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Washington 2017: The U.S. Political RP [CLOSED] OOC Pt. XI

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by Prolieum

The US Political RP

"Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve."
George Bernard Shaw

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Plunging ever onward, the Great Game in the corridors of power continues, pieces and players making their gambits with boldness or caution, seeking to advance, seeking to win, and always in the struggle to stay one step ahead.

Fractures creep across even the smoothest panes, as parties and alliances see shatterpoints pressed from within and without, fighting to choose their way and make it, facing not only their ideological and partisan opponents, but the struggles for power within their own ranks. An administration must choose its path between warring factions, a resistance must decide who will lead them, and for the men and women of Washington, every affiliation and every choice will echo in its consequences.

Fortunes will be made, fortunes will be lost, and the fate of the nation will be changed. New players will rise, to replace the old-or tear them down from their heights. The fields are fertile for harvest-and each will reap what they sow.

Join, as Senator or Representative, as Governor, or Mayor, as pundit, or secretary, all are welcome who are willing to play the game. Fight for your ideals against corruption, fight for party against all opposition-or fight for your own power before all, in the endless game of Washington.

The application lies below, to write yourself into the tangled webs in the halls of power-and to write yourself into history. You can be remembered-or forgotten, drowned in the currents of time. The only one who can decide you.

History awaits. It is time to write it.


1- OP is Lord and the Co-OP's are the princes. Their word is law. Follow it.
2- No RL characters Or at least no celebrities. There is no Donald Trump here. On this note, RL politicians post-Reagan do not exist, or have been replaced with generic stand-ins: those spots are yours to fill. Records and history are the same, including statistics, save in the places where player-characters have brought about a change.
3- Post when you can-warn us if you can't. A post per week is a good minimum standard, but we understand that real-life gets in the way. If you plan to leave, or you will be offline for some time, especially if you are interacting with someone, please try to let us know.
4-Make some IC effort. We are more lenient than most, here, but do try to put some effort into your IC posts. Try to keep one-liners to a minimum, though they are fine if in a conversation.
5- Respect your fellow players. Play nice. If you don't have friends, you won't have fun.
6- No Sue/flawless/perfect characters Give them some flaws. No one has fun when everyone is perfect. Everyone wants to be a young, tall, strong, charismatic superman. We'd like a little more depth than that.
-6a A "wealth cap" is in place of one billion dollars in net worth. A 'soft cap' exists at one hundred million dollars in net worth, this can be exceeded in an application, but is strongly advised against, and may be denied.
-6b "Self-insert" characters should be avoided. Roleplaying is an opportunity to go beyond oneself via a character, making one who matches all or nearly all of your political views is discouraged.
7-No cheat-edits Once you've made an IC post, leave it. Tweaks to formatting are all right, but don't try to change what you've already put down, especially if it has already been responded to. If your character said it in public, it must stay.
8- If you are not sure if something is legal, ask OOC first. Always better to check-and there is limited leniency for things that are obviously bad.
9-No assassination attempts. You can probably look for a loophole there-don't. In essence, no use of extreme physical force against another player, or anything like poison. If you and another both agree, contact an OP, and it will be discussed-unilateral action is strictly forbidden.
-9 a. Allegations of sexual assault are now covered by this rule. They can still be made, but require OP approval.
10-No research in closed situations-For the short version-no search engines in debates. You can do all the research you like in preparation, but while a debate is going on, no citing of outside resources is permitted. This is on the honor system-but if you start spouting off statistics to the fifth decimal place, we'll probably catch on. In short, when you're in a situation where your character can't be looking things up, you can't either. If you're not sure-ask an OP.
11-No spite characters. You may hate Democrats, and want to make a Senator who will have scandals on them-don't. Complex characters are fine, but having your character actively sabotage their own party/demographic out-of-character is forbidden.
12-No metagaming. This takes two forms-first, using OOC knowledge that you have but your character could not in the IC, and second, attempting to "engineer" a character specifically to do something in relation to specific aspects of another character or a situation. Hiccups aside, keep OOC and IC separate. Similarly
13-Keep OOC comments out of the IC. We have a whole thread set aside just for that reason. Putting and leaving OOC comments in parenthesis degrades the quality of the RP, wholly OOC posts in the IC are right out. Bring up any issues in the OOC, or TG the OP.
14-PG-13. The site has a PG-13 rule, and we follow it. Swearing is acceptable in-character, but do your best not to make a habit of it, and censor the harder language if you can. Explicit sexual reference are prohibited-if that ever becomes necessary, use euphemisms. The same holds true for gore.
15-Leaving the Roleplay. Due to the nature of the Washington roleplay, significant politicians are not easily replaceable if their player leaves. Should you depart from the roleplay unexpectedly, your character may be used for the purposes of the roleplay, ranging from simulated votes to allowing another player temporary control. By applying for a character, you accept this potential relinquishing of the character. Should a player return, priority is giving to returning the character to their control.
16- Have fun! Misery is illegal.


