Point of Divergence 3.0 : The Return of Madness (IC)

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Postby The Alpenbund » Mon Aug 31, 2020 4:59 pm

Finsteraar, Governmental District. Federal Council situation room.

"So, what do you make of it?", Berlusca sighed, throwing yet another piece of chewing tobacco into the bin. "A UN uniting Earth? That sounds a lot like a far fetched fiction novel, given the equivalent that we knew." Niemann, sitting at the other end of the table, scratched her head. "I make of it that the UVP is going to have a field day with this..."

"I am not commenting on that, you know.", Teller, the council member belonging to the UVP, replied. "But given the current state of public discourse, the Assembly is probably going to favor option C." "And what would that be, exactly? Can you remind me?", Friedrich Junter, another extremely tired council member, asked, while pouring himself hit 17th recaf cup within the last 12 hours.

"Oh, option C is the one where we tell them that we appreciate their enthusiams, but politely tell them to sod off if they think they can tell us what to do.", Teller replied. "As opposed to...?", Junter asked again. "Option A, telling them we like where they're going with that speech, and Option B, just telling them to fuck off outright."

"Right... do we have the drafts done?", Berlusca asked, also tired. Another council member nodded. "Right, then send them to the assembly. It's their decision."


A few hours later

Dear nations of this new Earth, this is the government of the Alpine Union speaking. Some of you may know the region we reside in as 'Switzerland', or alternatively, 'Upper Swabia'. In fact, the Swiss Confederation is our nation's direct predecessor.

There are likely many questions as to why the Confederation is our predecessor, of course. To summarize, the Union is the product of a major occurence in human history: The violent first contact with and subsequent invasion of Earth by an alien nation, more specifically, the 'Universal Union'. This happened roughly 40 years ago, and we only survived the near genocide of humanity which occured in the process, by going underground, quite literally. Considering our situation now, however, we have decided to perhaps leave our isolationist past behind us, a little. We are open to messages and diplomatic offers, if you wish to send them our way.

Concerning the so-called United Nations Oceania Administrative Zone, we will make ourselves clear - we have been part of the UN in our history, until its forcible dissolution during the invasion mention earlier. However, this UN was merely a supranational agency, a forum to discuss and solve world problems, not a nation. Thus, we neither recognize your claim to planetary jurisdiction, nor any of your laws, resolutions or courts, outside of your borders. Should the UN Oceania Administrative Zone attempt to enforce these on us without our consent, there will be an appropriate response.

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Greater Redosia
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Postby Greater Redosia » Mon Aug 31, 2020 5:41 pm

"Your name is unknown. Your deed is immortal."

Donetsk, Ukraine
ISOT Day 4, Fourth Day of the Great Trial

"All of those that are Teuton are the very enemies of the world, the scum of the Earth and the sworn enemy of Mother Russia. The crime of being a Teuton and supporting a regime so evil is incomparable to any other crime, the punishment for such a crime...Is death."

A rang of shots ring through the air, the city that had been partially destroyed by the fighting against the Imperial Army, was now within the control of the Reclamation Army. The Germans abandoned their people and now they were left to the mercy of those that have suffered for so long. Over Forty years of hell in the snow and winters, forty years since the First Trial. Thirty years their people watched as their second attempt at revenge was thwarted, the Second Trial collapsing and the people of Russia suffered again. Now, the Great Trial was underway and finally, they were entering lands that were once theirs, entering homes that had been lost by families and finally, capturing the very people that made them suffer. The commissar smiled at this, watching the teutons kneeling in front of him begging for mercy, just as his people did so long ago. But they would find no mercy, for it was their duty, it was their mission. It was the very existence they had to be made, to destroy the Germans as they did to Mother Russia.

"The crime of supporting the teutons in any shape, helping evacuations and giving treatment, giving food and supplies to them. Collaborating with the sworn enemies of Mother Russia, is a crime just below being a teuton. But the punishment is all in the same. Death."

Another shot rang through the air, Yurij Orel winced at the sound. After rising up with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, he had hoped that he would be one of the leading figures to rise against the Europans. Instead he was greeted with the Russians, who although accepted them into the fold...Were something no one would ever have seen happen. They were animals who were cruel and murderous. As if every demon of Europa's past manifested itself to wage some sort of holy crusade against them. The Russians tried in the past to defeat them, tried again and again they have failed. But unlike the Russians in history, these men were pushing farther and much faster than any other had before. Better equipped in the sense of weaponry and in training than the past attempts, forcing the Europans on the retreat.

"Is it truly a victory...when morality is thrown to the dogs and only for it to be laced with poison?" he asked himself out loud, his answer was a pat on the shoulder by his brother, Havrylo. Just a week ago they weren't even their true names. He was Yvo Opel and his brother was Hans Opel, the Russians came and when the militants rose up, they had to join. No longer being able to pretend that they were something else.

"Do not worry brother." Havrylo smiled something with innocence. Something many had lost after the years under Europan rule, something lost in the few days of the conflict starting, "Soon, all of Ukraine will be free! We can get real jobs and be our own bosses! Think of it Yurij! I could boss a teuton around!" His smile faded slightly, his own brother was adopting the words of the Russians. His blind optimism made them see through rose tinted glasses...whoever could have such a thing couldn't even tell right from wrong. He was afraid for his brother, he didn't want him to die like the Russians do. The numbers that fall by the dozens, the crazed zeal the men of the Rodina had. It was terrifying. But that it why he joined with his brother, to keep him safe. He didn't want to live in a world all alone, especially not when the booming of the front line could still be heard far from the city.

"Of course Havrylo. Ukraine shall be free...We both will be." He looked up at the sky, the sun slowly setting showering it in a flame of red and orange. He would look up at this same sky and count the stars, believing every one of them in the night sky was once a free person who had been given salvation from the world they lived in. But when he looked up, all he could see was the blood red of the sky and just far from his mind he could hear the commissar again.

"Those that wish to be free...Shall go through a trial and show all the resolve you can give. All the teutons will burn if you see the light, but those that refuse will be shot. Those that refuse will be hanged. Those that refuse will burn for what you have done to Holy Russia." That night, hundreds of shots rang out. The smell of flesh rose in the air. And the snapping of branches as the weight of the bodies was simply too much. And the sound of the trucks as they drove east...blended into the booming of artillery.

Latgale, Algona
ISOT Day 5, Fifth Day of the Great Trial

The once ethnically Latgalian town was empty except for the Russians who were staying within, the teutons either evacuated as they fled west or dead by the hands of those within. Kiril Vadinovich, clutched to his Kalashnikov as he heard the booming of artillery in the distance. He was no too far from the front-line, neither were any of his comrades. The winter of Latvia did not make him cold, he suffered far worse in Siberia. It was the chill of death that was waving around him, it was hopeless for him and he knew it. He saw the comrades he fought for die in front of him, turning into mist as the enemy had more than he could ever hope to achieve. The bodies that were left behind had weapons they couldn't understand, and so were sent east to be melted. Medicines were taken and distributed, food that was found was stuffed in pockets and eaten, better than anything he could hope to obtain in Siberia. The Germans weren't trying to defend their homeland, they were rulers of foreign land and so ran when adversity met them in the face.

He heard from other forces on the front, the region he was in was the farthest west than the others. The Reclamation was caught in partial surprise, as the enemy was not as weakened as they first thought, in fact there weren't any real banners of red and white, nor swastikas sticking out from helmets or buildings. Their tanks destroyed in high numbers as they fought against a foe who's weapons were superior in every way. These were not the same Aryans at all, they were worse. He found history books and maps, they claimed names such as "Europan" or "Imperial", different from the Nazis and teutons they were taught to face. Everything was packed onto trucks and sent east. Back to home.

"To think the teutons could fight with so much huh Kiril."

"As they could Vadim...We are strong though...we have to be strong for Holy Russia..." Feeling the sense of dread in himself, he closed his eyes and recited the oath he took when he was brought into the Reclamation Army when he was a boy, "I believe...before all else, in Russia, one, indivisible and Invincible."

Vadim laughed at this, knowing full well that Kiril was in the front lines and survived unlike his comrades. The slaughter of the teutons were at hand and he knew how much Kiril was just trying to calm himself. It wasn't Kiril that Vadim made him like the man, it was the other that came out when Kiril blacked out. "Bogdan" was the one who even he feared, more than the teutons. In Russian it was someone to "he who was given by God", one would think he would've been a doctor at least. Instead, it must've been God who sent an angel of retribution upon the teutons. Kiril was afraid, yes. But Bogdan was not.

"I believe in my own strength.." Vadim joined Kiril, who looked bewildered since he never heard him say the oath next to him as well. It was a sacred thing that all true Russians did on their own, but it was the true comrades that did it together. "and the strength of my comrades."

Kiril smiled at Vadim, be the Russian could tell it was one of pity. Vadim had lost everything in a few days. Especially when it came to his life, almost was it gone in the first few minutes if not for the acts of Bogdan. He however, knew it was only to see the vengeance his people had against the teutons, because Vadim knew his life meant nothing. "So Vadim, do you think we shall make it through this war? Do you think we can reach Berlin and burn it to the ground?" Vadim couldn't help but laugh again, it wasn't his position to say if they should or not. In the end, he knew his answer.

"Perhaps you will Bo-...Kiril. Perhaps you will. But me? The Great Trial gives no mercy who do not fight tooth and nail, I will die in the name of Holy Russia. That I do know. So please, when I fall. Try to remember me for who I was and not for what I did." Vadim turned away as he felt the frown and depression set in on Kiril. He couldn't bring himself to look at the poor bastard as he was given the harsh reality. But what surprised Vadim was the hug he received from his younger comrade, This was Kiril at his core, a kind soul who cared about everyone but himself. One, Vadim wishes, he was able to live in a better world with. Perhaps the one where the Nazis lost would've been better. In the end, he sighed, feeling his clothes get slightly wetter from slow dripping tears of the Russian.

"Everyone! It is time to prepare move! We march forward for the front in three days!" the commissar shouted to the men, in the far distance he could already see tanks and other motorized vehicles being prepared to moved into position. Another offensive, another push to reclaim what is theirs. Perhaps the Belorussian front will go better, or maybe more of Ukraine will be liberated. Vadim sighed, nodding to himself as he felt Kiril let go. A warmth leaving his body as if hope had vanished.

"I reject the lies of the first trial, and embrace the Black League as Russia's one and only salvation in the coming trial. When the day of the Great Trial comes, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my comrades. I will face the enemy without fear, and I will put my nation before my own life. I will be the sword and shield of Russia, by which justice will be done for the fallen." Then Vadim's voice turned into a whisper, one he knew Kiril would repeat as well.

I swear this oath by my sacred Motherland.

Reformation Camp Beta, Siberia
ISOT Day 6, Sixth Day of the Great Trial

"And all will learn that it is the cold that cleanses us from the filth the Teutons had made us suffer. All that accept the teachings of the Salvation Government shall be free, shall be liberated and shall be reclaimed by their homelands. From the Ukraine to Minsk, to the Latgale to the Estonians. The teutons are your enemy and always will be, claim yourselves in the name of Salvation as we lead ourselves towards the Great Trial against the teutons. The Europans. The enemies of the Rodina and all who they oppose."

The reformation teacher, Danya, looked on at the Ukrainians. The cold cutting into their skin and their bones, many had already died when they succumbed to the elements or tried to run. Those that stayed and prevailed, were slowly awarded for what they have done. Many are already making strides to re-learn their own language, it coming more naturally to them than they were thinking. Inside, none of them were Europan or teuton, they were Ukrainian. Sure they would learn this through a trial as they have accepted the realization it was either this or death. In the end, "Hope in the shadow of fear, is the world's most powerful motivator". The hope that perhaps, it was possible to defeat the Europans alongside the Russians. The idea that it was their own fault that the Europans got too strong. Those that accepted the reigns only made it easier for them to rule. It was them who had fought against them that were true heroes and those that were indifferent were the true enemies that brought their own downfall. It was a natural form of brainwashing and Stockholm Syndrome that was slowly taking hold of their minds, as it now seems that their captors were becoming their saviors as slowly they were given warmth of fur clothes and even potbellied stoves they could place wood in and cook meat on.

This was how they would join their cause, with the numbers growing in the camps and those being shaped by it. Sure they have suffered discrimination and prejudice under the harsh rule of the Europans. But is the Siberian cold that reminds all men that we were human together. The the teutons are now a force that can keep control of everything, but an idea that must be destroyed from their minds. The cold is what attacks the mind, the harsh winds that attack the soul and the snow that blankets the sight. Once they emerge from the depths they have suffered, they will become new men from the fire that was the teutons, they will be cooled steel to forge the sword and shield against the teutons, the Germans, the Eruopans.

"T-Teacher..." the voice came from the back of the classroom, shivering as a Ukrainian man tried to keep himself warm in the furs he was given. " we need to obliterate them..? I...don't understand..."

The teacher nodded, these men were not from the timeline they have suffered. Men and women in front of him, willing to fight and die for their land, but they suffered something they didn't. He went over to the man, crouching down and giving him the ushanka on his head, the shivering stopped for a moment and returned, but not as harsh as before. Danya smiled at them, "It is because they are the people who have replaced those we were supposed to face. People of the same nature, of the same hatred. They claim themselves greater than others, claimed themselves the pinnacle of human development. They claim others like yourselves as lesser, that if you do not conform you will be dropped, beaten and forgotten by society. We read your books, they claim that empathy towards you is a merit of disgrace, called wrong genetics. It's a disgusting ideology that made us suffer as well. The German Nazis, the teutons that came from the west and destroyed Holy Russia in the First Trial. Who repelled the right of the Second Trial. And now must suffer, as we have suffered, in the Great Trial. If no one stands against them, who will? If no one fights back...then they win. We are the demons of the German Reich, but we shall become the demons of the Europan Empire as well. We will die, many of us will. But with every death they have, a tragic loss to the war. Every day that passes, their economy will fail, the Germans set themselves in the same way as them and they were on the brink of collapse.

"But...That is what I am told to teach. For me? My greatest wish for humanity, is not for peace or comfort or joy. It is that we all still die a little on the inside every time we witness the death of another. For only pain of empathy will keep us human." He smiled and patted the poor Ukrainian on the back, "But my mental age has long past for me to believe such a thing, we need to prepare for any fight we can give. Because in the end, if there is no one left with empathy, then there will be no humanity. The Europans claim to be the best humans, but empathy is a human feeling that all feel. They've lost their right to be called as such, only those that betray their nation, even those who are teuton, can be redeemed in the eyes of the Great Trial. It is together that we shall rise from its ashes. Through our hearts and minds, for even if we lose our guns we shall fight with clubs and if we lose our clubs, then let us fight with our fists. If we can no longer fight with our fists then we shall fight with our teeth and we shall fight until the very spirit within us is released from the mortal bounds we call life."

Stepping up to the front of the class, he looked at the clock on the wall. "You are all dismissed back to your dorms, be prepared for work in three hours. Stay warm and please...remember that Holy Mother Russia believes in you. Together we shall prevail in the Great Trial." Danya knew his words were hollow, but to the men in front of him. They were starting to believe it too, perhaps there will be a day where they will all be free. He just hopes that day won't be his last.

Underground Metro Headquarters, Omsk
Day 7, First week of the Great Trial

"Our forces are being held up at the river line, the Germans were not as weak as we were hoping. They have suddenly obtained advanced aircraft, weaponry, almost invincible tanks and body armor that can handle our bullets. But in the end, we caught them by surprise and our push has been temporarily stalled as we have more supplies pushed to the front. But we need your orders before we can continue anything."

Yazov leaned forward, looking at the map. His forces weren't enough, the shock he was hoping to inflict was minimal. He had locked himself in his room for a few days after learning from books and other captured media showing the might of the Europans compared to that of the Germans. He only just returned to find that in the end, his armies had marched and pressed forward. The Great Trial is in action and now it cannot be stopped. His forces will not stop and despite the differences they will fight as they have proclaimed. The Great Trial was a plan made by his predecessor and now he would wage the Great Trial will be waged against the Europans, for they will just as disgusting if nor more so than the Germans. He would need more to destroy the Europans.

"We need more men at the front lines. We will form another twelve fronts, our people have prepared themselves for this moment and we shall throw as much as we can against our enemies. The Great Trial will guide our swords and shields, we will smash the teuton lines." The generals around him muttered, concerned over the mobilization of so many people to go and reinforce the fronts. But in the end, they agreed that it was the only way. "And now, we shall launch another offensive. We will achieve a better position before they can prepare themselves. Order Colonel General Lazarenko to shift his forces, they will support an attack into Latvia and Estonia, running up to the daugava river, Riga will be ours and all the teutons will be destroyed. Generals Steklyar and Tokarev will launch a massive strike with SCUD missiles, SU-76s and artillery into Belorussia to distract their forces. Believing that will be the main point of our attack. They will shift their reinforcements there and be unable to go and stop our push. The teutons, will be and can be destroyed."

The generals looked at each other and nodded, saluting to the Marshal of all of Russia.

"The Great Trial awaits." spoke Yazov, looking out at the men in front of him.

"The Great Trial awaits!" chanted the Generals in return, their faces switching from the concerned and hard thinking generals to the loyal and fanatical clique that joined him in the beginning. Today they will prevail against the teutons, no matter the cost they will entail.
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Postby Sudbrazil » Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:03 pm

Tʜᴇ Bʀᴀᴢɪʟɪᴀɴ Fᴇᴅᴇʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
Palácio da Alvorada, Nova Brasília, Federal District
10:12, January 6th, 3105 Anno Domini (Ano 0 da Grande Transladação)

Foreign Minister Carlos Oliveira Baltazar, Interior Minister Antônio Magalhães de Lima, Admiral Manuel Barroso da Silva, Air Marshal Paulo Negrão, Minister of War Teodoro Lacerda, High Marshal Carlos Eduardo de Ramos Carvalho. They were the national directorate, six noblemen, six faces of the Ancien Régime, six heures of the Restoration. None could suppress their amusement as the recording ended. First came a chuckle from General Magalhães, then a hearty echo from His Excellency the High Marshal . Even Baron Baltazar of Amazonas indulged in some laughter. It was a rather ridiculous transmission.

“Police the Earth!” laughed the Minister of Interior as he stroked his moustache, “Surely we must fund such a noble endeavor!”

“Watch your mouth Magalhães,” replied the dry voice of the Air Marshal, “We are under their humble jurisdiction.”

The National Directorate had been impressed by the photographs emerging from the land of Australia, which a worthy technological rival seemed to rule over. And yet, no amount of space battleships or advanced infrastructure could prevent them from laughing at an organization that had met with failure and ridicule in their home world, and at whose founding principles they spat with disdain. Nevertheless, as the laughter settled, awkward silence ensued. It was quite clear to all of them that this UN was part of a larger body, and would logically suffer from the amputation, but none could help but feel a sense of discomfort. How could this fossil of Neoliberalism walk the Earth? Had the era of slave king puppets and robber barons not ended? Or perhaps, it had mutated into a cult of something disgusting, like the paganistic “Secular Republics” fought by Emperor Paul VI? The Foreign Minister could not bear these questions permeating the silence.

“I suppose the Kingdom of Oceania has unfortunately been replaced by these knaves,” said the diplomat, “But please gentlemen, do be courteous to these people. We know not from whence they come and where they go, and we do not have the answers to the questions that we certainly share.”

These soft words did not please Admiral Barroso, who felt a stronger reply was in order: “We must stand ready to contain their influence, if they prove to be a subversive actor. After all, we have fought against the ruins of the Old World before.”

“But they are not from our world Admiral,” interrupted the High Marshal. “Remember gentlemen, the Cycles of History surely turn differently for the nations beyond our borders, as the other recordings will prove”

The South Africans seemed the most reasonable, and the Europeans could have been more respectable, had they not been regurgitating decidedly unchristian arrogance. These were nations worthy of embassies, thought the Foreign Minister, and maybe allies in the coming years.

Rua do Ouvidor, Rio de Janeiro
11:00 that same day

The corpse swung gently for some time before the rope snapped, undoing the macabre pendulum. The onlooking crowd found some significance in this, but was unsure of what it meant.

Public Security Force Lieutenant Paulo de Moraes glanced at the cadaver, whose crisp suit had been reduced into rags, before sending two of his men to carry it away. Sure enough, it was him, recognizable if disfigured. A famous businessman, a prized SOCAL shareholder, a traitor, a false prophet, his cousin, once a close friend. The officer felt naught but disdain. He had herded hundreds like him into prisons. All had been tried in the past three months, most had been pressed into forced labour, many had been executed, a few had been lynched by the people, yet none had stopped lying through their teeth, promising bribes and luxuries, trying to buy themselves a saviour. The Brazilian was willing to tolerate much: gluttony, theft, murder, famine, war, but the traitor, the underhanded crook who smiled as he stabbed you in the back, was disdained above all.

The lieutenant turned away from the bonfires burning around the gallows: books, disks, electronic drives, filled with business tips, vapid shows, get-rich quick schemes, dressed-up propaganda, degenerate material, clutter and bloat. An amalgam of false promises, ersatz freedom, plastic Edens. He ordered his men back to their posts, after all, Rio would not keep itself clean of its own filth.
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The Federation of Kendor wrote: - Rhodes Island appearing in FRANKREICH -

Near Le Treport, Kingdom of Normandy

Omer Thiers kicked back his legs as he flopped down on the rusted wooden bench he'd set up next to his house. The weather today was utterly frigid, but the rather peculiar Frenchman didn't mind. He was going to celebrate today's victory: Thiers had finally passed his German proficiency examination! First class citizenship was just a few months away, and the middle-aged baker decided he'd treat himself to something nice today. There were fresh baguettes currently heating up in the oven inside, while a freshly made onion soup was slowly coming to a boil. Meat wasn't particularly expensive nowadays, but organic duck certainly was, and Thiers had made sure to buy the freshest birds he could find at the market.

The pungent aroma of boiling onions filled the air as Thiers went inside to check on his progress. Everything seemed to be cooking at just the right speeds; it was time for Thiers to season the ducks. A bit of salt, pepper, orange juice for the sauce, and naturally a cup of chicken stock was all that was needed for a fine Duck a l'Orange.

"Hmm... I seem to be missing the vinegar... where in the world could I have put it..." Thiers began digging into his pantry, intent on finding his one missing ingredient.

Just then, a bright purple flash light up in the sky, bathing Thiers in otherworldly light as it poured through the windows. Them the ground started to shake violently, extremely violently in fact. What the hell was going on?

"Sacre Bleu!!" The Frenchman threw himself to the ground and covered his head as the world around him seemed to be coming apart. Did the Americans finally do it? Did they invent the FLEIJA?

Luckily for Thiers, the Americans did NOT in fact create a FLEIJA and launch it at Le Treport: something so much larger had just occurred, and Thiers was just about to realize this.

Something was casting a massive shadow over Thiers' house. Slowly exiting the building, Thiers dropped his jaw in awe as the full glory of Rhodes Island laid right in front of him.

"You seeing what I'm seeing?" A VTOL pilot looked at his gas-masked companion as their transport plane approached the absolutely massive landship in front of them. That thing was at least three times the size of an Imperial land battleship, and probably housed the equivalent of a miniature city within it. It was mind-boggling really, how a thing that large could hope to be mobile on the land.

"No shit," his co-pilot replied back over the intercoms. "We got any orders to land on that thing or what?"

"Ehhh, leave it to the higher ups," the first pilot shrugged before their VTOL dashed off into the distance. 15 minutes a small force of attack VTOLs and transports would approach Rhodes Island. Somewhere not too far away, a certain Viceroy would curse her luck.

**Coast, Europan OstAfrika**

"A wooden ship, you gotta be kidding me," Capt. Siegmund Untermann almost facepalmed. Of all things he'd intercept and it was some wooden boat that wouldn't be outa place in the 19th century. Kinda odd seeing those still around, especially given that he was aboard a modern Europan destroyer.

“I mean, what were you expecting?” A seaman asked the captain.

“Aliens. It’s always the fuckin’ aliens,” Untermann sighed. “Alright, tell them to stop right there. These are our waters after all.”

The Europan destroyer and its escorts (two other destroyers) used both radio and their loudspeakers to communicate a message to the newcomers.

Attention unknown ship, you are currently entering Europan territorial waters! Cease moving and identify yourselves immediately! Failure to comply will result in your destruction!
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On the Road...
Alaroma and Greater Redosia Part 1

Two Reconnaissance platoons drove down the highway to what was Jackson, Mississippi in the old world. At peak strength, the caravan was made of 3 E3 Goldstein Fighting Vehicles, along with 5 E114A LUVs. The HighWay was broken into obvious disrepair, so to say the ride was bumpy would be an understatement. You would have to go around potholes in the road, swerve around long abandoned cars ripped right out of the 1950s. A trip that might have taken a few hours became an understandably longer affair with all the intermediate fighting and detours. The weather was cool, but it was the American South. No snow would be coming to the area anytime soon. That was all for the better, Sergeant grew up in mittlekalifornia. Snow wasn’t a part of her routine anyway, so she was fine to go without it on deployment. However it was nice for practical reasons as well. She looked out her LUV’s window, and if she squinted, she could see it. “It” being the drone she was commandeering with the tablet in her lap.

