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Postby Naval Monte » Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:50 pm

Infernal Inheritance Side Story: Trouble in Toddler Town Part Two

Nursery, Silver Palace, Silver City, Luna, February 506 AU

“...and that’s why we need to exterminate Sybille’s toys,” Magnus finished up explaining his plans for playroom conquest to Helios as the younger half-Saiyan was hard at work on his workshop in one corner of the nursery.

The prince sighed as he put down some of his tool and looked at Magnus.

“If I help, will you be quiet for the rest of the time you’re here?”

Magnus looked at Helios with a look of pure joy. “Sure Helios. I can even make you my head engineer as a reward if your soldiers are really cool.”

“Okay,” Helios said simply as he got back to work at his bench. “Give me an hour or so.”

“This tea is lovely Selene. It would be the same one we would drink after we bring ruin to my brother and his toys.” Sybille said as she brought the rim of the tea cup to her lips to drink the “tea”.

“Thanks ‘ibille,” Selene replied with a smile. “But, do you really need to, um, excite Magnus?”

With a big smile on her face she nodded. “This is the only way for me and my dolls to have our rightful place under the sun. To play for us long as we want without fear of being banished for being “too girly” or “lame”. We will make him play in the corner like he does to me or destroy him!”

“I see,” Selene said simply as she put her cup down and looked over at Squiggly, who was munching on some candy. The princess scooted out of her seat and patted herself down.

“Lead the way,” she said.

Twirling a wand with her fingers she would point it towards the ceiling. “Onward, General Selene! We have a war to win!” Sybille got up from her seat and began to march away from the table.

Magnus stood behind a great stonewall as he watched his new army marched out from the gates as they got into formation to prepare for the coming invasion.

“Haven’t you seen anything as awesome as this Helios? An awesome army ready to fight and die for what is right in the world. With your secret weapons we can finally defeat Sybille and your traitor of a sister. We may even be able to defeat your parents if they try to stop us.”

A grin began to form on Magnus’s face. “Maybe we can try to take the crown from your mom and we can become the new rulers of the solar system! Imagine it Helios! The two of us as kings!” the excited warlock shouted.

“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t talk,” the prince mentioned laconically as he watched the army of toy soldiers he built march by.

“Not now my techpriest. I think I see something from the horizon.”

Magnus took out a pair of binoculars as he looked out. From the sky he would see a swarm of flying stuffed birds, dragons, elephants with long ears, and more fantastical beasts.

“The enemy is attacking!” he shouted. “Prepare the war machines to bring those color coded monsters down!”

The artillery guns and spider tanks aimed their weapons up in the air and all of them began to open fire at the flying toys, shells and rockets creating explosions and smoke.

“Did Sybille really think that an attack from the air would work?” he shook his head. “I’ve prepared for all attacks dear sister. Nothing you will throw will surprise me.”

The ground began to shake, however, as Magnus uttered his words. From the stonewall where Magnus was perched, a looming figured appeared, a colossal teddy bear

If Magnus’ mouth could drop down to the floor it most certainly would have as he stared at the colossal monstority looking down at him like his mother whenever he did something wrong.

“How!? How can something like that exist!?” he shouted as the gunships and helicopters began to fly towards the teddy bear to shot at it. The colossal teddy seemed unphased by Magnus’ counter attack, and continued with its attack, smashing apart Magnus’ wall as if it were paper. From the hole in the wall, dozens of stuffed animals poured through, engaging with Magnus’ toy soldiers.

Seeing the horde of candy colored monsters pouring in Magnus clenched his hands into fists as he looked furious.

“The fort is loss. Everyone retreat!” he shouted as he grabbed Helios by his arm. “We have to get out of here before that fuzzy monster hugs us to death.”

Before Helios could reply, however, another threat showed itself. A monster covered in armour came crashing through the hole, and began to speed towards the inner defenses of Magnus’ fortress.

“Are you kidding me! How many more of those monsters are there!” Magnus shouted as he pulled Helios harder as they ran away. Helios frowned as Magnus tugged at his arm, and the prince bared his teeth.

“The wall has fallen,” he said simply. “You might want to resort to that.”

Magnus stopped dead in his tracks as he turned to face Helios in shock.

“Helios! Are we doing it? Now? Right here?!”

“This whole operation was your idea, remember.”

Magnus' face began to drop down before he nodded.

“Yeah. We settle this..” he said as he began to walk forward. “Right here, right now!”

He brought his hand up and a watch like device was around his wrist.

“It’s time for our ultimate weapon to arise!” he pressed the button on the watch.

On the farside of the battlefield, where only the faintest sounds of artillery could be heard, Selene sat on top of a tank sipping tea as Squiggly nibbled on candy. The princess stood up and called over to Sybille.

“Do you know this joke, ‘ibille? One of mummy’s Prime Minister boasted he had everything in the Kingdom, and mummy smiled and said, ‘does that include the hotline to hell?’” Selene smiled and tried to look important as she spoke words that she clearly didn’t understand.

“I don’t get it.” Sybille told Selene as she was nibbling on some cookies. “But once my brother’s stupid fort is rumble we will come in and mop up whatever is left.”

“Should be soon,” Selene pointed out. “But…”

“Your brother?” Sybille asked as she finished her cookie. Licking her fingers to remove the chocolate smudges on her fingers.

“We’ll just kidnap your brother and use his brain for our use. Or we cut his brain off and hide it so neither he and my brother can use it.”

“Well, it’s more...Helios would have thought of this, and he probably prepared something in case we broke Magnus’ wall.”

Sybille blew off the concern. “Please. Helios couldn’t make anything that quickly to counter our titans of war.”

But just as those words were uttered a large explosion emerged from the fort.

“I told you so,” Selene said, as she put her teacup down. Squiggly put on a helmet to protect himself and jumped into the tank.Sybille and Selene also jumped into the tank as the shockwave hit the tank along with strong winds.

As soon as the winds died down she would peak out of the tank to see what happened. "What was that?" Sybille asked the large plume of smoke and fire obscure parts of the fort. From the smoke a figure came out. Emerging from the smoke stood large mechanical oozaru

The mecha ape let out a roar as it left both its fits into the air.

“I told you so,” Selene repeated with a sigh.

Sybille looked at the giant robotic great ape before she quickly got out of the tank.

“So Helios made a secret weapon? I have my own secret weapon that I have been saving!”

The mechanical ape would charge straight towards the armored toy and tackle it to the ground and straddle on top of the toy and begin to punch it repeatedly on the face. The Colossal Teddy would slowly stomp towards the ape which caused the techno samien to glare up. The ape would open its mouth and fire a powerful energy beam that would strike at the chest of the bear, causing a large explosion to be produced as the bear fell backwards onto the ground.

The ape would turn back to the toy it was beating when a shrill roar echoed across the battlefield. The mechanical oozaru turned, as a dinosaur as tall as itself stomped forward, letting out another roar.

The oozaru would deliver only one punch to the toy it was on before getting off it. The great ape would begin to beat it’s chest as it roared at the dinosaur. The dinosaur would roar back as it raised it’s tail and slam it down at the ground.

The toy monsters would begin to charge forward as they stomp on anything in their path. When the dinosaur was close it would jump into the air and with its feet claws and jaws baring down the oozaru would grab the jaw and kept up even as the claws scratched the armor.

The Oozaru would roar before charging a beam, an action the dinosaur was also doing.

Both would unleash their beams at the same time and the two beams would begin to struggle for dominance as the twins watched on.

“I can’t believe she made a giant dinosaur!” Magnus would slap his forehead. “Why didn’t I think of that!?” the warlock hated to admit it that he was feeling jealous over his sister’s idea.

“Come on! Show that dumb ape that fluffy and soft will always be better than metal!” Sybille shouted.

The beam struggle would end as the two beams would cause a large orb of energy to form in the middle. As the orb touched the two toys it would explode. The twins shielded their eyes as a powerful gust of wind blew debris at them.

From the dust cloud the dinosaur would be forced back as the oozaru was punching the creature furiously. As the great ape swung another punch the dinosaur would dodge the attack by ducking under the fist and moving it’s head around before it turn it’s whole body around to smack the ape with tail on the head. The dinosaur would raise the tail up and smack the ape on its head with the tail.

As the dinosaur tried to repeat the action the oozaru would grab the tail. The oozaru would begin to spin around, forcing the dinosaur off the ground and spin around the oozaru as it roar.

The oozaru would let go of the dinosaur and it would roar as it soar in the air and through a section of the fort still standing. As it landed on the ground the great ape would begin to unleash missiles and smaller energy beams at the dinosaur, creating many sparks and explosions to go off at the monster.

It would keep firing until it ran out of missiles to use. But before the dust can even be settled the dinosaur would rise up from the rubble and fire a powerful beam that would strike at the oozaru’s chest, blowing it off its feet and falling down to the ground.

The dinosaur would run towards the ape and once it was close would bring its jaws down to bite into its neck but the ape would grab the monster’s jaws, holding it off as the ape got up.

The two monsters would be stuck like this. The dinosaur trying to break free from the oozaru’s grip while the ape would prevent its fluffy opponent from trying to sink it’s fangs into it.

“The fight was cool at first but now it’s boring.” Magnus complained.

“Maybe it’s time for a truce,” Selene lightly said to Sybille from inside of the tank. “It can’t on on like this forever.” The princess held Squiggly in her arms, as the slime monster munched on a snack.

Sybille puffed up her cheeks and looked angry at the suggestion. But when she looked at the fight she would let out a sigh.

“Take us to my brother Sel.”

Selene nodded and moved the tank forward towards the fortress.

Magnus was ready to leave when he saw the tank approaching. “Stay on guard Helios. Looks like our sisters now want to fight against us personally.” He told the blonde inventor as he took out his sword.

When the tank stopped Sybille would jump off the tank and approach the two boys.

“I want to call a truce.” she told them, surprising Magnus.

“A truce?” Magnus said, confused by what his sister is asking.

“Yeah. This war will never end because our secret weapons are equal to each other. There is no point in fighting this war if there is no way for either of us to win.”

Magnus looked at the two giants as they were still fighting.

“What do you think Helios? You think she is telling the truth about wanting a truce?”

“I think you should know when you’re beaten,” Helios muttered.

Magnus looked enraged at him.

“I didn’t lose!” he screamed out.

“But you didn’t win either.” Sybille chimed in. “None of us can’t win or lose now. So it’s better if we call it quits now.”

Magnus look down at the ground. “I hate this.” he clenched his fist as he closed his eyes.

“Fine! A truce. There is no way we can win this war now.” He said to his sister.

Selene clapped her hands in joy as Helios sighed in relief. The princess looked at the two other twins and smiled.

“Well, now that that is over with, who wants some tea?”

Sybille looked around. “Wait, where is Pesu?” The question made Magnus look around too

“I don’t know. He has been quiet.”

The twins would find the shark chewing on a sock that it manage to find. “Where did he find that sock?” Magnus asked.

The twins would suddenly hear a noise and turning over they saw a blonde haired maid looking down at them.

The maid saw toys and blocks scattered throughout the room with two of them still standing, a great ape with its hands on the jaws of a dinosaur.

“It’s lunch time now. Please come with me.” she told the kids.

The twins would hear their stomach growling and remembering how good the food is in the palace the twins would quickly run to the maid. Pesu would follow the twins once it heard food was made. The twins have forgotten their war at that moment.
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Nothing More Than We Choose To Reveal

Postby Turkducken » Fri Mar 19, 2021 10:21 pm

Collab between Turkducken and Saint Morning
*Contributions made by Britannia

Queen’s Drawing Room, Silver Palace, Silver City, Luna, February 506 AU

The room was lavishly decorated. An exquisite rug, walls ornately painted and plastered, even the table was trimmed with gold. Tora-san shifted uncomfortably. He had been waiting for the Queen for more than a few minutes. He coughed, fixing his shirt, and looking over to his currently present bodyguard. Honda, the towering mute that he was, looked ridiculous in his ill-fitting suit. “Remind me to have you professionally fitted.” Tora-san spoke quietly. Honda nodded silently in acknowledgement.

Tora-san turned to face the opposite end of the table. He began to worry at the delay. “The Queen surely knows of my career criticising the Crown.” he silently sweated, “Is this a negotiating tactic? Or am I being set up?” he wiped his brow, nerves starting to get to his otherwise stoic demeanor.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” he said aloud, despite himself, “The Southern Islands have seemingly gone from the political backwater of Earth to the cradle of the next century.” he turned to Honda, “Is this real? Did the Dragon win and poison the minds of everyone on Earth? Are we serving that infernal beast?” he fired his questions repeatedly at the other man.

Honda was characteristically quiet. His head bowed in a silent concentration. His eyes flew open, locking his fierce gaze with Tora’s, “It does not appear so.” his few words rang out with a power that was respectable, but not nearly enough to satisfy Tora-san’s fears. “Yes, well...thank you Honda.” Tora-san politely responded. Honda gave him another nod, and flashed him a stoic thumbs-up.

Tora-san shook his head, “Higashi always attracted the strangest friends…” he muttered, mind beginning to wander. “What would he think? Where would he be in all of this?” his eyes gathered fresh tears as he thought about his missing friend. “If not for his kindness…” he looked up to fight the tears that were starting to fall, “If not for his friendship. I would not be here. If not for the strands of fate that connected his fight to my own. None of this would be happening.” despite his best efforts, tears fell freely.

“Where are you?” he asked to the sky, wiping the tears and sadness away. “Please be safe.” he took a moment to compose himself, refocusing himself on the here and now. “Lend me your courage.” he thought, summoning his determination for the battles to come, “Give this Old Tiger the will to see it through.”

A door opened, and Queen Serenity entered, looking a little flustered, but a smile on her face as she brushed some locks of blonde hair out of her face and approached Tora. The queen extended her gloved hand.

“I apologise for being late, Mr Secretary,” she said gractiously. “But with my husband off-world on PTO business I have been left to watch the children, and Viceroy Ashwood’s twins are staying over as well, so my hands have been a little full,” Serena explained.

Tora-san curtly offered his hand in return, shaking the Queen’s hand, “Understandably parents have their handsful.” he said dryly, “I pardon the meeting, your Highness, I never intended for this to happen.” he offered her a seat at the other end of the table, seating himself as she did.

“It’s quite alright, Mr Secretary,” Serena told him as they sat down. “Would you like some tea?”

Tora-san gave the Queen a look of polite doubt, thinking about the differences of tea between the Central Dominion and the Southern Islands, “Respectfully, I’ll decline your Majesty.” he adjusted himself in his seat, “While this meeting shouldn’t take a great deal of time, may I ask you something?” the older man locked his eyes with the Queen’s, his gaze not betraying the nature of his question.

“Not at all,” she said with a slight hand wave. “It’s best you get anything on your mind out now, before I formally ask you if you want the job as Prime Minister. I know it’s already essentially a done deal, but formalities being what they are…” the queen let her words trail off as she looked at the older politician, noting how uncomfortable he seemed.

Tora-san leaned in, steepling his fingers, “What exactly are your intentions in this period of time?” he questioned flatly, “With respect, you’re in a very interesting position.” he sat straight up, “You crippled former Prime Minister Turnbull in a deft political coup and with a new constitution.” he said matter of factly, “That new constitution drafted a considerable amount of new power to your own throne…” he let the last sentence linger for a moment before continuing, “With respect,” he gave her a serious look, “I have to be concerned. Not only for my career, but for the future of this government.” he took a second, holding his words to let the Queen respond.

Serena waited a few moments to reply.

“Mr Secretary, you should know better than anyone that it is the Government’s duty to advise, and the Crown’s duty to be advised,” she said diplomatically and with a kind smile. “That said, as a Southerner yourself, what was your opinion of Sir Archibald Turnbull?”

Tora-san took a moment to plug the rest of his previous words, “Candidly your Highness, I have great reason to suspect that the former Prime Minister attempted to have me killed.” he made a gesture of deference with his hands, “I’ll forgive if you were uninformed or unaware of my condition, as I think at the time you were away.” he locked his eyes again with her’s, “Turnbull was no friend of mine, and allowing me to speak plainly, the world is better that he has moved on to the next.”

Tora-san’s older face took a few moments to survey the Queen’s, searching for anything behind her eyes, “If you allow me again your Majesty.” he started again, a certain boldness infusing his words, “We are more alike in our political careers than you might think.” he stared deep into her eyes, “We both come from very little, politically speaking,” he interrupted himself to clarify, “and now we’re both at a potential apex of our influence.” he left the air full of consequence before speaking again, “My intentions are clear.” he stated flatly and firm, letting his last few words hang in the air, as he waited for the Queen’s response.

Serena mused on Tora’s words for a few moments, considering what the soon-to-be Prime Minister said, especially in regards to his relationship with Turnbull and his comparison to herself.

“Given your past with Mr Turnbull, Mr Secretary, then I pray you can understand why my husband and I felt that the new Constitution was necessary.” The Queen paused for a moment before she continued, folding her hands together.

“When I first left the Earth, I admit I was very naive about what a queen should be like. My grandfather, may he rest in peace, made many mistakes, and I was not prepared to ascend the throne after his sudden death,” she said, turning to a portrait of the old king that still hung in the drawing room. “But for too long has the Royal Family abandoned its duty to the people of Earth. What I saw in the wider galaxy proved to me that if we want true reform on Earth, it cannot be left to the old guard, to the politicians who have ruled from Central, to the megacorporations who fund them and rule in their stead.” Serena turned back towards Tora, studying his reaction with her blue eyes as she unfolded her hands and clenched them.

“I have done what I have so far because of that belief, and my continued belief, that the Crown is not simply a symbol or an artefact, but a living institution, a living person, who must act as a counter-balance to those who act selfishlessly, and on behalf of those whose voices are not heard in the ballot box. Those are my intentions, and always have been.”

Tora-san bit his tongue, composing his next words carefully, “I do not wish to have an adversarial relationship with the Crown.” he said firmly, looking up at the Queen from his seat, “It has always been my custom and choice to speak plainly and politely.” he steepled his fingers again, an air of determination surrounding him, “With respect, I have only learned to speak the Common language as well as I can, to better serve and unify a broader group of people. Many of my contemporaries have not.” a full pause hung in the air until he continued, “I’ve fought, and almost died for what I thought was right. A difference between our careers is that the people who support you do so unconditionally.”

Tora-san gave the Queen another serious look, “I’ve worked hard to cultivate a following. I have promises and people I cannot afford to disappoint. More than an institution I will inhabit, but a collection of hopes and dreams.” he continued to give the Queen a look of determination, “Peace for the World and Bread for the many.” he stated flatly, “I have no desire to be an enemy.” he carefully laid out.

Serena offered Tora a kind smile.

“And I see no reason for our agenda to conflict,” she replied before standing up and again offering her hand to Tora.

“Now, Toranosuke Yoshida,” Serena said formally and with much dignity. “Will you accept the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Earth and form a Government?”

Internally, Tora-san cringed, but stood and received the hand. “Yes…” he said with a faraway voice, “I will accept.”
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Postby Naval Monte » Sat Mar 20, 2021 6:21 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eleven

A Week later: Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

The day of the tournament had finally arrived, and news spread across the Demon Realm, packing the streets of Dis with visitors and demons from across Maikai, all gathered towards the tournament grounds to watch the teams compete for who will be the next King - or Queen - of Maikai.

“Do you really need to carry me like that everywhere you go?!” Vikan the Empire-Crusher yelled from Ikki’s shoulder, still flailing somewhat while the Saiyan was looking from side to side to get a good view of the demonic city. It was quite a sight, and he hadn’t seen anything like that for a long time. Perhaps ever since Papaya Island.

“I’m going to trust my arm more than I trust any chains, to be honest,” Ikki calmly replied, all while tightening his grip over the legendary space pirate on his shoulder. “We’re going to need you for reserve in case things go awry.”

Nymphaea looked at the odd sight. “I can’t tell if he is a mutated chicken or a lizard?” she told Ikki.

“Maybe his mom was a bird and his dad was a lizard and them shagging produced a mongrel?” Elizabeth replied into the chat as she looked at the stadium.

Nymphaea would notice that some members of the crowd looked off.

“Are those Maykans and Namekians?” Nymphaea pointed out.

Sure enough she found not only a few aliens among the ranks of demons but also humans.

“I guess those guys might be dark mages. I suppose because their kind hangs out here a lot they were allowed to join in.”

As the group got closer to the tournament grounds they would see large lines of demons and other beings trying to get tickets to enter the stadium.

They would see another opening with guards instructing all fighters to step through the gate.

“Hey Meroe I’ve been wondering something.” she turned to face the lamia. “Who’s funding this thing? I mean most nobles in the old empire are either spectators or are in the tournament? Is gramps paying all of this out of his pocket?”

Meroe put a finger on her chin as she looked up.

“I heard a rumour the Hegemony is paying for it,” she explained. “But there are other sponsors too, from all over the Mortal Plane. There are rumours a few businessmen from your homeworld are footing some of the bill, and some say an Arcosian or two.”

Elizabeth was not surprised to hear the Hegemony wasn’t involved because from what she heard they did the same thing in some past tournaments. But the other mortal races, and humans and an Arcosian being involved?

“Wait? Why in heck are there businessmen from Earth here funding this thing and an Arcosian?” Nymphaea asked as the news confused her. “I don’t see why anyone who isn’t a demon wants to support this since they get nothing out of it?”

“Nothing outside of entertainment, you mean,” Meroe corrected. “Since your planet joined the PTO, lots of your businessmen have invested in these sorts of things. Watching aliens and demons kill each other, is it no different from the tournament where you are from?” she asked rhetorically. “There’s also lots of gambling involved, tons of zeni to be made, and of course, a chance to see cute demon girls,” Meroe added with a wink.

Nymphaea frowned. “The only difference is that people die in this one.”

Elizabeth also frowned. “And Earth’s tournament can cause life long disabilities to some fighters. Really both tournaments have their screwed up sides. So long as no Arcosians are in the tournament we can focus on how to defeat gramps,” Elizabeth told the group.

“I’d say the difference is that disabling your opponent in the Tenkaichi Budokai is frowned upon,” Ikki added to the conversation. “If not even a violation of the rules - there’s honor involved in there, after all. Here, if you do the same, everyone will just applaud you harder...”

Elizabeth led them close to the gate where a fat, green scale demon with a pencil moustache looked down at them.

“Oi, where do ya think youse mortals is going? The ticket line is over there.” he pointed his baton at the other line.

“They are with me. These are my teammates.” the demon and the blue serpentine one next to him both looked at the mortals and both demons began to laugh.

“These weaklings are your teammates?” the demon mocked.

“Yes,” Ikki suddenly replied, feigning complete naivety. “We’re weak, harmless, and so none of the competition should need to exert themselves much, you know?”

“Speak for yourself,” Danuja muttered under her breath as she crossed her arms.

“Speak for yourself,” Ikki quipped right back.

Elizabeth on the other hand said nothing as she approached the laughing rotund demon and punched him on the stomach.

The demon gasped out as his eyes bulged out of his sockets. He walked around Elizabeth as he held his stomach, taking only a few steps forward before he fell on his knees and seconds later on the ground face first.

“Let’s get a move on before some other idiot gets in our way.” she told the group as the freighten guards moved away from the half demon.

The group made their way into the tournament grounds proper, and filed through their process as one of ten teams competing for the Crown. After some opening remarks from the announcer, the rules were explained, essentially identical to the rules Asmodeus explained a week ago: Each team needs to win 3 out of its 5 matches to progress to the next round; teams are allowed any number of substitutes; and should four team members be incapciated and no substitute is available, the final team member must continue alone.

“If there is only one team member left alive than you might as well quit.” Nymphaea whispered as she heard the rules.

“Unless it’s one of us Super Saiyans,” Danuja pointed out.

The teams in the tournament were all instructed that the matchups would be decided on at random and the announcements for who will fight whole will appear on a large screen.

The screen will begin to flash a sequence of team names as it was deciding on which teams will be fighting who.

“Hey Meroe. How random are the selects really?” Nymphaea whispered to the lamia.

“Well, it’s supposed to be random,” she told the Saiyaness, “but we can expect bribes and other shenanigans to go on. All I’m saying it, Asmodeus will likely get the easier schedule.”

“Well, then he should first match with us, of course,” Ikki added in jest, before folding his arms and turning serious. “When the matches start, we’re going to need to start planning, and fast. I’d rather not have us get carried away thinking this will be a breeze just because we have three Super Saiyans.”

The Saiyan glanced towards the rest of his team. “I’d rather throw Nymph than Danu against someone wielding magic, for example.”

“Hey, mages bleed just like everyone else,” Danuja interjected, glancing at Nymph and Liz. “No offense.”

Elizabeth shrugged. “I’ve heard far worse than that. I mean at least you guys didn’t say for us to die like some folks back on Earth.” she brushed back her hair.

