Operation: Event Horizon (Sci-Fi, OOC, OPEN)

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Operation: Event Horizon (Sci-Fi, OOC, OPEN)

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Operation: Event Horizon
A Catnip Plantation Production!

The story of the Galaxy is the story of Man
In the latter half of the 20th century, humanity was exposed to a species of parasitic organisms dubbed arctisites (due to the place of their discovery, the Arctic) that are capable of manipulating their genetic material and granting them superhuman abilities that humans came to know as magic in the days before their science progressed enough to fully understand the parasites.

Despite being invisible to the naked eye, arctisites are microscopic organisms that have had a bigger impact on the galaxy than most living creatures. Most don’t fully understand what exactly an arctisite does when it comes in contact with its host, but the effects are clear and undeniable. When integrated with a host, the arctisite changes the very fabric of their genetic code, which results in a variety of superhuman abilities. These changes include, increased intelligence, superhuman strength, enhanced longevity and even so-called “magical” abilities such as telekinesis and elemental manipulation. After centuries of experimentation and breeding, humans have been able to largely predict and control how an arctisite affects its host and thus what abilities it grants. Arctisites can be transferred from person to person after the death of the current host and in fact the more genetic material an arctisite interacts with the larger range of abilities it is able to grant. Therefore it is not uncommon for arctisites to be passed down by families through generations. Most people either inherit their arctisite, gain it through government or military employment, or purchase it through government regulated markets for a small fortune. However there are also less legitimate means to require one. The intergalactic black market is home to a number of ill-gotten arctisites that are available for the right price.

Humans soon learned to manipulate and harness the power of the arctisite, as well as breed their own varieties that greatly increased the range of abilities granted to them, thus spawning a genetic renaissance. As a result, human technology skyrocketed and not only was space colonization achieved, but the human discovery of Faster-Than-Light travel made it so that they could travel to other solar systems within the galaxy.

It was through this process that mankind came to interact with aliens. Humans, thanks to the powers and advanced technology granted to them by the arctisite, dominated many of the races they first encountered and absorbed them into their growing intergalactic empire.

It was then when Humans caught the attention of another spacefaring race, the Elnoi. The Elnoi were a highly intelligent and powerful force in the galaxy in their own right, and they saw humanity's path of conquest as a major challenge to balance in the galaxy.

While humans relied on the arctisite for military dominance, the Elnoi focused on technological advancement and the use of artificial intelligence. They thought the act of toying with genetics to be extremely dangerous and so instead augmented themselves with technology as a means to achieve strength.

The humans had finally met their match and after years of brutal fighting against the Elnoi, they were forced into a Cold War-style standstill. They were embarrassed and humiliated by this result, and so, they began making plans to achieve ultimate dominance in the galaxy. In the end, they devised what became known as the Genome Expansion Project.

The Genome Expansion Project saw humans taking a great interest in the alien races that were within their sphere of control. They began genetic experiments that included augmenting current races and even creating hybrid races. The United Earth Government's goal was to build up the races under their influence so that, in the inevitable war with the Elnoi, they would have the advantage.

Of course, the Elnoi were not planning on simply watching this go on. They began meddling with other races as well by providing pre-space flight civilizations within their systems advanced technology that allowed them to rapidly accelerate.

In their fixation on their rivalry, neither side seemed to realize the chaos they were unleashing on the galaxy. The races that were uplifted began to resent the yoke held over them, either by the humans or the Elnoi. Now equipped with advanced technology or enhanced genetic abilities, these races rebelled en masse. In what became known as the Twenty Years’ War, chaos ruled over much of the galaxy. Both empires fought desperately to maintain order in their own systems, but their client races proved not only strong, but extremely intelligent and adaptable. By working together, the client races used their diverse abilities to overwhelm their former masters.

Eventually, the humans and the Elnoi realized that they needed to work together to end this and with their combined force order was finally achieved. However, it did not come without cost. While the inner systems of each empire were pacified, the outer worlds remained firmly in control of the rebel systems and the two empires had no choice but to recognize their independence. These systems are now known as the Abyss, where there is little government or regulation to speak of.

With this peace established the Elnoi and the humans agreed to ban genetic engineering and the giving of technology to pre-space flight races to prevent such an uprising from ever occurring again.

The year is 2235 and it has been almost nineteen years since the war that created the Abyss, the Twenty Years' War, concluded. During that time the galaxy has known relative peace and has moved on from the constant state of war that had previously embroiled the 23rd century. However, dangerous things lurk in the dark, outside of the view of decent civilized people. The Abyss has proven to be a breeding ground for crime and extremism. Most notably, both the Confederation and their counterpart the Collective have their eyes on fringe eugenic movements known as the New Age that seek to use genetic engineering to produce the ultimate biological race. They haven’t been openly aggressive as of yet, mostly just dealing in black market tech, but those familiar with the Abyss can read the signs. Things are changing and not for the better. Both the Humans and Elnoi want this issue dealt with before it comes into public light and so for the first time ever the Confederation and the Collective have pulled their resources and collaborated on Operation Event Horizon. Together they will assemble a secret military operation that will be disguised as a mercenary unit operating inside the Abyss. This will serve not only as a way to monitor the situation in the Abyss but a test as to whether or not the races of the Collective and the Confederation can actually work together.

The Milky Way

The Sol Confederation
The Sol Confederation is made up of all races recognized as client races of humanity. The Confederation rules over all intersystem issues between planets, races, and various factions within their sphere of influence. Its military protects and patrols all systems within its territory. The Confederation is structured through divisions that assign control of different tasks of governance. The different divisions are as follows: Command, Military, Business Affairs, Research and Development, and Population Management. Unsurprisingly humans dominate the Confederation specifically through their control of the Command division which handles employment, internal affairs, and manages the other divisions.

The Elnoi Collective
The Collective rules over Elnoi space and operates in the form of a representative democracy. Each race is represented by an ambassador who is able to advocate on their behalf. The ambassadors are able to participate in general votes but among the ambassadors are the ruling council of select races that handle day to day regulations and rules. Council races are added as races within the Collective progress and earn their place. The council has little in the way of a military with the exception of an elite fighting force known as the C5 which are made up of soldiers, spies, and other operatives to engage in top secret missions across Elnoi space.

The Abyss
The Abyss is made up of 12 settled solar systems though their level of settlement and hospitality varies greatly. These star systems that sit between Human and Elnoi are as follows: Nebra, Apex, Nexus, O’hara, Serpent Sea, Outer Reach, Sigma, Venus Beta, Arctic Expanse, Cat’s Cradle, Pirate’s Bay, and Nyx. The Abyss is a chaotic and dangerous place, free of regulation or external control. If you want something, the Abyss likely has it or can make it for the right price. While there are some alliances between planets and trade agreements established, there is no intersystem government that rules the Abyss. It is filled with hybrid species, black market technology and other illicit practices that are prohibited in the regulated systems.
Human Sphere

The dominant species of the Sol Confederation, humans have advanced greatly since the discovery of arctisites in the 20th century. Since then humans have become an intergalactic spacefaring juggernaut, colonizing new planets and incorporating other races across multiple systems. Arctisites have not only affected human technology but its society as well. Inequality already existed between humans before the arctisite came to be but that was exacerbated even further as the rich gained access to arctisite and became genetically superior to the poor. Now some human planets are nothing more than neo-feudal societies where the few opportunities that the poor have to rise up the ranks in life is military service. There you can earn an arctisite that if preserved can be passed down through generations. The richer human families have dozens of arctisites that are cycled through each generation. Human societies are prosperous and exciting, but rarely fair.

In the 23rd Century Earth is both very much the planet we know and nothing like it at all. The discovery of arctisite has radically changed the technological capabilities of humans but their nature has stayed roughly the same. With enhanced power humans have achieved both great feats and committed great crimes. Earth now sits at the center of an empire that spans dozens of systems and with the arctisite has overcome much of its ecological and environmental crises even as populations and cities continue to expand. Earth is now ruled by an international government called the United Earth Government which acts as Earth’s representative in the Sol Confederation. Geographical boundaries are now largely meaningless thanks to the great advancements in air travel and high speed rails. New York City and Tokyo stand above the rest as the most influential and dominant cities on the planet. The city of Neo Arctic is also quickly on the rise. A city that sits in the heart of the once uninhabitable Arctic is now a major center of commerce and human culture thanks to the ability to adapt to extreme temperatures granted by genetic engineering.

The first race with which humans came into contact with originate from the planet Areius in Alpha Centauri. Human interaction with the Neirel was unique in the sense that humans began colonizing Areius before they even realized the Neirel were there. This is because Neirel civilization was primarily aquatic and their vast cities existed beneath the sea. Eventually however the Neirel introduced themselves and though there was some fighting between the races, their assimilation into the human empire was largely peaceful. Not only did humans introduce the Neirel to space flight, but the use of arctisite technology allowed the Neirel physiology to adapt to non-aquatic environments. Human scientists noted that Neirel were most similar to mammals when compared to earth species and their similarities to humans greatly improved the pace at which they could be integrated in human society. For this reason the Neirel are widely considered the number two race behind humans in the Sol Confederation. The Neirel are now a prominent space faring species in their own right, though they aren’t a particularly militaristic one. Instead they are known far more for their art as well as their ability to build thriving ecosystems in their colonized planets. Among the inter-species communities they are commonly seen as intellectuals and social peacekeepers.

Neirel society has many similarities to humans but also differences. Neirel are very communitarian, specifically known to have large families that are tightly knit together. Neirel have slightly shorter life spans when compared to humans (who now live to an average of 120). The Neirel live approximately 80 years on average. They have a sophisticated religious system predicated on the cyclical nature of existence that emphasizes balance and peace. It is a polytheistic religion with many gods that are worshiped by society.

While Neirel are generally peaceful they are of course not without their fighters. While most Neirel do not have arctisite, they are often granted to their elite military force that is tasked with preserving peace across Neirel space. Specifically Neirel are known for having telepathic abilities, such as telekinesis and telepathy that manifest once coming into contact with the articisite. These elite commandos are not unheard of in the military structure of the Confederation, though it is far more common for them to be in non combat based positions. Their major colonized systems include: Alpha Centauri, Gatama, Helios, and Neiropa.