Specialist Meir scanned the horizon for anything suspicious as the tires of the LUV rolled on and on. As time went on, signs indicated that the Platoon grew closer and closer to Jackson. Sergeant Lee wasn’t going to complain, she could feel her legs beginning to cramp after their long journey. “I gotta say Sergeant, this journey has really taught me the value of friendship. And with enough friendship, you can go through anything.” Specialist Meir said, as the wind blew across his face with his lowered window.

“I think you mean you can go through anything with enough bullets, Meir.” Lee responded amused, before adding “It’s certainly been an eventful day.”

“The world collapsing over our heads, and us exploring a wasteland is what you consider ‘eventful’, Sergeant? I’d hate to see what you consider a shitty day to be.” Specialist Lowenburg noted.

“It is what it is, boys.” Lee said, before having her visors go down over her eyes. “Well we’re almost there, so prepare to look alive.”

The city that finally came to view over the horizon was not what anyone would’ve expected or even remembered, especially taking into account the horrible conditions of the roads and the signs barely being held together by bolts and screws over 173 years old. No. Jackson isn’t anything like it used to be both 173 years ago and however long it was for those coming towards it. If one looked through binoculars, you see the huge remnants of concrete buildings which only bled into rusted metal shacks and large wood buildings, neon signs that flickered on and off. Along with large teepees that sat a good ways away from the town, with many having a lack of clothes and more primitive gear. But that wasn’t necessarily the problem at the moment, what was the problem was right in front of them a giant brahmin carrying a large pack was standing in the middle of the road and a bunch of armed individuals are shooting at others who are getting closer to the small group guarding the loaded two headed cow.

“Jim! We got company! Fuckin’ raiders got cars!” shouted the one in leather armor, a hooded cowl covering his head as he blasted his 10mm pistol at the people attacking him.

“Shut up Boss! We’ll take them down just like these bastards over there!” The mercenary loaded his hunting rifle, feeling the recoil of the gun digging into his shoulder, moving the bolt to release the spent .308 round. Course didn’t help that the merchant had jack shit for gear and they even had a native trying to help them with a bow and arrow. God they really were going to die just outside of the god damn city, weren’t they.

“Uhhh, we got a problem up ahead. Appears to be an engagement. Apparently those bandits we kept running into are attacking what looks like……..a caravan?” A confused Lowenburg noted from atop the torrent of the LUV. He looked far ahead with binoculars, and could see two groups fighting. One obviously outfighting the other.

“Uhhh, what do we do?” PFC Weber asked as he drove the car forward with the formation of other vehicles. He frowned, adding “Whatever it is, better be fast. We’ll be on top of them in no time.”

“You’re right.” Lee said, reaching for the radio. “Lieutenant Maurer, appears we have a situation up ahead. Appears we’ve got bandits attacking a group of merchants or something. Do we wanna help, or do we keep on our way to the city and bypass them?” There was a moment of silence, before a slightly younger man replied. “No Platoon Sergeant. We’ve been sweeping trash since we got to this shithole. It only costs us bullets to help now. Take section A of the Platoon and head right. We’ll flank from the left. 2 E3s will lay down fire with chainguns from the center.” The Lieutenant replied, and so it was. Three LUVs, one of which containing Sergeant Lee, swerved off the highway through the grass, picking up speed. The windows of the three LUVs left sides went down, as rifles and a saw extended out. Meanwhile 2 mini guns and one HMG pointed towards the raider lines. “We’ll be in engagement distance soon, when you have my mark, send them Mutti’s hellos.” Lee said over the radio to Section A’s LUVs. A tense 15 seconds pass, and Lee got the sense they were close enough. “Open fire.” She said calmly, and the two miniguns in lockstep with the HMG began rocking. This was more or less in step with the two other LUV’s, and it’s E3 in Section B. The final 2 E3 found their places on the main approach, began opening fire as well. The caravan would find out blessedly they weren’t being targeted. As for the Raiders, well, they were less fortunate.

The raiders yelled wildly as they were blasting at the merchants, this was their chance at the big load. They were going to be rich and they were going to live a life of luxury! Until the sounds of miniguns began to fire, bullets shredded around them kicking up the arid earth up and filling their bodies with holes. Those that survived a bit long fired their rifles and pistols at the vehicles only to be cut down by the powerful weapons that the Texans held. “...Holy shit...They just...killed them all.” The merchant was panting at the sight of so many dead, getting up he pressed his back to the merc that he hired to protect him. Holding up his pistol, he turned to look at Jim the merc holding up his hunting rifle. Turning the bolt to unload a spent .308 round. The native held up his bow and aimed at the vehicles surrounding them.

“Alright. So what’s the plan boss?” asked Jim, hoping that he didn’t need to take charge.

“Well...These guys we can’t fight against...but they killed some raiders...They are going to ask for compensation, so I hope to give them a little bit.”

“Sinpad pricenano rather die stepjump surrender reiltas lulerain kaloolon” spoke the native, Jim rolling his eyes and scoffing.

“You always say that. Now shut up and wait until they do something before you try to kill them, not like we would survive any engagement...Never seen this sort of tech before, fucking Enclave? God I hope not…”

Section A and B began drawing in closer, but the torrents of the LUVs and IFVs Aimee upward. Apparently signaling they had no harmful intentions. “Alright, that went better than we could honestly have hoped.” Lee said, while Specialist Lowenburg kept his eyes on the people they had apparently saved. Over the radio, Lieutenant Maurer began giving orders to the various vehicles. “Sergeant Lee, I want you to come meet me as we talk up these locals. You and the fire team can join.”

“Yes sir, we’re on our way.” Lee replied, while Specialist Meir gave a whistle of approval. “Thank God, we get to stretch our legs.”

As they approached the caravan, the two E3s on the highway stopped not too far from the relieved Caravan’s position. More notably however was the two LUVs driving up next to them. Getting out, 10 Texan soldiers piled out while the rest of the Convoy secured the parameter.

“Platoon Sergeant Lee, you studied English, correct?” Lieutenant Maurer called out to his second in command, in German obviously.

“Yeah, in High School and University. Don’t know if they speak English, but I can try.” She replied.

From the perspective of the survivors, these new people were armed (heavily), and apparently masked. This was of course part of the latest exoskeleton designs produced by the Texan Military that allowed for integrated fighters. Fortunately enough, they wouldn’t go masked forever. Approaching the Caravan, Lee rose her visors. First thing they would see is the Hazelnut eyes of a woman around 5’7”, and carrying a rifle. You could probably tell she was Asian in ethnicity, but they probably wouldn’t realize she was Chinese specifically.

“Noon fellas, you sure are lucky we showed up when we did. Or you and your….” she said, looking over to the two headed monstrosity of a cow. “uhhhhh, you and your cattle would be theirs. Anywho, how are you gentlemen holding up?” Lee tried in accented English.

“We’re doing fine, just fine. Now look, we understand that you saved us and all and you want your payment. I don’t have many caps and all, but I got some other goods. I got med-x, I have nuka-cola. Or..or I even have some jet for you to take, I know it’s not exactly legal but you can enjoy yourselves or sell it to some other poor sap.”

Jim looked at the native who shrugged and back at the merchant trying his best. He sighed and brought the gun to rest on his shoulder, stepping forward to the strange speaking Asian. Pulling out a box of preserved cigarettes, some of the few that were left in such good condition as they were.

“Thanks. For not killing us and all, thought you were raiders too for a second coming to take everything from the fools trying to kill us. We’re holding up just fine and know that if you try and take a damn thing off this brahmin...well...That’s my paycheck and I’ll need to kill you. So you better start speaking some good sense fast for why you’re here. Because you sure as hell don’t seem to be good for this wasteland here.” The native came up behind Jim, looking up and down the soldier in the front of them and shook his head.

Well, frankly speaking, the Texans didn’t need payment or the Brahmin. But they would like information. That said, it didn’t stop the Lieutenant from ordering the men not involved in conversation to look at the bodies of the dead raiders. See if anything interesting came up.

“We don’t need your goods as payment, frankly we need information if anything.” Lee said, holding her hand up in rejection of her he cigs and everything else.

“Oh, so they do speak English?” Maurer said with relief, to Lee’s nod. “Yeah, they wanted to know if we wanted any payments for our little good deed.”

Maurer shifted his foot, before saying “Don’t need payment, but info is nice. Ask him if Jackson has any large settlement. If not, ask him where we can find a settlement. Also ask him if there's a Government of any sort.”

As to why they were here? “You see, and I realize this must sound insane, our nation was transported next to this wasteland. Some real nasty shit began crossing the border, so we sent parties to protect our borders, and explore this area. See if anything could be made of it. I’m Sergeant Lee, from the Texan Confederacy. Consider us rescuing you uhhhhhh, an act of kindness.” Lee was going to point out how they had just stopped a bandit raid, but then again there were areas back home that couldn’t stop similar activity. Why would this place have any serious rule of law? Turning back to the natives, Lee asked “Well boys, tell me this. Are there any settlements over in Jackson? If not, where can we find some. Also, is there any Government we can talk to?”

“You bunch really are a bunch of...vault dwellers. You must be vault dwellers, seeing that damn flash of light it definitely was something...Texas though huh...Damn, we were just heading there to sell some goods, sad it’s not the High Church anymore. But I’m sure we can get something left there.”

Lighting a cigarette, he took a drag and breathed out, over 150 year old tobacco had a strange taste that he couldn’t help himself to. More processed than natural, felt pretty nice. “Now if you’re asking for the Government. Head on down to Jackson over there, beautiful city you’ll find east of the Mississippi for a while till you reach Atlanta. Need a job? Taverns always have an odd job or...if you’re boring as you seem to be...Head on to the Governor’s house, he’s been there since he was placed in power by the Federal Government, two years running now I believe...or was just just a year..Hard to remember.” Looking at this group, he dragged the native back to the brahmin and pointed the merchant to head the caravan forward, they started marching as Jim continued talking to the vault dweller in front of him, no one had that tech than the BoS and they never came this far south.

“Well Sergeant, I wish you luck talking to the Feds. They try their best, you know, I used to work with them before I decided I wanted better work than fighting for FUSA dollars. Caps are where it’s at. Government knows that and tries to patrol the roads as much as they can, so don’t blame them all for failing to protect all merchants. Least we didn’t run into a deathclaw, fuckers don’t go down easy. But they are worth quite a lot, so happy hunting.” He waved them off as he walked off back to his caravan, the one marching west towards Texas. All three of them didn’t know what they were going to find, but if this “Texan Confederation” has anything, it might be worth a lot of caps.

As the soldiers who went to expect the bodies of the raiders came back, they looked rather unimpressed. “Nothing interesting?” Lieutenant Maurer asked as they came back.

“Besides blood and guts, sir? Nothing but junk, old and crippled old junk.” Specialist Lowenburg said. Sighing, the Lieutenant nodded at that. “Whatever, let’s pack it up people. We have a ‘Governor’ to meet.”

Nodding at that, Lee and her Fireteam made their way back into their LUV. After a few minutes, the convoy began once again. Lee got to get a good look at the remains of the dead raiders as they drove past. Behind her helmet, she frowned.

“Crazy what 7.62 at 4,000 rounds per minute can do, huh?” Specialist Meir said, elbowing Lee in good nature. “Might as well add meat processing to our long list of talents.” Lee snorted, before looking ahead. She could most certainly see structures coming into view. The trip was coming into its last leg.

The outskirts of Jackson were metal shacks with people standing about, some smoking and others attempting to sell wares to people. As they got deeper into the city it was alive with activity, people walking the streets and brahmins going down the roads that used to carry cars. Clinics, general stores and restaurants litter the streets along with general buildings which can be presumed as houses or offices. There are signs that tell directions of old roads from long ago, now covered with wooden blocks painted with words like, “Mayor”, “Bar” and “Marketplace”. Even a ghoul who was acting as a traffic cop, his melted face showing off while wearing what seemed like an officer from one of those 50s crime movies. Even looked like it was in good condition too. From the perspective of the Texans, it was like society trying to live in the husk of an old, greater one. Like how Europe used the same roads as the Romans before them, but truth be told, the old American infrastructure obviously did not hold up as well. To be fair, a nuclear war happened, but the point still stands.

People gave the armored cars and IFVs looks as they went through the city. “Uhhh, we should probably hop out and begin asking for directions.” The Lieutenant said over the radio. He wasn’t wrong, they had no idea where they were going. Stopping at a lot of land where they could park more or less, the rumbles of the Texan vehicles were by far the loudest thing people nearby could hear. This proves itself obvious as there was a small crowd stalking them. Getting outside her truck with a few soldiers with her, Lee walked towards the crowd to ask for directions.

Revealing her Hazelnut eyes to the crowd, she gave a polite wave. “Anyone know where the Governor is?”

The cop ghoul came forward to the soldiers, the crowd going about their business not wanting to deal with the weird outsiders in their advanced cars. The ghoul with his gravel filled voice chuckled at the people, bastards must be new to this place. “You smoothskins really need to rethink who you ask, next time ask the police officer who works in the city.” He gets closer, his completely melted and droopy face showing to those hazelnut eyes of the Asian. “Thankfully, Officer Garret is here to help you. I can take you to the Governor’s place, just please make sure to lock your cars. People here tend to lose things if you leave them about, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. Now come on, you need some sort of friendly face to guide your way.” The ghoul happily walks off, a swagger in his step and a .44 snub-nosed revolver on his hip. Officer Garret seemed to really like his job.

To say the Texans were shocked by the Ghoul was an understatement, but Lee rolled with the punches. “Alrighty, after you Officer Garret.” She said. Eight soldiers, including Lieutenant Maurer, joined her. Meanwhile the rest of the 48 strong force simply waited around the vehicles.

“So uhhh, what’s with that thing?” Maurer asked Lee, who shrugged. “Apparently that’s ’Officer Garret.’ He was gracious enough to take us to the Governor’s mansion.”

The masked Lieutenant nodded, saying “Alrighty. I guess we’re following Officer Garret, boys.” He said to his soldiers, before they began following the Ghoul Officer.

“Woooooh, boy. Didn’t think I’d hear German again! Ain’t got a lick of sense of it so you’re good, but god I haven’t heard German in over 200 years. You know, I was 30 when the bombs dropped and boy did that radiation really burn like a bitch. But fuckin’ hell I didn’t lose my job when it happened, even got my boss’s revolver for it all. Keep it clean and up to condition with every cap I could, now I’m part of the law in this town. Especially when the FUSA came about and reinstated police forces and sheriffs. Shit went down before they came in, a huge confederation of natives ruled and knew jack shit about running anything, so it’s almost like a hand in glove the Americans came.” He let out a laugh, the deep gravel voice shaking out of his radiated windpipe. Guiding the bunch to the remains of a Government building from before the war, it was given some sort of touch up and the FUSA flag was flying in the wind. The stars and stripes flying in the wind, the evidence of survival.

“Ah! All the way over there! Down this street and into that building is the Governor’s home. I’ll take you all the way there, which by the way. Ya’ll been quiet, anythin’ you want to ask me?”

On the way to the Governor, the man went on and on. Of course it sounded like gibberish to most of the soldiers, and if you paid attention in school, maybe pick up a few sentences. Though for Lee, she listened attentively to what the Officer was saying. She got shivers from what he described, and it basically confirmed it. This place had gone through a nuclear holocaust, and was living through the fallout. Somehow, the officer was changed enough to live through it…….and turn him into what he is now. Sent shivers down Lee’s spine just thinking about it. When he asked why they were so quiet, well, it was obvious. Most of the soldiers didn’t speak English. But she would ask a question. “What’s this Governor James, what are they like dear Officer Garret?” Lee asked.

“Oh! The Governor? Well their name isn’t James. I believe it’s McMillan. Governor McMillan is a firm believer of the United States of America, since he did come all the way from Washington D.C and was appointed to the state of Mississippi. He honestly made this place the way it is, caps and FUSA dollars flow and people are safer since he came about.”

He laughed, thinking about how it is.

“He helped me become a good police officer in this city, I’m hoping to become the city’s sergeant in charge of the precinct. Just so you know, once I take charge you better not do crime. If you do.” He pulls out the gun and spins the gun by the trigger guard and holds it in his hand and grips it tightly, “I’ll shoot all of you dead.” With that, they finally reach the gate. The guy guarding it squinted at the lot but was interrupted by a police badge in his face, looking at the old badge of a man who was alive before becoming a ghoul. Officer Garret turned the badge to Lee showing his old self before the war before putting it away. With a shrug the guy opened the gate and stood in front of them.

“Alright. Before we continue you all, I need you to put your weapons away. Those that come in need to put weapons away before getting in.” He points to a trunk outside of the small station he had, waiting patiently.

Lee was annoyed with all the people threatening to shoot them, which she chalked down to the frontiersman arrogance that surely developed living in a wasteland. To be fair, he’s been around for 230 years. Maybe living that long gave you the right to be a bit snobbish. She certainly wouldn’t be around that long, so whatever.

“Alright four of us will go in, 5 will wait out here.” The Lieutenant said, after Lee informed him of what was going down. Nodding,Lee, the Lieutenant, Lowenburg, and Meir all put their weapons in the trunk. The other 5 being there, they were certain they’d be there when they got back.

“Uhh, alrighty Officer, we’re ready to meet the Governor. Seems like a swell fellow from what you’ve said so far.” Lee said, to which Maurer nodded in agreement. He didn’t understand what she said, but hey, that’s confidence in your junior officer.

“Excellent! Alright kids, follow the Police Officer so you don’t get lost. You might learn some spooky Government secrets~” He started laughing again and led the way into the Governor’s Mansion, pushing open the doors.

Inside the Mansion was actually rather well cleaned and furnished. Beautiful wood floors with rugs on top of them that seemed fresh and soft. The walls, although having long falling apart wallpaper and paint that seemed rather weak in regards to covering the wood, was rather nice in its simplicity and were covered in paintings that seem of this era. As they walked down the halls the last painting was of a man in power armor, the T-51b helmet could never be mistaken for anything else and on the small golden name plate was “Chairman Rexton Moore”.

“Alright kiddos! Up the stairs! Up the stairs!!!” Pushing them all up the stairs and through the door, the Governor was leaning back in his chair with his feet up. A laser pistol to his cigar before slowly lowering it on the newcomers.

“Yees? How may I help ya?” the nameplate on the desk was “Governor McMillan”, this was the man they needed to talk to. Looking at the Governor, Lee couldn’t help but get sheriff vibes. She wasn’t sure why, maybe it was the fact this was in essence the Wild West vibe. Though perhaps it was also the nonchalance of the Governor, who you’d be hard pressed to see a Governor in Texas act like. Not to say you didn’t have your nonchalant officials in rural areas, you did.

The pistol caught Lee’s eyes, seeing it was in their general direction. Then again, everyone in this town acted like a gunslinger. Nothing much you could do about that. Lee looked to the Lieutenant, saying “The good Governor says hi, and wants to know how he can help.”

Lieutenant Maurer sighed, before taking off his helmet with a little bit of process involved. What it revealed was a man in his mid 20s, with blue-gray eyes. His hair was a dirty blonde, and well trimmed to Texan standards, albeit a little messy due to wearing his helmet for so long. His skin was on the paler side of the spectrum, and he wore standard features you might find in a central or Northern European man. Looking over to his soldiers, he in essence signaled them to do the same. Lee removing her own helmet, you got what you more or less might expect. An Asian woman, with a bob style haircut. You could see some dimples on her face, and she was tanner than you might expect. You could thank her home canton of Mittlekalifornia for that. As for Specialist Meir and Lowenburg, Meir was your friendly blue eyed brunette. Lowenburg on the other hand was brown eyed, and had curlier hair than the other four had displayed.

“Well, tell him our mission Sergeant Lee. Give him our full names too, I guess.” Lieutenant Maurer said.

Nodding, she turned to the Governor. “Hello there Governor, my name is Sergeant Kate Lee. This is Lieutenant Johan Maurer, Specialist Matz Lowenburger, and Specialist Peter Meir. We’re here to explore the apparent wasteland East of the Mississippi. Our home nation is the Texan Confederation, and the world has changed. This will sound insane, but we’ve transported to a new world. The nation that used to occupy this lane was the Republic of America. Now, we’ve been informed there is an American Government in power. We’re also told you are the local Governor. So, we’d like to get in contact with your Government, and hammer out the details of being neighbors I suppose. Cause uhhh, dangerous beasts are infiltrating our border, which is more or less unacceptable.”

The Governor stared at the people in front of them, fucking loonies they were talking about transported to a new world and not knowing anything about dangerous beasts. Texan Confederation? Fuckers must be insane if they weren’t talking about the High Church, but they were better geared and looked much better off than the High Church could ever hope to be.

“Well...I get that. Now I would love to help you fine folks here, but that’s the thing about getting to the Governor. You see, the things we use to keep in touch easily, well it’s expensive to use. Power costs, maintenance, all those nice things.” He chuckles nervously, looking at the Officer to back him up and only to be given a shrug. This caused McMillan to resort to the only thing he had left, his words. “You see...Mr...Lieutenant sir.” He looks to the Lieutenant, but realizes that he doesn’t know shit about English and so turns to the Sergeant. “You see, I can’t just let anyone walk into my office with any story and just talk to the Government up in D.C. The Chairman is a busy guy, so you need to do something for me.”

He smiles and turns the terminal around, showing that it could be ready and used to talk with the Chairman, “I need some payment. Some caps, nothing more nothing less. 200 caps and you can talk to Mr. Moore as long as you wish.”

“200……..caps?” Lee asked confused, crossing her arms. “Is that some kind of currency?” She asked, confused. If so, the fact is they needed to pay a bribe to get in comms with the Government was annoying beyond belief.

“Yes! Caps! You know, bottlecaps. The thing you see on nuka-cola bottles or even some sunset sarsaparilla, hell I’ll even take dollars if you have any. You really are new, but I digress. So, pay me and we can go along with you talking to D.C” he smiles as best as he could without looking too annoyed.

“Well uhhh, we don’t have any Caps. Or local dollars.” Lee said, dismayed. She went onto explain the situation, which was quite unfortunate in her comrades' eyes. Looking at each other, how to proceed wasn’t exactly clear.

“I have Marks.” Meir offered, to which Lee snorted. “Ask him if there’s any jobs we can do to get the money.” Maurer said, to which Lee agreed.

“So uhhh, Governor. We only have Texan Marks on us. So, ummm, there any way we can earn caps? Or some little assignment you need done instead?” Lee offered, not sure what else to say.

“Ah, a bunch of poor capless people. I see. I see. Well, if you need a job to use my terminal instead, I may know just the thing.”

Walking over to a filing cabinet, he opens it until he reaches the bottom one, pulling out a map and laying it down in front of the group of Texans, he points to a block that seems to be on the other side of the city.

“This right here is the city’s local purifier, it’s been acting up and we don’t know why. I’ll hand you the keys to the basement and we’ll need you to take care of anything inside. If you take care of what’s messing with the water, then I’ll let you use the terminal, if you somehow fix the thing too? Well I might just throw in some caps or local dollars, depending on what you want.”

With a smile, he holds out his hand to the sergeant, “Well? What do you say?”

After telling the Lieutenant what the Governor wanted, its not like Maurer really had much of a choice. Nodding in affirmation, Lee followed up by saying “We accept, Governor.” Lee looked over the map, saying “Does it matter at all if we take this map with us?” She pulls out a phone, adding “If so, we can just take a picture.”

Meir growned, saying “What do you think it is? It’s always something bad in this place, I swear.” Lowenburger simply shrugged, saying “I don’t know man, but we gotta do what we gotta do. If you wanted an easy job, you shouldn’t have joined the Military.” Meir of course snorted at that, their small side conversation ultimately inconsequential.

“Go on and take the map, not like it’s really much use...almost as old as Garret here. But yeah, go ahead and take it, if you need more guidance I’m sure Officer Garret can go with you.” He smiled and holstered the laser pistol, a smiling face that would make a politician jealous. “Now go on and deal with the problem, the faster the better. Soldier boys goin’ on to talk with the Chairman. But hey, you do you. Now get out of here and get the job done.”

Nodding at that, she picked up the map, and put her phone away. “We’ll be back before you know it.” She said, before nodding to the other soldiers, and turning to leave. Taking her cue, so did the rest of the soldiers. Exiting the Governor’s office, the soldiers make their way back through the mansion, from where they came. The mood of the four was speculative. “Think we can fix this thing?” Specialist Meir asked, as their boots could be heard rhythmically going down the stairs.

“I think one of our engineers can take a crack at it, but frankly that’s a hard ‘I don’t know.’ We need to take a look at the thing first. And get to it, before that. Christ, what did we sign up for?” Lieutenant Maurer said, sighing.

“Well, we need to contact HQ, and let them know what’s going on. After that, we then look at this bloody water purifier.” Lee pointed out.

Once they were outside again, a gust of cold wind hit the soldiers. Wincing at that, they put their helmets on once again, and made their way back to the other five soldiers they left behind. Getting their weapons, and informing them of what was going down, they made their way back to the vehicles. Once back, Lieutenant Maurer told Lee “I’ll update HQ. For now, get in the LUVs and prepare to roll out to the other part of the city.” Nodding, she and her crew went back to their personal vehicle and got ready.

“Here Private Weber.” Lee said to the LUV’s driver. She handed him the map, and pointed as to where they would be going. He looked it over, before saying “Uhhh, what exactly are we going to do?”