“But it is a smart call on letting us deal with the magic type. Though all demons have some magic capability, even if some only have a few abilities with it.”

Elizabeth explained to Ikki.

The two mages would sense a power close by and the two would look around to try and find the source of power they just felt.

"Ara Ara. Aren't you a cute mortal?" The two would turn to face Ikki where they saw a white hair sheep demon floating behind him, pulling on his right cheek. "Tell me, are you here alone or do you have a girlfriend?"

Surprised by the sudden voice from behind him, Ikki turned around sharply, the floating demon's appearance surprising him and the unexpected question even more so. "Uhh..."

Elizabeth's eyes turned red as she glared at the demon. "Who are you and what do you want." the sheep backed away as she raised her hands.

"I'm not here to hurt anyone. I'm just wondering if this one here wouldn't mind going out on a date once the tournament is over. Please don't hurt me. I'm just an innocent fluffy sheep, I swear."The sheep demon pleaded.

Meroe raised an eyebrow.

“And who might you be?”

The sheep demon turned to face Meroe. She pointed at her forehead as she looked up at the ceiling.

“What was my name again?” The statement made Elizabeth and Nymphaea almost fall on the floor.

“How can you forget your name?!” they both said as the demon yawn.

“My mind is all screwy when I just woke up.”

She covered her mouth as she yawned again. “Now, what was it again?” she would rub her knuckles on her head as she squeezed her eyes tight in trying to remember her name.

Elizabeth leaned close to Meroe and whispered. “Is this woman for real?”

The sheep would let out a happy sounding sheep-like noise as her eyes were wide open. “I remember now. My name is Lilith… No, that wasn’t it. That was a demon queen who found me.” Elizabeth slapped her face.

The demon would play with her hair with her finger when her eyes light up.

“Oh, it was Lalie. That is what Lilith called me. She found me passed out in her garden and took me in.”

“Are you a spectator or a combatant?” Meroe asked, intrigued this demon mentioned the name of her and Elizabeth’s grandmother.

“Oh. I’m in the tournament for Lilith since she took care of me. This is me paying back the favor.”

Elizabeth was not too surprised. “And you want to date an opponent?” The sheep gave her a big goofy smile while nodding.

“Yes. Because he’s cute.”

“I think that’s against the rules,” Meroe pointed out.

Lalia blew raspberry and waved her hand. “Who cares about a minor dumb rule like that? Most people only care about the ones that make sure a fight will happen.”

“Rules are rules.”

The sheep girl puffed up her cheeks. In the back of Elizabeth’s mind it reminded her of Nymph whenever she was angry, especially when she was younger.

“Then I will wait until I defeat him in the tournament to ask him out.”

"You don't have to be so harsh," Ikki came to the sheep demon's defense, addressing Meroe and Liz by glancing towards them, before he turned to Lalia again. For a second, the thoughts in his mind asked why dating in the tournament wasn’t allowed - surely, that was less disruptive than murdering opponents...

"Uhm, how do I say this..." the Saiyan mumbled under his breath, scratching the back of his head from the awkward situation. "I'm... flattered, I suppose - but I really won't be able to come. But-but don't take it like I don't think you're cute or I wouldn't ever want to - it's just... I'm not really supposed to be in this realm for long." By now, he was waving his arms in the air in a panic.

The sheep frowned. “What a shame. It would have been fun dating one of the infamous saiyans, especially one with adorable puppy dog eyes like you. ” Lalia would reach out and mess with Ikki’s hair. She would either be obvious or ignore the death glare she would be getting from Elizabeth.

“I think I should go now.” Lalia told the group as she pulled her hand back from Ikki. “I can’t have Lilith think that I’m lost again or that you guys kidnapped me. Two teams already tried to do that, it didn’t go well for them.”

The sheep would have goodbye to them as she ran off.

“She was surprisingly friendly.” Nymphaea said.

Meroe shrugged.

“We don’t have time to waste, we need to get ready for the first round.”

The lights of the stadium would begin to dim as the spotlights above turn on. They would move to go down at the center of the arena. From the arena a cloud of smoke would appear.

"Are they doing a magic show to start the tournament?" Nymphaea asked Meroe.

But before the lamia can speak a woman's voice can be heard coming from the intercoms.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I welcome you all to this year’s Dark Tournament!" The smoke would part to reveal a catgirl in revealing clothing. The crowd began to cheer loudly.

“Of course they cheer for the cat demon,” the Lamia pouted as she crossed her arms.

Danuja shrugged.

“Do you blame them?”

Nymphaea patted Meroe on the back. “I still think you’re pretty Meroe. You agree with me right sis?” Nymphaea turn to face her sister. Yet she saw that her sister had her eyes on the catgirl, particularly on her chest.

“Damn succubus.” Nymphaea muttered.

The catgirl would wait until the cheers died down before she can speak.

“I, Katsumi, will be this year announcer for the Dark Tournament. As you all know each team will have to score 3 or more victories with each rounds their team fight in order to progress. Whichever team reaches the top will have one of their members be crowned king or queen of the Pandaemonium Kingdom.”

She would bring her hand over to the screen. “We will now begin to select our teams!”

The screen began to stop with the random jumble of words as different team names began to appear.

Katsumi looked at the top names.

“For the first round of the Dark Tournament we have Team Angrboda vs Team Ashwood.”

The crowd went wild on the news.

“Beat those monkeys to a bloody pulp Angrboda!”

“Show those mortals what happens when they come to the wrong neighborhood!”

“Skin those space monkeys!”

Elizabeth heard the jeers of the crowd and looked slightly nervous.

“Well… We’re fighting against grandma’s royal guards first and the crowd is already on her side… wonderful…” the demonic princess was having a bad feeling about their chances in the tournament.

“Yeah, so?” Danuja asked. “It just means we can shut these demons up now with an upset win.”

Nymphaea would punch her left palm. “Right, let’s make those demons eat their words by beating Angrboda up!” Nymphaea exclaimed as she felt pumped.

The other fighters began to leave, all except for Elizabeth’s team and the one with Angrboda.

From the otherside of the ring the two witches saw Lalia with the demonic royal guard.

“You have got to be kidding me? She was a member of my grandmother’s royal guard?” Elizabeth saw the sheep demon waving at the group.

“Looks like haggis is on the menu,” Danuja said with a cocky grin. “C’mon, we don’t have time to waste.”

The screen would begin to flash randomly as to decide who would be the first fighters for the tournament.

“For the first match in the Dark Tournament we have…”

The entire stadium was silent as they waited for the results.

The screen would stop and soon everyone can see the two fighters picked.

Katsumi would raise her right hand.

“From team Angrboda, we have Aurboda!” the crowd cheered as the giant amazonian demonese step foot on the arena.

“From team Ashwood, we have Danuja!”
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Postby Britanania » Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:04 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eleven: Danuja vs Aurboda

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

"Nice," the Saiyan queen said with a toothy grin when the catgirl announcer called her name. "This should be a cakewalk." Danuja didn't bother looking at her teammates as she jumped over to the area as her opponent sauntered over to meet her.

"No, just because you're a demon doesn't mean I'll go easy on you," Danuja said to the imposing demon. Aurboda gave a hearty laugh as she towered over the Saiyaness.

"You amuse me, tailed one. I will find a worthy place for your spine on my mantle."

Katsumi looked at the two warriors and started to back away.

"Let the carnage commence!"

Aurboda raised her hands into a battle stance as Danuja remained motionless, with the exception of her tail that moved about, like a cat's before pouncing. With a roar, the demon charged forward, sending a right jab at the Saiyaness' head. Danuja, however, easily sidestepped the attack. Aurboda turned and growled at Danuja as she charged again, this time aiming with a left jab. Again, Danuja dodged the attack and let out a loud and exaggerated yawn.

"Weren't you supposed to be a member of the royal guard or something? My Tuffle slaves can fight better than you." Aurboda yelled in anger and frustration as she charged Danuja a third time, but instead of sidestepping, the Saiyan queen leapt into the air and landed behind the demoness, who promptly turned around herself.

"Why won't you fight!" the demon yelled as she rushed, aiming for a high kick at the Saiyan's head. Danuja put up her left arm, blocking the attack and leaving the guard frozen in stunned disbelief.

"Okay, playtime is over," Danuja said, her eyes narrowing on her opponent as she dropped her left forearm, punching with her free hand straight in the demon's chest faster than almost anyone in the crowd could see.

Aurboda went flying through the air, finally crashing through the grandstand. After a few moments of silence, Katsumi popped her head above the fighting ring.

"That is a clear knockout. Danuja wins!"

Hesitantly, and then with full applause, the crowed lauded the Saiyan queen as she was already making her way towards her allies, giving them a grin.

"As I said, a cakewalk."
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Postby Finland SSR » Sun Mar 21, 2021 3:56 am

Infernal Inheritance, Chapter Eleven: Ikki vs Gymir

Tournament Grounds
Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

With his arms folded, Ikki watched the battle - if you could call it that - in the tournament ring, his face betraying concern. Not for their chances in the tournament, though he expected to face some challenges there regardless - but rather for Danu. He hadn't got a chance to see her much when he returned in time for Riker's terror, but now ever since they've banded together in Maikai, he could tell that she has gotten considerably more... unhinged.

This short battle displayed it very well. Viciousness, speaking about owning Tuffle slaves... Wasn't Tuffle space ravaged not too long ago?

Maybe I should speak with her after we're done here, see if nothing wrong has happened with her...

Ikki stepped on the ring next, while Team Angrboda shuffled amongst themselves for a bit, unsure how they should respond to such a display of raw strength, before a towering barefoot demon raised his hand and stepped on the ring. After a brief bow to his opponent, he placed his hand on the handle of his katana - the Saiyan, meanwhile, went to a lower, defensive combat stance.

"From Team Angrboda, we have Gymir! From Team Ashwood, we have Ikki! Let the carnage commence!"

But nobody moved.

Ikki stood on his side of the ring, waiting for the demonic swordsman to make the first move. Gymir did the same, not allowing himself to make the same mistake his teammate had done. The crowd and the arena went silent, to the point where both of the warriors could hear a light breeze brushing past them.

"I expected from the beginning that you Saiyans should not be underestimated," the samurai finally muttered, all while keeping his focus. "But not this much..."

"I suppose I'll take that as a compliment... Good luck to you, then, I hope you do better."


A faint metallic glimmer flashed from underneath Gymir's grip on his sword, getting Ikki to focus and channel ki into his right fist in anticipation.

"That only means we need to fight harder, and prevent Ashwood's Saiyan tyranny."

Without any further ado, the demon and the Saiyan flew at one another, at speeds hundreds of times faster than sound, a flash glimpsing in the air before both fighters dropped down on the opposite sides. Gymir's sword was unsheathed, Ikki's arm was glowing with a ki blade of pure white energy. For a second, silence set in once again, before the demon grunted, dropped his sword, grabbed onto his side and fell to one knee.

Ikki rose up and turned around, just in time for Gymir to grunt again and mutter under his breath:

"I... I surrender."

"And so, Ikki wins! Two wins in a row for Team Ashwood!"
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Postby Britanania » Sun Mar 21, 2021 1:40 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eleven: Meroe vs Angrboda

Tournament Grounds: Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

The crowd cheered as Ikki made his way back to the stands, although a few demons began to boo.

“Why didn’t you kill him!”

“Where’s the blood and mayhem?”

Katsumi scurried back onto the ring.

“Well, what an upset so far! Team Ashwood has won two in a row. Next up, our very own Grand Duchess of Holodrum and former Dark Tournament Announcer Meroe, vs the Captain of Lilith’s Royal Guard Angrboda!”

The Lamia slithered her way onto the ring and gave a few waves to the crowd.

“I love Meroe!” one demon shouted from the audience.

“Please have my egg clutch!” another shouted.

“Katsumi’s tits are better than yours!” another would shout.

The Lamia ignored the more obscene shouts as she slithered over to the centre of the ring and waited for her opponent.

The lamia would spot a purple skin demonese walking up to the arena. The demon would make both witches curse. "Are you kidding me? She is a Majin!" the two witches said as they allowed their fear to slip out from their voices.

The Majin look at the Lamia. "I hate the fact I have to inflict harm on a member of my lady's family but you know as well that it is the rules of the tournament," Angrboda told Meroe. "Grand Duchess. I will give you one last time to forfeit this match. There is no shame in doing so. I wish to not harm you if possible."

Meroe shook her head.

“On my honour as a member of House Mephistopheles, I shall not forfeit, Captain.”

Angrboda sighed. “You can’t say I didn’t give you an out.” a black aura would surround her.

“But since you are determined to fight to the end it would be shameful for me to hold back.” A shadow was beginning to appear behind the Majin. “I hope you prepared, Grand Duchess. Because you aren’t just fighting me alone. My husband is also with me.”

The shadow would become more clear as a shadowy, spectral, demon appeared behind her. “Me and Loki will undo the victories your team has gotten from those previous rounds.”

The Lamia frowned as she saw the shadowy figure and turned to Katsumi.

“Is it legal for her to have an ally in the ring?”

Katsumi shrugged. “Summons are allowed and that is a ghost summoned by her. So technically this is a legal play.”

The catgirl began to walk back.

“Now that we have that confusion settled. Let the carnage commence!”

Angrboda would dash towards the Lamia while Loki went into her shadow. Meroe jumped into the air, using her tail as a spring to propel herself upwards to avoid the demon. Overhead, Meroe extended her hands and rained a fireball down upon Angrboda.

Angrboda would see the attack and the moment she stopped and her foot touched the ground she disappeared as the fireball hit the arena.

The Majin would appear above Meroe to deliver a kick aim at her head, hitting the snake woman causing her to skid across the expanse of the ring. Stopping her fall, Meroe extended a hand and fired off another fireball at the demon.

Angrboda would coat her leg with dark energy as she kicked the fireball up to the ceiling, producing a large explosion as pieces of the ceiling fell from the rideside outside of the arena.

From Meroe’s shadow, a large and muscular arm would come out and grab her wrist.

“Loki can travel through any shadow and strike.” the Majin explained as she walked closer. “Your fireball produced the necessary shadows to allow Loki to move into your shadow and ensure you in his clutches.”

Another arm would come out and punch Meroe on the stomach as the hand that held her wristlet it goes to grab her face and slammed her face on the ground, the hand sinking into the snake woman’s shadow.

“Good grief. I can’t tell if I should be glad that this fight was short or not. But unfortunately, I can’t just end it like this. When you wake up I hope you can remember that I took no pleasure in what I’m about to do.”

Meroe would be sent into the air as the shadow demon used both his fists to launch her up. As the shadow moved close to Angrboda the two waited until Meroe was close enough to the ground.

The two would dash forward and Loki would begin to unleash a flurry of punches at Meroe.

“Atatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata... Howata!”

The shadow demon would once more finish the combo with a double strike with its fists that sent Meroe flying past her team and crashing onto the wall.

Angrboda looked at the lamia as she was stuck on the wall before she slowly started coming down. Before she landed on the ground Elizabeth flew to Meroe and caught her.

Angrboda would point at Meroe.

“You're already dead."

Without warning, Meroe would gush out blood that splattered Elizabeth and the ground. The biggest mess came when she vomited the blood on herself and Elizabeth, some going down to the ground. But blood came out from her eyes, nose, and ears. Worse was that the areas she was punched on exploded into blood geysers as her skin just tore open.

"MEROE!" Elizabeth shouted. Nymphaea quickly flew by and began to heal her.

"This is why I told her to give up. I didn't want to go all out on her but she gave me no choice."

Angraboda began to walk away as Elizabeth gingerly put Meroe down on the ground.

Elizabeth clenched her right hand into a fist, tightening it to the point that her nails cut the palm of her hand and began to draw out blood.


The majin stopped and turn as she saw Elizabeth running to the arena. "You're not going anywhere! I'm gonna kick your ass right now!"

“You can’t,” Meroe said, coughing out blood. “That’s against the rules.”

“She’s right,” Katsumi said as she peeked her head over the ring. “That’s a clear knockout. Angrboda wins the round.”

Elizabeth stopped the moment she heard Meroe told her not to. She turns to look back at the snake woman. “I’m supposed to let her get away with this just because of some dumb rules?!”

Elizabeth hated the situation she was in but she knew that this tournament would be her only chance to regain her birthright.

Reluctantly Elizabeth began to walk away from the arena just as the majin left the arena to allow for the next fight.
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Postby Naval Monte » Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:51 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eleven: Elizabeth vs Lalia: Part One

Tournament Grounds: Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Katsumi would get back on the arena. "Well that fight showed the exact carnage we all come to expect from the Dark Tournament right folks?" the cat demon would get cheers from the audience.

"Come on Angrboda! Make the others bleed!"

"Show those damn monkeys they can't rule over us!"

"Spank those monkeys like I spank mines!"

The demon crowd called out. Joining them was the screeching coming from a demonic monkey that was smacked by it's owner. The demon who own the flying monkey was now screaming as his pet was now tearing off and eating his face, throwing blood droplets and pieces of skin and bone at the others next to him.

Katsumi ignored the chaos happening on one of the audience section as the guards were arriving to deal with the chaos.

"Now for our next fight. We have Lalia from Team Angrboda." she pointed at the sheep who was lying on the floor curled up, fast asleep with her hair warp around her body like a blanket. "Vs the crown princess herself, Elizabeth!"

The news of the next fighter got many demons roaring. Yet despite the noise Lalia was still asleep. Leaving it a mystery on what the sheep was dreaming that made her ignore everything going on around her.

“Princess Elizabeth I love you!”

Elizabeth smiled at the cheer.

“Win one for King Nergal!”

Her smile grew even though now she was starting to mess her father

“Battaru’s broodmare is going to have lambchops today, hahaha!”

Those words ruined whatever mood Elizabeth was in as now she was enraged.

“That princess is bending over backwards to the monkeys. The lamb will beat the Saiyan new toy.”

Elizabeth’s rage was growing the more the crowd jeered and insulted her.

“Go find your “husband” so you can warm his bed you sl…”

Before the words can be uttered Elizabeth would send out a massive dark energy blast at the audience, creating a powerful blast.

The demons hit by the attack all screamed in agony.


One shouted as the other demons called out for help.

Nymphaea looked at her sister with shock and fear. She was shocked and afraid that her sister could snap like that. But a part of her was afraid that what Elizabeth did would get them kicked out of the tournament.

“HEY PUSSYCAT! GET THAT CRAZY BITCH OUT FOR ATTACKING THE AUDIENCE!” a few others called out for the same thing.

“Audience casualties are to be expected,” Katsumi reminded the crowd. “You join the audience at your own risk.”

The news caused some demons to shout at Katsumi. All of them calling the rule ridiculous.

A few demons launched curses at Elizabeth but the half demon conjured wings of dark energy and wrap them around her, the curses being absorbed by the wings.

As she unfurled the wings she gave the demons who attacked her a sadistic smile.

“You heard the kitty. There is nothing preventing me from killing you idiots and considering you guys launched the first spell…”

She pointed her finger at the demons. “I have the moral high ground.”

Elizabeth began to fire off death beams at the demons. Causing many from the stand she was firing on to flee in panic.

“What in Sud is wrong with you people?” Nymphaea uttered.

“Unbelievable folks. The tournament has only begun and already we have a contestant attacking the crowd. This development is as shocking as it glorious. Who knows what other surprises are in stored for us!” Katsumi said in her microphone as Elizabeth carnage continued.

On the other side Lalia was beginning to be roused by her sleep. The sheep would push herself up and let out a loud yawn.

“What time is it?” she said as she blinked, looking around with her blurry eyes.

Elizabeth would stop firing into the crowd when she sensed the sheep demon was now awake.

“You’re finally up huh? They called your name a few seconds ago.” The sheep was sluggishly getting up before she wobbled and fell on her butt.

Lalia blinked a few times before she fell on her back. “Give me a few minutes and I will fight you.” she told Elizabeth as she waved her hand, making Elizabeth fall on her back with her legs raised.

“Is this woman serious!?”

Angrboda walked up to Lalia and would kneel down. The Majin would grab the tired sheep by the back of her shirt and would fling her to the arena where she landed face first on the ground. She let out muffled sound in pain.

Elizabeth was up to see the spectacle and just shook her head as she walked into the arena.

Katsumi looked at the impatient Elizabeth and the still down Lalia.

“Ehh, are both fighters ready to fight?” the unsure nekomata asked.

Lalia would move her face up to look up at Elizabeth.

“You’re a lot taller than I expected. I heard you were a womanlet.”

The comment made Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “If I had a zeni for every time I heard a short joke.”

Elizabeth would see the sheep suddenly push her legs up and she would be standing on her hands. Her skirt stayed up due to magic as she would pull her body close to the ground and use her arms as a spring as she sent herself up in the air. One on the air she would twist her body around and land on the ground on her feet.

Lalia would cover her mouth as she yawn.

“Let’s get this over with so I can go back to sleep.”

Elizabeth got into a fighting stance.

“Glady.” the half demon would charge after the still sleepy sheep.
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From the Desk of Prime Minister Toranosuke Yoshida

Postby Turkducken » Sun Mar 21, 2021 8:51 pm

Collab between Turkducken and Britannia

Prime Minister’s Residence, Central City, the Earth, Spring 506 AU

It was late.

Tora-san hadn’t been sleeping well. Whether nerves were finally getting to him about being sworn in as Prime Minister, or these damn dreams he’d been having, he couldn’t tell. He looked out of his balcony window, taking in the silent view of the city at night.

“It still doesn’t feel real.” Tora-san murmured to himself, “Prime Minister Yoshida…” he ruminated to himself. Tora-san attempted to find something to put him to sleep. Sleep medication was out of the question, his liver and kidneys were far too sensitive for that.

Tora-san opened his fridge, the poor thing hardly stocked as he rarely returned home. He noticed a wrapped bottle of wine that one of his staffers had bought him. He hadn’t had the heart or time to return it. He was a lifelong teetotaler, never very interested in alcohol, but the lingering images of his dreams persuaded him to consider an alcohol induced slumber.

“Oh what the hell,” he sighed, “might as well.” he placed the bottle on the counter, “Now I’m sure this place has an opener…” he started to search through drawers, “Somewhere…” continuing to search for a corkscrew.

A single knock on the front door echoed throughout the mostly empty house.

Tora-san ceased his search, eyes glancing over to the digital clock, “Midnight.” he thought to himself, wondering who could be at his door as he peeped through the peephole.

A trio of men in dark suits, sunglasses, and hats greeted the Prime Minister, waiting for Yoshida to open his door.

“Who is it? It’s a little late for courtesy calls.” he spoke through the door, keeping a watchful gaze on the three strange men.

“Mr Yoshida, we would like to have a conversation with you,” the centre man said, his accent giving away that he was a native of West City. “We’re coming in.”

A twinge of cold fear would race down Tora’s back, “T-This is a private residence! You can’t force your way in!” he fumbled to find his communication device, unsure of where he left it. One of the men kicked the door, breaking the lock and his two companions casually walked in, brushing past the prime minister and entering the foyer.

Tora-san scrambled away from the door, “How dare you?!” he shouted at the men, “This is a private residence! You can’t just come in!” he flattened himself against the wall. The trio seemingly ignored the prime minister as they walked through his house, looking around. One of the men removed a device, pressed a button, and left it on a table as the leader approached Tora.

“Mr Yoshida, I represent some important men,” he said, removing his hat. “My clients wanted me to have a discussion with you.”

Tora-san mustered his courage, taking a few brave steps towards the man, “How dare you knock down my door!” he jabbed an indignant finger into the man’s chest, “Whatever business you may have with me it can surely wait until I’m in the office!” he looked up at the large man, trying his best not to back down, as the stranger towered over him.

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills that he presented to Tora.

“For the door and lock,” he said simply. “Now, if you would please sit down.”

This enraged the newly minted Prime Minister. Whatever fear he previously had evaporated as he recognized the sort of strong arming that was all too familiar. “Thugs!” he slapped the cash from the man’s hand, “Scum!” he shouted, spittle flying as he jabbed the other man, “I will not be intimidated! You can’t silence me!” he pointed towards the door, “Out! Leave Now!”

The men seemed uninterested in Tora’s threats, as two of them moved behind the prime minister. Their leader held out a hand.

“Mr Yoshida,” he said calmly, “if you don’t want our friendship, I can understand, but know that you do not want to be our enemies. At the very least, you don’t want us to be enemies with Miss Umi Urameshi.”

A calm terror washed over the Prime Minister with these words, “Alright.” he said, forcefully reducing his volume, “What do you want?” now understanding the situation, “You went through the trouble of doing some homework. Meaning you don’t want to just control me.” he explained cooly, willing himself to composure.

“My clients will want you to understand how to feel about certain issues and policies,” the man explained. “We’ll keep in touch, Mr Yoshida. We know where to find you.”

