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PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:03 am
by Big Carencia
The Australian Federation officially goes on to become a protectorate of the British Empire, which was formerly known as South Africa.

On the other hand, the new Zelanders have managed to revive their own giant bird. After seeing a successful end, they have created more than thirty of these birds and have freed them for New Zealand territory. We do not know what consequences it will have for the environment, but if they are similar to their relatives, the Emus will be a plague.

A warehouse of various illegal hallucinogenic drugs has been found in the town of Augusta. Unfortunately, the way to discover it was an explosion of the said warehouse. The entire population of Augusta has been affected, according to many of them they only saw dragons sailing through the skies. The truly serious thing was that many citizens of this population ran into nothingness, losing themselves in nature. For the time being we have found a man perched on a tree believed to be a bird. The most serious thing is that this man was not affected by drugs, it is speculated that he would have been missing for about 10 years. He has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

On the other hand, parliament has approved the closure of all Tolkenian places of worship. A great stir is expected from the population. That is why all of the riot and military officials used during the protests expected by the state have had their salaries raised

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 8:14 pm
by HypErcApitAl
Tech. Rep. of The Levant

Prog. Einstein will legalize Nudism, seeing the movement take Australia by Storm. He has also declared war on the Kingdom of Egypt, Islamist Egypt, Communist Egypt, National(ist) Egypt, and is sending more support to the Technocratic Republicans. (tanks, guns, armored cars, MREs/rations, Levantine soldiers ((500 men-and-women)), explosives and shovels)

Following this declaration of war, the House of Benefactors (essentially the equivalent to Congress) declared an increase in military funding (for the Levantine Navy and also fences/walls/barbed wire/ammunition)

Noticing that Australia is now a protectorate to the Southafricans (British Empire), Einstein will be arranging meetings w/ the monarchy of Transjordan and Red Lebanon. Iraq will also be supplied weaponry, as it was a vassal to the British.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:27 pm
by All Countryhumans
Yugoslavia News: Breakout time!
New President Josef B. Tbrowzer has passed a law saying that: Discrimination is useless so we must fight for equality and let prisoners of non religious related reasons of going to jail shaf be lef owt

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:24 am
by All Countryhumans
Page 2: The Yugoslav civil war is won by the monarchists led by Fransico Franco just before the new Kindom Of Serbia joins the GEACPS and its full name becomes Greater Eurasian Co-Prosperity Sphere Of Influence and religious areas or services are reopened and allowed again.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:46 am
by Hypron
British High Command, Cape Town, South Africa

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery was in a conference with Auchinleck, Fraser, du Toit, and 4 officers recently promoted to Field Marshal: Sir Alan Cunningham, Sir Kenneth Anderson, Sir Raymond Briggs, and Sir Edward Quinan. They're all gathered to discuss distribution of British and Australian forces, along with 2 Operations, Operation Windbreaker and Operation Golden Arch.

Montgomery: "Well, we now have a million troops under our belt, not counting the Australian Army, who is independent from the British Army as to the King's Agreement with the Australian Government. But, how are our forces divided, Field Marshals?"

Auchinleck: "I'll start with the Kenyan-Egyptian Border, sir. We have 3 army corps on the border, totaling 300,000 British troops. They are the British II Corps, under the command of General Sir John Whiteley, the British III Corps under General Sir Bernard Paget, and the British IV Corps under General Sir William Ramsden. They are on standby and under my personal command as Governor-General of Kenya. At a moment's notice, they are ready to advance into Egypt."

Anderson: "I guess I'll go second then, sir. I have command of 2 corps, as Governor-General of Nigeria. The British V Corps and the British VII Mechanized Corps are under my command. We are currently attempting to stabilize Nigeria before advancing into the old territories of French Africa.

Cunningham: "Well sir, as Governor-General of Namibia and Commander of the British-South African Defense Force, I have 3 corps under my command: the British I Corps, with our rapid reaction forces apart of that corps being moved to Ascension Island, the British VIII Corps in Namibia, and the South African I Corps in South Africa. They are the defensive units of South Africa, as well as the main units for Operation Golden Arch."

Briggs: "I only have one corps under my command sir, the British IX Corps, a unit that will be stationed in Australia as our contribution to the nation's defense. The last corps in a reserve being held in South Africa, sir."

Montgomery: "Excellent, Admiral Fraser, what about the Royal Navy?"

Fraser: "Well, the British Pacific Fleet, at the King's Orders, has been ordered to be stationed off the east coast of Egypt, the Carrier Battle Group is off the coast of Nigeria providing air support, and the Main Battle Fleet is sailing towards Egypt at cruising speed."

Montgomery: "Why is the King ordering most of our forces toward Egypt if Operation Windbreaker hasn't been ordered?"

Officer: " Um, sir's, a message from the King." he hands the note to Montgomery.

It reads: -.-. --- -- -- . -. -.-. . / --- .--. . .-. .- - .. --- -. / .-- .. -. -.. -... .-. . .- -.- . .-. / .-- .. - .... / ..-. ..- .-.. .-.. / .... .- ... - . .-.-.-

Montgomery: "Fraser, order the fleets to scramble all aircraft and send them over Egypt. Auchinleck, order your troops to push into Egypt, but avoid conflict with forces from the Kingdom of Egypt. Du Toit, transmit our declaration of war to the postmaster general. he will get it released in haste. Our goal is to make sure that the Kingdom of Egypt remains the dominant faction.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:47 pm
by HypErcApitAl
Tech. Rep. of The Levant

Progenitor A. Einstein's speech on Technocracy and Futurism

"We must not lose ground with our Humanity. In the end of the day, we lived Human and we'll die Human. We try to achieve Perfection and strive towards the perfectionist mindset, but it's hopeless. I say to all of you Levantines: Be the best that you want to be. Reach for the heavens.

