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Legacy of the Titans [OOC] [Closed]

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by New Finnish Republic

Legacy of the Titans


Ever since the use of language was developed among humans, tales of supernatural beings and creatures have been told. Arguably the most well known of all these tales were those of the Ancient Greeks, who told tales mixed with glory and tragedy. The heroic Heracles, the bravery of Prometheus, Odysseus’s journeys, gods and goddesses of many different forms and behaviors, and so many other stories filled the minds of many who lived in those ancient days. However, as civilizations began to grow in technology and their understanding of their world, humanity began to cast aside these tales, discerning them as nothing more than fanciful stories of a time where humanity knew nothing better.

But what if those tales were not just made up tales used to entertain humanity? What if, instead, these tales were real? What if Heracles really did battle against the ferocious hydra in the swamps surrounding Lerna? What if Atlas truly does carry the weight of the world on his shoulders? What if the gods and goddesses were real, as are their children?

Well, it's your lucky, or perhaps unlucky, day as this is exactly the case. The Gods do indeed exist, just not as they did back in the ancient days. Their powers have dwindled due to the countless years of fading away from the minds of man, no longer the powerful beings they once were. Thus, in order to accomplish their wills in the mortal realm, they rely on their children to carry the burden just like the heroes of old.

These children, half human, half god, possess talents and abilities far greater than any regular mortal could obtain. These powers do not come without consequences, however, as monsters and other ancient evil powers seek to strike back at the Gods by going after their children. On their own, even with their powers, these demigod children would not be able to hold their own against such relentless pursuit.

Thankfully, they are not alone. For centuries, these children of the Gods have found refuge with one another, originally residing in Greece but soon spreading out all across Europe and even places outside of the continent. Thanks to his training, many of these demigods were able to grow into adulthood and use their inherited abilities to become some of the most well-known historical figures. Some of the most noteworthy of these demigods came from the offspring of the Major Three, which consisted of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, George Washington, and Queen Victoria were all descendants of the Major Three, their lives forever becoming enshrined into human history.

However, not all of these children used these talents to better mankind. Most notable of these was the infamous leader of the Third German Reich, who as the child of Hades unleashed one of the most devastating conflicts mankind had ever seen. Unbeknownst to mortals, alongside the armed forces of Germany fought monsters such as laestrygonians, stymphalian birds, lycanthropes, and many other terrifying creatures that were stopped only with the sacrifices of many demigods.

After the end of the conflict, a treaty had been decided on by all of the Gods that no more children should be created by the Major Three, an agreement that was reluctantly accepted by the three gods as a way in which to prevent further tragic events from erupting. It also placed further restrictions on the means in which the Gods could meddle with mortal affairs, as many Gods had either directly or indirectly used their powers to shape the outcomes of certain key events leading up to and during the conflict, which in turn either indirectly or directly caused great suffering for the inhabitants of the mortal realm. This treaty would be known as the Olympus Accords.

In addition to the limitations set upon the Gods, another stipulation was agreed upon by the Gods, being placed forwards by none other than their own children who had fought desperately for the last several grueling years. Due to the fact that their numbers had been severely dwindled to the point that they numbered less than a few hundred by the end of the conflict, they demanded a place in which they would be able to live without threat of the frequent attacks made on them by monsters. For them, it was a matter of survival, as they no longer held the advantage of superior numbers that they formerly enjoyed over the monsters who, after some time, would eventually reappear and seek vengeance once more.

These demands led to the creation of the settlement of Thermopylae, located in the ever growing state of California in the United States. The decision to move out of Europe was due both in part to the fear of yet another conflict to emerge in the continent as well as the fact that the cultural center of the world had now shifted over to the emerging superpower. In addition to this, many demigods saw the move as an opportunity to start anew, throwing aside many of the ancient customs that had previously ordained many aspects of their lives. Only a handful of demigods chose to stay in Europe, unable to abandon the lands their ancestors had resided in for millennia.

Thanks to the blessing of the Gods, the settlement was shielded away from the attacks of monsters with the powers of a magical barrier known as the “Aegis”, which kept monsters from entering within the vicinity. As the years went by, the small town of Thermopylae quickly began to expand into a bustling city. This was due to the fact that whilst the Major Three had been barred from having any more children, the remainder of the Gods continued their “interactions” with the mortal realm. When these children were found, either by random chance or by the teams of Satyrs sent out to search for demigods, they were welcomed with open arms into the community.

With the influx of young demigods entering at a rapid pace, it didn’t take long for an entire school system to be set up for both them and the children of the various demigods who settled in the city, ranging from elementary education to university. A sprawling campus soon formed on the original outskirts of the town, each separate area housing the different grade levels.

On the surface, these places of education were no different than that of any other setting. Students were taught over the wide array of topics that typically made up any educational experience, and students participated in extracurricular activities such sports, musical performances, and clubs. For those who were born to two demigods and thus did not share the direct bloodline of the Gods, they were able to more or less experience the same kind of life that any of their peers did, as monsters did not seek after them like they had their parents. For those who’s godly lineage was generations prior, they even fell victim to the effect of the Haze, a phenomenon that altered their perception of events so that things such as monsters, Gods, and other mystical things became transformed into something that was ordinary.

But for those who did possess a godly parent, their times outside of school were spent training in the art of combat. They were taught how to use the abilities and aptitudes their godly parents had passed on to them so that they would be able to one day be able to fend for themselves should they choose to leave Thermopylae.

While not common, there were occasional messages from the Gods that foretold of prophecies that were to come. Once these prophecies eventually came around, it would be the duty of whomever was chosen to go on various quests in order to stop whatever calamity that was to occur from happening. While at times those chosen were left little options as the Fates themselves selected them, it was often a case in which seemingly capable demigods were allowed to volunteer. However, after one of these quests in which a group of students still in high school resulted in a near complete loss of a party save for one lone survivor, it was decided that only those who were past the age of 18 could volunteer.

At the current time, there are no prophecies that have been delivered by the Gods, but a sense of unease is slowly beginning to creep within the demigod community. Attacks by monsters on those who venture outside of the protection of the Aegis have increased dramatically over the past few months as have sightings of monsters waiting just outside the area of the protected confines of the city. Furthermore, contact with the isolated groups of demigods who still reside back in the old world has ceased, causing even more concern to build within the demigod leadership.

But these things haven’t seemed to bother you in the least. After all, you’re a college student who is just trying to pass their chemistry test and not get stabbed in the gut with a spear during your upcoming war game against the children of Ares. There’s absolutely, positively, nothing you have to be worried about.


A quick disclaimer, for anyone who may have stumbled upon this by chance. At the moment, this RP is currently closed, with those participating having already been selected to prior to the posting of this OOC, so applications outside of this group will not be accepted.

Code: Select all
[b]Name:[/b] (First and last name, also include any nicknames if applicable.)
[b]Age:[/b] (18-22)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (A written description with accompanying images if possible. A “Casual” appearance would be preferred to have as well, but that is left up to you.)
[b]Godly Parent:[/b]
[b]Abilities:[/b] (What powers does your character gain from their godly heritage? These can range from aptitudes in certain areas such as engineering and medical skills to legitimate powers. Please try not to overdue it though.)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (These are things that are fundamental weaknesses to your character. By this, they are exploitable to an opponent or otherwise capable of putting your character in a bad position. Think of Achilles Heel, for example.)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (What weapons, enchanted items, personal tokens, etc. does your character possess? If you’re giving them an ultra-powerful broadsword that emanates lightning explain how they got it here. Also, if possible please provide an image link.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (What is your character like? While your writing will flesh this out in the future, it’s good not only for other characters to have a general grasp of your characters prior to interactions, but it also allows you set basic guidelines that can be loosely followed in the future.)
[b]Biography:[/b] (Tell us your character’s personal history. Include when and how your character arrived at Thermopylae, what they’ve done in their time there since, and any basic information that will be useful. Treat this as the writing example, as I won’t be asking for others.)

[b]Miscellaneous Details (Optional)[/b]

[b]Major:[/b] (What does your character study?)
[b]Hobbies:[/b] (What does your character do in their free time?)
[b]General Likes:[/b] (Food, music, etc.)
[b]General Dislikes:[/b] (Same as above.)
[b]Character Theme:[/b] (What’s a song that describes your character?)
[b]Extra Information:[/b] (Anything else you’d like to share about your character that hasn’t been asked.)

1. OP and CO-OP word is law.
2. No Godmodding, Metagaming, and other frowned upon practices in your writing.
3. Always follow the basic rules set forth by NationStates in terms of conduct.
4. No one-liners, try to at least get a paragraph in.
5. Disputes between characters are fine (If not encouraged) in the IC, but keep the OOC and the Discord somewhat civil.
6. Due to the nature of the RP, the possibility that a player will drop out is a big issue. While I hope that this doesn’t happen, it’s almost likely an inevitability. Thus, should you choose to place in an application, you agree that I, or the CO-OP(s), may take over your character for however long is needed. I want to avoid this as much as possible, and I’ll do what I can to get a hold of an inactive player before resorting to this. However if several days IRL have passed without even a word from you, I’m going to do as little as possible that still allows the RP to progress. If you’re uncomfortable with that, I’d suggest not applying or otherwise addressing the issue with me.
7. Having one of the Major Three (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) as your character's godly parent will be highly restricted, if not outright disallowed. However, this doesn’t mean...other options aren’t available, or that one of the Major Three isn’t completely off the table if you give me a compelling reason to allow it. The only parents that are not allowed are those who are defined as being virgins, such as Artemis, or chaste, such as Hera.
8. The level of power your character possesses in his or her abilities should be at least somewhat evened out with a weakness that can be exploited.
9. Try to avoid effectively writing your character off a cliff. By that, I mean don’t expect your character who is meager at best with their abilities to go in and take on an army of monsters by themselves. If situations like this occur, the options are either to allow a retcon or, if you still insist on rushing off of that cliff, a character death can occur. So uh, just don’t run off a cliff.
10. For now, only apply for one character. I plan on there being no more than 8 members of this quest, so unless spots are available don’t attempt to be selfish as I may end up rejecting all of your applications no matter how good they may be.
11. Have fun!

Is this world based off of the Rick Riordan series of books?

Yes, it is. While I’ve made a fair amount of changes to both add some flavor as well as mix things up a bit, there are a fair share of similarities that the series shares to this RP.

Can I apply as a child of a Roman/Norse/Egyptian/etc deity?