With that the trio started making their way out of the house, with one of them picking up the device he left on the table and putting it in his pocket. Before exiting the house, however, the leader turned to Tora.

“And of course, this conversation never happened,” he said, putting his hat back on as he left the residence.

As the door did it’s best to close, Tora-san stood quietly. He nodded slowly, counting up to sixty seconds. He waited what felt like an eternity. After a few eons of counting, he looked up to the digital clock, “Three minutes.” he read off of the display. A thousand different thoughts raced in his mind. A strong mixture of emotions couldn’t quite form or come out.

He continued to count, and a few more minutes passed. It was only after they had been gone for ten minutes that he finally moved. Silently placing a chair against the door. He was silent, placing the wine he had taken out back into the fridge, back before his world had shifted for the second time in just a few months.

Tora-san continued to nod to himself, “Alright.” he whispered to himself, “So it’s going to be like that.”
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Postby Britanania » Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:11 pm

Collab with Turk

A Dance with the Devil, Part One

Glacia Planet 84526, Atlal System, Just Across the PTO-Hegemony Border
South-West Quadrant

An eclipse.

That was the first thought of the defenders as the crescent-shaped ship blotted out the sun.

It lingered.

Nervously the garrison commander ordered a scan.

They hadn’t seen it arrive. The vessel had no energy readings.

No demands.

No broadcasts.

It hung eerily over the planet.

“Scramble interceptors!” the commander barked, “I need an enhanced visual confirmation on this thing immediately!” the orders went out, pilots scrambled for their ships. As they launched the commander held his breath.

“Hundred klicks out Commander.” the signal tech reported. “Fifty klicks,” they continued, “twenty-” the tech choked, face turning white as a sheet, “S-S-S-Signal…” they turned to face the Commander, “Signal lost sir.”

Before any action could be taken, communications from the Southern Continent were lost.

Scattered images of a massive explosion started to be reported.

“Eyes On are reporting,” the tech started, a lump suddenly forming in their throat, “It’s gone sir. The whole detachment on the Southern Continent.” the tech struggled to finish, “The explosion came from their base.” just as the Commander took in the report, alarms began sounding, emergency lights flashing.

“It’s landing.” the Commander whispered, voice quaking with fear, “Send up a distress signal! Priority One! We need immediate relief or evacuation!” the message was sent, “Have all other detachments report back to this position immediately!” the shadow cast from the ship fell to the horizon. The peaks of the pyramid structures remain visible on the curvature of the planet.

The planet was a standard terrestrial world, habitable by most species within the PTO. Geothermal activity, tectonic plates, a strong layer of ozone. The one thing it lacked, however, was strategic resources. There was no point in colonizing this world, no abundant or unique resources. The reason for the PTO garrison was simple, and they understood it. The planet was in a strategic position to intercept and report Hegemony activity.

It, and a string of other seemingly unimportant systems along the border, formed a system of alarms. Comm buoys, deep-space tracking stations, satellites, all pointed towards Hegemonic Space.

The dark vessel consumed the tree line. It’s strangely black exterior absorbs light around it. It consumed the vision. For those that stared too long at its image, whispers began to surround them. Portals began to open. An infernal hellscape meeting the tranquil planet. Limply the eternal servants of the Undead began to shuffle through.

Demons, zombies, skeletons, all staggered and shuffled from the Otherworld. The shape of the vessel warped. An entrance, or an exit, revealed itself. The gathering hordes' horrible master walked forward. He towered above the crowd, gaudy robes and crown loosely fitting his decayed form. One skeletal arm resting on the simple but ornate katana tied to his waist.

“Right,” he spoke with a tired sigh, “Jervis are you sure this encampment is the strongest?” he motionlessly asked his goblin chancellor, “I want to make sure this is enough of a challenge, it can’t be too one-sided,” he spoke defeatedly, thoughts turning to his favorite show.

“According to our scans, Sire,” the tiny humanoid spoke, “that would be correct. Although I do not understand why you would erase a whole fortification if you were looking for a challenge.” his chancellor nagged.

“Fear of Death makes mortals fight a little harder.” The Indomitable casually explained, an attitude of exhaustion remaining, “Besides, they should’ve sent out a request for help, and that’s where this gets interesting.” he raised a skeletal hand forward, “Go my Minions!” his voice changing to one of great volume and depth, “Serve your Master once more!”

The massed hordes unleashed an otherworldly scream, bloodcurdling and vile, as they rushed for the central defences of the planet. The Indomitable strode forward behind them, planet life withering and rotting as he followed behind. “Let’s make a show of it.” he spoke in that same tired voice, “Anything for t.v.”

Bridge of The Moraine

Glacia’s flagship continued its journey towards the last known appearance of the mysterious alien craft detected a few days ago. From the bridge, the communications officer relayed a message to the captain.

“Sir, it appears that a distress signal is coming from Planet Glacia 84526,” he informed. The captain frowned as he approached.

“But that’s in the Atlal System,” he remarked curiously. “Safely on our side of the border.”

“It is also within the expected range of the mysterious craft.”

Both soldiers turned to face the voice of the newcomer, a voice they both knew well. The communications officer rose from his seat as both men bowed.

“Your Majesty,” they said with reverence. Glacia, inside her pod, merely smiled and put up a hand.

“84526 is a strategic planet, even if our mysterious friends are not the culprits, we must investigate and relieve the siege. Direct any available reserves for an immediate operation.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the captain said as Glacia turned her pod around and started making for her meditation room.

Perhaps I shall see what our powerful friend wants.

Several Days Later…

Glacia Planet 84526

The siege was boring. The Indomitable sat on his throne, having had it moved to the front line, skull in the skeletal palm. The defenders chose not to fight, instead of pulling everything behind their defences and deciding to hold out. “Just to spite me…” the dark lord grumbled, “We could last forever, and yet they refuse to fight…” he sighed forcefully, his vision of carnage and chaos having almost immediately dissipated.

The undead hordes sat just outside of the defences. The shields proved thus far to hold against their shambling attacks. Some of the more intact demons, devils, and zombies had taken the time to gather, murmuring amongst themselves in the dead tongue. Occasionally they would shoot glances at the Indomitable, almost certainly be seen, but nevertheless continuing.

Jervis, his goblin chancellor, approached the throne, “Sire,” he started, exasperation clearly coming through, “these defences are inadequate to your power,” his chancellor explained, clearly frustrated, “please just destroy these fortifications. Or do anything!” the small humanoid shouted, surprising the Indomitable.

He turned to look at his Chancellor, clearly terrified at having raised his voice to his superior, but standing his ground nonetheless. “Jervis-” he started, before being interrupted by a sudden twinge of power. The Indomitable shot up from his throne, neck craning to search the sky.

“Someone powerful has arrived.” his attitude turning deadly serious, “Finally,” he enunciated with such drooling bloodlust and desire, “A Challenge.” the skeletal lord’s empty eye sockets flashed with light. Extending a single outstretched hand to the defences of the fortifications behind him.

With a single waving motion, the shields surrounding the base disappeared. Technicians on the inside, unable to generate a response from the machines. Alarms sounded from the base, a clamouring commotion could be heard as the defenders scrambled to positions.

“Let’s give that strong one a bit of motivation.” the Indomitable spoke aloud with anticipation, “Feast on them!” he turned, commanding the Horde, “Add their souls and bodies to our army of the damned!” with more blood-curdling screams the Horde rushed forward, its mass absorbing the volleys of conventional weapons, ki blasts, and foolhardy defenders.

Glacia herself appeared at the top of her ship, peering down as her soldiers erected a defensive position in front of the ship and fired as the horde approached, to mixed success. The diminutive empress sighed.

“Well, as the proverb goes, if you want something done, it is best to do it yourself,” she mused. The Arcosian’s body began to glow with a purple aura and her eyes lit up before she raised her right fist. After holding still for a few moments, Glacia opened her hand and an explosion rocked the planet at the centre of the undead’s lines, a massive concussive wave that blew apart the ground where they stood, marched, and ran.

“My my,” the Indomitable watched the destruction rain down on his forces, “Someone’s got something to prove.” he turned to his horde, a sizable chunk having been blown out of it, “Arise! What is dead may never die!” he commanded with a booming voice. The undead thralls picking themselves back up, some shattered to pieces, others torn limb from limb. All but the ones at the epicentre of the blast, now reduced to a cloud of fine dust, returned to their false life.

The Arcosian let out a smile.

“It seems the stories are true, the dead can walk again,” Glacia pondered to herself. “Our friend must be a truly powerful wizard to perform necromancy on this scale.” The diminutive empress seemed more intrigued than frightened. She pressed a button on her scouter.

“All forces return to the ship,” she ordered. “I shall handle this myself.”

The soldiers needed little further instruction as they filed back into the Moraine as the horde continued its approach. Glacia’s ship hovered upwards, out of reach of any immediate physical harm, and in her pod, the Arcosian floated down to meet the undead straight on.

Glacia hopped out of the pod and took a step forward towards the advancing armies of zombies and extended her right hand, charged a small sphere of purple energy, and fired a thin beam that grew in width across the range of the battlefield.

The attack decimated the assembled legions. “Ho Ho!” The Indomitable loudly enjoyed the display. The diminutive Empress’s attack carving a clear path through the sea of the Undead. “The Lizard People themselves have graced me!” he called through the noise, raising two hands and instructing the Horde to fall back behind him.

“I will deal with this one,” he commanded, bringing a hand to his blade. The horde began to fall behind their master, himself taking broad steps forward through the parting sea. He stood several feet apart from the Acrosian, but still clearly towering above her, blade sheathed and clutched in his left hand. “A powerful one aren’t you?” his voice touching the Empress’s mind, poking and prodding for weaknesses, “Interesting,” his intangible voice echoing in her mind, “I’ve encountered your kind in the past.” words lingering longer than they should, words echoing with a low hum, “I don’t recognize you.” darkness radiating from his being, skeletal face emotionless.

“No, I imagine not,” Glacia replied as she inspected the skeletal being with much interest. “I have read about beings like yourself,” she added. “You are a Lich, yes?”

A strong feeling of dissatisfaction emanated from the Indomitable, “How boring.” his attitude shifted suddenly, “So boring!” he whined, scrunching up his hands and making a frustrated expression with his body, “Of all the first questions to ask, that’s what you pick?!” the aura and hum faded, “I had high hopes for you.” he sighed, “Whatever.” clearly frustrated and annoyed.

“Then it is true,” Glacia said with a slight smile. “Only a Lich could have such a hatred for the mundane aspects of his life-in-death,” the empress’ smile faded. “After all, the most difficult aspect of immortality is being able to live with yourself for eternity.”

“Oh shut up.” the Indomitable lashed out, “You’re so boring! Leave this place already, send someone better.” he dismissed her, returning his blade to his side and turning to walk away.

“Leave?” Glacia cocked her head. “This is my planet you defiled. You are the one who ought to be leaving.”

Not turning to answer the Indomitable gave another motion of his hands. The Horde rushed past them both, returning to the siege of the central fortification. The Indomitable continued to walk away.

The Empress frowned indignantly.

Well, if that is the way he is going to play…

Glacia took a step forward, watching as the horde continued their advance towards the fortress, the empress’ form again glowing with a purple aura. The Arcosian’s body pulsated slightly as large amounts of energy shot upwards into the air before raining down like lightning upon the horde, destroying large sections of the ground in the process.

The Indomitable, not reacting to this attack, turned around with an annoyed gaze. “Just stop, it’s not fun anymore.” he waved his right hand and the crumbled and scattered mobs began to rise up again. The vast sea of the Undead still rushing past them. “You had your chance.” he said accusatorilly, “Leave before you bore me more.”

“I am the Empress of the Planetary Trade Organisation,” Glacia returned. “I follow orders from no one.” The Arcosian gave a moment’s pause. “What are your goals here? Are you working with the Hegemony?”

The Indomitable, still clearly annoyed, whined more, “More boring questions!” but sighed and continued, “I do what I want. The Hegemony’s citizens are innocent, I have protected them.” he made another frustrated gesture with his arms, “Surely your people remember the intervention in the last conflict? Has it been that long?” he lamented, “I don’t keep track of mortal time, but the last time your clan and I fought, I took a few heads.” he said flatly, the bored tone of voice unchanged.

“That was well before my time,” Glacia answered. “Only a few members of that generation still draw breath,” she said, although the Empress was intrigued by the Lich’s words, and she made a mental note to ask her uncle Blizza about it when she returned to Planet Glacia 24601.

This seemed to tickle the sensibilities of the Indomitable. With a wave of his hand a portal to Maikai opened. A skeletal servant stepped through, holding the preserved skull of an Acrosian. “Polara the Third.” the Indomitable presented the skull in a mocking high tone of voice, “My slave armies are unbeatable!” he grabbed the skull and spun it on one bony digit, “Clearly my lord, clearly.” he finished returning to his normal, if slightly bemused voice, offering the skull to one of its descendants.

Glacia caught the skull, inspected it, and offered the Lich a slight frown.

“Even a Mindhoirite will insult a dead Solarian,” Glacia replied simply.

With a magical yoink, the Indomitable pulled the skull out of the Empress’s hands. Handing it back over to the same servant who brought it. “Alright miss lizard,” he started to say, dismissing the servant back through the portal, “you’re too boring to fight,” the servant disappeared into the portal, it sealing behind them, “how about some tea?”

The Indomitable removed his blade from his side, offering the massive weapon to the Empress. “Pinky promise no schemes.” the siege in the background still raging as he made this offer.

Glacia offered a slight grin.

“I would very much enjoy some tea, although I hope you will not be offended if I have my servants prepare my tea, and your servants yours,” she returned as she spied his sword, which was about the length of her entire body. The empress didn’t even lift her hand, using her telekinesis to move the sword between the two of them.

“Impressive, it goes without saying,” she said. “Oh, and before we continue, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?”

With a snap of his skeletal fingers, the Indomitable summoned a low table. Beneath it was a cross-woven grass mat, and two cushions on either side. He collapsed on a cushion, without grace or etiquette, “I didn’t really have any tea.” he smirked, “I was gonna serve you a black sludge and see the reaction.” he leaned back and motioned for the Empress to sit, “Oh please stop with the boring questions, many names have been given,” he started to explain, summoning forth skeletal servants from newly erected portals, “the Immortal, the Unyielding, the Black Blade,” he made motions with his hands to signify carrying on, “it’s all so boring.”

The skeletal servants began to decorate the table, very traditional looking ceramics were presented on the table, “There’s supposed to be a ritual to all this,” he explained, almost apologetically, “I’ll be damned if I remember any of it.” he leaned forward, “You may call me Enma if you should need a personal name, it really doesn’t matter.”

“Enma,” Glacia mused, storing the name away in her archival memory as she pressed a button on her scouter, instructing some of her soldiers to bring tea from inside of her ship. As she waited for them to arrive, the empress sat on the cushion as she inspected the artistry of the set.

“These resemble the tea sets from Earth,” Glacia mentioned. “Something you picked up along the way, or something more personal?”

If the Indomitable had eyes, he would be rolling them, “Oh please, stop with the boring questions.” he said dismissively, “I do not know of Earth, nor by the sound of it would I want to.” he made a motion towards some of his undead assistants, “From the stories of the dead, it sounds like a terrible place.” he pointed to one of his servants still setting the table, “That one was an accountant, suicide I believe,” he points to another, “That one was a warrior, he was betrayed by the master he served,” he points to another, “that one was killed in some kind of uprising,” the last skeleton dropped a plate, it shattering into millions of delicate pieces.

“That one is new, don’t be too hard on them.” the Indomitable waved his hand and the plate reformed. Jervis, his goblinoid chancellor, burst forward and gave the skeleton a verbal lashing. The Indomitable shook his head before continuing, “It sounds like a terrible place. Some of these poor souls are grateful, not only to be dead, but to have a second chance with a new lease on life!” the dark lord seemed to be beaming as he spoke about his subjects, “Humans are very pitiful creatures, but oh so endearing.” he sighed contentedly, “They may just be my favourite mortals.”

“They have their uses,” Glacia admitted. “I have met some very interesting ones in my lifetime, and they never cease to amaze me.” The Empress turned as a squad of PTO soldiers approached, carrying the Arcosian’s tea set and a small wooden box. The soldiers placed the tea set on a table adjacent to Glacia along with the wooden box. The Empress gave them a polite nod as they stood at attention. Glacia herself waved a hand and used her telekinesis to prepare and pour a cup of tea.

“Do you enjoy games, Lord Enma?” the Arcosian asked the Lich.

A radiant feeling seemed to emanate from the dark lord, “Oh finally, an interesting question.” the Indomitable sat at fuller attention, “What do you mean by games? What do you lizard people do for fun?” he gestured towards his blade, “the most fun I’ve had in years has consistently been combat. What do the strongest mortals of this galaxy do?”

“Most of them pass their time fighting, as well,” Glacia said lightly, with a slight hint of disdain in her tone. “My sister liked to hurt people for fun, for instance, but I prefer study and games.” Glacia gestured to the box her soldiers brought with her tea set. “Games like chess and shogi. Would you like to play a little with me, Lord Enma?”

The Indomitable rudely leaned onto the table, “I’ll admit Empress, those sound very boring.” his empty eye sockets seemed to look into Glacia’s eyes, “Can’t say I’m familiar with either of those.” he suddenly backed off, slamming a cupped hand into his bony palm. “Oh but I just remembered a game! It’s a guessing game! Would you like to play it?” the lich was strongly projecting an aura of childlike glee and an utter sense of dread.

“I would love to play, Lord Enma,” Glacia replied, as she took a sip of her tea.

Delighted the Lich sat up and gave a childish clap, “Alright here we go!” he paused to compose himself, “A Galaxy trembles! A wish was made! All of the meek should fear the strong!” he dramatically recited, “Who am I?” a tense atmosphere had manifested, the Indomitable waited for an answer with both excitement and certain anticipation.

The Empress lowered her cup.

“Uncle Fuar,” she replied. “Before being killed, of course,” Glacia added with a bit of a smile.

The Indomitable clapped delightedly, “You did it!” a darker look came to his eyes, “Was that too easy?” it lingered for a moment, but then faded, “Hmm…” the dark lord considered for a moment, “A gift of knowledge!” he decided, “Would you like to know about yourself, or would you like to know about what will be?” he leaned forward, waiting for the diminutive Empress to decide.

Glacia considered the Lich’s offer and weighed it upon what she knew from her library. Could Liches see the future? The Empress wasn’t entirely sure, but even if they could Glacia was all too aware of the danger inherent.

“About myself,” she replied after a few minutes. “Knowledge of the self is power.”

It was clear he was delighted, very clearly hoping she would choose this gift. “A wise choice, your Highness,” he said, practically beaming. The atmosphere shifted yet again, the empty sockets of the Indomitable glew a bright red, “Death is Near.” he spoke, voice changed deep and low, “The Shinigami themselves have marked it, although the date is not clear.”

It was clear the Indomitable could see something, while his eyes were locked on Glacia, they also seemed to look past her. “When a fire such as this is started, it is very hard to put out.” the glowing ceased, darkness dispelled, “You know on the subject,” the Indomitable started again, voice changing back to the familiar lighthearted boredom, “The Kai don’t really seem to know what to do with you!” he laughed childishly, “You Lizards don’t breed too often, and all of those poor souls waiting to be reincarnated…” he trailed off, remembering the need to keep the living and dead separated, “Well...I could just show you?” he propositioned, waiting for Glacia to respond to these revelations.

The Arcosian thought about the Lich’s revelations.

Death is near, now is that not vague? He could be calling himself death, after all, he is taking the name of the judge of the afterlife as his own. Or, death is certain for all beings? What is a thousand years to a Lich, after all...

Glacia’s thoughts trailed off as the Lich began talking about the Kai.

“Oh, a departed relative to show me?” Glacia asked with interest.

“Of a kind,” the Indomitable spoke coyly. A portal opened with the wave of his hand. A charred, blackened, rotted corpse stepped through. Through the dirtied exterior, the would-be-conqueror came through, “This one caused the Kai a lot of trouble.” the Indomitable spoke, “Tall one isn’t he?” he grabbed the arm, yanking the massive Acrosian down to the dirt, “They tried to send him to Hell, but he was far too much of a problem.” the Indomitable grabbed the wraith by the chin, “They decided to banish him to our side of the tree.”

The Indomitable shook the once-proud head, “He was so willful, but you can’t fight it.” he presented the dead unfocused eyes of Fuar to Glacia, “Death comes and is inevitable.” he threw the corpse to the side, it laid on the ground as he finished, “He told me a lot about you,” the wraith stood back up, “Once broken he just wouldn’t shut up about the galaxy. He told me about that sister of yours, I tried to nab her too, but she’s…” he stopped himself, remembering the boundaries again, “Well, even I couldn’t claim that one.”

Glacia looked at the carcass of Fuar, the Arcosian who claimed the Dragon Balls for himself and unleashed the first Super Saiyan in generations. A tinge of pity gripped the empress, but as the Indomitable mentioned Floe she frowned, looking up at the skeletal wizard.

“No, Floe would bow to no one,” she said, reminded that it was Fuar himself who killed Floe.

“Not exactly what I meant.” the Indomitable said, voice betraying a silent smile, “But I really shouldn’t speak about that.” he said coyly, teasing the Empress cruelly, “However I didn’t just mean to display a rotting deadman. I wanted to show you the fate of your kind.” he gestured towards the desiccated wraith, “Once you’re all gone, this is all that awaits.” his voice tinged with that same smile, “Take that as you will. Live life with no regrets!” he shouted, both arms shooting into the air, “Life will only come for you once! Rejoice in it!”

The Empress cocked her head at the Lich.

“He that rejoices at another’s ruin shan’t go unpunished,” Glacia recited. “To think, though, that Fuar could have wished for immortality. There is an irony there,” she added. The Empress looked down at Fuar’s corpse for a moment before looking upwards at the Lich.

“Lord Enma, do you enjoy bargains?”

The Indomitable rolled his skull around, considering the question, “Hmm...depends.” he concluded, “What are we bargaining for? I’ve already given you a gift.” he reminded the Empress, “Knowledge of that caliber doesn’t come cheap, I was content on it being a gift, but if you’re wanting something in exchange it’ll need to be hefty.”

Glacia nodded in agreement.

“I understand, but, as we stand, you are still occupying a planet under my dominion and assisting my enemies,” she replied, before holding up her hands. “Yes, you have made obligations to the Hegemony, but I would like for us to depart as friends, so I wish to make a deal. I want you to leave this planet and cancel your agreement with the Hegemony, at least for the duration of this campaign,” she explained. “I will fight a champion of your choosing. If I win, you agree to those terms, and if I lose.” Glacia paused for a moment, considering her words.

“You can have my soul.”
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Arashi strolled down the broad and colorful street, Hugo comfortably cradled in one arm, and not so comfortably reaching up to push into the Tohran's jaw and force his chin up. Hugo, of course, thought it was hilarious, and practically squealed every time he did it. He was squealing every ten seconds or so.

Arashi furrowed his brow, mocking an angry face down at the ornery little thing, "You're lucky you're cute, ya know that?" Once again, his head was forced up, and Hugo let the whole world know that it was hysterical. "Fair enough," Arashi muttered as he continued his walk, chanting in the distance just starting to register.

They were coming up on a corner that fed into a main road, and Arashi had been heading there intentionally. He sensed a large cluster of energy signatures. "I mean, I know what's going on," he muttered to his oblivious companion, "But I feel like I should check it out."

"You know talking to him right now is just an excuse to talk to yourself, right?" Kyotushot from where she walked at his side, "Just let me know when the voices start talking back."

"Kyotu, he will have words at some point."

"But are you really talking to him, or to this?" She rapped the side of his head, and Arashi rubbed the spot she hit. "Seems like it's getting rowdy up there," he noted as the chanting started to fall into more of a disembodied clamor.

Kyotu shrugged, "Well yeah, it's a strike, how did you think this was gonna go?"

They finally rounded the corner, and Arashi's couldn't help but let his jaw fall a bit as he took in the gravity of the situation, which was quickly interrupted by Hugo's pushing his jaw, again. The baby laughed, but calmed down when he saw he wasn't getting a reaction this time. The two Tohrans observed the going ons, and while nothing appeared violent, yet, the agitation in the air was palpable.

Any organized chanting was limited to small pockets, plenty of signs protesting the situation on the planet were held high above, often with inflammatory language. He saw a few rabble-rousers, but they didn't seem to be causing any trouble yet.

"Kyotu, I don't think this is going to end well," he looked down at his sister, who shrugged.

A Saiyan flying overhead scowled down as the crowd pointed and shouted at him. Fortunately he didn't retaliate, if only because he knew better. "I don't think there's anything you can do about it now, Pebbles." Hugo started grouching a bit, and Arashi plopped a pacifier into his mouth, scratched the top of his head, and then pinched the bridge of his own nose.