Lee snorted at that, before replying “We’re handymen now Weber, haven’t you heard. Exterminators too. Their Water Purifier is acting up, so we’re going to go fix it.”

The short explanation out of the way, they now waited. They waited for about five minutes, before they got radioed in by the Lieutenant. It was time to move out. As the drivers moved through the streets, and made their way to the other side of the city, they got a better look of it. A lot of buildings obviously past their prime. That said, while some were without life, others were just brimming with it. Mom and Pop shops, trade markets, tenants, and more. When they finally reached where they thought they were supposed to go, the soldiers began piling out of their vehicles and preparing to go inside.

“That it?” Specialist Jaeger asked as he came over to Sergeant Lee. For her part, she was messing with a recon drone that was going to be sent inside to give the soldiers a heads up if there actually was anything going on down there.

“Uhhh, yeah Jaeger. That’s it.” She said, before sighing. The Lieutenant was meanwhile messing with the soldiers who had the best chance of helping fix the purifier.

“All right, you four-“ Lee said in reference to her fire team. “We begin looking first.” She said. Walking up to the room’s door, they lay down the drone, and let it go inside. It was a small and mobile thing. It should give them an idea of the layout of the ground floor as the others prepared to join them.

The man inside of the place jumps at the sight of the drone, pulling out his .38 revolver and starts blasting around it, “SPIDER! SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER!!!” Another guy saw what he was shooting at and grabbed the nearby shovel and smashed the damn thing, pulling away he saw the lack of blood and guts and more pieces and electronics. “Whoops...Broke a toy it seems.” Picking up the thing he walked over to the outside and saw all the Texans.

“...Oh was this your thing? Ah, I see that key...Governor sending another set of poor bastards to the basement. You gotta come inside and go down the stairs wingnuts, next time just knock.”

He pockets the drone and leaves the door open for them, going back to looking at the pipes in the central area of the purifier. In the far back is a set of stairs with a sign that says “Maintenance” above it.

“Bloody hell…….Weber, get another drone.” She said to the private, before turning to the man who opened the door. “You lot got any idea what’s going on down there?” The mention of other groups was troublesome.

“Well, last time folks went down there bastards never came back out. Sure they were your local militia boys who never did a day of training, only pieces of bat and tire irons. Hired one merc to go down and find them, only had a poor little .38 revolver like mine and he never came back. And well, Jeffery noticed there were some water pressure problems and went down with a wrench and well...I’ll let you take a guess.” In the end, he doesn’t really know what’s down there.

“I see……thanks for the info. By the way, I’d like you hand that drone back. It’s property of the Texan Confederacy, and you broke it needlessly. You don’t just get to keep it.” Lee said, stretching her hand out, expectantly.

Meanwhile other soldiers began to arrive to help check on what’s going on. “Uhhh, what’s the situation?” The Lieutenant asked as he arrived. “Well, this fellow broke our drone. Also whatever is down there has to be assumed to be lethal. Apparently our Governor friend sent some people prior, none of them came back. To be fair, none of them were as well equipped as we are.” She patted Specialist Meir’s SAW to demonstrate that point. “Or as numerous as we are apparently.” Specialist Meir added. Lee said “We’re getting another drone to investigate.” Her head then snapped back to the man who had broken the previous one, “I’m still waiting for my parts friend, Military policy. Broken Texan tech stays with the Army, or is subsequently unrecognizably destroyed beyond usefulness if that’s not an option.” Rolling his eyes, despite no one being able to see it, Lieutenant Lee and other soldiers began making their way into the building to look around.

“Yeah, no sorry. My job barely pays on its own and we have the policy of ‘finders keepers loser weepers”. You sent this drone without thinking and you lost it because you were a bunch of scared molerats. Look.” He places twenty caps in her outstretched hand. “Keep it all, my thank you to you.” He moves away, going upstairs where he smiles while closing the door behind him and locking the deadbolt he had welded on.

“Sorry about him.” Spoke the other guy with the .38 revolver. Pointing at the maintenance sign, “That’s the way you need to go. Go in and out, easy peasy. Hell if you fix the damn thing I’ll give you a few caps on your way. Say, 100 caps for your troubles if you fix it?”

He gives a nervous smile, looking at how heavily armed they all were and how obviously annoyed they were just cheated out of their tech. Wonder if they’d be more butthurt than the Brotherhood about losing it.

“We could totally go after him if we wanted to, we have the tools to do it.” Lee said unamused. “Well, we’ll decide his fate later.” She said ominously, before looking to the Lieutenant. “We ready?” She asked him. Fire teams were beginning to come back from looking around, so he was comfortable with proceeding. After giving a short order to the soldiers staying outside for if anyone tried running off, or messing with the vehicles, multiple drones were sent down the maintenance to the basement to investigate.

“I’m getting the jitters, you feel me? It’s probably some god awful monster.” Private Weber to Specialist Lowenburger, who snorted in response. “It’ll be a dead monster in 10 minutes.”

At first, it was rather normal for a water purification plant. Many pipes and wells to hold water, the moisture starting to appear on the drone’s cameras as they got deeper in. It would’ve been normal if not for the giant fuck all hole large enough for a six foot man to walk through standing next to another one. Guessing those that found this would wish to know more, the drones would go down this hole which would also have pipes running along the rock and dirt. The trail being lit by glowing green mushrooms, which led to what can be seen as a huge underground lake…

But that wasn’t the problem, nor was the missing pipes from two of the main lines that went into the purifier. No. What there was were dozens upon dozens of eggs inside, huge ones the size of a human head in clutches. Dozens of clutches. Before they could really do anything, a chittering noise came through as a dozen or so giant ants came from the water, other tunnels and from the ceiling and started to crawl towards the drones that were in their territory.

Now would be the best time to run.

Lee frowned at the tablet that controlled the drones, saying “Big ass ants. These fuckers are gonna be a pain, I’ll tell you that. I’m extracting one, I’m detonating the other. You guys get prepared to clear, and for the love of all that is mighty, don’t let these things near you. Watch each other’s back.” Nodding at that, the first squad prepared to head down.

Down in the basement, one drone ran back to safety. While the first squad went to make contact downstairs, the other drone drove circles around the ants, gathering as much intel as possible. When it was simply impossible to go on anymore, Lee’s face contorted into a nasty smile. “Time to go boom boom, you ugly fucks.” Pressing the button, the drone self detonated. Now she wasn’t sure what the result was, but she was fairly confident it killed an ant or two, three if she was lucky. It was also you know, away from the water purifier as well. She made sure to keep that in mind too. Down with the first squad, knowing where the ants where, the opening bursts of fire began from the marines. As it turned out, it took no more than two bursts of rifle fire to down an ant. Two marines at a time managed to keep the ants at bay as they tried to come deal with the intruders, while another two marines waited to replace them when they needed to reload.

Lee with her squad made their way down as well not too long after. Staying in groups, areas were cleared out of infestation. As it turned out, SAWs really cut through ants nice and effectively. The ants would go down one by one without any real means of getting close to the Texans, while sure they were a threat to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of FUSA, but for these men they are just target practice that take a little bit more. One group attempted to use dead comrades as shields and got almost close enough for a bite before being blasted back by the sheer volume of fire. But when a loud screeching noise is heard down one of the large holes, it would not be something good. Because out crawled a giant fucking ant with an abnomin that looked bloated, something out of some giant monster movie this giant ant was the size of one of those British double decker busses and with a little extra on top. It had small wings that a long time ago helped it fly outside of this place and dig into the earth, but now they were useless as it crawled towards the Texans, the last group of giant ants with her which could be assumed to be her “royal guard” as they looked even larger than the last ants and perhaps their exo-skeleton looked a bit tougher too.

“Uhhhh, big mommy ant girlfriend has come to play.” A marine noted, in an attempt at humor. “Big mommy ant girlfriend can suck my massive cock.” Another replied before shooting off a rifle grenade, a few other marines doing the same thing. SAWs trained in on the so called “royal guards” to allow room to focus on the massive Queen. Meanwhile a marine from outside rushed an anti tank weapon down. Now, this very well may be overkill. But on the other hand, the thing was the size of a tourist bus, you couldn’t be too sure. The marines meanwhile felt their lines condensed as they made sure they kept their enemies as far away as possible. All said, it appeared this was the last stretch.

The royal guard ants were significantly tougher, bullets would occasionally bounce off their heads as they came closer, but for the most part they stayed near their Queen. But when the second screech went out, the remaining ants went into a frenzy as they threw themselves at full speed against the Texan fire. These ones when they died were taken up and used as much more effective shields, enough to actually reach the lines of the Texans. Throwing away the dead bodies, two royal guard ants descended upon one of the marines, mandibles with sharp ridges as they went to bite the arms and legs of the poor bastard. While this happened, the Queen got closer and ever so closer, her body just jiggling from her mass. The Marine’s comrades of course diverted momentary attention to saving their friend, which hastened the two ants demise. Unfortunately for the marine, he lost around 75% of his arm for the trouble, and a face full of ant blood as marine with a shotgun attachment blew one of the ant’s heads off. As he was pulled away, the madman used a shaky pistol to shoot back even gravely injured. All the screaming and cursing that entailed.

Meanwhile the marine with the E72 LP anti tank weapon had arrived, and seeing the monstrosity that was the Queen, he was well aware of why he was there. Aiming the weapon, “This bitch doesn't want this smoke!” He screamed before firing it directly into the Queen. More grenades had been tossed to boot to keep the guards away. Whatever the case, there was going to need to be an evac for their wounded marine. The queen gets their entire front half blown off, leaving only the giant pulsating abdomen..which proceeded to burst from the grenades. The remaining ants quickly retreated back into the tunnel which didn’t seem that far deep. The remaining royal guards that were around exploded from the grenades and several egg clutches also got destroyed by the grenades too. The explosion rocked two free pipes falling from the ceiling and thunking on the floor with a metallic klang. There's things to fix the pipes now.

Having finished their job, Lieutenant began giving orders fast. “Get private Baker a medevac, now! And finish off any eggs left over. For the remainder of the ants, lob grenades and fire after them so this problem is finished for good. As for the water purifier, specialists, you get on that.” And it more or less went down that way, marines hunting down the remainder of the ants. Meanwhile the water purifier was more or less fixed. Around the time the water purifier was fixed, the loud sounds of a helicopter had come down nearby. Just as soon as it had come, it had presumably left with Private Baker.

“Poor fucking kid, wanted to be a here and a fucking ant tore his arm off.” Specialist Lowenburger mused, looking at the dead ant corpses. “Say, reckon these things are worth anything to anyone? I bet they are, considering how fucked this place is.” Specialist Meir asked, to which frankly no one had a good answer too. Lee meanwhile had a look of disgust, which again, no one could see.

“Anywho, sooner we get back to the Governor, the better. But we should ask the fellas up top what they think.” Lee said, going to go confront the locals in the building.

“Fucking hell, I couldn’t hear jack shit from all the gunfire you were having down there. Explosions and screaming? My god, you are all pretty insane bastards. By the way, that guy you wanted to talk to, well. Lets just say he’s long gone now, turns out he had himself one of them stealth boys and is probably long gone in the city. So uh...sorry for your toy and all.” He turned to look at a dial that had the words “water pressure”, the line was much higher and it gave the man a smile. “Man, whatever you guys did a lovely job. This water will help the people of this city stay alive and whatever was down there, well, I doubt they’ll be coming back soon so...I think you definitely earned yourself some of this.” Pulling out of his pocket was a bag, placing it in the hands of Lee. Inside would be several bottlecaps which were a mixture of several brands, but mostly consisting of nuka-cola. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.” She said, even though there were obviously many problems along the way. Behind her, Meir and Lowenburger dragged the corpse of a dead ant with them. “This things worth anything to anybody?” Meir asked. Sighing, Lee translated. “They wanna know if the dead ants are worth something around here.”

“Dead ants? Fuckin’ hell, didn’t realize giant ants were down there. My friend, people love mounting their heads to walls but for real? Their eggs and their bodies are great food, cook that shit up and you get a wonderful soup. People probably pay like, 15 caps per fuckin’ body you can get. As for the eggs, those things go for 10 caps a pop.

Lee sighed shaking her head. “We destroyed the eggs to be safe, and thinking about it, should have kept one. Not to sell, but send home for study. Oh well. But there is like 18 bodies down there, and the body of an ant queen.” She said, before explaining that to the two specialists.

“Uhhh, what can One cap even buy?” Lowenburger asked, a reasonable question. One she translated. Knowing what this is all worth helps.

“A single cap can’t get you shit unless you get one of them big water cities. Water there can get you a bottle per cap. But in general? You want to have at least one hundred caps in your pocket. Can buy you a bed, some food, some water and even a stimpak or two. But most importantly ammo, god ammo is needed at times.” He chuckled, “Whatever you can find, better make sure to save that cash. Caps can be used everywhere but things like FUSA dollars, only by Government stuff. So always save your caps and don’t get fooled into trading them for the dollar. Only idiots do that. So that’s my words of wisdom to you.”

“Good to know, thanks.” She said, nodding at the man. She then turned to the Specialists. “Begin packing the bodies up.” She then went outside, and screamed “Hey, we need some help getting these ant bodies loaded up. Probably sell them off I guess, better us than other people.” Nodding, some marines from outside went to help. Sergeant Lee for her part updated HQ, before helping herself.

When it was all said and done, all the bodies were packed up and everyone ready to roll. Driving back through the city to where they had last been was quite the experience. Where people had seen them for their tech before, now they were bringing the bodies of ants. Didn’t take a genius to figure out who killed them. When they got back, they began looking for Officer Garret oddly enough. He could take them back to the Governor, and probably help sell the ants for a fair price. Or at least point them in the right direction. Well it just so happens Garret was down the street, turns out bringing a helicopter wasn’t really so subtle especially since only the Government had those kinds of things, rarely did they use them, save the front lines.

“You folks know how to give quite the show to old Garret here. Thought the Government caught wind of you, once I saw that flag I knew somethin’ was wrong, thought that purifier showed you who was boss. Buy oh boy! Giant Ants! Sell that at the market place and you’ll make a quick buck. Nice job you all! Must mean you’re done too, better go see that Governor to talk with that guy you want to talk to or something.”

“Good to know, we’ll make sure to get those things sold soon. Anywho, we’re making our way back to the Governor. We’re ready to go along with you.” Lee said, assuming they’d need an escort to go back to the Governor’s mansion.

“Aww, bunch of lost puppies huh. Alright, since you need Officer Gerrat. Stay in line and don’t get snappy, no cutting either. Follow me.” He leads the bunch back to the Governor’s mansion and waves off the guard who had them leave their weapons last time, heading straight in and into the Governor’s room, he was waiting picking his teeth out when he saw the group arrive, holding his arms up as he leaned back in the chair.

“It’s good to see you’re back! I heard the commotion with that weird looking vertibird of yours. Tell me, did you do as I asked?” The Governor smiled, noticing now they have weapons so he made sure his hand wasn’t too far from his laser pistol. He didn’t need a commotion in front of him right now.

“Well, yes. Your water purifier should be working. Damn place was swarming with bugs too. Some asshat stole some of our equipment, and one of our men got his arm torn right off. Besides that, it should be all good.” Lee said, before removing her helmet. She was frowning.

“Now, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d like to talk to the Government please. We did your little task, and helped your town. I can only assume that covers the cost.”

“Yes, yes. I suppose it does. Alright, give me a second.”
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One the Road...
Alaroma and Greater Redosia Part 2


He turns the terminal around and starts to type on it, the clunking of keys as he practically smashes them with his fingers sends an echoing sound off the old pre-war walls. Suddenly, a wall opened showing a large television with the words “Please Stand-by” as the old pre-war lost connection showed itself. Slowly it turned to static and showed a bunch of people in an old Emergency Meeting Room at Washington D.C. The long table with many generals sitting on either side, then at the head of it was a man in power armor, next to him a woman who looked the perfect 50s politician, heels tied up hair and glasses. Slowly the man in the armor leaned forward.

“Governor McMillan, you were not scheduled for an update for another two weeks.” The power armor changed the voice of the man behind it, to be imposing and strong. Pre-war technologies were truly a wonder to the Governor, as he smiled. Pushing Sergeant Lee in front of the camera that popped out of the ceiling. The Chairman tilting his head as much as he could in the metal armor, looking closely he can see the small patch of the Texan flag on their shoulders. Leaning back, he realized what he was dealing with. A heavy sigh as his breath fuzzled through the voice modulator. “I see you from across the river have finally arrived. I was wondering whether it’d be soldiers or diplomats that would come. Soldiers it seems to be. Well then…” Pressing a button at his desk, the image slowly moved closer as if a camera was moving to his face, slowly lowering until it was only the Chairman and the woman next to him. Sitting up, he saluted to the Texans. “I am Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Rexton Moore of the Form-” he cut himself off, clearing his throat through the modulator, “of the United States of America. This-” He motions to the woman next to him who gives a nod, “Is Speaker of the House Jannet Wright. I can see you already made friends with the Governor here...But I can only imagine what sort of things you are going to ask. So go ahead.”

The soldiers looked on in quiet amazement at the man’s power armor, before the Lieutenant finally bumped Lee in the shoulder. Nodding, she began translating what was going on. Taking off his helmet, Maurer understood that they had come across higher ranking officials than they could have hoped for. Not bad all in a day’s work, but it would have been preferable had it not been at the cost of a man’s arm.

“Well introduce us, and then give our mission statement. After that, ask him the status of the US Government, and if they’re prepared to receive actual diplomatic teams.” Nodding, Lee turned to the General, saying “Greetings Chairman Moore, and Speaker Wright. My name is Kate Lee, and this-“ She said, gesturing to the Lieutenant, “is Lieutenant Johan Maurer. We’re soldiers of the Texan Marine Core, subordinate to the Texan Department of Defense. Our allegiance is to the Texan Confederacy. Our current commander in Chief is Anna von Gottberg, Chancellor of the Texan Confederacy. An event that had transformed the world, and transported us to an Earth where we share borders. When we first saw your nation, it looked like a wreck. We knew there were human settlements, but they were less developed. Add on top of this the fact dangerous beasts were crossing into our territory, groups were formed to help hunt down these beasts. Beyond that, we had very little knowledge of what had happened to this land besides it’s high radiation. Due to the confusion, we were sent to this population center for a variety of reasons. On one hand this provides data as to what the landscape of the area is, and data of killing dangerous animals. But it was also to make contact with a possible civilization.”

Lee took out her tablet, looking through the info she had on “The United States Of America.” All the information she had on it was as good up to the 1930s when the British and French from the last world last saw them. “That leads me to my first few questions. What exactly lead to the nuclear destruction of the United States? Did the Government ever collapse to begin with, or are you rebuilding your union? And beyond that, how capable is the US of receiving actual diplomatic teams? It’s our preference we don’t have to drive across the wasteland, when we could fly to your capital and drop off an ambassador.”

“A German name...been a while since I’ve heard one.” The Chairman was lost in thought for a moment before coming back to reality. They were people who were new and knew nothing of their world, nothing of what has happened. And so as his duty, he would tell the story of the United States of America and its fate. He studied all the holotapes, all the history books and what he was told. To recollect all that was lost. “One hundred seventy three years ago, the year Twenty-Two Seventiy-Seven. October...That was when the bombs dropped. We’ve liberated Alaska and the nation thought the war against the Chinese was over. But instead, the People’s Republic of China would not accept defeat as we were on their mainland. The resource wars were devastating and the lack of oil across the world was bearing down on us all, Alaska being the last bastion of oil. The Chinese nuked our homes, destroying our cities and below the surface we would reside. One Hundred years would pass before we saw the surface again.”

Pausing for a moment, a hint of sadness hung through the air before a hardened resolve took hold of his form, the power armor looking more imposing than before. Our Government never collapsed, we retreated into the bunkers below Washington D.C, our anti-missile protection systems doing the best they could to hold off the destruction that Atom wished to wash across the world. We are the remnants of the United States Congress and Bureaucracy, we never really found out what happened to the President and his Executive Cabinet, they disappeared for so long...We forgot about them.

“Finally, your question is if we are ready for diplomatic representatives? We have many old embassy buildings within the capital, many buildings with their inhabitants long gone. Our airports are not as bad as you would imagine and the United States Government is ready for anything. Though you are only soldiers, we are thankful you carry a message from a non-hostile foe. As for the animals...We cannot do much to help, they are your problem once they cross your borders, so I can only give you my thoughts and my prayers.” he leaned back, tired after talking for so long and feeling the pain that built up inside of him.

Well, that was disappointing that they couldn’t do anything about the animals. But that wasn’t really surprising either, Now was it? It also explained what caused the animals to begin with, the nuclear war between the US and…….China? That’s a weird turn Lee wouldn’t have expected, but then again, the world is so different. She couldn’t really prescribe what policies Texas would do in response to this because well, she was only a Platoon Sergeant. Lieutenant Maurer was only, Well, a Lieutenant. “And we give our condolences to what happened to your nation.” Lee said, before translating for her comrades. It really was a shame too, a non bombed out US would have been a nice friend. It’s just by chance that the two previous Anglo nations to the Texan East were pacifistic pricks. Well, to be fair to New Britain, there was no Draka or USSR to fight.

“How does your Government work, exactly? It could be just me, but it seems pretty localized all things considered.” Lee asked, deciding to go into USA internal workings.

“Our Government is as good as we can be, everyone is within our nation because they understand the need to stay together to be safer than going it alone. I am in charge of the nation as a whole until we find it the right time and capabilities to elect a President, I am in charge of the military and of the defense of my nation. Congress and my great Speaker of the House here, they handle the creation of laws and their execution, mostly through the Governors we have appointed to the States. “It’s hard making sure everything can be done, so all we do is appoint the Governors and they more or less do what they can as they wish within their states, it’s easier and in the end they are loyal to the Government. There isn’t anything more than that.”

“Sounds like you’ve got yourself a Night Watchman state, if I’m correct. I can’t imagine you’re very focused on providing something like healthcare.” Lee noted, before translating for Lieutenant Maurer. Nodding a that, he said “Ask about their Military.”

“What does your military primarily concern itself with? Were there other human threats in your world? Or was it mostly internal concerns?” Lee asked, figuring it was best to ask more questions of that nature.

“Healthcare, we wish we could provide for all but better for local clinics they have to pay for…As for our military matters…” He thought for a moment, he wouldn’t tell them what they had, but he will tell them what was going on, “We did have to fight others. Ghouls in the hordes of hundreds, waging war on Native Confederations to consolidate our position and having to fend off raiders and super mutants. Once we reached the river, we didn’t need to concern ourselves with the nations west of it, sure there were clashes at times but it was nothing that we could not handle. Other people just trying to survive was all.”

After that,and the subsequent translation, Maurer shrugged. “Well, we’ve made first contact. Ask for the coordinates of their capital, and if they wish to know anything.” Nodding, Lee said “Well, I can’t really think of anything that’s within my lane to ask at the moment. So, where’s the coordinates of your capital so we can send ambassadors. And is there anything you wish to know?”

A small laugh came out of the power armored figure. “Asking for my coordinates? It’s Washington D.C. It still holds strong my friends. Over 460 years we still hold strong in the ancient capital of our strong nation. I’m sure you can tell where it is without needing to be so precise...not like we have much of the instruments to properly measure global positions through longitude and latitude. Much has been long when the bombs fell. “As for your people. I don’t care about what I need to know except...If you are the Texan Confederation or whatever it is...You are free and independent and...That leaves me with a single question. What happened to America? Wherever you are from, whatever you keep saying about shifting timelines and transportation to new universes...What matters to me is the status of America where you came from and how your people interacted with them.” A boom mic came from above and lowered itself in front of the Sergeant. Must be used for an even more clear message that was louder on the other end.

Well, for this question in particular, she could answer this question without explaining it to Lieutenant Maurer. “Well this isn’t our first transportation, its our second. Also we’ve technically never bordered the United States of America, but we know of it from periphery accounts told to us by the United Kingdom. That said, there were two nations very similar to this United States we’ve bordered. The previous nation, the Republic of America, was amicable with us. A fair trading partner. They however maintained neutrality during the Cold War, which was quite unfortunate. The nation before that, New Britain, was in a defensive alliance with us. However at the time, there wasn’t a substantial communist bloc to be in a cold war with. That all considered, the relations between Texas and New Britain were quite warm. It also helped Texas grow in power, considering the only real possible threat on its borders was an ally.”

“I see. Well we will just need to see our relations will go. We can have some sort of relations, just understand that we will not tolerate anything you will try to do that is subversive. In the end, we have suffered for many years to achieve our spot. We will not allow ourselves to be beaten down, so make sure you bring that back to your Government. We will be open to their diplomats, though do not expect to kiss you up and down as some sort of savior. We know nothing of your nation nor do we wish to know, it will be far too different as I can see. Nothing we can really compare to.”

“That’s fair enough. I cant make any promises, because I’m just a sergeant. Though I do know Texas cares for its people first, but will accommodate those who show themselves to be reasonable. If you’re reasonable, I’m sure Neue Berlin will try to do the same. It was a pleasure meeting you, all and all.” Lee replied.

“Pleasure meeting you too wanderers. Goodluck, I hope you return and I can see you face to face.” The screen returned to the “Please stand-by” and turned off, retreating back into the wall and leaving the Texans with the Governor.

