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Warriors: A Prophecy of Light [OOC | OPEN]

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:26 pm
by Turmenista

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CO-OP(s): Absolon-7


Four are helpless at the full moon's light
Four are slain in the dead of night.
The ancient warriors' spirits within
Rise once more to guide their kin.

Four must become one to make this right
Four will become as strong as the Ancients' might
Entwined with each, come seven moons,
To which the clans must help each other, or be sent to doom.


An incalculable amount of moons have passed since the last great conflict among the clans, and peace has never been so sweet. Prey and resources are plentiful, and life in general has never been greater, especially for ThunderClan, whose mighty warriors are renowned for their fighting skills and noble character. Wolfstar, their noble leader, has just been given his nine lives, and seems poised to lead the clans on a path to success. However, not all is as peaceful as it seems to the clans. A group of rogues skilled in battle have begun wandering the woods, claiming the forest as their own in their selfish quest for territory and clout. A peaceful settlement of loners seems to be their primary target, though raids into the territory of the clans themselves have begun to increase with their arrival.

All the while, this sense of danger has been ever increasing among the clans as rumors of a pack of dogs roaming the woods arises. And when four warriors from each clan show up dead in their own territory, with no other option to turn to, some cats begin blaming their rivals, other the loners, and others... even their friends. With disarray and paranoia slowly rising among the clans, they seem oblivious to the rise of an ancient evil, one older than the clans themselves. Amid the increasing tensions and cryptic signs from StarClan, only one question remains:

Will ThunderClan and the other clans be able to solve the mystery of the mysterious cat killings, or will the clans tear themselves apart before it happens?


Introductory Information

As a member of ThunderClan, you occupy the East end of the Lake. This leaves you in close proximity with the Plantation, an abandoned Twoleg (human) settlement filled with loners, as well as the Twolegplace itself, a massive, open area with flying monsters (aircraft). This also leads you to border ShadowClan, whose borders must be respected at all times. In ThunderClan, no matter who you are, or what role you fill, you are expected to adhere to the Warrior Code, the strict set of rules that binds the clans together.

The Wider World

(Click here for the Twoleg Map)


The Clans of the Lake

Led by the newly-appointed Wolfstar, a stoic and righteous tom who took over after Redstar passed away from age, ThunderClan are warriors renowned for their skill in stalking prey and their ferocity in battle. These cats are some of the most courageous among the Clans and are natural leaders, drawing from their first leader, Thunderstar, who was remembered for his courage, compassion, and skill in battle. The sandy clearing Thunderclan occupies is train some of the most skilled warriors in ThunderClan, while the ominous Twin Pines are used as a gathering place and training area.

Wolfstar is rumored to have an affair with Icestar, the current leader of ShadowClan, though vehemently disavows any romantic association with the enigmatic ShadowClan leader. The ThunderClan territory is the closest to The Plantation, an abandoned Twoleg settlement that is occupied by a group of Loners, mostly passive cats who do not have any concrete home. They are also closest to the massive Twolegplace, with some apprentices wandering off to sneak through the gaps in the fence to mess with the plump Kittypets (human-owned cats) there and look for prey, or just see the flying monsters.
Led by the also newly-appointed Icestar and her deputy, Palmshade, ShadowClan has always been the pariah among the clans, but has often produced notable warriors and leaders in its time. These cats are best known for their silent step and skills in stealth, as well as their willingness to eat frogs, toads, lizards, rats, and carrion—foods which most Clan cats turn their noses up at. They draw these qualities from Shadowstar, who was remembered for her morality, silent step, and ferocity in battle. The pine-filled area comprising their camp is home to the Darkstone, a massive boulder used as the Leader's den and talking point. The thick pines in their territory allow for guerrilla tactics during the day and night, as the area in general is very dark and shaded.

There is an abandoned den in the fringe of ShadowClan territory, though it constantly reeks of death, so no cat ventures out to it. Palm trees on the lake shore of ShadowClan territory were planted by the Twolegs many moons ago, while the neutral abandoned, overgrown bridge used to cross the river is also used by ShadowClan, much to the frustration of RiverClan.
Occupying a marsh filled with palm trees and adjacent to a river full of fish, RiverClan cats are well-known for their skill at swimming, and their unique skill at scooping fish from the river with ease. These qualities originate in Riverstar, a tom known for his exceptional swimming abilities and calm mind. Minkstar and his deputy Fishtail lead RiverClan, often coming at odds with ShadowClan over his claims of the abandoned bridge, though his cats usually just swim across the river anyways, or walk across when it is iced over. Filled with skilled fighters and hunters alike, it was a shock to Minkstar and Fishtail to learn of the vicious death of one of their own..within their Clan's territory.
Led by Whitestar and her deputy Springfeet, the cats of WindClan are perhaps best known for their impressive agility, which is put into good use in their hunts against rabbits within the warrens of the hills they occupy. They hail their lineage to Windstar, best known for her determination and resilience, personality traits which continue to persist today. Some of her descendants are even in WindClan to this day. They are also best known for the elaborate tunnel system beneath their camp, full of rabbits that the WindClan cats can easily snatch. Since they take up such an open area, it was highly confusing to the cats of WindClan to hear of the unfortunate death of one of their own, seemingly in broad daylight...