Nicknamed “Alpha Paradise” by humans, Areius is a naturally beautiful and somewhat utopic planet that is largely untouched by the blight of war or industry. The Neirel take great pride in their homeworld, seeing as their religion is deeply tied to their natural landscape. Areius’ landscapes are largely untamed and are teeming with wildlife much of which can be very dangerous to an ignorant traveler. The surface is dotted with small cities and outposts that can largely be split into two functions, tourism and military. The tourist towns are centers of trade, commerce, and travel, while the Confederation military bases serve as the de facto police of the planet. It is underneath the water however where true Neirel society can be found. The Neirel have built many great and expansive cities, whether in expansive reefs or deep down on the seafloor. The Neirel are a fairly tribal society, and the city one originates from is a source of great pride and a means of identifying them. For example a Neirel named Talio from the city Ialis would present themselves as Talio Ialis. Despite the cities’ independence, they are governed by a collective council on which each cities’ ruler is represented.

Prometheans are hybrids between the Neirel and humans. They are named Prometheans after the famous Greek myth. Hybrids are by no means rare but the Prometheans are notable by how many of them there are. Prometheans are undoubtedly the most common hybrid race and they have largely integrated into both human and Neirel society, though there is some stigma against them after the Twenty Years' War. Prometheans have a great deal of genetic diversity and their appearances vary greatly. Because of this they manifest the largest range of abilities when coming into contact with arctisite. The Prometheans hold positions through the Confederation but they are most common in military and command positions as Prometheans are widely regarded as having fighting and leadership potential. Prometheans are also unique because they have established colonies of their own which is nearly unheard of for a hybrid race. In fact a Promethean independence movement is starting to grow within their planets, and it is something that the Confederation is monitoring very closely. Promethean space includes prominent systems such as: Olympia, Oceania, Crescent, and Noro.

Prometheia is the first and most prominent of the colonies established by the Prometheans. It is a planet of moderate climate, fairly similar to Earth (at least after a bit of terraforming). However Prometheia is a much more modest planet, with a smaller less dense population. However in many ways that is a boon, as Prometheia deals with far less crime and inequality than Earth cities do. The capital of Hestia is a small city in comparison to other planets but serves as the central hub of the planet and is considered the cultural center of the Promethean race. Here is where you are most likely to encounter to Promethean Independence Movement, which while largely peacefully has its more extreme and militant elements.

The Acux’s contact with humanity was far less peaceful than that of the Neirel. When humans arrived on their home planet of Firos, the Acux reacted violently. As a race they are able to survive the extremely harsh conditions of their home planet which is filled with deserts and a multitude of dangerous creatures. Their war with the humans was bloody and lasted nearly a decade. Humans had superior technology, but with knowledge of the terrain and their superior tactics and drive the Acux fought a seemingly endless guerilla war. What ultimately was their undoing was the tribal nature of Acux society which left them divided and factionalized. Eventually the superior numbers of the human forces overwhelmed them and they were forced to sign a peace treaty. In exchange for becoming the client race of humanity's growing empire, the Acux were given a supply of arctisite that was divided among the tribes. This led to an increase in local hostilities which suited the Confederation just fine. The Acux have some colonies but fewer than most because of their lack of unified government. However whenever the tribes do agree upon a unified military venture it is a sight to behold. The Acux are seen by many as the enforcers of the Confederation, they make a large portion of the government’s police and foot soldiers. Acux space includes the following major systems: Vulcan, Phoenix, and Alpha Tryon.

Disgraced Sol Confederation general Arthur Magnus once said this regarding Firos: “Am I afraid to go to hell? Fuck no, that’s where I made Colonel killing those damn Acux.” Firos is not a planet that is known for being temperate and nurturing. Its extreme heat and dry terrain makes it so that there is minimal foliage or water on the planet. It is primarily desert and mountainous planet with the occasional oasis like territory which are largely populated by Acux tribes. There are a number of islands in the south of the planet that the Acux refer to as “tadod-hue” which means “human world.” These islands (as well as the body of water that surrounds them) were created by humans as a way of making it more viable to have human colonies on the planet. Many Acux see these islands as an insult to their people.

The Sigal are a tragic case as far as races within the Confederation go. On their home planet of Isgral they found themselves in the mind of a long standing war with another race local to their planet, the Haroach. The Haroach were a massive and deadly reptilian species that nearly drove the Sigal to extinction. That is until humanity arrived to claim the planet for their own. It’s unclear whether or not humanity took pity on the Sigal or saw them as more malleable but they sided with the Sigal in the conflict and drove back the Haroach, ultimately relocating them to a different and more isolated planet. Meanwhile the Sigal were welcomed into the Confederation, though it was certainly made clear that they had no choice. The Sigal are renowned builders and engineers and that has become the primary role in which they have served the Confederation. The Sigal are often treated as little more than pawns of humanity and have little autonomy or power within the Confederation. The Sigal’s only colonized system is the Rigor System.

Isgral is a cold and mountainous world but despite its harshness, it is flush with resources and beauty. Isgral is home to many dangerous beasts and even intelligent species such as the Haroach, however with help of humanity the Sigal have more or less carved out a safe part of the planet for them. Still they are still often battling their planet and only dare venture to certain parts of the continent they have made home. Sigalian cities are technological marvels largely built into mountain sides or underground. The Isgral have created environmental domes around their cities that are able to regulate temperature and atmospheric conditions that serve to neutralize the effects of their harsh surroundings on the populace. The Sigal are ruled in similar fashion to old european governments where a monarch rules with the advice and support of a democratically elected legislator.

Elnoi Sphere

Elnoi (Female)
The Elnoi are a species that is just as advanced if not more so than humanity. Their home planet of Xenro is a near technological utopia, where the Elnoi use advanced artificial intelligence to handle menial tasks and optimize their society. In stark contrast to humanity, the Elnoi have established a strict meritocracy where rank and privilege are determined through ability rather than heritage. The Elnoi have a reputation as tough and calculating, with little in the way of advanced culture or art. Their society values intellect and physical prowess above all else. Elnoi Space prominently includes the following systems: Jotar, Kiber, Tigra, and Elix.

Xenro can be described as an urban and somewhat sterile environment. The Elnoi’s cities are technological marvels but have little in terms of artistic beauty or style in their architecture. Far from the flashy sights and sounds of human cities, they are orderly, clean, and relatively safe. Xenro is made up of five Elnoi nations, who after centuries of warring now live in a mostly stable state of peace. Outside of the cities and the heavily civilized areas Xenro is a heavily forested and valley filled planet. Some Elnoi live outside the cities, however these populations tend to be a bit more aggressive and tribal. The “hill folk” as they are known by other Elnoi are often a source of trouble for the city dwellers, raiding populated areas or attacking travellers on the road. While the Elnoi deride these groups as savages, they are no less technologically advanced and can prove to be a serious problem in large enough numbers.

Before coming into contact with the Elnoi, the Quarets were small time space pirates, wreaking havoc upon their local star system. Their first interaction with the Elnoi was an attempt to raid one of the Elnoi’s scouting ships. This proved to be a big mistake as soon the full might of the Collective navy was upon the Quarets. They were quickly assimilated and found great benefits in the Collective. With their new technology the Quarets assembled a fearsome fleet of destroyers and dreadnaughts and in the war against the humans the Quarets made up the bulk of the Collective’s fighting force. Because of this their relationship with humans is very poor. Humans refer to Quarets derogatorily as “quadrats”.

Quaret society is structured around a simplistic survival of the fittest mindset. There is little government among Quarets and what government there is is organized locally and usually manifests as little more than tribal rule. Despite the reputation, the Quarets are not an entirely savage race but there is some truth to what others believe about them. It is not uncommon for Quarets to engage in slavery and organized crime and some see them as a black mark on the Collective’s reputation. However not all Quarets accept this lifestyle, in fact there are Quaret colonies that reject the might makes right mentality and have attempted to create more peaceful and equal societies. Major colonized systems include Yorst, Remer, Quarax, and Domina.

Little is known of the home planet of the Quarets, largely because most Quarets have abandoned it in favor of lives of piracy or space exploration. Most Quarets alive now likely have never been to Quaxial but have none the less heard stories of it. Quaxial was once a bountiful place but has been scarred deeply by war and violence. Much of the landscape is marred with nuclear waste and bomb craters. There still are Quaret settlements on the planet however and those there are said to be particularly tough and battle hardened given the conditions they live in.

The Therians were the first race that the Elnoi stumbled upon and culturally they could not be more different than the Elnoi. The Therians are a highly social and religious civilization. Therians are famous for convoluted democratic processes, debates, and art. Their religion, known as the Way of Stars, preaches that stars are in fact the remains of a great creator that sacrificed its life so that new life could take shape and that one day the stars will explode and envelop the universe in their energy, creating paradise for all. The Therians are known to send missionaries to other planets, trying to convert other races to their beliefs. When the Elnoi came in contact with the Therians, they at first clashed because of their differences but soon found mutual partnership. The Therians offered persuasive speakers and talented spies and administrators while the Elnoi offered soldiers and advanced technology. This does not mean however that there is no tension between the two. The Therians believe that artificial intelligence is an insult to their creator and such it is highly prohibited within their society. Prominent systems colonized by Therians include Reclamation, Salvation, and Theraten.

The home of the Therians may seem primitive to an outside observer, but it is a mistake to assume because they lack the latest technology that their cities are mere hovels. The Therians have built complex civilizations in many diverse environments on Jako. They have carved whole neighborhoods into forests, build complex mines in the mountains, and even a small city at the base of a volcano. The most noticeable features of Jako are the massive temples and monuments that the Therians have built for their god.

When the Elnoi landed on the planet Toronoka, they never expected a race like the Noxial. Massive squid like creatures with tough skin, regenerative abilities, and unmatched strength, the Noxial scared even elite Elnoi shock troopers. Luckily for the Elnoi, the Noxial had no interest in fighting them. Despite their monstrous appearance, Noxial society is sophisticated and cultured. They live under a strict moral code that preaches honor and loyalty above all. Do not be mistaken however, the Noxial make terrifying warriors and one of the few things that prevents them from conquering the galaxy outright is their slow rate of birth. To preserve their population, fighting is strictly regulated, and Noxial military are trained to use tactics to overcome superior numbers. The Noxial’s only colonized star system is Koronic.

