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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:11 pm
by The Empire of Tau
Well, that did not go well. Armonk was now wandering about the world again. The far-reaches of the north will be searched once again to people - anyone at this point. Armonk also had transform his image into a smaller version of himself to appear more "friendly." Armonk hopes that its changes will make it easier to convince people or thing to join his empty settlement.

Action : Find peeps.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:45 pm
Goddess of Healing and Family

Well this was quite concerning. That giant monster thing was coming again. She remembered the first time it had been imprisoned, and she didn't care to see it happen again. Not to mention she could sense her dear prophet and followers had suffered some horrible turn of fate. She could feel their desperate prayers coming to her, begging her to save them from some horrible existence. The poor things, they needed her, but apparently Kona did as well. It was a tricky situation. In the midst of her indecision many of the gods had already begun to fight, flying off with purpose.

Ah, they could likely hold off the monster for the moment. She would need every bit of power she could get in this coming fight, and her followers held the key to that. It would have to be a decisive action to free them.

Transporting herself once more off of Mount Aetherius, she directed her travel to the source of her follower's prayers. She landed as a thirty foot tall glowing older woman, taking on a regal bearing as befitting a goddess such as herself. She usually preferred to take the form of a normal mortal, but she suspected that anyone willing to enslave a group of women and children would only respond to force. Looking around, she saw she was in the midst of some sort of barbarian encampment, obviously full of sackers and salvagers, men of the most deplorable sort. She could see some of her followers out in the open, tied up with twine or being forced to perform menial tasks.

This would not do. Her voice echoed out through the area without her form moving its mouth, her body's glow brightening a bit.

"How dare you, a marauding band of fools. Did you think you could get away with this, terrorising my loyal servants? Tsk! For this, you will die."

Action: Terrorise and kill all of the barbarians who kidnapped her followers, sparing any other slaves they might have taken.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:11 pm
by Llalta
Goddess of the Clouds & Rainbows

As she lay on the beach, she watched the aquamarine waves lap against the mottled sand shores. Cyrrus glanced at the light dancing on the surface of the crystal clear waters, an endless sky. And yet, she sensed something was in the air. Something evil, chaotic. Old and timeless, deadly and dangerous. Even in the calming shores where she lay, she felt uncomfortable. She didn't know what, but something was brewing beyond the skies. But no matter, there was little she could do to whatever she sensed; as a minor goddess she was fairly weak. She was pretty sure rainbows and clouds wouldn't do much to slow whatever, or whomever. So, if this maybe the last day of Terra's existence, or even worse hers, she wanted to spend her last moments watching the skies, painting pictures in the heavens. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe there wasn't anything up there at all. Not her problem she thought, and so her mind drifted into stories that float in her mind.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:28 am
by Novas Arcanum
War in Heaven:Day of Black Sun


The Great War raged on cosmic beings fighting for supremacy of the universe. The beast was severely injured by the combined might of the gods but shrieked onwards and launched a blast of pure energy at Voriss the sun god and time itself seemed to halt the very moment that attack occurred. The sun god was obliterated, and on Terra, the sun became black as night and the great sun chariot fell from the heavens like a comet. Clouds covered the heavens and it rained for what seemed an eternity. The fallen remains of Voriss would fall to Terra, the world shrouded in a Darkness not seen in millions of years. Not even the Prophecy foretold of this calamity...

While injured by the gods the beast continued lumbering on to Terra. The size of a mountain it soon touched the earth like a raging meteorite and destroyed all in its path. It continued walking towards Mount Aetherius, the Heart of Terra. In its wake entire human villages and city-states where destroyed beneath its enormous feet, and fires and ruin were all that remained. Nearly all of Khemetic civilization was destroyed by its mere horrible presence. Apophis would continue to walk to Mount Atherius leaving behind ruin in his march of destruction. If he reached Mount Aetherius then the reign of the gods may very well be over forever...



Even Thalassus knew of the terror that Apophis was and the threat he was to the gods. Thus the great old one gathered his godly energy and launched it into the heavens the clouds parted at the mass of godly energy and soon catapulted across the stars and heavens. The attack nearly hit Apophis in the heart, and crimson ichor would fall from the monsters wounds and the beast would shriek a shriek that shook all of reality. Thanks to the Lord of the Deep's efforts the monster was weakened.


Valaxis would enter the Shadow Realms. The darkness that had befallen Terra was nothing compared to the inky night of the Shadow Realms, vortexes of shadow, and mountains of the night soaring high into an endless abyss. It seemed the darkness of the Shadow Realms was infinite and more disturbingly alive, Valaxis could feel the breathing of these realms as if he was swallowed alive by an ancient and incomprehensible being, before time and space where even thoughts in the minds of the primordials. He saw a fortress of the night and approached it, serpents slithered from the darkness and restrained him, but a womanly figure in black robes would emerge from the darkness. She looked both deadly and beautiful.

"Greetings Lord Valaxis, I am the Lady of Darkness Vaedra"

The serpents let go and Valaxis could breathe once more.

