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So Will It Be RP - [IC]

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:36 pm
by Alozia
So Will It Be
Zombie RP
OOC | IC (here) | Discord
Timeline of events
Early 2020
A mysterious disease appears in Kongo. An elderly woman, thought to have died, rose from her casket and attacked the attendees of her own funeral.
The story would be dismissed as a folk tale for quite some time.

May 2020
Attacks similar to the one in Kongo noted in other African countries. Local health authorities begin to suspect an illness to be the cause. WHO doesn't comment.

June 2020
First case in South America.

August 2020
The now so-called "Kongo Virus/Sickness/Illness" enters mainstream media after the Chinese authorities report the first case in their country. Whistleblower reports suggest a larger-scale outbreak and poor treatment of patients. WHO decides to send a team of American scientists to Kongo to investigate the epicenter of the outbreak.

September 2020
First reported case in Europe. German authorities closely monitor local patient zero, access to the individual is incredibly limited. Contact with the WHO team is lost, never to be regained again. Official reported global cases reach 1,000. A concerned (and disgruntled) CDC employee steps forward with claims of the possibly severe nature of what now has been identified as a virus. He is promptly fired from his job.

October 2020
The American public opinion starts to grow concerned, first poll since May shows the 'worried' group has a plurality. Congressional leadership announces hearings regarding the US' preparedness for containing the outbreak. The Secretary of Health and Human Services attempts to obstruct the hearings.

November 2020
US Presidential election takes place. With the incumbent President losing, the Secretary of DHHS agrees to testify. The first hearing is largely unproductive. The hearings pick up pace after the aforementioned disgruntled CDC whistleblower testifies, claiming that the disease may be a larger problem. At this point internet conspiracies are numerous, with varied opinions on the nature of the virus.

December 2020
The disease reaches the United States after an elderly woman is diagnosed with the illness in a hospital in the Vermont town of Burlington. By this point the scientists were able to confirm the virus is not airborne, largely quelling calls for travel restrictions.

December 20, 2020 - Day 0 - Start of the RP
As Christmas comes closer, the people of Burlington finish their preparations for today's annual Christmas Fair. Numerous influential local individuals are expected to attend, including the aging, but still beloved Mayor who will light the Christmas Tree.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:37 pm
by Alozia

"Good morning, everybody! Coming live from our studio in New York City..."

"...Look, it's just noise. I don't think even he has an idea what he's talking about."
"I don't have an idea, what?! You're the one making..."

"...Holiday shoppers anxiously waiting for the stores to open."
"How long have you been waiting?"
"12 hours."
"12 hours? You must be freezing."
"Oh well, you know how it is..."

"... More than a folk tale after all? The WHO has finally decided to investigate the alleged mysterious disease in Kongo. ..."

"... It's alarmism, nothing we haven't seen before. Just like Ebola or Zika, it's a ploy to spread fear and panic ahead of the election. ..."

"... Cynical, just cynical. ..."

"... Have you heard the news of the new 'Zombie virus'? Clap if you believe it. *scattered claps* REALLY? How's that tin foil hat, SIR? ..."

"... The CDC is convinced it's nothing major. We will be informing the public of any developments, but for now I don't see a reason to panic. There's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this amazing weather. From what I've heard it's ideal for skiing. ..."

"... We're bees. We're the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what? Give me one example..."

"...Do you think we're ready for a major outbreak?"
"No, I've worked for the CDC for 25 years. The President's recent actions have made us more vulnerable than ever. ..."

"...Is the Kongo Virus on it's way to America? Elected officials ring the alarm. ..."

"...We don't even know if it's a virus yet. [...] there's no need to panic. ..."

"...Congressional hearings set to begin in a couple of days. ..."

"...So what that's she's had a drink before getting in the car? Who hasn't?"
"Really, Al?"
"I'm just saying. No need to ruin her life..."

"... First case of the enigmatic Kongo sickness reported in Vermont. [...] Officials urge caution. ..."

"... No need for larger containment procedure. It's not 1919."



PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:41 pm
by Alozia
"Good Morning Burlington, it's 7 a.m. and I'm Elle Hobbes with your hourly news update."

"As our annual Christmas Fair draws near a group of concerned citizens are raising alarm over the mysterious disease from Kongo. According to an anonymous source from inside the Joseph Brant Hospital, where the first diagnosed patient is being quarantined, a number of staff members are said to have contracted what seems to be a 'rabies-like' disease. Exhibiting violent behavior the now quarantined staff members had to, allegedly, be restrained. With the news of the spread of the disease an informal group calling themselves the "Citizens' Committee for Disease Prevention" is calling for the postponement of this years Christmas Fair. The organizers of the event, citing the statements made by the city health authority, have reassured the public that our health is not at risk."

"Staying on the subject of what's now being called the 'Kongo Fever' on social media, a group of investigative journalists from the area have published a series of blurry pictures, allegedly showing the members of the National Guard preparing to, as the reporters claimed, section off the entire city of Burlington. When asked about the reports, a National Guard spokesman James Crawford, discredited the story:"

"In regards to the recent report by a group of concerned citizens, let me be clear: the idea of closing off a town with tens of thousands of people over some flu is ridiculous. I would like to ask the members of the press to be responsible with their words. You have a duty to your neighbors to make sure that your sensational reporting doesn't cause unnecessary panic."

"Mr. Crawford also took his time to reassure the public that the heightened presence of the National Guard in the Lake Champlain area is related to ice rescue and flood prevention drills and studies. More news after a short commercial break."

PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 2:39 pm
by Alozia
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
Ben Wilson


♫...I'm begging for you to take my hand
Wreck my plans
That's my man ♫

To those of you who just tuned in, the song we played a few seconds ago was "Willow", a single from Taylor Swift's new album 'Evermore'. The Tennessee native, who doesn't need much introduction, has been hard at work this year. After releasing 'Lover', her seventh studio album, and earning the title of Artist of the Decade in 2019, she gave us not one, but two albums in the span of five months with 'Folklore' and 'Evermore' gracing our years in 2020.--

Pulling into the parking lot, the aging station wagon finally came to a halt. After multiple hours on the road Ben turned the keys, switching the engine - as well as the radio - off. Having travelled through Burlington a number of times at this point, stopping at the Evergreen Motel was a habit, part of the routine Benjamin Wilson developed over his numerous journeys to and from Montreal. Not wanting to get out into the cold the young man decided to take in the motel from the warmth of his car. Looking ahead, he could tell that the establishment of his choice has clearly seen better days. The once vibrant green color of the outside walls, was now bleak with paint starting to fall off. One didn't need an engineering degree to know that the complex - if one could even call it that - was designed with little concern for harsh Northeastern winters. Doors, which directly faced the outside, provided little shelter from the cold. Radiators, not able to be seen from the outside for obvious reasons, but well known to Ben for quite some time now, were rarely turned on without an explicit request or knowledgeable attempt undertaken by a guest themselves (something that, after a number of failed attempts over the years, Ben was capable of). But, in spite of all its flaws, the place had a unique atmosphere.

Ben remembered his first stop at the Evergreen. Walking out of his car, just like he was right now, he made his way to the reception desk, where a nice, elderly lady sat. He didn't want to say it out loud, especially because her demeanor was absolutely charming, but the woman couldn't have been under 80 the day they first met. Despite her advanced age she saved his skin that very day. Arriving at the motel well past sundown, Ben was absolutely lost. His inaugural journey to Montreal was destined to be a massive disaster as his GPS led him down an incredibly confusing and unmanageable path. With his battery dying and no clue as to where to go he stopped by to ask for directions. Not only did the woman Ben would later know as Annie Calder point him in the right direction, she gave him a free map and a room for the night (it was August, many rooms were empty at the time, but no point in dwelling on that).

Jogging into the lobby trying to escape the cold, Ben aimed to follow his usual routine. Walk in, say hello, drink a cup of tea and chat with Mrs. Calder, go to your room and make sure it's cozy enough for the night. Annie knew well enough that he Benjamin was coming as he was kind enough to make a reservation, something that wouldn't be unusual especially for this time of year if it weren't for the fact the Evergreen typically housed the tourists who couldn't find a last minute reservation anywhere else.

Sitting down with Annie, who this time was kind enough to prepare cookies as well as the tea, they quickly got down to local gossip and folk tales. Neighbor's dog that ran away and never turned up - probably hiding somewhere from the cold, "will turn up, no worries". The charming Christmas Fair due to start today, "part of the reason why I stopped by" Ben gleefully commented. Mayor's possible retirement, National Guard at the lake, possible fireworks ban and probably something Annie forgot. Oh, right. The virus. "It's just a bunch of noise" she would say. "Aren't you concerned?" Ben would ask. "Not at all, I've seen my fair share of sicknesses and disasters and what not. You never see those things coming, this one's too obvious for it to be big." Mrs. Calder would candidly respond. "Let's hope so." Wilson was less than convinced, but he didn't feel very argumentative.

