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Song of Heroes OOC (Fantasy RP, CLOSED)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:00 pm
by Absolon-7
Song of Heroes
A Catnip Plantation production!

In-Character Thread

Long Delayed Discord Link

Legends foretell of a song eternally encased in a magic flask created by the First Wizard. A song so powerful it would rip whole landmasses apart and shape reality to the whims of whomsoever controlled the flask. Time has devoured what the First Wizard accomplished with the song along with the very reason he created it but what still remains are distant echoes of its majesty. Its tunes and lyrics so beautiful it could bring even the blackest of hearts to childhood tears. This awe inspiring song’s location has been lost since memories long gone but mentions of it appear in the distant forgotten corners of the world and it has been dubbed the Song of Heroes!

Welcome to the Paean Legion!

Greetings from the Legion, Dear Adventurer

As a newly ordained member of our guild you can consider yourself many things: a mercenary, a pest exterminator, a courier, a day laborer, an errand boy, a spelunker, or an ruin explorer. Whatever your job is be sure that all who qualify are welcomed into the Legion. Whatever your background is you can rest assured you can find your place in our organization. Good tidings and please come back in one piece.

A Groundwork for the Legion’s Regulations

Since your application was approved it is now time for you to learn the ins and out of the Legion.

First off to catch your attention is pay. Every month you may request a stipend composed of a bank note that can be exchanged at any bank for the local currency whatever that may be. But is is expected that a majority of your income will come from contracts that you pick out from the bulletin board.

At every Legion station a bulletin board will be highly visible where all manner of contracts can be seen. They range from helping out construction companies as extra labourers to tracking a greenskin lair and exterminating the goblins before they become a horde. The pay is set up by whomever registred the contract and is negotiated by administration by the expectation of difficulty and danger. Before the contract is started a small advance will be payed and the rest will be paid once completion is achieved. Upon completing proof must be brought to the nearest Legion base and a small percentage of the reward will be bestowed to the Legion as a fee. There is a restriction on what types of contracts may be taken by the legionnaire's rank.

One of the more coveted benefits of being a part of the Legion are Heroic Boons. Members who are accepted into the Legion are exposed to the Singing Stone, a powerful artifact which grants a single blessing to each member, closely related to their area of expertise. Whenever a member of the Legion moves up in the ranks, a ceremony is held where they are allowed to be touched by the Singing Stone once again, upgrading their Boon.

Ranks within the Paean Legion are represented by the color of the complementary cloak given to each member, the colors being red, blue, purple, gold and white, with white being the highest ranking given to members. Starting from blue, heroes can take on apprentices, with the exact number depending on their rank and ranging from 2 to 8. Ranks also determine certain benefits such as more prestigious missions, access to better equipment, higher valued bank notes, and methods of transport. In addition, White Cloaks are required to offer advice and training to lower-ranked legionnaires.

OOC Introduction

Now for some OOC goodness! In this RP you’ll have the chance to create an adventurer freshly accepted into the renowned Paean Legion, a highly respected adventurer's guild revered for their commitment to conduct any number of odd jobs for a respectable price. One thing to keep in mind is while this RP is intended to have a focus on newbies to the Paean Legion so do keep that in mind although your character can have a past with combat and such. Anyways, there’ll be plenty of adventures henceforth. You just have to find them on the Legion bulletin board.

General Fluff

-Gunpowder: History, Weaponry and Proliferation, courtesy of Finland SSR.
-The continent of Anthem, as depicted by the Nurian cartographer Finnius L. Sasr, courtesy of Finland SSR.
-The Velathiri Prices Index, courtesy of Finland SSR.
-A Brief History of Spice Trade in the Southern Regions, courtesy of Segral.
-Notable NPCs around the Paean Legion Velathri HQ, courtesy of me.
-Stat Point Equivalence Levels, courtesy of Zarkenis Ultima.
-NPC Nation Repository, courtesy of me
-A Primer for Newly Hired Legionnaires Concerning the Singing Stone Initiation, courtesy of me
-Heartland Calender, courtesy of me.
Rules & Applications

  1. Respect the OP and his Co-OPs, we’re here to make the game run smoothly and be the best it can for everyone.
  2. Please read the whole OP, I know it’s asking a bit of work, but we worked seriously hard on it and it will really make the best of the RP if you use it to your advantage.
  3. Follow all of the site’s rules, keep things PG-13 and be as kind to others as possible.
  4. Follow standard RP etiquette (no godmodding, metagaming, etc).
  5. Make sure to keep your grammar, writing quality, and effort up to par, if you need help with ideas or writing tips ask any of the Co-ops and they will be more than happy to help.
  6. Five line minimum (from a desktop view); this can be bended in situations where there is little to respond to but try your best to adhere to it.
  7. You can have multiple characters, but you have to have at least one character.
  8. Stay as active as you can and try not to leave anyone hanging. If you’re going to be gone for a period of time and we can accommodate/work around the issue, as long as we’re informed beforehand.
  9. Obligatory “have fun” rule.
  10. Do your best to avoid making your character overpowered, balanced characters make stories more fun and suspenseful.
  11. Remove ALL parentheses from your apps, please.
  12. Obligatory Dark Souls referenceYou have great potential. Don't go and die over nothing.
Character Application:
Code: Select all
[b][u]Appearance (pics if possible):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Statistics:[/u][/b] (All stats are at 1 by default, you have 8 points to distribute and you can only put 5 points maximum at the start to any stat)
[i]Magical Prowess[/i]:
[b][u]Bio (Please treat this as a replacement for a writing sample. No more than a few paragraphs is necessary but it should be well written):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Heroic Boon:[/u][/b] (Your blessing, a special possession or ability. Don’t go overboard.)
[box][list][*][b][Insert Ability Here]:[/b] (Insert description of ability here)
[*][b][Insert Ability Here]:[/b] (Insert description of ability here)
(Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 abilities. Include both your character’s mundane abilities and any magic they have. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)
[b][u]Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t singlehandedly conquer a kingdom):[/u][/b]
[box][list][*] (Insert Limitation)
[*] (Insert Limitation)
(Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 limitations. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)[/box]
[box][list][*][b][Insert Equipment][/b]
[*][b][Insert Equipment Here][/b]
(Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 equipment. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste. If it is a special piece of equipment please include a description. Also keep in mind your character’s background and what sort of wealth they would have as this greatly influences your starting equipment)

[b][u]Greatest Fear:[/u][/b]

Faction Application:
Code: Select all
[b][u]Faction Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Faction Region(s):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Races that are part of the faction:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Additional Info:[/u][/b]

Racial Group Application
Code: Select all
[b][u]Group Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Region Inhabited:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Group Appearance:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Innate Abilities:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Innate Weaknesses:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Additional info:[/u][/b]

City Application
Code: Select all
[b][u]Dominant Group:[/u][/b]
[b][u]City Size:[/u][/b] (Choose one - Megalopolis, Large City, Average City, Town)   
[b][u]Notable features:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Age of City:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Major Industry:[/u][/b]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:00 pm
by Absolon-7
Great Sage Orion's Fantastical Bestiary of the Heartlands and the Continental Center

Welcome welcome dear reader! It is I the great elven sage Orion. I since my youth have spent it being fascinated by the world around us and possessing a burning desire to understand it, study it, and explain it. When I am not almost being killed by exotic beasts I work as a adviser and educator to courts, town halls, and universities too. The purpose of this document is to be an abridged version of a much larger compendium I have published many a years ago that is meant to be carried around by member of the Paean Legion. Or at least be used as a coffee stand for a Paean Legion base waiting lobby. Now to sit back, read, and don't get killed.

Beastiary Danger Ratings Explanations

Goblins are an utter mockery of civilization in their squalid little hovels living parasitically in the shadows of other races. They are generally cruel and cowardly, torturing anything they catch to death and the cruelest ways for pure sadism, and generally running from any fight unless full of adrenaline, afraid of what would happen if they run, or outnumber the enemy by a substantial margin. Most Goblins are extremely weak as individuals, and so they would naturally band together in large groups or mobs as a form of protection under the leadership of a Shaman or Chief. They usually live in settlements ranging from a dozen to several thousand strong. Unlike most bipeds they have no females and have a reproductive cycle similar to fungus wherein they release tens of thousands of spores upon death, thankfully only a small margin develop to infantile stage and fewer still to adulthood which is reached at around 1 year of age.
Lifespan: Varies wildly. Height:3~4 feet. Danger: ★ (Minor)

Ogres are primitive brutes reminiscent of ancient eons long past and are expectedly violent thugs. Ogres clothe themselves in animal pelts and uproot trees for use as crude tools and weapons as they are far too primitive for even simple metal work. When they establish lairs, they settle near the rural edges of civilized lands, taking advantage of poorly protected livestock, undefended larders, and unwary farmers. Ogres sometimes band together in small, nomadic groups, with sizes ranging from four to a few dozen but larger tribes are rumored to exist beyond the mountains mimicking civilized society in their own tribal conflicts and primitive religion. Occasionally they can be recruited as mercenaries but a hefty supply of meat and trinkets would be the bare minimum.
Lifespan: ~80 years. Height: ~12 feet. Danger: ★★★ (Serious)

Trolls are the most primitive of bipeds, these rancid smelling brutes who thrive on brutality. They rely on a dangerous mix of ambush and group tactics in their hunting parties. They produce a noxious musk that is used to disorientate threats as well as high pitched shrieks. They can barely produce stone tools and much prefer using their own hands to kill prey although the odd one can be found lurking in stagnant bodies of water or under bridges. Their habitats range from dark forests, treacherous mountains, and festering swamps. They organize themselves in troops numbering up to a dozen and are made up of a large silverback, several females, and a few subordinate males. This social structure leads to a culture of many young frustrated males that display behavior even more cruel than usual.
Lifespan: ~20 years. Height: ~8 feet. Danger: ★★★ (Serious)

