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by Ulls
Be Very Very Quiet

The first traps weren't useable against the antelope, they were too fast and took the bait. She went back to the tribe and told them of her failure but the chieftain still wanted to see it through. She had another idea and wandered what she could do to try again. Zuma told her about Dust Bulls and the Giant Elks that look large enough to try again.

This time with Opono to help with the work, the shamaness got to work on making a new trapping plan. She decided to try her hand at trying to trap a Giant Elk and see if her plan can work.

She, with the help of Opono, started to work on a drop net for the large creatures. It had be tied to the apple trees since they were tall enough to collapse on them, she had to go for the young ones in order to get them young and weak enough to not escape so easily.

She hope that this would prove useful in capturing and sacrificing for the needed ritual.

With the help of Opono, craft a drop net and tie it to some apple trees to bait and catch a young giant elk for sacrifice.

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by G-Tech Corporation
The Beleaguer, Firsthome
Ninteenth Day of Greentime, Year Fourteen

The high ululating call came from the south, and Maria opened the wide pen gates, Talia heaving on the other side of the heavy mechanisms. Built of sturdy shaped wood, the bodies of forest giants, they would not yield easily to either man or beast- and that was the whole idea. Out of the treeline of verdant spring growth emerged the cattle, lumbering beasts none too bright, but driven forward by the beating of sticks and the yelling of two other members of the tribe. The Keen-Folk had not hunted the beasts for years, letting them grow fat and happy and complacent about man's presence, so the movement of the beasts was more annoyance than fear. But they moved, and that was enough for the matriarch of the Hvasskyn, whose breath was hot in her chest as she waited for the creatures to fall into the trap.

And fall they did, which sent a smile tearing across Maria's tanned visage. The areas of the meadow that were easily traversable had been scattered with larger rocks and sticks, and so the cattle moved forward instead, between the two poles of the gate and into the vast paddock that had been prepared for them for years. It was overgrown with long thorny shrubs along the fences, which were as high as a man, and large enough that the tribe hoped the cattle would be content to graze in the interior without the trouble of breaking through the fences. They could, of course- the wooden construction, though sturdy, would not put off more than a single determined creature or two for very long. But these creatures seemed placid, and so, the best opportunity for making servants of for man of any of the beasts the Keen-Folk had been given by the Maker.

It was a crazed plan, and had consumed many of the resources of the tribe. But the Father would honor it, or not, and that was in his hands. There was much else to do around Firsthome aside from the herding of the beasts, but with any luck at all this would be the gateway to much greater food security for the people of the verdant marches.

Jarn Nemtsov (Scholar) begins improving smelter size for easier casting
Maria Nemtsov (Scholar) works to herd cattle into pastureland
Vladimir Nemtsov (Scholar) continues work on developing the Rune of Preservation
Ivan Nemtsov (Warrior) helps herd cattle, hunts in Nightwood
Petyor Rurik (Worker) plants cotton seedlings after tilling some soil
Natalya Rurik (Worker) hunts with Ivan for food for the tribe
Talia Rurik (Worker) forges five bronze hammers for metalworking and construction
Sylvia (Scout) journeys northeast of north, seeking companionship
The union of Jarn and Maria seeks another child

Nadia Rurik (Scout) comes of ages and journeys with Sylvia

Kursk Nemtsov (Young Worker) learns of planting and farming from Petyor
Dmitri Rurik (Young Worker) carries water and materials for Talia at the forge

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by The National Dominion of Hungary
Clan Serys

"Your name will be Garen." Ellyn said as she held the little boy close, he reached up from the warm sheephides that he had been swaddled in, tiny hands extended toward his smiling mother as he gurgled happily about his name. "All right, Garen he is." Artor said, his mind wandered to these last times, he and Ellyn had grown closer, though he had to admit that it was partly because she was the only woman and he the only man who were alone. Their relationship was different that the one he had with Old Kharyn as she had been called for some time now to differentiate between her and her daughter who bore the same name. The relationship between Artor and Ellyn had started as being mostly physical. He sought comfort after Kharyn's death and Ellyn had been alone for a long time while both Lia and Kharyn had been with someone. But as the months went by they had indeed grown a bit close to each other, and now, that they had a child together... well. Now they were a family. Little Garen looked like his father, he had the same deep dark eyes and a little tuft of dark chestnut colored hair on his head.

Artor had been deep in thought for several days, he may have rushed some things in his impatience. The building of the homes he envisaged had not left his mind, but he had been so possessed by the thought that he had cared little for other things. For bringing new life to the clan, for simply spending time with the others. Now they would tackle life at a slower pace for a while, they would spend time together and not rush. They needed to remain here and focus on the three children, and Artor did not doubt more were to come now that they had more time to spend with each other, both him and Ellyn on one end and Zvad and Lia on the other. But he was also determined to do all in his power to prevent another death, clan Serys would not exchange one life for another again. And so one night he asked Zvad to walk with him for a bit. Artor had thought of the spirits, how they filled Old Kharyn with knowledge, but that knowledge was that of how to make weapons and then they claimed their life.

He came to the conclusion that blood might please these spirits as their old sacrifices of food had not done much and then they had claimed blood, Kharyn's blood. So he asked Zvad to range across the rocky, craggy plains of their homeland and bring back a living sheep every now and again. If the spirits demanded blood, they would ask them for protection and pay them in blood that was not their own in exchange.

Ceremonies are held by the Spirit Stone, asking for health and protection with the sacrifice of a living sheep when possible.
Artor spends his time being ready to help with the possible pregnancies and studying their progression.
Ellyn gathers sweetplums with one of the baskets and helps Lia care for the children.
Lia cares for the three little children and sometimes helps Ellyn with gathering using another basket.
Zvad goes up to the streams and the river to catch fish with one of the fishing spears and sometimes goes north to catch a living sheep to sacrifice.
Zara plays around with Little Kharyn.
Kharyn plays around with Zara.
Garen spends his time eating, sleeping and being an infant.
Zvad and Lia spend many nights together.
Artor and Ellyn spend many nights together.

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by The Federation of Kendor
The Herrian Tribe

For the previous year, Kiril's training to be a warrior was average. Nothing remarkable happened, other than him starting to grasp the ways of hunting and using weapon. As for Katya, she finally made a discovery on the stars. She managed to trace some landmarks on the night sky and noticed that certain stars were arranged differently each season. Meanwhile, the shrine was becoming closer to completed now, though it still needed few more years to finish. And as for Kizirh, his quest to enlightenment and gaining magic was still unsuccessful, though he did become resistant to the cold, which he considered and improvement.

Now, in the early part of this year, Kizirh was having yet another dream, and he soon got a vision from Vadim, the God of Cold and Fate again. This time, it showed him trying to achieve enlightenment again. But this time, he was helping in the shrine's construction, as well as meditate out in the cold, trying to breath deeply and concentrate his thoughts. It also showed Kozlov gathering resources and continuing with the temple again. As for Katya, she decided to go with Zikov into southeast in order to research about the animals there and find a way to effectively hunt the wolves without attacking them directly. The carving of the stars into the shrine would be done later next year, when Katya finished her research on the wolves.