"I would go the the Fair myself, you know. But I gotta keep an eye out. Harry's not feeling well." Harold Calder was the equally joyful husband of Annie. His approachable demeanor and affinity for physical labor - especially 'handyman stuff' - at first made Ben think the man was a repairman, not one of the owners of the motel.

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that." An expression of sincere concern appeared on the young man's face.

"Don't be, it's just a flu." A hint of worry could be heard in Annie's voice. "You know how it is at our age... Anyway, don't want to hold you up too long. You don't want to miss the Fair, doesn't get bigger than the Fair here."

Playing with his car keys, Ben went back to his car to bring out his luggage. Dragging his suitcase to the second floor, a cold breeze hit him as he opened the door. Mrs. Calder forgot to heat the room. Not that he could blame her. Closing the door behind him, Ben put away the suitcase before turning the knob on the rusty radiator. A quick shower check brought him some good news - today's hot water hadn't run out yet.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 5:22 am
by Alozia

PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 10:59 pm
by Arengin Union
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
UVM Medical Center
National Guard Detachment 104
Staff Sergeant Kyle E. McRay


While for most people in the relatively quiet city of Burlington everything seemed to be going, as usual, the reality was much different in several locations of the city. Though the National Guard had been ordered to not intervene in the upcoming festivities and let things go on as normal it had all been a different story in the hospital and other key locations in the city. the UVM center had become essentially a fortress. Guardsmen stood guard at every entrance, every single corridor had become its own checkpoint and recently several Stryker armored vehicles had arrived. It was all quite a show that had drawn the curious eyes of more than one, especially with the guardsmen wearing MOPP's which hid away their human faces and replaced them with dark inhuman voids for eyes which didn't exactly create any festive atmosphere in the relatively small town.

It all was so strange, and yet Sergeant McRay had questioned none of it as he stood firm outside the hospital doors. Sandbags along the entrance and a large plastic corridor serving as the actual entrance to the hospital had already been covered by this protective wrap which made it look like some kind of a madhouse. McRay himself had kept quiet on any kind of preambles as he and his squad had been called forth from Massachusetts to back the Vermont guard, apparently, this whole virus thing had the brass up tiddy and trying to show that the US was fully ready for whatever was to come, but crazed people biting others? that was sure to be something out of some Friday night horror film or something.

"Hey Speck, you think I'd get a better chance with your sister if I wear this for valentines?" One of McRay's squad members, Reynolds, quipped, prompting a set of "ooooohs" and laughs by the other soldiers over their comms.

"My sister, man I always thought you had something for me you fag," Speck shot back, which prompted even more jargon from the squad. The conversation brought a slight smile from underneath McRay's mask as he kept his eyes on the horizon and his hand ready on his rifle's grip, never uttering a single word that didn't need to be uttered.

"If you two fucked better than you joke maybe you wouldn't be single, better yet maybe the Sarge here will put you up for accommodations and you can kiss a new set of balls!" Another soldier, Mendez, suddenly spoked which once more brought chuckles and laughs from the squad.

"Man what's even the big deal, so some old shit bit some people in who knows where. I should be back home with my family, not in this hick town," Harrison said with a sigh of frustration.

"You all keep quiet maybe time will go faster," McRay finally spoke, bringing many surprises from the squad.

"Well, well, would you look at that fellas, I guess Sarge has a voice outside of 'yes sir' and 'move to x place' who'd of thought?" Reynolds said with a sarcastic voice and a proud smile.

"Watch out Rey-Rey, you bout to see face to face with the death angel," Mendez added.

The squad continued with their daily boring conversation filled with profanity and mockery of each other, all the while McRay kept himself quiet once more as he was here to do a job and hopefully get home before the end of the month. He didn't want to be here, he didn't even want to be home in the civilian sense, he wanted to be out there in the front. Battling for the country, doing his duty as he always had. And yet the 35 year old was in this shit town, protecting a shit hospital, while people enjoyed a shit festival, perhaps it was fate mocking him or even god, he didn't know or cared at this point. McRay simply wanted it all to end, or at least maybe get a bit interesting if he was going to be stuck in here for the next week or so, but so far it seemed nothing was bound to happen, another boring mission in this boring life.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:48 am
by Free Ward Marchers
Montpelier, Vermont
December 20, 2020
Feldman Residence
Donna Feldman

Donna Rochelle Feldman at this point was used to the tradition of going back in forth from her newfound home in small, quaint Montpelier to her parents house in bustling Burlington, it was a trip she made several times a year during holidays of both big and small importance. When Donna moved to Montpelier almost three years ago she gave the excuse that it was closer to the state congress and that it was practical however, that was not the reason, in fact it would have made better sense for her to stay at her hometown as she is needed much more often at the Vermont Department of Health Center than at congress. Donna in fact moved to Montpelier because for the majority of her life has been spent trying to chase the next best opportunity, a lifestyle that fit nicely with the hustling city deemed the heartland of Vermont however, in recent years after being appointed as chairwoman of the Vermont Department of Health by her incumbent governor-in law; Donna has been slowing down and wanted to move to a town that reflected that change.

As the morning was starting to go into afternoon Donna is out in her snowy driveway shoving an almost comical amount of luggage into the back of her relatively new 2019 Honda Accord, her daughter Velma (Appearance: is in the back seat eating a family sized bag of salt & vinegar
chips while staring intently at her iPhone 11 that her mother got her for her birthday. As Donna finished loading the luggage she closes the trunk, walks up to her daughter, and kisses her on the cheek

Donna: Anything good on the internet today V?

Velma doesn't respond but instead gives a small humming sound, a form of pre-teen language that Donna has deciphered over the years to mean "good". Donna chuckles then gets into the drivers seat to start the forty minute drive. As Donna begins the drive she receives a call from her mother who she picks up with a button press on the steering wheel.

Donna: Hey mom, we just left now, what's up

Mom: Oh nothing much, was just checking in and wanted to maybe chat a little, help ya pass the time, have you been paying attention to the news lately?

Donna: Not really, all that's on is talk about the Kongo Virus, and I don't wanna hear about it.

Mom: Doesn't it not at least peak your curiosity?

Donna: Kind of, but also there is so much misinformation out there about it, that I don't know where to start with it really.

Mom: like the Ghana woman you mean?

Donna: I'm not saying that was faked, I'm just saying that she couldn't have been dead, she must had been comatose either by the virus or by complications related to it. I mean a body can't move after being dead for days it's just not possible, not even electric stimulation would work very well after rigor mortis has set in.

Mom: What do you think about her attacking the people attending her funeral

Donna: I mean it is definitely possible, if the virus can make people comatose it could also possibly mess with other things in the brain, function like rabies maybe , may even be a mutation of rabies, who knows

Mom: Do you think it will be a problem?

Donna: I wouldn't fret it, it's probably overhyped, if it does spread across the U.S it most likely is weak to more advanced forms of medication they don't have in countries like Ghana.

Mom: Well, if my daughter the Virologist isn't worried I won't be either, well I need to get off, still got some cleaning to do before you come over.

Donna: Love you mom

Mom: Love you too sugarplum.

As the conversation ended Donna turned on the radio and recognized the song and started to sing to it

"If the end of the world is near
Where would you choose to be?
If there were five more minutes
Of air
Would you panic and hide?
Or run for your life?
Or stand here and spend them with me?
If we had five more minutes
Would I, could I make you happy?"

Donna sings the song to herself the whole way the Burlington, long after the song had already ended.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:59 pm
by Alozia
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
7:30 p.m.


Colorful lights engulfed the city square as the first attendees of the annual Christmas Fair began to pour in. Slowly making their way towards the platform, where the mayor was going to give his speech, the people of Burlington passed by a number of stands, selling various local products such as ice cream (an odd, but understandable choice nonetheless) or warm woolen clothing. The atmosphere of Christmas never felt stronger to those present, the beautiful decorations could give an unknowing passer by the impression that they were transported to the North Pole itself. Parents laughed as their children ran around, joyously screaming. Music was playing from the speakers mounted on lamp posts, further reinforcing the atmosphere of this manmade magic wonderland. Prominent citizens mingled with your average Joes, everyone happy to share the Christmas spirit with their neighbors.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 3:37 pm
by Alozia
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
Ben Wilson

Deciding to take a stroll to the city square, Ben left his car behind at the motel. Sincerely tired of his budget trips to and from his uni, he was glad to be able to take a break from hours of endless driving, especially considering the circumstances. Walking through the city, he was glad to have had the foresight to dress warmly as the chill winter wind mixed with mild snowfall. By the looks of it, however, the temperature wasn't going to dissuade him or the townies from attending the Fair, as an increasing number of people were starting to walk in the same direction as Ben, the only exception being a sole police patrol car, speeding away into the opposite direction sirens blasting.