Devils are a secretive race from the underground with little to no known information about but luckily this old man knows a thing or two on obscures knowledge. From what I was able to gather, they live in deep caverns and valleys underground divided among seven royal houses. They allegedly live in nearly self sufficient environments all based on a foundation of bioluminescent algae and mushrooms and farm blind and hairless two legged cattle like creatures. A majority live in underground cities fighting tooth and nail with each other and upon closer to the surface with dwarves and other subterranean races. They are an extremely aggressive race to nondevils with any encounter always ending in bloodshed. Devils are actually just as intelligent as humans and others which makes them paradoxically more dangerous and less to fear. Homeless bands of usually a dozen or more are often bribed by upstart usurpers, rebels, and warlords as an initial bodyguard. They usually are well armed as they have a rich culture of metal smiting but despite their tough armored skin they can be cut down with enough force.
Lifespan: ~40 years. Height: ~5 feet. Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Wolves despite the enormous amount of misconceptions and superstitious around them as bloodthirsty monsters and demons clad in fur are actually quite cowardly in nature and are more prone to hunting sick, weak, and elderly prey rather than more healthy and vigorous prey such as a band of adventures. They also have quite a high sense of self preservation and in the chance they attack a being too much for them to handle they will immediately flee to safety. They live in close knit groups lead by a male and female pair with their offspring of varying ages and a few unrelated wolves forming the bulk of the pack. Pack range anywhere from six to forty or so members and have a very complex and intimate social bonds within them. Wolves have a wide range all across the continent thus live in environments ranging from forests, tundra, taiga, shrublands and deserts. They are keystone species in many areas and thus are favored by nature spirits. Occasionally a spirit will grant special and immense powers to one particular wolf but these so far are rumors.
Lifespan: ~18 years. Height: 3 feet. Length: 6.6 feet. Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Brown Bears are an incredibly widespread beast that should not be underestimated. They have an absurd amount of strength in their bodies with a single swipe being enough to decapitate any humanoid and claws large enough to dent steel armor. In contrast to their bulky size they are actually incredibly fast at short distances and have amazing senses that lets them be deadly predators. They are primarily solitary creatures and only come together for breeding season and depending on certain location they can come together in groups hundreds strong during Salmon Season to take advantage of the colossal amount of food. They are actually omnivorous like most bears and have a preference for fish, fruits, and berries. While a formidable threat that can even take on ogres and trolls they are not as bloodthirsty as them and can be intimidated by loud noises and bright lights such as fires or explosion spells.
Lifespan: ~35 years. Height: 3~5 feet (at shoulder) 6~10 feet (standing). Length: 5~9 feet. Danger: ★★★ (Serious)

Griffons are peculiar fusion of bird and feline not natural to this world. It is speculated that the original griffons came from some ancient wizard's wild experiments but its been so long that it can't be confirmed but it is the most logical one. They are rare in number and almost exclusivly live in mountains within the Heartlands and the Center but they adore flying so it's not unusual to find one far from home. They possess a proud and regal demeanor and display intelligent behavior and they usually live in lifelong mated pairs with 1~4 offspring. Griffons prefer to swoop down on prey to pick it up and then drop it for lethal injury or to hurtle down and overpower prey. Their ear piercing screech is enough to make anyone duck down in agony and meeting between unmated or unrelated griffons result in ear-bleeding screaming matches. They are exclusively carnivores and often hunt large prey such as deer, sheep, and sometimes bandits. They are common emblem for royalty throughout the known world as examples of ferocity and honor.
Lifespan: ~135 years. Height: 8.5 feet (at withers) Length: 16 feet. Wingspan: 35 feet Danger: ★★★ (Serious)

Unicorns are incredibly rare horses blessed by nature spirits while in the womb of their mothers. The signature horn and source of their power grows a few years after birth during maturation but are themselves sterile. Inherit magic in them gives them a higher intelligence then their plain peers and a tremendous amount of magical energy. They are also far more durable then normal horses. Wild unicorns usually align with forest spirits, treemen, and dryads to protect forests. Powers they posses include walking on water, short form teleportation, rejuvenating plants, purifying water, and a touch of the unicorn's horn could both heal wounds and cure poison. More powerful Unicorns are even capable off firing beams of energy from their horn. They can also slice apart even stone with a magically infused horn and empower their kicks with magical shockwaves. Unicorns have a calm demeanor and let those of good hearts near them without complaint but those with overwhelming wickedness will fear their wrath. For most people however they simply runaway and shun them. Unicorns born in captivity happen almost always in elven lands are used as mounts by high ranking elves.
Lifespan: Biologically immortal. Height: 6 feet (at withers). Length: 8 feet. Danger: ★ (Minor)

Wyrms are a vicious race whose existence in ancient tales were once a clade of dragons that were cursed to lose their limbs, wings, sentience, and any power that resembles magic. From then on they were nothing more then fanatical beasts with a thirst for blood. They are creatures of solitude that have an instinctual hatred for all sentience out of a deep set envy and who go out of their way to hunt sapient beings. They lurk in swamps, bogs, mangroves, and deep crevices where they make rudimentary lairs filled with bones of past prey. Wyrms are by nature ambush predators that open with a lunge from their razor sharp fangs and then coil around their prey and coil them to death with their huge muscles and hard scales. They have the best sense of smell of all draconic creatures, making attacking it unnoticed near-impossible. It is recommended to cover oneself in sufficient material from the area to hide your scent.
Lifespan: ~500 years. Height: ~10 feet. Length: 35 feet. Danger: ★★★★ (Lethal)

Great Dragons are a primordial race whose existence stretch back before the first cities dotted the world. Ancient tomes reflect that dragons are linked to the Song of Heroes and the First Wizard created by him as his servitors but records prove inconclusive. Generally they are incredibly intelligent beings with a natural aptitude for powerful magic taught to them by either their parents or a mentor that was chosen by their parents. However, for some reason or another a dragon can lose their sapience and become dangerous beasts that burn down villages and steal livestock and such occasions require an entire militia force or powerful individuals to slay the beast because if left alone they can lay waste to entire counties. Their most common coloration is red, green, black, rarely gold with the rarest turning almost white. They are usually solitary or a mating pair but young adolescents may travel in small packs. Although disconnected usually by great distances dragons maintain social groups of kin and unrelated friends in clans that freely mingle with each other and protect one another's territory. These clans also serve as social opportunities as dragons love intelligent conversation and debate. Interest in lesser beings depends from dragon to dragon as some find them utterly fascinating and others have nothing but scorn. Their arsenal includes their fangs, claws, and tail but the greatest of all is their naturally produced cone of fire that burn away flesh to a crisp husk. There truly is little that can harm a dragon whether its because of their intellect or sheer durability besides raw power that can match theirs.
Lifespan: 1000 years. Height: 10~15 feet. Length: 45 feet Wingspan: 90 feet. Wingspan: Danger: ★★★★★★ (Extraordinary)

Gibbering Mouthers are a completely grotesque specimen of flesh, teeth, and all sorts of liquids this naturalist is too bashful to list. They are not a natural product of this world but rather an artificial creature manufactured by magic. It gets its name from the inhumane babbling its mouths upon mouths constantly emit. No linguist in the world has been able to decode what they say into coherent thought so these beings having a mind of their own has been ruled out. It was if they are preordained to act so maniacally. They can survive years wthout food but without a question are carnivores and the more intelligent being it eats the better. The most vulnerable area on a gibbering mouther was the brain, which was located near the center of its mass and could move around, making it difficult to strike. It is alos protected by being able to lunge its jaws forward much like sharks in any direction. A key weakness of theirs is their high flammability but one should take care not to contract a disease from them.
Lifespan: No set lifespan. Height: 3~7 feet (depending on mass and contractions). Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Nothics are mysterious creatures of an unknown origin but they do have a lingering hunger for magic imbued objects and beings and actively seek such things out to consume them and have no need for mortal flesh. It is suspected they come from those who delve into magical arts they are unprepared and thus reap the consequences. This hunched creature has a single huge eye that dominates its entire face. Its body is bloated and misshapen, and its limbs are wiry but strong, Its arms end in claws that reach the ground as it moves in awkward hop. Whether they are sentient or not varies too much to draw a consensus but no matter. Most are limited to melee attacks with their claws and teeth but those who consume enough magical objects actually gain the ability to rot flesh from afar with their gaze, thankfully their eye lights up when using this ability. Dealing with weaker ones is as simple as any other hominid beast but the ones with rotting gaze are recommended to have shields or use cover. Better yet stay our of sight.
Lifespan: Biologically Immortal. Height: 4 1/2 feet. Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Palen Ones, great ittan momen, the damned ones. These beings are known by many names but only so much is known of them. They are extremely hostile to all life normally but a certain few individual have been able to take control of them. I have not been able to discern by what means at all in all my 126 years of life. They move like they have no skeleton to hinder them. Their flesh is papery and a clear fluid leaks out of wounds that instantly heal them. These beings are susceptible to being burned to a black mush however so not all is lost. To those unable to burn them I only offer my prayers to Mithra. Entire caravans and villages have been reported to wiped out by a single one but thankfully those reports are few and far apart.
Lifespan: Unknown. Height: 10~13 feet. Danger: ★★★★ (Lethal)