A pure technocracy tries enslaving Humanity and turning us into skill-based Automatons. Meritocracy is good, yes, but it should be nuanced. We should strive towards Nuance and learning both or more sides of something; not just staying in echochambers and reading up on your ideology or politics or whatever.

The Levant will focus on Art and Culture, and Cultural Enrichment. For too long, the Judeochristians have been oppressed. We've shared our culture and expanded the world, which is good, but I will condemn the Roman Catholics and the Pope for alot of crimes. First, the Crusades and Crusader States.

Being a German, I empathize and sympathize with my fellow brother Martin Luther. Being a Jew, I have to fight against all religious intolerance wherever it stands. Atheism, Anti-theism and Secularism are good, but Religion has so many myths and stories.

I believe I've said that already, but I'll say that again. We need to become a storied people. Zion will not just live on through Combat, through being an Armed Republic, but also through Poetry and word-of-Mouth. Islam gave us Algebra and some scientific advancements, but they've also abandoned Reason and Logic.

Adolf Hitler called everyone opposing him "Golems," which is wrong. We should always protect and cherish our Humanity. Transhumanism and Superhumanism also have good points, but Hitler was also a Transhumanist - we have to wipe-off that dangerous fact, I don't want Technocracy to be blemished with Antisemitism.

I've heard people say "cyborg" and that there'll be a "Singularity," and a "Technocratic Pathogen," but also "TechnoOrganics." It proves me right. Remember what I said about World War III and World War IV? They'll fight with Mutants or 'Subhumans,' the real 'subhumans,' with sticks and stones.

So, yes, I am a Progressive, but Technology and Atheism have their flaws too, I must say. I must put this out there that Germany weaponized Superstition. Hitler looked all over for relics and artifacts, including the Holy Grail.

I'll end by saying: Prosperity doesn't come out of a gunbarrel. It comes from a plant, or from Friendship."

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:01 am
by Exalted Inquellian State
Welcome back, everyone! As you may have guessed, it's that time of the week again- Friday! The day you get to know what is going on that probably don't involve your country. I'm, as always, Alexander Sigmund, your host, and this is the British week in review!

Firstly, starting off with my country, the British government has declared full and unlimited support to the Kingdom of Egypt! This Wednesday, a force of 300,000 soldiers entered Egypt through Southern Sudan. While originally protesting and even attacking some of the forces, Egypt ended it's protests after the soldiers refused to shoot, and attacked the Sudan Liberation movement. So far, they have won 8 in every 10 battles! The Sudanese People's Army is falling back and is showing sings of collapse.

However, they aren't the only ones fully intervening. The Levant declared war on the Kingdom of Egypt! They moved into the Sinai, sent multiple supplies to the Technocratic republicans, and increased military spending! And in response to Australia, they...*snickering*...they...*holds in laugh*... LEGALIZED NUDISM! *Burst into laughter* Oh, this will be fun. In addition *snicker* they decided to meet with the French and Jordan representatives. While a telegram was sent to Lebanon, it sent it to France due to it's protectorate status. The French agreed to meet in Jerusalem, along with Jordan.

Anyway, Australia has now achieved a new goal- recreating giant birds! They brought back a species from extinction, for the first time in recorded history, and released a group of 30 to run amok in New Zealand! Across the globe, scientists from all countries, including America, Russia, and Japan, have commended the effort, and some consider launching their own initiatives. However, they accidentaly found a pile of psychedelic drugs. The warehouse with them exploded, and the town of Agusta went insane. They just never seize to amaze me!

And in Yugoslavia- wait what? Francisco Franco won the civil war and renamed the Greater East Asian Co Prosperity Sphere? I thought he died! Every country thought he died! What civil war!? And who let him rename the sphere!? What the hell is going on?!

Anyway, the weather continues to get wetter, but Britain gets stronger! And until next time, I will to! Now, the week is over!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:22 pm
by HypErcApitAl
Tech. Rep. of the Levant


While a telegram was sent to Lebanon, it sent it to France due to it's protectorate status. The French agreed to meet in Jerusalem, along with Jordan.

"The reason I've brought you all here is, let's discuss our differences before we discuss our similarities. What makes a Levantine separate from a Transjordanian or a Lebanese? It's a philosophical question. Look, we can't just focus on Nationalism or wave around the big stick and say 'Shut up, my country is better!' I want to say this; nobody is enemies here, we're approaching eachother cordially. Ofcourse, we're all of different ideologies, but we have to reach across the Aisle, every once-in-a-while.

The Leb-... Oop, I mean, the French..."

Progenitor Einstein cut himself off, still in disbelief that the Lebanese were under the French, and that the French even cared about Middle-Eastern issues. He kept shaking his head and cursing in German, before continuing.

"Nevermind what I was about to say about The French. I must say this, that the Transjordanians and the Levantines share the same history of Anglo-styled oppression, and that we must disassociate ourselves with our differences, ignore our cultural marks, and decide to move as one entity. This is not about Race or Ethnicity or Color or Creed, or even Religion, but about Progress and the Survival of the Human Race. Now, are you human? Do you bleed red blood? If so, then I'm willing to engage in a conversation with you." Einstein started by saying.