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Postby Britanania » Sun Apr 04, 2021 7:47 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Fourteen

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

After the meeting with the Arcosian cousins, Team Ashwood officially became sponsored by Jalid, giving the group some more support, at least officially. Over the next two rounds, the team capitalised on their round one victory and breezed through the competition, eventually reaching the semi-final round.

The Team met in their room near the tournament ground, except for Meroe who went out early to meet with the Arcosians, as the Lamia often served as the liaison between Team Ashwood and the rest of the demon realm, being a full demon denizen of Maikai, after all.

Danuja leaned back on a sofa.

“So, two more rounds,” she said aloud. “Who are we facing next?”

Elizabeth was resting on a bench as she used her arms as pillows. "I heard the team is being led by a Maykan doctor. From what I have gathered he is basically a prodigy in bioscience along with thaumaturgy. A Kita from outer space, if you will."

“Go figure, I didn’t even think those idiots even knew what science is,” Danuja said with a cocky grin, glancing over at Ikki. “Guess it’s like an evil version of your dad or something.”

”Of course they do. They wouldn’t be such a threat to Glacia’s empire if they didn’t.” Ikki answered calmly, his arms folded. “Well, if that guy’s a master of thaumaturgy, too, then he’s not that much of a counterpart, is he? Dad’s always been much more interested in Kita Force than magic.”

The door to their suite opened, and Danuja called over, her back to the door.

“Has Meroe come back with the room service yet? I’m starving.”

Nymphaea looked over and gave a smile to who stood at the other side.

"Good… whatever time it is here Glacia. Are you enjoying yourself?"

“Oh, you,” Danuja muttered as the lizard came inside the room. Glacia was in her pod, looking a little sullen.

“Bad news, everyone,” the Arcosian announced. In her hands was a video cassette tape.

Nymphaea frowns seeing the state of the lizard and hearing her grim announcement. "What happened Glacia?" Nymphaea asked as Elizabeth rose up to be sitting up.

“I think it is best to see it yourself,” she said, moving her pod towards a television. Using her telekinesis, Glacia inserted the tape and turned the television screen on. After a few moments as the tape loaded, Meroe’s image appeared, the snake-woman looking worse for wear, bound and gagged in a dimly lit room. Glacia paused the tape there.

Nymphaea gasped in shocked horror while Elizabeth looked at the image with disgust and rage. She didn't realize that she was growling nor that her eyes looked similar to the dragon. Yet when she spoke it was still her voice even if a faint trace of the dragon can be heard.

"Where did you find that tape?! Whose the sick fuck that is begging to die!?" She demanded.

“This was delivered to Jalid’s room this morning,” she explained.

"Then find out who the delivery boy was and force him to talk. I don't care if we have to cut every single limb off their body or kill their family, we're finding Meroe."

Glacia nodded.

“Then let me continue the tape,” she said. The video continued, showing the Lamia squirm around, her muffled voice obscured. A voice then played over the Lamia’s muffled attempts at help.

“We have the Grand Duchess in a safe spot, and she will be happily returned to you once you lose your next round.”

The tape cut out there.

“I shall personally look for her,” Glacia assured Liz. “You do your best to win, but you may need an alternate fighter.”

“And when you get whoever is responsible, make sure to bring them to us,” Ikki spoke up, bluntly, with a harsh demeanour and narrowed eyes - then rose from his seat.

“I’ll go bring Vikan, then. He’s the reserve we have at hand.”

Elizabeth looked over at Ikki. "I hope you trained your pet lizard to behave well, Ikki. We can't afford him to act out now."

“Yeah it would be a real drag if he died,” Danuja replied with some sarcasm, standing up to stretch. “Are we done here? We have a tournament to win, and Makyans to kill.”

“ we don’t,” Ikki spoke up and shot another glare towards Danu. “I really don’t know what’s been getting in you lately, and if you’re troubled by something then feel free to talk to me about it, but we’re not here to kill anyone.”

Danuja shrugged.

“They’re here to kill us though,” Danuja reminded Ikki, pointing to the television. “They’re probably torturing Meroe right now. What would you have us do, ask them over for some tea?”

“The other side acting evil doesn’t make it morally right to do the same,” Ikki spoke back. “We’ll stop them, of course - it’s not even in question - but we’re only going to prove everyone else right if we respond with the same, and...”

The Saiyan sighed and turned towards the exit.

“We’ll talk about it later. I’ll go grab Vikan.”

“Keep your wits about you,” Glacia said to the Saiyan as he made his way out the door. “They may try to get another one of you.”

"I welcome them to try," Elizabeth told Glacia. "That way I can force them to tell me where Meroe is." She would get up and head towards the door, Danuja quick on her heels.

“Hey, wait up,” the Saiyness shouted. “We still didn’t get that room service!”

Nymphaea turned to Glacia. "Please find Meroe, for Elizabeth's sake." She requested before she followed her sister out of the room.
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Postby Finland SSR » Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:43 am

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Fifteen: Vikan the Empire Crusher vs XK-628

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Team Ashwood arrived at the tournament grounds as expected, with everyone looking rather tense. Glacia hadn’t yet returned, and there was still no news about Meroe’s disappearance. Evidently, none of the security cameras were working at the time, and all the guards were on break at once.

Katsumi scurried onto the ring, to much applause.

“Good afternoon everyone!” the nekodemon announced. “Today we start the semi-final rounds: Team Ashwood vs Team Tarragon! For the first match, we have a substitution. Our lovely Lamia Meroe is being replaced with Vikan the Empire-Crusher. He will fight, am I reading this right...XK-628.”

“Hey, is that even fair?” Danuja groaned. “Using a cyborg?”

“Make sure to repeat the deal now that we’re in front of everyone,” Vikan, the so-proclaimed “Empire-Crusher” called out as he stepped past the rest of the team - only now did he show his voice in public, escorted by Ikki strolling behind him. The Saiyan sighed and spoke:

“Using my powers as a Star Sheriff of the R.I.D.E.R.S. to give personal judgment on the arrested criminal from personal experience and capacity for changing to the better, I will report to the Patrol to give you a more lenient sentence, if you help us win this tournament.”

“Good. Since this is televised, I will always be able to refer to this if you do not uphold your end of the bargain,” Vikan spoke back, and with a faint smirk, leapt forward, landing on the ring. His machine-like opponent was already standing and waiting for the match to begin.

“You know, I really hope he loses,” Ikki whispered to Danu, then turned to watch the fight.

“A Maykan construction, huh? Those are always a pain in the ass for my men...” Vikan called out, staring the cyborg down all while a purple aura began to burst around him. “So I’ll enjoy blasting you into bits!” All of his latent energy got forced out straight into raw power, sending waves across the tournament ring - XK-628, however, did not seem to be that affected by the display.

And so, the match began.

Letting out a spirited yell, the Empire-Crusher lunged forward, crossing the ring in a second and clashing arms with XK. One parried blow led to another, and the two fighters continued brawling with one another in place for several exchanges. The cyborg ducked under a blow and sent a kick straight into the pirate’s gut, launching him into the air.

The battle continued up above, Vikan being the one forced to defend this time - and it swiftly became clear that the pirate was the weaker force. He couldn’t catch up to XK’s speed and strike placement, forced to suffer several strikes into his torso, gut and arms.

A sweep kick sent Vikan away - the pirate responded with an energy blast from his hand. XK merely ducked to the side, however. For a second, the battle ceased. The pirate’s hand was still outstretched forward, and the cyborg was staring at his opponent intently, but remained in place. Even the audience appeared confused somewhat - until Ikki, his eyes narrowed and his senses focused on ambient ki in the battlefield, suddenly realized what was going on.

“Watch out-”

Suddenly, a powerful energetic explosion engulfed where Vikan was floating, rolling across the battlefield.

“A kiai, fired from that cyborg’s eyes...” Ikki commented, frowning somewhat. “A person able to sense energy might have been able to see it coming, but to someone like Vikan, it might as well be completely invisible.”

“Really useful for us, then,” Danuja replied, rolling her eyes.

Falling from the cloud of heat and ash, Vikan slammed into the ring and stopped with a slide on all fours. While he was panting and trying to catch his breath, the cyborg did not waste time - he dropped down and flew straight at his opponent. Faced with a machine aiming straight at him, the pirate grunted, pulled himself up and opened his jaw wide - a massive beam of purple energy shot out from his throat, overwhelming the ring and engulfing XK.

The mood in Team Tarragon didn’t seem to drop, however, so the results of the technique were futile. As soon as the mouth beam ceased, the cyborg dove out of the smoke and decked Vikan straight in the jaw, sending him careening across the ring and sliding on the floor.

Once again, XK walked forward, wordlessly, only the destruction of his opponent in his mind. Vikan, meanwhile, slowly pulled himself up onto one elbow, wiped the side of his head, and found yellow blood.

“You’re a... real piece of work, aren’t you?” he muttered under his breath, raised his hand, and fired off a series of blasts at the cyborg. The first few struck, but as soon as XK got used to the routine, he began deflecting the blasts at ease. Still, it gave enough time for Vikan to get back at his feet and charge again.

A blow, infused with ki, struck XK in the side, but besides a little push, the cyborg was unaffected, and looked down at the pirate with disgrace in his eyes.

“Ohh, no...”

The cyborg responded with a combination of blows - first a knee to the gut, then an uppercut to the sky. Flying up to follow his opponent, XK cupped his hands and slammed the pirate back to the floor, then landed with his foot straight on Vikan’s spine. Even then, the pirate did not find reprieve - once he weakly opened his eyes, he saw a light filtering from above - a green energy blast in XK’s hand, which fired down and engulfed the screaming pirate in an explosion of energy.

It appeared as if it was over. XK stepped back, turning around silently and beginning to walk away. The audience watched with awe, and many of the demons were certain that they witnessed another spectacular murder.

Suddenly, however, the pirate twitched, and slowly rose up again. His body was smoking, shaking, and struggled to stay up - but he was still in the fight.

“I will not... be humiliated like this!”

“Looks like your pet is getting angry, Ikki,” Danuja commented as she punched his arm.

“You’d be as well if you were in his place,” Ikki responded, glancing away and rolling his eyes. “Something tells me this is no simple tantrum, though...”

A purple aura began to flow around the pirate as he stood up, getting XK’s attention. This time, however, the cyborg remained in place, watching the situation to see whether it was a second wind or a final gasp.

“I am not... some pathetic runt in the Galactic litter to be treated like this!” Vikan yelled, slowly floating into the sky. “They chose me as my world’s champion when the Arcosians came! They watched me serve that bastard Floe for years! They saw me topple empires in and out of her service! And...”

In spite of his weakened state, the pirate grinned, then puffed his chest out, energy soaring in his veins, surging around his body, everything else around him dimming in comparison. “Saiyans have their legends, and Arcosians, and these demons as well... and so do my people. Now watch, and tremble in fear!

Suddenly, a powerful aura burst to life around him, followed by a roar. XK immediately realized what was taking place and lunged forward to stop the transformation - by then, however, it was too late. A flash of light followed, encompassing the arena, and a powerful blow smashed straight into the machine’s chest.

Now, a massive fiery draconic alien was now staring him down, a confident smirk on his face.

“Heh, and to think that I was so close to letting the Sheriff be the first to witness this...”

“Huh-wha?” Ikki called out back in the stands, as soon as the yells and ovation from the audience settled down a bit. “You know, I’m... surprised by this myself. I’ll be damned, but I think his power’s not even that far from Fuar...”

“Don’t forget our powers are messed up here,” Danuja pointed out. “If that overgrown chicken is so tough he wouldn’t have lost to you.”

"I'm extrapolating from the effect this dimension's had on us..."

“See? That’s a number to put to my terror!” the Empire-Crusher yelled, grabbed XK by the waist and suddenly pile-drove him straight to the ground. Without wasting time after the powerful slam, he kicked the mechanical opponent in the air and blasted him with an energy wave in the air, sending the defenseless cyborg flying across the battlefield. Moments before he ringed out, however, XK stopped in the air.

He was still as silent as always, but his movement was no longer as certain - against a power this great, even his machine half was unsure how to proceed. Staring the charging Vikan down, XK employed his kiai again - however, the pirate merely flew past the explosions, too fast to be caught by the technique.

Another slam in the gut, then a grab to the skull, lifting XK by the head and staring him down. Watching down the cyborg who had been kicking him around mere moments ago, Vikan let out a hearty laugh.

“I don’t know how much of you is still sentient, Maykan spawn, but whether or not you understand me, let today be a testament to my power,” the pirate spoke up, cackling. “Perhaps, one day, Arcosian empresses and Maykan rulers will be in the same place you hang now - you can console yourself in knowing that it started with you.”

XK did not respond, merely raised his hands and released energy blasts from both palms. Though they engulfed Vikan completely, they barely phased the reptilian pirate, only forcing another cackle out of him.


With a wide swing, he tossed XK back to the ring, all while charging power in his right hand.

Crusher Cannon!” A powerful beam of purple ki shot from his hand, engulfing the cyborg and slamming into the ring. Once the attack ceased and the dust cleared, it became clear that Team Tarragon’s delegate was completely knocked out - sparks were now shooting from his machinery and he was lying on the ground, unconscious. Cackling under his breath, Vikan returned to his base from and floated to the ground.

“Sayonara,” he muttered, and rose his boot above XK’s head.

“If you kill him, our deal is terminated,” a voice suddenly called out from the sidelines. It was Ikki - and he was watching the battle unamused. It immediately left Vikan in shock, who yelled:

“Wait, what?! But that was not a part of the deal!”

“I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.”

Flabbergasted, Vikan glanced from XK, to Ikki, to the rest of the team and finally to the audience, before he sighed and kicked the unconscious cyborg. He landed outside of the ring, and the bell immediately rang.

“A spectacular victory for Team Ashwood!” Katsumi announced, to mixed reaction from the crowd

“The big turkey did it,” Danuja said, “But we’re lucky he didn’t just go rogue at the end.”

“Well, at least he’s on our side for now...” Ikki spoke up in response - just in time for the pirate to step down from the ring and speak:

“My species are reptiles, you hairless monkey.”

“Chickens are reptiles,” Danuja said with a slight chuckle. “But you did good for a bird-brain.”

“Wait, but birds are barely even reptiles and he meant-”

“Tsk.” Vikan scoffed.
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Postby Naval Monte » Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:56 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Sixteen: Danuja vs Talbain

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

With the cyborg defeated, Katsumi returned to her spot in the middle of the ring.

“What a climactic first round!” the cat demon announced. “Next up, we have the fiery Saiyan Queen against…” However, before Katsumi could continue, another demon approached her. They exchanged a few words muffled from the others.

“What do you think they’re talkin about?” Danuja whispered to Liz.

Elizabeth leans back. "No doubt the judges think Ikki was juicing the lizard in order to win his match."

After some deliberation, Katsumi returned onstage.

“There have been some changes everyone,” the perky demoness declared. “Danuja, Nymphaea, and Elizabeth will participate in a three way melee!”

The two witches looked at each with shock. The audience was also puzzled by the announcement as well as they were deciding how to react to it.

"Hold it!"

Elizabeth walked up the arena and got on it as she approached the nekodemon.

"I call bullshit on that match up. I don't remember there being a match where half the damn team had to fight at once!" She pointed her finger at Katsume.

"Tell whoever is in charge of this tournament that they can take their stupid idea and shove it up their ass."

Despite her furious denial it would seem the audience came to a different conclusion as they all began to boo her.

"Coward! You have no balls if you're gonna drop out from this!"

"Man up Ashwood! Accept the challenge!"

Every audience member was shouting for Elizabeth to accept the match. Katsumi herself turned to face the raging cambion.

“I am sorry, Princess, but the rules are a sudden change from the Committee.”

Elizabeth snorted. "So that is the sort of game they want to play now." She muttered. 

She brought her face close to Katsumi. "Tell them I will play their little game for now. But once I win I'm dining on their corpses." Elizabeth turned around and retreated back to the others.

"The Committee is playing their hand. They decided for us to face three people at once. Which means something is up with the other team." She told the Saiyans and Reptilian. Danuja gave the cambion a cocky grin.

“Whatever, we’ll kick their asses anyway. So let’s go!” Danuja yelled as she jumped onto the arena.

Nymphaea seemed confident but Elizabeth felt that something wasn't right with this match up.

The two witches began to walk to the arena.

Katsume looked at the six fighters.

"For this six way fight we have Elizabeth, Nymphaea, and Danuja from Team Ashwood."

The mixed reactions of boos and cheers greeted the three ladies.

"From Team Tarragon, we have Ryuken, Ken, and Talbain!"

The three saw their opponents. The first to step up was an old man giving the three a blank look. Another man wearing a red bandanna and cape followed the man closely, follow by a blue werewolf

“They look almost like...people from Earth,” Danuja muttered to the Saiyan and cambion as they reached the centre of the ring. The trio representing the Makyan team stood opposite them. An elderly Makyan remained on the sideline, watching the group with great interest. 

"That's because they are." Nymphaea replied back to Danuja. "I didn't think that there would be other Earthlings in here." 

The three stood at their end of the arena as the other fighters stood still like statues. 

Katsume looked at the three fighters. "With all fighters now ready we can begin this three vs three match!" 

The neko ran as the three fighters charged towards the women.

The werewolf would howl as he slashed at the air. Nymphaea would feel waves of energy fly over toward her as she jumped away, the groundbreaking as though invisible talons gouged through the arena.

The old man would throw his fist and a blast of invisible Ki would fly towards Danuja while the other fighters threw a flash of light that would ignite everything in front of Elizabeth.

The cambion burned in the flames but she ran towards the man as she and the man began to throw fists and kicks at each other. The man ignored the flames that were now on him as he fought Elizabeth.

The werewolf was dodging spells and Ki bolts raining down from Nymphaea.

“What’s up with these guys,” Danuja muttered, firing a wave of energy blasts at the human warrior, who tanked through her moves with little apparent care for his own safety.

"Maybe they are using their Ki to create body armor to tank our attacks?" Nymphaea suggested.

Talbain would jump in the air and try to bite Nymphaea but the witch merely rose up and blasted a gust of wind that sent the werewolf down to the arena. 

The werewolf would land on the arena with such force that he would create a small crater.  But, it didn't take long for him to get back up as though nothing happened to him.

The werewolf would howl loudly at Nymphaea which made her cover her ears even as she can hear her ears ringing painfully.

With Elizabeth she would see Ken's fingers glowing and as he thrust his hand forward she would duck down, just as a beam of heat came out that would melt the wall at Team Ashwood's side.

"Damn. I want to learn that trick." Elizabeth burned her fist into flames and punched Ken in the stomach but the man ignored the punch as he punched her on her face.

As the three women fought they wouldn't see the Maykan elder holding a remote that looked like the carapace of a demonic insect as he turned a dial, increasing the arrow on the remote.

The fighters' eyes glowed red as they began to chant a single word as their posers increased and they moved faster.

"Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill."

“Okay, something is seriously not right here,” Danuja said, dodging an attack from the older fighter, his moves swifter and much more ferocious. The Saiyaness landed a haymaker to his face, but the blow did little curb his enthusiasm for violence.

The old man would jam his fingers into Danuja's left shoulder and the Saiyan queen would feel all sensation from her left shoulder, her arm dangling uselessly by her side. The old man would attempt a palm thrust at her forehead.

Talbain would keep howling as Nymphaea can feel blood leaking out of her nose and ears. In her pain she won't know that the werewolf flew up until he bit down on her right shoulder, causing her to scream in pain. She would attempt to electrocute the werewolf to make him let her go.

Elizabeth would block a blast of flames out from the man but she would not see the man jumping up and delivering a flame coated kick down at her. A kick that shattered her barrier and kicked her on her head, bringing her down to the ground.

The man would grab Elizabeth by the neck and raise her up. As he threw her up he would bring his hand out and unleash an explosive blast of flames that sent her flying near the edge of the arena.

As she lay on the ground the man would run towards Elizabeth as Nymphaea was flying down at the man, the werewolf still on her shoulder as both were covered in sparks. The two would crash into the ground.

From the dust cloud Nymphaea emerged, blood spraying out from her wounds. While Talbain got up once more showing no effect from his injuries.

Danuja put up her good arm and blocked an attack, gritting her teeth.

“Okay, screw this, these guys are so dead.” The Saiyaness unleashed a burst of energy around her, knocking the attackers away with the gust of wind and energy. She pointed at the werewolf.

“You’re first,” Danuja declared, charging forward and delivering a punch into the beastman’s stomach. Rather than double over in pain, the werewolf stood there, continuing to mutter what he had been since the match started.

Nymphaea looked at what Danuja tried to do.

"No! Stop Danu!" The Saiyaness shouted. 

"Those guys aren't being themselves. Something is controlling them." She pleaded.

The three would hear a horrible laughter. They would find that Doctor Tarragon was laughing.

"Well, it seems you monkeys are more perceptive than I thought." 

Nymphaea glared at him.

"What did you do to them?!" She demanded from the doctor.

"I simply recruited them to an experiment to study both Ki and Magic. They donated their bodies to science in exchange for helping to cure the old one's illness." 

“That’s bullshit,” Danuja shouted. “What if I just blast that stupid thing you’re holding?”

Tarragon held the device close to his chest. "If you do that then they will die!" 

Those words would cause the witches to demand an answer from the doctor as their chosen opponents charged towards them.

"Human bodies are pitifully fragile. So I had to do some modification. I spiced their genes with demonic materials and added a special implant to them. An implant that not only aided in making their body accept the new demon genes, but increased their powers and allowed me to control their body down at the cellular level."

The doctor laughed maniacally as he increased the dial again. The increase in power caused the three to stop as they grunted their pain. Their eyes bulging out as their veins not only became visible but blackened.

The three began screaming in rage and agony as their attacks not only grew more powerful but unpredictable.

"You know. Your bodies are much better than these meat puppets. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on them after I defeat you three." The doctor told the ladies as he watched the fight.

"I think I would toss those three aside once I no longer have any use for them."

“Defeat nothing, we’ll just knock them out and watch as Ikki kicks your ugly ass!” Danuja spat at the Makyan scientist, dodging an attack from the werewolf and delivering an elbow drop to his shoulder.

Nymphaea would dodge a blast of flames from Ken and a spear of Ki from the old man.

"We can't fight these guys. Not only are they forced to fight against their will but if the old man keeps pumping them with more power he might kill them!"

Elizabeth looked at the fight as she growled. 

"So you want us to throw the fight?!" Liz barked back. "I won't allow some quak to win this tournament!" She began to channel the dragon of the darkness flame.

The thought of giving up a chance to reclaim what was hers was something she refused to do. 

If victory means killing innocent souls then so be it.

All three fighters seem to sense what Elizabeth was doing as they all launched a variety of Ki attacks to force her to dodge, breaking her concentration.

“Yeah, I’m not going to give up just because some doctor is messed up. They shouldn’t have made deals like that,” Danuja justified as she jumped back into the fray, counter-attacking the fighters with ki blasts of her own.

“NO!” Nymphaea shouted, as she conjured a magical barrier between the two teams. “I won’t let you put any more innocent people in harm’s way,” she warned Liz.

Elizabeth looked up at her sister as her eyes turned red. "If you get in my way then you will die along with those three!"

Elizabeth covered her mouth as her eyes turned normal. Hearing her sister shouting on killing her caused Nymphaea to lose concentration on the barriers as the three fighters all unleashed three attacks that tore through them.

A spear that went through Elizabeth's chest, slashes that would cover Nymphaea, and a beam of heat that would ignite Danuja in flames.

The force from all other attacks would send the three women flying off the arena, each one hitting the wall.

“Unbelievable!” Katsumi shouted. “After a bizarre turn of events, Team Ashwood’s three fighters were utterly defeated!”

Tarragon would begin to laugh maniacally at the sight.

"Wonderful! My genius far surpasses not only the might of the Saiyans but even royalty! Let this fight show that the power of science conquers all!"

He would begin to press on a few buttons on his control. "Now bring me their bodies, my loyal thralls. They are my reward for winning this match." 

The three fighters began to walk towards the three, repeating their mantra. Before they could reach them, however, a demon approached Katsumi. The catgirl jumped down between the fighters.

“I have received word from the Committee that that will not be allowed. As a team sponsored by Jalid of House Arcos, they are to be unharmed until after they have been eliminated.”

"What!" The enraged Doctor shouted. "The Ranger won't fight because he will refuse to harm an innocent. That monkey will refuse to fight and he will force his pet lizard to stand down. Therefore I won this match."

“Even so, the rules are clear. You and the Star Sheriff must fight in the last round.” Katsumi looked over at Ikki for a moment. “Unless you plan on disappointing the crowd, and the Committee’s rules.”

The doctor looked shocked at the cat. "Me? Fighting!? I'm a man of science! Not a brute. I made those fighters precisely for all of that brutish action. I'm here acting as their leader because these idiots can't think for themselves."

“I am sorry doctor, but you would be disqualified if you refuse.”

The doctor snared at the neko demon. "You miserable feline! How dare you threaten me." He would press several buttons and the three fighters began to scream as more power was being poured to them.

"Teach this worthless cat what happens when she back talks to her superiors." 

The three fighters would all shout “Kill” as they flew after Katsumi.
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Death of A Hero: Part 7

Postby Turkducken » Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:03 am

On the Fringe Edges of the North-West Quadrant...

Kalgara System
Glacia Planet 23753 "Shandora"
Late Spring, 506 AU

"Light the Fire!"

The whole of Shandora was burning.

From the Ancient Glades, to the Cities of Old.

Centuries of Conquest.

Centuries of Resistance.

An Endless cycle of violence, and a yoke yet to be unbroken.

