OUTBREAK (Sandbox/Survival/Horror - OOC / ALWAYS OPEN)

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OUTBREAK (Sandbox/Survival/Horror - OOC / ALWAYS OPEN)

Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:00 pm

It happened so suddenly, the beginning of the end.

Millions have been infected,
the victims of a new plague unlike anything before witnessed in the history of mankind.
A deadly contagion that, withing weeks, has brought the most powerful nation to its knees.
Quarantine has long since failed;
countless have died, and many more have been consumed by the ravage of illness.
Others have suffered a worse fate.
Now, in the aftermath of ruin, a new dawn is soon upon us.
For those fortunate enough to have survived, by fate or sheer determination, things will never be the same.

No help is coming.

No safety exists.

Will you, a survivor in the twilight of human civilization, discover the truth of out death;
or will you succumb to the infection?

A manufactured virus has devastated the United States. Millions have been killed, and millions more have been infected. Those who do not perish outright are driven to insanity by the damaging effects of the virus, attacking anything and everything with a feral hunger; others are less fortunate, ravaged by horrific mutations and having lost every fiber of their humanity. Some are gifted with immunity, and a very select few benefit from infection.

This RP will be set primarily in the city of Chicago and the surrounding area. Those who survived the initial outbreak, and subsequent quarantine, have long since abandoned the city, and only the brave, foolish, or desperate remain to scavenge whatever is left. Riots have damaged many parts of the city. Looting has left little of value, and what does remain lies deep where infection runs rampant. Checkpoints block all major roads and avenues, a failed attempt by the United States Army and National Guard to prevent the inevitable. The streets are eerily quiet like that of a ghost town, but danger lurks in the shadows, and rarely is one ever truly alone. For reasons that are yours and yours alone you find yourself here, in Chicago, and no matter your background or purpose the goal remains the same: survive.

Although not technically a story about zombies in the traditional sense, the infection could be comparable to L4D or Resident Evil, but only in theme. This is NOT an action movie, however, and should not be treated as such.
In the end this is a story about people.

• Delete all parenthesis and unused optional tabs.
• Multiple characters are allowed but do not create more than you can handle or they will be culled.
• Only a few characters with military/police/survivalist/etc. backgrounds will be accepted. First come; first served. (5/5)
• Only a handful of Gifted characters will be accepted. First come; first served. (4/5)
• Characters with no immunity can become infected. Furthermore, characters can die if not careful.
• Avoid using personality quirks to define Skills and Weaknesses.

Code: Select all
[b]Age (DoB):[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Be descriptive if no picture is provided; use spoiler if picture is large. Include height and weight.)

[b]Immunity:[/b] (None, Carrier, Gifted, Immune)

[b]Equipment:[/b] (Be reasonable with starting gear.)


[b]Accolades:[/b] (Badges of honor to be earned.)
[b]NPC:[/b] (NPC's you have gained.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (optional, but recommended)
[b]Likes:[/b] (optional)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (optional)
[b]Fears:[/b] (optional) (We know you're scared of zombies and dying, be original.)

[b]Biography:[/b] (Include why they're in Chicago.)

[b]RP Example:[/b]

[b][size=50][color=red]DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564[/color][/size][/b]

The virus cannot survive within these individuals.
TE-13; infected individuals have undergone beneficial mutations affecting physical or mental capabilities. Oftentimes these mutations are minor, however, some individuals may develop superhuman characteristics. Infection can be spread.
TD-13; the virus is capable of surviving within an individual with no apparent harm. Can spread infection.
No immunity. Individual is susceptible to infection.

Characters with no immunity can become infected upon contact with the virus. During these instances of unintended viral transmission, the newly infected individual has a 15% chance of being immune, otherwise the character will suffer illness as the virus mutates into one of several different strains, as dictated by the prevalence listed underneath VIRUS DATABASE. This will be handled by OP using a d100.