“Well that was nice, so I’m guessing you’re leaving now. Thanks for your work and hope it wasn’t too much, always love people who come. Bringin’ new stuff.”

“No problem Governor, you have a fine day. We have some ants to sell before we leave your fine town.” She said, before nodding, and giving the Lieutenant the jist of what he said. The Lieutenant gave an awkward “Good day.” in English, before the soldiers made their leave. Now was time to sell the ants, and see if there was anything useful to use the caps on. If not, they’d be on their way. By the time they got out, the day had already passed. The shops are closed and the market is empty, there is nothing left but to go home. Even with a bunch of giant ants in tow. Realizing that, the Texans moved to set up a camp for the night. They’d see if they could sell in the morning. This aside, the soldiers would take shifts trying to get sleep. No need to drive through the night after all, they’d be in fair time.
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Luminant Hall - Outskirts of Valakhan

Marlevaur Xinihl had barely left his desk for the past few days, the relative calm of administering a small Outer Colony had turned into frantic 18-hour work-days as the ranking Celestial read report after report. Apparently, there had been no mass outbreak of disease, however the Praloks were visiting hospitals at an increasing rate, complaining about dizziness and queasiness. He hoped that it would pass, ranking medical staff in the colony were putting it down to a reaction to the different atmospheric pressure of this planet. What worried him however were two Sharyasdi who had come to the local clinic in Tash'Var'Ishagan and displayed high fever and strong cough, they were currently being kept in an isolation room with a sterile field generator with doctors attempting to ease and analyse their symptoms. For now, their condition was bad but stable, what worried the Celestial the most was that this might just be the first sign of a major bacterial or viral outbreak. They had been transplanted from a world fully surveyed according to standard colonization procedure to one with the Enlightened One only knew how many virulent diseases...

Not only that, they had been transplanted from a planet with a warm, relatively dry climate where large inland seas supported bands of lush vegetation while the inlands were mostly arid or semi-arid shrublands. He looked out through one of the windows of his office, at the icy, snowy landscape around him. The reports on the agricultural situation were, as could be expected, bad. Crops growing well in the warm climate of Mugulath were dying in these freezing temperatures. It would take time to establish greenhouses and hydroponic farming facilities in large enough numbers to get the output of foodstuffs back to where it would have normally been. Until then... they'd have to rely on the bounty of the seas and perhaps trading with the aliens of this world for edible foodstuffs. As he thought on how to resolve the food situation, the circular door to Marlevaur's study opened with a hydraulic hiss, pale white light from outside mixed with the dim orange glow emitted by the holopanels that surrounded the relatively simple yet elegant desk. In strode Marlevaur's eldest son with confident steps. Father! The translators have finally managed to make this gibberish intelligible. He could hear Mlartlar's voice within his mind. His son walked up to the desk, placing a datapad in front of his father and pressing the play-button on an open sound file, apparently just recently translated by the automated translation software in the capital city's university.

What played was a message, some state calling itself the United Nations professed itself to claim dominion over the whole planet, the second was equally menacing as it originated from a location from far closer than the one of these United Nations which were apparently located far away in the planet's southern hemisphere, no, this one was just an ocean away from a nearby continental landmass to the southeast. This European Empire was proclaiming it's might far and wide, swearing to plunder, conquer and dominate until the future belonged to them. Being just an ocean away from a large, apparently quite belligerent state could prove itself to be problematic for the survival of this colony, now that it was thrust into an entirely different dimension, far, far away from the rest of the Hegemony.

"This intelligent life doesn't seem very intelligent." Mlartlar spoke in a slight, mocking tone as he leaned back, crossing his arms. "It's clear we have been transported to a world divided among belligerent nation-states, a disunited species hungering for the blood of their own."

"We were just like that a few thousands cycles ago, son." Marlevaur said calmly, sweeping his hand over a holopanel projected above the desk, turning off the holoscreens filled with reports and plunging the room into darkness, lit only by the light from Mlartlar's datapad and the pale stars above. "It's only that we found enlightenment, we found the path to tread. They have not, perhaps we can show it to them before they destroy themselves... But now..."

"But now we have more important things to tend too, I know." Mlartlar with a clear hint of annoyance as he swung an ornate chair out from nearby the wall and sat down on the other side of his father's desk. "We're not going to send any response to this?"

"Of course not." The Enlightened Master of Mugulath said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, leaning back in the chair and looking at his eldest with a firm gaze. "There is no need for us to proclaim our presence and our defiance, we'll stay here and make sure our people have enough to eat, that they don't fall ill in this new environment. That's far more important."

"Nothing then?" The young Celestial asked rhetorically. "We'll just sit and wait for them to come to these icy shores shores of ours?" He said ironically and made an exaggerated sweep with his arm toward the window overlooking the colony's city and the icy bay it now hugged the shores of. Marlevaur rose from the chair behind the desk and slowly stepped around it.

Mlartlar's father frowned. The young Celestial could suddenly feel a pounding ache erupt in the back of his head while an intense whine penetrated his hearing. I do not appreciate your tone, son. Watch your tongue. His father's words seemed to rumble in the core of his very being.

"I am not idle, Mlartlar. You can be very much assured of that." The Enlightened Master said in a firm tone of voice. As he rounded the desk and placed a hand on his son's shoulder, releasing his psionic grip. "Something is being done, the Steel Caste shall place Area Denial Nodes around major population centers and strategic areas while I've ordered Commander Strongsong to oversee the establishment of a new, sealed Xenobiological Research Facility deep in the glacial inland of our new home. We need to figure out what makes these 'humans' tick should they ever come to us, rifles held high."

"That is, good." Mlartlar replied stiffly, rubbing one of his aching temples. "But I am still concerned about the food security of the colony, father." Mlartlar said, looking up at his father. "There's been some good news from the xenobiologists studying the local marine life but our crops, most of them are showing signs of failing in this climate, on a large scale..."

"I know." The Enlightened Master said matter-of-factly with a blink of confirmation. "We'll have to enact rationing of food. At least until we have enough hydroponic centers and greenhouses to get our agricultural production up again. We'll need to put together a program of aid for the farmers, otherwise they'll all be penniless soon enough. I am thinking of a support package for trying to establish controlled growing environments."

"That all sounds well and good but we need to... somehow kick-start a new economy here, from scratch!" Mlartlar said, concerned, nervously tapping one finger on his shoulder.

"There will have to be a lot of adjustment son, from everyone." Mlartlar's father said almost with a solemn tone, hand still on his son's shoulder. "But if we choose the way we walk down the coming path with care, we not only can, but will build a piece of the Great Society here in this dimension just as our fellow Unitarians do back home. We are the ambassadors of the Harmonious Unity, and we will surmount this challenge as well."

Their conversation was cut short by the ringtone of Marlevaur's terminal, the Celestial quickly retrieved the small device from one of the pocket-folds of his robes and answered right away. "Commander Strongsong, what's the situation..."

Xenobiological Research Installation F12343-435HH-U48


"The facility has been converted for the task at hand, your Luminance. The installation is now equipped for full containment and a drop-ship just arrived with some of the finest xenobiologists and surgeons Mugulath's Stone Caste has to offer." The Zorvishi officer said.

"Good to hear, have you put together a few units for the exploration mission to the southern and western islands?" The Celestial governor of the colony replied.

"Yes, your Luminance, we will need some more time to launch them but they will be on their way by the end of the rotation. The lockdown we've put in place will expire tomorrow and then we can begin sending team out to do quick surveys, maybe establish some forward bases if there is any sense to it."

"Perfect, carry on Commander." The call cut out. And the Commander turned his eye toward the scientists dismounting from the truck as a few Steel Warriors approached to help them with their bags and equipment. The arctic wind kicked up flurries of snow that pelted the dropship, the scientists came walking over from the landing-pad, looking at the facility in front of them, remote, in an isolated area of the glaciers that covered most of the land that was now housing over fourteen million sentient beings from one day to another. The Commander stepped to greet them.

"Good day to you, I am glad that you are finally here. I am sure some of you have already been informed but for those of you that haven't I'll keep it quick, since you'll be at a debriefing soon after you get settled." Strongsong said gruffly. "Our translation software is beginning to piece together the languages of the local alien nations of this planet, as I said, some have heard it already, but apparently there are at least two local powers, which according to SIGINT's measurement of energy generation are indeed significant powers with populations ranging between 300 to 500 million, that are of hostile inclination. One of these is called the United Nations and is located on primarily on a large landmass in the southern hemisphere. The more immediate danger however comes from a nation calling itself the Europan Empire, whose emperor has released a message swearing to plunder, conquer and dominate any who stand in the way of their national interest. This power is located on a nearby continent in the southeast. It is imperative that we find out what makes this species tick in case they have hostile intent toward us. Now, there will be a much more thorough presentation inside, let's get out of the cold."
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Nie daj sobą sterować i myśl samodzielnie.

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Fort New Tirpitz
New Tirpitz Providence
ISOT event, Year 0

Out of all of the world declarations, this Europan Empire declaration was the most worrisome, due to its rather aggressive nature and sheer military flex in order to prove itself as a world leader. Not to mention the broadcasts from their newstations about the two fronts they were engaged in. High Major Aplo frowned as he looked over the Empire’s declaration several times, replaying it over and over until it was plastered in his mind. After the final time he shut off the video and looked towards his military and diplomatic advisors, who had also been watching the video on repeat.

“So, what have we learned.” started Aplo as he leaned forward in his chair, folding his hands together.

“Well, considering their more aggressive nature in this statement, I would say that relations between the Europan Empire and the Republic would break down. Since on a cultural basis they are demanding our respect not seeking to earn it, so why should we earn their respect?” started the diplomatic advisor as she pushed up her glasses. “Not to mention that they seem quite adamant on keeping a “Europan superiority” going, thus I can safely say that all diplomatic channels would collapse after the first meeting. I would not even try to reach out to them to establish diplomatic ties, rather don't even bother to contact them for the time being.”

“Agreed” replied one of the divisional commanders as he turned to face the High Major, “This Europan Empire is clearly a military and national threat to the colony, and we should prepare for any sort of invasion they might throw at us. We need to strengthen our settlement defenses and bring some of our reserve forces onto alert, we also should bring our reserve heavy guns out of storage and start emplacing them into their planned positions.”

“However,” jumped in the diplomatic advisor as she turned to the one divisional commander, “ We do not know the true military strength of the Empire, looking at the video it seems like the city that they broadcasted this from is highly populated. However this could be an anomaly in their Empire.”

“So, what you are saying is that they most likely are outnumbering us?”

“Yes.” replied the diplomatic advisor “At least 10 to 1”

“I would say at least 15 to 1.” replied the second divisional commander as he turned his wolf-like face to the diplomatic advisor, “Not to mention it seems like they have some rather advanced technology, considering that they have mechs.”

“If they are anything like the mechs that the Commonwealth fields they would be slow and cumbersome.” replied a third divisional commander.

“I dont think so,” started the second divisional commander, as he brought up the pictures of the mechs. He walked over to the display and started to point to the design of the mechs. “They seem lighter and more agile than the ones that the Commonwealth fielded. More focused on speed and agility rather than direct combat, I am not sure if they can fly. But I would be one hundred percent certain that each one of these mechs are personalized to fit the pilot, leading to some problems when it comes to parts and repair. However, we don't know the full extent of the Europan economy so all we can do is hypothesize.” finished the second divisional commander, as he then turned around and placed his hands behind his back. “However, it is possible that these are not standard issue mechs, rather the elite of the elite being used for propaganda use which is also a possibility.”

“Indeed,” sighed High Major Alpo, leaning back in his chair as he thought about what to do. “If we send diplomats right now, we would be wasting fuel sources which would be better used here at home. Not to mention, who knows what would happen overseas, they are dealing with a highly aggressive and xenophobic nation that was declaring itself as a world power. Right now, it seemed like the best to engage with nations that seemed more friendly and wouldnt not out right murder the Fenvarians while they built up their defenses. Because at some point, the Europan Empire will find them while they expand their claims.” he thought to himself “However, we lack the intelligence to really see what this nation is made of and it is concerning......” He let out a soft sigh as he looked around at the room, just then another aide walked in and handed him a data slate. This time it was filled with more and more statements from different nations all across the world, denouncing the UN as the world power. Some nations stated that the UN was a place of debate and talks, not a nation. Others just flat out rejected it and its authority, unsure how to respond to these events the High Major just sat back in his chair.

“For now, we will sit back and watch as events unfold, we are in a very unique state. We dont have the manpower or the resources to deal with a major war that comes to our front door, and it seems several nations here are outright hostile.” started the High Major, “However, we do need to see who is around us, so I am suggesting we send out a message that has a 1,800 mile radius from our location. That way we are not broadcasting to the world, rather to our ‘local’ area.”

“Sir, wouldnt that be.....dangerous?”

“Possibly, however, if we are going to survive we need to evaluate who and who is not a friendly nation to engage in diplomacy with. We can produce a number of materials with the resources we have right now, but we are going to have a hard time resupplying those stocks without some sort of outside income. It would be a temporary measure.....just until we can get onto our feet.”

The advisors nodded and went back to work, continuing to deliberate on the current topics at hand and what the message should say. After hours of deliberation it was decided that the message would be in a neutral but respectful tone and would be a radio message. However, telegram versions would be sent out just encase they where dealing with nations that had telegram machines.

To; any nation within a 1,800 mile radius of the New Tirpitz Colony
Hello, this is High Major Alpo Kaila von Gneisenau of the Fenvaria Republic, commander of the 290th Corps. I come in here in peace and would like to extend a diplomatic hand, currently like you we find ourselves on the receiving end of the Event. My colony was pulled from its universe and transported here, to this world. If you receive this message, please respond back.
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Collab between U.P. and D.E.A.
The Signing of the Treaty
Vienna, Austria | January 8th, Year 0

It was a chilly day in upper Austria, and a cold breeze swept through Vienna’s sleepy streets while its people went on with their daily activities. Thousands of km to the east, a war of massive magnitude was raging, but it had yet to really affect the lives of those in the heart of Europe. Vienna, for the time being, was quiet; its 19th-century style architecture and classical aesthetic a clear pointer to the city’s status as an older cultural site rather than an industrial or financial hub. Compared to nearby Salzburg, Vienna was very much the older, worn-out relative. Of course, this wasn’t suggesting that Vienna was run down: it was anything but. The churches and palaces of old stood proudly, a testament to Europa’s very extensive efforts in keeping them maintained.

The Italian delegation, once it arrived, was to be directed towards the old Hofburg Palace. It had served as the Hapsburg's imperial residence prior to the dynasty’s deposition in the 1830s, and nowadays was but another palace owned by the ruling Stroheim dynasty. There, a number of important individuals would be waiting for them (the Italians).

“It is truly bizarre that a technologically advanced civilization would have a city still exhibiting aesthetics that are half a millennium old.” King Vittorio Infante Alfonso Giovanni Maria de Bourbon-Two Sicilies remarked to his traveling companion, Foreign Minister Pietro Nenni. “Are you sure this is the Empire that has these marvels of the Internet and solar panels?”

Nenni quickly nodded. “Despite the rush of progress, the Germans still treasure their past here,” he assures. “Think of this like Venice or Naples. There’s ancient history here.” Of course, just as the king was skeptical that a city as old as Vienna would be part of Europa, the bald prime minister was skeptical about why the Empire didn’t bother to integrate technology into Vienna as they did with Salzburg. The Imperials haven’t been slacking off in making this arrangement as grand as possible.

The flags of Italy and Europa stood side by side on every windowsill and streetlamp. Images of the Wolf and the Eagle on every poster and printed in every newspaper. German officers dressed in the cleanest uniforms imaginable as they stood guard underneath their awe-inspiring Knightmares. Imperial men, women, and children had gathered on the streets to witness the spectacle of the King of an independent Italian empire of the south coming north to meet with the Kaiser. It was clear that Italian uniforms, emblems, and even cars were something that the Germans have never seen before.

“The Kaiserreich doesn’t change; even in other worlds, being subtle never applied to them.” King Vittorio huffed as he arrived at the entrance of Hofburg Palace with the rest of the Italian entourage quickly following up. The Italian ruler himself was a source of amusement for the locals. King Vittorio of House Bourbon-Two Sicilies wasn’t as tall as the Kaiser; only wider with a belly of a battleship; had a chin like Churchill’s; hair as thin and soft as a rabbit fur, and eyes that were both soft yet held a stern gaze. Even if he was mildly chubby, there was an aura stout strength emitting from King Vittorio, probably from his military service leading the Askari during his youth.

Standing in wait for the Italians was none other than the Imperial delegation, a collection of finely dressed guards, government functionaries, the prime minister, and none other than the Emperor of Europa himself. Charles was a giant of a man: his 197 cm (6’6’’) frame towered above those of the diplomats around him, and the muscular build of the Emperor was quite obvious, even at his rather mature age (Charles was 63). It certainly was odd seeing the two monarchs stand side by side.

“His majesty, the Emperor von Stroheim of Pan Europa,” a butler briefly announced.

“His Highness, King Vittorio of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies.” Foreign Minister Nenni addressed.

A big man for a big country. King Vittorio thought as he felt the Kaiser cast a shadow over him when he walked over to offer a handshake to the Kaiser. Nothing like Kaiser Wilhelm III.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The Italian ruler greeted as he made eye contact with the giant of a ruler.

“Likewise.” The Emperor of Europa nodded while giving King Vittorio quite the hearty handshake. The crowd nearby talked amongst itself as it shifted to get a better view of this historic moment. Dozens of journalists and news crews were gathered nearby, busy taking pictures and broadcasting the meeting live to people across the Empire.

Charles noticed this and mentally twitched. He was never really a fan of modern news reporters: they were always so intent on getting every tiny detail.

“Should we get going, your majesty?” A guard commander asked. Charles nodded.

“Yes, best we bring this procession to a quieter place.” He said before the Europan and Italian delegations began heading inside the Palace. Compared to the futuristic appearance of so many other places in Europa, the Hofburg was probably one of the few locations remotely familiar to the Italians. Much of the same artwork, internal decoration, and architecture was basically identical.

“I assume that your first trip to Europa has gone well so far?” Charles asked his Italian counterpart. “And by the way, you can just call me Charles. I save the formalities for the public.”

“Yes indeed; and I must say, the computers and tablets you gave us are truly marvelous pieces of innovation.” The Italian King complimented as he admired the paintings and sculptures inhabiting the palace , “And since you prefer to not use titles, you can call me Vittorio.”

“Tablets and computers you say? Well if all goes well, Italy will soon be propelled into the future. I’ve heard a lot of the nations around here have already obtained pretty high levels of technology, which would be surprising if it hadn’t been for that… peculiar event nine days ago.” Charles replied as he and the others made their way to a dining hall. Dinner was to be served while the politicians themselves finalized the various terms for the upcoming treaty.

As far as the Europan delegation was concerned, its demands were quite reasonable (given the disparity between the states) and asked little from the Italians. Basic factors such as non aggression, regulated (but relatively free) trade, possibly reduced tax rates through the Suez, and the recognition of one another’s borders were all a given (unless the Italians objected). By Frahm’s personal recommendation, Europan communications companies would help the Italians set up a proper internet framework in the coming months and years, while there was to be some cooperation in other fields as well.
Vienna Accords
Between the Pan-European Empire and the Kingdom of Italy

Economic Provisions
1. The Pan Europan Empire and Kingdom of Italy agree to the existence of free and open trade (in non essential civilian sectors) between one another. Trade in other sectors will be initially regulated.
2. The Pan Europan Empire and Kingdom of Italy agree to peg the current exchange rate between the Lira and Euro at a 1:1 ratio.
3. Europa requests fair (low) tax rates for its ships which pass through the Suez. Likewise, the same will be applied to Italian vessels passing through the Gibraltar military region.
4. Imperial and Italian experts are given permission to visit each others’ nations in order to assess industry compatibility and as part of limited technical exchanges.
5. Europa will aid Italy in establishing a modern communications framework (including the internet).
Political and Military Provisions
A. Both sides will recognize existing borders as official despite claims and ownership prior to the ISOT.
B. The airspace of both Empires will be closed to military air traffic from the other side, but open to civilian travel.
C. Italy may (eventually) get the option to purchase older Imperial military equipment.
D. Both Italy and the Empire will cooperate in suppressing colonial uprisings and Marxist / Beutelist insurgents in border regions. Neither side will support (both directly and indirectly) rebels in the other.
E. Italy and Europa agree to a five-year non aggression pact, renewable at any time.
Other Terms of Agreement
I. Joint research teams will be established between the Pan Europan Empire and Kingdom of Italy in order to analyze the causes beyond the temporal displacement event which occurred.

Emperor Charles von Stroheim,
Pan European Empire
King Vittorio Infante Alfonso Giovanni Maria de Bourbon-Two Sicilies , Kingdom of Italy

Ratified by
Prime Minister Herbert Frahm,
on behalf of the European Parliament, Pan European Empire
Foreign Minister Pietro Nenni, on behalf of the Italian Parliament

It was easy for the Italians to agree to the proposal and Prime Minister Pietro Nenni was pleasantly shocked that the Europan Empire didn’t ask for more. Much of the terms here were essentially the same back in the old world: Italy already gave cheaper tolls for German ships using the Suez Canal and there was an industrial and economic cooperation put in place since the 2nd World War. The only major difference was the Gibraltar strait. The British Empire never recovered their pride in the Great War and overcharged the Italians out of spite. King Vittorio smirked that the Atlantic Ocean is now open to Rome.

As simple as thinking, the Italian King and Foreign Minister signed the Vienna Accords without much hassle or debate with the rest of the delegation. It was no different than the Axis Treaty of Friendship that had with the Kaiserreich and it really made it easier for Italo Balbo to persuade the people to trust their northern neighbor.

“Now then,” Vittorio spoke up, “With this document agreed upon, how should we conclude our day?”

“I believe it would be the time to do so,” Charles nodded in agreement. “Very well, safe travels back to Italy.”

As the Italians left, Frahm and the others took some time to contemplate their actions. The treaty with the Italians was honestly rather tame (considering what the Empire could throw around), and as much as Frahm was happy with the results, a few others notably disagreed with him. One Luigi Cadorna II would later state that “we Europans probably got cheated by those Italians”. The Emperor himself didn’t mind: he had bigger things to attend to. The parliament could busy itself over arguing about whether or not the actual terms were truly acceptable.
Hofburg Palace, where the fates of Italy and Europa have intertwined.
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The Land of Wind, Sunagakure, Kazekage's Office

Gaara was in the midst of checking in laws that he needed to further strengthen the progress of expanding the nation to have access to natural resources and to find a way to get in contact with other countries but they are surprisingly different. He then received an anonymous text message from his phone. It's from the United Nations.

He has no idea who they are and whether or not he feels like an opportunity to get in touch with the world. Perhaps he should let the Wind Daimyo know about this mysterious occurrence first but he chose to write a reply instead. He wants to keep it a secret or else the Wind Daimyo would've expressed concern about the interaction between them. For now, it is top-secret for him. After all, the Kazekage has the right to privacy above all else in the country.

Dear United Nations,

As we have no idea who you are, we must inform you that we will keep in touch between us either you are friendly or not. We appreciate you getting in contact with us and we will do whatever we can to ensure the peace and well-being of our community. The Wind Daimyo, the current ruler of the Land of Wind, will enact a decision in the meantime. Thank you for reaching out to us.

The Fifth Kazekage, Gaara

Gaara will keep this in mind just in case the situation arises. The Wind Daimyo is tolerant of foreigners but he still wants to keep it a secret as he doesn't want him to feel worried and the community as a whole. This is great news for him.

The Land of Wind, Sunagakure, Kazekage's Office, Kankuro's Perspective

Gaara will be sending an envoy, Kankuro, out to the seas in part to the progress of exploration outside of the island and to establish peace between foreign countries, potentially trade and the signing of a non-aggression pact to prevent a war. Like before, Kankuro will be riding on a ship with a few guards in hand. He is willing to do anything for the Wind Daimyo and his brother, Gaara. Obviously, this is the first time that he went on exploration outside of the country. Hopefully, he won't suffer from seasickness like Temari. And of course, foods are stockpiled to prevent shortages during his exploration, at least.

"Well then, I wish you luck on your exploration. And be careful while you're at it." Gaara said.

"No worries. I will not let you down and I will do my best for the nation itself. Oh yeah, I won't let the kids enter our ship! Not on my watch!" Kankuro said both in passion and ignorance.

"Think about the children for crying out loud..." Gaara muttered in shame.

And Kankuro's voyage to the north begins. He will not be in the Land of Wind for a while until he returns.

The Suez Canal, Italy's Territory, Kankuro's Perspective

Kankuro is now at the Suez Canal, an artificial waterway mainly used for trade via Asia and Europe (of course, it separates Africa from forming a passageway to Asia). The waterway is narrow but not to the point of being small where Kankuro's ship cannot pass through.

It appears that the Suez Canal is controlled by Italy (unknown to Kankuro) and he may have to ask them permission to pass through or else there would be problems if they do not comply. As far as the exploration goes, the food supply is mildly scarce but not to Kankuro's concern. And yes, he is prone to seasickness as it happened last night before arriving there.