"Light the Fire!" the call went out again, "Kosha! We need you over here now!"

Several clansmen were attempting to enter a communication network. Bodies, both tattooed allies and fallen foes in black and red, littered the battlefield. Soil pockmarked by artillery, red and moist with blood. Whooping and shouting deafened the noises of distant battle. Call and responses of "Light the Fire!" rippled through the scattered and bloodied warriors. This battle had been costly.

"Kosha! Where are you?" the same clansman cried out. The sound of battle in the distance grew louder.

Another warrior rushed forward, leaping gracefully over the bodies and craters. His dark and deep red hair was pulled back into a long braided tail, the sides of his head shaved. The left side of his body tattooed with deep blue lines of complicated patterns, contrasting heavily with his dark complexion. Koshamin, like all of his fellow clansmen, wore little for protection. He wore a collection of animal skins tied around his waist. Chest exposed to the open air, tiny vestigial wings present on either side of his shoulder blades. His legs and body were bloody and covered with dirt and soot of combat. Powerful thin physique pumping bandaged arms and legs. "I'm here!" he called, skidding to a stop next to the entrance his fellow clansmen were attempting to open. As the other tribesmen cleared from the entrance, Kosha planted and spread both feet firmly in the soil. He pressed both hands flat against the magnetically sealed door.

"Light the Fire!" he shouted, bracing himself, "Light the Fire!" was the booming response from all around him. His clansmen beginning to viciously assault his exposed back. They beat and tore at his back. Kosha did his best to focus and refuse to acknowledge the pain. The assault continued, his back becoming bloodied and purple with cuts and bruises. Feeling the rumbling of his bones, Kosha called for them to cease, "Back Away!" he commanded, his clansmen scattering for cover. "For the Ancestors!" Kosha roared, "Reject!"

His very being vibrated with energy. His teeth shook. His bones hummed. He roared powerfully. The metal beneath his palms crumpling inwards as the energy he had absorbed was released. With a boom and pop of decompression, the door exploded inwards. Koshamin fell backwards, his whole body exhausted and bloodied. With a roar of success the clansmen rushed forward. Screams and the sound of slaughter came from the inside of the communications tower. Pleas and battle cries mixed together in a nauseous swirl. The sounds of battle around them grew louder, closer. Two of the warriors that had rushed inside earlier, came back to the entrance. They grabbed Kosha by either shoulder, lifting him from the ground.

They carried him into the structure. Letting him view the base of the tower. Somehow, it was even more massive up close, this constant presence dominating the skyline in the area. "Do you still think you can do it?" one of the clansmen asked him, letting slip a tinge of doubt. Kosha, still weak from the previous display of power, sighed heavily. He wrenched himself from their support. Standing shakily on his own power. "Of course." he simply stated, determinedly gritting his teeth, "I will die to free Shandora." He planted his feet firmly in the ground, pressing his palms into the tall structure, "Kalgara! Witness me!" he commanded.

Rather than resume the beating from earlier, one of the warriors offered him a device, "One of the invaders' exploding weapons." he explained, "You think you can handle this Kosha?" This elicited a fierce and savage look from the bloodied warrior, "My body is the soil!" he shouted, "My blood is the water!" He slammed his head into the massive pylon in front of him, "I will Light the Fire of Shandora! The Ancestors will hear us! Kalgara will return and lead us to glorious victory!" His resolve undeniable, the warrior quietly affixed the grenade to Koshamin's pelts, activating it with the simple press of a button. The other warriors ran. Koshamin gritted his teeth. Now alone, the sound of his heartbeat was deafening in his ears. The explosive device quietly ticked.

His eyes bulged. Heartbeat growing louder. His jaw was clenched so tight it felt like it would shatter. His whole life began playing in his mind. A whole existence of fighting. Peace was never offered, and it could never be taken. It was in these moments that his callousness was broken. A twinge of fear overtook him, "Li-Light the F--"

An explosion rocked the communication network.

Another explosion came shortly after.

The tower fell.

Spring 506 AU

Strazhdannya, Deep in Former Heran Space

Port Rozhok

"Here." Avakia weakly handed Higashi a small canister, "Apply the Activator."

Higashi inspected the spray, it being totally unmarked and a metallic white. He looked back at the various super absorbent bandages he had wrapped the damaged parts of her body with. Carefully he applied the spray. The bandages activating, constricting against Avakia's skin. He noticed her eyes dull a bit as he had to only guess at the various chemicals that were entering her blood stream. Her sharp gaze returned after a few seconds. Looking back at Hoiyt, who retained that look of annoyance. "Alright," she started to ask tiredly, "What's the news?"

Hoiyt gave her a hard look, then sighed, "That Acrosian is still here." Avakia froze, causing Higashi to give her a surprised look. He had never seen such genuine surprise and terror from her in weeks. "More than that," Hoiyt continued, "They've reinforced the Armory. Those access codes will only get you so far." He sighed, sitting heavily on a floating disc, "So your plan needs to be reworked." he rubbed the back of his neck, a frustrated look on his face, "If you leave now, I can wipe the security filings for this meeting. That should give you the time to fall back and come up with something else."

Avakia grabbed Higashi's arm forcefully at this, pulling herself angrily from the floor, "We Are Not Waiting!" she shouted, enraged at Hoiyt's suggestion, "We're doing this now!" she threw her arms wildly, gesticulating her frustration, "I've given too much to wait! We're doing this!" she commanded, giving Hoiyt a deadly glare. He sighed, knowing too well that it was already decided. "Look even if we make it undetected to the Armory, we still have to pass a bio check." Hoiyt elaborated, "Unless you have a way to fool that, we're not getting anywhere."

Higashi stood from his kneeling position next to Avakia, dwarfing everything in the room as he rose to his full height, "How strong are those walls?" he asked, pounding fist into palm. Hoiyt sighed and shook his head, "The problem isn't how it's sealed. It's about doing it quietly." he sighed exasperatedly, "Geeze, where'd you find this fool?" he questioned Avakia, "You pry open that room and you'll set off every alarm on the planet. Not to mention the amount of noise it'd cause to just peel it open." Hoiyt explained with a dryness, "Not to mention if you can even do it."

Higashi rolled his eye at this, "Shut Up." he looked down at Avakia, "You get me to that place, and I'll have it open. Three seconds flat." he reached down to offer her a hand, "You know I can do it." Avakia accepted the offer, placing her comparatively tiny hand in his, "We need to do something about the alarm." she decided, grunting slightly as Higashi lifted her from the floor, "Let me worry about the heat," Higashi stated, "You two worry about getting what we need from inside, I can handle the rest." Avakia leaned weakly against HIgashi's side for a moment, "Okay..." she hesitated, standing on her own, "but we should still disable the alarm." she pointedly stated at Higashi.

Hoiyt rolled his eyes, "You mean if I can disable such an alarm." he sighed deeply, "Volunteering me already?" he looked with distaste at Avakia. "No." she responded firmly, "I'll do it. I still remember where some things were." she gave Hoiyt an accusatory look, handing Higashi the tablet she had been protecting for weeks. "Frankly I can't trust you Hoiyt, but I also can't guide the living muscle here to the Armory." she pointedly explained, sighing slightly as she moved her numb body, "So we'll split up. I'll take care of it by the time you two get there." Hoiyt sighed again, knowing this was a poor idea, but he knew nothing would stop her. "I kept your old outfit." he shrugged, pointing back to the closet Higashi had retrieved the med kit from earlier, "Just in case I guess." Avakia gave him a look of disgust, but said nothing, quietly stepping into the room.

Hoiyt turned to Higashi, a look of confused contempt on his face, "So what's your story then? Not everyone earns her respect like that." Higashi gave the Heran a wicked smile, "Let's say I broke her out of a prison, by accident." he leaned against one of the stark white sterile walls, "Anything more than that is just bullshit. So drop it." he finished pointedly. Hoiyt seemed to come to an understanding, merely nodding as they waited for Avakia to return. After a few minutes she emerged, Higashi taken aback by how revealing and thin the outfit she had on. Hoiyt stared indifferently, "Put your hair up, that'll make it harder for anyone to recognize you." he advised her, "That thrashing you received earlier makes some good cover. No one is gonna want to talk with a beat working girl." he walked to the far side of the room, approaching the entrance to the interior, "Also your face got rearranged something fierce." he looked over his shoulder at them, "Anyway, we ready to move?"

Avakia, clearly frustrated by many things, gave a hostile grunt. Before telling Higashi, "Stick with Hoiyt. You even think he's double crossing us, kill him." she said angrily, "I'll meet you both outside of the Armory. Ideally we'll have cleaned out the inside of any rats." Higashi non-verbally acknowledged her instructions with a nod, giving Hoiyt another toothy grin. Hoiyt just sighed, pressing a button on the wall that caused the entrance to open with a hiss, "It's probably best if you go first." he suggested to Avakia, "You have a longer distance to walk, just blend in." she waited a few moments, taking in the familiar sights and sounds. Just before ducking out into the wide open city, she simply stated, "We're going to burn this fucker down."

The inside of the enclosed city was nothing like the rest of the planet. It was immaculately clean. No trace of the horrible toxic smog and dust made it's way through the thick walls and recycled air. The heat and noise of the city and smelters were like a distant memory. It was designed, as were many others, to show in all capacities the full reach of the PTO. To show that no planet was too hostile, too savage, too remote. All would be smoothed away with the entry to the Organization. This place, like many others, showed the new leaders of the joined species that the PTO treats those loyal well. Any creature comfort organic life could aspire to was present in these walls. They were beautiful works of art, and as Higashi walked in chains behind Hoiyt, he could understand both why the PTO was so powerful and why Avakia had such scorn for this place.

After Avakia had left, there was only one real solution. While Higashi could conceal his true power, and as he had been doing for many many weeks, there was no way to hide a ten foot beast of a man. Hoiyt suggested the prisoner disguise, which Higashi opposed. Only relenting when Hoiyt offered to clamp his manacles around his wrists, but not power them on, "Experimental Tech." Hoiyt had explained, "The smart guys at the top have been developing so called 'energy suppression' technology. Don't know what it does, but it damn sure weakens you. But with no power, these are just chains. Surely you'd have no problem breaking out of these?"

He regretted this decision almost immediately. Hoiyt seemed to take great joy in holding his leash, yanking him forward, making quite the spectacle of it all. "Out of the Way!" he shouted, making motions to clear the walkway with his hands, "Dangerous Alien! Ripped a guy in half outside! Move if you know what's good for you!" The stares they were getting were intolerable. Gawking children pulled back by their parents. Wide eyes of disgust and fear sizing him up. Even some jeers by other PTO jarheads either on break or a lax assignment. "If this is a trap, I'll kill you before they take me down." he barked at Hoiyt. Hoiyt responded by tugging his chains again, "Be Quiet! It plays better if you're just a fearsome looking beast!" he hissed back at Higashi. "Dangerous Alien! Out of the Way!"

This continued for what seemed like hours. Only when they reached the far side of the complex did Hoiyt cease. He did a quick scan of their surroundings, determining that no one could see them, he pulled Higashi into a tall white rectangular building. Hoiyt sighed, resuming that same disposition of exhaustion and contempt he had earlier, "You both better make this worth it. There's no way I'm getting out of this, not with that performance." He extended an arm out to Higashi, "Hand me the tablet." Higashi gave him a distrustful look, "No Way. Uncuff me first." Hoiyt rolled his eyes, "Just give me the damn tablet, the chains need to stay on encase someone else spots us. It'll buy us some time if they see me with a prisoner rather than having a monster in the halls."

Higashi gave him an even harder look of distrust, but recognized the logic in what he was saying, "Pull up the shirt." he said, nodding down at the waist of his pants, "If you double cross me now, I swear I'll kill you before I die." Hoiyt stepped forward, pulling Higashi's shirt up and retrieving the tablet pressed against his abs. "Yeah yeah, I get it it." he waved the threat off, inputting the code found within the datapad. The pressurized atmosphere popping as the entrance to the Administrative Office cracked open. "We gotta make this simple and clean." Hoiyt explained, tugging Higashi deeper into the facility, as he started to jog quietly down the halls. "Every entrance is logged. So we gotta get in and get out." he came to a sudden stop, Higashi stumbling to cancel his momentum behind him. "Not Good." he sighed, looking down the hallway to see a new security checkpoint just outside of the Armory.

"Just act naturally." Hoiyt measuredly explained, "Just be contained." Higashi was annoyed and sweating a bit about being this close to their goal, "Be contained? What is that shit?!" he exasperatedly whispered, "How do you just be contained?!" Hoiyt turned and gave him a shout of whisper, "I don't know! Walk Casual!" he took a second to put on his best face, pulling Higashi behind him as they approached the guard station. The two PTO guardsmen were clearly bored with their post, but nonetheless sprung to alertness when they saw the two unexpected figures approaching. "Halt!" one of them commanded, brandishing a sleek blaster, "Whoa! Whoa there friend!" Hoiyt called back, still approaching, arms raised, "What's the big fuss for?"

"Are you serious?!" the man with the gun yelled back at him, "The whole planet is revolting and you thought it'd be a good idea to bring an unauthorized prisoner here?!" keeping his weapon trained on both of them. Hoiyt continued to walk closer, taking slower steps as the blaster lingered on him longer than he'd like. "Look I don't make the orders here!" he explained, taking two smaller steps to be right in front of the red line of no approach. Still too far away to manage to do anything. "What're you talking about Hoiyt? You're a Lieutenant." the other guard asked, obviously confused, "On who's orders did you bring this prisoner here?" Hoiyt, hands still raised, gave a meek smile, "Why Lord Polara of course."

This raised the ears of the guards, so taken aback by this that the weapon trained on Hoiyt slipped off of him for just a moment. In that moment, Hoiyt reacted, drawing two blasters faster than the two guards could see. With a double kapowch, two bolts flew through the guards. Hoiyt spun the weapons before holstering, "Boring conversation anyway." he muttered, vaulting over the security desk. Higashi, taken by surprise, took this as the signal to act. With a single flex, the chains falsely binding him snapped, falling to the wayside. He rushed to the door to the Armory, just behind the security console. "You got maybe five minutes before there's a check in!" Hoiyt explained.

"Station five, what's your status?" crackled over the console intercom, "Uhh maybe less..." Hoiyt hesitated. Higashi looked deep into the spot where the two parts of the door joined. Muscles leapt forward to cover each of his arms, and he plunged massive meaty hands into the crevice between the magnetically sealed door. No alarm was tripped, but this did make a considerable amount of noise. Especially as he struggled against a force stronger than gravity.

"Station five, respond." the intercom crackled again. Hoiyt knew the whole building would go into immediate lock down if their suspicion was raised, and while they were here, Avakia wasn't. Doing his best to sound composed and official, he answered the intercom, "Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal." he gritted his teeth, lamenting his own stupidity, "Hoiyt?" was the confused response from the other side, "Is that you? What happened? I didn't know you were on guard duty." attempting to think fast Hoiyt responded, "Uh, Grayson, had a little spill! You know how he is!" his gaze traveled to the slumped over bodies of the two guards, "But uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?" his face turning a deep shade of purple as he embarrassed himself.

The voice on the other end hesitated for a moment, not sure of what to make of this, "Well uhhh," they stumbled, "Duty's over for you guys. We're sending a relieving squad up now." the voice on the intercom explained. Hoiyt stumbled over his words as he attempted to think of an excuse, "Uh, uh... negative, negative." Hoiyt panically came up with something, "When Grayson fell he damaged one of our...uh," he hesitated again, "Reactors!" he shouted, coming up with his best option, "We have a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous." the voice responded, audibly confused, "Reactor? But you're in the Admin building..." not able to think of anything else, Hoiyt smashed the intercom, "Freak! You got about thirty seconds before this whole place locks down!" he shouted to Higashi, throwing the two bodies to the floor, aiming down the different hallways.

Higashi struggled against the magnetic seal, "This ain't right..." he thought to himself, straining with exertion, "Something's...Wrong..." The doors slid open suddenly, Higashi falling forwards a bit as they released. On the other side was a diminutive alien, mostly white exterior plates with a light purple skin underneath. On the ground next to it was another alien, her blue body looking lifeless and limp, "Avakia!" Higashi shouted, armed elites of the PTO suddenly erupting from inside the Armory and stomping down the halls. Hoiyt spun around, locking his weapons on the alien for a moment, before freezing in defeat and dropping both to either side. "Shit..." he loudly swore, holding both hands behind his head, "Polara." he pushed through gritted teeth, "That's Lord Polara the Third my Heran subject." the diminutive alien corrected.

Elites rushed to detain Hoiyt, throwing him to the ground with an utter contempt reserved for traitors. Polara turned his harsh gaze to Higashi, "It seems I have bested you hairless ape!" he laughed harshly as Higashi, despite his resistance was dragged down to his knees, "You may find it hard to use any of that latent strength!" Polara gestured all around them, "This whole facility is outfitted with targeted power suppressors! I had intended on testing them on the Empress's lapdog first!" he spoke of him with some contempt, "But one of Glacia's new pet projects bold enough to come all this way?" he reeled back with a chortle, "Ho Ho! What fun!" Avakia's crumpled form showed signs of life, moving slightly, "It was a set up..." she coughed.

This prompted a sudden change in Polara's demeanor, "Servants should be quiet!" he commanded, stamping harshly on Avakia's side, before kicking her across the room. "Bastard!" Higashi roared, weakened but straining against his chains, "I'll kill you!" the fear and anger in his voice slipping out. Polara just turned back and smiled, "Oh? But it is I who have all the advantages?" Polara silently levitated into a small pod, taking the time to get comfortable before speaking, "If anyone does the killing, it'll be me." he said with a sudden twinge of malice and bile, "But not before I extract every useful thing out of you." he gave Higashi a sickening look that made his blood run cold, "And of course," Polara continued, looking directly at Hoiyt, "Extracting every bit of pain a Traitor deserves!"

Polara's pod hovered close to Hoiyt. He himself having surrendered himself totally, knowing what happens to traitors. He stared at the floor, thinking of something, anything to say. His head finally snapped up to look at Polara, "My Lord I--" he started, interrupted by a sharp claw skewering his eye. In one deft motion Polara snatched it from its' socket. Green juices and blood squirting from severed arteries and tendons as Hoiyt was reduced to a screaming, writhing mass on the floor. Polara savored the sounds, "Mmmm, yes..." his vision looked into the distance dreamily, "You don't know how long I've waited to hear you scream Hoiyt." he considered the freshly plucked eyeball on the end of his claw. Placing it into his mouth, considering the texture and flavor with his alien senses, "Ahh...a rare delicacy..."

Higashi was sickened by the display, "This must be Hell." he spoke aloud, "That's why the Angels wanted to destroy us." he broke out into a cold sweat, "Space is Hell." Polara turned to face him, that same false saccharine smile on his face, "Oh how adorable," he cooed, "The Hairless Ape thinks this is Hell!" he pressed a hand flat against the side of his face at a forty-five degree angle, "Ohohoho!" he laughed haughtily, "If you think this is Hell..." he paused for dramatic flair, "Just wait until you see everything I have in store for you..."
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Seventeen: Ikki vs Dr. Tarragon

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Right as Ryuken was about to throw the first punch straight at the defenseless announcer, a powerful claw suddenly grabbed his wrist from the side, locking his arm in place.

“I believe the Committee’s words were clear.”

Vikan, the Empire-Crusher, now stood in front of Katsumi, already in his transformed state, and was staring the Doctor’s three creations down. After shooting a brief glance towards Ikki - once again, the Saiyan got him to do what he didn’t necessarily want - the pirate returned his stare towards his new opponents.

“I don’t have any beef with you, but if you continue going out of line, then this tournament will be no more,” Vikan explained. “And I really need to win it.”

A battle was about to take place between the three empowered thralls and Vikan, while another one was about to unfold down below. Ikki placed his foot on the elevated fighting ring, getting Tarragon’s attention. The Saiyan was completely silent, to the point where even the Doctor was taken aback - now that half of his team was dispatched off, one might have expected their last teammate to be more enraged. And yet, Ikki was tranquil. Frowning, serious, but tranquil.

“...Fine. I shall entertain this.” Tarragon exclaimed and walked his way forward as well.

Katsumi, peeking over from behind Vikan’s shoulder as he brawled with the Makyan doctor’s three thralls, raised her microphone to her lips and called out with a somewhat trembling voice:

“A-alright! Next match! Ikki Kita representing Team Ashwood and Dr. Tarragon representing Team Tarragon! Go!”

“I am surprised you actually chose to-”

Tarragon’s impending gloating about Meroe’s life being on the line got suddenly cut short - a powerful blow suddenly sank deep into his gut and broke his stamina. The scientist stumbled back, clutching onto his stomach, gargling, before finally collapsing on one knee. Ikki stood before him - and it took a lot for the Star Sheriff to hold himself off from simply punching through the man’s torso.

“I-I see then...” the doctor forced out of himself after a deep breath - but as he raised his eyes, he saw his vision engulfed by light. Not only was Ikki standing before him, completely unamused, furious deep within, but he was already gathering an energy blast to finish his opponent off. If Tarragon had any questions over whether Ikki would truly fight when he knew the stakes of the fight, then they all evaporated from his mind.

He-he could even kill me! shot through his mind. The Doctor only had one emergency response for this - but, by god, it better work. Hiding his hand behind his sleeve, he pulled a syringe from his coat’s pocket and stabbed it - immediately as the blast fired.

The attack lit the scene and vanished in an instant - then, however, to Ikki’s surprise, a voice suddenly spoke:

“I knew you didn’t actually have the guts to try to kill me.”

A new form of the Makyan scientist stood in the same place - topless, pink, muscular, and with a wicked grin. “...that blast was pathetic.”

A second of shock on Ikki’s face wore off, and the Saiyan clenched his teeth, a white aura bursting to life around him immediately. “Tsk.” Still, the power which radiated off of the transformed Doctor was too overwhelming for him to not notice.

“Now, I believe we have some business to attend to!” Tarragon yelled, unleashing a pink aura of his own. “Namely laying down a third Saiyan corpse on this tournament ring!”

The first punch which the demonic scientist threw, however, slammed down on the floor of the ring - Ikki leapt out of the way just in time. He flew up, outstretching his hands and yelling back:

“You fool!”

Energy inside Ikki flashed and burst forth, completely overtaking his aura and body in a shade of golden - as soon as it died down, the sheriff’s Super Saiyan form was revealed, immediately catching the attention of the crowd. The flashiness and the raw power behind it got the demons in awe and surprise, most of them hadn’t even heard of the existence of these legendary warriors before. Vikan, the Empire-Crusher, grunted after a powerful blow caught him off-guard and slammed him into a wall, but before he could hit Ryuken back, his attention drew towards the Super Saiyan - the power emanating from him shocked him to the core. Everyone knew that the mysterious Saiyan serving the Patrol was powerful, but this...

Ikki, meanwhile, was far from confident in his thoughts. Still affected by Maikai, huh... flashed in his mind. As he was calculating the odds in his mind, however, Tarragon’s voice caught up to him.

‘This changes nothing!“ the scientist yelled, cracking a laugh. “But I guess these are the legendary powers they float about as rumors back in the Hegemony.”

Without any further ado, Tarragon launched himself forward, him and Ikki immediately clashing in the sky. One blow was exchanged after another, before it developed into a full barrage.

The Doctor’s swings were wild and followed by a cackle each time, compared to whom Ikki’s blows were a million times more controlled and professional - quickly, the Saiyan figured out the pattern behind his swings and ducked to the side, before striking back with a powerful uppercut. Another punch, another kick - then a blast straight into Tarragon’s gut, propelling him forward.

Of course, it was far from enough to take the mad scientist down. As soon as he pushed himself off the blast, Tarragon lunged forward again. Moving even faster than the Super Saiyan could easily track, he stopped behind his opponent and sent his knee into Ikki’s spine. A brief grunt later, however, Ikki responded by grabbing Tarragon’s antenna from behind and swinging him by it, before throwing the scientist down into the ring.

Tarragon jumped back on his feet as quickly as he landed, then took a brief breath. Though he hasn’t yet been throwing blows able to seriously damage him, even in this “Super Saiyan” state, the Star Sheriff was getting seriously annoying.

But that’s no worry... They’re Star Sheriffs. Patrolmen. Goody two shoes, and if I know this one’s legend well, he’s supposed to be the most paragon of them all...

“What a shame,” Tarragon yelled, grinning, stretching his right arm as if to warm up his muscles. “Fighting with such ferocity and might, as if you were truly trying to defeat me - when you are well aware that-”

Suddenly, the Doctor’s voice was cut off again - Ikki had been lunging straight at him and finally reached him, dealing one heavy blow against his face and then a second one before Tarragon grabbed the Saiyan’s wrists, one after the other.

“-that your victory... has a life on the line!” the scientist grunted through his teeth as the two fighters began pushing against one another with raw strength. Both of their auras erupted, roaring across the air and pushing against one another much like their wielders did - for the thousands of demons watching the duel, it was quite a visual spectacle.

Eventually, Ikki ripped his right hand out of Tarragon’s grip and smashed across the Makyan scientist’s nose again - then, after it pushed his opponent back for several meters, the Saiyan raised his hand and yelled:

“Midnight Shriek!”

A beam of pure blue energy fired off from Ikki’s palm, slamming straight into Tarragon and engulfing him. Unlike the version used by Liz which the Saiyan watched and replicated, however, there was not a tinge of magic in his spiral attack - merely pure, concentrated ki.

The technique roared across the battlefield, capturing the awe of the audience - however, once it died down, a voice suddenly called out from within the cloud of dust and ash left behind:

“A terrific performance. Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for Meroe... that isn’t enough to kill me.”