Leanbh are curious little critters that all too often are underestimated by their frail nature which is compensated by their numbers and pack hunting. These are unnatrual creatures that dwell in dark forests preferring to overwhelm prey in numbers. They have no head nor normal mouth and instead posses two elastic eyestalks that can turn anywhere and a needle like proboscis that ejects out a flap in their chest. They inject digestive juices into prey liquidating them from the inside. Before this however they have a single large claw on their foot that serve has a meathook to eviscerate prey. They live in packs that are always 36 individuals. Such a strange adherence to this number is unknown but it does make them reliable in fighting. Another strange ability they posses is pacifying weak willed larger predators. The extent is unknown. As stated earlier they are very frail and are also cowardly so they can be dealt with sheer force or through intimidation tactics like explosion spells.
Lifespan: ~10 years. Height: 3~4 feet. Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Phantasms are by far the most guilty creature in so called hauntings. These amorphous creatures appear as tattered translucent rags floating in the air idly with little sense of purpose or direction. Despicable, confusing noises eminate from their apparent "head" but its indecipherable to all linguists. They gather in graveyards, abandoned buildings, and lost cities although their gatherings sometimes stay in the same place as the living. They are a complete parasite as any mortal who passes through their territory begins feeling heightened fear, paranoia, and other negative emotions (their main form of sustenance). Over time one begins feeling sluggish and even begin losing sense of their mind until withering away from lack of energy or becoming a complete mess. They can induce headaches, fevers, and nausea in their prey and have very erratic telekinesis. Phantasms can also take the form of people who once lived in their territory. Fire, holy weapons, magic are more then enough to deal with them as they act as little more then pests.
Lifespan: Depends on their storage. Height: Varies. Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Zombies are a term that applies to any putrid reanimation of a corpse through dark magic and forbidden rituals whose purpose is to serve every whim of their master. Resurrected from theoretically any previously living organic being these rotting shambling mounds of flesh and bone limp are without mercy but also cruelty as they normally have no will of their own and are instead more akin to a macabre puppet that its necromancer can utterly dominate. The dark magic that puppeteers them is coalesced in their head so a simple strike to the head should be enough to incapacitate them permanently but blows on other parts do nothing more then debilitate them. As for their their general condition that depends on how recently their death was and if the necromancer provided any extra steps to preserve them. For attacking, average zombies are really only capable of using their own hands and jaws or crude instruments like a club. In another point, there exists a fundamental distinction between "Low Zombies" and "High Zombies" and that distinction is whether the reanimated corpse can exist after the death of its summoner wherein the former immediately cease to exist and the latter can persist onwards due to an unusually high amount of dark magic imbued in them. Another "perk" of High Undead is that they can move their limbs or body parts independently if severed. As another caveat, either High or Low zombies can be reanimated with sentience. Besides destroying their head I've found that fire is an obvious deterrent as well as holy power from a deity or magical energy itself can be destructive. One should take caution to not get infected with nasty diseases a corpse is bound to contain.
Lifespan: N/A. Height: Varies. Danger: ★★ (Caution)

Wraiths are a violent form of undead that hate all life and the light. They appear as a floating tattered mess of a tar like substance with an inner light emanating from their mouth and eyes. So great is its hate that its presence kills and withers plants, drives animals fleeing in terror, and can even extinguish fires from its suffocating existence. Passing through solid objects is a mere choice for these beings and can interact with solid matter in their own volition but they cannot pass through water. Contact with their body drains one of their life and vigor and if killed by a wraith one's soul becomes a wraith. They possess a rudimentary breath attack of a brightly colored smoke like substance. Normally wraiths are nothing more then pure emotion in how they act but ones that gain more power or were powerful in life can regain a semblance of clear and logical thought. Even more powerful wraiths can create zombies and other lesser undead. In sunlight their fearsome demeanor diminishes until they are simply a small swirling blob of darkness and even their ethereal nature disappears so that can be contained in a container. Water, blessed weapons, or magical attacks in general seem to be effective against this creatures of hate.
Lifespan: N/A. Height: 6~12 feet. Danger: ★★★★ (Lethal)

Ghosts are the souls of sentient creatures that have been latched onto the mortal world through unknown mechanisms. What they all do have in common is some great investment that could not have been let go at their moment of death but often enough this is not very convincing as who doesn't? Whatever way they may have in staying in the world of the living it is nevertheless true that they are a perilous threat to those that earn their ire. Some ghosts possess all memories of their past life, others bits and pieces, and others have total amnesia. The latter is especially prone to insanity and acting violently to anyone they see. A fair deal of ghosts can easily communicate with the living if they so choose as such it is recommended one should try cooperation at first when dealing with a ghost. Their powers are varied but they usually have invisibility, intangibility, telekinesis, floating, and possession through practise. They always possess whatever powers they had when alive and older ghosts can have eldritch powers that are truly awesome to behold. Fire, holy weapons, and magic attacks are often the most effective but the sure fire way of getting rid of a ghost is helping them move one. They are often blamed for hauntings but true ghosts are certainly rare, in fact the actions of phantasm are oft blamed on ghosts.
Lifespan: N/A. Height: varies. Danger: ★★★ (Serious)

Song of Heroes Official Archive Post

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:00 pm
by Zarkenis Ultima
Frey Farwind24MHumanRedRogue3/5/3/1Zarkenis Ultima
Mircella Mellowmoon20FHumanN/APriestess2/3/1/6Zarkenis Ultima
Roxana Ma'gonid24FHigh ElfPurpleMarkswoman3/6/4/3Absolon-7
Sylanna Sundancer27FSnow ElfPurpleKnight5/6/3/2Zarkenis Ultima
NameRegion(s)Dominant Group(s)Player
Children of the Laughing WolfThe Northern Reaches/The Urban CenterHumansZarkenis Ultima
Church of the DivinesThe Urban Center/The Western HeartlandsHumansBentus
TevarThe Western HeartlandsHumansTomia
The Grand Republic of NurThe Urban CenterHumansFinland SSR
The HuntThe Northern ReachesHumans/ElvesNew Finnish Republic
The KalThe Western HeartlandsHumansTomia
High ElvesThe Western HeartlandsAbsolon-7
Solfataran ElvesThe Western HeartlandsAbsolon-7
NameDominant Group(s)RegionSizeAgeMajor IndustryPlayer
An'ZarokHumansThe Northern ReachesMegalopolis1641 YearsCommerce/TourismZarkenis Ultima
IssgardSnow ElvesThe Northern ReachesLarge City1500 YearsSteelworkingZarkenis Ultima
NurHumansThe Urban CenterLarge1500 YearsCommerceFinland SSR
TarbohHumans/OrcsThe Southern Bog and DesertMegalopolis900 YearsEntertainmentAuropa

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by Tomia

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by New Finnish Republic
Dabs furiously as I tag

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by The Republic of Atria

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by Indo-pasif archipelago
Name: Rajasa Samudraningrat, known to most as Raja The Exiled or Raja The Skinwalker.
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Strength: 3
Agility: 4
Endurance: 2
Magical Prowess: 3
Most only know Raja of his title as The Exiled. That said, not many knows why he was exiled from The Eastern Archipelago. Some says he was once the crew of a feared and sadistic group of pirates and his exile is the punishment he has to suffer after he was caught. Some speaks of the rumors that he is the son of a king and a whore, that his exile is to clean the name of his father. Other says that his origin was mythical in nature, that he was somehow born among sea monsters and creatures of nightmares, and he was not exiled but merely sent to hunt on the land-kin.

The truth is, none of these legends are true. That said, they are not without a grain of truth, each of them stems from an actual part of his story.

His story begun in the Kingdom of Mandalasari, a city-island in The Eastern Archipelago that holds sway over other neighbouring islands. Raja is the son of a Bhre, a lesser king that acts as vassal for Mandalasari. The House of Samudraningrat had hold the title for generations and Raja was expected to inherit this title and was prepared accordingly. He was trained in the traditional art of Silat, taught to speak and write in traditional Svarnabhumi dialect and Thaspian language, and pushed to memorize all the important names in the whole Eastern Archipelagos and beyond.

All these training and teaching meant Raja did not get very close to his parents. It is not like they ignored him, or cared more about him as the next in line instead as their son, but they did not share much quality time between the two. Raja adores and loves his parents, but he never truly feels that they were his parental figure. He bonded instead with his mentor and the admiral of Mandalasari's armada Pati Nala, and he quickly proved himself worth to be Nala's apprentice.

It was this connection with Nala that saved Raja's life when a lesser noble revolted against his family. The noble rallied the people and other noble houses against The Samudraningrat. They along with the loyalist were slaughtered after the palace gate was broken down in the stampede. Some however, managed to hide and slip away from the island with the help of Nala and his allies among the Makara, the amphibian creatures that lurk the shallow beaches of Eastern Archipelago. Leaving the burning island behind them, they hid themselves for a few months among the Makara. It was during this time Raja learnt the Ajian Leak from the Makara, a magic he only had heard before and never saw it properly used. The Makara taught him well, but it was not without any catch; there is a reason after all, why the magic is not as widespread as it is.

To everyone else in the world, Rajasa and Nala is as good as dead. Nobody could really confirm their death, but their corpse could be one of the many burned corpse left among the ashes of the former royal ground. But the revolting noble knew he is still alive, somewhere out there and watching the ports and large cities of the Archipelago. When his attempt slowed down after awhile, Raja used the chance to hop from one island to another anonymously, trying to run away as far as possible from the Eastern Archipelago. He would hitch on cargo or merchant ships, earning money through doing rough jobs and becoming an errand boy. One day though, the ship he was hitchhiking on his way to the Western Heartland was boarded by pirates.

