The World Beyond The Fog [Fantasy RP, Interest, Open]

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The World Beyond The Fog [Fantasy RP, Interest, Open]

Postby 5pb » Wed May 15, 2019 10:31 am


The World Beyond The Fog

Map Pending

The RP
In this RP you will take on the role of a character in this mystical world. Some of you will be heroes and some of you will be villians, your path is yours to decide. All I need to get the first arc started is for some people to make character apps, they can be whatever race you want them to be but I would like the first few to be our “heroes.” The “heroes” will have a strange marking on their forearm, this will be important for the first arc. (After the first arc this paragraph will be replaced with a different one.)

The Kingdom of Verai is a home for the humans, it is surrounded by a lush plain and forest landscape that spreads for miles. On the outskirts of the plains lies a forest unlike the rest, the Silverwood Forest. The strange forest runs around the entire kingdom, and is wreathed in fog. Magic is not uncommon in this world, matter of fact magic is used by nearly everyone. Magic is the manifestation of one's will or soul. Magic is used by channeling mana and manipulating it in the physical world. Magic can create, destroy, and manipulate things in the world depending on how well the wielder can use it. Although magic is commonplace the fog has remained in the forest and unexplained for several hundred years. Several groups of prestigious knights have entered the forest, but none have returned… until now.

Long ago the kingdoms of Esizal, Asyl, and Eneth were at war, each of the kingdoms had a small human presence at this time and the Verai had not yet been created. During the war humans began to a travel about and some began to start building their own kingdom. The three warring kingdoms took notice and began to attack the human kingdom in hopes they would return to their old ways. When they were attacked by the other kingdoms they fought back, they were a powerful force and easily overpowered waves of the other races. Their unrestricted affinity for magic gave them a major edge in combat. The three kingdoms decided to end their war and deal with the humans and their seemingly endless potential. So out of fear of the human kingdom rising to power the cast a massive magic spell that surrounded the human kingdom with a enchanted forest, shrouded in fog. But not only humans lived in the Kingdom of Verai, refugees from the war also got trapped within the fog. There as a side effect of the spell that was unintended but also helpful to those refugees.The spell turned all the other’s into humans while they were in the fog. However, all of this happened ages ago and the humans have long forgotten about the outside world, but there is a prophecy that is told among the humans:

“During an age of discovery and war, there will be six warriors chosen by the Gods to pass through the forest. They will meet their true selves on the other side.”

Important Places
Verai: The smallest kingdom, home to humans. Surrounded in a magical forest and many lush fields. Not many things to note within the kingdom’s surroundings

Silverwood Forest: The enchanted forest that separates Verai from the outside world.

Esizal: The second smallest kingdom, home to the Beastmen. It is a heavily forested area home to many monsters and beastman tribes.

Asyl: The largest kingdom, home of the Elves. It is located within a well forested area, and home to many monsters. People tend to travel through the forests of Asyl when they need to become stronger, it has become a sort of Rite of Passing to many people.

Eneth: The second largest kingdom, home of the Demons. It is almost a wasteland, many powerful monsters dwell here as it has the harshest climate.

Arithyl: The world of the spirits

Magic Details

Standard Magic
Standard magic contains the four basic elements and also some other underlying magic type like healing and incantations. The four basic elements are: water, air, fire, earth. Incantations are written in spell books and can be read aloud by anyone with a magic affinity to create a magical effect. (Usable by all races)

Unique Magic
Unique magic is a from of magic that cannot be replicated, a person who has a unique magic is considered to be blessed by the gods. Unique magics can be similar but they will never be the exact same. (Usable by all races/ Up to three unique magics per person)

Light Magic
Light magic consists of spells that can manipulate the light and life energy. Life manipulation magic is used as a draining magic and a healing class magic. Life manipulation can also drain life from plants and animals to be manipulated as pure mana. Light manipulation is just as it sounds, ending light to deal damage and create illusions. (Usable by Humans and Elves)

Dark Magic
Dark magic is a vast category, it contains magic like blood magic, shadow manipulation, curse magic, and pure destruction. Dark magic is the prefered magic of the demons, it is wielded mainly as an offensive magic but can be used to provide support. Blood magic sacrifices the caster’s blood to cast powerful spells. Curse magic is used to affect opponents with negative magics through the use of seals. Destruction magic utilizes the essence of chaos to cast high level magic. (Usable by Demons and Humans.)