No, you cannot. While the thought did cross my mind, I decided against it to keep things a bit more simple for both a few reasons. For all intents and purposes, assume that these other deities do not exist.

Can my character be outside of the age range provided?

No. As was stated in the introduction, those who have not at least reached past the age of 18 are not allowed to join in on quests unless specifically called upon.

Does my character have to be the child of one of the major twelve gods?

No. In fact, it’s encouraged to span your horizons a bit and search for some interesting minor gods to showcase. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a child of Ares or Athena, but it’s a suggestion. The small catch is that your character must be a human, so no cyclops or centaurs here.

What level of powers/abilities do demigods have?

Powers and abilities can vary, but in general there is a common correlation to the godly parent. For example, a child of Hephaestus would likely have an innate mastery of craftsmanship that could lead to them developing weapons, armor, and devices. While all demigods will have some sort of inherited power and ability, there is a wide range of how powerful it may be. It should be noted though, the more powerful a demigod is, the more weaknesses that they possess as well as the more noticeable they are to those who seek to harm them. My suggestion is that don’t try to make your character a superhero, because that’s far from what they are.

The Haze

In the days of ancient Greece, interaction between mortals, the Gods, and monsters was commonplace. However as time went by and human civilizations began to grow outside of the borders of the Greek states, these interactions began to subside tremendously. Eventually things reached to the points that regular mortals no longer seemed able to comprehend the sight of magic, monsters, and the Gods themselves. This unexplained phenomenon eventually became known as the “Haze” by those who could still see the reality of the world around them.

The exact causes are still unknown to this day, even to the Gods. What little is known is that the Haze seems to be a part of, if not the entirety, the powers of the Gods and the magic that can be utilized by mortals and monsters alike. Only those who have interacted with the true nature of the world or who still have strong traces of the bloodline of the Gods seem to be immune from the effects of the Haze, meaning that the majority of the human population is left blissfully unaware of the true threats around them.

For those who are affected by the Haze, their perception of mystical things such as monsters becomes distorted into things that, while may appear odd or out of place, belong in the normal mortal realm. Where a demigod would see a drakon spewing out fire and venom, a mortal might perceive a large truck rolling down the street in flames. This doesn’t mean that monsters and the like are incapable of harming mortals, however, and often many seeming natural disasters were actually the cause of monsters causing havoc before being eventually subdued by demigods. Interestingly enough, weapons and equipment can be crafted in such a way that they fall under the effects of the Haze as long as the smith is talented enough, allowing demigods to freely carry around and wear their equipment that will appear as normal objects to the mortals around them. This can only be done, however, if the material itself is imbued with Greek Bronze, a material that holds a small sliver of magic within it that is found only in the mountains of Olympus itself.


As long as the Gods have existed, so too have various creatures and monsters. While there are some that are helpful to mankind, such as the satyrs and cyclopes, many of these monsters pose a huge threat should they not be stopped. As physical embodiments of chaos itself, monsters seek nothing more than to torment mankind whom they see as nothing more than pests living in the world that should belong to themselves. Their hatred extends even further for demigods, whom all monsters seek to harm should they get the chance.

Interconnected with the web of magical energy that flows through the world, these monsters are in fact immortal, although not unkillable. Should one be slain, they shall be resurrected in the depths of Tartarus where they eventually will return back to the surface, their memories fully intact of what had occurred. While most monsters are too simple minded to take advantage of this in the future battles, some of the more complex and dangerous monsters will use this knowledge against the demigods they face next when they eventually return to the mortal realm. Thankfully these more powerful monsters tend to take a much longer time to return than the simpler ones, meaning that should a demigod kill one of these tougher opponents they will likely never have to fear encountering it again.

The Gods and Olympus

While mortals may no longer offer worship to the Gods or even think they exist, the Gods still remain ever present in the world. They reign over every aspect of existence, from mundane things such as the winds to things as vital as the rising and falling of the sun itself. While their duties may be the same, this does not mean they haven’t changed along with humanity over the course of history. They are quick to adapt the cultural behaviors of humans, and how they both act and dress will change with the times, albeit while still retaining their core personalities.

Ever since the Olympus Accords, the influence of the Gods in mortal affairs has dramatically been reduced, resulting in many Gods finding themselves bored and thus residing in the mortal realm in disguise. Given that they are composed of magical energy themselves, they can shift their forms into whatever best suits their interests, even capable of changing their genders should they choose to, although this is a rare occurrence. During their brief stays, they often entered into intimate relationships with mortals, leading to an increase of demigod children over the decades.

As for Olympus, the stronghold of the Gods, it too has changed over the course of time. A spanning city that holds a mixture of both the ancient days of the Greeks and the modern times, it is home to both Gods and their children who lived a heroic life. Coliseums, movie theaters, amphitheaters, arcades, all collide together to provide those who reside within the city entertainment.

Located in the heart of Olympus resides the Hall of the Gods, where the twelve most powerful and well known Gods convene together to make decisions. It is a rare occurrence for such meetings to take place, only in times of great distress being made. Thus, the Hall is mostly used for the governing body of Olympus that manages the less drastic yet still important matters that come with running any collection of people, godly or not. This governing body is known as the Council, and is composed of a half dozen minor gods and demigods who rotate from the position every decade.

As for the location of Olympus in our own world, it currently resides in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of the United States. Due to the Haze, mortals are unaware of its existence and thus cannot stumble upon it on accident. For those who can perceive it, in order for one to enter Olympus one must first obtain permission from the goddess Iris. Should they get permission, they may walk across a rainbow bridge that allows safe passage. Any other means of reaching Olympus is futile, as roving bands of both demigods riding flying pegasuses and minor gods patrol the mountainside at all times.

Powers and Abilities

What the exact nature of magic is in the universe is something that not even the Gods themselves can explain. All that is known is that it is a sense of energy that comprises both the Gods and many of the mystic events that shape the world around them. It is something that can be used to manipulate the universe in such a way that defies all known laws of physics, resulting in powerful abilities to those who possess the ability to wield it.

Whenever a demigod is born, they are infused with a partial amount of this magical energy from their godly parent. The amount of power that a demigod can be born with is mostly chance, although demigods of beings with more powerful amounts of energy such as the Major Three tend to possess a much higher amount than their peers. This energy fuses with the very life essence of the child, resulting in demigods having the chance to use a small portion of the power that their godly parents possess.

While these children may possess a small sliver of the capabilities that their godly parents possess, this does not mean that they can use it similarly. Being half mortal, they are restricted by their physical limitations on how much magical energy they can reserve within them, as well as being limited to how fast it can regenerate. Should they use their powers too much, these reserves will eventually run out for some time. Demigods can choose to continue to use these powers once their reserves have been depleted, but at the risk of their own lives as their own life essence will be used instead. It’s not uncommon to see demigods pass out from overuse, and in some rare occurrences some have actually perished from overexerting themselves.

Even if a demigod does not possess any sort of power, they will still hold some resemblance to their godly parent in the forms of both personalities and skills. Children of Aphrodite tend to be both extremely beautiful as well as charming, while children of Ares tend to be physically strong and easy to anger. These innate quirks are present in at least some level in all demigods, making it rather easy to distinguish the various children of the Gods from one another.


The city of Thermopylae is a relatively quiet town located a few miles off of the coast of California, only an hour away from the city of Los Angeles. With a population of roughly twenty-thousand residents, most people who live in the city are either demigods or the descendants of demigods. Possessing a thriving downtown business area, movies theaters, restaurants, and a whole host of things to keep one busy, the most residents are content with what Thermopylae has to offer. The most notable aspect of the city is the sprawling campus on the outskirts of the town, which hosts different sub-campuses for each level of education.

Roberts Elementary is where children from preschool to fifth grade attend. Given that the ages of seven to eight are generally when the powers within demigods begin the develop, a large influx of new students are added throughout the school year to the various classes. Due to this, all teachers present are demigods themselves who have been trained specifically on how to deal with the emerging powers of their students as well as how to help them cope with potential trauma they may have encountered prior to coming to the safety of Thermopylae.

Thermopylae Jr./Sr. High is where students from sixth grade all the way to high school seniors attend. With the onset of puberty and eventual maturation, both mentally and physically, of students, this is the time of life where demigods begin their learning of a variety of subjects that will be fundamental for their ensured survival in the future. Taking separate classes than their peers, students at these levels begin to learn about the various monsters and creatures they can potentially encounter as well as how to use their weapons and abilities to defend themselves. For those who show aptitude, students past in their junior year and beyond are allowed on supervised missions where they will eliminate any small pockets of monsters that are found. While these missions are purposely designed to be low-risk, the possibility of either injury or even death is ever-present, thus only those who are seen as capable are allowed to go on these excursions.

The University of Thermopylae is where demigods who wish to earn a higher level of education without being in fear of potential attack by monsters can go to. A relatively small college with an average class size of a few hundred, almost any kind of degree is available for students to attain to some level. This is the largest section of the campus region of Thermopylae, spanning several blocks as various dorm buildings and class centers are located. While at this stage many demigods choose to follow after a normal life, the option of going on unsupervised missions as well as the rare quest is made available for those deemed ready. Special classes are made available to these students which give an even greater amount of training against monsters, and powers are further developed with the help of infamous individuals such as Chiron, who serves as the college’s president.

At any stage after the age of 18, demigods are allowed the option to leave Thermopylae should they choose to. While this presents a considerable amount of danger, most demigods who choose to do this can still live relatively peaceful lives. This is especially true for those who possess no powers, as they are less noticeable to monsters than those who otherwise possess them. Given that a large portion of demigods fall into the former category, many do eventually choose to leave the safety of Thermopylae, and many have found success in the mortal realm as actors, inventors, politicians, and a whole host of areas of life.

