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by Idiot People
Name: Lucan Aburns
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Strength: 2
Agility: 5
Endurance: 2
Magical Prowess:4

Bio: Living with his father, a traveling merchant, Lucan spent his days on the roads and nights under the trees. When in villages, he learned the ways of merchants and people alike. Having grown up dealing with customers, he learned to be charming and kind as to lure people into liking or befriending him. When not helping his father sell his goods, Lucan often explored the towns and villages to meet new people, explore their culture, and expand his knowledge of the land.

Of course, when not in villages, Lucan spent his days on the road. When not discussing with his father, he found himself time to learn to live off of the land, whether through acquaintances in settlements or through his own exploration. He learned the paths of the roads and the trails of the woods by heart, and always took in the scenery around them, with guidance and advice from his father.

Then he and his father hot a rough spot. Money drew tight as the income did not support the spending. As it slowly became harder for the two to afford rations and supplies, Lucan's father turned to other means other financial support through loans and debts. Unbeknownst to Lucan, he took up a courier trade and carried various letters and packages with him through their travels. Slowly, it seemed like there was hope yet.

One night, while Lucan had been out, he returned to their encampment to find it in disarray. He slowly drew out a knife and went to find his father in a tent he had set. Upon opening the tent to enter, he found a darkened figure standing over a black mass in the back of the tent, his father's body. When the figure turned, Lucan saw the face that would haunt his dreams. He dropped the knife he was holding and turned to run, grabbing his satchel with the supplies and belongings inside, disappearing into the forest.

For the next two years, he wandered from place to place, continuing his exploration of the land with wary glances behind him. He spent a short period of time under a mage's wing, helping him understand the concepts of magic and even teaching him a few minor spells, before the lure of the land led to their farewell. Throughout his travels, he heard of various tales of heroes and adventurers traveling the land and often assumed them to be fictional tales until he heard a definitive name; The Paean Legion. He then decided to try his luck and began to seek out an application.

Heroic Boon: Boon of Speed - Hero can bless a creature, be it themselves or another party member of choice, to experience enhanced speed of the hero's own or more. After the first use within a few day's time, a hero can use it again on another party member or at another time, but it becomes increasingly taxing on the hero and can prevent further usage in following days.
  • (Spell)-Lights: Lucan can create small spheres of light that can be moved within a certain radius.
  • (Spell)-Flame: Lucan can create a small flame within his hand or fingertip. It is not large enough to be used in combat.
  • Traveler: Through his years of traveling, Lucan developed a natural sense of the land and knows more roads than not, as well as an innate sense of direction.
  • Haggling: From his time by his father's side, Lucan has learned a lot about being a merchant, including how much someone is willing to bargain and how to entice people with simple wares.
  • Survivalist: Lucan knows a lot about surviving off the land, whether it is what foods to eat and what not to eat, or how to find and follow a trail.

  • Apart from hunting, he has a lack of combat experience.
  • Despite his charming output, he finds it hard to trust some people.

  • x2 Daggers
  • Short Sword
  • Minimal Leather Armor - Chest, Arms + Cloak
  • Satchel with Traveling Supplies

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by Absolon-7
Idiot People wrote:Name: Lucan Aburns

Character Accepted. If youd like to get up to speed joining the discord is the best way.

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by Idiot People
Absolon-7 wrote:
Idiot People wrote:Name: Lucan Aburns

Character Accepted. If youd like to get up to speed joining the discord is the best way.

Do you have a link to that discord? The one I found expired.

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by Absolon-7
Idiot People wrote:
Absolon-7 wrote:Character Accepted. If youd like to get up to speed joining the discord is the best way.

Do you have a link to that discord? The one I found expired.

The one on the OP should be updated now.

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by Zarkenis Ultima
Added Lucan to the archive post.

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by Radea
Hey friends, I'll be on vacation away from the internet for four days. I'll be back next week. Stay frosty.

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by Finland SSR
Radea wrote:Hey friends, I'll be on vacation away from the internet for four days. I'll be back next week. Stay frosty.

Buh-bye! See you soon!