Coast of Tanzania, Europan Empire's Territory, Temari's Perspective

Temari isn't expecting the outcome to occur. The foreigners threatened to halt their voyage or else there will be consequences for not obeying that order. She isn't fond of conflicts but she must find a solution for the hostility to being resolved. Finally, she had one in mind.

"Hold up the white flag! Now!" Temari commanded in panic.

One of the volunteers held up a white flag to acknowledge them that they do not mean any harm. They are requesting a ceasefire. Will they comply with their actions to avoid starting a conflict?

The Land of Wind, Sunagakure, Kazekage's Office

Gaara has received a mysterious text message. It is actually from China. Like before, he chose to reply to the text message on his behalf. His position in foreign policy is fruitful. Still, he must keep it a secret.

Dear China,

We will keep this in mind and we will ensure the growth of fostering peace between us. Thank you and have a nice day.

The Fifth Kazekage, Gaara

It is noted. Gaara will communicate with them again soon.

The Land of Wind, Sunagakure, Kazekage's Office

Gaara has made a decision to send out anonymous text messages out to foreign countries to see if it works. This is meant as a way to get the nation out of their isolation condition and to get in contact with the world again after a mysterious occurrence. Again, he will be keeping it a secret from the Wind Daimyo but it may come to a risky conclusion. He is looking forward to this achievement to be successful.


My name is Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure, and we are living on an island known as the Land of Wind. The Wind Daimyo is both head of state and head of government and he is the one taking the executive position. We are looking forward to getting in contact with the rest of the world and as a way to strengthen our diplomatic relations. Until then, feel free to get in touch with us again as we will do whenever we can to do so. Thank you for your time and it is a pleasure to meet you all. Let us enlighten the peace in the future together.

The Fifth Kazekage, Gaara

And the text messages were ready to be sent out for the world to see. Gaara is looking forward to the results...

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Washington D.C, FUSA
January 6th, Year 0

The Speaker of the House slowly walked through the underground bunker as she held several cups of coffee on a tray, one would think that these were for several people including herself. But that's not true. The three cups are for herself, along with the baked mutfruit pie that she bought from the nearby market. It's been what she has been eating for the past few days following this, event, that had happened to her and the nation as a whole. So much so that when she opened the door and saw the once mighty and hulking armored figure that was Chairman Moore, now "face" down on the table. The snores coming through the modulated voice that all power armor had, it was a sight to behold.

"Just another day now..."

She walked over to the table and set down the tray and grabbed a crowbar from the wall and banged the helmet of the Chairman, who shot up awake. "N-Nuclear football! Huh...Ah... Ms. Wright. Thank you for waking me up...and making me a cup of coffee." She was about to protest but the Chairman was beginning to move his helmet so she quickly took one of her two mugs and turned away. Hearing the small hiss of the air tight suit and the thud of a helmet being placed on the table. Keeping her eyes on the map, she brought the cup up to her mouth and grimaced at the taste of the coffee. She was hoping for something that was only 180 years old to taste better, at least it wasn't the 200 year old ones, this one can be kept down.

"So. Ms. Speaker of the House. What's today's agenda?" the Chairman spoke, pausing at times to sip the coffee. It was still strange hearing the voice of the Chairman without the power armor, but it was something that was to be expected. He couldn't reasonably wear it all the time.

"Well. After the meeting with the Texans a few days ago, along with a message from the United Nations that came on our radios...It's to be speculated that there might be even more possible nations out there, possible people who are lost just as much as we are. We sadly don't have the remaining technology nor the minds to respond using our radios, which even then I don't believe we can get it out as clear as AM or as far with any other means of radio transmissions...And lord do I not want to attempt a televised address. The satellites barely give off a signal strength to the outer states, I'm sure if we could bring up more of those old relics back online, perhaps we might be able to get is set.

"Which is why I am concerned about the Texans, they cover our borders Mr. Moore, the border your men cover. But it's Congress who is worried sick about a possible invasion from them, they are powerful and seeing their weapons first hand and from our reports, well, it's safe to say they would roll over us. By our logical analysis, they can break through our lines in less than a day and most likely reach Washington D.C within the same day. Our capital will fall and our states will most likely either secede or pledge their allegiance to Texas, which those are our most optimistic outcomes. A day at most to break our nation.."

Moore was distraught when hearing this news, his elite hardened army most likely just cannon fodder compared to the better equipped soldiers of Texas. But he doubt those bastards knew their lands or be able to survive it, especially giving enough gear for all their soldiers to survive the wasteland. They were new to all her dangers, fools to think that even whatever they had could compare to what they knew. Sure they didn't have the technology. But they have the will and tenacity. Because the people were beginning to believe in America again. Slowly they will have the upper hand, if not in materials but in supremacy of will, then supremacy of allies. Because he was sure what the Speaker would say next.

"Congress has authorized four diplomats to head out of the country to find allies off continent, it's the only way that we do not need to give too much while receiving too little. Congress as also authorized the use of four of our zeppelins for the mission. The FUSSD (Former United States Service Dirigible) Constitution, the FUSSD Bill of Rights, FUSSD Federalist and the FUSSD Anchorage will be used. The Constitution will be sent east towards Europe, hopefully finding some sort of civilization there. Along with them will be the Bill of Rights who will fly down to Africa, perhaps finding anything down there. As for the Federalist and Anchorage. The Federalist will be sent down to Australia, make contact with the United Nations. Perhaps we can gain their support and ensure some sort of peace with Texas. While the Anchorage will be sent due west and eventually reach Asia. Each of the zeppelins will be carrying give vertibirds and several dozens of eyebots with built in radios and receivers dedicated to our frequency. Given enough juice thanks to the techs to obtain our signal from one of the old crawlers."

The Chairman smiled, downing the remaining coffee he grabbed his helmet and pushed it back down on his head. Sealing it back up and looking up at the Speaker, who finally turned around to look at the man known as Rexton Moore. "Congress also accepted that you will have your Liberty Prime funding. Though be mindful, we don't have all the money in the world to try and get the thing running....But it just might be our only hope of victory against Texas." The Chairman laughed at that, "Don't worry. I'll make sure to find the right kind of people.


FUSSD Constitution, Atlantic Ocean
January 7th, Year 0

"Onwards we go! Our voyage now awaits us! Crossing the ocean blue and hopefully seeing some mermaids too! Oh how I love my sailor's tune!"

The ambassador gave a nervous laugh as the Captain of the vessel tried his best to make up a shanty on the spot. But sadly it died before it could even depart from port, he just hoped that he wouldn't die before reaching land once more. Turning his head he looked out at the ocean as they were flying east, or so their compass is saying, one could not really be sure with the Captain sailing the ship, but in the end although he was a terrible singer and possibly insane in the head, he was a capable pilot and sailor of the flying airship.

"..I've never seen water so blue..." mumbled the ambassador, the captain laughing his ass off once he heard what he said

"Why do you think I'm singing so happily! This is a good omen my friend! This means good fortune awaits us in the future, we'll be rich for sure! I can already feel it!"

The Ambassador had to give them some credit, after all, water as clean as this was hard to come by. He felt like a black spot in a perfect world, but in the end wasn't it the right of humanity to prosper? While he heard of the Dark Cathedral, that humanity had wiped itself out and thus it was their duty to finish the job entirely, it felt wrong. Humanity survived almost two hundred years of nuclear hell and yet, although their lands had been tainted with the wrath of Atom, had been extracted to all hell from their predecessors. They were given a new chance to make something new of it, which even in the end, everyone has lost their ambition of global dominance and pushing their authority onto others. Freedom had come and the only thing one worried about was waking up in the morning without a gun in your face or a molerat eating off your leg.

"A good omen...Heh...Yeah. Maybe...Just maybe."
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SAÜK dropship Agent Low-T, somewhere in Imperial Belarus.

“How long till we’re there, T?”, Agent Double H asked, seemingly no one in particular. The internals of the dropship can Low-T had locked to his abdomen consisted of nothing more than a few rows of seats, a ramp at the back, a screen at the front and a set of slide doors on the sides. The can was lit by a pair of painfully white ceiling lights, illuminating the six agents inside. Two of them - himself and his partner, Agent L - wore the standard ‘uniform’ of the SAÜK, a blue suit with a white shirt and red tie. The other agents - Capital Z, Double P, U and High A - were all wearing something more appropriate for the weather and befitting the risk of hostile contact. All four were clad in armored infantry suits and hefting rifles, although if everything went smoothly, they would not leave the dropship.

“Three minutes out, H.”, Low-T responded. His ‘voice’ was really that of the translator he wore, as Raven speech usually corresponded more to whale song than actual human speech. Low-T had elected to use a smooth, baritone voice for his translated speech. “Where do you want me to touch down?” The screen flashed, showing a rough map of the area and an estimated location of the sensor readings, inside a nearby village. Double H tapped on a certain location in a frozen forest, some eight hundred meters from the village. Low-T gave a ‘rumble’ of agreement, as Ravens often did.

A few minutes later, the Raven touched down on the ground in a heavily forested area. Capital Z and High A stood up and walked down the opening ramp to scope out the area quickly. After all, this was behind Russian lines, and even if the area was mostly clear for the time being, it was SAÜK policy to always make sure. Low-T had been flying in such forested and hilly areas for most of the trip, and extremely close to the ground, to minimize the risk of Russian detection. “Clear.”, Z told H after about a minute.

Double H and L stood up, checking their equipment one last time. Apart from under-suit body armor and a (stolen) Combine manufactured environmental protection field generator to keep them warm and somewhat dry, the two agents carried self-defense pistols of custom make. Double H also double checked his neuralizer, more out of habit than out of the expectation to actually be needing it. L picked up a small, hard suitcase containing additional equipment they’d figured they might need. Then the two stepped out into the unforgiving Russian winter, and started making their way to the village.

It didn’t take long for the two to find their quarry. The village was abandoned, dilapidated buildings bearing the scars of warfare, with nary a trace of recent habitation. That impression didn’t last long however, as the newly made burials for the dead was clear to see on the open field. “Leave.” The voice came from one of the buildings, tone edged with steel, as a young girl clad in white robes walked into the open. Her complexion was pale as to be expected of the natives in this land, and even the scar across her nose wasn’t anything notable. What was weird however, were the pair of rabbit-esque ears on top of her white hair.

FrostNova had been notified of the agents’ coming by the Phantom’s scouts minutes ago, and she stood alone out in the open. Her Yetis and the Phantoms had long dispersed into the wild along with their supplies and captives, as she had judged the foreign third party too strange and possibly dangerous to be dealt with without her personal touch. Strider clearly didn’t approve, but was powerless to say otherwise.

Double H and L stopped their walk as the girl walked out into the street. For a moment, they waited to see if she would say anything else, while attempting to make out if anything else was there. Oddly enough, their CSNV gear, disguised in their sunglasses, wasn’t able to make out more beings in the vicinity. ‘So either everyone is gone, or this one has one hell of a powerful disposition.’, Double H thought to himself. Although then again, with the shenanigans he had already experienced, there was no saying whether she was really the only one near them.

“I’m afraid we cannot do that at this moment.”, the Agent told the girl. “I am Agent Double H, and this is my partner, Agent L. We are a part of a unit that investigates, shall we say, ‘paranormal’ anomalies and beings. This area has been particularly highlighted on our sensor results the past few days. We intend to find out why.” He stepped forward, leaving his hands crossed on his chest. “Now, who are you? You don’t exactly strike me as a Russian soldier.”

Sensors? Strange, she was sure no one had the technology to pin their movements down, but proof that said otherwise was right in front of her. "I am not Russian," Yelena began, keeping the distance between her and the two agents, "but I cannot tell you more about myself." For a moment, she considered violence, but dismissed it just as quickly. There would be no point to antagonizing a third party when Reunion would soon tackle two giants. "The paranormal you speak of must relate to the restless dead. I had only buried their corpses recently."

Double H frowned. ‘Odd.’, he thought to himself. Most of the powerful reality benders and the likes he had encountered before had always been more of the bragging type and didn’t bother keeping something such as their name secret, so he decided to take a different approach instead of outright pressing for answers. “You alone? Hm, quite a feat for someone of your stature I must say. But then, I assume you will have nothing against us taking a few scans of the area, just to be sure. Maybe our remote sensors were thrown into misalignment by the Event. L, if you please.”

Agent L nodded and slowly, and in perfect visibility of FrostNova, began to unpack the small suitcase he was carrying. It revealed a device, around the size and build of a Geiger counter. He started sweeping it around the area, excluding where FrostNova was standing, in order to avoid antagonizing her. In the meantime, Double H asked another question. “Speaking of which, it is quite a wonder someone such as you has survived alone out here then. This town isn’t exactly habitable anymore, is it?”

FrostNova nodded, allowing the agent to set up their strange device. "My father taught me to hunt, and I am no stranger to hard labor," she offered her excuses, face as impassive as before. "He always said that the wise hunter should know where the beasts of the land hide from winter's grasp." It was clear the two didn't buy her story, but she wasn't about to give up on her deception either. Still, this was proving to be enlightening on its own as she focused her sight on the device, trying to sense any trace of Originium or Arts on it. She came up empty still, clearly puzzled from her facial expression alone. The strangers had mentioned something about an Event too, something her captives had not spoken of at all, nor found in the various pieces of paper they found on the battlefield. The mysteries of this new land were many, but it provided few answers.

“Mhm. I see.”, Double H replied, deciding not to ask another question yet. Instead he waited until L had completed the first scan of the area. “How’s it looking, L?”, he asked over his shoulder. L shrugged, pretending to be mildly confused. “Well, the Hume levels are certainly less than before. Not back to normal, but not as outrageous as on the remote sensors.” Double H raised an eyebrow, looking at him. “What do you reckon?” “Residuals, from the looks of it.”

H turned back to look at the girl. “Isn’t it dangerous sticking so close to a frontline? Even for someone like you? Last time I heard, the Europans were going to start using combat gas. This here war is getting more dangerous for you and your… companions, I assume, by the day.”

Combat Gas? At the mention of such a danger, FrostNova's expression was that of mild surprise and worry. Her troops were not equipped to deal with chemical warfare, and they could not afford any casualties. "Someone like me?" She shook off her surprise upon hearing the question, "I can take care of myself," she extended her empty hand towards the agents, palm facing the sky as she breathed in, the snow and wind coalescing into a spike of crystal ice, graying and opaque. "Tell me what you know of the war's coming fortunes, and of this Event you mentioned before." Yelena dropped the act then, wand in her free hand as she glared at the duo, crystal now floating by her side as her voice grew commanding and similar projectiles formed around her. It was a show of force and a favor to the agents both. If they had come to know what strangeness was in this village, then she would provide them their answer.

The two agents moved closer together as FrostNova started showing her powers, and L discarded the sensor, which was starting to suffer software problems. Double H, being the most experienced member of the team, remained where he was, barely moving a muscle, though the younger L had to take a second to properly regain his composure. “Well, there is that.”, H commented when she had finished casting whatever it was that she had done. Double H made a mental note to observe more closely, as this was a type of paranormal abilities he was not familiar with. “As for the war, well, we’re not entirely certain what exactly is going on either. However, we know some things.

“Mainly that this will turn more ugly very soon. Apparently the same historical patterns emerge over all realities - point is, both the Europans and the Russians have gone into complete ideological fanaticism. The Europans are killing every Russian they see due to their, shall we say, heavily racist tendencies, and the Russians seem to be following suit - everything that seems German, everyone with even so much as a German name, is on their list.” H pointed to the village. “If this goes on, the majority of the towns along here will end up like this, and it will make the Holocaust look like a rookie attempt at genocide. Gas, cluster munitions and such included. Biological warfare probably too.”

He took a moment to order his thoughts a bit before proceeding. “As for the Event, this is the entire reason everyone is here, apparently. We’re not aware what caused it - I do have my own suspicions there - but everyone is just as confused as you are. Countries seem to have been ripped from their own realities and thrown together on this new Earth… the Europans, at least if what they have told us is to be believed, used to control most of Europe and Africa. Now, about half a dozen other nations have appeared there.”

In response to such a revelation, FrostNova clenched her fists. If the reason why they had been brought back from the dead wasn't clear enough, this erased any lingering doubts she had. "I will do what I can to stem the bloodshed," but the scale of this war was beyond what her band of four hundred could stop. Perhaps if the others were here, with Chernobog as an industrial base…

There was no use for what-ifs.

"Agent Double H, Agent L," the wind seemed to pick-up as emotion tinged FrostNova's voice. "Your speech suggests you are not involved in this war, but who do you work for?" She walked towards the two, frustration clear at the news of what was to come, as the snow beneath her feet turned to ice with every step. Could she trust them to hide this from Reunion's foes? was the unspoken question. "Will your superiors stand by and let this atrocity happen before their very eyes?"

Double H sighed. “I am afraid we will have to. Even though our current position offers some unique… advantages and is undoubtedly better than the one we were in previously, and the Europans’ actions here are seen as barbaric among our citizens, the Pan Europan Empire has more soldiers in its standing army than we have citizens. While we are not on their ethnical extermination list, if we were to anger them enough, we would ensure our own annihilation. As you can imagine, this option is not popular, given we just survived an actual species-wide genocide ourselves.”

Double H paused again. He couldn’t exactly tell the girl about the SAÜK’s existence and mission, as it was a closely guarded secret of the Union. Then again, if there was a troop of reality benders or the likes running around, it was in the interest of the unit to have at least workable relations with them. “I cannot tell you much more but you can be assured that our agency was formed to prevent harm. If that is a satisfactory answer.” He was under no illusion that it wasn’t.

They were far off from any sort of working relationship then. Still, connections to this agency could prove useful. Much vital information had been gleaned from this encounter, and though this agency could not be trusted or relied on for martial support, intelligence was still in the cards. If the giant that was Europa were to fall, then FrostNova knew she could not do it on her lonesome.

The crystals surrounding the girl faded, and the weather calmed at those thoughts. "Then we are done here," the Cautus' demeanor changed back to one of impassiveness once more. "You have my assurance that you will not come to harm on your return home." It was clear the Europans had few friends, and both agents weren't that. Reunion had little reason to waste ammunition on the enemy of their enemy. "If you seek more answers about my peculiarities, then perhaps fate will cross our paths once more."

Double H nodded. “Maybe, yes. As for the returning home part, we’ll see considering the frontline is in our way. Speaking of which.” He activated a communicator hidden in his watch. “T. Get over here to pick us up, we’re leaving.” A grunt of confirmation came back through the communicator as Low-T could be seen rising from his resting place and making his way over to the village at low altitude, finally landing a few meters away.

“One thing, by the way.”, Double H told FrostNova just as he was about to head to the dropship can. “Always assume the worst case. This front is going to be hell on Earth, for everyone involved. And if paranormals like you came into this world, who knows whether the Ruskies or the Imperials have them as well?”

The appearance of the T was enough to startle FrostNova into silence. She had never before seen any machine like it, not from home nor in the wreckage of the Eastern Front's battles. "Rest assured, we will be ready for anything they have in store for us." Agent Double H's voice was enough to break her out of it, thankfully, and as she watched the two board the aircraft, she spoke one last farewell. "Safe travels."

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Imperial Palace
Tokyo, Empire of Japan

The Cabinet met regularly. Of course it did. Japan could hardly run if it couldn’t! But these past few days, it had felt like the Cabinet had been meeting constantly, for meetings that started before first light and extended long after dark. It had been a week or so since the Event, as that was what everybody was calling it now. Running from the Diet, to the Greater East Asia Secretariat Building, to the Imperial Palace… It made Prime Minister Hakubun Shimomura exhausted.

He didn’t know how Abe did it. His predecessor was there, at every meeting, offering advice on every proposal. He had proposed an economic recovery plan: a version of his damned Abenomics. It was excellent, because of course it was. Abe didn’t even have a cabinet position anymore, his home turf these days was the Imperial Diet. And yet everybody listened to him, more than they ever did Shimomura. The PM had bitterly joked that this was the benefit of being the grandson of the Devil of Shōwa.

Shimomura had found himself in agreement with Minister of Finance Akira Amari more than any other member of the cabinet, which was… a sad state of affairs. He never thought he would agree with the Reform Bureaucrats, and yet here they were. It was Amari’s quick actions that had managed to stop the worst of the economic downtown, but the way to progress was still hotly debated. Amari had his own plan for that, but to hell if Shimomura was going to give the Reform Bureaucrats the state-controlled economy they wanted! The Zaibatsus would never stand for such things.

“The people are scared. The economists are scared. Scared that investing in anything will just cause it to disappear like China,” Minister of Commerce and Industry Shigeru Ishiba explained.

Ishiba… now there was a good minister! He wouldn’t rock the boat, he believed the system worked just fine. One of the few ministers who would follow Shimomura’s orders to the letter.

“These… Imperials. They are Germans, in spirit if not in words. We can make diplomatic overtures in their direction,” suggested Minister of Education Nariaki Nakayama.

“No, if we align ourselves too closely with the Imperials we may risk alienating the rest of the world,” Shimomura broke in to silence the Minister.

Nakayama, more than anybody, wore the Prime Minister’s nerves thin. Damned fool was constantly going on about degeneracy, how Japan has lost her spirit, and all that nonsense. Nakayama was constantly doing political stunts, from wearing a Hachimaki in public to organizing protests outside the premier of “degenerate” movies. Shimomura had a granddaughter who enjoyed that anime nonsense, and honestly, he didn’t see how Nakayama could get that worked up about it. But, then, he’d met a few Russians in his time and never seen what the Germans were always prattling on about, so maybe he just did not understand the inner workings of fanatics.

“I suppose it falls to me, then, to make a speech,” The Emperor’s voice was soft, but immediately grabbed the attention of the room, “Japan and her allies need guidance. I will get to writing.”

With that, the Emperor stood up to leave, the rest of the table rising to join him. “Keep speaking and see if you can come to any conclusions,” The Emperor waved the Cabinet down. “Of course, your Majesty,” Shimomura bowed deeply. The room stayed still until a few moments after the Emperor had left.

“So…” The Army Minister cleared his throat, “I believe the next course of action is to review the deployment of the IJA in the Sphere…”

And on the arguments continued.

Japanese Aircraft Carrier Amagi
Approximately 300 Kilometers off the shore of Timor, Indonesia

Anzu Tezuka had never imagined herself to be in this situation.

An ensign in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service? No, she had expected that. She had devoted her life to it. She would have been more put off if she hadn’t gotten in after so much dreaming.

Flying combat air patrol to keep a lookout for enemies? No, she had also expected that. She had expected to be deployed to watch for American ships that were sailing suspiciously, or maybe pirates in the Indian Ocean.

No, what surprised her was the nature of this new threat. She’d seen the footage; her squadron commander (the idea of having a squadron commander still made her feel as giddy as a schoolgirl) had shown it to the squadron. It was on every news channel, every social media site.

So naturally, the IJN had thought it wise to take some… precautions. The Amagi/Tosa strike group was ordered to patrol the sea south of Indonesia, while the Ise/Hyūga strike group were tasked with patrolling south of the Solomons.

And so here she was, in her bunk, somewhere between Australia and Indonesia, waiting for her turn to fly.
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Unusual Solutions for Unusual Times

It was a cold day in the capital, and the mood was unbearable. The Texan Confederacy had 5 major political parties that operated within coalitions. These coalitions shifted depending on the issue, but you usually knew who was going to vote on what together. In essence, the two poles of Texan politics are the Social Democratic Party, and the Christian Democrats. The Social Democrats are known as the main vehicle for a more progressive cultural politics, as well as being the vanguard of the Texan Welfare State.

The Christian Democrats however maintain a more mainstream conservatism for their cultural issues, which prove to be fairly common. Economically its adherents are close to the Social Democrats in some regards, albeit more conscious on economic matters. As a Conservative party, it maintains its commitment to very assimilationist policies for immigrants, and “law and order” vibes.

Next are the notable 3 subordinate parties. The Democratic Socialists of Texas is a part dedicated to “expanding working class power”. As you can imagine, being Socialist in a nation leading the effort to destroy global communism is an awkward position. Hence their frequent disavowing of the USSR and the Eastern block.

The next party being the Nationalist Party. Culturally, the party is more absolutist than the Christian Democrats. It wants to maintain the Immigration status quo, which is frankly limited. It also pushes the linguistic dominance of German, Nationalist controlled Cantons and cities habitually banning any language other than German from displaying in public services. Economically, it shifts left of the Social and Christian Democrats on economics at times, being dominated by working class interests in that regard. It also supports very generous family subsidies.

Finally being the Libertarian party, which as you can imagine, isn’t fond of Government. It’s the most economically right wing party, and socially it ironically finds itself with the Social Democrats on a variety of issues such as the issue of gay marriage. Though admittedly there is a strong paleo Libertarian faction in the party, so their track record on that is hit and miss.

Now, what happens when you put the leaders of all these parties in the same room? Well, you get the emergency package meeting to bail out the Texan Economy. Now, you might be wondering why the hell would this all be decided by 5 people? Well, that’s just how the die rolled sometimes.

Currently there was four people in the room where the meeting would be held, the Socialist Party Leader still not here yet. The room wasn’t a very big room, it was afterall made for meetings like this. You had your couple windows, which didn’t provide much relief. The outside was cloudy, and you could almost feel the cold outside. There was a TV on the wall, which was usually used when votes in the Congress were being conducted, or speeches were being given. C-Span if you will. Then there was a landscape painting here, a painting of one of the founding fathers there. The carpet was a predictable and very Texan style red, with lights giving the room light the outside could not.