The dispersing cloud revealed Tarragon in a terrible state - missing the left side of his body and battered elsewhere. However, something on the edge of the lost limbs was already rumbling - then, in the shape of bubble gum, shot out and took the shape of the missing arm again. After cracking the regenerated arm a bit, Tarragon took a deep breath, his wounds popping off and smoothing out like a filled balloon.

“I figured you could do something like that,” Ikki spoke up, lowering his hand and moving back into a fighting stance. “You’re too smart to be throwing yourself into me so wildly without a backup plan.”

“Indeed. It is quite a revolutionary concoction I have created...”

For a second, the two fighters were staring each other down as they floated above the tournament ring.

“So, Sheriff...” Tarragon spoke as he advanced forward, drawing closer and closer to Ikki. “Does it really not bother you?”

Ikki suddenly charged forward and their arms clashed in the blink of an eye. “...No.”

“The knowledge that you are putting a wager on the life of an innocent demoness...” Tarragon spoke back responding with a powerful downwards blow, which the Saiyan caught with both of his hands, struggling to push it back.

“Do you think you are the first to have tried a gambit like this?..” Ikki gushed out, forcing his knee into Tarragon’s gut to get the demonic Makyan to pull back his fist. “I’ve been in this career for longer than you think. I’ve seen villains like you put my friends on the line, put innocents on the line, solely for points.”

Tarragon swung his fist to attack again, but as powerful as the blow was, it got cut short by yet another strike, this time to the neck.

“And I’ve had enough time to realize my weaknesses.”

In truth, he could not ignore Meroe’s plight, nor the wavering situation down below, where Vikan was tasked to hold off three powerful thralls until Ikki could finish his fight. Everything was starting to slip through his fingers, and even he could not tell how he is going to pull through without a single loss.

However, the Saiyan knew that the worst thing to do was to show weakness. Let his mind worry about the plight of his friends - while his body fights as hard as it possibly can.

And let it hope that Glacia is as honest as she presents herself to be...

Pushing the Makyan back with a swing of his right foot, Ikki raised his hand once again - several pulsating energy blasts gathering in front of it, a single one for each finger.

“Justice Flash!”

A machine gun-like barrage of energy blasts fired off Ikki’s hand, immediately peltering the Makyan and engulfing him in smoke. It was one of the standard techniques of the Galactic Patrol, a ki attack which allowed a Patrolman to pin an enemy down for prolonged periods of time with minimal loss in stamina. Several barrages of the technique followed one after the other, until Ikki finally lowered his hand to observe the damage.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to pin Tarragon down - immediately, an elongated arm stretched out from the smoke, grabbing Ikki’s neck and clenching onto it tightly.

“Fine then! I can defeat you without toying with your emotions!” A voice called out, followed by a burst of the Makyan’s pink aura which dispersed the smoke. Ikki’s eyes widened. His power is still growing?! Still, he couldn’t allow himself to appear frightened, so the Saiyan gathered ki in his hand to craft an energy blade with which he cut the elongated arm.

It continued holding onto the Saiyan’s neck even after dismemberment, however - and while Tarragon was growing himself a new arm, the old one stretched around Ikki before squeezing him like a string. Soon, it turned more gummy and sticky, locking the Saiyan’s arms and legs completely.

“D... darn it...” Ikki gushed out under his breath before the dismembered arm’s palm pressed on his face - and Tarragon himself slammed his fist straight into the Saiyan’s gut. Another punch, then another, then throwing the Saiyan down to the floor.

“You Saiyans are just overgrown monkeys!” the Makyan yelled, smashing his foot down on Ikki as soon as he crashed. “Who slaughtered each other for petty squabbles until only a handful of you were left! Just seeing one of you be more powerful than an emperor is against everything this galaxy stands for!”

As Ikki was still unable to break out of the gummy restraint, Tarragon tossed him into the air and slammed an energy blast into him, which propelled the Saiyan across the air before crashing to the ground like a wayward rocket.

“You deserve not strength, but to be test tube material!” he yelled as he watched the explosion, before cackling madly again. “Fortunately for you, to be one for the smartest scientist in the Galaxy is an honor in itself!”

“...Second smartest, at most.” Ikki gushed out as soon as the smoke cleared. The blast charred a good portion of his uniform, leaving much of his left arm naked. The statement got Tarragon to cackle yet again.

“Really now? A scientist yourself?”

“Not quite... But I’ve got a father who can create better things than you ever could.”

Once again, the two warriors clashed, ramming their arms against one another before starting to exchange blows. The tides in close combat were no longer in Ikki’s favor, however - he might have been able to make up for his somewhat lesser strength with greater technique before, but with each passing minute the gap between them widened and widened. Tarragon’s speed became hard to track, each one of his blows hit hard enough to linger for long, and his constantly regenerating body simply wouldn’t budge.

“What did that man create that makes you believe so?” the scientist called out, swinging his leg and stretching it out to slam the foot across Ikki’s face even as the Saiyan backed away. His guard broken, the patrolman was vulnerable to further attacks - and Tarragon took advantage of it, attacking again, and again, until Ikki finally caught one of his fists.


He followed the statement with an uppercut, almost decapitating the Makyan doctor with a single blow, then grabbed Tarragon by the neck and fired a blast through his lungs. The battered and blasted body floated back, twitching and cracking a bit, before it popped back into pristine shape once again - watching everything he did to the doctor be brushed away, as if it was nothing, was getting really old.

“You’re not the only one who has had the idea to “upgrade” people, to use their bodies for experiments and change their genetic code to improve their abilities... I’ve had to experience the same,” the Saiyan continued to explain. “But your creations are thralls. I am not.”

“Interesting! So you are no ordinary Saiyan, then...” Tarragon called out, then snickered before erupting into a full, maniacal laugh. “That’s not a story I expected to hear in the tournament! A creation by a man of science such as myself, but one has gone wayward, and now has the audacity to believe that it has an identity of its own, carving itself a legend in the Galactic Patrol...”

Ikki clenched his teeth, grunting. The scientist’s power continued to grow. At this point, the most he could do was stall until Glacia rescued Meroe. A brief glance downwards, towards the floor of the ring, revealed that Vikan was at the edge of his limit - but the three thralls who fought him ceased as well, and were now stretching their hands out towards their master. Energy was flowing from their palms and concentrating in Tarragon’s body.

Exciting, perhaps... but equally frightening.

“But you must have made a mistake...” the doctor called out, before suddenly appearing in front of Ikki and shoving his fist straight into the Saiyan’s gut, a single blow knocking the wind out of him. “You can’t truly claim you are superior!”

Tarragon continued his assault - he grabbed Ikki by the neck and flew to the ground, violently slamming the Saiyan into the ring. Ikki shot an energy blast back in desperation - and though it struck the Makyan in the face, it merely ruptured the left cheek somewhat before it regenerated again. In response, Tarragon pulled Ikki’s body by the leg and started swatting him around - smashing him in the front, back, and all over the sides before finally tossing the body away.

The Saiyan landed with a painful roll, bouncing away like a ragdoll for several meters until finally coming to a full stop. Sure, he rose up again, but his energy reserves were bottoming out - and Tarragon still had no damage on him.

The facade of seriousness and tranquil fury was fracturing. Ikki’s eyes were frantically turning from his teammates to Tarragon, to the lounges where he assumed Glacia was operating. The Makyan was approaching, giggling, then laughing.

“Compare yourself to the next Battaru?! You are out of your mind, even more than I am!” he was yelling and twirling his finger by his temple for a cuckoo sign.

His regeneration is not instant. And... and I can’t let myself believe that it has no stamina loss at all. Surely, it can be overpowered somehow...

But how? Even tapping into his sub-transformations, as risky as it would be with their stamina and speed loss, the Saiyan couldn’t believe he was able to pull this off. And while he was calculating the odds of his victory, again, Tarragon was getting closer and closer. Giggling, and gathering a ball of pink energy above his hand.

“Tsk, I prefer “optimistic”...” Ikki gushed out and swiftly gathered energy in his hand as well, read to thrust it forth. “Midnight...”


A scorching blow suddenly caught Ikki off-guard, the energy in his hand dissipated, and the Saiyan slowly looked down. Tarragon was now in front of him, the same ball of ki he held now thrusted deep into his abdomen, burning the Saiyan’s skin.

“Execution Beam!”

Punctuated by a scream of pain, a beam shot forth from Tarragon’s hand and pierced through Ikki, hitting the wall on the other side. The Makyan did not even let his opponent collapse, instantly grabbing his hair and lifting him up - then watched the Saiyan bleed and struggle until the gold in his hair finally faded and he was tossed aside.

The entire tournament went silent. A faint cackle soon disturbed this silence, developing into a psychotic lagh.

“That is it! Your hero is vanquished!” Tarragon yelled as he glared at the rest of Team Ashwood, before stepping into the center of the ring. “In fact... so will be everyone else!”

From within the audience, the Doctor’s modified thralls rose up one after the other. XK, the android who had once fought Vikan, stepped out of the lounge. His three most powerful creations finally slapped the space pirate away - and his transformation, having suffered too much damage in the battle before, finally vanished.

“I-I have to get out of here...” Vikan gushed out under his breath as he watched the scene develop, then ran in the opposite direction.

“This tournament is a joke! A pretense, made by fools!” Tarragon continued. “The only right to rule is the right of conquest - Battaru knew that, and so do I! My warriors, end this facade once and for all! Destroy everyone in your path!”

In unison, Tarragon’s risen minions all yelled:

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The Chaotic Cataclysm, Part Three

Paradiso Citadel 529 AU

The marble interior of Belenus’ citadel was a marvel to behold, surpassing in beauty and workmanship anything constructed in the mortal realm, even surpassing the magnificence of Glacia’s capital world, the Solarian homeland, and the Silver Palace on Luna. Its beauty was beyond description, filling everyone who stepped foot into it with awe and wonder.

For her part, Selene had only been inside the Citadel once, several years before, when she, her brother and her parents came to Paradiso on a state visit. As she looked around the fountains and columns now, she smiled at the memory of coming her as a little girl, thinking about how beautiful her mother looked in her silver gown, how stately but uncomfortable her father was, at the boredom on Helios’ face even then, and her own wonder at seeing the sights.

Those were good days, the princess thought as she and her comrades gathered and waited for her great-grandfather.

Flanked by his sisters, Faust marched through the interior of the citadel before they reached Selene and the rest, barely paying attention to the illustrious surroundings surrounding him. He had seen decorated palaces before, and the extravagance inspired contempt rather than awe in him.

“What does that old man want from us now?” he asked, glaring towards the Earthling princess.

“Don’t forget that this old man took you in when he could have left you to perish with the rest of your kind.”

The booming voice of Belenus thundered in the Citadel as the Seraphim appeared in the centre of the room.

Before he could respond, Faust would feel two powerful blows from behind his head. Behind him would stand an angry Alexia and a disapproving Theodora.

“We are guests here, Faust. There is no need for words like that.” Theodora's face became more solemn.

“Especially since we’re in the same predicament as her.”

Faust took in a breath through his teeth, straightening back up after the impact of the blow and briefly fixing his fur coat. “There’s nothing wrong with what I said - he’s a man, he’s old, and he wants something from us. And I don’t need to forget his ‘generosity’ to say it.”

The eldest sister sighed. “I swear you can be just like Mother at times,” the witch shook her head.

Selene winced slightly but looked over at her great-grandfather, waiting to hear what he had to say. Belenus sat on his throne and gazed down at the motley group, letting out a sigh.

“Chaos has breached Paradiso,” he said gravely. “Our strongest Angels are doing their best to slow it down, but it won’t be long before they’ll need me. I have already contacted Bika, she will do what she can to help you on the next part of your quest.”

Theodora and Magnus spoke in unison.

“What is the next part of our quest?”

The two of them looked at each other. Both being weirded out by the timing.

Belenus shook his head.

“Even that I do not know. The Goddess of Time holds the key to your future,” he told the cousins.

Magnus rolled his eyes as he put his hands in his coat pockets.

“Figures. Even when everything is falling apart the gods still have to act all mysterious and unknowable to us mortals. Maybe explain some of your plan since we’re supposed to be the heroes of this story?”

Sybille brought her hands closed to her hands as she stood on the tips of her toes.

“Aunty Bika is helping us now!” the excited girl exclaimed.

“Great, more divine light. I swear if Chaos doesn’t devour me by the end I fear I will burst into flames if I keep getting dosed by this annoying light.” Theodora would grab the rim of her hat from the sides and pull it down.

“Oh come on, this light isn’t that bad? Maybe you can get a decent tan out of this trip sis? You do look like a ghost with how pale you are.” Alexia teased as her sister gave her a glare.

Taking a glance towards his sisters before rolling his eyes, Faust added himself:

“So if ominous warnings are all you have summoned us here for, can we take our leave now?”

The Cosmic Entity opened his mouth to speak, but before he could an angel appeared in the courtroom. It didn’t say anything to the heroes, but Selene detected that it “said” something to the Seraphim, something that she recognised in her heart--in her blood, as it were.

“He’s here,” she whispered, glancing over to her brother.

Helios contributed nothing to the conversation. Keeping himself perched in place with his head hung low and his arms folded. Tension was thick and the frustration of his others was palpable. But as justifiable as their annoyance and anger might’ve been, it ran the risk of division in a time where teamwork was paramount.

If Selene was expecting a reaction out of Helios she wouldn’t get it. Instead, he shifted his gaze up to Belenus whose wings extended outwards illuminating a brilliant light. Bright enough to make most people wince, but Helios barely batted an eye. The ceiling of the building ripped from its place, its remaining drifting upwards as if sucked up by a vacuum, that vacuum being the shattering crack of Paradiso’s skyline.

A black slug dripped down, never seeping into the building they were in, but hitting the ground on the outside perimeter, causing it to shutter and quake with each contact. The skies brightened as the sound of the angelic chorus filled the air.

“Stay here,” Belenus commanded before disappearing in a flash of light with nearly all the other angels.

With him gone the rumbling of the ground stopped and an eerie silence filled the room. Helios took a step back from the group and turned to the door. A build-up of pressure--magical pressure--filled his eyes and he knew they had changed to red by the time the slug slipped through the crack underneath the main doorway.

But instead of filling the room with a mucky substance the slugged took a humanoid shape, several humanoid shapes. Helios extended his hand and a shield erected between them and the peculiar creatures who launched at them without a second thought, hitting the shield-like rain against a windshield.

“Guys,” he said through gritted teeth. “A little help here?”

A sense of dread filled the princess as she covered her mouth with her hand and took a step backwards, recovering somewhat as the shapeless forms pounded themselves against her brother’s shield. Selene’s blue eyes flashed, turned to emerald green as her naturally blonde began to stick up with shoots of electricity.

“On it,” she said, her voice harsher, graver, less like her mother’s and more like her father’s as she extended her hands and fired off a volley of energy blasts at the shapes.

“Finally. You’ve decided to show yourself instead of hiding like a coward.” Magnus said to the sludge as he began to create a fiery magic circle. “I was hoping to use this spell my mother taught me but never quite succeeded when she was still around, no thanks to you.”

When the magic circle was finished Magnus began to chant. Sybille on the other hand chooses to create swords of ices and fire each one at the humanoids. When the swords stabbed themselves at the creatures each one would explode, spreading frost throughout their bodies.

Magnus chant would end and from the magic circle a burst of flames would come out. The flames would begin to take on the form of a winged female warrior and as she struck her sword on the ground a wave of fire would engulf the slime monsters.

From the air spikes of dark energy began to form and rain down from the sky and on to the monsters as Theodora had her hand raised. A white and green strike was dashing through the flames and slicing through the monsters.

Each attack was allowed through temporary holes in the barrier that Helios crafted. Unfortunately, while they connected and the creatures sustained considerable damage, in seconds any damage was reversed as the sludge repaired its humanoid form and slinked forward. Banging against Helios’ Shield with more velocity than before.

Most of the holes in the barrier closed in time, but one, extending its arm with great elasticity, the sludge grappled Helios’ ankle and dragged him forward. Keeping the gap in the barrier open with a single hand. Helios grunted as he lost concentration, air forced out of his chest from the sudden impact, his arms thrown up as he hit the floor and was carried towards the threat.

A dark spike stabbed through the sludgy arm as Alexia appeared and sliced the arm in half. She grabbed Helios and turned into a blur as she appeared next to Selene.

“You better keep a closer eye on your brother.”

Meanwhile, Faust assumed Helios's spot in the battlefront, running forward, past the other warriors, unsheathing his blade and swinging across the air. A dimensional slice flew across the air, aiming to cleave through the monsters heading their way - then another, and another, and another, each one swung more and more ferociously.

Selene helped pick Helios off of the floor of the citadel as the others did their best to hold off the oncoming attack of the monsters, firing off a few volleys of her own to stop them.

There’s just too many of them, Selene thought as the black shapes continued to advance. Can we really fight all of them?

Shadowy tendrils rose from the ground and impaled every creature they can find, often skewing the ones behind their first target.

“Disgusting black creatures. Get out of my sight,” Theodora raised her hand up and more spikes of dark energy rained down on the monsters.

Malla meanwhile weaved through the creatures throwing punches and kicks in a whirlwind. Ki crackled off of her as occasionally her eyes lit up and she delivered a spell. Finishing off another one of the creatures with a comet strike, she laughed in reverie of the situation.

The creatures lost shape momentarily with each strike and blow landed on them, but within seconds they’d reform and come back with even greater ferocity. A single punch thrown by Malla would go through a sludge beast and the young Saiyaness would find herself in a precarious situation as the body of the creature wrapped itself around her arm Tendrils from the creature would shoot out and attached against her, urging her form forward as if to purposefully crash her into the featureless being’s form.

Sludge began to pour from cracks and crevices behind the group as well, quickly becoming humanoids in the battle against the surviving mortals of universe 19.


Helios snapped his fingers at the half-god to get his attention. His hands then stretched outwards, as his eyes flashed and he poured magic outward crafting a horde of light-based warriors from the depth of his mind. But he wouldn’t be fast enough to complete them his own as the sludge beast skittered forward.

“Just you and I huh?” Magnus said with a cheesy grin and a brow that waggled in that signature Ashwood way.

If Helios wasn’t so focused on survival he might’ve had the time to roll his eyes to the back of his skull. Maybe he should’ve called for Selene or Sybille instead. Or any Ashwood besides him.

Then, a dimensional slash suddenly sped past the two fighters, cleaving through a band of the sludge creatures with deadly precision. As soon as he dropped down besides Helios and Magnus, Faust replied:

“Make that a three, then.” By now, he appeared quite different from what he was before the battle began, the young man’s partial demonic nature starting to show in the form of bone spikes and growing horns. His serious expression remained the same, however.

Deimos didn’t have the time to get frustrated at the intrusion of the tendrils, and instead just gave into his emotions and snarled.

“COME HERE!” He jumped over to a few and simply just started to tear them out.

Still, the sludge-like creatures kept coming as fast as the heroes could dispatch them. Selene gritted her teeth.

“Damned bastard,” she swore, her emerald eyes like flames as she fired off more energy attacks. “We’re going to have to fall back.”

Where, there’s nowhere to run, Helios thought as he created a row of celestial warriors to help aid the fight only for them to be overwhelmed by the encroaching hoard. Faust had taken to joining them, already transformed, Helios figured he would have to follow suit soon. But even then, their chances of getting out of here alive was abysmal at best.

Fate seemed to smile down on them then. A shield erected itself around the group, sending the creatures flying back every time they attempted to charge at it. Helios glanced first to Faust and then Magnus, questioning with his eyes if either had done it before he drifted over to the others.

Selene lowered her hands and looked at her brother.

“It wasn’t me,” she said, in shock at the power of the construct. “Belenus, perhaps?”

The shield spiralled rapidly, like a carousel ride gone haywire, it spun and spun and spun. Every outside lurched decorated the shield in a purple sludge hue until it was impossible to see the outside. Then it stopped. Leaving the crew inside hollow darkness with the subtle crack, for those who could hear it, rippling throughout the dome.

The shield shattered into a thousand pieces, and for the first time in months, the crew found themselves somewhere outside of Paradiso. Outside Yggdrasil. Great fields rolled on for aeons and the sound of fighting could be heard off in the distance.

Helios’ attention was caught by something more present than the scenery or what sounded like a cacophony of sparring matches.

The presence of the Goddess of Time herself.

“Bika,” Helios muttered.

Hissing under his breath after the sudden change of scenery, Faust arose back to his feet, sheathed his sword and fixed his coat. Much like Helios, he turned his eyes at the goddess.

“So... what happened?”

Selene was temporarily taken aback, still surprised at the suddenness of their transportation, but it was clear that the Goddess of Time had arrived. She turned to the Demonic Prince.

“Bika came for us, as Belenus said,” she replied. It was the only explanation, but as she looked around the celestial plan they found themselves, she felt a pang of loss.

“But, Belenus isn’t here,” Selene mumbled. No, her great-grandfather wasn’t there--he too was likely absorbed by Chaos, and Selene clenched her fists.

Theodora would join Faust in hissing but for a different reason. “Great. Thrown from one divine light show to another. Why don’t you just throw me to a bloody star while you celestial bastards are at it.” the silver-haired goth muttered.

Alexia turned to look over at Bika and was awestruck.

“She’s beautiful.” Sparkles danced in the half demon’s eyes as she stared at the time goddess.

Bika’s gaze swept over the assembled heroes, her chest heaving as a breath escaped her slightly parted lips. In her right hand, she clutched a long staff with an orb that shimmered under the gleam of this world’s star.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you all.” A soothing voice, one that reminded Helios of his mother. There was a tired edge to her, Helios noted, she didn’t even take note of Theodora's off-handed comment. The green-haired goddess turned her gaze towards her niece and nephew in particular. “My haven’t you’ve grown.”

“Forgive me, keeping an entire universe from falling apart by yourself is a rather taxing affair.” She reached up with a gloved hand to pinch her forehead. “The plan was for Belenus to keep you all safe and distracted until I could spare the time to come and grab you myself. Unfortunately, it seems the crawling darkness has finally managed to consume what was left of Yggdrasil.”

Selene shifted a bit and relaxed her hands.

“Then...what remains?” the princess asked the goddess.

“The Otherworld. Dai Kaio” Bika gestured all around.

Helios frowned but made no comment. They endured long hours of training followed by even longer hours of anxiety-inducing waiting only to be told that everything was falling apart. He was willing to stay completely silent until something the Goddess mentioned earlier clicked in his mind. “By yourself?”

Bika hesitated for a moment, glancing over to Magnus and Sybil, but with all eyes on her and the reality of the situation at hand she had no choice but to elaborate. “The gods are dead. If you were expecting reinforcements, I'm afraid to tell you all that I'm the only divine intervention left.”

“So it’s hopeless then?” Helios gwaffed, folding his arms over his chest and glaring at his feet. “You should’ve just let us die back on Paradiso”

“It’s never hopeless, Helios,” Selene turned to her brother. “As long as one of us survives, there is hope.”

“I don’t know if you noticed but the entire universe is being consumed by endless darkness that we can’t fight or harm. We can’t just survive, we need to start thriving and the possibility of that occurring is null.”

“There is a chance. If you all care to take it,” Bika said.

Theodora stepped forward. “Whatever it is we have to do I agree.” Magnus looked over at the silvernette. “You didn’t even hear her deal. Aren’t you jumping at this too soon?”

The goth turned to give her cousin Magnus a glare. “I don’t care if her deal requires that I sell my soul or perform an action that is morally repugnant. I will do whatever I must to end this nightmare once and for all. If not for what is left of existence then to avenge everyone we lost.”

Alexia sighed as she shook her head. “Always the overdramatic one isn’t she?” the green hair woman said to her brother.

Magnus shrugged. “I think you’re going too far with the willingness to do anything but you are right. I rather not give that crawling wanker the victory he wants. So I’m in.”

Sybille and Alexia both agreed to Bika’s deal since right now they saw no other option besides surviving for as long as possible.

Standing to the side, covering his body with his cloak, Faust watched the over-dramatic show with little interest, before faintly scoffing and glancing away. Now that one of his peers after another chose to stand with Bika’s offer of a last chance, the demonic prince called out:

“What will this “chance” entail?” After his question, Faust stepped forward, facing Bika directly. “I agree with what Theodora said, sure, but I’d rather also know what we will be signing up for.”

“Time travel.” Bika elaborated. “I’m not at full power. Not since the first fight against that thing and without the time nest, there’s no quick and easy way to send you back to the past. But there was a reason you all were kept in Paradiso besides the relative safety it had given you. There’s a spell that can be performed which will send someone back far enough in time to warn the gods of what is to come.”

“What’s the catch?” Helios chimed in, there was always a catch.

“The only caveat is that only four of you will be able to step through the portal, and by the time all the necessary instruments are put in place I fear the crawling darkness will be upon us.”

“So what I'm getting from this is that we have to choose which four amongst us get to live and which stay behind and potentially die?”

Bika hesitated if only for a second. “Correct."

Malla gave Bika a cocky smile as she put her hands on her hips.“Well, obviously that means I have to go.”

Faust glanced away to the side, striking a frown and keeping himself calm - he couldn't allow the weight of the situation to control him.

"In that case, we need to be smart about this," the demonic prince continued. "To not pick the first people who volunteer, but the four who will be most fit for the task. They will need to convince the gods that their warning means something, after all."

He then sighed in defeat. " I'd rather stay behind then, for the last stand of those remaining."

Helios turned his nose up at Malla’s haughtiness. Now was not the time to be cocky and like Faust had mentioned they would need people who would actually be able to relay what had occurred in the now to those back then, not someone whose only focus was to punch through things. He remained silent nonetheless, figuring he would wait to see what the others had to say before he had his time.