NPC Nation Repository

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by Absolon-7
A Discourse on The Wider World

A fertile land of haunting forests, tyrannical mountains, welcoming grasslands, and pugnacious rivers, the Heartlands are a many a springboard for long past empires and conquerors but as of now are in a state of relative peace. Said long past glories have left a multitude of lairs, dungeons, and cursed realms dotted among its vast capes and prove too dangerous for the average farmer or city-dweller to explore.

Said river provides regular flooding along its immense basin providing a rich farmland accompanying the Heartlands temperate climate. Villages and towns are often not that far apart bar the mountains and borderlands. The great Aria River splits the land to two areas: Greater Atrium, where the majority of civilized lands are to be found, and Lesser Atrium, where the forests, hills, and prairies give way to the festering swamplands of the South but a good number of countries and communities are still to be found. A myriad of kingdoms and other countries hug the river and many a states populate swaths of the landscape offering a variety of places to live and work opportunities. Plenty of jobs for upcoming adventurers are to be found in this bustling corner of the world.
The bog is a dark, damp, infested with all manner of poisonous insects and plants. Not long ago, settlers, primarily humans started populating the area, making the swamp slightly more livable. What made the settlement of Nathmor worth the risk was the incredibly valuable ingredients found in the rare insects and plants that made it up. Thus began the bustling hub of buying and selling extremely potent poisons and potions, making the once dead swamp, much more navigable and even profitable. Nathmor trained unique warriors, closer to assassins than more traditional warriors with them relying on finesse, small knives, their knowledge of alchemy and guerilla tactics to ensure the settlement and the many traders that pass through are fiercely protected.

The Tejis Desert, home and presumed birthplace of the dragons. These powerful and magical creatures primarily kept to themselves, only venturing from their home in search of food if it was sparse. However, humans, bold as they were, decided to try build a city there. It did not take long for it to fall apart at the seams with little resources to sustain it. The dragons though it amusing, but the boldness of the tiny people impressed them enough that they were bestowed a gift: A massive, magical flame placed at the center. The dragons insisted that those who give themselves to the flame will find themselves sustained by it. They didn’t expect the humans to take it so literally, some of them insane enough to jump wholly into the flame. Most didn’t survive, but some did and received a portion of them flame’s seemingly limitless power. Now, nearly all races travel far and wide both to see the beautiful gift and to learn the art of pyromancy.
Pristine, majestic and unconquerable are only a few of the words that king and explorer alike have used to describe the lands north of the Tharros, the vicious river that separates the Northern Reaches from the lands below. The Skywall Ridge, the single largest mountain range on Requiem, stretches out throughout the eastern edge of the Northern Reaches, preventing access to the eastern seas, and veers westward as it nears the northern edge, separating the civilized world from the seldom-explored lands beyond the Skywall. The only reasonable way to access these lands is by taking a path through the mountains called Giant’s Pass, but the cursed ruins of the ancient fortress, Caer Rhonwal, dissuade all but the bravest of adventurers from setting foot there. Crowning the Skywall is the Skyfire Peak, a majestic mountain stretching far beyond the sea of clouds; all sorts of things are said about the summit, such as it being home to a deity, or a mighty dragon, but few have ever reached the top and returned.

But there is much more to the Northern Reaches than the Skywall Ridge. The boreal forests, snowy hills and forgotten caves that dominate most of the region are home to dangerous prowling beasts, and the lair of many a powerful creature can be found here; roving groups of vicious bandits are also not uncommon. As one approaches the southern half of the Reaches, marshlands start appearing, though these are no more habitable than the the snowy forests further north. Despite the challenge that the Reaches pose to anyone who would settle in it, many prosperous enclaves of civilization exist. One such haven is the Dominion of Issgard, inhabited by the hardy snow elf people. Surrounded on one side by a massive frozen lake and on the other by the Skywall Ridge, Issgard is a natural fortress that has withstood many hardships and continues to be one of the foremost civilizations in the Reaches, taming the frozen lands with sheer wit and grit.

