1935-2000 Era War 4: New Beginnings (IC)

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Father Knows Best State

Postby Norcourt » Fri Oct 23, 2020 1:46 pm

Gran Norcourtia, continued

It was in the best interests of Maranossos to secure the surrounding territories that had inhibited national security, albeit in a minor way, for generations. Maranossos had viewed a Zeelandian Unification, as an Elixian Unification, which he had held deep in thought since he was a young man, idealizing what every true Norcourtian and Elixian could hope for. However, with a more capable threat to the west, and the already integrated eastern Zeelandian islands, such as The Drales, Maranossos looked north, near Sigfrop, in which to expand his interests of unification, and Gran Norcourtia.

“Operation Sea Storm”, he called it, one which to secure Norcourtian holdings in the Elixian Sea, and further the fervor of the people he held dearly. The operation was to be conducted by means of the military, however was dead set on keeping itself primarily peaceful, rather relying on intimidation, and Elixian fervor, to win the objective over.

In Preparation for Operation Sea Storm...

Under order by Maranossos, the Norcourtian Armada, had amassed a smaller provisional fleet for the upcoming operation, consisting of 5 AIN Vanguard Class Battleships, 8 Harkearean Class Battleships, 3 AIN Sentinel Class Battleships, 16 Heavy Cruisers, 30 Light Cruisers, 2 AIN Icarus Class Aircraft Carriers, and 7 flotillas of military transport ships to carry just over 120,000 personnel of both the 1st and 2nd Norcourtian Expeditionary Corps, supported by six tank brigades, were to be rebased in the peninsular port of northwestern Harbrook, from then on, rebasing in Sigfrop, to setup a proper staging point for what was to come. In Goldrushia, four divisions comprising just over 60,000 Colonial troops of the 12th Goldrushian Colonial Army Corps, supported by two tank Brigades, began boarding their equipment upon their own respective transport flotillas, escorted by 5 AIN Sentinel Class Battleships, 3 AIN Harkearean Class Battleships, 16 Heavy Cruisers, 30 Light Cruisers, and 2 Aircraft Carriers as well.

The plan was relatively simple in nature, cut the heads off of the snake, and all would fall into place. The display of firepower was to be mostly in show of intimidation, as Maranossos was hoping for a swift and clean operation, seizing the territories in his scope...
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Coloured Republicanism

Postby HypErcApitAl » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:38 pm


The United Front

Remnants of Chamberlain

Builders continued rebuilding and restructuring bombed-out buildings, as well as cleaners cleaning and other workers touching up their beloved Capitol. Partisans smiled and proudly waved their Julie flags, walking to the Senate Halls, which still stood, but wasn't up-kept. The Samston House and other governmental facilities were bombed-out, which was the major issue as it was an eyesore to patriotic Aimeslandish, seeing the home of many Presidents in ruin. Persons also had to be taught how to defuse bombs, which was very hard, but easy as Aimesland was known for their talented citizens.

Some tattered Julie flags flew, which had made some breakdown and fall to the ground in awe. One girl bust out in song about this sight.

"O, Julia, how you stand ever-so-triumphant over the enemy, never fall, never cry, Aimesland still strong despite all odds

How we love our Beloved Republic, through thick-and-thin, you shall always live

Aimesland Forever! Aimesland never dies! We shall stand forever-and-ever, our democracy will always be

Will always be, will always be, will always be..."

Others continued to sing and marvel over the resilience of some buildings and houses. Workers continued to restore their glorious Capitol with humongous smiles on their faces.

"Great, and now they'll have to guard this too. Those razza-frazza reds love to bomb erry-thang. I'd sure love to git mah 'hans on 'em..." One man, tightly-gripping his rifle had complained.


"This-here Mafia will choke-out Reds clean-dead!" A girl proclaimed, stomping her feet and holding her pistola.

The Aimeslandish Mafia continued to expand with members, with some gladly giving rifles and riflettes to mafia members. From city to city, the Mafia went exercising their control and gaining members, or redirecting some into the GAR. Other militias and groups stood strong, guarding buildings and standing-by. Nearby factories and factory workers incessantly pushed, making newer designs of rifles and pistols and following the blueprints as well as manufacturing more LMGs and other needed machineguns. It was vital the GAR and Aimeslandish Militia Forces get the upper hand when it came to armaments, especially firepower. The GAR had learned alot from their last encounter with the Nihonese, but many had feared the Nihonese and Manticorans would use cowardly tactics - continuing to bomb and/or depend on their aerial tactics.