"I apology for the rudeness of my children but they are just protective of their mother. I am glad that you accepted my invitation, unlike most gods you are not a fool and are destined for great things."


The God of the Earth would fail critically in both his efforts. The monster launched its tentacles and claws at the deity and Mithrata could barely keep up even with his godly speed. As such the asteroids would remain above Terra unused. Still, Laab'as had succeeded in enchanting some of them, with his magicks perhaps with the beast now walking on Terra he could launch them at it. Still, it would lead to much destruction if he failed in hitting the monster directly.


The Lord of Illusion would travel to the Shadow Realms. The realms were infinite in-depth and scope an endless abyss of darkness that stretched for eternity.


The God of the Harvest would create his reapers. It seemed the folly and hubris of the Aetherians was costing them dearly a cosmic-level threat had attacked them yet they continued on their side adventures not unified at all. It seemed the destruction of Terra could partly be to blame on their selfishness. In any case, his reapers were created but they would not be as great as mortals, in number or faith, still, they would make excellent servants.

++ Reapers

Finally joining the battle Comonos would launch a massive meteorite at Apophis using his godly power as an Aetherian. The beast shrieked once more crimson gold ichor, fell from the heavens, he had injured the beast but not critically. The monster would land on Terra, and march to Mount Aetherius to destroy the palace and end the reign of the gods...


The End Times, perhaps this had indirectly increased Crexus's power. The mortals screamed in horror as the sun was blackened, and the chariot fell from the skies to Terra, and clouds covered the heavens everywhere, north to south, east to west. As the rains fell endlessly on the wretched settlement of Cal Morhen the bandits were driven to madness by the laughter of Crexus. Not wishing to live in this world which had fallen so low, and believing the gods had abandoned them they fought and butchered each other under the madness of the mad god...


Vuthar's power as an Aetherian had saved him. He evaded the monster's tentacles and soon found himself at an advantage. Now he could strike with greater opportunity and avoid the attacks of the monster.


The Fates would not be on Khal'Haldans side it seemed. For one he did not have Malacar's sword, such an awesome artifact would've been useful in attacking or even taming the beast but Khal'haldan only possessed a normal godly blade, powerful but not as much as Malacar's. The beast showed no mercy and attacked with blinding speed if not for Khal'haldans own godly stamina and speed he would've been ensnared and destroyed by the monster. He avoided any deadly attacks for now but found himself at a disadvantage.

As for his followers, the End Times had driven the mortals to fear and madness. In these times of chaos, faith could only increase as the mortals prayed for the crisis to end. Many would flock to his worship praying to him to end the disaster that had befallen Terra...

+117 Dedicated Worshippers.


The world was consumed by chaos. The mortals had believed the gods were punishing them not knowing or comprehending the War in Heaven raging above them. He would find an enormous tribe of nomads who screamed and cried as the sun had died and the world was covered in darkness. Believing this to be a sign, they would follow Armonk to his base wishing to survive the calamity that had befallen Terra. The Lord of Fortresses would gain an entire tribe of followers.

+115 Dedicated Followers.


Hubris had cost the gods dearly it had cost the Titans dearly and the Primordials dearly. Perhaps it would've been best to join her fellow deities in the Fourth Great War, then sally to save a handful of dedicated followers but it was said the ways of the gods was mysterious. In any case, Hagia would easily destroy these bandits, killing and crushing them like insects, they were nothing compared to the power of a goddess. Her followers were freed and they praised her but cried once seeing the sun had fallen from the heavens...

++ Dedicated Followers rescued.


With his newfound Aetherian power the Lord of Magic would enchant the meteorites though it took some effort. Now some were acidic and metallic in nature of greater utility than before. Mithrata could not use them as he was assaulted relentlessly by the beast not giving him a chance to breathe whatsoever. Apophis would soon land on Terra perhaps now Laab'as could strike at the monster.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:53 am
by Scurvy Sea
Crexus, God of Madness

Darkness had come, overwhelming the hope of Terra. The Lord of the Mad felt it in his chest, a God had perished. Voriss' chariot that had long since served as a bulwark against chaos and fear. With Voriss' death, light itself perished from the world, a darkness bleaker than any eclipse swaddling the lands. Crexus could only watch with unbridled delight as the force of mystic dread sent terror into the hearts of all who witnessed it. With so many in peril, countless minds across the cursed world awaited the gift of the Mad Lord. It was clear that the nigh apocalyptic event had increased the power of the Mad God's influence, perhaps he had only just awoken so recently for this very reason, perhaps the Fates themselves had their hands interwoven in the odyssey. With only his laughter piercing into their bloodied ears, dozens of men had been driven to butcher each other without warning.

The Mad God was thinking small bothering with this village, but there were certainly benefits to the horde of those utterly depraved in the mind. Carried by the screams of those highwaymen in their final moments of madness, Crexus arose from the treetops, breaching unto an ancient darkness that had existed only once, before life itself had even staked it's claim. The fragile minds of mortals were ripe for corruption, and the chaos of Crexus' forgotten mind would soon broil over. While the Gods of Mount Atherius, as ignorant as they were mighty, focused on the ancient entity, Crexus would take advantage of the situation while their eyes were not yet set upon the Mad Lord.