On "Hotshots" or "Movie Stars"

In this roleplay there has been a tendency for players, especially newcomers, to gravitate towards a certain kind of character, dubbed "hotshots", with several traits typically in common: An extremely young, often fiery, successful, tall and attractive politician, with excellent charisma and skills, often winning in a district or state that their party typically loses in, and possessing an inspiring backstory, with their 'weaknesses' being stubbornness, unwillingness to follow the rules, and generally being an anti-establishment rebel type. Oftentimes as well, their views may be a self-insert of your own.

While such a character makes an excellent movie star, less so in a roleplay based off of the realities of Washington. Few thirty-year old Senators built like football players and models are running about, and only so many anti-establishment characters can exist before the 'establishment' becomes a minority.

The recommendation is for new players to consider expanding their horizons instead of looking for a "movie star" "hotshot" character type, consider making a character who holds different views than you, who has definite weaknesses, older, establishment-perhaps more skilled in experience, or other ways.

Everyone wants to be the young prodigy, but it is a better roleplay experience for all, including yourself, to seek some diversity.

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[b]Character Information Sheet[/b]

NS Nation Name:
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Age:
Character Height:
Character Weight:
Character Position/Role/Job:
Appearance: (Photo preferred, not required)
Character State of Origin:
Character State of Residence:
Character Party Affiliation:
Main Strengths:
Main Weaknesses:
Biography: (Minimum 2-3 paragraphs)
Other Info:

[u]I have read and accept the rules of the roleplay:[/u] (Your Nation's Name Here)

Do Not Remove: 84721

Character Maps
(Stars map player-held seats. Others are open for application, and can change in party from their marked color)



Character Roster

Executive Branch
Republican Party

President Calvin Reed-Montana Prolieum

First Lady Aubrey Reed-Québec Prolieum

Vice President Buck Havich-Connecticut Tumblrena

White House Chief of Staff Simon Denisevich Sanabel

Reed Campaign Communications Director Coby Clement United Kolumbia

Secretary of State Abelard Bell Prolieum

Secretary of Energy Appointee Trent Wright Rooimervania

Secretary of the Treasury Appointee Emma Bellefontaine-Thibodeaux Transoxthraxia

Ambassador to Russia Appointee Edgar Jeffries Canton Empire

Secretary of Transportation Emmit Serrano Vaquas

Deputy Attorney General Austin Miller The Archipelago Territory

Democratic Party

Secretary of Defense Appointee Bill Rodham Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Attorney General Alicia Florrick The Galactic Triumvirate

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Donald Overstein Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Progressive Party

Other Parties/Independents

Secretary of Homeland Security Eric Wojtalewicz The Central Shadow Nation

Secretary of Commerce Appointee Jeremy Beaumont Federal States of Xathuecia

United Kingdom Ambassador to the United States Sir Alexander Tigros Tobiasia

Legislative Branch
Republican Party


Matteos Egazarian-Rhode Island The Portland Territory

Helena Locklear-Alaska Vaquas

Jack Scalise-Missouri The Jaclean Empire

Troy Wilson-Wyoming The Orion Islands

Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Republican Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña-New Mexico Tumblrena

Majority Leader Joanne Winslow-Montana Alozia

Lavonne Sunshine-Nevada United City States of Oceania

Ryan Carter-Ohio Chewion

Zachary Fowler-Vermont Dentali

Peter Amaras-Iowa Prolieum

Sam MacGareth-Hawaii Tumblrena

Diane Lane-Wisconsin Uttland

Tanya Von Degurechaff-Arkansas Freed Lymonia

Phillip Prejean-Louisiana Imperial Esplanade

Daniel Schoessler-Idaho Flecatya

Alexander Breckenridge-Massachusetts Vaquas

Alois Kramer-Alabama Greater Arab State

Lucas Wyman-New Hampshire Van Riebeeck Land

Donald Williamson-Texas The United Arthenian Federation

Leopold Hunter-Maine Romic

Archibald William Leonidas FitzWilliam IV-South Carolina Republic of Coldwater

Noah Jefferson Ashe-North Carolina Kannap


William Mullins-Tennessee Jovuistan

Speaker of the House Robert Eberhardt-South Dakota Prolieum

Majority Leader Derek Mallens-Washington United Cadia

Israel S. Cassierer-North Carolina The Unified Isles

Brian Benson-Texas Futrellia

Tom Johnson-Missouri Acumenian Empire

Richard Torres-New York Uttland

Steve Dole-New Jersey Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Jesse Marril-Wisconsin Abazhaka