“Might I suggest Helios and one of the children of Sud to be one of the four participants?” Bika chimed in, much to Helios’ surprise. Though upon quick reflection he could see why she spoke and the reasoning behind her suggestion. There was no doubting his intelligence, and beyond that, any god who came across them would immediately recognise the divine blood flowing through Magnus and Sybille’s veins.

Didn’t mean Helios was comfortable having his name thrown in without so much as a heads up. He glanced over to Selene, the only living relative he had left, and then down at his hands. This nightmare needed to be stopped, his petty complaints didn’t negate that.

Selene looked at the goddess and back at her brother.

“Helios, if you don’t want to go, no one will make you,” she said softly.

“I know.” He said quietly. “If I don’t go, what’s keeping whoever that does get sent from messing things up? It also sounds like staying is a death sentence so..” He clenched his hands tightly and turned his head to look at Selene. “I’m more concerned about you and whether you’ll make the cut.”

“I’ll worry about me,” she replied. “I’m the fighter in the family, mum always said so,” Selene added with a wink, trying to lighten the mood.

That’s not true, I’d make you go if you hadn’t chosen yourself. Faust thought to himself as he watched the scene between Serena and Spicer’s heirs - then turned around, towards his sisters, and began making his way towards them.

“Alexia,” he spoke up, calmly, and stopped as soon as he approached. “I’d rather you go with Helios and Sud’s spawn to the past, too.”

Alexia would let out a loud "Huh?" when Faust told her his suggestion.

"Why do you want me to go? Wouldn't it be better if Theodora went with them than me?" She said as she pointed at the silver haired woman. Theodora remained silent as she watched the exchange. Wanting to know what her brother is thinking.

“Theodora can take care of herself,” Faust replied, offering a brief glance towards his elder sister. “And if those who stay behind are going to have their last stand, then I’d rather have her by my side.”

Carefully, the demonic prince placed his hand on Alexia’s shoulder. “You, on the other hand, still have too much to learn to just perish here - and I’d rather have you be guaranteed to survive.”

Alexia frowned. "But I don't want to leave you two behind."

Theodora would give her sister a small smile. "If things have proceeded as they have in this timeline you will meet us again sister. Besides, our objective is to change the future. So we won't be staying as who we are if we succeed."

Alexia nodded. "Then, until we succeed and the future changes I won't forget you two."

The green-haired princess would warp her arms around the two. Theodora returned the hug.

She stayed like that for a while until she broke off the hug and walked to Selene and Helios.

Magnus began to walk forward. "Wait where are you going?" Sybille asked.

Magnus turned back. "I have to make sure Helios isn't completely defenceless now. The poor genius here doesn't spend as much time in the gym." He teased as he looked over at the blond.

Sybille slapped her forehead. "I should go. You will most likely screw up the timeline to the point that Dinosaurs will enslave humanity or something."

The two would argue but eventually, Magnus would pull out a well-earned victory as he walked over to join the group who decided to travel back in time.

“So it has been decided then.” The Goddess concluded.

“Seems so,” Helios mumbled with folded arms. What a predicament to be in, a part of him wished they had been left to their doom back in Paradiso. But maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, he would get to see his parents again. Hear their voices, see them smile as they used to when he was a child. He’d almost forgotten what they’d looked like by now, an unfortunate reality but one he had long since grappled with.

“Good, one last thing.” Bika tapped her staff against the ground and in a puff of smoke a man appeared. He reminded Helios of someone from the West or Central regions of Earth, corn yellow hair, deep blue eyes that shimmered in amusement as his gaze swept across them from one side to the other and then a strong facial musculature that cemented him as handsome.

“You’re staring,” Selene jabbed him in his side, smirking.

“No I’m not,” Helios rubs the section where she struck him with a frown nipping at the edges of his lips.

“How do you do!” The man says rather cheerily despite the sombre situation in front of him. He bows dramatically and then straightens. “I”m the Professor and I’ll be your resident Time Lord for this journey”
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eighteen

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Ryuken, Ken and Talbain followed their master’s orders as soon as they received them - descending on Katsumi and Team Ashwood with murderous intent in their eyes - all while the rest of Tarragon’s minions began wreaking havoc among the audience.

Elizabeth was on Ken's sight as the thrall began to charge thermal energy on his palm.

The man would thrust his hand out and unleash a ray of heat equal to the sun at the demonic princess.

As the beam vaporized the ground around Elizabeth and the stands behind her the intense light would obscure a dark shape that moved away from the ray.

As Ken put down his arm he would find the molten remains of the stand.

Ken turned to where Ikki was lying and was preparing to use the attack on him.

But just as he was about to deliver the ray the shape would crash into his chest, sending him flying away.

Elizabeth stood in her dragonic form.

"You did an admirable job against that false demon. But it's obvious that he is too much for you." The dragonic princess told him. "Let me deal with that thing."

Elsewhere Talbain was dodging light orbs raining down as Nymphaea summoned the barrage just as the thralls began to attack people.

Nymphaea would summon several large earthen spikes at the werewolf, forcing him to avoid the attacks.

Meanwhile, Danuja threw a punch at Ryuken, sending the master flying through the air and into the stands. The Super Saiyaness shook her hand and smirked.

“That’s for earlier,” she said, flying after the human martial artist. “I just hope Ikki gets off his ass and finishes that monster.”

In the midst of the chaos occuring, a pod descended from above. It was Jalid, flanked by several demons.

“Dr Tarragon,” the Arcosian began. “You are in violation of the rules of this tournament. By the order of the Committee, this match is forfeited and must be re-fought.” Just hearing the statement got the Makyan to let out a wicked laugh.

“If you haven’t heard my announcement, there is no tournament for me to violate the rules of anymore,” he shot back, grinning. “But if you want me to fight the man a minute away from death... well, you will have to make me.”

Tarragon spread his arms, unleashing his aura, and charged straight at Jalid for the attack. The Arcosian stared the Makyan down, even as he approached, and only when he was within a meter or two, did Jalid teleport away, behind Tarragon.

“This is your final warning,” Jalid replied, her voice like icicles.

“Oh, an ultimatum? I love ultimatums!” Tarragon yelled back, his body unnaturally turning and twisting to face the Arcosian behind him. “So here is mine - die now or die slowly!”

As the Makyan focused on Jalid, sending a barrage of fists at the Arcosian, he completely dropped any and all attention on Ikki’s body by the side. After all, it was pierced and bleeding out, his impending death was surely guaranteed - much less him being out of the fight. And yet, once the fight began, the Saiyan started to weakly twitch.

“Hah!” Tarragon yelled, firing off an energy blast at the Arcosian. Jalid continued to retreat, making a few quick glances at Ikki, as she teleported out of her pod and away from the seemingly deranged Makyan scientist. Even as Tarragon fired his energy rounds at Jalid, the Committee member teleported back into the air, now above him.

“I shall not even give you the pleasure of returning fire,” the Arcosian said. “You are an insignificant worm, who sees that smallness of microbes and thinks himself large.”

“Eheheh...!” Tarragon yelled out as he flew up to meet Jalid’s altitude, then spread his hands out with a wicked smile on his face. “Perhaps you should open your eyes, step down from your ivory tower and look around. The “insignificant worms” are the ones at my feet.”

As if in queue, several explosions detonated across the tournament arena, hitting the audience. The three most powerful minions were all still engaged in their battles, but numerous other ones were also in battle - attacking the demons in their path, even targeting the other teams.

“I am invincible. I can basically live forever. I can turn the most powerful beings in the Universe into my puppets. And as long as I am in this form, my power will never stop growing. In time, it will surmount everyone, and-”

The scene ceased. Tarragon turned his eyes towards the floor. Ryuken, Ken and Talbain glanced as well. Weakly, stumbling on his feet, Ikki rose up from the ground. One of his hands was still clutching onto his side, blood was dripping from the gaping wound and trickling to the ground - but he was standing.

“How about you... leave the show’s organizers alone... and get down here,” the Saiyan began to speak, weakly. “I’m still on the ring and I’m not dead yet... we’re not done.”

Katsumi had been cowering behind Danu’s back this time, and peeked over to see Ikki’s rise back to his feet - immediately, the catgirl announcer called out:

“I can’t believe it, everyone - Ikki Kita is back on his feet, and is willing to fight again! Under Jalid’s orders, the match can now be re-fought!”

“Kick that Makyan’s ass!” Danuja yelled to her fellow Saiyan, delivering a well deserved punch to Ryuken.

“Give him a hit for me,” Nymph would shout as well, before she would form a barrier between herself and the werewolf. Liz, however, would only float upwards, and she would watch with intent what Ikki was going to do.

“In that condition...?” Vikan muttered under his breath, watching the battlefield from a window inside. “He can’t be serious...”

With a condescending sneer on his face, Tarragon turned away from Jalid and floated down to touch the ring, facing the wounded Saiyan directly. At first, he figured he could just fire off a kiai and sweep the pest away - but seeing the determination in Ikki’s face got him to cackle, almost erupting into a full laugh.

“We’re not done yet?” he called out, his arms spread wide and his guard down. “You can barely stand, much less fight. Under all known laws of physics and biology, you will collapse in a minute’s time, and your life will follow soon. What can you possibly do?”

A gust of wind flew across the silent ring. Slowly, Ikki removed his hand from his wound, shakily holding up a blood-smeared palm.


An aura began to swirl around the Saiyan, his hair slowly standing up and flowing with the wind.

“And I... would agree with you. Unfortunately to you... there is a bit more to fighting than laws of physics.”

Suddenly, Ikki let out a powerful yell, his aura amplifying and roaring to massive size, before turning golden once more. Again, he stood in his Super Saiyan form, although his ripped clothing, his wounds and the blood smeared across his side did not vanish anywhere. Tarragon raised his eyebrow in witness of the transformation - he was certain that Ikki could not possibly tap into that form again, but seeing it did not concern him anyway.

“Still a little bit of fight left in you?” Tarragon called out. “Fine then, prove me wrong!”

The aura around Ikki continued to roar and flow, resonating against the entire ring - and for a brief fraction of a second, the Saiyan flashed a smirk, before suddenly throwing himself forward at the Makyan. Ikki’s energy signature was fluctuating before already, keeping up Super Saiyan in such a physical state was a taxing exercise, but now, as he tapped into his very last reserves, it was...

“Completely wild,” Katsumi muttered under her breath as she watched the impending clash. It felt as if time was freezing. The moment of impact was getting nearer and nearer.

“W-what-” Tarragon muttered out in sudden shock, cut off by a powerful yell which rolled across the entire stadium:


Ikki’s fist sank into Tarragon’s gut, and for a moment, the entire arena was overwhelmed by a flash of golden light - anyone watching the battle was forced to look away or shield their eyes. Once the flash died down, an awe inspiring sight took place before everyone’s eyes. Tarragon got punched through, Ikki’s fist came out from the other side - and from it, a giant dragon sprang out, twisting and turning across the air. It was not an actual dragon, sure - and especially not the one who was once summoned from the Dragon Balls, to which it had a very close resemblance - but it was gigantic and flashy enough to draw the attention of the entire audience.

The mere blow had left the Makyan stunned - and it wasn’t even over yet. After making a circle across the sky, the Dragon Flash returned to Ikki’s other hand, where it drained into and formed an orb of golden energy.


This orb was thrust forth - as a gigantic beam of energy straight into Tarragon’s face, engulfing him completely. In an instant, the Makyan’s scream of agony got overtaken by the sound of whizzing energy - and in a few seconds, the attack finally ceased.

“Eheh...” the Saiyan weakly spoke up - he floated with his fist still stretched out, but all alone. “It worked...”

Ikki’s Super Saiyan form died down, and he crashed to the ring unconscious. Katsumi’s voice rang out again:

“Tarragon has been defeated! Ikki Kita wins the match!”

Danuja slumped her shoulder and gave a smile.

“I knew that idiot could do it,” she remarked.

Meanwhile, Nymph flew up to Liz and would give the cambion a hug.

“He did it sis!” she would yell. “He actually beat him.”

A wall at the side of the stadium was broken apart and cracked, and in the center of it, in between rubble and several broken pieces of the wall, Doctor Tarragon was laying. The stress of the unbelievably powerful Dragon Flash finally overcame the worn down abilities of his transformation, and he had been reduced to his base form - and being outside of the ring, he was out of the fight. His numerous thralls ceased acting without his presence, and so their destruction stopped. However, he was still conscious, and he weakly started pulling himself back up, yelling:

“Fine then! If-if you fools are like that, then... then I will do as I said. I shall grant your friend the most painful death you can imagine!”

“Don’t be so sure.” Everyone still in the stadium turned to see who just spoke. It was Meroe, looking worn out and battered, and behind the Lamia was Glacia.

“Sorry we are a little late,” Glacia said. “But Dr Tarragon was quite thorough.”

“W-what?!” the Makyan yelled in shock as soon as he saw the two women, a mix of frustration and surprise. “How did you find her?!”

Glacia shrugged. “Well, that is quite the story...”
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Nineteen

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

A Few hours ago…

With Team Ashwood heading back down to the Tournament Grounds for the start of their match against Team Tarragon, Glacia was left with the near herculean task of finding Meroe before the final round. The video left by Tarragon’s men gave the Arcosian little information, and the lightning was too dim to get a good read on the exact location, but Glacia did have a few clues: it had to be close to their rooms for them to have grabbed the Lamia, and a place close enough to the arena itself for them to keep an eye on the progress of the rounds.

With that in mind, the empress, sitting in the now-empty room, pressed a button on her scouter and brought up a map of the tournament complex. Glacia scanned the area, looking for areas that fit her best guesses. The scouter’s computer came up with several possible matches, and so the Arcosian went off to try and find the Lamia.

Glacia didn’t run into much success as she hit the possible locations; in fact, all of them ended up as busts. The Empress have a sigh, checking her scouter.

“It appears that the round is not going well,” Glacia muttered as she checked the proverbial score. It was down to just Ikki and Dr Tarragon, after Vikan’s surprise victory and the sudden rule change. The Arcosian checked the last location’s position on the map.

“This has better be it,” she said, as she made her way to the final location. “I cannot let Meroe die..”

The lamia had her hands restrained above her hands. Her eyes blindfolded and her mouth gagged. The Lamia tried to struggle, but after the beating she received, it was much harder. It was even more difficult as her tail was held up and bound with chanted chains as she was held in the air by the same chains.

“Keep it down, will you. You are lucky we held back as our boss ordered us to do.” Meroe would hear the sound of a dumbbell hitting the floor.

Meroe frowned, but there was little she could do. The Lamia’s only hope was that someone would find her before the match ended, but what was the chance of that? The Grand Duchess figured she was dead either way.

“So who do you think is gonna win?” One brute asked the others.

“I don’t like the doctor as much but I’m hoping the doc has his boys juiced up with some crazy stuff because that half breed freak is cheating with having three monkeys by her side.”

Another spat loudly. “I don’t give a kowakian’s ass who wins. I think we should award ourselves for doing a job well done.” the goon would give the bound lamia a lecherous look.

“Dude. Don’t touch the snake. You don’t know if she has venom on her or some crazy snake disease that you can catch. Besides the boss said to rough her up but not too much. She won’t be any use if we break her too much.” another one said as he tried to lit a cigarette but found his lighter malfunctioning.

“I say we turn her into snake soup. The stuff made in my village always made me feel stronger after I ate it. Imagine how powerful we will be if we ate a snake demon?” another suggested.

“You can guys can shag or eat the snake if you want. I just want some of her scales because my girl keeps harping about having this purse with scales on them. If I can get some of her scales and just attach them to a random purse then maybe I will get some peace of mind.” One asked as he banged a crowbar against a pipe. Causing it to break and spill water on him.

“I just want some of her venoms so I can sell it on the black market. I can get rich doing that.” another goon told the others, making a few agree with him on the idea of milking venom out of the lamia.

Meroe, meanwhile, moved around a little more as the group talked about what they planned on doing to her, struggling a little more. At that moment, a single knock came at the door.

The goons looked at each other. One quietly walked over to the door and opened it slightly to peak out. The Maykan saw no one at the other side.

The alien looked over to the others. “I see nobody out there,” he told the others. Then, the door flew forward, as if rocked by an explosion, that sent the closest Makyan flying through the air.

The other Maykans would all get up, drawing laser pistols and metal blunt objects and blades in the process. They all looked at the door and what they saw gave them a mix of pure terror but also confusion.

“Ah shit! A frost demon!” one shouted as he saw Glacia by the door.

“Yeah. But she is just a kid. We can take her!” another Maykan charged at Glacia with a metal bat with razor wires covering the bat.

“You disgust me,” Glacia said, her eyes narrowing. The man stopped, mid-strike, and Glacier moved her hand to the side as if waving away a fly. The Makyan went flying through the air and exploding moments later as Glacia turned her attention to the others.

“Let the Grand Duchess go, and I guarantee that your deaths will be quick.”

The Makyans looked at each other, unsure what to do. Some of them dropped their blunt objects, but one narrowed his eyes at the Arcosian.

“Wait...that’s not ordinary frost demon. That’s Glacia!”

“The Golden Empress herself!” one of them gasped.

“She wiped out a hundred ships in a single attack…”

“We can’t fight her…”

“Screw it, that bitch killed relatives of mine!” One of them roared, picking up his blaster and firing at the Arcosian.

Glacia yawned and put up a dainty hand. An invisible barrier absorbed the energy blasts, and after a few minutes of fruitless blasts, the Makyan lowered the rifle. Glacia pointed a finger and a thing purple beam went through his eyes before he dropped dead. The others looked in stunned silence.

“My patience has run out,” Glacia muttered, as she waved her hand and a purple wave sliced through the air, decapitating the remaining aliens. As they fell dead, Glacia floated over to Meroe, snapped her fingers, and watched as the chains burst with small explosions, freeing the Lamia. Glacia helped her remove the gag and face blinds.

“Oh thank you Glacia,” the Lamia nearly cried as she hugged the Arcosian.

“Well, it is not over yet,” she told her. “We need to return to the Tournament Grounds now.”

“And so we made it here just in time to see your victory, Scallion, and I must say, it was nearly a ghastly affair, but I am glad it is over.”
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Collab between Atria and Brit

Central City, the Earth, Spring 506 AU

Ovan’s visit with Prime Minister Tora was thankfully brief. Tora had informed him that he was being targeted by some shadow government entity, and was asking if Ovan would be so kind as to investigate them and, if necessary, deal with them. Ovan wasn’t the biggest fan of the idea, he knew next to nothing about what it was Tora actually did to antagonize them or why he was asking him to do it and not Spicer or Serena. To make him even more annoyed, Tora was very sparse with the details on where he should begin an investigation. He was a martial artist, not a detective. Despite his annoyances with the job, he took it against his better judgement. Earth had enough issues as it was without its government attempting to eat itself alive. And now he just had to actually figure out how to go about his investigation when he had almost nothing to go on other than the name.

He did remember Serena and Spicer more or less being in charge of the planet. Surely they’d have at least heard of the organization and could probably help him out. With haste, he shot towards the Queen’s palace to get started. It didn’t take too long for him to reach it, being all too happy for his ability to fly at many times the speed of sound. Once he landed, the guards hesitated for the slightest moment before recognizing him and letting him through without issue.

The batmen led Ovan to Spicer’s office where he announced him. The Saiyan general looked up from his paperwork and rose.

“General Fawkes,” Spicer said with a smile. “I take it this isn’t a casual visit.”

“I wish it was. You’re obviously having fun, so I’ll be quick, Prime Minister Tora said that he’s being threatened by some government organization known. Now, I wasn’t even aware we had a prime minister, if that informs you of my level of knowledge about the government. No idea where to start so I came to you.” He explained.

Spicer looked a bit worried as he glanced about the room, and pressed a button on his desk.

“Fawkes and I will be taking a walk,” he said into the receiver before Spicer looked at Ovan and gestured outside. Once they were a few metres away from the Palace, Spicer finally spoke.

“Do you remember the androids Riker used?” he started with the obvious question.

“Yes. He got a bunch of them to threaten genocide to keep aliens away, when he was just pissed at the government for screwing him over or something. Are they the the ones who made them?”

Spicer nodded.
“That’s the theory Serena and I have, at least. The android we fought mentioned an organisation called “Tarrasque”, and when we tried to probe further, the android directed us to Lord Castor Nolan, the head of the Treasury.” Spicer paused for a moment as he recalled the conversation with the duke. “Serena and I confronted him, and he denied everything, but we didn’t buy it for a second.” The Saiyan stopped and looked at Ovan.

“It’s likely he’s been the one controlling the government for decades, and likely responsible for Riker’s transformation into Col. Chaos, among other things we don’t even know yet.”

“Wonderful.” Ovan replied. There was so much chaos going on in the government, that even this little bit made Ovan feel the tiniest pang of understanding for Riker’s hatred towards the government. “So my next question is, what do we do about that? You said Nolan denied everything, but you don’t believe him. Me going in there and smacking him upside the head probably isn’t going to work.”

Spicer let out a slight chuckle.

“I’ve already considered that option, myself, but you’re right, it likely isn’t going to work. If the little bit we’ve uncovered is right, Nolan can have us disappeared, so to speak. That’s what Riker was doing when he went rogue; he was working under some black ops unit and committing atrocities against Nolan’s enemies.”

The Saiyan looked around the park they were walking through, glancing around at the various people enjoying themselves on this spring morning.

“If they are threatening Yoshida, that means they are looking for a way to control him. How were they threatening him?”

“Hm…” Ovan said as he thought. Though he doubted Nolan would have the capacity to have them assassinated, it’s obvious he would at least try. “Well, I’m pretty sure they’re threatening his life.” He said. “I think they’re also threatening Higu’s sister now that I actually remember. Yeah, that’s probably the biggest reason I’m doing this.”

“Interesting,” Spicer muttered. “That means they need to have her under constant surveillance, right?”

“I’d assume so.” Ovan replied.

“And the Urameshi family, you’ve been to their home?”

“I actually don’t believe I have for any length of time. Maybe once or twice and it was mostly just to talk to Higu.” He said.

Spicer seemed deep in thought as they continued to walk through the park.

“I think you might need to pay her a visit,” he said. “At the very least, we know she’s being monitored by Tarrasque, their home is likely compromised.”

“That makes sense. Though I can’t imagine I’ll be able to keep her glued to my hip while doing this. Would you and Serena mind keeping an eye on her? Or do you know a safe place where we can have her stay until everything is dealt with?”

“It’s likely that the Palace is being monitored as well,” Spicer said. “Although…” the Saiyan had a glint in his eye. “What do you think Ralla is up to?”

“Being harassed by me on a daily basis for the past few months.” He said. “On one hand, he’s… Uh… Incompetent isn’t the word. Lazy? Don’t think he would do a very good bodyguarding job.” Though he wasn’t sure how many of them even knew about the lookout. He hadn’t for a while. So it wasn’t a bad idea, even if he hated it. “But… If the palace is bugged, then yeah… It might be the best place to keep her.”

“That way, they won’t have anything over Yoshida,” Spicer said with a nod. “And we can try to work out a more permanent solution in the meantime.”

“Can’t argue with that. I suppose I should head over there as soon as possible. Thanks for the help. God knows I wouldn’t know where to have gone with this.”

Spicer gave a nod.

“Right, we can’t waste any time.”

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Postby Britanania » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:23 am

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty

Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Danuja slammed her mug down against the table before she leaned back in the chair.

“Ah, now that’s what I needed after a long battle,” the Saiyan queen said with a slight hiccup. “It’s real nice of Jalid to be footin’ the bill.” Danuja gestured to the large platter of food still on the table.

The two Arcosians, meanwhile, merely sipped some of their wine.

“A worthy investment,” Jalid replied.

“Especially after that battle,” Glacia put in.

Just in time, the final member of Team Ashwood entered the dining hall - Ikki, who immediately took his seat and muttered a “Hey everyone”. His abdomen was wrapped up and bandaged - courtesy of the exact battle Glacia had just spoken of.

“Oh, jeez, I should have come here sooner...” he blurbed as soon as he saw the half-barren state of the table - he still had his meal, but not as much as he wanted.

“Hey, you snooze you lose,” Danuja replied with a laugh as she took another swig of her beverage.

Meroe looked over at Ikki and smiled, clapping her hands together.

“It’s all right, with Jalid’s support, we can order as much as you want, Ikki.”

“Well, I won, so...” Ikki quipped back towards Danu, before responding to Meroe’s smile with one of his own. “Really? From the organizers themselves? That sounds... great. Surprising, but great.”

He then shot a brief glance towards Glacia. “Though, frankly, the more surprising part was when Liz told me Meroe got rescued in time. I spent the whole fight unsure if you were bluffing or not.”

“You should have more faith in me, darling,” Glacia said with mock indignation. “Have I ever been known to let my friends down?”

“I could think of a few cases,” Ikki mumbled back, folding his arms for a second. “But... I suppose I should have given you some benefit of the doubt.”

“Well, she did save me,” Meroe added. “Those Makyans were well prepared to slice and dice me.”

Elizabeth stabbed a fork into a piece of meat with much greater force than she intended.

“If they went through with their plans I would feed their souls to Amastu.” She calmly picked up the piece of meat and ate it.

“Another happy ending, then,” Glacia replied, taking a sip of her wine.

“Yep!” Nymphaea replied back as she stuffed a meat bun in her mouth.

“I wonder though what should we do with the doctor’s thralls? I know they tried to kill us but I hate the idea of leaving them as slaves.” Elizabeth stated as she grabbed her glass of wine.

