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Land of The Free: American Political Roleplay (OOC V)

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by Meelducan

CURRENT DATE: JANUARY 20th, 2020- January 27th


Welcome to the Land of the Free, an American Political and Character RP where players can explore the intricacies of government, from the cloak and dagger politics of the capital, to plainspoken compromise in the heartland, to the gritty in-and-outs of running some of the world’s greatest cities.

The year is 2019, and we are nearing the end of one of the most controversial presidencies of the past century. President Wolf, a polarizing and controversial figure, recently announced his intention to stay out of the 2020 Race due to his public diagnosis with a crippling disease. The struggle for the Presidency has been be blown wide open, and all politics hang in the president’s shadow. It is up to you to decide how you will manage in this climate. Will you oppose his policies from the left? Champion them on the right? Or try and chart a middle path amid one of the most polarized periods in American History?

Play as a Senator, Governor, Congressperson, Mayor or any other figure with a hand in today's politics. Or run for office, from dogcatcher to the Presidency to fight for your own slice of the American Political landscape. Create an original character, make history and steer them through... The Land of the Free.

All characters in this RP are original, and all politicians after Reagan left office in 1988 have been replaced with fictional characters. All events that occurred in real history have occurred in this RP, the economy is in the same shape, the climate, international relations, healthcare and everything you can quantify is the same.

What has changed is the President. President Arnold Wolf was elected as a Republican in a populist groundswell, upsetting the ultimate establishment candidate in unprecedented fashion. Wolf is similar to Trump, with similar accusations regarding racism and sexism, a similar tendency to be bombastic and loud, and an identical emphasis on rhetoric that has thrown fuel into the fire of American politics. In 2018 the Republicans took massive losses across the country resulting in losing the House but maintaining the Senate. In late 2018, a government shutdown paralyzed the capitol, but the shutdown was abruptly ended following President Wolf's unexpected capitulation on December 30th. It is 4 days later, the new Congress has been sworn in, and there is an air of great unease that has settled over DC.

As 2019 draws closer to an end, Washington begins to heat up with both the primary fields thinning out, only few remain in each party's primaries. In a shocking turn of events, President Arnold Wolf address the nation announcing his resignation from the Presidency citing 'poor health', this leaves Vice President Rick Tawney to pick up the pieces of a very divided nation and continue the Wolf legacy.

In the midst of a time of great political chaos and confusion, where do you stand?

Note: The Land Of The Free is the sanctioned spiritual successor to the long-running and award winning Washington Political RP.

Administrators: Meelducan (OP), Sanabel (Head Administrator) Dentali(Administrator), Imperial Esplanade (Administrator), Alozia (Administrator in Charge of Community Outreach and Relations) Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi (Administrator) Greater Arab State (Administrator)


{In Character} {Wiki} {Congress} {First OOC} {Special Events}


27 Republican Governors and 23 Democratic Governors

52 Republican Senators, 46 Democratic Senators, 2 Democratic Caucusing Independent Senators

235 Democratic Representatives, 199 Republican Representatives, and 1 Libertarian


1. The OP's words are the words of the Gods, but these Gods are not infallible, you can argue your position in a civil way but in the end their decision is final.

2. No real people or celebrities as characters. There is no Bernie Sanders that you can play. As per the introductory note, politicians post-Reagan do not exist, or have been replaced with generic stand-ins: you can play them, should you wish. Records and history are the same, including statistics, save in the places where player-characters have brought about a change.

3. Regarding absences- If you, for whatever reason, must take a leave from the roleplay-that is of course fine. But please inform us ahead and how long it may take. If you are found to have just up and left the RP, we may have to simulate how you character act in votes per say, especially depending on their importance.

4. When it comes to writing; please do it well. We expect a certain level of quality with your posts. One or two sentences will not be acceptable, but we can be permissive-if your character is engaged in conversation, a sentence is fine

5. Please make characters of quality and substance. We don't want Mary Sue flawless characters who are 30 year olds, models, former sharecroppers with military service earning a medal of honor and then returning from Iraq to attend Harvard. Those characters aren't very fun to play or interact with. But on the other hand-no sabotage characters. Just because you hate Democrats, don't make a hopelessly corrupt and scandal-ridden Democrat with no redeeming qualities.