After that, the vision ended, and Kizirh woke up from his dream. As usual, he gathered the tribemember for a meeting, and they did their assigned task after Kizirh talked about it. As for Kiril, he continue his training, while Galina became more developed as share grew up. She could now do things a two years old did. Meanwhile, Kizirh decided to help Kozlov in the shrine's construction, before praying to Vadim and then meditating out in the cold. He did that every day for a year. As for Katya and Zikov, Kiril had to go with them, and Galina would be cared by Kozlov for a year.

Kizirh (Leader/Warrior): Pray to Vadim, meditate in the cold, and help with the shrine's construction. Also defend the tribe if necessary
Kozlov (Worker): Care for Galina, tend to the wheat field, and work on the shrine. He will also mine stone from the region where the tribe is living now instead, as he had to care for Galina
Zikov (Warrior): Go into east of southeast to aid and protect Katya, as well as hunt wolves if necessary. Also train Kiril
Katya (Scholar): Observe all three of the animals living there, and think of a way to make a trap for the wolves.
Kiril (Young Warrior): Train under Zikov and help him
Galina (Child): Being cared for by Kozlov

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by Adab
No fluff for now, sorry.

Maelon (Warrior/Leader, M, 32) guards the cave, looks after the children, and leads the tribe
Malar (Warrior, M, 34) helps Maelon guard the cave, looks after the children, and occasionally helps Kalamon and Kaina collect the food
Esimon (Scout, M, 32) helps Maelon guard the cave and looks after the children
Asmodeus (Scout, M, 55) helps Maelon guard the cave and looks after the children
Kalamon (Worker, M, 30) collects apples and grass, occasionally hunts for goat, wolf, and bear meat, and helps the guard the cave
Kaina (Worker, F, 31) assists Malar in collecting the food and hunting the beasts, also feeds the children
Maeka (Scholar, F, 11) helps the adults prepare the food and light the fire for now
Maesimon (Child, M, 9) spends his time playing and helping the adults prepare the food and light the fire
Haemon (Child, M, 5) spends his time playing
Maelon and Kaina try for another child

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by Theyra
The Aslani

Will try to do later

Kevah(M) Scout/Leader - Leading the praying of the gods and meditate.
Atena(F) Warrior - Hunting
Mahdi(M) Worker - Tending to the farm
Zari(F) Scholar - Tending to Shahin
Naghi(M) Scholar - Creating a system of writing to record the names of the stars(Cuneiform)
Shahin(M) Infant - Doing baby things

Kevah and Atena try for a child

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by Brendislav
Vestubian of Lordaeron
Year 14, Age 18

Early in the Year:

Vestubian crawled back to the tribe, terribly weak and sick, Mara saw him in this state and shouted for help. The entire tribe was sure that Vestubian had perished while he was out in the wilderness, for they had not seen him for over a month. Calia and Natalie take their time to both care for the children of the tribe as well as the weak Vestubian. After a week Vestubian was finally able to walk again, and even though he was till ill he got himself back to work.

Vestubian was aware that he was nowhere healthy or focused enough to attempt another “trial” like that, so he focused on other means of spreading the Light with his tribe. Vestubian thought it would be best to spread his teachings to the tribe, so after a short meeting with the tribe, a night of prayer was set up. It would be a weekly session, where Vestubian would teach the three virtues of the Holy Light and tell tales of his adventures and discoveries along his path to greater knowledge. He hoped that after they properly followed the Light, it would bestow them gifts like it had given Vestubian his.

Midway through the Year:

Vestubian was relaxing underneath the three pillars in the middle of the tribe, for the first time in the past 3 years, he felt at peace. He was getting a full night of sleep, eating well after fasting for a long time, and had a relaxed and easy role within the tribe. However, he was running into an issue, his teachings on the Light were being forgotten as fast as they were learned. The old lessons and tales were being lost.

He heard a giggle, and when he looked over, he saw Baron, one of the small children of the tribe carving into one of the large pillars. “Hey! Stop that!” Vestubian snapped, the child gave a devious laugh as he ran away. Vestubian walked over to see if there was any way to fix the damage, but neither magic or elbow grease could fix it, it would be a permanent mark on the pillar.

It is permanent! Vestubian had a great idea, he called on the aid of the tribes two scribes and asked if they could possibly carve letters and words into the pillar. Although it was difficult Vestubian found a way to immortalize his discoveries and teachings for the tribe. He will spend his days working with the scribes and writing the core values on the three stone pillars.

Rest of the year: Vestubian will begin recovering from his spiritual journey from last year, as well as preaching about the Light, and writing the core values and knowledge on the stone pillars.

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by The GAmeTopians
Wang (Warrior, M, 30) - Hunt, Fish, Contemplate Great Dao Equipment: Hatchet, Spears, Baskets
Ping (Scout, M, 29) - Explore North of Northeast, Contemplate Great Dao Equipment: Hatchet, Spears
Yifan (Scholar, F, 32) - Research Combustion, Contemplate Great Dao, Keep an eye on children Materials: Coal, Iron, Timber, Ice-Iron Equipment: Hatchet
Xing (Worker, M, 30) - Assist Yifan in Combustion Research, Contemplate Great Dao, Keep an eye on children
Zhou He (Child, M, 10) - Assist Yifan in Combustion Research, Contemplate Great Dao, Keep an eye on children
Mai (Child, F, 5) - Contemplate Great Dao (Though for a five year old it's more "think about what you're feeling")
Bai (Child, M, 3) - Contemplate Great Dao (See Above)
Cong (Child, M, 2) ---
Qing (Child, M, 1) ---
Jia (Child, F, 0) ---
Zhou Wang and Zhou Yifan attempt to have a child

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by G-Tech Corporation
Year 14

Abundant food. Rudimentary Irrigation. The floodwaters of spring rise into the channels and water some patches of edible grass.

Enough food.
Some clay tablets.
The mapping of the seasons proves accurate enough, but the dates shift as the new year approaches- the calendar is inaccurate.
Some timber.
A young girl child is born to the Cadmian Clan come year's end.

Enough food.
The concoction devised by the Xcotl is perhaps somewhat richer than the soil of the land in which they live, but it seems to have little effect on the apple groves- at least, within the observation of one year. Inklings of Fertilizer.
Rudimentary Trapping. The traps devised by the people are good, but the woven net that they cast from the trees onto the Giant Elk of little worth compared to the strength of the beasts, even the young ones. It is only due to good fortune that they avoid an angry male Giant Elk when they attempt to capture a Giant Elk yearling.
Small amounts of cool Blackstone are mined.
North and west up the winding river a fertile land unfolds, a region where beavers roam between edible grasses and cotton fields alongside a river whose bottom glints with ruby gemstones. Another tribe lives here in simple mud-daub huts.