Legacy of the Titans Official Archive Post

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by Zarkenis Ultima

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by New Finnish Republic
Name: Troy Weaver
Age: 21
Appearance: Troy is roughly 5’11” with an somewhat thin yet athletic frame. With silver hair and bright green eyes, he often stands out from the crowd. In casual settings, his outfits generally consist of a pair of jeans matched with a short sleeve flannel shirt over a plain shirt. Whether permitting, he’s a fan of hoodies, often having the logos of musical artists he enjoys on them.
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Helzberg, Colorado
Godly Parent: Apollo
Sunlight Torch: Troy is capable of channeling the essence of the sun into objects, effectively being able to create flames onto any object he touches. With a relatively small amount of energy, he can do simple tasks such as creating a torch or starting a fire. At the top end of things, he can use his powers to create flaming projectiles that will unleash a wave of flames upon impact, but doing such can quickly drain him of his energy.
Healing Touch: As a child of Apollo, Troy was gifted with the ability to heal others, albeit to a limited degree. Minor wounds, illnesses, and poisons can be effectively treated as given Troy can stay in physical contact for a long enough period of time. Using this power takes up a considerable amount of his energy, and the greater the damage done the more of his energy he must use.
A Shallow Reserve: Upon first discovering his powers, Troy soon learned just how dangerous their use could be when he nearly killed himself in an attempt to heal a stray cat who had been run over by a vehicle. He simply did not have the amount of energy needed to save the animal from its wounds, an issue he would deal with even as he matured. Thus while his abilities are useful, they are extremely limited.
Equipment: In battle, Troy wields a bow adorned in gold trimmings that are reminiscent of the golden bow that his father was known for. A quiver of arrows specially designed to withstand the flames of his Sunlight Torch rests across his back, the arrow tips made up of a mixture of Greek Bronze and steel. To the mortal eye, this will appear as satchel across his back, allowing him to go about with his weapon unimpeded. He also possesses a small dagger that he rests on his right hip, which appears as nothing more than a phone case to those who are affected by the Haze. He wears little in the way of armor, only a light leather chest piece and archery gauntlets that are reinforced with a thin layer of Greek Bronze that adds further protection.
Personality: Troy holds a relatively care-free personality, often finding comfort when in social settings with others. He tends to speech much faster and louder than he realizes, which occasionally draws out irritated stares from others. He can manage to calm down and focus when needed, however, which is useful given his desire to become a medical professional. One thing he cannot turn down, however, is a challenge from others, thus he has come to blows with others over what should have been petty squabbles. On the flipside, however, he does hold a portion within him that sympathizes with others, and will go out of his way to assist when possible.
Biography: Raised in the small rural town of Helzberg, Colorado, Troy had a relatively normal upbringing as a child. His mother had formerly been a travelling country music artist that met a handsome man after one of her shows in a small bar venue. After an intimate night together, the man disappeared, never to be seen again. A few weeks later, his mother found out that she was pregnant, and nine months later Troy was born. Returning back to the town she had grown up in, his mother eventually met another man whom she would soon become married to. The two would eventually have three more children together, providing Troy with a stable family life that was often unheard of for demigods.

With no knowledge of the exact nature of Troy’s father, it came as a massive shock for Troy’s mother when she found her then seven year-old son holding onto a flaming stick, the source of the flames nowhere to be seen. After further questioning, she discovered that her son had the ability to create flames at will onto objects. Not knowing what to do, she brought her son to the local hospital in hopes of finding out what was wrong with her child. As the door to the appointment room opened, however, she was greeted with the sight of a man she had seen years ago, albeit having not seemed to have aged even a day since.

It was at this point that Apollo revealed his true nature, explaining who he was and most importantly what their son was. It took quite a bit of convincing, but eventually Apollo managed to get Troy’s mother to accept what he was telling her. After this, Apollo explained the dangers Troy would face should he continue to live in the normal mortal realm now that the godly energy within him had awoken, and that there was a place where he could go where he would be safe.

After much reluctance, Troy’s mother agreed to send him off to the place Apollo had described, the reason of his departure for the rest of his family being that his father had won a custody battle. Troy did not want to leave, however, kicking and biting at the poor satyr who had been sent to transport him to Thermopylae. His mother promised to visit him as much as possible, as well as the rest of their family, but this did little to quell the boy’s protests as his fighting turned into uncontrollable sobbing and pleading.

After arriving to Thermopylae, Troy was brought to a relatively young woman who, after some calming words, managed to get the young boy to compose himself enough that the two could chat. This woman was none other than the Priestess of Delphi, the head oracle that held one of the arguably most important roles in the entire city. Having done this act many times before, even in her young age, the Priestess began to explain to Troy what exactly he was as well as what dangers lie ahead. She did her best to convince him that him being there not only kept him safe, but his family as well, and that if he did his best he could one day protect those he cared about. This final message seemed to get across to him extremely well, as after that point Troy ceased his sniffles and merely nodded his head.

After completing a small ritual to ensure the identity of his father was correct, Troy was then sent into the care of a pair of demigod parents not much older than Troy’s had been. This family included their own daughter, a mortal who still was aware of the true nature of the world around them, who’s name was Emily. While originally withdrawn at first, Troy soon opened up to his new family, and for some time life returned to some semblance of normality. Troy’s father even introduced him to the guitar, which the boy was naturally gifted at and soon filled the hallways with his frequent guitar strumming.

As Troy began to attend school, it didn’t take long for him to quickly make friends. Naturally athletic as well as extremely social, Troy soon came to be in the more popular circles of elementary. This trend continued into middle and high school years, where both his charming personality and looks resulted in him nearly winning the title of Prom King, only having lost to a child of Aphrodite.

In addition to his normal studies, Troy soon found his calling in battle as an archer, his aim never faltering as he quickly mastered the bow and arrow. Given this, he never focused heavily onto the close ranged aspects that many of his other peers did, preferring to keep his opponents at range whenever possible. His usage in creating flames also improved, as well as the onset of another power to heal minor wounds and illnesses, albeit his ability to use either of them limited by the seemingly shallow amount of energy he could store within him before being forced to stop.

Having excelled in his grades, even with the rambunctious nature he developed in his teenage years, Troy found the chance to apply into the pre-med course at the University of Thermopylae, the grant given to residents of the city as well as the absence of monster threats keeping him in the community. Now in his final year before moving onto medical school, Troy has no plans on continuing to stay in Thermopylae, wanting to explore the world after he gets his medical license.

However, as trouble brews on the horizon, this dream has potentially become threatened, as he will soon be dragged into the midst of one the greatest threats to both mortals and the Gods themselves.

Miscellaneous Details (Optional)

Major: Pre-Med
Hobbies: Playing the acoustic guitar and snowboarding
General Likes: Country music, classical rock music, spicy foods, and sports
General Dislikes: Hot weather, prude attitudes, followers of Artemis
Character Theme: Set Me On Fire
Extra Information: Troy was diagnosed with ADHD shortly after beginning elementary school, a trait common in many demigods. He still takes medication for the condition, but he has slowly been lowering his dosage in an attempt to learn how to manage his symptoms under his own willpower.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:18 am
by Zarkenis Ultima
Name: Raven “Rae” Blake
Age: 22
Appearance: Here and here. Raven is a handsome young man measuring six feet even who tends to dress in sharp, elegant clothes due to his family’s aristocratic upbringing.
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Thermopylae
Godly Parent: Hecate
  • [Velvet Darkness They Fear]: Raven has the ability to call upon his mother's chthonian deity aspect and summon the thick darkness of the underworld that he can use to magically confound his enemies and conceal himself and his allies. When using this ability to its fullest extent, Raven can become one with the darkness, though he can only do this briefly and it quickly drains him of his endurance.
  • [Followed By Ghosts]: Likewise thanks to Hecate's association with the underworld, Raven possesses the authority to call upon and command the spirits of the ancient dead to assist him in battle, though these shades are not very powerful individually. His authority over the dead can also be used to commune with spirits, either restless or at peace, to gain insight or assist them in moving on. At present Raven lacks mastery in using this power.
  • [March of the Dogs]: Last in Raven's list of supernatural gifts is the uncanny ability to communicate with and command dogs, Hecate's sacred animals.

  • [Cold Gray Light of Dawn]: Though it does not harm him directly, the shining sun causes Raven much discomfort at its brightest and can prevent him from fully accessing his supernatural abilities; if amplified, the light of the sun at its zenith can cause him serious wounds. In addition, amber acts as a poison for him, sealing his divine power and rendering him sick if he were to come in contact with it.
  • [A Dark Road Out of Hell]: Raven may have authority over the dead, but he lacks the ability to quiet their voices, and as such, whenever he calls upon them in battle, his mind is filled with their hateful whispers, which he cannot control. Thus he must limit his use of this ability or put his mind at risk.

  • An adamantine-tipped lance with a shaft of greek bronze, his weapon of choice (appears to mortals as a fancy cane)
  • An adamantine helmet and cuirass, likewise imbued with greek bronze (appear as a hat and a suit jacket respectively)
  • The Book of Koronis, a tome on magical practices passed down by his father
  • A pouch filled with a small assortment of herbs with mystical properties
Personality: Raven is a quiet young man who has little reason to approach strangers and prefers to mind his own business. To those close to him, however, he is a kind and caring friend, a hopeless romantic and an enthusiastic artist, who enjoys listening to others and helping out when he can. There is a darker side to his personality, one that can be glimpsed when one threatens him or those close to him, but so far he has never lashed out against others.
Biography: In most cases, demigods are the result of a simple dalliance, an interaction between the gods and the mortals they fancied that ended once the deities' lust was sated. It is very rare for a divinity to hold a continued interest in a given mortal, and rarer still are cases like that of the Blake family, an English bloodline that has been closely tied to the goddess Hecate for as long as it has existed. Rich and talented doctors, artists, and of course, magicians, the Blakes were among the first to move to the New World and were instrumental in the founding of Thermopylae, though they quickly fell out of favor with the rest of the supernatural community due to an accusation of meddling with the Aegis - though no proof was ever found of this, the family could not shake off a certain infamy after that. Nonetheless, they were allowed to continue living in Thermopylae, and have inhabited it for generations.

Raven Blake was born as the third child of Wolfram Blake, current head of the family, under unusual circumstances. It was not uncommon for Hecate to periodically choose a male member of the family to copulate with in order to produce a strong demigod to lead them in the future, but in Raven's case, it was his mother who was touched by divinity during a business trip out of the demigod haven, approached by a dark-haired stranger whose allure she simply could not resist - the goddess of magic herself, who had adopted the guise of a mortal man, something that was highly unusual but not undocumented. Her essence flowed into the woman, and nine months later, within the confines of the demigod settlement, Raven was born, albeit at the cost of his mother's life.

Well-acquainted with the ways of the gods and the traditions of the Blake family, Wolfram did not think of the child as a curse or resent him for being the product of his wife's dalliance. Rather, he regarded Raven as a blessing from Hecate - which he was, in a certain way - and made sure to give him a well-rounded education and everything he needed to become an exemplar man. Special attention was paid to the boy, who began receiving visits from the best private tutors his aristocratic family could hire, who instructed him in subjects as varied as music, history and mathematics; it was at this time that he began showing a talent for playing the piano, a talent that he would continue to cultivate throughout his life.

