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Star Wars: Jedi Academy (OOC|Closed)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:05 pm
by Anowa
A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away. . . .


A Reboot of Beiarusia's RP of the same name

{- IC -}

It has been a little over 14 years since the signing of the Galactic Concordance which ended the Galactic Civil War. The New Republic stands on it's newly sprouted legs as it shoulders the weight of a galaxy wracked by war and bloodshed. Meanwhile, away from the politics and logistics required from a newly founded nation, Luke Skywalker, Hero of the New Republic seeks to restore the Jedi order on the newly constructed Academy on Yavin 4. At his side in such an endeavor are the scant few Jedi Knights he has trained in the past 6 years.

However, this Cold War is not meant to last. the Republic still flounders to exercise any form of power, movements and the temptation of independence making a consolidation of power difficult. Hutts and criminal empires continue to grow, flexing their might where the Empire and Republic have yet to tread, leaving a blanket of criminal oppression in their wake. With reports of the Imperial Remnant reorganizing their forces for a continuation war, the Republic needs the warriors of the Jedi order now more than ever.

However the geopolitical machine is not the most worrisome news for the new Jedi Order. Fringe world reports of individuals of frightening power and supernatural capability have reached Master Skywalker, and while the Jedi are reforming, so too is the dark side.

The rebirth of the Jedi Order is recent, but they will soon be tested by the force in more ways than expected. The trials and tribulations of the coming years shall be the legacy of eons of Jedi who came before. The warriors of the light may reclaim their place in The Force.

Adopting the role of a Jedi Padawan in the era after the Galactic Civil War, you will attend the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 to be trained in the ways of lightsaber combat and how to utilize the Force. Despite the name, this is not an academy RP, instead it will progress over a number of missions tasked to you at the behest of Master Skywalker and members of the New Republic. Content and lore will be a mix of Canon and Legends, with a rather stiff diverging point into an alternate universe being the signing of the Galactic Concordat, ending the Galactic Civil War, and reducing the Empire into the Remnant. After this point, much of what this RP entails will be original plot in the faith of the expanded universe. The events of the recent "Sequel Trilogy" do not occur. Anowa is the OP, with Donner Land acting as Co-OP.
    • Delete everything in parenthesis and/or unused optional slots.
    • Multiple characters will be allowed within reason with a soft limit of two.
    • Apprentices will start with a borrowed lightsaber (single/dual - blue/green) and will create their own later.
    • No overpowered characters. The Jedi have yet to recover fully and there is still much to learn.
    • Lightsabers at the moment are raw hand me downs, you'll get to build your own later.

Code: Select all

[b]Appearance:[/b] (If using a picture then provide height/weight/etc.)

[b]Lightsaber:[/b] (Style and colour.)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (Anything else they carry on their person.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Optional.)
[b]Likes:[/b] (Optional.)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (Optional.)
[b]Goals:[/b] (Optional.)
[b]Fears:[/b] (Optional.)

[b]Background:[/b] (Two paragraphs minimum.)


[b]RP Example:[/b]

[b][size=50][color=red]DO NOT REMOVE: Revanchist[/color][/size][/b]
The successor faction to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the New Republic is a democratic power forged during and after the fall of The Empire. However the power vacuum on many planets that formed as a result of a swift and sudden vacancy of overlords has left them somewhat flundering to cement itself as the galactic authority. Currently attempting to rebuild the planets affected by the galactic civil war, some senators naively beleive the Imperial Remnant is no true threat anymore. Coruscant is the capital with Mon Mothma being elected as the first Chancellor.

At the behest of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Order was reformed in 11 ABY with the aid of several force sensitive individuals and the New Republic. Created as a place for Jedi both new and old to learn together it is where Luke had trained the first generation of Jedi Knights in a class numbering almost two dozen. The Jedi Praxeum resides in an old Rebellion base on Yavin 4 that has since been reworked to fit the needs of the Jedi Order.

the fractured remnants of the Empire following the Battle of Jakku retreated to the Outer Rim before digging in on what little territory they could claim. Despite no longer being a truly unified structure, the Imperial Remnant remains a distant threat to the fragile order the galaxy rests in. Rumor has it that the Remnant is at risk of splintering into various factions due to the power vacuum of the now dissolved Council of Moffs. Bastion is the capital with Grand Admiral Idaz Courn being the de jure Emperor via line of succession.

With a notably lessened grip on their activities by the dissolution of the Empire and the lack of hard power being exuded by the Republic, the Hutt Cartel has comparatively exploded into territory less actively policed by either faction. Despite such a glaring threat to the safety and control over the galaxy, the Republic had yet to create a plan of action beyond surveying the situation. This inability to address the problem has lead to bolder and bolder actions being taken by the Hutts. Moervizz Glirkiohl Khersoc has taken the place of Jabba the Hutt on the Grand Hutt Council following the latter's death.

Though the reality of the situation was never truly revealed to the galaxy at large, the last two sith lords were killed in the Battle of Endor by Master Skywalker. However the Imperial Inqusitorius still had active members at the time of the battle. Their number being unknown to both the Jedi and Republic, it is very likely that rumors of dark Jedi roaming the seedier parts of the galaxy are these Inquisitorius, either working for the Remnant, or of their own volition.
Can I be [race/species]?

Yes, within reason, obviously species that are extinct or otherwise force insensitive are out. Just use common sense.

At what age should my character be?

Any age upwards of 15 or so, the New Jedi Order is scraping the barrel so to speak, but they aren't gonna let children run headlong into battle.

Can I be a Mandalor-

Mandalorians are acceptable, just don't be that guy about it. You know the one. Any mention of Grey Jedi, crushgaunts, or running headlong into a lightsaber duel with reckless abandon will result in a swift removal.

Can I be Darth Edge?

That's a fat no from me dawg. If that's the route you absolutely want to take, I'd prefer some characterization leading up to it.

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by Anowa
      0/0 Introductions
      1/1 Saboteurs
      1/2 Hutt Activity
      1/3 Missing Archaeologists
      1/4 Sacrosanct
      1/5 Apprenticeship
      1/6 Trial by Fire
      1/X Home

PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:05 pm
by Anowa

PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:17 pm
by The Olog-Hai

Name: Kaidin Thelcar
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Echani

Appearance: White-silver skinned, silver eyed, and white hair. Stand with good form at 6', weighing around 165. Well toned and muscular. Moves with a fluid grace, always somewhat tense and ready for combat.