His arrival came soon in Cal Morhen, just in time to watch an unfortunate elder, too weakened to fight back against the horde get ripped apart by the hands of the Mad God's depraved horde. The dead in Cal Morhen had begun to become inedible, their flesh dry and crumbly in the mouth of his madmen, hardly able to be cooked. Veins having long been barren of any blood to sate one's thirst. They required fresh sustenance at that point, soon, without inaction the villagers would soon turn upon themselves for consumption. Unless something was done about it.

The Mad Lord raised overtop of the mortal settlement, his countless tendrils of corruption twisting and whipping throughout the sky overtop of the settlement. As his voice, seemingly altered in this blackness boomed throughout the settlement and right into the hollow minds of the humans.


Crexus did not stay long to see the madmen off, instead, setting his sights on a prey more interesting while his horde was set out to spread madness in whatever ways they could. The Mad Lord rode south on the periled fright of broken minds towards his destination. Khag Maldir. Home of the dwarves, who may perceive themselves safe from the hells of the outside world. When they understood that safety was violated, one could only imagine the type of fear that would chill the spines of the stout inventors. For too long, the gods had only negotiated deals with Dwarfkind, whereas Crexus instead saw more who worshipped him, but unfortunately had failed to understand that yet.

Action: Send the madmen with Crexus' blessing to increase madness elsewhere while minds are weak with terror. While Crexus himself travels to Khag Maldir.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:26 pm
by The Archipelago Territory
Ivdar shivered when he saw how large the Shadowlands were. He suddenly could perceive infinity by looking at the infinitely vast shadowlands, which scared him. He realized how small he was when he saw the depth of the realm. He decided he would look for the Titans and leave this place as quickly as he could, before he faded away here like the Titans did. He couldn’t see anyone in the immediate vicinity, so he decided to yell.

“Take me to the location of the Titans immediately,” he yelled as loud as he could, hoping some inhabitant of this realm could point him in the direction he had to go. After all, he was a god.

Action: Ask where the Titans are

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:43 pm
by The Empire of Tau
Age of Myth, year 20-25

I got peeps. Ye. Ok, new plan. I need to feed those people. I got food in the storehouse and it will last long, but I need to find some growable foods. After some thinking, I'll have Armonk build Not!Hanging Gardens of Babylon to grow some fresh-fruits and whatnot to feed my followers. This will be a expanse on the Great Store-house of Armonk. Of course, building another wonder is not going to be easy. I need me stuffs like rock, mud, wood, and whatever else. That's the easy part. The hard-part is building and planning for it. Plus having to add in dirt and water and then to see if bloody stuff can grow on the Not!Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Action : Build the Hanging Gardens

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:40 pm
by Camelone
Before he could unleash his power against Apophis the beast closed the distance much faster than he anticipated. Mithrata had to move, or else he would suffer the same fate as Voriss, the god who had provided light for Terra had been slain but he could not dwell on his demise for to long or else Apophis would capitilize. Hunkering behind his shield and barely batting away the attacks of Apophis he did not get any time to truly think until the apocalyptic beast touched down upon Terra and began its path of destruction there. Those mortals, those mortals who he toiled in the depths of the earth for were being killed in mass by a beast who held nothing in its mind but mindless and wanton destruction. This would not last any longer, if none of the other gods and so called Aetherians will come do battle than he must fight even harder for them. Apophis was on his domain now and the god of earth was going to utilize it to the best of his abilities to either kill or horribly maim the beast. Descending down onto Terra Mithrata sunk his spear deep into the ground as he locked eyes onto the great beast approaching Mount Aetherius and even in his godly war state the best towered over him. Despite this the resolve of Mithrata turned to steel, no more would he sit in the back and allow these atrocities to continue, no instead he will strike and he will make sure the beast screams in agony and experience its own death.

Twisting his spear deeper into the ground and falling to a knee Mithrata raised his shield over his body as he willed the ground underneath Apophis to change shape into numerous stout looking spears, ideally covering every inch of the underbelly, and thrust upward at lighting speed to pierce as much of the underbelly of the beast as would puncture the skin. Even if he was not an Aetherian he was the god of the earth and he was in his domain now, he was going to fight as hard as he possibly could to stop Apophis for he will not allow this chaotic destruction to continue.