Ample food.
Smelter enlarged with clay-lined interior. Simple Smelting.
A dozen cattle confined within pastureland. They seem content enough to graze within its confines.
Innovation with the Rune of Preservation continues to elude the Scholar Vladimir.
Tiny cotton planting in tilled field.
+5 Bronze Hammers, -Copper.
Northeast of north, a wide fertile forested land unfolds before the scout Sylvia. Hematite may be found here in scattered clumps, alongside galena ore, and a cool white rock which glistens in dull golden hues where the suns strikes it. In this land Sylvia also encounters a man named Jan, who is 24 years old. After some speech, he is persuaded to return and join the tribe.
A girl child born to the union of Jarn and Maria perishes a few days after she is given to the tribe, too weak to live.

Abundant food.
A healthy baby boy is born to the tribe come year's end.

Ample food.
The sheep elude capture this year. Perhaps more sophisticated methods than trying to run after them and tackle them may be of use...
With no sheep to sacrifice, Ferren busies himself with the shrine. Small Wooden Shrine (25%).
To the northeast of northeast high mountains loom, forbidding and cold. Snowberries flourish here, alongside red-barked pine trees, and icy mountain fruit-trees.
No child blesses the tribe this year.

Enough food.
Calia's ideas of how to make the furnace hotter soon hit a snag- they require some flexible but stiff material that can be sealed against the passage of air. She tries some bloodied pelts, but they prove impractical.
Natalie waits impatiently for coal to be returned to the tribe, but the journey over the far north icefields and the great distance means her efforts are thwarted, for only late in the season when the world is cold do the scouts return with barley and coal.

Ample food. (+Pelts)
The Oblisk begins to rise (10%).
Homa devises a primitive mash of wheat, which, when stored in the stomach of a llama, seems to take longer than usual to rot. Rudimentary Alcohols.
The stubborn wheat, though well tended, is difficult for the Honori to cultivate. The field remains tiny and struggling.
The spirits must look upon Yuni with favor, for her deep illness eventually subsides, leaving her weak but recovering.

Enough food. (+Pelts)
Yifan comes to the realization that the coal they have been burning only burns when placed into a fire that is already raging. The ice-iron she places into these raging infernos appears to be much warmer than its natural state, but still quite cool to the touch, even when just removed from the flames. Rudimentary Combustion [1/3]
North of northeast tundra gives way to grinding ice and cold, blizzards lashing the land even when it is summer farther south. Here and there cool lead ores poke from the grinding glaciers, but strange shaggy white-furred ape-beasts also stalk the frozen wastes.
No child graces the Zhou this year.

Ample food. (+Pelts)
No revelation strikes Kizirh.
The shrine rises slowly, worked on as a part of other concerns. 65%.
Rudimentary Trapping. By binding young saplings with corded grass-rope, the tribe manages to trap and kill several wolves, a whole pack over the year.

Plentiful food (+pelts).
The small gourd planting expands to one of moderate size, a stable source of food for the tribe.
Alphabet [1/5]
A girl child is born to the Aslani at years end, both mother and daughter weak and pale from a long labor. The prayers of the leader, though, when spoken fervently over the stricken, seem to heal and return spirit to those in pain, though Kevah is much weakened after the ordeal too. Healing Light discovered.

Plentiful food (+pelts).
Whether or not the sacrifices of sheep by the tribe please the spirits is unclear, but the tradition certainly calms the hearts of the Clan.
Ellyn gives birth to a healthy baby boy, but despite the best efforts of Artor is much weakened by the effort. She bleeds for days even after the child has come forth, and is as white as a ghost for many days after the bleeding ends. Artor does not understand why, but he soon divines that she has been stricken with infertility. No other child graces the tribe. Inklings of Midwifery.

Using the primitive alphabet of the tribe, Vestubian erects a few wooden pillars in the center of the village and begins engraving laboriously some tents of his belief system on them.

The attempt to capture a giant Elk is well thought out, but fails to account for their immense strength. Kutor and her assistant barely escape the failed attempt with their lives. A sturdy trap will definitely be needed.

Lyov contemplates the interplay of motion and strength, seeing the swaying of the trees of the Nightwood before the sea-breezes, observing the strokes of fish as they swim in the river to spawn. He is not exactly enlightened, but he understands more of the fundamental bones of the world upon which he strides than most. Inklings of Simple Machines.

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by Adab
Will try to add fluff if I have the time.

Maelon (Warrior/Leader, M, 33) guards the cave, looks after the children, and leads the tribe
Malar (Warrior, M, 35) helps Maelon guard the cave, looks after the children, occasionally helps Kalamon and Kaina collect the food, and tries to capture a bunch of goat kids to be raised by the tribe
Esimon (Scout, M, 33) helps Maelon guard the cave and looks after the children
Asmodeus (Scout, M, 56) helps Maelon guard the cave and looks after the children
Kalamon (Worker, M, 31) collects apples and grass, occasionally hunts for goat, wolf, and bear meat, helps guard the cave, also tries to capture the goat kids
Kaina (Worker, F, 32) assists Malar in collecting the food and hunting the beasts, also feeds the children
Maeka (Scholar, F, 12) TG'd G, tries to tame, raise, and breed goats with the assistance of the adults
Maesimon (Scholar, M, 10) TG'd G, draws a bunch of things on cave walls, and the adults then begin to ascribe meanings to and associate certain words with those drawings...
Haemon (Child, M, 6) spends his time playing
Maemon (Baby, M, 1) just being a baby

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by Saxony-Brandenburg
The Honori People
Revelations and Miracles

Yuni had entombed herself into the shrine for the last three months of her ailment's depths. Secluded, nearly immobile, she sat in the corner in a bundle of furs, tending the flame to never go out. She was brought food, but refused to see any visitors, turning them away with the slight motion of her boney hands, too weak to make a sound. As the days went on her condition became worse, and she began to not eat, not sleep, and finally, not drink. In the last three days of her condition, she could only stare into the flames, unable to move, all she could do was blink. The tribe began to prepare her funeral pyre. When she finally collapsed unto the floor, it is said a great plume of smoke arose from the fire, and all thought she was dead. They all wept, and left her in there with an offering of four bowls at the entrance, to aid her into death. A bowl of dried corn, a bowl of clean water, a bowl of flowers and Assurush fruit, and a bowl of medical herbs. For three days her body laid there, and upon the third day, when the tribe had finished their mourning and went to retrieve her body to burn- they noticed at the entrance, four empty bowls. Astounded, the Shamaness Homa entered the home, and found Yuni sitting up beside the fire, her eyes hazy and swaying back and fourth, muttering some chant to herself. The flowers now decorated a flat stone previously placed in the corner of the room, and white smoke emanated from the seemingly normal flame. Astounded, Homa began to cry, and exited the room to leave Yuni to her work. Three days after that, and Yuni stepped out of the Shrine, using a large stick to support herself. All screamed, and dropped what they were doing to see the living dead, and she embraced them with open, trembling arms.

