Eye of the Storm: Champions of the Gods (IC)

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Eye of the Storm: Champions of the Gods (IC)

Postby Ceystile » Mon Apr 26, 2021 3:42 pm

Maren, Therian Republic
A Meeting Of Champions

Nothing had been the same ever since Set-Lanme went away, and the tension was so palpable that one could feel it in the very air. One of the major goddesses had been stolen away, just carried off like an unattended child in the could one as powerful as the Lady of the Deep have just been plucked from her home like ripe fruit?! Most knew whose work it was, a vengeful priestess who wished to topple the gods and didn’t seem to care if she took the world with her, but that didn’t make it any less frightening. In fact, it seemed to worsen things all the more.

If a mere human could throw off the balance of nature in such a way; devastating tidal waves, earthquakes, long-dormant volcanoes erupting. Fishermen unable to feed their families, explorers no longer to sail their ships...then what did that spell? The gods were supposed to be untouchable, all divine beings. Nothing was supposed to hurt them, and now that somebody could, that meant nobody was safe at all. Fortunately in the midst of all this chaos, there were gods and mortals both that managed to keep their heads. Tempest, Queen of the Gods and Goddess of the Sky in her immense grief could not allow herself to fall to despair, so she gathered her court and proposed that they gather their most faithful to their sides. These Champions would be their eyes, ears and hands. They would be able to walk into mortal affairs where the gods could not, could tread the paths that even divine feet daren’t walk. Their first meeting would take place where it all began, in the sleepy seaside town of Maren.

Arriving At Maren, The Fay King's Delegation
“My lord, I really must insist....” North was amid the bags and sacks that had been prepared for travel, peeking in the cart again like some neurotic assistant. Well technically he was a neurotic assistant, but don’t tell him that to his face.

“North, dear. I’ve packed everything.”
“Because you’ve checked my bags seven times on the way here!” Thorn, the Summer King of Faerie laughed like a bell at the visual of his devoted servant and friend comparing their travel sacks as they were heading to the little oceanside town of Maren. “I promise, we’ve seen to everything. Since when has a detail ever escaped your critical eye?” He absentmindedly adjusted his leaf-green robes as the cart drove on.

“But what offense, Sire. But what if there’s no winter clothing, you do know that the weather’s become unpredictable, yes? And you do tend to underpack, I mean…”
“Northy, I haven’t underpacked since I was six. If anything, you overpack. We can’t take a lot with us, I mean we shall be on the road, dear. Anything more will slow us down, the cart is just taking us to our destination.”
“Your bags were filled with candied pineapple and cream, no actual clothing.”
“Again, I was six.”

“Why didn’t we use a portal?”

“Because I wanted to arrive at the same time as everyone else.” Thorn said flatly. “Had we used the portal, we may’ve been stuck there for ages waiting for the humans to arrive. My darling Frost, you are too’ll worry yourself half to death!”
“Well one of us has to!” North sniffed, tilting up his head. “I mean worrying about you is my job.”
“I know it is, old friend.” He took North’s pale blue hand in his dark brown ones and gave it a comforting pat. “See, you’re getting cold again. You get cold when you’re agitated.”

“I’m always cold, my lord.”
“Yes, but now you’re like an icicle. There’s frost on your reins.”
“I can’t help but be worried...the world is literally going to hell in a handbasket.”
“I’m worried too.” Thorn’s dark eyes turned a bit solemn, as if he’d just gotten sad news. “But if I let myself fall into bad spirits, I fear I will falter. For the sake of my people, I can’t let that happen.” He jerked a bit when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. “I’ll always be here, thorn-child. If you do stumble a bit, I’ll catch you.”
“I know you will, old friend. And the exact same to you...oh look, we’re here!” They finally arrived on the sandy beaches and worryingly still water, giving coin to the cart driver before grabbing the bags they could carry and walking deeper into Maren.

“I don’t like this. This place seems cold...devoid of life. Like you, North.”
“Shut up.”
“You dare tell your king to shut up?!”
“I damn well do. The pair fell into a fit of hushed giggles, well North was smiling as he was determined not to giggle and looked around. “This is supposed to be our rendezvous point, correct? The goddess Tempest said she would meet us here?”

“Well, that’s the message that supposedly everyone got, but I don’t see anybody for miles. Just sand, literally everywhere...wait!” Thorn put a hand up and stopped walking, seemingly listening for something. “Do you hear that?”
“Hear what, Sire?”
“The music. There’s music here.”