Majority Whip Richard Parssons Pantorrum

Brandon Kiser-Ohio Chewion

Ezra Collier-Arizona Forest State

William Brennan-Connecticut Vaspir

Jason Pross-West Virginia Miloscia

Matthew Jackson-North Carolina Anderhold

Julius Walsh-Michigan Vaquas

Blake White Jr.-Illinois The United Arthenian Federation

John Paul McMurdoc-Georgia Canton Empire

Michael Emberton-Kentucky Dentali

Fred Granden-Kansas Panira

Glen Anderson-Pennsylvania Dentali

Amelia Yang-Oregon Vaquas

Kristen Stevenson-Massachusetts Tallahassee News Station

Democratic Party


Edgar Brankers-Washington Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

DSCC Chair Paul Clark-New Jersey The Fair Republic

Anthony Conti-Maryland Argentarino

Minority Leader Stacey Allison-Oregon Tallahassee News Station

Joe Darnell-Washington Meelducan

Kathleen MacKay-Pennsylvania Great Franconia and Verana

Chelsea Medina-Georgia Korea of the South

Mark Ruln-Minnesota Red Party

Thomas Brady-Illinois Sarenium

Harold Parks-Delaware Pantorrum

Julie Alexander-Delaware Neiree

Paul Richter-Minnesota Tehrangeles


Theodore Stone-California Frejo

Donald Johnson-California Communist Patagonia

Minority Leader Antonio Vincente De Nieto-California Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Jed Roh-California Insaeldor

Rodney Johnson-New York Sanabel

Emanuel James-New York Terrelis

Henry Caldwell-Massachusetts Alozia

Minority Whip James Rhodes-Maryland Uttland

DCCC Chair Jared O’Leary-Illinois Tallahassee News Station

Eleanor McCrosky-New York Federal States of Xathuecia

Nicole Smith-Illinois Velahor

Blair Barnum-Iowa North Dajao

Jason Samara-Massachusetts Dentali

Jack Washington-Texas Cocoa Nation

Claudia Naoko-Hawaii Van Hool Islands

Geoffrey Abel-Indiana Yadram

James Prazek-Maine The Free Territory of Makhnovia

Albert Fransworth-Virginia Latvijas Otra Republika

Lee Appleby-Michigan Prolieum

Pyotr Torenov-New York Amuaplye

Progressive Party

Ella Enchanted-Ohio Tumblrena

John Kingston-Maine Alozia

Marc Hadid-New Hampshire New Tuva SSR

Reginaldo Alphonsey-California Sanabel


Melvin Freeman-Massachusetts Imperial Esplanade

Martin Taylor-Washington The World Capitalist Confederation

Other Parties/Independents


Zipporah Hazelelponi-No Caucus-Florida Prolieum

Demetrius Chandler-No Caucus-Pennsylvania Tallahassee News Station


State+Local Politicians
Republican Party


Gerald Drumpf-Georgia Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Fredrick Williams-Mississippi Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Francis Dudley-Arizona Rygondria

Thaddeus Stevens-South Carolina Tallahassee News Station

Julie Mondale-Ohio Federal States of Xathuecia

Trent Wright-North Carolina Rooimervania

Brandon Kiser-Texas Chewion

Harold Faulkner-Tennessee Imperial Esplanade

Mark Sawyer-Idaho Imperial Idaho

Daniel Wallace-Connecticut Canton Empire

Augustus Sinclair-West Virginia Sanabel

Dakota Hayward-Iowa Sacara


Parish President Luke Stanwell- St. John The Baptist Parish Louisiana Kulonia

Taylor Cox-Los Angeles Main Nation Ministry

Legislators and Other

Illinois State Senator Quincy Morris Schiltzberg

Colorado State Senator Jane Martinez Dentali

King County District Attorney Connor Gorden Steele Martune

Democratic Party


Ray Ramirez-California Great Franconia and Verana

Esperanza Huerta-Florida Tallahassee News Station

Irina Kuznetsov-New Hampshire Prolieum

Claudia Patton-Maine Vaquas

Jose Aleravez-New Mexico ThePenguinLand

Jared Brantley-Pennsylvania Granluras

Dayton Prince-Salt Lake City Keskovonia

Carter "Old Dan" Schmidt-Derby Uttland

Joh Stansky-Trenton Puertollano

Legislators and Other

Iowa Attorney General Alexander Valencia Federal States of Xathuecia

Brooklyn City Council Chairman Kenneth Lockett III United Christian

Lake County State Attorney Susan Mayfield Uttland

Minnesota State Senate Minority Leader Elizabeth Faulhaber Kulunja

Progressive Party

William Denver-Colorado Vaquas

William Hughes-Michigan Alouite

Benjamin Jackson-Illinois United City States of Oceania

Thomas Fairley-Oregon Imperial Esplanade

Jacob Bellinger-Frank-Washington Tumblrena

Ellen Walton-Seattle Tumblrena

Legislators and Other
Washington State Senator Annalise Monroe Terrelis

Maryland State Representative Ronald Dillinger Vaquas

New York City Councilwoman Casondra Torrisi Velahor

Other Parties/Independents

Jim Justice-Minnesota (Minnesota Independence Party) Tumblrena

Doug Stephens-Montana (Libertarian Party) Velahor

Brandt Schniderhouser-Arkansas (Vanguard Party) Zelent


Ferdinand Simpson-Miami (Libertarian Party)KingFerdinand1

Jackson Durman-Dallas (Independent) The Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune

Legislators and Other

Arkansas Attorney General Joe Steele (Independent) Waztaskio

Non-Office-Holding Politicians
Republican Party

Ex-Senator Trevor Mills-Washington Arcadia

Ex-Senator Scott Jackson-New Hampshire The Enclave Government

Ex-Senator Thomas Nilap-Alaska Meelducan

Ex-Senator Eric Gonzalez-California Bolovia

Ex-Governor Quay Manuel-Ohio Chewion

Ex-Representative Johnathon Carter Fox-California Columbya

Retired Basketball Hall of Famer Carter Roberts-Connecticut Velahor

Ex-Secretary of State Jay Garestaer-Alaska Krugeristan

Ex-President Gene Eric-Oklahoma Prolieum

Podcast Host Lenny Lotto-New York Latvijas Otra Republika

Albano & Co. President Louis Frederic Albano-New York Uttland

Ex-Governor Thomas Stevenson-Massachusetts Sanabel

Democratic Party

Reverend Ebeneezer Bello-North Carolina Tallahassee News Station

Ex-Senator Marcus Green-Hawaii Canton Empire

Ex-Senator Leanne Harper-Illinois Great Franconia and Verana

Ex-Senator Alexander Maxwell-Maryland Tectonix

Ex-Senator Gianna Carrollton-Ohio Imperial Esplanade

Ex-President Albert Winston-California Federal States of Xathuecia (Deceased)

Ex-Vice President Matthew Fitzgerald-Georgia Terrelis

Ex-Ambassador Sadan Chaudhari Singh-Connecticut Vaquas

Ex-Representative Elliot Adkins-West Virginia Uttland

Ex-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alexander Wright-Canton Empire

Ex-Attorney General John Capulet-Canton Empire

DNC Deputy Chair Micheal Harrison-Dentai

Ex-Representative Moses Clearwater-Virginia Sanabel

Ex-Mayor Paola Valentina-Texas Korea of the South

Ex-Senator Josephine Stafford-MichiganFederal States of Xathuecia

DNC Chair Norris Vilseck-Pennsylvania Tallahassee News Station

Progressive Party

Party Organizer Noémie Thatcher Federal States of Xathuecia

Talk Show Host and Ev-Governor Scotty Marlowe-California Federal States of Xathuecia

Huffington Post Columnist Samantha Soberman-Connecticut Vaquas

Author Patricia Waterfield-New York Puertollano

Libertarian Party

Ex-Representative Gerald Breckenridge-Wisconsin The Portland Territory

Ex-Representative Johnathon Orange-Florida The Danish Confederacy

Ex-Mayor Victoria DeLucca-Arizona Uttland

CEO Cassandra Arumb Federal States of Xathuecia

Ex-Mayor Sherman Paulson-Florida Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Ex-Governor Martin Longwood-North Dakota Sanabel

Other Parties/Independents

Liberty Party Chair+Truth Revolution Head Anita Flores-California Tallahassee News Station

Independent Ex-Senator Ulysses Johnson-Iowa Uttland

Fascist Party USA Head Fritz Schönwler Polvamaa

National Socialist Movement Activist Alexander Montalbano Kash Island

Independent Ex-Secretary of the Treasury Louis Reynolds IV-Imperial Esplanade

Constitution Party Coal Mine Supervisor Fred Douglass Jr. Vaquas


Media Personality Mila Argyros Forest State

Poll Analyst Al Shapiro The Boras

Cult Leader Victor Bates Main Nation Ministry (Deceased)

Polish Ambassador to the United States Wiesława Stojanowá Greater Slavic Union

British Ambassador to the United States Sir Alexander Tigros Tobiasia

Unknown Hacker "GreyMoriCry6" Main Nation Ministry

Washington Times Executive Editor Dmitri Crane Vicar Synaspic

Arms Manufacturer Frederick Heedrisburg Martune (Deceased)

Actor/Philanthropist Angel Lazaro Terrelis

Radio Host Ken "Capital" Capistrano Velahor

Northeast Herald Reporter Casha Austin Forest State

Pharmaco Owner Herschel Putsch Nea Byzantia

Unemployed Man Hugo Blyth Zarzadon

Ex-Principle Deputy Director of National Intelligence Allen Fitch Pantorrum

Passed Legislation

Signed by President Albert Winston

1. Women's Alternative Choices Act
Introduced by Democratic Senator and Vice-Presidential Nominee Gianna Carrollton. Strips federal funding from, and bars federal funding of, any organization providing abortions. Places safety regulations on abortion clinics. Authorizes increased subsidies to non-abortive healthcare. Passed over filibuster with support of Carrollton Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Vetoed, amended, then signed into law.