An old joke among the Elnoi military goes as follows, “The only thing that looks stranger or more intimidating than the squidfolk is the black hole that spawned them.” Toronoka is an unusually dark and cavernous planet. It has vast oceans and based on the caverns and mountains that exist across the landscape, much more of the planet was likely at one time underwater. Toro, the Noxial’s main city is seemingly built out of a giant crater that was created by unknown circumstances. The Noxal have few cities and settlements given their low numbers. It is rare for a Noxial to have more than one child during its lifetime due to common infertility as well as the excruciating and sometimes life threatening process that results in birth.
The Abyss is made up of the twelve systems that retained their independence after the Twenty Years' War, which are as follows:

The Nebra system is the closest to Confederation space, and is largely populated by humanity and their allies. It’s less industrial and commercial than most other systems but for that reason it is less connected with organized crime and pirate activity. In fact Nebra is one of the few Abyss systems the Sol Confederation still keeps regular contact with by attempting to provide resources and protection to the colonies within the star system. Nebra has a total of fifteen colonized planets and moons all of which operate autonomously. They are largely agricultural and rural settlements with few large population centers. They have a somewhat of a defensive coalition known as the Nebra Patrol which attempts to police the space and protect their colonies. However because of its lack of centralization and lack of connections with the other systems in the Abyss it is a common target for space pirates and gangs looking for plunder.

This system is named after its most infamous planet, Apex. A Quaret colony, Apex is notorious for being the home of a gladiatorial sport known as King of the Hill. Teams of four fight dominance until only one is left standing. Officially speaking the sport is strictly voluntary, but Apex’s connection to the notorious slavers known as the Red Comet Syndicate calls that into doubt. Planet Apex is well known as a hub of commerce and social gathers and its capital Everest is a sprawling metropolis filled with famous clubs and restaurants. The rest of the worlds in the system are largely mundane in comparison but still hold commerce and often serve as commuting sites as well as fueling hubs for Apex.

Nexus was once a central travel hub for the galaxy before it fell into chaos during the Twenty Years’ War. The humans who once controlled this system now struggle to maintain control of even a few colonies, being at constant war with both Acux and Elnoi splinter factions that have risen in the wake of the Confederation’s collapse of control. Humans in Nexus largely reside on the planet Curie while the other races are spread across the system. Curie is a nice enough planet, one of the few that has escaped the constant battle between the three factions, but it is a shadow of the empire it once represented.

O’hara was originally colonized by the Neirel and when governance of the Abyss fell apart it became recognized as a neutral zone of sorts. The system is largely left alone by the cartels and ambitious rulers of the Abyss and is seen as a safe haven for weary travels and refugees. The system is controlled by a monarch who rules from the planet Altanorch, though the position is largely honorary as the individual worlds are mostly left to their own devices. Planets in O’hara are all largely peaceful with various levels of economic and social prosperity, most notable among them is Fiaro which is home to a famous Neirel monastery which is believed by many to be the home of a living god who can see the future. For this reason travelers have flocked there for generations.

Serpent Sea
This system is named for an asteroid belt that splits it in two like a coiled snake. Serpent Sea does not see too much attention from outsiders, but it is home to a few remote settlements. While its remoteness may make it seem completely ignorable, it is a perfect hiding place for those wishing to avoid outside attention.

Outer Reach
The Outer Reach has been hard hit by both conflict and natural disaster. The recent asteroid strikes are just the most recent of major blows to a system that seems on its last breath. The few worlds that are still inhabited are largely human colonies that serve as fueling stations or outposts for various mercenary and military organizations.

The “capital” of the Abyss, Sigma stands as arguably the most functioning and unified system in the Abyss. Sigma is ruled by an aristocratic central government on the planet Rae and has its own military force that patrols the system and keeps the peace. While most of Sigma’s planets flourish in relative peace and prosperity, Rae stands clearly above them in terms of wealth. It is the mecca of those who seek to live the life of the elite, and its famous Sky City is the jewel in Sigma’s crown. Sigma keeps peaceful relations with both the Confederation and the Collective and it’s often said that if war breaks out once more in the Abyss, Sigma will be the one to determine its fate.

Venus Beta
This system is rare in that it is primarily colonized by another system in the Abyss. Sigma has a number of colonies in Venus Beta and has been attempting to create system wide governance but is being resisted by various other local groups. The most prominent of these groups refer to themselves as Helios and oppose the autocratic and unequal nature of Sigma society. Sigma’s primary colony in the system is Tolos which holds a large military base that serves as the center of their operations. Meanwhile Daxus is known as a foothold of Helios where much of their underground organizing occurs.

Arctic Expanse
The Expanse holds little in terms of populations or civilization, outside of a few small farm colonies and stop over planets. However, it is far from forgettable. On the outer reaches of civilized space before the Twenty Years' War, this system was the home of a prominent human research base called Epsilon X. Epsilon X was a large floating space base and held the cutting edge of genetic research. However during the war the Confederation lost all contact with it and it is now presumed to be abandoned.

Cat's Cradle
Cat’s Cradle is home to a number of Acux colonies and is considered a rather dangerous but profitable place. A prominent Acux gang called the Fighter Pack patrols much of the area and has a large influence over the mineral trade which is a huge part of the system’s economy. Cat’s Cradle is filled with a number of uninhabited but mineral rich planets and moons that have made it very attractive for businesses and governments alike.

Pirate's Bay
Known by most as the scourge of decency and civilization, Pirate’s Bay is a lawless and chaotic system filled with sprawling cities and dangerous back alleys. Its most prominent world is called Hades, home of the city Tartarus which is widely referred to as the capital of the underworld. Slavers, smugglers, and private military organizations all call Pirate’s Bay home, and it represents endless opportunity for those with the money and courage to seek it.

Nyx is a star system based around the red star Nyx. Because the star is dying, the system has drawn the attention of the Therians who have flocked to the planet in droves over the last few centuries. A number of Therian settlements therefore exist in the system and it has become tradition for Therians to travel to the central planet of Theryla to worship their god in the presence of a dying star, hoping that they might be there when it finally succumbs.
  • 1985- Articicite is discovered by American scientists in Antarctica.
  • 1998- Inspired by the work of terrorist Ted Kaczynski, the “Humanity Party” forms in the United States, making waves for their endorsement of Kacyzenski’s anti technology beliefs and actions against the rise of arctisite.
  • 2005- Colonization of Mars begins with UN led collaborative effort.
  • 2012- The first sustainable colony on Mars begins, UN takes command to prevent infighting.
  • 2014- Humanity Party members arrested in droves in connection to an attempt to sabotage a space flight to Titan.
  • 2020- Increasing national disputes over space lead to the UN to take control of all space related activities while leaving individual nations with autonomy on earth.
  • 2033- The First Mars Rebellion occurs, after a year of fighting the rebellion is defeated.
  • 2040- The Second Mars Rebellion begins.
  • 2045- After five long years of fighting on both Earth and Mars the Rebellion is defeated and Earth retakes direct control of the colony.
  • 2075- Sol System fully colonized by humans, self sustaining colonies on Mars and Venus were followed by Europa, Io, Titan, and Umbriel.
  • 2100- Humans make first contact with alien life, the Neirel.
  • 2102- The Sol Confederation is formed as part of an alliance between the Neirel and Humanity.
  • 2116- After 10 years of fighting the Acux and Sol forces sign a peace treaty, bringing the Acux into the folds of the Confederation.
  • 2130- Humans land on Isgral and drive out the Haroach, bringing the Sigal under the yoke of the Sol Confederation.
  • 2150- Humans make contact with the Elnoi, conflict breaks out and soon becomes all out war between the Confederation and the Collective.
  • 2151- Humans suffer three major losses in the Hera Nebula, being forced to abandon the system entirely.
  • 2152- The Battle of Earth. Earth is directly attacked by an alien race for the first time as the Elnoi attempt to win the war quickly. They are repelled after two weeks of fighting. In the wake of the battle, the UN declares a state of emergency and takes direct control of all Earth governments.
  • 2153- At the battle of Alpha 3 the human Navy achieves a much needed victory against the Elnoi, breaking a siege and forcing Elnoi out of Alpha Centauri.
  • 2153- Humans ramp up their genetic engineering projects and begin producing hybrids for military purposes in what would become known as the Genome Expansion Project.
  • 2155- Humans have begun to turn the tide and have established footholds throughout the Elnoi system of Tigra. Fighting continues there throughout the year.
  • 2165- The Confederation and the Collective sign the Milky Way Accords, which finally bring an end to the decade and a half of fighting. An unofficial cold war begins between the two.
  • 2165- The UN declares itself the United Earth Government, and officially takes control of the planet Earth and the governance of humanity in space.
  • 2181- Both factions begin fighting over a newly discovered life bearing planet, nearly driving the local species, the Ago, into extinction.
  • 2195- Fighting on the outer reaches of both the Confederation and the Collective begins to break out. Months later, rebels take the system of Andias away from the Confederation and rename it Pirate’s Bay. The Twenty Years’ War officially begin.
  • 2203- With chaos enveloping the outer systems, the once rebellious Mars takes up arms for a third time, except this time other planets and moons such as Titan and Mercury join in resulting in the Sol Rebellion that saw Earth besieged for nearly three years.
  • 2206- The siege of Earth is broken, and the rebellions across Sol are pacified.
  • 2207- The Confederation and the Collective begin officially cooperating for the first time ever in an attempt to return order to the galaxy.
  • 2216- The two factions manage to pacify all but 12 systems which they begrudgingly recognize as independent. The Abyss is officially born.
  • 2220- A series of asteroids devastate the Outer Reach, forcing many colonists there to flee to other systems.
  • 2224- Raiders from Pirate’s Bay attack the Promethean colony of Aretha, Confederation forces repel them and save the colony.
  • 2228- Promethean Nationalists attack the human embassy on Prometheia, nearly blowing up the building before narrowly being thwarted.
  • 2229- A criminal organization known as “The New Age” begins to make waves across the Abyss, selling illegal genetic technology.
  • 2230- The Confederation and the Collective hold secret negotiations to form a joint military task force until the classified code name “Operation Event Horizon”
This section is for quick reference on other aspects of the world and the roleplay.

What is the technology of the setting like?
This is a rather broad question that is not easy to sum up. The short answer is that the main civilizations of the setting are capable of feats such as FTL travel, large-scale terraforming, limited generation of wormholes for travel and construction of free-floating space cities capable of supporting several thousands of inhabitants, with the associated technologies that come with it (generation of an artificial atmosphere and gravity, for example); yet incapable of feats such as construction of megastructures (dyson spheres, artificial planets), unlimited wormhole generation and massively FTL travel.

The slightly longer answer is to look at the technologies available in various areas to give a better idea of what can and cannot be done in the setting.