"Whatever. These idiots are harmless right now, I don't know what the hell to do about it even if I could."

"Whatever you do," Kyotu spun on her heel, evidently bored by the demonstrations, "Don't tell them what you told me, that the queen is going to come and get the other monkeys in check."

"Whatever," he took one last glance, wondering if perhaps he should check in on Arsle to see if they could patch things up. "I just hope this doesn't escalate any further." With that, he followed his sister, Hugo now contentedly cooing every once in awhile, and thankfully not abusing Arashi any further.
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Red Palace, New Saiya, Mars, Spring 506 AU

Queen Mother Arsle drummed her fingers along the arm of her chair. She was a warrior first and foremost, and she took her role of acting regent on Mars seriously as her daughter went on raids and lived the life of a true Saiyan, Arsle couldn't help but feel somewhat bored by the tedium of ruling in Chay's stead--or, at the very least, bored by the members of the Saiyan Council who managed the day-to-day operations of Mars.

Well whatever you're doing, I'm sure it's better than this, the queen mother thought as the meeting continued to drag on.

"...and that concludes the financial report for this quarter," one of the councillors said before sitting down, momentarily snapping Arsle out of her inner thoughts. The Saiyaness shifted her in seat, sitting upright.

"And what is next on the agenda?" she said, trying not to sound too disinterested in the administrator side. One of the nobles flippled through a tablet.

"The Tohran protests," he began, promoting a series of groans and sighs from the Council, including from Arsle.

"What do the gems want this time?" she asked, leaning back in the chair and resting her chin on the palm of her hand.

"Well, what started as largely isolated protests in the past few months have grown to include the majority of towns and cities on Mars," the Councillor explained. "The Council of Tohran Affairs has issued a series of grievances against our government and---"

"What right do they have to be mad?" Arsle snapped. "We let them live here, after all, the least they can do is put up with it. We certainly have to."

"That's only because Empress Glacia offered it to them," another member of the Council reminded the regent. "No other planet accepted the Tohrans, and Queen Serenity agreed that it was only right."

"Like I said," Arsle replied with a hand wave, "they can live here, so what right do they have to complain?"

"The Tohran Council is upset that despite nearly making up half of the colonists on Mars, the Tohrans have been barred from all administrative roles," the Councillor read. "And of course, the lack of any representative or legislative body. There are a number of human and Namekian groups who are of similar opinions."

Arsle scowled at the news and sat upright.

"So in retaliation?"

"Aside from the protests, we've seen a number of organised strikes across New Saiya, Tohrans refusing to work until better pay, shorter hours, and opportunities for ownership open up," he said, putting down the tablet. Another council member then spoke up.

"They are protesting outside of the palace now, in Omatt Square."

The Queen Mother clearly had enough of this discussion as she rose from her seat.

"Well," she said in a condescending tone as she paced around the room, like a lioness on the hunt. "I think it's time we remind the gems why the Saiyans are the rulers of Mars, and see how they repay our kindness. No one would have dared strike on Saiya." The regent turned back to the Council.

"Send the Honour Guard down right away and teach them a lesson," she said with a wicked grin.

Omatt Square

The large crowd of Tohrans pushed up against the fence separating the square from the Palace grounds, with signs and slogans and songs all around. The cacophony of Torhan voices easily drowned out the small group of Saiyan soldiers and police at the scene. It was clear that the small group of soldiers was having a hard time keeping control of the crowd when from the palace members of the Queen's Honour Guard poured out, many of them veterans of Danuja's recent raids against the Tuffles. The guard flew up onto the air and with little mercy or concerns, rained energy attacks down at the crowd.

Weaker Tohrans were obliterated instantly, but the stronger members who survived began to fire back. An all-out brawl broke out, as the protest turned into a full-on battle. More Saiyan soldiers appeared, some wielding energy weapons, and fired into the crowd as the battle ramped up in intensity and violence. Within minutes, hundreds were dead, and in a few more, the entire downtown of New Saiya became a battleground as Tohrans battled police and soldiers in the streets and in the air.

The Martian Civil War had begun.
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Mars, Spring 507 AU

Today marks a year into the Martian Civil War.

A reality that most can’t quite seem to grapple. Riots that were only started to bring up the social and economical inequalities running rampant throughout the planet, and especially geared towards its Tohran and Human populations, turned into violent bloodbaths. Sometimes escalated by the rioters themselves, but in most cases enforced by the special all Saiyan peace-keeping force headed by the “Queen Mother” of Mars herself.

The Martian Broadcasting Media has done its best to keep the Sol system at large informed, but the ruling party has effectively censored much of the key details about this growing insurgency and restlessness. Only whispers and murmurs trailed out by Human and Namekian refugees fleeing to the neighbouring colony of Ceres. But with the Tohrans from all corners of the Sol system migrating to the former red planet, it has become clear that whatever system of blackout in place will not last long, and the humans and namekians that do remain are intent to defend their right to live in this colonial world.

Three space pods enter the Martian atmosphere. Spherical in nature they’re reminiscent of the very same devices that brought the Saiyan trio to Earth over two decades ago. They crash land in the Danuja Desert, an arid strip of land that retains the rusty dust soil that once reigned supreme through the planet's surface. Minutes after landing the pods open and the creatures that appear from them are Tohran in nature. Two male, one female.
A broad-shouldered shaggy blond inhales sharply as if this is the first breath of fresh air he’s taken in aeons. He rolls his shoulder and glances over to his fellow male companion, lean and silvered haired, he doesn’t look as though he’s seen much in the way of battle but there’s an aura about him that rattles one's bones

“Susano. You alright?”

Susano grunts in response and bends down to dust off his boots.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Once done dusting his shoes Susano turns to the pod, paying him as much mind as a cow to a gnat. He grits his teeth.

“How much longer are you going to give me the silent treatment? I said I was sorry for stepping into that last fight a thousand times already.”

“Not even ten minutes onto this new world and the two of you are already bickering.” the female chimed in with an annoyed grunt. She stood the tallest of the three of them by two inches, a whooping 8 feet, with dark skin and even darker hair that flowed down to her waist, thick and voluminous.

“For us to be bickering that would mean I would have to engage him in conversation, Asherah”

“Don’t talk like I'm not standing across from you.”

“Don’t be like that!”

“Cain enough.” Asherah cuts in, annoyance playing on her pretty features. “For the love of the Diamond, the two of you need to put aside your little issue until after we’ve scooped out the situation at the very least

Cain straightens and bows his head in defeat. He doesn’t say another word and Asherah takes that as indication that he was going to let things drop for now. But knowing him she suspected by the day was out he would be on it again. “Alright let’s head out. You have hold of it right?” She says the last bit directly to Susano.

Susano nods and pulls out a book, it’s surfaced carved with jagged marks which at the centre forms the shape of a Diamond.

The three move quickly across the desert surface. They stay close to the ground to avoid aerial detection, riding on top of a desert rover, the fastest and most advanced of its generation. Dust fumed behind them as their speedy transport dashed across the sub-Saharan dunes with swan-like grace.

Susano flipped through the pages of the Grimoire, hazel eyes keeping pace with the rapid movement of pages, consuming large swaths of content in a matter of seconds. Asherah sat up front, steering the machine and keeping an eye out for any signs of intelligent life, on occasions she would glance to the built-in radar to ensure that they were still en route to the nearest Tohran settlement. From the rear-view mirror, she can see Cain sulking in the back, his broad arms folded over his chest as he looks off into the rolling dunes, occasionally looking over to Susano.

She sighed and focused her eyes on the road ahead. A millennium with these two men was starting to drag on her. That said she wouldn’t have been who she was without them. Certainly wouldn’t have been alive, not with the swath of Hators that roamed the section of the galaxy they had been banished to.

All they needed was to be amongst their families again and the tensions that lingered would hopefully mitigate somewhat. Hopefully, but knowing that the Diamond of all people no longer existed on this mortal plane didn’t give her much confidence. Would they even be welcomed back into Tohran society even with the backdrop of this civil war and the mismanagement of the Saiyan overlords? Or would their people turn their back on them again just like they had on Tohra? A world that no longer existed.

Lost in thought she missed the beeping of her radar which signalled nearby lifeforms. Looking back up she sees a walled encampment, outside of it were crosses. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of hanging Tohran bodies left out in the blazing sun. A gasp behind, undoubtedly Cain’s, reminds her to slow down as she approaches a gate where two Saiyan soldiers stand guard.
They extend their hands out in warning. The wicked and wild black hair matched their unpleasant gazes, as they instructed them all to get out of the rover. Her skin crawled at the attention that was particularly thrown her way, but she steeled herself, she couldn’t chicken out now, they had come too far and had gone through so much. She glanced over to Susano who had already tucked the grimoire into his bomber jacket to hide from the view of the guards.

“What’s your business here?” One of the Saiyan guards demanded coming up to them and dangerously close to her, immediately Cain was at her side, glaring down at the short in comparison male. The action made the saiyan step back before he remembered himself and his position and glared viciously back at Cain. “What’s your problem Tohran?”

“No problem,” Asherah answers for Cain, gripping his arm with a certain pressure to remind him to behave himself. If Cain noticed at all he didn’t show it, still glaring down at the Saiyan like the diminutive ant he was. From the corner of her eyes Asherah could see Susano shift, the sparks of magic, lost Tohran magic, danced between his fingers. He was prepared to fight, the question was Asherah ready? She didn’t think so and yet…

“Oh that’s good, cause I wouldn’t want to string another one of you overgrown rocks out, the ones we’ve got already hanging smell like fossilised shit.”

The laugh that rips from his mouth was absolutely disgusting. Cain tensed at her side but he was not the only one to have a visceral reaction, she could feel the foreign way her tohran aura swirled around her in response to the budding emotions.
“We’re here to trade,” Asherah said, trying one last time to be cordial.

“Oh? Trade what,” He first looks over to the rover, and then immediately turns backs to her and runs his eyes over her. If there was a crude remark to be made it didn’t leave his mouth. Nothing did after the punch connected with his temple and lobbed him backwards into the sand. Motionless.

Asherah blinked down at her fist. She knew she had gotten strong, but not to this level,, she reared around to Susano as Cain whistled in contentment. He shrugged at her and glanced down at the Diamond grimoire. No wonder it had been so well guarded.

“Get back!” Asherah whirled around to see other saiyan charge a ki attack which he hurled full power at Cain who kept a steady walk forward.

The words to call out to him were stuck in her throat, not that it mattered, the beam would’ve connected with him before she even got the chance to finish the sentence anyway. Cain stumbled back one step, just one, before moving forward through the beam, the very energy cascading all around him before being absorbed into him, Asherah could see his emerald gemstone glow from it’s placement on his neck. The energy from the ki beam pooled inside, and it didn’t stop there, the opponent seemed to be fighting some invisible force which tugged him forward forcing him to use more and more ki. In doing so his skin became brittle and saggy. It continued until the saiyan dropped to the ground, nothing more than a lifeless husk.

Cain cracked his neck and turned to Asherah and Susano. There was an eerie edge to the boastful grin on his, he seemed bulkier than before and he radiated in a way she heard only Solarians did.

“Gonna talk to me now?” He says, obviously directed to Susano.

“Fucking idiot.”


Despite herself, Asherah laughed. Until the sounds of a blaring alarm could be heard filling the skies. Cain looked up and away from them as saiyan guards littered the encampment walls. Susano gilded passed his sparking hands raised to the skies. Storm clouds circulated seconds later and rain began to fall much to the astonishment of the saiyan guards frantically attempting to organise themselves. Bringing his hand down lightning darted from the skies and struck a group of the enemy guards, frying them instantly, their burnt corpses falling in piles on either side of the wall.

“Bust down the gate Cain.”

Much to Asherah’s surprise there wasn’t a single complaint from the blonde he simply did it. Susano followed behind Cain walking through the slightly less fortified encampment. Asherah could only trail behind them both, eyes on the grimoire, catching glimpses of the diamond on its surface. She didn’t fully believe it before, but she was starting to completely accept that that book would be the key to Tohran liberation. Now, if only they could find a leader to wield it in a way that none of them currently could.
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Postby Ranoria » Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:35 pm

Collab between Brit and Ran
New Tohra City, Principality of Mars, Spring 506 AU

With Hugo sound asleep, Arashi had taken the opportunity to get some training in, trying more and more to get a knack for his rather forced transformation. Unfortunately, that wasn’t in fate’s plan for the day.

His scouter, cast aside in the dirt not too far away, began to chirp incessantly. The Tohran paused mid strike, glancing over his shoulder for a moment with a sigh. No rest for the weary.

He stepped over to the device, letting it dangle between his fingers rather than putting it on, and answered the call, “General Arashi, how can I help you?”

His feedback was more panicked than just about anything he’d heard from Sol’s PTO forces prior, “The protests at Omatt Square have turned violent! Saiyan fighters began firing on Tohrans, the city’s practically a war zone!”

Whatever serenity he’d had was instantly zapped, and Arashi fixated the instrument over his eye, leaning forward and gritting his teeth, “Slow down! What’s the situation?”

“General, we have Tohrans and Saiyans brawling and killing each other in the streets,” whatever he said next, Arashi stopped listening, closing off outside stimuli as he scanned the city itself. The fluctuating, and occasionally vanishing, power levels confirmed the worst of the reports. But his focus, again, shifted when he felt heat against his skin and light forced its way through his eyelids.

He looked again, and his jaw dropped at an expanding dome of energy, swirling and crackling with excess energy, “What the hell happened?” He muttered, cutting off the transmission.

Arashi held a hand on the scouter on his ear, waiting for the device to connect. It took a bit longer across the distance involved. Long enough that he lost his patience, with the two Saiyans obstructing his path. Their only warning was a thin streak of lightning arcing across his palm before a kiai sent the two of them hurtling down the entrance hall of the Red Palace. Just when the nails-on-a-chalkboard sound of their skidding stopped, the scouter beeped.

Spicer’s voice came over.

“General,” he started. “What can I do for you?”

“We’ve got some problems over here on Mars,” Arashi replied with none of his usual charm, “At a protest outside the palace, the Saiyan guard came out and butchered a lot of Tohrans, turned into an all out brawl. I don’t have all the facts myself yet, but I figured I’d see if I can get you out here to help me sort out this mess.”

Spicer leaned back in his office chair, flabbergasted at what Arashi was telling him. The Saiyan general was aware of some protests and strikes happening on Mars, but he hadn’t received many complaints, but then again, unlike on Earth and Luna, Mars’ media was much more aligned with the ruling Saiyan Council.

Could this just be a misunderstanding? Tohrans and Saiyans are both hotheaded…

“I’ll be over there as fast as my pod can get there,” he told Arashi after a moment.

“Thanks. I’ll make sure to have the palace runts cleared out by the time you get here.” With that he detached the scouter from his head, tossing it haphazardly into his gemstone, a half dozen or so Saiyans were in his path, and unfortunately, he had yet to memorize the layout of the seat of the Saiyan monarchy.

Arashi sized them all up. Not one remotely compared to Onnio, much less presented a threat. “You can take me to Arsle, or I can go through you. Your choice,” his aura kicked up around his feet, eyes narrowed to slits, “It won’t matter either way.” To their credit, they did try, but they weren’t nearly fast enough to make it more than a few steps before they were all on the ground - groaning, unconscious, or both. With their being incapacitated, he walked back to the wide open doors to make it a bit easier for Spicer to find him. With that, he crossed his arms, leaned back, and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

If only we could teleport.

Spicer’s pod moved swiftly through the space between Luna and Mars, as the Saiyan contemplated what was going on. The fact that he hadn’t heard anything about the fighting meant the news didn’t reach Luna.

Why? he pondered. Is the Martian government suppressing information traffic?

As the pod neared Mars, Spicer opened a channel to New Saiya.

“This is General Spicer to ground control,” the Saiyan said. “I request clearance to land.”

“Ground Control to General Spicer,” the operator said. “We cannot allow that, General. No off world landing while the state of emergency is ongoing.”

Spicer blinked a few times.

I see, that’s how they’re playing it.

“General Spicer to ground control, if you do not grant me clearance, I will take the matter up with Empress Glacia.” No one replied on the other end. Spicer’s friendship with the Arcosian empress was a known fact.

“Ground Control to General Spicer, permission has been granted. Sending coordinates.”

Spicer smiled as his spaceship knew which way to go, the autopilot directing him to the landing pad.

“That was easy,” he muttered.

A few minutes after landing, Spicer put on his scouter. New Saiya was indeed looking like a battlefield as plumes of smoke billowed into the air and the sounds of sirens accompanied them. Spicer looked overhead to see gunships and other military vehicles coming in.

A few officers, PTO, stood at attention.

“What’s the situation?” he curtly asked.

“We aren’t quite sure, sir.”


“In the hundreds, but information isn’t being filtered through the normal channels.” Spicer frowned at this, and he wasted little time flying through the air and towards the Red Palace.

Arashi perked up from his spot against the wall, eyes locking on Spicer once he saw him, and said something before touching the side of his scouter to cut off another conversation. He offered the Saiyan a lazy salute as he approached. “I don’t know how much you’ve heard, but we’re still not sure exactly what happened,” he continued as Spicer landed, pointing a thumb over his shoulder, “But I’m guessing Arsle does.”

“Probably,” Spicer said laconically as he and Arashi approached the palace doors. The Saiyans stiffened to attention.

“I’m here to see Her Highness the Queen Regent,” Spicer informed them.

“By all means, General,” one gractiously replied, albeit with giving a side-glance to Arashi as they moved to allow the pair to pass through and enter the centre of Saiyan rule on Mars. Spicer turned to Arashi.

“Probably should let me do most of the talking,” he said.

Arashi didn’t meet his gaze, instead doing so with each of the Saiyans they passed, “They do seem to be more cooperative with you than they were with me. No promises, though.”

In a few minutes, they entered the Council Room, where Arsle stood watching the outside from a balcony. She turned to the pair and gave a nod.

“Spicer, Arashi,” she said in a stoic matter. “Sorry about the mess outside, if I knew you were stopping by, I would have had it cleaned up beforehand.”

Against his better judgement, Arashi stepped in front of Spicer with a snarl, fingers curled into fists, “There’s a lot of dead Tohrans out there, Arsle. For your sake, I hope you have a good explanation.”

The Queen Mother turned fully to face the pair, looking them both up and down with her good eye.

“An unfortunate reality. The Honour Guard was a little too rough, I am afraid,” she said with a sigh. “I hope you weren’t caught up in it, Arashi, but really, sometimes you need to smash a few rocks to make a statue.”

The normally jovial Tohran closed his eyes hard and gritted his teeth, looking down before snapping back up to look at Arsle. “Whatever the hell you’re doing,” Arashi didn’t move to attack, not yet, but his right hand opened flat, a precursor Spicer was very familiar with by now, “It ends now. You’re going to pull your damn dirty apes back into your cave, or I’m going to leave them all rotting right after I’m done with you.”

“Arashi,” Spicer said calmly, but firmly as he moved between the two.. “You are talking to a member of the Saiyan Royal family, the mother of Chay, and a relative of mine,” he reminded the Tohran, before turning his attention to Arsle.

“Your Highness,” he said slowly. “Do you realise what is happening? The Martian situation is already--”

“I know what is happening Spicer, but do you?” she snapped at the general. “We Saiyans are on the verge of extinction because of a madman, and we finally get our own planet to rule again. I have nothing against the gems personally, but they aren’t exactly friendly either,” Arsle said, glancing over at Arashi. “Most of them, at least. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to manage a place like this? We’re outnumbered by every feasible metric. You and Serena have no idea what it’s like, so I don’t want to hear moralising from a Saiyan who removed the tails of his own children.”

Spicer bit his lip at Arsle’s words, but before he replied, Arashi already stepped back in front of him.

“Cry me a river, every one of the Tohrans is in the same boat, and treated like worms by yours!” He never took his eyes off the queen, voice lowering as he addressed Spicer, “We can deal with Danu when she gets back. I don’t see any reason to leave this one alive.”

“Since when did you care about Tohra, Arashi?” Arsle calmly replied. “You're the one who left it, and they never allow exiles to return. You’re just as much of a victim as us, if not more of one. You might as well be a Saiyan, given how they treat people like you.”

Much like Spicer, he was at a loss, gritting his teeth. She wasn’t wrong. Kyoto aside, most of the Tohran population was still wary of him, and even more hesitant to accept him as some sort of leader. He didn’t break her gaze, but he did take a step back, standing straight with a scowl, “Damn monkey,” he muttered.

Arsle ignored the Tohran and his slur, looking istead at Spicer.

“Spicer, we both know the jurisdiction here. The PTO can’t interfere unless I formally request it. This will be handled swiftly and quietly, I swear, so you’re free to go.”

Spicer grimly nodded, all too aware of where things stood. He wondered if this was just an isolated incident, or something deeper.

“Very well, Your Highness,” he said, swallowing hard, and with nothing further to say, gave a quick bow, turned, and made his way out of the room.

“Spicer,” Arashi almost whispered. Rules be damned, his hand trembled at his side for a moment before he spun on his heel, smashing what had been an ornate door on the way. “We’re not actually going to let this slide,” he hissed once he caught up, low enough that no one else would hear them.

“I’ll make a request to Glacia,” he whispered back, “but the law is mostly clear on this. If she’s right and this is cleared up, there’s little we can do.”

“Not as part of the PTO, you mean” Arashi replied, fists still clenched, and his implication more than clear.

Spicer stopped but didn’t look at Arashi.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that,” he returned before resuming. “In the meantime, I suggest you, Hugo, and Kyoto relocate to Earth. If she’s right and this is handled quickly, you don’t want to be here. If she’s wrong…” Spicer again stopped, but this time he looked at Arashi.

“You don’t want to be here.”

Now he couldn’t quite meet the Saiyan’s gaze, eyes downcast, “I abandoned Tohra once, Spicer. You know damn well what happened then.”

“And the Torhans here trust you less than they do Arsle,” he reminded Arashi. “For Hugo’s sake, at least consider moving to the Earth, at least until this blows over.”

“You’re right,” he muttered. Despite towering over the Saiyan, his defeated posture made him look the smaller of the two, and he rubbed a hand over his face, “You’re right, but it still makes me sick.”

“You don’t have to like it,” Spicer said as they left the palace, the scenes of the battle seemingly dying down as soldiers and police roamed the streets. “But knowing what I do about Saiyans and Tohrans,” Spicer glanced at Arashi. “This isn’t going to be an isolated incident.”
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Postby Britanania » Fri Mar 26, 2021 11:56 am

Silver Palace, Silver City, Luna, Spring 506 AU

The Saiyan warrior sat in a healing chamber after a training session with Serena. It was a fairly typical day for Spicer, in that regard--a two-hour workout with his wife in the gravity chamber that usually ended with him in the medical bay for one reason or another to start the day before their light breakfast. On this morning, if Spicer could laugh inside the pod he probably would have, as he thought about that degree of irony.

I used to be afraid I would put her in a healing machine, but it's the other way around, huh?

In short order, the machine healed Spicer's training-induced-injuries and the Saiyan dressed and made his way back to the royal apartments for a quick breakfast of black coffee and dry bread with Serena, who was reading the paper this morning. They had a nice conversation, and Spicer thought at that moment how much Serena had matured and grown in the five and a half years he knew her.

She's become so strong, not just physically and magically, either, he mused as they continued chatting. He was reminded of a recent event they attended, and how he was constantly amazed at how easily and deftly Serena managed her role--a far cry from the timid and insecure young woman he first met at the tournament grounds.

At the time, I thought I was the strong one, but it was really her. I thought I was strong because I was a Saiyan, I accepted it as a given that strong energy and the power to transform was what strength was all about, but Serena has a deeper strength...

Spicer's train of thought was interrupted as he noticed one of the headlines when Serena placed the newspaper down: "Saiyan police quell riots, restore peace to Mars."

What a load of garbage, Spicer thought as he put his mug down and checked his watch. It was nearly 0900 and time to wake the kids. Spicer rose from the table and gave Serena a quick kiss.

"Time to run," he said. "I'll see you at lunch."

Spicer resisted the urge to pull at his collar at yawn during his meetings that afternoon, and he felt a disturbing realisation at how normal this was all becoming for him, at how he was easing into his role as the PTO's representative to Earth--the official liaison between Glacia and Serena, as it were--and his role as Earth's Prince Consort.

Still, I could do with less of these vultures...

The topic of discussion on everyone's mind was, of course, the Martian situation. The Earth's government seemed somewhat split on the issue. It had only been a few days still the massacre, but the Saiyan government on Mars was doing a fine job keeping the media from knowing the full truth. The PTO was essentially forbidden to act directly for now, although, in his last conversation with Glacia, the Arcosian empress wrily told Spicer she might have a way to circumvent any official ban on intervention.