Lightsaber: Blue single blade, standard classic grip.
Equipment: Echani vibrosword, heirloom made of cortosis (therefore resistant to sabers, but not pure enough to fuckle a saber)

Personality: Soldier-y, responds aggressive when confronted aggressively, doesn't automatically default to diplomacy when in a hostile situation. Tends to try to circumvent problems when he can, typically by physically moving around the problem when necessary. Tends toward honor, however.
Likes: Honorable people; fights, fair or not, but the fairer the better;
Dislikes: Carrying overly heavy things, losing, lack of honor.
Goals: To better himself, both as a person and in combat techniques, and to better his people.
Fears: A degree of claustrophobia, any environment which restricts his movements in general. Spacesuits, for similar reasons.

Background: The Echani were one of the least affected technically non-Humans by the rise of the Empire, as they were both close enough to Humans and extremely useful to the Empire, teaching them important techniques, especially for the Imperial Guard. As such, although the Echani were forced to dissolve their official military, they were allowed to retain a militia, and some of the higher ranking officers were still commissioned. Kaidin was born into this life, on the Echani homeworld of Eshan, to a family of the warrior caste. Although the Echani have a matriarchical society, dominated almost entirely by females, there was always some degree of advancement possible in the non-political sections of society, even though the top ranks had very few, if any men, Kaidin's family pushed him from a young age, training him to join the Echani militia, a very honorable goal in their society, as combat was crucial to them. Kaidin wasn't the best, but he was far from the worst, and pursued a commission in the militia, working other times as craftsman, creating works of art, made from metal and other tough substances.

Kaidin continued to keep in shape, staying in the militia through his adult life, and when the Empire fell, joined the military, as he had been waiting his whole life for this moment. He excelled, being a dutiful soldier, adept at following orders and having a good sense of honor, and eventually was promoted to an officer, although he did not remain there long. Soon after he achieved his dreams, and joined the military, as his family had done before him, the Jedi came knocking. Hunting for Force Sensitives, to join their new Academy, they found Kaidin in the military, and although he did not wish to leave, he realized it was for his best, and for the betterment of his people, as who knows who could follow in his footsteps as he opened doors for them?

Skills: Melee combat, both hand to hand and with weapons such as vibroblades, in the Echani traditional combat style, and therefore inclined towards Form II. Parkour. Good all around at most things physical.
Weaknesses: Has difficulty paying attention, mental challenges and tests tend to not be good for him for these reasons

RP Example: Does a previous rendition do? Also, you know me.

DO NOT REMOVE: Revanchist

First then I guess

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by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
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by Empire of Donner land

Name: Ulsa Anve
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Zabrak Dathomirian

Appearance: 5'10, 155 lbs.

Lightsaber: Single Green Blade, a hand-me-down style grip held together by old screws and cloth.
Equipment: A metal necklace stringed with various size red-orange rocks and pebbles, Dantooine Farmhand and Casual Clothing as well as hidden packed up Nightsister Robes.

Despite being a Nightsister, Ulsa lacks the discipline and spirituality that most of her kind would be associated with, making her not one of the best Jedi Apprentices one could have and rather flippant. Nevertheless, what she lacks in belief and discipline, she has in her the need to validate herself in the eyes of her people and friends, and, despite only being on Dathomir for her adolescence, she likes to think she has a strong connection with her culture. When provoked with a problem, Ulsa tends to use the force to solve it at the root instead of her Lightsaber, but while she isn't particularly well versed in the Art of Diplomacy, she does not shy away from talking a problem out, especially if they are weak-minded.

Ulsa Anve is partial to books, specifically those on history. She tries her best to find anything on Dathomir and the Nightsisters as well as anything she can get on the Clone Wars, the event that seemed to lead to the formation of the Empire in the first place, although literature on her people and this galactic event seems either hard to find or at least Ulsa is unable to find anything unbiased and not caked in myth and legend. Ulsa also enjoys extensive amounts of meditation to attune herself with the force, in hopes of somehow attuning with Dathomir itself from so far away to get one last feeling of its presence, though she has long since forgotten what her own planet even feels like.

Though Ulsa has forgotten much about Dathomir, there is one thing out of a few memories she has that has carried over, which is the hate she holds for Dathomir's natural Bane Back Spider, she cannot tell what she hates more about it, it's many eyes or the way it walks. Additionally, As much as Ulsa enjoys meditating, what she enjoys more than that is not being disturbed while meditating, and it is surprisingly not particularly hard to break her out of this concentration either with as much practice she gets in.

Ulsa someday dreams to return to Dathomir and reconnect with it, her culture, and even perhaps her people if there are any left. Much of what she knows about Dathomir are mere fragments, dreams and the odd vision here and there, it calls to her, just as she attempts to call to it with meditation. What she hopes to do by reconnecting is figuring out who she truly is, and by doing that, find out where she belongs in the Force, believing that the Jedi's teachings can prepare her for it as well as get Ulsa there.

Ulsa is afraid of being abandoned by the Jedi Order for who she is should they put all the pieces together, and has a deeply embedded fear that she may go to the Dark Side upon reaching the Planet and being reconnected to Dathomir, with all of the Jedi Training even, she is unsure of herself that she can resist any temptations it may throw at her, but regardless of her fears, it is something deep inside Ulsa feels she must endure in order to become stronger as a Person, Nightsister and Jedi.

The Nightsisters were destroyed during the Clone Wars, and although few remain to continue on their legacy, it is more than likely that all that are left, are all that there will be. Little to no knowledge is left today of who they are, and fewer still can recount them or their history, but they are not an extinct people yet. Ulsa was born on Dathomir to the few of her Culture still alive, her Mother gave her her name, but as she grew up, Ulsa was never given even her Mother's own name and never learned of who her Father even was by virtue of how the Nightsister clans "bred". Ulsa was chastised for calling her Mother "Mother", instead she preferred to be called "Master", something Ulsa found to be unusual looking back as she began learning about the Nightsisters on her own.

After undergoing basic education when she could talk, Ulsa began learning about Dathomir, the Nightsisters, and how they fell. According to her Mother, it was during the Clone Wars when 'Droids' began to assault the Planet and their order, but this is all Ulsa was taught for her history lessons, much of everything else had to be learned on her own curiosity. When Ulsa became a young Woman at the age of 16, her Mother then began to train her in "Magick", using the Force through Magical Ichor, a green mist that came from the depths of Dathomir that could be controlled. After she could gain a good grasp over it, her Mother had presented her with a Vibrosword, and the two began practicing dueling with these swords. In the next year, she developed a connection with Dathomir without truly even knowing what it is and became proficient in swordsmanship.