Anna sat off to the side with the Party Leader of the Social Democrats, the two biggest party leaders having a personal discussion. Ferdinand Nahls, the party’s leader, sipped his coffee as he listened carefully to what Anna was saying. When she finished, he slowly nodded before promptly saying “This Erika sounds like a bitch.” Anna couldn’t stop herself from giving a small smile to the older man’s bluntness.

“Oh I absolutely mean it. But more pressingly, this Empire is dangerous. If what you say is true, and they’re as big as you say, we need to begin looking for friends quickly. They’re the Draka, but with the numbers, and tech to make the world tremble.”

“I’m aware, the problem is where do we start? We got the UK, which is fine for a democratic ally. Well I think they’re democratic, they still have the same little lady as Queen. However beyond that, we’re still scratching our heads.” Anna replied, before sipping her own coffee.

“Well, what about those UN boys. Well, besides their presumptuous claims. We had a UN, maybe we can talk with them.” Ferdinand offered.

“Ehhh, well, I dont know. I’ll be making a speech after this little meeting, making it clear that Texas is, and forever will be, a sovereign nation. Can’t let anyone get the wrong idea of course. The south has been pretty quiet as well, on the other hand.” Anna said, to which the older man slowly nodded.

“Well, I’ll say this. In my days with the Institute, we shook hands with monsters, and put them in the grave the next day. Don't compromise too much, lest we lose ourselves.” Anna smiled at that. Not the wisdom from an old man, but it was an intelligence officer telling her about morals. He was right of course, but she couldn’t help but find it ironic.

Not a few seconds later, Katja Riexinger of the DTS entered the room. She was on the younger side of the room, the youngest in the room to be frank. She was 2 minutes early as well, so no one was going to fault her for being the last one here.

The 5 party leaders centering in on the meeting room table, what had to be done was simple. Lighten the blow to the Texan Economy. Of course that didn’t mean it would be easy.

“Okay, so we’re here to save the economy.” Anna said, as the meeting said. Bernd Gauland, the Libertarian leader, rolled his eyes. “Afraid the economy is already properly screwed. We’re damage control. So much damage control that even the Libertarian Party sees the need for a Federal Response.”

The various faces in the room grimaced at that, but it was fair enough. The meeting was dominated uncomfortably by the Democratic Socialist and Naitionalist Agenda. As things stood, the bailout plan was drastic. Trillions in low interest and forgivable loans for business, small, medium, and large alike. National payrolls would be nationalized of up to 80% of wages. Companies that had been fraudulent with their resources, when they should have had resources for this situation would be forced to give up equity to the Government. Industries like Shipbuilding, the Airlines, and more industries so dependent on foreign movement are also likely to be nationalized until the crisis passes.

This is accompanied by, what is equivalent to a $600 plus up from the normal amount of benefits that the unemployed got. This was all in concord with a massive set of rationing, primarily in food and water. An eviction moratorium was enacted as well, the Federal government helping with monthly payments. This all was buffed up with an Infrastructure bill that was planned prior, to address things like bridges, roads, rail, internet, energy, and more. When it was all said in done, no one quite described what happened as tongue in cheek as Representative Katja Riexinger said “Well, its time for the Texan experiment with socialism to begin.”

The Address

It had been a week since the ISOT, and Texas had been graced with reports of multiple nations. The nations who loomed large in the Texan mind were the UK, Europe, and the UN. One had declared itself rather arrogantly the arbiter of mankind, which of course was something the Confederacy would not abide by. The UK, and the little old lady that was their queen, gave off a welcoming demeanour and the possibility of cooperation. The European Empire? A nation that respected nothing but strength.

With her media crew, and her Chief of Staff, the preparations for the speech were made. The speech she was giving was on the front lawn of the Federal Chancellery, and you could see the media gathered in their little chairs. The Prime Minister wore her hair in a bun, her normally curly hair tamed. She wore a black rain jacket, which covered her clothing below. The dark expression of the normally warm women was a stark contrast to what Texans were normally used to, but this address wasn’t just for Texans. But Texans would most certainly get this message as well, considering all Texan news channels would be broadcasting this speech.

“‘It is not the good times that tell if a people is virtuous, but it is the time when things are hard.’ These are the words of Chancellor Wilhelm Boykin in the days leading up to the Great War. Those words are engrained in the minds of millions of Texan Children, and the beginning of a new story. A story that proved our people to be virtuous through times of trial. To prove that we could look right at adversity, and overcome. Now I ask every man, woman, and child to brace yourself. To take comfort and solidarity with your loved ones, your neighbors, your God. Times of trial and tribulation are here once again, and they will not go away soon. So, I must ask for your strength. The Texan project is many generations in the making, and we have gone through chaos before. We will do it again. That is not a hope, not a speculation, not a dream, but an absolute fact. Wir können. Wir werden. Das haben wir getan. Und wir werden es wieder tun.”

The affirmation of Texan strength, and the mild twist on the Texan motto was mostly for the Texan people. However, it was time she addressed the world.

“My name is Anna von Gottberg, and I am Chancellor of the Texan Confederacy. We have no masters but our people. We bend the knee to no one but God. We are not a people to be taken lightly. To those coming to us with peace and good intentions, you will receive the same. To those who seek to do us harm, we will make sure you find no peace in this world. We will make sure you regret every moment, you live in fear, that you regret your transgressions and have not opted to become our friends, and not our enemies. We are a tolerant people, and a loving one. We are devout, and we are loyal. I make you one promise above all. Come to us with respect, and we will do the same.”

“To be as clear as I possibly can, the Texan Confederacy is a sovereign nation. We will not tolerate infringements on that sacred independence, and we expect that to be taken to heart. We are a nation of democrats, who believe the people should decide the course of the nation. We are a nation of diplomats, and makers. A land of friendship. A land of liberties. A land of God. The men and women of the Texan Military defend our shores all the same. We’d much rather share our chocolate and beef with the world than our bombs and missiles. So please, let this be the beginning of a fruitful new beginning. Let this pain we are feeling not turn into something far more tragic.”

With that, the speech ended. She had made the Texan presence and mindset more or less known to the world. The address quickly spread through Texan social media, and soon after to the world. The Texan Reaction to the speech was positive, but that didn't change the fact the nation was feeling uneasy and insecure.

The New National Security Agenda

“Thank you for the little interview, Lieutenant Merkel. Please, take this man away.” Minister of Defense Blomberg said over face call to the soldier he was talking to. The soldier in question had a gun leveled at the head of a raider that had been captured on the Island of Basse-Terre. Somehow they had gotten to the Island in good time, but any plans they had were ruined by the arrival of Texan Marines. He got to get a little interview out of the man, but besides that nothing notable.

Ending the call, Otto looked at the large map that had been undergoing a lot of changes lately. By all accounts, Texan troops had been fairly successful in beginning the landings on Carribean islands, and construction of infrastructure had begun. Makeshift airfields were in the works, and the connection to Texan local holdings. The installation of Jaeger Missile systems would ideally follow not too much later.

However in all frankness, that wasn’t the main concern. The carribean was seeming to be lock in key, but the great lakes region however would seem to be more tricky. Reports of American presence on the great lakes were coming in. As of now, the small Texan presence on the great lakes was going about building an airfield for the enhancement of local presence. Meanwhile small outposts throughout the swaths of new land found were being planned from throughout what was formerly Canada and the Native Confederacy.

Looking at the map, it was filled with dots indicating the increasing Texan Presence. A lot had been done in only a week, truth be told. Truth be told, expeditions were made into the US with relative impunity as well. Texan Marines hunted down irradiated beast, and dropped off things like surplus medicine and food to a select few favored settlements. Things like advanced radiation medicine were discovered on these expeditions as well, which would need to be looked into.

This was all nice, but it all paled in comparison to the primary objective of securing Texan Water resources. This made the establishment of bases near Lake Winnipeg a matter of national security as well. As Otto slowly sipped his coffee, something very real dawned on him. He looked through the files on this mysterious nation located in the middle of Canada, and could say. The recon on the nation showed a disturbingly advanced society, and it was thus an imperative to reach out to this nation.

Beyond that, there was understandable concerns with the nation to the south. They would be contacted within the next week to settle negotiations, and exchange ambassadors ideally. That all said, the Texan Military was very busy these days.
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The Grand Temple, Tenochtitlan
Quetzel had been a fairly minor priest the night before, but today was a new dawn, upon a new era. She spread her arms wide, blade dripping with blood as the crowd let out a jubilant shout as she held aloft the heart of their former Tlatoani to be judged by the Gods. "Huitzilopochtli, I beg you, find our offerings worthy!" she threw the heart with all her strength, slashing the bloody knife across her face as she proclaimed "I offer you my own blood, and the blood of every captive in the Alliance!" the fanatic young woman lead the crowd to cheer, some nobles leading by example by pulling thorns through their piercings, or slashing their palms with traditional obsidian. The Great Temple was as it was meant to be, blood soaked as it stretched high into the heavens, with the bodies of a thousand dead around the base of the pyramid. Kids played among the corpes as mothers chastised them for playing at such a sacred event. The mass sacrifice was broadcast across the Alliance, prisoners hauled forward to have their hearts cut out, venerated elders offering their lives so that the Gods might see fit to spare humanity. Through it all Quetzel smirked, her blood stained body on display for the Mexica peoples as she cut out another offering from a sniveling prisoner. "Rejoice! For we shall prevent the apocalypse!"

"She is a radical, how could the good lord Montazuma think to bring her before our sacred body?" The MP of Texico felt his mouth twitch a bit, his more devout compatriot from Itza shrugging her shoulders "She has reassured the capital at least that this is all that there is, that the end is not nigh, but instead that our creation shall live on in this new world. This was all fortold, and clearly the work of the Gods no?" MP Xi Cadmael was middle aged, known for delivering an impassioned speech on Inuit Crisis of with her youngest child suckling at her breast, and a voice of reason from their southern cities. MP Eztili of the Buisness District of Texaco on the other hand was known for being part of the Texaco elite, though was incredibly radical in his views on secularization of the Alliance. "If it were the work of the Gods then why do they need a priest to come before Parliament to speak to us? Would it not show their point far more if they spoke to us through the sun like they supposedly did our ancestors?" "The Gods work in strange ways at times, perhaps their power has wained so much that they are unable to even speak directly to us, perhaps they used up all power that they could to shield us from destruction in this new creation. It is not our place to question Gods." there was a ‘tsh’ noise from Eztili as he shook his head, rising in respect alongside the other members of the Parliament as doors to the great chamber swung open.

“No! Please!” there was screaming as two soldiers dragged in a prisoner, throwing him into a stone table before the MPs of the Alliance, the young priest Quetzel making an overly dramatic flourish with her obsidian knife as a few members of parliament stifled yawns or checked their phones for the time. As Montazuma himself entered Quetzel finally plunged her knife into the prisoner’s chest, reaching under the ribs in a practiced motion to rip out the poor man’s heart and showing it to his still screaming face. With a motion she made a handprint of the man’s blood over her own face, then bowed her head to offer the heart to Montazuma. The lord of the Alliance took the first bite from the heart, then offered the rest to the young Priestess. Her eyes almost shone with excitement as she elegantly took the heart, and started gnawing at it while standing in the corner with blood across her bare torso. “Took her long enough…” Eztili whispered to his counterpart as they took their seats, his counterpart just rolling her eyes as the Parliament was brought into session.

“This Parliament shall come to order!” demanded the Eagle Warrior at Arms, the corpse of the prisoner hauled away to be cooked for the honored members of the Parliament. “I assume you all know why we have met in an emergency session?” the Lord Montezuma glanced at the MPs as he spoke, getting a number of nods in agreement. “Then I push for us to immediately mobilize all armed forces to commit to the flower wars of our alliance, and bring us back more prisoners for sacrifice, I shall speak to our allies in the south about support for such endeavors… Do you have something to add Eztili?” all eyes turned to the standing MP who nodded slightly and bowed his head. “We all know the Mexica are a warrior peoples, however this near miss of a new creation has left our economy… Less than ideal. We are no longer hearing reports from Havana, Mi’wok, nor have we heard anything from Taysha. I suggest we send our force from the Flower Wars to Mi’wok to investigate why they are no longer responding to us, and perhaps if necessary ensure that food flows from Mi’wok once more.” there was a murmur of agreement before the MP of Meztitlan stood up, dressed in the headdress of a retired Commodore. “We should also seek to insure that the flow of oil continues from Taysha, alongside the crops that we might expect from the rich soil there. Further a full tenth of all electricity in the Alliance comes from our nuclear plants, we must secure our source of uranium.” once more came the murmur of agreement, and the lord Montezuma proclaimed “Then hear this, I shall command our most elite army to move on Mi’wok to secure our food supply, I shall command that our fleet investigate Taysha to see if anything remains of the ports, and shall command that a small force investigate across the edge of the old creation into the new one. We shall demand that our allies to the south stand firm, and move to help us in these dire times, and shall endever to plan for flower wars should there be civilized peoples in this new creation. Agreed?” there was a chorus of ‘ayes’ that took the vote easily.
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Tanzania, Europan Empire's Territory, Temari's Perspective

The foreigners have agreed on a ceasefire and no lives were lost. It would've been Temari's demise (or worse, she would've fought them for her protection but it is far from the ordinary) if she hasn't stopped it sooner than expected but she is safe now. What is Temari's next agenda thus far? She will conduct a meeting with them to establish diplomatic ties and to ease the hostility amongst themselves to avoid starting a minor conflict. She doesn't want it to happen and the situation could've been worse.

The results? Well, the meeting went well for her but there are a few controversies here and there. Yes, the foreigners made fun of the ninja's way of life but it wasn't a racist remark for them. Overall, the exploration is a success. Gaara will be delighted with Temari's achievement. The treaty is as follows.

1. The Land of Wind and the Europan Empire will both establish embassies respectively.

2. Trade deals will be reviewed between the two nations.

3. The Land of Wind and the Europan Empire will cease hostilities for a while in order to eradicate the situation and to conspire for a potential everlasting peace.

The treaty is signed and it was time for Temari to head back to the island. Also, the foreigners had aided them by stockpiling foods on their way back. What a relief for her.

The Land of Wind, Sunagakure, Kazekage's Office

Upon returning from the foreign lands, Temari had told Gaara the great news. He is indeed impressed and had told the Wind Daimyo the great news as well. He is also impressed with Temari's progress and he would like to congratulate her on achieving that objective.

In the meantime, the Land of Wind is not partially isolated so as contact between the Europan Empire and the nation itself is in good condition. However, Gaara has a terrible feeling that the foreigners Temari had encountered might betray them for their own gain but only time will tell. After all, the nation has befriended a foreign nation, and that bond cannot be broken if unavoidable.

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The Suez Canal, Italy's Territory, Kankuro's Perspective

Kankuro is unable to pass through the Suez Canal due to the foreigners refusing to give him access to do so. Because of this, he has to go the other way around. The foreigners didn't meet him in person, they just ignored him entirely or they didn't realize of him appearing there. So Kankuro must find a way to get to the foreign lands.

If he were to go back to the island then Gaara would've been disappointed in him for the failure of completing the objective. He cannot and will not give up on this matter. He just needs to find an alternative in getting to his preferred destination. Kankuro's ship turns around and went to the south. Of course, it sucks for him.

The Hejaz, Ottoman Empire's Territory, Kankuro's Perspective

Kankuro has arrived in the Hejaz, a territory controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Upon setting foot there, the landscape is arid and there seems to be little to no people. Fortunately, there are some people patrolling around the area but they do not seem to be friendly nor they should be. In truth, they're just curious about the ninjas' arrival so it makes sense for them because both of them are foreigners themselves.

Kankuro's action? He waited for the foreigners to come to him. Of course, the objective is basically diplomatic so it is beneficial to go on an exploration to find foreign countries unlike the world that the Land of Wind originated from and to reconnect with the rest of the world as noted before. He is in luck.

The Land of Wind, Sunagakure, City Center

Gaara has enacted a plan to perform public speaking to the people of the Land of Wind. He wants to get closer to the people living in fear and to confirm the progress that the government is trying to accomplish. Surprisingly, this is the first time that he had done a political public speaking as he hasn't done so before. Fortunately, he is not nervous. Actually, he remembered doing one when he became a Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces in the past. Yet, it was inspirational and powerful for them as he explained through the hardships he experienced as a child. He must do the same for the citizens as well during this unusual time. He must guide the people through those hardships. Finally, he was ready.

People of the Land of Wind and Sunagakure, it has come to my attention that the country is undergoing a gradual change following an extraordinary occurrence days ago. Sadly, I will be doing this speech as the Wind Daimyo will not be available at this time. I know times are tough but we will do our best to get through this together. We may have lost contact with the world but we are not alone and we will keep moving forward until we have contact with the world again.

There is no need to worry, this is a new beginning for us. We now have access to natural resources such as water, wood, and a large quantity of food. This is a blessing for us and we should be glad for it. However, we must figure out the cause and effect of this drastic change. Until then, I, as the Fifth Kazekage, and the Wind Daimyo will do the best we could to get to the bottom of this unfamiliarity and we will cope with it. That is all for now. Thank you for listening in and have a nice day. Take care and be safe.

The citizens cheered on Gaara's speech while he left. His speech was well-received in the process. His popularity with the people is a result of his unfeigned nature. Even better, he might get elected as the next Wind Daimyo in the future. Though, it is dubious to say as of late.
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Madagascar, Melaky
Melaky Titanium Mining Zone, Outer Perimeter

"I now wish I was back at the border." Corporal Finlay MacGuinness complains as he and Zosongo patrol the current outer perimeter of the mine alongside a number of other soldiers and an APC, the sound of trees being cut down never ending around them. "At least I wouldn't have to deal with BLOODY JUNGLE!"

“Do you really want to be back on border duty and have to worry about those Europans?” One of the other soldiers asks. “Much rather deal with lemurs and the rest of the wildlife here than those guys.”

“I suppose you got a point there.” MacGuinness replies. “At least we’re the only ones on this island.”

"Yeah, thankfully." Zosongo says. "Makes our job way easier."

South Africa, Western Cape
Western Cape Research Complex

“So this is the machine that was found?” The Chairman asks the head of the WCRC’s engineering team assigned to studying the strange bipedal machine in front of them.

“Yes sir.” The woman replies. “According to the data we’ve retrieved from it’s computer, it’s called the ZPZ-2 Fliege, a model of Knightmare Frame used by the Europan Empire. Armed with two arm-mounted 60mm railguns, two hip-mounted 15mm machine guns and two slash harkens in the hip.”

“What is it powered by?” Deventer asks. “I don’t see an engine compartment.”

“It is powered by something called a “Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system” that uses a resource called schrabidium.” The engineer replies. “Very high energy output for its size, comparable to the compact reactors of Assault Craft.”

“Considering the sightings of bipedal machines along the border, those are most likely Knightmare Frames as well.” Deventer says. “No sign of this model though. Maybe an older one?”

“Possibly.” The engineer replies. “The machine overall at least looks to be less sophisticated compared to the ones sighted.”

“Can you copy it?” The Chairman then asks. “We need our own KMF if we are to stand up to the Europan ones.”

“We can do it.” The engineer says. “It will also give us experience with building them. Anything else, sir?”

“Nothing more.” Deventer says. “I will head back and inform the rest of the Council.”
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Istanbul, Turkey
Congress of the Sublime Porte
January 8th, 1980

President Sultan of the Presidium and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilhelmina Packard gripped her cigarette tightly in her wrinkled old hands as she brought it up for a much needed drag. With the declaration of war, she had found himself inexplicably smoking more. It was almost as if her body was urging just another hit before the capital was hit and she was coughing on sarin or buried under the Congressional roof and various building rubble when Europan artillery would obliterate it.

The sound of a door opening almost made Packard fall out of her chair with surprise. She suddenly sprung to life with paranoid terror, rustling in her desk for that firearm the Sultan had personally awarded her with for the years of service she had done for the Ottomans.

“Where the fuck did I put that damn gun… son of a bitch.” She mouthed as the door began to swing from it’s hinges and she quickly ducked down, one hand still in the drawer, fitting the grip on a revolver type weapon. Clambering the old colt army special out from it, she rummaged for a few bullets to hastily slide into the weapon before cocking the hammer and holding the gun close to her chest as a figure entered the office. Her heart was in her throat. Had the Europans broken through the lines that quickly? Would there even be enough time to conduct the plans she had envisioned… would she be sold off into slavery, forced to dance for a little europan prince until he was bored and she was cast off into a nursing home with retirement benefits?! The very idea of some sort of welfare state brought a mix of trepidation and joy to her mind as the shadowy figure revealed itself to be...Josif Gobbles?
“Gobbles? What are you doing here?”
The lanky skeleton scowled when his eyes peered at Packard’s pistol.
“I was going to ask you the same thing, m’am. Why are you not packed yet?”
Packard went into a half-hearted defense of her actions, still looking incredulous and taking longer and longer puffs from her increasingly shrinking cigarette still gripped tightly between her fingers with each drag.
“W-well I had to simply inspect the Sublime Porte, making sure the members had gotten the message to fuck off from the capital and meet in Baghdad. I mean, I got distracted by all the shit that was going on around us, the sudden rush of war and shit to the brain, you’d know.”
Gobbles seemed unimpressed by her answer and addressed her like one would a child for breaking a glass bottle.
“Missy Willie, you can't just stare at the Europan minister through a telescope. We’re going to be evacuating-”
“I know, just let me-”
“Let me finish. Willie, we’re evacuating the capital and launching enough SCUDs to ruin it, or at least make it hellish. An armed rearguard will remain in the city to fight to the death. I am going to give you an offer, command the rear guard or join us.”
Wilhelmina Packard thought for what seemed like an eternity. Every once and a while the room would shake when explosions would hit somewhat close to the building, with an ottoman officer checking in on everything and being dismissed by Gobbles politely with a .45 caliber bullet to the face.
“You know, for all the propaganda I spout, I’m more of a fleeing woman to a fightin’ woman. Get me the hell out of here.”

“Great, but before you do, you’ll need to put this on.”
She was met with a fake looking bead and very long set of dress clothes.
“W-is there another outfit for fucks sake, I cant be seen wearing a suit, I-I’ll be humiliated!”
“Humiliation, Packard, or death? Those are your options, I can dismiss Garrison Admiral Buster Monroe from defense of the capital and assign you.” Gobbles threatened.
With a defiant look in her eyes that gave way to a resigned drag on a freshly lit cigarette, she grabbed the fake beard and business suit to put on.

Ottoman Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Loomis shaking hands with Europan Officials

As the Ottoman Foreign Minister, Wilhelmina Packard had been expecting to fly in a style and with as much dignity as an ambassador could muster. Now she was fighting for arm room with a bunch of fucking chickens on board the seemingly unsturdy airplane as it jostled around from even the slightest turbulence. She rustled in her pocket for another packet of cigarettes, sticking one in her mouth with much difficulty before reaching in her other pocket for… air.
“Son of a bitch, cheap ass jacket.” She mouthed off to the chicken next to her before leaning out of her seat and barking at the pilot.
“Pilot! Can you get me a fucking lighter?”

“I’m flying the fucking plane you dumb fuck. Ask someone else.”

With a pouty look on her face, Packard’s eyes scanned the room for the bald looking head of Mr. Loomis, who was kicked in the face to be awoken, much to his sudden anger at the sudden hit.
“What the hell are you doing Missy Packy?! Oh. Here ya go.” With that, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Loomis handed her a lighter from his hat. Not even eliciting anything resembling a ‘thank you’, she turned around and anchored herself in the seat as the plane took another steep dive down and then jerked back up, thrashing her nearly seventy year old body around with many bruises and curses.
“For fucks sake…” Packard muttered as the small flame singed the tobacco product in her mouth, a quick flick of the lighter extinguishing it as she let out a singular puff, with a slight smile, the first one of today, grasping her face.
“You know smoking is bad for you?”

“Like you give a damn about my safety Loomis. I’ve been smoking for seventy six years now, since I was a baby. I don't see any ill effects and you’ll be hard pressed to find any. It’s none of your concern what I put in my goddamned body.”

“Bu-but your my woman. Oh jim jimmity. Can you at least hold off until we land? We should be nearing Crete soon. You did want to meet with these Europans, after all.”

“I was forced to meet with them, I’m not expecting a miracle at least, but we might get something tangible out of it, possibly a political marriage.”

“You think the narrator’s been playing too much CKII?”

“What? Is that another nerve agent we haven't used? If so, then why the fuck not?”

“It’s a video ga-oh to hell with this, you’re as dense as a fucking rock.”

“And you are as kind as you are an asshole.”

“Touche, now shut the fuck up I think we’re about to land.”

The aging DC-47’s landing gear hastened to deploy as the pilot reduced the speed as much as he could to lose a few seconds towards the landing equipment. He hovered over roughly a third of the runway before touching down and applying the breaks, the plane slowing down from one hundred and forty to one hundred, then dropping to seventy five, then fifty, then twenty five before stuttering to a small stall like speed of a couple miles per hour. The spinning of the propellers and the noise of the engines that once forced the ambassador to yell (as much as her hoarse voice could with all the smoking) soon coughed abruptly as black smoke poured from the engines.