T-13 is a manufactured mutagen possessing a high degree of lethality. The virus quickly and oftentimes destructively targets the DNA sequence of living organisms, resulting in abnormal cell growth, uncontrolled cell division, necrosis (cell death), and spontaneous DNA recombination and mutation. The virus cannot survive outside a living host and, as such, transmission is predominantly through direct contact with an infected individual via tainted blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids, however, close proximity (coughing, sneezing, etc.) can potentially lead to infection in rare circumstances. Once inside a host the virus mutates into one of several identified strains, a process that is believed to be influenced by the genetic makeup of the individual. At this time there is no consistent method to predict which strain will form.

As final note, the virus will mutate regardless of the strain of the initial infection.

The most common strain, the virus embeds itself into the respiratory and circulatory systems of a host, however, other body systems may be affected to a lesser extent. Flu-like symptoms are likely to develop in the early stages of infection and generally worsen over time. The lungs especially are irreparably damaged, leading to breathing difficulties and, in the latter stages, internal hemorrhaging with death arriving soon thereafter. Incubation periods and progression vary wildly between individuals, but the very young, old, and those with a compromised immune system will oftentimes succumb in a matter of days if not hours. Healthy individuals can potentially survive for several weeks with proper medical treatment.
Survival is believed to be less than one percent.
The virus targets the neural pathways of a host with minor mutations in both the skeletal and muscular systems having been observed in some instances. Although varying between individuals, brain, nerve, and spinal damage can result, potentially leading to partial or full paralysis and brain death in extreme circumstances. Those who survive infection often suffer catastrophic brain damage.
The most destructive variation, the virus indiscriminately targets DNA sequences throughout the body, leading to uncontrolled and unpredictable recombination. Progressing in a manner similar to TB-13, given time an infected individual will undergo severe physical mutation which, oftentimes, if fatal. Survivors are generally no longer human in terms of appearance and are extremely dangerous vectors of the virus.
Extreme caution is advised when encountering such individuals.
A relatively neutral strain that causes no physical change within a host body, however, flu-like symptoms may be present during the initial stage of infection. Despite its benign nature, the virus may still be transmitted to other individuals upon contact.
Considered to be the rarest of the different strain, the virus again targets DNA sequences within a host, however, damage is limited and may at times be considered beneficial. Although varying greatly in intensity between individuals, those infected may see a boost in physical traits, immunities, perception, mental acuity, and other as of yet unidentified attributes. These "gifted" individuals may display characteristics ranging in scope from nonexistent to superhuman. Additionally, transmission of the virus is still possible. Currently there is no valid explanation as to how or why this particular strain manifests the way it does.
A random mutation in viral RNA has allowed for cross-species transmission. A catch-all designation, progression varies with identifiable mutations ranging in intensity from nonexistent to extensive, including those which could be deemed beneficial. Any creature can potentially be infected, but those in greater contact with humanity are at a substantially greater risk.
An aerosolize permutation of the virus. The presence of microscopic, organic compounds allow for extended survivability outside a living host, thus making this alteration ideal for airborne transmission.
Arid environments will quickly decay the effectiveness of the aerosol.

The virus has destroyed the minds of these individuals, leaving behind a husk of what once was human. Feral and highly aggressive (in most documented cases), the Infected will attack anyone and anything and will pursue their prey relentlessly in an effort to sate their voracious hunger, and have been known to kill their own from time-to-time. Brain damage has rendered the Infected immune to pain but they are easily killed from injuries that would prove fatal otherwise. Alone, a single Infected is relatively weak, but in groups they can easily swarm a location. A few have demonstrated the ability to use simple tools and weapons.
Like Infected, these individuals have suffered traumatic brain degradation due to viral infection, leading to increased aggression and psychosis, but, unlike Infected, they retain much of their intelligence and have not gone feral completely. They retain the ability to form coherent speech, use tools and weapons, and can understand abstract ideations. Although it varies between individuals, Psychotics can be unreasonable, extremely paranoid, and generally react to any perceived threat with overwhelming violence. It has been noted, however, that many will return to locations of importance, whether it be a home or workplace. Alternatively, some have displayed no discernible pattern to their behavior. Psychotics are best avoided for personal safety.
Often seen roaming in small packs, Mutts are dogs or similar canids (wolves, coyotes, etc.) that have become infected, and although large breeds are typically encountered small breeds are not unheard of. Possessing some primal intelligence, Mutts are capable hunters when the need arises and have been known to attack lone survivors. Mutts often refrain from attacking large groups outright but may harass survivors for some time in search of food when scavenging proves ineffective.