With his walk taking a considerable amount of time, Ben was far from being the first to arrive at the city square. Taking in the beautiful scenery, he looked over the various stands and decided to head over to the nearest one serving warm drinks. Ordering hot chocolate he decided to pay in cash only to realize he had very little actual cash on him. After getting his drink, he paid and headed over to a nearby ATM. While withdrawing the money Ben couldn't help but overhear a conversation between two police officers guarding the event, talking about a minor disturbance somewhere in the city. Not paying much attention, he quickly returned to the city square to further participate in the festivities.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 2:59 pm
by Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States

“Thanks again, Habid. If there is anything…” Sheila said from the door opening, for at least the eight time that day. The head nurse of Joseph Brant hospital seemed ready to prostrate herself, but she would not have been able to get up again; she looked and sounded exhausted, the dark bags under her eyes mirrored in the deep, slow rhythm of her voice. Habid simply smiled as he folded the end of his white coat into his red-black sports bag, and shook his head.

“I told you, I’m fine. You need the sleep more than I do” the doctor responded, nodding at a mirror, hanging over a water fountain. The nurse checked it for a moment, but just as swiftly looked away again, looking just a bit bleaker.

“I wish I could…” she said, peering back into the South Corridor. She couldn’t, of course; setting up an entire quarantine wing, even with the help of the National Guard, was a Herculean task. Habid was not ‘cleared’ to help there, whatever that meant, but he could take over a shift from one of the other doctors who was. While Paul Harowitz, an old acquaintance, was running around making sure that the right patients were showing the right symptoms for the wing, Habid was testing knee reflexes and checking ear cavities for infections. Mostly, it was about prescribing cold medication or paracetamol, but he couldn’t complain. As a doctor, he had learnt that he should never be envious towards people doing the more difficult tasks; having to make more important decisions was never a privilege when people’s health depended on it.

Habid had cleared out the waiting room with only half an hour overrun, which was a relief. There was something about the presence of nurses in full protective equipment and armed national guardsmen that made everything run smoother. Nobody stayed to chat, nobody talked much about their weekend. It was as if, by osmosis, the patients had received a sense of duty, and were now doing their part, too. A bit too well, since one patient tried to leave while still bleeding from Habid having an intravenous blood sample.

“You’re going to the Fair?” Sheila asked, as they walked towards the exit. They usually did so, if Habid was called in to stand in for someone, but now it was purely practical: she had to flash her employee ID-card three times to simply get him out of the building, since Habid didn’t have his own.

“Yeah, Adel and Maja will be waiting for me… Though I hope I missed the mayor’s speech”

“I hope we finish before the end…” Sheila said. “I need a good drink after today”

“I will tell Charlie to wait up for you” Habid answered. Sheila nodded.

“You do that. The old goat still owes me two beers from the hospital Christmas party”

Charlie owned a bar downtown that almost exclusively tailored to the city’s many doctors and nurses, and Sheila was an oft-seen guest. Habid was too, although because he did not drink, Charlie was never as exuberant with him as he was with Sheila. The head nurse waved him goodbye as he made his way past a few armoured vehicles, and an assortment of national guardsmen.

"You all keep quiet maybe time will go faster" he heard one of them say. The soldiers being bored put him at ease a little, if only because it meant there was no cause for excitement. The Kongo flu was bad, but if the guardsmen were at ease, the stories of ravaging cannibals was probably overstated.

When Habid finally got to downtown, he had to park his Tesla five blocks from the festivities. All street side parking had been taken up, either by other personal vehicles or by police cars, of which there were more than usual. Some bore the marks of surrounding counties, indicating that apparently the local PD had called for backup. This too put Habid somewhat at ease, although perhaps it should have raised alarms. Habid was of a trusting disposition, and to see so many policemen around made him feel marginally more safe. As long as he shaved every morning and wore his expensive, long woollen coat, even his skin tone was no reason for them to accost him.

Majidah and Adelmira spotted Habid before he sighted them, standing in the dense crowd of the fair. While they were standing at their designated meeting point (the broken fire hydrant with the swastika spray-painted on), the square was almost unrecognisable with the amount of people and stands. Immediately upon entering, Habid was grabbed by the many smells and other sensory inputs; the smell of gluhwein and pretzels, the sound of various games and the carousel… The soft drone of the mayor’s voice in the distance… Habid kissed Majidah on the lips when he got to them, and gave Adelmira a kiss on the forehead, which she immediately proceeded to rub off.

“Daaaad…” she exclaimed, frustrated. “I’m in high school now. I’m not a kid anymore”

“Right. Apologies, madam. I shall discontinue public shows of affection. Cotton candy?”

The pubescent reservations of his daughter seemed to vanish at the mention of candy, and the three marched off to one of the stalls to acquire some. Walking with his family, all the ailments and labours of the day’s work seemed to pass from Habid’s shoulder. The reflection of lights against glass, the layer of snow crackling crisply under his shoes, the laughter and seasonal greetings of other residents, both familiar and strange… Christmas was a wonderful time of year. Quickly, Habid’s eyes darted around the various shops, seeing if there were some knick-knacks he could send to Iraq. They wouldn’t get there in time, but Christmas was not very big in Bashra anyway, and he could claim they were new year’s gifts if he could send them the following day. He smiled, closing his eyes for a moment and mentally letting all his tension slip from his body.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:15 am
by Arengin Union
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
UVM Medical Center
National Guard Detachment 104
Staff Sergeant Kyle E. McRay

As the sun had begun to set it seemed that everything kept itself in the same monotone and boring atmosphere as the Guardsmen stationed throughout the city had no other order but to guard their designated posts. These orders for McRay were essentially "stand around and do nothing" which for him had grown into a deep frustration that itched into his sense of adventure, he wanted more, he wanted to do more than be here and lead his squad into an actual fight that mattered. So far this all seemed like a charade meant to enact some kind of half-hearted assurance to the public that the government was in control of everything, though that may have been the case McRay felt that this entire operation was nothing but a waste of himself and so many valuable military assets.

Despite his own wishes, McRay kept quiet as his squad continued their daily tirades of insults and immature jokes. The Sergeant did nothing to stop them, he didn't even utter a sigh of disappointment as he looked through his mask's visors with deep sunken eyes that made clear he wished for nothing more than to be anywhere else other than here. He truly wished for more, he wanted more, and the fact he knew that this was it for his military career is what exasperated him the most.

"Sergeant McRay!" A deep voice rang through McRay's comms which brought his undivided attention as he turned around to see that Major Driscoll was standing right at the outside of the entrance of the hospital. The National Guard sergeant was quick to make his way to report to the major.

"Gather your squad sergeant," Driscoll added as he noticed McRay getting into action, and soon enough McRay had assembled his squad in full line order in front of the major. McRay stood right in front of his men and with discipline each of them stood straight and with their heads up, demonstrating clear professionalism despite their National Guard status.

"Echo Squad from the 3rd Platoon reporting sir!" McRay spoke clearly and with conviction.

"At ease Sergeant," Driscoll said rather enthusiastically as he walked closer to the sergeant, the major wore a uniform similar to that of theother soldiers but with a cap as his headgear. As he approached McRay the major took off his own gas mask, scratching his chin he smiled.

"Damn things get uncomfortable," Driscoll's face was one to be described as a square, a well-groomed mustache along his upper lip and blue eyes that spoke of years of service, but not so much in the heat of battle but rather as a career officer away from the battle.

"I need your squad to run security detail on the local fair, mayor wanted minimal guard presence so you'll do. Get on there, look like you're there to keep the peace and maybe enjoy the shows or whatever these hicks do," Driscoll chuckled as he took out a cigar from his vest, lighting it up and taking a large puff in. McRay's masked face didn't reveal it but he felt nothing but contempt and disgust towards Major Driscoll as he continued to ramble about the fair. He detested men who had never seen service, men who had earned their stripes through theory and not action, in his view he should've been the one on that uniform and Driscoll working on a dead end job himself. But life didn't work that way, the military didn't work that way, the government didn't work that way and that was perhaps was maddened him the most. Regardless, McRay's sole response was a mere nod as he gave a quick salute to Driscoll.