“I’m sure it’s possible to reverse the effects of his manipulation somehow,” Ikki suddenly added his piece after a small bite. “Back home, before the whole... aliens and PTO affair, Dad would add and remove modifications on me all the time - and if this Tarragon guy is anywhere near as smart as him, he should have designed his technology in a similar way.”

Glacia nodded.

“I shall have my top scientists work it,” she assured them. “Makyan technology is not quite as advanced as our own, so it should not be an issue.”

“My concern is that he would have added failsafes to kill those guys if anyone tried to free them.” Elizabeth stabbed another piece of her steak.

Elizabeth was silent for a few seconds until she turned to face Nymphaea.

“I’m sorry.” she said to her sister. “I didn’t mean to say what I said back in the arena. That damn dragon tempted me to snap but I said those words. I’m sorry for saying that to you.”

The cambion looked down at her plate. Too ashamed to look at her sister.

Nymphaea’s mouth was filled with food as she chewed. When she swallowed she merely replied with.

“You’re forgiven. You were stressed and you just snapped under the pressure. I can’t blame you for that.” she told her sister as she returned back to eating.

Being forgiven so easily made Elizabeth surprised. She was left speechless on how to react to her sister not being bothered by what she said back in the arena.

Glacia clapped her hands.

“Well, we all had a long day, and tomorrow appears to be an even longer one. Your long awaited matchups with Team Asmodeus.”

“I probably won’t be able to pull off anything as spectacular this time,” Ikki replied, moving from his meal a bit and tapping his side - it was still in pain from the touch. “I had to tap past my normal stores of energy and eat straight into my body to fire the Dragon Flash off, so... I’m not going to be anywhere near my limit for the rest of the tournament.”

He then nudged at Danu. “But this means you have your chance to one-up me, you know?”

The Saiyan Queen downed another glass.

“Please, I can do that with my eyes closed.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “Don’t get too cocky. The committee may be bending over for my grandfather’s team to make sure they win but none of his teammates are pushovers. You guys saw how even in his old age he was able to destroy an entire army with no effort. Worse most of them are veterans of the wars against the Hegemony and PTO, so they know how to fight against Saiyans.”

The grip on her glass got tighter. “Also, this is just me but..” she looked around. “But their team mate, Satan. Something feels off with him. I don’t know why but I feel that he is hiding something.”

“It couldn’t have to do with the fact that he’s Satan?” Danuja said, leaning forward on the table.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “That could be it but.. I don’t know how to describe it... “

The cambion was silent again as she looked at her glass. The eyes that reflected back was Amatsu.

“You aren’t alone. I always sense something isn’t right with that demon.” her reflection said. Elizabeth chuckled.

“My reflection is talking to me. I’ve officially lost my mind.” she would drink down the wine.

“Or you need more to drink,” Danuja quipped, looking at a demonic butler. “Hey garcon, get us some more booze!”

Nymphaea looked at Danuja. “I think you had too much to drink Danu. Maybe you should stop.”

“TOO MUCH TO DRINK?” Danuja shouted. “I cannot believe a member of my own family, a Saiyaness, just said that.”

Nymphaea blinked. “Are we really related?”

Danuja waved her hand.

“Probably not, but we might as well be. Saiyans have to stick together. Look at Spicer, he might as well be a blood traitor. At least your kids still have tails.”

Nymphaea smiled. “Because they look adorable with their tails!” she gushed.

Elizabeth looked over at the two before her eyes went to Ikki.

“Hey, Kita. You did good out there. You were the true MVP of this match.

Ikki thought of saying something on the, admittedly, confusing exchange between Nymph and Danu, but was left taken aback when the demon princess approached him.

"Oh, uh, thanks, but... you don't have to be so formal," he replied, then raised his eyebrow. "Or am I not talking with Liz right now?"

Elizabeth smiled. “Yep.. and a little no. I’m trying to get used to having that dragon inside so the two of us don’t have any arguments or any surprise freakouts like in this match or the first one.”

"Right... then what's with the formalities?" Ikki spoke back. "We're friends, you know, friends don't do that."

Elizabeth sighed. “If we win and I become empress I will have to get use to being formal with most people. I’m just trying it out now. Not gonna lie. It feels kinda weird.”

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

The final day of the tournament had arrived: Team Ashwood vs Team Asmodeus for the fate of Maikai. As the team assembled on the sidelines, Glacia came down to visit them.

“Good luck to all of you,” she told them. “I can assure you that Asmodeus will do everything in his power to win.”

Nymphaea was looking up at the ceiling as she was splayed out. “It would be disappointing if he held back at the final round. Even though I’m not fighting him.”

The door from the bathroom opened as Elizabeth stepped out. Her eyes changed from red to their usual color.

“I don’t want any of you fighting Asmodeus. I want to… no. I need to be the one to defeat him. If you guys do it everyone will see me as a weak princess who needs her pet monkeys to fight for her. I need to prove to everyone that my right to rule is both legitimate and that I have the strength to hold it.”

“I shall see if Jalid can pull some strings, then,” Glacia told Elizabeth. “And have it so you face Asmodeus.”

Elizabeth nodded. “You guys can decide who you want to face so long as you leave the old man to me.” Nymphaea agreed.

“I still don’t know who I should fight. I don’t want to fight the creepy fly man nor the mummy in bathrobes.”

She got up so she was sitting up. “Maybe I will fight the human looking demon instead.” she told everyone with Elizabeth telling her sister that the one she picked was Lucifer.

“Be careful sis. Lucifer is a crafty bastard. He always has many tricks up his sleeves. So always be on guard for anything.”

“I don’t care who I’m fightin, he’ll be dead meat,” Danuja said, crossing her arms.

"Frankly, I'm with Danu in this one," Ikki spoke up as well. "And I'm guessing Vikan isn't that picky, either, so... can we just randomly select and move on?"

Before any further discussion could be had, Katsumi appeared on the arena, to much applause.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she began, “It is now time for the final round of this tournament: Team Ashwood against Team Asmodeus!”

The crowd of teams continued to cheer as the cat demon gestured to the different sides.

“Now, without further ado, the first round: Ikki Kita vs Satan! Now, will both fighters please take their positions.”
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-one: Ikki vs Satan

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

The attention of the vast crowd in the tournament was drawn as soon as Ikki’s name was announced - the spectacular battle with an apocalyptic finish was on everyone’s mind from yesterday, and everyone was wondering what the Saiyan’s role will be in the finals.

The Saiyan himself was much less certain in his mind - but he stepped on the ring as confidently as ever, even flashing a smirk for the audience. His wounds from the fight yesterday, wrapped in bandages and hidden by his suit, still ached, and though his power level was still suppressed, Ikki couldn’t tap into anywhere near as much of it as before. Team Asmodeus on the other side couldn’t have been unaware of who they were dealing with - and from how his teammates described him, Ikki could guess that this “Satan” was one of their aces.

“Kick his mummy-bandage looking ass Ikki!” Danuja yelled from the Team Ashwood side of the field.

Satan floated down on the ring from the other side - though neither Ikki nor anyone else could really see their face, the Saiyan only guessed that he was not amused by the insults flung.

The energy bottled inside him was going wild - something about it really wanted to get out. Once Katsumi raised her hand and the battle officially began, Ikki immediately realized what was going on.

His energy was starting to rush out of his body, swirling around the center of gravity that was the demonic mage - he even lifted up his coat, revealing the void inside into which the energy began to drain.

“Energy absorption, that’s a new one...” Ikki muttered under his breath and charged forward immediately - however, right as he threw his first punch, Satan vanished in a glimmer of particles. The Saiyan did not stop in his momentum, focusing on his ki senses to search for where his opponent went. He couldn’t find a ki signature - however, the direction where his own energy travelled towards hinted to the space behind him, and so, Ikki turned around with a volley of energy blasts.

They caught Satan unaware, but he vanished just in time, appearing in the middle of the air. However, the blasts thrown his way didn’t just crash into a wall and vanish - with a lift of Ikki’s finger, they changed direction and aimed at the demonic mage once more.

Satan was thus forced to cease his absorption effect for a bit, instead generating a magical force field to disperse the incoming blasts.

So that’s how it works...

“Why isn’t that Saiyan guy using his golden form?!” one of the demons in the audience yelled out, joined by another:

“Yeah, he’s suppressing himself or somethin’.”

Ikki watched a small cloud of smoke now dispersing across the sky, weakly clutching onto his waist. He knew he was just stalling, but he had a smile on his face regardless.

“I guess I could figure this out if I was in a bit better shape, but...”

A blur teleported out of the cloud, then a shadowy fist, empowered by the bits and pieces of energy absorbed, smashed straight into Ikki’s gut. The Saiyan, overwhelmed, grunted and collapsed on one knee, weakly looking up once Satan raised his arm to send another punch down, and mumbled out:

“I... I surrender.”

The demonic mage watched for a few seconds, unsure if this was a ploy, then, once Katsumi blew a whistle and raised her hand to indicate the match being over, he stepped away, satisfied.

“Ikki Kita has chosen to surrender his match! Shocking first victory for Team Asmodeus!”
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-two

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

“WHAT!” Danuja shouted as Ikki started to make his way back to their side of the ring. The Saiyaness’s eyes flashed with anger, and she quickly grabbed Ikki by the scruff of his shirt, lifting the Saiyan up.

“What the hell was that for!” she again shouted.

“That was exactly what you just saw,” Ikki replied, faintly wincing. A part of him knew that his fellow Saiyan was not going to take the result of the battle well. “I couldn’t actually beat him, you know - so I made the most reasonable choice, instead of just delaying my own failure.”

“You could have at least tried,” Danuja said, throwing Ikki away as she let go. Seeing the commotion, Meroe slithered over to the pair of Saiyans.

“At the very least, he neutralised one of their stronger players,” the Lamia interjected to the fuming Saiyaness, before turning to Ikki. “You must still be pretty sore from yesterday.”

“Yeah, that’s the idea I had on my mind as soon as the tournament match began...” Ikki muttered after groaning under his breath from the violent throw, then weakly rose back up to his feet by clinging to Meroe. “I knew that the fight against Tarragon has left me completely spent, so the least I could do was to pretend I’m still in top shape and get the other team to waste one of their aces against me.”

The Saiyan flashed a smile, glancing straight at Danu. “Besides, if it’s the loss of my Saiyan pride that’s the problem, well... I’m counting on my pride in all of you to make up for it.”

“You better be right,” Danu said, turning her back to Ikki as they waited for the announcement of the next fighters.

Jalid’s Booth

“Well, that was an interesting match,” Glacia said to her cousin as the other Arcosian let out a puff of smoke.

“Yes, and here I was hoping for a longer fight,” Jalid languidly replied. “I would not say it was a boring match. That Satan is quite the fighter, after all..”

“Certainly not boring enough for you to leave, that is,” the empress returned with a slight smile. Jalid merely shrugged.

“I am not like that Lamia Queen who left after only the first rounds, I put good zeni into this tournament and I plan on enjoying it.”

The talk of the two women was interrupted when a demon butler arrived and bowed.

“I apologise for the interruption, your highnesses,” he began. “But I bring urgent news.”

“Yes?” Jalid asked, placing her cigarette holder on the table.

“I did some asking around, getting some information on Team Asmdodeus, but something does not add up.” The demon removed from his pocket what looked like a newspaper clipping.

“This says that Satan has been on vacation in the Makyan Hegemony for the past few months, staying at the court of their Emperor..”

Glacia blinked a few times.

“When was this published?”

“This morning.”

The two Arcosians looked at each other, and then down at the arena.

“Then who…”

“...were they just fighting…” Glacia finished as she gripped the ledge.
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-three: Danuja vs Beelzebub

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

The crowd chattered as many were overjoyed at seeing one of their own easily defeat a Saiyan. Some in the crowd began to cheer for the victorious demon lord.


Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “I was waiting for that to happen.”

“He is a fan favourite, after all,” Meroe reminded her cousin.

Danuja, for her part, was still fuming as Katsumi returned to the centre of the arena.

“The next fighters up are….Danuja and Beelzebub!”

The crowd again exploded, overjoyed to see the demonic prince.

“The Lord of the Flies!”

“Turn that monkey into maggot food!”

Danuja ignored the chanting of the crowd as she made her way to the centre of the stage. Already before her stood the hulking mass of Beelzebub, hundreds of flies floating around the demon, a putrid odour hanging in the air.

“You are the first Saiyan I have fought against since the Great War,” the demon said with a hearty laugh. “Your rotting corpse will make a fine home for my children.”

“Like I told you before,” Danuja replied, her tone no longer jocking, but deadly serious. “I’ll crush you like the bug you are.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

Danuja smirked for the first time since Ikki’s surrender, powering up as her white hair turned into a brilliant gold, and rushed forward against the gigantic insectoid demon lord.

“Try this!” the Saiyaness shouted, throwing a punch right at Beelzebub’s head. However, despite the force and weight of the punch, instead of seeing insect blood gush everyone, Danuja was shocked to see one of the demon’s many arms grabbed her punch.

“W-what!” the Saiyaness yelled. “But that’s impossible!”

The crowd’s cheering continued to erupt around the arena in support of the demon’s defensive action.

“Incredible!” Katsumi’s voice boomed. “Danuja’s speed and ferocity have served her well this entire tournament, but it seems the Great Fly has stopped the Saiyaness in her tracks.

“You Saiyans are all the same,” the demon said with a smirk, squeezing Danuja’s fist with its clawed hand. “All bluster, but rather little technique or brains.” Danuja howled in pain and Beelzebub continued to squeeze, following up with a punch from a free hand. The Saiyan Queen skidded across the tiled floor of the arena, stopping mere inches from the edge.

“You son of a--” Danuja muttered as she rose, at first unsteadily, off of the ground. “I’LL KILL YOU!” she roared, again charging forward against the still immobile demon.

“Monkeys never learn.”

Beelzebub’s wings began to buzz, and as they moved, millions of insects flew out, charging towards Danuja in a thick cloud. The horde of buzzing insects slammed into Danuja with enough force to halt the Saiyaness’ attack prematurely.

Danuja gritted her teeth as the bugs surrounded her, obstructing her vision, stinging and biting her, and proving a general annoyance with their incessant buzzing.

“You’re freaking annoying me!” Danuja charged up, and unleashed a burst of energy all around her, destroying the millions and millions of bugs, and seemingly leaving Beelzebub undefended.


Danuja thrust forward her hands and fired twin beams of golden energy out towards the Great Fly.


What resembled a giant spider’s web appeared in front of Danuja’s opponent, a web that absorbed the twin beamed attack. The web burned up the heat of the attack, leaving only Beelzebub’s laughter.

“And you call yourself a queen? I shall show you a true queen.”

Bees and wasps began to circle around Beelzebub, forming the shape of several gigantic queen wasps.

“You have to be kidding me!” Danuja mumbled as the wasps turned their sights on her, and began to fire hundreds of stingers at the Saiyaness. Danuja put her arms up to block, and each stinger that struck felt more painful than the last. Losing patience, Danuja let out of roar returned fire, lobbing dozens of ki blast at the wasps, killing them in spectacular explosions.

As Danuja huffed to get her breath, Beelzebub let out another chuckle.

“Well, I am impressed you survived this long,” the Great Fly exclaimed. Danuja offered a smile.

“Like I said to you before, a child you squish you.” The Demon smiled in return.

“I think I shall offer you a gift, Saiyan. I shall fight you now in my true form.”

“T-true form?” the Saiyaness muttered out. She had seen quite a few transformations in her life, and she shuddered to think how horrible the already grotesque demon would look transformed--and how much more powerful.


Millions of insects began to encircle Beelzebub, their buzzing drowning out even the cheers of the crowd. Behind the thick curtain of bugs, Danuja could not see what sort of transformation was taking place. After a few minutes, the bugs began to dissipate, however and left quite a different monster in their wake.

“It has been a while since I have fought in this form,” the demon said, her voice now reflecting a much more feminine tone. “Not since the last Makyan-PTO War.”

“T-that’s Beelzebub's true form!” Katsumi remarked as the cheers from the crowd grew ever louder. “A stunning development to be sure!” the nekodemon declared. Danuja, meanwhile, seemed unimpressed.

“Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll break you just the same!” Danuja charged forward, aiming a kick with her left leg at Beelzebub's head. The Lady of Flies threw up her arm, millions of insects forming a shield at the Saiyaness’ kick collided.

“You will find I am no less powerful!”

The bugs swarming around the demon’s arm formed into a spear, and she stabbed at the Saiyan Queen who just barely dodged out of the way.

“Nice trick, but I knew a few better ones,” Danuja said, firing an energy beam at point-blank range. The attack seemingly blew away Beelzebub's head, but as the demon’s body began to melt away, Danuja realised too late what just happened.

“A bug puppet!” she gasped, quickly pivoting as the real Beelzebub appeared behind her, placing her hands on the ground. Two spider webs formed, surging towards Danuja. The Saiyan jumped into the air, just in time as bolts of energy show through the webs.

“Almost had me there,” she muttered, floating in there as she pondered what to do next. Not that Beelzebub gave her much time to think, as the Great Pestilence wasted no time in counter-attacking. Beelzebub out of her hands, and beam0like stingers erupted towards the Saiyaness, buffeting Danuja.

“Give up now, Saiyan Queen,” the Lady of Flies taunted, as she continued her barrage. Danuja kept her arms up, turtling to protect herself against the onslaught. “You can’t best me.”

Danuja gritted her teeth as she powered through Beelzebub’s attack, not believing that she could lose to a demon, let alone a giant bug! She was the reincarnation of Jinza! No, she couldn’t lose here!

With a terrible roar, a burst of golden energy exploded around Danuja, destroying Beelzebub’s energy stingers before they reached the Saiyan Queen. Danuja’s eyes burned with fury, and she thrust out her hands towards the Demon Lady,

“COMET STRIKE!” She shouted, as the golden beam shot out from her and down towards the demon. For the first time in this battle, Beelzebub’s smile faded, and the Lady of Flies thrust forth her hands as well, sending out a swarm of bugs to defend herself again Danuja’s attack.

“This is unbelievable!” Katsumi told the crowd. “We’ve all seen beam struggles, but has anyone seen a beam struggle against bugs?”

The two attacks held in equilibrium, neither side willing to give in for several minutes. Danuja’s attack could not pierce the defences of Beelzebub's insect horde.

“Give it up Monkey Queen!”


Finally, the tide of the struggle began to shift. For all the millions of insects Beelzebub sent out to die, the flow began to weaken, and Danuja’s comet strike advanced, engulfing the demon and sending her out of the arena.

Danuja had won.
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-four

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Ikki watched the battle between Danu and Beelzebub on the Ashwood side of the arena, with his arms folded. Occasionally, he made a comment or a few on the constantly changing situation of the battle, but they ended up lost in the sounds of the fighting.

It was a victory, so at least that was in the bag. As the Saiyan queen returned to their side, Ikki spoke up:

“I would have tried to stop her transformation, if I were you.”

Danuja shrugged.

“Maybe I wanted to see how powerful she was gonna get.”

“You could ask her after the fight, if you were so itching to find out,” Ikki replied. “I mean, it’s just... winning is the first priority, you know?”

“But I did win,” Danuja returned. “Unlike you, that is.”

“You sure weren’t singing this tune when we were off against Tarragon’s team...” Ikki shot back with a faint scoff.

“Hey he cheated, using those people are meat shields. I wanted to kill them, but noooo.” Danuja threw up her hands in frustration.

“I wasn’t going to let people who were forced to fight for a mad man die.” Elizabeth replied back with Nymphaea nodding in agreement.

"Besides, either way, you lost to them. I had to pull through - and against the Doctor himself, stronger than any of his minions - to get us the victory," Ikki added with a faint grin, then glanced off towards the tournament ring.

"Well, at least it's one on one counting wins today. Would have been awkward if we started on an even worse start..."

“I supposed congratulations are in order,” a voice from behind them said. It was Beelezebub, still in her humanoid form. “That was the most fun I had in a long time.”

Nymphaea was weary seeing the Great Fly trying to be friendly after the fight but Elizabeth gave the albino noblewoman a charming smile.

“I’m surprised you would hide your beautiful form away inside a massive insect. Why do you do that?”

The demon shrugged.

“It’s more fun that way,” she answered. “Your grandfather speaks very highly of you, by the way, Princess, and because your friend proved so resilient, I think I’m going to give you some advice.” The Warden of Pestilence’s eyes flashed.

“Not everything here is as it seems.”

“I figured as much,” Ikki replied, calmly. It was relieving for him, however, that at least one member of Team Asmodeus took their defeat with stride. The last thing he wanted was a repeat of the Tarragon situation. “But I’m not sure if there is much that can surprise us after... all that happened so far.”

The Great Fly shrugged.

“Perhaps not,” she mused, her voice a little airy. “Still, take heed of the next matches.”

“Yeah, well, thanks for the advice,” Danuja replied to the demon. “I’m sure it will help the others.”

Elizabeth was thinking of what her warning could be about. Nymphaea noticed that on the other side she saw Satan gazing at the group. No, he was gazing at her and her sister intently.

Nymphaea felt a chill come down her spine.

“Why is he looking at us? He fought against Ikki and won.”

“Probably because he’s a gross pervert,” Danuja told her.

Nymphaea shivered at the thought but Elizabeth gave her a glare before looking up.

“Actually the real pervert is that eye bat demon who is using magic to see you naked right now.”

Elizabeth pointed at the large eye like demon with tentacles and two large membranous wings. The demon was spooked when Elizabeth pointed it out and the demon began to fly away.

“Yeah you better run!” Danuja yelled after the demon, before she picked up a rock and threw it at the being as it flew away. She turned over to Liz. “How long did you know about that?”

The witch smirked. “When you pretty much called Satan a perv. But I’m not surprised he did what he did. You are becoming popular with some demons.”

“Can you blame them?” the cocky Saiyaness said with a smirk. The Great Fly, meanwhile, stifled a laugh.

“In any event,” the demon said, “I’ve said what I came for, I should make my leave, princess,” Beelzebub said with a bow towards Liz. Elizabeth would wave off the Great Fly. In truth she rather not have the bow but she knows that is ancient protocol and she can’t do much to go against it.

Nymphaea looked at the retreating demon and unleash a bolt of electricity at it. The group would hear the demon screaming as the bolt manage to hit it.

“I’m wondering something. Why you joined in this tournament?”

Beelzebub looked at the Saiyaness up and now.

“I wanted the chance to fight strong opponents once more,” she began. “Lord Asmodeus has also promised the members of the winning team a gift, outside of the Fruit that will consecrate the next ruler of Pandaemonium. In truth that reward means little to me, but I came here as a favour to Asmodeus.”

“A favour?” Nymphaea asked. “What did he do to make you agree to a favour?” the Saiyaness was interested in trying to understand more about the demon lord who was the leader of the enemy team.

“Oh, it’s a terribly long story,” Beelzebub replied with a chuckle. “But I, along with Satan, Lucifer, and Belial helped Asmodeus become the King of Dis long ago and started building the Kingdom of Panaedomium. He helped me afterwards after a battle I had with another demon lord, Pazuzu. Now, that was a wonderful war!” the Great Fly remembered with obvious glee. She shook her head. “That was aeons ago, before you Saiyans even crawled out of the muck. I agreed to help Asmodeus out of gratitude.”

“Huh.” Nymphaea said in response. “In human years what you just said would make sis’s kingdom young since there was only two past rulers. I know you demons can live for a long time but hearing that really puts into perspective on your longevity.”

The Great Fly shrugged.

“Lords Asmodeus is as wise and powerful as he is ancient,” she told Nymphaea, before turning to Liz. “And he has planned this day for a long time.”

Elizabeth’s eyes narrowed. “Really now?

Beelzebub nodded. “Yes, so steel yourself, Princess, you will need all your powers to defeat him.” Without another word, the Great Fly's body dissipated into a swarm of flies that flew off.

Danuja blinked a few times.

“I’m sure she’s fun at parties.”
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-five Nymphaea vs Lucifer

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

During the Fight against Beelzebub…

“So what do you know about the fly monster Liz?” Nymphaea would ask her older sister as they would watch the Saiyan Queen prepare against Beelzebub.

Elizabeth frowned.

“Besides them being powerful? I heard they can control many types of insects both in this realm and others. They pretty much destroyed multiple legions of soldiers single handedly. Rumors say that hundreds of Saiyans fell to them and a few say a single Arocsian was killed as well but no one isn’t sure if that one is true. I heard a few rumors that I’m not sure are true or not.”

The two witches would see the fight begin and unexpectedly for Nymphaea the first blow from Danuja didn’t end the fight immediately, instead the Great Fly caught and was now beating her up.

“Yep. Saw that one coming. I knew the easy cruising wasn’t going to last long.” the cambion bluntly said as she saw the Saiyan queen struggling against the demon lord.

“Wait why did the fly say he will show her what a true queen is like?" Nymphaea asked.

The question would be revealed as the great fly revealed a transformation they were hiding and as the swarm of flies covered them the two witches could feel the power of the great demon grow. As the swarm dissipated they would see Beelzebub in new form.

“Well damn, that rumor was true.” Elizabeth said, surprised by the chance. “I’d hit that.” she added. Nymphaea was giving Elizabeth a look that was obviously telling her sister to control her succubus nature.

The fight was a grueling one for Danuja and in truth Elizabeth was thinking that the Queen of all Saiyans was going to be defeated but in the end it was a beam struggle that determined the victor of the fight which turned to be Danuja.

The two saw Danuja returning back to them as Asmodeus was using his powers to lift Beelzebub out of the rumble and onto a medical stretcher.

“That was awesome!” Nymphaea exclaimed.