Individuals suffering infection from TC-13 have undergone abnormal, destructive mutations and are colloquially referred to as Reavers, however, the origin of the term is unknown. Reavers come in many shapes and forms, from the massive to the unassuming, yet the danger posed by these creatures should not be underestimated. Monsters, these infected should be avoided at all costs.

A canid having undergone uncontrolled mutation, the Hound is a powerful apex predator, incredibly strong and resilient with a tough hide, crushing bite-force, and heightened senses. Not much information is available as these creatures are rarely seen. Indirect observation has shown these creatures to be aggressively territorial, solitary, and capable of approaching situations with a measure of cunning. It has also been noted that Infected tend to avoid a Hound's territory. Survivors are advised to do the same.

An international corporation with the strength and power to rival that of a small country, Atlas is perhaps the most powerful non-governmental entity in the western hemisphere. With a focus on biomedical and genetic research, Atlas is rumored to have some connection to T-13, although such conspiracies have little evidence to justify the allegations. Regardless, Atlas has since shown an overt interest in the infection. Although believed to have cease most functions following the collapse of the quarantine, the Atlas Security Division are still believed to be active in some capacity.
Once the most powerful nation in the world, the United States has struggled to maintain control in the face of overwhelming infection. Forced from its seat of power in Washington D.C., the government has withdrawn to the interior of the nation in one final bid to survive the outbreak, however, even as civilization falls apart the United States military continues to oversee operations in many areas that have since been abandoned. Priorities have since shifted from protecting the citizens to combating infection regardless of cost.


Factions can be created, however, in order to do so NPC's (or like-minded PLAYER CHARACTERS) must be gathered by completing various quests and challenges. NPC's grant assistance in various endeavors but resources must be divided (food, ammo, etc.), so cost/reward must be taken into consideration. NPC's will leave if their needs are not met. Additionally, one is not required to accept NPC's as reward and they can be dismissed. Lastly, NPC's are not granted the same protections as GMPC's and can be controlled/killed by other PLAYER CHARACTERS. Do not create NPC's without approval.

Accolades are badges of honor to be earned by completing various challenges throughout the RP.
They offer nothing but bragging rights.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Consume 100 liters of Alcohol
Barking Mad
Kill 10 Hounds
Bird Brained
Kill 100 Ravens
Blunt Force Trauma
Kill 25 Enemies with Blunt Weapons
Kill 25 Enemies with a Bow and Arrow
Brute Strength
Kill 10 Brutes
Burn Baby Burn
Kill 100 Enemies with Fire or Explosives
Kill 25 Enemies with Bladed Weapons
Consume Human Flesh... You Monster
Center of Mass
Kill 25 Enemies with Firearms
Cut the Flesh
Kill a Butcher
Dog Catcher
Kill 100 Mutts
Kill 50 Poppers
Follow the Leader
Have 10 NPC Followers
Genetic Lottery
Be Immune!
Grey Matter
Kill 10 Enemies with a Headshot
Hail Mary
Kill 10 Enemies by Throwing a Weapon, Object, or Item
Hear No Evil
Rob 25 Survivors
Kill 50 Enemies with a Baseball Bat
I ♡ Chicago
Survive a Gunshot Wound
King Leopold
Cut Off 5 Hands
Kill a Brute with a Melee Weapon
Kill 25 Bandits
the Long Haul
Drive 500 miles.
Make A Wish
Celebrate Your Birthday
Man's Best Friend
Domesticate a Dog
Nothing Left Behind
Clear 10 Locations
Organized Chaos
Create a Faction
the Other White Meat
Consume the Flesh of a Reaver
Party Animal
Use Narcotics 10 Times
Use Painkillers 100 Times!
Kill 500 Infected.
See No Evil
Kill 25 Screamers
the Sickness
Kill 25 Wheezers
Kill 1 Reaver of Each Type (except the Butcher)
Speak No Evil
Kill 50 Lurkers
Therapy Session
Kill 50 Psychotics
This Is My Boomstick
Kill 100 Enemies with a Shotgun
Trigger Discipline
Kill an Enemy with a Firearm... Accidentally
Vehicular Manslaughter
Kill 50 Enemeis with an automobile.
Where I Lay My Head
Establish a Safe Zone

• OP/Co-OP has final say. No exceptions.