The pilot then came up front to where Packard was and kicked the seventy year old woman off of the airplane, her landing face first on the concrete with a splat, yet getting up as if she was a cartoon character. Evidently, she was more upset at the abrupt divorce from tobacco tom than any broken hip or how much longer she would need to be in a cast after this whole event was over.

She turned to the pilot and looked angry at the man. Like a woman with a tobacco addiction, she hissed.

“Where’s. My. Motherfucking. Cigarettes?! Well? Get your head out of your ass and find me it!”
After several aides that had stumbled out of the plane were yelled at by Packard, the cigarette was found and she plopped it right back inside of her mouth, sucking on it akin to a baby with a pacifier.

“Ah. Much Better.”

With that, the Ottoman delegation arrived on Crete.

“Well that was very random,” Luigi Cadorna II watched anxiously as the Ottomans got off their plane and made their merry way on over to the Imperial delegation. This meeting was totally random if you asked Cadorna, but it appeared Salzburg would humor the Turkish subhumans this one time. So it really did strike him as strange when the Ottoman delegates were clearly white. He honestly didn’t know what to make of the situation at this point.

“Welcome to the Empire of Europa!” Luigi introduced himself to the Ottomans in Italian. “We should get going, mostly because there’s absolutely no time to spare! I am ambassador Luigi Cadorna II and I’ll be in charge of heading negotiations.”

Why am I heading negotiations again? Right, they needed someone to insult those barbarians, Luigi thought to himself.

Wilhelmina Packard’s face curled into a smile in between puffs on her favored cigarette.
“Thank you for your hospitality Il Duce. It is an honor to at least land on such sacred soil.”

Then Packard’s cigarette suddenly crumbled in front of her, much to the ambassador’s chagrin, almost enough to let out a swear.

“Son of a.. Sorry Il Duce, but you don't have to have another cigarette do you? Normally I have plenty with me, but this week really has been up sh-” she stopped herself just in time. “Shill’s creek without a paddle.” Her eyes conveyed a combination of pleading and embarrassment.
“Ah, I thought I smelt depression and self loathing out here. Montgomery Loomis, deputy minister of foreign affairs, bachelor, and the maker of the best goddamned cotton candy this side of the Medditerarnian Sea.”

With that, Loomis pushed past the old lady and politely bowed. His skin was as white as Packards, though a shade darker, indicating that he at least saw the sun as compared to the completely pale Packard, to whom sunlight was a foreign concept to the practical vampire.

“Ahhh,” Cadorna nodded before handing Packard a cuban cigar. “Here, enjoy. Anyways let’s get going!”

These people are… errr, very informal, Cadorna cringed.

It didn’t take too long for the delegates to arrive at the central government building of Heraklion. The city itself was rather quiet, disregarding the imperial troops who were running about. Numerous ballistic missile defenses had been installed out of fear of Ottoman SCUDs, as had some early warning radars shipped over from the mainland.

“Awfully nice of you to keep on your toes, with all these defenses mopin’ about.” Loomis noted as he squinted at the sight of a far away radar station on a mountain top, it nothing more than a faint grape in the distance.

“Of course they’d need to be prepared against the unpredictable, you never know when a hurricane powered by SCUDs might roll around.” Loomis half joked, but in the back of his mind made a mental note to pour in money for a hurricane composed of SCUD missiles, which sounded freakin’ amazing. Packard and Loomis soon walked with the Italians to the central government building, but not before perusing the various shops and small markets that had adorned the city.

Packard pressed her nose against the glass.
“Huh, you think they sell scorpions, I’d like a few of them just to spite the sultan.”
Loomis accompanied her in the perusing of the local wildlife held in glass cages and the stores, with their proprietors beaming with pride at the captured craft that hissed violently. He tapped the glass on a cage, with the scorpion soon going mad, hitting the glass with its stinger until tiring out.
“Poor thing. It probably needs to be barbecued.”

“Loomis! These are god’s creatures and I won’t be havin’ none of that eatin’ talk.”

“I’m just sayin, they’d look awfully nice next to a bottle of Kensin Ivanov BBQ sauce.”

Packard couldn't muster a retort to the blunted but cruel savagery that was Loomis. She simply rolled her eyes at the ridiculous assumption that scorpions would ever go along with… BBQ sauce. BBQ Sauce! Everyone and their mother knew that you enjoyed scorpions with a nice side of honey mustard and some spicy fifteen season herb and spice rub. To say any other method of BBQ was heresy.

“Sauce… what a dry topping.” Packard muttered under her breath as they made their way through the marketplace, avoiding some of the more sketchy looking shacks that were bound to sell weapons of mass destruction or ottoman terrorists trying to make an honest suicide bombing. She walked along the market place, staring out at the various shops. There were the cheese stands, the wine stands and one stand in particular which robbed her of attention. She was now fixated on the sight of some tiny italian stand. The location had nothing too particular that would make it stand out, barring some brightly decorated outfit that the manager fixed himself to. Rather, it was what they were selling which caught her attention. It would be an unorthodox solution, but if she couldn’t have honey mustard, she would be forced to bend her own rules of chicken frying and have the potential for pre marinated judgement by the fried food fuckers in heaven.
“Is that-” She sniffed a small plate which had a black liquid on it.

“-Balsamic Vinegar?”
The seller gave a nod in the affirmative before she picked up a cut bread piece and dipped it in the black stuff. The very acidic smell was biting and inviting to her nostrils. If she really wanted to quit smoking, she could very easily just binge eat french bread dipped in balsamic vinegar. But she had no real intention of quitting. Still, she had found her second husband practically. Looking the seller in the eye, who exchanged a long grin on his face to the Foreign Minister.

Packard then snapped her fingers, and without saying a word, Loomis rummaged through his pockets and threw down a literal gold bar on the table. The weight of the massive object shaking the shoddily constructed wooden stand.
“I’ll take your entire stock!” Soon Packard had corralled her husband into fitting bottles of balsamic vinegar into a wooden wagon, enough to make an ox tired from carrying it, and hitched up a random crete farmer to deliver the shipment to the airfield. Finished with the simple pleasures in life, Packard soon rejoined the rest of the diplomatic party and entered the government building.
Luigi did his best to ignore the Ottomans throughout the group’s short tour of the local city. These people… they were verifiably insane! How the hell had they even managed to obtain their positions? Then it dawned upon him: if the politicians were this crazy, the average inhabitants likely had the collective IQ of a donkey. It was both horrifying but also good news at the same time: defeating these monkeys would be far too easy!

Suppressing his desire to laugh maniacally, Luigi led the “Ottomans” into one of the building’s conference rooms. He skipped all the formalities and decided to get to the point.

“So, what brings you to Europa today? Is it peace you seek? Possibly lighter terms in light of the Empire’s inevitable victory?”

Packard sat down in the conference room before exchanging a look with Loomis.

“Peace might be a possibility. I don't necessarily want war as badly as you might think, Count Luigi. The Ottoman proposal is thus, an immediate ceasefire all along the Europan and Ottoman Frontlines, the opening of an embassy between the Sublime Porte and the Europan Empire, Ottoman concessions in the forum of twelve thousand barrels of oil and five tons of precious minerals. I understand the militarily improbability of the Imperial Army-”
She soon realized a slight confusion before correcting herself.

“Sorry, our Imperial Army, at defeating you on the field of battle. The Ottoman Empire would be readily willing to concede on the latter points of trade and resources just to salvage the portion of a ceasefire. Even if it’s just temporary, I’m more than willing to take whatever you happen to have as a counter offer. If we’ve just been wasting our time with you, we’re sorry, and only ask that we are given enough time to leave safety and without any harm.”


Deputy Loomis scowled before standing up and reading from a small piece of paper.
“Should you reject that offer, Loomis has another solution. We would be more than willing to co-operate in the sale of the sultan’s vast male harem to suitable homosexual officers within Europa. All free of charge, just with the promise of peace. You can even break it right after, I wouldn't give a damn, just get me some of that sweet, sweet candied ass. Ohh by george… ooh by jimmity.”

Luigi cringed at the mention of the “male harem”. Was this Sultan a homosexual? Such behavior was honestly disgusting, and Luigi took a moment to wipe the thought from his mind. That said, Packard had been surprisingly… willing to talk. And the terms she’d listed weren’t insane either, if not totally desirable.

“Well ambassador, we in the Empire don’t partake in such carnal desires as homosexuality, but your other points seem surprisingly well considered. Of course, my own terms are… more tailored in light of imperial interests, but I’d say they’re relatively light on you. They are as following: a 30 km wide demilitarized along the border, open access to the straits for Imperial naval warships, reparations amounting to 10% of the Ottoman Empire’s annual oil production, and a one-year long non aggression pact. Let me remind you that we possess a formidable nuclear arsenal, and are not afraid to use it to defend our country if you continue hostilities.”

Ambassador Packard fit yet another cigarette in her mouth and barked at Loomis,who had been picking at his nose.


“Oh, by george, what the fuck is it Packy poo?”

She held up her face to the man and pointed at her cigarette, to which Loomis got a box of matches out and struck one, it slowly burning on the cigarette to enable her for a satisfactory puff before smiling once again. She took a long drag on the cigarette before clearing her now tobacco filled throat and lungs with a sharp, cancerous cough.

“I do not take too kindly to threats, Luigi. I’m not sure how you greet your grandmother, but if you threatened to beat the shit out of her, I doubt you’d be seeing her often! The Ottoman Empire resolutely rejects the proposed indefinite access to Imperial Warships. However, the points of a tenth of the annual oil production, offered demilitarized zone and non aggression pact are readily accepted. The most the Ottomans would be willing to compromise on this part would be your assistance in constructing a new canal straight through Turkey to link the Black Sea and the Medidterranian. I believe this would be suitable for my side. You will get access to the medidteranian ports via a long canal that also will provide ample farmland to the Turkish economy, probably making up a little bit in the lost oil production.”

Deputy Loomis then spoke up, a smile flooding his face like a cheating poker player with a purported ‘ace’ up his sleeve.

“If the Ottoman Empire and Europans were open for trade, with at least minimal tariffs of protectionist bullshit in place as a start, then the lost oil production would be a moot point, with us able to make up the losses in economic development with Europan companies that might bring the glories of indoor plumbing to the backwater regions of afghanistan-”

Ambassador Wilhelmina Packard then leans into Deputy Ambassador Loomis’s ear to mutter something incoherent.

“What do you mean we don't own afghanistan? Fine. I guess the backwater portion will be whatever the fuck the sand arabs in mecca are fucking about with. Goddamned savage infidel heretical motherfuckers. Maybe we all need is a good old nuclear holocaust, like the ones we’re doing to the jews and on the scale of what the jews do to the arabs in their organized reprisals. I hear Oy Vey III is very profitable this time of year in the arab fucking buisness.”
Loomis replied, disappointed at the news that Afghanistan was not a crown dependency of the Ottoman Empire. However, he was always a man to invoke such wise words from Buster Monroe, the sage advice of the chief ottoman extermination camp operator. Such advice was a genocide from time to time to weed out the bad from the good. But he was sure that such genocidal actions were approved by god. How else could he explain away the clusterfuck that were the crusades?

He shook his head and returned to conversation with the count.

“The Ottoman and Europan economies could be very intertwined. You know what the best sound in the world is? The sound of gold bars hitting barrels filled with crude oil. It’s a nice and very solid thunk sound, no real rhythm or pitch, just a whack and drop off. That is what the Ottomans can bring to the Europan Empire. If you would prefer solar power, maybe you can help us in that way, build a large facility in the middle of the bloody deseret to harness the power of that big ball of gas millions of miles away from earth, and we’ll get to dismantling our forward military outposts along the Vanz region.”

Wilhelmina Packard then interjected, mouth full of balsamic drenched french and italian bread.
“You know what the second best sound in the world is? Fucking eating french bread, just the crunch of it would be enough to make me think I died, and when you combine it with the balsamic, it’s just heaven waiting to happen. Maybe instead of selling them crude oil, how about we trade balsamic vinegar and italian oils for actual crude oil, set at ten boxes of balsamic for a barrel of crude.”

“Packy poo, can you fuck off with your french bread mouth- and for fucks sakes pick up a goddamned cigarette or play in traffic, you should chew with your mouth closed! The Count does not need to see a detailed history of your oral cavities! Unless you want to see a detailed history of Packard’s oral cavities?” Loomis then asked Count Luigi, who shook his head negatively.

“For one, ten boxes of balsamic is worth far more than a barrel of crude, and our country barely even uses crude at that. Domestic production here is more than high enough to satisfy demand.” Luigi began. “As for everything else? I’ve heard enough of this nonsense to know that getting our economy intertwined with yours is a recipe for disaster. You seem more preoccupied on obtaining kitchen condiments than seeking out reasonable trade deals, and for gods’ sake STOP EATING at the conference table!”

The Italian Europan sighed before continuing.

“Once again, my terms are not changing. You have to remember that Europa is negotiating from a position of strength: be happy that we haven’t decided to throw these talks out of the window and declare a war of total annihilation against you. As you’ll see tomorrow, the Russians will pay for their insolence in fighting us, and you too could be on the chopping block.”
Packard sighed before reaching over to shake the Italian Europan’s hand, readying her photogenic side when a photographer snapped a picture, the flash briefly disorentating her before the senses returned to her.

“I see. In that case, the Ottoman Empire rejects your proposal. Perhaps one crate of balsamic to one barrel of oil might work, but I can see that negotiating with your motherfuckers of milan is pointless. I’m getting the fuck out of here, fuck you italian pizza pasta fucker, we’re leaving!”

Packard then yanks Deputy Ambassador Loomis by the ear, much to his chagrin and over his yelping objections. Her pockets filled with the numerous bottles of balsamic vinegar, she gave the middle finger to the airport attendants, boarded the still smoking Douglas C-47, (which had it’s engine repaired thanks in part to a bunch of hammer hitting in several different languages) and took off from the Island of Crete, feeling frustrated with the negotiations that unfolded.

“That stubborn old bastard, they couldn’t even be assed to part with a single fucking crate of balsamic vinegar. Fucking negotiations were pointless! Probably a trap, If I’m being honest.” Loomis barked out, unholstering his revolver and shooting one of the chickens that just shit on the airplane floor.
“Now, Loomis, it wasn't all that bad, we did manage to come away with enough Balsamic Vinegar to make this plane almost crash into the sea, so that was something.”
Loomis stared blankly at her before slapping her silly.
“You. Stupid. Bitch! This means we’re going to war goddamnit! This was our one shot at diplomacy, and you fucking blew it! I’m fucking sick of your shit frankly Packy Poo!”
“B-but the balsamic vinegar-”
“Wilhelmina Packard. I’m doggone sick of all the bullshit you push and prod on me. You can take the vinegar and fuck right on off. Understood?”
“Wh-you have some nerve saying that to my face!”
“I have all the nerve in the world to say that to my wife. You’ve spoiled our diplomatic soup with this vinegar obsession of yours.”
“Well… Vinegar wasnt the only thing I snuck onboard-”
Loomis looked incredulously at Packard as she stood up from her seat and several wheels of italian cheeses and loaves of italian bread rolled onto the floor of the airplane.
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Dieu et mon droit

Ireland, United Kingdom

"In the name of her royal majesty and her subjects in the United Kingdom, we hereby decree that these virgin lands are now property of both her royal majesty and her government." Priti Patel spoke up as camera flash across the wooden podium and stage she stood on top of as the wind blew against her face.

The expedition to Ireland has yield no result of human life. They only found animal and plant life native to Ireland, even species that were extinct back in their world. However for AEGIS they found that initially there was no signs of the supernatural on the island. It was something that surprised them and for a while they thought that perhaps it would stay that way.

With news that the rest of Ireland was empty it caused a mass migration of Irish citizens in the UK to buy up land to build new Irish towns, even before the public announcement that the UK would claim all of Ireland and work on changing the name to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland once more.

However with the spread of new settlements across Ireland the inevitable happened, the supernatural would spread with the people.

"This does prove that the supernatural and humanity does have a strong link. If we discover more empty parts of this new world we will have to be careful on not spreading it to other nations." Penderghast heard one researcher tell him as the two watch the speech. "It will spread regardless what we do Charles. It's only a matter of time before the anomalous leaves the British Isles and reappears in Europe, after that it will spread throughout the whole world. That's assuming it hasn't done so already." The general would say as he took a long drag on his cigar.

Behind the stage was a town being made. The roads and sewer were completed, the houses and apartments were almost complete. Next to the town a railway was also being made. Give it a week and the town would be complete. "But, having that shit spread means we still have a job to do. Of course that means we will eventually have to meet with our new neighbors about the matter." Penderghast can feel a headache coming from the idea of filling in the new nations about what they know and the trouble they will cause once they accuse the United Kingdom of infecting the world with the supernatural.

"Have our drones found anything on the new nations?" the general asked as Patel was done with her speech and was walking down the steps. "We found several nations and we are determining which ones are hostile and which are neutral. But we will need to have spies actually be in the nation to gather more reliable information." the general sighed. That was a risky thing as they aren't sure just how their culture will be like.

"I hate to say it but will need to get more information before we can send in spies to their lands." Charles agreed. "I heard there are talks of inviting diplomats from those nations. We can have them agree to establish embassies and give some basic information about each other. That way we have something to work with and our agents would have a safe headquarters to start with before they make more hideouts in the other nations." the researcher told the general.

Penderghast knows that if he was being told of this then it means the leaders of the U.K. branch of AEGIS agreed to the plan. No doubt the British also agreed to the plan as they would also be benefiting from it and they won't have to risk their agents too much on the effort. "I wonder though. Who would be the first one to take the bait?" the general pondered as he tossed his cigarette to the ground, stepping on it and grinding it on his boots.

Dear United Nations,

You are no doubt surprise to receive a letter from the United Kingdom even though we suspect you have your own representative of the United Kingdom back in your home world. But as you can expect we are a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nation of our world, and judging from your statement one that was vastly limited in power back in what is your past. We do not know what circumstances allowed for you to amass as much power as to override the authority of sovereign nations, but we of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland do not appreciate having a foreign power interfere with domestic matters in our borders. We respect your mission and wish to keep close ties, but matters involving Great Britain will remain under our jurisdiction.

Signed, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra May the Second

To all Nations,

We come to you all for two major announcements. One is that all of Ireland is now under U.K jurisdiction and ownership. Any direct attacks made towards Ireland will be an attack on the United Kingdom. More importantly all United Kingdom laws are now in affect in Ireland, including immigration policies. Another announcement is that we are now willing to make diplomatic talks to any nations willing to speak with us. We hope that these meetings will foster future friendships and business opportunities between our people.
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Reichshauptstadt Berlin
House of Broadcast
Hilda Kreisler

Getting through Berlin these days was an enormous hassle. Much more so given just how many of them were trying to make their way north, along the broken and ruined remains of the old Berlin Circle, a railway built around what once constituted the city which had since then long grown past that boundary. Marshal Konev of course had the absolutely bright idea of splitting the survivors up into smaller teams, something that greatly helped with detection but also isolated them, weakened them and broke the communications between the teams.

Hilda strained her ears, listening as she could hear the all too familiar sound of gunfire erupt somewhere to her right, a block or two of ruined buildings away. Apparently another team had been discovered and was now beset by the undead. Their fate was as good as sealed, a grim realization she had made over and over on their journey, causing her to look over to Marshal Konev with some anger. She was sure the Marshal could feel her glare, so intense was it but he appeared to elect to ignore if, instead lighting another cigarette while getting into yet another chat with this Fegelein fellow:

"How close, tovarish Fegelein?"

Fegelein's eyebrow shot up, a bemused smirk appearing on the man's face as he asked:

"Is it tovarish now? My, I'd never have thought I'd get that title in my lifetime."

Konev only managed a tired smirk of his own, calmly stating:

"In the face of death we are all tovarishi. Except for those who blindly accept it of course. These are the worst kinds of traitor known to man. Now, how close?"

Fegelein looked up at the sky in thought before staring at the street below them and the occasional zombie shuffling across it. Berlin had changed, greatly so. Ruins where the eye could see, walls of fire that burned regardless of fuel or weather and rivers of blood. Orienting oneself within it had become so much more difficult, even for someone who had spent much time here. Rubbing his chin absent mindedly he said:

"Well, the House of Broadcast is two streets further, a massive, sprawling complex which was pretty much the center of all broadcasting activity in Berlin and beyond. I am not quite sure but I do believe the Vox House settled over to it as well sometime during the war. It might be worth a shot trying to hit this instead of the Vox House. It should have a direct connection to the radio tower at the Tegel airfield."

Now it was Konev's turn to ponder their options. Meanwhile the gunfight on their right slowly died down, just a few pistol shots still echoing through the night before a scream that went through body and soul shook them all, causing Hilda to lose her patience:

"With all respect, Marshal, if the House of Broadcast is so close, we should head there. We cannot sustain these losses and the way to the Vox House is crawling with these things!"

Konev sent her a heavy glance, one weighed down by responsibility and endless loss before saying:

"I wish you had told us of that sooner, tovarish Fegelein. At this point it is impossible to inform all groups of this change in plans, leaving our strength much diminished. And the House of Broadcast is, as far as I am aware, one of the few heavily fortified outposts sustained by Hitler's cronies. But alas, tovarish Kreisler is right, if we attempt to go to the Vox House, there will likely be too few of us left to even try to assault it."

He turned to another member of their squad, a radioman with his radio on his back, commanding:

"Inform the other groups, there's a change in plans."

The House of Broadcast was a massive complex, built in the shape of a closed half circle. Bombs had done quite a number on it but overall the building was still standing and in remarkably good shape. Floorboards and planks had been nailed over many of the windows and barbed wire, sandbags and any kind of improvised barricade closed off most of the entrances that Hilda could see from her vantage point in the building across the street. She cursed under her breath before dropping the binoculars and looking over at Fegelein.

"Bloody hell, this is a goddamned fortress! How the hell are we supposed to breach that! Just look at those MGs!"

, she pointed over at the building to some second story window, an MG-42 looking out of it and casually swaying from left to right, indicating that it was very much manned. However, much to her fury and surprise, Fegelein was merely grinning, beckoning her to calm down.

"Ah, one sees that you have no idea of military matters. See, there is always more than one way to approach a situation. And if there is only one way than the defender is an absolute god of a commander.

In this case, the House of Broadcast does possess its own air raid shelter. Which also, possesses multiple entrances so as to not trap its occupants underground in case of a bomb hit to an entrance as well as to allow nearby folk to share the shelter with critical personnel. One of these very entryways is right in the backyard of this house, Fräulein Kreisler, and should allow us an entry right into the rotten heart of the facility."

Hilda's mouth hung agap at that, staring at Fegelein as though he was mad. An underground entryway? And he elected to share this with her now? By the lord, what else did this man hold in the back of his hand? The keys to the Reichschancellory? Konev too rubbed his stubble covered chin in thought, a slight amount of optimism finally glowing in his eyes.

"Well, this...this truly changes everything. We better inform the other groups and-"

A sudden, infernal screech cut off the Marshal, all of their heads snapping around to Tomoevski, their radioman who seemed just as spooked as them, staring at the radio slung over his back, having thrown his headphones onto the ground as they had apparently been the origin of that loud screech they had heard and now loudly broadcasted static to the rest of the people within the room. Then, suddenly, a voice, a voice with a strange overlay, as though it was repeated by multiple other voices, each more horrible than the last. And to the surprise of everyone, the words were spoken within their native langue, by demon tongue but nonetheless, each of them heard them differently. Konev and Tomoevski heard russian, Fegelein and Kreisler heard german. And any others who heard this message also heard it in their native tongue, wether it was english, french, chinese, japanese or any other tongue.

Nations of this new, foreign world, hear my words!

Just like so many of you, the Reich of a Thousand Years, the eternal Reich, has been displaced from its rightful place and time, to one, it certainly does not belong to! However, this does not mean that we will meekly lie down and vanish from this earth and time! NO!


I once said that Germany will either be a world power or it will not be at all. When the defeatists in my staff proposed capitulation, I executed them without hesitation and with my own hands! I knew there was still a way to win the war for Germany had not been unmade yet! I alone realized the only true path to salvation, I alone stayed true and loyal to the german nation! I mobilized even the final reserve, I risked everything that we are and have stood for, I risked the Reich! And the Reich endured its final test, its righteous path now illuminated by the fires of hell and our coming heralded by the cries of fallen foes!

To those who inhabit this world, do not fear us but welcome us, for we have bested death itself and have acquired perfection. To those who would spurn us, fear us for the pit of our wrath is bottomless and our ranks endless! To those enemies of our time who have come with us into this new time, the United Nations or the United States or anyone else, know that we will not rest untill we have won this war and you may never, ever claim your victory so long as the Fatherland stands strong, so long as the Reich endures. And it does stand strong, it does endure, despite all it has sacrificed and so your claims for sovereignity over us are null and void.

Know this and remember when next we meet, people of this world.


There was a bit of static...and then suddenly the message started blaring again, the same voices scratching through their minds. Trying to hold her own ears shut, Hilda screamed at Tomoevski in panic and rage:

"Shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it ooooooff!"

Tomoevski in turn hastily tried to pull the radio off his back, quickly turning it around and furiously operating the controls, the voices temporarily getting drowned out by static again and again before returning once more. With panic written all over his face, Tomoevski looked up at Konev and yelled:

"''s on all frequencies! I can't get away from it!"