Other Places/Cats of Interest

The Gathering Stones are a collection of five huge stones situated on a plateau at the Lake. Every full moon, the cats of the clans conglomerate at the Gathering Stones, during a truce set in stone by the Warrior Code. Each Clan has one large stone dedicated for their leader, with one huge stone in the back used as a speaking point for the cat currently speaking. The acoustics in the area allow for everyone to hear the cats on the large stones when they are speaking.

The Lake itself is massive, acting as a communal water source for all of the clans, and is perhaps best known for its abundance of fish and sparkling, clear waters. During the cold months, the lake freezes over, allowing for some cats to walk across unimpeded, though this is dangerous at times, as cracks can sometimes appear. Some large reptilian creatures sometimes occupy the ends of the Lake, dissuading some cats from venturing out deep to search for prey.
Beyond The end of RiverClan and WindClan territory is a huge mountain range that are impassible by cat. The only means of crossing them seems to be flying, which the Twolegs often pass over with their flying monsters. One of the mountains in particular seems to be crying, though, in reality, it is but a waterfall from a much longer river in the mountains, which spills out into a small pond and continues down to meet with another river, before emptying into the lake. Hidden behind the waterfall, however, is a cave with a glowing stone known as the Moonstone, which always appears to be perpetually glowing even in total darkness. Touching it will put a cat to sleep, leaving them open for visions from StarClan.

One cat, Vine, lives around here and sometimes offers her services and shelter for cats that are injured or tired.
A group of Loners have settled in the Plantation, a long-abandoned Twoleg settlement within ThunderClan territory that used to be a farm. Catnip now grows rampant on the property, hence its name, and mice and other prey are plentiful here. The cats here are generally friendly to visitors and are led by Zark, along with his friends Twitch, Starbuck, and Jazz. Twolegs stay away from the area except during Greenleaf, or the summer, when they often set up camps in the area with miniature dens.
The Rogues of the Lake are a nomadic group led by Aeneas, a battle-scarred cat who has led his followers on a quest to find and take over a home that is not theirs. They live off the land and have no relation to any of the clans or other cats in the Forest, except for the Plantation, which they want to take over forcefully. Other cats in Aeneas's band include Bowie, Poppy, and Dengar, who are all competent and dangerous fighters that some clan cats even fear.
Twolegs, the cat term for humans, live at the Twolegplace, a massive open area that reeks of an acrid stench. The Twolegs of this area, unlike some others, wear weird-looking green pelts that sometimes make them hard to spot while they are walking in the woods, which they often do at random intervals, though they do not bother any of the cats. They bring large, black, stick-like objects with them that make loud noises, as well as the occasional dog, though the dog is kept close to them. They have no relation to any of the cats or dogs in the Lake, except for those that are in the Twolegplace. It is thought that the Twolegplace is much larger than it actually seems, though no cat has ever been far beyond its fence for any reason aside to communicate with the Kittypets.

In addition to regular monsters that rumble across the Thunderpath, the Twolegs also house flying monsters in massive flying monster dens, which are capable of taking a running start and flying away, much like a bird, though are much louder in their flight than birds. They often fly away from the Twolegplace at breakneck speeds and land at the Skypath, which is used exclusively by them. At night, the Skypath and flying monsters are lit up with colorful lights, while a blinking red light atop a tall Twoleg den in the background can be seen always.
The Kittypets of the Twolegplace are generally very pompous and territorial, but are nonetheless friendly to clan cats who often make dangerous excursions into the Twolegplace for whatever reason. They are apparently led by Sergeant Colton, a cat who demands respect and seems to speak in a shouting voice at all times, though claims is capable of understanding dog and Twoleg equally. He leads Dusty, his friend who is often the butt of his jokes, and Flint, another cat who lives in the Twolegplace. Colton is smitten with Gaz, the pet of a Twoleg he calls "The Commander," who is apparently the Clan leader of the Twolegs at the Twolegplace.
The Pack are a group of stray dogs from an area much farther away from The Lake, and are seemingly able to understand cat and Twolegs, who they refer to as "Longpaws." They are led by Harley, who is accompanied by Clint, Ringo, and Dash, and all of the dogs have strange brandings on their hips. They are territorial, though harmless only until provoked, and apparently escaped from a Twolegplace even beyond the massive one near The Lake. All the Clans advise against messing with them.



As you probably guessed, this is a RP centered around the Warriors series of books by author Erin Hunter depicting Clans of sentient cats in the forest. This came to my idea because I recently went through a nostalgia trip when I found some old Warriors books of mine, and the rest is history. As such, please don't witch hunt me in my DMs and call me a furry over this.

This takes place in an entirely new area with an entirely new cast of characters, though much of the concrete lore remains much the same. This RP, centered around ThunderClan, involves the lives of the cats of ThunderClan, the rise of a group of Rogues to power, the arrival of a foreign third party, and an ancient evil arising once more, as prophesied by StarClan. You will have the chance to create a cat of ThunderClan, be it a new apprentice or Warrior, though please note that this roleplay centers around ThunderClan primarily. Plenty of action and drama is to be anticipated in the future.

