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Postby HypErcApitAl » Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:02 pm

would've apped earlier, but TL:DR (there's too much for me to read)

Name: Scarlette Greyoak
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance (pics if possible): Image

usually, or a sand-blue sleeveless top (midriff/stomach exposed), grey skirt and barefooted (barefoot both in and out of her dress)

She has a petite body-type, and very long hair. (Brunette haircolor, though it sometimes looks raven-haired)

Statistics: (All stats are at 1 by default, you have 8 points to distribute and you can only put 5 points maximum at the start to any stat)
Strength: 1
Agility: 5
Endurance: 3
Magical Prowess: 0 (none)
Bio (Please treat this as a replacement for a writing sample. No more than a few paragraphs is necessary but it should be well written):

Scarlette came-up in Poverty; making it 20% more easier for her to become a Rogue or a similar class or skillset (like thief, lockpick, etc). This had made her a kleptomaniac/sticky-handed. She usually steals money, though she can steal many other things too.

Scarlette got used to fighting things wider and larger than her, and also roaming and wandering out of her village. Scarlette is naturally a soft-spoken girl, though this shouldn't be confused with shyness, as she is fierce.

She had two sisters; one of them named Angela and the other Charlotte. Charlotte got lost, though her family had though she'd gotten aten up by a wild beast of some sort. Her second amulet is actually Charlotte's amulet. Both of her amulets are very priceless to her, and she'll even go out of her way to retrieve them if they were lost or stolen.

Heroic Boon: A silver tiara. (Stealth bonus/add-on when she wears or holds it, but it's essentially worthless if another thief were to acquire it.)
  • [Agility]: From a very young age, she was fast on her feet, and overtime, got faster. This also applies to climbing and jumping; she's an excellent climb and an excellent jumper.
  • [Potion resilience]: If she drinks a bad potion, or one is to be thrown/spilled at her, she has a high tolerance. It'd only slightly affect her compared to everyone else.
  • [Mental compass]: If she were to get lost, she'd never truly be lost since she'd subconsciously know where she's at; and she'd find her way back easier. She is a skilled wander.

Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t singlehandedly conquer a kingdom):
  • She is far too emotional and prone to fits of rage or crying fits.
  • She's only good with daggers and small blades. She has no aim with bows, swords fall out of her hands, and she's more-likely to hurt herself with a hammer or chop off her finger with an axe. Besides daggers/small blades, she's a capable hand-to-hand fighter.)
    (Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 limitations. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)

  • [Scarlette mainly carries numerous daggers on her.]
  • [She wears two amulets.

    Her amulets do not have any magical or special powers/capability, they're only special to her out of the fact that she feels she cannot part w/ them under any means. They're too symbolic to give up, in her point-of-view.]

  • She doesn't own much other than her collection/set of daggers and her amulets, except for clothing (though she just-so-happens to only wear two things)

Likes: Food. Scarlette is, by all means, a glutton. She likes animals of all shapes and sizes, also.
Dislikes: Footwear (besides hitting someone with it), Authority figures, being talked-down to.
Greatest Fear: Loneliness.
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Postby Absolon-7 » Thu Aug 05, 2021 4:03 pm

Name: Siegfried Godwinson
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Human
When he was in his 20's.

The epic tale of Siegfried Godwinson began with his birth as the firstborn son to a wealthy family that was entrenched into the political life of the Republic of Velathri who had long been exiled from their home up north. He was a very rambunctious and loud child that used to always run around in his family's vast garden estate and even learned to ride ponies when he was five. Once he was old enough he was sent to a boarding school in hopes it would tame him but he quickly became the boss of the school's kids due to his impressive strength and charisma. Throughout his school life he'd be in the middle of many escapades and incidents almost getting expelled several times. His particular claim to fame was in slaying a vampire that had tried to take over the school to feast on its student body when he was 16. It was during this time he met two life long friends in Wallace the son of the school's horsemaster and Rosemary a local girl that came along with her parents to deliver food to the school and a secret magic user.

Once he graduated he went on to Velathri State University where his exploits would continue but he had acquired a taste for drinking which lead to a massive slump in grades. He had to drop out and his family had him join the Velathri Homeguard as a last attempt to get him to shape up as the heir to their household. He was assigned to lead a militia in the outskirts of the Republic's territory and was charged with whipping it up to shape as that particular province's militia was woefully inadequate. Surprising everyone he tuned their fortunes completely around and proving themselves in stopping an attempted coup of Velathri itself by an exiled noble. After staying with the Homeguard for too years Siegfried 's service was up and he was recalled back home for an urgent meeting with his father. He was told that his father was to step down as head of the family early as he was in fear for his health. Indignant that his father would have the gall to have one last try at squashing his freedom by burdening him with the family's affairs Siegfried refused and stormed out never to return.

He traveled around the Heartlands for a time getting into all sorts of trouble with Wallace and Rosemary but he eventually made his way back to Velathri where they got roped up in helping a Paean Legionnaire with a contract about slaying a giant tentacled beast in the city sewers. Seeing what the Legion could offer in adventure the trio signed up and where soon immersed in adventures they couldn't even imagine doing before and with time and deeds they rose through the ranks. Unfortunately, the trio would separate after Wallace had a nasty argument with Siegfried over a incident in a contract neither ever shared publicly. Wallace quit their party and Rosemary soon after as she secretly pined for him. Left all alone Siegfried continued on heartbroken but ever the maverick. He would go on to be involved in many now legendary adventures such as the discovery of the underground Golden City and a fair bit of scandals such as kicking the King of Soissons in the crotch. He would gain a reputation as a cheerful and jolly fellow and there was a giant celebration in his honor upon becoming a Whitecloak nearly a decade ago.

Nowadays he spends his time much the same as always by going on contracts for grand adventurers and helping recruits get a good footing in the organization with a former pupil being the up and coming Roxana Ma'gonid. With a pint of ale and some poor sod to retell tale of glory Siegfried is a welcome sight in the Legion's headquarters.
Heroic Boon:
Position Juggler - His heroic boon grants him the ability to repeatedly switch places with his opponent in a short amount of time.
  • [Immense Strength]: Seigfried was naturally born with inhuman strength that was only further compounded by intense training and the Singing Stone empowering him upon reaching higher ranks.
  • [Unnatural Durability]: He had always had a strange toughness to him shrugging off several things that would've maimed a mere man.

  • His mind works in very strange ways which often ends up in him taking incredibly unorthodox approaches to matters fully incoming much simpler and easier solutions.

  • [Steel Zweihander] - a trusty sword that's been with him nearly his entire life.
  • [Spiked Buckler] - a perfect companion to slap away at foes.
  • [Godwinsonshire Full Plate] - the native armor of his family's homeland to the north.

Likes: Beer, Meat, Petting animals, fraternizing, singing, dancing, sports, adventuring, camping, wilderness survival
Dislikes: Reading, nobles, budgeting, injustice, the ocean
Greatest Fear: Being Friendless
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