2. Safely Neutering Illegal Persons Act
Introduced by Republican Senator and now-Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña. Authorizes use of chemical castration of convicted rapists in federal jurisdictions. Strong opposition and conflict from Democratic factions, including out-of-Congress debates and attacks. Passed with largely Republican, some Democratic support. Signed into law.

3. Second Amendment Originality Defense Act
Introduced by Republican Senator and now-Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña. Clarifies and modifies various rules pertaining to regulation on antique firearms. Passed Congress with nigh-unanimous support, signed into law.

4. Restoring Local Authority to Services Act
Introduced by Republican Speaker Robert Eberhardt, on the request of Democratic Governor, and Presidentical candidate Robert Danders. Grants full authority over taxation, revenue, and qualifications for mandatory government entitlement programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, from the federal government to the individual states, for benefits/revenue/taxation accrued within that state. Passed with broad bipartisan support.

5. American's Safety Act
Introduced by Republican Senator Jack Scalise. Amended extensively by the Senate, and more extensively by the House, changed significantly from its original wording. Recommends that refugees only be allowed into the United States after extensive vetting, and recommends the creation of safe havens in Syria for displaced persons. Passed with general bipartisan support.

6. Dignifying and Edifying Female Accomplishments in Currency for Extended Duration
Introduced by Republican Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña. Replaces Franklin Roosevelt with Susan B. Anthony on the ten-cent coin, and replaces Andrew Jackson with Harriett Tubman on the $20 bill. Resulted in significant opposition in the Senate, including a physical attack on Senator Villanueva de Peña. Passed with Republican support over Democratic opposition, Independents split. Passed the House under Republican support more smoothly. Signed into law after pressure.

7. Taylor Force Act
Introduced by Senator Alexander Breckenridge, Independent of Republican caucus, written to deny foreign aid to Palestinian territories if certain conditions regarding violence against Israeli citizens were not met. Amended significantly to create a series of criteria imposing certain requirements on foreign aid from the United States to any country. Passed both House and Senate with significant majorities, some objections. Signed into law without comment.

8. Budget Act of 2017
Introduced by Representative Brandon Kiser, first-term Republican from Ohio, after being negotiating outside of the chamber by leading party members. Imposed an across-the-board 5% cut to discretionary funding, and created two executive funds of $250 billion dollars in total each for the construction of infrastructure, and the carrying out of combat operations against the Islamic State. Faced opposition in the House, though passed with significant majorities, faced disorganized opposition in the Senate, similarly passed. Signed into law without comment.

Passed without Signature (114th Congress)
1. Sexual Assault Categorization Act
Introduced by Republican Speaker of the House Robert Eberhardt. Recategorizes sexual assault crimes into a four-tier system of rape for criminal and sentencing purposes based on attributes of the crime. Passed with general bipartisan support. Ten days without signature from the President while Congress was in session resulted in it passing without his signature.

2. Declaration of War against the Islamic State
Introduced by then-Representative Robert Eberhardt. Passed the House of Representatives early, was delayed repeatedly in the Senate for several months until passage with primarily Republican, but present bipartisan support, immediately following the General Election.

Signed by President Calvin Reed

Introduced by Republican Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña. Forbids sexual reassignment surgery on minors beneath the age of consent in the state in which the surgery would take place, with punishments imposed on doctors who did so. Passed the Senate by near-acclamation, faced partial Democratic opposition in the House, and signed into law on January 31, 2017.

2. Bill to Provide for Conjugal Familial Visits under Federal Jurisdiction
Introduced by Republican Representative Anna Rossi. Provided for conjugal visits for prisoners in federal prisons at the discretion of prison wardens. Faced significant debate over details in the House, particularly conjugal visits for those imprisoned for especially heinous offenses. Passed narrowly after several amendments and amendment efforts on a split-party vote. Amended in the Senate, and returned to the House for a less narrow passage. Signed into law on January 31, 2017.

3.Rectify Dudley's Disservice Act
Introduced by Republican Representative Amelia Yang, along with co-sponsor Majority Whip Richard Parsons in the House, and Republican Senator Sam McGareth in the Senate. Imposed a tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels, with the stated purpose of breaking the 'Dudley strike'. Faced significant contention and aggressive questioning in the House, securing passage despite Republican defections. Faced a similarly aggressive series of questioning and debate in the Senate, with a more positive ultimate result. Several amending efforts failed. Passed by broad tripartisan majority. Signed into law on January 31, 2017.