"Will get on it sir," McRay stated quick. Driscoll merely pursed his lips and nodded back as he then turned back towards the hospital, "carry on" he stated as he began to walk back in. As Driscoll left McRay and his squad to their own devices the Sergeant turned to face his men.

"Echo Squad, file up. We're heading to the fair."

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:59 am
by Main Nation Ministry
Andrew Castle
December 20, 2020

The Centennial Woods Natural Area was caked in snow, as the green trees were now completely white and almost knee deep in snow. On a branch, there was a tufted titmouse resting it's shivering body as it sat there, looking for a place of warmth. A white-breasted nuthatch appeared nearby, as the titmouse took interest. Despite what many would think when hearing the names of these birds, they were actual names, believe it or not. Somewhere in a great distance, Andrew made sure to take a picture of the birds with his phone without scaring them. After he was finished, he made sure to jolt the two birds down in his notes, as Andrew was already starting to shiver himself, due to the cold weather.

It was December. Andrew was currently living alone at his house near the woods, as he was getting ready for tonight at the Christmas Fair for a date with his girlfriend Liz. For the whole morning, he had left the TV on, as he was making himself some breakfast, which was blaring constant news after news of some random stuff that would usually fill the newspapers. However, his local news were talking about a different story. The military were sighted at Vermont. Not just Vermont, but his own town of Burlington. It all had to do with that "Kongo Fever" that was going about in the news, since a woman was diagnosed with it in the hospital. Andrew didn't know what to make of it. He was near wildlife all the time, but he wasn't aware of some type of rabies that was from Africa?

Social media was starting up, also. Joseph Brant Hospital had guidelines on the virus on Instagram and Twitter. But something was weird about how to get exposed? Exposure by a violent altercation? The sexual transmission made a bit of sense, but why would someone exposed want to bite? What kind of rabies was this? Andrew was thinking about this, as he was eating some scrambled eggs. The National Guard were claiming that they were only at Lake Champlain just for menial stuff, but from the pictures that some journalists took online, it looked like there were a bit too many of those soldiers.

He got a call from his mother and father, who were still vacationing at Washington D.C. They were planning on returning back to Manchester to celebrate Christmas with Andrew, when they returned from their trip on the 23rd. He was currently talking with his father on the phone, as he was at his computer, having finished with his morning route of checking for birds. "Andrew, you're ok over there? Your mother and I are still near the White House, but we been seeing news about what's happening in Vermont. And this Kongo Virus they are calling it. Are you sick or anything?"
"I'm not, Dad. There has only been one confirmed case and I'm not one of them."

"What about your girlfriend of yours?" his mother was now on the end of the phone, as Andrew heard her. "She's fine, also."
"Please make sure that you're healthy when we return home, sweetie."
"You heard him, son. Take all of the Vitamin C packets you can get your hands on. Could be the next swine flu!" his father perked up. "Look. I call you guys, if there is some sort of emergency. But I doubt things will go wrong. It's almost Christmas. You can't have things go wrong before the holidays." Andrew said to his parents to reassure them. The man was naive. He has been dismissing this Kongo Fever as some paranoia from the news. Both sides of the news were fighting on if the virus was a serious threat or it would be overblown like Ebola. "I'm going to get ready for the Christmas Fair tonight. You two take care. Don't get scammed by anyone!"

"We wouldn't, son. Your mother and I love you."
"You too, Mom and Dad." Andrew said, before he finished the call, where he let out a peaceful sigh.



LateScout95: Got two birds tonight. White-breasted nuthatch and a tufted titmouse. Winter is good for the birds, but make sure you get suited up in a winter jacket.
MustangRocks: Aren't you at Vermont? I heard National Guard is there.
LateScout95: They are at the lake, apparently.
MustangRocks: My friend is a local in Burlington. They are saying that the National Guard is turning a hospital into a fortress. He sent pictures.
LateScout95: I'll #BeAware.

Recorded Text Messages

Liz: U still coming?
Andrew: Bring a jacket. It might drop below zero.
Liz: K. You don't have a fever, ight? :V
Andrew: I had my flu shot last month. I feel fine.
Liz: See U at Fair. :)

It was dark, as Andrew arrived at the Christmas Fair. It was a bit of a short distance, but the parking spaces were all cramped. He managed to get a spot, but it would most likely be hard to get out, since cars can still park in front and behind him. He used a handkerchief to clean his glasses from the frost, as he walked among the stalls and crowds of people. He was close by on where the Christmas tree would be lit by the mayor. There was a stage, but no one was on it yet. At the moment, he was in line to get some hot chocolate for him and Liz. Liz wasn't around, but he already texted her that he was getting her something warm to snack on and drink before the tree was lit.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 2:30 pm
by Alozia
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
8 p.m.


Walking among the crowds, the elderly man couldn't help but appreciate the work of the men and women of Burlington. A beautiful display of lights, ornaments and wooden stands surrounded him, regardless of the direction he looked at. The gentleman, wearing more layers of clothing than one could count, chatted and laughed with many of the attendees.

Slowly, but surely making his way back towards the City Hall Ed, the elderly Mayor of Burlington, assembled his aides and staffers to make sure everything is in place for his annual address. As one of the staffers went away to check on the sound system the man focused his sights on a fire hydrant not that far away. Making sure he wasn't seeing something that wasn't there, he fixed his glasses, only to see that the hydrant had a swastika sprayed on it. Turning to one of the aides that still accompanied him, he pointed at the hydrant and told the woman to inform the proper authorities to repaint the object as soon as possible. Little did he know, the whole interaction would probably be interpreted differently by the Middle-Eastern family standing next to the fire hydrant, who noticed his the sour face he made while squinting at the object.

Eventually moving on, the elderly man finally took the stage, ringing a bell in his hand to call everyone's attention to his presence. Greeted by polite applause he humbly tilted his head down and raised his hand, never a man hungry for praise he waited for the crowd to quiet down before speaking.

"Thank you so much everybody, thank you." He sighed, a sense of nostalgia filling his heart. "Today, just like every year before Christmas, we gather here to officially light our Christmas tree. In addition to being a religious event for many of us, today's fair will hopefully prove once again that in spite of our differences this gathering is a celebration of the thing most important to our city - community."

The crowd gathered before the platform clapped, some of its members nodding their heads in agreement. Looking over the crowd he could notice a couple of National Guardsmen scanning the crowd. He was glad to know that their presence did not cause any anxiety among the townsfolk, despite his previous concerns.

"Now, look. Most of you have heard me give this speech so many times. Looking at you today I can see how happy you are. I see how your kids are anxiously waiting for me to wrap this up so they can go back to bothering Santa. I bet you're tired of me too, doing the same thing every year."

"Oh, come on, Ed!" A voice from the crowd exclaimed.

"No, no it's okay. I wanted to keep this short anyway--" before he could continue, the Mayor would be interrupted by the same voice.

"No Ed, I said knock it OFF!" Confused, the Mayor turned his sights to a man who was now wrestling another man, a paramedic.

"What's-- What's going on? Can someone, can someone..." Mayor trailed off as his words were starting to get drowned out by what seemed like a panicked crowd. A group of people, mostly men came out of an alleyway and began attacking the attendees, bruises and bites visible on their bodies. Mayor Ed wanted to call for the police to do something, only to be told by one of his aides that people who seemed to be members of law enforcement were among the attackers. Unsure what to do he would be dragged away into the City Hall by his staff members.

After a couple of minutes of chaos a helicopter bearing the markings of the National Guard would appear over the heads of the panicked crowd. Blasting a pre-recorded message telling everyone to return to their homes, pilot's actions only contributed to the mayhem. As the townsfolk desperately tried to disperse, they would leave a number of injured people to their own fates. Men, women and children of all backgrounds began to drown in pools of their own blood as their bodies were covered with what appeared to be bite marks.

What was supposed to be a family friendly event turned into a bloodbath in a matter of minutes.


PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:18 pm
by Arengin Union

Christmas Fair
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
8 p.m.
Echo Squad (McRay, Speck, Reynolds, Harrison, Mendez, Nonato)

Echo Squad had made its way to the fairgrounds not long before the speech by the mayor had started, Sergeant McRay gestured his squad to keep a scattered formation to try to not draw much attention. Thankfully the guardsmen's presence didn't create much a problem as people went about their business as if they were not there. McRay for his part kept vigilant despite most of his squad having a somewhat relaxed pace.

"Sergeant, permission to partake in the festivities and maybe get laid!" Asked Reynolds over the comms.

"Denied," Was McRay's sole response as he kept one hand tightly onto his M4 and another one onto his holster. Though everyone in the fair seemed to be uninterested in their presence he knew that any looney could try anything.