“Now I hear it. Sounds like...a flute?” They listened for it again, a high-pitched melodious sound split the air followed by several others. A song. “Who in Vimrasa’s name is playing the flute on the beach?! Whoever they are it sounds lovely, but…” The sounds got closer and closer, and soon they were accompanied by the sound of footsteps. “That would be me, I hope I wasn’t disturbing you.” A deep voice came out of the fog, and Thorn could make out the outline of a tall shape as the flute song continued briefly. A man then, judging by the voice and height...but with the long blond hair he could easily have been mistaken for a woman. He was dressed in a flame-colored tunic with gold stitching, giving an elegant bow before the two fae lords. “Why did you stop, sir? I was enjoying the show.” The blond man gave a laugh at that, securing his flute with a sash at his waist. “I’m glad. I’m guessing you two fine gentlemen are here to answer the summons of the goddess as well?”

“Indeed we are, and who may you be?”
“Cicero, but my friends call me Chickpea and strangers tend to call me Canary. Royal Bard of Vitanu at your service.”
“Thorn, Lord of the Summer Court and High King of the Fae, at your service. It seems we have a common goal then, Lord Cicero.”

“Seems so, Your Majesty. Are we the only ones here so far? I’ve been on the beach for a minute and haven’t really seen anyone.”
“We’ve only just arrived, we hoped that more people would be here by now.”

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Postby Tomia » Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:12 pm

The Wolf Pack, on route to Maren
Tia Wolf Blessed walked along the well trodden dirt road on the way to Maren. It was a walk she had done before, but this time felt different. The breeze that was usually calm and gentle was now harsh and erratic. There was something off, but everyone knew that. Ever since the goddess of the sea had disappeared, things had been different, eerily so. It wasn't just humans that could sense that something was off, the animals and beasts could feel it to. The Wolf Pack had just finished hunting a rogue hydra that was attacking a nearby city when Hadar had told them they were heading for Maren. Tia didn't understand why they were going to this backwater town in particular, but she also wasn't going to question it. As she marched along she was towards the front of what would likely feel like a small army to the locals. There were approximately three dozen people currently traveling with the Wolf Pack, though their total numbers were considerably larger. Therian had insisted upon not intimidating the locals too much. Speaking of Tia's patron, the goddess Therian was traveling along with her father Hadar, and they were the only two gods currently among the wolf pack. The rest were demigods, or impressive mortals who had been chosen to join their ranks. Hadar's champion, Torez Lionheart, stood towards the front of the pack as well and next to him stood Hadar himself. The god of the hunt was an intimidating sight, even in human form. Though Tia noted that it wasn't his stature or his elaborate dress, but the look in his eyes that tended to scare mortals. He looked at everyone like a wolf might look at a stag, with a wild glint in his eyes.

Soon enough they arrived in town, much to the surprise of the locals. Some scattered off, fearing an invasion, while others stood outside their doors to gawk at the new comers.

"My people are suffering." Therian said in a disapproving tone, as she looked around the town that had clearly seen better days.

"We will set it right my lady. No one can match our strength." Torez replied confidently, leading Therian to narrow her eyes in his direction.

"Do not be so cocky Lionheart. The pack must stay humble, if we are to survive."

Torez bowed his head sheepishly and Tia gave a small smile at the interaction. Therian was very skilled at humbling others.

Hadar, who had been relatively silent on the trip there, finally spoke.

"Tia, Torez, you two will travel to the beach while rest of wait here." Hadar said, leading Tia to raise an eyebrow. "Why us?"

"I assume, because your godly lord told you to will not be a satisfactory answer. So I will just tell you this, we're here for a meeting but our presence is already drawing attention. The two of you shall speak on our behalf. You'll understand what this is about soon enough."

Tia and Torez nodded, still slightly confused but understanding their orders. As they turned away Hadar spoke once more.

"Glory to Wolf"

And both Champions responded without hesitation,

"Glory to the Pack"

"Now get out of here, I don't want to stay long enough that I get bored."