Unfortunately for him, while he received an education that put him well ahead of his peers artistically and intellectually, his social skills suffered as a result from his lack of interaction with his peers. Since he was educated at home until he was eight, he didn't get to talk to or play with other children his age often, and even his older sisters, Blair and Sybil, did not often mingle with him - they were older and had different interests than he did, not to mention the fact that they were jealous of the preferential treatment he got on account of his divine blood, as well as the powers he might allegedly develop. Arguably his only friends, with whom he could communicate thanks to his divine parentage, were the dogs of the household, which were many on account of them being sacred animals to Hecate, though their lesser intellect obviously made them poor conversational partners. Thus, when he was finally sent to Roberts Elementary at the age of eight, he had difficulties fitting in and was often picked on, despite getting along very well with most teachers. The situation was only exacerbated when his chthonic powers manifested, as while the teachers were quick to help him learn how to control them, his fellow students in turn began to shun him out of fear.

His luck began to turn around as he graduated from Roberts Elementary and moved on to Thermopylae Junior High. Now with a much better grasp on his divine abilities, he was able to keep them in check, and his infamy from elementary school didn't seem to follow him there. He remained a shy, quiet boy who had a hard time making friends however, and many students around him were already old enough to recognize his family name and the stigma it carried within Thermopylae. There were other factors at play, as well: during his first few months at junior high he had tried to impress potential friends with his knowledge of the arts, but some child of Apollo, Hermes or the Muses would always appear to one-up him, leading to become further withdrawn from his peers. In addition, the beginning of his combat training - in which he took up the spear after showing some aptitude for it, though he was certainly not on the level of more warlike demigods - and education regarding the dangers of being semi-divine placed a great stress on the young boy.

On the flip side, it was also during junior high that he met quite possibly his closest friend, Olympia Delphine. The girl was one of the few to approach him and ignore any rumors about him and his family, and was instrumental in helping him break out of his shell and gain some much needed confidence and social skills. They remained fast friends throughout junior high and high school proper, often helping each other study for difficult tests or sparring with each other in order to keep their combat skills sharp. Raven was the less athletic of the two, but in turn he had a sharper wit and an ease with academic subjects, making their relationship a symbiotic one.

Towards the end of high school, Raven faced a tough decision. His sisters had moved away to study at prestigious universities elsewhere in the States, but he had already made up his mind to stay in his hometown - partly due to the safety afforded by the Aegis - and go through higher education in the University of Thermopylae. However, there was still the matter of picking a major. He had an interest in a great many subjects relating to the arts and the humanities, but he could only choose a subject unless he did a double major, and he wasn't keen on tackling that workload. In the end, he decided to go for film, as he felt it was a field in which he could combine several of the arts he loved into a single product.

Life in college was quite a bit calmer, despite the slew of new experiences that were available to him. Moving into a dorm to live on his own was challenging at first, but he adjusted rather quickly and enjoyed the change of pace to living in the Blake estate on the outskirts of Thermopylae. Luckily for him the university was more accepting of pets than the norm, no doubt thanks to some of the demigods' deep connection with them, so he was able to bring along his pet spaniel, Arty, to live with him and keep him company. As far as classes were concerned, everything went swimmingly for the young child of Hecate, with his grades soaring as teachers praised his dedication and insight. It was also during college that he broadened his social circle and met some more friends and acquaintances, such as the excitable Danica Tevling, whom he met during a creative writing course, or the stoic Lyra Kriophoros, with whom he eventually went on to form a literature club for those who shared their interests. He continued to frequent Olympia, as well, their relationship as close as ever despite their disparate life goals.

These days, Raven lives his life out calmly, waiting to graduate from university while blissfully unaware that he'll soon embark on a quest for the first time.

Miscellaneous Details

Major: Film
Hobbies: Reading, photography, hiking, creative writing, playing the piano
General Likes: Good coffee/wine, pristine landscapes, good conversation, garlic, dogs
General Dislikes: Noise pollution, dogmatic people, rain, spicy food, bullies
Character Theme: Here
Extra Information: Despite coming from a long lineage of sorcerers and witches with strong ties to the Goddess of Magic, Raven is mediocre at best at it, only able to complete basic magical operations with the help of the Book of Koronis. His birthday is on the 20th of February.

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by Finland SSR
Name: Lyra Kriophora
Age: 23
Appearance: A young looking, blue haired gal standing at 5’8, generally wearing a sweater and a dress, but going into battle with armor.
(just pretend the katana’s a xiphos instead)

Gender: F
Birthplace: Attica, Greece
Godly Parent: Hermes
  • A Glimmer of Chance: Inherited from Hermes, Lyra's luck is not exactly obscene, but it is definitely supernatural. A lucky slip to get a clean shot onto an enemy, a lucky find of an item she had been searching for in a pile of rubbish, so on and so forth. There are limits to this ability - Lyra's luck is not reality warping. She cannot stumble across something in a fit of luck if that something is not actually there, for example.
  • Speech of a Thousand Nations: Lyra's mind is able to figure out and adapt to foreign languages supernaturally quickly. It takes about a day's worth of interaction with a foreign language for her to figure out the rules and vocabulary and start speaking and reading it as a relatively well learned foreigner. Fully assimilating a language requires more effort, usually physical intimacy of some kind with a native speaker of that language. It should also be noted that Lyra can only assimilate human languages.
  • Prayer: It’s nowhere near the same as being born from a god, but Lyra is a devout believer in the Hellenic pantheon, regularly prays to the Olympian gods and makes sacrifices, which grants her boons, especially in times of need. More than any others, Lyra prays to Athena and Hermes for favor in battle and wisdom during planning, which manifests as a brief burst of strength on the razor edge of death.
  • Corroded Left Shoulder: During Lyra’s last stand against the Hydra, she did not escape completely unscathed. A tiny splash of corrosive and deadly Hydra blood slipped past her and struck her in the shoulder, eating into her on the spot. With a chance of luck, however, the poison failed to slip into her bloodstream, she managed to wash it away in time, and the shoulder has seemingly fixed up over the years. At this point, she doesn’t even feel the pain which used to linger in her left side for day and night.

    It really hasn’t fixed up, however. The poison left permanent damage upon Lyra’s left shoulder - striking it with enough force, even through armor, will reignite the pain built up and leave her left arm out of commission. For this reason, Lyra makes sure to never touch it and asks to be tapped on the right shoulder instead.
  • Javelins: Lyra’s primary weapon of offense, whom she inherited from her mother, useful both for hand to hand combat and as ranged weaponry. She carries several, each one with an adamantine tip with an amentum, a leather strap used by ancient Greeks to increase the range and stability of a javelin in flight. Aside for that, there is really nothing special about them.
  • Xiphos: From her mother, Lyra inherited a xiphos, a replica of an ancient Greek hoplite short sword used for melee combat. While not supernatural by any means, unlike her adamantine javelins, it’s still a trusty tool in combat when Lyra’s lacking anything else.
  • Modified Aspis: Lyra's primary method of defense is the Aspis, a bronze shield used by Greek hoplites, strapped to one's arm as opposed to being held by a single handle, giving the user greater mobility with the shield. Lyra's Aspis is modified - it has its weight shifted to her hand at the edge, as opposed to the center of the shield, and it is coated in a thin layer of wax. This allows the shield to easily glance and redirect blows even supernaturally strong to the side instead of having their force strike the shield - for Lyra, this is her primary method of defense against blunt superhuman blows.
  • Hydra Blood: Lyra owns a bottle of hydra blood, collected after a fateful encounter with the hydra terrorizing Attica. Hydra blood is extremely venomous and corrosive to any organic matter, even a small splash of it being able to eat into flesh, infuse into the victim’s blood and kill them from the inside. It was famously used by Heracles during his trials and ultimately proved to be his downfall. When setting off to battle, Lyra laces the ends of her javelins with the poison before battle to turn them deadly even to opponents far stronger than her.
  • Armor of the Argeïphontes: According to the tales of her family, the Armor of the Argeïphontes was gifted to Lyra’s grandmother as a parting gift by Hermes after bearing his child. Encrusted and shiny, it is an enchanted suit of armor, almost as durable as adamantine, yet extremely light. Hermes’s trickstery nature manifests itself in the wearer’s ability to hide the armor with an illusion when outside of combat, making it look like any clothes which the wearer can imagine - if the chestplate of the armor is struck, however, this illusion instantly wears off.
Personality: Lyra’s got a different outlook to life and duty than usual. A rather troubled past and the perception that she’s very very mortal in a world of very not-mortal creatures has shaped an “ends justify the means” outlook in her. She’s serious, she’s always on-guard, and she would not hesitate to resort to tricks and deceit if it means she and those close to her can be safe. As long as it is for a good purpose, and that good purpose is to become a sword of the people and help those who cannot defend themselves - a purpose she dutifully trains for every day.
Biography: Deep within the mountains and valleys of Greece, thousands of years of Christianity have not yet taken their toll, and the old Hellenic faith still lingers on. Among small isolated communities, the Olympian gods continue to receive prayers and sacrifices, helping keep them alive and able to shape the world. And on occasion, the Gods give back, be it in blessings to the soil they work or manifesting to create demigod children among them. Such was the case with Lyra. She was conceived by the wife of the elder of one of these Hellenic villages in rural Attica, and Hermes, transformed into her husband. As such, while Lyra’s parents and the rest of her village could tell that perhaps something was unique about the child - she certainly seemed to have a lot of energy and was quite favored by the gods - but nobody suspected that she might be of divine birth.

Young Lyra spent her childhood in the countryside, helping out in the family olive farm, dutifully learning the religious practices of her parents and countrymen, and playing with other children. Unlike most of her peers, however, she really had no desire to be stuck in a small mountainous village forever. She’d constantly wander off, searching for new sights, and yearned to see the wider world with her own eyes. Athens may have been close to her birthplace, but she only visited it once or twice during her childhood - however, it was enough to spark a love for travelling. The best way for her to fulfill this drive was to become a huntress - join the village’s band of warriors training in the ancient ways of the Greek hoplites, for hunting, self-defense and occasionally as an attraction to tourists. And it turns out she had a knack for combat - while she was far from the most honorable warrior, she diligently trained, displayed impressive skill with the spear and sword, and would always seem to find a way to get the upper hand in any encounter. A dutiful adherent to the ancient Greek faith, a bright student, and a competent huntress, Lyra was set to eventually take her father’s place as the village elder, or perhaps even leave to traverse the wider world and make the entire planet her stage.