It didn't take long for the local mayor to show up on stage, applause rang out along the crowd while the guardsmen either watched or were preoccupied with something else. For McRay it was neither, all he cared about was the people in the audience, he didn't truly expect it on a random Eastern Coast town in Vermont but life had taught him to expect the most in the unlikeliest of place, either that or he just had delusions of something greater happening.

The speech continued on, for most of the guardsmen it was nothing but a boring monologue from a man long past his political prime going on and on about the cliches of family and community. Each Guardsmen had their own thing going on. Reynolds for his part scanned the horizon in sight of any fine pieces of ass to venture for. Speck kept himself quiet as he continued to listen to the speech. Harrison thought back of home, hoping that he'd he able to make it back home eventually, he had not seen them in weeks and wanted to get his little girl a surprise. Mendez for her part saw a picture of her parents, she had joined the Guard to get through school and it was during these times on the holidays that she regretted it all. Lastly it was Nonato who also kept himself quiet as always but not listening to the speech or thinking of much at all, he was a man of mystery.

It was then that a commotion began to occur, which drew the immediate attention from McRay and several of the Guardsmen of Echo Squad as the Mayor himself called it out.

"Oh, come on, Ed!" A voice from the crowd exclaimed.

"No, no it's okay. I wanted to keep this short anyway--" before he could continue, the Mayor would be interrupted by the same voice.

"No Ed, I said knock it OFF!" Confused, the Mayor turned his sights to a man who was now wrestling another man, a paramedic.

"What's-- What's going on? Can someone, can someone..." Mayor trailed off as his words were starting to get drowned out by what seemed like a panicked crowd. A group of people, mostly men came out of an alleyway and began attacking the attendees, bruises, and bites visible on their bodies. Mayor Ed wanted to call for the police to do something, only to be told by one of his aides that people who seemed to be members of law enforcement were among the attackers. Unsure what to do he would be dragged away into the City Hall by his staff members.

Reynolds was the closest to where the incident was occurring, an alleyway of all places. As people were shouting and surrounding the area the Guardsmen approached with a calm walk as he tried to talk down the crowd.

"Everybody keep calm, what's the problem here!?" Reynolds shouted up to little avail as people continued to yell and crowd up around. The Guardsmen set his weapon aside as he tried to push people off the scene. "National Guard, vacate the vicinity people come one!"

It was then that the next thing Reynold's saw was a pair of bloodshot eyes coming at him as he was tackled by a woman of blonde hair and severely bruised face, her grip was a strong one as it held onto Reynold's masked face with little effort and pinned him to the ground as he let out grunts while trying to get the crazed women off him. While this occurred all the laughs and exhilarating festive joy quickly began to turn into screams of horror and yells of panic as bloodied-up people with void eyes and expressions of inhumane hunger seemingly from all walks of life, even law enforcement, began to descend onto the crowd from nowhere.

"What is going on there, Reynolds!?" Harrison asked through the commns as he began to approach the scene only to have crowds of civilians run in all directions and more of these crazed people attack the fair goers without any hesitation.

"Echo Squad on me!" McRay acted fast as he loaded up his M4 and pushed away any of the incoming civilians who were running off.

"Go it," Mendez said as he approached the Sergeant, next was Nonato, then Speck, all the while Harrison approached where Reynolds was supposed at only to then hear yells from the guardsmen through his comms followed by what seemed to be sounds of blooded up coughs and grunts. Pushing off a civilian who was recording the whole thing with his iPhone Harrison found Reynold's body being chomped up by a crazed woman, her mouth covered in his fellow guardsmen's blood as she was bitting on a chunk of flesh from the guardsmen.

"Mother of God!?" Was Harrisson's sole reaction as he felt himself nearly falling onto the ground from utter shock. Other crazed people had begun to maul many of the fairgoers and Harrison's first instinct was to raise his rifle at the women who had attacked his brother in arms.

"ON THE GROUND NOW!" He yelled through his mask, the women cared little for his commands as she rose up and began to walk towards the Guardsmen, Harrison took a few steps back while repeating the command.

" I won't say it again, ON THE FUCKING GROUND!" He yelled out as he pulled onto the loading rack of his M16, the women once more did not seem to care for the man's orders as she raised her hands, and with her mouth opened wide she tried to grapple at him only to be fired upon once through the chest. The woman was only taken aback by the shot as she continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened which only caused more panic from the locals and for Harrison as well as he continued to walk back in utter horro.

"Harrison, what's going on!" McRay asked as he and the remaining squad arrived at the scene, next thing he saw was Reynold's bloodied body on the ground and several maniacs bitting down on the cadavers of civilians, some of these maniacs were police officers. Harrison didn't say anything as he merely looked upon the scene with widened terrified eyes.

"Harrison!" McRay yelled as he shook on the Corporal's shoulder, "HARRISON!" It was then that Harrison finally came to his senses and looked right at McRay.

"What happened?!" The Sergeant asked once more in frustration.

"I-i fired on her and she didn't even flinch!" Harrison said with a panicked voice, McRay looked upon the dozens of crazed maniacs as more of them began to arrive from the alleyway. They had to be on some kind of drug, there had to be some explanation, and quickly it dawned on him, the virus. It was real, it was all real and it was here.

"Fire at will, we need to get these civies out of here!" McRay said as he then raised his rifle and immediately fired 3 shots in quick succession, the first two aimed at the women's chest once more and the last one right at the head which finally made her go down. THe Guardsmen began to fire in droves, some shots aimed at the crazed maniacs while others aimed at people who were not even doing anything, it all quickly turned into chaos as McRay's orders were drawn out by the appearance of a helicopter above them.

After a couple of minutes of chaos a helicopter bearing the markings of the National Guard would appear over the heads of the panicked crowd. Blasting a pre-recorded message telling everyone to return to their homes, pilot's actions only contributed to the mayhem. As the townsfolk desperately tried to disperse, they would leave a number of injured people to their own fates. Men, women and children of all backgrounds began to drown in pools of their own blood as their bodies were covered with what appeared to be bite marks.

What was supposed to be a family friendly event turned into a bloodbath in a matter of minutes.

The Heli's appearance surprised McRay but it gave him a sense of relief as he hoped reinforcements had arrived to help them control the chaos.

"CEASE FIRE!" He yelled out to his squad as they continued to move backwards in direction of the townhall. He then changed frequencies to hopefully contact the helicopter's pilot.

"Echo Squad here, we need immediate assistance down here!"

"Echo Squad, this is the Ranger, we have a situation at the hospital. Can't spare any men right now." The voice from the helo's pilot rang through on McRay's comms.

"Sarge theres more coming!" Harrison yelled in a panic as he and Mendez began to fire automatic fire onto a crowd of maniacs who had appeared from the main road. McRay saw in disbelief as droves of seemingly Kongo-infected maniacs were mauling police officers and civilians alike. He once more looked up to the Helicopter and this time spoke with a frustrated tone.

"Ranger, we're getting overrun here we need immediate evac!" McRay once more called through as he fired once more onto incoming infected, killing two while continuing to retreat back towards the town hall.

"Can't do, Echo Squad - orders from the command."

"Sarge we-" Speck's voice was suddenly cut off by the appearance of dozens of infected right from behind him as they descended onto him, pulling off his mask and pulling onto his gear as one of them bit off a chunk of Speck's face he let out a yell of utter pain. McRay and the others could do little but watch in terror as Nonato then fired a volley of LMG fire onto the infected.


"Sorry Echo Squad, can't risk it. It's too chaotic down there." Those were the last words McRay needed to hear to realize the gravity of their situation as more infected began to appear and civilians ran around like crazy people, at this point he couldn't differentiate who was who. Worse was still hearing Speck's screams of pain as the infected were consuming him alive.

"Sarge we need to get out of here now!" Harrison screamed once more in panic. Nonato continued to lay down fire onto the waves of infected while Mendez was now covering the squad's six. McRay's mind razed as he looked at the helicopter once more as it was ascending upwards, seemingly abandoning them to their fate. McRay had to make a call now, either to venture into the fire, stay here in the frying pan or have a defensive chance at the town hall.

The first thing McRay did was aim at Speck's head, though he didn't say it, it was clear by Speck's expression that he wanted to go and McRay wouldn't deprive him of a quick death as he fired a single round into the man's forehead. The Sergeant then looked back to the squad, none of them faulting him for what he had just done.

"To the town hall now!" McRay's order was quickly followed as Nonato, Harrison and Mendez quickly turned their attention to the town hall behind them and the squad began their push towards it, past the cadavers of many fairgoers and the main stage which had caught fire somehow.