Throughout all of this, Ulsa could never really stop and learn just what all was going on or who they were, not having a greater scope of the world they were in outside of Dathomir in such a controlled environment, such suffocation made her want to leave, to do something or anything else, and eventually she got her wish. She was instructed to travel to the depths of Dathomir to participate in a trial that all Nightsisters underwent, subdue with the Magicks of Dathomir The Sleeper, and bring back part of its body to be converted into the Water of Life without falling to fear. Ulsa completed this task with some difficulty, coming back wounded, dehydrated and angry four days later with a tentacle from The Sleeper, cut off with a Vibrosword, much to her own Mother's surprise. The Tentacle, combined with water, and brewed with the assistance of their powers, made the Water of Life. With it, Ulsa was healed, and her trial was completed, finally to be recognized as a Nightsister after a life of training.

Such a celebration was short-lived, an Imperial Patrol in a Lambda Transport landed, spotting them. Stormtroopers disembarked and opened fire. Her Mother instructed her to run and hide until the Blaster fire stopped, and she did and only after an hour and a half did the Blaster fire stop. Ulsa hiked back to their home only to see blast marks all over the walls, rocks, and other surrounding terrains. The Lambda Shuttle was still there, but no Stormtroopers insight, and no bodies. Asula investigated the Shuttle to find a Pilot waiting inside monitoring the systems. Using her anger and fear, Ulsa grabbed the Pilot using the Force, and threw them like a ragdoll out of their seat and out of the Shuttle, it was then when she first felt and then recognized the Dark Side, it caused her to pause before jolting back into reality, filled with adrenaline.

Not knowing the fate of her Mother, filled with fear for her life and her Mother's, confusion, and doubt, Ulsa forced the Pilot at sword point to take off and enter orbit. They complied begrudgingly, and once in orbit asked what Ulsa was going to do now, panicked, she yelled at the Pilot to take her anywhere, she didn't care. The Lambda Shuttle entered Hyperspace on the orders of Ulsa and the Pilot and dropped out in the orbit of Dantooine before landing on the planet in a field outside of Dantoo Town. Ulsa ran from the Shuttle and watched the Shuttle leave in a hurry as she caught her breath under a tree.

Ulsa would spend the rest of her life surviving by working as a Farm Hand on Dantooine, it didn't take long to adjust to life here, and into her adult years, Ulsa began to see her time on Dathomir as distant bad memories and began liking life in freedom on Dantooine than under the Tyranny of her Mother, trying her hardest to forget it all. For this time as she was working as a farmhand, she was unbothered until one-week Ulsa decided to go on a hike into the Dantooine wilderness. As she hiked, something called to her, a feeling she had not felt since Dathomir, soon she arrived at what was emanating this call. They were stone ruins overgrown with nature, with unknown iconography etched into the pillars and walls, it looked to her like two wings of a bird stretched from a sword. It was then she felt a presence from behind her, a Zabrak man who immediately dismissed any hostility and identified himself as Jedi Master Bo Ganthor.

Bo Ganthor stated he was looking for a Force Sensitive, and could sense that someone else was being drawn to this ancient Jedi Temple ruin as he was looking for texts, nailing Ulsa Anve as the culprit. Ulsa explained that she was being led here by something she couldn't quite describe anymore. Ganthor asked Ulsa to follow him, and he explained all that she needed to know, answering questions she or her mother could not or did not want to answer as if a cloud of mysteries had cleared... but only to give rise to more questions. What was her Mother trying to do and is she still alive? What really are the Nightsisters and is she even one? Was the Dark Side she felt while escaping from Dathomir from the Planet itself or did they rise from Ulsa? Who even is she? All of this and many more questions that gave way to one singular goal, become a Jedi and go back to Dathomir.

When Bo Ganthor asked her to go to Yavin 4 for training, Ulsa was compelled not by just herself but something else inside her to say yes. Ulsa answered all his questions truthfully, save for one that for some reason or another she felt would hurt her chances. Ulsa lied, saying she was born here on Dantooine, not Dathomir. Whether or not Bo Ganthor could sense these lies was unknown to her, but what was known to her was that she was on her way to Yavin 4 to become a Jedi in her first step in understanding herself.

Ulsa has well-above-average skill and attunement with the force compared to her fellow students' abilities thanks to her upbringing, allowing her to explore the more advanced nuances of the mysterious energy that surrounds everyone, but also allows her to dig further than what her Masters would decide safe, drawing some ire from them and some other Students.

Ulsa is already decently versed in Swordsmanship and practices Agility as part of her exercises. These combined together with her talent in the Force allows Ulsa to be a natural in Form IV "Ataru". Augmenting her dashes and jumps with the force while in a duel to take advantage of all angles in a fight.

Ulsa's upbringing on Dathomir likely makes her more prone to falling to the Dark Side, something she is aware of and afraid of, but to her knowledge can do nothing about until such a thing happens, but, if there were something she could do to prevent it, she would put all her energy, focus and might into preventing such a thing to happen in the first place.

Ulsa is naturally rebellious due to her oppressed upbringing and lacks the discipline that would normally be expected of her that she either lacks naturally or simply did not learn in the first place as a side effect of not fully completing her transition to becoming a Nightsister.

RP Example: Ace Combat: Broken Line, and all our Region stuff should be good.

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by Phalnia

Name: Samis'ta
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Rutian Twi'lek

Appearance: Samis'ta is lithe and agile, even for a Twi'lek. She stands at 5'11" and weighs approximately 135 pounds. Her skin is deep blue, except the areas that have been tattooed in flowing designs. Her eyes are light green.

Lightsaber: Dual-bladed and blue
Equipment: Dagger hidden in her boot

Personality: Samis'ta is self-reliant and slow to connect with others. She is quick to use her natural talents to her advantage as they served her well in her previous life.
Likes: Warmth, food, open spaces, and natural environments.
Dislikes: Coldness, formality, restraints, and hutts.
Goals: To discover her own past and end slavery where she can find it.
Fears: Being enslaved again.

Background: Samis'ta does not know where she was born or much of her early childhood. She remembers that her family lived somewhere warm in a simple home. She had several older brothers and sisters. Her most vivid memory is of fire and screaming. Strangers came to their home and took her family away in bindings. Samis'ta tried to hide but, they found her and dragged her away to their ship. For weeks she and the others were shipped from planet to planet and ship to ship. She lost track of anyone she recognized and retreated into herself. Finally, she and several other children were separated and brought to a large compound in the largest city Samis'ta had ever seen.

She learned that she and the others had been purchased as slaves on the moon Nar Shadda. She was now the property of something called a Hutt. She was young but, put to work non the less. Samis'ta was put o work in a kitchen preparing large quantities of food. Samis'ta had never seen such strange edibles or so much in one place. Samis'ta often stole pieces of food when no one was watching. This continued for years as Samis'ta grew into a teenager. One day Samis'ta felt a meaty hand grasp her wrist as she slipped a morsel into her pocket. It was a Gamorrean, one of the ugly guards who oversaw the slaves.