  1. I run the RP with my Co-Ops, and our word is law. Please follow it.
  2. Please read the whole OP. I know it may be asking of me, but I worked hard on it, and it will be to your advantage if you've read it all.
  3. Follow all the regular site rules — Don't godmod, metagame, etc.
  4. Don't be a jerk: This applies to both OOC thread and Discord. I presume everyone here is mature enough to handle themselves and know the difference between banter and blatant flaming. A character can be a total asshole in the IC, but that's no excuse to be one in the OOC.
  5. No One Liners: I cannot stress this enough. [i]You posts must have at least five full lines of text per each IC post (from a desktop view). This can be bent if there's little to respond to, but just try your best. Anything less than that is generally frowned upon and considered laziness, thus making it unacceptable. Anything greater is acceptable and is smiled upon, mostly.
  6. You can have more than one character, but you have to have at least one.
  7. Please stay as active as you can and try not to leave anyone hanging in regards to your posting. If you're going to be gone for extended periods of time, please let the OP/Co-OP know beforehand.
  8. Keep it Clean: This is a general NS rule, and at this point is the law of the land. This is no place to act out deviant fetishes or anything.
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  14. Golden rule.
  15. Have fun!
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Archive post

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:26 pm
by Turmenista

Disclaimer: This does not cover the entirety of all the clans and other groups, only player characters and major NPCs.


    Leader: Wolfstar - Turmenista - Massive long haired brown tabby tom with a bushy, wolf-like tail and dark amber eyes
    Deputy: Barkclaw - Absolon-7 - Short haired tabby tom, Goldenpaw's mentor
    Medicine Cat: Waspfoot - Lanky tortoiseshell and white tom with green eyes
    Warriors: Graytail - Muscular gray and black tabby tom with emerald green eyes
    Birchface - Dark brown tabby tom
    Clawpelt - Battle-scarred light brown tabby tom with green eyes
    Moleclaw - The Frozen Forest - Light gray tabby tom, Shadepaw's mentor
    Lightfeather - Pale ginger she-cat
    Foxfur - Reddish brown tabby she-cat
    Apprentices: Goldenpaw - Skylus - Golden and white tom with cerulean eyes
    Shadepaw - The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune - Long haired white tom with amber eyes
    Bearpaw - Tabby she-cat
    Furypelt - White she-cat
    Crowface - Black she-cat with green eyes and white paws

    Leader: Icestar - Scarred slender pure white she-cat amber eyes
    Deputy: Palmshade - Huge mottled brown tom with a scar on left eye
    Medicine Cat: Willownose - Tiny gray tabby she-cat
    Warriors: Robinwing - Tortoiseshell she-cat

    Leader: Minkstar - Large brown tom with a v-shaped scar on nose and blue eyes
    Deputy: Fishtail - Blue-gray tom with amber eyes
    Medicine Cat: Redmist - Ginger she-cat with black spots

    Leader: Whitestar - Long-haired white she-cat with blue eyes
    Deputy: Springfeet - Long-legged gray and white tom
    Medicine Cat: Leaftail - Dark brown tabby tom with striped tail


Kittypets (Cats owned by Twolegs)
    "Commander": Sgt. Colton - Plump, long-haired dark smoky gray tom with strange regalia and amber eyes
    "Executive Officer": Dusty - Small tortoiseshell tabby with brown flecktarn-like spots and green eyes
    Others: Gaz - Beautiful black and white she-cat with blue eyes that is pet of the Twoleg Clan Leader
    Flint - Muscular black tom with white underbelly that lives at the Twolegplace

    Zark - Pure black tom with green eyes, leader of the plantation
    Twitch - Gray and white she cat
    Starbuck - Unusually spotted golden tom with black spots and amber eyes

Loners (passive cats not belonging to a clan)
    Weiss - Tortoiseshell tom who lives near the Twolegplace
    Vine - Light brown tabby she-cat who lives near the Waterfall

Rogues (hostile cats not belonging to a clan)
    Aeneas - Tall, bright tortoiseshell and white tom mixed with ginger, black, and white fur, a thick mane-like tuft of fur around his neck, and deep amber, almost reddish eyes, and battle scars crisscrossing his body, Poppy's mentor
    Bowie - Large ginger tom with clumped fur, crisscrossing scars on body, and yellow eyes
    Poppy - Fluffy white she-cat with clumped fur, green eyes, and scarred muzzle
    Dengar - Black tom with a white underbelly and paws, and a white tipped tail


Harley's Pack

    Alpha: Harley Medium-sized male German Shepherd with blue eyes and strange branding on hip
    Others: Ringo - Brown male pitbull with amber eyes and strange branding on hip
    Clint - Brown and white male husky with darker brown muzzle and amber eyes, and strange branding on hip
    Dash - Small male golden retriever with strange branding on hip


    Gizzard: Massive battle-scarred khaki-furred coyote with dark amber eyes

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:28 pm
by Skylus
Name: Goldenpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Breed: Tabby
Age: 11 Moons
Gender: M
Appearance: Cerulean eyes, pink nose, golden fur, white underbelly, hasn't been to Cutters, scar that run from below left eye down to right side of neck, transparent claws
Bio: icestar and wolfstar had an affair when they were both warriors, but they eventually compromised; Crowbeak is Goldenpaw's surrogate mother
Skills: paying attention to tasks and orders, hunting, running really fast
Personality: Outgoing, protective, brave

Relationships: (if any)
+Barkclaw (mentor, friend)
+Waspfoot (medicine cat, friend)
+Wolfstar (former mentor, friend (father))
+Icestar (friend (real mother))
+Crowbeak (surrogate mother)
Likes: training to be a warrior, talking with Elders
Dislikes: cleaning up dirty moss, having to sit for long period of time
Greatest Fear: Having everyone close to him die horrible deaths

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:45 pm
by Turmenista
Skylus wrote:Name: Goldenpaw

Refer to my suggestions over discord. I'm working on my app right now.