When Lyra was twenty years old, a terrible tragedy befell the village. None of her fellow villagers could comprehend what was going on, what they saw was a massive rock slide falling from the mountains surrounding the village. Lyra, however, saw through the haze and saw it for what it really was, a massive hydra approaching the village, just like the one from the myth of Heracles. Her parents thought she was turning insane when she yelled for everyone to draw their weapons and attack, her fellow hunters pulled her back when she drew her spear, but she stuck to her guns regardless. And she really was the one in the right. While the hydra stomped across the village, destroying house after house, Lyra pulled herself onto the nearest hut she could find and challenged the giant monster - it dropped everything else and directed everything it had towards the blue-haired demigod. As one might expect, taking on a giant multi-headed monster which regrows its heads upon cutting off any one of them, all by yourself, while your allies still think that it’s just falling rocks is not recommended to do. Lyra ended up easily swatted aside, battered, and wounded in the shoulder, while the hydra continued its advance unabated, smashing through home after home, before breaking through the woman’s home - all while her family were still cowering deep within it. The flames and endless heads consumed her father, mother and siblings before her eyes.

But Lyra was not yet finished. Struggling to keep herself straight, she picked up a flaming floorboard which flew out of her home and charged forth, ramming it deep within the jaws of one of the hydra’s heads. As it turns out, while the monster was immune to decapitation and could regenerate most normal damage, burning its flesh negated this healing factor, and Lyra, upon realizing this, took advantage of this knowledge immediately. While the hydra was still walking through the remains of her home, she ran inside, right underneath the creature’s feet, tossed the flaming board to the walls and floor in order to spread the flame, smashed the family’s oil lamp to the ground, and ran out with the house already smouldering. Soon it was overtaken by a gigantic flame, engulfing the creature and putting it out of its misery. To the surviving villagers, it appeared as if the rock slide suddenly ceased. But at what cost? The entire community was left in ruins, most of them didn’t manage to escape the destruction, and those who remained all had someone to grieve for. A wounded, slumped Lyra suddenly witnessed a burst of light unfold before her eyes. It coalesced into a young man, a creature of pure divine energy, which stood before her and introduced itself as Hermes, the herald of the gods, protector of travellers, thieves and merchants. Hermes explained two things to her - first, that it was no coincidence that she was able to see the true nature of the hydra when nobody else in her village could, and second, that despite having lost her family and livelihood, she should not let it get to her. The world is going to need her, and there is a community of people just like her on the other side of the world, in America, who could use her skills.

That was the only time in her life when Lyra witnessed an actual, honest-to-god deity before her eyes, and she still isn’t fully convinced whether it was actually Hermes or some other supernatural entity pretending to be him. Whatever may be the case, she decided to follow Hermes’s advice and make her journey to the west. Finding a way to get out of Greece was by no means easy, she didn’t have any money with her, but she eventually got the wallet of an American tourist by scamming it out of him with a card trick, which had enough cash to afford her a trip to New York. From there, the journey went to… well, that’s the hard part, since Hermes did not specify exactly where she should go. Fate eventually brought her to Thermopylae, however, the name of which drew her eye for its connection to ancient Greek history, especially since it turned out that it actually had a lot to do with the Greece she had departed from. There, she entered the halls of the New Oracle of Delphi, hoping to receive advice on where she should head to fulfill the task Hermes bestowed her - instead, however, she was dragged into the lower depths of the Oracle, where, after a private ritual, the woman declared to her that she was, in fact, the daughter of Hermes, and a demigod, who has arrived to a community of demigods just like her.

Lyra disagreed. She couldn’t accept this. Once she stepped outside and got to traverse Thermopylae more, she realized that the Oracle was right about this being a gathering point of demigods - all the supernatural powers she could witness on display was enough proof. But she didn’t have any powers. She never thought she was anything special, just a huntress who, albeing lauded as talented, was never anything supernatural. She had a normal, human parentage, she followed a faith which dictated to her that trying to compare yourself to the gods and claiming that you are greater than you actually are will get you struck down without mercy (just look at Arachne, or almost any legendary Greek hero who fell because of their pride!). Ultimately, she concluded that she must have fooled the Oracle into stating that somehow, or it perhaps made a mistake - but she decided to stay in Thermopylae, enrolling in its university and joining the demigod training program out of duty, but believing deep down that she doesn’t deserve to be here. Or, at least, while all of her peers wield might and magic straight out of the legends of her faith, she has to rely solely on herself and her effort to keep up, somehow.

In the University of Thermopylae, Lyra studies modern Greek literature (why not catch up on what's been happening in the written word in the two millennia she's missed?). Among her fellow students, she's rapidly gained the reputation of a silent, almost unapproachable, no-nonsense lady, who earns her grades, rarely shows up for any social gatherings, and spends her free time either practicing or reading. Her friends are few and far in between - she runs the university literature club with Raven Blake, at least, but that's as far as her letting loose has gone so far.

Miscellaneous Details (Optional)

Major: Modern Greek literature
Hobbies: Practicing spearfighting and reading literature.
General Likes: Epic fantasy, hamburgers (and fast food in general), violin music, travelling, turtles, coconut milk
General Dislikes: Staying in one town for too long, missing a lecture or a gym session, most forms of music, pranks
Character Theme: Love-Colored Master Spark (the name doesn’t fit, but music itself does)

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by Galnius
Name: Danica Tevling, Dani
Age: 19
Gender: F
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Godly Parent: Nike
Fleet of foot: Her father and mother shared not only a love for victory, but also a love for speed. This translated literally in Dani who can move slightly faster than the normal athlete normally, but can also burst forward around twenty feet faster than the eye can follow by expending magic. Includes heightened reflexes.
Outplaying: Through physical contact, Dani can mirror a target's mundane skill and add it to her own. Examples include: martial arts, cooking, dramatic flair, and juggling. She can only hold two of these skills at once, and they only last for an hour.

Gunning for a victory: Cannot refuse a challenge
Defeatist: Upon losing something, her supernatural abilities fade for half a day, or until she wins something else.

Equipment: Nothing fancy here
Greek bronze lance with a leather strap
Studded leather armor set
Greek bronze buckler
A baseball bat
A self made kit for hotwiring cars
A debit card with over 50k on it, from her father

Personality: Dani is a competitive, hyper girl who sees life as one big challenge. Finding herself able to get along with the boys rather than most girls (especially those who act like Aphrodite is the perfect role model), she is frequently seen searching for something new to win at amongst them. There isn't a skill she deems useless, and she can't imagine that there is anything that cannot be somehow won. When she finds someone who seems particularly good at something, she generally aims to be their friend, or at the very least ally.

Biography: Dani was born to formula-1 driver William Tevling, among 7 other siblings. However, it would not be difficult to say that she wasn't the least bothered by it. In fact, she thrived with more than a little favoritism. In fact, she was the only one left in his care after a multitude of divorces and custody battles. She didn't need to ask why, however, as her father airways informed her that a) her mother had business to attend to and b) she was the only one he ever really cared about. She was special, and someone who could claim victory even when the odds were against her, much like him.

Danica's story of how her life took a drastic turn into demigod-hood is not nearly as amazing as many, who were saved from the clutches of monsters or who managed to pull off heroic deeds. Perhaps it was simply that there were bigger fish in Seattle, but Dani never came across more than a scary dog. No, her life changed when she noticed her track coach had hooves the first day of high school. With the discovery of a satyr, she was whisked away to Thermopylae.

From there Dani lived on her own (as her father does travel quite a bit with his job), but didn't seem very bothered by it. Amongst the other demigods she found true challenges, and her love for fighting. Even the children of Ares found that they had to think twice before entering a contest of any sorts with her, and even the fleet of foot children of Hermes found themselves rivalled by her speed. This was, indeed, because Dani discovered that her mother was victory itself, the speedy winged Nike.

Pushing forth in both grades and extra-curriculars, Danica found herself graduating a year early. Now in her third year of college, she's amassed a good few friends, from the popular son of Apollo Troy to the shy bookworm Raven, who she keeps bugging to join her in online writing competitions to truly stretch his wings. In order to challenge herself she is doing a double major in history, to learn about how people have managed to pull a victory in the past, and psychology, to learn how to win without ever moving and to defeat every fighters true foe, their own mind. When not studying Dani can be found at the tennis club or hanging out friends. The latter is currently her main hobby, as she recently was kicked off the baseball club for "excessive force."

Miscellaneous Details

Major: Double major in Psychology and History
Hobbies: All sports, racing, writing, sparring, and cooking
General Likes: Real challenges, sports, cars, dogs, foxes, and blueberry cheesecake
General Dislikes: Boredom, laziness, wasted potential, people stopping her from competing, Switzerland and chicken, amongst other fowls. She finds them gross. Furthermore, Nike brand anything. She finds it insulting
Character Theme:
Extra Information: She has 7 brothers and sisters, all from different mothers and previous divorces. Her birthday is November 24th, and she is 5'5". After the opposing pitcher in baseball club walked her three times, she, a pitcher herself, threw a 97 mile per hour fastball into his groin. She claims she was no longer allowed for being "too awesome", but in truth, she just sent the poor guy to get fixed up to make sure his demigod line didn't end with that pitch.

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by Tomia
Hey Finn! App or Apps incoming in the next few days!

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by New Neros
Name: Olympia Delphine
Age: 22
Appearance: Here.
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Thermopylae
Godly Parent: Helios
  • [Reign of the Tyrant Sun]: Olympia wields the unfathomable power of pure radiance, absorbing the life-giving rays of the sun and co-opting it’s power as her own. It becomes a physical empowerment that steadily increases as the sun grows in prominence, and gradually diminishes as it retreats for the night. Olypmia gains immense strength, speed, durability, and endurance as her power remains active, along with her body growing hot and unbearable to be around. A passive, always-active effect, the gift of her father is often a curse when not in combat because the overwhelming power of the sun is not a thing mortals, even demigods, should wield.
  • [Grand Chariot Cannon]: The stored sunshine within Olympia can be concentrated in her extremities, allowing her to create miniature sun-like orbs or blasted that can be used in medium-range encounters requiring larger outputs of power. The resulting explosion is exceptionally strong, and creates a blinding flash of light when it detonates. Doing this more than a few times in rapid succession will drain her built up energy, and fatigue her body greatly.

