from the report in front of him. Adjusting his grey uniform jacket, he then cleared his throat and spoke, “My lord, so far everything is progressing well, we managed to procure the electronics and materials to finish her construction before the Event. If things go well, she will be ready to join the rest of the fleet in seven weeks time.”

“Good, I would like that escort carrier completed as soon as possible. We are in unfamiliar waters and we do not know what the rest of the world is like. We only have a faint idea of what this world holds.” commented the Militant Governor with a sigh as he picked up some papers and shuffled them.

Then Major Annina Oksanen, commander of the colony’s Imperial Security Ministry cleared her throat, her feline-like ears and tail flicking. “Speaking of aggression, I am worried about this...Commonwealth of America. There talks about world revolution and breaking the chains are concerning. We have been able to trace the message and determine its point of origin, and it is uncomfortably close to our furthest colony. This could pose significant problems in the future, as we do not know how they would react to our nation and/or our territorial claims.”

Major Koshkina Rakhila Vitalievna, commander of the 37th Division nodded in agreement. “Indeed, I think we should take this message with a grain of salt and learn a bit more about their nation. We dont know if they are native to this world, or simply were transported here like us.'' The cool headed fenvarian folded her hand together and leaned forward, her red-amber eyes looking at some of the other officials. “But at the same time, we should increase the defenses around the island colony, there is no telling how they would react to us.”

The feline fenvarian nodded in “Agreed, we need to know more about them to fully understand their intent. Militant Governor, with your permission I would like to send a message to this Commonwealth of America, and attempt to engage in diplomacy with them.”

The Militant Governor took the cigar out of his mouth and began to tap it against the side of the ash tray while exhaling a cloud of smoke. “Agreed, you may engage in diplomacy with them, in the meantime....” He pondered for a moment before looking at the Lord Captain of the Navy, “If you can, Lord Captain, I would like the fleet to increase its patrols around our waters. Do we have the materials to build another ship?”

“Yes my lord, we have the materials to build two additional Type 250 Heavy Cruisers or four additional Type 114 Escort Destroyers. After that we only have the materials to repair and maintain our current fleet.”

“Good, for now, order an additional Type 114 Escort Destroyer. I would like to reinforce the fleet around our furthest outpost against any sort of aggression that might come towards it. I fear a single Type 250 Heavy Cruiser will not be enough.”

“As you wish.” nodded the Lord Captain with a smile, as he pulled out his pen and started to write down a note about the Type 114 destroyer.

“Now that is out of the way, we have a more important manner of resources.” Commented the head of Urban Development with a sigh. “I have put forth the following plan to survey the surrounding land and ensure that we have a stable supply of resources. Partnering with the Public Health Ministry, and the military, we can ensure the continued growth of our colony.” Finishing the older and clear cut fenvarian, she then handed out one thick pamphlet to each of the Council members. “Now please turn to page one of the hand out.”

To: People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth of America
From: Office of the Militant Governor, New Gneisnau Colony, Thalduhm Empire
To whom it concerns,
Greetings from the Thalduhm Empire, we acknowledge and accept your olive branch of peace and cooperation. To fully understand this world and the nations that inhabit it, we would like to engage in some level of diplomacy with your nation. If it is possible, we would like to meet a diplomat from your nation. We have set up a meeting place for your diplomat to visit, or if you prefer we can send a diplomat to your nation.

Nach vorne! In die Hölle!
Militant Governor Tsaregorodtsev Yelisey Yanovich, governor of the New Gneisenau Colony, Thalduhm Emperor.
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Wasi State
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Postby Wasi State » Sun Jul 18, 2021 8:16 pm

ImageThe Second Soviet-Japanese War
One Final War...

North Sakhalin, off the coastline
Strait of Tartary

After receiving a rather, ill-suitable answer from the Russians currently occupying declared "Core" Reich territory in Sakhalin. The call was sent to Tokyo for permission to engage with extreme prejudice with the Ultimate Enemy that was the Soviet Union, which was soon granted by the Reichskommissariat himself. They needed any kind of victory and badly to keep their regime propped up in spite of rampant internal strife, something to unite the German occupiers with their Japanese subjects, a common enemy they both hated.

Soon naval guns were quickly bombarding key infrastructure points in North Sakhalin in a never ending barrage without a care in the world and equally without warning, even destroying the section of the Trans-Siberian Railway that connected Sakhalin with mainland Asia in a effort of total destruction towards Soviet efforts to reinforce the island. The War was only just beginning, and this only meant the start of a very bloody conflict.

It was very clear at this point that the very concept of peace, for a long while, would not be an option in any case. If the Germans saw a Soviet, they were shooting a Soviet, end of story.

Jet planes soon took to the air to dogfight Soviet air support, as well as provide their own air support to the landing marine division embarking towards Sakhalin's full capture. It's as though WWII never officially ended.
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Postby Laiakia » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:04 am

North Sakhalin, Far Eastern Front, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
January, 0

The North Sakhalin Fortified Region was in full combat readiness. Fortifications created and maintained for over three years were finally being utilized and the common 85mm anti-air guns were firing wildly at any Japanese aircraft that were flying lower than 10,500 meters above the ground. Some anti-air controllers even attempted pot-shots at planes flying even higher.

The 35th Rifle Division’s artillery and howitzer regiments were ordered to fire on the Japanese ships for full effect. The artillery would have a range of 15km, while the howitzers would fire at a range of 17km. It would hopefully be enough to put a dent in the Japanese flotilla.

Meanwhile, the 352nd Rifle Regiment along with the 196th Rifle Regiment would be mustered to fend off the Japanese marines. While they simply were penguins and polar bears, their rage and hatred of the Nazi ideology and those who followed it was strong, and they would fight firecly once they entered battle. There would be no expectation of receiving mercy from the Nazis, so they would not receive any mercy except the quick embrace of a bullet to their bloated heads.

In the skies, Soviet MiG-3s entered dogfights against the Japanese jets in an effort to break through to support the 35th Division. Five supporting Il-3 DB Torpedo Bombers carrying one 53-39 53cm torpedo each proceeded to break from cover behind the dogfighting MiGs and head straight for the bombarding fleet, flying extremely low to the water and aiming towards the Yamato.

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Postby Speyland » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:41 am

January, Year 0

From: Prime Minister Gao Hai
To: R.K. Japanese diplomat

Greetings. As punishment for attacking my ally, the Soviet Union, the Chinese Federation has decided to officially declare war on Reichskommissariat Japan as a sign of Nazi aggression. We cannot tolerate this type of action, and something has to be done. Our ties between us shall be invalid. After all, Korea is a "core" part of the Chinese Federation, and we must retake it at all costs. You made a foolish choice indeed. Farewell and prepare to meet your fate.

From: Prime Minister Gao Hai
To: Soviet diplomat

Greetings. The Chinese Federation shall support the Soviet Union in a conflict against Nazi Japan, and our reason should be valid. In other words, the Chinese Federation has officially declared war on them. Our bond will be kept to penetrate through the dangers of Nazism and a threat against the working class. With the art of war, Nazi Japan will understand that they should've declared war on the Soviet Union in the first place. They made a foolish decision, and something has to be done. We'll see you on the battlefield. Farewell for now, and may our strength remain strong—all hail to socialism.

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Doje Islands
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Postby Doje Islands » Mon Jul 19, 2021 12:21 pm

This post was retconned out of existence. Sorry for bothering you.
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Postby Rupudska » Mon Jul 19, 2021 4:09 pm

2nd Lieutenant Patrick James “PJ” Bennett
January 2, Year 0 // Adriatic Sea // Scattered Clouds // 9:30 AM

It was the most ad-hoc thing anyone had ever seen.

Technically speaking, saying that Ustio did not have a navy as a landlocked country was a misnomer. It had a few river patrol boats, and a few lake patrol boats, most of which were arguably blue water safe. At the very least, the bay Ustio now bordered had weak enough tides that it wasn’t estimated to be a problem.

They had sent almost every single one of them to Ustio’s new coast. At least, every one that could be spared. The lake boats were transported by oversize-load trucks all through the night, the river patrol boats either by tractor trailer or the rivers themselves - some now flowed to the sea - while what few could be spared were sent to the few borders as yet undetermined.

The Ustio military hadn’t stopped there. The newly-formed Republic Navy had purchased a few privately-owned boats, the biggest they could find. All owners were compensated, but some were still purchased at cost, and some just weren’t fit as patrol boats.


As PJ looked down at the motley collection of ships he and the rest of Crow Team were escorting across the sea, in an attempt to make contact with the nation discovered on the nearby peninsula, he couldn’t help but chuckle - and feel a little bit unconfident.

The “flagship” of the diplomatic fleet, such as it was, was a 75-foot pleasure yacht that had belonged to some minor government official. It was brand new, so he was a little pissed he lost it so quickly, but he had been well compensated. It was bright white with an enclosed cabin, galley, and bar… and it had taken most of the night to remove the strip club look the living space had been given, complete with stripper poles.

Escorting it were two of the lake patrol boats, still with their old paint jobs - the Republic of Ustio Navy didn’t even have a proper jack, yet, so every ship but the yacht was flying the national flag on each pole. The yacht itself carried a white flag of parley on the largest one. There were also two river patrol boats acting as scouts - not very good ones for ocean work, as their radar wasn’t powerful enough for proper beyond-the-horizon contact with anything not playing music.

<<Crow Team, this is the diplomatic team. Anything yet? Your radar is probably better than ours.>>

Right. He still had a job to do. He was lucky in a few ways - he still had his job, he still had his girlfriend, and most of his money and things had been in Ustio since before the war, anyway.

<<Nothing heading for us, yet - but we’re in what would have been international waters, so that may change.>>

He wouldn’t have to wait for long. It was rather sudden, but the radar started pinging -- and picking up a number of ships coming from the west toward his ship.

<<Surface contacts, southwest - they’re heading for us!>> PJ called out. Straining his eyes, he could just make out plumes of… smoke? Were they on fire?

No, that was impossible with the speeds they were making. Steam-powered ships. Of all things!

<<I make out… two, no, three surface vessels,>> said his wingman - callsign Trapper - as Crow Team turned to investigate.

<<Should we slow down?>> asked the captain of the yacht, clearly a little nervous.

<<...negative. No, not just yet,>> PJ said after a few seconds. <<They’ve made no course changes, so if they see us, they don’t look like they want a fight. Besides, we’re flying the flag of parley, our weapons are safe, and you’re way faster than any steam ship could ever be. If they are hostile, you’ll want that speed.>>

<<Attention foreign vessels, attention foreign vessels: this is Captain Gaius Aelius of the Carthaginian Imperial Steamship ‘Sword of the Dawn.’ You have entered Imperial Waters, and I have been authorized by the General of the Roman Province to make contact. You must halt where you are and identify yourselves; failure to comply or reply will be taken as hostile action,>> a voice spoke in Carthaginian/Hebrew, <<until the General can make contact with the Roman Sufetes and Adirim, and a proper diplomat can be sent, under Imperial Law I am authorized to serve as a temporary diplomat until the Honorable Sufetes and the Adirim of Carthage can be contacted and send an envoy to represent the Empire’s interests at large. If you understand and comply, reply as soon as possible.>>

There was silence on the Ustian radio channels for several seconds.

<<Well they don’t SOUND hostile!>> said Ferret, PJ’s third.

<<Yeah, Crow to diplomatic team, those were definitely, uh, words. In the clear, no less. It sounded Levantine? Do you have anyone on board who speaks that?>>

<<As a matter of fact,>> said a new voice, older and gravelly, <<there is. The diplomat on board. Captain, if you would heave to, and order our escorts to do the same.>>

There was a bit of shuffling around on the radio, then the voice spoke again as the diplomatic vessels began to slow to a stop, the escorts turning to port or starboard depending on their position.

<<To the captain of the “Carthaginian Imperial Steamship” Sword of the Dawn -greetings! I am Edvard Scheinberg, former diplomat of the Republic of Ustio to the Blessed Republic of the Levant, and current prospective diplomat to… well, I believe your Carthage, now. What wonderful coincidence, that both nations speak Hebrew!>>

He chuckled over the radio.

<<This ship is… well, I don’t quite know what it was called before, but it is currently the diplomatic vessel the Reliant. The other vessels are our escorts - the event that brought us here changed our very geography, and Ustio was landlocked until yesterday, so forgive their eclectic nature. The craft in the air are our aerial escorts - they will stay on our side of international waters, if you would prefer. Would you prefer to come aboard the Reliant, or should I come aboard your splendid vessel instead?>>

<<Very well, Envoy Scheinberg, I understand all too well the changes brought about by the recent… transition. Nonetheless, I am afraid I cannot board your vessel at this time, but I will gladly invite you aboard the Sword to host these talks. I am predominantly authorized to make only very temporary agreements and arrangements; a proper diplomat may be dispatched to your lands through any land border we may share or by sea to one of your new ports if possible, to make more permanent and firm deals and arrangements. Is this all agreeable? You may, of course, bring guards if they make you more comfortable>> Gaius Aelius stopped speaking once again.

<<That is all agreeable,>> Scheinberg said. <<I will be bringing guards, but otherwise, the Reliant will be the only vessel to approach yours.>>

He switched to the comms channel. <<Well, gentlemen, I suppose this is the part where you tell me ‘good luck.’ Crow team, if you would be so kind as to return to national waters, for now. The captain tells me the Carthaginian ship is a dreadnought and does not appear to be armed with guided missiles, so we should be perfectly safe.>>

The Sword slowly pulled up to the Reliant, utterly dwarfing it in size. As it pulled to a stop, the engines all hissed and the large smoke towers let out a loud whine as larger amounts of smoke pumped into the air for a moment before slowing down, the smoke slowly stopping altogether. The hull of the ship hissed suddenly as well, releasing small bouts of steam as a side of it slowly shifted and lowered, becoming a staircase that halted its descent and its extension when it was about a foot or so away from the Reliant’s deck.

At that point, two Carthaginian soldiers in light armor descended the stairs, one moving to step foot on the Reliant’s deck, using cables to connect/tie the staircase to the deck of the other ship without pushing the staircase onto the deck or adding weight. The soldier on the staircase still watched this process, before nodding slightly, and then turning and ascending the stairs again. The soldier that had boarded turned around.