"What has happened to you, sister? Of how do you still live, when you had departed to the land of the dead?"

"Sit down and I will tell you of my journey, my war against the evil spirits of this land who prowl for weak souls, and my comrades in the harbingers of divine will."

And so, verily, the entire tribe followed Yuni into the shrine, and sat across from her. They stared, bewildered at her, as she told her tale.

"Whisperings of something beyond our world had come to me, in the dead of night, and called me into their own. I tried, I stood firm, I will not go, my people need me! I would whisper back unto them, and I held firm for many months. But, just as I had heared many moons before, some divine voice came with the wind, and whispered unto me, my daughter, I will protect you, always. And so I succumbed to the great slumber, and felt my verily soul lift from my body, and towards the heavens. From there, I saw a great deal of our land- I watched you from afar. But as I did so, I felt a gentle presence, and looked to see the spirit of an Ascipter, made of stars before me. I fell to my knees, for such a thing could only be the will of the divine, and begged he to send me back to my family. He told me of the lands of the dead, and the peace of the great sleep, but I would have it not. He flew me upon his great wings to another land, far beyond the great sea of the sky, and saw a new people, I saw my parrents, I saw the legacy of our tribe. So full was I of emotion that I lept off to embrase them, and was tempted to stay for the rest of time. But as I did so I weeped, and my father said unto me, my daughter, why do you weep? We may finally be united as a people once more. I shook my head, and said, no father, I cannot. I am the guides to the sons and daughters of those who stand beside you, and cannot afford to stay with you. He embraced me once more, and began to weep. If that is true, my daughter, then you must go. For this does not need to be your time to go. The divine offers you a choice, and it seems you have made your own. Leave me now, we will meet again, and can be a whole family oncemore.

And so I left the lands of the dead, and upon the great birds wings I traveled through many a land, too blurry to make out in detail, but hundreds of worlds it would seem. Ones of ice, ones of fire, once of endless plains, ones of endless sky. We are just one of so many many people, that we will never get to see! By the gods it- it was astounding!"

Yuni began to cry oncemore and the others came to console her, and embrace her, and kiss her cheeks.

"We are eaternally grateful that you are still with us, sister." Homa said, hugging her tightly and rubbing her back. "But what must be done now?"

"We are to fulfill our end of the deal." Yuni said shortly back.

Homa gathers herbs in preparation for Arki's Pregnancy
Arki attempts to bear child with Juli
Yuni attempts to convene with the divine
Arki rests, and attempts to make art.
Suki tends the wheat fields
Shanti works on the obelisk
Juli works on the oblisk

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by Kelmet
The Land of Lordaeron

By the Light

At long last the vacant but still maintained irrigated field build for sustained agriculture can be put to use. With this plant as a potential animal foodstuff, adding a fermentable food to the palate of the people of the Lordaeron and something that can become a staple of their diet. As for the furnace, Calia thinks it is best to use the tribes knowledge of poverty to seal the gaps in the furnace by creating sized pieces to place in the gaps and molding them with loser clay mortar around the solid pieces.

Varian-Warrior - Hunting for food.
Vistra- Warrior- Scouting with Aiden.
Calia-Scholar - Researching A sealant for the furnace, to stop to leakage of air during use (Perhaps using pottery?), Child Care
Natalie-Scholar- Researching how to effectively add Coal to the furnace, Child Care
Mara -Worker- Planting/cultivating the Barley
Aiden-Scout - Scouting for Resources/other People.
Vestubian- Researching the Holy Light.
(Anveena , F, 9 ) n/a
(Mark, M, 8 ) n/a
(Baron , M, 8 ) n/a

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by Terminus Pheonix
Fergdun Clan, Folk of the Cotton-Beaver River and Ruby Hills

The Clan continued it's inward focus in the 15th year they lived adjacent to the Cotton-Beaver River. The main drivers of outward exploration and travel were the menfolk, and with their number reduced to one, it was difficult to get the rest of the Clan to approve of any expedition further afield. Much to his chagrin, Whit would be hunting the beaver again, though his close distance to the tribe allowed for him to make frequent visits to his wife, and allowing for them to have some nights in each other's arms.

The womenfolk would be in the fields this year. Dia would take over planting and collecting in the fields with the children in tow. Maer and An would be in the fields as well, but they would not be planting. Instead, Maer was using An's knowledge of the plants to construct tools that would ease the collection process and make more of the plant available for harvest. They would need to make sure they had a bumper harvest this year, for young Jean would soon enter his 10th year of life, and become a man. A great feast would celebrate this, and he would once again have his inner soul judged by the tribe, and assigned his role.

Maer, Scholar, 35 and An, Worker, 29 attempt to make simple wood and stone tools to aid in the cultivation of the garden. (Rudimentary Agricultural tools)
Dia, Worker, 30 works the existing garden, with help from Jean, Scholar-to-be, 9 and Whia, Worker-to-be, 7. They sing the Song of Growth.
Whit, Scout, 30 hunts beaver.
Whit and Dia try for a baby.

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by Novas Arcanum


Eons ago the gods warred with the Titans for dominance of the cosmos. The Big Three, Kona Lord of the Sky,Hydrokis Lord of the Oceans, and Thanatos Lord of Death, formed an alliance and led the gods and angels in a Divine War against their overlords. It was Kona who crafted the Blade of Heaven, that would defeat his father Colossus, king of the Titans, in the Great Titanomachy. Summoning the power of the heavens he banished the Titans to the depths of Tartarus, for all eternity the gods would reign supreme as decreed by the Faiths and rule over Mundus for all time....

Brutus spent day and night recording the religious beliefs of the Cadmians. He wrote every creation story every tale of the heroes and gods it would act to inspire future generations of Cadmians to keep alive their traditions in beliefs. Thus the Epics where born, the clay tablets were filled with hieroglyphs, not an inch left empty. Brutus would also write the virtues of the Cadmians,as decreed by the gods virtues of humor, bravery, dignity and much more. These Epics would highlight the culture of the Cadmians for all eternity.

Marsillia would use the moon cycles to make her calendar. She noticed how the moon waxed and waned, so with each new moon would be the beginning of a new month. Thus twelve Lunar Months where recorded. She also decided that a leap year should be added periodically, she prayed to the gods for inspiration in her trials.

Secundus would take a break from chopping wood, and worked on expanding the farm once more. Aurelia would aid him and together they work to make the wheat farm even larger than before. Titus would leave the confines of the village and head north ready to achieve his destiny.

