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Soul Reaper (IC, Open, Fantasy)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:58 pm
by Asardia

The Empire of Cagia has enjoyed a relative peace for centuries. Ruled by the Allegrod Dynasty for half a millenium, the empire has been prosperous and growing quicker than ever before. Noburo Allegrodo, the current Emperor of Cagia, has grown complacent and corrupt. People have been arrested at the emperor's whim, and he covertly supports criminal enterprises in order to undermine rival houses. The Houses of Esquoria and Sayuga, once part of the Kifonaro Alliance with the Allegrodo, has taken notice of the emperor's indiscretions. As a result, they have been drifting away from each other, but suddenly a new threat arises. It begins in the desert regions in the south. On the night of March 1, 510 ATU (After the Unification), several notable mages disappeared in the city of Baradaya. Then, in another town not too far away, there was a massacre. The group responsible for the massacre is the Etira, a faction of rogue mages whose motive is unknown. But not all of the bodies have been left behind. Some survivors of the most recent massacre claim to have seen the supposedly dead mages from Baradaya during the attack. The rogue mages left behind a strange symbol on the bloody walls of the village, along with the words "Soul Reaper". Despite the tensions between the Allegrodo, Sayuga, and Esquoria houses, they have agreed to look into the matter. There are many questions surrounding the Etira, but one thing is for certain: They must be stopped.

Map (credit to Terranihil for creating the map in the previous iteration of this RP)



Cagia was once a land that was separated into hundreds of separate kingdoms and tribes. The early history of Cagia was defined by constant wars and disputes among the kingdoms. But one nation, the Iuashani Kingdom, was able to unite the tribes after decades of war. Dyfores Allegrodo, a poor farmer from the southern Iuashani Kingdom, quickly rose through the ranks of the political realm due to his mastery of the Esoteric Art of Lightning, an ability that was believed only the gods possessed. Two other mages, Baesu Sayuga and Yucella Esquoria, allied with Dyfores Allegrodo. Baesu and Yucella were Water and Earth mages respectively.

After the Unification Wars, the Iuashani Kingdom was transformed into the Cagian Commonwealth, with Dyfores Allegrodo, Baesu Sayuga, and Yucella Esquoria ruling over the Commonwealth in a triumvirate known as the Three Elites. They jointly ruled the Commonwealth until their deaths, where their descendants would carry on the tradition. Over the years, the three houses began to drift and grew resentment towards one another. Despite being allies, the Allegrodo and Esquoria never got along as as the centuries passed, and ultimately, the Esquoria was kicked out the government and the Three Elites. The tensions between the Esquoria and Allegrodo reached dangerous levels as Luther Esquoria, one of the leading members of the house, made his distaste for the Allegrodo public.

List of Major Cities:

Kalingway: The capital of the Commonwealth and the largest city with a population exceeding 4 million, Kalingway is by far the most important and prestigious city in the Commonwealth. The city is the home to the Esquoria Family and the National Academy of Magical Arts, the most prestigious magical academy in the Commonwealth. Kalingway is located in the Far Plains.

Dacryn: The second largest city with a population of 2.5 million, Dacryn is the home to the Sayuga Family and is located in the West's Forest Regions. Dacryn is a large trading center due in part to the Sayuga Family’s influence over the city. The city is also known for its magical academy: The Dacryn School of Military and Magical Arts, which is the second largest academy of magic in the Commonwealth.

Aesyerus: The third largest city with a population of 2 million, Aesyerus is the home of the House of Allegrod. The city is located in the Desert Regions of the South. Aesyerus is one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in the entire Commonwealth. The Aesyerus Mage Academy is located here as well.

Eravil: Eravil is a city in the northern forest regions. Surrounded by mountains, it is located in the Valley of the Ancients, and is the home to the Scrolls of Eternity: A list of magical spells and conjurations. The Eravil Academy of Magic is also located here.


There are seven types of magic: Elemental, Common, Esoteric, Sensory, Curse, Dark, and Inheritance/Bloodline Magic

Elemental Magic: Elemental Magic is magic that relates to the elements, usually the Four Common Elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Control over the elements requires intense training, so most children by the age of 5 have already been entered into Academies of Magic to find their elemental affinity (usually based off their parents). The source of Elemental Magic is from the Four Gods: Epitíras (God of Earth), Occidere (God of Fire), Chyrón (Goddess of Wind), and Ilsadáton (Goddess of Water). Users of Elemental Magic are called Elementals. Each element has subcategories: Fire has Lightning Magic, Water has Ice Magic, Earth has Sand Magic, and Wind has Smoke Magic (although this can also be classified as Fire Magic).

Common Magic: Common Magic is magic that can be easily taught and learned. Common Magic involves spells used in the Scrolls of Eternity, some examples being sealing magic, shield magic, and healing magic. Common Magic is the most basic form of magic. The Scrolls of Eternity lists most forms of known magic, but notably excludes Esoteric Magic

Esoteric Magic: Esoteric Magic is magic that falls beyond the scope of Elemental Magic and is far more advanced than Common magic. Esoteric Magic is the rarest and most powerful type of magic. Mages with Esoteric Magic are often born with these abilities. Esoterics are unique in the fact that only they have the ability to use that specific ability. The Esoteric Arts cannot be replicated and are only able to be used by the mage with that ability.

Sensory Magic: Sensory magic is magic that allows the user to detect the presence of others, which can range from a few meters to several kilometers. Mages with this ability are called Sensors. Sensory Magic improves the Sensor's perception, allowing them see what is in the area. Some Sensors can even pick apart mages based on their magical aura alone, allowing them to see who has magical powers, how much magic they have and how much magic they've used.