Action: All the ground underneath Apophis would take the shape of large spears and get shot straight into the underbelly of Apophis

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:56 pm
by Theyra
Vuthar managed to evade Apophis attack as he was going to strike the beast again. He could only watch Apophis lanched a blast at Voriss and watched the sun god fall. "No Voriss! Vuthar reached out with his free hand towards where Voriss used to be. Anger started to grow inside of Vuthar and he clenched his once open hand. "You will be averaged Voriss, I swear on this". He turned his gaze towards Apophis as the beast was on Terra. Vuthar knows where the beast is going, heading to Mount Aetherius and if Apophis makes it there. Then that will be the end and Vuthar will not give up without a fight. Summoning all of his strength he flew to Terra and held his hammer high above him in a striking stance. He gained momentum as he flew down like a meteor down and aimed himself for Apophis's back. Gripping his hammer with two hands, he swung with all of his might and stuck Apophis's back and ice started to spread. Apophis will not get to Mount Aetherius, Vuthar will make sure of it.

Action: Strike Apophis's back with all his might and freeze it in place.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:41 pm
by Arkeyana

The Abyssal One felt Apophis' arrival, the surface going as dark as the deep. It seemed as if they would have to acquire a....different form for combating the monster. Rapidly, their tail end whisked through the ocean, slashing down the east coast, through the strait separating the Dwarves from the rest of Terra, and coiling on the west coast, sending another massive series of waves surging onto shorelines.

Then, the Transformation began.

First their body melted, compacting and coalescing into a mound of flesh. A mass of tentacles shot out of what would be the rear end, the skin hardening into natural armor. Then, the body straightened out and hardened as well, forming bony plates and spikes. Then, a head formed, taking the form of some massive aquatic predator covered in thick natural armor, a mouth filled with masses of spiked teeth. Yet, this transformation was not yet done. The Leviathan breached the ocean, generating a massive wave as it crashed onto the continental shelf, the ground cracking and giving way under it's weight. Yet just as the beginning landslide was about to drag them back down, it's side exploded, a massive, arthropoid arm ending in a massive curved blade stretched into the air, before slamming back into the ocean and digging itself into the ground. A second arm appeared, also clawing the ground. The area around the head exploded, dozens of eel-like heads forming and extending out on large necks, snapping and biting at each other before the main head called them to attention. Spines formed along Thalassus' back, creating a biological radiator for the sheer amount of heat this new form generated.

Slowly, painstakingly, this massive form began clawing it's way towards land, each movement of the claws creating massive gouges in the earth. Even in this form, Thalassus would be far larger than Apophis. Although in this coming fight, it would not be sheer size and weight alone that would decide the outcome.

Action: Make Landfall

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:46 am
by Endem
Hyztlet planned on finding the Oracle to tell him what he needed to create his servants when a monster by the name of Apophis fell from the heavens killing the sun, his project would need to wait as a fight waited, but before giving into the battle he decided that he would need allies "Fireflies, come and be large to give us light for this battle" he spoke to the fireflies attempting to enlarge them into the size comparable to diplodocus he then spoke to a fire ant colony "Each and every one of you ants, it is your time to help the world, be large and help your king defeat the beast that landed and threatens us all" he didn't like it, helping the Aetherians, but, sometimes things needed to be done, he then drew his Wasp Sword

Action: enlarge some fireflies and each member of a fire ant colony to size comparable to those of diplodocuses

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:22 pm
by The World Capitalist Confederation

"Let us get to business, Lady Vaedra, as a window of opportunity is about to open and I do not want to miss it. I propose the forming of a new pantheon: The Pantheon of Dark Beings. We must forge this new pantheon and fill it up with the most ambitious of the minor gods and of the titans. I believe we ought to do this post-haste in order to ensure that we strike the Atherians whilst they are distracted by Apophis. Our main targets are Crexus and Malacar, and once we have them, we shall release the beasts of the Maelstrom, blindsiding the Atherians with a new, more powerful force than ever before. And soon, we shall become rulers of not just Terra, but of the universe itself."

Action: Strike a deal with Vaedra (I assume, since she's a PC, it'll be up to the OP whether or not she accepts)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:41 pm
by Ostnea
Laab'as, The Wheel of Mortal Magic

The asteroids had both failed and succeeded. They failed to kill the great beast barreling towards Terra and Mount Atherius or ward off his advance. Interesting, but this was no time for idle thought. To defend Mount Atherius, Terra, and the beginnings of his cult of magic, drastic action was needed. Laab'as though for a moment of just inducing the enchanted asteroids to fall upon the beast like great pebbles thrown by sling at a giant, but this though was quickly dismissed. To many variables, and the asteroids had caused too little damage to justify their continued use. Not to mention, if just one of those orbiting rocks missed, it could spread the damage Apophis was wrecking upon Terra without the beast needing to lift a finger. Something new was needed.

This was when Laab'as noticed the all consuming darkness - the sun god had fallen. A new sun would need to be made, if any mortal was to survive after this. But that was after the great beast was defeated, if it could be. With the power of all the Gods willing to defend creation, Laab'as wondered how it kept living, but the thought was interrupted by another more useful one. Chains. Chains of magic to bind the beast in place, so that it could advance no further. Chains. Chains to burn the beast while the Gods laid in blow after blow.

They would form chains, from the magic of the world. Reaching deep within the wells of magic that they had access to, Laab'as formed the flow into solid form, chains of pure magic. He then altered the essence of these chains, enchanting them with the essence of of a constrictor, so that when the great beast struggled it would merely cause the bindings to come tighter.