Brutus writes "Epics" or creation myths on clay tablets.
Marsillia uses lunar cycle to refine the calendar system, making "Twelve Lunar" months for the year and calculating a leap year periodically
Secundus harvests wheat and expands it as large as possible
Drusilla (Young Scholar) observes stars and gathers food
Flavius (Young Scholar) observes insects and gathers food
Titus (Scout) heads northward with one flint spear to defend himself
Aurelia Light farm work, "balances humors" (Rest), prays to Mara
Camillia (Female Baby 2) Cared for by mother
Emilia (Female Baby 1) Cared for by mother
Brutus and Aurelia try for a baby

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:14 am
by Brendislav
Vestubian of Lordaeron
Year 15, Age 19

Early in the Year:

Vestubian was sweating in the midday heat, and from the surprisingly difficult process of engraving the stone pillar. It had taken him much longer than he expected, but he was finally finished with one.

It would be known as the pillar of Tenacity, a collection of all the things Vestubian knew about the virtue. The pillar explained the connection between the Light and the inner “fire” of a human’s soul. It explained how Tenacity was the fortitude of both mind and body. It also had a description of what he did in year 13, which he now calls “The Trial of Tenacity”. Hopefully the tribe could use it, as well as their children many years down the line.

Vestubian let out a sigh of relief and sat on the ground to admire his work. He still had to engrave the other two pillars, but for now he would admire his work. He thought about the other pillars, and realised that he didn’t have much to engrave about, maybe he should further explore compassion or respect... Vestubian was startled as he felt a large hand slap his back, “Great work my boy!” Varian shouted, he then proceeded to throw a few playful punches at Vestubian, “Although all this scholarly work is making you a bit too thin.”

“Trust me Varian, I would love to go on huts with you,” Vestubian started bouncing around to dodge punches, “but I was blessed by the Light. Lordaeron needs me to understand and control it.”

“Aye, I know that son.” Varian then motioned to a fresh ram he killed, “Why don’t we celebrate your success, for old times sake?”

The two started a fire, got some coconuts and started roasting the ram and talking. However, as twilight was approaching they were greeted by the rest of the tribe. One of the children saw Vestubian and Varian walk off, and told the others. Now all of Lordaeron was celebrating, they all sang, danced, and ate their fill on ram, smoked fish, and coconuts. Vestubian tried to stay on the outside to think but was dragged in for a dance by Vistra, Vestubian ended up spending most of the night with her. Eventually they were the only ones awake after the celebration.

“You really spend all your time with the Light on your mind, don’t you?” Vistra asked.

“Are you telling me you don’t believe in it?” Vestubian mumbled between bites of ram.

“Oh no, I have seen what you have done, I believe. I’m just saying you should try something more fun.” Vistra whispered as she drew closer.

Vestubian could feel his cheeks starting to get warm, “What do you suggest? Would we do something together?”

“Maybe...” Vistra whispered in his ear, but then abruptly got up, “Unfortunately I have to scout with Aiden tomorrow, I should get to sleep.”

Vestubian was so perplexed and confused he could only mutter, “Oh.... goodnight?” And waved Vistra goodnight.

The next morning Vestubian decided to get back to work. He had stayed up all night restless both due to Vistra and thinking of what to engrave on the next pillar. Vestubian thought that it would be best to go through another trial to discover more about the other two virtues of the Light.

Vestubian decided he would try a trial of Compassion. He will put the needs of others above his own, he will help anyone who asks for help (including the kids in anything but pranks), and will offer some of his food and drink to others. Vestubian will also travel in the woods and heal and protect injured creatures, wandering the lands of Lordaeron for anyone who needs help.

Midway through the year:

Vestubian walked through the woods, searching for creatures or people that need his help. Earlier in the day he healed a sheep that was left with a wound from one of Varian spears, it clearly was hit but it wasn’t a killing blow. Before it bled out, Vestubian called upon the Light and healed it to let it roam free.

Vestubian heard a twig snap behind him, he turned to face Vistra, and smiled. “I am sure glad it you and not something here to eat me.”

Vistra laughed, “Don’t be so tense Vestubian,” she reached out and took his shoulder, “Come walk with me for a while.”

“Aren't you scouting with Aiden?” Vestubian asked.

“I was, but we were coming back to report some of our findings.” Vistra explained, “ I’ve heard you are going around helping people, I could use some help for something.”

Vestubian eagerly walked with her deeper into the woods, he loved spending time with Vistra. Besides, Vistra needed “help”, Vestubian had set himself an obligation to help whoever he can.

Rest of the Year: Vestubian will be trying to understand the virtue of compassion by performing a “Trial of Compassion” by helping the members of the tribe unquestionably, offering them some of his food and water when they want, and wandering the woods for animals and people in need. Vestubian will also spend a few nights with Vistra, possibly making more children.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:45 am
by Holy Tedalonia
Clan Bryre
Reshia's Pasture

"And by the spirits, I will deem your name to be, Rana of Clan Bryre, and may the spirits guide your future," spoke the scholar, before ordaining First with a tribal necklace, mainly weeds and sticks thrown together. Many of her tribesmen cheered for her name day, the day she would receive a real name.

Vallen could see the joy from her Father, Ferren (the scholar of the tribe) as he proudly placed the primitive necklace. A part of him was happy for Ferren, he had a companion, a happy family, and he was doing the tribe good. In all three, Vallen felt that he failed.

He couldn't catch a sheep for Ferren last year, his wife died, and his son's death quickly followed. Fate has not been kind to the fairly aged leader, but he kept pushing on, for what he does not know. Regardless this year was to be a promising one, and the tribe is hopeful for the eventuality that the shrine will become.

Vallen Bryre (Warrior/Leader, M, 33): hunting sheep/childcare. Capturing sheep for Ferren.
Eshin Bryre (Scout, M, 32): going northwest, hunting along the way. He will carve the rune of illumination into the dirt to see the adverse effects on rune carving the ground, for Ferren.
Reshia Bryre (Worker, F, 31): collecting food and glow wood. Trying for a kid with Ferren.
[b]Ferren Bryre (Scholar, M, 34): Sacrificing sheep to try keep the rune staying alive and build the shrine. If he has no sheep he is to look for alternative ways to prevent the glow wood from crumbling.
[b]Rana Bryre aka First Bryre(Child; F; 10): Training to become a worker.
[b]Third Bryre (Child; F; 8): cared by Vallen
[b]Fourth Bryre (Child; M; 7): cared by Vallen
[b]Sixth Bryre (Child, M, 3): cared by Vallen

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by The National Dominion of Hungary
Clan Serys

"Yes, Ronan sounds good, it sounds strong." Ellyn said, managing a weak smile as she laid on a bedding of sheep blankets and under warm, wooly sheephide covers in the teepee. "I'm glad you agree." Artor said, returning a smile of his own. He had cared for her day and night, filled with terror at the prospect of another woman he held close to heart dying after bearing him a child. Was he cursed? Had the spirits decreed that any woman who bears children with him shall be stricken with misfortune, suffering... death? He hadn't told Ellyn yet, she was still recovering but after such an ordeal, he was certain she would never have any other child other than their two sons. He did not want to lay that on her just yet. Now was a time for her to recover and to be glad that their little Ronan was healthy and strong. "I'm going to get you a bit to eat, you need to keep your strength up." He said and squeezed her hand before leaving to get some food, named dried sweetplum slices and some smoked fish. Ellyn was still as pale as a ghost, it would take some days before she would be fit to work again and until then Lia would have to care for the children with some aid from Artor and Zvad, though Zvad was often away fishing or catching sheep to be sacrificed.