Curse Magic: Curse Magic is one of the most powerful form of magic, but also the most dangerous. Due to the many risks Curse Magic has, it is considered a form of Forbidden Magic. Curse Magic often involves a Cursed Seal, which is usually placed on the caster themself or their target. A mage casting a Cursed Seal on themselves improves their power, but when done incorrectly, can drastically alter their personality and makes them unpredictable. Curse Magic draws upon the negative emotions of a mage, and giving in to their darkest desires makes them even more powerful. A mage who casted a Cursed Seal on someone else is able to manipulate them. The caster is able to inflict great amounts of pain, both physical and psychological, on their victim.

Dark Magic: Dark Magic, also known as the Forbidden Arts, are magical spells typically that have been banned. Most forms of Curse Magic are considered Dark Magic due to their dangerous and malicious nature. Dark Magic also corrupts those who use it, and ultimately, can cause a mage to go insane if used too often. The Forbidden Arts are kept secret in the Scrolls of Eternity in Eravil.

Inheritance/Bloodline Magic: Inheritance Magic is magic that only a specific family/house has access to. These abilities have been genetically passed down through the bloodline over generations. Inheritance Magic cannot be taught to anyone outside of the family due to the fact that it's impossible for a person who is not genetically compatible to use the technique.

Types of Magic Users

Mage: A regular Mage is a magic user who has graduated from their respective Academy/School of Magic. They are officially recognized by the Commonwealth as a practitioner of magic. Mages generally graduate between the ages of 16-18.

Inquisitor: An Inquisitor is a Mage who has graduated from an Academy/School of Magic and specializes in a type(s) of Element. Inquisitors are a more powerful version of a Mage and often go on special missions for the Commonwealth. Inquisitors are most skilled in one or two types of Elements. Those with three or four elements are generally considered Archmages. Inquisitors stay at their Academy of Magic for a few years more than a Mage, and graduate between 21-25.

Archmage: An Archmage is a mage of the highest caliber. These type of mages often spend years perfecting their magic and are exceptionally powerful. A common characteristic of an Archmage is that they are proficient in all Four Common Elements (a very rare thing to accomplish) and are usually a politician or the Emperor. Archmages are exceptionally skilled mages, being revered by their peers. They also can be generals in the army or admirals in the navy

Sensor: A Sensor is a mage with the ability to detect the presence of others. Sensory Mages are born with their abilities and are often most gifted in stealth missions. Sensors can detect their targets from a great distance and can even tell people apart based on their magical aura alone.

Esoteric: An Esoteric Mage is a mage who is a practitioner of the Esoteric Arts. Esoterics have the most powerful and the most unique forms of magic. They are born with their abilities and are often scattered around the Commonwealth. The general public is unaware of Esoteric Mages due to their secretive nature and the fact that they are so rare.

Medic: A medic is a mage who specializes in healing magic. They have advanced knowledge of healing magic and use techniques to heal others, specifically those in the army. Medics have high intelligence and excellent control over their magic.


House Esquoria: The Esquoria were formed by Yucella Esquoria, an archmage who assisted Dyfores Allegrodo and Baesu Sayuga in the unification of Cagia. The three would go on to form the Three Elites, a triumvirate which would rule over Cagia for centuries.

The Esquoria Family are the current ruling family of the Cagian Commonwealth. They are a family of elite Earth and Wind Mages. The family is split into two branches: the Main House and the Peripheral Branch. Only members of the Main House are ever able to become the head of the family, and the Peripheral Branch's job is always to protect the Main House. Alexander Esquoria is the current head of the Esquoria.

House Sayuga: The Sayuga Family is one of the original Three Elites (the first three noble houses in Cagia). The House was founded by Baesu Sayuga, an archmage who was born in the western part of Cagia in a town which would eventually become the city of Dacryn. Baesu had advanced knowledge of Ice Magic, which gave the Three Elites a huge advantage in the battlefield during the Cagian Wars of Unification. Due to Baesu Sayuga’s prowess with ice manipulation, the House specializes in Ice Magic and various forms of liquid based temperature manipulation.

House of Allegrod: The House of Allegrod is the ruling family of the Commonwealth, holding that position for half a millenium. The family produces extraordinarily powerful Fire Mages who also have been known to master the Elemental Art of Lightning. The House also has a technique known as the Dance of the Phoenix, which is a powerful fire magic martial arts style that completely overwhelms the opponent. The House of Allegrod has been the most influential royal court in the entire commonwealth for centuries.

House Giton: House Giton is one of the oldest Houses in all of Cagia, predating the Unification wars by centuries. House Giton was initially founded in the city of Kalingway, but its members moved west to the town of Lamewake. During the unification wars, House Giton allied against the Three Elites and was eventually subjugated by them at the end of the decades long Unification Wars. The fall of House Giton to the Three Elites, specifically at the hands of Dyfores Allegrodo, made them hate the new government and the eventual Allegrod Dynasty. House Giton was able to separate themselves from the rest of the noble houses in Cagia due to their mastery of Snake Charming Magic, an ancient art that was lost, until one member of House Giton, Januba, rediscovered it while traveling across the country in 96 ATU. Januba decided to inform the rest of the house about his newly discovered magic, where he was able to teach them the secrets of snake charming. This became very useful as Lamewake was a town infested with snakes and House Giton was able to become an important Noble House because of this. Snake Charming Magic allows the user to control and summon any type of snake at their will, and allows them to see the world through the snake's eyes. House Giton's members were used on stealth missions and became a vital part of the Cagian army. Despite working with the government, House Giton remained antagonistic towards the Allegrod Dynasty and would constantly work to undermine them.