"Hello's leaving now!" Mendez commented as she looked up the sky and the helicopter flew away. She didn't understand what was happening but it was all like a scene from hell, people eating people. It was then that as McRay's squad made their way up the stairs that Mendez was suddenly jumped by an infected, he had a bite mark right on his neck and it didn't seem that he was infected at first glance and yet he grabbed onto Mendez's arm and bit down to it piercing through the protective layer and right onto her flesh. Mendez let out a scream of pain as she didn't know how to react and tried to pull away from the attacker, it was then that McRay appeared and hit the infected with his rifle right onto his head, pushing him off and causing him to roll down the stairs. Mendez seemed to be in complete shock as she didn't know what to do now.

"Mendez, Mendez!?" McRay yelled out.

"She's in shock sarge!" Harrison said as he grabbed Mendez by her other arm.

"Let's ger her inside, come on squad double time!" With that, McRay's squad quickly made its way inside the town hall, unknown to them of just how badly everything truly had turned now.


PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 6:29 pm
by Sudbrazil
Charles Rockwell Smith
Near the Christmas fair ~ 08:00 PM, 20/12/2020

“Pawn to D3,” he typed to Baxton before the light turned red.

The drive had been silent without any company.

Baxton had just left to spend Christmas with his family, Bill was sick with pneumonia. His own kin were on faraway company parties or visiting relatives around the country. He’d be out with his childhood friends, but he still had the store to run and some stand in the fair had placed a late call for some nails and a handyman, a call which Rockwell was eager to answer, being bored and not nearly tired enough to close the store to go sleep.

He glanced back at the box of nails on the passenger’s seat, then back at the black rifle stuffed into his bag. He had his gear from last week’s shoot with the boys in the back, just in case. Despite a sluggishness overtaking several ISPs and internet servers, the newspapers, independent journos and even the Mongolian basket-weaving forums were up in arms about the new flu, or rather, some type of rabies. Generally, he did not trust journos. Fearmongering was very profitable, especially in election years. In the past decade or so he noticed that diseases and epidemics had become a favourite of the press and media, with all the pandemic flicks and disaster films going around, not to mention a few epidemics that had been blown out of proportion in Africa or South America.

Soon the lights of the fair appeared at the side of the road. He parked his pickup near the city hall park and took in the decorations. There was a thick crowd gathered near the entrance, probably waiting for the mayor’s speech. An instinctive fear gripped his mind as he saw the guardsmen posted around the fair, and he wondered if he should grab the rifle. Maybe those weekend warriors were expecting something. Maybe they were just there to play as the Army. Maybe it was an awful idea, and some kid would spot the rifle. It wasn’t illegal, but people generally called the cops on you, which wasn’t pleasant either. Then again, this Congo virus was weird. If it wasn’t a hoax, he wouldn’t know until it was too late, and if it was, well, there was no damage in being prepared. It was something out of some horror comic books, but there was a lot of footage, a lot of photos, and certainly a lot of witnesses. Of course, he remained skeptical. There were a lot of ways to fake that type of evidence, and he wouldn’t believe anything until he saw it with his own two eyes.

It was then that the screaming started.

Rockwell hesitated. Maybe it was just someone fainting, but as some of the more cautious began to trickle out, more and more desperate yells joined in, before gunshots punctuated the chaotic symphony.

With a string of slurred curses, Rockwell decided that he would be damned if he’d let some bloody gunman or rabies-spreading bastard ruin this Christmas. From his bag he tore his rifle, and vigorously slapped the bolt forward. Reassured by the eight pounds of steel, he tore off the tarp to get to his webbing, which he fumbled with a bit. As he stood atop his pickup bed, watching the tide of fleeing men flowing around it, one of the Guard’s helicopters flew overhead.

“God help me,” thought the store owner, before plunging against the current, trying to come behind the thin line of guardsmen retreating towards the city hall.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 6:39 pm
by Alozia
Ben Wilson

Initially oblivious to the commotion, Ben who stood not that far from the podium, quickly grew concerned. With the attackers coming from an alleyway, not a small distance from where Wilson stood, he was far from having a front row seat to the spectacle that was about to commence. At least initially.

Separated from the group of aggressors by a crowd of people, Ben would not witness the start of the "incident", but it didn't take him much time to realize that a tragedy was bound to happen. Things began to move quickly, with the attendees trying to escape the fairgrounds as soon as blood started being spilt. Trying to avoid being trampled or bitten, Ben backed up to a nearby stand, finding shelter behind a now-flipped table. From that vantage point he could watch the events as they progressed. People running in all directions, attackers clawing at and biting people, victims desperately trying to defend themselves. He was glad Annie wasn't here to see it.

Paying attention to the flow of people, Ben quickly realized that he couldn't keep hiding in his spot forever. Grabbing the lid of an aluminum trash can that was knocked over by the panicked crowd, the young man began to make his way to the City Hall. Maneuvering the maze of destroyed stands, terrified people, lifeless bodies and random items abandoned by desperate folks trying to make their escape, Wilson couldn't help but witness what would become the new reality first hand.

And that chopper, that goddamn chopper. Whoever was piloting it wasn't doing a great job at crowd control.

Regardless, seeing the National Guardsmen brought him some relief. Of course it would be much better if they all weren't about to be eaten alive, but alas. Ben was too shocked to contemplate the intricacies of the situation.

As he was closing in on the Town Hall, Wilson was attacked by a decently sized, middle-aged man. His blood shot eyes, looking in Ben's general direction, were surprisingly unfocused, as if the man wasn't giving much thought to his actions. Regardless of his attacker's appearance, Ben quickly discovered he was in quite a predicament. Having to defend himself with a trash can lid, he had a hard time fending off the relentless attacks. Doing what he could to avoid being pinned to the ground and devoured, Ben used all of his stamina to push the man back. Exhausted and unsure of what to do next, the young man gave luck enough time to call the shots. Or rather a shot. Before Wilson could do anything, blood spurted out of his attackers leg, forcing him to the ground. Using the time that he was just given, Ben didn't wait long to make a decision to resume his retreat to the City Hall. He would give the guardsman who fired the shot a quick "thanks" as he passed them, before beginning to climb the building's steps to safety.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:27 am
by Main Nation Ministry
Andrew Castle
8:00 PM

As Andrew waited in line at the hot chocolate stand, he got a weird text from his girlfriend Liz. Looking at his phone, he raised an eyebrow at what was being said.
Liz: You know what stand you at? Lots of weird people are scaring the shit out of me.
Andrew: The hot chocolate stand near the stage. Something's up?

Andrew didn't get a response immediately. He looked around the area, as he was still in line, where he noticed that some members of the National Guard were there. Didn't they say they would be at the lake? Why are they patrolling at the Christmas Fair. What Andrew didn't realize was that an amount of local police that was at the Christmas Fair were called away from the location from several emergencies. The mayor got on stage, as he was doing his speech. Andrew was about to pay for his two hot chocolates, until there was a loud scream or two. He turned his attention to the commotion to see.. a man biting a chunk of flesh from the face of Santa Claus?

The man looked like a police officer, but he was battered and bit. The Santa Claus didn't look better. His face was being eaten off, as the officer ripped off the fake white beard, as he managed to get his nose into his mouth. Some children looked horrified, while some were getting their eyeballs eaten by some adults.

"What... What the fuck!?" Andrew blurted out, as the man tending to the hot chocolate stand immediately booked it out of there. Andrew nearly dropped his glasses, after jerking his head, but he managed to keep them on. The whole Christmas Fair was turning red, as suddenly crowds of people emerged from the alleys and started to attack everyone. Andrew was forced to run with the crowds in the same direction, as he knew where he was going. "The parking lots! They are all heading to the parking lots! I can get in my car and try to call Liz!" Andrew thought, as he kept running.

However, the moment the crowds were approaching the parking lots on the main street, another wave of those...people appeared from the alleys. "Shit!" Andrew cried out, as the crowd suddenly tried to change direction, as they gotten cut off by some infected. A military helicopter was trying to act as crowd control, but it did little to help the situation. Andrew ended up getting onto Church Street, as he noticed that some people were heading into the City Hall for shelter. However, he saw some more of those crazy people running towards the Hall. Panicking and left with no other choice, Andrew ended up bolting into a random restaurant near City Hall.