Now, despite the grim picture that the above description may paint, with only the most willful of tribes managing to prosper in these cruel lands, not everything in the Reaches is as merciless. In fact, small patches of kinder terrain do exist. Tucked away in the southeast is Rosen Vale, a green valley nourished by a tributary of the Tharros, the river Gan. Inside that valley lies the prosperous city-state of An’Zarok, a prosperous metropolis dedicated to the worship of an ancient deity. Renowned as a place of leisure and pleasure, as well as the first major settlement one finds after crossing the Tharros via the Great Bridge, An’Zarok receives a large amount of visitors, furthering the city’s prosperity. The three nearby towns of Cinderbury, Shadowglen and Grim’s Hollow provide the city with food and other products, and An’Zarok’s charming, guileful denizens make sure that visitors keep coming back. Their current king has ruled for three months, an unprecedented record in recent history.
Sloping downwards from the central alpine and mountainous center lays a nearly deserted vast stretch of lands and wilderness where one can find ancient ruins just hidden and perilous enough to deter all but the most determined scavengers. It contains vast stretches of pristine wilderness, reclaimed landscapes, and blighted wastelands dotted through out its area. Marshes and lakes pepper its landscape giving ample fountains for life but there exists many cursed bodies of waters as well that offer an unfortunate fate to those who fall for them. Rare and exotic creatures flourish in these untamed lands unhindered by civilization and lucky for civilized people as well. Reports of utterly bizarre locations never seen before but these remains unverified. What is verified hover is that the region is dominated by prairies and woodland that can offer meager sustenance to those willing to work for it. The landscape of the Empty Wilds is one of paradoxes and binaries that will perplex most who come here but for those who live there its just another home.

The scant traces of civilization that do exist in the Empty Wilds are overwhelmingly frontier settlements owing allegiance to no higher power. These settlements are often a single town or village but wealthier ones can afford to bring subordinate under their wing for more resources. The odd network of alliances and confederacies do exist but loyalties are fast and loose. Types of governments are incredibly vast and often experimental with some towns having town councils, others by petty princes, and others being nothing more then anarchies. Homesteads often dot many regions within the Empty Wilds and are usually home to but a single family of farmers. Opportunity however does lie in open pit mines coveted by many foreign business, nobles, and powers that often set up company towns of their own making to exploit vast mineral deposits. A thriving cattle industry is also present in some places where the products are shipped to the other regions in the continent which has made ingenious use of ice magic to preserve the products. Bandits, cattle thieves, and brigands terrorize the landscape but the Legion is quite ready to offer its services as well as independent figures help for their own price.
Between the tides and crashing waves of the Eastern Ocean, the many islands of Svarnabhumi rose above the sea. A collection of islands and atolls, it inherited its name from the ancient thalassocracy that once unified the archipelago. While the old kingdom has fallen ages ago, its former glory is still remembered by the people of The Archipelago. Now, small kingdoms fight among themselves to claim the title as the inheritor of Karaton Svarnabhumi, and while the tumultuous water makes total conquest nigh-impossible, it would not deter the zealous princes and aspiring warlords from trying to achieve the impossible.

While each island has their own unique wildlife and biome, they are still located within the same area and share the same features. Lush forest often adorns the larger island, hiding beautiful floras and majestic faunas. Locals often share the story of fabulous beasts unknown to mainland visitors, like the tale of man-like monster whose whole body is covered with fur or the legend of a gigantic flower that would only sprout and bloom once in a blue moon. The smaller islets, seemingly bland compared to their larger cousins, are bestowed with untold riches within their craggy soil; diamonds bigger than a person’s head, colorful gems pinned to the walls of its many cliffs, and streams filled with gold sands. For these reasons, and many more, the archipelago managed to grow into the prosperous region that it is today.

But the Archipelago, for all its beauty, is no true paradise. Horrors lurks beneath the waves and behind the canopy of trees. A tribe of humanoid beast hunts the shores of Svarnabhumi, preying on the cattle -and sometimes the people- of seaside villages. Pirates plague the sea, scourging travelling ships and their load. Even if you managed to evade all those hazards, the Ocean itself conspires against you, sending torrents of water and maelstrom to halt your journey. The Eastern Archipelago is no man’s sea, a tyrannous force of nature that bows to no-one, no matter how hard the delusional Warlords would lie to themselves.