6. No cheat-edits. Once you've made an IC post, leave it. Edits to formatting are all right along with typos, but don't try to change anything major compared to what you have already written, especially if it has already been responded to. If your character said it in public, it must stay. Gaffes happen, after all.

7. If you are not sure if something is legal or okay, ask OOC first. Always better to check-and there is limited leniency for things that are obviously bad.

8. No events that directly affect another character without permission first. In essence, avoid physical altercations and outrageous "accidents". Assassination is banned, any external action taken against politicians will take place in the form of an event.

9. No meta-gaming. Do not let the OOC influence the realism of your character's actions. If they are in a closed situation in which information is limited, they cannot state specific statistics, for example.

10. PG-13 limit. Per site-wide rules, nothing too saucy or racy. You know it when you see it.

In this roleplay's predecessor, Washington, there was a tendency for players, especially newcomers, to gravitate towards a certain kind of character, dubbed "hotshots", with several traits typically in common: An extremely young, often fiery, successful, tall and attractive politician, with excellent charisma and skills, often winning in a district or state that their party typically loses in, and possessing an inspiring backstory, with their 'weaknesses' being stubbornness, unwillingness to follow the rules, and generally being an anti-establishment rebel type. Oftentimes as well, their views may be a self-insert of the player's own.

While such a character makes an excellent movie star, they are less fit for a roleplay based off of the realities of Washington. Few thirty-year old Senators built like football players and models are running about, and only so many anti-establishment characters can exist before the 'establishment' becomes a minority.

The recommendation is for new players to consider expanding their horizons. Instead of looking for a "movie star" "hotshot" character type, consider making a character who holds different views than you, who has definite weaknesses, older, establishment. Perhaps more skilled in experience, or other ways.

Everyone wants to be the young prodigy, but it is a better roleplay experience for all, including yourself, to seek some diversity.


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Character Information Sheet

NS Nation Name:
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Age:
Character Height:
Character Weight:
Character Position/Role/Job:
Appearance: (Photo preferred, not required)
Character State of Origin:
Character State of Residence:
Character Party Affiliation:
Main Strengths:
Main Weaknesses:
Biography: (Minimum 2-3 paragraphs)
Other Info:

I have read and accept the rules of the roleplay: (Your Nation's Name Here)

Do Not Remove: 84721

Character Roster:

Executive Branch:

46th President of the United States - Rick Tawney (R-TN) (Alozia)

Secretary of State - Arthur Uruqhart (R-KY) (Greater Arab State)

Secretary of Defense - George M. Berentsen (I-IL) (Gordano and Lysandus)

Attorney General - Michael Jones (R-NY) (Meelducan)

United States Ambassador to Germany - Laura Renée Dunn (R-IA) (Sanabel)

White House Communications Director - Torrie Volker (R-MO) (Xathuecia)

Legislative Branch:

House of Representatives

Democratic Party
Speaker of the House of Representatives - Caroline Simone (D-NY-12) (Gordano and Lysandus)

Chair of the House Democratic Caucus - Philip Crawford (D-KY-3) (Jovuistan)

Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives - Kathleen Nez (D-AZ-7) (New Cobastheia)

Representative for California's 28th Congressional District - Davit Papazian (D-CA) (Velahor)

Representative for California's 34th Congressional District - Emily Davenport (D-CA) (Imperial Esplanade)

Representative for Illinois' 5th Congressional District - Julia Piotrowska (D-IL) (Alozia)

Representative for Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District - Alejandro Nunez (D-MA) (Shah Rukh Khan)

Representative for North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District - Daniel Kilgore Lancaster (D-NC) (Kannap)

Representative for New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District - Malcom Douglas (D-NJ) (Dentali)

Representative for New York's 3rd Congressional District - John Atang (D-NJ) (Agarntrop)

Representative for Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District - Timothy Larson (D-PA) (Yaruqo)

Representative for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District - Mac Faulhaber (D-TN)(Barney Sandaha)

Representative for Virginia's 10th Congressional District - Felix Holt (D-VA) (Titanne)

Representative for Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District - Fiona Lowell (D-WI) (Sarenium)

Republican Party
Dean of the United States House of Representatives - Jay Dietrich (R-AK-At-Large) (Sanabel)

House Minority Leader - Thomas Volker (R-MO-8) (Greater Arab State)