Militiamen and proud patriots, as-well-as nationalists had to continue preparing and making makeshift weaponry. Some trained and pushed themselves knowing what they'd had to face - facing deafening gunshots and artillery, as-well-as alot of Tank Warfare. It was also known about adapting to tanks and airplanes, which made alot of sense as to why the Aimeslandish were making weapons out of trash. The reds had somehow blockaded the entire Nation, forcing the Brave to think on their feet instead of depending on outsider nations. The BRA had left their isolationist stance, but this doesn't mean that Aimeslands' survival was guaranteed - many had fought to restore the Republic. Many had followed in President Winstons' footsteps and made themselves heard as leaders, Winstonian leaders - as they were inspired by the woman to push on.

"We will shout loudly! We will defend Theed! We call bullshit on you imperialists! We call bullshit on you communists! We call bullshit!" Crowds yelled, waving their Julie flags and marching across cities as others blockaded and barricaded. Barricades and fences were being built in and around Troy, Ambercity, Theed (the Honorary Capitol) and other remaining cities. Many were utilizing their services to help defend their lives and their country - fellow countrymen that died over concepts that seemed like many outsiders didn't understand, or care about. Many riflemen and pistoleers guarding and learning how to survive - how to endure, as it took Survival.

Chivalry and Romanticism as concepts, were good - but not enough. It took alot more than simply wishing for a freer, more democratic world, but actually making it happen. Actually fighting Gerontocracy and Tyranny wherever it stood, and so on; so forth.


Chancellor Electrum rallied and pushed, regathering the rest of the Winstonites on her side. She hadn't focused all too much on President Winston, but was starting to focus on Electrumism and what it had meant, as the country had to have a duality - Winstonism-Electrumism. Through all of the bombing and chaos, the Aimeslandish had to push through and die fighting strong. Moxie Electrum, Sprouts' "spiritual little sister" and Aimeslands' first Chancellor, was going to fight - and fight twice as hard, as she had to carve out her own identity although she supported the Presidency. She supported Sprout and her Administration, and it was saddening to see half the country leave-off. Fleeing was cowardly, but they had to, to fight another day - and Aimeslandish are fighting-people. They wouldn't take it laying down.

"Bad... this is bad.. very-very bad..." Blurr zipped around, holding her rifle "Close-to-vest" as the gunshots were fired out.

"Don't worry, Zippy, we'll get through this! We got through it last-time!" A newbie, probably a Cadet or Ensign had responded.

"Name's not 'zippy,' I dunno anybody named Zippy, the names' Blurr." The girl corrected with a smirk on her face.

Soldiers continued to fire their weapons and hurl their explosives. Majors and other HRs yelled "Push back!," and so the soldiers pushed back, meeting-up with ten armored cars. They sped around, seeing two women running and a bunch of men and women in dirtied outfits - presumably the Secret Service? They'd flag them down, one looking very familiar. The first girl wore all-white, but was walking barefooted - though holding her shoes in-between her arms. The second was very dirtied and held her arm, as if it was injured. The two stopped walking as they saw the convoy of armored vehicles.

"How'd y'all find us?" The woman-in-white said, shakily - as if she were very tired, worn-out and cold.

The second girl held her left arm to her chest, and made a fist with her right hand as if she were ready for fisticuffs.

"Woah there, steady." One of the drivers calmed.

"S-steady?" The second girl turned her head sideways and stared at the driver, very stunned. The first girl snapped her fingers to "un-stun" her.

"I guess they're our boys-and-girls-in-Tan." The first person - the woman-in-white theorized.

The soldiers accommodated, making space for the two girls.

"I don't trust y'all, y'all gotta introduce y'all-selves!" A female soldier shouted.

"The name 'Allegra' sound familiar to ya?" The 'fighting girl' asked.

"Yeah, we were tryna flee, but... I keep hearin' blast-sounds." The woman-in-white responded.

"Yup. We gotta watch it. Them's the reds. They stay trying to kill the innocent." Another soldier stated.

"They had stationed us out here, to try to defend. What the hell has been goin' on?" Blurr asked.

"The migration. We fled their tyrannical, lawless ways. Either that, or..."