“Envoy Scheinberg, we are ready to receive you,” the soldier’s voice was warm, as the facemask/faceplate was removed and hanging off of his neck.

The Reliant was big… by the standards of the type of craft it was. As a personal watercraft, a length of 75 feet was downright excessive for fishing, and its original interior made it clear it was built to be a party boat. As did the supply of alcohol that was still on board. Some of it was foreign, and thus arguably worth more than the boat. There was an excellent bottle of Belkan schnapps...

Scheinberg felt his mind wandering. Adjusting his tie, he motioned for his two guards to follow him. One was a vaguely Sotoan man, Gerhard Platzer - dark skin, short-cropped hair, and a constant I-know-something-you-don’t smile. The other, a woman of typical “Ustian” descent, Gertrud Willenbrock - dark brown, almost black hair in a bun, glasses hiding blue eyes, and a no-nonsense appearance. Both were in Army uniforms with Navy insignias, so fresh that the brass was shiny.

Officially, they were of the Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine, Ustian naval special forces, their training modeled after Osea’s SEALs. In reality, they were Fallschirmjäger that had been transferred to the brand-new KSM. The unit was so new it just hadn’t had time to do any proper training, so their capabilities at sea were no better than any other land-based special forces.

“Well,” Scheinberg said, “here we go.” His two guards nodded, and they stepped up to the staircase and onto the Carthaginian ship.

Scheinberg found himself and his guards escorted to what looked to be the bridge, or a fairly small conference room within it. Captain Aelius sat at the head of the table, but stood when they entered.

“Welcome, Envoy Scheinberg. I am Captain Gaius Aelius,” the Captain said, inclining his head respectfully as he waved for the envoy to take a seat.

Scheinberg returned the bow, walking over to take the seat.

He had resisted the urge to keep his head on a swivel, taking in the sights of the Carthaginian ship’s interior. It had been difficult. The interior was at once Victorian and… well, not modern but certainly more advanced than that gilded age of Osean history. It reminded him of the science fiction comics from when he was a boy, in a way, though those usually involved ships like this on Mars, not on water.

His guards made no attempt to hide their curiosity, at least no more than was absolutely required by bodyguard decorum. Even in their dress uniforms, they looked out of place by half a century on board the ship as they took positions either side of Scheinberg.

“Thank you for the welcome, Captain Aelius,” the envoy said at last as he put his briefcase in his lap. “I imagine we have much to discuss, so perhaps it was for the best that we decided to do so aboard your ship. The Reliant still has the stench of cleaning chemicals in it,” he said with a chuckle, “so it might have been distracting.”

“I understand perfectly, Envoy Scheinberg,” the Captain replied as he sat down across from them, “so, to begin with, I believe we must first establish who we are representing - even if it is temporary in my case. I have already rather established my service to the Carthaginian Empire, and you have established your service to this… Utsio, yes? But we do not know one another, clearly. Given that you are my guest, I feel that you should answer questions first - and I, after. Once we have established such a rapport, I believe we can move on to discussing temporary agreements or arrangements for an envoy appointed by the Honorable Sufetes and the Adirim of Carthage to visit your esteemed nation... Is this agreeable?”

Captain Aelius quieted, waiting for Scheinberg’s response.

“Perfectly agreeable, and understandable,” Scheinberg said. At least, he assumed it was understandable. Some of the words passed right by his understanding, so he assumed they were simply titles.

“Very well,” Captain Aelius smiled slightly, “now, for my questions: first, I would like to understand the… approximate borders of your nation and the waters it claims. To avoid confusion, of course. The Empire may wish to negotiate on some matters if there is a conflict of interest, but hopefully, whatever powers have brought us here have not… created such misunderstandings. Second, I would like it if, perhaps, you could tell me a brief overview of what your nation is like, its history, its people. For future reference for any future envoys, of course, but also to help me understand you and your people.”

Captain Aelius waved over one of the other Roman lesser officers in the room, who was placing a typewriter on the table across from them to log the talks.

Scheinberg steepled his fingers for a moment, thinking. “Your first may be… a bit difficult. When our nation… “arrived” here, its geography changed radically. We can only estimate its current borders, and we have already drafted plans to push out from them, since our nation was in summer when it transferred, and is in winter now that it’s here. Might I trouble one of your crew for a map of the region?”

A Roman in a slightly less decorated uniform than the captain nodded at a Roman in a much less decorated uniform, and he left the cabin for a moment. A bit over a minute later, he came back with a paper map of Europe and placed it on the table Scheinberg was sitting at. Another came with a cup of coffee, which was accepted graciously.

“Ah, yes, this should do nicely,” he said. Pulling out a blue pen, he circled the areas presently occupied by Ustio, though he paused to look at what Carthage occupied - it was definitely larger, or at least much more spread out.

“These,” he said, “are where we found our border markers when we arrived in this new world. A completely different geography from our own, and our surveyors are still working on exact boundaries now.”

He took out a red pen, and circled a few areas outside the borders. “These are areas presently claimed for colonization - temporarily, as I understand it. With the sudden shift to winter our agricultural industry is expected to fail for the year, so we either need to set up trade deals, claim as much arable land as we can without starting wars, or both. As I understand it, the claims are entirely up for negotiation, should we find an agreeable polity interested in - or claiming - them already.”

He set the pens aside, and turned the map around so Aelius could see it.

“Now, your second question. Ustio, as an area and a people, is ancient. At the very least, it has existed as long as Belka has, and Belka has existed since the days of sword and sandals, of the last great empires of antiquity. For most of that period, our rulers were the Belkan petty kingdoms to our north and west, or the unified Belka for the past two and a half centuries. We may have maintained a sense of nation for eons, but the nationalist concept of an Ustio truly free of Belkan rule has only existed for a century or so.”

“Belka during most of the twentieth century was a prosperous nation, and powerful. It waged two wars against the Osean Federation, losing the first but winning the second, and in the latter half began to expand its military yet again in response to Osea’s increased aggression against the communist Union of Yuktobania. That said… Belka was neutral, so what Osea did next still baffles most of us in the field of diplomacy.”

“To put it simply, Belka was tricked by Osea into investing in a large-scale mining operation for resources that did not exist. Or at least, not in amounts to justify the spending. The Belkan economy nearly collapsed, and they sold their eastern territories to independence.”

He took a sip of the coffee, now cool enough to drink without blowing on it.

“This was the birth of the Republic of Ustio, on May 12th, 1988. Since then, after a shaky start, our economy was stable, if sparse - even with 25 million citizens, Ustio was never a truly industrial region. We had some mines, some factories, but for the most part Ustio was and is a nation of farmers.”

“Four months ago, mineral deposits were discovered in a mountainous area known as the Round Table. Mostly in Ustio territory, but a bit was in Belka, and a bit in Ustio. Deposits that would have paid Belka’s debts a hundredfold. Everything from the earth a modern nation could possibly need could be found there.”

“And Belka, still in debt, radicalized by revanchists, and having built up its military to unprecedented heights, decided it would take what it wanted.”

He shook his head. “Perhaps it was the last gasp of the spirit of the knights of Belka. They nearly destroyed us, sweeping through Ustio, our neighbors to the north, and even Sapin and Osea. We called out for mercenaries, from around the world, and even then it took months to remove them from our borders. We’d only just started to push into Belka ourselves, when…”

He gestured around the cabin with his mug, and out the windows at the open ocean.

“It is strange, is it not? One almost misses the certainty of war.”

“I see,” Captain Aelius nodded slightly to himself, even as he looked at the map, “it does not appear that there are any conflicts of interest, in terms of land territory, nor necessarily in terms of waters… With that matter settled, and with your succinct answer of my questions, I believe it is now your turn to ask of Carthage. I will do my best to answer.”

Scheinberg nodded. Having examined the map himself, he already had one question answered for him.

“I suppose, since you asked about our history, it would only be fair to ask Carthage’s. There was no such nation in our own history, and certainly no such geography as this, so while I would love for you to spare no detail, a brief overview will do. Your history, your people, your culture, all would help. Secondly… Carthage seems to cover such a large area, so if there are any other nations nearby you might have discovered here… which to make friendly contact with and which to avoid, it would be very welcome to learn of them. I already know of one to the north of us, a state by the name of Czechoslovakia, but as far as I’m aware they and your Carthage are the only nations we have made successful, or friendly, contact with.”

“Carthage was founded a little over two thousand years ago as a colony of Old Phoenicia,” Captain Aelius informed, pointing to an area on the map that read ‘Judea,’ “which, eventually, became powerful enough to stand alone and become its own nation. As the Carthaginians grew more powerful as merchants and marines, they eventually came to blows with my very own ancestors - the Roman Republic, on the Roman peninsula. That war decided the fate of history, for afterwards, the Empire reigned supreme over the western great sea. In that time, the lands of Old Phoenicia came to be governed and ruled as Judea, the Kingdom of Judea; and they were likened to the Empire’s cousins, and so the Empire supported the Kingdom and helped them protect themselves from their enemies.”

A brief pause as Captain Aelius waved over some drinks -- glasses full of water -- and took a sip of his own.

“The Kingdom of Judea, unfortunately, came to fall during a time of economic and religious strife within their lands, leading to the Great Exodus, in which the Judeans fled and were brought to Carthage for their own continued safety,” the Captain continued, “and afterwards, the Empire slowly but surely came to be converted to Judaism, the religion of the Judaic people. The lands that once belonged to Judea were ruled by barbarians for the following centuries, despite the Empire’s best efforts, but were eventually liberated by Muhammad, a Prophet of the Islamic faith, a new set of cousins not by blood or ancestry but by faith -- for the Children of Abraham would get along splendidly, and there has been peace for nearly the past thousand years. Peace governed by the power of Carthage and the descendant empires of Muhammad’s own followers or descendants.”

Another sip of water.

“The Carthaginian Empire is a nation of laws, of the People. For the People elect the members of the Adirim in Carthage, just as the Roman Adirim answers to the Roman People, and the Carteian Adirim answers to the Iberians, and the Massalian Adirim answers to the Gauls. The Honorable Sufetes of Carthage, alongside the Adirim of Carthage, act as the ultimate authority for the Empire’s overall actions in trade and the like; indeed, even our Generals are elected by us mere soldiers to advise the Adirim on military matters. While the Sufetes and Adirim are allowed to govern their provinces as they see fit, none may countermand Imperial Law, nor can they overreach their authority and imply they are above Carthage itself,” the Captain continued, “and Imperial Law is only adjusted, passed, or repealed via proposals within Carthage’s Adirim that are then given to the Popular Assemblies of each province, where the People themselves vote to approve or veto the Law. If it is approved and assented to by the majority of the People, it is now Imperial Law; if it is vetoed by the People, then it is struck down and cannot be proposed again for at least one election cycle. That is the way of our People, Envoy Scheinberg.”

One last pause to finish his water.

“And so, we come to what has happened to the Empire,” Captain Aelius said softly, “it seems that Carthage, Iberia, and Rome are here. Unfortunately, Gaul in its near entirety has been replaced by a nation that calls itself France. Other than that, it is only the Empire, as it has been for over a thousand years. As it will hopefully be for a thousand more.”

The Captain stopped speaking, seemingly finished with his speech.

Scheinberg nodded, having finished his water about the time the captain had.

“That is… quite the extensive tale, Captain. I have never heard of any of those countries, and yet I believe it. Which only proves that the geography of this world is completely alien to our own.”

“And yet, the religions you mention - Judaism, Islam, even Messianic Judaism though it is a dominant religion in your world instead of a tiny sect - are all familiar. Very so. It’s almost too good to be true, in a way, but…”

He gestured to the map. “One learns to take what positives life gives you, in this job. I certainly see no reason the Republic would or should not welcome friendly relations with Carthage, though, to be blunt, if this ship is what we can expect from Carthaginian technology I’m afraid food, luxury items, and raw materials may be all Carthage has to offer us.”

“I agree that there is little reason for Carthage and Ustio to be anything but friends,” Captain Aelius said, a soft smile on his face, “and as for what we have to offer one another, well… that, I think, is likely something we should leave to more formal talks. Speaking of which, while the envoy from Carthage may arrive in Rome in the next few days, there are still things they might need to prepare -- should we proceed to arrange a visit of our envoy to your nation, to commit to such formal talks?”

“That would be for the best,” Scheinberg said. “Unless your leadership would prefer for Ustio to send an envoy to Carthage. Will he be coming by a Carthaginian vessel, or would you prefer for us to provide the transportation?”

“It would be preferable if he could arrive via Carthaginian vessel, but if that is not easy to accommodate given your former landlocked status, then it would probably be best instead if I informed the envoy when they arrive in Rome when it would be best to expect you or a different Ustian envoy to arrive at Carthage,” Captain Aelius replied honestly.

Scheinberg stroked his chin, thinking. “Depending on the ship, it should be fine. If nothing else, we can erect a temporary dock for it if it comes to that. That said… this is just speculation, but I believe one of our air escorts mentioned something like an airship on radar. If it were possible, such a vessel might be an excellent choice for a VIP transport. It would certainly show our citizens you are here to help.”

“Hmm… I will have to discuss it with the envoy, but perhaps this should be possible,” Captain Aelius replied, nodding to himself, “so, let us say that in approximately two weeks’ time, we shall send an envoy aboard a transport airship if possible; or, if it is not possible for some reason, then you or a different Ustian envoy may arrive at port in Carthage proper. If you wish, I can send you back with a copy of our maps so you can plan a route accordingly.”

Scheinberg nodded. “That would be most welcome,” he said. “If nothing else, we can use it to work out where best to focus for trade once we set up formal relations.”

“Very well, then,” Captain Aelius replied, leaning over to bark orders at a Roman guard in Latin rather than Hebrew, before turning back to Scheinberg, “a copy of some maps will be brought back with you to your ship. Let us hope we have a profitable future relationship, yes?”

“Let us hope our futures are mutually profitable,” Scheinberg said as he stood up. After a few minutes, he gathered up the maps in his briefcase, shook the captain’s hand, and was on his way.