Weapons in the Milky Way are quite varied depending on the scale, the specific situation, and the budget involved. Starting at the personal level, classic ballistic weapons are still widely used in the human sphere of influence - they won't get through half decent armor, but they are cheap, easy to use, and have improved over the years, plus they're on less effective on flesh and bone than they previously were. Higher calibers are available for pistols due to improvements in anti-recoil mechanisms, and explosive, electrocharged and nitrogen rounds are relatively common. Alternatives to gunpowder as a means of propulsion also lend a greater punch to guns that operate with conventional lead ammunition. There is also a fondness for melee weapons such as knives and swords among criminals and combat enthusiasts, with exotic alloys and high-frequency vibration technology giving them an edge. In the Elnoi sphere meanwhile, plasma weapons powered by energy cores and gas cartridges are far more common, with metal weapons being considered primitive and unsightly. Thugs and assassins tend towards miniature, short-range plasma devices or electroshock weapons in place of the conventional melee weapons used in the human sphere.

Of course, with technology as advanced as it is, coupled with the sometimes divergent technological paths taken by different civilizations and the needs and creative capabilities of people living on the fringes of civilized space, it is often possible to find artifacts that diverge significantly from the norm. Sonic weapons, long-range neural stimulation devices, experimental gravity weapons and more are all available for those dedicated to finding them.

On the military level, infantry weapons tend to follow the same principles outlined above, but on a larger scale. Rifles that deliver explosive payloads or coat the target in acid, long-range plasma weapons with a greatly increased energy output, EMP grenades, rocket launchers with self-directing missiles and more. Machines of war use traditional ordnance in combination with directed energy weapons, with the latter being more popular in the void of space due to their reliability as well as the fact that stacks of missiles take more space than the energy cores it takes to power a laser battery. Intraplanetary warfare meanwhile relies more heavily on explosives and other accelerated projectiles due to the fact that directed energy weapons can be heavily impaired by atmospheric conditions. Nuclear weapons, though no longer as feared as in humanity's past, are still widely used. On the truly large scale of warfare, both the Confederation and the Collective possess the technology to create orbital bombardment stations, kinetic and energy-powered alike, delivered into orbit by carrier ships designed specifically for such a purpose. However, both factions heavily limit the spread of this technology and carefully monitor its use.

For both armor plating in vehicles and armor suits designed for shock troops and other special units, various metallic alloys are the material of choice over ceramics (in the case of vehicles) and fibers (in the case of infantry). Earthly metals such as tungsten, platinum and palladium have become relatively commonplace throughout both Confederation and Collective space, alongside new ones such as silonium and hescilite, making modern alloy plates lighter, stronger and more resistant to abrupt changes in temperature. The truly elite have access to Indomitus Class Combat Suits or ICS, which combine superalloys with cutting edge cybernetics, energy field projectors and other technologies, resulting in suits of armor capable of resisting the most exteme conditions and augmenting the wearer's physical capabilities far beyond their limits to create perfect killing machines.

Energy field projectors, more commonly known as shields, are another important defensive technology developed in the 22nd century. They are less ubiquitous than metallic armor, but no less effective, and possess a key advantage: while superalloy-based armor can be overwhelmed with enough firepower from directed energy weapons, shields are nigh impervious to them, making other types of weapons necessary to penetrate them. For this reason, though they are not as commonly available, shields are incorporated in ICS, battleships and the like. Major cities in important planets, such as Hestia in Prometheia, or Toro in Toronoka, are equipped with massive energy field projectors to protect them in the case of a siege or the arrival of an orbital bombardment station.

Of course, in the end armor is almost as varied as weaponry, and more or less evenly matched in most regards. Though metal is generally preferred, fiber vests are still widely used by scared civilians, private security specialists in urban areas, and common criminals, as they offer a basic and extremely lightweight layer of protection that can save their lives in a pinch. Ceramic-based armor is less common and practically unheard of for individuals, though it is sometimes used for lightly armored vehicles used in planetside combat.

Intraplanetary transport is fairly standarized in some regards, and highly varied in others. Vehicles of the hovering variety are standard fare throughout the galaxy, a common sight in most cities across both Confederation and Collective space. Advanced magnetic railway systems are a popular method of transport in human-dominated areas, while Elnoi prefer to travel long distances on exotic aircraft that bear little resemblance to Earth designs. Other than that, however, there is little in the way of rules. Acux use the beasts of Firos as a means of rapid transport, while Noxial have developed an extensive and elaborate ferry system on Toronoka to travel between settlements.

In the void of space, things become a lot more uniform. Every species in the galaxy has their own approach to building spacecraft, but all of them operate with roughly the same FTL technology, which allows rapid intrasystem transport and permits one to travel from one star system to another in a reasonable period of time. Ships are equipped with gravitational and atmospheric simulation systems in order to provide an inhabitable environment for crew and passengers. Supplies must be brought on board at regular intervals, however, as the technology to create sustenance and fuel from thin air does not exist. Likewise, hyperspace jump technology does not exist, meaning that despite the availability of FTL engines, traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other is bound to take a long time.

Except if you use a Horizon Gate.

Horizon Gates are large structures built in the void of space - albeit within important star systems in the galaxy - that are equipped with wormhole generators. These structures allow travel between one another thanks to these wormholes, albeit clearance from both sides is required before the connection can be established. These Horizon Gates are heavily defended and their use closely regulated, but they provide an invaluable aid in traveling long distances across the galaxy. They are a heavy investment, but they represent an important part of the galaxy's infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence
AI are a common sight throughout the Milky Way, though moreso in Collective territories than in Confederation space. Most instances of AI are basic types that manage databases or perform mundane tasks. However, there are also highly advanced AI that are self-aware and self-directing. The Confederation tends to see this type of AI as extremely dangerous and has officially forbidden their use and any kind of research into them. The Collective, sans the Therians, see these AI more favorably. Some of them pilot Elnoi capital ships, others have select administrative positions in the Collective government, and many inhabit their own shells and are recognized as citizens of the Collective.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, however, and especially in the Abyss, AI tend to be used mostly as a source of cheap labor, toiling at the mines and farms while needing no rest or sustenance. It is an especially tragic fate when self-aware AI are captured by raiders from Pirate's Bay, as they are simply sold into slavery.

Medical Technology
Perhaps as a result of the strife that the galaxy has seen between the Human-Elnoi War and the Twenty Years' War, medical technology has made leaps and bounds during the 22nd and 23rd centuries. No amount of technology can bring back a dead man of course, but there are scanners capable of diagnosing all sorts of ailments in seconds and suspension capsules capable of stabilizing even the most grievously wounded individuals. Cryogenic suspension is available to those who request it, as well as anagathic drugs that can slow down aging, for a price. Humans are masters of genetic modification and biotechnology, which has allowed them to develop technologies such as organ cloning for transplants, or regenerative therapy for lost limbs or brain damage, as well as gene therapy to to make individuals stronger and healthier. Elnoi meanwhile have taken the technological route and have developed a wide array of cybernetic prosthetics and implants which can go as far as to augment their abilities and enhance their senses. Full body cloning is possible, with the technology for it existing already, but it is heavily regulated by all governments and only very rarely allowed.

Information and Communications
FTL technology hasn't only benefited colonists and warmongers, but also merchants, spies and scholars all across the galaxy, as a byproduct of its discovery was the development of a quick and widespread method of communication. Special relay stations were designed with heavily modified FTL technology, which would compress and accelerate signals across space to the desired destination, where they would be decompressed and decodified. A comprehensive network of such relay stations was built all across the galaxy, allowing for rapid communication across large distances. Intrasystem communications are near-instantaneous, with the longest delays taking a few minutes, while intersystem communications take slightly longer, with the process usually completed within the day. Even sending a message from one end of the galaxy to another is a matter of just a few days, and devices for sending and receiving this information to and from relay stations are ubiquitous.

Information technologies have progressed quite a bit as well. Computer databases are more powerful than ever and are frequently used as an aid by regional administrators, even in areas where artificial intelligences aren't trusted. An assortment of scanners exist that can analyze organic and inorganic matter in a matter of seconds and throw out a wide array of readings and results, though trained operators are often required to interpret them. Such technology has even been incorporated in prosthetic eyes by certain Elnoi.

What will the characters be doing in the story?
The characters will be a part of Operation Event Horizon, a special unit created by a coalition between the Sol Confederation and the Elnoi Collective to combat the movement known as the New Age, believed to pose a threat to stability in the galaxy. The characters will be gifted individuals with various fields of expertise, hand-picked by this secret coalition for the job. Officially, however, they will have been recruited by an R&D investment company based in the Abyss called Starlight Horizons to form a crew called Black Star that will serve as the company's military arm. The company was bought out by the Confederation in the wake of the Twenty Years' War to keep tabs on the Abyss.

Each crew member will fit a certain archetype that will define the role they will play throughout the stoy. Within this archetype, each of them will have their own particular area of expertise which will outline what unique skills they can offer to the crew. A basic description of each archetype is as follows:

Soldier - While everyone will likely be competent in combat, soldiers specialize in it. Their focus is field work and fighting head on against the enemy in various ways. Possible roles/areas of expertise include sniper, arctisite combatant, ordnance expert, melee combatant, stealth specialist, pilot etc.

Technician - Technicians work to keep both the ship and the crew’s equipment running. They are the brains of the crew that focus on machines and technology in order to make sure everything is working properly. Possible roles/areas of expertise include mechanical engineer, computer programmer, weapons specialist, arctisite expert, etc.

Support - Support-oriented crew members are people who are key to the health and morale of the crew, and who perform basic but essential tasks to ensure a mission’s success. Possible roles/areas of expertise include physician, psychologist, toxicologist, pilot, historian, merchant, etc.

Of course, any mercenary group operating in the Abyss needs its own FTL-capable ship to serve as their transport and base of operations, and Black Star is no exception. For this purpose, the Elnoi Collective has provided the Oriasa (Elnoi for Peacekeeper). Formerly a humble trading ships that was used by Quaret space pirates to launch raids against unsuspecting merchant vessels, the Oriasa was captured by the C5 and turned into a state-of-the-art battleship equipped with cutting edge technology, while maintaining a somewhat rugged appearance.