“Not gonna lie. I thought you were going to get your booty slapped on the ring. But you proved me wrong.” she patted Danu on the shoulder. “I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

After the conversation with Beelezebub

Nymphaea was going to say more after the Great Fly left, but Katsumi would soon announce the next fight.

“The next match for the final rounds will be Nymphaea Ashwood vs Lucifer Morningstar!”

The crowd cheered as Nymphaea looked surprised at her bad luck.

“Oh come on!” she let out a sigh. “Why does the universe want to torment me today?” she shook her head.

She looked over at Ikki as her shoulders slouched down. “Well, looks like we both will be needing medical attention soon,” she said, before she hopped into the arena to face her opponent. Once she would reach the middle of the arena, a swarm of bats would descend from the sky, shrieking and howling until they would form the appearance of the refined and elegant demon lord.

“Nymphaea Ashwood, it will be a pleasure to duel you,” Lucifer would say, in an almost shockingly polite manner. The demon would bow to the Saiyaness. “And I must say, it is an honor to battle with one so lovely as yourself.” Nympaea would blush, surprised that the demon was hitting on her.

Nymph meekly replied. “Oh, thank you, Lucifer.” The Saiyaness was not sure what to expect, but having the infamous Lucifer not only hit on her, but being so polite, put her off balance.

The Demon Lord gave a flourish with his cape.

“I believe I owe you the first strike,” he would tell her. “Ladies first, after all.”

Nymphaea would cautiously nod her head before she would conjure up several mandalas. Then the mage would fire several fire balls out against the Lord of Destruction.

However, Lucifer would merely throw his cape in front of himself, absorbing the fireballs.

“How disappointing, I was expecting more from such a talented mage.”

Lucifer would thrust his arm out towards Nymphaea and all around her pillars of fire erupted from the ground, with more pillars appearing closer.

“Oh,” Nymph mouthed, as she jumped into the air before the final pillar hit her. Nymph would grit her teeth and set her sights on the demon as she charged forward.

“Take this!” she yelled, aiming to hit him in the face, but before she reached him, Lucifer disappeared, “Huh?” Nymph would say, until something hit her in the back. She would twist around, and see that it was Lucifer behind her, throwing fireballs at her. Nymph would quickly conjure another mandela, creating a shield to absorb Lucifer’s attacks. Moving quickly, Nymph would make a portal and jump through it, appearing in front of the demon as she threw a punch at his chest with everything she had.

However, Lucifer remained standing.

“A fine effort, but not good enough.”

Lucifer would clap his hands together and raise them above his head, slamming them down against Nymphaea’s shoulder. The force of the blow shattered the area of the arena around them, but Nymph’s eyes flashed blue as she transformed into her Super Saiyan state, momentarily stunning the demon as she karate chopped at his neck with both hands.

Again, however, Lucifer seemed little fased, as he merely threw a punch of his own against the Saiyaness, and Nymph would be sent flying through the air. Nymph quickly regained control of her flight, and would form yet another mandela, causing ice spears to rise out of the ground, impaling the demon in the process and trapping him.

“Die monster!” she would shout, as she thrust forward her hand. “You don’t belong in this world!” A mandele appeared, and a sphere of energy would be formed in front of it, as Nymph put her free hand over her eye.


The blast sent a shockwave throughout the entire tournament grounds, knocking over any loose objects and causing people to take shelter. A brilliant fireball and mushroom cloud appeared over where Lucifer was trapped, illuminating the area with radiant heat. When the dust began to settle, a massive hole was in the center of the arena, but Lucifer appeared completely fine, albeit covered in dust.

“Impressive,” he would tell the shocked Saiyaness. “A lesser demon would be destroyed, but I am no ordinary demon: I am Lucifer Morningstar!”

Lucifer would thrust his hand into the air, and as the skies darkened, red rain began to fall, burning anything that it touched. Nymph put up a shield to protect herself, as Lucifer’s body would dissolve, leaving behind a different form

“Oh no,” Nympha said, as she shot forward, throwing a punch at the monstrous demon. The blow sent shockwaves across the arena, but Lucifer followed up with a punch of his own, again she would be sent flying through the air. With speed that seemed impossible, the Prince of Lies jumped forward and reached the Saiyaness, grabbing her by the neck, and he took a bite out of her before he would throw her onto the ground of the arena. As Nymph put a hand on her wound, she would see portals appearing, with snarling demonic dogs coming out.

“You have to be kidding me,” Nymph said, charging up her aura as the dogs pounced on her. She dodged them, throwing energy attacks that destroyed them in fiery explosions, but one jumped on her back and bit her, and another grabbed her and bit her on the arm.

“Ouch!” Nymph yelled out, twisting around and throwing the two dogs off of her, as she finished them off with energy blasts. Not long after, however, a thick fog covered the area, and as Nymph looked around, a powerful punch knocked her off balance. The mist disappeared, and the monstrous Lucifer stood in front of her, grabbing her by the arm and throwing her down onto the arena floor, shattering tiles.

Nymph would grit her teeth, throwing her arms forward and sending twin energy blasts out at the demon prince. Lucifer howled in pain, as Nymph would then move to punch his head, sending him flying into the air. Now with momentum, Nymph shouted.

“Blueberry shocker!” A sphere of electrical energy formed in Nymph’s hands and she threw them up at the flying demon, elecotcuing Lucifer in a brilliant blue flash before he slammed down onto the ground of the arena.

“Did I win?” Nymph would ask, taking a moment to breathe. However, her breather wouldn’t last for long, as the Morningstar flew back into the air.

“Now I end this!” he shouted. “Demonic Megiddo!”

The ground around Nymph began to rumble, as the Super Saiyaness wondered what manner of attack this was, but she would not need to worry long before a dome of fiery magica appeared out of Lucifer, growing in diameter and destroying everything in its path. Nymph’s eyes grew wide, and she tried to fly away to escape the explosion, but the speed of the blast too proved much, as a vacuum formed, sucking Nymph in and trapping her in the explosion that would rock the entire arena.

When the blast ended, Nymph was knocked out, leaving Lucifer the winner.
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Gonna be honest, I literally have no idea how time passes in DB

A few more months had gone by, with Ovan having cashed in the large insurance payout, was able more than be able to afford all the amenities that a newborn would require. A large supply of diapers, baby clothes, toys, a crib, a baby monitor, among other things he'd need to babyproof the dojo. Which thankfully wasn't too much.

Ovan awoke as he had any other day. Grabbing something to eat for breakfast, and doing some quick mental math to keep track of how much progress he'd made in controlling his form. After some thought he'd guessed that he'd been able to push the time he could hold the form at it's peak to almost an hour. A considerable improvement over the few minutes he'd originally been able to hold it. Hopefully at some point he'd master it to the point where he could live in it if he wanted to. As he was doing his math, he sensed Anchovy's power level fluctuating a bit. Which was unusual. She wasn't fighting anyone, and wasn't in the gravity room. So, like any half decent husband, he rushed over to see her with a puddle not too far from where she was sitting. "Aw hell."

"Baby's coming." She said, gritting her teeth.

Ovan immediately dashed over, scooping her up in his arms and with his obscene speed, flew out through the main area outside. The feeling was something he'd never experienced before. A combination of excitement, fear, wondering how the hell he got into this mess, all the while flying through the air to the nearest hospital.

Hopefully being a father was less painful than his fight with Fuar.

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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-six Meroe vs Belial

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

“Nymphaea is out by knockout! Lucifer wins!”

Chants of “Hail Lucifer” erupted across the stadium as the demonic lord transformed back into his usual form, as some demons helped put Nymph onto a stretcher.

Elizabeth was biting on the nail of her thumb. In her mind she was now starting to worry. Two of her team’s best fighters were defeated with only one victory on their side.

She looked over at Meroe. She wanted to believe that her cousin can pull through but with how her luck has been in the tournament she was not sure if she can pull through her match.

If she fails then it won’t matter if she defeats her grandfather, they will still lose.

The Lamia returned Liz’s gaze.

“I can win, Elizabeth, you don’t have to worry,” the snake demon assured the cambion. “You go watch over your sister.”

The cambion still felt anxious but she heeded Meroe’s words and walked over to Nymphaea. When she was close to her sister she saw the damage down to her during the fight.

“I wonder if you are getting rusty Nymph?” she asked her even though she knows the Saiyaness won’t reply back “Or perhaps, your powers are diminishing the longer the longer in Maikai.” Elizabeth would feel someone approaching and turn around just as she heard a familiar voice speak.

“You are correct, Princess,” the Lord of Destruction told her as he approached and bowed politely. “Your friends are reaching their limit, at least in fighting terms.”

Elizabeth cursed internally as her fears were confirmed. “So Danuja winning was a miracle. At this point me and Meroe have to carry the team.”

“I am afraid so, Princess,” he said sadly. “Your chances of victory grows slimmer by the moment, and you must soon face the Lord of Terror, the Widow Maker himself.”

Elizabeth didn’t show any fear to the Prince of Lies. But in truth she would be sweating bullets if she lost any sense of control or was left alone.

“I will find a way to defeat him. Grandfather should have lost some of his power due to his old age. His endurance at least must be shit compared to his youth.”

Lucifer merely shrugged.

“Perhaps,” he conceded. “But a bit of advice,” Lucifer added. “Bur old age hasn’t slowed him down one bit,” he said with a slight smile.
“I bet grandma enjoys that fact.” she joked, trying to make some jokes to lighten up the dire situation her team is in.

“Just keep it in mind,” the dapper demon replied as he gave Liz another short bow and made his return to his comrades.

Meanwhile. Katsumi returned to the centre of the arena, despite it being partially destroyed.

“Now for our penultimate matchup!” the cat demon announced. “The Grand Duchess of Holodrum, Meroe of House Mephistopheles against the Watcher himself, Belial the All-Seeing!”

The demons shouted and cheered as the two demons met in the middle of the arena. Opposite of the Lamia stood the skeletal figure of of Belial, the Watcher.

“Lord Belial,” Meroe said, with a bow that the demon returned.

“Grand Duchess,” he replied. The two demons stared at each other for several moments, squaring each other up and seemingly formulating plans, within plans, within plans. Finally, Meroe moved first, dashing to the side and conjuring a fireball at her opponent. Belial, however, remained motionless up until the point where it would have struck. Then the Watcher leapt into the air and landed right where Meroe was headed.

“How did you--” Belial quickly grabbed the Lamia by the neck and began to squeeze.

“I’m the Watcher, Grand Duchess. I can see and hear things before and as they happen. That is how I protect Dis.”

Belial threw Meroe to the ground and flapped his wings. The demon hovered just above the ground.

“Nothing you can do will work against me. This battle was over the moment it began.” The demon began to smile. “I have never lost a battle, and I never shall.”

Unfazed, Meroe again attempted a fireball attack against Belial, but just as before the demon lord merely dodged and fired off an attack of his own against the Lamia. Mereo was struck by the blast and sent flying.

“Please, Grand Duchess, as a member of the royal family, I do not wish to harm you. Surrender now, and we call all avoid any more pain.” Belial landed back on the ground as Meroe scrambled, the snake demon gritting her teeth.

Meroe glanced to her comrades, and then to Liz specifically.

“I made a promise, and I tend to keep it.” Still, Meroe had to think, but even as she did, she could feel Belial’s gaze peering into her. She wasn’t a fighter, so how could she beat Belial?

Wait, if he is the Watcher, he has to have a big understanding of everyone in Dis…

“You are correct,” he replied to her thoughts. “I can read the minds of everyone here, all their thoughts, I can see,” Belial said proudly.

“Then have them think about this!” the snake shouted, as she undid the clasp of her top, exposing her chest to the entire stadium. In an instant, the crowd exploded as Meroe flashed herself, their shouts filled with licentious and salacious thoughts, so much it drowned all other thoughts and filled Belial’s mind with lewd imagery. The demon put her hands on his head in agony, as he couldn’t keep the thoughts of his head, long enough for Meroe to conjure and fire and attack that sent him flying through the air and landing in the stands.

Somehow, Meroe won.
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From the Desk of Prime Minister Toranosuke Yoshida

Postby Turkducken » Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:37 pm

Collab between Turkducken, Brittanania, Saint Morning, and Ranoria

Silver Palace, Silver City, Principality of Luna, Spring 506 AU

The Massacre at Omatt Square sent shockwaves throughout Earth and the wider Sol System. The Saiyan government, in control of Mars’ major news outlet, did their best at covering up the extent of the atrocities committed by the Honour Guard and Saiyan Defense Forces, but droplets of the news made it to Earth and public opinion shifted against the Saiyan government, especially within Earth’s Cabinet. After several weeks of negotiations and preparations, a date had been set for a summit regarding the situation.

Although Prime Minister Yoshida might have hoped to hold the summit on his turf, Arsle insisted that it be held in a neutral spot, and so Luna was decided, being the exclusive domain and principality of the House of Avernus. Various parties were in attendance representing the factions: Tora and his Cabinet representing the Earth and the Earthling colonists on Mars; Queen Mother Arsle and the Saiyan Council representing the Kingdom of the Saiyans; Generals Arashi, who incessantly fidgeted with his gloves, and Spicer representing the Planetary Trade Organisation; and Queen Serenity representing the Crown of Earth.

Heavy tension hung in the room, as they waited for Tora to start.

Slightly Before the Meeting…

Tora-san had arrived an hour early. Historically he was always tardy for official meetings, but this was not only one of the largest actions of his new Premiership but also far too grand and important to even risk being slightly late.

His fitted suit, still loose and baggy despite best efforts, clung to him awkwardly in a few places. Polite grey tones of his suit did their best to protect authority beyond his small frame. He never did recover all of the mass he had lost from the cancer. Reading glasses pocketed neatly in a front pocket. He attempted to comb his thin black hair back into place.

Honda, his beloved and trusted bodyguard, walked beside him in an equally ill-fitting suit. The tan colors doing their best to present formally, despite the man’s mass stretching every seam. Both making decent time across the vast Palace. Just before entering into the complex halls where the conference would take place, Tora-san would be waived down with a casual, “Yo.”

Suddenly paying attention to his surroundings, Tora-san recognized the person trying to grab his attention. A rather youthful looking Torhan, in formal dress uniform of the PTO, waved him down very casually. He made a slight face, not wanting to be late, but recognized that ideally this man would be his constituent too.

“Honda,” he turned, addressing his bodyguard, “go ahead into the meeting. Get everything set up for me would you?” He handed Honda his binder full of information and papers. Honda characteristically replied with a silent nod, stomping away to the meeting room.

Tora-san turned to the Torhan, “Yes hello,” he paused for a second and mentally counted the ranking insignia presented on the Torhan’s chest, “G-General.” he took a second to swallow, recognizing the only other General of the PTO present within Sol Space, “General Arashi isn’t it?”

“Yoshida,” the Tohran offered some semblance of a salute to the Prime Minister, “Before you head in there blind, how much do you know about the situation on the ground?” He never looked down to Yoshida, arms crossed and one finger tapping on his arm fervently, eyes locked on the door in front of him. “I do appreciate your being here though,” he added after a moment, “Higu spoke pretty highly of you.”

The Prime Minister tensed visibly at the mention of his fugitive protege. “Yes…” his gaze turning far away momentarily, “The late MP spoke highly of you as well.” his eyes focused on Arashi, “A rare mark of respect and friendship.” visibly uncomfortable with the subject, he pressed on, “Well.” he made a polite cough, “The protests on Mars are unfortunate, although I remain optimistic.” he elaborated carefully, not wanting to upset the Torhan, “What started as a simple request for dialogue between myself, as the new Head of Government, and the Saiyan Regency has blown into a full conversation about the future.” he carefully continued, “I’m happy to include the Torhans in this discussion. I know it has been hard for both your people, and the Saiyans, to lose your homeworld.” he expressed genuine sympathy, “I hope that all of us that now inhabit the Sol System can cooperatively forge a new future.”

“After what Arsle did, I’m not sure that’s possible,” Arashi’s finger stopped its incessant movement, “I don’t know what information you’ve been able to get your hands on, but the Saiyans attacked and slaughtered thousands of Tohran civilians, unprovoked. I haven’t been on world since that incident, but I can’t imagine it’s gotten any better.”

Arashi snorted, and his eyes turned back to the door, “I want to be clear though, I don’t represent the Tohran population in any capacity, I’m here as a general of the PTO.” He waved a hand in while he spoke to emphasize the point, “My people haven’t had any real leadership since our ruler was assassinated in the events leading up to Tohra’s destruction. With our being immortal, for the most part, we don’t exactly have a process for selecting a new leader.”

Tora-san forze, “A slaughter?” he questioned, “Are you sure? We’ve gotten scattered reports of Torhan protests and repression…” he trailed off, lost in his own swirling thoughts.

“I was there, Yoshida. They turned New Saiya into a veritable war zone. Arsle’s explanation was that her honor guard was “a little too rough.” The Tohran leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath, “The Tohran protestors they fired on were rowdy, but not violent from what information I gathered.”

Tora nodded silently and slowly. He quietly considered this information. Checking his watch for the time, he noticed with some displeasure that he was not going to arrive as early as he hoped. “General Arashi,” he spoke aloud, picking his words carefully, “although you don’t officially represent the Torhan in this meeting, may I ask you to stand in for them? We can go over details and find ways to better represent your people at a later date. But for now, can I ask you to speak on your people’s behalf?”

Arashi grimaced, and broke eye contact for a moment, “That’s not a throne I can pretend to, not in good faith.” His gaze turned back toYoshida, “No. The vast majority of Tohra hasn’t been too keen on me, not since I left the planet to join the PTO, and certainly not now that I abandoned them once this whole mess started. I’m going to have to trust you, and the others, have their best interests in mind.”

Tora-san shook his head, “We’re going to have to introduce concepts of representation and democracy to your people.” he disappointedly stated, “Nevertheless, can I ask you to testify what you’ve seen in that room? Having an open discussion about this is necessary. These are very serious allegations, but I have no reason to doubt their validity.” he moved to make his way into the meeting room, “I ask that you speak when called upon. Help me do right by your people.”

Arashi nodded, “That I can do,” Arashi extended a hand, still leaning against the wall, and the corner of his mouth came up ever so slightly “But I’m not sure how I feel about the whole democracy thing.”

“Ahem,” the polite start of Toranosuke Yoshida, the Prime MInister of Earth, began, “We are here in hopes to start a new dialogue for our collective peoples. Not only for our own destinies, but our collective one.” he stood firmly, projecting his voice despite his stature into the room, “We have all suffered separately. We should not suffer together.”

He sat, starting again as he changed gears, “Your Majesty,” he referred to Queen Serenity, “Thank you for holding this meeting on impartial ground. Your err…” he stumbled for a moment, “Highness,” referring to the Queen-Mother, “I would like to start by welcoming you to Luna. As well as offering you a formal greeting on behalf of the new administration of Earth.” he gave her a curt nod, deferring to either of the two Heads of State to take the floor.

Serena rose first, looking around the room and offered them a kind smile.

“The Prince Consort and I are very happy to host you all today,” the queen began. “And I shall be brief here; as sovereign of Earth and its territories, I see myself as a mediator here, to serve as a bridge between the Saiyan and Tohran peoples. I also wish to express my desire for a peaceful resolution to any conflicts they might have.”

After the Earth queen said her peace and returned to her seat, Arsle rose and looked around the room, with a gaze of a lioness on the hunt.

“I accepted the invitation to attend a measure of good faith only,” she started, “And perhaps as a favour to Spicer and Serena for their help in the past. I’ll be frank; the situation with the Torhans has been unfortunate, but I am confident that the current peace will last.”

With that, Arsle sat back down,and shifted her look on the prime minister.

Tora-san acknowledged the turn of conversation back to him, “Yes, thank you your Highnesses. I also have a great deal of hope peace will last.” he cleared his throat, looking just next to Spicer, where Arashi sat, “While the PTO is present in this meeting to observe, and possibly advise, General Arashi confided something…” he considered his words, rolling his tongue silently, “Something rather disturbing. Regarding the situation of the Torhan on Mars.”

He gestured to the Torhan General, “While it is very regrettable the Torhan have no formal representation to participate in this meeting. I will ask all parties present to oblige my indulgence of asking the General to share his tale to the room.” he motioned to Arashi that he had the floor.

The Tohran stopped his fidgeting as he stood up, making a quick and slightly annoyed glance at the Prime Minister for putting him on the spot so quickly. Arashi took a deep breath.

“As Yoshida said, I was there at Omatt Square, just after the attack,” Arashi started as he made sure not to look at Arsle or the Saiyan Council. “I got the call about violence down near the palace and got there just in time to see the aftermath of the Saiyan Honor Guard’s attack.” Arashi paused. “I’ve been a soldier for a long time, and I can say, it looked like the battlefields of the many planets I fought on.” Not willing to share anymore than he needed, Arashi sat back down.

The Prime Minister, with empathetic discomfort for the Torhan, spoke again, “Thank you General.” He turned to face the Queen Regent of the Saiyans, “As you assuredly understand your Highness, this is no light accusation. Presumably we can prove whether or not not the General was there, relatively easily.” he paused, trying to discern any reaction from the Saiyan Queen Mother, “As you are here, would you like to offer additional information on this supposed event?”

Arsle let out a slight smile.

“We can dispense with the platitudes, Mr Yoshida,” Arsle began. “Yes, the Honor Guard attacked the rioters...on my orders. I have nothing personally against the Tohrans, but they were creating a large degree of civil unrest. We did what we had to. Unfortunate, yes, but that was the reality.”

Arashi’s fist curled at her reply, eyes darkening in response, but he knew better than to snap back.

Tora-san considered the Queen-Mother’s admission for a moment. Silent and more than a little judgemental. He considered her scarred visage. Her jagged and sharp features. Marks of a soldier, a warrior. Finally he spoke softly, “Yes. I suppose it is.”

He reconsidered the purpose of the meeting for a moment. Pressing his digits together tightly in a neat steeple. The room was quiet, a few nervous breaths revealing the underlying mood. The Prime Minister broke his own imposed silence, “Would you even be open to cooperation? To a deference of power and influence?” His brown eyes gave her a hard look over his glasses.

Arsle shook her head.

“Mr Yoshida, you might have your position by some ways that are bizarre to my people, and to the wider universe, but there will be no power sharing on Mars beyond the Two Queen System. You can wax moral platitudes all you want. I’ve seen my homeworld and the man I loved most burned by the only other person I ever loved, at the time at least. I will not, and I cannot, let my people lose their new world because of a few upstart rocks, who are only on our world because of my daughter’s generosity.” The Queen Mother narrowed her eyes slightly. “Unless you would rather deal with my daughter. Because I guarantee you, whatever love she has for the Earth and your species, she will be far less inclined to negotiations than I am.”

The Prime Minister of Earth stood, glasses at the tip of his nose. “Three species are in this room.” he started, pushing the glasses back up the bridge of his nose, “Humans, Saiyans, Torhans,” he paused, turning away from the Queen-Mother and speaking more broadly to the room, “Three Peoples. Three Destinies.” he looked around at the collective representations of their people, “We don’t know each other. We have never known each other.” dramatically he gestured, his voice filling the room as he spoke a little louder.

“Yet, despite the cosmos itself, we are neighbors. We live together.” He pressed both hands together in a tight fist, “Whatever the universe had intended, by keeping us apart, is broken now. Thousands of lightyears apart and despite our differing biology, despite our histories, look around at each other.” the Prime Minister looked at each person in the room, “As we are, as of individuals in isolation, I’d be hard pressed to tell us apart.” He paused for a moment to let the room digest this.

“We are far closer together than we are apart.” He spoke in a general sense, hoping to be understood by the room, “I see a vision where we are unified. Where we are together.” He broke his balled hands, “Not through a brute force. Not through a hard assimilation.” He emphasized each syllable with care to highlight his point, “But a future of equality and cooperation. We can be greater together than we ever could be apart.” He looked at his own Queen, and then her consort, “Fate has strung us together, like pearls on a necklace. Far greater together than we would be apart.” He sat, letting his words linger in the air.

Arsle, however, started to laugh.

“No, no, I shouldn’t laugh, but, Mr Yoshida, how can you expect me to take you seriously?” The Queen Mother’s jovial attitude quickly dropped.

“Fate hasn’t brought us together, but the harsh reality of conflict.” Arsle gestured to the PTO delegation. “Empress Glacia and Queen Serenity have allowed us to live on Mars and to be its rulers under certain parameters. You talk of ‘equality’ and ‘cooperation’? Please, you have no understanding of what war truly looks like. No, unless you have a real plan, then I’m afraid I wasted my time here.”

“The Plan,” Tora-san started, coming off as a little short, “Is forming agreements of mutual cooperation and living between each party represented.” He spoke pointedly, “Building towards a new system of power between each of our people. One of equal representation and local authority.” He paused and gave the Queen-Mother a hard look, “Starting with the free movement of any and all of our peoples between worlds.” he gestured towards Serena, the Queen of Earth, “This may be something that needs moderating and negotiation. But I’m confident I have not only the internal support of my own government, but also our Head of State in this matter.”

“At present,” the Queen began, her words solemn. “At present, we have restricted Earthling immigration to Mars out of an abundance of caution, to prevent Earthlings from gravely outnumbering and therefore dominating politically the Saiyan, Tohran, and Namekian populations.”

Spicer nodded as he watched his wife speak.

“That was the agreement Her Majesty signed with Empress Glacia,” Spicer added, as he turned towards Tora. “I think you can understand that, given the volatile situation on Mars, immigration restriction has been a prudent measure.”