4. American Right to Bear Arms Act
Introduced by Republican Speaker of the House Robert Eberhardt, along with Democratic Representative Donald Johnson,
in the House, and by Republican Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña in the Senate. Contained a number of provisions loosening federal restrictions on firearms, as well as the creation of a tax credit for firearm owners, the lowering of federal taxes on firearms, a nondiscrimination clause in the provision of firearm permits, the expansion of background checks on registered sex offenders, and other provisions. Passed the House with a near party-line vote, and filibustered in the Senate by Progressive Reginaldo Alphonsey. Cloture invoked and the bill passed with near all Republican and a significant minority of Democratic, with no Progressive, votes for ultimate passage by a fairly broad margin. Signed into law on February 7th, 2017.

5. Resolution Honoring the Memory of the Orlando Nightclub Terrorist Attack Victims
Introduced by Republican Senator Zachary Fowler. A resolution honoring victims and responders involved in the Pulse Nightclub shooting, it passed both chambers unanimously. Signed by the President on February 8th, 2017.

6. Education Equality, Fairness, Nondiscrimination and Equal Treatment Act
Introduced by Republican Senator Peter Amaras. The bill, relating to the teaching of evolution and intelligent design in public schools, was significantly amended upon reaching the House after a narrow and contested passage through the Senate. The bill required "Academic Freedom" protections, including protections from firing for teachers or institution which taught Intelligent Design or young-earth theories, for schools and states to receive federal funding. Contested and passed by narrow vote, signed by the President on February 27th, 2017.

7. Combating Racism, Eugenics, and Sexism in Terminations
Introduced by Republican Majority Whip María Antonieta Arroyo Villanueva de Peña. A bill barring abortions on the basis of sex, race, or certain disabilities, including Down Syndrome. Passed the Senate by broad majority. The subject of protest in the House, as Democratic Representatives organized a walkout in protest of the bill, and was subsequently passed by a broad majority in the reduced chamber. Signed by the President on March 10, 2017

RP Primer-Helpful Reading Before Joining

The Washington Roleplay takes place in an America much the same as our own. There are no Nazis in the High Castle, or any dramatic reorganization of government or alternate history. It has, however, changed somewhat from the current state of present politics from the roleplay through the 2016 election, and this should provide a useful primer on the major shifts.

The 2016 election was won by the Republican Party, as in real life. The new President, Calvin Reed, differs significantly from Donald Trump in some areas, and is similar in others. A former MLB pitcher, Reed was criticized for inexperience, youth, and unreadiness for the job, but was typically looked favorably upon as a fresh face, outside of a corrupt system, and well-regarded for a clean personal life and philanthropy. He is generally considered to be socially conservative, and economically more center-right, with an emphasis on balanced budgets, with an environmentalist trend. He has been fairly popular in his first months in office, but has been plagued with conflicts with several members of his own party.

The 2016 Republican primaries
Differ from the real-life primaries mostly through the fate of "populism" and protectionism. Reed defeated Senators Egazarian and Gonzalez in the primaries, both self-identified populists who promoted heavily protectionist policy. While the Trump shift brought protectionism more into vogue within the GOP, the Reed victory signalled something of a putting-down of the ideology from the Republican mainstream, though it still certainly exists. The form of the election shifted from a three-way race to a Reed lead, and an attempted effort by Egazarian and Gonzalez to remain in the race until the convention, despite being mathmatically eliminated, in order to force a contested convention, resulting in Republican criticism. The effort proved unsuccessful, and Egazarian would drop out before the convention, where Reed was nominated without controversy.

The 2016 Democratic primaries
The Democratic primaries were contested by a much larger field, and much more closely, than in real life, scandals and pitfalls preventing any candidate from pulling ahead. Governor Kuznetsov of New Hamsphire was considered the likely nominee before having a stroke, and later making a controversial anti-LGBT statement. Senator Carrollton of Ohio was the alternative likely victory, but drew significant ire for her part in the WAC debacle. Mayor Beaumont of New York would eventually drop out from third place to launch an independent bid, which later folded, after controversy of his own. Fifth-place finisher Kailen Murray of Indiana would drop out and then reenter the race, before ultimately defecting to the Progressive Party. Senator Anthony Conti of Maryland joined the race in the final weeks, but after controversial statements alienated most of the party and electorate beyond the far-left wing.

As no candidate received a majority of delegates, the DNC was a contested convention. Kuznetsov was considered to be the frontrunner before collapsing on-stage during a speech at the convention. Kuznetsov was rushed to a hosptial, and would endorse Carrollton in her absence. Carrolton, however, along with Conti, and President Winston, would negotiate behind closed doors a plan to have the nomination fall to Robert Danders, the fourth-place finisher, a liberal Governor of Vermont. On returning to the stage, Carrollton and Conti both gave speeches endorsing Danders, while President Winston, among others, negotiated support back-stage. Govenror Kuznetsov would object, and receive a plurality of delegates on the second ballot, but by the seventh ballot, Danders was nominated. Danders nominated Carrollton to be his Vice President, eliciting controversy, Carrollton being seen as the most conservative of the candidates by a broad margin, controversially on abortion, and Danders the most liberal, save Conti. The nomination fight over Carrollton lasted through the weekend, until she was ultimately narrowly confirmed by balloting, prompting a walk-out of several left-wing delegates led by Governor Vilseck of Pennsylvania.