Co-OP reporting in!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:56 pm
by Absolon-7
Name: Barkclaw
Rank: Deputy
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 41 moons
Gender: Male

Bio: Barkclaw was born as the largest in a litter of 4 kittens to his attentive and affectionate parents, Shadedew and Greytail, but in a particularly nasty winter he was the only one of his litter to survive. This trauma left the kitten solemn over the deaths of relatives he had just a few days prior been happily playing with and once his time as an apprentice had come he tended to act as the unofficial leader of the apprentices. He bossed them around, constantly nagged them to stop playing if there were still duties left to be done, and naturally this left him a reputation of being a stick in the mud. His mentor, Strikestone, respected his devotion to the clan but couldn't help but want the adolescent to enjoy his youth a tiny bit more. At the arrival of his warrior ceremony test, he was attacked by a diseased fox but his mentor who was prowling not far behind to observe him managed to fend it off but not at the cost of his own life. Barkpaw himself managed to only slice the fox's eye open leaving his claws bloody and on his bittersweet naming ceremony earned the name Barkclaw.
From this point, the stalwart cat would aim to dedicate his life to the clan but becoming acquainted with the slightly older warrior and future leader, Wolfstar, began a path of slight softening of his persona. Nevertheless, his devotion to the clan remained as he would often be the first to volunteer for patrols and be the first to fight in border skirmishes. A high point of his tenure was single handedly slaying a large rattlesnake that had was going to eat a kit that had wandered away from camp. Fortunately, this act was not a repeat of his mentor's sacrifice and weeks later the same kit was made into his apprentice, Sunpaw. His repeated acts of valor had caught the eye of a particular she-cat by the name of Berrypelt who was once an apprentice alongside him and strangely he wasn't that adverse to the idea. Given his personality, things were awkward at first but the pair eventually grew comfortable together as official mates. Seasons passed and his apprentice became a newly dubbed warrior and Barkclaw couldn't help but feel content in his place in the clan. A strange turn of events followed in which his longtime friend became leader as Wolfstar and named his deputy. Naturally, Barkclaw couldn't think of another cat that would be a better fit then himself.

-Swatting (Above Average): Whether its striking at prey, a hostile cat, or a predator, Barkclaw's swats are honed to a great degree of precision catching most off guard.
-Wrestling (Excellent): Barkclaw's talent truly shines when it comes to the traditional method of close combat for cats in rolling and tugging at each other in the ground in which he uses his large size and ferocity to his advantage.
-Listening (Above Average): As expected of a seasoned Warrior his hearing his tuned a proficient degree in utilizing it for a myriad of purposes.
-Pouncing (Above Average): His strong body subsequently means strong legs that come at a great use after moons of training in the clan.
Personality: To most cats, Barkclaw comes off as bossy and authoritative and by all means they are right. A cat of few words he prefers action over speeches. He finds it hard to come up with the right words to say sometimes especially for more delicate issues so he likes to keep it short and direct. He detests idleness but he does see the benefits of relaxation to soothe the nerves. He is the first to criticize but in return is the first to ask for it as well.

  • +Wolfstar (leader, friend)
  • +Waspfoot (medicine cat, friend)
  • +Berrypelt (mate)
  • +Sunbelly (former apprentice, friend)
Likes:Squirrel meat, exploring the forest, combat training, organizing
Dislikes: Twolegs, monsters, kittypets, goofing off, sitting still
Greatest Fear: Having no home

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:10 pm
by Turmenista
Name: Wolfstar
Rank: Leader
Breed: Tabby
Age: 61 moons
Gender: Male

Full “Book-level” description: Wolfstar is a massive brown tabby tom with a bushy, wolf-like tail and soft fur that hides deceptively powerful muscles. He has a noteworthy V-shaped nick on one ear and a long scar across his left shoulder
Wolfstar was born as Wolfkit to the then warrior-queen couple of Rosetail and Spiderear, two loving parents that were, unfortunately, simply in the wrong places at the wrong time. Rosetail would die of blood loss and birth complications, while Spiderear would perish while escorting the medicine cat to the Starcave from, ironically, a lone wolf lurking around the mountains, but not without risking his life to kill the wolf and protect his clanmate. His mother, uttering her final words, gave him the name of Wolfkit in honor of Spiderear's sacrifice. He was nursed by foster queens before becoming an apprentice and earning his name, Wolfpaw, where he'd become friends with the eldest apprentice at the time, Graypaw, who would later go on to become Graytail. His assigned mentor was a charismatic young warrior named Redheart, who would take him on under his wing as not just a mentor, but also a father figure. In a sense, Redheart and Wolfpaw were like mirror images in terms of personality: both were devoted to ThunderClan and upholding the warrior code as best as they could, both were charismatic, and both seemed to be natural leaders on the path for larger positions.