Republican Chief Deputy Whip - Matt Walker (R-WA-4) (Meelducan)

Representative for Arizona's 2nd Congressional District - Linda Teasdale (R-AZ) (Convallaria)

Representative for California's 42nd Congressional District - Daniel Park (R-CA) (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi)

Representative for California's 45th Congressional District - Dr. Theodore Vohoffsky (R-CA) (The World Capitalist Confederation)

Representative for Florida's 4th Congressional District - Kevin Villalobos (R-FL) (Rijkenland)

Representative for Iowa's 4th Congressional District - John Logan Ruler (R-IA) (Xathuecia)

Representative for Maine's 2nd Congressional District - Dianne Jeanette Paulson (R-ME) (Velahor)

Representative for Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District - Chip Renfus (R-MS) (New Cobastheia)

Representative for Montana's At-Large Congressional District - Earl Tenson (R-MT) (Kargintinia)

Representative for South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District - Jamal Patrick (L-SC) (Kallidrus)

U.S. Senate
Republican Party
President Pro Tempore of the Senate - Myles Louis Burckhalter (R-ID) (Meelducan)

Senate Majority Leader - Robert L. Warrick Jr. (R-IN) (Imperial Esplanade)

Senate Majority Whip - Howard Frankston (R-TX) (Sarenium)

United States Senator from Arizona - William Stuart (R-AZ) (Silverblade)

United States Senator from Arkansas - Richard Slater (R-AR) (Jovuistan)

United States Senator from Florida - Greg Kost (R-FL) (Vaquas)

United States Senator from Kansas - Kimberly Dunbar (R-KS) (Lavan Tri)

United States Senator from New Hampshire - Augusta Merriam (R-NH) (Gordano and Lysandus)

United States Senator from Missouri - Barry Anderson (R-MO) (Agarntrop)

United States Senator from Utah - Everitt Colbert (R-UT) (The Orion Islands)

United States Senator from Wisconsin - Arthur Bragg (R-WI) (Alaskava)

United States Senator from Wyoming - Michelle Brown (R-WY) (Meelducan)

United States Senator from Wyoming - Benedict Fitzdaniel (R-WY) (Solomons Land)

Democratic Party
Senate Minority Leader - Karel Volek (D-NY) (Bruke)

Senate Minority Whip - Sean Kelly (D-RI) (Fair Republic)

United States Senator from Alaska - Francine Sullivan (D-AK) (Xathuecia)

United States Senator from Connecticut - Erika Goldman (D-CT) (Emazia)

United States Senator from Massachusetts - Abigail Winthrop (D-MA) (The Democratic Marxists)

United States Senator from Michigan - James Moore (D-MI) (Dentali)

United States Senator from Minnesota - Levi Murphy (D-MN) (Puertollano)

United States Senator from New Hampshire - Christina Wynne (D-NH) (Great Franconia and Verana)

United States Senator from New Jersey - Timothy "Tim" Westra (D-NJ) (Azekopolaltion)

United States Senator from Ohio - Nickolai Dernilski (D-OH) (Kargintina the Third)

United States Senator from Oregon - Francis Doyle (D-OR) (Lavar Baller)

United States Senator from Rhode Island- Charlotte Windsor (D-RI) ( Vaquas)

United States Senator from Texas - Suraj Shah (D-TX) (Azekpolaltion)

United States Senator from Virginia - Jillian Dayton (D-VA) (Sarenium)

United States Senator from West Virginia - Vincent Trahan (D-WV) (Qabea)

Governors and Mayors:

Republican Party
Governor of Alabama - Norm Lee (R-AL) (Noko Poodle)

Governor of Arizona - Maximus "Max" Smith (R-AZ) (Agarntrop)

Governor of Kentucky - Tara Misra (R-KY) (Agarntrop)

Governor of Louisiana - John Holland (R-LA) (Jovuistan)

Governor of Nebraska - Jack Chambers (R-NE) (The Orion Islands)

Governor of North Carolina - Nathaniel Richardson (R-NC) (Dentali)

Governor of North Dakota - James Burgun (R-ND) (Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi)

Governor of Utah - Dawson Abernathy (R-UT) (Xathuecia)

Governor of Vermont- James “Jim” Slim (R-VT) (Bruke)