Action: Form a magical chain and bind Apophis.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:33 pm
Goddess of Family and Healing

Hearing the screams of her followers and sensing the darkness moments before it overtook them, Hagia turned to see Apophis hurtle towards the ground, losing sight of it as it fell past the horizon. Still, she felt the tremors and even heard a faint roar as the great monster made its way towards Mount Aetherius.

"I must be off, I suppose. A great terror has awaken from its slumber and is here to kill us all and feast on our flesh. Pray for me, and more importantly, all who dare face this beast. This shouldn't take long, unless we do all die a horrible death, though I suppose it would hardly matter at that point if I'm late or not," she said, her form shifting once more.

Stepping away from the former barbarian village, she grew taller and taller, until her head was literally in the clouds. Her thunderous footsteps thudded across plains and mountains, her form providing a golden light to all in her path as she walked. In a matter of minutes she had made her way to the mountain of the gods, taking the long way to avoid Apophis. She was an Aetherian, but her talents lay outside of traditional combat. Finally stopping and shrinking down to a more suitable size, perhaps only three times that of a human, small for a god, she entered the grand palace at the top of the mountain and looked out from one of the many grand balconies. She could see Apophis raging in the distance, though not nearly distant enough for her liking. She could hear the screams of the great monster and the curses of her fellow gods as they raged against it, to little effect. As much as they were dealing out to the great serpent, it was doing in equal measure to all of the gods who dared face it.

Reaching out with her power, she bathed all the land from her to the battleground in a buttery, golden light. Motes of ethereal essence gently flowed from her hands, drifting gently around the battlefield, lazily swirling and spiralling around the vast expanse of land as if blown about by an unseen wind, twinkling softly. Every smell would be a bit sweeter, every sound a bit softer. The screams of the great serpent, once not dissimilar to stone scraping on metal now sounded slightly melodious. All of this was but a raw manifestation of her power, of course, her godly energy personified as she worked. She would heal the gods as Apophis hurt them, allowing them the upper hand as she worked to stymie any attempts of the monster to heal itself. Any who were not Apophis, be it mortals living in the land between Mount Aetherius and the fight, or even minor gods who dared engage the beast alongside their more powerful brethren would benefit from her power.

Action: Join the fight against Apophis by working to heal those hurt by it.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:14 am
by The Orson Empire
God of the hunt and the harvest

This was a black day for Terra indeed.

Despite the combined attacks of several gods on Apophis and the wounds inflicted on the creature, it refused to stop in its tracks. The attacks only seemed to be making it even more enraged, rather than stopping the beast. Comonos could only watch in horror as Apophis fired a great blast of energy towards Terra's sun, striking the sun god Voriss and killing him instantly. There was practically nothing Comonos or any of the other gods could do to save Vorris- the beast simply moved too fast. The sun god's chariot would fall from the sky as the sun itself became pitch black, and dense clouds completely covered Terra's sky. It began raining and quickly flooding, no doubt causing trouble for the confused and terrified mortals below. Comonos was filled with grief, as Voriss had been a good friend of his, but also terror- this was the first time that Comonos felt pure terror since the Titanomachy. The reign of the gods could be near its end, and as with the Titans, a new generation of gods might succeed the Atherians. Perhaps the Fates intended for this, just as they intended for the Titans and the Primordials before them. Perhaps this was a cycle that was destined to continue over and over again, and no god or mortal could change it.

The beast would touch down in the river valleys just south of the mountain range containing Mount Atherius. As Comonos made his way up to the mountain, taking a long route to avoid being struck by Apophis, he watched as multiple human villages and even city-states were completely crushed and annihilated between its feet, with only burnt out ruins and corpses remaining. Most of the Khemetic peoples were gone, wiped out in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, their was nothing Comonos could do for these mortals- hell, there wasn't much he could do to even protect himself.

Comonos made it to Mount Atherius within minutes, watching as Hagia also arrived and attempted to bathe the battleground in a great golden light, healing gods and mortals alike. Comonos too decided to engage one more time; if this attack did not work and the beast began climbing the slopes of Mount Atherius, Comonos was considering abandoning Terra completely. Comonos would gather his power and strength as an Atherian, and began summoning entire fields worth of crops into a giant whirlwind positioned right in front of the beast. The crops would be enchanted and made extraordinarily sharp, to enable them to pierce the flesh of Apophis. The thousands upon thousands of crops would be spun up in the whirlwind to near the speed of light, and the whirlwind sent directly towards the beast in hopes of thrashing it about and doing as much damage as possible, preventing it from reaching Mount Atherius. The whirlwind would undoubtedly do extreme damage to the surrounding lands and the mortals, but this was a small price to pay in order to defeat Apophis.