The restaurant happened to be a tavern that made Mediterrean food called Honey Road. However, he wasn't there to eat, he was there to survive from the crazed masses outside.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:38 am
by Alozia
Ben Wilson

Having climbed the steps of the City Hall, Ben looked over his shoulder to see the chaos that engulfed the city. Looking over the city square, he could see the knocked over cars, smashed windows and destroyed Fair stands, some of them on fire. The center piece of the event, the big Christmas Tree in the middle of the square was now brutalized, a raging man entangled in its ornaments. The now-retreating helicopter attracted the attention of a small group of attackers far away from where Ben stood, but it wasn't enough to relieve the besieged group Wilson was now a part of.

Readjusting his glasses, he could see a relatively young man, around his age sprinting into a nearby restaurant, trying to flee unharmed. Ben wanted to call out to him, but quickly realized that any attempts at doing so would be for naught, the sounds of fighting, especially gunshots, would drown out his voice well before it could reach the survivor.

Turning his attention back to his immediate surroundings, Ben noticed one of the Guardsmen being bitten by one of the strangers. One of her squadmates would knock the attacker off her before Wilson could react. Wanting to help, the young man held the door for the retreating squad, letting in a seemingly uninfected armed man with them, before shutting the door. With the help of the people gathered in the main hall of the building, Ben blocked the entrance, buying them some time.

Leaning against a wall, trying to catch his breath and collect his thoughts, Wilson looked over the room they were in. A well-lit hall stretched out from the front of the building all the way to the back. The room they were in served the purpose of welcoming all officials and petitioners, with a set of reception booths stretching along one of the walls, right underneath a gallery from where visitors could appreciate the room's decorations from a higher position.

The chaos of the day has clearly not yet reached this place, at least for the most part. The plants, papers and queue barriers were all in their right places contrasting with the knocked over trash cans and trampled flowers outside. Looking at the fellow survivors, Ben was able to pick out a couple of interesting personas. First was the aging mayor who, despite looking relatively untouched, seemed to be having a hard time - clutching his chest and gasping for air, his complexion slowly turning purple. He was aided by two of his associates, a middle-aged woman and a young gentleman, both dressed in suits, the former wearing a red jacket and a matching skirt with heels that couldn't have helped her escape the turmoil of the fair while the latter was wearing a cheap, oversized man's suit. Next were the four National Guardsmen seemingly led by a man with "MCRAY" on his uniform. Among them was a woman whose bite wound was being tended to by one of the other people gathered in the room. Her complexion was pale and her face exhibited clear shock. Then there was the armed man that Ben let in right before shutting the door.

Seeing that the Mayor and his staffers were not of much use at the time, Ben who at this point was still leaning against the wall, turned to the Sergeant. "So, um... what's the plan?"

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:09 am
by The Twelve Isles
Noah Gunderson
8:00 PM
Burlington Vermont

Noah sprinted hard from where he had put his car up on the curb, cursing himself mentally for leaving his bag in his car but praising himself for grabbing that old tire iron out of the trunk. His face hurt like hell, and he did his best to pick little bits of glass from his cheek and forehead, the blistering cold doing little to make him feel more comfortable. Riots, he had never been in a riot before, they didn't exactly happen in a place like Vermont. Though, he had seen videos of them on the internet, and they rarely looked like this.

Noah skidded to a halt on the sidewalk, breathing heavy, and spat a mouthful of blood out into the fine dusting of snow. A woman thrashed angrily at the passing feet of others trying to flee the scene, though there were few left. A man still was pinned underneath Noahs front right tire, and he shrieked a vicious cry, glaring and chomping at Noah even though he was now a good fifty some odd yards away. Off on the other other end of the square, Noah had seen National Guardsmen fire into a crowd of people, like something out of a movie. Picking up his pace again, Noah turned, and continued to jog down the sidewalk, spitting another mouthful of blood into the snow.

A woman lunged at him from behind one of the stands, tripped, and shakily began to pull herself back up, glaring at Noah and baring her teeth, like an animal would. She reminded Noah of his neighbor, Ms Pinkman's rabid little chihuahua that used to run out and bite all of the kids when they were playing back during his childhood.

"Aye, lady, look, I don't wanna hurt you, but you come close imma fucking hit you, you hear me?" Noah said, backing away from the woman and putting his hand out between them. When she was finally to her feet, the woman lunged at him again, and in a fast quick swing, Noah struck her in the arm with the tire iron he still gripped in his hand, knocking her off of he feet with a sickening crunch. She cried out, in what Noah assumed was pain, and he looked both ways to make sure someone saw it, but all he got was a large man knocking into him as he fled the chaos in the square. Noah looked back down at the woman and began to back away slowly, trying to remain at least somewhat reasonable.

"Why the fuck would you do that?" he said to the woman, "I told you was gonna hit you, and now look at you, you got hit, aye, yo, don't stand up again, don't stand up-"

Before he could finish his sentence, the woman had pushed herself up into a crouched position and leaped at him, her one good arm grabbing his leg and almost knocking him over. Again, Noah hit her with the tire iron, bringing the end down on the crown of her head. The woman shrieked again and fell to the side, and in a fit of rage and adrenalin, Noah pressed the attack, hitting her a third time in the chest before stomping once, twice, three times around the face, all the while a string of curses and profanities pouring from his mouth. Finally, when all the movement left in his attacker was some vague twitching, Noah stopped, turned around, saw a second and third angry, animalistic looking man and woman approaching, and sprinted away again. He swiveled his head from side to side, and saw as the doors of the town hall were slowly closed shut behind a group of people all running inside. Turning in that direction, Noah ran, taking the steps two at a time, and banging into the door.

"Hey!" he shouted, "hey, let me in!" Swinging his fist, he slammed the door, stepped back and kicked it, and then banged on it again a third time with his fist, shouting and hollering for them to let him inside as quick as possible.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:02 pm
by Sudbrazil
Charles Rockwell Smith
Burlington City Hall ~ 08:00 PM, 20/12/2020

“Wait, there’s a man at the door! Somebody cover me.”

Cautiously, Rockwell crept towards the entrance and removed the bar keeping it closed. Bracing his rifle from its sling and unfolded stock for a one-handed reaction shot, he opened one of the doors, and was confronted with the bloodied visage of an unfamiliar person. He seemed normal enough, apart from the glass on his face, and he had cried out for help, which was a good sign. Rabid men did not speak, they foamed at the mouth and were afraid of water. Still, better safe than sorry

“Who are you? Were you bitten? Answer or I’ll shoot.” bellowed the self-appointed gatekeeper as he stepped back from the man and stole a glance at the macabre scene behind him. Several dozen bodies, strewn about the place, and many shambling around. A mockery of life and creation.

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by Alozia
"Woah, hold on." Ben, who hasn't received a definitive answer to his question in the meantime, felt the need to stop someone from getting shot in the face, albeit from a distance.

Speaking to the armed man he tried to deescalate the situation. "Listen, whatever's out there... he doesn't seem like he wants to hurt us. Maybe you could lower your gun?"

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by Arengin Union
Burling Town Hall.
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
Echo Squad (McRay, Speck, Reynolds, Harrison, Mendez, Nonato)

Everything had gone on so quick that McRay had barely even noticed the passage of time, as he and Echo Squad had been helped inside by the seemingly uninfected locals neither him not Harrison or Nonato wasted time as the Guardsmen along with the civilian's taken refuge had made sure to bar the entrance of the building. Out of his mask, McRay caught glimpses from the outside, several areas of town were catching fire as he could hear sounds of automatic fire among sounds of screaming and death, sounds that made him think back of his time on active duty, sounds he never expected to hear in his own homeland, sounds of war. It was after essentially making a makeshift barricade along the walls of the building that McRay and his remaining men were able to take a short breather. The hulking SAW gunner Nonato setting up his machine gun on top of a desk overlooking the outside while Harrison scouted the surrounding inside passing by terrified civs and the very mayor who seemed to be completely out of it and Mendez's arm wound was being tended by a local.

For his McRaytook deep breaths within his mask, he felt at a lost of breath as he looked all around him, the building was well lit but it seemed rather poorly defendable, at least from conventional enemies but he didn't know what to make of whatever was outside. He looked to his rifle, part of Mendez's attacker's blood covered the handguard, fresh blood dripping down the barrel. McRay didn't know what to make of everything that had happened, how he had left Reynolds behind and had shot Speck right in the head, how someone could be shot so many times in the chest and continue on like nothing, it was like something out of a movie or perhaps straight out of hell.

It was then that a civilian called out to McRay, the Sergeant came back to his full senses as he looked at the man with widened eyes through his gas mask.

Seeing that the Mayor and his staffers were not of much use at the time, Ben who at this point was still leaning against the wall, turned to the Sergeant. "So, um... what's the plan?"

As McRay thought of a response it was then that a man suddenly appeared at the doors of the building, slamming onto them desperately.