The Western Heartlands
Faction Name: Republic of Velathri
Description/Lore: The largest and most economically influential city in the south, this city-state controls both sides of the Great Aria River exit along with some of the surrounding villages and towns but is most known for hosting the international headquarters for the Paean Legion.
Additional Info:

Faction Name: Tyranny of Thapsus
Description/Lore: The long resurgent and now stable nation of Elves holds its power jealously to keep the balance of its quite comfortable position as the subjugator and owner of many islands, ports, and bordering realms.
Additional Info:

Faction Name: Duchy of Aliala
Description/Lore:A modest independent realm of minor nobility and aristocrats, this duchy holds a respectable amount of territory and possesses exclusive to a rare and highly sought after red dye made from native insects.
Additional Info:

Faction Name: Demarchy of Ostia
Description/Lore: A part rival and part ally of Velathri, Ostia is your quintessential port city with a large mix of races and goods from around the world.
Additional Info:

Faction Name: Kingdom of Soissons
Description/Lore: The largest and most powerful human nation in the entire continent that exemplifies absolute monarchy and societal and technological prestige; this country controls a sizable portion of the north and central regions of the Heartlands and offers a reliable counter to Thapsus.
Additional Info:

The Northern Reaches
Faction Name: Kingdom of Lietuva
Description/Lore: A poor, tiny, but respectable kingdom wedged in the Northern Reaches borderlands and is known for its light cavalry, exquisite glasswork, and fierce hatred and paranoia towards potatoes.
Additional Info:

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by Absolon-7
A Primer for Newly Hired Legionnaires Concerning the Singing Stone Initiation

The way one comes into the workforce that makes up the Paean Legion is about as diverse as the number of different species, peoples, and walks of life that actually make up the organization. The Legion provides a valuable resource and service continent wide allowing many a people's to interact with us but what all who take up the cloak in common is undergoing the sacred ritual of pledging themselves to the Legion by way of the ancient artifact known as the Singing Stone. This relic is a luminous sphere that radiates a blinding blue-white light from its center that is big enough to need both hands to hold it. The Singing Stone receives its source of power, namely from the primordial Song of Heroes wherein through methods lost and an age unknown a sliver of the reality warping melody was imbued into the stone. As its origins are unknown so is its early history but is first recorded mention is in the year 1000 in the Thapsian Calendar when it was pilfered from the fortress of a malevolent devil warlord, Moloch, by the legendary human hero Castiserix. From here on it blips in and out of history, until it finally landed in the possession of the founding fathers and mothers of the Legion on one fateful day in the summer equinox of 1941 AB.

From the very beginning the Singing Stone was essential to the Legion as the effects it had were instrumental in building up its workforce. Due to its reality altering origin, the Singing Stone exists simultaneously in every small underground room in every major Legion base thus offering the possibility of every new hire to receive its benefits. The exact reasoning as to why this is so is undetermined but somehow its worked in the Legion's favor the past several decades. The effects of the Stone magically imbue the physical attributes and magical potential of the recipient several times over their species base potential upon a second exposure with only receiving a boon in the first exposure. Which attributes it affects are not set in stone but they essentially do match up with the more favored characteristics, at least they usually do. The ritual for starting this whole process starts with being lead to the room the Singing Stone is held in that is decorated with candles and incense to build atmosphere. The stone is held aloft a polished stone podium at the center of the room with a circular carpet surrounding it. From here the recipient kneels before the stone and recites a sacred pledge in a lost language. It goes as follows:

Sessarax in ventri beghan
Ol hagana ikol federion
Unlo sessarax

From here a blue light envelopes the Legionnaire and does the previously described effect and also grants the most coveted of the Singing Stone's gifts: the Heroic Boon. An almost random power with near limitless application and forms. It is reported that during the experience the Legionnaire hears a fragment of the Song of Heroes and the tune is so beautiful that makes the heart of any listener hurt in its sheer magnificence but alas it is heard for barely a moment in time. From here you are expected to exit the room and go on with your life. Every time you are promoted to a higher cloak you go once again go to the Stone and pledge yourself again to have your attributes and boon boosted in power. A thing to note is that once you pledge yourself you are forever linked to the Singing Stone and if you for any reason whatsoever desert, harm a fellow Legionnaire, betray a fellow Legionnaire or the Legion itself the boon and power boosts are immediately canceled. Now good luck in there!