  • [The Night]: Simple, elegant, often thought as beautiful, the time the sun goes away marks the end of Olympia using any ounce of power from it. It steadily declines past solar noon until disappearing completely when the sun fully sets. She returns to a normal, athletic girl, often breathing a sigh of relief as the power is a consuming aspect of her daily life if not kept in check. This also applies to shade, as taking her away from direct sunshine lowers her power absorption to some degree, including cloud cover.
  • [Nightshade]: The true bane of Olympia’s existence, the young demigod is deathly allergic to tomatoes and eggplants, with a mild aversion to chili peppers and potatoes. While that may be a bit of a funny tidbit, the poisonous belladonna acts as a true kryptonite to Olympia’s Tyrant Sun effect, as being simply exposed to the plant is enough to bring the young woman to her knees, prolonged exposure being exceptionally lethal to the lass.
  • [The Blessed Armor of Magnon]: A magical set of gauntlets, chainmail, and leggings woven with adamantine that was crafted with Olympia in mind. The armor is designed to contain and regulate the large amount of solar energy the demigod is cursed to constantly absorb. Storing the energy within the magical metal strings, Olympia can call upon them when outside of the sun’s direct light, but it is immensely weaker than her Tyrant Sun ability, barely letting her past a warm morning by comparison.

Personality: Sweet and kind, Olympia is often out to make friends and protect them, but her cheery nature and bright personality hides a highly competitive, inner self-worth that borders on arrogance. She is a strong athlete and often pushes herself to go further than she needs, constantly trying to one-up herself and compete with inner-self.

Biography: The heat of passion is short lived, a quick flame that burns bright then fades away leaving nothing but ashin it’s wake. Olympia Delphine was born in Thermopylae, one of the many bastard sires of Helios, the only child of Marianne Delphine. Olympia’s mother was a promising priestess and capable of significant miracles, but the pain of childbirth strongly affected her, and turned her into a reclusive, soft-spoken individual, often bleeding her depression into child-rearing and turning Olympia sour against her father for some time.

Her early years were marked by frequent visits to grandparents or friends of her mother, as Marianne had difficulty raising Olympia on her own and dealing with her mental condition. Olympia felt unloved for a long while before she could understand what her mother was going through, but by that time, the damage was done and the relationship was forever going to be a standstill. In school, though, Olympia was an average student academically but absolutely stellar at physical activity. She had been able to keep up with the boys before puberty set in, yet still held her own as the boys came into their own hormones.

On that subject, though, puberty marked the onset of her power, and the hellish drawbacks that came with it. Once a free-spirit able to run and jump with the best of them, Olympia had to retreat away from the sun during the daylight or run the risk of burning her skin and cooking her insides from the raw power absorption with no outlet to relieve or contain it for some time. This turned her into a bit of a pariah, as she was often the weirdo who played alone in the gym during recess or did as much as possible at night or in the early morning. She had met Rae this way, though, as the two ended up bonding over their mutual outsider status.

As High School came, Olympia was able to rejoin the outdoor activities she had so long missed with her newly fashioned armor that helped contain and store the dreaded sunlight she had come to both fear and despise, seeing it as yet another way her deadbeat father had screwed over her life and made her mom worry even more. To say Olympia hated Helios is an understatement, she resented her demigod status and her Olympian father openly and without any qualms about repercussions, hoping Helios would smite her or some other teenage angsty feeling. She refused to use her sun-absorbing powers for a long, long time, opting to focus on hand to hand combat and becoming a champion Pankrator by her senior year with her stellar abilities, all without the assistance of her father. As graduation came, though, Olympia faced a dilemma on her future, wondering where she would go and what she would do. Her mother suggested the priesthood, but her utter disgust at Helios crossed that away, prompting her mother to suggest something outlandish: Forgive her father, learn to use her powers, and use her ability to help Thermopylae.

She thought on it for days, literally, and finally decided to go through with her Marianne’s suggestion. She sought out the Oracle and asked to speak with Helios, demanding one conversation with her father, which was granted, despite the Sun-pulling Titan being as busy as he was. Olympia had long known her father had many other children, her half-siblings by blood, but she wanted to know why Helios abandoned them all. When she met her father, Helios surprised her by immediately knowing who she was and who her mother was. When prompted how he knew, Helios replied that he saw so many things when pulling the sun across the skies, he kept track of all of his children and past flings.

He seemed a bit disappointed that Olympia had such disdain for him, telling her of his job and the horses he had to command in his chariot, the beasts so strong that Zeus himself could not handle their reins. Olympia realized her father had so many loves and children because he falls in and out of love each and every day, and that was simply the way he was. Satisfied with finding out about her father, Olympia prepared to leave, but was asked about her Tyrant Sun ability by Helios, to which she replied that it was more of a curse. Helios agreed and apologized, sadly stating that he himself sweated under the load of the sun, and that it’s power is not something for a mortal to bear, even one with godly blood. He advised her to be careful with it, but practice with the power so she doesn’t over do it.

Finally content, Olympia left her father’s adobe and sought out personal training in using her powers, a late coming to such a thing as most demigods learned to use their powers at a basic level in middle school. She enrolled in the University of Thermopylae in order to continue using her power in a formal education setting, deciding to major in kinesiology due to her continued interest in sports, competing on the Pankration team alongside the young men of the sport, giving many a run for their money with her strikes, locks, and throws.

Miscellaneous Details (Optional)

Major: Kinesiology
Hobbies: Working out/training, Pankration, jogging, marathons, studying, reading self-help books
General Likes: Pop music, listening to people nerd out on things they enjoy, food she made herself, trying new things
General Dislikes: Disgusting ass tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and peppers, spicy stuff, losing in things she’s relatively good at, bitter coffee
Character Theme:
Extra Information: it is a good place to listen to the music

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:53 pm
by New Finnish Republic
Zark, Fin, and Gal, all your apps are indeed accepted :p

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 4:39 pm
by Finland SSR
Blueheads are bestheads and give best heads.

Can't wait to prove my point when the IC is up, whenever it will be.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:00 pm
by United Kingdom of Poland
Name: Talia Croft
Age: 20

Gender: Female
Birthplace: San Diego, California
Godly Parent: Athena
Abilities: 3D Mapping: Talia can create scale models in her head, letting her run battleplans and scenarios through it.
Weaknesses: Burnout: Talia’s ability requires a great amount of mental power. Even after years of training she can only managed around 5 minutes of active use between hour long rests before risking permanent brain damage.
Equipment: Talia carries an ornate shield sculpted to look like her mothers Aegis, a gift from her mother along with a mechanical owl that helped guide Talia to Thermopylae and that Talia keeps around as a pet. In combat she uses a bronze sword.
Personality: Talia has a tendency to get lost in her own head thanks to her ability and overanalytical nature. It’s not uncommon for her to create a plan, but forget to tell the rest of her team. Talia’s not well liked by her classmates, both because of her heritage, tendency to look down on other that aren’t as smart as her, and overzealous defense of her mothers behavior.
Biography: Talia’s father was an up and coming naval officer stationed at San Diego when he was visited by the goddess Athena in disguise. One rambunctious night and nine months later a child was found at the base gate with a note addressed to him. Because of the nature of his line of work, Talia’s father left her in the care of his aunt and uncle in the hills of southern California.
Unlike her father, Talia’s great uncle was a demigod. This meant that when Talia began telling him about the strange creatures prowling along the tree line, he didn’t dismiss it as a child’s imagination. Unfortunately, that proved too little too late when the house was attacked later that night by a Manticore, Talia being the only survivor after direct intervention by Athena herself. The goddess told Talia who she was and that she’d be needed one day and gave her a shield and a mechanical owl to guide her to a place she’d be safe.
The owl guided her to Thermopylae where she was placed in the care of another one of Athena’s offspring. While she excelled at school, she found it hard to make friends due to both her lineage as a daughter of Athena, and her defensive nature about Athena’s actions even compared to the rest of her siblings.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:46 am
by Absolon-7
Name: Anders Thomson
Age: 20

Gender: Male
Birthplace: Saskatchewan, Canada
Godly Parent: Boreas
  • [Breath of the Cold North Wind]: Anders can replicate his fathers ability by blowing out a stream of icy air that covers objects in a frostbite inducing gust in a single breath that can travel a several meters forward. Its greatest form manifests in a close range blizzard with enough violent force to freeze an average room solid that however leaves him with the same exhaustion as if he ran a marathon nonstop.
  • [Flight to the North]: He can manifest the same purple wings that his father has in the form of two large wings that look like they're made of ice. These wings can only be around for a few minutes at a time and require and hour to be used again.
  • [Friend to all Horses]: As Boreas had his sacred animals being horses Anders has an uncanny ability to befriend horses and let him ride them at his leisure.

  • [Northern Cardinal]: He has an arrow shaped birthmark at the top of his back that if attacked leaves him unable to use any power for an entire day.
  • [Scourge of Notus]: If a source of fire or heat can generate power at a greater pace or extent then his own ice powers are essentially cancelled out. The temperature of the day can also dampen his abilities if it is any season besides summer with varying effects such as shortening his ice breath range or limiting the time his wings can be present.

  • Song of the Sea, the only token of acknowledgement from his father he has is an enchanted conch shaped trumpet that helps him direct his frost breath in a more precise manner.
  • A traditional greek-style Kopis short sword made of steel and Greek Bronze. (appears as a ruler)
  • A pair of grieves, vambraces, and helmet made of steel and Greek Bronze (appears as cowboy boots, leather gloves, and a cowboy hat)
Personality: Anders is a very lazy and apathetic young man when it comes to decision making. To strangers and people he doesn't like he can range from rude to indifferent but to people he likes he can be quite generous or at least begrudgingly so. However, if its something done for leisure he can get very intense into the activity.

Biography: Anders was born to a troubled young woman who made her career as a traveling freelance photographer. After a meeting with a charismatic young man who left her the morning after, only leaving a conch shaped trumpet, she became disheartened at forming relationships. Several months later she took a gig of shooting photos of plantlife and the towns of Saskatchewan, Canada, where several miles from any town Anders decided to be born. The next few years would fly by as his mother continued her career although her constantly moving from place to place left little time for making friends.

When he was in middle school during one gig in Montana, where they stayed at a ranch belonging to a friend of his mom, Anders discovered his natural affinity for horses when tending the friends horses where he managed to tame one of the rowdiest and troublesome horses that frequently broke out. After he rode it around the rest of their time there it began behaving much better from there onward. His and his mother's arrival to Thermopylae came in the start of high school where he was suddenly recruited by one of the settlements many Satyr agents. Here an Oracle deduced he was son of Boreas, the Cold North Wind, and from here his training in his ice breath would begin. His time in high school would be occupied by him coasting on by.