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On Karlsland Witch Doctrine:
Hladgos wrote:Scantly clad women, more like tanks
seem to be blowing up everyones banks
with airstrikes from girls with wings to their knees
which show a bit more than just their panties

Questers wrote:
Rupudska wrote:So do you fight with AK-47s or something even more primitive? Since I doubt any economy could reasonably sustain itself that way.
Presumably they use advanced technology like STRIKE WITCHES

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January, Year 0

Second Soviet-Japanese War Underway, Chinese Federation Declared War on Nazi Japan
With the Second Soviet-Japanese War occurring, the Chinese Federation has officially declared war on Nazi Japan as a sign of Nazi aggression and a threat against the working class. Prime Minister Gao Hai is looking forward to forming a stronger bond with the Soviet Union to eradicate Nazism from the globe and hopefully establish world peace for the time being. Four million troops are preparing to face their enemies to cross over Japanese soil to fight them. By preserving socialism and retaking Korea, China will end this irrational war once and for all.

Japanese Refugees Protested Against Chinese Federation's Participation in Second Soviet-Japanese War in Hefei, Japanese Nationalism on the Rise in China
Following China's declaration of war against Nazi Japan, Japanese refugees in Hefei recently protested against the Chinese Federation's involvement in the Second Soviet-Japanese War. They thought killing the Japanese people under the influence of Nazism is cruel, and they should be left alone no matter what ideology they come from. Ironically, these Japanese refugees came from Area 11 (Japan), and they fled to the Chinese Federation and Europia to get away from Britannian persecution after they invaded Japan, their homeland. However, they're in a different world now, and things are about to change for the worst. Thankfully, riot police came and dealt with the Japanese demonstrators but in the least violent way. Riot police used tear gases and water cannons to stop it, dispersing them in the process. So far, only 57 of the Japanese demonstrators were arrested. More updates about the situation are yet to come.

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Encryption: NONE
To: International Community - Public Statement (Excepting the nations of Germany and the Reichskommisariat of Japan)
Subject: Announcement of Resumption of Mercenary Recruitment
Date: January 5, Year 0


To those who are willing, we bid you greetings, and grant invitation, to the Republic of Ustio!

Though we are a peaceful nation, and have extended the olive branch of peace to many a nation in this strange new world, it is with a sad heart we admit that there are some who have rejected it.
Some nations have gone as far as to make it clear that the only diplomacy they will engage in comes from the barrel of a gun, and violence is the only language they will understand.

Ustio is no stranger to such nations.

It is a shame that we were taken from a world where we were threatened by one such nation, only to end up in another where new friends and potential allies are themselves threatened.

Just as our allies in our old world did not tolerate it when it happened to us, we will not tolerate it as it happens to our new allies in this world.

It is with this in mind that we are re-activating the Landsknecht Act. If you have need of bases to use as staging areas for your own troops to drive back the Germans, use ours. If you have need of
volunteer soldiers to bolster your own armies, use ours. If you have the desire to fight, but for some reason cannot or will not join your own military, join ours. If you detest what your homeland has
become, if the call of the soldier's song is too great for you to ignore, or if you simply seek adventure, our mercenary companies are open to anyone willing to fight to defend the freedoms and rights
of humanity - and all sapient life - in this new world.

We may be of different races, different cultures, even different species, but any who take up the sword to sever the head of tyranny is our brother or sister.

I have the honor to remain,
Hans Richter, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Ustio
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On Karlsland Witch Doctrine:
Hladgos wrote:Scantly clad women, more like tanks
seem to be blowing up everyones banks
with airstrikes from girls with wings to their knees
which show a bit more than just their panties

Questers wrote:
Rupudska wrote:So do you fight with AK-47s or something even more primitive? Since I doubt any economy could reasonably sustain itself that way.
Presumably they use advanced technology like STRIKE WITCHES

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This post was retconned out of existence. Sorry for bothering you.
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January, Year 0

North Korea, Korean Peninsula
In North Korea, two infantry divisions, two armored divisions, and two artillery divisions from Liaoyang are pushing forward to South Korea to engage with the Japanese military immediately. Two aviation divisions from Harbin are doing the same. The infantry divisions also consist of common mechs rather than Knightmare Frames which are used for rare occasions. Along with engaging with Japanese warplanes, the aviation divisions will be responsible for launching airstrikes towards Japanese military bases and such, potentially damaging their military workforce if it were to succeed. Three paratrooper divisions from Shanghai will attempt to land throughout South Korea, especially in Jeju Island, and engage with Japanese forces through hit-and-run tactics. And to avoid confusion with common mechs, the armored divisions are mainly tanks and other armored vehicles. Hopefully, the process should go well, let alone how technologically superior they are compared to Nazi Japan unless they return with a surprising comeback.

Korea Strait
In an attempt to occupy parts of Okinawa as a long-term plan, 100 Chinese naval vessels will be engaging with their Japanese counterpart by firing missiles beyond their range until victory is determined. Three aviation divisions from Taipei will be engaging with Japanese warplanes as well as bombing Japanese ships. Like the ones happening in South Korea, two paratrooper divisions will attempt to land in Okinawa and use hit-and-run tactics. Unless the Chinese Federation must give them a chance to surrender, fighting will remain until then.
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January 3rd, Anno Dominum 4000

For a decade, Basileus Sebastian the Third had lorded over the fair town of Orlamar serenely from his citadel. The king had reigned ever since his father – Thaddeus the Belligerent – had died in battle against the southern tribes, earning him the throne at the extremely young age of thirty-five. This youth was criticized by many.

“Tis not fair,” they whispered, “how can one be gifted with such bountiful land and foreign plunder without the roaring of cannon or the spilling of blood?” For under Sebastian’s reign large portions of the Fungal Sea had melted away, and the massive trade ships he saw come to and fro brought plunder from their foreign trading despite the peace which reigned. “It is unnatural, and something dreadful will come of it”. But the Basileus was genteel and gracious, so that the mutterings of the malcontent were drowned by the praise of his vassals and subjects. Nevertheless, some decision that would serve as the Basileus’ trial by fire was awaited eagerly, and the strange winds brought rumours from the corners of the Empire. Some whispers from within the Citadel said it was already at hand.

Forsooth, a great trial had been arranged in great secrecy at the heart of the court. A pile of files and books was before the king, but the sombre eyes of his advisors were drawn to a huge block of black stone, which shimmered semi-transparently under the dim electric light. All in the room watched it with lust or condemnation, chewing what the archaetechnician before them had just explained. After some deliberation, Sebastian proclaimed his initial decision.

“We shall seal this within our royal vault,” said the Basileus, and the anticipation his words broke was replaced with indignation. Dom Theodore’s brow was filled with furrows, and his visage darkened.

“Your Highness,” he protested, “I beseech you to consign this hoard to the fire! We must melt it into slag!”

“Fire will not suffice!” remarked Reitor Scambadino with a tone of triumph in his voice. He rose from his seat and paced about it before he set about expounding his thesis as he would in his schools. “It will not even scorch it, much less liquefy the thing. Perhaps the books may burn, but when Industrial Man fashioned these slates, he fashioned them to withstand the fire of Atom and the Devil of Fallout and the weathering of Time so that we, his descendants, would profit from it. There is yet no electronic device in the whole realm which allows us to read its magnetic inscriptions, but some day some tribe will unearth one, and we will be at the mercy of whomever possesses it, for they will surely know all that Industrial Man knew! I respect the theology taught by Dom Theodoro, but matters political and scientific befall our jurisdiction! Might I remind all present that the reason behind our longevity… the reason why our subjects are free from cancers and inherited ailments… the reason why our cattle are strong and fertile is that Industrial Man claimed dominion over the Wellsprings of Life, and set out to mould himself an anatomy of purer flesh? Should we abandon this, when it is sure that in some deep continent there are forces who seek to claim this same power, and will certainly claim it in the future? We must cling onto progress until we can master it, and prevent the unwise from harnessing its power!”

“NO! No! It is only ᴘᴇʀᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴ!” the Dom shouted as he hurled himself at the Reitor’s words. His dark eyes glowed with holy furor seen only in his fiercest sermons. “Thou knowest it leads only to perdition… Industrial Man was possessed by a demonic spirit which will not be reborn unless it is once more summoned by his old creations. Even the Oriental Kingdoms and the most savage European heathens show no interest in the Wellsprings, and when asked about it they speak of it like one speaks of a satanic disease! But the grasp of such techniques might awaken in even the most humble peasant an unprecedented lust for power, and give him the means to reach it! Reitor, surely thou know’st that Man can not eliminate suffering, but only push it into the future, into his grandchild’s lap! All that arrogance and degeneration brought about by this unparalleled prosperity was repaid in punishment threefold! Must I remind thee of the abominable and sinful progeny of the Industrial Era’s decadence? Or should I point at the Rotwood encroaching upon our borders, upon thy fiefdom even!”

“That is speculation! The Sea might have been a mutated experiment out of hand! And the influence and tampering of Fallout must be considered!”

“Beasts whose carapaces shrug off cannon shells, who travel land and water, who live in sophisticated symbiosis and organize themselves like an army and spread their miasma wherever they go. Pray tell, does that sound like the product of radiation on a scholar’s toy mushrooms to thee? And this is not to mention the armoured skeletons which litter the deserts around once-great towns. Wouldst thou wish to see the Warriors who burnt up the world unleashed again? Wouldst thou give Man the power to mold his own life like the Lord Almighty, when he has the wisdom of a toddler and the petulant inconstancy of a child?”

As Dom Theodoro spoke, those in the room grew more sombre, and the shadows seemed to lengthen, and his tone was such that even the Royal Guard feared he would hack down the Reitor with his tongue, and the Reitor would draw his sword to retort. But a guard was ushered in, bearing a message to break the building tension.

“Knight-Commandant d’Altavista has an urgent message for Your Highness!” The Basileus waved his hand with approval, and in came the Knight-Commandant, still donning his battle-garb.

“My lord, I bear great happiness and great sorrow, for the neighbouring kingdoms and tribes have been taken away by a glacial gale, which brought to replace many of them foreign winds… winds from different times if my Iberian Captaincy is to be believed.”

“You jest… ”

“Alas my Lord, I wish that were the case!”

“If what you speak is true, it will bring about sorrows not seen since the World burned… Nay, not since the Firmament opened its floodgates! My advisors, we must shelf this debate and return to it later, for we have more pressing matters to attend to!”

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The Imperial Palace
The City of Carthage, Carthaginian Province
Third Day of Tishri, Fifteen Hundred and One Years After the First Coming
January the Third in the Zeroth Year

Amichai frowned to himself as he entered the Palace, in preparation to oversee the next session of the Adirim. The talks and things had gone... well enough, it seemed, over the last days. France was at least a tangential ally, though he hoped that the peace could remain and that the People of Carthage, that the Empire, could somehow orchestrate a strengthening of ties. He was far less optimistic than his fellow Sufete, Adara, about their future relations with the Levantines. Time would tell on that front, but already there was some unrest among some of the people in Carthage because of the likelihood that Pilgrimage - to Judea, at least - could not happen this year.

“On this, the Third Day of Tishri in the year Fifteen Hundred and One after the First Coming, I now call the session to order,” Adara's voice drew him to pay attention as he walked onto the balcony overseeing the rest of the Adirim. Amichai inclined his head towards her, even as she subtly nodded back and called out, “and the first thing of note is whether we shall reply to the recent messages from the foreign nations that have been sent out. Secondly, we must agree on the matter of the future diplomats from these French and the Levantines, and perhaps even these Utsians, should they visit our glorious city.”

“I believe we should only consider the messages, for now, as a sign of extant nations elsewhere,” one of the Adirim - Amichai could not recognize them from where they spoke, only that the speaker was one of the men, “and just be done with the affair. The Empire is already busy with this matter on the Mediterranean what with these French, Levantines, and Utsians. We do not need to concern ourselves even more with nations outside of our sphere; let Carteia worry about the matter of their Bridge, and whether they shall levy access to outsiders. The Levantines and the French and the Utsians will likely be informed of the Bridge of Carteia when their diplomats come here, eventually, to hash out more formal treaties and the like. Let us decide then what the Bridge and its gates will do for those seeking exit, though I doubt that they will stand for it as our brother and sister-nations back home did. Should the Bridge be assaulted, we should issue a general proclamation of Imperial Defense.”

“Your proposal is noted,” Amichai called out, “do we have a second?”

There was. It was a rather quick, yet informal, vote - for all the Adirim seemed amenable to the proposal. Amichai's cousin was a member of the Carteian Adirim, though that was all he truly cared to know of its membership. He wondered, briefly, whether his cousin was alright. Perhaps he should check in on the young woman.

“As to the matter of the diplomats, I have a personal proposal,” Amichai called out after the vote was finished, “I believe it might be best if we assert Carthage as a powerful partner for all parties by inviting them all here in a few days' time - with the implication that perhaps they should send multiple diplomats, such that they can interact with their counterparts and the other nations hosted here in Carthage, where they shall be honored guests. Their primary diplomats, of course, shall speak to we, the Honorable Sufetes that you of the Adirim have elected, as well as before all of you. We shall hear what they have to say, and perhaps they shall remain in Carthage for a while to explore what our city has to offer.”

“I second this proposal that the Honorable Sufete has proposed,” Iulia Caesar - a descendant of one of the greatest Romans Amichai knew of in history, he believed - spoke out, her voice sounding firm. Understandable, as the Caesars were one of his main backers, “and call for an Imperial Edict.”

There was muttering at that. Amichai understood why - the Imperial Edicts were a power hardly used by the Adirim, one used when interacting with other nations. Effectively, if a member of the Adirim called for an Imperial Edict, and was seconded, the Adirim would elect three temporary Sufetes; these Sufetes would hear the arguments of the two primary, main Sufetes and rule on the matter as an impartial executive council. Once they ruled, the ruling acted as a de facto affirmative vote for the Adirim.