Survival being his top priority, Raja and Nala helped fight the pirates away. The combination of their strength and Raja's aptitude in magic even up the odd, but ultimately the two men was not enough to fight a whole crew and they were overwhelmed after an hour of fight. The captain saw their skills, and offer them a choice. To be left for dead along with the other crews of the boarded ship, or join the pirates and fight for the captain. Nala chose the first, while Raja took the second. After saying each other good byes, Raja left Nala on the doomed ship, hoping his mentor would be able to find a way to survive. He knew how his mentor favor honour above all things, but what Raja was thinking at the time is how to survive as long as he could. And thus he traveled across the sea as a pirate, earning the nickname of The Exiled after he told them the heavily censored and distorted version of his story. It was also during this time people first called him The Skinwalker after his unique aptitude in magic.

His time as a pirate ended when a fight against rival crew killed the captain and destroyed the ship. Raja was again left for dead, this time with nobody to help him. His body was found on the coast of Western Heartlands, weak and dying but not dead yet. Luckily, when he was found by the local villagers, a physician offered to take care of him. She was able to speak some Thaspian and while limited, at least he had someone to talk to. Through her, Raja learnt where to find busy cities where he could take a job as a bounty hunter or a sellsword. He finally reached the Velathri Republic, where he found out that the Paean Legion was hiring. He took the job for the coins, but a passion is still burning in his heart, that one day, when he is in a better position, he could avenge his family and reclaim his birthright as the Crownless King of Mandalasari.

Heroic Boon:

Gift of The Waves- The Sea is part of Raja as much as Raja is part of the Sea, no matter how far they are from each other. Raja could call into this connection and briefly becomes a torrent of sea water, crashing into anyone or anything like the tide crashes to the beach.

  • [Martial Artistry]: Raja was trained to be the best warrior in Mandalasari, and while he had lost the honorary title, he had not lost the ability worthy of the title. He follows a certain style that mimics the movement of monkeys, focusing on graceful evasion and elegant counter-attacks. Raja is able to use this technique with weapons, preferably short knives.
  • [Seafaring Skill]: Living in the sea for a few years taught Raja a thing or two on surviving the harsh ocean. He knows his Bow and Stern, and able to captain a junk pretty well. He might not be the best mariner out there, but he sure able to stand his chance in a naval fight.
  • [Leak Magic]: Raja is taught by the Makara on how to use Leak magic, a school of magic focusing on shapeshifting through rituals and pacts with natural Spirits. He is limited at transforming into simple animals at the moment - usually a goat, a boar, or a monkey - but as his skills grow he could access the more.... esoteric forms.
  • [Silver Tongue]: Growing up among scheming politician and power-hungry courtesans taught Raja when and where to say his words, making sure that each word would comply others to believe what he wants them to believe and act what he wants them to act.

  • Raja has not uncovered the fullest extent of Ajian Pangleakan, and thus limited to basic techniques and only for a limited time.
  • Raja has no training in using long ranged weapon, being more comfortable in close quarter combat. If he could not reach the enemy, he is pretty much useless
  • Raja is powerful and quite nimble for someone of his size, but he lacks the endurance to hold out continuous attack. If he is forced to fight a long drawn fight, he has to play smart to conserve his strength
  • While he could be very persuasive, his charm is not magic. He could ask others to do his bidding, but there is no guarantee that they would actually do it.
  • The faction that overthrown his family is still searching for him, and while he has changed how he looks it would be dangerous for him to return to the Eastern Archipelago

  • [Kris Dagger]: A family inheritance that happens to be forged out of magnetite ore, resulting in sharp, durable weapon for him to use
  • [Chainmail and Leather Armor]: Basic armor that offers him protection while allowing him to move swiftly
  • [Machete]: Whenever he feels the need for bigger, badder blade.
  • [Skin Waterpouch]: To store drinkable liquid, from Arak to water
  • [Simple Compass]: Another heirloom of House of Samudraningrat. Upon its back the signet of his family was etched.
  • [Tunic and Hood]: Clothing for when he feels nobody is about to stab him in the back

Likes: Good fights, good drinks, swimming, Seafoods, cloudy days
Dislikes: One-sided fights, stale drinks, spice-less foods, shiny days
Greatest Fear: Losing his self and identity

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by Absolon-7
Symbiotic Wisps - like all elves High Elves possess a symbiotic relationship with a nature spirit called a Wisp that can grants magical abilities and attacks. It takes the forms of white shining ball a foot across with a grey outline connected to the elf's back by an ethereal umbilical-like cord and is engulfed by a large aura that is colored by the environment of the elf's birth. Usually they'd be resting inside an elf but come out behind their back immediately when summoned through either voice or thought. When out in the open they float around either stationary above the elf or aimlessly in the area around them up to 2 or 3 meters away.

Name: Roxana Ma’gonid
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Elf

Magical Prowess:3
Bio: Born to a wealthy family of orchard managers in the Tyranny of Thapsus, Roxana spent her early life in a state of normalcy undergoing a normal balance of education at a nearby academy, home life with family, and play time with friends. If there would have to be a word to describe it would be idyllic. She was the oldest of 4 siblings and appropriately was the leader of the little troop of elven children and would often lead them into fantastical adventures of the imagination in her family’s vast apple orchard. By her teen years, Roxana was one of the highest ranked students at her academy and had a promising future as the heir to the family orchard but one long night made her once peaceful life fall to ruin.

Her father had been falsely accused of conspiring with Dark Elf corsairs in raiding his competition’s shipments and was duly tried and arrested. Management of the estate fell on to her uncle but his rampant mismanagement made it fall to financial ruin. Looking to make a living for the family, her brother joined the Thapsian Army as a hoplite and made a life for himself there. At this point Roxana had fallen out of favor to her family as she had refused an arranged marriage to the heir of a wealthy merchant that was seeking to buy the family estate. Jealous of how well her brother was doing and along with vicious arguments with her uncle made Roxana leave the estate at age 15 with her pet donkey, Methuselah, and wandered into the human realms further southeast.

She would find the odd jobs at sawmills, printing presses, or the whatever else could pay enough for rent for a few years until one day she a friendly employer that recommended for her to work at the renowned Paean Legion. The prospect of working in such a dangerous profession was off putting at first but the allure of the money and honor it could bring couldn’t be passed up. She had trained at archery since childhood so she wasn’t helpless as she looked. So at the age of 17 she joined the Paean Legion as a fresh Red Cloak. Over the years she would cement her reputation as a reliable employee and hireling and eventually gaining the prestigious Purple Cloak rank after proving herself time and time again in a series of consecutively fulfilled contracts with not a single failure in her record the past two years.

Currently she had taken a few months vacation from the guild to recover from injuries in her last contract involving some ghouls. She had bought a nice lodge with money she had accumulated bonuses from past years and while not a mansion it is comfy enough for rest. Now, as she has recovered fully she looks to get a nice and easy contract at the main Legion HQ.
Heroic Boon: Gale Fury-imbues the user’s limbs with the speed and aura of raging wind drastically increasing the rate of movement
  • [Wind Wisp]: Roxana's wisp is a spirit of the wind, and allows her to harness its speed and creation of blasts of wind.
  • [Spirit Arrow]: Using her symbiotic wisp, she can infuse her arrows with ethereal energy to vastly increase their destructive power and can be used in special ways.
    -Flock Arrow: Wraps a single arrow in energy and once released create multiple different ethereal arrows ranging from 3 to a dozen.
    -Ballista Arrow: Wisp energy covers arrow giving it a ethereal size comparable to a ballista ammunition and is equally destructive.
    -Concussive Arrow: Along with the composite bow’s immense draw weight propelling it forward, the wisps magical energy collects at its backside rocketing it at a breakneck speed.
  • [Spirit Spitfire]: The wisp directly fires a burning ball of magical energy from its core.

  • The ethereal wisps arrows while damaging can be stopped or even completely nullified by anything enchanted with anti-magic wards and only have a limited amount of uses per day.
  • The spitfire is very imprecise and has a short range that makes it viable only in point-blank.
  • Using the wisps energy is very draining on vitality and using it too much forces the wisp to rest until it naturally recuperates.

  • [Composite Bow]
  • [Quiver & 24 Iron Arrows]
  • [2 Steel Daggers]
  • [Steel Buckler]
  • [Standard Adventurer’s Kit]: a backpack, a bedroll, flint and steel, a belt pouch, two sunrods, ten days’ worth of trail rations, 50 feet of hempen rope, and a waterskin
  • [1 Grey Donkey, his name is Methusulla]
  • [Simple Tent]

Likes:Seafood, Petting Baby Animals, Hot Tea, Swimming, Plays, Maple Trees, Bright Sunny Days, Drawing, Board Games
Dislikes:Goblins, Orcs, Dark Elves, Beef, Enclosed Spaces, Dark Spaces, Voting, Bards, Pine Trees, Rainy Days, Studying
Greatest Fear: Being buried alive

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by Zarkenis Ultima
Question: Can Wisps be a representation of any element in the elf's environment, do they have to be a representation of the dominant element only (snow in a snowy place, trees in a forest, sand in a desert), or are they only a representation of the environment as a whole (forest, tundra, etc)?

For context, I was thinking of an elf with a solar/possibly fire Wisp, but I dunno if that would be okay :P

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:48 pm
by Absolon-7
Elf wisps can be any representation of any element in the elf's environment but they'd still look like the dominant one. So a fire wisp from a elf born in a cold environment would exist but it would look icy or snowy.