But, we still have to do something if this continues. Arsle promised to resolve it, but... Spicer wasn't sure what else they could do short of overthrowing the Saiyan government, assuming some form of mediation couldn't work. He took a sip of water in the meeting and leaned back as he wondered if he could fight against his own people, even if it were the right thing to do.

"You and Serena have no idea what it’s like, so I don’t want to hear moralising from a Saiyan who removed the tails of his own children.”

Arsle's words echoed in Spicer's head for the rest of the meeting, but in any event, with his meetings over, Spicer made his return to the apartments and retrieved the kids from the nursery, and as Spicer saw his kids' faces, he smiled.

"Let's go see mummy," he told them, as his anxiety washed away.
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Postby Turkducken » Sun Mar 28, 2021 3:10 pm

Snow by the meadow

Sighing gently with the stars

The voice of the clouds


Spring 506 AU

Strazhdannya, Deep in Former Heran Space

Port Rozhok

The planet was buzzing with energy.

Production had increased at the massive smelters.

Freighters queued messily in space to collect the molten metal.

Hours were longer, the city burned with an alien hotness as the smelters continued full blast for days on end.

In the crowded streets of the Port, conversations could be heard, "Works killing me." a tall Heran complained, his blue skin dirtied from the smog, "I've been working nonstop for cycles. Coming home dirty, but too tired to wash." his eyes looked tired, and he nursed a sore shoulder, "Not that it would matter. Just back to another shift immediately after waking up." he sighed, leaning against a dirty wall, "I haven't seen the kids in at least a cycle. Wife has got it slightly better, but she's also still with the kids most days." his unfocused gaze looked off emptily in the distance, "It's miserable."

A Namekian chimed in, "I passed over the Patrol for this." they spoke with a grudge, "It was fine at first, tantalizing pay, and I didn't have to earn it getting my ass shot off." a look of resentment flashed across their face, "Now I've been here for years. You can't build a life on these wages. These jack asses work you into the ground, and for what?" they questioned the small group, "This planet is miserable."

"Fuck 'em." another Heran spoke, her equally dirty purple skin looking almost black in the dim light, "Fuck these PTO sonsofbitches." she declared, "I'm tired of working. Tired of being on this rock." she stated harshly to her friends, "This fucking heat is exhausting. My parents lived and died in this heat, and so did their parents." she stated pointedly, "So fuck 'em. Nothing gets better."

Her friends would make silent looks at her, the other Heran looking around the slow moving sea of people they were taking refuge from, "Don't be too loud!" he hissed, tired eyes alert and scanning the crowd, "You don't know who's listening!"

This only emboldened the female Heran, "I don't give a fuck!" she proclaimed even louder, "Let them arrest me! I'm sick of this shit!" her frustration was tempered as her friends faces' turned white and serious. A cloaked individual was standing silently behind her. She attempted to focus her breathing, swallowing hard, before turning to face them.

A light blue hand extended from under the cover of the protective suit. It handed the woman a dirty letter, "Take this." a strong feminine voice commanded, "Keep your heads down. Our Time is coming." and the cloaked figure dissipated into the crowd. Leaving the group speechless and shocked.

Avakia was exhausted. She had been walking around the Port for days, weeks even. Higashi, as she now knew him, wasn't much help with this sort of work. He didn't know the layout of the city, and as a human was less trusted by, well, everyone. He was instead kept cooped up in their new hideout. Another hole in the wall location Avakia had from some point earlier in her life. She ducked out of the sea of people, snaking a complicated path through the backstreets. Satisfied that she had thrown any would be tag-a-longs, she finally dived into the hideout.

Removing the protective layer she routinely donned on ventures outside, she wiped the sweat from her brow. Most residents chose not to wear this gear, as it made the heat of the city almost intolerable, and it made the heat of the forge deadly. Despite her best efforts she was filthy. She attempted to fluff out her long flowing orange hair, but it clung messily together. She scowled at this inconvenience, cursing the putrid skies of this poisoned world. She walked up the thin staircase to their one room, the hideaway itself being a cheap attempt at splitting an apartment into two units.

Higashi was sitting on their cheap cot, a collection of clean trash and what was left of a mattress, staring into space. Avakia made a face at her partner, "Alright Freak." she threw the veritable nickname with familiarity, "I'm back. Gonna take a bath, get some of this shit cleaned off." she stripped in front of him, privacy having no real meaning in this confined space, and sat in a crude metal tub they used to wash. Higashi sighed, "I've been having these dreams lately..." he said quietly, one eye dejectedly looking at the floor, "It's getting harder to sleep."

Suddenly he looked around, as if remembering where he was, focusing on the annoyed nude Avakia. He smirked, "Don't we have a curtain or something we can put up? Shit's getting embarrassing." he respectfully looked away all the same, "I can hear the old timers on the other side of the walls talking." he spoke aloud, "They're talking about production being at a historic high. Rumors of a war brewing between the PTO and something called the 'Hegemony'." he looked back at Avakia, who had poured a sizable amount of their water onto her hair, "Should I be concerned about that?" he asked, deciding that the extra wasted water was worth keeping his partner quiet.

"Look Freak, the Hegemony isn't anything to worry about. We're on the other side of the galaxy, if anything rumors of war help us." she continued to wash her hair, "Less resources to respond to us out here. So don't worry about it, they've got bigger fish to fry than two almost nobodies." she shivered as the cold water poured down her front. She stood from the gathering water in the tub, it having turned a chemical black and began to stink, "Your turn to empty it." she gestured, turning to dry herself. Higashi sighed, moving over to the tub and picking it up with both hands. As he poured it down the raised hole that constituted their bathroom he turned the conversation back to something more important.

"How goes it out there? Are we any closer to assaulting that city?" the water sloshing down the open drain. Avakia turned back around, having wrapped herself with a cheap towel, "The attitude out there is definitely right for a distraction, I've never seen or heard so much anger and frustration from these people." she sat on their cot, Higashi returning the tub to it's designated location, "You can't make a people revolt, but all of this pent up rage helps." Avakia sighed, laying down in the bedding wrapped in her towel, "It'll happen when it does, but we only have so many days left." she sighed as Higashi returned to his spot on the bedding, "One way or another we're doing this." she finished determinedly.

Higashi sat silently, knowing his partner was already retiring for the day. He nodded slowly, "Might as well try to sleep again." he laid down next to Avakia, the silence growing louder between them.

He lay there totally silent, staring at the rotting ceiling, knowing the dreams would return as soon as he fell asleep. He laid there for what seemed to be hours, until finally uttering, "I hope our distraction comes through." breaking the total silence,

"Me Too." Avakia whispered.

They both lay silent in the darkness until sleep came for them.


He blinked, looking around suddenly.


His eyes were unfocused. He struggled to perceive where he was.

"Higashi!" a girlish voice shouted, "There you are!"

His sister had found him. She smiled and grabbed his arm, "Father wants you!" she pulled him from the grass he had been sitting in, pampas flowers swayed in the cool breeze, "Come on! We gotta get back before sundown!" his sister urged him forward, pulling and grabbing at his arm.

"Alright, alright already!" he relented, sighing and standing from his meditation, "Go on and run back, I'll be there in a bit." he told his young sister, she smiled and happily ran back to the castle.

He looked back at the castle, his eyes finally focusing, and was slack-jawed in awe. Mountains towered above, their high snow tipped peaks clearly visible. Waterfalls manmade and natural cascaded all around. No smell of the sea, only lagoons where water collected before rushing downstream. In the midst of all this was the castle, banners flying high on the walls and towers. It itself carved from the summit of a mountain, regally standing proud in the high valley of the mountains.

He took a step back, shaking his head in amazement, "Where am I?!" he confusedly shouted.


Everything started to fade.



His eyes snapped open, darkness of the rotting room greeting him.

"We gotta go now!" Avakia shouted at him, "It's happening!"

He shot up from their makeshift bedding. Moving towards the door where he could hear Avakia. She rushed down the stairs, and Higashi plodded along after her. "What's going on?" he questioned, speech slurred from the sleep he was still awaking from, "What happened?" Avakia opened the door to the outside, and light thrust itself into their dark hideaway. Noise and smoke greeted them as the door opened, people were shouting, there was a brawl happening somewhere. Higashi finally got a good look at his partner. She was beaten and bloodied, covered in soot and dirt from the air, a dirty wrapping tied around her left arm that she constantly held and applied pressure to.

"What happened?!" Higashi demanded louder, "What happened to you?" Avakia grabbed him and slammed him against a wall, she silently held a finger over her light blue lips. Higashi stopped and listened, there were footsteps nearby. Obviously he didn't need to worry about them hurting him, but they set out to not get caught or spotted before the break-in was complete. He flattened himself against the wall, holding his breath as several figures in PTO gear scrambled through the alleyway.

They wore the armor of the PTO, but brandished firearms and wore a special sort of helmet. "Riotiers." Higashi recognized. He looked back at Avakia, she was trying her best to hold steady, but the clear pain she was enduring was causing her to shake. Higashi quietly reached over, clamping a hand over her mouth, and braced her against his own body. They waited, as the crowd of soldiers stomped past. There were screams nearby, gunfire, the sound of brawling faded into the distance. Gunfire and boots overtook the street.

Avakia broke away from Higashi's grip, having regained some of her strength, "We gotta move." she commanded through a bruised swollen face, "The crowd is gathering right outside of the walled city. Security is moving to box them in." Higashi nodded, whatever had happened earlier was the least important thing at the moment. "This is it." he whispered, "We're going to do this or die trying."

They moved stealthily through the backstreets, avoiding security and rioters alike. The sound of fighting and screaming grew louder as they approached the edge of the city. The smelters eerily quiet and glowing in the distance. They slipped into a fast moving crowd. Angry voices and shouts of a mixture of fear and excitement rang out. "Fuck the Lizards! Fuck the PTO!" were common calls in the crowd, plenty more expressed their rage and frustration in harsher colorful language. As the crowd they were in merged with a larger herd of people, Higashi heard a voice he thought he recognized.

"Repent Brothers! Repent Sisters! The Order of Santimon offers forgiveness to all!" a preacher was standing high above the crowd of people, preaching directly to a wall of Riotiers who were attempting to keep the crowd back, "The time for dignity is now! Stand with us!" while the monk was speaking loudly, it was unclear how much was being heard over the roar and anger of the sea of people, "Throw down your weapons! Join us!"

Higashi looked away, trying to find Avakia in the crowd. "Retake your Pride! The moment is now!" there was a loud bang, the sea of people collectively screamed. Higashi whipped around to see the preacher fall from his stand. The crowd swelled and surged. A sea of people crushing the security underneath. Brawls broke out where ever there were Riotiers. The whole energy of the planet became violent and angry. Men, women, children surged forward, the strongest among them moving to the front of the crowd. Herans, Namekians, and others, fought each other on either side. Higashi was pulled suddenly, Avakia seizing his arm in the moment and barrelling through the crowd.

He was dragged away from the raging sea of people. Guided over to a building in front of the walled city. Avakia banged on the door, "Hoiyt!" she banged louder, "Hoiyt Gods damn you!" the door slid open, a sterile room on the other side. A male Heran, outfitted in officer gear of the PTO, grabbed Avakia and pulled them both inside. The noise and violence disappearing as the door slid close again. Hoiyt gave Avakia a scornful look, "This wasn't the deal." he spat at her, "This wasn't..." Avakia started, painfully taking in air, "the plan." she collapsed onto the floor, starting to unwrap the dirty bandage she had on her arm.

Hoiyt made a sour face, and then pointed at Higashi, "You there. You're her partner?" Hoiyt pointed again at another room, "Emergency medical supplies." Higashi stumbled to say anything, "Now you nitwit! She's dying!" Higashi's blood froze, and he quickly moved to find something to help. As Higashi tore through a supply room, Avakia and Hoiyt spoke quietly, "I'm not dying." she hissed, "I know you're not, but tall guy needs to make himself useful." Hoiyt replied, still giving Avakia a look of deep contempt, "Regardless." he resumed, grabbing Avakia by the collar, "This wasn't our deal! You said the crowd would be far away!" Avakia, too weak to remove herself from his grip replied, "This wasn't the plan. It wasn't meant to be like this!" she insisted, "Someone must've tipped Security off, they snatched me out the door this morning!" she gave Hoiyt a murderous look, "I hope we didn't have a change of heart Hoiyt."

Hoiyt dropped her back to the floor. Avakia stood up, bracing herself against the wall, "Look..." she panted, "we're doing this Hoiyt. The plan changed but we're still doing this." she looked at him with that all too familiar piercing gaze of determination, "You're either with us or against us." Higashi finally returned with a medkit, opening and started helping Avakia dress her wounds.

Hoiyt made a face, but thought hard about their deal. He sighed, "Fine." but his face hardened as he spoke, "But there's something you should know."
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"Well, here we are," Arashi waved his hand to indicate his living space. Fortunately, the luxurious quarters he was afforded as a PTO general on earth had been largely undisturbed, and he plopped Hugo down on the floor. The little tike struggled for a bit to balance on his butt, but once he had his bearings he looked around and soaked it all in.

"Looks like you've been comfortable," Kyotu's arms were crossed as her eyes flicked across the living area, "But a bit bland, if I do say." It wasn't much different than Arashi's dwelling on Mars, lacking much besides basic furniture, but it was larger, at least.

"I didn't expect to come back so fast," Arashi reached into his chest and pulled out a box that looked like it was much too large to fit in there, "I was hoping Mars could be a permanent spot for Hugo and I, but..." he trailed off, and shrugged.

Arashi pulled out a couple more boxes, stacking them haphazardly on the others, and Hugo's occasional coos were the only thing that broke the silence for a stretch. He looked up at Arashi, who raised an eyebrow down at him. The baby's eyes flashed red, and Arashi's expression immedietely became one of concern.

"Has he always done that?" Kyotu broke her silence, "That can't be normal."

"Not sure," Arashi shrugged, "Not the first time he's done it though, no." The baby's eyes returned to normal, and he lurched back to bang his head off the Tohran's leg.

Kyotu walked past the two of them leaned against the window, "So what's the plan, then? Are we just going to sit here while they slaughter or enslave the rest of Tohra?"

"No," her brother responded, leaning down to pick up Hugo again, so that his head faced forward. "I'm going to do everything I can to figure out exactly what's going on, but my hands are tied unfortunately. Unless we can find hard evidence of something egregious going on, the PTO won't step in."

Kyotu shrugged, "Well, hopefully it's just a one time incident then. After what happened to the city, I can't think the monkeys are too keen on pulling another stunt anytime soon."

"I'd hope Arsle's smart enough to avoid that," Arashi muttered, looking back at the boxes piled up against the wall, then at the time on his scouter, "I've got to get down to the garrison and pretend to work for a few hours. Hopefully I can get in touch with some Tohrans on the planet, the PTO does still have a small presence there."

Kyotu gently took Hugo from him, "Now Pebbles, you know I'm just gonna let this little shit do whatever he wants, right?"

"Yeah yeah," Arashi rolled his eyes and stepped out onto his balcony rather than leaving via the door, "Just keep him alive, can you manage that?"

"Maybe?" Kyotu held the kid out at arm's length, which earned a giggle from him, "Seems like he's chunky enough to last if I forget to feed him?"

With no other reply, Arashi rolled his eyes and dropped himself off the edge of the balcony, taking flight for just a couple seconds to propel himself forward, and landed, with little effort, at the front door of the garrison.

"At ease, mooks," he waved off the two soldiers who saluted him once he dropped, and stepped into the building. For once, he actually had work to do.
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eleven: Elizabeth vs Lalia: Part Two
Tournament Ground, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

“Kick that sheep’s ass!” Danuja yelled as Liz made her up to the ring. “We can have lamb chops all week!” The Saiyan Queen’s tone was quite serious.

Nymphaea turned to Danu. “I know she looks like a sheep but you do realize that she is as sapient as us right? I don’t think we should eat her.” Nymphaea looked over at her sister.

“But knowing my sister she may take your suggestion but change what you meant by ‘eating her’.” She gave the Saiyaness an awkward smile as she let out a chuckle that she was hoping didn’t sound too forced.

Danuja smiled with her toothy grin.

“Sapient or not, Nymph, sometimes you find yourself in a situation, and the only way to survive is to kill somethin’ and eat it.”

Nymphaea was trying to maintain her smile even as inside she was trying so hard not to shiver in fear over the now possibly psychotic woman that was next to her.

“Maybe I should try to buy us some snacks?” Nymphaea suggested. “I think this fight isn’t going to end as quickly as the others.”

Ikki, meanwhile, looked away from the battlefield, keeping up his stern posture, but hiding some disappointment underneath. The crowd had gotten to Liz's head way too easily, and so, she started with a disadvantage. As soon as he heard Nymph and Danu's argument, he glanced towards them with the corner of his eye and replied:

"Yeah, uh.. snacks would help. Better than eating competitors, at least."

Back in the ring, as the half demon flew close to Lalia who covered her mouth as she yawned again. Just as Elizabeth pulled back her fist and swung it at the sheep she would see the sheep quickly pull her head along with the upper half of her body back as she ducked. Elizabeth was taken aback by the fast movement of the sheep so when the demon not only reinforced her leg but also kicked Elizabeth the half demon was sent flying up into the air.

Both Elizabeth and the crowd were surprised by the blow.

"Oh wow everyone! That little sheep sent Ashwood flying to the ceiling! Looks like we all underestimated her!" Katsumi said through the microphone as she looked back at the sheep as she set herself straight and yawned again.

"Did I win?" Lalia looked up only to see Elizabeth change into her demon form and slow down the speed so when she reached the ceiling she was able to turn around and land on her feet. The witch would be flying down at the sheep.

"I guess not. I was hoping I would end this fight quickly so I can go back to sleep but looks like Ellie won't make this easy for me." She saw dark flames trailing off Elizabeth's fist as she was getting close.

Lalia would raise her hand up and conjure a violet magic circle. "Dead Spike."

Lalia said as a massive spike of dark energy lance through the air towards Elizabeth. Surprised by the attack Elizabeth would make a sudden turn to avoid the attack. As she look down she would see the sheep giving her a smirk as she clinched her hand into a fist.

Elizabeth looked back at the spike and she would see the large spike break apart into multiple beams coming down towards her. Elizabeth would warp her wings around her as she coated them with energy. Yet the beams tore through the energy and her easily.

Elizabeth began to fall down on the arena and when she hit the arena she would bounce, her wings opening up and revealing not only holes on her wings but on her body. Elizabeth would hiss in pain as she felt a surge of arcane power. Looking over the sheep demon she would see a violet aura surround the sheep as she began to levitate.

"So you are the crown princess of your father's empire? I figured you would be strong but right now I don't see the strength a ruler should have to rule their empire." the sheep gave the cambion a cold look as a massive magic circle appeared behind. Smaller ones forming throughout the arena. "You will need to do better if you want to convince me or anyone else that you have the right to regain your birthright Ashwood."

With those words Elizabeth can tell that the sheep has changed. Now the fight will be more serious.

The magic circle behind her unleashed a wave of energy and as quickly as the wave came out a barrage of energy orbs came pouring out while the smaller magical circles began to fire off beams at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth forced herself to get up and began to dodge the different beams. Each time she dodged she left behind an afterimage that lasted for only a few seconds before it was struck by a beam.

The witch would try to fire a few shots as she dodged the seemingly never ending rain of spells but each time a curse would get close a beam or bolt would destroy it.

“The little sheep has Ashwood in her soft paws!” Katsumi yelled. “Our Crown Princess can’t even land a hit!”

The demons in the audience all began to cheer for the sheep that before they had little hope for as she proved to be a powerful fighter.

Elizabeth was somewhat glad that this tournament wasn’t going to be a breeze until they met her grandfather. But even she had to admit that she was annoyed with herself for underestimating the sheep.

“Screw this.” Elizabeth began channeling the power to summon the dragon.

Almost in response to sensing the power of the dragon the sheep would disappear. Causing the magic circles to cease firing off their magic.

The action would make Elizabeth stop. The moment she blinked she would suddenly find the sheep in front of her.

Lalia would thrust both her fists forward and strike the witch on the chest and stomach, causing her to cough out as she was sent flying to the wall of the arena.

“Lalia is utterly destroying Ashwood!” Katsumi cried out from ringside. “Can the Half-Blood Princess recover?”

Elizabeth coughed as she opened her eyes.

Lalia would put her hands on her hips.

“Come on Ashy-Poo. I thought you would do better than this. If this is all you can do then you will never be able to get back your throne.”

Lalia would turn around and bend down, patting her butt.

“Surely a little sheep like myself shouldn’t be this hard for you, your highness.” the sheep mocked as she pulled down her left eye and stuck her tongue out.

“It seems that Lalia is just toying with Elizabeth now!” the cat girl exclaimed as the crowd laughed at Liz’s misfortune.

The gesture, along with the crowd’s reaction, would tick off Elizabeth as she flew after the sheep. Lalia would see the action and was preparing to dodge the attack when she would the half blood princess disappear.

The sheep tried to sense her but she would feel a powerful blow on her head that would cause her to fall on the ground but a kick would send her up in the air where a hand would grab her by the neck.

Lalia would grab Elizabeth’s wrist as she looked down at Elizabeth.

The hybrid gave the sheep a wicked grin.

“Danu may have joked about turning you into lamb chops before but I now feel tempted on knowing if you taste like lamb or not.” Elizabeth was once more going to channel her dragon.

Lalia would look at the other hand.

“You think you’re the only one with an ace in the hole Ashwood?” The sheep would give Elizabeth a smirk. “I was hoping to use them for the semi-finals but we all can’t get what we want can’t we.”

Elizabeth was going to ask what she meant when the sheep began to scream as a burst of dark energy came off the sheep.

Elizabeth not only let her go but was sent flying back. However her wings would slow her down so she was standing on the edge of the arena.

From the dark aura that covered the sheep Elizabeth can feel Lalia’s power increasing.

“What on Earth? She kept her power bound behind that form?” Elizabeth said to herself as she could feel the burst of energy producing powerful winds that were blowing material away. But in a few minutes Elizabeth can feel the winds losing strength as the aura was beginning to shrink in size.

As the dark aura began to slow down the cloud that surrounded Lalia began to slowly unveil the demoneses that were at the source of the dark aura. Yet when the aura was pulled back what stood before everyone was an entirely different demon

“I cannot believe it ladies and gentlemen,” the surprised Katsumi announced. “It appears our adorable sleepy sheep has transformed into a lovely lady!” The crowd would go wild over the revelation.

“Ara Ara. I didn’t think this simple change would cause quite a stir.” Lalia waved back at the crowd. Elizabeth couldn’t resist but to check out the demonese standing before her and she couldn’t help but to agree with the crowd.

“It’s official. I’m making a royal harem and you my formerly adorable sheep, will be the first member of it.”

Nymphaea slapped her face when she heard her sister’s declaration.

Lalia put her hand in front of her mouth as she looked surprised at the declaration.

“Oh my. I don’t think Lilith would appreciate you taking me away from her.”

Elizabeth took a stance. “Lilith lost the right to complain when she turned down the offer to join the tournament. Besides once I’m the empress I will out rank her anyways.”

Now the demonic vexen would give the princess an amuse grin. “Well Ashwood, if you wish to claim me then you must prove yourself to both me and everyone in this stadium that you have the right to call yourself an empress.”

Elizabeth wouldn’t say a word as she charged forward to the demon. As she formed a claw of dark magic to swipe at Lalia the demonese simply grabbed Elizabeth by the wrist and twisted her over the demonese and slammed her to the ground.

Before Elizabeth can get up Lalia would step on her chest, pushing her into the ground. “Sorry to say this Lizzy but you need to try harder than that.”

Elizabeth looked at Lalia. “You think you’re the only one with an ace that you were saving for the final round?”

Lalia looked at the witch questively but she would soon feel a cold chill run down her spine as she could feel all warmth leave her. The light around her became duller and sound muter. She can see a dark aura beginning to emerge from Elizabeth but it was nothing demonic.

This dark power was something else entirely.

Lalia would jump away from Elizabeth and she would conjure two magic circles to act as shields.

“What power are you dabbling with Ashwood?!” She asked Elizabeth as she began to get up.

“If I told you what it is I don’t think you would believe me.”

As Elizabeth looked at her with her eyes the demonses shivered when she looked at Elizabeth's eyes. Two crimson orbs with slits like a reptile.

"It's best if I show you what it is."

Elizabeth threw her head back and screamed as a pillar of darkness would explode to the ceiling. Lalia would use her shields to protect her. But Nymphaea she would begin to shiver.

"This power. It feels just like that thing in the library... like the dragon..."

Nymphaea stuttered. Her mind recalled those two entities with vivid clarity.

"Why does sis have that power?"

The question that Nymphaea asked herself would soon be revealed as the tower of darkness would collapse down upon itself and form a sphere that would burst.