With both Adara and Amichai supporting the measure, and no doubt their supporters supporting it in spite of their usual political differences on some matters... well. An Imperial Edict was, effectively, a bygone conclusion - for the Adirim's pluralities (the ones that had effectively placed Amichai and Adara into power) would assuredly vote members of their own as the Tribunal of Sufetes for such an Edict, with perhaps only one Sufete representing the minority in comparison to the majority that Amichai and Adara represented.

“An Imperial Edict has been called for,” Adara responded, cutting through the noise, “do we have a second?”

“I second the motion for making the Honorable Sufete's proposal an Imperial Edict,” one of Adara's camp called out from the Adirim.

It was at this moment that Amichai knew that the majority of the Adirim was beginning to unite... and that...

That was interesting. But he wondered on how such an alliance would turn out, and looking to Adara, he saw his own bewilderment and excitement reflected in her gaze.

To: The Honorable Representatives of the French Democratic Republic; the Republic of Utsio; the Levantine People's Republic
From: The Honorable Sufetes and the Adirim of the Carthaginian Empire

Greetings to our fellow brothers and sisters in this grand and mysterious time,

We are vaguely aware that circumstances are not optimal at this time for diplomacy. Nonetheless, the Empire is willing to levy aid towards your martial endeavors and hopes that you might consider sending envoys to the City, Carthage, itself - not only to meet with us, but also to gather together and perhaps forge other bonds and alliances and trade. Indeed, we are hopeful that we can all gather together our power and bring this world together, starting with our own nations.

The Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy will, with your leave and permission, if you are in current conflict, have their elected Generals meet with your own military commanders in order to better understand the current martial situation and, perhaps, begin to lend whatever aid that the Empire is capable of committing to.

As to the diplomatic meeting in Carthage, we wish to host it between the Seventh and Tenth Day of Tishri in the year Fifteen Hundred and One after the First Coming - that is, approximately, between four days and a week from when this missive was sent forth. Carthage is willing to host your envoys at our own expense, and, indeed, if necessary, shall provide transportation for them. We are hopeful that our future talks will more solidly bring to understanding a way in which the Empire and your own nations may grow closer and enhance our relationships.

Please do consider the matter, and we await your response.

With kind regards,
The Honorable Amichai Amos, Sufete of Carthage
The Honorable Adara Kohen, Sufete of Carthage
Both Speaking on Behalf of the People and Adirim of Carthage in the Name of the Carthaginian Empire

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January 4th, Year Zero
To: Commonwealth of America
From: Free Land of Doje Islands
Subject: Diplomacy

Greetings, Commonwealth of America! We've received your message and have an equal desire to establish official communications. We suggest of the coast of the largest island in the Hawaiian island chain as a location for our first meeting. We are, however, open to other locations. America was a great part of the world we came from, and hopefully your America will be as well.

For World Peace,
Secretary of State Verbek
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January, Year 0

Political Speeches Incoming, Socialist Support Increasing
The Chinese government announced that Prime Minister Gao Hai and Xia Wang, one of the former High Eunuchs, will deliver political speeches regarding the country's current status and progress regarding the formation of the Imperial Socialist Party of China. However, the Sino-Nazi Japanese War will not be mentioned due to avoiding concerns, discontents, and panics among the populace. Also, due to concerns of a possible assassination attempt by Japanese nationalists affected by their homeland's war, security will be very high. It will consist of Chinese Ceremonial Guards, police officers, and soldiers. It is scheduled to take place in the Vermillion Forbidden City, and the date will be either between February and March.

Socialist-led Guards/Police Established, Strict Laws/Crimes Established
To further the agenda of creating a socialist society for China, Prime Minister Gao Hai announced that labor camp guards and police officers responsible for monitoring a person's behavior would be established. Said behavior includes criticizing the Prime Minister, the Empress, and the Chinese government in general, speaking about democracy, planning to perform an assassination attempt against political figures, selling and exporting drugs nationwide and worldwide, suspending the membership of the ISPC, the list goes on.

For adults, if they committed a crime, then they will be sent to labor camps as their punishment. Usually, labor camps are located in Tibet. Labor camp guards will punish anyone who sings, talks, plays, jokes, escapes, slacks, and prays as those are not allowed. Even speaking about religion is not permitted. The only exception is that if they worked hard enough for the Prime Minister and the Empress. Otherwise, they have to keep working for their freedom to be guaranteed. For minor crimes altogether, they will instead be sent to prison farms until their release can be earned. Prison farms are usually located in urban areas and sometimes in villages. As for children and teenagers, if they committed a crime in the name of juvenile delinquency, they will be sent to reform schools centered heavily on educating them about socialism and becoming good citizens once they reach the age of majority. Also serving as orphanages, it also includes those whose parent(s) or family were arrested for committing a crime and being sent to labor camps.

Many of these topics are seen as controversial and harsh to the public eye. However, Prime Minister Gao made this quote regarding the official establishment to the public on television; "People from different ethnicities, careers, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and viewpoints will be treated with respect and fairly as long as they remain loyal to the Prime Minister and the Empress in the name of socialism. I do not intend for my agendas to make it seem cruel and unjust. The future for the Chinese Federation lies within us. Remember, we must work together, not suffer together. They must be held responsible for their actions, and those actions determine the outcome for prisoners alike. They must learn from their past mistakes for their freedom to be regained. I will make sure to keep this nation safe through any means necessary. In conclusion, I am the law."

Considering Gao's quote, he made it clear that he doesn't want the citizenry to view him as a dictator and that his agendas are meant to maintain order through the use of labor camps and prison farms. However, some of the citizenries still don't agree with Gao as they consider it as a lie which would put them at risk of facing severe consequences for speaking out against the government. As of right now, the new plan is still currently under effect until further notice.

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4th January 2004
Old Town Hall

"Are the microphones set up?"

, Karoliná asked, clenching and loosening her fist again and again. The President of the Czechoslovak State was far from in a good mood. On top of news coming in of much of their country being gone and an ever more solidifying notion that their frontline troops had disappeared, she now had to deal with a straight-up, unprovoked enemy attack. On civilians no less.

"Yes, President. The microphones are all connected and set. Cameras will also be rolling upon your signal and we'll be broadcasting your speech live through the national radio service."

, a mousy little clerk answered, pushing a pair of tiny glasses up the bridge of his nose, watery green eyes behind their thick glasses. He clutched a small notebook before his chest with one hand while gesturing with the other to the small mass of cables, cameras and workers up here on the Old Town Hall's tower. Karoliná acknowledged them all with a brief nod but didn't dwell on them, much to their relief as none intended to have her furious gaze on them any longer than absolutely necessary. Instead she asked:

"The crowd?"

"About 80% regular citizens. 20% carefully selected party members who will act as is expected of them. The rest will certainly follow suit."

, the clerk replied, though he didn't receive an answer this time, the President having stepped forward to the railings that surrounded the old tower and prevented anyone from just leisurely strolling to their doom, a 70 meter fall onto the Old Town Square. Though perhaps one would not die if they were to choose to drop now as the place was quite literally packed to the brim with people that would act as a perfect cushion should one such thing happen. Thousands of them were there, some sporting Vlajka armbands, others uniforms, others plain civilian clothes. All of them however quieted down when the President of the Czechoslovak Republic came into view.

Karoliná surveyed the crowds before her, saw the flags of the republic fluttering in the wind right next to party banners. She drank in the silence, let it draw out, ensured that every last eye on the square was on her as the people waited for her to say something. When she deicded enough time had passed, she made a small gesture to signal to the camera crews to start filming before clearing her throat and speaking into the microphone, starting off monotonously and tranquil:

"Yesterday, around 15:30, radar stations across the republic picked up unknown aircraft entering our airspace from Silesia. Seeking not to stray from the path of peace we have always maintained, the commanders of the Air Defense Sector Slovakia contacted the unidentified airfleet, requesting them to identify themselves and turn back lest they be forced to take more direct measures to force them to turn back. The unidentified fliers did not identify themselves and refused to heed the instructions given by our dutiful and peace-seeking officers, instead, without provocation, threatening them with the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction.

I ask you, citizens of the republic, what would have been your response in the face of such unwarranted aggression, in the face of such a threat to families and homes?"

The question was rethorical, the answer plain and laid out before the people. And even if they were hesitating, the party hadn't left anything to chance, their agitators within the crowd immediately raising their fists shouting curses and threats at the villains of the story. Within moments the entire square looked alive, like a sea in a storm as people shouted their distaste of these foreign invaders out into the air. Karoliná's remained stone-faced however, waiting untill the citizens would calm down on their own again, eager to hear how the event had continued to play out. It happened soon enough and she got to continue, her voice becoming more agitated now:

"Yes, our officers and brave soldiers shared your opinions on how these invaders should have been dealt with. The Air Defense Command Bratislava immediately ordered the elimination of the intruding air formations, regardless of who they were. Brave soldiers, their hearts burning with love and compassion for country, party and family, manned the anti air installations we have erected across our country and began to protect our people from the aerial threat to them. Countless aircraft were shot down and I would like to hereby thank the anti air crews and the radio stations for their work to protect our people. was not enough. The intruders' threats had not been hollow. Despite our brave soldiers' best attempts, enemy bombs rained upon our citizens. A small town in the Carpathians, Kysucké Nové Mesto, bore the brunt of the aggressive enemy attack. Thousands of bombs, both conventional and chemical, were dropped on the entire town without distinction between what would have been a civilian target or a military target. The local air defense battery tried its best to defend it but a bomb hit it, sending many of those brave heroes, defenders of the innocent and weak, to the heavens.

With our soldiers incapacitated, the enemy had free reign to bomb as he pleased. Thousands perished in this...this one terrible act, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that these enemies to our west are barbarians, vile and terrible and just like the foul British on their isle. Now tell me, citizens of the republic, what do we do when confronted by such a terrible crime, committed by a party as rotten as the British Empire?!?"

Again she paused to let the crowd speak and again she was not disappointed. Her speech had roused spirits and it needed little convincing for anyone in this square to scream bloody murder, just the way Karoliná wanted it. It would certainly make for great, powerful images on the televisions. She was certain the propaganda department would make full use of this entire event. Alas, this time the crowd was too agitated and would not quiet down again, forcing the President to take the microphone again and signal for her lackeys to turn up the volume of the loudspeakers so she could make herself heard even with the crowd before her:

"This is right! We strike back! We demand justice for those slain without provocation! We demand blood for our civilians! And if they will not give in willingly, they will feel the superior steel of the Czechoslovak Republic! From this day onward, the Czechoslovak Republic is in a state of war with the foreign invaders who violated our airspace, ignored our warnings and slaughtered our people!"

The crowd was livid when Karoliná finally stepped away from the railing, chanting and shouting for war while she took an offered glass of water for her parched throat. After handing it back, she turned on the spot, heading for the stairs but not before informing one of her aides:

"The State Council and High Command is to convene in one hour in the castle. Untill then I want solid information on who we are dealing with and how we are going to deal with them."
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A Collaboration Post Between Speyland And Laiakia

Vermillion Forbidden City, Luoyang, Chinese Federation
January, Year 0

Today was the day when Prime Minister Gao Hai discussed a technology exchange military-wise with a Soviet diplomat. Gao was pacing around in his office, trying to redeem himself into what was expected as a comrade of the Soviet Union. He took a deep breath only for someone to appear within the gates of the Vermillion Forbidden City in Luoyang, the capital city of the Chinese Federation. However, the Vermillion Forbidden City is technically the de facto capital of China, but neither determines it. Gao went outside to see who will be arriving this time. Vyacheslav Molotov, perhaps?

The creature that stood before him was no penguin like Molotov, rather it was a polar bear clad in a fancy uniform commonly associated with the Red Army. The bear had come along with three penguins all clad in the same uniform, but with less medals and stars. Approaching Gao, the polar bear gave a friendly grin that exposed his teeth, yet they looked… unnatural. Almost like they weren’t real teeth.

“Ah, you must be the esteemed prime minister-comrade Gao. Pleasure to meet you, sir. My name is Konstantin Rokossovsky, Red Army general and dispatched here to your lovely city to discuss this technology exchange.” Rokossovksy stretched out his paw towards Gao with a smile.

Gao responded by accepting Konstantin's handshake. "Same to you as well. Our city is full of history and splendor. The Chinese Federation will remain loyal to the Soviet Union. Well, despite our nation undergoing a conflict against Nazi Japan, so to speak."

“Indeed, comrade Gao. With our combined might, we will surely see the absolute destruction of Nazi yolk over the Japanese workers. Alas, we are not gathered to speak about the primate Nazi scum. As you are the host I shall let you take the lead, comrade Gao.”

Gao nodded before gesturing for Konstantin to follow him. "Of course. Please come this way."

With the Chinese Ceremonial Guards accompanying Konstantin and Gao, he went to his office, filled with flags of the Imperial Socialist Party of China and a flag of the Chinese Federation being held up on the wall above his desk. He sat down on his desk, offering Konstantin to sit on one of the chairs facing his desk.

Gao smiled. "Please, sit on any of the chairs that you like."

The polar bear nodded and sat down on one of the chairs. Audible creaking of wood could be heard as the chair felt the brunt of the polar bear weight. The three penguin bodyguards were all instructed to wait outside of Gao’s office as a show of trust.

“I must admit, I am quite surprised that your chairs are capable of supporting the weight of a polar bear.” Konstantin quipped with a comical tone.

Gao chuckled happily. "Well, if a polar bear was to sit on something tiny, then wouldn't that make a difference? By the way, we're not polar bears but humans. There are no polar bears in China. I'm afraid you got confused with something else. No offense, however."

“Ah, I apologize. My mind has been quite preoccupied in recent years.” Konstantin stares blankly into Gao’s desk for a solid minute before shaking his head. “But where were we? Ah yes, technology exchange! What price do you wish us to pay, and what do you kindly offer the USSR?”

Gao cleared his throat before explaining. "Well, the Chinese government will transfer blueprints to the Soviet Union, which is a concept of Knightmare Frames and Proto-Knightmare Frames. Said blueprints we have are stolen Britannian blueprints via our spies before we got to this point. The cost will be ¥50 million. Any questions or suggestions?"

