Star Wars: Empire at War [SWAU/IC]

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Star Wars: Empire at War [SWAU/IC]

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Out of Character Thread

It was at the Battle of Yavin that it happened. The Emperor wanted to see personally to the demise of the Rebellion, and so he was present aboard the Death Star. He did not listen to his advisors and died aboard the battlestation, along with numerous other major military leaders of the Galactic Empire.

Lord Vader would return to Imperial Center with his personal fleet, along with ordering the Executor moved into its orbit to complete its construction as well as for its defense of the Empire's capital.

This tragic blow to the Galactic Empire's leadership caused the Imperials to fracture. Lord Vader would assume the title of Emperor, killing any on Imperial Center who would question him. Those loyal to him, or who would honor Palpatine's wishes, would kneel to the newly proclaimed Emperor Vader. However, those systems within the Empire - those who feared or questioned Vader, those who despised him and only remained loyal to Palpatine, and those who had their own goals or ends... they broke away.

Some threw their lot in with the fledgling Rebellion, bolstering their numbers. Others decided to carve out their own new, independent fiefdoms to fight against both sides. Regardless, the Empire is now at war with itself and the Alliance. Emperor Vader has to hold the remnants of the Empire who stayed with him in a death grip, even as both Imperial and Alliance forces fight over the scraps of the Empire as it is on the brink of destruction.

Ours is an empire at war, and there will be no peace until a victor has arisen.

The Emperor's Throne Room
Imperial Palace
Imperial Center

Vader stood in front of the rounded window, staring out into the large cityscape that made up Imperial Center. Otherwise known as Coruscant. Palpatine's Imperial Ruling Council had long since been eliminated and replaced by those Vader personally trusted. The Imperial Council's duties would remain much the same, if not given slightly more powers with regards to running the day-to-day operations within the Empire's socioeconomic and political spheres.

Their powers and abilities were vast, now, as they directly commanded the various regional governors which now directly governed the Galactic Empire's systems. The various Loyalists out in the Mid Rim and beyond were given emissaries to speak to the Council, who would inform Vader of what they felt they needed if it needed his approval (which mainly concerned martial and naval matters).

This was not to say that the new Emperor did absolutely nothing; it was just that actively governing the Empire and commanding its entire military structure would be too much strain during this active crisis and war.

“Your Majesty, the Grand Vizier is here to see you as requested,” an Imperial Guardsman reported. Vader dismissed him, and turned as he walked around his throne and down the stairs toward the Grand Vizier. This position headed Vader's Council, and was the unofficial-official emissary between Vader and his Council. The Emperor could sense their intentions through the Force, and they were not permitted to leave Imperial Center directly because of the 'possibility' of assassination. This is what allowed him to ensure his Councillors would remain utterly loyal to him.

“My Lord,” the Grand Vizier - Firmus Piett - spoke softly. Piett had to replace Ozzel shortly after Ozzel received his promotion. The incompetent fool did not know how to manage things properly, or how to consult his fellow Councillors on matters of import. Piett was so used to referring to Vader as his Lord that he hadn't gotten used to referring to the Emperor by proper means. But Vader would allow it; Piett was competent and loyal.

“Piett,” Vader's voice came out as a strange mix of the late Anakin Skywalker's voice, and a modulated, slightly baritone one. It was as if Skywalker's voice were lowered by a few pitches and amplified. It grated on Vader, but he had to seem more... presentable. After all, when this crisis was resolved, the Emperor would be expected to make appearances beyond those necessary to remove Jedi threats. His deep red and yellow Sith eyes glared down at the Grand Vizier, not softening in the slightest. He ordered more than asked, “status report.”

“The Council, through the regional governors and the Navy as well as other means, has tallied systems absolutely under our control through loyalties. We have the Core to the Mid Rim. A few Mid Rim and Outer Rim systems remain loyal, My Lord, but the Council has doubts. The Inquisitorius, ISB and Imperial Intelligence all report much the same,” Piett reported. Vader nodded. So, it was as expected, then.

“How many have turned to the Rebels?” Vader asked.

“Unknown, sir. At least a few, granting Rebels access to an unknown number of modern Imperial ships, weapons, and manpower,” Piett replied, sounding uneasy. Vader stopped his pacing, and then looked Piett in the eyes.

“There is no need to be unsettled, Piett,” Vader assured the man. Piett didn't relax in the slightest; fear coiling him, uncertainty. Good. Vader continued, “you have done well in your duties. Now, send out a message to Imperial High Command as well as the Imperial Council. Send others to the Loyalist Governors. I am summoning them to begin war planning. It is time to begin reclamation.”

“As you command, My Lord,” Piett responded, bowing his head subserviently before he took his dismissal and left.

“You can come out now, Jade,” Vader commanded. Mara Jade was one of Palpatine's “Hands of the Emperor” - servants that acted as the most elite Force sensitive operatives. Hidden from even the Inquisitorius' eyes, the Inquisitors executed them on suspicion of being Jedi without reprisal from Palpatine if only to ensure the Inquisitors did not begin to doubt their loyalties.

“Lord Vader,” the Hand replied.

“I am the Emperor, now,” Vader said as he turned to face her, glare on his features. Or, those that were visible, “or have you forgotten?”

“No, I have not,” Mara answered, her lips quirking, “are you to continue my training, then?”

“I have not decided on an official apprentice, yet. I have to review the Hands' files, as well as those of the Inquisitors,” Vader replied. He knew who he'd rather have as his apprentice, though - if she were still alive. He doubted she was dead, though; Malachor had been searched dozens of times, to no avail. Vader felt his face pull into a scowl, “perhaps a test will be necessary.”

“What is thy bidding, my Emperor?” Mara asked, kneeling in subservience immediately. Vader frowned, then made his decision.

“I need you to go to the Rebels. Tell them you were one of Sidious' servants, and do not wish to serve me. Convince them, by whatever means you deem fit. Get close to their leadership. You have three goals: discover the identity of Emperor Palpatine's killer and the destroyer of the Death Star, discover who among our former ranks are traitors to the Empire, and - when an opportunity presents itself - execute as many of them as you can. If you succeed, and survive, then you will become my apprentice,” Vader gave his orders.

“I presume that the Empire will be informed I have turned traitor, to bolster the ruse?” Mara questioned. Vader sneered as he lashed out with the Force, and she gasped for breath.

“Do not ask questions if they have obvious answers, Mara Jade. Now, go. Only contact me when your mission is successful. If you fail, you will die as a traitor to the Empire,” Vader growled as he released her.

“A-as you wish, my Emperor,” Jade choked out, before leaving as quickly as she could.

Vader sighed, even as he answered his comms to speak to various officers and admirals contacting him for orders. His Empire would not fall. He would not allow it to.

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