Following the DNC, Governor Huerta of Florida announced she would not endorse the Democratic candidate as a result of the DNC, while others, including Senators Hazelelponi of Florida and Kingston of Maine, left the Democratic Caucus.

President Winston
President Winston was the Democratic President from 2008-2016, replacing Barack Obama, who, is absent from the roleplay as part of the no real-life figures policy. Winston was the Mayor of Los Angeles and a Senator of California before election, and an actor before his political career, and was the youngest President elected. Winston's career through to the start of 2016 was similar to Obama's, with minor differences in the ACA online rollout going over much more smoothly, and diplomatic affairs progressing more rockily. In 2016, Winston's role in the WAC debacle was controversial, detailed further below. Revelations in the spring that the NSA was being used to spy on Republican politicians led to a scandal, and threats of impeachment, not followed through on. Winston would draw further controversy for a forcible ejection of Turkey from NATO and controversial actions of Secretary of State Jay Garestaer. The recession economy continued to reduce Winston's approval rating, which fell further after the vetoing of several broadly passed bipartisan bills, and attempts to grant himself additional powers and pass legislation via executive order, leading to his approval rating falling below ten percent by fall. Shortly after the election, it was revealed that Winston forcibly transferred refugees from Turkey to the Turkish government in a "prisoner exchange" for the return of Secretary of State Garestaer, who was in asylum in Turkey. The revelation of the information led to the impeachment and conviction of the President, and ultimately his taking of his own life.

WAC Debacle
The "Women's Affordable Choices" bill, or WAC was a hotly contested piece of legislation with far-reaching effects. Senator Carrollton, a pro-life Democrat, was accused by Mayor Beaumont in a primary debate of not doing enough for women, leading to the bill's introduction. The bill, in short, barred federal funding from Planned Parenthood, while increasing funding to other women's health centers. Carrollton led an effort, successfully managing to bring together a handful of other Democratic Senators to add onto the Republican majority in the Senate to overcome a filibuster, leading to the bill being passed by the Republican House. President Winston vetoed the bill, and became involved in an active feud involing personal insults with Senator MacKay of Pennsyvalnia, one of the Democrats who joined onto the bill. The Democratic party's internal feud was exacerbated by a failed "Democratic Unity Event" and Republican politicking, and Winston made the controversial agreement to sign the bill if it reached his desk for the sake of party unity. The bill was amended in the House to include medical regulations on abortion providers, and again narrowly overcame a filibuster in the Senate, to be signed by the President. The regulations and loss of funding did severe harm to Planned Parenthood, leading to the closures of many clinics, though some states managed to provide funds at the state level, and damaged Carrollton's campaign, with heavy criticism from more left-wing Democrats. Most significantly, however, the bill proved a lightning rod for the Green Party, providing their nominee, billionaire Ellen Walton, a toehold among a contested Democratic field with the perceived lack of pro-choice credentials among the party, with some Democrats crossing party lines to bolster her candidacy.

2016 Election
The 2016 Election proved to be a Republican wave election. Governor Danders, coming from a controversial DNC, alienated several portions of his base, promising subsidies to coal in an attempted populist turn, changing positions on abortion and healthcare several times, tying himself in scandal with false statements about past statements of his, and sparking a minor international incident with a meeting with the President of Taiwan, and threats to use nuclear force against China if necessary. Hampered by a severe lack of funds due to a swearing-off of PACs and large campaign donations, Danders would narrowly fail to make the first Presidential debate, and would de facto suspend his campaign from that point forward.

Ellen Walton of the Green Party, formally rebranded as the Progressive Party, received a number of Democratic defectors to bolster the party ranks, and outspent both other candidates from her personal wealth, focusing heavily on national TV advertisements in her campaign, and making both Presidential debates, while accusing Danders of splitting the vote.

The end result was a sweeping victory for Calvin Reed, obtaining slightly over sixty percent of the popular vote, while Walton broke the third-party vote record by exceeding thirty percent, while Danders, who had essentially conceded his campaign well before Election Day, received under ten percent, and no electoral votes. Vote-splitting allowed for Reed to win a number of plurality victories in states in which the combined Walton-Danders total exceeded his, including California.

On the Congressional level, the year proved a red wave, off of the massive unpopularity of President Winston, the negative coattails of Govenror Danders, and vote-splitting, leading to major Republican gains in House and Senate.