Konstantin nodded along. “Hmm, the goods would be quite acceptable, but I am unsure about the conversion value between our Ruble and your ¥. The price itself seems fair though, so we will take that deal. Now, the main issue would be the production of Frames within the USSR. As you probably realized, the Union is quite primitive compared to your own state and as such our industrial equipment is probably not quite cut out for mass-production of the Frames. As you are the benefactors of these armored vehicles, do you think they’d be hard to produce for us in the Soviet Union?”

Gao closed his eyes to think before eventually speaking. "I don't think Knightmare Frames are that difficult to build. These armored vehicles are powered by the Yggdrasil Drive, an energy source. Its centerpiece is a Sakuradite device called the Core Luminous, wherein a cube is weightlessly suspended. Thankfully for us, we produced a different energy source called the Shenlong Drive, a combination of natural gas and liquid nitrogen as we don't have access to Sakuradite. Does it make sense to you?"

Konstantin nodded. “I see. Quite smart indeed. Would these Shenlong Drives be available for trade, or even us buying blueprints to produce in our own factories?”

Gao replied, "Indeed. Both are agreeable."

“Excellent. I am sure these technologies will come in handy when dealing with the Japanese and other imperialist states that would seek to conquer us or our allies. There is also another matter that I have been asked by comrade Stalin and the Ministry of the Navy to discuss with you. Our Pacific Fleet, compared to the Japanese, is quite small and filled with decade-old ships. We would therefore like to discuss terms of loaning Chinese shipyards in order to construct some powerful ships capable of projecting the power of socialism against the Japanese Fleet. Before I start with designs and such, I must ask if you would allow such an agreement to take place? We would be willing to supply resources and armaments ourselves, but would not decline an offer for assistance in construction.”

Without any denial in mind, Gao smiled and nodded. "Sure, I don't see why not. The Chinese Federation will loan their shipyards to the Soviet Union for the time being. After all, we're two great countries, so strength, protection, and commitment matters."

Konstantin smiled in response. “Indeed, comrade Gao. Now then for specific ship designs and for you to know which of your shipyards would do best, we are specifically looking to build 4 or so ships classified as Project 82, or Stalingrad. Its main purpose is to act as a battlecruiser to support coastal incursions and homeland defense. Here.”, he said while reaching into his uniform coat and pulling out a small file. “You will find a quick sketch of the vessel class. The most critical details are that the shipyards designated for this class be able to handle vessels with a displacement of 42,300 metric tonnes, a length of 237 meters, a beam of 37 meters, and draught of 9,2 meters.”

Konstantin then reached into his coat again and pulled out another small folder. “The next vessel class we wish to construct goes under the codename of K1000. Its main purpose is to act as a flagship capable of dealing and sustaining heavy damage. Here is an artistic representation of the vessel class. The shipyards assigned to this vessel need to be able to handle vessels with a displacement of up to 80,000 tonnes, a length of 297 meters, a beam of 38 meters, and a draught of 10 meters. We want to produce 7 or so of these battleships, but one shall do for now. Do you have the shipyards capable of producing these vessels?”

Gao nodded in response. "Of course. But I'll say the most efficient one is in Hong Kong so you can use them as well. What do you think?"

“Mhm. It is acceptable. How much would the Chinese state charge for our loaning of your shipyards?”

Gao went silent for a minute before answering Konstantin's question. "Let's make it ¥70 million. If you don't like the price, then we can adjust it to your liking. Whichever works."

Konstantin contemplated this offer for a minute before deciding. “70 million would be quite splendid, comrade. I am sure the naval personnel back home will be ecstatic once they learn about your generosity. We’ll transport our naval engineers, designers, and materials to Hong Kong in the coming weeks. These trade deals and these ships will surely come in handy for strengthening both our relationship and cementing our combined might over the Japanese.”

Gao nodded and smiled. "Wonderful. Is there anything that we haven't covered yet? Also, would you like some tea before you depart?"

“Hmm, I believe this was all. As for tea, I would love to taste it as the drink is not very common in the Union.”
Gao beamed delightfully. "Splendid. Please give me a moment while I prepare you a bottle of tea from the refrigerator."

Gao went to the refrigerator to look for bottled tea inside it to serve it to Konstantin. There, he found a peach bottled tea and grabbed it. He later gave the bottled tea to Konstantin before returning to his desk.

"There you go, nice and fresh. I hope you like it."

Konstantin opened the bottle and took a good whiff of the tea, his polar bear nose making very audible sniffing noises.

“Mmm, this smells interesting.” He said before taking a good sip, emptying half the bottle. “Thank you for this courtesy, comrade. Your tea tastes very nice and is a nice change from vodka. If that’s all, I think I will take my leave. Wouldn’t want to make the boss wait more than necessary, y’know.”

Gao gasped as he almost forgot about something. "Actually, there's one more thing that I want to tell you about. Do you have a moment to hear me out? I don't mean to have your boss waiting for too long, so I deeply apologize."

“Oh go ahead, I’m sure waiting would be good for his temper anyway.” Konstantin said with a small chuckle.

"The Chinese government will sell or export the G36 assault rifles to the Soviet Union as they can replace their outdated ones. I think it would be beneficial to upgrade their technological status against future threats. Well, we're currently in a war against Nazi Japan, so it also applies. The price for them will be ¥65 million. What do you think?"

Konstantin thought for a bit, taking another sip of the tea. “G36 assault rifles you say? While I am unsure of their capability, I am quite certain that they will be much better than what we currently field. How many of these weapons are available for sale or export?”

"I would say around 1 million depending on the circumstances. I don't know what else to consider besides this specific amount. Any thoughts about it?"

“Hmmm… I do suppose the amount of weapons and price is acceptable. A generous offer none-the-less. Shall we shake on it?” Konstantin then offers his hand to Gao.

"Of course," Gao said as he shook Konstantin's hand in response.

“Well if that is all, I shall be taking my leave. I am sure these agreements will strengthen our ties.” Konstantin said while standing up from the chair.

Gao stood up from his desk, preparing to take their leave. "Certainly. It was nice doing business with you, Konstantin. May our alliance remain strong for the benefit of socialism."

Konstantin nodded respectfully, giving Gao a wave as he exited the door. From there, he quickly took his leave and exited the building along with his bodyguards.

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January 3rd
Zmi's Radio Station

"Is this thing on?" A voice asks before thumping the microphone. Another voice in the background says something, which causes the initial speaker to hmmph. He clears his voice before speaking into the mic.

"Welcome citizens of the Kievan Rus to Zmi's first radio broadcast. I am your host Oleh Dudka. In case you didn't know, Zmi is Kievan Rus's first state-sponsored radio station, and our station is here to help inform citizens about the transition back to normal society. Enough about us, let's get onto the news. The government has done a major restructuring after the first reports of Viktor's Five-Year Plan came in. After a few hours of a closed-door session with imperial commander Amalia Romanova, Grand Director Viktor reached a conclusion. In order to closely monitor the transition and fill in the role of the absent Tzarina, Director Viktor crowned himself as the Tzar of Kievan Rus. His coronation announcement was met with cheers across the entire country and helped bolster the government's reform efforts." Oleh pause for a second as he straightens his script before continuing.

"However, some traitors saw this news as a reminiscence of pre-Black Legion Tzar Nicholas II and openly protest. They pointed out that Viktor didn't mention anything about forming a legislature for the people. These voices have been- thankfully silenced by the combined efforts of the Rymes Triarch and the new Purifiers. Speaking of which, to those who don't know, the Purifiers are a new elite military organization that was created to protect Kievan Rus from any internal or external threat. Viktor chose Amalia to lead this task force and deal with any internal threats. Amalia didn't waste any time idling as she collaborated with Commander Baz to organize an expedition into former Russian territory. The expedition's objective is to claim former Russian territory and hopefully build an outpost where Moscow once was. Good luck to the soldiers on that front."

"Further news on the other military fronts. The western front sent its own expedition into the lands west of Kievan Rus earlier today. We are still waiting for their report. The northern front is planning an expedition to the north as our scouts report activity across the border. The southern front reports that they have successfully crossed the border and started on their work. They also have-" Oleh starts before a voice in the background interrupts him.

"Boss, High Justicar Amalia is here for her speech." The voice whispers.

"I thought she would come on later," Oleh replies. He quickly mutes the mic as the door leading to the broadcast station opens, and a woman in a black combat suit enters. The overall design of the suit was oppressive and dominating, which made Amalia seem taller than she actually is. Her helmet covers her entire head, except for her eyes. Though, the bright crimson red light emitting from her visor made it impossible to see her eyes. The station's light made the suit's secondary colors of pure white and blood red appear grimmer. Behind her were two priests dressed in red robes, and they wore metallic gray half-face masks. One of them carried a black suitcase, while the other held several pole-long candlesticks. The one with the candles immediately went to work and starts placing candles in a circle around the broadcast room. The other one opens the suitcase on a table and clears out of the surrounding clutter. In his suitcase was a golden Orthodox statue, a bottle of holy water, candles, a purple priest stole, a plate, offerings, and a golden Orthodox cross. He began his work of building a small shrine.

Amalia stands at the door, watching their work before making eye contact with Oleh. She beckons him over with a finger and watches him slowly make his way over, trembling. Once he was close enough, Amalia rests one of her gauntlets on his shoulder, which seems to intensify his trembling ten-fold.

"How goes the show?" Amalia asks.

"...It is going well. People haven't stormed the building to stop the broadcast yet." Oleh nervously jokes.

"Good. Are you following the script that we gave you?" Amalia inquires. Oleh nods his head slowly.

"Good. Good. I would hate to see you as one of our experimental soldiers. Are we ready for my speech?"

"Yes...I was just wrapping up my segment on today's report. We can begin at any time," Oleh says. Amalia nods as she motions for one of her priests to assemble a chair for her. The one setting up the candles goes back outside to receive a second suitcase and opens it up to reveal the chair components. She sits down on the chair once it is complete and brings the mic over to her. Oleh sits next to her at her beckoning.

"Hello, citizens of Kievan Rus," Amalia begins in a calm voice, slowly transitioning to a passionate tone. "Today is not only a glorious day for our nation but a glorious day for you. For today is the day when Kievan Rus was born anew. It is Kievan Rus's grandest day, as I can officially tell you that the war is over. There haven't been any demon attacks on the frontline for the past three days. Despite this revelation, we must stay ever vigilant, for we are in a new world possibly surrounded by numerous foreign threats. I can assure you that I am not worried about our fate. We have survived three decades of constant warfare and abyssal conditions. There have been days when battles raged nonstop for a whole entire week. If we can survive thirty years under conditions that would kill a regular man, this world has nothing on us. If anyone dares invades us, we will make sure they pay every inch in blood. For every soldier that they kill, we will take ten of them with us. While Kievan Rus wasn't around for the beginning of time, it will certainly be around until the end of time." Amalia pauses as she takes a second to regain her composure.

"Thank you, High Justicar Amalia, for that beautiful speech. It is exactly what the nation needs in these troubling times. I won't keep you here any longer." Oleh says as his voice fades out.

Colonel Varya

Varya sighs as she looks at the piles of papers strew across the top of her desk. Papers cover every inch of her desk, leaving no free space. Numerous stacks of paper loom over her menacingly as if it was mocking her slow progress. She ended up in this situation due to the shortage of bureaucrats. The reforms partially caused the shortage as it requisitions bureaucrats for training new government workers and overseeing the new reforms. It wasn't uncommon to see bureaucrats working the entire day and only sleeping for five hours. One benefit of being a bureaucrat is that the work isn't monotonous. A bureaucrat might start the day approving resource requisitions, and they end the day manning a local reform station.

Despite all of this, bureaucrats are one of Kievan Rus's highly desired jobs. The main reason is that bureaucrats are one of the few groups outside of the military that has a say in the nation's affairs. They don't have enough influence to compete with the military faction, but they have a higher social status than laborers. Thankfully, corruption hasn't breached the bureaucrats' ranks to a large extent yet. Kievan Rus's citizens are still stuck in the mindset of fighting for survival to worry about social status and luxuries goods. A mindset that is guaranteed to change with Kievan Rus's transition to a peaceful and functioning nation.

Varya was currently verifying one of the many supply reports that came in over the past three days. This supply report was about resource distribution to a research facility near Kyiv. Her current task was to reduce resource consumption across Kievan Rus. A special black triangle sigil rested on the top right corner of the page. Below the sigil was information stating that the research facility's collaborators were the recently formed Purifiers. It was weird as the religious organizations and the Rymes Triarch don't usually do their research together. What was more strange was that the Purifiers were involved as the report was a day old, and Viktor founded the Purifiers today. Varya shakes her head as she pulls open a drawer to look at her supply report guide. She traces her finger down the exception list looking for the sigil, and she finds it near the bottom of the page. The door to her office opens as she looks for her stamp. A logistics officer walks through the door holding two folders full of files.

"Good evening, Boss. How's the work?" Shaw asks as he looks for an unoccupied chair.

"Wait, what. It's evening already." Varya tiredly says and rubs her eyes with her hands. "Frack. This work is burning through my sleep block."

"In the life of a bureaucrat," Shaw lightly chuckles. "These reforms and changes are really pushing us to our limit. I can't wait for these trainees to take some of this workload off of us." Varya sighs as she looks back at her messily organized office.

"As much as I love to chat..." Varya gestures to the papers still in front of her.

"Of course, I didn't come here for small talk. My latest assignment has me dealing with Kievan Rus's resource production facilities, and I need the station's commanding officer to approve my requests." Shaw walks over to Varya and hands her the two sets of folders. Varya opens the first folder and skims through the files on Kievan Rus's energy production. Although Kievan Rus didn't have enough time to put up proper infrastructure, they did have enough time and resources to build a few refineries and mines to feed their war machine. The majority of the energy production industry could be found in four regions: Pripyat Oblast, Donbas Oblast, Lviv Oblast, and the Sertse region. The Sertse region is an area south of Kyiv and incorporates territories from several oblasts.