House Cheristi: House Cheristi had its beginnings in the Unification Wars, being one the few families who supported the Three Elites in their quest for a united Cagia. Yunari Cheristi, the first leader of House Cheristi, was a soldier who fought for the Three Elites in the Unification Wars. Yunari Cheristi was among the first to master Mind Manipulation Techniques, and stored all his techniques in the Scrolls of Eternity. Yunari eventually became an archmage and went on to form House Cheristi. He was able to pass down his techniques to his family, who kept it closely hidden within the house. These techniques ranged from mind control to illusionary abilities. They also had Mind Transfer abilities, where members of House Cheristi can transfer their consciousness into the minds of anyone they choose. House Cheristi also has techniques in place in order to counter the magic of others, specifically House Ungre. To make sure no one exposed House Cheristi's Mind Manipulation Techniques to anyone outside the house, Yunari created a Cursed Seal. Yunari's Cursed Seal is a type of sealing magic that kills anyone who disobeys the caster's original set of instructions. He put this seal on the tongue of every member in the house, and if they disobeyed his instruction to remain silent, then the person would die. Yunari's Cursed Seal worked; the techniques of the house would remain hidden for decades until the Three Elites found out about his sealing magic. Dyfores Allegrodo ordered Yunari to step down from his position as Head of the House and turn over the Scrolls of Eternity, as they contained forbidden spells. Left with no choice, Yunari accepted and handed over the Scrolls of Eternity, where the Three Elites would learn of his magic and keep it hidden from the rest of the country. Yunari was imprisoned for his crimes, but the House continued to use his Cursed Seal on its own members.

In the centuries after the Unification Wars, the House of Cheristi developed their elemental magic, specifically Wind. Originating from the mountainous regions of Eravil, they were able to completely master the Elemental Art of Wind, and used this in combination with their mind manipulation magic. House Cheristi became a significant trading house, similar to the Sayuga family. Eravil is home to the House of Cheristi and their members, where they stayed, remaining a vital part of the Commonwealth's Intelligence Agencies. Interrogations were regularly conducted by members of House Cheristi due to their ability to probe the minds of their targets.


Factions are groups of Mages (or for those without magic) and are often present with a specific goal in mind.

The Phoenix Knights: The Phoenix Knights is the army of the Cagian Empire. They specialize in Fire Magic and wear red and gold. The Phoenix Knights abide by a strict moral code and are expected to perform their jobs at the highest level.

Etira: The Etira are a group of elite rogue mages whose loyalty to the current regime has completely vanished. Not much is known about them, except that they are the chief suspects in the numerous murders in the Desert Regions of the South. They leave behind a symbol with a dagger drawn down the middle and the words “Soul Reaper”.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:01 pm
by Asardia
The Valley of the Ancients (near Eravil)
Jade Cheristi and Kiyonari Takara

Jade stood on a steep cliff overlooking the extensive valley that became so famous since the end of the Unification Wars centuries earlier. She admired the land, along with the wind that blew all around her. It truly was a great sight. This was Jade’s first time back in the north since she ran away five years earlier. The memory of her sister, the only person she was really close to back then, remained with her. As Jade looked at the valley once more, tears began to form in her eyes. Though she had chosen to run away, she felt that it was her only choice. Jade felt that she didn’t belong in the Cheristi family. And she began to hate them due to their Cursed Seals that they loved to place on their members. The practice made Jade sick. Her tongue bore a series of symbols that represented the curse that the Cheristi House placed on her, and it wasn’t something that could easily be removed either. Yunari’s Cursed Seal, the Curse on Jade’s tongue, required a special form of magic that only the House elites had access to. Jade, despite being a Medical Mage, could not figure out how to remove the cursed seal. And she also had another curse on her, a permanent reminder of her heritage. On Jade’s right eye, she had another curse: The Mind Awakening Seal. This seal wasn’t as restrictive as Yunari’s Cursed Seal. The Mind Awakening Seal gave Jade great perception, giving her access to Sensory mage-like abilities. She can see mages and other things miles away, along with being able to see how much magic a person has and she can predict her opponent's movements. But, like all things, it came at a cost. The Mind Awakening Seal causes great pain to the user after using it, often causing them to faint and stay unconscious for long periods of time as they recovered. The two cursed seals Jade had caused her to run away from House Cheristi, where she moved to Kalingway, and soon met Kiyonari Takara. Jade felt that the Allegrod dynasty didn’t care for their subjects, a view that Kiyonari shared. Their disillusionment with the current government caused them to form the Etira, a group of mages whose plan was to overthrow the Allegrodo and establish themselves as the military junta ruling all of Cagia.

Jade wiped the tears from her eyes and let the cold breeze blow her white hair in the air. She usually wore a mask, but since she was only in the Valley of the Ancients with Kiyonari, she felt that she didn’t need it on, though she still brought it. Soon, the two would go back to Aesyerus, where their plan would finally come to fruition. Back in Kalingway five years ago, Kiyonari told Jade about a secret forbidden magic that would help them accomplish their goal. The Dark Magic: Cursed Resurrection technique allowed a person to resurrect the dead and establish a contract with them, effectively placing the revived person under the caster’s control. Kiyonari, using his portal magic, snuck the two of them into the vaults of the Scrolls of Eternity, which listed the most secret and forbidden techniques in the nation. Jade was able to copy the contents of the scroll unto her own, and she learned the technique over the last five years. The Etira had recently attacked a group of people in the town of Baradaya, and Jade tested out the Cursed Resurrection spell for the first time. The spell was incredibly taxing, taking away more than half of Jade’s energy, but they were on the verge of accomplishing the goal they had set out to do, which was to overthrow the Allegrodo. Jade thought about all of this, the recent events and all of the things that brought the Etira together. Despite having their own reasons to join the organization, they shared one thing: A deep hatred for the Allegrodo dynasty.

Jade’s thoughts were interrupted when a dark blue portal formed, and three seconds later, a man stepped through. It was Kiyonari Takara, the leader of the Etira. He stood beside Jade and spoke to her.

“It’s truly a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” Jade said, smiling.

“Yes,” Kiyonari replied. “This is one of my favorite places in the country that we’ll soon rule.”