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by Zarkenis Ultima
Absolon-7 wrote:Elf wisps can be any representation of any element in the elf's environment but they'd still look like the dominant one. So a fire wisp from a elf born in a cold environment would exist but it would look icy or snowy.

Swell, thanks!

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by The Republic of Atria
Name: Valan Narsh
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance (pics if possible): ... cl5a6t.jpg
Strength: 3
Endurance: 3
Magical Prowess: 5
Bio: Valan was born in the heart of Tejis in the fire loving city of Lofgain. Both his mother and father were highly devoted and skilled pyromancers who at every turn insisted that their son learn the art as well. "The world could always use more fire" was their mantra and they had no intention of ever letting him hear the end of it. Finally, he gave into his parents desires and enlisted in the first available class once he was of age. To say that it wasn't what he expected would be putting it mildly. He expected far less mediation and far more fire shooting. His teacher, Lana, insisted upon it every day. Focus, meditate, repeat. His parents learned from her and they were among the best in the city, so he kept his complaints to a minimum and followed his teacher's words as closely as he could.

About two thirds of the students, most of them foreigners, had enough of her "teachings" and left only a few pupils. Then the real training began. It started small, she would heat a brand, and tell them to focus on keeping it red hot for as long as possible. It took a few days before he started to understand it, but when he did, he went just a little overboard with the heat and melted the piece of iron into molten slag. Much to his surprise, Lana was perfectly understanding. Insisting that mistakes were going to happen and as long as he learned something from it, then it was okay. That and it was better to make them now, then later. This practice continued, and after her pupils were capable of maintaining the heat without melting their brand, she moved them onto manipulating existing fire.

This part of training was simple. She lit a few candles, and had them carry the tiny flame with them, never letting it grow beyond a certain size, while simultaneously keeping it from going out. A more advanced test of focus. Every student, Valan included, let their flame get a little too big and they lost control. Rather than scold them, she kept firm about focus and control. Rach attempt after, they kept it going longer, got it a little bigger without it growing beyond control. It wasn't too long before many started doing tricks with it just to see if they could. A few weeks of nearly burning down the city later, they began the true test. Controlling flames they were created by the students themselves.

Strangely enough, this part of the training was simple. It was more to get them comfortable with the idea of being around large amounts of flame when human instincts told them to avoid being around that much fire was a bad idea. Of course they practiced outside the city. There was little risk to be had in scorching rocks and sand. Valan was starting to see why she was the most popular teacher in the city. And as the days went on, he began to feel the sensations that she mentioned. The euphoria that came with making larger and larger fire. It felt good to make fire and it felt better to make a lot. The realization hit him pretty hard: that's why she had them meditate so often. To keep the urges under control. If they didn't, well. He'd heard some horror stories about people going insane and quite literally exploding. That was something to avoid.

Once Lana felt comfortable with how their training was going, she gave them her official approval to function as legitimate pyromancers. Valan though long and hard about what he wanted to do with his talent. The city had enough pyromancers that it could be considered an army. He wanted to go where his gifts weren't as common. He had heard some traders talking about a guild quite far away and figured that they could probably use someone who could shoot fire. It was rumored to be very open so that was his goal. He sold all but his most meaningful belongings and got enough money to buy a sword, some armor, and a camping pack and set out on his journey. The first leg of his journey led him to the bog. There he met an eccentric and adventurous woman. Deciding that making a long journey would be better with companionship he welcomed her and they made their way to the guild.

Heroic Boon: Molten Blood: Valan's boon allows his body to increase in physical strength the more of his fire magic he uses.
  • [Pyromancy]: Valan was gifted and trained in the art of manipulating magical fire.
    -Fireball: A simple orb of flame thrown at a target. Can be charged given time.
    -Firestorm: Valan summons powerful pillars of flame from the ground around him.
    -Flamespray: Short ranged continuous stream of flame.
  • [Swordsmanship]: Valan is a decent swordsman with his enchanted blade.

  • Intensity: Much like fire itself, using it requires self control and focus. Using it too much too quickly can cause it to spiral beyond control
  • Flame Sword: Valan uses the sword to vent extra flame and keep himself under control, without it he's prone to losing control of his pyromancy.

  • [Pyromancer Armor:] Enchanted Iron armor to keep heat from conducting.
  • [Flame Sword:] A quality sword enchanted with an undying flame by it's wielder.
  • [Fireproof Pack:] Containing some basic shelter items, a spit for, and a canteen for water.

Greatest Fear:

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by Charmera
Faction Name: The Clan of Khar’Zhura
Faction Region(s): The Northern Reaches
Description/Lore: Once there was one great Orc kingdom, led by the legendary Khar Dhar Dorok. Khar’Dorok was famed for creating an orc empire, and founding the lost Orc homelands in the west which have been claimed by other races in the centuries after Dorok’s death. A brilliant and legendary figure, Khar’Dorok created a stable, yet militarily strong state. An ideal of strength and stability which the orcs have been lacking since.

Dhar Dorok died and his son Koth proved himself a tyrant, a deceiver and eventually a traitor to the orcs, for he sold the Homelands to outsiders. The Four Generals who had called Dorok master banded together and defeated Khar’Koth. However, this left the Homelands devastated. Each Khar went their separate ways after this.

Khar’Yargnath was left in the homelands, and defended against Thapsus for years in a bloody war. He died on the battlefield, and since the Orcs of the West have been under the thumb of Thapsus.

Khar’Dhula took those loyal to her to the south to accept a place among the Dragons. She and her warriors were among those desperate enough to place themselves within the great flame. A few stood in the aftermath and became the famed yet infamous Red Knights of Tejis.

Khar’Tarhan took his followers to the East in search of gold. His horde would become the Black Sails, who take to plunder as a religious exercise to the great god of the Sea Mhar’Dakth.

Khar’Zhura took her people to the North, and they became the Clan of the North, the Unbowed Clan, The Knights on Wolfback, The Blue Orcs, The Red Upon the Snow. They became the Clan of Khar’Zhura.

The Nomadic Orc clan of the North have lived in one place or another of the Northern Reaches at one point or another. A fierce warrior and hunter culture, but one which values honor and duty, the Clans have been allies and enemies to many of the civilizations of the north. They are famed for both their hardiness and mobile nature in military. They are, perhaps, most famous for their ability to tame and ride powerful monstrous creatures.
Races that are part of the faction: Orcs
Additional Info:

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by Finland SSR

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:11 pm
by Absolon-7
The Republic of Atria wrote:Name: Valan Narsh

Accepted, Atria

Charmera wrote:Faction Name: The Clan of Khar’Zhura

Accepted, Charm

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by Finland SSR
Name: Simion Valerin
Age: 25
Gender: M
Race: Human

Strength: 3
Agility: 3
Endurance: 3
Magical Prowess: 1
Free-floating points: 2
Bio: Simion Valerin, fifth son of the Valerin family, is a proud citizen of the Merchant States of Nur, the same place where he spent most of his youth. His father, Numinar, was an expert craftsman, a successor of the long tradition of his family of weapon artisanship, and though he was never anywhere close to the riches that the wealthiest merchants and businessmen of the Great Cities had at their disposal, he and his family lived a good and comfortable life regardless.

As the fifth son of the craftsman, Simion never really considered the possibility of ever inheriting his father's workshop and continuing the family tradition, but despite that, after some nagging at his father and ignoring his complaints about him maybe choosing a different path in life, he began to study alongside his elder brothers in his father's craft anyway. As it turns out, the boy never held any interest towards the finer parts of craftsmanship, such as dealing with customers, making trade deals or spreading the word about your business - he just really loved to tinker with weapons and build things. What caught his interest especially, however, was one thing Numinar showed off to him and his brothers one day, when he was eleven years old - it was an experimental firearm which the craftsman had acquired from one of his contacts in the Western Heartlands, and the thunderous sound and power of the hand cannon enamored young Simion. His father never really had much interest in the hand cannon, believing it to be inferior to bows and crossbows and far too expensive to operate, but Simion's opinion was different - the young boy was convinced that this is where the future of warfare lies, and began assembling and disassembling the firearm to study its mechanisms and find the way to improve its effectiveness.

At 16 years old, Simion's studies under his aging father concluded, and with little else to do in his life, the teenager requested Numinar to allow him to leave home and travel the land with his hand cannon, study its power on real battlefields and find the way to upgrade it to its fullest potential. After giving it some thought, Numinar agreed, and for the next seven years, Simion travelled the wide world from the farmlands and lushes of the West to the pirate-infested archipelagos to the East, as an adventurer and marksman for hire. Those seven years granted him plenty of insight into the pros and cons of his weaponry - for example, without access to your father and his wealth, gunpowder is a lot harder to find, and a significant portion of Simion's savings always had to be dedicated to buying more of this wonderous rare grey substance. Having cracked the code behind how gunpowder works, the marksman invented a few gadgets of his own, for example, rudimentary incendiary grenades, or basic land mines, when necessary, though the mand cannon remained as his primary weapon.

When Simion was 23 years old, however, his life took a turn. When in camp in the Western Heartlands, a courier reached him, bringing a letter and - much to his surprise - informing him that he has now inherited his family's modest belongings. As it turns out, a lot had happened back home during those seven years - his father died of old age, his eldest brother Virion relinquished his rights to the estate and instead packed his bags to travel to the North, two others died before their turn, and the final elder brother Sarus was assassinated by a hitman sent by a rival weaponsmith guild. With these news reaching him, Simion returned home to Nur for the first time in seven years, welcomed by his mother Marina and younger sister Sima.