The Lviv Oblast was the least developed of the four in terms of energy production for obvious reasons. Constant demon raids and its presence near the frontline deter further development. The Sertse region was known for its massive synthetic oil facilities due to its proximity to large amounts of lignite. The Donbas Oblast was responsible for providing Kievan Rus most of its domestic coal. The Pripyat Oblast provided natural gas, oil, and synthetic oil from oil shale. There were other energy production facilities, but their "customers" tended to be more local. Overall, Kievan Rus's energy production wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. Their energy consumption was still higher than their production. Most of their energy reserves were left untapped due to the nature of Kievan Rus. It was all part of the Tzarina's plan to keep Kievan Rus from being self-sufficient with energy.

As part of the new reforms, the government decided to revitalize and develop the domestic energy industry. Thankfully, Kievan Rus still had enough stockpiled energy resources to last a few years. It would give them enough time to either set up new refineries or meet another civilization willing to trade. It all sounded perfect; Kievan Rus wouldn't have to worry about resources for a while. Despite this, Varya's frown grew as she got further through the report. The requested quotas from the higher-ups wanted every energy facility to triple their production by the end of the year. Furthermore, the higher-ups wanted every facility under construction to double their speed. It wasn't like these new resources were being supplied to the entire nation, and every single bit was going into these "new" Purifiers.

Varya shakes her head as she closes the folder. She couldn't believe how the government refuses to turn over a new leaf. Instead of leaving behind their war-filled history in the old world, they chose to stubbornly stand by it.

"Somehow, I feel everything is going to stay the same despite our new surroundings." She says regretfully while looking off in the distance.

"If it ain't broken, don't fix it." Shaw dryly chuckles.

Kievan Rus

Under Viktor's Five Year Plan, Hors's followers were dispatched to Kievan Rus's eastern territories to prepare the war-torn land for farming. Civil occupation reorganization went pretty well as workers all over arrive at their new workplaces. Temporary camps were set up outside of cities as the government work to find people their new homes. It was at these new camps that the government start to distribute their first currency. Unsurprisingly, people quickly coined them as ration slips as it was pretty much the only thing they were good for.

Priests from all eight religions traverse the lands to convert and preach about their god. It was during this religious revival that a new religion starts gaining traction. This religion worshipped Faelyn as their supreme god and attempted to unify all religions under one pantheon. Viktor allows this to help pacify the people and, more importantly, help create a new national identity. It would be helpful due to Kievan Rus's diverse culture. Though Russian was Kievan Rus's official language, most of their population would like not to be associate with Russia. It was only under the Tzarina's iron grip that Russian became Kievan Rus's official language.

For Kievan Rus's third day, things weren't looking that bad. Perhaps, Kievan Rus could thrive in this new world. However, only time would tell.

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Act 1: The Silver Swarm of Locusts in the Baltics

1st Ward, 86th District
2nd January Year 0

“If you refuse to let them go, I will bring locusts into your country tomorrow.”
- Exodus 10:4

“...Something’s wrong…” Raiden muttered out as he looked at the number of Legions that loitered the battlefield. “There’s not as many as usual…” It was an obvious statement, there was barely half the usual number of Legions in the front. “Shin?”

“Not sure.” The Legions were quite adamant about breaking through the Eastern Front due to its heaviest front, but with the sudden decrease, there was obviously something that was going on, without any information of new development they were quite blind. Shin’s own biological radar can’t keep up with the amount of Legions that had begun moving, there was more than what he anticipated, a massive frontal assault.

There were barely any of the usual Löwes, there were not as many Grauwulfs as well. Something was going on, and no one knew what it was due to the lack of information being given to them other than their usual orders and such. “Too many things happening at the same time?” Theo, a Jade, sighed as he looked towards the horizon.

“It’s getting too quiet in the front.” And that was a bad thing.

The other side of the San Magnolian front was hell on Earth in a more literal sense. Löwes began to storm the Northern body of the border, the Juggernauts that assumed position there fell apart like dominos. The Gran Mur is essentially on the brink of ruins.

That was later sealed as Skorpions were brought forth as Siege Guns, clicking into place and firing directly at the Grand wall of the 1st District. Dozens of Ameise walked into the minefields and exploded, but not letting the Löwes and Grauwulfs step on them as they were far more valuable units.

“Holy shit, holy shit, I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna-AHHHHHHHHHH!” Juggernauts futilely tried to counterattack without success, they died terrible deaths as they weren’t prepared for a massive assault as they first thought that their front wouldn’t be as populated, but the time has changed and so to had the frontline.

And it drastically wasn’t in the favor of the Republic. Deaths were immediately recognized as high losses, there weren’t enough Processors nor equipment to man the frontlines nor to reinforce them. The Grand Mur began to shake and crumble as their fight continued on.

Interception Cannons for once fired, 380mm Batteries with Canister Shots effectively rendered many of the Ameise dead but failed to kill most Löwes despite their heavy damage. Skorpions began to get scouting images and located locations of the Interception Cannons, effectively and quickly disabling them.

The Northern Front had twenty Squadrons defending them, that thinned into four barely functioning Squadrons. Without their previous superiority of being surrounded all around, and spreading the Legions, fate played a cruel trick to focus and condense such a strike force that the most defended front became too well defended and pulled their forces out of there to storm another exploitable front.

It appears to be functioning quite well. Shorei Nouzen grinned as the Republic that had forsaken him and his brethren, as well as his brother, began to crumble. The futile defenses that they had set up were pathetic, the Gran Mur was not going to survive hundreds of siege guns laid out, and no Squadrons would dare intercept them as that would be against their policies.

The Queen had put him in control of the Republican Front, meaning that this would possibly be the smoothest of all offensives. The moment they break through, the Republic will collapse.

The Dinosauria prided himself with the work he was able to pull off, and soon enough, he'll meet him.

“We’re moving,” Shin announced monotonously, making everyone in the room silent and turned to him.



“Eh!?” It took them a while to register, but when they finally did and they found it hard to believe.

“Seems like they want us to be by the Northern Gran Mur Wall as all Legions have decided to forsaken all fronts and focused on one chokehold of the new geography.” Shin took out a new map.

“Hold up? New geography?”

“What the fuck happened?”

“It appears that the moment the Legion began to move, our location and geography changed, I don’t know the gist of it, but the Legions had decided to pave way for an exploitable front. We are being redirected to said exploitable front.” Shin explained the report. “The new geography is said to be something of an anomaly in itself, we have a coast along the Northern border and a massive lake that separates the front.”

“The beach! We can go to the beach then!” Kurena, an Agate, yelled out with a smile. “I always wanted to see what it looks like!”

“We’re talking about a potential collapse of the Republic...but hey, we might as well die near the beach, right!?” Haruto, a Rubis asked aloud as he glanced over to his fellow Processors.

“...Heh, then, at least we die with some dignity, a beach is a good backdrop, huh?” Raiden asked as the other Processors nodded.

“Ah, what’s to it at this point? The Republic’s already losing one front and is throwing everything they have at this single front.” Theo waved away. “Che...really troublesome, huh?”

“We’ll need to make do with what we have now, Theo. If they fall…” Everyone swallowed a lump of saliva to their throats. It was quite obvious on what would happen.

“Bah, die or not die, it’ll all be the same! Fuckin’ Glory to the Spearhead Squadron!”

“Fuckin’ Glory to the Spearhead Squadron!” Everyone burst out, Shin just looked on at his comrades with a cold smile. The battlefield has shifted and one thing was sure. He looked once more towards where the Eastern Front lays barren.

His brother wasn’t there anymore, he has moved.

That wasn’t a good sign. Not at all.

1st District, San Magnolia
5th January Year 0

“Uncle Jerôme, what is the meaning of this!?” A silver-haired and eyed girl demanded as she stepped into the General’s office, the man looked a bit torn apart, as she burst in. "Every unit is being reassigned to the Northern Front? What has been happening?"

"...As much as I wanted to not believe this as well as deny it, the Legion has exploited one key flaw of our defenses."


"They're putting their numbers into a decisive battle to break through the Gran Mur." The Division Commander pinched the bridge of his nose, biting his lips. "Something happened to the Legion High Command...if they even have one. Their movements are far too focused on this one region."

"Then what are we going to do? How many squads are being assigned to this?"

"All of them."

"A-All of them?"

"We're looking at a squadron being lost per engagement with no significant trades on our side. More or less, it can be said that they're doing better than we are."

"...No, then-"

"Currently...there is no one who's manning the Northern Front. Not reliably at least...Lena...I'm trusting the Northern Front to you." The girl froze, an entire Front, something a General was supposed to do…

Was being entrusted to her? A Major?

"We had numbers of volunteers until his name came up. The Grim Reaper of the Eastern Front." Taking out a file of papers, he put it on the desk. "Make do with what we have recorded. He had been breaking six Handlers ever since the formation of the Spearhead Squadron."

"Undertaker...He breaks Handlers? Not the other way around?"

"No, considering the rumors and hearsays, Handlers had been caught blowing their heads off and committing suicide, other than just resigning from their roles," Jerôme spoke sighed as he stood up.

The crimson walls were emblazoned by the sunlight when he opened the curtains, the girl soon pondered. "Why me?"

"As much as it pains me...we need to lower the losses, the Interception Cannons are being repaired. High Command demands we lower the attrition and Juggernaut losses. Given the speed we are going through, we are losing the Juggernauts and their a year and a half if this goes on." He broke the truth.

"...Even if that is true. That doesn't exactly explain why I am the one chosen." Lena slammed her hand on the desk. "Uncle Jerôme, why am I being chosen? Isn't there anyone else who has better command experience?"

"...Given the circumstances, you are the first person of your age to get to Major."

"That is by your recommendation, was it not?" Lena was sometimes...just too smart for her own good, she pursed her lips as the man sighed.

"Recommendation or not, your leadership has enabled you to tackle bigger problems than normal. Handlers like you, who read the Battlefield are little. Of course, there are others who are willing to join the Operations of the Northern Front. But other than them, no one else wants to coordinate."

"...How many people are in charge of the Northern Front?"

"Including you, seven, a General, a Colonel, two Majors, two Captains, and a First Lieutenant. All a hundred Squadrons that are previously placed all around the Front are gathered in the new Front, the Northern Front, 1st Ward, codenamed, "No Man's Land". Will you accept your new position?"

Lena looked at the names of the Handlers, none of them she can actually recognize. A name rang a bell, but it wasn't exactly someone she was acquainted with.

Then the Squadrons.

1006 Squadrons of various fronts.

Spearhead, Halberd, Claymore, Saber, Longsword, Javelin, Longbow, Zweihänder and many more. But with each Squad having 24 units in them.

They were 24,144 of them, but considering the attrition…

Only 24,021 were still alive, new Squads are being formed. But it's still not enough. Against thousands of drones, even with the aforementioned numbers of Squadrons…

They need help from somewhere ASAP.

Act 2: Calm before the Storm
Königsberg, Prussia
4th January Year 0

“Why the fuck is the satellite view of the bloody distorted? Is the satellite acting up again?” The Kaiserin questioned as she tried to eyeball the map of the Baltics to make sure of it, they had made communication lines with Giad and found out that there were Japanese people in Riga.

...It didn’t make a whole lot sense, but neither was this world they were transported to, so that was something in itself. The Kaiserin had to hold her ambitions of a United Europe, considering she has no bloody allies in this world, unlike before when Livonia was her manpower pool.

Sadly, that ain’t the case here.

“Thunderstorm clouds or something of the sort had been spotted here and there, sporadic in forms, we tried to do a thorough scan of the vicinity and it came with errors here and there, too many electronic disruptions.” Her companion, Alba sighed at the moment. “So the Giadians had been making requests for certain materials…”

“If they have food, then they can have it.” Karolina sarcastically remarked.

“They have food.”

“...Wait, seriously? What is this Deus Ex Machina?” Her eyes twitched before shaking her head. “N-Nevermind that! What do they need for the exchange of food?”

“Steel, lots of them.”

“How many can we spare?”

“Considering everything we have...They’ll send two tonnes of food supply for...a ton of steel? I don’t think that’s a good trade, honestly speaking.”



“I’m not asking for your opinion at the moment.”


“I demand an apology.”

“Yes, mein Führerin. Apologies for questioning your superiority.” He began snickering at the pouting Kaiserin as she looked at him with a glare.

“Shut up with that stupid joke.” Alba began to lose it at that point, the Kaiserin pouted at her subject. She took a broom that she stowed away and smacked him with it.

“Gah! Karolina-!” Just as he was about to object her actions, he was stopped by an aura that was letting itself loose.

“It’s Kaiserin, subordinate, Alba Keizer von Danzig. Horseman of War.” She smiled innocently, despite her aura simply saying otherwise. “Try something like this again, and I assure you that not even King Solomon can even save you from my wrath, you cur.”

“This is what I wake up to, Alba? Seriously, I thought you learned your lesson back then...You’re on your own, bud.” A voice came out in Alba’s mind before a phone static noise can be heard inside of his own mind.

“W-Wait, R-Rubicante-!” A crack resounded by the floorboard where the perfectly ceramic floor had a broom’s end embedded onto the floor tile and penetrating the concrete. “...K-Karolina? C-Can we talk this out?”

“Hmmm, let me...think this through.” She lost her innocent smile, and a thoughtful look on her face. Then she smiled. “No.”


Fifteen minutes passed before a knock came through the door. Zero came in through the door and into the room. “Excuse me, mein Kaiserin, I have just received the orders and had issued a trade deal with-what are you doing, Alba?” Alba was wearing a servant outfit and was sweeping the floor with a broom. The Kaiserin was looking smugly at the man, as if she had accomplished the impossible or something of the sort.

“...Don’t question it.” He had a flushed look from embarrassment.

“...Should I get ma’am Qing to-” Zero’s offer was abruptly cut off.

“You don’t need to!” Alba cut him off with a snap.

"...If you say so, now, moving to the more important subject, I have received news from the Federacy of Giad." Karolina spun her chair around, as she looked Zero dead in the eyes. A nosebleed was apparent on her face.

"Get to it then."

"They have secured a stable front, but are in dire needs of aid." Zero read out loud as he looked at the woman. "What says thy?"

"...Hmmm, how's Germany looking?"

"I do have confidence that if they attack, the Exterminators will be able to slaughter them like sheep, but if we attack...I'd like to think that we need more men than usual. Not to mention that the Exterminators aren't willing to join." Karolina nodded in acknowledgment.