The Prime MInister sighed, “Understandably, it can’t run both ways. Especially given the situation that has been admitted to in the present. However,” He took a deep breath, “this is the foundation of a new way forward. A new structure of relation between our worlds and each other.” He faced Arsle again, “While the Torhans have no official representation here, it should be possible for them to leave Mars if wanted.” He turned back to Serenity again, “Earth is more than capable of taking in almost any amount of people, and we are capable of starting a new society at home.”

Arsle interjected. “The situation on Mars is stabilizing, what happened a few weeks ago was unfortunate, but the Saiyan military is taking care to restore order. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about leaving Mars when it’s a perfectly safe planet.”

“I hate to say it, Yoshida, but you gravely misunderstand my people.” Arashi shoulders were tense, each word almost mechanical as he made some effort to restrain himself, “They will never accept any sort of deal that doesn’t see them as the dominant party on Mars, and the idea of their leaving?” He snorted, “Those who leave are ostracized by those who remain. An--” he turned his gaze to Arsle, but just as he went to speak, he saw Spicer shake his head ever so slightly in the corner of his eye.

He glanced back to the Saiyan general, scowling, but bit his tongue and sat back. For all the politicians and eloquent representatives here, Arashi had never been one of them.

Tora-san sighed, “Yes...Thank you General.” He acknowledged Arashi’s input, “I understand that the situation on Mars is sensitive, but nothing should stand in the way of peace.” He insisted determinedly, “Not one species' ego or another. We’re all in this together now. No more room for that sort of base tribalism.” He looked back over to the Saiyan Queen-Mother, “While I trust the internal security of your world has the situation under control at the moment. I feel it necessary to push and ask that we commit, on paper, to solid assurances of movement for disaffected peoples.” He gestured from his seat to emphasize his point, “Surely you could understand why some Torhans, Humans, or even your own Saiyans would want to leave Mars? Even if it’s not permanent. I would appreciate assurances that nothing would prevent them from traveling.”

Arsle shrugged.

“I’ve made no intention of making Mars a prison world. Anyone is free to leave if they so desire, but don’t expect a welcoming party if you want to return.”

“So,” the Prime Minister started, “Can we get a commitment in writing?” He gestured to the moderators, “A document can be drafted later, with impartial oversight on the exact language, but can we get a commitment to guarantee these rights in writing?”

“Yes, I’m not opposed to that,” the Saiyaness replied.

Serena made a single clap with her gloved hands.

“Then I hope this is the start of a lasting peace on the Kingdom of Mars, and within the wider Sol System,” Serena said, as she looked over to her prime minister.

Tora-san nodded slightly, "The details can be refined and printed at a later date, but everyone in this room can serve witness to these talks." He stood from his seat with great energy and enthusiasm, "With the end of this meeting in sight. We can look to the future and see the first steps of our new path." With a small knock on the heavy faux wood of the table, the Prime Minister concluded, "With the signing of this agreement our path is clear. The future of Sol Space lies ahead. Let us seize it."
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New Saiya, Principality of Mars, 28 June 506 AU

It was a calm day in the Saiyan Capital of Mars. A few Tohran protests continued their rallies but for the most part, things have quieted back down in the months since the massacre at Omatt Square and the Lunar Summit presided by Earth's Prime Minister Yoshida. Saiyan soldiers and police were an ever-present sight since the attack, a reminder to the Tohran majority in New Saiya who reigned supreme on Mars, and most Tohran lived within the designated Tohran residential zoning area south of the city's downtown.

Within the zone, nicknamed Little Tohra, the Tohran population lived as they did in New Tohra City, albeit, with the knowledge that just outside of their walls, the Saiyans awaited them. Few, if any Saiyan police or military ventured out there, making it functionally a city unto themselves.

A group of Tohrans met in the basement of a small house. A dozen or so of them stood around a table with a map of the city.

“Brothers and Sisters,” a female Tohran known as Beryl announced. “After months of preparations, today marks the beginning of our freedom.”

A male nodded, named Da’ud

“Yes, everything is being put in place,” he added. “It took a bit of strong-arming, but Kohaku and I put the finishing touches on today,” Da’ud said, turning to the female on his left. Kohaku shrugged with confidence.

“It wasn’t terribly difficult, but the monkey police almost got in the way.”

“You better not have let them followed you here,” a male by the name of Jedite told her, with a raised eyebrow.

“No, your foul stench probably did,” she growled back.

“Hey, let’s keep this professional,” a feminine voice across the table called

“Let them fight it out now, Rachab,” a calm voice told her. “After today, fighting against ourselves will be pointless.

“Lapis is right, sis,” another Tohran said, as he leaned against a wall. The feline Tohran shot her brother a look.

“Very well, Salmah, but we should get back to business.”

Beryl nodded.

“Indeed. Now, thanks to Da’ud and Kohaku, we were able to coordinate with our fellow patriots, especially with the Tohran Restoration group and the Daughters of Tohra.”

“Of course, we’ll still be working independently,” Jedite was quick to point out, with a few nods of agreement.

“Yes, that was decided,” Kohaku said gravely. “Until the Grimoire is brought here, that is.”

“Assuming it even arrives,” Lapis added.

“It will,” Salmah assured him. “It has to.”

“In any event,” Beryl interjected, “what is done is done. After today, no regrets. Today, we are free.”

Red Palace, New Saiya

“And that should wrap up today’s Council meeting,” Arsle said with a bored sigh, as the various nobles rose from the table. “We’ll reconvene next week,” she told them, as they filed out, all save one.

“Lord Riki, is there something you wished to discuss?”

“There is, Arsle,” he said with a nod. Riki was one of the few Saiyans who was informal with the Queen Regent. A cousin and childhood friend of Arsle, the two had fought for many years together, and he was a close friend and confidante of the queen.

“Is it about the Tohran issue again?” she asked, raising an eyebrow as she sat on the throne. Riki nodded.

“It is, I just think that if we give the Tohrans a seat at the table--” Arsle put up a hand, and cut him off.

“We’ve been through this, Riki. If we give the gems even the slightest in, they’ll start pushing for more radical reforms. It’s enough that we allowed for greater movement between the settlements and other colonies in Sol, but more and more of them are flooding New Saiya.”

“Still, perhaps we can let a few on the council,” he added. “At least symbolically.”

Arsle seemed to consider his words.

“I’ll think about it,” she said after some time, her words less harsh. “In an advisory role, perhaps.” Riki nodded, with a slight smile.

“That’s all I’m asking, Arsle. Nothing more than that, at least until Chay is back.”

Arsle nodded.

“All right, Riki, I'll bring it up at the next meeting,” she told him. The Saiyan noble relaxed and bowed.

“Thank you, Arsle, I appreciate it.”

Streets of New Saiya

Lord Riki took his usual walk to his car, to take him to his house on the outskirts of New Saiya, along a row of manors built for the Saiyan nobility and Council members. The sun was just about to set on the Red Planet as the Saiyan noble waved at a few soldiers on standby.

“Going home, m’lord?” one asked. Riki nodded.

“Yes, and looking forward to it! You take care of yourself.”

“And you as well, m’lord,” he replied, as he saw Lord Riki enter his vehicle. As the Saiyan noble entered, the soldier heard a beeping sound and was then deafened by the “kaboom” of an explosion that ripped across Omatt Square. The soldier was pushed back by the sound and fury of the explosion, and all across the city, similar explosions rippled the streets.

In moments, Tohrans flooded the streets, some brandishing weapons, but most unarmed, attacking the Saiyan police and military. The centre of New Saiya was a scene of utter confusion as the cells opened their attack.

Minutes later, a broadcast opened up all across the planet, from a hacked news outlet.

“ I, Beryl of Clan Dragonstone, speak to all subjects of Tohra, sons and daughters of the Diamond! Today is the start of our liberation against our Saiyan oppressors. We will trample across Mars until we are free from the Saiyans and until they are eliminated from Mars!”
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-seven Liz vs Asmodeus

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Meroe returned the clasp on her top and slithered off of the arena and back to the rest of Team Ashwood, amid the cheer and howls of the crowd. The Lamia soon reached the rest of the team, and Danuja gave her a pat on the back.

“I can’t believe you actually pull it off,” the Saiyaness said in disbelief.

“Neither can I,” the snake demon said with a sigh.

Elizabeth gave her cousin a smirk. “I didn’t think you were the wild type. I wouldn’t have thought of just showing off my goods for the world to see.”

Lamia blushed.

“Well, it was a split moment decision. Belial gave me an opportunity, and I took it.”

“What works, works,” Ikki blurbed under his breath, briefly, before turning towards Elizabeth. “Well, it all is going to come down to the last match. Whoever wins it, wins the entire tournament.”

Danuja nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, it comes down to Liz and her gramps,” the Saiyan Queen said as she folded her arms across her chest. “We came so far, all to come down to one match.”

Flashing a faint frown, Ikki walked up to the demon princess directly, stopping right in front of her for a personal conversation.

“I’m... not sure if there’s anything I can say to help when so much pressure is on the line... You’re all right, right? It’s not getting to you?”

Liz looked at Ikki up and down, and her previous smirk would fade.

“I try not to think about it, but…” Liz would stop for a moment. “This is really it. Asmodeus, my grandpa, he’s more powerful than anything we’ve faced in Maikai.”

"I could only imagine..." Ikki replied, turning silent for a moment as well, as his thoughts went back to their first confrontation with the demon. "But... this might come as cliché, but I'm sure you will pull it off."

The Saiyan smiled. "And besides, no matter what, there's no reason to be afraid, you know? If you can do it - you will. If you cannot - nobody will fault you for doing your best. I certainly won't."

Elizabeth gave him a small smile. “Thanks for that. I needed to hear that.” she said. “I’m glad that you still believe that I can win this even when at times I’m not sure if I can win. I just wish I had more of a chance to show that year of training we did paid off a lot. But most of the important matches have only been getting my butt kicked. First by a sheep and then by a brainwashed martial artist. I honestly wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking I would lose this match after those two.”

“Yeah, I can tell why it would be frustrating...” Ikki replied. “Especially when the stakes are so high. But that’s all the more reason to not have it let you down, right? If you let your past defeats get to you, then you’re already setting yourself up for another one. Everything is going to be alright, I promise you - I’ve never been so sure in you before.”

Pausing for a second, glancing away to the side with the faintest blush, the Saiyan continued. “...and if you win, I’ll bake you a thousand chocolate pancakes.”

Elizabeth would let out a chuckle at what Ikki promised her. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe this time I will break that cycle and win. But you better keep your end of the deal, hero.” Elizabeth would stand on the tips of her toes as she leaned forward to kiss Ikki on the cheek.

“Wish me luck.” she whispered into his ears as she undid her hair and handed the red thread to the Saiyan before she moved away and began to walk to the arena.

In her mind she was thinking of what Ikki said. But in the back of her mind something was also playing back. Something she prepared herself for before the next match was announced as she knew that she would eventually be called to face her grandfather after they passed the semi-finals...

The Night Before

After everyone already went to their rooms, Liz would wander into her water closet. The cambion was feeling tired from the stress of the day, from her cousin’s kidnapping and torture to the battle against Tarragon’s mind controlled servants, and she would need some time to unwind.

Liz would splash some water onto her face, hoping to clear her mind, when she heard laughing.

“Hello?” she would ask, to no response. Elizabeth would turn the faucet off, and the laughter continued. Annoyed, she opened the door.

“Nymph, are you messing with me?” she called out, but again, no one answered. Frustrated, she closed the door and would begin finishing washing her face when the laughter grew loader.

“Who is there?” Liz would finally ask as she looked up from the sink but instead of her reflection staring back, it was her draconic form looking at her.

“I’ve always been here, Elizabeth,” the dragon would answer her with a smile. Liz rolled her eyes.

“What are you, four?” she would ask the dragon. “If you have something to tell me, just tell me. I had a long day and could go without the cheesy horror routine.”

The dragon would merely shrug.

“I’ll cut to the chase, then. You can’t beat Asmodeus.” Liz frowned.

“Says who?”

“Says me, says you, says everyone in the tournament...even your friends.”

“What’s the supposed to mean?” the cambion sneered as the dragon chuckled.

“Oh Liz, we can be honest with each other. After all, we share the same body. I know your thoughts and memories. I know how much of a liability you’ve been to your friends, in the past, and in this tournament. Always needing saving, never being strong enough.”

“‘I’m not listening to this,” Liz finally said, as she started to walk towards the door.

“How you weren’t strong enough to save your mother.”

Liz stopped, just before she reached the knob. Slowly she turned and looked at the dragon’s smiling face.

“What did you say?”

“You weren’t strong enough to save your mother. Hell, you weren’t even strong enough to save your mages, or even defeat me. But things are different now.”

“Different how?”

“Different because I’m here.”

Liz would feel the blood drain from her face, a cold sweat starting. The dragon’s smile grew wider.

“I can help you beat Asmodeus, help you become strong enough to win this tournament, and to prove to that Saiyan you aren’t worthless, to give you the power to make him confident in you.”

Liz would gulp, feeling her mouth grow dry.

“What do you want? I know nothing comes free.” Amatsu’s smile faded.

“Ah, well, nothing major, of course…”

Liz walked up to the center of the arena where her grandfather awaited her. Asmodus had his hands behind his back as he gave his granddaughter a wide grin.

“Elizabeth my dear. I’m glad to see you managed to reach this far in the tournament. I was afraid I arranged all of this and we would never meet at the final round.”

Elizabeth moved her fingers through her long hair before flipping it back. “It would be a cold day in hell before I let anyone else face you at the end. I made it my mission to regain my rightful place as the empress of Pandaemonium and I won’t let anyone stand in my way, not even you.”

The older demon let out a chuckle as he brought his hands out to his sides.

“Excellent. That is what I want to hear.” he turned to Katsumi. “You may want to leave the arena ma’am. Neither me nor my granddaughter are planning on holding back and we can’t promise not to harm you during the fight.” the older demon warned.

The catdemon looked confused.

“But, my orders are to--”

At that moment a demon flew down to the arena and handed something to Katsumi. The demon read it silently before she let out a yell.

“What?” she said. “This is an order from the Committee...this battle will be to a knockout, no ring outs…”

Katsumi looked over at Asmodeus and blinked.

“I...I understand…” she sheepishly said, as she started making her way to the stands.

Once the nekomata was away from the arena the older demon would have a dark aura surrounding him which made Elizabeth take a stance as she was preparing herself for an attack.

The aura would begin to move down to his left arm as he raised it up, his left hand now being above his head with both his pointer and middle finger raised.

Elizabeth would sense what sort of attack Asmodeus was going to unleash as she quickly conjured a barrier around herself as a black and purple flash would blind everyone, followed by a loud blast as the ground shook and a shockwave would hit everyone and blow dust and debris everywhere.

“Ah shit,” Danuja yelled as the blast made it their way. The Saiyan Queen moved into a battle stance and sent a wave of energy to block the incoming blast.

“Ikki, give me some help here!” she called out amid the explosion.

“On it!” the fellow Saiyan yelled back, running forward and stretching his hand out to aid the blocking wave. Almost immediately, his body began to ache again, the exertion getting to him - but with his teeth clenched and eye closed, he stood nonetheless.

Come on, Liz, hang in there...

The audience would see nothing but a large dust cloud where the arena stood.

But as the cloud began to disperse everyone would find the old demon floating over the crater that was once the arena. Standing away was Elizabeth still in her bubble of dark magic.

“That was too close. If I had reacted to that a seconds slower that attack would have gotten me.” Elizabeth saw her grandfather had his hands behind his back once more, giving her a grin.

“Now with the arena gone we can toss aside the silly rules of the tournament and fight without restraints. Show me and everyone here what a cambion can do.”

Elizabeth knew that even with that demonstration her grandfather was still holding back. Asmodeus would raise his staff and she would see the ground beginning to shift and move around as the hole was filled with new earth.

Once the hole was gone the wizened demon would float back down.

“If you want me to go all out, then how about you stop holding back old man. You were barely using any of your power before.”

Asmodeus let out a chuckle.

“I see you noticed. You are right. I’ve been holding back throughout this whole tournament. I was just waiting for the right moment to unleash my full powers. I’m glad that you would be the one to see them my dear granddaughter. For our powers are quite similar.”

The demon lord would toss his staff away. “I no longer have any use for that trinket.” he stated as he put his hands to his sides, clinching them tightly as he began to scream, the dark aura flaring out.

Elizabeth felt that now would be a good time to attack him. But she knows that while it was the most effective and reasonable option it would be seen as to many a cowardly tactic. If she wants to prove to everyone that she has every right to rule she needs to face her grandfather in his full power.

Whatever that will entail.

Something isn't right." Elizabeth heard Amatsu say in her head. "This power. This power almost feels like..." Before the dragon could speak the old demon would thrust his hands above his head and a flash of black light would come out as his aura spilled throughout the arena, the spot where he stood unleashing a beam of dark energy that tore through the stadium roof.

Elizabeth was engulfed by the aura as it crashed against the wall like a tidal wave. The demons that were "splashed" by the aura all screamed as their bodies began to blacken and break down to ashes. The ground began to shake as black lightning can be seen coming down from the heavens as the winds howled like the damned, threatening to tear the buildings of Pandemonium off their foundations and send every demon hurling to wherever the cruel winds will take them.

Within the sea of darkness the group was surrounded by a dome of arcane energy. Sitting upright was Nymphaea who was awoken by the surge of power and quickly cast a spell before the aura consumed them.

"What's happening?!" she asked the two Saiyans.

“You tell me...” was all Ikki could answer with.

In a flash, Jalid and Glacia appeared next to Nymph, as Danuja reached their position.

“Asmodeus is about to show us why he is so feared,” Glacia told the Saiyans. “He is showing us his true power, that he locked away.”

Nymphaea gulped as she could feel the terrible power spilling out from the demon lord. She dreaded to see just how powerful the old demon is now.

“I had a feeling he was holding back a lot,” Ikki spoke up, his eyes staring off at the center of the demonic aura, beyond the magical dome. “But this... is something else.”

The pillar of dark energy would disappear, right around the same time the ground would stop shaking, the howling of the winds stopped. The dark tide would stop crashing against the audience stands as it began to retreat away. As the ground was being exposed everyone could see that the ground has become barren and charred; as though the vital force was sucked dried and in its place was the charred, cracking, husk. The two teams were revealed to have survived by being encased in barriers of magic and when the former arena site was finally revealed everyone was shocked at the results.

Elizabeth stood on the arena in her dragonic form completely unharmed by the dark aura. But the real surprise was Asmodeus.

What was once a powerful, but still wizened and ancient demon, one who was past the point of prime to most, was now standing tall and confident. His youth had miraculously returned to him.
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Red Palace, New Saiya, Principality of Mars, 28 June 506 AU

“The terrorists are mixing in with civilians in the residential areas,” a Saiyan commander stated, as he pointed to a holographic map of New Saiyan, gesturing specifically to the Tohran Residential Zone. “And our mounting resistance against us, although they pose a minimal risk to our concentration of forces.”

Arsle slammed her fist on a table, splintering the metallic surface.

“Minimal risk? Tell that to Lord Riki and the others slaughtered!” she shouted.

The other officers winced in fear, but one officer managed to continue.

“We managed to push the cells back to the Residential Zone and have the area surrounded. The Honour Guard should be able to handle the rest.”

Arsle, however, seemed less than pleased.

“I want them all wiped out,” she seethed in fury. “None will be left alive, do you understand? None!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Tohran Residential Zone, New Saiya

“How are things on your end?” Da’ud asked as he landed next to Beryl. Sounds of battle erupted around them, from explosions to energy attacks. The Tohran leader removed her blade from the Saiyan corpse, her body drenched in his blood.

“About as expected,” she laconically replied. “What’s the situation report?”

“Kohaku and Jedite are still helping to evacuate civilians to the safe zones, and Rachab and Salmah are holding the front line.”

“How much time do we have?” she asked, as she wiped her blade down. Da’ud shrugged. “An hour at most. Either we drive them back here, or we’ll need to flee. Any longer than that and the civilians will be put into too much risk.”

“Then we make our last stand here,” Beryl replied, standing up straight. “They’ll need to keep this quiet for now, and with attacks happening in the other Saiyan settlements they can’t spare any reinforcements. We can beat them.” Da’ud nodded.

“All right, we fight and we win, for Tohra.”

AEGIS Mars Branch HQ, outside New Parsley City

Director Rory Kuznetov looked at the files presented to her and the woman can already tell that some heads are going to roll after what she just read. The reports were coming in of uprisings across the Saiyan-run colonies

“I know allowing those aliens to stay in our home system was going to bite us.” the woman took a drag from her cigarette. When she blows smoke out from her lips she looked up at the wisps of smoke that hung in the dimly lit room.

“The Saiyans are barely civilized, to begin with. They are nothing more but a pack of nomadic barbarians raping and pillaging whoever they pleased, little surprised they almost wiped each other out when the king found out that he wasn’t satisfying his wife in the bedroom. The Tohrans are so far up their own asses it’s a miracle they all haven’t collapsed into black holes earlier than they did.”

Rory would smother the cigarette down on the ashtray. The black item had a screaming face stretched out on the side facing the members of the human side of the Martian government. The old men and women were unnerved by both the macabre item and the general vibe they felt from both the building they were in as well as the woman who was the director.

They all knew that Elizabeth had a habit of building her bases in sites that were pools of arcane energy but this location felt off. It was as though they felt as the building held barely restrained malice directed at them.

None of them would be aware that the building they were in was in fact alive. A structure made during the early days of Martian colonization and was occupied for a time until it was abandoned when the capital city was completed.

Somehow arcane energy was drawn to the building and the magic caused it to become awakened. This awakening caused the building to grow resentful towards humanity and all lifeforms that remind it of the creators that made and abandoned it.

Even though now it was occupied the building’s resentment has now made it that it refuses to accept humans back. So they bound the building to their will so it will not kill them. It still doesn’t stop the house from resisting by creating a few odd supernatural phenomena.

“We have tried our best to send out as much as we can make on Earth to get reinforcements for the escalating violence but so far we have heard nothing.”

The director sighed. “We shouldn’t rely on Earth to save us. The Saiyans have every intent on cutting us off from the Earth so they can commit their genocide without interruption. By the time those windbags on Earth get off their lazy asses to do anything every single Tohran in existence would be wiped out.”

If what happened with Tora was anything to go buy it would seem right now they want everyone to get along and settle their differences in peace.

A laughable concept really.

The Saiyans were bred for war and conflict. Peace is anathema to their being.

The Torhans view themselves as perfect beings and arrogantly believe that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter.

These two races were never meant to be on the same planet and now the same politicians who caused this mess are trying to pitifully fix their mistake without doing the most sensible thing and either removing one of the aliens or both of them from Mars.

None of them will ever resolve things peacefully. The Torhans won’t stop until their demands are met and the Saiyans pay for their crimes, while the Saiyans want to stay dominant even if it means they kill everyone else.

All while every Terran on the planet is caught in the crossfire.

“Are you suggesting we act without any commands from Earth?” one of the politicians asked. Flabbergasted by the idea of what is in their mind them going rogue.

“Precisely. We should have done this sooner. Those damn monkeys need to be put back in their place. I have no love for the Tohrans but they are the victims in this mess. More importantly, this war is threatening the lives of Earth citizens. That alone is more than enough reason for us to get involved.”

Rory would get up from her seat. “You all can try to get through to Earth. But as of now, the Martian branch of AEGIS is operating on its own. We’re gonna bring an end to this pointless war one way or another.”

Just as one of them was going to object to AEGIS acting on its own he would become silent as Rory drew out a sword.

“Now if you excuse me. I have a war to end,” she told them as she walked out of the office.

The ashtray began to let out moans as they were now left in the room. Blood began to ooze down the walls.
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"Why is he crying again?" Arashi winced as Hugo's crying turned to squalling for a moment, and the poor grunt he'd assigned to watch the poor kid waved his hands in the air.

"I don't know! Diaper's fresh, I made sure he was provided with plenty of toys, his pacifier, all of it!" Arashi - who had been holding Hugo at arm's reach, clicked his tongue and cradled the Solarian infant, who calmed down at least for a moment. "Did you try giving him a bottle?" He met Hugo's eyes, flashing the kid a grin, while reaching into the refrigerator for milk, "Kid's growing, probably just hungry." He skillfully pulled a bottle off the rack in his kitchen, filled it almost all the way, and screwed a cap on it within seconds before plopping the bottle into an overdramatic child's mouth.

"And happy baby." He glanced up at the poor mook he'd hired to take care of his charge. "Rookie mistake on your part. Now, how was he?"

The clearly exhausted alien snapped up to attention, saluting her superior, "This is the fourth time he's cried today, for a total of approximately sixteen minutes. We spent three hours outside, which he seemed to enjoy, and his two naps lasted for three hours on the dot. His eyes also appeared to change to red a half dozen times throughout the day." She looked up for a second, as if she was trying to remember any other important details, "Admittedly I forgot to give him stuffed doll before his first nap, which accounted for a few minutes of his crying."

Arashi nodded, his eyes glancing over to the stuffed doll replica of an Arcosian. He'd gotten it on New Namek what seemed like forever ago, and had let the kid play with it in a pinch early on. Now, Hugo had grown attached and that was that.

"No problem, I appreciate the help. Tabella and Kyotu couldn't be bothered today." Arashi watched Hugo the whole time, the ornery little guy now at peace with a soon-to-be full belly. "You can go, just make sure to log the extra hours. I'll make sure to let you know next time I need you to take him." He waved off the mook, "Now scram."

"No problem, gets me out of training and busy work," the grunt replied before making her leave.