Recession and Dudley Strike
In July of 2016, a controversial and reckless move by Japanese authorities to raise interest rates dramatically caused the crash of their stock market, and, by ripple effects, a global economic downturn. The crash was exacerbated in the United States by the near-simulatenous "Dudley Strike" of oil producers, led by Francis Dudley and soon coming to encompass oil workers and corproations nationwide, in protest of excessive regulation, driivng gasoline prices over $5 per gallon. President Winston refused negotiation with the strikers, and attempted to address the recession via executive order, both unsuccessfully. The recession, though less severe than the Great Recession, continued into the new Presidency, when the Dudley Strike, having largely exhausted itself, was broken after failed negotiations by the passage of a carbon tax, pushing strikers back to work, and dropping fuel prices, though above pre-strike levels. The Dow Jones has been slowly rising, but employment and other economic gains are only just beginning to show signs of the recovery, the recession still present.

Supreme Court
The Supreme Court suffered two deaths in 2016, that of Scalia, as in real life, and the unexpected death of Kagan shortly before the election, an "October Surprise." Scalia's seat was filled by a conservative justice confirmed by the Republican Senate, the equivalent of Jennifer Elrod. The nomination for Kagan's seat was a failure, as the nominee, a young Congresswoman from Indiana, Anna Rossi, was accused of using racial slurs in college, which she denied, before breaking down under intense questioning in a special hearing and withdrawing her own nomination.

National March for Equality Assault

On March 3, 2017, a pro-LGBT "National March for Equality" was held before the White House in Washington D.C., a hastily-organized protest against a recent executive order by President Reed repealing discrimination protections for gender identity in federal employment, and sexual orientation in federal contracting. Majority Whip Villanueva de Peña was challenged to address the crowd at the event by Rep. Smith, a speaker there, but passing through the crowd without a security escort, was attacked by rally-goers, including a group of black-masked men, and severely beaten before Capitol Police arrived. The Whip would fall into a coma, the event immediately becoming a political flashpoint.

Full Summary of RP to Date


Current IC Date Range

July 4-August 31, 2017

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by Greater Arab State

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by Sanabel

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Ok, I'll bring over my last OOC point to this thread.

Is it too late for Fransworth to get on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor?

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by Prolieum
Sanabel wrote:Ok, I'll bring over my last OOC point to this thread.

Is it too late for Fransworth to get on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor?

With the adjustments made, no, it is not. He can run-though it should be remembered that his would be a separate ticket.

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by Sanabel
Prolieum wrote:
Sanabel wrote:Ok, I'll bring over my last OOC point to this thread.

Is it too late for Fransworth to get on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor?

With the adjustments made, no, it is not. He can run-though it should be remembered that his would be a separate ticket.

Yes I did know that. If he can still run, that's great.

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Hi, hope I'm not interrupting the thread and congrats on yet another OOC. I have a little outsider question I wanna ask, considering that this is such a successful roleplay on P2TM. How come Washington has lasted so long?

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Robo-Nixon wrote:Hi, hope I'm not interrupting the thread and congrats on yet another OOC. I have a little outsider question I wanna ask, considering that this is such a successful roleplay on P2TM. How come Washington has lasted so long?

Dumb luck

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I just realized if Rodham ever ran for president he could use

"The Man who Destroyed ISIS and Bin Laden"

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by Sanabel
In all seriousness, we have been blessed with a dedicated core group of players and some very serious and equally dedicated couple of admin. But we also always leave the door open for new players.

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Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi wrote:I just realized if Rodham ever ran for president he could use

"The Man who Destroyed ISIS and Bin Laden"

Who is his character model again?

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by Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi
Sanabel wrote:
Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi wrote:I just realized if Rodham ever ran for president he could use

"The Man who Destroyed ISIS and Bin Laden"

Who is his character model again?

Bill Clinton, it was a dark time back then

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by Sanabel
Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi wrote:
Sanabel wrote:Who is his character model again?

Bill Clinton, it was a dark time back then

How'd you get away with that?

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by Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi
Sanabel wrote:
Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi wrote:
Bill Clinton, it was a dark time back then

How'd you get away with that?

It was a dark time back then

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by Sanabel
Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi wrote:
Sanabel wrote:How'd you get away with that?

It was a dark time back then

Was that the Garastaer days?

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by Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi
Sanabel wrote:
Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi wrote:

It was a dark time back then

Was that the Garastaer days?


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Latvijas Otra Republika wrote:chungus

I keep seeing something called "Ugandan Chungles," what does that mean

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by Latvijas Otra Republika
Sanabel wrote:
Latvijas Otra Republika wrote:chungus

I keep seeing something called "Ugandan Chungles," what does that mean

Pff, normie. it's an epic meme, soy people won;t understand.

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by Sanabel
Latvijas Otra Republika wrote:
Sanabel wrote:I keep seeing something called "Ugandan Chungles," what does that mean

Pff, normie. it's an epic meme, soy people won;t understand.

I am a soy boy feed me soy instead of man meat

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Ooh boy, we've got a big foreign policy controversy now

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“Mission Accomplished”

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Vaquas wrote:“Mission Accomplished”

I thought the same thing when I read the end of it. I feel as if this is not going to go well.

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Moore really does not like that, but he is a Reed Sycophant, so he’s not going to say anything.