"I see. I see…then, obviously, considering that the War on the East would be the bigger mess, send the majority of our army into the Baltics and send some Exterminators to oversee them. I want a substantial garrison and defensive line on the West if our frivolous...Germanics are going to do anything.”

“Should we secure the Western borders and recall workers back to Prussia?”

“Maintain an orderly working order to at least minimally build up our near nonexistent crop farms. Even if they aren’t much, they’re better than nothing for our farms.” The Kaiserin looked towards the book that she was reading. “...Damn it, without any of our comrades, we’re not exactly in a good position, are we?” She asked her subordinates.

“You’re telling us.” Alba sighed as he leaned by the wall. “Without any form of supplies and fuel, consider our Army near powerless.”

“What do we have on fuel production?” The Kaiserin asked as Zero looked at the book of reports.

“Fortunately, the Oil Drillings are still in contact with us, the amount of oil that we are taking out are much more substantial, but still won’t be enough for our Armed Forces.”

“I need numbers, Zero, without them, we might as well be blind.”

“The sudden boom of perhaps different geography suggests around six thousand kilotonnes, but according to our Experts and Specialists, we can only keep this up for a few years. Then we’ll need to find another fuel source.”

“That’ll be good enough for us, what about the nuclear powerplant to power our Maglevs?” The black haired man flipped the pages.

“Due to the geographical changes with the sudden earthquake, the Nuclear powerplant is currently seeing harsh delay on activation, we require a few months to get it back on track. Our Maglevs are out of service, we can pull out a few coal factories back into service, but the power itself wouldn’t be substantial to power it.”

“Then don’t. Okay, what else can we get back to?”

“Our airports perhaps?”

“Ah right, considering we do have some form of aid, what’s our count?”

“Five Livonian Passenger Jet planes are stuck here with us, a single Pomeranian with two Brandenburgish. Seems we have a thousand immigrants from the other Divine Order States.” He answered and laid out, the Kaiserin looked thoughtful.

“Foreign Legionnaire.”

“...Five thousand Livonians, eight thousand Brandenburgers, and five hundred Auxiliaries from Pomeranian Penal Corps. We haven’t added them into our official army, so we’re leaving them out.”

“Are they well equipped?”

“The Livonians have arms, but the Brandenburgers could’ve seen better days. The Livonians from what has been recorded are the same ones who had helped us repelled the Westerns before, the Brandenburgish are here for Joint Exercise, the Pomeranians are offered as additional body bags.”

“Considering we can’t conscript all the people, I want them to be armed. You are in charge of them.”

“Heh, if that’s what you wish then, I have no qualms with sullying my hands with insubordination.” Zero shut his eyes.

“ supply, what about our food supply, we established that we do have some crops being harvested.”

“It’s enough for a few months, but I’m afraid that’s it. With rationing, we’ll add an extra month, but we won’t be surviving after that.”

“Che, pathetic numbers. Fish production?”

“We are determining fishing routes. It seems like that there are more fish, perhaps due to a new world and no one has been fishing before we arrived.”

“Seems like fauna count is at least working with us. Anything about the Königsdrachen in Ermsland?” The subordinate looked at his report, flipping through the pages.

“...The Kaiserdrachen wishes an audience with you to discuss of future engagements with outsiders.”

“Let them migrate to Posen. Pomerellen would be our only concern if they can help cover Posen’s borders.” She responded. “What of the envoy to Czechoslovakia?”

“...They asked for us to be put into their fold” The desk sitting in the room broke into splinters, a hand hovering over the wreckage. “Your Divine Highness, I suggest you calm down.”

“Calm down, you say, Zero?” A chilling aura grasped around the Kaiserin, black sickening miasma oozed out of her person. Her eyes sharpened, they didn’t seem too happy.

“Breathe, if you’d please. I rather have you be in a calm state of mind. Madam Elizabeth has negotiated and it would be more of a mutual alliance than anything.” The Kaiserin breathed heavily as Zero sighed. “It would be in our best interest to not make any enemies as of now, mein Kaiserin. If you’d please, it would be for the best.”

“...You’re right.” She relented, coughing into her hand. “...You’re right, sorry about that.” Alba simply watched with amusement. “...Alba, you’re free to leave.”

“You sure, your Highness?”

“I am. Cancel the punishment that I set for you, I apologize for the overreaction.”

“That’s...don’t worry about it, we all know how you react to jokes.” The silver-haired and-eyed man smiled. “We’re here for you, alright?”

“...I know. Thanks for the reassurance, Alba.” He waved her off.

“Good to know then, I’ll be keeping this outfit as well.”

“Foreplay?” Alba winced at the mention of that but kept a ghost of a grin on his face regardless.

“...Who knows? Might be useful in the future.” He shrugged as he closed the door behind him. Zero cracked a small smile at his fellow Exterminator.

“Then, mein Kaiserin, the Czechoslovaks request your audience.”

“...I was afraid of that, I still have things to organize, considering the date...check my schedule, what days am I free?”

“Practically every day except for the next three.”

“Prepare the Air Force, we’ll be heading to their Capital with our Jet in five days.”

“Which one?”

“...Wait, I get to be choosy?” She blinked in surprise.

“We’re not having international travels, madam. We aren’t there yet.” The man deadpanned as he pressed the pen’s button.

“Ah I see...what do we have?”

“...The Private Jets or…?”


“Airbus A319, A330, A340, A350, A400, Global Express-”

“We’re taking Global Express, get a Squadron of Aircraft to escort us.”

“Right away then. You got a script?”


“...Ma’am, you know what you’re going to tell them?”

“...Move that date back a month, I can’t make something up in busy days.”

“ you wish then, ma’am.”

“...Oh yeah about Kaiserdrachen.”

“What about him?”

“...Set a meeting for next week.”

“As you wish, you forgot to set a schedule, hm?”

“Shut up, it’s a Kaiserin’s life.” She pouted at her subordinate, who chuckled away.

“Sure is, ma’am.” He responded in kind.

Act 3: Peace in our time...for now...

Sankt Jeder, Federacy of Giad
5th January Year 0

“So, we lost Bar Clover, huh?” Haruki asked as his seniors looked at him with a look of confusion. The four of them were just sitting by the lobby of Smart Brain’s Headquarters, as they were having nothing to work on.

“Yeah, so what? Not like we do much there.” Takumi shrugged without a hint of care. The place wasn’t nice either way, the previous members were pretty much sadistic murderers who he’d care less about, the place didn’t have a place in his heart.

“Yeah, but it was kind of nice to have a place to hang out in, y’know?” Haruki tried to argue his case.

“Hey, kid. Don’t think about it too much, we can make another Bar Clover easy peasy, the one back then is way too dark for my taste. I want something more uplifting.” Kaido barged in the conversation.

“Something uplifting, huh? How about” Mihara suggested.

“A cafe?” Takumi’s look turned a bit...conflicted?

“...Oh yeah, Takumi-senpai’s still a nekojita(cat tongue).”

“Shaddup, you don’t have a say on that thing.” Takumi scolded the junior. “But still...I’m okay with that, anything that doesn’t bring up the last four.”

"The last five, you mean." Haruki corrected his senior.

"Whatever. Just go hook up with your girlfriend or something."


"Yeah, don't you and Asuka-chan got close to each other?" Mihara asked with a smile. "Ask her out or something."

"I-It's not like that!" The junior had a flushed face. "A-At least not yet…"

"Hoooo, our junior got bigger balls than you do, huh, Takkun?"

"Urgh, I'm gonna get a headache listening to y'all, I'm leaving." The brunette got up, but before he went, he gave a small sigh. "...Treat her right, kouhai."

"Y-You got it, senpai!"

"...So she is your girlfriend.” The junior’s ears began to steam as the two older men looked at each other before laughing. “Don’t worry about it, Haru-kun, you’re gonna be fine.” He patted the kid by the shoulder.

“I’m not a kid anymore, geez.” The boy snorted at the bearded man with a glare.

“Doesn’t stop me from treating you like one, y’know that?” Kaido ruffled his hair before he stopped and laughed. “Treasure her, wouldja?”

“...Yeah, considering what you might do to her if I’m not careful…” Haruki snorted at the man before he got up. “I’ll be taking my leave, I’m going to look around.”

“Alright! Stay safe!” The boy waved his hand off, while the two men looked at his walking figure.

“...Right then, I should get back to the orphanage, it was nice talking with you all.” Mihara bowed a bit before taking his leave.

“At the’s always me who ends up lonely, huh?” The loner sighed as he slumped on the couch. A pair of footsteps began to approach him before he turned to find Kiba walking up to him.

“Kaido-san, got nothing to do?”

“Yeah, I’m free, what’s up, chief?” The man gave a smile before he took out a suitcase. “Ehhh, what’s this? How come I never knew that we had another Gear lying around. Would’ve been useful for the past days.”

“Ah, this came in just now, the Psyga Gear, the second Generation of Drivers. We call them the Emperor Gears, including this one, we have the Emperor’s Belt.”

“Oooooh, new toys to play with, finally. I thought I was the only one who’d be left out without a suit.” The CEO smiled at his subordinate before patting him by the shoulder.

“Just be careful, it’s not like the other suits.” Kaido soon grinned as he took out the Driver and phone, a purple and blue symbol engraved on the front, the symbol of Psy made itself known.

“” He looked at the symbol before blinking. “Huh, that works for a name.” Kaido mused to himself as the belt itself barely had any content. Now, the count for the Kamen Rider Gears just upped itself to five. Quite nifty and nice if he thinks so himself.

Now, if only there was an incident where he could use them on...

Even at this dire time, even Orphnochs aren't willing to cause havoc for some reason. Kaido can only muse as he played with the briefcase of said equipment.

Act 4: Not a week in, war is already near

Königsberg, Prussia
5th January, Year 0

"Mein Kaiserin-what the fuck are you doing?" Alba came in and was appalled by what he saw the Kaiserin did.

"Ah, Alba. We're doing lipsticks and manicures." The German grey haired woman answered as Therese smiled towards the newcomer.

"...Never have I ever seen a Kaiserin who is so unfit for girlish things…"

"What was that supposed to mean?"


"Why the fuck are you ignoring me!?"

"An announcement was made in Czechoslovakia."

"Oho? Interesting. Tell me more." The woman readied her hands and folded them with a smug look.

"Stop having 180-degree turnovers on your personality, Genesis bless us all." Alba sighed at the woman. "So, to shorten everything...the Kingdom of Czechoslovakia was attacked by Germany."

"Oh, Heaven's no. The ensuing war would be a definite Czechoslovak victory and...Germany's borders are going to be disgusting again…"

"...Ma'am, do remember that we had to deal with a disunited Germany. Those times are already disgusting to look at."

"You're not wrong there, my dear inbred looking companion."

"Thank-wait a minute. Hey." Alba gave an offended look against his leader, who gave a smug cat smile. "We're straying off-topic."

"Indeed. There is only one obvious answer to this."

"Send them volunteers, intel, also a volunteer airwing? Perhaps send spies in disguise as-"

"Genesis no, we're declaring war against them to secure Hinterpommern. Alba, are you dumb?" The woman asked as Alba face faulted at the Kaiserin.

"Your way of thinking would definitely get us killed."

"Just not today. Haha!" Arguing with her is essentially suicide at this point, more or less, mental suicide at least. Her idea of opportunistic expansion is one of the more unreliable ones as before, conquest would be a bit easier as she’d know what everyone’s capabilities are. Here?

That isn’t plausible, especially without the manpower. “Mein Kaiserin-”

She gasped at the man before grabbing him by the collar, she eyed him, up from his head down to his toe. “Who the fuck are you and what’ve you done to my precious dumbass of a subordinate? I don’t recall him calling me ‘Mein Kaiserin’.”

“I’m hiM! I’m HiM! Staph shaking me! I don’t wanna wear a fucking butler uniform unless it’s for other purposes!” She stopped before eyeing him.

“...Favorite color.”


“Favorite animal.”


“Favorite plant.”

“Rose…” Her eyes began to dim and squint. “Weisse?”

“...Ok, you pass.” She took her seat again.

“I don’t like where that was going, ma’am.”

“Ah, Alba, where’d that impostor go?”

“Wha-You were still thinking me-that guy as an impostor!?”

“Yeah, duh.”

“Don’t duh me! I don’t know what goes in your head, ma’am.”

“I don’t either.” She smiled with an as a matter-of-fact tone.

“Don’t act haughty and proud about it!”

“So getting back on topic..”

“You’re just gonna ignore what transpired!?”

“What were you about to say again?”

“Ugh, back on you not want to slowly take back Hinterpommern with a bit of a slow-go?”

“...Hmmmm, we could...but with the enemies being somewhat helpless…”


“World War Two era weapons, unless they have heavy weapons that are better than the King Tiger, I’m not too worried...for now.”

“Why are you never reassuring us, your subjects?”

“Well, you do realize that I’m a dumbass.”


“I’ll leave the war to you, Alba-kun~”

“...Fine, ma’am.”

“Where’s your youthful spirit, my lovely horseman of War? Where is it?”

“I’m not youthful anymore...gah!” She was frustrating to deal with, but he couldn’t help, but admire that part of her courage…or was it actually stupidity? didn’t matter, she was the Kaiserin, he was, but her sword and shield. “...Hah, you’re really pushing my limit, huh?”

“That’s what I’m here for, to help you surpass your limit and overcome it.” She grinned as she had a knowing look to accompany it, Alba can only smile. Fucking idealism. No one was supposed to reach it, but no one can’t help, but try to with this kind of leader. She was an idiot, yes. She was expansionistic, who doesn’t know? But she tries her best, even if it means that she suffers alongside her own people if not more by going on a hunger strike to feed one another person in her stead. That was what they decided to enlist for.

From Pomerellen to Gumbinnen, no one here wishes to betray her wishes and dreams. “...So what are we going to do?”

“You decide when we declare war, I’m the government’s leader, not our armed force’s. You have better leadership there than I do.” She smiled as she tapped her fingers. “I’ll leave everything to you.”

“Heh, then rest assured, we’re not led by you.”