Governor of West Virginia - Jonah Prendergast (R-WV) (Gordano and Lysandus)

Democratic Party
Governor of California - Ben Motgomery (D-CA) (Main Nation Ministry)

Governor of Florida - Miguel “Mike” Santiago Veléz (D-FL) (Sanabel)

Governor of Kansas - Jennifer Marshall (D-KS) (Greater Arab State)

Governor of Minnesota- Rudolf Kohl (DFL-MN) (Gordano and Lysandus)

Mayor of New York City - Albert O'Hanny (D-NY) (Serbia-Macedonia)

Governor of Pennsylvania- Isabel Revere (D-PA) (Theasor)

Governor of Washington - Anne Caldwell (D-WA) (Alozia)

Non-Officeholders and Minor Officeholders:
Republican Party
RNC Chair - Lilyana Wolf (R-ME) (Puertollano)

45th President of the United States - Arnold Wolf (R-ME) (Sanabel)

Former First Lady - Eliza LeBlanc Wolf (R-ME) (New Cobastheia)

Businessman - Arnold Wolf Jr. (R-MA) (Jovuistan)

Businesswoman - Karen Brookshire (R-TX) (Xathuecia)

Faith Leader - Duncan Flanagan (R-GA) (Granluras)

First Lady of West Virginia - Martha Prendergast (R-WV) (Velahor)

Businessman Mark Allen (R-TX) (Velahor)

Former Secretary of Defense - Bernard J. Porter (R-VA) (World Capitalist Confederation)

Former United States Representative Gordon Michael De Lange (R-TX) (Uttland)

Justice of the Peace - Randall Cramp (R-TX) (Puertollano)

President of the Susan B. Anthony List - Jane Martinez (R-NM) (Dentali)

Democratic Party
DNC Chair - Clara Zhang (D-RI) (Kolumbia)

47th Vice President of the United States - Vandel "Vinnie" Diehl (D-ND) (Xathuecia)

Actress - Michelle Dalton (D-KY) (Dentali)

Businessman - John Donaldson (D-NY) (Meelducan)

Actor Martin Spellman (D-CA) (Federal States of Xathuecia)

Former Congresswoman from Georgia's 2nd Congressional District - Sandra "Sandy" Fields (D-GA) (Cocoa Nation)

Political Activist - Cristina Villacres-Carballo (D-NM) (Alozia)

Former Governor of Massachusetts John Nathan Lynskey (D-MA) (Gordano and Lysandus)

Former Secretary of State - Helen Kerrigan Whitaker de Sanchez (D-IL) (Uttland)

Former United States Senator from Maryland - Benjamin Little (D-MD) (Fronket)

President of Rice University - Cynthia Rogers-Gonzalez (D-TX) (Alaskava)

Minor Parties
Former Governor of Florida - Meridith Esther Brookley (I-FL) (Free Ward Marchers)

Talk Show Host - Derrick Haverford (L-MT) (Von Markstein)

Polish Ambassador to the United States of America - Maria Wenderlich (Foreign Official) (Alozia)

Political Analyst - Antony Grey (I-NY) (Sarenium)

Jonathan Wilson - Leader of the Forward Party (FP-NY)

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by Meelducan
Reserved for Upcoming Events

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House of Representatives
Note: Coloured House seats are currently occupied by a player.Image

Blue indicates a Democratic-held seat
Red Indicates a Republican-held seat
Gold indicates a Players character

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:08 pm
by Gordano and Lysandus
Congressional Business

House Docket
  • Fair House Apportionments Act - Representative Caroline Simone (D-NY-12) [ON HOLD, DON'T DEBATE]
  • Restoring Integrity to our Judicial Detainment System Act - Representative Emily Davenport (D-CA-34)
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Representative Brett Thomas (D-NC-4)
  • Aung San Suu Kyi Congressional Gold Medal Revocation Act - Representative Caroline Simone (D-NY-12)
  • The Rohingya Act - Representative John Atang (D-NY-3)
  • The Reapportionment Act of 2019 - Representative Kathleen Nez (D-AZ-7)
  • The Constitutional Access to Necessary Defense Options Reciprocity Act - Representative Diane Paulson (R-ME-2)
  • Academic Freedom and Thought Act - Representative John Logan Ruler (R-IA-4)
  • A Simple Resolution to Admit and Seat a Delegate from the Cherokee Nation - Representative Kathleen Nez (D-AZ-7) and Representative Jay Joseph Dietrich (R-AK-At Large) [AT DEBATE]
  • Iran Liberation Act of 2019 - Representative Earl Tenson (R-MT-At Large)
  • Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to Forbid the Desecration of the Flag of the United States of America - Representative Katherine Edwards (R-GA-3)
  • The Act Prohibit the Usage of the Victim's Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity as Justification for Crime - Representative Julia Piotrowska (D-IL-5)
  • Secure American Jobs Through Extending the Credit for Production of Refined Coal Act - Representative Stanton Stonewell (R-PA-9)