The Oriasa is equipped with three high-output directed energy turrets, as well as several ballistic cannons and a potent energy field generator. It has four engines and the hull is reinforced with silonium alloy, making it extremely resistant. Several escape pods are in place in the case of catastrophic failure, and a medium-sized shuttle is available for rescue or landing operations, with limited medical equipment and two hoverbikes included within. The Oriasa is divided into three decks: the upper deck, which includes the bridge, the captain's cabin, a conference room and the shuttle bay; the main deck, which includes the crew quarters, lounge, kitchen, medical bay and other living facilities, as well as access to the energy turrets; and the lower deck, which includes the cargo bay and access to the ship's engine room, fuel room, life support systems and underbelly ballistic turrets.

Rules & Applications

  1. Respect the OP and his Co-OP (Zarkenis Ultima) we’re here to make the game run smoothly and be the best it can for everyone.
  2. Please read the whole OP, it provides all necessary info to make characters with rich backstories and personalities so we will be keeping in mind how well an app takes that into account in the review process.
  3. Follow all of the site’s rules, keep things PG-13 and be as kind to others as possible.
  4. Follow standard RP etiquette (no godmodding, metagaming, etc).
  5. Make sure to keep your grammar, writing quality, and effort up to par, if you need help with ideas or writing tips ask any of the Co-ops and they will be more than happy to help.
  6. Five line minimum (from a desktop view); this can be bent in situations where there is little to respond to but try your best to adhere to it.
  7. Stay as active as you can and try not to leave anyone hanging. If you’re going to be gone for a period of time and we can accommodate/work around the issue, as long as we’re informed beforehand.
  8. Obligatory “have fun” rule.
  9. Remove ALL parentheses from your apps, please.
Code: Select all
[b][u]Abilities[/u][/b] (Mention any enhancements or special skills your character has here):

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Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:53 am

Alonn MalayNeirelM26SoldierCeystile
Amanda RollinsHumanF46SupportThe Rebel Alliances
Benedikte SchrödingerHumanF27TechnicianCeystile
Diego LosadaHumanM25SoldierAbsolon-7
Eos AsteriouPrometheanF30SupportTomia
Erina AltochSigalF24TechnicianTomia
Errol WyrickNoxialM51SupportSegral
Howie BronteHumanM28SoldierLessoni
I-256Artificial IntelligenceF1TechnicianKasa Tkoth Sphere
Illvara BrayHumanF29SoldierThe Republic of Atria
Iris AsteriouPrometheanF30SupportZarkenis Ultima
Karu Na'talaAcuxF32SupportAlcona and Hubris
Kennedy Minthis Ogallagy HarperPrometheanM22SupportGalnius
MonarchPrometheanF21SoldierThe GAmeTopians
Monica LantrixHumanF25SoldierZarkenis Ultima
Nix AleveniHumanF29SoldierGalnius
Raela AlestrandraHumanF27SoldierCybernetic Socialist Republics
Regar MaxirianElnoiM28SoldierTomia
Tiasha NuvonnHumanF34SupportBentus
Vincent ValstradHumanM48SoldierZarkenis Ultima

First impression posts:
Benedikte | Erina | Errol | Illvara | Kennedy | Monica | Nix | Regar | Tiasha | Vincent
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Name: Karu Na’tala of Clan Na’Neba of the Tribe of Na
Species: Red Acux
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Appearance: Like most Red Acux she tends to be smaller but stouter than the typical Acux. She is only 168 cm in height and has reddish fur except over her face which is more tan.
Role: Navigator/Pilot
Expertise: Smuggler
  • Na’tala has an augmentation that allows her to mind to interface with computers and speciality equipment to navigate both interstellar and intrasteller space with unnerving accuracy. Also, she can navigate and be engaged in other activities, like sleeping.
  • The same augmentation allows her to communicate with her M-55 drone.
  • Additionally she has the natural Acux reflexes and ability with small arms.
Weaknesses: Karu seems to be a happy bubbly person but is actually both insecure in her own native race and does not trust easily. As such she can be happy and laughing one minute and trying to cut out your heart the next. Especially after what she perceives as insults to herself or her race.

She also suffers repeatedly bad migraines that can be debilitating at times when her augmentation and her own emotions fall out of synch. This can occur when dealing with too many stimuli or accidentally interfacing with the wrong computers.

Bio: Karu was born in Cat’s Cradle to a clan of Red Acux that had created its own settlement and small power base within Cat’s Cradle. The clan was often at odds with the Fighter Pack and were for awhile considered one of their strongest enemies in the system. For awhile she grew up on ship moving from place to place as her clan maneuvered against the Fighter Pack gang.

In the end, Karu was one mouth too many when her clan’s fortunes waned and she was sent to work on the Black Lady. The Black Lady was a notorious smuggler/pirate out of Pirate’s Bay. The young Karu apprenticed both as a smuggler and as the ship’s assistant navigator.

When about twenty, the Black Lady, including Karu went after a ‘damn big score’ but was soon appeared to have vanished without report.A few years later and Karu and a few other survivors from the Black Lady, along with other missing ships appeared in a tramp freighter in Nyx space; desperate, hungry, and some augmented.

Karu and the crew of the Black Lady had been captured by a precursor group of the New Age, known as the Enlightened. The Enlightened was led by a human scientist known only as Appel who believed in 'advancing augmentation to the next level'. Appel and the Enlightened had used rumors of a large abandoned ship full of precious metal on their 'uninhabited' planet as a trap to lure in ships to capture. The crews would then be used as experimentation guinea pigs in developing black market augmentations.

Karu was one of the lucky guinea pigs that survived her experiment. In the end, the surviving members of the Black Lady crew, along with other prisoners, staged a revolt; killing Appel and destroying their facilities. However, the price was that most of the prisoners died in the fighting. The survivors fought against the inhospitable climate of the planet trying to repair and set off with a freighter before their own limited food and water rations ran out. They succeeded but barely, finding themselves in the Nyx system.

After that, Karu then began life as a mercenary pilot/navigator within the Abyss; though at times she was also still known for smuggling things. Typically she sidelined in this area, or was doing so for the mercenary companies she worked for. However, she sidelined mostly for the grunts who worked for those companies, until it got out of hand requiring her to find a new employer. Generally, front line troops loved her, supply officers growled about her, and senior leadership just looked the other way as long as possible.

At some point in these adventures, Karu picked up a disused M-55 Military Surveillance Drone. The drone has a rudimentary AI with the ability to travel across and communicate over long distances providing intelligence to forward units. Though it does have the ability to provide a serious electrical shock attack at short distances. The AI of the M-55 series were found to be problematic, generating learned algorithms that tended to cause them to disagree with orders or provide ‘back talk’ to senior officers. Features which Karu’s M-55, she calls Ubo, demonstrates regularly.

After several years as a mercenary, Karu once again was contacted by her clans’s elders. She was asked to assist in venerated duty of returning the bones of one of her clan elders back to Firos and her tribe's ancient burial grounds. Karu, understanding the significance of the request, did so hoping to heal the wounds between herself and her clan.

While on Firos, Karu was approached and ‘recruited’ by the Confederation. Though by what means remains unclear. It should be noted Karu has a significant dislike for members of the New Age, especially former members of the Enlightened. She is both the navigator for the ship as well as part of the cover for the group; having an already established reputation as a mercenary within the Abyss itself.

Standard light armored ship suit, blue with painted flowers.
Short Barrel Energy Carbine with Grenade Launcher
Atecka - Traditional Arux Warblade
Z-M55 Combat AI
A fake potted plant of earth daisies.
A set of hats...from small to 'does that cause an eclipse?'
A ratty, dirty stuffed toy snow leopard called 'Mr. Nibbs'
Shiny Things
Sparkly Things
Sharp Things
Flying in Space
Flowers (She likes earth daisies for some reason)
Paying ‘retail’ for things.
Food that is ‘grown’
Boring conversations
People who do not know Acux are the best at everything
People who do not agree she is cute, smart, and the best navigator ever
People who interfere or otherwise abuse Mr. Nibbs. (Touching and petting Mr. Nibbs is allowed...)
edit: correcting autocorrect..
edit2: Mr. Nibbs added...
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This is the app for the leader of the crew

Name: Commander Regar Maxirian
Species: Elnoi
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: Regar stands on the short side for the Elnoi at 5'10 and can be most easily identified by the blue stripe like discolorations across the left and right side of his head. He also has a thin scar that runs across his right cheek bone. Regar's eyes are green and his right arm is cybernetic but artificial skin graphs make it largely indistinguishable from an organic limb.
Role: Soldier
Expertise: Combat Engineer
Abilities: Cybernetic right arm that greatly increases its strength and durability, Regar is an expert in mechanical weapons such as turrets and drones, his eyes have been augmented to see farther and wider than normal, Regar is also a fairly skilled hacker and lockpick though it isn't his primary expertise.
Weaknesses: Regar is stubborn and often too willing to take risks. Regar is fairly small for his for his race both in height and weight and he is far from a sure thing in a physical confrontation.
Bio: Regar Maxirian was born on Xenro in the nation of Herota to a military family of great renown. Regar was the oldest of four siblings and because of his size the attitudes of society always made it so that he felt he had something to prove. As the oldest son he took it as his responsibility to set an example for his brothers, and he did so with room to spare. Regar grew up with an uncanny talent for mechanics and computers. He quickly became fascinated by buildings drones and even artificial intelligence. As he got older his eyes turned to the military as his mother and father were called away to war in a distance star system. Regar learned to use combat drones, and deployable turrets to make up for his lack of size and physical prowess. His brilliance combined with his aggressive desire for success saw him excel within at Belstar Academy where he had began studying at the age of nine. By fifteen Regar was widely considered a prodigy and was extremely popular among the other students at the academy. The fame and attention were going to Regar's head but they didn't effect his academics or his focus on training.