Redheart would eventually be promoted to deputy of ThunderClan under the leader, Oakstar, with Graytail taking up the duty of training his old apprentice for a short time until one fateful day, where a group of rogues attacked Graytail and Wolfpaw on a routine patrol near the Plantation. These young rogues would later turn out to be Aeneas's band, and outnumbered the warrior and his apprentice 3 to 2. Despite these odds, Wolfpaw used his size and training to fend off two of the rogues while Graytail drove off Aeneas himself, though his victory was not without some loss. He sustained a rather large nick on his ear as well as a scar on his shoulder that never truly healed, but otherwise valiantly showed his skills and courage to not just Graytail, but ThunderClan itself. He was named Wolftail during his naming ceremony, in recognition of his courageous actions that day, which Graytail likened to that of a Wolf, as well as the actions of his father, Spiderear. Despite the negative connotations that it may have carried, and considering his father's fate at the hands of a Wolf, the name seemed to ironically stick with him, and, thus, Wolftail became ThunderClan's newest warrior.

From that moment forward, Wolftail would devote himself to ThunderClan, making friends with his former mentor, Graytail, as well as, once receiving his warrior name, his future deputy, Barkclaw, to which he became good friends with. He even was given his own apprentice, Clawpaw, who would later go on to become Clawpelt. One day, as he was patrolling the border near ShadowClan, he noticed a familiar scent that filled him with unbridled rage, and so he rushed headfirst to drive off Aeneas, who had pinned down a ShadowClan warrior. Although it was not his fight, he couldn't help but finish the score with the rogue, successfully driving him off and away from the defenseless ShadowClan warrior. She introduced herself to him as Icefur, who was forever grateful to him for his actions that day. Their first interaction was only an awkward thank you, but when the two found themselves meeting with one another more and more, Wolftail's acquaintance with Icefur started to grow into something more...something he couldn't fully grasp at first.

Despite having many new responsibilities as a warrior, and amid his frequent outings with Icefur, Wolftail still kept very close ties to Redheart, often acting as an unofficial assistant to the deputy given the old age of Oakstar. When the day finally came for Redheart to succeed Oakstar and take on the mantle of leadership in ThunderClan, he received an omen upon receiving his nine lives, which prompted him hastily to place Wolftail as his deputy, much to the shock of Graytail, who was just as surprised as Wolftail was. He never disclosed the contents of this omen to anyone, nor did the new medicine cat, Waspfoot, decide to do so, as well. Wolftail kept the status quo as best as he could as deputy, despite the pressure of the omen that he felt applied to himself, and the sense of jealousy he felt from Graytail, though the senior warrior was much more content at his current position than at deputy.

Wolftail's outings with Icefur, also a newly-appointed ShadowClan deputy, became more and more frequent during this time, though the risk factor had increased tenfold, and a mere friendship turned into a true romantic attraction. It was during one of their excursions to the beach at the Gathering Stones, while looking at the strange blinking light atop the tall Twoleg den, that Icefur emotionally revealed to him that she was pregnant with his kits. Rather comically, Waspfoot then came out of the blue, the kooky medicine cat excited of his findings, before suddenly realizing the severity of what was before him. Rather than blackmail his deputy and friend, Waspfoot, who insisted that he could keep a secret to the both of them, devised a plan with another ThunderClan cat, Crowbeak, who too was expecting kits, to hide the potential kits with Crowbeak, who was more than capable of keeping a secret. Icefur gave birth to two healthy kits, Goldenkit and Robinkit, who were delivered to ThunderClan and ShadowClan, respectively, to be raised there, while the relationship was never mentioned again. Icefur and Wolftail had to cut ties with one another, never truly interacting outside of their clan life aside from a passing glance and nod at the Gatherings. Once the kit was of age to become an apprentice, Wolftail was, unintentionally, given the responsibility of mentoring the new Goldenpaw, to which he actively tried to refrain from mentioning his secret relationship with the clueless apprentice. He couldn't stop Waspfoot's mouth from running wild, and rumors quickly began to spread of the alleged affair between Wolftail and Icefur, who both vehemently denied such actions.

One day, upon meeting with Redstar by the lake, the aging leader informed his deputy that he could see his ancestors in StarClan ready to take him away, much to the deputy's dismay. His father figure, mentor, and friend, was about to leave for StarClan, but not before cryptically revealing the omen he saw when receiving his nine lives: it told of a darkness, far older than Oakstar, even, that threatened the safety of the Clans, but could only be matched by the Wolf, referring to his deputy. Thus, he had chosen Wolftail to succeed him in that regard, spending his final moments with the cat he could call son, and that he had grown to respect over many moons. At the Starcave, Wolftail would be greeted by a host of his ancestors, including Rosetail, Oakstar, Spiderear, many fallen warriors and leaders before his time and during his time as deputy, and, finally, Redstar, who gave him his final life. The newly-appointed Wolfstar, too, was subject to an omen, warning of "Four who were slain at the full moon's light," and "Four who will become as strong as the Ancients' might." Trying to make sense of the omen as he returned to camp, he appointed Barkclaw as his deputy, assigning his longtime friend Graytail to mentor Goldenpaw in his stay.