Senate Docket
  • The Student Investment and Deferral Act - Senator Abigail Winthrop (D-MA)
  • The Off Fossil Fuels Act - Senator Abigail Winthrop (D-MA) [SENT TO COMMITTEE]
  • The Green Corps for America Act - Senator Abigail Winthrop (D-MA)
  • Green New Deal Resolution - Senator Abigail Winthrop (D-MA)
  • Punishing Acts of Domestic Terrorism Act - Senator Richard Slater (R-AR) [AT DEBATE]
  • The American Opportunity Act - Senator Ben Little (D-MD)
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act - Senator Abigail Winthrop (D-MA)
  • Heartbeat Protection Act of 2019 - Senator Luke Hawthorne (R-OH)
  • Corporate Freeloader Fee Act - Senator Tim Westra (D-NJ)
  • United States National Health Program Act - Senator Abigail Winthrop (D-MA)
  • Universal Prekindergarten and Early Childcare Act - Senator Tim Westra (D-NJ)
  • The American Israeli Alliance Defense Act - Senator Greg Kost (R-FL)
  • Recovery of Remains Act - Senator Barry Anderson (R-MO) [SENT TO COMMITTEE]
  • Reparations for Historical Injustice Act - Senator Benjamin Little (D-MD)
  • Raise American Incomes to Survive and Expand Act - Senator Tim Westra (D-NJ)
  • Penalty Enhancement Act - Senator Barry Anderson (R-MO)
  • Defense of Fetal Life Act - Senator Barry Anderson (R-MO)
  • Protecting American Privacy Act - Senators Frank Doyle (D-OR) & Tim Westra (D-NJ)
  • A Bill To Establish Election Day as a Federal Holiday - Senator Greg Kost (R-FL) {VETOED}
  • Insulating the Data of Everyday Americans Act - Representative Caroline Simone (D-NY-12) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2019 - Representative Malcolm Douglas (D-NJ-9) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • Stop Chinese and Russian Imperialism Act - Senator Everitt Colbert (R-UT)
  • A joint resolution to direct the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran that have not been authorized by Congress - Senator Tim Westra (D-NJ) & Representative John Atang (D-NY-3)
  • Yusef Hawkins Act - Representative John Atang (D-NY-3) and Senator Augusta Merriam (R-NH) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • An Act to Direct the Removal of Seductive Chinese Communist Party Influences Subversively Infiltrating the Educational Systems and Research Institutions of the United States of America - Representative Kevin Villalobos (R-FL-4) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • Living Wage Act - Senator Levi Murphy (DFL-MN)
  • Sullivan-Tenson Space Force Act of 2019 - Senator Francine Sullivan (D-AK)
  • Alaska Remote Generator Act of 2019 - Senator Francine Sullivan (D-AK)
  • Combating Online Predators and Scams Act - Senator Francine Sullivan (D-AK)
  • Democracy in Hong Kong Act of 2019 - Senator Jillian Dayton (D-VA)
  • Protecting Appalachian Communities Act of 2019 - Senator Jillian Dayton (D-VA)
  • Hong Kong Immigration Act of 2019 - Senator Sean Kelly (D-RI)
  • The Startup Act of 2019 - Senator James Moore (D-MI)
  • An Act to Prevent Negative Health Effects of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Until the Effects on Appalachian Communities are Studied - Senator Jillian Dayton (D-VA)
  • Equal Access to Women's Healthcare Act of 2019 - Senator Jillian Dayton (D-VA)
  • Protecting the Republic from Objectionable Technological Espionage and Communist Tampering Act - Senator Barry Anderson (R-MO)
  • Saving America from Electromagnetic Pulses Act - Senator Everitt Colbert (R-UT)
  • Iran Sanctions Act of 2019 - Representative John Logan Ruler (R-IA-4) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • No More Silence Act - Represenative Kathleen Nez (D-AZ-7) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • Family Farm Defense Act of 2019 - Representative John Logan Ruler (R-IA-4) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2019 - Representative Kathleen Nez (D-AZ-7) {PASSED HOUSE}
  • The End BDS Act - Senator Richard Slater (R-AR) & Representative Chip Renfus (R-MS-4)