Action: Send a giant whirlwind of magically-enchanted crops towards Apophis to do as much damage as possible.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:40 am
by Ralnis

The disadvantage made the Successor Monster Lord crash with Apophis to the world. It was then he saw the sun god died. Something in his blood was angry at the sight of the sun going dark. The remains were all over the world and the chariot was stuck in the sky as the sun bleed. Maybe this was the blood given to him by Murr but he felt both anger and dread as the end was coming close. He needed to help slay the monster before it reached the mountains and attack his followers.

He saw the other gods and the agriculture god whip up a crop whirlwind to attack the monster. Kal'haldan retreated from Apophis and try to summon the elemental monsters of wind and fire to enhance the divine whirlwind and give it the added bonus of putting some extra damage against the beast.

The followers saw the monsters and try to run and hide somewhere praying for their god to help end the monster and save them.

Action: Call elemental monsters to mix with the crop whirlwind to help hurt Apophis
Followers go hide somewhere away from the carnage and pray for Kal'haldan to succeed

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:21 am
by Llalta
Goddess of the Clouds & Rainbows

The skies were dark, black clouds cloaking the heavens. Apophis. Cyrrus had heard many stories about this beast of darkness and chaos from her studies with the Air titan, Alterra. Myths and tales of how it almost destroyed Terra. She'd even painted the skies with stories of the beast. As soon as she knew it was Apophis, she knew then that Terra was close to the touch darkness, close to falling into the abyss of its clutches. Cyrrus knew the gods would try to stop the powerful beast, but she couldn't help feeling that feeling of hopelessness. Maybe it was because she knew she couldn't do much herself. As a minor god, especially one of such a weak domain, could do little to stop such a creature like Apophis. She could what, make a rainbow to distract it? As if that would even get it's attention. And yet, she knew that even if she had that sort of power she wouldn't even consider fighting it. As a peaceful goddess, she wasn't interested in war, or battle. Especially as she had no real reason to defend the Atherians. Cyrrus had no real attachment to them, never really even conversing with one. And so she just painted the clouds as she always did. Yet, it was so hard. The clouds were thick and smoky, like the flames of war. Suffocating and toxic. Like darkness itself. She couldn't understand why something would want to see the world burn, watch people die. But yet she thought, that maybe it would be better to see everything end, a perfect nothingness. Nothing good yet nothing bad. However, at the same time, she felt guilty just to think about such an idea. A world without anything but nothing itself. A perfect balance. But is it really a balance when there's nothing on either side? She shook such an idea from her head. A perfect nothingness can't be perfect as there's nothing there to make it perfect, right? Cyrrus decided to watch from a distance, watch the destruction. It made her feel somewhat sad, but it was important to watch.

Action - Watch the battle between Apophis and the Atherians.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:44 am
by Novas Arcanum
The Fourth Great War


The Great War raged onwards the entire world no the entire cosmos shaking as powerful beings fought each other for domination."YOU SHALL NOT PASS" Kona said as he shot mighty arcs of lightning at the beast briefly paralyzing it. So great was his assault that twelve of Apophis's great arms fell off and plummeted to Terra below, shaking the planet on impact. The God of the Heavens was called King for a reason. Weakened considerably the rest of the gods minor and Aetherian continued their great and epic assault emboldened by Kona having injured the beast proving that he could be defeated.

Across the world, the peices of Voriss fell. Yet he was not dead it seemed to kill an Aetherian was a monumental feat even for a cosmic-level threat such as Apophis. A large phoenix flew across the world collecting and eating the peices of Voriss, it would then sit perched on the mother mountains waiting for her moment to shine.


The madmen cheered and howled as the sun fell from the heavens laughing in madness and dancing over the graves of the deceased without a care in the world. They heard the words of Crexus and howled even louder than before, clapping with glee at Crexu's speech. Cursed or from certain perspectives blessed with madness they took sticks, and clubs, pottery, and spoons and banged their cookware in the air without a care. They marched to the nearest settlement singing songs of madness and shouting incoherent gibberish eager to spread the mad preachings of Crexus.


The realm responded with cold, undying silence. The Shadow Realms was a living being mysterious and infinity itself and equal to the Maelstrom and Mundus as brethren. It would not answer vapid and redundant questions or even acknowledge his existence.


The Lord of Fortresses would benefit by taking heed of current events. If he continued wallowing in his own hubris failure would be his domain. The world was shrouded in darkness building a hanging garden would be impossible as there was no sunlight at the moment. Fortunately, his followers would help themselves to the food stores that he had stockpiled.


Victory for the God of the Earth. In his domain, he found his power increased greatly and it appeared he stood a chance against the monster now. He raised his spear and the world shook with his might. Terra unleashed numerous spikes that pierced the armor of the beast. So great was the attack that crimson ichor cascaded from the many wounds creating rivers of monstrous blood. The beast shrieked in agony but could not move as the gods continued their assault on the menace determined to stop it at all costs.


The Ice God struck at Apophis knocking him down and destroying a mountain in the process. The land surrounding the monster froze over, and the rivers of ichor would freeze as well the landscape becoming a Winterland of divine blood and earth. The beast could not even shout for he was frozen solid, but then broke free from his icy prison and attacked Vuthar with his snake arms smashing him across the earth and creating a canyon through the rocky mountains. Vuthar was wounded but Apophis himself was injured and weakened thus Vuthar would emerge with only a few bruises and golden ichor from his wounds.