It was at this time that Wolfstar learned of Icestar's similar rise to the leader of ShadowClan, though their new prestige still didn't keep them safe from more accusations of their alleged affair. Despite this, Wolfstar gladly led his clan from that moment on, taking on much of the responsibilities of leader that he had learned from Redstar, albeit rather overwhelmed at first by the sheer volume of tasks, combined with Waspfoot's constant nagging. It was during one of these ordinary days that he learned of the death of one of ThunderClan's own within their Clan territory, as well as similar occurrences in the other three clans, in an event that sounded frighteningly similar to the omen he heard while receiving his lives...

Just what was in store for ThunderClan now, and would Wolfstar be able to defend his clan from it?

    - Wrestling (Excellent): It goes without saying that Wolfstar, as his name would suggest, is a natural fighter, combining his sheer imposing size and power in combat with many moons of experience under his belt as a cat who not only has trained some of ThunderClan’s toughest Warriors, but has also trained under Redstar, who left behind big shoes to fill. Mostly, Wolfstar uses his physical power to overtake his enemies in combat.
    - Clan Leading (Above Average): It takes a certain type of cat to make a great Leader, and Wolfstar is definitely on his way to being one. Although he is nowhere near his mentor Redstar in terms of prowess, Wolfstar is definitely better than most, embodying many qualities which make a great Clan Leader. In addition to his innate combat skills, Wolfstar is a proficient organizer and tactician, taking his time to plan out everything from engagements to small events. This, also, has its benefits in the realm of diplomacy, as seen in the shocking truce mediated between ShadowClan and RiverClan.
    - Stalking (Average): Wolfstar moves as silently as some ShadowClan cats (ironically) and thus can put his silent step to use in hunting or ambushing prey and hostile cats.
    - Swatting (Above Average): Wolfstar's speedy paws have taken down plenty of prey and bested many powerful warriors in his time, thanks to a combination of power and speed.
Personality: On the surface, Wolfstar is serious, fair, and moralistic, with a no-nonsense personality—qualities which make up a natural leader—so it was no surprise to anyone that he was chosen by Redstar to be ThunderClan’s next leader. Stoic as much as he is big and strong, Wolfstar is, ironically, a well-mannered gentle giant with a heart of gold, but is still imperfect, as seen with his alleged affair with Icestar and some shortcomings with negotiating a truce between ShadowClan and RiverClan. Nontheless, Wolfstar looks out for the underdog and defends what he believes is right, and as someone who upholds the warrior code—albeit, rather strictly so—it goes without saying that he is a natural leader and a role model for many.
  • +Barkclaw (Deputy, friend)
  • +Waspfoot (Medicine cat, friend)
  • +Graytail (Senior warrior, friend)
  • +Redstar (Former mentor, role model, father figure)
  • +Goldenpaw (Former apprentice, friend, secret son)
  • +Icestar (Ally, "friend")
  • -Aeneas (nemesis)
Likes: Mice, training, leading ThunderClan, the warrior code
Dislikes: Twolegs, rogues, deep water, rats, rule-breakers and loopholes
Greatest Fear: Drowning


PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:49 pm
by The Frozen Forest
Name: Moleclaw

Rank: Warrior
Breed: Maine Coon-Shorthair Mix
Age: 30 Moons
Gender: Tom
Appearance: Spoilered and Floated --->
Bio: Moleclaw was born as the only surviving kit of a litter of four. He himself was not expected to survive, both his mother and father abandoned him to die. It was by a shred of mercy from skyclan, or some miracle that a Thunderclan queen happened to wonder by and find the mewling ball of fluff that would become molekit. The queen, Blueclaw was the sister of a queen who had recently lost a litter herself. The kit was taken to Thunderclan and accepted after some initial hesitation from the older members. He nursed from the belly of Crowbeak, a sweet queen who treated him especially well. He survived and went on to be a rowdy and bubbly kit, curious about the clan and the world around him.

He faced discrimination regarding his upbringing. The first time he noticed it was when the elders ignored him for a whole day, the second was when a senior warrior swatted him away when he asked about the warriors own kithood. Molekit endured despite the mounting conflicts and dislike for him, he batted off what he could and worked hard to make up for his small stature at the time. As a kit, this involved vigorous playing and watching of the apprentices to try and learn what they knew. Eventually he turned eight moons old and was made an apprentice under a younger warrior who would eventually become Wolfstar, but at the time wasn't yet a senior warrior. The training was...interesting to say the least. he threw himself into it and learned everything he could, eager to learn.

He became a warrior and threw himself into the work with more vigor than any of the other cats could muster. He stayed out hunting longer and fought more viciously when the clan was in danger. He was able to convince even the most bigoted of cats in the clan of his worth. Still, something was lacking, and is still lacking in his life. He lost his adoptive mother two moons prior to a particularly nasty but unknown disease and apart from her, he really has no friends among the warriors-except for Wolfstar. He also feels the pull of ambition, not uncommon in warriors around his age and younger. About a moon ago he took on an apprentice, Shadepaw.
-Fighting (Above Average)
-Hunting (Average)
-Climbing (Excellent)
-Tracking (Above Average)
Personality: Moleclaw naively believes that all his problems will go away as long as he works hard. Sprained foot? Walk it off. Bruised ego? Climb a tree and catch a robin. He is a hard worker and always tries to put forth his best effort, no matter how difficult the task at hand may seem. He doesn't have many friends and up until now that hasn't bothered him, but now it does. Deep down he desires friends, a mate, kits, the things other warriors his age are starting to obtain. He desires connection, yet doesn't quite know how to get along with others. He has a naive view of the world as well, looking for the best in other cats-even when its foolish to do so.