The woman-in-White made a slicing sound.

"We're dead. To avoid our being hung, we fled." The woman-in-white finished her statement.

"And they'd kill us together too! Guilt-by-Association! I don't wanna go out, I don't wanna!" Allegra whined.

"You's safe with us, ya hear?" Another soldier comforted.

The two girls had nodded.

"I had lost my brass knuckles back there. I told'ya, I can take care of myself..." Allegra was both talking to the soldiers and the woman-in-White.

The woman-in-white chuckled. She was very scared to reveal herself, but quickly got over her fear.

"I'm that girl everyones' tryna kill." She semi-joked, laughing after her introduction.

"Miss President! Sir, is that you?!" Blurr asked.

Sprout nodded, very quickly.

"Yes, yes it is me." The President answered.

"With this news, we gotsa take'em somewhere safe." One of the drivers stated.

"Well, they were goin' SW, weren't they?" Another soldier asked.

"Yea." Allegra answered.

"They're using that-there 'fish-in-a-bottle" strategy, I tell ya hwat." The second driver responded, with a very thick countryboy accent.

Sometime later...

Sprout and Allegra were fast-asleep, though the soldiers had did shifts to watch The President as she, at this point-in-time, would be marked for death.

"If that's da gub'mint, then, wouldn't dat mean..." Another soldier hypothesized.

"Alotta others may be runnin' after her, Gods-know how influential Sproutie is. They're bombing, though, so some may have went wayward or died." The driver responded.

"I don't think they died. I try to stay on the hopeful side of things, yeah." Blurr responded.

"If we were able to survive the Aimeo-Nihonese War, we'll be able to survive this shit right here." Two of the soldiers said in unison.

Soldiers would report two men carrying something, that something appeared to be the original Resolute Desk. After all of this time of Sanders and Dynamite fleeing from Harm, they've luckily made it...

Though at this point, they were deranked way back to Fourth Lieutenant, as Winston had enough of their backtalk.

The armored cars were able to drive to a safe position, after they'd reported their findings. Blurr started to tear up and cry, as she was very saddened and missed her comrades-in-arms, but remembered how Goldbug was a veteran. Goldbug had told her many stories of events, and stories about the Yellow Barons. Thinking about her friend made her bawl.


Workers continued restoring the seat-of-governance, even adding new boundaries to safeguard - or try to - safeguard their beloved Capitol. Soldiers were also tasked to protect Chamberlain and other main hub-cities after hearing that the Manticorans were starting to 'go deep' and hit heartland areas. This entire conflict and the Aimeo-Nihonese War seemed like nightmares to the Aimeslandish, like it just wasn't possible for any of this to happen, to them. Win or lose, the Aimeslandish learned alot about Warfare and Insurrection, and would also learn more about said subjects in the future.

Though, it wasn't really that much captured land (since Aimesland is huge), but rather the importance of the land and the fact that these were the first conflicts in awhile. The GAR was getting there, even if it had to go through rough patches. This will have an impact for decades and generations to come - not just the ferocity of the Nihonese or Manticoran Aerial Tactics, but how the govt had dealt with the crises and hard times. As, there were other hard times that other Presidents had dealt with, but they were nothing like this. Sprout was the first wartime president. Sprout was the first for many a thing. Although the Republic was an ancien regime, they were still starting and/or breaking barriers and records. The Republic never truly fell, it just "became gas" for a bit - as long as the Aimeslandish were patriotic and carried on their hope, the Republic will continue, even spiritually.

Manticore, as an enemy, still didn't feel like an actual enemy - in some ways, Aimeslandish actually took it as a "false friend," and were very sad that they couldn't talk or redeem them. They were condemned pre-war, and now... Maybe, hopefully, as a Dominion, or maybe in the far-future, Aimeslandish-Manticoran Relations would be very-positive. Or, maybe not? It all depends.

The Nihonese, on the other hand... yeesh. Relations between the two countries may take "Forever" to heal, as Aimeslandish and Nihonese cultures were very different. Aimeslandish are a very free and liberal people, whereas Nihon seemed very strict. Yup...

Many Aimeslandish were very hopeful for the future, no matter which direction their Ancestral Homeland took or was hurled in.