Beastmen can wield any type of magic but each character can only have one Element

In this RP there are four races that you can choose from. Human, Beastman, Elf, or Demon. Each race has its advantages and a unique appearance. There is also a fifth race that you can use as a familiar, Spirits. Below is more details for each of the races.

Humans are not physically strong but have a strong sense of magic and tactics. The humans can use all forms of magic to a very high potential. Some humans can see spirits. Humans have the shortest lifespan.

Beastmen are human like in shape but they have the traits of animals. There are subraces for Beastmen (so you can think of any type of non-mythical creature and use it). The amount of physical power the beastmen have is unmatched by any other race. Though they have physical power they lack strongly in the magic department. When a beastman is born they have a predetermined element that is bound to their very soul and are restricted to that solely. Beastmen cannot see spirits, but the can feel their presence. They live in the Kingdom of Esizal Beastmen can live up to 200 years. (One element per beastman, magic is not hereditary)

Elves are visually very similar to humans, but they sport smaller bodies. Elves are the lightest of all the races, said to be able to walk on water. They are well attuned to nature and the spirits that dwell in it. Elves can see spirits and even talk to them. Elves can cast all forms of light magic but are incapable of casting dark magic. The elves live in the Kingdom of Asyl. Elves do not age physically passed 100 years. (All fantasy subraces of elves apply)

Demons are a diverse group, the demons run in tribes based on their subrace. All demons do share a unified kingdom called Eneth, under the rule of a Demon Lord. The Demon Lord is the strongest demon and can be challenged at any time. The demons can use dark magics but are unable to use the light magics. Demons can see and communicate with spirits. Demons do not age physically passed 100.

Spirits are a race of creatures that live in a intangible plane known as Arithyl. Some spirits visit the physical world and interact with the residents. If a spirit decides to it can gift its magic to a person and become their familiar. Spirits can take the form of any race or creature, some can even enter the physical world (which is common for familiars). Spirits are immortal. (NPC/ They can be created as a support but not as a character. A character can only have two familiars)

1.)No Godmodding, metagaming or the likes.
2.)Do not attempt to kill of someone's character unless you have discussed it in telegrams.
3.)Be respectful to the other players.
4.)A single paragraph minimum please.
5.)You may have as many characters as you can handle.

Delete anything in Parenthesis.

Code: Select all

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Images Prefered)
[b]Race and Subrace: [/b](Write it like this "Race/Subrace" for example: Elf/Dark Elf.)
[b]Weapon Type:[/b]
[b]Magic:[/b] (If Any)
[b]Familiar(s):[/b] (If Any)
[b]Limitations:[/b] (For Each Ability and Magic)
[b]Bio:[/b] (At least a paragraph)
[b]Why do you fight?:[/b] (For Who/Why do you fight, if you fight at all. If your character is passive just write N/A)
[b]Theme Song: [/b](Optional)
[b]Extra Notes:[/b] (If any)
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Postby 5pb » Wed May 15, 2019 10:33 am

[Reserved Space]
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Postby Hothnia » Wed May 15, 2019 4:18 pm

Looks interesting

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Postby Deutschess Kaiserreich » Thu May 16, 2019 5:41 am

Hothnia wrote:Looks interesting

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Postby Chronodosia » Tue May 21, 2019 6:37 am

Question what would lightning be under?
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Postby 5pb » Sun May 26, 2019 2:01 pm

Chronodosia wrote:Question what would lightning be under?

I apologize for the delayed response.

Lightning would be classified under Standard Magic, as a branch of fire.
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Postby Khasinkonia » Sun May 26, 2019 2:41 pm

Would pixies fall under the elves category, or do they simply not exist/are not playable. Likewise, what is the status of drow(dark elves)?

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Postby 5pb » Mon May 27, 2019 2:31 pm

Khasinkonia wrote:Would pixies fall under the elves category, or do they simply not exist/are not playable. Likewise, what is the status of drow(dark elves)?

Drow would be a subrace of elves, pixies would be spirits.
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Postby Danceria » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:17 pm

Hmst. Tag.
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