With grunts and squeals he dragged Samis'ta out of the kitchen and away from any of the places she had seen since being brought to this place years ago. Only then did she see the splendor of the place she lived. Tapestries and art hung from every wall and filled every table. Strange aliens in fine clothes gawked as Samis'ta was dragged on. Finally, Samis'ta arrived in the largest room she had ever seen. Even larger than the communal chambers where the slaves slept.

The guard threw Samis'ta to the ground before what she could only describe as a large 'pile'. The green alien began squealing unintelligibly towards the pile. Only then did it stir and the Twi'lek realized that it was alive. The creature, which she soon realized was the Hutt she belonged to, listened to the squeals and waved a fat hand dismissing the guard. He then turned towards Samis'ta she could feel his eyes sizing her up. Without even touching her she could feel his slimy skin. In some strange language he spoke to the crowd and a human came and ushered her out of the room.

Samis'ta was informed that the Hutt had taken a liking to her and she was now going to be working here as a dancer. Her clothes were taken and replaced with what could only be described as rags. She was taught to dance and entertain the Hutt and his guests. Samis'ta did not understand what made her so appealing to the slug and his guests but, she found the work easier than scrubbing the kitchen and she now shared a room with only one other girl rather than all the scullion maids.

For five years Samis'ta danced and sang for the Hutt. Samis'ta thanked her luck whenever she went to sleep, the Hutt never touched her, his eyes lingering on her was bad enough. In recent weeks Samis'ta had noticed more and more strangers coming to the palace. They talked at length with the Hutt and motioned to various dancers and entertainers across the room. Samis'ta had seen this before, strangers came and paid the Hutt handsomely for the time of one of his dancers. There were rooms behind the Hutt where they would go, the girls were always distraught upon entering and exiting the rooms. Even worse were the girls who were outright purchased and taken away never to be seen again.

One day Samis'ta was directed to enter one of these rooms with a hooded figure. Her heart pounded as the stranger motioned for her to sit on the bed. Before she knew what she was doing Samis'ta pulled a dagger she had stolen from the kitchen from her boot and lunged at the figure. With a wave of his hand, the figure sent Samis'ta's blade flying across the room. The figure removed his hood and revealed himself to be something called a Jedi. He was travelling in search of others to train as Jedi at a Praxeum.

With no choice Samis'ta listened and decided even if he was lying she stood a better chance of escaping on the way to wherever they were headed than here at the Hutt's palace. Samis'ta grew intrigued with the Jedi as they traveled together for a bit. She is now fully determined to become a Jedi, having witnessed the power they wield and respect they command.

  • Agile: Samis'ta's past as a dancer have made her adept at moving and bending in ways she normally could not.
  • Blending In: As a slave Samis'ta learned the best way to avoid the lash was to be unseen by the taskmaster.
  • Listening: The Hutt's guest were careful to speak softly among the loud music, Samis'ta developed the ability to tune out noise and focus her hearing.
  • Non-worldly: The vast majority of Samis'ta's life has been spent on a single moon, in a single compound. The wider galaxy is a mystery to her.
  • Untrusting: Life as a slave is brutal. Even among fellow slaves it is difficult to find friends and trusted confidants.
  • Prejudice: Salver's are repugnant to Samis'ta, she considers herself the natural enemy of any who deal in sentient cargo. This displeasure is greatest towards the Hutts.
RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: Revanchist

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:08 pm
by Tayner
Name: Tillisk'Tor'Vih (Torr)

Age: 48
Gender: Male
Species: Chiss

Appearance: Six Feet tall, 180lbs, scar tissue caused by lacerations and burning present on his right arm, upper abdomen, and neck. Contrary to the visual aid, he has jet black hair.

Rank: Apprentice

Lightsaber: Green Training Lightsaber
Ship: Deep-X Explorer Scout Vessel
  • Black Robes
  • 13 Credits

Personality: Humble, kind, and slightly defensive from years evading the Empire, Torr took his lessons as a youngling to heart, and lived his life adhearing to basic Jedi tenants. However, he defends his allies with the same effort that he defends himself, even disregarding his own health if he has to.
  • Exploring
  • Learning
  • Flying
  • People who entertain the dark side of the force
  • To learn the ways of the Light Side of the Force
  • Learn more about the galaxy through exploration
  • Drowning
  • Being seduced by the Dark Side of the Force

Background: Born in 33 BBY on Csilla to a lower class family Tillisk'Tor'Vih wouldn't have a normal childhood. His sensitivity to the Force would be discovered after he was 7 years old, and he would be exiled from his family, the whole idea of the Force being a shameful attribute in Chiss culture. He would live in space aboard a scavenger vessel for some time, until being discovered by the Jedi Order. He was young enough to start training as an initiate, but he would fail the initiate trials as others with more experience would pass.

Instead he would become part of the Jedi Service Corps, more specifically the Explorer Corps. His intelligence and adventurous nature making him fit in well amongst his older counterparts. In 19 BBY he would receive a mission to the Outer Rim, and shortly after his small exploratory vessel would receive news of the Jedi Purge. The Crew would split up, deciding that would be the best way to avoid capture. Torr would end up staying on the ship, and doing scouting missions and smuggling runs for some time until being recruited by the organizing Alliance to Restore the Republic as a forward scout.

For much of the war he would survey dozens of planets and nebulas for the possible construction bases or establishment of supply routes, usually staying out of combat unless he was cornered. He would, however, participate in the Battle of Jakku, seeing the significance of the battle, and would fly CAS for the ground assault. In the battle a power conduit in his cockpit would explode, and while the wounds were minor and superficial, he would be scarred along his side. He and his ship would recover, however he would never join the New Republic's military formally, and after the battle he would return to exploring the Galaxy alone. It wasn't until a few years later when the Force compelled him to make a journey across the galaxy.

He would find himself on the moon Jedha, standing in a crater where a Holy City once stood. Even Torr recognized this as a scar in the Force, feeling the past of the city that was once home to worshippers of the Force. It was there where he was found by Luke Skywalker, who brought Torr back to D'Qar to become a member of the refounded Jedi Order. While the Service Corps was never reincorporated, Torr would still become an apprentice due to his connection with the Force.
  • Good Pilot
  • Intelligent
  • Fast Reflexes
  • Untrained in the Force
  • Not used to teamwork
  • Not experienced in dueling or other combat outside of space combat

RP sample: Ace Combat: Broken Line


PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:09 pm
by Beiarusia

Name: Llewellyn
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Icarii

A near-human, Llewellyn stands 5'0" (152cm) and weighs 93 pounds (42k). Scrawny. Skin is a pale grey-blue. Has a youthful face that is more round than angular, sharp eyes reddish-brown in colour, with freckle-like splotches marking her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Looks tired and has soft features overall. Deep-red hair is long and relatively straight with a slight wave.