Despite Manticoran Hostility, the Chancellor ordered the sparing of some Manticoran soldiers. (either "shoot-to-disarm" or trapping them) She had also said: "Just because we're fighting them doesn't mean we have to be cruel and unusual to them, or atleast not that much unusual as Aimeslandish Society has been." Though they were enemies, currently, there always was a hope that relations would become amicable, the chilly relations getting warmer (in a good way) or slightly changing. Hopefully the former, though the latter was also a good idea. The Aimeslandish have focused on Nihon and the Nihonese Gov't, not really hating the Manticorans in-gen but merely wishing they "weren't so goddamned imperialist."

"I'd like to atleast send a diplomat or something over Enemy Lines, but the way they are, they'd prolly kill them. Why does everything have to be like this, why can't things be better?" Moxie thought aloud.

"I know we have these policies, but why can't we just get over our differences? I applaud President Winston for starting the ceasefire, but at the same time, I'm saddened. Why do us blues have to fight all the time? If we weren't in this conflict, or the war, we'd probably be rioting again for the umpteenth time, or..." The Chancellor continued.

The girl continued to think about Diplomacy and the situation the Front was in.

Later on, Moxie continued to think-up ways to sell Lumber and other Natural Resources, as it seemed like Aimeslandish Goods would be very profitable - although Aimeslandia being a Mafia State and Pirate Republic pretty-much was bad-for-Business, but at the same time, there really was no such thing as "bad" news. Aimeslandia could/would sell to USSK, discount (20-to-25% discount) the goods and services as "a reward for investments" or whatsoever, and then, boom! Money made. Laissez-faire Capitalism striking again!

Maybe, just maybe, the gov't could sneak the goods out VIA courier or something? There just had to be a way...

Another idea to show goodwill to the Manticorans, was to have Aimeslandish medics patch-up their injuries, though this idea seemed impossible. One side was willing to be empathetic and not hostile, atleast for a second, but the other side was so militant about everything. Though Aimeslands' propaganda machine was very strong (not just because of the fact that Deepstatists were working for the govt, but good-'ole Blue Republic of Aimesland-type propaganda, too), it had no influence on the nations' humanity - whether or not to take care of others. A time to fight and a time to hug - no matter what was going on.

Maybe things could change? Maybe democrats and monarchists could get along someday, see past ideology and just see... human-beings?

Peace to the World, and all that comes with it?

Besides showing goodwill to the Manticorans, the govt had heard that the Nihonese had stolen or illegally seized Aimeslandish Art and Goods, tasking master-thieves to reclaim the lost/stolen treasures, and besides that, punish those (or punish Nihonese in-gen) for damaging and/or destroying Aimeslandish Paintings and etc.

Art and being artistic is highly-valued in Aimesland - alot of hardwork goes into it, and besides that, artists are "a pillar of Aimesland" colloquially. Besides that, Aimesland is an avant-garde state, and prizes its culture.

After the art shenanigans, goes the actual Mafia - which is now State-sponsored as the gov't sees them as freedomfighters. They may be unscrupulous, but it doesn't mean that they weren't "Good" or "proud of their countryland," or what it may be. One of the Chancellors' advisors had handed a mafia member a "special" sword (this sword, or the idea of it came from Aimeslandish Legend - so ancient, and very valued within itself.), also.

The Deepstatists had wrote/created many blueprints and lists of weaponry, even designing some in detail. The govt, for obvious reasons, supported this, though wasn't supportive of actually creating said weapons, since the Fronts' economy still "needed some work," though the Deepstatists and other "ne'er-do-wells" were now tasked, not just on creating new and newer technologies, but also tasked on working on Sciences and Medicines, especially better ways of healing soldiers and patching soldiers' wounds, as well as curing disorders and afflictions. Colorblindness, itself, was a major affliction - since Aimeslandish Culture is heavily-based around Color and Color Theory/the Color Spectrum. As this culture/society was colored and based in/around the abstract notion, Colorblindness was a major affliction - not just blindness itself. The govt had tasked itself with working to cure or aid both colorblindness and blindness, but such healthcare was off-and-on due to the fact that the Budget/spending had to be used on other things.

Now, or what would've been going on, would be more plans with infrastructure, machinery, industry and a few other things - which is kinda-sorta going on with the Electrum Administration, but kinda is placed to the backside because there is alot of destruction going on - there's a conflict, so...