Jade couldn’t help but laugh. Kiyonari always found a way to sneak in small comments about how they would soon rule the empire.

“How are the rest doing” Jade asked.

“Scattered across the south, doing various things. I’m going to get each of them, and bring them to the meeting place. After that, I’ll transport us all to Dacryn to find the corpse of Baesu Sayuga. From there, we can begin resurrecting the rest of the Three Elites, and then, our mission will truly begin.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:16 pm
by Xichung
Cross walk aroun in an old crypt of eravil chopping off limbs that he think could be useful “a one back and two i take the arm, a three and four i sew it to someone new” he smiles all the while, even when blood splatter in his face “Now then grim my old boy it looks like Iv got a better leg and a head that has two eyes, so you can see all the better” he chuckles and skips to his coffin which holds a rune covered rotting corpse “I even got an extra arm so you can stab them in the back when they hug you” he says the last part really aggressively

A few minutes later he reaches the coffin “so many dead and so little guards” he opens it up and begins unsewing limbs and sewing the new ones in their place “Alright lets see how they fit” he smiles and claps his hands and the runes along his forearms flash along with two on his head, he soon falls to the ground not unconscious, but his mind no longer his body soon the corpse begin rising it head leaning to the side and its bones popping since they haven’t been used in forever

It grunts and grumble making wheezing sound. It soon stands up at a max height of 8 ft but leaning to the side due a mismatch of body parts. It’s right arm is noticeable larger cause it came from the corpse of a great hand to hand fight, which cross payed a literal arm to get. It began moving its arm and legs but not the only the eyes in the head moved. The head didn’t have a jaw and so the tongue hung out swaying from side to side.

After awhile crops accidentally knocked a urn over and caused a big ruckus making the gave keeper come down and check only to see the monster that cross made for himself. The grave keeper was unlucky and didn’t think, he threw the only light he had at cross only bouncing off and making him angry.

A week latter the grave keeper is found and cross was gone with his new toy. Cross left the grave keeper in a mangled mess still alive hanging from a pike only wheezing to die when the medic just get there

Azreal contact cross tell him that they have accepted a contract to help Allegrodo dynasty Find a corpse since he knows ever grave and crypt location possible. “they want the corpse of Baesu Sayuga gone, they don’t care how but it needs to be missing” cross happily accepted as all the voices in his head cheered in happiness

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:17 pm
by Haedros 92712
A Phoenix Knight camp
Late at night

“Have you ‘erd? There’s legends bout this place. Says a great battle took place here. But there’s another legend, one about a soldier of the battle, a Phoenix Knight of long ago. They say that during the battle, one knight, a captain, vanished during the battle. His corpse was not among the others. Now, tales have it that a demon walks this battlefield, the cursed soul of the captain. Says he kills men in their sleep, qmutilating and torturing them. And yet, the people around them never hear the screams. It’s odd really. Now, personally, Ithink those stories are a load of-” A voice interrupted the knights words. “Telling stories, are we boys?” A man walked up to the camp, a traveler who carried nothing but a walking stick and his pack. He had fair blond hair and contrasting grey eyes. He bore a cocky grin. “Well, I have a tale for you. A tale from this battlefield. Many have told it, but I believe the way I tell is the best. Care to hear it?” The Phoenix Knights slowly nodded and murmured agreement. “Good. Now, there once was a soldier from around these parts, a man who’s name is not known. He was a knight, a gifted soldier with a reputation for his fine leadership and enrapturing combat arts. One day, a battle was waged across this land, and the soldier led the charge. As the battle raged on, three cloaked mages gazed upon the carnage. Seeing the soldier, they decided to take him as a specimen for their magic. And so, in the midst of the battle, the mages seized him with magic, and vanished him off without a bloody trace. They experimented with him, cut him up, sewed him back together. In the end, he was unrecognizable. Out of pity, they placed upon him a mask, one that would hide his features. Suddenly, the man revived and killed his kidnappers. He then returned to his battlefield, only to find his army had lost. Burning with rage, he snapped, became a demon of death, a hunter of man who took pleasure in murder and carnage. He set on his way, leaving a bloody path in his wake. And the funny thing is boys? I can guarantee the story is true.” One of the men scoffed. “Like hell you can.” The traveler laughed uproariously then. “Do you doubt me?” And then, his image melted away, revealing a hideous mask. He wore a hooded cloak, an armored leather tunic and trousers. Midnight black boots bearing spurs for a horse. And beside him was a girl, no older than 14. “Boo.”

Early morning

Ashes of a large fire smoldered, and tents were empty. No man could tell you what happened at the soldier encampment at the edge of town. Some farmers passed by one day, only to find all the soldiers ripped to shreads. Cut open, limbs severed, heads on pikes. But the most curious death was that of the platoons captain. On his face was sewn a rather morbid mask.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:03 am
by Xichung
Yori leaned against a wall one hand on the handle of his blade, watching over everyone. he silently stares off into the distence not noticing his underling coming up to him. "hey old man, you there?" she called out, her voice ringing in his helmet for only a second, he shakes his head "uhh... yeah, yeah" he seems to be dazed for a sec "good cause it would suck if you just croaked, old man" he looks down at her one of the other few dark magic users they allowed into the phoenix knights, himself being in charge of them, she was a kind girl and joined not to long ago. she always had this playful mood even in combat she would make witty puns that would either make an enemy smirk or get annoyed. she wore the normal knights garb except a helmet, her abilities mostly take time, but she used her curse magic to summon creatures. "Ela, how many times have i told you not to call me an old man" he says with a ruff tone "its degrading" she pouts a little "well i was gonna tell you patrol was over and found nothing other than simple disputs" he sighs "im sorry" he pats her head and she smirks a little "thanks, old man" he growls for a second then just sighed putting his hand back at his side " damn your a pest" she giggles " yeah, but you love to have me around" he gets off the wall and looks around the market "lets get something to eat and wait for the other patrol to help keep order here" he begins walking to a stall and Ela follows close behind using he sensory magic to keep tabs on mostly everyone around them. he enters the shop and there is an old man cooking up raman "hey old man" Yori called out, the old man jumped a little and turned to see yori taking his helmet off. "is that you kid?" his voice gruff and rugged, yori smiled "yeah its the young boy you had to chase away with a broom" the old man smiled and came around the counter and gave him a hug "its been forever" yori pats the old mans back "yeah it has, iv tried to come down her many times before but your daughter been working the stall." the old man let go of him and he looks a little sad "yeah, i got infected with something pretty bad, it almost cost me everything if she wasnt here" he looks at the girl "So is she your lady?" she immeaditly looked at the man said "N-N-No!" the old man laughed and went behind the counter "so ill get you two the special" yori looked surprised "no you dont have to do th..." he is immeadtly cut off "dont start with me, ill get the broom again" yori nodded and sat down at the counter "thanks old man"