Lightsaber: Blue, Single (borrowed)
  • Comlink
  • Multi-tool

Llewellyn is aggressive and short-tempered, and although rarely enacting physical violence is quick to lash out with verbal assaults. Furthermore, she is impatient and often overreacts to simple problems, situations, and attitudes. Emotional despite efforts to remain aloof. Dislikes having to rely on others, or being viewed as the 'damsel in distress', and will never willingly ask for help, and as a consequence tries to prove herself to the point of recklessness. Has trouble making friends, largely due to her personality faults, with some minor trust issues thrown into the mix — Llewellyn trusts only a handful of Jedi unconditionally — as well as a lacking social competence resulting from severe isolation during her early childhood.

  • Machines, Computers, Electronics, etc
  • Rainforests and Thunderstorms
  • Sweet Foods (or food in general)
  • the Empire
  • Vigorous Exercise and Meditation
Goals: Llewellyn has no long-term goals.
Fears: Being the last of her kind.

Llewellyn was born to a dead planet. Vestar was devastated by the Icarii Campaign in 3 BBY, a short yet brutal conflict between the indigenous Icarii and the Galactic Empire, resulting in the callous deployment of a biological agent that would exterminate virtually all life on the planet, a genocide brought about by heavy Imperial casualties during what was initially believed to be an easy subjugation. Although most Icarii were killed outright by the Imperial bio-weapon, some were fortunate to survive, however, the species was effectively rendered extinct with the number of surviving Icarii declining sharply in the following months due to long-term complications of exposure. A few scattered enclaves were all that remained of the Icarii. Llewellyn was born in 3 ABY to a small village numbering less than one dozen, the first child to survive pregnancy since the conflict, and likely the last child born on Vestar. Her father had died sometime before her birth.

Life after the catastrophe was beyond difficult. The once vibrant ecosystem had been rendered near-desolate, shattered by the Empire — who abandoned the planet entirely during the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. Few creatures survived the destruction, and those that did were oftentimes dangerous or otherwise ill-suited for hunting. Food was scarce and sickness ran rampant. Yet the survivors struggled on if only to spite the Empire that had brought ruin to their home, to their civilization; an oppressive bitterness that would gradually infect Llewellyn with an uncompromising anger for an event she was not alive to witness. Hatred for what had become of her home; a hatred for an enemy she had never once before seen. These feelings grew all the worse with the death of her mother from illness brought about by the bio-weapon. Yet they continued undaunted as total extinction loomed overhead like a black thundercloud. One by one the survivors perished until only a handful remained...

Until only one remained.

In 13 ABY, a Jedi would travel to Vestar, now little more than a wound in the Force, perhaps seeking to immerse themselves in the tragedy that had befallen the planet as a means of furthering their own understanding of their purpose within the Force. By chance the Jedi happened upon Llewellyn amongst the faint echoes of the dead planet, recently the last of her village, and after much persuasion (and some rocks thrown at the head of the Jedi) the starving, sickly girl approached the Jedi of her own volition. After so many years of hardship Llewellyn was rescued from certain demise, however, the cruelties inflicted upon her by the Empire had left a bitter, resentful darkness deep within the core of her being, and so the Jedi set to guide the wayward child to the path of Light. Although emotional and short-tempered, Llewellyn has shown vast a improvement since her coming to Yavin-4, enough so to finally join in the ranks of the Jedi. Undoubtedly a difficult student, but should she find forgiveness, to let go of the anger inhibiting her, then maybe she will find balance.

The Icarii were feared for their ability to survive dismemberment, including decapitation, a physiological trait that would lead to their initial success against Imperial Stormtroopers during the subjugation of Vestar. A heightened regeneration allows the Icarii to simply put themselves back together, however, this unusual characteristic is not without flaws. Severed limbs (head included) cannot remain viable for more than a handful of days and must be reattached as soon as possible. Limbs are also unresponsive until neural pathways have been restored. (If decapitated Llewellyn will require assistance.) Lastly, the ability to survive grievous injuries does little to nullify the resulting pain. Destruction of the brain or the obliteration of major organs will result in death.

Born in the aftermath of the Icarii Campaign, Llewellyn is accustomed to the struggles of maintaining scavenged equipment. Has an intuitive understanding for common vehicles, computers, electronics, and machines in general, and given time can familiarize herself with more exotic hardware. Typically by taking it apart. Unfortunately, this trial-and-error approach my damage/destroy sensitive equipment, but later attempts are marginally more successful.

Llewellyn maintains a deep-seated hatred towards the Empire, a dislike which extends to those with current or previous affiliations. While some improvement has been made in controlling her emotions since meeting the Jedi she still slips from time to time.

The aftermath of the Icarii Campaign has left Llewellyn somewhat sickly. She has poor endurance and cannot maintain long periods of vigorous activity without tiring. Because of this, she is not a skilled fighter, more-so in protracted scenarios, and due to lacking physical strength is reliant entirely on agility to avoid or overcome combat situations (or situations in general). Her connection to the Force is above-average but, again, is draining when utilized.

RP Example: Star Wars: Jedi Academy

DO NOT REMOVE: Revanchist

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by Brusia
Tag, are we allowed to use our Knight characters from the previous iteration, or are only apprentices allowed this time?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:00 pm
by Beiarusia
Brusia wrote:Tag, are we allowed to use our Knight characters from the previous iteration, or are only apprentices allowed this time?

From what I've been told only apprentices, though some might be higher up in seniority (or else trusted to be more involved in guiding the others).

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:11 pm
by American Pere Housh

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:21 pm
by Empire of Donner land
Brusia wrote:Tag, are we allowed to use our Knight characters from the previous iteration, or are only apprentices allowed this time?

It's apprentices only, but I believe three people here have already used their old characters. Just no Knights.

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by Anowa
Just had a rather brutal day, I'll go through the apps in the morning.

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by Empire of Donner land
Anowa wrote:Just had a rather brutal day, I'll go through the apps in the morning.

Take it easy, man.

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by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune

Name: Inera Atala
Age: Late 20s, actual age unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Arkanian Female

Appearance: Inera stands at around 6'00" and weighs about 160 lbs. She is defined most of the time by a jagged scar that arks across her back from her right shoulder to her left hip, and by the distinctive goggles she wears on the desert worlds she frequents. Rather unusually for an Arkanian, she has 5 fingers per hand but lacks the white skin of the Offshoot species.