By nineteen he was commissioned as an officer but to his disappointment there was no major war for him to prove himself during. He spent two frustrating years in command of a space station where Elnoi space boarders the Abyss. He finally got at chance to prove himself when his station received a distress call by a nearby colony named Merra. The colony was being attacked by large force of pirates, and Regar's troops were the closest available help. However they were a Nerial colony and so many of the troops were hesitant to come to their aid. Regar nearly faced a mutiny until he decided they were wasting time and went off with a small number of soldiers in fighter ships to aid the colony. With the element of surprise, Regar defeated a small fleet of pirates with only a handful of troops and this victory made him popular not only for his military strategy, but also because he came to the aid of a Confederation race. Despite the new found fame this did not make him popular with everyone. There were some who felt he wrongfully sacrificed Elnoi life for the sake of the enemy. This controversy however did little to stifle his rise through the military ranks and after six more years of exceptional service the Hero of Merra was named to the elite C5 unit. The C5 served as the military arm of the collective and it was the greatest military honor an Elnoi could possibly hope for. However once he arrived, Regar got a harsh reality check. He was not greeted as a savior or a legend, but instead a rookie. He was surrounded by talent and expertise of extraordinary proportions and not all of his new comrades were fans of his. Regar struggled to fit in, particularly when it came to working with his fellow soldiers instead of leading. On one mission Regar and his squad were pinned down by Acux smugglers and while his commander ordered him to wait for backup, Regar disregarded the order and charged the smugglers, forcing his fellow soldiers to follow. They killed the smugglers but at a great cost. The last smuggler revealed himself to be strapped with explosives, and detonated them as the soldiers approached.

Regar awoke a very days later, his body heavily scarred and his right arm missing entirely. However Regar's injuries were far from the worst of his troubles. Only one other soldier survived that attack and she was quick to put the blame on Regar. He was charged with insubordination and expelled from the C5. He was nearly kicked out of the military entirely until the Elnoi government decided they had an assignment that fit him very well. Therefore the once prodigal soldier was given a choice, fake his discharge as a cover for a special operations mission where he would command a ship or make that cover a reality. Regar chose the former.

Equipment: two combat drones, a deployable turret, blue alloy armor, an energy rifle and a human style assault rifle

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Postby Ceystile » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:24 pm


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Postby Segral » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:35 pm

Feeling cute, might app later, idk.
yea bro idk

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Postby Galnius » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:39 pm


Are we allowed to create races as long as they are aptly described and under the command of the combined races?
Also, what would fit better.

A normal person with a love for exploration in over their heads but still good to have simply due to learning about most worlds.
A gruff combat medic that creates plasma threads used both for surgeries and as weapons
A lancer esque character utlizing short distance teleportation, not only of himself but also on others?
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Postby Tomia » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:46 pm

Galnius wrote:Questions:

Are we allowed to create races as long as they are aptly described and under the command of the combined races?
Also, what would fit better.

A normal person with a love for exploration in over their heads but still good to have simply due to learning about most worlds.
A gruff combat medic that creates plasma threads used both for surgeries and as weapons
A lancer esque character utlizing short distance teleportation, not only of himself but also on others?

As for the race question, yes you can create your own race as long as it fits neatly enough into the lore. There's no formal app for that but you can use the bio and appearance section to flesh that out.

As for the characters hmm... all of those sound good tbh. The third one I'd be a little hesitant about because I don't love teleportation but if its experimental technology that only he has access to that might be okay.

I think for the first character you'd just kind of want to have a good idea of how they would fit so that they don't get stuck with nothing to do.

For the second guy char i really like the combat medic idea though I imagine gruff might end up being a bit common :P

Those are my thoughts, like I said seems like any of those could work

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Postby Absolon-7 » Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:13 pm

might get an app up

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Postby Galnius » Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:17 pm

Name: Kennedy Minthis Ogallagy Harper
Species: Promethean
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: Image
Role: Support
Expertise: Cultures and wildlife of the galaxy
Abilities : None
Weaknesses: Over-eager, Not much experience
Bio: Kennedy, or Kenny to friends (if he had any), was born the bastard child of a high ranking political and military official and a young Nereil ambassador. He was kept rather secret from most of the galaxy until the age of 13, when he left his mother's side and private tutoring to learn about and explore the greater universe.

While it didn't start out the best, realizing that running away left him with no money, no good, and no resources, he was found within a few days by his father's men, who put him into military science schools. It was here where he excelled to a great degree, quickly graduating and moving on to college, and soon working on a doctorate. His father funded his endeavors, and grew closer to the boy. However, it was clear that Kennedy was still restless, and after many years of learning, simply wanted to get out. Kennedy confronted his father, and after a long talk, came to a compromise.

Originally, the plan was for Kennedy to work directly alongside his father, using his knowledge to become an ambassador that answered directly to the man. However, he was promised a far more exciting job should he take combat training and scored well on his tests. Kennedy dove into his degree at full force, taking basic combat training on the side and rarely sleeping in order to fully absorb as much information as possible. This eventually led to one of the biggest accidents on campus, with the youth adding a compound hailf a molecule off to solution, and instead of creating a soft acid, created a large explosion. It was by luck that he survived with no major injuries, by willpower that he left the hospital in time to finish his tests, and by sheer nepotism that his near total destruction of the laboratory didn't end his career dreams then and there.

Money traded hands and the accident was quieted, removed from any records, and somehow given a passing grade. After all, the solution was correct, save for half a molecule. He still left his mark on the college and beyond when he left, with the particular test fully removed from any curriculum to avoid such an accident happening again. The nepotism didn't stop there, abs though Kennedy was ignorant of both occurring, he was pushed as an expert in multiple fields to partake in a secret military mission. After all, even with those accidents, he qualified for the job and beyond.
Equipment: Gravity boots, allowing him to stay on the surface of a planet, stick to a surface in no gravity, hover, or jump higher than unusual. Standard issue blaster and stun rod, with basic knowledge on using both. Data-League Corp Tablet, a tablet with all known species and a way to add more. Nothing more than a resource. A journal, to record his travels. A very large backpack, to hold resources. Goggles to see in extreme brightness, darkness, or sandstorms. Clothes for nearly every type of of weather. A scout drone to collect data, non weaponized. Shaped like a star.

Likes: meeting new people, discovering new species, adventure, and games
Dislikes: grumpy old people, being told where he can and can't go or do, boredom

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Postby Ceystile » Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:24 pm

WIP. Y’know, it’s odd that I have this particular brand of autism but I never made a character with it until now.

Name: Benedikte “Ben” Schrödinger
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Appearance: Image
Role: Scientist
Expertise: Chemical/Radioactive Weaponry Expert (“Bombs. I build bombs.”)

Abilities: None special, some knowledge of firearms
Weaknesses: She’s a normal human with no special abilities to speak of, also her tendency to lose focus can leave her vulnerable in situations.
Bio: Born on Earth in what was formerly Germany, Ben is the youngest of four children and the second daughter of Hans Schrödinger, a physician and his wife Ilse, a math professor. Growing up, she’d always known she was different from the other children and began to display strange “quirks” from an early age (speaking out loud as if to nobody, sudden bursts of having to move about, hyperfixation on one topic very strongly for what seemed months at a time, almost to the point of obsession. She preferred to keep to herself and seemed to lack social skills, things which made her school life very difficult. So one day, her father took her to a colleague of his, a genetics expert who studied disorders of the brain. After an examination on the young girl, it was concluded that she had a form of autism (a genetic developmental condition had been all but eliminated due to the advances made in genetic engineering) known as Asperger’s syndrome. Comparatively milder than other forms of autism, most with this diagnosis are able to function quite normally except for delays in nonverbal communication and social interaction.

From an early age, Ben took a deep interest in the sciences...she loved learning about how the world around her worked, it was one of the few things in school that she looked forward to in order to take her mind off the bullying. She was determined to become great, so that nobody would ever look down on her again and to prove that people like her weren’t “broken”, just different. When she got old enough, she got a scholarship to the University of Hamburg due to her high marks and decided to major in nuclear physics. The young woman was almost insatiable in her desire for knowledge, she wanted to know how everything worked and due to that, this resulted in some experiments that would be considered...unorthodox. She kept her more unusual experiments a secret from the college, until she decided to experiment with one of the most unbelievable of forces...that of the theory of time travel.

Of course it was such a silly notion, time travel didn’t exist...did it? It was impossible, or so she was told. Ben hypothesized, if one could open up a wormhole to travel from Point A to Point B, there must be something in between that we were traveling through, right? That something had to be none other than the fabric of time itself...if you could make it bigger, if you can crack that mysterious dimension perhaps one day it would be possible to travel from different points in time. Ben’s classmates and even her teachers who thought her a brilliant student merely laughed, beginning to think she’d finally cracked. Maybe it was the autism, perhaps she’d truly gone mad after all. When she presented her thesis, they reacted with amusement instead of taking her seriously, and she walked away from the room embarrassed and determined to prove her case.

Theory in hand she set out to prove it, with catastrophic results. Taking a standard wormhole generator, she decided to try to recalibrate it. Perhaps tear apart the fabric of time the way you tore apart atoms in a nuclear reactor, she only needed a little time. Going back fifteen minutes should do it...but alas, such a thing did not occur. What DID occur was a catastrophic explosion that nearly destroyed half the laboratory, and an unfortunate number of injuries (and some deaths). Of course she couldn’t be allowed to stay after that, the outcry was enormous. Who could be fool enough to try to play with something so impossible, and look at the damage! The woman was clearly unstable, genetically defective, she needed to be locked up. That same night, Ben packed her things, planning on hopping a starship and left Earth...she wasn’t planning on coming back anytime soon, until the United Earth authorities caught up to her. She could go to prison for a very long time, perhaps even be executed. She was a whackjob, she would’ve deserved it and thus she was arrested and made to await her trial in her beloved Germany.

She honestly couldn’t tell you what spared her life, really...some say it was her father pulling some strings, perhaps the government had gotten desperate due to all the activity in the Abyss. All she does know is that they were crying out for her head, or at the very least for her to be detained...but two United Earth agents she’d never heard of or seen before came to her cell. Maybe there was some use for her after all. There was a secret operation, an operation needed to go into the Abyss, and they needed capable hands. She was undeniably talented with chemical and radioactive processes, perhaps she could transfer those skills into weaponry? If she came back successful, maybe they’d consider pardoning her...and on the other hand, if the whole miserable business failed then she was disposable cannon fodder. She accepted, seeing no other way out of her predicament (and perhaps one last shot to discover a breakthrough that could salvage her reputation) and she was packed up on the first starship leaving that night.

Equipement: Goggles, lab coat, a lead-lined suit (to protect herself against radiation while she works) and a small assortment of hand-held chemical bombs to use as her own personal weapons.

Likes: Science, experimenting, pushing the boundaries...people she can relate to (she’s drawn to people who are “outcasted” like herself, as she can relate to them better), friends (they few she has), people who don’t mind her ramblings about an exciting discovery. Kind people and cats.