Within the sphere now stood Elizabeth in a never before seen form

“And yet another twist! Elizabeth has revealed her own transformation!” Katsumi strained her voice into the microphone as the roars of the crowd reached a fever pitch.

When Nymphaea saw the new form she was as surprised as everyone else. But in her mind events from last year began to play out. The memory of her seeing her sister in a similar cocoon of shadows only to come out in that form. Yet she can’t seem to recall what happened after she met with her sister.

Lalia looked Elizabeth up and down. “I see you decided to get a makeover. Did you do it to impress your Saiyan lovers?” the demon teased, making Elizabeth scoff.

“Please. Why would I do anything like that.” Lalia’s only reply was:

“So why do I see a blush on your cheek.”

The words caused the small blush to grow before Elizabeth shook her head.

“That does it! I’m gonna kick your fine ass!” the witch shouted as she took after the sheep demon.

Elizabeth would charge a spell on her hand and thrust it forward. Unleashing several lances of dark energy at Lalia.

The demon would form the two shields together and form a dome of energy with numerous symbols that would block each lance striking it.

Lalia would raise her hands up and massive Earthen fists would rise up to punch Elizabeth but the witch flew high up.

The fists would launch themselves into the air to hit their target.

“Negative Burst!”

A blast of dark energy would be unleashed from Elizabeth as the fists were vaporized.

Elizabeth wasn’t able to enjoy the few seconds she had of being free from an attack before Lalia cast another spell that would cause gravity to increase, causing Elizabeth to fall down on to the ground.

Elizabeth looked up at Lalia as she conjured copies of her made of pure light as she held both a bow and arrow of light. Elizabeth's eyes widened when she saw what she was doing.

Lalia would release her arrow as the copies followed suit. The arrows would head towards her but Elizabeth would release another burst of dark energy to destroy the arrows. However Lalia and her copies would conjure more arrows and they would take aim at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth would force her arm up and channel an orb of compressed gravity mixed with the dark energy her form has.

“Gravity Maelstrom!”

Elizabeth would fire off the orb at the demoness as it unleashed dark lightning bolts.

Lalia would fire an arrow at it but as the projectile of light reached the orb she would be surprised to see the orb tear through it.

The copies fired their arrows as Lalia would slam her hand on the ground, creating three stone walls.

The gravity based attack would break through the first and second wall with no issue but when it destroyed the third it would explode, causing Lalia to scream as she was sent flying away, making her copies and the gravity field disappear.

With the gravity field gone Elizabeth would reach her hand up and form it almost like a claw.

From the arena floor a large pool of shadow would emerge directly in front of where Lalia was heading towards and when she was over the pool a large black claw would emerge.

Looking at the claw the two Ashwoods couldn’t help but to remember the dragon that was known as the Demon King of Heaven.

As the claws drew close to Lalia the former sheep would disappear within a rift she conjured.

She would appear floating in the air and as she raised her hand up she would form a massive lance of light.

“Purifying Lance!”

The lance would fly off her hands and travel at such speed that Elizabeth wasn’t able to react in time when it stabbed her on the stomach and back. As she was caught off guard Lalia would conjure a new lance and send it down to stab her right shoulder.

Elizabeth would look up and bring out her hand to conjure a dark blue magic circle just as Lalia did the same with one that was vermillion.

The audience would see Lalia being struck by several lightning bolts at once and Elizabeth combust into flames.

“The battle has really heated up! Our two warriors have given us an electrifying match!”

However even as Elizabeth was consumed by flames she would get up.

Elizabeth would conjure a dark purple and black magic circle just as Lalia would do the same with a white and blue one.

“Brilliant Radiance!”

“Absolute Darkness!”

The two would be consumed by towers of light and darkness respectively. The two demons tried to endure the pain even as they wished to scream out.

But Lalia was not gonna stay still enduring the spell. She would fly off the tower and begin to rain down needles of light at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth would take to the air to avoid the attack. Elizabeth would be surrounded by smoke that would travel down to her left hand.

She would thrust her hand out and several shadowy tendrils would fire off and towards Lalia.

Lalia would evade the tendrils. “Sorry Lizzy. But we aren’t gonna recreate those comics you like so much in this tournament.” The sheep once more teased. Yet she got a surprised look on Elizabeth’s face as she was stuck wondering just how she managed to know about those comics she took from South City.

Elizabeth was so distracted by the comment that when several magic circles surrounded her she only realized their presence when they released chains of lights that bind her in place.

“There is a good change you are probably getting a kick on being chained up but trust me that the good times won’t last long.”

The circles would fall down quickly and they would drag Elizabeth down with them to the ground. As the circles landed gracefully their prisoner would be slammed hard. Once Elizabeth was on the ground a pyramid of light would form around her.

From each side massive swords of lights would form around her with the largest being pointed down at the tip of the pyramid.

“This fight was fun Lizzy-Po. But now we have reached the climax. Maybe if there is another tournament you might be able to win that one?” Lalia said as she made a gesture.

The swords would all begin to go down one by one. The first sword on the side facing her left would stab through the prison and in turn stab through Elizabeth’s body. The right would follow through the same, then the one to her north.

“Is this the end of Princess Elizabeth?” Katsumi rhetorically asked as the sword beams descended.

Nymphaea looked away as the fourth sword stabbed into her sister. Ikki gritted his teeth, but maintained his composure.

The fifth and last sword irradiance glow brightly as it began to make it’s descendant.

As the final sword began to fall down Elizabeth can feel something swelling deep within as she tried to break free.

The witch would let out a scream as black smoke would erupt from her body. The smoke would shatter the chains, the swords that stabbed her and finally the pyramid that kept her trapped. Even the final sword was shattered by the massie pillar.

"WHAT THE?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" Lalia exclaimed as she floated away from the pillar. The audience would be speechless as the pillar seems to suck all warmth and light into itself. An overwhelming feeling of dread and general wrongness began to overtake the crowd as Nymphaea began to shake. "No, no, no. It can't be." she muttered out, loud enough for the other Saiyans to hear her. "We defeated that thing."

"Defeated... what thing?" Ikki called out, confused.

The dark pillar would have it's sides break as a pair of massive wings emerged, followed by dark talons. From the center pillar the distinct shape of serpentine necks with three heads began to form as the three heads lowered their gaze down upon her, all six eyes glowing red.

The shadowy hydra would open its mouth and a horrible roar would come out.

“What a show we are seeing now! Crown Princess Elizabeth is showing her true demonic roots now!” the excited cat girl announced over the howls of the crowd.

The celebration around Nymphaea was ignored as she looked at the shadowy dragon with fear. In her mind she was back in Purple City when the faced against the creature when it’s body was more solid.

When it took her sister and used her to destroy the city.

When she fused with it and… and…

Nymphaea moved her body down close to her chest.

“She stabbed me…” she muttered in a quiet tone.

“I remember now. She acted like herself and when I got closed she stabbed me with her own claws.”

The memory of what happened to her before she blacked out back in Purple City was now returning to her.

The dragon would open its mouth and a purple glow would be visible from within its mouths.

Lalia would prepare herself for whatever it would unleash. The dragon would let out a roar as it unleashed a beam of electrified cloud streams at her.

Lalia would fly away and the streams would hit the audience behind her, vaporizing them instantly. As she flew around the dragon’s right head would follow her as the left would turn around widely and attack the other audience members.

From the corner of its eyes it would see the Saiyans. The dragon would lower its head down so the beam would strike the trio.

“Screw this,” Danuja spat as she fired off a beam to intercept the dragon’s attack. “Ikki, Nymph, get off of your asses and help me!”

"Already on it!" Ikki yelled right back at her as he raised his right hand and fired off a beam of energy himself. "I don't get it! What's happening, what did she do?!"

“Beats me, I was in space too, remember?” Danuja clapped back as their beams merged together. “Nymph, you know anything about this?”

Hearing Danuja and Ikki’s voices snapped her out of her daze as she quickly joined in and fired her own beam that merged with theirs.

“When you guys left this dragon was awakened in the Goro-Goro Islands. The rest of us fought against it when it landed on Purple City. It possessed Elizabeth at some point in the fight and both Ovan and Higu fought against it because Liz defeated me, Spicer, and Arashi quickly. Serena was the one to deliver the final blow, but I thought Serena got rid of it.”

From the stands Belial would fly by and fire his own beam to stop another head as the lead one would still try to follow Lalia.

The demoness would create a rift and enter through it. As she reappeared on the ground she would look up at the dragon.

“I was hoping to avoid using this spell because it would blow my cover but you’re not giving me a choice.”

The sheep would close her eyes and bring her pointer and middle finger up and begin to trace a symbol in front of her.

“Geister des Nordlichen Winds.” She chanted as a blue symbol appeared in the air briefly before vanishing. She would turn to her right and begin to trace another symbol in the air. “Geister des Sudlichen Winds.” she would chant as a red symbol appeared as quickly as it faded.

As she did the same with the southern and easter points of the magic circle she would chant “Geister der Ost- und Westwindes.” Both yellow and green circles would appear in their respected places before they vanished like the others.

When Lalia opened her eyes to look at the shadowy dragon she would use the fingers from both her hands to trace on the air.

“Fluss zusammen um mich und geworden der Wind daruber hinaus.” the demon shouted as a large white magic circle appeared in the air before fading away.

“Funf kreis verschlussel” she would chant as she would create a large and complex looking circle appearing under the dragon. Many strange symbols are in the circle with small circles connected to the larger one, those smaller circles being the very same circles she summoned early with the center one being of the same color as the one she manifested seconds ago.

She would have her right finger pointed up in the air. "Freigabe." the demon pointed her fingers down and a beam of light would come down from the heavens and strike down the dragon.

The shadow dragon would let out another roar as it's body began to dissolve into smoke. The beams cut off as the two heads began to break away. The light would grow in intensity and soon everyone still alive in the arena would be forced to shield their eyes as the light became blinding.

They would all hear the final cries of the dragon as its presence was gone.

As soon as the light faded everyone would feel the arena change. The coldness and dim lightning made by the dragon was slowly being erased. As everyone looked down at the arena they would see Elizabeth passed out on the arena in her dragonic form, with Lalia on her knees looking exhausted.

Nymphaea looked at the arena and was surprised.

“That spell…” she said.

“How does she know that spell? Only my mother and I know that one.”

Ikki lowered his hand, the energy wave he had fired against the dragon's assault instantly fading, and took off. Landing beside the knocked out Liz and scooping her up in his arms, he shot one final glare at Lalia before flying back to their side of the arena.

"It doesn't matter how at this point. What matters is that Liz has lost," the Saiyan stated. "So it's two victories each - I suppose we're betting all on you, Nymph."

Nymphaea gulped. “No pressure huh?” The mage sounded fearful. Yet the way she looked at her sister it was clear that she was not afraid about the pressure placed on her.

The mage ignored the cat demon announcing Team Angrboda victory as she walked to the arena to face the last team member from the opposing team member.
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From the Desk of Prime Minister Toranosuke Yoshida

Postby Turkducken » Tue Mar 30, 2021 12:23 am

Late Spring 506 AU

Central City

Office of the Prime Minister

Tora-san sat with his hands covering his face.

He hadn't been sleeping well before the three men 'visited' his home, and he definitely wasn't sleeping now.

He attempted to wipe the exhaustion from his eyes. "These damn dreams..." he murmured, unsuccessful with his attempt.

Tora-san was paralyzed. Both out of fear for what they would do to the last Urameshi, and the unknown group that could muster anything to threaten the Prime Minister of the Earth. He moved both hands under his chin, and considered things, "Either these men, and whoever they work for, are remarkably stupid..." he paused, shifting into a grim alarm, "Or this is routine." the sudden realization hitting him, "Turnbull was never the root of corruption, but could he have done everything by himself?" he nodded slowly, agreeing with the picture slowly forming in his mind.

He froze again, realizing that even if he discovered who these men were, he was still alone. "I haven't even told Honda about the men who broke into the apartment." he realized, "I can't rely on anyone. There's no telling who's already on the payroll and who's being monitored." Tora-san froze again, without moving he considered the layout of the room. His office was always sparsely decorated, but as he mentally considered the layout of the Prime Minister's office, he realized that this very room was unsafe. He gulped silently, thinking about the dark corners, the portraits of former MPs on the walls. Suddenly he did not feel very alone.

Breaking out into a cold sweat, he attempted to measure his ragged breathing. He pressed the button on his intercom, deciding it would be better to have another person in the room. "P-Please have an assistant bring me the daily briefings." he asked his secretary, trying his best to remain calm. He sat silently, bobbing his knee, as he waited what felt an eternity for someone to enter his office. Finally there was a knock at his door. He gave them a short, "Enter." and took his morning briefing from them.

Flipping through the documents, he found a particular page disturbing. He dismissed his assistant in a hurry, pressing his intercom again, "Could you please connect me to Chancellor Acquati? If available that is." he waited for the call to connect, staring with confusion at just what exactly was meant by 'Civil Unrest' on Mars. The line clicked as a connection to another office was made, "Yes, Hello Madame Chancellor?" Tora-san spoke into the open line, "Sorry to bother you so early in the day, but what exactly is meant by Civil Unrest on Mars?"

Dear Mister Fawkes,

You do not know me, but I have heard of you.

Higashi told me several stories about you and some of the other Heroes of Earth.

Without saying too much in a marked letter, I have a particular request to make of you.

I do not expect you to respond, from what I understand you do not care much for politics.

However I insist that you accept my invitation.

It is of the utmost importance.

Toranosuke Yoshida,
Prime Minster of Her Majesty's Government of Earth

Whomever It May Concern,

I do not appreciate being left out of the loop by a sitting member of the government.

Especially now that it is my government, and I am responsible for the actions of its' institutions and especially its' Ministers.

Regardless, I had a question about the nature of time in these other worlds.

If time passes differently in these other realms, could we perhaps send something through a portal and retrieve it after it has been aged?

I would appreciate a timely answer from whomever may be in charge, temporary or otherwise.

Toranosuke Yoshida,
Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government of Earth


As newly anointed Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government of Earth, I would like to extend formal personal relations to the Queen Mother of the Saiyan Regency.

Continuing the working relationship between our two governments should be a top priority.

Hopefully our vision of the future can be shared.

Eagerly Awaiting a Response,

Toranosuke Yoshida,
Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government of Earth
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Postby Finland SSR » Tue Mar 30, 2021 3:08 am

Star Sheriff Ikki

Slowly, Ikki lowered Liz's body to the ground, carefully placing the unconscious demon princess before him. She was still transformed, having assumed a new form during the battle with Laila - at least, the first of her two new forms - but it was still unmistakeably her. Holding up her hand, the Saiyan briefly searched for a pulse - which he quickly figured was futile, there was no way blood flow world work for her the same way as an average human, or a Saiyan, but at least he could tell that she was still hanging on.

Not in the best shape, but seemingly not dead, either.

Ikki shot another furious glare towards Lalla, now on different sides of the tournament grounds completely - though he hadn't even realized he was doing it at first. Watching Liz struggle in the match, all the punishment she had to suffer on the floor, and her eventual defeat... it hurt to watch, probably even more so than if it was anyone else fighting.

Perhaps... we should have changed our matches around. Swap me and Liz's opponents, I would have been able to take whatever Laila can dish out and Liz could dispatch of...

But that's the problem, isn't it? Every time Liz doubted herself, expressed just how much she's worried about being overtaken, he was there to assure her that it was not the case. And yet, when the battle to actually test the truth of that begins, he can't help but treat her as a liability.


Not a liability... If he had truly felt so, he wouldn't have even bothered training with her. Wouldn't have paid attention to her every day they spent in the Time Chamber, helping her breach the gap between magic and ki. Wouldn't have heeded the call to the Demon Realm, or stood by her side from the beginning to today.

No, he couldn't afford to lose her - more than any other person he's had the chance to save.
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Postby The Republic of Atria » Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:50 pm

Turkducken wrote:Ovan gets a letter

A few weeks after Anchovy had destroyed his house, Ovan had them moved into the Dojo he had build, never more glad that he made it a live in Dojo than he was now. Plus it was far more equipped to deal with Deimos after he was born. Being half Saiyan and half of well, him, he knew that he was going to be a handful, especially when he hit his teens if he was any indication. Plus, it would make it easier to train him. However, he was going through his mail when he spotted a strange letter from the government. "I swear, if it's jury duty again..." He muttered and opened it up and was more than happy to see that it wasn't in fact a jury summons, it was a letter from Prime Minister Tora.

He squinted as he read it. No real details other than a request to see him and an understanding of his dislike for politics. However, he did appreciate the bluntness of the letter and figured that if was going to ask, it was upfront and honest, even if it disclosed no actual details of what Tora wanted. It made him a little suspicious, but since Tora seemed to have at least a little grasp of him, he elected to at least meet him halfway and see what he wanted. The letter didn't specify a date, so he figured it to be a "As soon as possible" type of deal. Anchovy was out and about, shopping and picking out what she insisted would be needed for the baby. He didn't need to feel the need to argue with her, and he had already harassed Ralla for the day, so taking a day to see the Prime Minister wouldn't be a big deal.

So he stepped outside and took off, aiming for what he was pretty sure was the Prime Minister's building. The buildings security let him through without even bothering for basic checks. Whether this was because they knew it wouldn't matter if he opted to do something violent, or because Tora expected him and requested it knowing he hated hang ups. He opted to believe the latter. They even volunteered to escort him, which he agreed with. "Prime Minister Tora? I got your letter." He said. "What do you need?"

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A Dance with the Devil: Part 2

Postby Turkducken » Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:13 am

Collab between Brit and Turk

Glacia Planet 84526, Atlal System, Just Across the PTO-Hegemony Border
South-West Quadrant, Summer 505 AU

Last Time…

“Lord Enma, do you enjoy bargains?” Glacia asked as she looked up at the Lich.

The Indomitable rolled his skull around, considering the question, “Hmm...depends.” he concluded, “What are we bargaining for? I’ve already given you a gift.” he reminded the Empress, “Knowledge of that caliber doesn’t come cheap, I was content on it being a gift, but if you’re wanting something in exchange it’ll need to be hefty.”

Glacia nodded in agreement.

“I understand, but, as we stand, you are still occupying a planet under my dominion and assisting my enemies,” she replied, before holding up her hands. “Yes, you have made obligations to the Hegemony, but I would like for us to depart as friends, so I wish to make a deal. I want you to leave this planet and cancel your agreement with the Hegemony, at least for the duration of this campaign,” she explained. “I will fight a champion of your choosing. If I win, you agree to those terms, and if I lose.” Glacia paused for a moment, carefully considering her words.

“You can have my soul.”

The Indomitable was troubled. Although he couldn’t quite place it, something was wrong.

“Deal!” he squealed, jumping with glee. He snapped his skeletal digits, the undead horde immediately halting. “Now,” he said with a great deal of anticipation, “should we take this offworld?” he questioned as the Horde slowly came back to rest around their meeting, “Or should we do this right here?” he spoke confidently, doing his best to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of his skull.

Glacia resisted the urge to smile, although from the look of things, this was the first action she made that gave the Indomitable any sort of, well, anything, since she landed.

“I have no complaint with starting here,” she replied. “Although if it becomes necessary, lest we threaten to destroy this world, we may move off planet. I take it you also do not require oxygen?” she asked, somewhat rhetorically.

“Sadly.” he sighed, stretching both arms overhead, “it would make it much more enjoyable if that were the case.” he stood to his full height, pulling the katana in sheath from the table with an invisible force, “Now Lizard Queen,” the undead forces forming a large circle around the two, “Let’s see what your kind bleeds a few centuries later.”

He bowed faux dramatically, “I’ll allow you the first move.” leaning against his sword in sheath as he waited for Glacia to strike first.

A light breeze passed through the field, picking up some dried leaves and passing them along. Glacia looked at the Lich’s sword and back at his impressive form, ruling out a direct assault at the moment. The Arcosian removed her scouter and handed it to one of her nearby soldiers. Taking the cue, the men also took with them the tea set they bought for her and made their return--quickly--towards the ship

No, perhaps something more...probing…

Glacia waited until her men were safely on the ship before she started her attack. The Arcosian’s eyes began to glow and two thin-red beams shot out towards the Indomitable’s sword-hand.

A dark energy surrounded the hand, the Indomitable proceeded to catch the beams in a dark mitt, “Oh please, you’ll have to do better than that.” he twirled around the energy a bit, throwing both right back at Glacia’s body.

She put up her left arm, blocking the attack but leaving two burn marks on the back of her forearm. Glacia winced slightly.

“Well, you are powerful enough to manipulate raw energy,” she observed. “But let us see how proficient you are in direct combat.”

The lizard-like alien teleported away from the Lich, appearing above and behind him as Glacia kicked at his head.

The blow connected with a sharp crack, the Indomitable declining to move, “Hoho! Yes!” chips of white skull fell away from the impact, “Very good Empress! You won’t think your way out of this one.” a skeletal hand clasped around her limb.

“But I’m afraid it’ll take more than just the right mindset to defeat Death.” as his grasp lingered around her leg, a sudden coldness would start to spread. Numb at first, but then burning, as the Acrosian’s flesh began to rot and fall from the limb. He threw the Acrosian away, letting her simmer with this new knowledge.

Glacia regained control of her flight several metres later, carefully watching as necrosis began to overtake her left leg, starting from the nakle and moving upwards.

“Now, that is interesting,” she muttered, her eyes widened at the realisation. Glacia produced a small energy disk in her hand and threw it at her knee, severing her leg before the infection could spread.

“Do you understand your situation now Empress?” the Indomitable taunted, bits of fractured skull reforming magically, “Unlike myself, I wager you have no way of naturally sensing power?” he gave a casual shrug, “Why do you think I was so eager to see you? A burning signal of power from the moment you entered this system!” the dark lord chuckled a bit.

“So out of respect for our conversation, I will offer you another choice.” he gripped the sheath by the middle and held it in front of him, “Would you like me to end my fun prematurely? Or should we continue our good times?” a dark aura of intent emanated from the Indomitable.

The Empress slowly landed, one leg supporting her slight frame, and she shook her head.

“No, I merely miscalculated the risks based on limited information,” she said with a child-like smile. “I see now that you are indeed as powerful as some legends claim.” Glacia paused.

It seems that it was inevitable she thought.

“You are aware that my people possess a unique ability, correct? You have killed at least one of my kind.”

Glacia didn’t bother waiting for a reply as she began to focus her energy, a red hue emanating from her body that seemed to encase the Arcosian empress. She gritted her teeth as if in pain, as energy swirled about her lithe frame. The ground around them began to shake and the wind picked up, buffeting the area.

Her body began to grow in stature and muscle mass--with even her amputated leg reforming--in proportion with her power level, and after a few moments the Arcosian now stood at a little over two metres. Glacia let out a sigh and relaxed her posture.

“Perhaps not as impressive as others,” Glacia said, her voice noticeably deeper, “but still a step up from where I was before.”

Still looking down at Glacia’s new height, the Indomitable responded with something like a yawn, “Different from the few I’ve seen, but nonetheless the same.” he brought the blade back down to a rest, leaning on it, “You Acrosians are gifted, the Kai truly made nothing quite like you.” he smirked, “At least in this galaxy.”

He goaded the Empress with a lazy wave of the hand, “Well go on then! Show me what this one does.”

Glacia took a step forward and stretched her neck.

“Gladly,” she said, pointing an outstretched hand at the Lich only a few metres from her and unleashed a massive wave of purple energy. “Let us try some more probing.”

The beam encompassed the Indomitable, blowing a hole in the circle of undead surrounding the two combatants. “Hmm.” the Indomitable muttered, appearing suddenly next to Glacia, “You don’t seem to have much experience at this whole fighting business.” and he delivered a swift chop to her neck. Playfully bouncing away as he tested her.

The Empress winched as the blow struck her and sent her to the ground, and Glacia checked for any necrosis, but finding none, she turned her attention back to the Lich.

“Very little, Lord Enma,” she admitted with a sheepish grin, “but I did defeat Floe, despite the handicap.” Glacia’s smile dropped as she charged forward, a right hook towards the Lich’s left cheek.

Skillfully, the dark lord deflected the blow, casually redirecting it and Glacia’s momentum away from him. “As fun as it is having you attempt to strike me, I think I’ll let someone else take a turn.” he snapped his fingers, and a handful of corpses shuffled into the ring. Mindlessly they grabbed and clawed at the Acrosian.

“Technically not cheating.” the Indomitable quipped, “They are an extension of me.” he looked confused for a second, “At least...I think so?”

Rather than shake the undead horde off of her, only to have the Indomitable reanimate them, Glacia gritted her teeth as they attacked and unleashed an energy wave from her body, disintegrating the weaker opponents in her vicinity.