Lightsaber: Single blade Green
Equipment: Light blaster pistol and ammo

Personality: Inera can best be summed as calculated. It's not that she is inherently cold or apathetic to others, but her upbringing has long since fostered distrust as the initial reaction to meeting new strangers. To people she opens herself up to, Inera is kind, reliable, and a good friend.

Likes: Discovering new things, enjoying the experience of life, and finishing a job
Dislikes: Betrayal, Imperials, and Hutts

Goals: To find out the true purpose of her creation and her place in the galaxy
Fears: Betrayal and that she was simply some form of random experimentation

Background: LIGHTBLADE was an Imperial Military Project founded in the earliest days of the Empire. After Order 66, the use of clone troopers was no longer needed by the Emperor and the clone legions began to be phased out in favor of Stormtroopers. With the abandoment of the Clones, so to did the Emperor abandon the Kaminoans, and thus he was left in need of experts to maintain his bio-engineering prospects. Luckily for him there was a species and a scientist willing to do just that. Lucs Fandral was an Arkanian geneticist who quickly stepped up to the task and began a long series of collaboration with not only the Emperor but also Grand Moff Tarkin, primarily contributing to bio-weapons projects, including the clandestine Project I71A. His greatest work however would be kept secret from even his highest superiors...

That is what bounty hunter Inera Atala could find of her creator by the time she picked up his trail. From what data she could extract from one of his secret labs, between the foundation of the Empire and the Battle of Yavin, Fandral had genetically engineered a series of beings in his attempts to create "Arkanian Ascendants". She also found a match of her own DNA in the labs records. Beyond that however, Inera was left wanting. How many other children did Fandral create in the year before Yavin, was she the first or the last, and was she a success or a failure. These questions remained to be answered.

What was known to her is that she was found by a young bounty hunter named Lara Atala around 8 years before Yavin. In those intervening years, Fandral and his research vanished into thin air and the Empire attempted to conceal this conspiracy by attempting to hide the man's existence in the first place. Inera was raised by Lara to survive the harsh worlds of the outer rim. She watched and listened to lessons from her mother, and as she entered her teenage years she became a respected bounty hunter in her own right, known for her ability to pull off live captures. Time wore on however, and Lara eventually succumbed to the various plagues of the Outer Rim. On her deathbed, the Bounty Hunter told her daughter of all she had found on her origin, before passing on.

Inera then set off on a personal quest to discover the origins of her creation. Eventually, she found out about the New Order in her travels. Having always been able to tap into force as a sort of unconscious precognition, Inera set off for Yavin, hoping to train as a Jedi and perhaps receive Master Skywalkers help in finding her origins.

Skills: Blaster skills, fist fighting, and damn clever, aided by natural affinity for Force Sense.
Weaknesses: Can be impatient and cocky. Her infared eyesight can be damn near useless without goggles on Desert or Volcanic worlds.

RP Example: Here's a link to a recentish collab I did (Link broke, it's about halfway down the page.)

DO NOT REMOVE: Revanchist

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by Nasaira

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:12 am
by The Imperial Warglorian Empire
Tayner wrote:Background: Born in 33 BBY on Csilla to a lower class family Tillisk'Tor'Vih wouldn't have a normal childhood. His sensitivity to the Force would be discovered after he was 7 years old, and he would be exiled from his family, the whole idea of the Force being a shameful attribute in Chiss culture.

Is this confirmed lore?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:18 am
by Empire of Donner land
The Imperial Warglorian Empire wrote:
Tayner wrote:Background: Born in 33 BBY on Csilla to a lower class family Tillisk'Tor'Vih wouldn't have a normal childhood. His sensitivity to the Force would be discovered after he was 7 years old, and he would be exiled from his family, the whole idea of the Force being a shameful attribute in Chiss culture.

Is this confirmed lore? ... _the_Force
"The Chiss have no native Force-using traditions, and Force-using Chiss are very rare among other traditions such as the Jedi and Sith. This is because Chiss society considers Force sensitivity to be a shameful impurity. Force Sensitivity is considered very rare among the Chiss."

Yeah, it's canon.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:37 am
by The Imperial Warglorian Empire
Empire of Donner land wrote:
The Imperial Warglorian Empire wrote:Is this confirmed lore? ... _the_Force
"The Chiss have no native Force-using traditions, and Force-using Chiss are very rare among other traditions such as the Jedi and Sith. This is because Chiss society considers Force sensitivity to be a shameful impurity. Force Sensitivity is considered very rare among the Chiss."

Yeah, it's canon.

Alright, this will make what I have in mind much easier

Also, should I make a male or female Chiss character? Because I was originally gonna make a female Chiss, but then we already have 4 female characters so...

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by Empire of Donner land
The Imperial Warglorian Empire wrote:
Empire of Donner land wrote: ... _the_Force
"The Chiss have no native Force-using traditions, and Force-using Chiss are very rare among other traditions such as the Jedi and Sith. This is because Chiss society considers Force sensitivity to be a shameful impurity. Force Sensitivity is considered very rare among the Chiss."

Yeah, it's canon.

Alright, this will make what I have in mind much easier

Also, should I make a male or female Chiss character? Because I was originally gonna make a female Chiss, but then we already have 4 female characters so...

I flipped a coin. But if you feel there is a imbalance, feel free to correct it. :p

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by The Knockout Gun Gals
I probably going for a Mando or a normal human jedi.

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by Brusia
Made some edits to my previous app to make Martius an apprentice:


Name: Martius Shan
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Appearance: 6'2'', 175lbs

Lightsaber: Blue, vented lightsaber
Equipment: A-180 blaster pistol, comlink, datapad

Personality: Martius' experiences have left him slow to trust, and the countless friends he's lost over the years have made him somewhat cold and hesitant to befriend others for fear that he may lose them too. That said, those who get to know Martius well enough will find him a loyal compatriot and honorable man who always strives to do the right thing and atone for the sins of his past.
Likes: The Light Side, competence, honor, history
Dislikes: The Dark Side, laziness, belligerence
Goals: Help the New Jedi Order to grow and avoid the mistakes of the past, to move beyond and atone for his own past
Fears: Failing the New Jedi, the Dark Side

Born into a family with a long history of a strong connection to the Force going back countless generations, it was no surprise when Martius was discovered to be Force Sensitive. He was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant while still an infant, and was raised by the Order. Like many younglings he trained under Master Yoda for much of his youth, until completing his Initiate Trials at the age of 10 and becoming a Padawan. A natural with a lightsaber, he caught the eye of the Echani Jedi Master Meetra Fenni, who would go on to select him as her apprentice. Eager to impress his new Master, Martius was extremely diligent in his training with Master Fenni, and learned a great deal in a short amount of time. Meetra was impressed enough by Martius' performance that she even began to train him in the Echani martial arts in addition to his Jedi studies.