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Power could be going out for me for the next 3-7 days. I'll let ya know if and when I'm back.

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Idiot People wrote:Power could be going out for me for the next 3-7 days. I'll let ya know if and when I'm back.

Thanks for letting us know IP.

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Sorry for the absence, I'm back. I'll seen about getting a post started.

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by Zarkenis Ultima
Idiot People wrote:Sorry for the absence, I'm back. I'll seen about getting a post started.

Welcome back!

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by Charmera
Faction Name: The Scarlet Company
Faction Region(s): Nomadic
Description/Lore: The Scarlet Company was formed by a group of outcast mages who were determined to put their talents to work. They formed the Scarlet Company as a mercenary organization, sellswords who would use their magical talent for the highest bidder. They merge consummate professionalism and impeccable arcane drill, offering elite magical troops to whoever pays the highest.

Unlike the Paean Legion, the Scarlet Company are soldiers rather than adventurers. They rarely work for anyone less important than nobility and their chain of command is far less lax. Battlemages take orders from Magi Superior, who take orders from the Archmages, who take orders from Grand Archmages. They can also work as Bodyguards, Enforcers or Assassins, but generally, they are hired for battles. They also prefer longer term contracts than the Legion is willing to provide. Some Archmages are even hired as generals for armies, their loyalty to their clients being so firm that they are trusted to command their armies.

The Scarlet Company is famous for having the best of the best in terms of magical troop, priding itself on being able to provide an effective service to clients. However, they are infamous for essentially doing anything for money. It is true that it is very little they will shy away from, and they have participated in their share of massacres and protected their share of bloody tyrants.
Races that are part of the faction: Anyone who can pass training, but mostly humans and elves.
Additional Info:

Name: Kerah "Heartpiercer" Dawncrown
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance (pics if possible): ... ng?2385836
Statistics: (All stats are at 1 by default, you have 8 points to distribute and you can only put 5 points maximum at the start to any stat)
Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Endurance: 2
Magical Prowess: 5
Bio: Kerah Dawncrown, daughter of the house of Dawn in the Thayar Magocracy of Issir, was born to a powerful noble family. The bastard fifth child of the house Matriach, Koriah Dawncrown, and a wandering adventurer, Kerah was disowned at birth. She was still taken care of by the family, but her status as an illegitimate child strained her relationship with her father and siblings. When she turned fourteen, Koriah recommended her to Archmage Kyphros of the Scarlet Company. This was mostly a means to get rid of her.

Kyphros, a High Elf, took Kerah in as an aide and trained her to become an officer. Her magical powers were at first weak, however by relentless practice and study Kerah honed her abilities to become a highly-skilled officer. Kyphros and Kerah came to trust one another, Kerah becoming devoted to the cunning elf.

Kerah would be deployed to many fields of battle and be part of a considerable number of other Scarlet Company assignments. Most familiar with the traditional form of mage deployment (embedded in non-magical units to protect them and boost their combat effectiveness) Kerah has killed her share of enemy mages in mystical duels. It did not take too long before she became a Magi Superior, able to command and co-ordinate multiple mages.

A consummate professional, her service record lists battles dutifully prosecuted for a hundred satisfied clients. All save one.

In the late winter of a year of hard campaigning against rebels, the general of the army she was serving was assassinated. The king of that realm asked that she step up to command the army, something she had not done before and had not been trained to do, but the campaign was almost over. She managed to defeat the struggling rebels and bring the last insurrectionist town under loyalist control. She reported back, pleased that her first command over an army had not led to disaster.

Then she was told her job was not yet done. That she was to order her army to raze the town and all the other settlements that had rebelled.