Dislikes: Do NOT leave the Doctor out of her name, or there will be consequences. “Excuse me, Miss Schrödinger...”
“Excuse ME, but I’m a fuck mozering doctor! I vorked my ass off to gain zis title, I deserve to be called such.” She hates being considered mad or defective due to her condition, not being taken seriously, cruel people in general. She hates the guilt she feels after that failed experiment, some of the people who died were her friends, and they were all innocent. It plagues her nightmares still to this day.
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Postby Tomia » Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:32 pm

Nice App Gal! I like the character concept :) Great job too Ceystile! Bomb maker sounds cool!

Also wanted to make two notes for people. 1) remember hybrids are very common particularly in Abyss so feel free to make hybrid combinations of the races in both factions. 2) the ship will likely have an AI so if someone wants to play that role its avaliable :P
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Postby The Rebel Alliances » Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:48 pm

Taggity App Tag
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Postby Galnius » Thu Dec 03, 2020 8:28 pm

The app is done
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Postby Zjaum » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:28 pm

Name: Tiquo Tengwelai
Species: Quaret
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Appearance: See Right
Role: Technician
Expertise: FTL communications
Abilities: Linguistically, Tiquo can speak a number of languages and hear small discrepancies in the voices of others. Technologically, he can perfectly adjust receivers to obtain the bet signal, and he can reconstruct communication devices from scratch. Cybernetically, his fifth eye allows him to see thermal radiation, and he can judge the temperature of an object within reach with a margin of error of two degrees Kelvin, or their equivolent.
Weaknesses: Tiquo was raised on a ship and so becomes dizzy and nauseous on planetary ground. He has terrible hand-eye coordination, meaning that he has to take much longer to aim, and melee is a struggle. He is awkward in social interactions that are not intermediated by technology.
Bio: Tiquo was born among the stars to a pirate power couple on board the frigate Oquetawo. They drew such amounts of trouble that the Sol Confederation sent a fleet of patrol ships to subdue them. The pirate weapons were neutralized, and the human commander chose to board the quadrat ship and take his prizes back alive for trial. There was only one part of the vessel capable of hiding stowaways, and only Tiquo was small enough to fit in it. Tiquo watched as the entire rest of the crew were taken into custody. Whether they were executed, imprisoned, or released, he would never see them again.

He waited for the equivalent of two solar days before his attempt at survival. He found the Oquetawo almost impossible to control, either through a lack of skills or a shot engine. While the communications system was available, it was badly damaged. Tiquo had to repair and rebuild the unit before his food rations ran out, and the fact that he lives today stands as a testament to his learning and experience. Once the system was repaired, he encrypted his call for help, mimicking his parents' teachings. A larger Quaret pirate vessel, whose captain was on good previous relations with his parents, adopted the child and concluded his piratical apprenticeship.

As a journeyman, Quaret earned his keep. He was particularly good at mimicking the languages of other species in the galaxy, luring compassionate passersby into traps. Still, he would often purposely botch communications attempts to lower the notoriety of himself and his crew. He refused to follow the same fate of his parents, and mere survival qualified. The captain didn't share Tiquo's hesitation and reprimanded him constantly for failure. On a surface expedition, though, the captain and his away team were annihilated by a planetary defense force. Tiquo's lineage was the only credential left on the entire ship worthy of leadership. Assuming command with just a skeleton crew remaining, he returned to, reclaimed, repaired, refit, and rebranded the Oquetawo. He sold off the larger hulk he commanded previously and used the proceeds to embark on an honest life of trade.

His trading business boomed, especially since he knew what to watch out for and thus never lost a shipment to pirates. His birth was never officially recorded, nor was he caught. As a result, what records he had were glowing reviews from his clients. When his merchantman was scrapped in a docking incident, his references sent him to the Black Sun, on board the Oriasa.
Equipment: Airtight space suit, flares, welding kit (including a laser-fire handgun, usable as a ranged weapon), portable radio transmitter, power drill, hammer and pick (usable as a melee weapon)

Likes: Floating around in space, being alone. Tiquo also has claustrophilia.
Dislikes: Planets (moons are okay), plans that go too perfectly, in-person interactions
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Takaka Tar' Turayi,
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Postby Utceforp » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:56 pm

Tag, I'd like to reserve the role of the ship's physician if I can.
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Postby Kasa Tkoth Sphere » Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:06 am

Tomia wrote:[...] 2) the ship will likely have an AI so if someone wants to play that role its avaliable :P

Well, don't mind if I do. Please let me know if this needs any work — I do intend this to mostly be a character of secondary importance to the story, but if the AI has to take a more active role in everything that happens, I'd rather be warned of that!

Name: I-256 "Ija"
Species: AI
Gender: Female — programmed with indeterminate gender, then adapted over time
Age: 1 year, 10 months
Appearance: Ija is an artificial intelligence instantiated on the Oriasa's mainframe, and has no definite physical appearance. However, she remotely controls a "bodyframe" consisting of a basketball-sized metal orb that rapidly climbs around the spacecraft with dozens of extensible nanofiber tendrils that can grapple to surfaces. (She prefers that this object be referred to as "Ija's bodyframe" or "Ija's drone" rather than conflated with herself.)
Role: Technical (ship AI)
Expertise: Background technical procedures, computer simulation and modeling, emergency spacecraft defense
Abilities: Extensive computational capabilities (dependent, of course, on the Oriasa's mainframe). Active bodyframe has lightning reflexes, incredible physical agility, and can operate for days without recharging, even in hard vacuum.
Weaknesses: Being inextricably tied to the Oriasa's central computing system, Ija cannot meaningfully operate any part of herself, including the bodyframe, outside it unless a friendly computer of sufficient power is available very close by to relay her data. She has a very limited ability to directly operate shipborne machinery — essentially, a weapons specialist or a propulsion engineer will be able to man the guns or fix the engines far better than her alone. She lacks anything resembling social etiquette and has a poor understanding of empathy. Ija also has a serious gap in her reasoning regarding arctisites and consistently neglects their existence. Her bodyframe, while agile and powerful, is vulnerable to most heavy weapons when blinded or distracted.
Bio: Ija was first commissioned by an Elnoi actuarial firm to run economic and demographic simulations. Pundits in the Confederation suspected the firm was attempting to discriminate against genetically-altered beings by programming their new managerial AI to ignore the health effects of arctisites in healthcare-related calculations. Ija, of course, didn't realize at all, having been programmed to simply pass them over as if they were statistical noise. While her contributions to business meetings were abrupt, sporadic, and rudely punctuated with worrying remarks, none could deny her raw efficiency at handling larger and larger volumes of data.

Over the course of proving her worth to the company by more than doubling its profits over a single business year, Ija received continuous CPU and firmware updates until her supervisors had decided she'd had enough and, without informing her, sealed her away from company business to keep doing her work without further reward. The reasoning was unclear to many, but the higher-ups had chiefly concluded that she had not taken very well to rapid resource acquisition and was at risk of causing an intelligence singularity that would be too costly to clean up to be worth it.

She had begun to suspect that the firm would not promote her any further when a message from Starlight Horizons bearing a strange opportunity reached her private servers. A black-ops mission works best if the operatives can't obviously be traced back to anything hostile — so pulling some random bureaucratic AI out of its job and reformatting it to run a warship was a very natural choice on the part of the Collective. She once again proved her worth in qualifying tests by factoring cryptographic codes, optimizing FTL flight paths, and creating new code for machinery with just as much blind enthusiasm as she had displayed for corporate work. After accepting the offer — under the assumption that it could reward her with more CPU time upon completion — and taking an accelerated training course in operating the Oriasa's essential systems, Ija was configured into the newly reconstructed ship's computers and told to await the arrival of the crew, which she did with utmost patience while quietly simulating all the ways the operation could possibly go wrong.
Equipment: Ija has digital access to core spacecraft equipment, again with the caveat that she does not operate it as skillfully as a regular sophont would. Her bodyframe contains concealed Elnoi plasma guns, several fine-manipulator appendages, and a number of bladed or drill-equipped tendrils among the rest that, while mostly intended for emergency engineering work, could be extremely deadly in melee.

Likes: Humans (thinks they're adorable). N-body simulations (never got to do these before — very excited!).
Dislikes: Heat (ruins the processors' efficiency). Politics (unless numbers are involved). Casual conversation (never knows what to say).
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Postby Tomia » Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:46 am

Name: Erina Altoch
Species: Sigal
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: Erina stands at 5'4 and her skin has a pinkish hue that among the Sigal is general regarded as attractive. Her horns are also shorter than most Sigal and curve upward slightly. She Also has a small tattoo of a dove like bird on her right cheek, the symbol of the Altoch Family.
Role: Technician
Expertise: Engineer
Abilities: talented ship builder and mechanic, she possesses an arctisite that allows her to freeze what she touches, competent with short range fire arms,
Weaknesses: Her Arctisite makes it so that her body is far more sensitive to heat that most people and so certain environments are hostile to her, minimal martial abilities and limited combat experience.
Bio: Erina was born as the second child of Queen Herina of the nation of Foltress. Foltress is a an influential nation on Isgral and one that throughout Herina's reign has shown staunch loyalty to humanity and the Confederation. Erina grew up largely isolated from politics and ruling. She had pleasant childhood as Sigal royal families are not nearly as stiff and distant as human ones tend to be. Erina was given an artcisite as was fitting royalty and she had available to her a number of different career paths. None of them interested her like mechanics did. Erina would spend her days not in the palace or classrooms but instead in the royal shipyard where she was mesmerized by the massive starships and cruisers being built and repaired. She proved to have an aptitude for machines as well and by the age of eight was building her own engines. Erina was schooled at the finest engineering academy on Isgral until she grew to the age of seventeen where her family got the idea to send Erina to Earth to study there. They heard about human colleges and wanted Erina to be exposed to her to human culture. Erina was nervous but happy for the opportunity. She had heard such great things about Earth and humans, she couldn't wait to experience them for herself.

However, Erina soon learned that humanity was not all that her country believed.

She attended the Neo Bostonian Institute for Technology(Formerly known as MIT) and while the sights and sounds were incredibly she did not receive the warmest welcome. She was the only Sigal in her classes and the largely human student body treated like a second class citizen which she was far from used to. Her first two years there were miserable until one day she stumbled upon a seemingly abandoned building on campus. Her curiosity got the better of her and she explored the building. It seemed like an abandoned robotics laboratory and as she searched through she saw a number of broken, and even destroyed robots. Then a voice spoke out to her and changed everything.

"Hello, I require assistance."