"What do you mean all frequencies?!? They can impossible be sending everywhere at the same time, try finding a different channel! We need to reconnect with the other tea-"


The shot was loud, even with all the yelling and shouting going on. It also seemed so much louder as immediately after it rang out, everything quieted down. The radio fizzled out of life, the bullethole in its side giving away just why it had stopped working. Everyone else had simply shut up, staring at Fegelein who casually blew some imaginery smoke off the barrel of Luger P08 before holstering it and saying:

"Well, I guess now we know what's happened."

All of them still stared at him in awe and surprise, wondering what the hell he was even on about...before all frantically throwing themselves on the ground as an MG-42 salvo ripped through one of the windows, the familiar sound of ripping cloth indicating the weapon used.

"What the fuck Fegelein!?! Don't you see what you did, now they know we're here!"

Hilda was furious. Fucking furious! Any semblance of surprise or initiative had been taken from them by this moron suddenly deciding to fire his gun. Fegelein though didn't seem to agree, looking slightly annoyed as he replied:

"Ah yes, I and my shot did this. After you guys screamed your lungs out at each other so that every single motherfucker in a 5 block radius could hear you. Do you even listen to yourself you ungrate-"

"Silence, both of you!"

, Konev's voice cut through their argument like a hot knife through butter, his glare silencing any opposition to his command. He then looked at Fegelein, calmly asking:

"What do you mean by we know what's happened? I tried to listen but it all just sounded like a mad fascist's rambling. No, the mad fascist's ramblings."

"Ah, so you didn't quite catch it? He said that it appears that we've been transported to a different world in a different time. He's putting up a facade before this other nations, I assume to reorganize, gather his strength again and get some information on what he's dealing with here."

, Fegelein said, massaging his forehead as he did so. There was more silence following his words, Konev clearly mulling over them while Hilda and Tomoevski both seemed completely flabberghasted as to the implications of this. Tomoevski was the first to break the silence:

" motherland...doesn't exist?"

And Hild followed it right up with:

"All our support...the bomb drops...we are lost..."

"Quit this defeatist yapping, both of you. We cannot afford defeatism in the face of an enemy who gives no quarter and goes beyond pure cruelty."

, the Marshal's voice sounded resolute, determined. He had thought something up.

"We cannot allow Hitler to ingratiate himself with the new nations of this world. They do not know his evil and he remains a monster which fights well with words so he might cloud their senses. If Hitler gains allies willing to help him, then we are truly lost."

They all nodded in agreement at that, leading to the Marshal to head straight to the plan, pointing at Hilda and Fegelein.

"You two will take the air raid shelter and infiltrate the bunker. As we can't contact the other teams, I and Tomoevski will inform them the old way, personally, and launch a frontal assault on the House of Broadcast to get their attention. Understood?"

They both quickly nodded and were about to turn and crawl out of the room when Konev suddenly stretched out his arm and requested:

"Godspeed you two. I wouldn't want to have to wait for the undead horde out here for long, nor am I keen to run into entrenched nazis. We don't have the numbers to pull such stunts anymore."

He smiled at both of them, though they only nodded solemnly, responsibility weighing heavily down on them. If they failed, it could mean that all of them would die.

Things had gone surprisingly smooth. The entrance had been open, its doors busted by what looked like a long passed undead assault on the shelter. Deep within, in the bowels of the earth, they found little more of those who had stayed here but utterly torn apart corpses, half consumed by the undead. But no undead, these seemingly having cleared out of the shelter. Though there was still a barricade in their way on the way out of the shelter, a security measure most likely to ensure that no undead would make it into the facility without being let in.

Inside the facility, things went equally smoothly. The corridors were deserted, trashpiles lying in the corners, blasphemous texts scribbled onto the walls with blood and a loudspeaker system consistently repeating the words of the Führer, almost drowning out the sounds of the gunfight raging along the outskirts of the building as well as the screams and moans of the undead gathering outside to protect the facility.

Knowing that Konev counted on them, Hilda and Fegelein quickly made their way up to the second story, where they had seen the MG emplacement, sneaking up on it from behind and finding a gallery with an MG gunner and assistant gunner keeping ammunition at the ready. They also saw multiple other members of the Führerkult, men and women in ragged uniforms, blasting away at their perceived enemies across the street with a veritable amount of firepower, bullet casings littering the floor to their feet and boxes and magazines with ammo being stacked against the walls and windowsills.

They made short work of them. A grenade thrown at the MG nest, being unnoticed and taking both the MG gunner and his aide out in a single blast, before both of them jumped out of the corridor they had hidden in and fired their SMGs down the gallery on either side, catching the Nazis by surprise and sending pretty much all of them to the ground, dead, within a matter of seconds.

As the last of the Nazis fell, Hilda reloaded her MP-40 before letting it dangle on her side and pulling out her sidearm, a Walther P38. Pulling the slide back, she prepared to finish things then and there but Fegelein suddenly grabbed her arm, causing her to look at him with annoyance, only to see him shake his head and point at the loudspeakers:

"Let them be. Konev and his men should be able to clean this up, we need to press on and silence this infernal broadcast!"

Hilda was torn, on one hand she wanted nothing more than to finally silence that depraved voice so she wouldn't have to hear it but on the other she couldn't just walk by a bunch of corpses recently slain and not put a bullet in their head just to make sure. However, as if to take the decision of her, she suddenly heard moaning behind her and looking there...she could already see the downed Nazis moving again, their movements having become sluggish, drunk or on strings but moving once more. It was already too late.

She pushed Fegeleing aside, holstering her pistol again and raising the MP-40 once more, hissing between clenched teeth:

"Let's go."

From then onward the taking of the Nazis' House of Broadcast was a smooth ride. Konev and his troops easily managed to breach through the sparse amount of undead on the streets and with much of the Nazis' firepower silenced, could breach the House of Broadcast and begin a quick sweep of the building, occasionally finding a few undead who were quickly put to rest.

Before the control and broadcasting room itself, the source of this infernal message, Konev, Tomoevski, Fegelein and Hilda Kreisler met back up again. None of them were wounded, though each had expended a fair bit of ammunition and stamina in the taking of this station...and now came the final piece. Tomoevski nervously asked:

"Say...the...the big one, that Hitler, he isn't in there and personally recording that message, is he?"

To which Hilda just rolled her eyes and said:

"As much as that man loved to hear his own voice, I'm pretty sure this would've been too repetitive, even for him. No, they're likely playing some sort of recording on loop."

Fegelein quickly agreed, claiming:

"Yeah, we'll probably find nothing but some scrawny radio operators sitting there and making sure everything is working smoothly. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't even noticed yet that they're under attack. This should be easy."

With a single kick he sent the door to the room flying off its hinges and onto the floor, leading to two women and a man, all of them dressed in field grey garb to look up from the controls they had been operating up untill that point. Fegelein smiled at them, PPsh-41 in one hand and an improvised satchel charge in the other.

"Hello there"

His carefree attitude was...odd to see while he just casually threw the satchel charge into the room before quickly stepping aside, taking cover behind the wall like the others. They could hear the commotion in the room as the Nazis desperately tried to scramble or get to the explosive and maybe toss it out but there was no way they would get away or get to it in time.

An explosion then slightly rocked the walls they had been leaning against, smoke and fire licking out of the doorway and the Nazis all screaming in unison as they perished, their bodies torn apart by the force of the explosion. As if in response, the loudspeakers suddenly screeched, ending the Führer's repeating message and now sending only static. All of them breathed out in relief at that, finally having some peace and quiet again.

"Alright, mission accomplished."

, Fegelein stated proudly, earning him some looks from the others as to how proud he looked. Hilda, while also feeling quite a bit of pride over this victory of theirs and smashing the Nazis' plans, couldn't help but wonder:

"What do we do now? We've ruined their plans for the moment and now they're going to come for us. They're going to come for us in force now, no doubts about it."

Konev once more looked thoughtful, scratching his stubble covered chin before saying:

"I believe it might be time we left Germany behind. This is not the world we know anymore and Europe isn't crawling with these undead creatures anymore but instead this world is filled with new, strong nations, intact and capable of resistance or aid. It might be to the best to re-establish contact with other cells of the Survivor Brigade and order an exodus, a full scale retreat from Germany.

We certainly can't stick around for much longer. The Nazis will be coming for us soon."
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Dent Blanche Airbase, Wallis Network, South-Western Union territory. Day 8.

"Pilum-Lead, Blanche MATC. Correct approach vector and report cohesion status. Over.", the droning voice of Dent Blanche Airbase's air traffic controller told Flight Captain Yves Ermeneau and his weapons operator, Flight Lieutenant Jürgen Raderer, callsign Pilum-Lead. Ermeneau responded by pitching the nose of the of their Vexor fighter slightly up and reducing speed further. Landing in a mountain airbase like this wasn't a cake walk, and he'd have to carefully adjust his approach angle and speed until the plane was close enough for the base's landing control computer to connect and help steer them in automatically. Caution was even more required due to the heavy winds that day.

"Pilum-Lead copies, ATC. Squadron cohesion at nine dash one, status code Blank - Cohesive - Render. How copy, over?", he communicated back to the air traffic control center before readying the plane for landing. The landing gear was lowered, while the nose of the plane now pitched up at a consistent 10° angle. The high res reconnaissance camera, mounted in the front of the Vexor, was switched off and made ready for data transfer, and all of the fighter's weapons were switched to an 'inactive' status. Not that it had a lot of weapons mounted, at least not visible ones, in order to not alert Imperial air patrols.

"5 by 5, Pilum-Lead. Maintain vector, touchdown at runway three oh niner. ATC out.", the controller radioed as his last message. The fighter continued approaching the airbase, until it was about 1.5 kilometers away. At that point, a green light lit up on Ermeneau's dashboard, indicating that the airbase's central flight control computer had connected to his systems and was helping him land safely. The most difficult part of the approach was now over.

Dent Blanche Airbase, to the untrained eye, wouldn't have looked much different than some oddly discolored rock in a large cliff face. However, what looked like a 'discoloration' at a distance was a visual 'curtain', disguising the airbase's internal structure from anyone who would get too curious. The base itself had been constructed inside the mountain, effectively having been dug from the inside out. The 'mailslot', as the base's personnel called it, was the only opening to the outside world, where planes would land and take off safely. Behind it and the visual camouflage curtain, lay something that somewhat resembled a large supercarrier's interior - mostly out of stone rather than out of metal, though.

When Pilum-Lead came in, appearing like some sort of jumpscare through the curtain, the base systems activated their signature method of stopping landing aircraft: A localized magnetic field acted similarly to 20th century aircraft carrier arresting gear, stopping the Vexor very quickly. Small trucks immediately rolled up to the plane to tow it to its station, refuel and perform other maintenance on it.

Meanwhile, Raderer tapped on his keyboard, establishing a connection with the base's computer network. Over a terabyte of extremely detailed high-altitude photographs and scans would soon be subjected to rigorous analysis by computers and human minds alike. At normal magnification, the photos looked merely like someone had taken a picture of a generic piece of desert, stretching on for hundreds of kilometers below the plane-mounted camera. However, zooming in further, tiny specks could be made out in the distance; at maximum zoom, they became somewhat triangle shaped constructs, stuck in the sand. Looking at them himself, Raderer could have sworn those things reminded him of something. He just couldn't put his finger on it for the life of him.

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Tʜᴇ Bʀᴀᴢɪʟɪᴀɴ Fᴇᴅᴇʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
Bandeirantes Highway, São Paulo outskirts
16:12, January 7th, Anno Domini Brasiliensis 3105

Força Pública officer Bartolomeu Martinelo reclined his car seat with a gratifying yawn. Though São Paulo’s semi perpetual drizzle covered his windshield, his coat was warm and his eggnog could have burnt through the dashboard. As he ran a brush through his rifle’s barrel he glanced at the dispatch screens, bothered by how their beige square forms clashed against the flowing curves of his squad car. At least the overgrown ruins of the outskirts were a lush green.

Not much happened here, among the crumbling concrete of overgrown suburbs. Over a brick wall covered in ivy, a few smoke columns rose from one of the nearby boroughs. Old Ms. Rittermeyer always asked for help with the firewood, but that was generally the only laborious part of the day.

Life was good.

“No, the footage hasn’t arrived yet. Human sacrifice and cannibalism? Are you sure it isn’t some documentary?”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs was sure.

“And, the scale is… hopefully small? No?”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs had satellite photographs of bloodied temples.

“Good Lord man… no, not yet… the border with Acre? Alright, I’ll deal with it personally… Operator, patch me to His Excellency the Minister of War.”

The Duke of the Amazon sounded quite upset from the call. His emotions were understandable, as cannibal Aztecs massing troops near his border was not news the Grand Marshal was expecting. Indeed these bloodthirsty natives were a spanner in their proverbial works – even if a war could be avoided the need to fortify their borders would sap military strength away from the rest of the country. At least the adjacent regions were unpopulated, save for a few villages and clandestine drug labs, but the Duke was bound to be upset by the damage incurred to his domain.

“Dom Lacerda? I need you to mobilize the Northern Army and have the Airmobile troops on standby for deployment to Acre… Yes, precisely... I’ll allow the Baron of Porto Alegre and the Duke of Roraima to follow through with their plans. Are my orders clear? Good”

Two days later at the Venezuelan coast, Former Caracas

“This is Carnation, arriving at LZ, over.”

The Duke of Roraima was a man of many talents, though infrastructure planning was not one. His cousin, the Baron of Tepéquem, was more apt towards this type of endeavor, though he did not seem as comfortable in the transport helicopter. They felt a sudden jolt as their HT-10 Condor touched down. The doors opened and men poured out. The Duke and his friend, in less of a hurry, made sure not to scuff their boots on the bits and bobs lying on the metal floor.


Officers barked orders at a multitude of men in fatigues. In the blue skies above, a string of white flowers came out of a circling plane’s cargo hold, holding men, material and vehicles. Boots stomped the ground, men shouted orders, helicopter rotors spun down, rockets went off to break the fall of parachuting equipment, diggers, jeeps, road pavers.

“I didn't know your Força Pública had parachutes,” remarked the Baron, staring at the sky.

“What? I can't hear you.”

“You have parachutes?!”

“No! Those are Federal! Let’s go somewhere quieter!”

The pair made their way towards the beach, swinging their swagger sticks around, until the sounds of the construction site vanished in the wind. They sat down at a lone rock and took in the maritime breeze through their linen suits. Was this truly a business trip?

“So, Nicolau,” resumed the Baron, “Not only do they approve of your little expedition, but they stuff it full of aid? At the New Year’s ball the High Marshal was adamant about closing off the borders.”

“You know, a lot has changed after December. For one we have lost most of our neighbors. Establishing a new frontier is a nice way to remove plantation slums, maybe offload a few petty criminals.”

“What good can come from a town of lawbreakers and beggars?”

“Well, our good friends from the Kingdom of Oceania claim to be descended from an European penal colony.”

“I doubt we’ll be nearly as competent as the Old English…”

“We need to, Augusto. RWe must be as competent or we will not survive the coming years. You know that we don’t need Venezuela’s petroleum, its fertile soil or its ore depots. This prospecting committee is only my fancy, but the colonies are the National Directorate’s plan. There are rumours, my friend. I am but a humble backwater nobleman and the Directorate does not pay me that much attention, though they do let a few scraps reach me. We may be denying resources to somebody, we may want to place missiles and a war-port here.”

“The Aztec empire? Surely you don’t think they will pose such a threat, if they truly exist.”

“Alas, I doubt we’ll be willing to negotiate with those heathens once we learn of their existence. When our ancestors chose to wipe them off the continent, they presumably had their reasons.”

The two men paused, not knowing how to continue the conversation. The Duke of Tepéquem ran his eyes through the stretch of sand separating the vast sea from verdant plain. Here, there was much room to let their thoughts run wild. His friend was always filled with much foreboding, and presently he saw the Amazon foaming with much blood.

“Say, do you think the game here is good? Helen did enjoy last Summer’s hunt.”

“Did you bring your guns?”

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Fort New Tirpitz
New Tirpitz Providence
ISOT event, Year 0

While they waited for a reply to their local message, the colonial command went to work organizing several different scouting formations that would be used to scout the four sides of the colony. In some hopes of seeing what sort of territory was open for taking or if there were other nations around them. There was also an underlining mission as well, and that was gathering strength on said nations. Seeing what kind of technology they possessed, what kind of military they had and what was the local culture of the nation. While the colonial command was hopeful that they would find a halfway decent nation to trade with, this was less than optimistic. But for now, they need to gather intelligence on their local area.

“Are you sure this will work?” asked High Major Alpo Kaila von Gneisenau, placing down the data pad as he looked at one of his officers. “An operation of this size will be drawing precious fenvarium away for other projects and jobs.”

“It would be more than beneficial, sir.” pointed out the officer, “We would be gathering major intelligence from this operation and as far as I am concerned we have enough fenvarium stored up in our reserves, we can afford this expenditure.”

“I know we can afford it, but it is more about, should we. Right now we are trying to conserve our resources for our own population and development, need I remind you we lost 35% of our grain supply when we lost contact with the Republic?” He then sighed “However, I am authorizing this mission, for now. I would like to keep these missions limited and sorta close to the home territories.”

“Yes sir” the officer then turned around and left the office, leaving the High Major to himself, who was really hoping that he didn't make a grave mistake. However, then another aide walked in and handed the High Major another data pad, this time it contained a message from a nearby nation. Looking over the tablet, the High Major could not hold by a sigh of disappointment as he looked at the message. Once more, it seems they have found another hostile nation or well what sounded like a hostile nation. It seemed like this, Germany, had overcome death and was announcing their achievement to the world. To the Republic, death was an inevitable circumstance that was needed to help replenish growth for the next generation, it also allowed one to pass off into the afterlife and join the Great Wolf Mother’s army. Thus their mortal body would be used to help seed the ground with life once more.

“Have we located the source of the transmission?”

“Kinda, we know it is on this continent and to our east, however, we do not know the precise location of the transmission’s origin.”

The High Major nodded, it seemed the event had really messed with their triangulation devices. “Seems like we have some interesting....people.....near us, tell the eastern group to be on the look out for this transmission and anyone who knows its location.”

“Yes sir.”

Near Michigan, Lake Huron
ISOT event, Year 0
Dropship 22-1

There was a low roar over Lake Huron as two Republic dropships sailed through the air, rapidly making their way further into the region and towards its designation of what would have been Michigan. Aboard the lead Fenvarian dropship was two squads of troopers with a mixed squad of engineers and scouts, along with the formation’s Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV). The second dropship was loaded up with supplies, things like extra ammunition, food, water, fuel, heavier entrenching equipment and so on. The second dropship lacked the LTV like the first dropship, however, more cargo was loaded into the space that would have been used for the LTV.

Relatively heavy complement for a scouting mission, however, this was due to the rather limited nature of the Fenvarian intelligence about this region so at some point they have to remap the entire planet, both from space and from the ground. Since they pretty much were teleported to a new planet. The scouting force would be split into two groups, the main scouting group which would consist of the first pack and a scout from the support unit. The second group would consist of the second pack and the remaining support staff, their job was to guard the drop ship while the main scout group went further into the territory.

“Sir, I am picking up increased traces of background radiation.” radioed the pilot to the first pack, “I would recommend you guys put on your rebreathers and cover your tails, who knows what the background radiation could be further inland.”

“Copy.” replied the High Sergeant, he then clicked off his radio and sighed, this was going to be a rather annoying snag in their mission. The tail coverings are annoying and universally hated by most fenvarians and evandarians since it is rather uncomfortable, but after some time one gets used to it. The rebreathers aren't as bad as the tail coverings, which is a plus. Without saying a word, the rest of the troopers in the troop bay went to work putting on their tail coverings and their rebreathers. Some of them groaned about how the tail coverings were uncomfortable, but they soon quieted down. It wasn't long before everyone in the troop bay had their masks and tail coverings on, the masks and the tail coverings would work with the rest of the body suit, protecting them from the increased radiation.

Time would go by as the two drop ships made their way to a heavily forested area with some rolling hills, the High Sergeant leaned out the open door and looked down. It really did look like a nice place, it reminded him of the colony. But, with the increased background radiation, it was going to make things a bit more fun. However, it was not long until the pilot’s voice once again crackled over the radio.

“Touchdown in 20 seconds, prepare for disembarkment!”

The troopers in the hold then started to check over their gear and then stack up by the door as they prepared for disembarkment, which was the troopers stacking up on one another. A pack of troopers would head into the back of the drop ship and enter the Light Tactical Vehicle, getting ready for the drop. As for the crew chiefs they manned the side door machine guns, pulling back the charging handle just in case the troopers needed the landing zone to be cleared. As they approached the landing zone, there was a hiss as the vehicle bay doors opened up followed by a thunk as then the vehicle dropped and fell to the ground. The vehicle hit the ground and then gunned forward, up the hill and near where the drop ships landed. Once the dropships had landed, the troopers streamed out and threw themselves at any sort of cover they could find, which was not much. A few medium sized rocks dotted the top of the hill followed by tall-ish grass. The LTV then rolled up and provided even more chances for cover, but most importantly, it provided enhanced fire support for the troopers.

But, as they expected, nothing was going to come after them. This area seemed to be deserted, which either was a good sign or a very bad one, nevertheless, the troopers are going to continue their mission. The high sergeant of the first pack stood up from his boulder and walked over to the second drop ship, ordering the rest of his pack to follow him. They first needed to get the extended supplies that they were going to be issued. As they walked up to the second dropship one of the crew chiefs looked up at them and started pulling out the extended supplies.

“Extra fuel, ammo, food, water, cleaning supplies and all short of shit are in these bags.” grumbled the crew chief. “The LTV is already loaded up with some spare parts, but it's not much so try no to break it. Command wants you to head south for about 100 miles from out LZ, see if you can find anything south of us. Then once you hit 100 miles drive back north and resupply, then you would be heading west. We picked up a radio signal coming from this area, we managed to roughly pinpoint its location, it's south of our location. So, I can already tell you the command wants you to check that out.”

The high sergeant nodded as he listened to the crew chief, seemed like simple instructions and a clear cut of recon duty. After the pack was supplied for the trip, the high sergeant led them over to the LTV. Soon, the eight troopers of the first pack jumped onto the sides and back of the LTV. Once on, they rolled down the hill and into the surrounding forest in search for the radio signal and any other nations.

As for the rest of the scouting detachment, they went to work setting up a little encampment. Soon everyone was breaking out their shovels and began the slow task of digging out some light fortifications, earthworks, and some shallow storage pits. The positions were rough and not perfect, but that was fine, their mission wasn't going to take more than a week anyway or well that was the theory. But, it was still important for them to set up some sort of command center for the scouting party to return to or else they would be left unsupplied and practically dead.

Near radio signal source
ISOT event, Year 0
Scouting operation: South, 1st Pack

After hours of travel, not to mention finding decent pathways through the thick pine forests, the first pack finally arrived at the location of the radio transmission and what they found was a bit odd. From the far hill the high sergeant and his corporal low crawled onto the top, then once at the top the high sergeant took out a pair of binoculars and peered down at the settlement. It was a settlement of sorts, however, it was easy for one to mistake it for a shanty town with the heavy use of rusting sheet metal and out of place wood. But, it seemed to provide them with shelter so the high sergeant couldn't complain too much. He also noticed a few watchtowers and some armed individuals, however, he couldn't make out what sort of uniforms they were wearing as they seemed to be all over the place. He was thinking that they were part of a local militia or some sort of mercenary group.

After observing the settlement for a bit the two went back down the hill and regrouped with the rest of the pack. Who also had been scouting out and around the settlement, making sure to keep to the thick forest as best as they could. The high sergeant laid out everything he found and then started to go over the plan.

“Our engineering and scout attachment will stay with the LTV, however, will move up slightly and move into this ditch over on the east bank. After which they will cover the vehicle with foliage, to protect it from any sort of scouting forces or from aerial recon.” started the high sergeant as he pointed to a ditch on a cruelly drawn map, he then turned to the support attachment. “You are not to engage the locals unless fired upon, I dont feel like walking 70 odd miles back to the camp.'' Soon the rest of the pack chuckled, which caused a grin to form on the high sergeant’s face. “As for the first pack, we will split into our two scout formations. Me and the alpha scout will walk into town and see what is going on.” he then pointed to a low hill between them and where the LTV was going to be hiding. “Beta scout will be positioned on this hill to provide overwatch. Like the support attachment, we are not engaging the locals unless we have been engaged, understood?”

“Yes sir”

"Alright, lets get moving"
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Retconned by Tuwa

Outside the lumbering nation's borders, UAV sightings were becoming more and more frequent. While Mongolia would sit secluded in the opening days of the past anomaly that was the Event, the nation's intelligence gatherers took to the skies. Drones marked by the Khans making their rounds all over the empire, and especially outside its borders. Over the Korean peninsula, the Siberian wastes, past the Himalayas, south of the Yellow River.

Over Manchuria, however, drone activity intensified. Lost contact with a former core territory proved worrisome to the nation, especially being so close to the capital. All communications seemed to have stopped working. With such a time like this, there wasn't much else they could do but to send someone to check what was happening. From Dadu, an aircraft bearing the emissary of the Khan took off from the capital towards Changchun.
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