"Hey!" he shouted, "hey, let me in!" Swinging his fist, he slammed the door, stepped back and kicked it, and then banged on it again a third time with his fist, shouting and hollering for them to let him inside as quick as possible.

Nonato was quick to raise his machine gun, aiming it to the door and ready to spray whatever was barging at the mere order of McRay, but no order came as McRay simply shook his head to him. The large Filipino aimed his weapon elsewhere as then one of the locals, a man armed with a rifle took action.

“Wait, there’s a man at the door! Somebody cover me.”

"Wai-" McRay didn't get to finish a word before the man had already set aside the barricades and opened the door to the incoming man, questioning him as he let the scene from the outside be visible to all. It was something that McRay himself could barely stomach and yet it was there, now fully visible to everyone within the room. The man with the rifle for his part kept his weapon raised at the incoming survivor from the chaos and continued to ask question after question while giving out threats. It was then that man who had first addressed McRay intervened.

"Woah, hold on." Ben, who hasn't received a definitive answer to his question in the meantime, felt the need to stop someone from getting shot in the face, albeit from a distance.

Speaking to the armed man he tried to deescalate the situation. "Listen, whatever's out there... he doesn't seem like he wants to hurt us. Maybe you could lower your gun?"

"Enough, let the man in and close the door now, Nonato get to it!"

McRay had had enough, as he raised his weapon at the self-appointed gatekeeper who had first threatened their lives by opening the door without any consideration and secondly was threatening a civilian at gunpoint.

"I advise you lower the weapon down sir," McRay didn't want to fire onto the man but he would not hesitate to do so if he didn't lower the weapon. All the while Nonato pulled the incoming survivor away from the door and easily closed it back and set the barricade back. Harrison too had his weapon fixed on the armed civilian.

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by Sudbrazil
“Sorry uhh... Sergeant.” Were those chevrons a sergeant’s? He never remembered, despite his childhood obsession with all things martial.

Yes, he had been rather rushed now that he thought about it, but the door’s side windows had shown the steps were empty, and he would have uhh... He wasn't sure if his convoluted plan to get the man in had been a true plan or something his mind had just invented to justify his clashing instincts.

“We have to check if he was bitten though,” remarked the gun-toting handyman sheepishly as he complied and rested his HK on the ground, pausing to take stock of his surroundings. In truth Rockwell had been plugged in 24/7 to the news, but all he knew about the disease was speculation, what he had seen in the past five minutes, and a few unconfirmed documents and interviews he hadn't the guts to put forward. Not when he had been skeptic about them moments ago, not after such a blunder.

“This thing is super rabies, right? Those guys outside couldn't have been sitting there for six months waiting. How long does it take to turn mad?”

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by Main Nation Ministry
Andrew Castle
8:00 PM

The moment Andrew bolted inside, he was immediately threatened by some man with a knife. "Get the fuck back! Back I said!" the man yelled, threatening Andrew with the blade. "Please! It's chaos out there!" Andrew yelled, but the man immediately ran past him to make sure the door was shut. "Jerry, get your ass out of the kitchen and help me barricade the damn door and window!" the man continued to yell, as a chef came out from the back with a frying pan, limping from his leg. There was a small wound on his leg, but it didn't look like a bite. "Come on, man! Help us out!" the man told Andrew, as he was having Andrew move some tables and chairs towards the door and front windows of the restaurant. They used the tables as a base, where Andrew tried to stack the chairs on top of one another to make a sturdy wall.

Jerry slumped against the bar counter of the restaurant, as the man went to check up on him. "How's the leg?"
"They killed her.. That damn bruiser trampled my leg.." Jerry mused, as the man looked at Andrew, making sure he wasn't trying to kill them. "You're a doctor? Name is Shen by the way." Jeong explained to Andrew, as the poor birdwatcher was still tense and shivering. "What's happening..." Andrew immediately pulled out his phone, as he tried to call his girlfriend Liz. However, while the phone was trying to reach Liz's phone, it went to voicemail.


"We got a problem here. You're listening?"
"I'm sorry.. I don't know what's happening.." Andrew said to the two, as his flight or fight instinct was wearing off. "You know how to treat my friend's wound? Some bodybuilder practically stomped on his leg. We knocked the fridge over to block the exit out from the back, but we don't know jackshit about medical stuff."
"I'm not a doctor. Let me look at the wound, though." Andrew said, as he checked the wound on Jerry's leg. There was some sort of cut on the wound, but Andrew didn't have any bandages or anything else to treat the wound.

"The best that can be done is to stop the bleeding." Andrew said, as he gave some napkins that were scrawled on the floor, where he had Jerry cover the wound with the napkins. "Keep it on, until the bleeding stops. I don't know about any broken bones, though."
"What are we going to do, Shin?" Jerry asked, as Shin was nervous as Andrew. "I don't fucking know! This isn't just like any riot I seen! They ate the owner like animals!" Shin said, as the owner of the restaurant ended up being a victim of this unexplained violence.
"Why was the National Guard there? They had a helicopter telling people to get inside." Andrew siad, explaining what happened at the Christmas Fair.

"Well, whatever is happening, I tried calling 911 five freakin times and all I heard was that they were currently busy. Try it." Shin told Andrew, as he tried to call 911. "Our emergency services are currently busy at the moment. Please hold until a dispatcher can contact you shortly." an automated voice message said on Andrew's phone, before Andrew heard some cheesy hold music. "Are there even going to be any cops who are going to save us?" Andrew said, as Shin looked at the window which was covered with chairs.

"You said there were army folk, right? Maybe they are going to do some martial law to clear out the streets. I can still hear those crazy bastards outside. They were a crowd of them. Don't know why they are just killing people.." Shin said, as Jerry was thinking on the reason. "Maybe it has to do with the Kongo Fever?" Jerry said, as he winced in pain when he moved his damaged leg. "I know there's people stranded out here at the square like us. The City Hall across the street. I saw some people run inside." Andrew said, knowing about the people who entered the building.
"It's no use trying to get to City Hall. Unless we can get the hell out of the town." Shin recommended, where Andrew knew about his car. "My car is parked on Main Street. If that crowd disperse away from where I have it parked, I can drive back to my place. Or I can drive out of town to get help."

"How the hell is that going to help?! They might be already crowding around the windows and doors!" Shin said, as Andrew was stuck in a major predicament. "Shit.. You're right.." Andrew said, as the three men were currently in a bad spot.

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by Arengin Union
Burling Town Hall.
Burlington, Vermont
December 20, 2020
Echo Squad (McRay, Speck, Reynolds, Harrison, Mendez, Nonato)

“Sorry uhh... Sergeant.”

Okay, so at least he's not too far gone... Thought McRay as he stepped forward and while still having his weapon fixed onto the man he took a hold of the HK rifle. He didn't want to leave anyone defenseless but given the gravity of the situation and the immediate chaos, it was best to secure all weapons and take control of the panic before anything else. Slinging the rifle over his shoulder McRay finally aimed his weapon away from the man as did Harrison who kept post at the corner of the room, ready to interject in any situation. Nonato meanwhile kept himself busy with guarding the main door and barricades, no longer would any civie open the door without due permission. As McRay scanned the room he looked over to the maskless Mendez who still looked rather pale and in a shiver, he arm wound was wrapped with some bandages as she kept herself down on the ground clutching tightly to her rifle.

"You good Mendez?" McRay asked to which the Latina specialist merely nodded rapidly, McRay then switched his attention to the man who had been let in, he looked like he'd been through hell and he basically had been as far as he could tell. It was then that the owner of the now requisitioned rifle spoke up.

“We have to check if he was bitten though,”

The remark made McRay chuckle a bit before his usual stern expression returned, he still wore his gasmask despite how cramped and out of breath it made him feel. He had to maintain protocol as did Harrison and Nonato. He didn't exactly feel like a civ of any people had any idea what they were talking about but he continued to listen to the man regardless.

“This thing is super rabies, right? Those guys outside couldn't have been sitting there for six months waiting. How long does it take to turn mad?”

"I have no idea, the basics we were told was to keep gas masks on and keep any sick in quarantine, but so far he seems fine to me..." McRay answered as he stepped over to the barricaded windows.

"Guess quarantine's gone down the shitter..." He said lowly, "Okay now, we need to gather up food, weapons, and get ready to move out as soon as possible. The army won't take long to respond in big force, but we need to get to a safe zone before that happens. All of you are now our priority," though McRay tried to sound as sure in his words the truth is he had no idea what the Army's plan was if there even was one. The Helicopter had left them behind and he was down two squad members with one in no conditions to fight. But he had to take control of the situation, they needed to act quick otherwise they'd end up like the poor souls outside.