The bloody ceremonies by the Spirit Stone had made them all feel safer, Lia even said that she believed that it was the spirits who helped keep Ellyn alive after the harsh childbirth. It was best to try and keep the spirits appeased and so the sacrifices continued those occasions that Zvad returned from prowling the plains and hills with a living sheep slung over his shoulders. While Zvad was glad to spend time around the camp so that he could be close to his family, Artor knew and Lia also suspected that he grew tired of their land, that he longed for the thrill of seeing distant horizons one again. But they had as many children as adults in the camp now, and they all needed to eat, in addition to this they needed sheep to sacrifice and Zvad was a better hunter than Artor. Indeed, Zvad's efforts in fishing greatly contributed to the plentiful meals Clan Serys was enjoying, making sure that none of them went to bed hungry. As Ellyn felt better and better over the next few days, the clan was much happier and they all hoped that next year would be a good one.

Ceremonies are held by the Spirit Stone, asking for health and protection with the sacrifice of a living sheep when possible.
Artor spends his time focusing on being ready to help with a possible pregnancy and studying it.
Ellyn gathers sweetplums with one of the baskets and cares for the children with Lia.
Lia cares for the clan's children and goes on gathering trips with Ellyn, basket in hand.
Zvad goes up to the streams and the river to catch fish with one of the fishing spears and sometimes ranges across the plains to catch a living sheep to sacrifice.
Zara plays around with Little Kharyn.
Kharyn plays around with Zara.
Garen spends his time eating, sleeping and being a toddler.
Ronan is simply infanting.
Zvad and Lia often spend their nights together.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:53 pm
by The Grim Reaper
Lyov, Firsthome

Yet another year had passed, and Lyov felt no better off. He had a basket of jade rocks, only a few good cleaves away from revealing the unique window into the heavens, in our world, captivated China for its entire history. In his mind, he could see the movements of those same heavens, and he could see the matter of the Earth, but he could not yet combine them. He had a tribe, but no name. He was, at least, self-sufficient, and so the tribe did not begrudge him his long disappearances into the wilderness. But what good was a tribe if all he could do was supply himself?

But Lyov knew that he had something, an understanding, beyond anything he could have imagined before. He had transcended beyond knowing just the self, to knowing - not even their content, but simply the possibility, of some fundamental laws of the universe. Something beyond the physical, that could be harnessed, and controlled. Though he had made little progress to achieving that control, he had now become certain that the concept of force had meaning. He was now assured that it was meaning which could, in some strange, intangible way, be turned into action. And yet, he could not find it. Lyov started to wonder if this was something beyond the capacity of nature; something that would require something uniquely human.

His frequent meditations on the flow of water, and the whispers of the wind, and their reflections in every aspect of nature had, he feared, run their course. He had identified something, of a substance that he could not yet grasp, and, just perhaps, it was time to find that substance in the shape and form of the needs of his tribe.

It was only a few days after he had developed his inklings that Sylvia would return, with a man named Jan - Lyov noted distastefully that the tribe had grown so large, now beyond the reach of his fingers, that, it seemed, they no longer had easily distinguishable names, although this was a sentiment he kept to himself. Alongside Jan, however, there was something more. Information. She reported three curious things that were new to him - hematite, galena, and a white rock of some sort. He wondered if this last material would be more conduicive to working than the irresistable, yet still indominable jade.

He decided to play around with the tribe's canoe, just for a few hours. It awed him how easy it was to move, against the current, even given that he was moving the weight of the canoe in addition to his own. There was something here he couldn't understand yet. He resolved, nonetheless, to investigate further whatever secret of the universe was at work here. Perhaps he would be able to find away to make it useful on land.

Lyov continues to philosophize on the question of simple machines, focusing on the development of the wheel.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:18 am
by The GAmeTopians
Wang (Warrior, M, 30) - Hunt, Fish, Contemplate Great Dao Equipment: Hatchet, Spears, Baskets
Ping (Scout, M, 30) - Explore South of Southeast, Contemplate Great Dao Equipment: Spears
Yifan (Scholar, F, 33) - Research Combustion, Contemplate Great Dao, Keep an eye on children Materials: Coal, Iron, Timber, Ice-Iron Equipment: Hatchet
Xing (Worker, M, 31) - Makes a Flint Pickaxe of some kind, Attempts to harvest lead from North of Northeast, Material: Flint, Sticks, Timber, Grasses, Equipment: Flint Hatchet, Spears, Baskets
Zhou He (Scholar, M, 11) - (Promoted to Scholar) Assist Yifan in Combustion Research, Contemplate Great Dao, Keep an eye on children
Mai (Child, F, 6) - Contemplate Great Dao
Bai (Child, M, 4) - Contemplate Great Dao (Though for a four year old it's more "think about what you're feeling")
Cong (Child, M, 3) - Contemplate Great Dao (See Above)
Qing (Child, M, 2) - I guess I can have them try to contemplate the Great Dao? Maybe child genius chance?
Jia (Child, F, 1) - See above?
Zhou Wang and Zhou Yifan attempt to have a child

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:49 am
by G-Tech Corporation
Storage Cave, Sea-Hills, Firsthome
Third Day of Fireleaf, Year Fifteen

Vladimir's hands thrummed with the impact of the small hammer, and another chip of the thick gray granite that lined the storage cave gave way under the assault of his impromptu bronze-scrap chisel. The young man sighed heavily, breath smoking out in barely perceptible streams of steam in the chill air of the Sea-Hills in autumn. The mark was completed, and yet he could tell immediately that no life attended his inscription, no part of the palpable energy that coursed through bones of the earth that had been graven in the stockade. Even the faint feeling of wellness that emanated from the runes cut into the mouth of the storage cave he could feel, very faintly, but the dozens of symbols he had cut by hand still remained stubbornly dun and dark.

As the youth pondered, a scraping sound came from the entrance of the cave, and he looked over in curiosity past the pots and lengths of salted meat. Natural light, strangely and strikingly bright after time spent with nothing more than a torch for illumination, flooded the grotto, and the Nemtsov son blinked several times rapidly to clear his vision.

"Oh. I didn't think anyone would be here. Good afternoon, Vladimir."

The young man smiled, and nodded in a friendly manner towards the shadowy figure, recognizing his voice.