Kerah refused. She had done many awful things in her service, but she would not order a massacre. She stepped down from command of the army. This led to a court-martial from the Scarlet Company due to breach of contract. The offense to the Company was perceived as so severe she could have been executed, but Kyphros pulled some strings to have her remain in the force.

Despite his clemecy, Kyphros told Kerah that he felt betrayed by Kerah's act of 'cowardice' and he would no longer aid in her career. Disillusioned, she left the company and joined another group. The Paean Legion.
Heroic Boon: Officer's Eye: Kerah's Left Eye can detect weak points, whether in a structure, a fighting stance or in armor.
  • [Insert Ability Here]: (Insert description of ability here)
  • Light Magic: Kerah can shape light into a solid form, and as a result she can use it to construct basic constructs. Commonly used forms include: A Light Barrier, Light Shackles/Chains, A Light Spear or Sword which she can launch at enemies.
  • Counterspell: Kerah is capable of directly contesting some forms of spells, disrupting them as they are cast.
  • Scarlet Swordtraining: Kerah is a trained and drilled swordmaster of the Scarlet Company, she prefers a light duelist form that emphasizes speed.
  • Tactic Accumen: Kerah, as an ex-Scarlet-Company Officer, has been trained and schooled in battle tactics and strategy.

  • Kerah can maintain one strong light construct at a time or up to ten weak ones. Weak constructs are trivially easy to break, while strong constructs can resist a single strong force before shattering.
  • Countermagic has no effect on enchantments or spells that have already been cast. Rather it must be cast at the same time or before an opponent casts their spell, and it requires a verbal component.
  • Kerah's Officer's Eye required concentration to use and must be consciously used in order to be effective.
  • Kerah's Officer training has not necessarily prepared her for fighting monsters. She is mostly unfamiliar with proper monster-hunting procedure. She is also a good line officer, not necessarily a good general, warlord or queen.

  • Magi Superior Hat: This hat will set itself on fire if worn by anyone that has not achieved the rank of Magi Superior in the Scarlet Company. Otherwise, it's just a fancy hat for special occasions.
  • Azure Nightrender This weapon can have magical energies channeled through it, which allows it to deflect magical attacks if used to parry them. However, doing this will tire the wielder.

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by Absolon-7
Charmera wrote:Faction Name: The Scarlet Company

Name: Kerah "Heartpiercer" Dawncrown

Faction and Character Accepted, charm

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:56 am
by Archangelskl Oblast

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by Absolon-7
The Heartland's Calendar

Through rigorous calculations and observations of the night sky the Heartland's Calendar was devised and drafted by the now defunct Calendar Council of Ostia in 1569. The council was a laborious effort from delegates from several of the wealthier and trade oriented nations of the Heartlands in an effort to make dealings more convenient. For the specific year the calendar starts it was compromised to begin with the origin of the elven race as pressured by the Thapsian delegates. It organizes a 388 day year into eight months of varying number of weeks and days but each week is a seven day cycle. It was first only used by the countries who drafted it but eventually spread in the following century to be used by every country in the Heartlands and a few of the southernmost countries in the Northern Reach. In the following centuries through mostly trade it has received widespread adoption throughout the rest of the continent with only a couple of holdouts refusing to use it. Currently it is the year 2000.

Days of the Week: Moon's Day - Star's Day - Cloud's Day - Storm's Day - Rain's Day - Wind's Day - Sun's Day

Spring Months
Sunbirth - 45 days
Sundancer - 45 days

Summer Months
Greenpath - 55 days
Flamepath - 55 days

Autumn Months
Mellowmoon - 56 days
Harvestmoon - 46 days

Winter Months
Frostfall - 45 days
Allnights - 41 days

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by Radea
Hey all, I'll be on a business trip for the next week. I should be able to post this weekend, but wanted to let you all know.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 10:44 pm
by Absolon-7
Radea wrote:Hey all, I'll be on a business trip for the next week. I should be able to post this weekend, but wanted to let you all know.

Have a nice trip, radea!