As there was "the Conflict to Restore the Republic" going on, not much politically was happening besides Chancellor Electrum trying to appease the Winstonites and also make her own political movement - essentially playing tightrope, but besides this was the fact that the "United Front" easily united all of Aimesland as one ideological and political entity, instead of the BRA and focusing on Spring Liberalism, but this newfound "Universalism" and the fact that the BRASA (Blue Republic/Ageless and Spartan Aimesland) had formed, since all Aimeslandish Ideologies were combined, then it had meant that the supporters of the "Statusquo" and the Chromists politically-merged. This also meant that Aimesland was no longer a Unitary state, but it had no time to enact Federalist changes - the govt had now taken-up Federalism, but because of "the Conflict to Restore the Republic," the country stayed unitary in practice.

Ambercity was a pretty obvious centre to give autonomy to, since Ambercitizens and the rest of Aimesland pretty-much acted like two separate peoples at times. And, besides that "separatism" or Ambercitizen Culture, was the fact that the Aimeslandish Language had three dialects. The gov't itself, at times, didn't acknowledge the dialect-ism, and had just taught Aimeslandish as "all one language" instead of recognizing the dialect differences - though, this was kinda different. As Aimesland was a unitary state, this meant that cities pretty-much acted 'on their own accord' at-times. Due to having a minarchist govt, this was possible. (Aimesland is a College State, but there's still free will in the way that things are taught from one city to another)

All of this wasn't a real issue, but now, the Electrumists had to think of how to enact the changes. A proposed federalist idea was splitting 'Aime into bureaux, and then acting as the BRASA but functioning like "the Aimeslandish Federation." Another idea was pretty-much separatism in giving the Deepstatists their own state - which was pretty unpopular. Aimesland had prized herself on Political Unity/Stability, even if this had meant "fascists would pollute the culture" or whatsoever.

Probably splitting Aimesland into four: "Greater Aimesland," "Ambercity," "Lesamis" and "Janetaime" and then thinking about future Federalist proposals.

Besides Aimeslandish Federalism, was now Aimeslandish Partisanship - which was thought to be foolish by dividing the Country into parties, but also made sense in some ways. The first two parties to be thought-of, were the "Pirate Party" and the "Romanticist Party," the Pirates using a stylized flag as their logo, and the Romanticists continuing to use their rose.


Meritocracy and Technocratic Values had defeated the very idea(s) of Partisanship and Divisiveness, but at the same time, there were many "pros" or good things about Aimesland becoming a bi-party state instead of nonpartisan. Bipartisanship meant that all versions and brands of Aimesland and Aimeslandish Ideology could be represented when Voting Season came around, but it had also meant that The Senate would be split into "the Opposing Team" and "The Team In Power" with the "Opposing Team" and "The Team In Power" starting to play Political Chess with eachother, maybe creating "Cabinets" and further complicating Aimeslandish Politics for future voters. (The Executive already had their Cabinet and everything, why cause needless confusion by having the Senate/Legislative have "shadow cabinets" for Party Politics?)

A newfound fear was election fraud, but this had made no sense seeing that Aimesland was a Basketcase Democracy - there was no real way to offset the election. So then, that fear was cast-aside.

With all these newfound ideas was Intrigue, but also the idea that "maybe this wouldn't/couldn't come to Fruition due to other reasons," and now "the Conflict to Restore the Republic" pretty-much became THE reason as to why none of those ideas really happened. Another one being that, if the Front did lose "the Conflict to Restore the Republic" and ended up a Dominion or "State ruled by a Guv'ner," then the issue wouldn't be Federalism or Unitary Govt, but Aimesland being its own independent entity.

(Technically, as a Dominion, it'd be separate, since it isn't a direct colony, but still, that's pretty-much arguing semantics.)

As a Dominion, it wouldn't be "Direct Rule from Vicuna," but "rule from wheresoever the Manticorans designate the Dominions' capital," so.. in that regard, it wasn't really bad. Playing Devils' Advocate was extremely-tricky, as the Aimeslandish Race were pretty-used to being their own entity, Aristonia and all.

(won't be that easy going from Chancellor to Guv'ner, so that's why the Aimeslandish Question exists - how the Crimsons would deal with Rebellion, and all. If they deal with it in a horrible way, then Aimeslandish-Manticoran relations would spiral into frostbite, which is plain bad. Why make enemies when you could make friends?)

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