-Wolfstar (Mentor + Friend)
-Shadepaw (Apprentice)
Likes: Hunting and Training, Climbing trees
Dislikes: Water, Bigotry
Greatest Fear: Dying Alone | Drowning (Pretty even between these two)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:47 am
by Turmenista
I’ll look it over later today, and finish up my own apps.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:00 pm
by Turmenista
The Frozen Forest wrote:Name:

Looks good, unless Abs had anything else to say about it, consider it accepted.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:08 pm
by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Big tag here

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:13 pm
by Skylus
The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune wrote:Big tag here

What's upppppppppppppppppppp

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 5:21 pm
by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Name: Shadepaw
Rank: Apprentice
Breed: Maine Coon x Aphrodite mix
Age: 7 moons
Gender: Male

Bio: Shadepaw's story begins long before the kit's birth, before his mother ever arrived in Thunderclan. Furypelt was a Riverclan warrior and prodigal daughter of the then rising Minkclaw, deputy of the clan. She was an unparralled hunter, and an invaluable ally in combat. Though the ascension of her father seemed inevitable, many expected Furypelt to take leadership of their clan one day.

While catching fish by the river one day, Furypelt suddenly got the feeling she was being watched. When the wind next shifted, she caught the scent of her stalker, and began to stalk him in return. Her endeavors led her to Alder, a large male with a tabby back and a white stomach who was hunting on clan territory. A brief scuffle ensued, before Alder was able to convince Fury that he was a guest on the territory with the permission of the then leader Newtstar. Though Fury was initially suspicious, an encounter with Fishtail, her father's closest ally, later confirmed Alder's story. Fury reluctantly agreed to keep Alder's presence a secret as best she could, as according to Fishtail, Alder and Newtstar were attending to private business with each other.

Though Fury did not tell anyone else about Alder's existence, she was intrigued by the rogue, and began to hunt with him to better her own catches. Intrigue turned to friendship, and friendship turned into attraction. After a few moons of courting, the pair considered themselves a couple for better or for worse. For worse as it turned out. Alder in fact was not in Clan territory under the invitation of Newtstar, but rather the behest of Minkclaw. Along with Fishtail, the trio comprised a dark pact to seize control of Riverclan. Each had their own reasons. For Minkclaw, Newtstar was too soft on the Shadowclan warriors using their bridge and territory. For Fishtail, his undying loyalty to Minkclaw and his own desire for power drove him forward. For Alder, it was a debt owed to Minkclaw for sparing his life and the promise of joining the clan when the dark deed was done.

Furypelt discovered the plot by weasling it out of Alder, but she found herself unable to choose between her love and her father, and the clan she loved. Her inaction sealed Newtstar's fate. Late one night, Newtstar was lured outside of the clan by Minkclaw and Fishtail, who claimed to have found a dog resting in the territory. Using a method from legend of terrifyingly brutal attacks, Minkclaw, Fishtail, and Alder ripped Newtstar's remaining lives from his body by practically tearing the leader to shreds. After roughing themselves up a bit to hide their complacency, Minkclaw returned to the clan with the other two and Newtstar's body, and claimed to have driven the dog off of the territory, at the terrible cost of Riverclan's leader. Alder was allowed to join the clan under the new name Palefang, and Furypelt found herself keeping a terrible secret.

The members of the conspiracy formed a powerful ruling triumvirate over Riverclan, even if Palefang was treated as an outsider by the rest of the clan up front, and even by Minkstar and Fishtail behind his back. Furypell and Palefang continued their romance, even after Minkstar forbade it, telling Palefang that he had more obligations now than his love for Furypelt and telling Furypelt that Palefang would never be a true warrior and thus an unworthy mate. This secret affair went on for about 12 moons into the new order, until strange symptoms caused Furypelt to visit the Medicine Cat. It was there that she learned that she was pregnant. Though she tried her best to keep the pregnancy hidden, it was the cunning Fishtail who blackmailed the medicine cat into revealing the truth. Shortly afterward, Minkstar asked for Palefang and Furypelt to hunt with him.

The leader of Riverclan brought the couple to the bridge with Shadowclan where he calmly explained the situation to them. In Minkstar's eyes, Furypelt and Palefang had threatened the stability of the clan, the purity of the warrior code, and the secret that they so desperately kept about Minkstar's ascension. Palefang questioned Minkstar about what he meant by the "purity of the code". The true feelings about each other erupted into combat, that Palefang emerged victorious from. However, the former Rogue never truely grasped what it meant to have nine lives, and Minkstar caught Palefang unaware after rising back to life. After ripping the throat from his daughter's mate, Minkstar stared his spawn in her face, watching her as she once again couldn't bring herself to do what she wanted to. Spitting blood, Minkstar banished her from Riverclan and left her with one last threat on her life and her kits' lives if she ever told the truth of what happened to Palefang and Newtstar. Minkstar gave Furypelt a day to leave Riverclan territory.