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:24 am
by 5pb
Kalingway, Inner City, House Ayazato.

Walking through the halls is a young blonde male followed by two older figures, one male and one female. The two elder figures seem to be worried but the youth seems nonchalant. "Izayoi, you can't just avoid your work! You're the head of the house now!" the male figure spoke to the youth in a tone that seemed demanding.

"He's right Izayoi, you have the entire family and all of its research to direct," the female figure seemed more afraid than her male associate. She was carrying a load of parchment that didn't seem to be organized one bit.

"That's why I have you two, I am not going to run the house alone. I still have my own goals to think about, i can't become the strongest mage in Cagia by sitting around organizing the house! I want to help the house in its research, believe me, but that is secondary," the youth stopped and turned to his associates, "All the required tests and possible modifications to our magic has been laid out on my desk, if you need to contact me afterwards you can use a bird." The youth walked towards a window and opened, he flicked his hand in a farewell before leaping out in one large bound.

Aesyerus, Streets, Midnight.

A large group of people enter a dark alleyway, the majority seem to be in the prime of their life, "The perfect prey," a soft yet unsettling voice filled the air but didn't quite reach the ears of the unknowing group. Shadows were darting around just barely out of their sight, the group was talking among themselves about recent developments.

"Did you guys hear about the recent happenings?" one of the eldest in the group stated.
"No, what are you talking about?" one of the members near the original speaker spoke quizzically.
"I've heard rumors of people, people vanishing," he trembled a bit at the thought.
"You're joking? You believe that?" another member spoke up.

One of the member's who remained quite stopped walking for a second. His knees had grown weak and his skin pale, "..." he attempted to speak but no words left his mouth. A shadow snaked up behind him and whispered,"Welcome to the family." His eyes were black and the shadow slipped away. There was a thud, the husk hit the ground, it was quickly followed by four more. A blonde woman stepped out of the shadows and looked over the bodies, "What a nice little treat they were, time to clean up I suppose." The shadows whipped around pulling the husks into them and causing them to disappear from sight.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:02 am
by Asardia
The Valley of the Ancients

Kiyonari Takara decided that the next phase of their plan will soon commence: The resurrection of the Three Elites. They were going to start in Dacryn, the home of Baesu Sayuga, the Ice Mage. Kiyonari actually believed that resurrecting any of the three elites would be enough to challenge the Allegrod Dynasty, but he wouldn't take that risk. After the Sayuga, the Earth Mage, Yucella Esquoria would be revived. Then, the jewel in the crown: Dyfores Allegrodo. Kiyonari needed to quickly steal the corpses, or rather, what was left, in order to revive them. Jade's Resurrection Magic had its limits, so any action had to be done quickly and efficiently.

"Jade," Kiyonari Takara said to the young mage, "Come with me. We're going across the country to gather the Etira and bring them to the meeting place."

Jade simply nodded and walked towards Kiyonari. He opened his palm, and soon a dark blue portal formed. "I'm sure Cross is in Eravil, his energy is rather hard to miss.".

"Alright, we'll go there first". Kiyonari said

Kiyonari and Jade walked through the portal and entered Eravil in a secluded alley where they would not be seen. They proceeded to walk out. Jade used her Mind Awakening Seal to detect the presence of Cross, which didn't take long. After a rather short walk across the city, along with occasional glances at the mountains that overlooked it, they managed to find Cross Oxwind.

"It's time to begin our mission" Kiyonari said to Oxwind, motioning for him to enter the portal that was formed. We'll go see where Devilface is and we're heading to Dacryn soon after."

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:06 pm
by Xichung
Cross’s arms would be covered in blood and the smell of death is strong around him, people are avoiding and glance at him every once awhile with scared looks

He grins “the fun is soon to begin” he giggles a little as he heaves the coffin along with him into the portal “the prize you seek is in his chest, or what he told me it is”

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:52 pm
by Asardia
Kiyonari's Dimension

After Oxwind made that cryptic comment about the coffin, the three of them traveled through the portal, entering a strange dimension where the laws of their world didn't exist here. In Kiyonari's Dimension, it seemed as if anything was possible. He was able to float and create things. He had god like powers here, which made challenging him very difficult. Jade knew this, but she would never challenge the man who rescued her from the streets in Kalingway. She would soon become his queen in the new world anyway. Jade quickly pushed this thought out of her mind as Oxwind brought the coffin with him through the portal and into the dimension. This could also be a meeting place, though it had to be fast. Kiyonari preferred to be in the real world as opposed to this place, but he would come here to get some solitude and think about his future with Jade.

Kiyonari once again extended his arm and opened his palm, causing dark blue energy to come out of his hand and create a large circle, forming the portal to their next destination, but where exactly this was, neither Jade or Kiyonari were sure. Devilface and his companion, Aleina, did their own thing outside of their official missions with the Etira. Jade felt...odd around them, and decided to just let them be. But now they had to team up, and Jade was forced to put her feelings aside as she spoke.