The two, believing in Simion's talent in crafts, hoped that he would take up the torch and be the successor to his father which all of his brothers failed to be - however, the adventurer had other plans. Much to Marina and Sima's shock, he sold the family workshop which was their for generations, picked up the basic tools and money he thought would be necessary on an adventure and sold the rest, ordering his mother and daughter to stay at his uncle - a local bar owner - from now on. It was a selfish and meaningless act which Simion regretted instantly after riding out of Nur, but by then, the damage was already done.

With nowhere else to go yet again, Simion decided to apply for the Paean Legion, hoping to atone for what he had done by taking up on a job with a slightly more meaning than just "travel until you find someone you can legally shoot".
Heroic Boon: Eagle Eye - Simion's boon grants him higher than average precision with his weaponry.
  • Weapon Craftsman: A trade passed over to Simion from his father and one in which the man is noticeably talented in. The weapons craftsmen of the Great Cities specialize in, as you might have probably guessed, building and repairing weapons - swords, spears, bows, most types of armor, but also in experimental pieces employing the fairly recently discovered substance of gunpowder, which, despite being far from perfectly reliable or even all that revolutionary on the battlefield, have taken Simion's interest. Though, obviously, he is just as capable at constructing or repairing traditional weapons, just give him enough resources.
  • Marksman: Through years of practice, Simion has reached expert levels of precision and marksmanship with his hand cannon. He knows exactly what he needs to do to reload as quickly as possible, put down the enemy in front of him before they do him, and not have the cannon blow up in his face while he's doing so. In addition, years of travelling, training and wandering solo have left him more fit and agile than the average man.

  • Is still as frail as the average person.
  • Vulnerable in close quarters combat.
  • Hand cannons require a long time to reload (about 20 seconds), and it and Simion's other weaponry require a lot of gunpowder to operate, which is expensive.

  • Hand Cannon: An experimental gunpowder firearm with a matchlock mechanism (which I guess makes it more of an arquebus than a hand cannon, but whatever). Fairly heavy, so needs to be wielded with both hands, and takes a much longer time to reload than a bow - but if it hits, you're probably a lot closer to the grave.
  • Grenades: Ceramic gunpowder explosives with igniters, thrown with one hand.
  • Ammunition and Gunpowder: Held in a separate pouch for easy access.
  • Steel Sword: Just in case you ran into some problems with your hand cannon on the battlefield and the enemy is about to strike you. Simion isn't very good at using it.
  • Travel Bag: Contains all the basics for an adventurer such as food and a bedroll, as well as the necessary basic tools for crafts.

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by Higher Japan
Name: The Albion Federation
Dominant Group: Humans
Region: The Southern sections of the Western Heartlands, Closer to the Great Atrium (No map so no idea for now)
City Size: Megalopolis, the Federation is made up of many cities but are united under one banner with a central capital.
Notable features: The Albion Federation despite its name exists almost as an extension of Thapsus in terms of oppression. Soldiers armed with rapiers and plague masks constantly roam around the city, keeping order and acting as a form of an internal police.
Age of City: A few centuries, the Albion Federation has lasted the first half of its existence as the final bastion of liberty before it fell into its current oppressive state.
Major Industry: Armor production

Name: Tia Rosalia
Age: 22 physical age, real age unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance :(Ignore the gun i had no better pic)

Strength: 2
Agility: 1
Endurance: 3
Magical Prowess: 6
Born into the slums of the Albion Federation, Tia from a young age was pretty much left at the bottom of the food chain. From organ harvesters to rapists to psychopaths, she's seen them all and killed most of them, some of them were slightly luckier and only left with 1 upper arm remaining. She eventually rose, although she only remained at the center of the food chain where she was respected and hated, meaning that despite her progression she was still in the red of being murdered or raped. But at least her organs wouldn't be harvested which was a plus.

Her life would change during her teens, when she was scouted out by the Federal Magic Department. When she was found, she killed 5 Federal officers from the Raven Detachment before they managed to chain her down not after another 5 were injured. The Federation, seeing her ability decided to place her under the Military's Magic Research and Development department instead where she was placed under the jurisdiction of the committee heading the 'Abaddon' project. It was here that she would, alongside other candidates kidnapped all over the Federation, live for most of her later life.

The 'Abbadon' project was the largest project undertaken by the Department, with a full committee operating separately heading it unlike other projects where the department still headed it under various heads. The plan was to find a candidate with magic strong enough that it was borderline unstable and create a means of enhancing the power such that rather than acting like a blunt sledgehammer in terms of combat the candidate would turn into a rapier, fast, decisive and most importantly deadly. In essence the goal was to create a perfect soldier from nearly unstable magic and utilize them in further operations and wars.

The initial stage consisted of filtering out any mistakes that the Raven Detachment, an elite secret police under the military, through the means of natural selection. Out of the 100 candidates chosen, they were slowly eliminated by means of battle royale. This became a form of entertainment for the aristocracy as results were published in the newspapers daily and members placed bets on who would win. Ultimately only 10 candidates remained, and the kills were all counted. It was found that the highest kill was only 2 and it was another candidate. When the system was reviewed a fatal flaw was exposed. The conditions were too optimal, and growth had allowed the strong willed to survive off the berries that grew while stray animals provided meat. Trees and fallen branches also provided some form of shelter alongside caves while a stream provided fresh water. Thus, the 90 dead had either committed suicide or died of other natural causes, not of murder.

After this, a 2nd round of testing was conducted. This time the previous surviving 10 were thrown back in alongside 90 other candidates kidnapped during the course of the 1st round. They were thrown into the Swampland of the South and this time the results were slightly more pleasing. Most of the deaths were kills, majority being from one of the weapons that the candidates had chosen be it a blade or bow. When the last 10 came out, only 5 of the first batch's 10 were part of it. Tia just happened to be part of it, although they took note that despite being given only 5 arrows she had managed to make more from the trees in the swamp and scored most of her kills with them. (The swamplands made it such that they were practically walking in at least hip high water. All 5 arrows were down against targets on flat ground/walking, so the arrow was lost with their bodies in the water when they began to sink into the soft ground.)

After finishing the 2nd round, the committee moved onto the 2nd stage. Here, candidates were subjected to advanced military training, one equal to that of the Raven Detachment's training which even veterans found somewhat challenging. In this stage 1 died due to the strain, but the remaining 9 continued to the end. After this candidates were shortlisted for their weapon of choice based on prior performance. Tia was given a bow, and from there the department split the 9 of them up into separate stages. Tia's stage was slightly faster but much more painful.

Her magical capabilities were unparalleled, and her powers at their base allowed her to create weapons which may have been partially why she was able to survive the 2 rounds. This led to a lot of experimentation and control, i.e torture, for her to finally refine her powers. This broke her mind completely after the first stages and led to her being a nearly perfect killing machine, although the bow does inhibit her like many others, with almost no need to reload with her ability to regenerate arrows in a split second. This came at the cost of energy, meaning that everytime she did this in combat she was in fact slowly killing herself by depleting her energy down to dangerous levels.

Following the final testing stage and her officiation into service, she entered as part of Division 422, a crack division which was almost exclusively composed of soldiers that use magic in combat. The Division would spend most of it's time on standby, placing revolt after revolt down by force. Eventually, Tia's inhibitor failsafes engrained into her mentality failed. The feeling of the kill and the feeling of each dead man proved too much for her to control. At 20, she promptly defected during a bloody revolution gone wrong after she shot her commanding officer in the chaos where the protestors charged the detachment sent to put them down.

She would spend most of her time as a mercenary after that, evading capture and in turn ending some members of the 422nd before she arrived at the legion and would promptly join on to make a living. Although the real reason was that she just wanted to go back out and shoot down other people legally and for some cash.

Heroic Boon: Eden's Curse Tia's Boon is a more offensive styled Boon in direct combat, and works when she concentrates her energy into the form of an arrow before shooting it up towards the sky. What would follow is a rain of energy bolts. The name for her Boon comes from the arrow design, where the rear end takes the form of a rose, a Rosa Eden. Anyone that survived the initial barrage will be pinned down by thorny vines until the magic wears out after a few minutes or the vines are destroyed by any other means.
  • Deadeye: With years of training and using her magic, she is capable of 'zooming' in on a target and slowing down her perception of time to a near standstill for the perfect shot.
  • Quick draw:With her training, as compared to other archers her draw speed is at least twice as fast as them, allowing her to release more arrows in the same time.

  • She can be quickly overwhelmed with the amount of time needed in between reloads and the time needed to aim.
  • She is weaker than a normal human and cannot stand long in close quarter combat.
    [*} Her Heroic Boon requires immense amounts of energy and only 3 can be released at once

  • A Composite bow, the string has been modified to allow the user to fire stronger and faster shots, although drawing is hard for the untrained user
  • Albion Military Survival kit: Flint and steel, colored fuel to be added to fire in order to call for help, a few days worth of rations, a knife
  • Her cloak from her Albion military service time, black in color and covers only her upper body. The edges are lined dark red. There are some random blots of dried out blood here and there on her cloak
  • Albion military knife, basically a Kukri by modern standards

Greatest Fear:

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Name: Aayla Surath
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Strength: 4
Agility: 5
Endurance: 2
Magical Prowess: 1
Bio: Born into the swamp town of Nathmor, Aayla grew up learning the town's art of alchemy since she could walk and talk. Learning the ideal plants for poisons, healing, oils harvested from certain insects, what herbal blends lead to sleep and which ones lead to people hallucinating. Not only did she quite enjoy this, she was good at it as well. Going as far as to spend a lot of her free time trying to come up with new potions. Most of which melted straight through her flasks, but she never gave up. As she grew older and had finished her official alchemy training, she elected to join the town's defenders. Strange, quiet cloaked men and women wearing a skull of a creature over their heads and covered in knives, poisons, and poisoned knives. As expected of any adolescent, being mysterious and covered in knives was a dream come true.