Furypelt spent part of that day laying Palefang to rest in the river and begging Starclan to accept his spirit, despite his misguided life. She then set out on her great odyssey across the Clan Territories. Hoping to find refuge with Shadowclan at first, she briefly was granted succor before Shadowclan was struck with a sudden lack of prey. Driving out the outsider and pregnant queen first, Furypelt was forced into the arms of Thunderclan, who found her mewling at their gate, in the middle of labor and about to give birth to her kits. Bringing her into the Nursery, the clan listened as two kits were brought into the world, one tabby like their father's back and their grandfather, and one whiter than the snows high in the mountains.

Thus Shadepaw and his sister Bearpaw were brought into this world. Furypelt had suffered long and hard on her journey with them and through life in general, and after appealing to Wolfstar for permanant refuge for her and her kits, she was granted status as a queen. The kits for their part turned out to be a ying and yang pairing, with Bearpaw turning out to be a energetic and playful cat, while Shadepaw was an observant and often quiet kitten who preferred to patiently stalk and outwait his sister when the pair played with each other. It also became clear early on that the pair were going to be large, even among clan cats. They had a typical time in the nursery, until the day the pair were made into apprentices and began their warrior training.

Skills: Hunting- Shadepaw has demonstrated a particular knack for hunting smaller ground animals while also displaying the Riverclan talent for fishing.

Fighting- Moreso however, Shadepaw is a prodigy when it comes to combat, easily defeating the other apprentices his age with both patience and brute strength when it becomes neccesary.

Personality: Stoic might be one word used to describe Shadepaw. He has always been uncharacteristically patient and watchful for a younger tom, often preferring to wait for his prey to come to him than to actively stalk it. While the casual observer may note this as laziness, a more astute glance would notice that it is more cunning, due to Shadepaw's assumptions based off what he knows of his target. While some may also assume this means that he is quiet, that's not the case. The apprentice seems to enjoy conversation and socialization, even if he is somewhat soft spoken. Finally, a side of Shadepaw that only his mother has ever really taken note of is that he has a vicious streak to him when he gets angry.

- Furypelt (Mother)
- Bearpaw (Sister, Close friend)
- Minkstar (Grandfather, Enemy No. 1, Boogeycat)
- Moleclaw (Mentor)
Likes: Fish, the lake, and the lights from the Sky Path
Dislikes: Squirrels and Moles, Bright light, Cowardice

Greatest Fear: Minkstar

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 5:22 pm
by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Also need a mentor for Shadepaw, if anyone wants to do that.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:31 pm
by Turmenista
The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune wrote:Name: Shadepaw

Looks good, I'll go ahead and accept it. As for a mentor, I could probably get an NPC to be yours.

Archive of accepted characters will be up soon.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:04 pm
by The Frozen Forest
Turmenista wrote:
The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune wrote:Name: Shadepaw

Looks good, I'll go ahead and accept it. As for a mentor, I could probably get an NPC to be yours.

Archive of accepted characters will be up soon.

If Anarcho and yourself are alright with it, might i offer up Moleclaw as Shadepaw's mentor? I can make a few edits to my APP regarding it if so. I think it would be interesting for a Maine Coon mix to train another Main Coon mix.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:06 pm
by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
The Frozen Forest wrote:
Turmenista wrote:
Looks good, I'll go ahead and accept it. As for a mentor, I could probably get an NPC to be yours.

Archive of accepted characters will be up soon.

If Anarcho and yourself are alright with it, might i offer up Moleclaw as Shadepaw's mentor? I can make a few edits to my APP regarding it if so. I think it would be interesting for a Maine Coon mix to train another Main Coon mix.

I am all right with that.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:18 pm
by Turmenista
The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune wrote:
The Frozen Forest wrote:If Anarcho and yourself are alright with it, might i offer up Moleclaw as Shadepaw's mentor? I can make a few edits to my APP regarding it if so. I think it would be interesting for a Maine Coon mix to train another Main Coon mix.

I am all right with that.

Noted. I'll get that down when we do lists of characters.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:03 pm
by Absolon-7
Absolon-7 wrote:Barkboi

App is done! Hurrah!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:40 pm
by Turmenista
Absolon-7 wrote:Barkboi

Good work! Co-OP privilege means it's already accepted I guess lol

I'm still working on my apps, and the list of current cats for the archive.

Skylus wrote:Name: Goldenpaw

Since we've already talked about this over the discord, and since you've helped out a ton, I'll accept it.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:00 am
by Skylus
Turmenista wrote:
Absolon-7 wrote:Barkboi

Good work! Co-OP privilege means it's already accepted I guess lol

I'm still working on my apps, and the list of current cats for the archive.

Skylus wrote:Name: Goldenpaw

Since we've already talked about this over the discord, and since you've helped out a ton, I'll accept it.


PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:52 pm
by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Edited Moleclaw into Shadepaw's relationships

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:52 pm
by Turmenista
We’ve got an archive up now, but read the disclaimer up top.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:59 pm
by Turmenista
The IC should be coming up later this week if we're all on board.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:28 pm
by Absolon-7
Turmenista wrote:The IC should be coming up later this week if we're all on board.

As Co-OP, can confirm im on board nods

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:50 pm
by The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune
Turmenista wrote:The IC should be coming up later this week if we're all on board.