"Do you know where Devilface is?" She asked

"No idea, I was kind of hoping you would know."

Jade looked down at her feet. She needed to get more comfortable with her teammates, and in situations like this, not being on the same page was dangerous.

"I'll figure it out" Kiyonari said as he looked through the portal. He was going to go to Kalingway first. "The coffin will stay here" Kiyonari announced. "It'll be safe in my dimension, and it also prevents us from being conspicuous while we look for Devilface.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:28 pm
by Xichung
“What!” He hugs the coffin “but I can’t leave my best friend I promised him we would go everywhere together and I can’t just leave him” he looks really disheartened by his order

“I am taking my friend with me and there is nothing that gonna stop me” he face quickly changes expressions and his voice becomes a little deeper “don’t worry we should be fine, I know how to keep out of sight when need be” his expression changes again one with a stupidly huge grin and he has a cheerful voice “yeah, why would I want to mess it all up, right after I collected all these goodies, even then you can smell death coming off me”

He gets ready to leave through another portal

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:20 am
by Haedros 92712
A small town near Dacryn

Every citizen of the town stared nervously at the man as he walked down the street. He stood unnervingly tall and broad, and the air around him seemed ominous and tense. He wore a black tunic and a black cloak. He wore gloves and boots made of leather, and trousers made of wool. However, the most unnerving part about him was his face, hidden by a twisted mask. Alongside him stood a girl, barely 2/3 his size. She held his hand as she walked, almost as if they were father and daughter, out for a stroll. The man and his companion entered the local inn. And they did not emerge until nightfall. As the citizens were sleeping, they heard a terrible scream. They returned to the Inn, only to find a massacre. The inkeep had been cut open, from head to groin. His wife lay next to him, her mouth, throat and eyes a bloody mess. The patrons of the inn were found in similar states. And yet, the masked man was nowhere to be seen. As the townsfolk began to clean away the mess, a wail was heard from across town. A woman had come home to find her sleeping daughter hanging from a spike in the roof. Many women had found their children dead as they returned to their homes. As the women mourned their losses, the men took it upon themselves to clean away the painful reminders of their failure and lapse of attention. As the men returned from burying the bodies, the found the scattered corpses of all who had remained in the town. Finally, the men realized the inevitablility of this fate of theirs. So the simply knelt and prayed. As they prayed silently, a voice could be heard from all across the town all at once. “Gods won’t help you now.”

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:00 am
by Asardia

Kiyonari simply sighed and shook his head. He needed unity among his team, so he wasn't going to argue with Oxwind about the coffin. "Just make sure you don't cause any unnecessary attention to ourselves as we enter the city." Kiyonari said. "And now that I think about it, Devilface might be in Dacryn. We'll go there first, since the capital makes me...uneasy. Kiyonari motioned for Jade and Oxwind to follow him through the portal, where they would be on the outskirts of the city. Dacryn was quite different than Eravil. Eravil had a cooler temperature and was surrounded by the Northern Mountains. Dacyrn meanwhile, was much warmer and had many rivers and lakes nearby. However, the rain season lasted longer here than in any other city in the Empire, and today was no different. As Kiyonari and Jade stepped out of the portal near a building overlooking the city, there was a thunderstorm. Jade immediately sensed strange energies.

"I'm pretty sure they're around here.", Jade said as she took off her mask. Her eye turned red and showed her the magical aura of every person in the city. " I don't think they're in the city though. But I am sure that something strange happened not too long ago that was their doing."

"I see." Kiyonari said. "I'll pay for some horses for us to take with us. I can't afford to spend any more energy with my portals." After saying that, Kiyonari took out some magic restoration pills and gulped them down.

It wasn't too long afterwards that Kiyonari bought fives horses, (three for them, and two for Devilface and Aleina) and went searching for the two. Jade directed them on a path to a nearby town and they went towards it.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:47 pm
by Xichung
Cross kept smelling the air and feeling around him, his voice grim “grim death walks today, blood and viscera played, the land thirst for rage” some of his runes are glowing and a horrific moaning coming from the coffin, his voice chages again to something softer “walk on clouds or step on the serpent, if we don’t move like water we die like prey” he laughs madly as he keeps switching personality

Then he abruptly stop “we are the monsters” all runes glow for a second and a horrible voice says the same thing he does from the coffin he looks at his teammates probably freaked out “sorry, we must be careful, the demon hungers for something he can’t have but will not stop till he is free”

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:55 pm
by Asardia
Imperial Palace, Kalingway
Noburo Allegrodo, Emperor of Cagia

Noburo quickly paced back and forth in his bedroom in the Imperial Palace. He had just finished a big meal. Constant eating was his way of dealing with stress, which of course wasn't healthy. The Emperor knew he had to do something about the recent murders in the Southern Desert Lands. The people hated him. Every day, the Phoenix Knights would arrest someone who had burned a painting of Noburo or had spoken against him. He knew this, but it wasn't something he cared much about. It was the nobles opinion of him that mattered. The other Noble Houses in Cagia didn't have a high opinion of Noburo either, which was troubling. The political climate in Cagia was tense, with notable mages like Luther of House Esquoria speaking out against him. But there wasn't much he could do there. Arresting a nobleman, unless for explicit treason, was unheard of. As much as Noburo wanted to... silence Luther, he couldn't risk the further alienation of the aristocracy. Noburo stopped his pacing, and looked at his plate of food. He took a huge bite of bread and gulped down some wine. He just couldn't think straight. The situation near Aesyerus was reaching dangerous levels. As much as he hated to admit it, he had to call for a national conference at the Imperial Court. Noburo needed the nobles on his side if he wanted to remain in power. He opened his bedroom door and walked out on to the hallway leading to the room with his advisers. He heard laughing as he opened the door, but as soon as he entered, everyone suddenly turned silent and bowed to him. Noburo simply nodded and said "You may rise. I just need to talk with advisers. It'll be swift."