Mira Daton
As The Wolf Pack champions made their to the beach, another figure was moving through town on her way. This was Mira Daton the leader of the thieves guild of the Therian Republic. At least, that's what she told others. In reality she was nothing but another web of secrets, built so that others could see what they wanted to see. There was a meeting to be held at the beach, one of great importance, and Mira was curious... Normally she cared little about the affairs of gods outside the Whispers, but this was interesting. Things were changing, the balance of the world that had been around for so long was being shaken. Things were going to change, the only question was how. And so she made her way to the beach as well, looking around to exam the others that had arrived. Mira was always a people watcher. She wanted to know who mortals really were, not just who they pretended to be. But often the masks people wear are even more interesting than their true faces.

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Postby Ceystile » Tue Apr 27, 2021 2:16 am

"Look, more people coming up the way!" Thorn gestured to another pair of figures that were heading toward them. One a young man, and one a young woman. They both dressed and wore their hair in the style of Hunt worshippers, probably devotees of Hadar perhaps? Cicero straightened up and adjusted the various bags holding his rations, instruments and whatnot as the twosome approached, the young woman had dark hair and obviously appeared to be a warrior of some kind.
"They must be here for the meeting as well." When the two newcomers got close enough, Cicero greeted them. "Hello all, you summoned here too? I'm Cicero, at your service."
"And I am Thorn, and this grumpy Gus is my dear friend North! It's an honor to meet you two...he doesn't say much, but North really is a good one, you know."

"I say plenty when I have things to say, Sire."
"No need to get snippy, dear. I'm just poking a bit of fun." Cicero chuckled at the conversation the two friends were having, and turned to Tia and her friend. "Anyway, fairy mannerisms aside...I assume we're all gathered here because the gods summoned us? Looks like we'll be traveling companions then..."

"You would assume correct." The three men's heads snapped up at the sound of a distant voice, a woman's. There was no shouting, but yet it seemed to echo off the nonexistent walls. Softly booming like infant thunder, and before they knew it a dark-skinned young woman robed in white appeared before them. She looked human enough for all intents and purposes, but there was something unmistakably...different, about her.

"So, you've arrived. We are still expecting others, but I'm glad that you five have shown up for now." She straightened up and looked at them with tired, grave eyes that appeared somewhat red-rimmed, but still carried a certain weight of power. "Lady...are you come on orders of the goddess?" Thorn asked.

"You can say a little something like that, actually." With a wave of her finger, a bright blue flash of light fell from the sky and struck a spot nearby in the sand, dissipating with a crack of thunder. When the dust settled, a smooth and shiny spot appeared where the unbroken sand once was. "Do you know that lightning's four times hotter than the sun? And that when sand is superheated, it turns into glass?"

"Lady Tempest!" Cicero gasped out, making to bow. "Forgive us, Windcaller...we did not know it was you."
"It's fine, musician. I'm not going to smite you, rise." She gestured with her hand and he immediately stood back at attention. "I just like to show off a bit, I'm not sorry for it." Tempest turned toward the gathered group, clearing her throat. "I'm sure you're all aware of why we're here today. Something terribly dire has happened, and..." she seemed to grow ashen as she forced herself to talk about it, like she'd been stabbed through the chest. "We require your help. The goddess of the sea has gone missing, and it''s very unlike her to vanish, but..." she had to take a breath to steady herself. "I'm sorry, I'm required to keep my emotions in check. I'm not in the best of moods at the moment, but..."

"We're aware, my lady. The six inches of rain we got last month was proof of that." Thorn joked, trying to lighten the mood. North looked absolutely stricken, and was about five seconds away from chastising his king when he heard a dry laugh come from the goddess' throat. "Yeah. Sorry about that."
"No need to apologize, I mean I'd dieif something happened to North. He's my best friend and not my wife but, he is precious to me. I can only imagine how you feel." He slipped into some kingly seriousness to match the gravity of the situation, and Cicero let out a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding. "If I lost my daughter, my lady...I probably would flood the world too, if I could." the musician offered his sympathy. "Losing half your soul like that."

"Well she's not dead, just captured. And I need assistance in getting her un-captured, which is where you all come in. Now I suggest we go find a private spot so we can speak of this further..." An ear-piercing roar interrupted the conversation, almost vibrating the sandy shores themselves. "What in Chaos' name was that?!" Whirling around, Tempest saw the sea pierced by what appeared to be an enormous tentacle, slowly waving about in the air before another one joined him. "Oh no, it's gotten worse. Without Lanme to keep them in check, the sea monsters are rising from their prisons."