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by Grimdark Souls
Are you guys still accepting new players? :blush:

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:37 pm
by Absolon-7
Grimdark Souls wrote:Are you guys still accepting new players? :blush:

Certainly, although we're a very slow RP so you might want to take that into consideration if you prefer faster paced ones. If you don't mind that however feel free to make an app and join up.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:44 pm
by HypErcApitAl


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by Somerania
Name: Wylan Telford
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance : ... g&usqp=CAU
Strength: 3
Agility: 4
Endurance: 3
Magical Prowess: 2
Bio: born in the slums of Velathri, Wylan's father was just a regular city guard while his mother took care of him and his sister who would later die at the age of 8 after getting ran over by a thief who was running away on a horse, Wylan due to his father's poor income often took to petty thieving to feed himself, he soon made some friends and they stole food from vendors to feed themselves along with pickpocketing regular people, they had a hiding spot in an abandoned house in the slums where they would gather after a thieving run and share their loot but one day they stole a large amount of money from a corrupt guard's captain who then ordered his lackeys to follow the boys, capture them and torture them to death for stealing money from him, most of the boys got killed and captured except Wylan who had to hide and watch the whole thing happen, he couldn't speak out or help because there would also be consequences for his family.

At age 16 he discovered he had lightning magic abilities but the only thing he could do was concentrate hard and produce tiny sparks but he didn't give up there instead he honed his skills and could do a lightning bolt by 18 years old soon 3 years later he applied to join the Paean legion and he got accepted.

Heroic Boon: The desire to be a hero: whenever he is in life or death situations (this also comes in when someone's life is in serious danger) his heroic boon is activates, it is like an amplified version of adrenaline surging through the body, it gives him heightened senses, reflexes, speed, strength, endurance, his desire to be a hero and belief in himself during dire situations with no chance of escape is what activated this heroic boon.
Abilities: Lightning bolt, super agile and master at parkour
  • Lightning bolt: Wylan can use lightning magic but since he is very incompetent in it he can only do 1 technique called lightning bolt where he points his finger tips at his target and a bolt of lightning comes out and hits the target, this is deadly against goblins but not much against serious threats and the range is only 20 meters.
  • parkour: Wylan has been agile and light on his feet since birth. It's a weird attribute which he is very good at. He often used it to steal and get in all sorts of trouble.

Limitations : Timid. Fear of heights. Fear of sea monsters and the fear of death
  • Wylan is very timid, the first thing he is gonna do when he sees a troll is look the other way and run for his life, since he is pretty agile he might just get away
  • Wylan has an insane fear of heights fearing he will fall to a painful death, he he also doesn't want to get chomped up by a sea monster, to be honest he doesn't want to die at all!


[b]Likes: food, easy and comfortable life and he is a bit perverted
Dislikes: anything that will kill him
Greatest Fear: also anything that will kill him and fear of having a miserable life filled with struggles

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:24 pm
by Absolon-7
Somerania wrote:Name: Wylan Telford

To start things off, I'd like you to remove everything in parentheses since that is more for your reference and clutters the app when its done. My second point is to clean up the first paragraph by replacing commas where appropriate with period as it currently a large run on sentence along with capitalization where needed. The boons is fine but "activated" should be "activates". For the abilities and limitations you don't need to add them directly after limitations and abilities since you would put them in the box. For equipment "bastard" is misspelled with that @ symbol so that should be fixed, since he's new he would have a red cloak not a blue cloak, and I assume the "h" is supposed to be "the". Just fix these issues up to clean up the app and we'll see from there.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:03 pm
by Somerania
Absolon-7 wrote:
Somerania wrote:Name: Wylan Telford

To start things off, I'd like you to remove everything in parentheses since that is more for your reference and clutters the app when its done. My second point is to clean up the first paragraph by replacing commas where appropriate with period as it currently a large run on sentence along with capitalization where needed. The boons is fine but "activated" should be "activates". For the abilities and limitations you don't need to add them directly after limitations and abilities since you would put them in the box. For equipment "bastard" is misspelled with that @ symbol so that should be fixed, since he's new he would have a red cloak not a blue cloak, and I assume the "h" is supposed to be "the". Just fix these issues up to clean up the app and we'll see from there.

Sorry, English is not my first language