After learning the basics of the lightsaber forms, Martius decided to focus his studies on Form V Djem So, which he studied with his master and further supplemented with the Echani techniques she taught him, and Form III Soresu, which he learned from the Jedi Battlemaster Cin Drallig alongside a number of other Padawans. When not studying on Coruscant, Martius accompanied his Master on a variety of adventures (and the occasional misadventure) ranging from mediating negotiations to battling pirates in the Outer Rim. While studying for his Trials he also became very interested in Galactic History, particularly when he learned that an ancestor of his named Satele had once been none other than the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. History continued to be a major point of interest for him, even after successfully completing his Trials and becoming a Jedi Knight, to the point that he even once considered becoming a full-fledged Jedi Historian.

Martius still stuck with his Master for a few months after attaining Knighthood, feeling there was still much he could learn from her, and the two got in a number of scuffles with the Trade Federation before the Clone Wars. Unfortunately however, those small fights could not prepare them for the scale of combat they would face on the planet of Geonosis. Though Martius would survive the battle, thanks in large part to ARC Commander Maverick, the clone who would later become his XO, his Master was not so fortunate. In the wake of Meetra's death, Martius began devoting every waking moment to honoring her memory and sacrifice by doing everything in his power to preserve the Republic and the Jedi Order by winning the war they were now faced with, at any cost.

Thanks in large part to his studies of military history, Martius proved to be an exceptional strategist, and unlike most Jedi, tended to focus on the long term benefits and detriments of his actions, rather than their immediate consequences. This led to Martius developing a sort of "Needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few" mentality, and that combined with his devotion for the Republic's cause would serve him well over the next three years as he led the 53rd Legion in battles all over the Galaxy: from the crystalline skyscrapers of Christophsis, to the shadow world of Umbara, the dense jungles of Felucia, and most everything in between. Martius, Maverick, and the 53rd all fought valiantly in each engagement they found themselves thrust into, and the Jedi General received numerous commendations for his actions in the war, including the Cross of Glory for tireless fighting in liberating the planet of Garos IV despite having been severely injured by Separatist artillery.

This mentality would eventually come to backfire on Martius however, when in 19BBY the Jedi was informed that a civil war had broken out on the planet of Tinnel IV, and that one of the factions in that war had defected to the Separatists. When the CIS deployed an army of battle droids to back up their faction, Martius was ordered to drive them off the planet. When he arrived however, he quickly learned that his task would be far more difficult than was originally thought, as the super tactical droid commander employed a strategy similar to that used at Nabat on the planet Ryloth, only considerably more refined. The droid commander on Tinnel IV occupied the Separatist faction's Capital, a major port city on the planet, and instead of grouping his proton cannons in a small area with a small amount of civilians near the weapons to deter a direct assault, it had proton cannons placed all throughout the port, using all of its denizens and infrastructure to deter an attack. The super tactical droid was also intelligent enough to bring far more cannons than were used at Ryloth.

After driving the Sepratist flotilla out of the system in a short skirmish, Martius' fleet orbited the planet, and after examining the situation Martius and his advisors decided to try and replicate Obi-Wan's strategy at Nabat under the cover of darkness, and after night fell on the port city Martius and a group of some 200 clone troopers set out in ten gunships towards the planet's surface in an attempt to land outside the port, sneak in, and disable the guns. Unfortunately, the super tactical droid expected the Jedi to do precisely that, and shortly after entering the planet's atmosphere the gunships were subjected to a massive barrage of AA fire. In a matter of seconds seven of the gunships were destroyed, and with no hope of making it to the surface intact, Martius ordered the remaining gunships to return to the fleet.

Upon returning to his flagship, Martius discussed the situation with his advisors and things weren't looking pretty. They'd received reports that the flotilla they drove out of the system had linked up with a Separatist fleet, and that that fleet seemed to be headed towards the Tinnel System. Martius' subordinates had already contacted the Republic to request reinforcements, but had been informed that the Republic fleet was overstretched as it was, and that they simply didn't have any reinforcements to send. Meanwhile, it appeared that much of the Separatist army in the port city was preparing to mobilize and begin its conquest of the rest of the planet. Martius knew that if the droids weren't defeated before their fleet arrived and established a blockade, the droids would likely be able to conquer the entire planet before the Republic could muster enough forces to attempt to drive them from the world, and if they managed to set up more of those proton cannons on the surface by then the Republic would almost certainly sustain extremely heavy losses in any such campaign; losses the Republic simply could not afford, and if they were unable to reclaim a Core World it could well cost the Republic the war. With little time to think, Martius weighed what few options he had and ultimately decided that the fate of the Republic and the lives of the people of an entire planet outweighed those of the people in a single city, and ordered an orbital bombardment of the port.

Within minutes, the proton cannons and the entire Separatist army was destroyed as the port city was reduced to ash. When the Separatist fleet learned of the bombardment, they decided it was simply not worth the resources to attempt another invasion, and were diverted to other systems. The battle for the Tinnel System was won in a single stroke, but at a heavy cost; over 50,000 civilians were killed in the bombardment, and the ripples through the Force as those countless souls cried out in terror only to be instantly silenced would haunt Martius for the rest of his life. When the dust settled and Martius returned to Coruscant, there was a great deal of debate over the his actions: some believed them to be a strategic necessity, and felt the citizens who betrayed the Republic deserved what they got; while others declared the bombardment to be barbaric and declared Martius to be the "Butcher of Tinnel IV." His strongest supporter turned out to be Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who lauded Martius' actions, and even awarded him with the Chancellor's Service Medal, declaring him the "Hero of Tinnel IV" and "A great asset to the Republic." When Martius met Palpatine in person, the Chancellor seemed almost...happy to hear about the bombardment, but the Jedi was still too shaken at the time to make anything of it.

The Jedi Council turned out to be much less understanding than the Chancellor however, and though some defended his actions as necessary, the majority of the Council found his conduct at Tinnel IV to be unbecoming of a Jedi, and called Martius before the Council to stand trial for his actions. Still guilt-ridden over what he'd done, Martius said nothing in his own defense, and so was found guilty and sentenced to exile from the Order. Wanting to get away from the war and civilization in general, Martius decided to head for Hutt Space, and eventually wound up on Nar Shaddaa: the Smuggler's Moon.