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Postby Tomia » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:41 pm

Beach outside Maren
"I am Tia, and this is Torez. We are members of the Wolf Pack, serving Lady Therian and Lord Hadar." Tia said in introduction to the group that approached them. Torez nodded in recognition. He had tanned skin and long black hair that flowed past his shoulders. Similar to Hadar he was largely dressed in fur and leather.

Before their conversation could continue however, a woman appeared before them. She spoke for a bit before revealing herself to be the goddess Tempest. Tia and Torez fell to a knee before her. "Your Majesty, it is an honor." Tia said, her eyes facing towards the ground. Mira meanwhile continued to stand towards the back of the beach, watching the scene unfold in silence with increasing interest.

Soon an ear piercing roar shot Tia and Torez to attention as their instincts kicked in. They were both natural hunters, and it was clear there was prey afoot. As a tentacle flew into the air, their eyes turned towards their new target. Soon a full fledged monster appeared from the water, its tentacles slamming down menacingly towards the beach. Tia let out a snarl, as her form began to change. Soon she her form became unrecognizable. She let out a loud howl as she launched into the air, sinking her claws into one of the tentacles. Torez meanwhile took a deep breath and soon began to radiate with energy. He rushed to the side at high speed and lifted a nearby boulder into the air and launched it towards the monster.

Mira made no move to intervened, but her eyes were moving in between the different combatants as if studying them intently.

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Postby Ceystile » Tue May 04, 2021 4:52 pm

"What the...?!" Thorn just managed to move North and himself out of the way with a spell, the two fae appearing a bit away from where the massive tentacle would have struck them. "Sire, are you harmed?!"
"No, I'm perfectly well. Are you hurt, dearest one?"
"I'm okay, I'm fine. But we have a threat to deal with, it seems." Icy blue and midnight black eyes turned back to the monster they were suddenly facing, Cicero was standing not too far from them, having narrowly been missed himself. "A sea monster." the bard whispered. "Set-Lanme was their keeper, and now that the cat is gone the mice are taking an opportunity to play around."

"Mice! We wish!" Thorn spoke. "That hells." The newcomers, the ones who worshipped Hadar...Tia, the girl's name was had turned into some sort of creature and immediately started attacking the monster. Seemed like something a hunting god's devotee would do. "Well we can't just let the poor dear battle it out by herself, can we?"
"Of course not, we couldn't call ourselves men otherwise." Cicero cleared his throat and began singing, almost as if he were at a royal concert or something. North looked aghast even as he wove a spell, a spear of ice forming in his hands. "Mister Cicero, this is no time for a concerto!"

"It's a spell, North." Thorn waved his own hand as thorny vines wrapped around to contain the thrashing tentacles. "Bards cast spells by singing, look." The monster was roaring, but it also seemed a bit...dazed. Almost as if it were disoriented. "Oh! Makes sense then." North then hurled his spear toward the monster's eye even as his master tried to restrain it as much as possible.

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Postby Tomia » Sat May 08, 2021 4:33 pm

Tia found herself in the grips of the sea creature's tentacle when suddenly the creature's body stiffened and its grip on her loosened. The Werewolf siezed this oppurtunity, breaking free and slashing at the monster's torso as it was assaulted with spears and thrones that attempted to restrict its movements. In a panic the monster's thrashing increased as its free tentacles went flying across the beach. Torez noticed one heading straight towards Cicero and he ran towards him at incredible speeds. He reached Cicero before the tentacle, grabbing him in his arms and moving him to safety. "Take care bard, cast your spells from as far as you can." He said before placing the bard on his feet. The wolf pack member then turned his attention back to the monster and bolted into the air. He landed on the beast with a loud clash as his fist collided with its body.

The monster was clearly in a dire situation and so it suddenly thrusted itself down back into the water. Torez was able to jump back to the beach but Tia in her werewolf state went down with it. "Tia!" Torez shouted as he watched from the beach. After a few tense moments, the creature's corpse floated up onto the surface and Tia swam back to the beach. She was still in her werewolf form and she was howling threateningly. Torez raised his hand behind him as he approached her.

"Stay back! The bloodlust has control of her right now. She is as dangerous to you as she was to the beast."

Mira raised an eyebrow and finally too a step forward towards the group. "Interesting, very interesting..." She said quietly as she watched on with interest.

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