At least until she actually started training and quickly began to regret how grueling it was. The first few weeks felt awful. So much practice for every single part of her body. The instructors were firm, and corrected any mistakes by giving more training. It didn't help her or anyone else that she liked to run her mouth a bit more than she should. Every time she did, she was greeted with longer hours of knife practice and acrobatics training. It had gotten to the point where she was starting to get ahead of the other trainees because of all the extra work she got herself into. Despite getting herself into more trouble than usual, she passed through the training, if only just because the instructors wanted to be rid of her and hoped that she would spend more time in the swamp looking for thieves and herbs than bothering them.

Which is exactly what happened. While her parents couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments, most of her teachers were happy to be rid of her. She was given the standard uniform of a large animal skull that somehow stayed on her head no matter how much she jostled it, the green shaw to go with it, followed by a supply of about two dozen knives to be concealed on her person. Both for throwing and for stabbing. And for awhile, she did her job well. Thieves tended to be intimated by a skull faced thing throwing knives at them and she kept herself alive with her knowledge of brewing, and the rest of the town didn't have to deal with her loud voice. However, things took a turn for the weird when she came across a man who looked like he was on fire. He kept to the normal paths and looked to just be passing through.

She'd heard rumors of people who could control fire. Something about dragons being involved, she didn't know and approached the burning man who was quite a bit more friendly than his armor and body implied. As she expected, the man was just passing through and at most would stay a night or two before moving on to join the Paean Legion. The guild at the center of the continent that welcome pretty much everyone with any discernible skills. She had discernible skills! You could never go wrong with someone who was good at making potions. Plus the fire man would probably help her. She talked her way into joining him on his quest to join the Legion. And that was the start of their relationship.
Heroic Boon: Transmutation: Aayla's boon allows her to transform raw materials into other materials for potion brewing.
  • [Nathmor Warrior Training]: Aayla is highly trained in the ways of a Nathmor warrior. Relying more on quick jabs, slashes, and throwing with her many knives.
  • [Alchemist]: Aayla is skilled in the art of potion brewing.

  • Knives: Her knives are relatively small and have difficulty getting through heavier armor.
  • Potion Brewing: Making potions takes time and requires ingredients for each.
  • Transmutation: Transmuting not only takes time, the specific ingredients she makes are of less mass than what she started with.

  • [Potion Belt]: A belt that allows her to carry flasks and vials for her potions.
  • [10x Empty Potion Vials]: Self explanatory
  • [24x Small Knives]: Knives about the size of a finger. Great for stabbing and throwing.
  • [Nathmor Warrior Outfit]: A light, green shaw and animal skull.
  • [Basic Alchemy Kit]: A kit carried around to allow for the brewing of simple potions,

Greatest Fear:

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Faction Name: The Cult of Hozrai
Faction Region(s): All (Widespread presence)
Description/Lore: The Cult of Hozrai began roughly fifty years ago in the Tejis Desert. It was created by a man known only as Hozrai, a so-called prophet who supposedly heard and then convened with a pantheon of mythical gods and was instructed to lead the creatures of the world forwards in their worship. He created a Holy Book known as the Tejistus. He began to preach in several small towns and villages and soon gained a strong following among the local tribes. His teachings are not centered around any one race and have as such led to the Cult gaining popularity among even the High Elves. After about thirty years, Hozrai commanded his legions of followers to seize control of their governments and allow him to take command. The Hozraian Uprising lasted for two years and led to the deaths of 50,000 Hozrai Cultists and 12,000 innocents and soldiers.

The incredible violence of the uprising and the devastation to the Cult following it led to a collapse in its support from less radical elements of society. It was designated a dangerous group by most nations and groups and has since been hunted ruthlessly. After twenty years of long insurgency and an aging leader, the Cult of Hozrai has dwindled and become more fanatical. There are between 42-45 bands of Cultists still active throughout the world, numbering around 5,300 members and 12,000 supporters. The thread holding the group together is its founder, without him the group would likely collapse. His only viable successor would be his son, who has recently disappeared and is believed to have been kidnapped by the Paean Legion
Races that are part of the faction: All Sentient Races
Additional Info: Theme Hozrai

Name: Ryo Beiceran (Actual: Cyran Hozrai)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: High Elf

Strength: 1
Agility: 2
Endurance: 4
Magical Prowess: 5
Bio: Ryo was born with the name Cyran as the child of the infamous Cult-Leader Hozrai and a young High Elf Cultist from the Thapsian Peninsula. The pair had fallen in love when Hozrai had come to the homeland of the Elves in order to preach, this was in his early days when he first began to spread his teachings. Her name was Amedee Xilzeiros and she was unlike any other High-Elf. Her hair was not blonde but a soft sort of brown, almost like clay. It was incredibly attractive to the young Hozrai and he courted her. She agreed to marry him after a few months, having fallen under his spell.

Amadee had a difficult birth, Cyran barely survived it. She died of bloodloss and as a result Cyran never got to meet his mother. His father was devastated but relieved that his child had survived, at least. When he saw Cyrans hair he understood that when the time came it would be Cyran who would carry on his teachings. The boy was passed off to another young woman and from her he nursed until he was able to eat solid foods. When he was six years old his father ordered that he was to begin to learn the basics of life. Cyran was taught all the basic necessities. By the time he was ten he had mastered his native language, could hunt and trap for food, could ride a horse with much proficiency and had begun to use Magic.

From ages eleven to sixteen he fine tuned his skills and begun to learn directly from his father. They went over the dozens of deities that the elder Hozrai claimed to commune with. He spent weeks learning them, how they were created, their domains, stories etc etc. Naturally his father promised that Cyran would one day commune with them as well, but only if he continued to pray and worship them faithfully. Thus became incredibly devout, believing that the only gods were his own. He was at this time completely isolated from the outside world. HIs only sources of information came from the other Cultists and what his father allowed him to see and understand.

When he turned nineteen he had an experience that changed his life forever. He was separated from the rest of his group when an avalanche cut between he and his horse and the rest of the caravan as they were moving to a new hideout. Suddenly unable to get to the rest of the band, he was forced to explore the woods for an alternate way around the huge boulders blocking his path. He stumbled upon a town and ended up staying there for a week longer than he would have initially planned for. He was exposed to alternate systems of faith, different people with world-views completely different from his own and additionally, he was not treated like a god by all those around him.

His father eventually found him and forced him to return but the damage was done. After a year of planning he was finally able to escape from their hideout, staging the whole thing to look as though he were kidnapped and killed. Unfortunately only the kidnapped part seemed to get across to his fathers Cultists and they began to search for him using all the resources at their disposal. He ran and ran until eventually he came across the Paean Legion. He took a new name and joined them, managing to avoid his pursuers for some time. Recently, unknown to him, his fathers cult has located him.

Heroic Boon: Explosive Bolts - His lightning magic is red and when it strikes something, as well as filling it with electricity, it also causes an explosion.
  • [Lightning Strike]: A bolt of electricity is shot from his staff at a target. This electricity is still incredibly fast, however not as quick as lightning.
  • [Charged Ground]: Electricity is leaked or streamed through the ground in huge quantities. Ryo is capable of holding this current for fifteen seconds, though being subjected to it would lead to electricity streaming through the body up from the feet. The ground will likely be singed by the ability.
  • [Targeted Lightning]: Electricity is gathered from the air and is most potent with thunderclouds already present. This electricity is slowly built up until a huge bundle in the sky, which is then shot down at lightning-speed onto a target. The process of gathering the electricity in the air can take as much as half an hour or as little as two minutes, with varying results.
  • [Electric Last Stand]: An ability mastered but never preformed by Ryo's father. The Electric Last Stand is an "if all else fails" technique meant to wipe out as many hostiles as possible at the cost of one's own life. It calls enormous amounts of lightning onto the user.

Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t singlehandedly conquer a kingdom):
  • Lightning Magic is more intensive than other forms of magic. Thirty minutes of combat for Ryo is the equivalent to two hours of combat for a pyromancer.
  • Ryo is unusually susceptible to ice-based magic, which can make his lightning almost completely ineffective.

  • [Magic-Imbued Clothes] - They are capable of dispersing lightning magic somewhat (ironically)
  • [Staff of Conductivity] - His staff enhances his lightning abilities, allowing him a small amount of extra punch in his attacks.
  • [x5 Magic-Books] - Books relating to various magic topics, which he enjoys studying in his downtime.
  • [Paper, ink and a quill]

Likes: Sleeping, Sweet food and drinks, the Forest
Dislikes: Spicy food and drinks, grapes, his fathers Cult,
Greatest Fear: Being forced to lead his fathers Cult, or being killed by the Cultists.
Wisp: Blue

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Group Name: Lycans
Region Inhabited: Northern Reaches
Group Appearance:


The Lycans are a race of canine-like humanoids native to the Northern Reaches, who can date their existence back for thousands of years judging by the paintings on the walls of caves in the region, showing animal-like humanoids roaming the area. While humanoid in appearance, the Lycans also take on many wolf-like traits and abilities as suggested by their appearances, namely being increased stamina and endurance to keep up with game in hunts, as well as the ability to use their claws in combat and smell and hear far better than most racial groups. Lycan fur, depending on the location, temperature, or season, can also shed itself or grow into a thicker coat, giving them the ability to operate in locations not limited to cold and temperate climates.