Everyone besides the four advisers left the room immediately. Noburo motioned for them to take a seat. "As I'm sure you all are aware, there have been several suspicious assassinations of mages in the south, with the perpetrators leaving the words "Soul Reaper" near the scene of the crime. " No one dared say anything. "I'm calling for a conference with all the Noble Houses in Cagia," the Emperor announced, clenching his fist. The conference will include Luther Esquoria, his most outspoken opponent and rival. There were even rumors that he may usurp the throne for himself. But he couldn't think about that now. Noburo had to put his image first, and feelings second. Even as the Emperor, he still has weaknesses. Call for a scribe. I need to send this letter out to the houses."

The advisers quickly got to work. They soon penned a letter which was addressed to every noble house in Cagia.

From: Emperor Noburo Allegrodo
To: All the Noble Houses of Cagia


There have been several massacres in the Southern Desert Lands, with the intensity of them increasing and the number of times they occur rising. Many notable mages have disappeared, with the rogue mages leaving behind the words "Soul Reaper" near the corpses of the ones they killed. This is simply unacceptable. I am calling for a Conference that includes nobles and members of the aristocracy to discuss our next course of action. The rogue mages who are responsible for the recent massacres will be appreheneded, and we will rise above the tragedies of the past few months. Please accept this invitation to meet with me, Emperor Noburo Allegrodo, in a conference as equals in the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Government

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by 5pb
Kalingway, City Streets.

Izayoi was watching the people pass by as he was perched upon a building. He was thinking of what he could do to entertain himself until something happened, it was then that he heard a loud squawk from a bird that had landed nearby. The bird had parchment tied to its talons. Izayoi sighed as he crawled over to the bird and removed the parchment, he read the contents and as he did a smile crept across his face. "This is indeed interesting." izayoi stood up and looked towards the castle, "A string of murders and no suspect? A counsel with the emperor and the other noble houses, this is exactly what I need to get out of the research of the house and actually prove myself as the strongest mage." When he finished reading the letter he bounded from the building he was on and began to rush towards the castle at a insanely fast pace.

Kalingway, House Ayazato.

Lili was sent to the estate of House Ayazato to meet with an affiliate of the Phoenix Knights for more training, but when she arrived her to-be mentor was nowhere to be found. Instead she was brought to speak with his advisors, "I'm sorry young lady, Izayoi ran off just a little bit ago, if you are to train with him you are going to have to await his return," the female advisor had a soft voice when speaking to the girl.

"I don't want to wait, I want to start my training!" Lili was being inpatient the thought of training with a powerful person was rushing through her mind and she had forgotten she was here as a guest. It was then the male advisor spoke up.

"Excuse me. Lili, was it? I am afraid we cannot bring Izayoi here in the blink of an eye, the most we can do is send word for him to return. Until he returns all we can do is offer you a room and a meal." He was not as calm as the the female and was far more authoritative.

"I-I see, thank you." Lili calmed down and realized she was being rude, still she refused to apologize.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:33 pm
by Xichung
Azreal toiled away with his dark magic, he sewed and weave magic in his lab searching for the key to immortality that his grandfather had found once before. The estate they lived in was titanic mansion hidden away in the forest far from anyone, it was built upon a crypt, which extended down miles and was just as wide. Many came here to put the dead to rest or even request the house to bring loved ones back to life for only a few moments. The house was not very empty either for it took in rejects from other houses and few they saw worthy of teaching their forbidden magic.

Azreal was soon interrupted by a knock on the door, he soon stops and dispersed the magic in his room “come in please!” He called out to whoever was at his door. They soon entered and bowed, it was a young woman with fair skin and raven black hair, she wore a dress made of black feathers, this woman was Azreal daughter and the next to rule house Thanatos

“You are being summoned, father” when she spoke her voice was soft, but it sent chills down ones spine with how cold it was. Azreal sighed and grumbled “get a portal ready, I need to look decent before I head to the king” the woman nodded “one more thing, fey, stop wearing that dress, it leaves feathers everywhere” said Azreal with slight annoyance as he picks up a feather and she rolled her eyes at him “just hurry up old man, you don’t want to keep the royals waiting”
Azreal sighed and got on a fancy attire and left through a portal to the front door of the palace, he then knocked as the portal closed

Yori and Ela traveled the city looking for anything strange or doesn’t belong

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:27 pm
by Asardia
Kiyonari and Jade

Kiyonari didn't respond to Oxwind's...strange comments. He was used to this by now. "We'll follow Jade," he announced. "Her Eye will lead somewhere near Aleina and Devilface."

"I would like to emphasize that the sensing capabilities isn't at its full potential," Jade said. "I'll do my best, but for now, we'll just have to spot them."

The trio rode towards the small town out side of Dacryn for a while. The gloomy sky turned black, as it became closer to dusk. The cool spring breeze blew past them as they walked on the cobblestone roads at a steady but quick pace. The town was not too far ahead, and they came to a stop at a small tavern on the south side of the town. Kiyonari instructed them to follow him as they searched for the two final members of the Etira. As soon as Devilface and Aleina were found, they would begin an attack on Dacryn (small scale of course). The aim was to steal the corpse of Baesu Sayuga. His mastery of Ice Magic would be vital in battling the Phoenix Knights, who usually specialized in Fire Magic. Then they could get Yucella Esquoria, a mage whose prowess with Earth Magic made her nearly invincible. She would also be pivotal in stopping the Phoenix Knights, since she could simply block the fire attacks with her earth magic. Kiyonari smiled at the possibility. "The revolution will soon begin," he said as he left his horse and went into the tavern.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:39 pm
by Haedros 92712
The town

"Fire spreads, the king is dead, the corpses lay adrift... his head falls down, with thorny crown still draped around a wreath of golden hair. That's a little poem I thought up when we finally got to killing the men. You like it father?" A small girl sat perched on a bloodstained bed in the Inn. By the doorway stood the tall masked man, his masks eye holes black sockets, his mask grinning its terrible grin. The figure grunted in what sounded to be approval, a rare noise for the demon to utter. The man looked up as if he heard a noise. "Father, I think your friends found us." Devil face turn to the door. "So it would seem."