"Good afternoon to you as well, Markus. Still beating my head against the wall, as it were." He gestured with a chisel and hammer in his hands towards the series of minutely different markings that he had chiseled into the face of the cave.

"Ahh... more interesting work than mine, to be certain young master. Work of the mine, for which you are better suited than I." Markus, formerly Jan of the Wilds, now given a more civilized name, stepped forward into the cave. It was immediately apparent why he was here- he held a huge pot in a harness on his back, doubtless packed with salt and brine and meat from kills the tribe would not immediately consume. There was much value in laying in a store of food for times of famine or want, not that the Keen-Folk had had to deal with such deprivations recently. Vladimir rose, and helped the older man ease the vessel into a depression in the rock face.

"Your command of Common is improving every day. You speak already almost as if you were born to it."

A shake of the wild-man's shaggy black hair, and a brief laugh.

"Not in the least. I still have to translate in my head from my own tongue, and that makes me less sharp of speech than one could hope. But I thank you for your kind words."

The shoulders of the freckled young man went up and down in an eloquent shrug, rueful perhaps.

"If only my clever words could convince the powers of the earth to bend to that which my father desires. His ambitions are good, and his dreams far-seeing, but no matter how hard I try our trail-signs are just not shaped in the right way to trammel the strength of what he wishes."

Markus frowned, and shuffled back towards where the Scholar had emplaced his torch. His eyes did not know the trail-signs, so he was always curious to learn more of the people he had decided to call his own- when Sylvia had first caught him out of the forest marches he had barely even been able to comprehend the idea of a tribe, let alone the many wonders the Hvasskyn possessed.

So it was that fresh eyes gazed upon the problem of the marker. The Rune which Vladimir had graven was complicated and cunningly devised, the loop of the river of Time turned back upon itself and trammeled within bounds of the Earth. This Markus did not know though, and so he spoke with innocence in his voice.

"Does not water turned back upon itself form a lake, not a circular river?"

The young Scholar almost remarked unthinkingly, but then paused, before a bright smile crested his face. Up came the chisel and the hammer, and a new burst of inspiration attended Vladimir's efforts.

Jarn Nemtsov (Scholar) shapes several bronze hoes for use in tilling
Maria Nemtsov (Scholar) works to acclimatize the cattle herd to her presence, feeding them rice and grains
Vladimir Nemtsov (Scholar) works on the Rune of Preservation
Ivan Nemtsov (Warrior) hunts sheep in the northwest, taking their wool and meat for the tribe
Markus (Worker) hunts game and preserves food for the tribe
Petyor Rurik (Worker) crafts storage pots from fire clay for Markus' use
Natalya Rurik (Worker) tends the cotton and rice fields, harvesting and nurturing the plants
Talia Rurik (Worker) tills the soil near the melon grove, working to expand that field
Sylvia (Scout) travels east of east, exploring new lands
Nadia Rurik (Scout) travels northwest to mine coal
Markus and Sylvia come together and take the house-name of Sundsvar, seeking a child

Kursk Nemtsov (Young Worker) learns about tilling and soils from Natalya
Dmitri Rurik (Young Worker) helps Jarn around the forge

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:55 pm
by The Federation of Kendor
The Herrian Tribe

No story for now

Kizirh (Leader/Warrior): Pray to Vadim, while living out in the cold and fasting. He will also take some meat (about 1/5) as sacrifice to Vadim. He will also defend the tribe only if they are really in trouble from animals attacking them
Zikov (Warrior): Train Kiril, defend the tribe, and help with the shrine's construction
Kozlov (Worker): Continue constructing the shrine and gathering stones for it.
Katya (Scholar): Tend to the wheat field, and find use of the differing night skies across the year on relation to seasons for agriculture
Kiril (Young Warrior): Being trained by Zikov
Galina (Child): Being a child

PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:24 am
by Ralnis
Contacted with Another Tribe

The discovery of another tribe was actually not surprised, knowing about it from their spirits, or Kutor knowing it with her magic. It was that the end of the river opened up to see small creatures, mud huts, and more people than Xcotl. They were blessed by easy land and strong women, Xcotl had worked very hard but it seemed that they were not as advanced as the folk. Still, Tenochitanzula wanted to try and make contact with them. They were already defensible but he can't assume that they're hostile.

Zuma was sent to make contact as Opono and Uli started to work on bronze weapons and tools to help with new ideas that the chieftain had. Though they still believe that they should try again and make a child, but the fear was still with them after so long. Still, the new weapons and crafting tools would help in building more things or making better bronze.

Tenochitanzula had started to think about what he could do to help his tribe's connection with the Dead God. He decided that it was time to try and make a written language for the Myths and other oral traditions that the Ancestors had been collecting or their stories of the past. It could also be one that it could help with other magical rituals that are larger in scale. All in all, the writing system will be something that the tribe will need, even powered by the Dead.

Tenochitanzula starts trying to summon the Dead and ask for their help in making a magical language for Xcotl
Zuma goes make first contact with the Fergdun Clan
Opono starts crafting bronze smithing tools to make better quality bronze items
Uli starts crafting bronze spears

PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:49 am
by Ulls
Trying to Learn how to Write

Kutor didn't actually expect the chieftain to summon the Dead to help with his task to make a writing system, but she wanted to help. As trapping larger and more powerful creatures weren't helping, so why not try to help with making a magical writing system. The chieftain knew that she had the most magical knowledge and aptitude to help with the ritual to try and help develop magical writing. It was something that she can do other than failing at getting an animal.

Action: Helps Tenochitanzula with the ritual to craft a magical writing system with the Dead.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:17 pm
by Theyra
The Aslani

Kevah was resting in his bed still recovering from healing his wife and daughter. Still thinking of what he did to save them and how it felt. He knew he prayed for his wife and daughter to live and the others saw his eyes turn blue. Glowing bright and a blue light coming from both of his hands. Kevah only stood for a few minutes before collapsing to the ground in tired heap. To him it did not feel like it was the words that he spoke unlocked this power but rather something in him unlocked. He needed learn more about this power he and to the teach the other on how to use this if it can be discovered in the others. However the Aslani are still few and all need have tasks needed to be done. His daughter Yekta would he named after his mother and he wanted to take care of his child more so while Atena was busy hunting. Zari kindly offered to help Kevah care for Yekta so he could have time to learn more of his power. In the meantime, Mahdi continued to tend the gourd fame, taking pride in his work and had thoughts of perhaps trying different ways of preparing the gourds to see if it would taste better. Seeing how well the gourds go with meat. Naghi still worked worked on creating a writing system so the Aslani can name the stars and to help keep track of them.

Kevah(M) Scout/Leader - caring for Yekta and mediating to try and learn more of his power.
Atena(F) Warrior - hunting
Mahdi(M) Worker - tending the farm
Zari(F) Scholar - caring for Shahin and helping to care for Yekta
Naghi(M) Scholar - continuing to develop Cuneiform
Shahin(M) Infant - Infant things
Yekta(F) Infant - Infant things

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:15 pm
by G-Tech Corporation
Year 15

Ample food (+pelts)
+3 Primitive Stone Hoes
No child graces the Clan this year.