The Lycans have inhabited the Northern Reaches for thousands of years, starting off as mere nomadic tribes and clans all contesting for dominance in the already harsh Northern Reaches, whilst occasionally contesting with early humans and the envornment itself. However, one thing set the Lycans apart from the other races of the north aside from their appearance: many Lycans were evidently aware of their ability to transform in the presence of the moon or at night, using their abilities to gather vast swathes of territory and harass other civilizations relentlessly. This gave the Lycans their rather lowly contemporary reputation as savages, with some Lycans even in modern times still resorting to their feral, dangerous and uncivilized manners and living as marauders in light of the gradual transition into organized society.

Many centuries passed, with many of the Lycans still living as nomadic tribes while others set down into isolated villages, towns, and cities throughout the North. It was only until a legendary warrior-queen named Enfys arose to power that the Lycans gained their first sense of unity, culminating in Enfys's epic victory against a rather notorious Lycan warlord named Cain, a vicious dictator who had asserted a reign of terror over most of the lands of the North that the Lycans occupied for almost half a century. She established the city of Lycanmire as the capital of her hold, which remains the capital of the Lycanmire Hold to this day, becoming the first Jarl of Lycanmire. The presence of Enfys gave a sense of unity to the Lycans, who immediately ended their petty fighting and united together, forming the Lycanmire Hold, the Lycans' first nation.

The Lycans of Lycanmire are both feared and respected for their warriors, many of whom venture far beyond the North to become heroes and mercenaries elsewhere in the world. It is a martial society, which favors honor in battle and courage as the highest values one can achieve in battle. It shares a mutual respect with the many other nations of the North, but does not participate with Northern affairs as much as places like An’Zarok do. Many Lycans who dislike how rather isolationist their nation has become, such as Luca Greyfoot, often resort to becoming freelance warriors and mercenaries elsewhere in the world.

Innate Abilities:
  • Moon Children: Every Lycan, during the night and especially when exposed to the moon, can transform into their true forms, granting them drastically increased strength, speed, stamina, hearing, and smell, and incredible resilience to damage due to a much larger muscle mass. However, Lycans in their true form are prone to feral bouts of rage, and the form can be rather uncontrollable to a Lycan who is not mentally prepared to transform. In addition, exiting the form almost always drains a Lycan of a considerable amount of energy, leaving them sluggish or weakened when they turn back to their normal forms, and repeated usage of transforming in and out of the Suppressed and True state can easily put a strain on one's body.

Innate Weaknesses:
  • All Lycans possess a biological weakness to silver, which is capable of hindering or downright cancelling their transformation in their Suppressed state and gravely injuring Lycans in their True state. Additionally, loud noises can easily disorient a Lycan's heightened hearing.
  • In modern Lycan society, the True form transformation is seen as taboo and looked down upon due to its uncontrollable nature and occasionally detrimental effect on a Lycan's health.
  • Other Lycans and Vampires are natural enemies to True Lycans, with both being able to take and deliver equivalent damage.

Additional info: A different spin on the Werewolves.

Name: Luca Greyfoot
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Lycan

Appearance: See below:




Strength: 5
Agility: 2
Endurance: 4
Magical Prowess: 1

Luca was born into Clan Grey-foot, one of the most powerful, wealthiest, and influential families in Lycanmire. They held a long heritage of great warriors and were a martial family, respected for their fearsome skill in combat and strict code of honor. Luca was born to Nico, leader of the Clan Grey-foot, in a rather unexpected pregnancy, after it was assumed his mother was infertile. Unfortunately, Luca's mother would later die from complications from childbirth, thus leaving the care for her child to fall upon Nico, who took it upon himself to sire his child personally, a task that would traditionally fall upon the mother.

Over the years, Nico would train his son in everything that he knew, from swordsmanship to archery, survival to hunting, among other tricks of his trade. It quickly became evident to Nico that Luca was shaping up to be an incredibly healthy and strong Lycan, even nearly surpassing his height in his teen years. Although he was still very young compared to the other warriors of the Clan, Luca was still able to show his capability and among adults, quickly garnering him fame and celebrity status within the Clan. This culminated into the day when Nico passed on the Clan sword, Illumina, the pack's most ancient sword, onto Luca. This was an incredible honor given that it was only passed down to the most skilled and most disciplined of warriors. Despite the warning that only very few could wield the runic blade, Luca wielded the blade as if it were his own, only further boosting his reputation as a skilled and intimidating fighter to both his allies and enemies alike.

Luca's skill with the Illumina quickly became the stuff of legend among the Clan Grey-foot, but his carefree antics and excessive pride drew ire from Nico, a grizzled veteran of past adventures, who saw in his son only his inability to lead the clan in battle, or rather anyone, for that matter. Looking to redeem himself and prove himself to his father, Luca set out wielding the Illumina on a risky solo mission to deal with a rather pesky group of goblins that had been pestering several villages outside of Lycanmire on a frequent spree of raids.

It was during this dangerous quest, beset on all sides by a swarm of his his tiny foes and under a full moon, that a highly-stressed out Luca first transformed into his True form, immediately cutting through swathes of the green marauders with his bare claws and fists before abruptly passing out, stomping out the goblin threat plaguing Lycanmire for good. Strangely, upon waking up the next morning and seeing his discarded equipment and ripped clothing nearby, as well as a group of Lycanmire guards approaching him with extra clothing, Luca remembered the battle in great detail, and it didn't take that smart of a Lycan to realize that he had transformed to stomp out the goblins. He was promptly returned to Lycanmire and his clan, admittedly scolded due to his transformation and humiliated due to his lack of clothes, but applauded nonetheless for his excellent self-control during his transformed time and his valiant efforts, so much so that the Jarl bestowed the title of Thane upon him, a high honor.

His experience in his True Form made Luca want to learn more about the mysterious transformation, and so began a series of late night study sessions followed by late night excursions, where he would study himself in his True form, mentally training himself to resist his feral urges as much as he could in his True form. As time went on, Luca eventually became better at doing so, gaining deep mental strength that would only help him go through the otherwise painful and maddening transformation process without damaging himself, the environment, or other people.

Some time passed, and Luca began to travel the world, briefly finding mercenary work and odd jobs in the few places in the North that would accept Lycans. During his time, Luca would refine his skills, garnering himself a reputation as a talented, imposing swordsman that was a menace to deal with up front. A certain recommendation to a Paean Legion was given to him, to which he accepted and quickly joined as a new Red Cloak, looking to assert his place and reputation in an otherwise alien, unfamiliar place far from home.

Heroic Boon:
  • Sign of the Wolf: Imbues the user with increased stats during the night and only the night, and allows a Lycan to exert far greater control over their feral urges in the True state, also retaining their consciousness.

  • [Moon Child]: When exposed to the moon or during the night, Luca can transform into his True state, granting him incredible strength, speed, stamina, hearing, smell, and resilience due to a much larger muscle mass. He may also pass on the Lycan transformation gift to direct descendants, and can turn back to his Suppressed form at will.
  • [Absolute Unit]: True Form aside, Luca is a dangerous, physically imposing opponent specializing in crowd control and hard hits, and makes a perfect tanky fighter combining raw physical strength and swordsmanship into one powerful package.

  • Luca carries all of the weaknesses associated with Lycans, namely silver and loud noises.
  • Exiting his true form will almost always drain Luca of a significant amount of energy, and repetitive transformation between the forms will put a dangerous strain on his body.
  • Luca specializes in fast, hard-hitting blows in combat. This does not necessarily mean that he is an incredibly agile fighter. In fact, an elf could easily outpace him in a short distance sprint or agility contest, whereas Luca could easily win the endurance or long distance race.

  • [The Illumina]: The Illumina is Luca's personal Lycan steel runic greatsword that was passed down from the many generations of his family, eventually landing itself into his hands. It is carried on a scabbard on the back and is covered in ancient Lycan runes. Although it may seem large in human hands, and more or less akin to a giant sharpened slab of metal, Luca is capable of wielding it fine in his hands. After upgrading it with at Velathri blacksmith, using the magical dagger he acquired following the heirloom mission, the Illumina is capable of unleashing a large cloud of blinding black dust, which can mask his movements or be used to disorient foes.
  • [Clothing]: When out in extremely cold weather that even his fur would be too cold for, or stealth missions or rainy ones, Luca uses his Paean Legion hooded cloak. This is worn over his regular clothing: a simple tunic, trousers, and a feather necklace. He also wears two steel-studded leather armguards, with studs of steel added onto the knuckles to add extra damage to his punches. Finally, he wears Illumina's scabbard over his back. A sheath for a small steel hunting dagger and small bag is also present on his person, carrying necessities like a rope, an ice pick, wineskin, flint and steel, compass and map, basic medical tools, and a bedroll.
  • [Armor]: Over his clothing, Luca wears medium-strength Lycan armor which consists of a mixture of steel plate, mail, and leather, to maximize warmth and mobility without being too heavy. He also has a green cloak and cape to act as an alternative to his Paean Legion one (this is mainly for show), as well as two heavy shoulder pauldrons. Finally, a helmet tops off the armor literally.

Likes: Meat, cold weather, other Lycans, hunting, swordplay, quiet nights, mead, brooding over existential topics
Dislikes: Humans (distrust), goblins, elves, politics, deep water, wine, hot weather
Greatest Fear: Not living up to family name
Theme Song: Gatsu
VA: Marc Diraison