Once on Nar Shaddaa, Martius began taking whatever odd jobs he could find to survive. Eventually he managed to save up enough money to buy a small apartment, and soon grew a beard, changed his name, and got himself a blaster and a new set of clothes, hoping to get away from his old life and start anew. That old life wasn't so quick to leave him behind however, as every time he closed his eyes he could picture the faces, and hear the dying screams of the innocent people he'd ordered killed on Tinnel IV. As he struggled with the morality of his decision, he became depressed, started to drink heavily, and his fragile emotional state began to loosen his bonds to the Force. When the Jedi Purge began, he unconsciously severed those bonds altogether as the shock from the deaths of nearly everyone in his old Order combined with his already fragile state may well have killed him.

It was... difficult for the former Jedi to adjust to life without use of the Force, and harder still to come to the realization that his Master's sacrifice, and everything he had done during the war, had been completely in vain as the Republic was destroyed from within and transformed into the vile Galactic Empire. Believing the loss of his Force sensitivity to be punishment for his actions, Martius spiraled deeper into depression and alcoholism, nearly committing suicide at one point, only to be interrupted by the screams of a youngling. When he investigated the source of the screams, he discovered a group of slavers had killed the child's family and were attempting to kidnap the child; an attempt which Martius quickly put a stop to. After taking the child to her surviving relatives, Martius learned that the slavers he killed had a bounty on their heads, and after collecting on them, took up a job as a bounty hunter to put a stop to the most villainous scum that plagued Nar Shaddaa.

As the years dragged on, Martius put an end to the crime sprees of no small number of vile criminals and earned himself a sizable amount of credits doing so. Eventually he also began to come to terms with his actions during the Clone Wars and losing his sensitivity to the Force, learning how to work and fight without it. Ultimately however, profiteering off the deaths of others, no matter how vile, began to further wear on the former Jedi's conscience, and he again began drinking heavily in a futile attempt to assuage his guilt. During one particularly unfortunate bender, Martius wound up in an argument which turned into a barroom brawl with a man who turned out to be one of Nar Shaddaa's most powerful crime lords.

Packing his belongs and using most of his savings to buy an old HWK-290 freighter, Martius quickly departed the planet just before the crime lord placed a sizable bounty on his head. After spending the next few weeks drifting aimlessly across a few different planets, the Martius' remaining credits began to dwindle, and not wanting to risk looking for bounties anywhere another hunter might try to collect the bounty on his own head, began to look for another way to make a living. Fortunately he made a most fortuitous discovery one night after kicking a panel in his ship in a drunken stupor and discovered it concealed a hidden area for cargo. Further searching discovered quite a few more of these areas, and it began to appear that the vessel's previous owner had used it to transport less than legitimate cargo.

With a smuggling apparatus already in place, Martius decided to try his hand at the profession, and after searching a few cantinas managed to find himself a job. It wasn't easy, and involved a dangerous flight through a canyon narrow enough that no one else cared to risk it to keep under Imperial radar, but Martius was getting sober and desperate enough to give it a shot. Fortunately his experience flying starfighters in the Clone Wars coupled with the maneuverability of his vessel proved sufficient to complete the task, and those in the know were impressed at his abilities enough to keep sending work his way.

Eventually word of his piloting skills made its way to the fledgling Rebel Alliance which, ever in need of pilots good enough to get supplies around Imperial blockades, contracted out to Martius. No fan of the Empire, Martius was only too happy to smuggle weapons and supplies to the Alliance (and making a tidy profit to boot). Over the next few years Martius developed a reputation as one of the Alliance's best contractors, running countless tons of cargo and even occasionally helping Rebel forces in battle. One such battle was the Battle of Endor, in which he downed over a dozen TIE fighters and Interceptors before the destruction of the second Death Star.

For his actions at Endor, he was offered a battlefield commission in the New Republic fleet, and believing they now really stood a chance at destroying the evil Empire, Martius accepted. For the next year, he led a fighter squadron through numerous engagements, and for the first time since the fall of the Order, he felt a sense of purpose in his life. Finally, at the Battle of Jakku, he led his squadron in destroying so many Imperial targets, that all squadron members were decorated after the battle. After the Galactic Concordance was signed, Martius would stay on with the New Republic for the next 10 years, helping to keep the newfound peace, and reaching the rank of Commander, but he began to feel an unshakable call to join the New Order.

Feeling they would not accept him without a connection to the Force however, Martius decided to resign his commission, and set out in his old smuggling ship to find a way to reconnect with the Force. Using the knowledge he'd learned in his studies of the history of the Order all those years ago, Martius made his way to ancient Temples, hallowed places, and planets strong in the Force all throughout the Galaxy; seeking knowledge and meditating hoping to feel some semblance of a connection with the Force again. Though there were many sites he could not access without the Force, he did manage to find a number of ancient artifacts which he brought with him; including an ancient suit of Jedi armor that fit him well, and a lightsaber that he was able to repair and used to practice his saber forms.

This would carry on for the next 4 years, until on a planet in Wild Space called Odessen he felt a pull towards a small clearing a short way from what appeared to be ruins of an ancient base; where after digging through a few layers of sediment, he located a Jedi holocron. Activating it, he learned it was one of the holocrons of none other than his ancestor, Satele Shan. He spent the next few weeks on Odessen, communicating with the recording of his ancestor, and studying and meditating on the holocron's teachings, until Satele presented him with the most difficult challenge: he had to learn to forgive himself for what he'd done on Tinnel IV if he was ever going to be able to move forward. For another week, Martius would struggle to open that most brutal wound of his past, but eventually with great difficulty, he confronted his actions and finally found a way to begin forgiving himself for them to move on with his life. As he did so, for the first time in decades, he felt his connection with the Force begin to return.

Though his connection was still very weak, he finally felt ready to try and join the New Order. Contacting an old friend of his in the New Republic familiar with the Jedi, he arranged a meeting with Luke Skywalker, and presented him with his ancestor's holocron and some of the artifacts he recovered, and told the Grand Master his story. When he was finished, Martius asked for a chance at a fresh start with the New Order, ready to begin again as a Padawan if necessary. Skywalker agreed, and Martius was permitted to go to the Praxeum to train with the newest batch of apprentices...

Skills: *Talented lightsaber duelist, particularly skilled in Form III Soresu and Form V Djem So
*Excellent strategist and tactician
*Very good pilot
*Decent shot with a blaster
*Well-versed in Galactic history
Weaknesses: *His Force abilities are still extremely weak as he continues to recover from losing his bond with the Force, and he struggles with all but the most basic abilities.
*His experiences have left him somewhat cold and withdrawn
*While not yet a dinosaur, Martius is no spring chicken either and as such his reflexes will likely be somewhat lacking compared to younger opponents

RP Example: Previous iteration

DO NOT REMOVE: Revanchist