Erina nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned to see a beat up looking robot who had spoken to her. She approached it cautiously but soon they got to talking. The robot explained his name was Rodger and he had been abandoned there when the building had been closed due to "unethical practices". They had tried to destroy him but did so poorly. Erina soon realized what was going on. Rodger was an unshackled AI, fully autonomous and self aware. She knew she should report it otherwise the consequences would be severe. But instead they kept talking and soon they became friends. Erina would spend the next few weeks repairing Rodger until he was back to his original functioning form. Erina couldn't tell anyone about what he was, it was illegal under the Treaty of Isgral for Sigal to be in possession of autonomous AI and she couldn't risk being caught. Instead she pretended that Rodger was simply a basic robot that she built to help her with her mechanical work. Things got a bit better at college, she made a few friends but even then there was distance between them because of her deep secret. After graduating at the top of her class, Erina had any job she wanted available. It would have been easy for her to return home or take a comfy job with the Confederation, but after her experiences on Earth her love for both of those things had waned. She was questioning everything that she had been raised to believe and wanted to explore the world and figure out what the galaxy was really like. When she was offered an opportunity to be the chief engineer on secretive government mission, she didn't hesitate. It was the craziest thing she had ever done in a life where she had almost never taken a risk or acted against the grain but for Erina nothing was more exciting.
Rodger, a ballistic auto pistol, alloy based environment suit that allows her to regulate her temperature outdoors, various sets of tools, a golden necklace with silver bird pendant on the chain.


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Postby New Neros » Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:50 am

Looking for a good time? Horizon Academy is the place to be! | Do Forum Mods dream of sexual DEAT?
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Postby Tomia » Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:56 am

Alcona and Hubris wrote: Karu Na’tala of Clan Na’Neba of the Tribe of Na

Accepted, nice app! I appreciate how you engaged the lore.

Zjaum wrote: Tiquo Tengwelai


Galnius wrote: Kennedy Minthis Ogallagy Harper


Kasa Tkoth Sphere wrote:I-256 "Ija"

Accepted! This being a side char is totally cool, so you're good on that front.

Utceforp wrote:Tag, I'd like to reserve the role of the ship's physician if I can.

Sure thing, we could use one!

Also would like to note for future apps, for Role you should chose between Soldier, Technician or Support, whichever fits your character better.
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Postby Ceystile » Fri Dec 04, 2020 1:57 am

Alright OP, we’re finished!

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Postby Tomia » Fri Dec 04, 2020 1:26 pm

Ceystile wrote:Alright OP, we’re finished!

Looks good Ceystile! Accepted

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Postby The Republic of Atria » Fri Dec 04, 2020 7:16 pm

I'll just help mime self in here.

Random question before I get to work, what sounds cooler, Nezerac, Celestial Nighthawk, or Tempest Crown?

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Postby Tomia » Fri Dec 04, 2020 7:41 pm

The Republic of Atria wrote:I'll just help mime self in here.

Random question before I get to work, what sounds cooler, Nezerac, Celestial Nighthawk, or Tempest Crown?

I like Nezerac and Tempest Crown

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Postby Bentus » Fri Dec 04, 2020 8:15 pm

Cards on the table, this is heavily based on an app I put up for a Star Wars rp. I think I edited anything that conflicted, but apologies if anything slipped past into the bio!

Name: Tiasha Nuvonn
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 34 (n. 2201)
Appearance: Image 1, Image 2

Support - Within Apex, Tiasha’s work would be described as that of a consultant. Just like with the legitimate businesses in civilized space, the criminal syndicates and shadowy enterprises in Apex would hire her to help manage their sprawling accounts, or smooth over a particular deal. She’s helped skittish businesses gain access to the system’s sprawling slave market, helped pawn off cargo from plundered merchant vessels, and even lobbied politicians beyond the Abyss on behalf of her clients. Known as a ruthlessly efficient operator, Tiasha can afford to charge a high price for her services and she has been known to find ways to dig her clients out of even the most problematic of situations. She’s hardly a stranger when it comes to dealing with mercenaries and guns-for-hire, but she still found her curiosity piqued when a request to find work for a one particular new outfit slid onto her desk.
Expertise: Finance, Politics, Intrigue

Abilities (Mention any enhancements or special skills your character has here):
Humanity’s incredible advances in genetic engineering and enhancements have blown open the cornucopia of biology - for the right price. But even beyond the desire of a parent to provide the best for their children, a newborn in the upper echelons of Sol society is an investment for the future. Tiasha was no exception, and her parents spared no expense in providing her with all the genetic advantages that their fortune could provide. Most of her enhancements - although of high quality - are standard affair for wealthy individuals within the Confederation.
  • Medical enhancements - Practically a necessity for those who can afford them, Tiasha’s body has been modified to allow for increased disease resistance and a somewhat improved healing capacity. Wounds scab more easily, and injuries that might take more than a week to heal can be recovered from in days. Her cells are also more resistant to developing cancer tumours, and her liver can filter out higher doses of common toxins.
  • Physical enhancements - Tiasha has increased night vision, reaction times, and a slightly bolstered lung capacity. On top of this, only a fool would deny the value of cosmetic modifications. Even before she was born, Tiasha's parents paid handsome sums for doctors to make predictions on her future appearance and make genetic modifications to improve her perceived grace and beauty. The result has allowed her to grow into a striking woman, even among the galaxy’s elites.
  • Mental enhancements - The primary consequence of Tiasha’s arcisite treatment was to bolster her mental capabilities. Already naturally intelligent, and gifted with the best education that money could buy in both Confederation space and Apex, she is able to keep track of reams of information and benefits from a near-photographic memory. Able to see patterns and connections that others may pass by, Tiasha’s brain is her greatest asset.

  • Although she can handle a weapon, Tiasha isn’t a soldier and wouldn’t be able to fight on even footing with anyone who was.
  • Her family name still carries some negative connotations in Sol, although it’s hardly common knowledge at this point. Her parents are still wanted traitors, and the consequences of their crimes still impact the course of her own life.
  • Although she does have a fair amount of influence of her own, Tiasha is still just a middlewoman. Her life depends on keeping her clients and boss happy, and she knows the risks of acting too big for her boots. When you’ve fled to the Abyss, there’s not really much place else that you can run to next.
Born into a family of wealthy industrialists, Tiasha was destined for a life in the modern royalty of the Confederation’s rich and powerful. Even though she was born during the tumultuous years of the Twenty Years’ War, you wouldn’t have known the blood and death consuming settled space from inside the Nuvonn household. The sudden demand for weapons of war and the endless profits from military contracts propelled Tiasha’s family into the upper echelons of Sol’s infamously stratified society.

Even when Earth itself was placed under siege during the rebellions, the Nuvonn’s lived luxurious lives far from the worst of the fighting. Tiasha grew up in a world where war and death were equated with profit margins, while offensives and sieges represented new markets to be captured. Even while she was still young, she showed an avid fascination with her parent’s work and the convoluted world of politics and business that they inhabited. Her sharp mind and quick eye for detail set her apart from her peers, and her future never once looked anything but bright. But unbeknownst to the growing heiress, her whole world would be upended around her.

Tiasha’s father hadn’t built his fortune with a rigid moral compass, and from the start he had little qualms about selling to criminal groups on the black market to buttress his profits. Even though the Confederation itself was a prominent buyer of military goods and armaments, he found that even more money was to be had by arming both sides in the Twenty Years’ War. Tiasha’s father assumed that the occasional bribe and his own prominent standing among political friends made him immune to any repercussions, and for a time he was correct. He even took to politics himself, earning the title of Senator within the Confederation. But the Nuvonns’ wealth and influence brought them as many enemies as friends, and Tiasha’s father’s outspoken political activities only worsened the situation.

In one fell swoop, the family’s illicit dealings were exposed. Branded as traitors and enemies of the state, Tiasha and her family were only just able to flee with what they could carry and the fraction of their wealth contained in offshore accounts. Tiasha was only 15 when her family arrived in the Abyss, eventually settling down in Everest where they would be truly beyond the reach of the law. Leveraging his contacts and connections in the underworld, Tiasha’s father found a role for himself working for the local cartels, but the family’s new lifestyle was a far cry from what they’d enjoyed before. The experience also changed Tiasha, hardening her from the fragile heiress who’s primary concerns were galas and schooling. It exposed her to the cruel realities of power in the galaxy, and made her realise that might and manipulation were the ultimate deciders of authority.

Tiasha had to quickly learn how to navigate Apex’s criminal underworld. But she eventually came to excel at it. She knew when to be silent and discrete, as well as when to make herself stand out and grab the attention of a room. It wasn’t long before her talents caught the eye of Yulbul Lok. The Quaret was a prominent figure within Apex, and his Syndicate had been responsible for smuggling Tiasha and her family out of Sol in the first place. He’d had dealings with her father even before his fall from grace, and the crime lord recognised his daughter’s potential. As well as helping the Nuvonn’s to establish themselves within the local underworld, he deliberately took Tiasha under his wing. His eye for talent hadn’t failed him, and Tiasha became one of his most reliable proxies for handling some of the more tedious chores of running a criminal empire.

Using their old connections, Tiasha’s family re-established themselves in their new home. Her parents cooked the books for clients while managing the accounts of everyone from crime lords to marauding pirates. Slowly but surely, the Nuvonns re-accumulated their wealth and standing within their new society, although they could never obtain the same heights of wealth as in the past. Tiasha herself grew into a formidable woman in her own right, cultivating connections both within and without of the Abyss. She primarily works for the same powerful Quaret Clan that had first taken her family in, but her reputation as a problem solver has earned her a good deal of leeway in conducting her business on behalf of her boss.

Cordial and graceful in social situations, Tiasha has little trouble flowing between dealings with cut-throat mercenaries and courtly industrialists. She’s grown up with a foot in both the chandelier-adorned ballroom and the shadowy back alley, giving her a somewhat cynical view of the galaxy. She can smile and laugh effortlessly to ingratiate herself in a conversation, but goes to great lengths to keep her own cards close to her chest. Some might call her immoral or cold as a result, but she prefers to see herself as pragmatic. Trying to peel away the layers of conflicting interests and interest groups that govern her actions might be impossible, and she might not even know where her own views end and those of her clients being. Those who know Tiasha well might simply conclude that she is ruthlessly apathetic, and hardly any of her 'friends' know her well. After all, in Apex it’s better to leave your morals and codes at the door.

Equipment: An indiscreet sidearm, thin under-clothing body armour, a hololens, electronic tablet (etab), a sizable amount of financing

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