“Then let us try something else,” Glacia told him, pointing her right middle and index fingers at the Lich and forming a small sphere of purple energy. With a swing of her arm, the thin wave flew towards him with razor-like focus.

In a quick motion, the Lich summoned a wall of dark flames. Glacia’s energy attack was seemingly absorbed by the fire, but the attack continued on cleaving through his Horde around him. “Careful now,” the Indomitable spoke, dismissing the flames, “It is your planet.”

He stood back to his full height, picking up the blade from his side once again, “You seem like you want me to draw this…” he tapered off, clinging the sword tightly, “But this blade is only drawn once we’re done.” he explained with an air of drama, “However you did get me to block an attack!” he cheered, “Good job!”

Glacia returned his jubilation with a grin.

“Progress of a sort, but it appears even in my second form you outclass me.” The empress relaxed her shoulders. “And probably my third form as well. Alas, it seems I shall be forced to use my fourth form,” Glacia said with mock sadness. Stretching her neck again, Glacia took a battle stance as she again began to focus and charge her energy; again ripping up large parts of the planet’s geography with the sheer vastness of the Arcosian’s power. High winds picked up dust, surrounding Glacia in a cloud of dirt, rubble, undead, and red-energy, but in a short time, Glacia emerged like from a cocoon, her form again slender and sleek, only a few centimeters taller than her firm fur but lacking the distinct Arcosian horns.

When the dust literally settled, Glacia took a step forward.

“I apologise for the wait, Lord Enma,” she said, her voice again delicate and airy. “But I think we are ready to play for real.”

With interest the Indomitable observed the transformation. Scanning Glacia’s powerful, but shorter, final form, “Well well Empress, I believe you are correct.” he motioned in front of him, creating a large portal in the air, “Still a few mites under your ancestors, but still very admirable.”

Two large skeletal hands emerged from the portal, gripping either side as a hulking mass forced its way through, “Empress here’s a warmup.” the shuffling mass of bones crawled through the portal, reassembling to its full height on the other side. “Gashadokuro.” the Indomitable stated. The mass of bones assembling into a vaguely humanoid figure some ten meters tall.

“Try not to hurt yourself.” the Indomitable said with another yawn, sitting on a mass of extra bones.

“I shall try to oblige,” Glacia replied, focusing on the ossified zombie, reaching out with her hand. The zombie stopped its forward movement before Glacia lifted her arm and the undead being itself flew up several metres, suspended in midair, before Glacia tightly clenched her fist and watched as the zombie exploded.

Looking at the Lich, Glacia gave a slight bow.

“Amused, I hope.”

The Indomitable sat, visibly annoyed, “Actually I was hoping to sit for a few minutes.” he considered his blade again, “Now I’m contemplating on ending this.” he gave the Acrosian an expressionless look, “Just think of how much fun we’ll have from now until the end of time!” he said with joy, “But with that being said,” his tone and aura shifting again, “This is starting to bore me.” he gave the Empress a deadly serious look, “I have other things to do ya know?”

He chided the Empress again, “So get whatever you want to get out of your system, maybe make your peace with the Kai, or yourself.” he shrugged, “I don’t really care. It’s just going to be a hassle later.” he held up three skeletal digits, “You’ll get this many minutes to finish things up. After that…” he eyed his blade again, “we’re going to go home.”

Glacia grinned and took a step back as she straightened her posture.

“That is more than enough defeat you.” Extending her hands, the Arcosian formed two purple energy disks and threw them at the Lich, teleporting again behind the skeletal necromancer with a drop kick to the nape of his neck.

Wordlessly the Lich blocked the dropkick with a skeletal arm, dark energy oozing off as the blow connected. With the other arm he pulled a wall of ice from the ground. The chilling effect being so strong that the moisture in the air hung heavily. “That’s it Empress, get it all out…”

The Indomitable stabbed a piercing strike with his skeletal hand, aiming to skewer the Acrosian’s torso.

Glacia took the blow to her torso, but let out a slight chuckle as her tail wrapped around the Lich’s arm and began to squeeze.

“I shall not be going anywhere,” she wheezed out, grabbing onto his wrist with her left hand and pointing her hand at the Indomitable’s head. Glacia formed a small energy sphere and fired it at his head.

The Indomitable, genuinely surprised by this, had his skull blown through by the burst of energy. An almost perfect circle was missing from the right side of his skull. Only part of his jaw and a single eye socket remained. “Very Good!” he praised the sudden action, “You’re learning Empress. That’s quite the potential you have there.”

Raising the arm the diminutive ruler was clinging to, “But as you can see, it will take much more than mere aptitude to defeat me.” A blast of burning cold air enveloped the arm, “I would let go of that,” the Indomitable advised, dark energy pooling around the blasted away skull, bits and pieces of the disintegrated bone reforming and attaching. “Or not,” he decided suddenly, “Your time is almost up after all.”

Baring her teeth, the Arcosian acquiesced, letting go of his wrist and releasing her tail constriction as she floated backwards.

“We shall see,” Glacia muttered, as she charged forward again, this time aiming at his head with her left elbow.

With a never before displayed feat of speed, the Indomitable snatched the incoming blow with ease. “I have to say though, your decision making needs improvement!” his eyes flashed a mute reddish color, “Aiming for my skull? What is even left to hit?”

Reeling back with his sheathed blade in hand, he forcefully unleashed a heavy whap to the side of her head, using the flat side of the blade. “Hopefully you’ve made your peace Empress. I will remember our conversation, and this fight,” he tossed the Empress’s small body up to readjust his grip around her neck, “but now you’re starting to bore me.”

He threw her back a great distance. Giving her a chance to recover. “Death is coming Empress.”

Glacia slowly lifted herself out of the crater, gritting her teeth.

He is proving to be quite the warrior, she thought. My options are limited, unless…

The Arcosian flew upwards and then back down towards the Lich.

“Perhaps, but not yet. I still have one more surprise that I have been saving.” Glacia closed her eyes for a moment.

“You are aware that we Arcosians have only four forms, and although Fuar cheated wished himself a fifth one, that is not strictly speaking the full truth.” The Empress took a breath.

“Although even I admit I am not sure if this --”

Her words were cut short. The Indomitable stood behind her. Black and red blade coated in a purplish fluid, “Time’s Up.” he swung the blade up to his shoulder, “ disappointing.” he disinterestedly commented, “Even all these years later it’s still the same.”

Glacia’s body was bisected. A clean single slash from hip to hip. “Alright,” the dark lord started again, cleaning the blade with a single forceful swipe, “Let’s go home.”

The former Empress collapsed into two pieces as he sheathed his blade, her body completely limp as purple blood oozed out as she began to breathe her last.

“What are you doing reading another book, Glacia?” Floe asked her older sister as she floated into their uncle’s library on Station Alpha. The eleven year old Glacia turned around at Floe, noticing her less than amused expression. The younger girl had her arms crossed, looking more than a little bored at this entire state of affairs. “It looks like a total drag.”

“On the contrary,” Glacia said as she closed the tome she was studying, her airy and delicate voice like the sound of ice falling. The Arcosian looked at her sister with a sad look as she put the book back on the shelf and floated back to the ground. It was a shame few of Glacia’s relatives shared her love for knowledge, and of course no one shared her dark love of ancient history. Legends of Goddesses and Eldritch powers fascinated the girl, and she had spent the better part of the last year seeking a particular book.

“There is a book written by our ancestor Frost,” Glacia began to explain, before frowning as Floe rolled her eyes.

“Why would you want to read a book about someone who died centuries ago?”

“Well Floe, you tell me,” Glacia replied with a slight smile. “Frost was supposed to have unbelievable power.”

That caught Floe’s attention. She uncrossed her arms and floated back to the ground.

“What sort of power?” Glacia’s smile turned to a full grin. She knew her sister all too well.

“Frost killed all of his rivals in a single day,” Glacia said, her voice barely a whisper. “Thousands of Arcosians, he killed them in a singular display of power and secured our Clan as the last surviving amongst them.”

“How did he do it?” Floe asked, her eyes growing wide.

“It’s all written in the book,” Glacia returned. “Spicer is looking for it now. It's an old, leather-bound book, made of the flesh of a thousand Arcosian skins.”

As if on cue, both girls turned as they heard the sound of something falling deeper into the recesses of Emperor Kalt’s library. In short order, a small Saiyan emerged running towards, in miniature PTO, his tail moving about wildly.

“Lady Glacia,” he announced, bent over and nearly out of breath as he stopped. “I’ve found the book.” In his hands was a large book, nearly 100 cm long and 50 cm wide. It was an impressive feat that the small Saiyan could even carry such an imposing book.

Glacia smiled and used her telekinesis to move the leather codex out of his hands and into the air between them.

“Thank you, Spicer,” she graciously said. “I knew you could find it.”

In a few minutes, the trio huddled around the book, its blueish-grey leather indeed looking like it came from Arcosians. Slowly, delicately, Glacia used her powers to move its pages as she scanned the words that looked like they were printed in purple blood. Growing impatient, Floe let out a groan.

“C’mon, get to the good part!”

“Patience, dear sister,” Glacia replied. “There are hundreds of pages here. We shall find the power you seek.” Spicer looked over at Floe.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, the legends about Frost say that--”

“What are you stupid or something?” Floe said with a laugh as she playfully punched the Saiyan in the arm. “This is our chance to get some real power.”

Spicer rubbed his shoulder and looked at Glacia.

“Figures, Lady Floe is only enthusiastic about books when they help her.”

“Hey, I heard that,” Floe replied. Glacia ignored them both as she continued to read on. After a few more minutes, she stopped.

“I think I found it,” she announced. “It says that Frost used the Aureate Gift bestowed upon the Arcosian nobles by the Kaioshin themselves, a reward for their service during the Dissolution and the War to End the Demigods,” Glacia explained. “With his mastery of the Regalia, Frost used the Gift to defeat his enemies.”

“So you need the Regalia,” Floe mumbled to herself, again crossing her arms. “The one Uncle Kalt has.”

“It seems so,” Glacia replied, closing the book. “There are other details, but they involve Regalia specifically. Without it, there’s no point reading on.”

“Right…” Floe’s words seemed unfocused as she stood up, seemingly in thought for several moments before she turned to Glacia and Spicer.

“Well, as fun as that was, I think I have more important things to do. Ta-ta for now,” she said with a wave. As Floe left, Spicer looked at Glacia.

“What was that all about?” The Arcosian shrugged.

“I’m not sure myself, but this does give us all something to think about, no?”

Dark storm clouds gathered over the field, with huge gusts of wind whisking through. Great fissures rocked the planet, tearing down nearby mountains and splitting open the world, shoots of lava spilling out.

As the Lich walked away towards his portal, something was happening behind him.

“Hmm…” the Indomitable considered, turning around to face the growing storm, “Now that is different.”

Lightning struck the area where Glacia’s body fell, engulfing the area in bright, radiating light that did not subsume. Instead, the area seemed to only glow bright as an explosion of energy burst out from where the empress lay. As the light began to dim, Glacia herself walked out towards the Lich, her body a brilliant and shiny gold.

“As I was saying,” Glacia said. “I am not finished quite yet.”

“Clearly.” the Indomitable shortly replied, for once at a loss for words. He drew his blade again, discarding the sheath to the side. “This time I’ll take your head.” the dark energy that was reforming his skull ceased, mostly finished with the job, and a surge of power came to reside in an aura around the Lich.

“By all means,” Glacia replied, arms outstretched and inviting. “Try me.”

With an explosion of speed and sound, the Indomitable zoomed forward. Taking a sliding slash at the reborn Empress’s neck. Glacia blocked with a single index finger, her eyes glancing at the blade and then at the Lich’s dark eye sockets.

“An admirable swing, Lord Enma” she said, releasing her block and teleporting behind him and extending her two index fingers, firing a barrage of beams into his back.

The shots tore holes in the gaudy robes of the Lich King. “Cheater!” he snarled, aloof attitude broken, puffs of bone dust wafting through the air. He spun around again, delivering another graceful slash across Glacia’s chest. “There’s no way you could’ve concealed this much power from me!” he lashed out, “You’re cheating!”

Glacia grabbed the sword, her blood dripping onto the ground as she tightened her grip on the Lich’s blade.

“I was going to explain it,” she told the Lich. “You vivisected me before I could finish.” The Golden Arcosian threw the blade back at the Indomitable with all her might.

To his great frustration, the Indomitable slid. Flung back by the reversal of strength, he slowed himself by digging into the ground with bony heels, eviscerating his limbs as he did so. “Cheater!” he roared, flying back at the Empress like a reaper with scythe.

Glacia pointed her right index and middle fingers again at the Indomitable, again whipping her arm and sending a purple wave to match his blade.

“I assure you, I am not a cheater,” the Empress replied, deadly serious. “You merely gambled...and shall lose.”

“Soul Solid!” the Indomitable commanded, his blade becoming infused with the icy chill of death. The pure necromantic energy radiating off of the blade turned the simple grasses beneath them black. He cleaved cleanly through the thin beam, holding his blade in a powerful stance.

Glacia smiled as the Indomitable did not miss a beat in defeating her energy attack.

“Age has not slowed you down one bit, it seems,” she reasoned, dashing forward herself towards the Lich, with a left hook towards his head.

“Mantra!” the word coming forth with such force that the air shook. With the power invoked, the Lich’s eyes lit up a bright red. Sharp pupils darted around his empty sockets. “I see you!” effortlessly the Indomitable doged the incoming blow, returning the move in kind with a shallow swipe at Glacia’s side.

Seeing his attack, Glacia’s eyes widened, and with little room to maneuver, the Arcosian Empress tensed as she planned to take the blow and counter-attack later.

The blade cut into the golden flesh for the first time under its own power. The shallow cut festering with both the energy of the dead and the chill of the underworld. The blade sang as it tasted blood for the second time. Red pupils still spun in empty sockets.

Damn that hurts, Glacia inwardly swore as the blade and its dark power burned her, and the empress felt the necrotic magic working its way through her flesh. With a kick, Glacia separated herself from the Indomitable, and acting fast, used some energy to burn the area around the wound away to stave off any further creeping death.

As powerful as this new form is, she thought, I do not think I can sustain it for much longer.

“You have fought well, Lord Enma, but we end this now.”

Again, Glacia formed two energy discs in the palm of her hands, throwing them at the Lich and using her telekinesis to control their flight paths.

“This game ends now Empress!” the Indomitable commanded, somehow evading both discs and making a mad dash for the killing blow.

Glacia gritted her teeth as the Lich forced his way forward, moving much faster and with magical intent than anyone might initially think. Glacia’s options were limited, but a smile crept onto her face as sudden realization struck the Arcosian, and instead of moving backwards or into the air, the much shorter Glacia ducked to avoid the oncoming slice.

For the second time in this battle, the Indomitable was taken by surprise. As soon as Glacia had ducked under his impressive height, it became clear it was over. Even with the enhanced perception of Mantra, he wasn’t fast enough to avoid the incoming slices of energy.

With a defeated sigh, the spinning blades cut cleanly through his bones. Skull becoming detached, as his blade fell limply from his hands. It stood proudly in the grass, towering over a pile of broken and mismatched bones. It was in this moment that the Indomitable felt something leave him, something he was forgetting. Something he had forgotten.

As the feeling of emptiness persisted, the Lich sighed from his position on the ground. “Alright. You win.”

Glacia let out her own sigh, but one of relief, as she stumbled to her knees. The Arcosian’s golden form dimmed, and she briefly returned to her true form before reverting to her familiar visage.

“That was a fun game,” she said with a slight chuckle, looking at the severed skull. “Floe would have enjoyed it. But a deal is a deal, yes?”

The Indomitable sighed louder, “A deal is a deal.”

Portals opened all around them, the Undead and Demons filing back to Maikai through them.

The Indomitable’s skull levitated, floating at eye level for Glacia, “Aptitude will get you far.” he stated, red glow fading from empty eyes, “A learning curve like that will put you on quite the path.” the feeling of forgetfulness and hollow persisting, “Beware the light Empress.” the skull communicated telepathically, “The Fire does not burn yet.”

Glacia nodded, putting the Lich’s words to memory and pondering on their meanings.

“I shall remember, Lord Enma, and may we meet again, as friends.” She offered a smile to the skull, a final parting gift.

“Somehow,” the Indomitable started, “I doubt it.”

He slowly began to reform his body. Scattered pieces of bones and broken bits reforming all around. His mind was lingering on the persistent feeling of forgetfulness, only interrupted by the sudden intrusion of a small band of undead and demons.

Meekly they approached their lord. Offering him a hefty scroll. Two disembodied hands came forth to grasp it, unfurling it and reading the first few lines.

“A Union?!” the Indomitable erupted, “What in the Seven Hells is a Union?!”
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Near the Atlal System, PTO-Hegemony Border
South-West Quadrant, Summer 505 AU

It had been a few days since Glacia's encounter with the Indomitable. There were administrative concerns, to be had, of course, with the siege successfully lifted off the garrison and the distribution of much-needed supplies to the formerly besieged soldiers. In the midst of Glacia's forces relieving their embattled comrades, the Empress herself spent her time recuperating in the Moraine. Glacia herself seldom transformed and even more rarely used much of her tremendous power. Thus despite how quickly her battle with the Lich was, it left the Arcosian exhausted, and that was nothing to say of the wound the Indomitable inflicted upon Glacia, leaving his necrosis and forcing her to self-mutilate even in her Golden form to prevent the creeping death.

Beware the light. The Fire does not burn yet.

Glacia repeated the Indomitable's words as she rested in her private quarters, mulling over what the centuries-old necromancer could mean. The Empress' thoughts, however, were interrupted when a message arrived through the ship's intercom.

"Your Majesty," an apologetic soldier reported. "We will be departing soon." Glacia pressed a button on her scouter.

"Very well, you may tell the captain I shall speak with him later."

"I shall, ma'am," he replied, before pausing for a moment. "Also, a transmission was intercepted from the Sol System. It has been deemed classified as military intelligence. It has been rerouted to your private server."

Now that is queer, Glacia thought. I shall have to look check later.

In few minutes the ship was on its way back on the campaign, with Glacia hearing the transmission from Riker, and the empress decided to call Spicer directly, and in a few more moments, his hologram appeared in her room.

"Your Majesty," the Saiyan general said reverently. Glacia smiled and waved her hand.

"Enough pleasantries darling," she said casually. "I heard you are having a bit of trouble on Earth. Yes, we intercepted the transmission from that maniac, and we are keeping it hush-hush, as it were. It is a shame I am stuck dealing with those Makyans, otherwise, I would be there in a flash to help."

Spicer couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, ma'am, it's a bit of a mess at the moment. How soon can we expect a new garrison?" Glacia rested her chin on her right palm.

"Well, with the war going on we cannot spare front-line calibre soldiers, so it could take six months. I am sorry, Spicer, I really am, but that is the best I can do." The Saiyan sighed, but he was not too upset. He expected it, after all.

"Do you have anything on the Hators that we can use to help?" Glacia raised an eyebrow, and Spicer quickly explained the information Liz confirmed about Hators in the world.

"I shall see what I can dig up and send it over," she told her old friend. "But do be careful. Hators are no joking matter. Even the weaker ones can be a major headache. During the last Makyan War, a Hator killed my third cousin Kholodny, and he was no pushover. Keep your wits about you." Glacia's image began to fade out as the transmission became more unstable.

"Well, it appears that is it for me, darling. Give Serena my love, and the children too."

The transmission cut out there, leaving Glacia again alone in her room, to ponder the recent developments.
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Eleven: Nymphaea vs Leikn

Tournament Ground, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

Danuja looked over at Ikki as she cradled Liz and frowned. 

“Hey Space Cowboy,” she called. “How screwed are we right now?”

Taking a final sigh and patting the knocked out demon princess on the head, Ikki stood up, folded his arms and glanced towards Danu, speaking:

"Could be better, but... could be worse. It all depends on whether the other team has already sent their strongest fighters - or this one is their final ace."

He turned back towards the battlefield. "But I trust Nymph to pull it off."

“Yeah, but that’s the’s Nymph we’re talking about. She kidnapped a Namekian kid by accident, remember?” 

"And today she beat you at an eating contest, so clearly, we've all grown."

“Well, she got lucky,” Danuja said, folding her arms across her chest. “I just hope she gets lucky in the ring. I would rather not spend my days a slave to some demon.”

Ringside, the catgirl pulled down her microphone. Security and other personnel were helping people back into their seats after the rampaging dragon attack, and Katsumi looked ready to calm everyone.

“Sorry for the delay everyone, but you all know the risks of the Tournament--the committee is not liable for any bodily harm that happens to our patrons. Now, with that out of the way, the first round comes down to a final match! Nymphaea Ashwood versus Leikn!”

The crowd went wild as Katsumi backed away, watching as the two fighters approached the ring.

Nymphaea sauntered onto the ring as her opponent did likewise, a blue-skinned Majin, who placed her hands on her hips as she inspected the Saiyaness.

This is the best Team Ashwood can come up with?” she taunted. Nymphaea puffed out her cheeks.

“Hey, I’m stronger than I look,” she replied. The Majin continued to look unimpressed.

“Uh huh, I think the Junior Division is down the street, honey.”

“I will have you know I am pretty tough,” Nymph shot back, sticking her tongue out at the Majin. “Tough enough to beat you, you big blue meanie.”

“Who are you calling a meanie?”

The two women stared at each other for several moments, eyes glaring. 

Katsumi backed away as she could feel the two's power growing. She could have sworn to have seen sparks come off their eyes.

"If our two leading ladies are ready to fight, then let the match begin!" 

Once the words left the cat girl's mouth Nymphaea would raise her hand up.

"Blueberry Shocker!"

A blue beam of electrical energy would come out of her hand. Leikn would yawn as she raised her hand in turn and block the beam with her bare hand. The electrical current of the spell stayed entirely within her hand.

"Blueberry Shocker? Like, What are you? Twelve?"

The majin would throw her hands to the sides, charging energy on both hands.

"This is a real attack!" She would throw her hands forward and unleash a spiraling twin orb attack that produced twin tails, creating the illusion of a ring.

Nymphaea would jump into the air and fly up to avoid the attack.

"Oh yeah. That attack was so much better than mines." Nymphaea gave the demon a cocky grin.

But her grin began to fade as she saw the blue majin giving her a similar grin.

She raised her hands up and the two orbs would break off to follow after the Saiyaness in the air. Nymph would let out a loud scream as she began to fly around above the arena to avoid the twin attacks.

"You can try to avoid them but it's useless!"

One of the orbs would have an acceleration of speed as it flew up high while chasing after Nymph. The orb would attempt to dive bomb Nymph. The saiyaness looked up and let a look of fear come over her as she quickly conjured a mandala in front of her.

The orb would impact the sphere and the force of the explosion would send the witch flying back to the arena. The other orb would dive down and make a U-turn so it can try to hit her from behind.

Nymphaea would feel the attack and she would quickly turn around and point the mandala in front of the orb. The orb would impact the shield and this time the mandala would shatter upon the second impact.

Leikn witnessed the shattering and a feral, predatory, look came to her as she jumped into the air with such speed that she vanished to most people in the audience.

Nymphaea would only realize where Leikn appeared when the Majin appeared next to her and deliver a powerful kick that caused the Saiyaness to crash land back on the arena, creating a large crater and plumes of dust,

Leikn would drive down and stomp on Nymphaea's back. As she began to scream her voice would be cut off as the Majin would wrap her tail around Nymphaea's neck.

"Man. This fight is such a drag. I was hoping you would have put up more of a fight but you're doing worse than the snake." 

Leikn would punch Nymphaea on the back of her side, aiming for her right kidney. Nymphaea would try to scream but the tail was suffocating her as the majin kept punching her on the same spot.  

Nymphaea would grab on to the tail and draw out her magic. She would unleash a powerful electrical current that would cause Leikn to scream in agony as her grip loosen around Nymphaea's neck.

Nymphaea would control the air around her to allow her body to spin rapidly as she delivered a powerful roundhouse kick at the blue demon, sending her flying to the arena wall and blowing away the dust cloud by the gust of wind she made. 

Nymphaea looked over to where she kicked Leikn as the majin was buried under the rubble. 

Nymphaea took on a defensive position as she summoned her shields as she could feel the majin's power building up. Rays of light would come through the cracks of the rubble before they were blown away. 

She raised her shields slightly to protect herself from flying debris while Katsume screamed as she curled herself into a ball to protect herself. From where the rubble was she saw the majin standing tall, her arms raised up as she was screaming in rage.

The majin would dash after Nymphaea.


The majin would make a swiping kick and while Nymphaea raised her shield to block it the kick shattered the construct, breaking her arms and finally kicking Nymphaea's head off her neck.

The head would bounce off to the side where Leikn team was where Lalia screamed once the head landed in front of her.


the majin jeered. Katsume looked on with surprise to which Leikn looked annoyed. "Hello. She lost her head. Therefore she lost the match." 

