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Postby Palmyrion » Tue May 04, 2021 10:01 pm



Finally. - exhaled an exhausted Johann as he set foot on the Aherrad Plains after the final 4-hour leg of the 36-hour trek. The trek took them across the Three Rivers, with river crossings across the White, Grey, and Blue Rivers as they traced the northern shores of Lake Nemis.

The Aherrad Plains greeted him, Nakhu, and Kaye with a verdant welcome of rolling hills, expansive fields, spacious woodland, and promises of riches and fame from iron and steel. The leaves of the grass, shrubs, and trees danced gracefully to the rhythm of the cool sea breeze, the sea breeze also gracefully weaving around the trio, soothing them with its cool caress.

The young Johann thought soon enough that any long-term mining operation in the area had to have a means of equally long-term sustenance; thus, a habitation, no matter how permanent, was in order. One would most definitely need to create a plot on which to farm food, and four walls around and a roof above. As they were here to mine iron and turn it into feasible tools, he would also need to create an earthen bloomery; he had seen earthen bloomeries in the more primitive parts he had been to alongside his father, the young Johann travelling with his father as the late Klaus Schmidt sold his metalworks across the Empire.

To that end - creating a long-term settlement for long-term mining - he thought a bit of what to do first. He would need a basic set of tools that didn't need metalworking, and he also needed a robust, low-maintenance crop to grow in order to feed their stomachs. Tubers, from what he knew and read of The Wild Lands, were nutritious and low-maintenance crops that didn't need as much water, nutrients, or weeding as the grain crops of the Empire did. It was also easy to make simple flint tools; all one would need was a reasonably-sized stone with which to work the flint with, enough flint nodules and branches for the amount of tools one would create, and some cordage to tie the flint working parts to their handles. For shelter, lean-tos were a good start - and such shelters would be created with enough bundles of fiber and fallen leaves to serve as cover and insulation from the elements. Mud-brick houses and eventually houses of stone blocks would come later down the line.

The first thing Johann did in their first day at the Plains was to look for tubers that they could consume and, once they finished a small plot, cultivate. This was a task that would take him twelve hours across the vast expanse of the Aherrad Plains and yield him only a bushel of tubers. He could then think of gathering branches and flint for the flint tools their party would definitely need for some basic purposes, a task he would reserve for the next day. Once done he would retire into the night after eating his third serving of fruits.

Day 3 (Aherrad Plains)
  • 0000-0400H: Traveling to Aherrad Plains (36/36)
  • 0400-1600H: Gathering tubers by hand (1 bushel in 12 hours)
  • 1600H-Next Dawn: Sleep (8 hours)

  • Flint axe: 1 flint nodule, 1 branch, 1 length of fiber
  • Flint hoe: 1 flint nodule, 1 branch, 1 length of fiber
  • Flint spade: 1 flint nodule, 1 branch, 1 length of fiber
  • Flint chisel: 1 flint nodule
  • 3 x Primitive Spear: 3 x flint nodules, 3 x branch, 3 x length of fiber

  • 1 - Copper Hammer
  • 3 - Copper Nobles
  • Humble clothes
  • 1 - Basket of Fruits (4/7)

Vitality Status
    Sleep: Well-rested (4 hours travel, 12 hours searching for tubers, 8 hours sleep)
    Hunger: Sated (Fruit eaten)
    Thirst: Quenched
    Injuries: None
    Ailments: None
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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Wed May 05, 2021 9:40 am

Gregor | Day 3 | 7:00am-4pm

It was later in the morning when Gregor awoke, somewhat tired from the previous day's exertions, and a tiny bit hungover, truth be told. He and Markus had talked late into the night with two of the other people who had arrived aboard the Wind's Pride, a man named Cornelius and his companion Amelia. It wasn't entirely clear, even after a bit of chat and grain spirits, if they were man and wife, or man and woman who he wished were his wife, or just two people who had traveled together for some time.

But what was clear was that both of them had tried their hands in the mines, and were chagrined to find that this was much of the only employment that could easily be found in Farholme. Their ears were only too receptive when Markus had spun a tale of fantasy and wealth to them, as part of the Nevis Trading Company. A small operation, to be sure, but going places. And offering very competitive wages, or, better yet, stock in the company. With only a few years of work they could rise to partner, and reap wealth even in their old age.

Of course, judiciously neither Markus nor Gregor exactly went out of their way to mention that the company had only been started yesterday. Still, the financials were sound. And truth be told, probably almost anything looked better than another day in the cold dark mines beneath Farholme. Even swinging a pick at the claim that the Nevis Company had set up camp near, at least you were out in the open air.

And so it as that the two signed on, and the four departed the small settlement together, striding east. Amelia was a dreamer, and decided to take her wages in stock - with the Company covering food and lodging, of course. Cornelius, being slightly older and less trusting, decided that the offer of a noble and six knaves, plus food and lodging, was certainly better than the company was giving him. And that was all to the best. Gregor's head danced with dreams of becoming a wealthy merchant once more as he whistled a marching air, his knot of companions, partners, and workers returning to the day's labor.

Copper Pickaxe purchased for 4 Nobles

All: 0700-0800 [Traveling to East Silver Mine]
Gregor: 0800-1600 [Felling Tree]
Markus: 0800-1400 [Mining 5 Raw Silver] | 1400-1600 [Transporting 2 Pure Silver, 2 Raw Silver to Farholme, selling, returning] [+9 Nobles 2 Knaves]
Cornelius: 0800-1400 [Mining 3 Raw Silver] | 1400-1600 [Gathering 2 Long Grass]
Amelia: 0800-1000 [Transporting 4 Raw Silver to Farholme and selling, then returning] [+8 Nobles] | 1000-1200 [Crushing 2 Raw Silver to 1 Pure Silver] | 1200-1400 [Crushing 2 Raw Silver to 1 Pure Silver] | 1400-1600 [Gathering 2 Long Grass]

15 Copper Nobles, 4 Copper Knaves
Humble Clothes
Freshly-Sharpened Copper Axe

Status: Working
Sleep: 11/17 til Sleep
Knowledgeable Woodcutter, Energetic, Inventor

Markus: 8 CNobles, 5 CKnaves | Pickaxe, Hammer, 4 Baskets [1 Basket Fruit 5/7 at Stockade] - Skilled Miner [Fed]
Cornelius: 1CNoble | Copper Pickaxe
Amelia: 1 CNoble | Copper Hammer
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Postby Theyra » Wed May 05, 2021 10:56 pm

Day 3
Aherrad Plains
Nakhu Olziyt

Finally, they have arrived at the plains after a 36-hour trek. Upon seeing the Aherrad Plains, Nakhu could not help but, be reminded him a bit about his homeland. The wide-open sea of grass, the cool breeze, and the low hills. Taking a deep breath of the cool air and got a good look of the area before cogs began to move in his head. There are here and if he was going to settle here. Nakhu is going to need a few things. A place to live and rest his head, a place to mine, and more importantly, a source of food. This basket of fruit is going to run out and it is a long trek back to Farholme. If he or anyone wants to permanently stay here , they needed food, and while Johann went on looking for tubers to eat. Nakhu went on to crafting a bow and arrows to hunt the beasts that resided in the plains. It is what he is used to and why not use a tool you are good at?

Dawn Day 3 - Traveling to the Aherrad Plains, (36/36), Prospector passive-active
Gather fiber from grass
Gather branches for 12 hours
Next Dawn: Sleep

1 Cooper Pickaxe
1 Cooper Noble
1 Basket of Fruit(4/7)
Humble Clothes

Fed and well Rested
Hunter, Prospector, Skilled Agrarian


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