Eventually the time for university at Thermopylae would begin and there he was at odd with what he wanted to do. Up until this point he never really put much thought into his future or what he wanted out of life. He settled on getting something approachable like an American History degree first before deciding on anything more permanent. Much like in high school he continued his unbroken streak of adequate enough in classes which continues to this day. When he's not in the dorms Anders can usually be found in the gym or lazing around in the park under the shade of a tree.

Miscellaneous Details

Major: American History
Hobbies: Horseback riding, working out, reading american comics and manga, taking naps
General Likes: spicy foods, swedish power-metal, all fruits, horses, enjoying the moment
General Dislikes: all vegetables, classical music, planning ahead
Character Theme: N/A for now
Extra Information: He's 5'9''

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:29 am
by New Finnish Republic
Abs, your app is accepted. Waiting to hear back from you, Poland, on my earlier suggestion before accepting.

Edit: Poland's app is accepted as well.

Also, IC is now up and is linked in the first post of the thread

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:29 pm
by Tomia
Name: Rebecca Jones
Age: 20
Appearance: Rebecca
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Godly Parent: Ares
Weapons Summoning- As long as Rebecca has touched a weapon in the past she is able summon it at will by visualizing it.
Warrior's Spirit- She is able to summon a temporary supernatural state in which she is protected by a magical veil of armor the strength of which is determined by her will power and current state of mind.
Athletic-A physically gifted girl, Rebecca is a profoundly gifted athlete and balances physical strength with agility.
Weapon durability and cool off-If a weapon had been destroyed since she last touched it she will be unable to summon it. Her ability requires a cool-down and more sophisticated weapons take more time.
Weakness of Will-If Rebecca's spirits are dampened, her armor can be reduced to a useless state.
Equipment: Rebecca owns two special items. A double sided sword that is magically concealed as a lighter and a Shield concealed as a silver bracelet.
Personality: Rebecca is very much a type A personality. She is competitive and very well organized. She enjoys have plans and isn't much for improvising. While she comes off too strong and direct for some, she is generally a kind person with a good sense of humor. She has a temper however and is somewhat of a sore loser.
Rebecca was born the daughter of famous Olympic Athlete and sports model Hannah Jones. Rebecca is the eldest of four siblings and is the only of the four whose father is not Hannah's current husband Blake Jones. Rebecca's father... well he was a mystery for a while. Hannah told her daughter when she was very young that she had met her father at an Olympics, and so she often assumed he was a fellow athlete. However Hannah was always brief when speaking about him, only ever saying that he was a wonderful man, whose heart wasn't his to give. Despite these cryptic conversations, Rebecca's childhood was a normal and happy one. From a young age she fell in love with the game of soccer. By the age of five she was outdoors constantly, kicking a ball and pretending she was one of the pros.By middle school she was already the star of her team and her potential was clear to all. Still all wasn't necessarily perfect as Rebecca often struggled to control her emotions on the field.

Upon reaching high school however, her life began to change. Her mother finally opened up with Rebecca about her father. Rebecca always felt her mother was hiding something, but learning her father was the god Ares was not something she ever expected. It wasn't that news that bothered her the most, but rather the notion that she had to change schools and uproot her life to this place she didn't know. Her mother assured her that it was the only way she could be safe, but Rebecca felt like her mom still wasn't being truthful. After a series of long fights, Rebecca finally agreed to start high school at Thermopylae. Despite her resistance and bitterness towards her parents, she found friends and community among her peers. Beyond that she found a new passion, that being the life of the warrior. She discovered her abilities granted by her father, the war god. Now she is a star soccer player at the University and her life is going well. Except for the terrible nightmares she has started to have lately...
Miscellaneous Details (Optional)

Major: Sports Science
Hobbies: Watches sports, paints
General Likes: Pizza, pop music

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:56 pm
by New Finnish Republic
Boops the Tiger


Astra Kobos

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:07 pm
by Kal Kitor
Name: Astra “The Sol” Kobos

Age: 18

Appearance: Eye Color - Emerald Green

Hair Color - Brown

Skin Color - Light Brown

Clothing - Large white cape draping from around his neck, standard blue shirt w/ black belting. Tan pants & black boots.

Gender: Male

Birthplace: London, England

Godly Parent: Helios

Abilities: Heat Manipulation - Having his godly parent as the god known as Helios, Astra is capable of manipulating the very nature of temperatures as hot as the sun into & from his body by transmuting his body moisture & internal blood into heat energy. He may use this to attack, warm his body (or others), even cook. Due to his nature, he has high resistances to intense levels of heat.

Healing - Light glows from the wound, removing it. Small wounds only.

Weaknesses: Constant use of his abilities drains his energy faster. Depending on how much heat he produces at one time, Astra can be overcome w/ intense muscle spasms due to the heat coming from his actual body.

Equipment: Gauntlets of Helios - Able to channel heat energy into the gauntlets to reduce the amount of energy taken from his body.

Necklace of Aether - Necklace giving Astra the ability to teleport 1 time per day, but he must know specific coordinates.

3 Steel canteens - He carries these 3 canteens to keep himself hydrated. Counting every single bottle he drinks, this in turn keeps his muscles from suffering any dehydration.

Personality: Reserved, serious, soft. Astra is very knowledgeable, but acts as if he doesn’t know just about anything; always shrugging his shoulders. Even still, he can not overcome his massive OCD in counting things (yes, he literally counts everything). He is soft, but not shy & timid. In fact, his strong demeanor says otherwise.

Biography: London was a peace zone for many demigods, including Astra as he advanced through school in medicine, anatomy & advanced mathematics. His mother, Mara continually prayed to his father, Helios in order to maintain the peace she had so longfully sought after. One day, a large monster ravaged Portobello Road, destroying most of it & while she fought for her life, it was for nought as she lay her face bare on the ground w/ Astra left to pick up what was left. “No,” shouted his injured cousin, Dreyar, the son of Aeolus, as blood ran down his right eye; encasing it. This sent Astra into a frenzy, using every ounce of strength he had to defeat the monster. Both he & Dreyar did all they could but only saw their own defeat on the brink until Astra could see it… the very vision of Helios his mother said she used to be able to see. His frenzy heightened as power surged through him, pushing him to melt not just the monster but his immediate surroundings as well.

This would make the London locals make a name known for himself as “Sol” aka the Sun. W/ this scene, the Queen of England saw fit to see the two gentlemen to study at the prestigious University of Thermopylae where not only will the two learn to hone their powers to astronomical heights but where Astra could get his answers. Why did the Gods did not protect his mother & why the monsters of Tartarus were allowed to run free & thus he would go into the University of Thermopylae to learn more as a major in thermodynamics while using the library’s resources to learn more about not just of Gods but the darkness that lies in the gates of Tartarus, understanding more about the power that dwells within him & one day confront his father... The Greek God, Helios.

After traveling to Thermopylae, Astra & Dreyar ran into quite the weird man. He was skinny, tall, his hair was wild with grey streaks meeting black signifying his constant stress although he looked to be none older than 30, his movements were stiff but fluid while his clothes seemed tattered as if he had been jumping fences. For some reason, he immediately began to place his fingers into view as if he were taking fake pictures of Astra & that’s when he introduced himself as Astra’s thermodynamics instructor Dr. Yulio. His excitement was eerie, yet comfortable to Astra, however Dreyar couldn’t overcome the sheer chill down his spine from seeing this skeleton of a man. As the man spoke to tell all about his amazing wonders in studying energy, he quickly changed the subject telling Astra his role as the son of Helios. “Your road is littered with dark tidings that you might find to be quite terrifying.” He said as if it were the moment he had been waiting for. Yulio explained how he too was a demigod as the son of Janus & he knows the struggle of being one with no idea on which road to take, but the road of righteousness & success lay ahead for him as long as he strived.

The library became his sanctuary outside of the gym as he would return a book he finished & get a new one everyday, collecting as much knowledge as the limits of the brain can access. Even with the distraction of the librarian, another student of Thermopylae who worked part time & her overwhelmingly glutes, he progressed exponentially.

Astra was always certain his mother was not a liar & his abilities confirmed his thoughts of being the son of the Helios, but he couldn’t shake this feeling that something wasn’t right. He practiced his meditation, delving so deep that he experienced what he did in the attack in London… he saw his father again. This time, Helios spoke to him asking why he’s reaching to a place he shouldn’t; that when the time was right he would come to his son in earnest. But just before he could send his son away, Astra shouted “What am I?”. Helios would sigh as if the world they were in were nothing but a mere nuisance. That’s when he discovered that he wasn’t a typical “demigod” like most are… he was a much feared & great Titan as Helios himself is of Hyperion & Thea. Astra realized that he not only carried the blood of Helios but of his grandparents as well. This struck him deeply & as he opened from meditation, he was prepared to discover the secrets that lie within him.

Smart, strategic & cunning, Astra would climb to the top in academics & would use his wits & nimble body to excel at athletics. However, his social standing stayed within a poor range due to his own nature regardless of his progress. This was something prominent throughout his life, being the guy who stayed away from others from fear of being judged because of his own personal traits. “Only the unnaturally bizarre can understand me.” As he would usually say.

He soon found that he was very interested in the art of Muay Thai, Jiu Jutsu & Krav Maga & even participating in gymnastics. Knowing his powers were something, he wondered what’d happen if he was efficient at the sword, the spear, gun fu, the bow & arrow & his conclusion was “They can all become exposed.” But when studying the ways of hand combat, he found the most efficient attacks, the best speed, the greatest of possibilities & coupled with his own powers he could become the ultimate sword & shield. His compulsiveness wouldn’t allow him to study just one martial art as he would become a jack of all trades, knowing the weaknesses & strengths for as many arts as possible. He would study the sword & how to counter it by the technique of Muto Dori. He would study the spear & it’s long range & how closing the distance as fast as possible is pivotal. Even the bow & arrow he would study how to overcome.

Honing his body, mind & spirit weren’t all he strived to accomplish. Astra soon learned to control his powers more gradually; learning how to finely tune heat into beams & how to manipulate the heat of his own surroundings & even everything that is heat. Flames, the human body, water, the atmosphere, even learning to fly using the heat as if he were propelling himself w/ an engine. Studying deeper & deeper. Finding the faults in himself, his power, his body, he would continue pushing himself. Not only that, but he started to notice a healing factor of sorts as his scars would glow a bright light & begin to close any small wound & remove bruises.