"Oh right." The cat demon would get up and dust herself. 

"Since Nymphaea lost her head that means the winner of this match is…"

Before the cat can finish Liekn would be consumed by a large blast that would send Katsume flying off the arena screaming.

The majin would blow away the dust cloud and look back at Nymphaea's teammates.

"You sore losers tried to kill me after I won!?"

A voice above her would speak up.

"You didn't win."

Leikn turned around and looked up, finding not only Nymphaea still alive but multiple copies of her.

"That copy was good huh? It took me a long time to get the blood right." 

The Nymphaea clones all began to produce red sparks as an energy whip was formed.

The Nymphaeas all brought down their whips and they all bonded the Majin in place.

"You think you can force your bondage kink on me?" The demon dismissed. "Bitch please, there are no bindings in existence that I can break from."

Just to prove her point Leikn began to charge her power and once she was ready she threw her arms up and screamed, unleashing a burst of energy.

The clones all flew away from the blast of energy, their whips severing. Leikn would use this chance to deliver a quick barrage of energy blasts at the clones, destroying each one before they could react.

"Now quit hiding behind fakes and show yourself!" The majin declared, annoyed by the copies. 

Leikn looked around for the real Nymphaea. 

The Majin would suddenly find herself being bound by chains of lights as magic circles surround her.

"You want me you blue skinned Bimbo? Here I am!" 

Nymphaea declared as she held a lamp over her head, her other hand on her hip and her legs stretched out as she did a pose.

"I just needed copies to keep you busy while I finished my last spell to end this fight." 

Nymphaea would look up the lamp, its body covered in stripes of papers with arcane writings and symbols on them.

"Here we go." Nymphaea would throw the lamp as high as she can throw as she put her hands out to where Leikn was.

The witch was chanting as she channeled her magic. Lalia looked surprised over what Nymphaea was doing but Leikn was more annoyed as she once more unleashed a burst of energy to destroy the chains.

The burst of energy lasted much longer than before but it too had the desired effect of destroying the chains. Now free Leikn would fly towards Nymphaea, her claws stretched to slice the Saiyaness to pieces.

Once she was close she raised her hands but at that moment Nymphaea opened her eyes and shouted.


Leikn would scream in horror as a green light came from Nymphaea and struck her. The outline of the majin began to bend and twist into a spiral before the energy shot up to the lamp that was still in the air.

Once the energy went inside the lamp Nympahaea would create a rift in front of her and another to where the lamp would begin to fall, catching it.

Nymphaea was breathing heavily and was sweating. The spell took a lot out of her.

She raised the lamp up for everyone to see.


Katsume looked up from the arena. 

"With Leikn sealed up in that lamp that means that not only has Nymphaea Ashwood won this match, but team Ashwood will proceed to the next round in the Dark Tournament!"

A mix of boos and cheers range out from the remaining audience to the news on Team Ashwood's victory.
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Infernal Inheritance Chapter Twelve

Tournament Grounds, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai

“That crazy girl did it,” Danuja said with a sigh, slumping back into her seat ringside as the mixed reaction of the crowd permeated. “We were this close to being Demon Fodder, too,” the Saiyan Queen mumbled as she looked back at Ikki.

”How’s Liz holdin up?” She asked.

“She... could be better, but, thankfully, it doesn’t seem like she’s on the verge of death anymore,” Ikki responded, then struck a smile and placed his hands on his hips. “See, I told you she could do it.”

Danuja waved her wand in mock dismissal.

“Yeah, yeah. At least we don’t have to kill every demon here to escape.”

Ikki merely shot the Saiyan woman a narrowed glare, sighed, and turned towards the victorious Nymph instead. “Say, since when have you been able to pull that “Mafuba” off? That technique looks like it could have been useful against... well, anyone we’ve fought, really.”

Nymphaea would hop down the steps of the arena. She spun the lamp by the arm of the lamp.

"My mom taught me the Mafuba sometime ago. I never used it before because by the time I can use it without it killing me we were dealing with androids and I wasn't sure if it would work with them. I'm glad I didn't since they had those anti-magic cheats."

“And what about that,” Danuja asked, pointing to the lamp. “What are you gonna do with the lamp? Rub it and make her give you three wishes?” She asked with a grin.

Nymphaea blinked. "You think she can make wishes?" She looked down at the lamp after she was done spinning it.

"How's sis doing?"

Elizabeth would mumble in her sleep. "Next time ask."

Her eyes began to open. Her slitted eyes expanded slightly before retracting back to normal.

Elizabeth looked up at Ikki.

"I take it that I lost right?"

“Pretty badly,” Danuja chimed in. “But more important, how long has it been that you could turn into a dragon? That would have also been helpful to know.”

Nymphaea took a step back when the dragon was mentioned. Elizabeth sighed as she placed her hand on her forehead.

"This wasn't some technique I hid from you. That was something I didn't know could happen. Not that I want that to happen. Bloody idiot."

Her eyes began to glow.

"You were going to be sliced into pieces unless I stepped in."

The glow began to dim. "Yeah. But you made us lose by losing control."

Danuja blinked.

“Did you forget to take your meds or something?”

Elizabeth turned to face Danuja, her eyes glowing and her aura feeling much darker, more oppressive, but much more alien. It was clear that while they were looking at Elizabeth's form what was staring at the Saiyan queen was not Elizabeth.

"Let's just say this vessel is occupied by two inhabitants. You were not around to see that." "Elizabeth" would wave her hand over her body.

"The princess wouldn't have this power if it wasn't for me."

Nymphaea would mutter out a word.

"Amatsu-Mikaboshi." She would glare at her sister as she pointed her lamp at the dragon.

"Why are you here, dragon!? Serena should have destroyed you back in Purple City!"

The dragon shivered. "Don't remind me of that." The dragon tail slammed the ground. "But that wench came close to banishing from this plane but her attack was also damaging your sister's body since we were one at the time, but not fully. Your sister was wrestling control from me during that attack and caught between servitude or oblivion I chose to solidify the bond made."

Amatsu raised her hand. "She is I." The dragon brought her hand down to her chest. "And I am her. We are now both two halves of the same being."

Danuja put her hands up.

“Alright, time out. This is all getting heavy, although truth be told it’s not the strangest thing I’ve been told.” The Saiyan Queen took a breath.

“So long as Ama-whatever can help us, I see this as an absolute win.”


Suddenly, Ikki stopped in front of Nymph, staring down the creature which now claimed to inhabit Liz.

“I want an explanation. You two speak like everyone here already understands what’s happening, when that’s completely not the case. What did you do to Liz? What happened to her?”

The dragon blinked and when her eyes opened the glow, as well as aura, disappeared. "There was an incident back in one of the islands in the South." Elizabeth said, now taking control.

"Some of the remaining soldiers from Riker's army storm into a base held by AEGIS. Somehow those idiots got into a room containing a magitech reactor and they managed to blow it up. Waking up a dragon the local believed was a demon king."

Elizabeth can feel the dragon glaring at her as it knows she was leaving out some details. "To make a long story short, we fought against it, it possessed me, Serena tried to banish it off my body but instead we became one. Also Higu tried to kill me but was told off by everyone so he left. We still have no idea where he ran off to."

“Well, next time I see Higashi, we’ll have to teach him a lesson,” Danuja’s eyes flashed as she pounded her right fist into her left palm.”

After a second of pause, Ikki finally sighed and flashed an apologetic smile. “You can’t get out of bed without something bad happening to you, huh?” Thankfully, at least it seemed like Liz was not gone permanently - merely alternated between those two... personalities? Souls?

“Well, I... hope you get better then, I suppose.”

Danuja looked like she was going to add something when they were interrupted by the arrival of two figures. The first was Meroe, slithering out of the medical tent. The Lamia gave Liz a hug.

“I’m so happy you’re okay,” she practically cried, her tail constricting around the cambion’s body. The second figure appeared just behind Meroe, a well dressed demon.

“I am sorry to interrupt,” he started, “but I have an important message for Team Ashwood.”

Elizabeth looked at the demon, returning the hug back.

"What is the message and who is sending it to us? Did we already get fans sending us fan mail already?" Elizabeth said with a joking tone.

The dragon inside Elizabeth was ensured how to react to the hug. It thought she was trying to strangle Elizabeth but it now knows about hugs and is confused on how to deal with this knowledge.

“A member of the Committee would like to speak with you,” he said in a grave tone, adjusting his glasses. “I shall escort you to the lounge.”

Elizabeth shrugged as she floated up with Meroe still constricted around her. "Lead the way, dandy man."

“Are all of us needed or just her?” Ikki called out with a question.

"Most likely all of us. He did say it was an important message for Team Ashwood, not just Ashwood." Nymphaea replied back.

Mereo uncurled herself from Liz and pondered the messenger.

“It’s bad news, either way. No one gets to see the Committee,” she whispered as they followed the demonic courier. “It’s very rare.” The Lamia shuddered as she lithered along.

“I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t handle,” Danuja said with a shrug. “I mean, it’s three Super Saiyans and a demon dragon. What’s the worst it could be?”

"The Committee could try to bribe us to take the fail so their favorite team can win?" Elizabeth chimed in.

"Maybe they can try to kill us?" Nymphaea also added.

"Considering these people show a debauched nature and this team is composed of mostly female members they may have a more perverted request for us." Amatsu added as the dragon took over.

“Come on, there’s no point in being pessimistic,” Ikki added as well, shrugging. “We’ll figure it out when we get there.”

“I hope you’re right,” Meroe muttered to Ikki.

In a few minutes, the demon led them up to the VIP Boxes, reserved for the most important dignitaries. Sounds of laughter and discussion came from the room. The demon turned and bowed.

“Please, wait here for a moment,” he said, as he cracked the door open and slipped in, closing it behind him. The sounds of laughter ceased, and only low murmurings could be heard.

“I wonder what they’re discussing,” Danuja muttered.

"No doubt the round they just watched." Nymphaea whispered back.

"They are planning on how to make the tournament more entertaining for them." Amatsu-Mikaboshi replied back. "Me and the princess both are on an agreement on that one."

After several minutes, the door cracked open, the demon butler opening the door and gesturing.

“I apologise for keeping you waiting,” he said, inviting them into the room.

The two looked at each other. Elizabeth's eyes returned to their usual color but she still remained in her dragon form, just in case they were walking into a trap.

The group followed in, looking at the opulence of the room, but that was hardly the most shocking revelation. A group of people sat on the farside of the room, now looking at Team Ashwood. One of them stood.

“Ah, welcome,” she said. “My name is Jalid, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“I am so glad you made it,” a second voice chimed in from the group, a familiar voice to most of them.

It was the voice of Empress Glacia.
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Postby Naval Monte » Sat Apr 03, 2021 9:18 pm

Infernal Inheritance Chapter Thirteen

Committee Lounge, Dis, Kingdom of Pandaemonium, Maikai


Ikki’s voice was stern and serious - he didn’t hold much pleasure in speaking that name, nor in meeting the Arcosian which carried it in person again. Though any actual hostility towards her had faded with time, the Saiyan still wasn’t too happy with the news. 

“Why am I not surprised,” Danuja said with a sigh, as she saw the Arcosian empress.

Nymphaea didn't say anything when she saw Jalid. The woman was bringing back some memories of Floe since she was giving off similar vibes to her. But when she heard Glacia's voice the Saiyaness turned to face the tiny empress. Without any warning Nymphaea would lunge forward at Glacia and snatch her off the ground, squeeze her in a tight hug.

"Glacia! It's so good to see you again!" She began to rock the empress from side to side. "It's nice to see that you are doing well and are still adorable." 

Glacia returned Nymph’s hug.

“Yes, although I ask that you put me down, Nymphaea,” she told the Saiyaness gently.

Nymphaea was still hugging Glacia for a few minutes until she reluctantly put her down.

Elizabeth tried to contain her laughter at the sight. The cambion turned to Jalid and her eyes began to scan the Arcosian.

Jalid looked over at Elizabeth, noticing that she was inspecting her. The Arcosian put a hand on her hip. 

“You are the leader of Team Ashwood, yes? Crown Princess Elizabeth?”

"Yes." Elizabeth replied back. "Though most would say I haven't done much to earn that title but I'm getting there."

Meroe, meanwhile, seemed very confused at the entire situation.

“Wait, I don’t understand.” She looked at Elizabeth. “How do you know the Empress Glacia?”

Elizabeth shrugged. "My sister, Danuja, and Ikki got dragged into a civil war and I met her after I saved Nymph and her  friends from Danu who turned into a giant ape and because their general's crazy ex was kicking their asses." Elizabeth then turned to face Jalid. "Where were you during that war?"

“My brother Ghiaccio and I were fighting on the Southern front,” she explained. “We also led an invasion diversion during the Battle of Megiddo.”

"But I never saw you during that battle." Nymph chimed in.

“That’s because we were on the planet, remember?” Danuja interjected. “They were probably with the fleets.”

Nymphaea only said "oh" and became silent.

“Judging by what they said when we first arrived here, I’m guessing you are one of the Arcosians funding this tournament,” Ikki asked as he stepped forward.

The empress shook her head.

“No, that would be Jalid,” she replied, gesturing towards the other Arcosian female. “She practically dragged me to this, not quite my cup of tea, you understand,” Glacia added with a shrug. “But when I saw that you were one of the teams, I knew I had to bring you up here, there are things you need to know.”

"What do you have to tell us Glacia?" Nymphaea asked 

“This tournament is not what it seems,” Jalid said first, slowly making her way back to her seat near the large window. The Arcosian picked up a long cigarette holder and started to smoke it.

"Although I assume they already gathered that much,” she added, with a puff, glancing over at Glacia. The diminutive empress gave a slight shrug.

“She is correct, there is more going on here. Team Asmodeus are the favourites to win, and everything will be done to secure their victory, by whatever means necessary.” Glacia lingered on her final phrase.

Elizabeth frowned. "I had a feeling something like this might happen. But I want to know if my Grandfather is involved with it and if you know who might try to sabotage us?" She crossed her arms in front of her chest. "So what did you two hear about the committee members who are betting on my grandfather? Are they gonna send assassins after us? Try to blackmail us?" Elizabeth asked the Arcosian cousins.

“Most likely they just try to kill you, given that without you the rest of us really don’t have a reason to continue. I mean what, would we put Ikki or Nymph on the throne of hell? That would be a sight.” Danu added with a smirk.

“All are likely,” Glacia admitted with a nod. “The Committee is stacked in Asmodeus’ favour. Many of the Makyans, Demon Lords, and even Human members have been heavily bribed or are in his pocket for various reasons.” The Empress looked over at Jalid who shrugged.

“You are fortunate that we are not so easily bought,” Jalid said with a wave of her free hand. “But I can assure you, the other members of the Committee have a ventured interest in seeing Asmodeus win. You can expect all matters of dirty play after your upset first round win.”

Elizabeth sighed. "Of course. After what happened on Earth I'm sure the human members would love to see me die." She shrugged. "The one good thing is that if they do try to kill me I can use it as an excuse to remove more unwanted elements from Earth. Serena can be too soft at times."

Nymphaea would ask. "I don't understand what benefits them to side with Asmodeus so much?"

Jalid glanced at Nymph and then back at Glacia with a gesture.

“They have a demon in their midst,” she started. “Meroe yes? She should know.” The Empress looked a little nervous.

"Why are you so nervous Glacy?" Nymphaea asked as she tilted her head to the side.

Meroe gave a sigh.

“It’s because Asmodeus, when he was king, and during Nergal’s reign, sent demons to help the Makyans and other groups in the Mortal Plane, and they sent weapons to us in return.”

“Well, isn’t that lovely,” Danuja said, crossing her arms. 

Elizabeth looked at Meroe. "Wait. Dad was helping the Maykans?!" The shocked cambion asked. 

“Not only him, but others,” she admitted. “Uncle Goetia, Aunt Rachnerra, and another demon lord, he calls himself the Emperor of the Outer World, he has a pact with the Hegemony, too.”

Elizabeth was silent as she was starting to comprehend what she just heard. 

A chair moved on its own as Elizabeth fell down and sat on it. She was rubbing her forehead. 

"Bloody hell. My whole family was aiding those bastards." She muttered. She knew that if she met Arashi again she must never let him know her family's dark secret.

Glacia clapped her hands.

“Yes, and Asmodeus will be sure to have other gifts to the Committee sponsors who help him regain the throne, or threaten those who stand in his way.” The Empress turned her attention to Liz. “It is imperative, therefore, that you win, Elizabeth, to keep the peace between the Demon Realm and the Mortal Realm.”

Elizabeth began to rub her eyes. "Great. Just when I thought I didn't have enough pressure on me I now have the fate of two worlds on my shoulder. I'm starting to miss the androids now." 

Nymphaea would chime in. "What can we do against the old man's sponsors?"

“Nothing officially,” Jalid replied. “But there are ways we can help you.”

Elizabeth looked up. "How?" She would rest her head on her fist.

“By having Jalid sponsor Team Ashwood,” Glacia interjected.

Elizabeth looked up at Jalid. "You? Why?"

The Arcosian noblewomen blew out a puff of smoke.

“You will fall under our protection. Direct attacks against you will be seen as an attack against me,” she morosely explained. “I can also provide you with a modicum of protection and you will have access to any facilities.”

“You’ll have to forgive me for being sceptical,” Danuja quickly added. “Nothing comes cheap or free with you people,” she said, putting her hands up. “No offense, but I know all too well how these deals work.”

"I'm gonna have to agree with Danuja here." Elizabeth chimed in. "You two want something from me so spill it out now. I'm not in the mood for head games."

Ikki merely waved his hand - he had been silently watching the conversation with little emotion, uninterested in the politics. “What they said.” The thought occurred to him to refuse the help outright - wouldn’t it be an even greater stick in the mud if they defeated Asmodeus even in spite of all the cheating and tricks? - but he figured it was too stubborn of an idea to pull off. On the surface, working with the Arcosians seemed harmless.

“The only thing that I ask is that you stop sending demon forces to the Mortal Plane,” Glacia said. “And, when you are Queen, that will you sign a trade and defense agreement with the PTO.”

“Another dog for your kennel” scoffed Danu.

The Empress merely shrugged at the Saiyaness remark.

“I have always looked out for my friends,” Glacia replied. “You have done very well for yourself as my friend have you not, Queen Chay?”

“Does Liz count as a demon for the whole plane crossing ban?” Ikki asked. “She is half-demon, isn’t she?”

“No, I merely meant Demons as combatants,” she clarified, turning her attention to Ikki. “But Elizabeth is a unique case, I admit, seeing as she is a subject of Earth as well as a potential sovereign in her own right.” Glacia placed a finger on her chin and looked upwards.

“I expect a more orderly and peaceful transfer across the border, so to speak,” she added. “The current situation is simply untenable.”

Elizabeth thought over the deal. "You want me to stop working with the Maykans and pretty much place tighter emmigration laws." Elizabeth sighed.

It wasn't surprising that a deal like this would be asked. The Maykans benefit greatly from demonic assistance. Having a powerful asset removed would weaken them greatly.

But the defense and trade agreement sounds nice as she would be building a new state.

Yet… why does she feel like there is an ulterior motive.

"Because there is. There is no reason for her to make a deal to a kingdom rebuilding from the ground up unless she wants to do to your kingdom like she did to Earth."

Elizabeth heard the dragon whisper in her mind. Voicing out the doubt that was nagging within her.

[i"]Removing access to the demon world to her enemies won't be enough for her. if she can make sure that you and your kind are under control she will never let you rest. You are dealing with an empress princess and anyone who is sitting on the top has crushed many gullible fools to get to sit their asses on the throne. She is trying to use you to gain more power."[/i]

Elizabeth remained silent as she saw flashes of the memories of past emperors and empresses that reside within the dragon. Elizabeth rubbed her temple as she could feel a migraine forming. She still was getting used to having so many memories flooding into her mind.

"You're right about most people who become emperors. But this one here is different. She may have her own agenda but I can sense her being honest when she said she helps her friends."

Elizabeth can hear the dragon snorting in her mind.

"For your deal Glacia. I…" Elizabeth's eyes changed to both red and the pupils became more like slits as she said. "Refuse your offer. I can't force every demon in this realm to not cross over as my Empire won't cover all of Maikai. Moreover, with my state being in the process of rebuilding your "trade and defense" agreements would be the perfect cover to occupy and control this realm so you can deny the Maykans a powerful ally and control Maikai for your empire." The cambion’s voice became harsher and deeper.

“Nice,” Danuja said, uncrossing her arms. “Looks like we have that finished, so let’s go kill some demons in the next round,” seemingly uncaring about the change in Elizbeth’s tone.

Meanwhile, Glacia shrugged as Elizabeth refused. Nymphaea looked at her sister in utter shock. 

“If that is how you truly feel, Elizabeth,” the Arcosian replied sadly. “I suppose there is no helping it, if that actually is Elizabeth I am speaking to.”

Elizabeth tilt her head in confusion. "It is me? Just because I look different doesn't mean I'm suddenly a different person."

“Perhaps,” Glacia lingered on the word, looking over at her cousin. Jalid shrugged.

“No deal, no sponsorship, no help,” the other Arcosian said simply as she took a puff of her cigarette. “Glacia probably would want to help you regardless, but I am under no such obligation.”

“So, are we done here?” Ikki spoke up. “Well, perhaps you should first let the real Liz say a word.” He shot a glare towards the demonic princess shortly after.

"Elizabeth" looked at Ikki, giving him a smile. "Come on Ikki, not you too. I'm still me." Elizabeth turned back to face Glacia.

"And I will repeat myself. I…" her eyes changed back to their normal form. "Accept your deal. Forget what I said before." She told her, her voice sounding far less harsh and deep than before.

“See?” Ikki immediately added with a grin on his face and placed his hand on the demonic princess’s shoulder. “She’s back to normal now. Can’t fool someone who’s had to spend a year alone with her.”

The Arcosian cousins glanced at each other and back at the draconic half-demon. Glacia looked particularly concerned.

“Very well, we shall consider it official, then, as we have witnesses,” Glacia said, her eyes inspecting Liz. “And I shall see if I can find anything in my books about...your present situation, Princess.”

"Empress." Both Elizabeth and Amatsu said at the same time, creating a sharp contrast on how both their voices sound whenever they speak.

The eyes changed fully into the dragon's.

"You may have the rest of these mortals fooled into thinking you are their friend but we know the truth, your highness. These monkeys are useful tools to you. Once their use has worn off so too will that "friendship" you have with them."

The dragon would rub her claws against the armrest of the chair. "You mortal rulers are all the same. You feign piety, compassion, generosity. But in the end all you ever crave is power, wealthy, and whatever desires you want. The only thing you ever care is getting more of the same and keeping what you have."

“He’s not wrong,” Danuja quipped.

Nymphaea would shake her head. "First off you don't know a thing about Glacia so don't act like you can't judge her. Also you were asleep for who knows how many years, how can you claim to know how mortals behave."

The dragon looked up at her. "Because I have the souls of those fools in me. I can see into their memories, know how they think, feel whatever desires and fears they hold. I know how they work because they are a part of me."

The dragon turns back to Glacia. "You think you are different Glacia? Let me tell you something. None of your tricks will work on me because I saw them all. You will not take this kingdom from me."

Elizabeth would return. "Your kingdom? I think you mean my kingdom you scaly bastard."

“Hold on,” Meroe shouted, looking at everyone. “What is even happening here?”

"To make a long story short. I have another soul living inside me and sometimes he.. she… it… comes out." Elizabeth and Nymph explained the story to Meroe, Glacia, and Jalid. Glacia in particular seemed quite interested, but the Lamia looked utterly confused at the revelation and slithered to a nearby chair, slumping into it.

“That’s too much for me to handle right now, Liz,” she said with a sigh. Glacia nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I agree,” she returned, turning her attention back to Liz. “Speaking to this Amatsu-Mikaboshi,” she began. “You speak of tricks, but do not think of me like the rulers you might have seen in the past,” the empress said, her delicate voice sounding less like creeping frost, and more like icicles. “Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, or my deals for extortion.” 

“Yeah, she’s offering it with a smile and a golden chain instead of a steel one. Are we done here?” Asked the clearly impatient Danu.

Elizabeth shook her head. "We're done." The cambion said. "Damn dragon just had to make this complicated." 

Glacia nodded solmenly.

“Very well, princess,” she said to Liz before glancing briefly at Danuja. The Arcosian gave the Saiyaness a quick scan before shifting her attention to the rest of Team Ashwood. “Jalid and I shall do our part, but the important thing is that you take care of yourselves and win out.” 

Elizabeth gave her a grin. "We're not gonna let this committee rob our victory."

Nymphaea nodded.  "Yeah! Let them do their worst. We'll beat them up like everyone else in the tournament."
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