The Great Old One would walk on the earth-shaking the entire world. Enormous gouges were created underneath its great feet fortunately for the mortal's no one lived on these lands that Thalassus marched on but it was an epic sight indeed as the god towered over the world greater in size then Apophis. Size did not matter however, Apophis was stronger than minor deities, but he was severely weakened from the attacks of the gods and Thalassus was now greater in strength than the beast himself.


The God of Insects would succeed in enlarging his dragonflies. Time would tell if it would succeed against the terror known as Apophis.


Vaedra laughed. "My dear, the Aetherians will fall in due time but first I require something from you," The Dark Lady said in a voice of velvet. She summoned a jar from the void a paper seal with glowing characters was written on it the written word of the Gods and Titans. "Apophis is a pawn, a piece on the board, to be used then disregarded."

She paused "Though if he succeeds then that would be a most pleasant surprise indeed but I have planned for everything, you see I commanded Apophis to attack Voriss as this would blind the Aetherians, and weaken their great perception, I plan to steal the Fires of Mount Aetherius to use it for my own plan to end the reign of the gods, this jar the hydria illusio is a fabled artifact of mine, it contains a near-perfect illusion of the divine fires, you will take this"

She then summoned a dark cloak from the shadows."And this cloak the Stolam Illusio that will aid in your quest and travel to Mount Aetherius. Normally Kona would destroy any being who sneaks around the mountain, but his perfect eyesight is hampered by the chaos that shrouds Terra at the moment the darkness blinding him. You will steal the Fires of Mount Aetherius and replace it with the duplicate in the jar, then return to me, I will reward you for your efforts."


The beast was ensnared by Laab'as great magical chains. The more it struggled the tighter the chains grew around the monster. Laab'as had succeeded in halting the beast now it could not march to Mount Aehterius. Having been shocked, frozen and pierced by earthen spears the beast screamed and agony and hatred it shoots blasts of cosmic energy at the gods wishing to kill them all.


The Goddess of Healing would be victorious in her efforts. The Gods found themselves strengthened by her healing magic, and their wounds were healed. Now they would fight with greater vigor than before striking at the beast as they tried their best to avoid its attacks. Below the mortals were healed, though for many it was merely easing the unbearable pain before being claimed by the grey fingers of Death. She had eased their suffering and would gain a greater presence on Terra for her deeds, that would benefit her down the road.

++Presence on Terra.


Comonos would launch his enchanted crops at the beast. At this point, the monster was nearing death, and this would push him to the edge of the cliff. The great assault injured the monster grievously and he was near Death's door but let it be known that Apophis would never go out with a whimper he continued his attacks this time haphazardly launching cosmic blasts across the globe wreaking havoc across the planet, his dying wish being to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible.


The elemental monsters heeded the call of their new Lord and attacked alongside Comono's harvest attack. The monster was temporarily stopped in its tracks too exhausted to do anything whatsoever...

End of the Fourth Great War

Thanks to the efforts of the gods, Apophis was weakened considerably. It took the combined might of the gods but now was the time to end this menace once and for all. Kona summoned an epic lightning bolt and launched it at Apophis. The monster screamed in agony as he was destroyed by the King a deafening shout that created an enormous crater across the breast of the world. The threat of Apophis was finally defeated the Aetherians and the minor gods would reign victorious over a now ruined planet...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:19 am
by The Archipelago Territory
Ivdar was initially disappointed but then felt a surge of excitement as the gods killed Apophis. He was knocked down as a huge amount of energy shook the shadowlands.

“Oh, wait, what was I doing again?”

Ivdar wandered for a long time before finally hearing a noise, the first sound he had heard since entering the shadowlands. He ran towards it, and heard Vaedra— and another god, although he couldn’t tell who it was— talking. He quietly went up to them and could finally make out what they were saying.

“return to me, I will reward you for your efforts,” he heard. He knew they were up to something, but he couldn’t figure out what they were doing. He stepped out of the shadows and came up to them, surprised to see Valaxis, a minor god, here.

"Hello Vaedra. And Valaxis, it seems you’ve gotten here before me. I assume we’re here for the same reason.”

Action: travel across the shadowlands to Vaedra and Valaxis

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:24 pm
by The World Capitalist Confederation

"So what does this fire do, exactly? Do we have any sort of plan if I get caught by Kona? Either way, I think we ought to hire an insider instead, s it is much easier."

Action: Recommend Idvar as soon as he is seen by Valaxis.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:01 pm
by Novas Arcanum

It was said that the Dark Lady never let her presence be known unless she desired it. For millennia deities and heroes had sought her presence but failed to navigate the terrain, lost in the darkness for all time. Idvar would sense the Dark Lady's energy but she was no fool. The Lord of Illusions would see Vaedra but not Valaxis. The illusion was so real that Idvar was tricked and now under her influence defeated in the battle of wills. She walked towards him and rested her hands on her hip "So you sought me out, here in the Shadow Realms, just what is it that you desire Idvar?" She said to him.