"Look at that, you're like, halfway to flying already," Arashi remarked as Hugo rolled over from his back to his belly, then proceeded to shuffle on the floor towards a stack of plastic rings. Hugo made a couple of unintelligible noises in reply and pushed himself to a sitting position before pulling one of the rings off to gnaw on it. "Yeah, that works too."

Hugo patted his face affectionately, Arashi grinning in appreciation of the slobber-covered palm on his face, "Thanks buddy, just what I wanted, how'd you know?" Hugo replied with something completely unintelligible, watching the Tohran intently while continuing to put wet his teeth - figuratively for now - on the plastic toy.

"Nah, a little to young to train just yet," the general ruffled Hugo's still very whispy hair, "We'll have plenty of time for that when you're a somewhat functional organism. We'll stick to rings and dolls for now, sound good?" Hugo, of course, didn't respond, and Arashi took another ring from the pile, stacking it on Hugo's head. He was confused for a moment, and offered a quick squeal once the ring fell off his head before reaching for it.

"Great game," Arashi muttered as he repeated the process.
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Collab with Saint (at the end)

Tohran Residential Zone, New Saiya, 28 June 506 AU

The battle continued to rage inside the Residential Zone, as the Tohran forces, seemingly trapped, prepared for their final assault against the encroaching Saiyan forces. Either they made their breakout here and saved the revolution, or died to inspire others.

As the Tohrans advanced, the commanding Saiyan officer, a veteran warrior who served with King Scall for many years directed the defenses, a little amused the Tohran guerillas were coming out for a final push.

"Oh, the gems are coming out to play," he said with a smirk. "Very well, I'll indulge them!"

From inside a safe house, Beryl their last preparations to make their breakout.

"All right, squad P-4, advance to coordinate Echo 5," she ordered, as the forces moved out.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Da'ud's voice rang out over her scouter, as he and his squad let the opening assault. Beryl offered a slight smile. If things went according to plan, if the Saiyan commander was a cocky as intelligence said...

"The enemy has opened their attack, Lord Shallot," an officer informed his commander. The Saiyan unfolded his arms.

"Very well, smash those gems to pieces!" He shouted with a flurry of her hand.

"Da'ud, hold Echo 5," Beryl told her subordinate. Over the static from the scouter, the round of battle rung in her ear, until the male Tohran called back in.

"We gave them hell, they shouldn't be trying that again," he reassured Beryl, as she gave a sigh.

"Very good, then squads R-1 and R-2, maintain distance on the enemy centre," Beryl instructed. "Draw them back to sector Foxtrot."

"Roger!" Salmah and Rachab's voices said in unison. Beryl pressed a button on her scouter, shifting the map on her HUD.

"B-7, open fire towards in t-minus 10 seconds. P-4 will continue its barrage."

"Wilco!" Kohaku cheerily said over the scouter.

Now let's see how they respond, Beryl thought as she crossed her arms.

"My Lord, we've lost contact with Lady Rota's advance team!" A panicked Saiyan yelled behind him.

"What?" Shallot's voice boom. "What do you mean we've lost contact?"

"Lord Gula's team has gone dark too!"

"An ambush?" Shallot demanded.

"I'm not sure, but something isn't right!"

The Saiyan warrior slammed his hand against a table smashing it to pieces.

"Bring in elements of the Honour Guard against their flank."

"But that will break the encirclement," another commander reminded him.

"I'm aware, but these soldiers have no idea what real war is," he sneered. "We need the Guard to show these uppity gems the true meaning of fear."

"That was even stupider than I thought," Beryl muttered, pressing her scouter once more.

"Lapis, you and Jedite are up," she told the pair with a smile. "N-2, continue towards Hotel 7. N-1, take out the squad at Alpha 6. Da'ud, advance forward take out the bridge, and close down their advance route."

The three Tohrans and their squads advanced towards the Saiyan positions, taking the Honour Guard unawares. In minutes the Saiyan forces, previously encircling the Residential Zone, were in complete disarray.

At the Saiyan FOB, Lord Shallot could not believe the reports coming in.

"There is no way a bunch of rocks could beat us!" he roared, taking off his scouter and smashing it to pieces, fuming as he made his way towards the door.

"Lord Shallot, where are you going?"

"To teach these greenhorns a lesson in combat. Have everyone else pull out."

"Beryl," Jedite's voice cracked over the scouter. "The Saiyan commander is coming out, as you said."

"Good," the Tohran leader said with a grin. "It's time we finish this and get out of here." Beryl picked up her swords and headed out towards the door. What greeted her was the scene of a city in ruins, bodies of Saiyan and Tohran alike. Beryl gave a slight prayer to the fallen, letting the images seared into her mind as she caught sight of the lone Saiya warrior.

"Are you the Tohran leader," he called out to her. Beryl gave no answer, merely removing her blades. Shallot landed a few metres from her.

"I will give no quarter to you," the Saiyan declared. "On my honour as a Saiyan Elite, you will die here." Shallot charged at Beryl at full speed, the Tohran female standing her ground as in a flash he was on her, but with two quick movements of her blades, his head rolled to the side, and Shallot's headless corpse fell limp at her feet.

Silver Palace, Luna

Spicer walked from the bathroom back into his bedroom, rubbing a towel over his wet hair. Serena was already sitting in the middle of their bed, reading a book of some variety, seemingly taking a moment to relax after a long day.

Seeing Spicer, Serena put down her book and flashed a smile.

"Hey," she told him, moving over slightly towards on side of the bed.

"What are you reading," Spicer asked as he made his way over to his side, giving Serena a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, just a recent history of the Unification War," Serena replied. "It's actually pretty good."

"How Avernus and Edelgard, the Royal Twins, championed over their foes," Spicer said.

Serena raised an eyebrow, albeit, one with a smile.

"You're catching on with Earth history," the queen said with an impressed air.

The Saiyan gave a slight shrug.

"I try to keep up," he returned with a smile. "We can learn a thing or two, about dealing with current political issues."

"Well, at least Prime Minister Yoshida is a man of integrity," Serena said. "Maybe the first Prime Minister in a century with any."

"He's a good man, I'll give you that," Spicer conceded. "Although he has strange ideas."

Serena gave a slight chuckle.

"I don't disagree, but he's an optimist, and he tries his best. How successful he'll be, well, the Sovereign is to be advised, not to advise," she gave Spicer a wink.

At that moment the phone rang, startling both of them.

"Who could be calling at this hour?" Serena asked.

Spicer, meanwhile, jumped up and answered the phone.

"Yes, hello?"

"Who is it?"

"It's Mars," Spicer said solmenly, as he put the phone down. "There's been another attack."
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Postby Naval Monte » Fri Apr 30, 2021 10:12 am

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-seven Liz vs Asmodeus, part 2

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

That’s Asmodeus?” Danuja asked, dumbfounded, as she saw the restored Demon Lord. His power was overwhelming, clearly the most powerful being they had yet encountered in the Demon Realm. Meroe nodded gravely.

“Yes, my grandfather as he was in his youth,” the Lamia told the Saiyan Queen, her voice a mix of shock and pride..

“But how could he regain his youth without something like the Dragon Balls?” Danuja cut in. “It doesn’t seem possible.”

“There are other ways,” Glacia said, her airy voice filled with mystery. “Ways lost to mortals, perhaps.”

Elizabeth gave the new form her grandfather was in a steely look. Yet everyone around was surprised. Even from behind his own teammates were shocked by the transformation.

“So you were never as old as you made yourself to be grandpa?”

The demon lord put down his arms. “No. I locked my powers away but I had to discover another means to regain my youth as in my old state my full power would have harmed me.”

Elizabeth was curious about what her grandfather found that can restore his youth. She would begin to stretch out her neck, making popping noises as she did so.

“You can return back to being a fetus. That won’t stop me from defeating you.”

Elizabeth would disappear and before anyone can comprehend where she went they would see her floating in front of her grandfather. The formerly elderly demon blocking her fist with his hand. “If that is the case, Elizabeth.” he would begin to squeeze on her hand, making Elizabeth hiss in pain.

“Prove it.” he would pull Elizabeth forward and head butt her directly on the forehead. The impact rattled her to the point that she couldn’t defend her from the fist that would hit her on the abdomen, knocking the air out of her.

But Asmodeus would not relent as he would charge his hand with dark energy and unleash a powerful blast that would send Elizabeth flying to the barrier. Elizabeth would shatter through the barrier and crash into the wall.

Elizabeth would flutter her eyes as she tried to regain her vision and remove the blurriness she was seeing. As her eyes began to focus she saw her grandfather flying straight towards her.

Alarmed she would push herself off the wall and stomp her feet on the crater and push the lower half of her body up and land on top of the wall. She would jump up in the air as Asmodeus would tore a hole through the wall with his fist.

He looked up and saw her charging a mixed Ki and Magic energy ball with one hand over her head.

“Morningstar Strike!” she shouted as she unleashed the attack at him. Asmodeus simply deflected the attack with his hand, sending it flying back at her team without realizing it.

Elizabeth turned her attention to the attack and was going to fly over to stop it when she heard someone chanting loudly. The chant seems to catch Asmodeus attention as well as he didn’t use this chance to attack Elizabeth.

The chanting would produce a drop of light that would come down in front of the group. The light was in the form of a teardrop. But from the teardrop many brilliant white angelic wings would unfurl out from the drop and envelope the group as the energy attack was absorbed by the wings.

The wings would begin to break down into feathers of light as the group would find a new member among them.

“That was a close call, huh?” Lalia said, the sheep giving them a goofy smile.

“To think we were saved by dinner,” Danuja muttered. Ikki offered no response, only glanced towards Lalia for the fraction of a second before returning his attention to the ongoing battle - the one thing which mattered to him.

Elizabeth would let out a sigh of relief. However short lived that relief was.

Because she quickly felt her grandfather unleash several beams at her. Elizabeth would respond with her firing off her own beams to defend against the beams aimed at her. As the two attacks met they would produce explosions that would cause flashing lights and smoke clouds that would make visibility poor.

But from the clouds Asmodeus barrelled towards the cambion. Elizabeth would fire off a few Ki blasts but like before he simply swept them away, the blasts hitting the audience. Asmodeus would charge his fists with arcane energy and send both of them out.

Everyone would see Elizabeth being hit by something invisible as she was sent flying up to the ceiling as Asmodeus was charging for a beam.

Asmodeus would not need to wait for long to finish charging as in a few seconds he would fire his beam and it would strike Elizabeth. It would not envelope her but it would go through the ceiling.

As the beam began to disappear the demon lord would find a few piles of ash falling down. It would appear that the beam vaporized Elizabeth.

Yet as the demon lord turned his hand Liz moved to his back and conjured a barrier that caught the blade of a sword.

In the midst of this, the scene of the stadium was complete havoc as demons scrambled to escape the partially ruined arena. Guards struggled to control the exit flow, and Katsumi was seemingly nowhere to be found as the chaos unfolded. As the two demons in the centre duelled, Glacia looked first at Lailia with a wry smile, and then at the Saiyans and Meroe.

“Should we perhaps make our way to a safer location?”

“Feel free to go,” Ikki replied, not even turning to face the Arcosian - with his arms folded, he continued to watch the battle, unable to peel his eyes off of it. “And if you can, make sure nobody gets wounded while on the way.”

“And what about you?” Danuja asked as she wondered what to do, to get to a safer location or watch the battle between the demons. “You’re in no condition to fight, you could get killed here.”

“I could. You’re not wrong.” Ikki replied, calmly - and continued to watch the fight.

“Maybe we should stay, just in case Lizzie needs help,” Nymph would say, as she looked from Danuja to the unfolding battle.

Danuja, however, gritted her teeth before sighing, relaxing her shoulders.

“Fine, we’ll stay, then.”

Back in the centre of the stadium, in the ruins of the arena, Asmodeus would give his granddaughter a grin.

“You’re holding up well,” he would say. “I expected nothing less!”

“You as well,” Liz replied as she extended her arm, and summoned the sword of Raguel, clutching it with both hands. Asmodeus’ eyes would widen.

“Oh, so you’re using an Angel’s sword, now? I thought you were a demon!” Clutching his own blade, the demon lord charged forward, as Liz would block with the sword before she jumped backward, firing a barrage of dark energy at her grandfather. Asmodeus blocked them with his blade, sending them flying into the remains of the stands as he again lunged at the witch, their blades locking once more.

Liz would then teleport away, appearing behind Asmodeus and slashing at his back. The demon howled as he turned around, pushing his free hand and sending a wave of dark magic at Liz, pushing the cambion away and stunning her. Recovering, Asmodeus threw his blade at the witch, impaling her through the shoulder and teleporting to directly in front of her where he threw a punch into her stomach, pulled out his blade and slashed her across the chest, her forming limping to the ground as he slammed his foot into her stomach.

As Asmodeus pounded Liz, she would hear a voice in her head, a familiar one, although in her pain the young cambion wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or not.

“Lizzie,” Alex’s voice rang clearly. “The secret Ashwood technique!”

Of course!

Mustering all of her energy, Liz brought her right knee up, right between her grandfather’s groin, giving her ample time to roll to the side and create a portal, appearing above the arena, watching as Asmodeus recovered from the blow. The draconic witch would take a breath, and removed the vambrace and gauntlet on her right arm, throwing them to the ground, concentrating her demonic and magical area around her hand. In her mind, Liz could hear Amatsu chuckling.

“Oh, so you’re invoking me fully, I see?”

“Shut up,” she would mumble. “We agreed to this, remember?”

“Yes, we’re consummating it now, and with it, your grandfather won’t survive.”

As Liz would channel the dark power, a wave of cold rushed over everyone else in the stadium left alive.

Danuja looked around.

“Anyone else feel a draft?”

Meroe nodded.

“I think Liz is gonna go all out here, try to win this now.”

“Do you think she can?”

“I don’t know, but I hope so.”

Ikki, meanwhile, remained silent.

Asmodeus, meanwhile, saw what his graddaugter was up to, but didn’t bother retreating or attacking her.

“Well, if you think you’re strong enough,” he called out to her. “Try and finish me!”

By now, dark flames of purple and black, with red latrices, covered Liz’s entire body. The witch thrust her arm, and her voice and Amatsu’s were one.

“Chaos Dragon of the Darkness Flame!”

Where once one dragon would emerge, this dragon had three heads and two large wings, flying out towards the Lord of Terror and engulfing his body in their power. A massive explosion rocked the stadium, sending out a shockwave that toppled any remaining free standing structures.

The dust cloud that covered the two fighters would begin to dissipate as all the survivors would see what had happened to the two fighters.

On one side was Elizabeth who still had her hands out. On the other was a large mass of writhing black flames.

“Sorry for this, gramps. But you didn’t want me to hold back.”

Elizabeth put down her arms and turned around as she closed her eyes. She was set that she had won.

“It was a valiant attempt, Elizabeth.” her eyes open and she quickly turned around as the mass grew in size before it began to shrink down rapidly.

Behind the flames she saw not only her grandfather floating unharmed but Satan floating in front of him as he absorbed the flames into a crystal ball.

“But I knew you were going to use that spell eventually and had something prepared for it. “

The last of the flames were absorbed by the crystal ball.

“I see you are working with the witch, Myōken.” The voice of Satan changed.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. Amatsu was stunned that the demon would recognize one of his old names but both were surprised as the deep, barontone, voice that came from the demon lord was familiar to the two.

As the heroes on the sidelines recovered from the blast, Glacia noticed the change in Satan.

“Well, that confirms my suspicions,” she announced, turning her attention to Liz. “The real Satan is in the Mortal Plane,” Glacia called out. “There is an imposter among us!”

The hooded figure looked down at Glacia. His red eyes piercing through the small reptile. Amosdeus merely shrugged.

“Oh well, it’s like that human saying, how did it go? The dogs are out of the bag?” The Prince of Lechery turned to face the hooded stranger he allowed into his team as even the other members of his team looked confused about the revelation.

Nymphaea turned to Glacia. “But if this Satan is an imposter, then, Who is he?”

The aura around “Satan” began to change as the same effects that occur whenever Elizabeth used Amatsu’s powers began to manifest in the arena.

The light grew dimmer with each passing second.

The linger warmth was sucked out as now only a bone chilly cold pervaded the stadium and liquids began to freeze.

A feeling of pure dread and terror would be felt by everyone. Even Asmodeus felt it as he floated just a few inches away from his supposed ally.

With the aura both Nymphaea and Elizabeth looked at the hooded figure with horror as the colors on their faces began to drain away.

Memories of the Royal Library played in their mind as they felt the dark presence that was now in the stadium. The robes on the figure began to decay away as the hood was the first to fall off.

Revealing the mummified head of a human male. A male they knew in life once has been Sun Yeihui, the former Elder of the Order. A look of pure terror and agony forever etched to his descated face.

The two looked at the remains. “Sun…” Both witches uttered.

The man may have turned rogue on them and deserted the Order but none of them would have wished for him to suffer this much for his treachery.

“Wait,” Glacia warned. “There is more going on here. I think…” the Arcosian paused, as her mind raced through the countless tomes she had read. “I think this might be the Blight,” she nearly whispered.

“The one who destroyed Cryssia?” Jalid asked.

“The very same.”

Danuja flared her aura.

“I don’t care who it is, he’s getting in the way of the fight!” The Saiyaness charged at the mummified human, before anyone could stop her.

The corpses did nothing as Danuja flew towards it. The Saiyan Queen threw a punch at its head, smashing it to pieces.

“See, not so tough!” She boasted.

Yet no one felt as assured as Danuja was. The dark presence that was felt throughout the stadium did not disappear with the corpse destruction.

It only grew stronger

The pieces began to experience accelerated degeneration as black smoke began to pour out. The remains disintegrated into rapidly decaying particles as the smoke landed down on the ground.

The smoke would begin to shift and move as it began to condense into a form.

Once the smoke took on a defied shape it began to sink into a skeletal and armoured frame that appeared from within the smoke.

The skeleton would raise his hand up as he looked at it.

Nymphaea and Elizabeth were stunned as they looked down at the being.

The two were being reminded of the visions of the ancient past that the Sephriah had shown them of when the Crawling Chaos rampaged throughout the galaxy. How in it’s rampage it had a herald. A harbinger of doom that would help the Chaos pick a world for it to feast on.

Now the Harbinger was standing before them.
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Postby Britanania » Sun May 02, 2021 7:20 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twenty-seven Liz vs Asmodeus, part 3

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

“Harbinger my ass,” Danuja quipped at the sudden revelation. “I’m the reincarnation of a god, this Blight or whatever it is can’t stop me!”

The Super Saiyan again flared her aura, her golden energy a contrast to the darkness surrounding the skeletal monster. Danuja charged two energy spheres in her hands, pointing them at the monster before her.

“COMET STRIKE!” She yelled, firing her twin beams of brilliant radiance at Nihilus.

Ikki raised his hand from the repulsion of the blast and leapt back, stepping next to Glacia and Jalid.

“Is it just me or did nobody explain anything?” he called out. “What’s happening? What is that?”

Glacia pointed to the skeletal shape.

“That,” she began, “is the Crawling Chaos, an ancient and evil entity long ago thought defeated.”

“That isn’t the Crawling Chaos.” Nymphaea interjected. “That’s its messenger. The one that tells a world that their doom is upon them.”

“Alright...” Ikki muttered, turning from the fellow Saiyan towards the skeletal creature, then back. “Then why is it here? Is it working with Asmodeus?”

Nymphaea frowned. “I don’t know. I didn’t think that thing would work for anyone.”

“But he is clearly working with him,” Meroe opined. “Either way, it’s a matter of concern.”

Back at the fight, the skeletal harbinger raised his hands and the twin beams would impact on his hands. But instead of vaporizing him Danuja would see her attack being absorbed by Nihilus. The Saiyan Queen, however, seemed unfased

“Come on, fight me like a man!” she yelled, charging towards the monster with all the rage and fury of a Saiyan.

"She is like a Saiyan possessed,” Glacia opined, watching as Danuja lunged at Nihilus.

Nihilus remained still as he allowed Danuja to get closer to him.

When she was in reach to punch the harbinger she would feel her throat being constricted as Nihilus held his hand up in a motion that looked as though he was squeezing something.

“You’re not very bright are you?” Nihilus asked as he would move Danuja forward so he was grabbing her neck with his hand.

Danuja would feel her neck burn from the cold coming off the dark hand. The more she would struggle the more her energy was drained off her body as Nihilus was siphoning all of her energy.

“We have to help her!” Meroe cried out as Nihilus attacked Danuja. Glacia held out a hand.

“Wait, we cannot rush in without a plan. There are too many unknowns.”

Nihilus would let go of Danuja and turn to smoke as an arrow of light flew off and nearly hit his chest. The smoke would move away and land away from the Saiyan as the demon sheep landed next to her. On her hand was a bow of light.

“You’re alright Danu?”

“Oh, great, saved by dinner again,” she weakly muttered.

Lalia rolled her eyes. “You’re welcome, bitch.”

The sheep began to chant as she traced symbols on the air.

Nihilus would raise shadowy arms and launch the fists at the sheep. But the fists would be destroyed by bolts of dark energy as Elizabeth flew high above them.


Elizabeth screamed out as a dark aura blasted out from her. Her voice was harsh and deep, a sign that Amastu was in control.

Meanwhile, Glacia looked over at Lalia, noticing the magical power of the sheep demon, turning her head once more to Nihilus.

Is that what he meant? she wondered. Is that the mark of Death?

The Arcosian looked back at the sheep.

“You are no ordinary demon,” the empress said. “No ordinary demon could stop something like that.”

Lalia looked over at the Arcosian and winked. “Now now my cute little empress. Perhaps we should save the questions for later.”

The group would hear clashes and they would see Elizabeth going after Nihilus who summoned a black scythe to defend himself.

The two clashed their blades as the dragonic cambion glared up at Nihilus.

“You have a lot of nerve showing yourself to me you bastard!” Amatsu growled as she tried to push the reaper forward.

Jalid let out a sigh and looked at the Saiyans. The Arcosian noted the injuries sustained by both Ikki and Danuja already were substantial, and Meroe had taken quite the beating herself, leaving only her and Glacia as the possible reserves.

Jalid looked over at her cousin. The empress sighed.

“And here I was hoping to enjoy the tournament.”

The diminutive empress floated out of her pod and daintly landed on the ground, looking over at Asmodeus.

“Lord Asmodeus,” she began. “What are your intentions here? You knew Satan was an imposter, but to what end?”

The Prince of Lechery gave the two a smirk. “I simply choose an imposter because I didn’t want to ruin the vacation of one of my old friends. Besides this is a proper test for my granddaughter. If she can’t defeat me then she has no hope of ruling this realm.”

He looked over as Nihilus and Amastus were still fighting against each other.

“I found Nihilus and made a pact because he knew of Elizabeth’s “secret weapon” for the tournament. I made sure to arm myself accordingly.”

The empress didn’t look so sure of the demon lord’s explanation, but she held her tongue.

“Even though you had every intention of fighting her yourself,” Glacia pointed out. “By the rules of the tournament, your own rules, you have to fight her, not Nihilus.”

“True. But Elizabeth herself was also not following the rules either.” Asmodeus retorted. “We allowed for possessed fighters but she made no mention of the newest resident in her body. She was fighting as two entities. But you are right. I shouldn’t have Nihilus fight her alone.”

Asmodeus turn to Nihilus as the two blades clashed.

The demon prince would stretch out his hands.

“Nihilus! It’s time!”

The skeletal being looked at the demon before returning his sights to Elizabeth.

Nihilus would unleash a blast of energy that would send Elizabeth flying away as the entity dissolved into smoke and flew to Asmodeus, covering his body.

Purple and black sparks began to fly off and strike at random targets. The times it hits a demon their bodies would char instantly and break apart into black dust.

The smoke swirled around the demonic prince as flashes of purple can be seen from the core.

Amatsu landed by Glacia’s side.

“Damn it! I know what that bastard is doing.” she turned to look down at the lizard. “You have to get out of here now.”

A final flash would come out from the cloud as the smoke began to dissipate and standing before the group was Asmodeus in an entirely new form.

Just like with Elizabeth the group would feel the merger of both the demonic lord and Nihilus’s own powers.

“I can see why you merged with Ashwood, Myoken. This power is incredible.” Nihilus’ voice could be heard with Asmodeus’ own.

“Was this your plan, Lord Asmodeus?” Meroe shouted over to her grandfather as the incredible burst of energy passed by them.

Asmodeus turned to his granddaughter and smiled.

“Please, call us the Chaos Emperor,” he told the Lamia, the two voices in perfect harmony. He shot glances at Liz and Nymph. “This is where your prophecy ends, Daughters of Light and Darkness.”

“Hey,” Danuja shouted weakly, trying to stand up. “We’re not finished here!”

“Oh, I believe we are Goddess of Death,” he said, sending out a wave of dark magic at her and Lalia. Before the wave hit them, however, Lalia, raised her arm.

“Ehrfurctige Barriere!” the sheep demon shouted, as she would form a barrier of bluish-white light that formed in the shape of angelic wings, protecting herself and Danuja.

Asmodeus smirked, however, as his attack was defeated.

“So you chose to reveal yourself after all…”

Lalia would drop down her arm as the barrier began to fade.

“I wasn’t planning on coming out like this but you two dunderheads had to ruin the surprise.”

The sheep turned to face the others.

From the looks of the two witches, they recognized the spell has belonged to their mother. The two both stared at the sheep.

“Mom?” the two asked at the same time, Elizabeth is shocked back into control after realizing the truth about the sheep demon: it was really Alexandria Ashwood, their dead mother.

“Lalia” began to scratch the back of her head, letting out a burst of nervous laughter.

“Hi girls. I wasn’t planning on having our reunion being this hectic or awkward.”
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