“Jesus Christ, you really think I’d want that happening?”

“Err, no, but…”

“I need my broom to smack your head with.”


“Joking~” Alba scoffed at his superior, as he shut his eyes. Her mood swings were weird as hell. But no matter, no enemies will be able to infiltrate their lines, magic or technology or both, none shall pass the Alba Keizer Line of Prussia.

Gumbinnen, Prussia
5th January, Year 0

The Japanese car that arrived by the outpost of Gumbinnen, it was not as expected as any imports from Japan was cut off, and having the entire tier list of best till worst Japanese car at hand, they were certainly not in that list. Of course, they aren’t counting 1970s model cars, but people get the point when talking about the subject.

“Never seen that car model before.” Theresa coughed up, Zero rolled his eyes at them. “You think they Jap, Zero?”

“They look more Germanic than Asian…”

“...Wait, how’d you know that?”

“I can see through car-tinted windows.”

“...That’s cheating.”

“We’re making this a competition? I’ll never understand women now…” He shook his head in mild disappointment. “But enough of that.” The men got out of the car, a man with blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes stepped out, acting diplomat it would seem.

“Greetings, Western neighbors, we are of the nation of Giad’s diplomats, wishing to make better connections with your people.”

“...Is that how diplomats speak?”

“...I would.” Zero answered before responding in kind. “Yes, we welcome you with open hands.” Contrary to belief, everyone had a gun on them with trained eyes and trained muzzles, fingers itching to turn off safety and go full-auto.

Turning back to them, Zero began to swing his arm to get them to put their weapons down. The men just reluctantly did it. “...Err, apologies for that. Our men are quite wary of our neighbors most of the time.”

“Ah do not worry, we also get that kind of treatment.”

“Of International pariah?”

“International pariah…” The two men had an awkward silence between each other.

“...Men are weird.”

“Madam, with all due respect. Like you’re one to talk as a lady.” A soldier sweatdropped as he shouldered his HK416.

“That aside, welcome to the glorious Divine Order of Prussia where we only worship one God. I am their...temporary diplomat, Zero.”

“I see, I am Augustin Edelweiss. A pleasure to meet you.”

“Yes, Augustin Edelweiss...a peculiar name indeed, I’d say it’s quite-”

“Get to the point, Zero, we’re not here for a pleasant talk!” Theresa yelled at the ex-wanderer.

“Shut up! Ahem, forgive my...assistant.” ”Assistant!?” “She is quite an impatient woman, as you can tell.”

“Yes, do not worry, we do not have much urgency...for the time being at least...” He remembered the ongoing onslaught happening to the East.

“Would you like to come into the nice town of Gumbinnen? It’s much better if you tell your driver and companions to join with us, considering the unique nature of Prussia for the time being.”

“Why is it snowing?”

“...Our God loves snow, we don’t ask him why he has to put us in through a blizzard.” He had a tired smile and look.


“Yes, thankfully from your reaction, you don’t have a God. Hopefully, it keeps on going like that, considering all of the bullshit each Pantheon had before this shitshow happened, being in a nation where no random deities can interfere with your life is really nice.”

“...You talk like you had experience with them…” Zero remembered the time he had to fight against Heracles of the Olympian Pantheon, the fight that basically lasted for days without ends meet. The only reason was the fact that he was forbidden to use his magic and only had to show his strength.

He still needs to work on his back pain after getting the peak of Mount Olympus struck down his back.

“...Some things are best not known at some point.” He gave a dry smile, with a tired look.

“I’ll take you on the offer…”

“That aside, do join us in, we have tea, coffee, and the likes. Albeit on the short stock due to lack of trade.”

“I look forward to them.”

“Great!” The group would take a bit of time as they had to park the car by the designated zone, with no form of slack as the guards wouldn’t accept a poor parked car.

“Dmitri, we can let this one slid-”

“No, as the only guy who’d actually care about parked cars, ain’t gonna let this slide, Zero!” Theresa watched in amusement at her colleague before sighing and stepping in.


“Y-Yes, milady?”

“Just once.”

“...F-fine…” The man sighed as he breathed in and out. “Yes, just go in, for fuck’s sake, your park is cleared…” He spoke with a fed up tone.

“Thank you, it is much appreciated for your restraint.”

“Everyone holds you in high regards, ma’am, and sir. Are you two a couple by chance?” Zero and Theresa looked at each disgust.

“Nay/No way.” The two respectively answered.

“I...see?” The diplomat sweatdropped. Entering the building that housed a very nice heating room, the diplomats can finally have their time to talk about diplomacy directly. That was after being served refreshments by the servant. “...Thank you for the coffee, err…”

“It’s Hanna, good sir. Then, sir Zero, ma’am Theresa, I shall take my leave.” The woman smiled as she got out of the room. With that out of the way, two pairs of Guards, both from the Prussians and Giads, Zero took a sip of coffee before setting it down.

“...We’ll move to our first order of business. I see that your nation is having a shortage of food supply?” Augustin questioned as the Prussians nodded.

“Mhmm, we’ll exchange food for steel if that’s alright, considering that our crop isn’t ready for harvest.” The black-haired and eyed man laid out the situation.

“Then, that would be a deal, however considering our situation…”

“The war on the East, no?”

“Yes, that. We are...wondering if you are able to give support to us in the coming war, our morale is low, with your army, we might be able to push them back finally.”

“Haha...that would be something that we could do, but considering the problems now, I do not think it is possible.” Zero responded. “We’ll need to consider all of the current issues we have before we are able to mobilize the army. We still require time.”

“We will wait for it then.”

“In the meantime, might I ask whether you come here to stay or to…uhh…”

“Well, we are here to communicate, so my superiors authorized me to stay over here to communicate what troubles us in the future and perhaps another form of trade deal in the future.” The Prussian representatives nodded in understanding, well, that would be for the better.

“Well, hopefully, everything goes well for the time being.”

“Hopefully so.”



“...To avoid any more awkward moments…” Theresa sighed before continuing with a tone of finality. “This meeting is concluded.”

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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Laiakia » Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:11 pm

Building 14, The Kremlin, Mosbird, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
January, 0

Today would be quite the special day for the Presidium of the USSR. A hasty meeting had been called by Nikita Kruschev in order to discuss the security of the Soviet Union. Some of those present would be Lavrenty Beria, Vsevolod Merkulov, Bogdan Kobulov, Sergey Goglidze, Vladimir Dekanozov, Pavel Meshik, Lev Vlodzimirskiy, Georgy Malenkov, and Viktor Abakumov. The meeting proceeded smoothly until an hour had gone by.

“...and with that, we have the last item on today’s list. Therefore I would like to propose a new agenda, item #1 the conduct of comrade Beria.”, Khruschev said.

This was quickly followed by a wave of ‘yeas’, indicating that the motion would pass. Beria, however, seemed adamant that this was simply an unserious proposal.

“If you have a serious item, comrade Nikita, I suggest we take a look at another business.”

Khruschev was having none of it and continued. “I accuse comrade Beria of centralizing power in his agency at the expense of the Party, Central Committee, and people of the USSR. I-”

“This is not a tabled motion, Nikita. Let’s mo-”

“-also accuse comrade Beria for betraying and plotting against the Soviet Union, betraying the Soviet People, misconduct and misuse of his power, plotting to assassinate high-ranking members of the Communist Party, plotting to assume control of the Soviet Union, and plotting to sell the USSR to the capitalist countries, as well as conspiring with other suspected traitors of the People including, but not limited to, Merkulov, Kobulov, Goglidze, Dekanozov, Meshik, Vlodzimirskiy, Malnekov, and Abakumov.”

“T-this is madness! All unfounded and fake rumors!”, exclaimed Beria, moving away from the table that they were sitting at. The other people mentioned also seemed horrified, standing up from their chairs and slowly moving backwards. Khruschev then pressed a button under the table they were sitting at. For a moment, nothing happened. The accused all seemed relieved and slowly moved towards the door. It was at that moment that a group of soldiers and generals spearheaded by Georgy Zhukov and Lazar Kaganovich entered the room, armed.

“Hands up or I’ll bloody shoot you!”, roared Zhukov, eyeing the suspects.

Beria grimaced and began nervously flapping about with his flippers. “This… This is high treason! You will all be shot!”

Zhukov rolled his eyes, then moved over to Beria and punched him straight in the face, creating a crack in one of Beria’s tusks. This caused the walrus to wail in pain, much to the amuse of the present military.

“All of you that comrade Nikita mentioned are under arrest. You are stripped of rank and title and subject yourselves to the will of the people.”, said Lazar Kaganovich.

“You can’t do this, traitors! Wait until Stalin hears about this, you’ll all be hung!”, shouted Malenkov, his beak moving rapidly.

Zhukov chuckled, motioning to the soldiers to grab every convicted man in the room. “Ha, who do you think ordered this? While I have no joy in arresting the lot of you, Beria’s arrest brings me quite the smile.” Zhukov then proceeded to punch Beria again.

“You… You’re a disgrace, Zhukov…”, spat Beria, his snout very bloodied from the lion’s punches. “I’m gonna enjoy hanging your skin over my fireplace…”

Zhukov, quite amused, punched him again, causing the already cracked tusk to completely break in two. Beria screamed in pain, cursing fervently. “Right, enough fun. Let’s go.”

The soldiers, together with the suspects, then walked through out of the building with no disturbances, as there were oddly no NKVD stationed at the Kremlin. The rag-tag group would eventually reach Stalin’s personal bunker. The group were let through, Beria and some other NKVD personnel shouting threats and curses all the way.

At the same time, a message to the 127th Tank Brigade and the 2nd Guards Motor Rifle divisions would come from Defence Minister Dimitry Ustinov that they were to move into the Mosbird metropolitan area and the Kremlin Area and guard it against a possible attack by radical NKVD forces loyal to Beria.

Beria and the rest of the accused would be taken to the cafeteria of Stalin’s bunker. There, a military tribunal had been formed by Ivan Konev, Konstantin Rokosovosky, and Stalin himself. Present were also selected members of the Soviet press, already taking pictures of the thoroughly blooded Beria. Upon seeing Stalin, Beria began begging profusely.

“C-comrade Stalin! There must be some mistake, I would never betray the USSR. You know this! P-please!”

Stalin did not answer, but one could see in his eyes that he was loving this. He simply yawned and ignored Beria, nodding to Konev after the suspects had been lined up and Beria had gotten a piece of cloth between his mouth to stop him from interrupting.

“Vsevolod Merkulov, Bogdan Kobulov, Sergey Goglidze, Vladimir Dekanozov, Pavel Meshik, Lev Vlodzimirskiy, Georgy Malenkov, Viktor Abakumov.”, began Konev. “You are all suspected of high treason against the USSR. How do you plead?”

Merkulov, Malenkov, and Kobulov were sweating intensely, not saying a word. “We’re innocent! Innocent, damn you!”, shouted Abakumov.

“That is not what these-”, Rokososvsky began, pulling out a copy of the files planted in Beria’s office. “-plans tell us, comrade Abakumov. These were recovered from comrade Beria’s dacha and involve you as well as the rest of the present suspects in plots to undermine and sell out the USSR to foreign enemies and capitalists within our own ranks!”

Abakumov was stunned, his head hanging in defeat, for he knew there was no use in arguing.

“No pleas? Very well. Merkulov, Kobulov, Goglidze, Dekanozov, Meshik, Vlodzimirskiy, and Abakumov. You are hereby found guilty of high treason against the USSR and her people. This military tribunal has therefore sentenced you all to GULAG work camps to pay for your crimes. I suggest you say goodbye to any loved ones you may have. Guards, take them away.”

Malenkov was left alone as the rest, excluding Beria, were all led out the same way they came in. His eyes wandered to Stalin, who stared at him with an unreadable expression.

“Comrade Malenkov. You are hereby found guilty of conspiring with traitors of the USSR. This military tribunal has therefore sentenced you to forced labour and rehabilitation. You will lose your position in the State Defence Committee, but will work together with Defence Minister Ustinov to head the Soviet Missile Program, and you will also undergo political rehabilitation to prevent you from doing the same mistakes that led you here. Guards, take him away.”

The guards did as told, moving Malenkov towards the door of which he entered. He cast a last glance towards Stalin and saw that the penguin gave him a small knowing nod. Thus Malenkov realized that Stalin had saved him from death for reasons unknown to any but Stalin himself.

The last suspect to be tried was Beria. His eyes were burning with fury, shifting hurriedly between Konev, Rokosovsky, and Stalin.

Comrade Beria.”, began Rokosovsky, speaking with venom in his voice. “You are suspected of heading a plot of assassinating high-ranking members of the Communist Party, some of which include comrade Stalin, comrade Kruschev, comrade Zhukov, comrade Voroshilov, comrade Kaganovich, comrade Molotov, and so on and so forth. You are also suspected of aiding foreign intelligence agencies, unlawfully seeking peace-terms with the Germans through a third-party, mis-conduct, mis-use of ministry power, murder, child abuse, abuse, wild threats, and a list of rapes and pedophilia so long that I cannot stomach reading it aloud. How do you plead?”

The cloth gag over Beria’s mouth was removed by Zhukov. Beria then proceeded by spitting on the floor and started spewing pleas for mercy and how he regretted everything. Zhukov was particularly annoyed, but refrained himself from hitting the walrus a fourth time. After five minutes of Beria’s excuses, Stalin finally spoke.

“Enough! I’ve heard all I needed.”

Beria looked at him with hopeful eyes and a smile, which quickly faded away as Stalin spoke.

“Lavrenty Beria, your crimes are well-documented, your crimes are disgusting, and it gives me quite the pleasure to hereby condemn you as guilty by all accounts. This military tribunal has as such ordered you, Beria, to be summarily executed. Pray for the spirit of Lenin to have mercy on your soul, scum, for we will have no mercy in our hearts for you.”

Zhukov smirked and grabbed Beria by the neck and led him out of the room. After they left, Stalin erupted into laughter and gave Konev a good pat on the back.

“Haha! That bastard is finally getting what he deserves!”

Konev chuckled and smiled. “I’ve been looking forward to this for over a decade now…”



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