Even still, Dr. Yulio’s comment would ring in his head “Your road is littered with dark tidings that you might find to be quite terrifying.” & he wasn’t going to get caught off guard by the “terrifying” that has yet to come. He would be ready.

As his cousin did his best to pull Astra from his serious, reserved nature, there was no idea what such terror lies in wait...

Miscellaneous Details (Optional)

Major: Thermodynamics

Hobbies: Read/Study, Meditate, Count, Workout

General Likes: All chicken, rice, classical music & all facets of theatre.

General Dislikes: Miscounting, Loud things, fighting

Character Theme: Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

Extra Information: Great at math, knows the human body, can cook, loves to dance, can play the piano, loves women’s legs & talks to himself a lot.

Signature Moves - Singe: Opening his hand, Astra releases heats at the melting point of iron from himself.

Sunshot: Pointing his index finger, shoots a beam of condensed energy having the piercing power of a bullet & the heat to melt skin.

Cover: Surrounds his body in extreme heat as if magma surrounded him.

Manipulate: Focusing on precision, Astra manipulates the heat of something.

Form: Capable of condensing heat around specific body parts to cause cutting or blunt damage.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:08 pm
by Kal Kitor
Edit: Necklace of Aether - Once per day

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 10:26 pm
by The Templar High Council
Name: Jacques “Jack” Mercier
Age: 21
Appearance: Jack is a caucasian male about 5'10" tall. He has black hair and blue eyes, with an athletic build if somewhat lean.
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Paris, France
Godly Parent: Hermes
  • Superhuman Stealth, Agility, and Athleticism. Better than the average man, but he's no son of a war god.
  • Rhetoric. Hermes is the god of orators and speakers, and luckily Jack has the confidence and verbal poise to talk his way into, out of, and around trouble.
  • He can't hold his own in a fair fight against most foes. Jack thinks his way out of problems, and unless there's some way for him to gain an advantage, he's somewhat out of luck.
  • His powerset is pretty mundane by demigod standards. Not that it's a weakness against mortals, but he is limited in what he can do beyond the norm.
  • Traveler's Dagger: this blade, with the guard and base of the blade engraved with the twin snakes of Hermes' Cadeceus, is well-balanced and fits perfectly in Jack's hand. The dagger allows him the ability to teleport short distances, something that he recers to as "blinking," a handful of times per day.
Personality: Jack is the analytical sort, preferring to observe a situation and await the most opportune moment to act. Definitely a thinker and a planner, but when he does act he's decisive in what he does. Sometimes a bit of a know-it-all, but hardly about academics.

Biography: Jack was born and raised in Paris. As a child, he was precocious and adventurous; always willing to try new things and get into scrapes that he probably shouldn't. His mother rarely talked about his dad, she only ever said that her first lover left her for a study abroad. He never thought much of it; those sorts of thoughts rarely cross a child's mind while their days are spent having rowdy fun with their friends. It wasn't until much later that Jack bothered asking, but the same answers were given.

This changed late in middle school, when Jack was walking home from school one day. A woman tried to grab him off of the streets and into a van, but he was small and nimble enough to evade her grasp and lose her in the streets. She called Jack things he'd never heard before: half-blood, and a son of Olympus. He rushed home out of breath, and when his mother asked him what was wrong he told her everything that happened. The past having caught up to them, Jack's mother came forward with the details of his birth father.

Jack's father was Hermes, the Greek god of travelers and thieves. He stole her heart when they were younger, even though she knew they couldn't be together, and she tried her best to give Jack a normal home life. She brought out a package that his father left for him, and told Jack that he'd have to go somewhere safe now that the world knew about his parentage. He protested at first, until she forced him to see reason: if Jack was out in the open, other people would get hurt. This way, everyone would be safer and he'd get the education he deserved on both sides of his life.

So off he was sent, Jack's mother having saved the location of Thermopylae from when Hermes left Jack the package all those years ago. Jack landed in L.A. and stumbled his way into the right people to help him get to Thermopylae proper. There he was just in time to enroll in high school, where he came in contact with the rest of our heroes. Jack's childhood audacity mixed with the sour circumstances that ended with him leaving home turned him into somewhat of a prankster and a schemer, which got him noticed for all the wrong reasons at school. In particular, he counted Anders Thomson as one of his closer friends; the two of them enjoying their time breezing through their studies. And Raven Blake as his self-declared rival, where the two battled it out in the classroom over who held superior grades.

As he grew out of his adolescence, Jack realized that the academic life wasn't for him. Too many rules and restrictions placed upon the students of Therm U, and that he felt some of his talents were wasted in a classroom setting. So Jack dropped out of college after his first year, shortly afterwards he became an apprentice at a locksmith's run by a demigod of Hephaestus. He maintained contact with his first demigod friends, and continued to make new acquaintances such as Danica Tevling who helped him to maintain the pre-owned car he used to get around in. But things have been looking up for Jack recently, earning a living wage and still making enough time to be with his friends at university. What could possibly go wrong?

Miscellaneous Details

Major: Formally General Studies, dropped out after a year to apprentice as a locksmith in the city.
Hobbies: Parkour/Freerunning, hanging out with friends, petty theft (or non-petty theft).
General Likes: Italian food, jazz music.
General Dislikes: Frog legs, uptight or overzealous people, being rushed.
Character Theme: Tank! - The Seatbelts
Extra Information: He goes by Jack because he’s had a history of people butchering Jacques outside of France. At this point, he identifies to both.
His mother's name is Ava Mercier Bellini, and he loves her very much.
His birthday is May 28th.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:57 pm
by New Finnish Republic
Kal Kitor wrote:Name: Astra “The Sol” Kobos

A few things of note.

First, the concept of the London locals knowing of what Astra had actually done is something that wouldn't occur, as normal mortals would not have actually comprehended the fact that it was a monster attack the area. They would have likely seen this as something akin to a natural disaster occurring, thus having him become known for the event would not be feasible, unless you're referring to "Locals" as fellow demigods, which would be sparse in London.

Second, as for the amulet, I'm still a bit hesitant to accept it even as a once per day item, due to the fact that it could very well put aside what the current plans are for the RP. I'm going to have to ask how dead set you are on having this item, as if it's a case where you 100% wish to have it, we'll have to nerf things down a lot before it would be acceptable.

Third, Janos is a Roman deity with no relation to the Greek mythos, so that aspect would have to be cast aside. When new demigods first enter Thermopylae, they are met with the Oracle of Delphi, who more or less reveals who their godly parents are if it is still unknown. So that could be somewhat of a substitute for the idea that you had here.

Fourth, your abilities seem quite over the top in terms of power. How much of these abilities, especially the higher end ones, would he be able to actually use?

Until we can resolve these issues, I'll have to hold off on accepting the app for now.

The Templar High Council wrote:App WIP, want to get it out there to tag the thread and see if anything's an issue so far

Probably a little more information on the Traveler's Dagger would be helpful, in terms of any limitations it has and such.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:44 pm
by The Templar High Council
New Finnish Republic wrote:
The Templar High Council wrote:App WIP, want to get it out there to tag the thread and see if anything's an issue so far

Probably a little more information on the Traveler's Dagger would be helpful, in terms of any limitations it has and such.

Not sure what sort of limitation to impose, the only factor I can think of is limiting the time/distance it can recall, but I haven't got an idea on the numbers on that. All I've got on there now is "anywhere since last dawn," if that's too much then let me know.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:04 pm
by New Finnish Republic
New Neros wrote:Name: Olympia Delphine

So some small things, much of what we've discussed previously:

First, I'd like to make sure we're clear on the "Immense Power" gained from being in the sunlight. It's completely fine if we're talking about her having a slight increase in overall physical capability when in direct sunlight, but I emphasize on the word "slight". In other words, possessing strength and speed that puts her maybe an additional 50% above her normal capabilities would be fine if she's actually in direct sunlight would be fine, but her being able to go full on hulk-mode would be too much.

Second, as for her ability, I'd like to see it limited to at most a single usage, if we're going off the destructive capability you're referring to.

Besides that though, everything looks good, so once these issues are resolved I'll feel free to accept :p

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:09 pm
by New Neros
New Finnish Republic wrote:
New Neros wrote:Name: Olympia Delphine

So some small things, much of what we've discussed previously:

First, I'd like to make sure we're clear on the "Immense Power" gained from being in the sunlight. It's completely fine if we're talking about her having a slight increase in overall physical capability when in direct sunlight, but I emphasize on the word "slight". In other words, possessing strength and speed that puts her maybe an additional 50% above her normal capabilities would be fine if she's actually in direct sunlight would be fine, but her being able to go full on hulk-mode would be too much.

Second, as for her ability, I'd like to see it limited to at most a single usage, if we're going off the destructive capability you're referring to.

Besides that though, everything looks good, so once these issues are resolved I'll feel free to accept :p

Right on my man, I forgot to remove the flavorful words when originally drafting the application. Every we discussed previously stands, it's a moderate, uncomfortable increase in power. As for the ability, that's completely fine, it's a pretty big trump card that will be reserved for the biggest of climaxes that just wastes her body shonen protagonist style.

Consider it done!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:29 pm
by New Finnish Republic
New Neros wrote:
New Finnish Republic wrote:
So some small things, much of what we've discussed previously:

First, I'd like to make sure we're clear on the "Immense Power" gained from being in the sunlight. It's completely fine if we're talking about her having a slight increase in overall physical capability when in direct sunlight, but I emphasize on the word "slight". In other words, possessing strength and speed that puts her maybe an additional 50% above her normal capabilities would be fine if she's actually in direct sunlight would be fine, but her being able to go full on hulk-mode would be too much.

Second, as for her ability, I'd like to see it limited to at most a single usage, if we're going off the destructive capability you're referring to.

Besides that though, everything looks good, so once these issues are resolved I'll feel free to accept :p

Right on my man, I forgot to remove the flavorful words when originally drafting the application. Every we discussed previously stands, it's a moderate, uncomfortable increase in power. As for the ability, that's completely fine, it's a pretty big trump card that will be reserved for the biggest of climaxes that just wastes her body shonen protagonist style.

Consider it done!

In that case, welcome aboard 8)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 9:13 am
by The Templar High Council
My app is finished, Mr. OP Man. 07

PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:38 pm
by New Finnish Republic
Accepted, Temp