Pending Senate Confirmations
  • [EMPTY]

President's Desk
  • Relief Act of 2019 - Senator Jillian Dayton (D-VA) and Representative Jason Evander (R-SD-At Large) {AMENDED}
  • Murder Sentencing Act - Senator Barry Anderson (R-MO)

Enacted Legislation

Signed into law by President Arnold Wolf (R-ME)
  • Protecting American Diplomats Act - Senator Frank Doyle (D-OR) {AMENDED}
  • Democracy and Openness for Venezuela Act - Representative Caroline Simone (D-NY-12)
  • The Camera Grant Act of 2019 - Senator James Moore (D-MI)
  • An Act to Provide Service Dogs to Veterans with Mental Illness - Representative John Logan Ruler (R-IA-4) {ENACTED WITHOUT SIGNATURE}

Signed into law by President Richard Tawney (R-TN)

Federal Officers Confirmed

Nominated by President Arnold Wolf (R-ME)
  • George M. Berentsen (I-IL) as Secretary of Defense

Nominated by President Richard Tawney (R-TN)

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by Federal States of Xathuecia

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by Emazia
Holy shit, we already have a new OOC!

Well, I mean I knew that before I posted here, but I mean I didn't know it until Meel posted it on IV.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:37 pm
by Kargintina the Third

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by The United Artherian Federation
Maybe I'll make a return? It's been a while since Washington and I've been itching to rejoin political RPs...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:42 pm
by Bruke

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:43 pm
by The United Artherian Federation
Bruke wrote:Fourth


PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:44 pm
by Kargintina the Third
Tenson is gonna bomb Azerbaijan

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:45 pm
by Main Nation Ministry
*breaks open the door*

Is this The Emperor Strikes Back?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:47 pm
by Dentali

DECEMBER 17th, 2019 to DECEMBER 23rd, 2019

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:49 pm
by Kargintina the Third
I feel like we could kinda fast forward through Christmas/New Years no?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:51 pm
by Main Nation Ministry
Kargintina the Third wrote:I feel like we could kinda fast forward through Christmas/New Years no?

No, we got to have a Christmas Miracle before Dent could nuke Malaysia.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:57 pm
by The Orion Islands

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:57 pm
by New Cobastheia
Well that's a bit early, but I am liking the changes to the OP

But also, didn't Dunn resign from the Ambassadorship?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:58 pm
by Meelducan
The United Artherian Federation wrote:Maybe I'll make a return? It's been a while since Washington and I've been itching to rejoin political RPs...

Feel free to join, we'd love to have more people!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:00 pm
by Meelducan
New Cobastheia wrote:Well that's a bit early, but I am liking the changes to the OP

But also, didn't Dunn resign from the Ambassadorship?


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by Meelducan
Can anyone let me know if their characters aren't on the OP?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:03 pm
by Kargintina the Third
Meelducan wrote:Can anyone let me know if their characters aren't on the OP?


Senator Nickolai Dernilski (D-OH)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:06 pm
by Emazia
Meelducan wrote:Can anyone let me know if their characters aren't on the OP?

Former Editor in Chief of the New York Times John Berkowitz (R-NY)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:09 pm
by New Cobastheia
Meelducan wrote:
New Cobastheia wrote:Well that's a bit early, but I am liking the changes to the OP

But also, didn't Dunn resign from the Ambassadorship?


Hmp, guess I misremembered something else then

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by Jovuistan

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:11 pm
by Dentali
Kargintina the Third wrote:I feel like we could kinda fast forward through Christmas/New Years no?

We are intentionally slowing the pace of the RP so players can sort out school stuff