"Do not worry yourself about the fire, just know that it is key to defeating the Aetherians. As for Idvar perhaps but I do not trust him he may still be aligned to Kona"

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:20 pm
by The Orson Empire
God of the hunt and the harvest

Comonos breathed a heavy sigh of relief as Kona finally struck down Apophis with a supercharged lightning bolt, after the beast had been heavily weakened by the attacks of the Atherians and the minor gods; it seemed that Comonos's whirlwind of crops and the attack of Kal'Haldan's monsters had been what finally pushed Apophis to the edge. The beast never reached Mount Atherius, and the Fourth Great War was concluded, a massive crater left behind in the wake of the destruction of the beast. The Atherians and the minor gods had won, but at a great cost- the sun god Voriss was dead, multiple gods had been wounded, most of humanity and Khemetic civilization had been wiped out during Apophis's landing, and the planet was still shrouded in a great darkness. Terra was in ruins, with Comonos not witnessing devastation of this scale since the last Great War, and there would be an enormous amount of rebuilding to do. Nevertheless, in the wake of the destruction, Comonos saw the opportunity to gain more power of his own, and not wanting to waste a single moment, immediately got to work.

Out of all beings on Terra, the mortals had undoubtedly suffered the worst. Humanity had been sent back to the Stone Age, and could only look on in confusion and horror as the gods battled in the heavens for supremacy. With Voriss dead, crops could not grow in the darkness, and it was a basic fight for survival at this point. Humanity was ripe for a savior, someone that could guarantee their hunts would be fruitful, and that their crops would grow even in the great darkness, and Comonos intended to be that savior. Additionally, with the utter madness the minor god Crexus was now spreading across the land, Comonos could use his power as an Atherian to shield the humans from Crexus's influence and prevent the mad god from growing too powerful. Crexus would ultimately have to be put in his place eventually, but first, Comonos needed more worshipers.

Comonos would approach a large village of humans settled outside of the ruined city-states, flying over the tribe in his great bird form in order to demonstrate his power. However, he would transform back into his human form quickly in order to avoid scaring them off. Comonos would approach the chieftain and other tribal leaders, offering his protection from the growing "madness" spreading across the lands in exchange for their continued worship of them, as well as fruitful hunts and great harvests. To further convince them, Comonos saw the crops in their fields were dying from the lack of sunlight. He would use his powers as the harvest god to bring them back to life and force them to mature quickly, allowing the village to have a bountiful harvest.

Action: Approach a group of humans and attempt to convince them to worship him. Enchant their dying crops to allow a great harvest even without sunlight.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:31 am
by Ralnis

The great beast is dead. The blood ran in the darkness of the lands as the sun was gone. Kal'haldan didn't anything of the world or why the beast struck but his blood cooled as he saw the death of it but also because of the destruction of human civilization. In the darkness he saw the nothing but wasteland and cloudy fog, something he felt when he was formed from the chaos. He sheathed the divine sword of Murr and tried to think why, just why this had happened.

Was this because the death of Murr? The defiance of such an act to give his promise to another being and such a thing would have the greatest impact to all of creation. So, in this case, it was his fault. This made him sad for it was his fault that the world was in this state and the war was caused. He was the actions of a god who tried to do right but only caused destruction, just like all monsters do. It seemed to be the fate of all monsters, even those who have ascended beyond the chaotic taint.

However, the world is still under threat, the power of the Major beings was still weakened and a throne was opened. The King of the gods did offer a reward for his assistance and he did help save the world so now he will ask for such a boon before he does his next step.

Action: Ask the King of the gods to ascend to become a Atheinian due to his help in the Great War.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:01 am
by Llalta
Goddess of the Clouds & Rainbows

Though the war was over, the lands were left in ruins, once fertile lands now barren wasteland. Cyrrus watched towns of people distraught. mourning over lost ones or over the loss of land. It would take a while for the lands to get replenished, even with God's help. Hopelessness was in the air, even though the biggest threat had been vanquished. So she wandered around for a little, watching families torn and villages in ruin. Worried for them, she thought what she could do to help, even just a little. And then she thought; what about a rainbow? A sign that the storms have passed, a new day has just begun. A sign of hope. Something to fill them with determination.

Action - Paint a rainbow in the sky.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:05 pm
by The Empire of Tau
Oh no, it be dark. That's spook as H E C K. That's a big no-go. Armonk gonna YEET the darkness out of his lands, but how? The only way that I really thought of, was to just build a big-ass-tower that emits sunlight, or something along those lines. Armonk gonna permanently up give some of its god powers to sustain it, but it will be lit for ages to come. That's the plan anyhow. Will it work? I don't know. Everything depends on the RNG gods.

Action : Build big-biggest-largest tower and then light it up, with some of Armonk's god powers that'll be removed to light the area.