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:46 pm
by Xichung
Cross ran from corpse to corpse as they approached examining each one with keen interest and even ripping a few of them open “so beautiful, I can’t choose which to have, I like them all” he gins with his sewing equipment out and a knife “your friend makes art” he soon rips out one of their lower jaws and then tosses it “I wish nox, joined us, she would be a great friend to have, Yes “ he keeps ripping apart corpses that weren’t already ripped apart “she would be a nightmare for us to go against too” he laughs

PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:28 pm
by Asardia
Outside Dacryn

The group led by Kiyonari finally found the Devilface and Aleina. Their travel didn't last too long, at least, in the grand scheme of things. This had little effect on their plan, as they now moved into the first phase. The thunderstorm was as intense as when they arrived, with heavy rain falling every second. There was a cold wind as lightning flashed all around them. Kiyonari approached the Inn where Devilface and Aleina were, while Jade stayed back. She was oddly attached to Kiyonari, and didn't feel as comfortable around the rest of the Etira. But that would change once they managed to overthrow the Allegrodo dynasty. Jade pulled her dark cloak closer around her to shield herself from the rainfall. Kiyonari meanwhile, ignored the rain.

"I hope you two had fun, Kiyonari said. "And I hope you're prepared for the next part of our mission. We're near Dacryn, and with this storm and my Portal Magic, we'll be able to find what's remaining of Baesu Sayuga's corpse easily. And with that, Jade can work her magic."

Jade watched as Kiyonari spoke to Devilface and Aleina. Her most powerful ability, the Forbidden Magic: Cursed Resurrection technique, would be the most useful tool as they moved closer to their coup.

"Come with me," Kiyonari said, pointing towards the city. "We're heading out now. It's best under these conditions."

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:30 pm
by Xichung
Cross stares at jade perplexed, almost like he is trying to get all the voices in his head to work as one like they once did before he covered himself in his own curses

“I feel I as if I remember your skin” he tubes his fingers together “maybe an outcast” looked at the sky “I wonder of Thanatos and the mad old man who gave me my friend”he seemed to lost interest as the rain washed away the blood covering his body and partially cleaned him of the smell of death.

Reports of missing people finally reached the ears yori, he went investigate as soon as possible

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:00 am
by 5pb
Aesyerus, Abandoned House

"Every night it's the same, prey on people, clean up, and come home to try and revive you. It never works! I can't figure out how to give the energy back to you!!" Azami slammed her palms down on a table with a well preserved body lying across it. "Why? I try so hard. Is my power so linear?" she turned away from the body in an angry manner, "This is unfair!" tears run down from her eyes. "I will succeed, I will gather enough people's vitality for several attempts!" Azami quickly stormed out of the building.

Azami lived in a abandoned house in a back alley not to far from the marketplace, her next target. As she walked the shadows behind her ripped up bringing rubble with them and tearing up anything they touched. She quickly approached the end of the alley where the sunlight touched. Azami exited the alley and the moment the sun hit her the shadows behind her shrank to about half their size. Azami never usually hunted during the day, but now she began to grow desperate. She approached the market and searched for a stall that had a lot of people near it. She had noticed a fruit stall with twelve people waiting to make a purchase, slowly she approached the stall. As she walked forwards her hands began to glow red. Everyone at the fruit stall dropped to the ground, Azami stood in the middle her long blonde hair covering her face. All the people around sood in terror as she raised her head.

Several people attempted to charge her and restrain her, as the approached her they dropped to the ground. Azami raised her hand high and six shadows raised from the ground at the far back of the crowd. The shadows slowly moved closer to Azami, pushing everyone closer to her. Those who attempted to escape were cut down by blades that would rise from their shadows. Azami stood with a crooked smile creeping across her face as the people entered her range and were drained of life. "I can feel all of their life coursing through my blood!" After draining a good twenty-five people azami had immediately rushed to the next populated place she knew of, the gates.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:45 am
by Xichung
Yori would be sitting at the gate taking guard, he would be resting his eyes, listening to people pass by and for any sudden changes, he liked to keep himself busy simple task like these. His hand rested upon the handle of his sword, the only thing he has left of his family. It was only really him at the gate being guard, his underlings were all doing combat training with some other magic knight.

He heard the rush of people from the market and screams, his eyes opened wide and he got into combat stance “everyone, out!” He yelled at the people by the gate, but they didn’t know why, cause they couldn’t hear what he heard.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:59 am
by 5pb
Aesyerus, Quickly Approaching the Gates,

The people ran from her as she walked towards the gates, a large shadow following behind her ripping up the ground and grabbing anyone who fell behind. It wasn't long before she had made it to the gates, she glanced around and noticed there weren't as many people as she hoped and that some were still evacuating the area. "How irritating..." as she spoke she noticed a man wearing a full suit of armor, "Are you not scared, knight?" At that she began to approach him at a slow pace, her shadow grew smaller and her hands grew a red aura. Azami would begin to pick up pace to quickly close the distance, her golden hair fluttering behind her.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:23 am
by Xichung
he gets in a crouching position, one hand on the side of his sword and the other ten inches away from the handle. he filled the back of the sheath with magical power and heated the blade. the moment she get in range of his blade he has it shoot out from the sheath, firing it out faster than the eye can catch. he would grab it in mid-air and do a cleaving strike towards her, he then begins to heat up the area around him. "pest"