Ample food.
+Hierglyphic Stories
Rudimentary Calendar
North of the Cadmian Clan land swiftly gives way to cool seas, coastal waters pounding the stones beyond the headland upon which the Clan makes its home. In these waves large armor-whales can be seen swimming at times, but little else is in evidence. The coastline curves east before continuing north.
No child graces the Clan this year.

Enough food.
None of the Dead answer the tribe's attempts to entreat their aid.
Opono crafts two large but crude bronze hammers, but Uli is forced to harvest copper instead of continuing the tribe's smithing endeavors, for the small amounts locally available are swiftly exhausted, and more must be mined. +Copper. +2 Crude Bronze Hammers

Plentiful food (+Pelts)
Introductory Bronzeworking. +3 Bronze Hoes, -Copper, -Tin
Rudimentary Taming
The Rune of Preservation shines with power after years of refinement and crafting. The rock upon which it is graven slowly grows brittle to the touch, but in the area where it is cut time seems to pass more slowly, even raw meat taking several days to begin to rot.
+Wool, +Some Preserved Food
+6 Fired Storage Pots
The Medium Rice Planting expands to a large rice planting along the shores of the river.
Talia's tilling efforts are good-hearted, but ultimately in vain. A hot wind from the east stunts her plantings, and prevents the growth of the melon grove.
East of east the river turns away, heading north into known lands, and quiet meadows and woodland copses spread towards the horizon. Here hops plants teem in the underbrush, alongside great stands of ancient oaks and veins of tin running down from the northwest.
A healthy male child comes from the union of House Sundsvar, a blessing for the new couple.

Abundant food (+pelts)
The idea of capturing young goats is a good one, but ultimately eludes the tribe. With no way to restrain the creatures or prevent them fleeing the simple rock-cave the tribe uses as a home, they wander away as soon as anyone's back is turned, and are no easy to capture in the first place.
Simple hieroglyphics are developed by the Maelon, markings that mean a slight bit more than trail-signs and hunter's marks.
A harsh winter swiftly underlines the tribe's need for more dwellings; the many people and children now crammed into their formerly cozy cave mean some must sleep near the cold entrance, and though no serious harm befalls them this year, chills and illness are all too likely in time...

Ample food. (+pelts)
The Rune of Illumination, when scrawled onto the bare ground, flares very briefly before fading away entirely. The ground upon which it is graven seems burnt, but no other details of note does Eshin note.
More sheep does Ferren sacrifice, soaking newly graven runes with their blood; the interaction between this slaughter and the illumination the glow-wood provides is difficult to understand, but anon Ferren reaches a conclusion. Whatever energy the Runes he cuts draw upon, the life-blood of creatures appears to be unrelated to it, or rather, not immediately compatible.
Rana Bryre rises to the rank of Worker.
Northwest of the home of Clan Bryre the great western river continues north through fertile plains. Wheat grows here abundantly, and marble streaks the soil in places. Long-limbed horses with pelts of white and silver and long lancing horns graze upon the rampant foliage.
No child graces Clan Bryre this year.
Winter's chill winds strike the tribe, claiming young Fourth Bryre's health, and leaving the child very weak. Beyond the tiny hut that the adults claim for their own, sleeping upon the cold ground is not conducive to good wellness.

Enough food.
Simple Smelting. By completely sealing the furnace with fired globs of clay and adding the coal to the furnace, the people of Lordaeron are able to heat their local deposits of hematite enough to make it vaguely malleable. Though not true iron tools, and prone to shattering, this material proves to be much stronger and tougher than the flint and stone they have made do with.
Tiny Barley Planting.
The scouts of Lordaeron, ranging very far afield, travel down south from the coal fields and suddenly recognize familiar faces- the Zhou. Once contacted by sea, now the people of Lordaeron recognize a land route to their holdings.

Enough food.
Homa gathers many plants and weeds, unsure if they have any medicinal value, but preparing nonetheless.
Arki produces several small whittled figures.
Yuni's attempts to convene with the spirits prove in vain, but not, perhaps, unheard. Her weakness slowly leaves her body over the course of the year, and soon she is feeling as hale as she has ever been.
The Obelisk rises higher rapidly, fed by the tribe's supplies of ready to hand stone. Obelisk (50%)
A male child is born to the Honori, but not without trouble. Though well tended by the tribe, Arki emerges from her labor much weakened.

Barely enough food.
The flint pickaxe is crafted, and a small amount of lead ore mined. It is not an effective tool, but it will serve.
Rudimentary Combustion [3/3].
South of southeast, beyond the lands of the Fergdun Clan, mighty Redwood Trees rise toward the heavens. Wild boar rut under their massive shadows, and strange white slightly luminescent flowers bloom in the fertile plains.
No child graces the Zhou Clan this year.

Enough food.
Vadim remains silent despite the chief's entreaties. In the cold and the night, the chief feels as if a presence is watching him, but it does not divulge its secrets.
The Piled-Rock Shrine is completed. It stands silent and empty, but a fine testament to the sweat and toil used in its construction.
The tiny wheat planting, diligently tended, slowly expands to several spans in size.

Ample food (+pelts)
Kevah's meditations yield no insight, but he is much recovered from the exertion in time.
Alphabet [2/5]

Abundant food (+pelts)
A healthy girl child is born Zvad and Lia. The normal pregnancy does much to educate Artor about how a delivery should look. Rudimentary Midwifery [1/3]

The Trial of Compassion engenders much goodwill towards Vestubian from the members of the tribe, but seems to have little arcane impact on his powers, despite how he mentally ties it to the light. His courtship with Vistra, on the other hand, is a torrid affair- Vistra is soon with child, and though the birth of their son is a beautiful thing, the child slowly sickens with a wasting disease that even Vestubian's regular healing cannot overcome. It passes from the world in the depths of winter, a piece of glory extinguished.

Lyov gains great insight over the year he gazes upon the mysteries of the physical world, inspiration striking when he observes how the men of the Hvasskyn roll a felled forest tree towards the village on the bodies of smaller arboreal denizens. The rotation of the trees is much easier than merely dragging the immense giant, and this rotation gives him the idea for a device, a 'wheel' to exploit this facet of the material intentionally instead of through rote. Placed upon its side, a length of log laboriously hewn from the very forest giant proves only too happy to move of its own accord with hardly an ounce of prompting from the learned physicist.
Discovered: Solid Wheel

Kutor's attempts to aid the tribe are fruitful, but not, perhaps, in the manner she might have intended. The Dead, when she spoke to them, seemed as confused by the idea of using symbols to represent words as the people of Xcotl. It was not something they had seen or heard of in their lives of the past, and thus she made little progress on this front.