• OP/Co-OP can deny applications for any reason.

• No God-modding or Meta-gaming. No directly controlling a PLAYER CHARACTER, GMPC, or FACTION unless given permission to do so. Moving people along towards a destination is fine, but keep actions vague. Minor NPC's can be controlled freely within reason. (Be mindful of established personalities.)

• PLAYER CHARACTERS must remain in the specified area(s).
Characters traveling beyond these established borders will be considered INACTIVE.

• Loot (weapons, equipment, etc.) will be decided by OP/Co-OP or by location-specific items.
Ask beforehand before "finding" that RPG or gold-plated AK-47.

• No one-liners. Try to use correct grammar. Use paragraphs. Your writing should be easy to read.

• No fighting or arguing in the OOC. Any issues should be addressed by OP/Co-OP or taken to TG.

• Keep the story PG-13. No topic is off-limits but be mindful of how it is presented.

• Be active should you apply. If you will be inactive for any considerable period of time for whatever the reason then alert the OP/Co-OP, or post that you will be gone in the OOC, or your character will be culled. Additionally, if you fail to respond within 72 hours and are holding back a scenario or others we will move on without you. (You character(s) will function as an NPC.)

• No overpowered characters. No killing everything in sight.
Things should be difficult or I will make the situation significantly worse.

• Have fun.
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Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:00 pm

DAY 26
Sunday, August 14, 2016
64°F (18°C) - Cloudy w/ Chance of Rain
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Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:00 pm

• DAY 00 (07-19-2016)
    The United States suffers its worse terrorist attack since 9/11. A biological agent is released in several cities across the country (Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle), and within hours several hundred are dead and thousands more exposed. Most are transferred to local hospitals for emergency treatment.
    Those responsible are never identified.
• DAY 02
    Following the rapid spread of infection the United States National Guard imposes a travel restriction, limiting movement into or out from exposed areas. Checkpoints are established and regional air traffic grounded.
• DAY 05
    Riots engulf Los Angeles after several individuals are killed during an attempt to bypass a checkpoint.
• DAY 06
    The INFECTED are encountered for the first time. An information blackout is enacted nationwide as afflicted zones are placed under strict quarantine. Hundreds gather in downtown Chicago to protest.
    Death toll has reached an estimated 200,000 nationwide in affected cities.
• DAY 07
    Tensions reach a boiling point as riots engulf Chicago. The United States Army and National Guard deploy to secure vital sections of the city, including Willis Tower and Midway International Airport, using lethal force as necessary. Downtown Chicago suffers extensive damage before order is established two days later.
• DAY 11
    Infection is reported outside the QUARANTINE ZONE and quickly spreads.
• DAY 12
    International travel is banned.
• DAY 15
    Quarantine fails in New York City and Boston.
    Government officials are evacuated from Washington D.C. to an undisclosed location in Colorado.
• DAY 16
    Quarantine fails in Chicago.
• DAY 18
    The Federal Government is unable to maintain control of a quickly worsening situation. SAFE ZONES are established across the interior of the nation; a mass exodus begins as tens of thousands flee the cities.
    Death toll has skyrocketed to almost 10,000,000 and climbing.
• DAY 19
    Quarantine fails in Los Angeles. REAVERS are encountered for the first time.
• DAY 20
    The United States Air Force begins a bombing campaign in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.
    The city is reduced to rubble. Countless Infected are killed alongside trapped survivors.
• DAY 22
    The Federal Government ceases normal operations. Death toll has very nearly reached 100,000,000 nationwide.
• DAY 25 (08-13-2016)
    The beginning.
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Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:01 pm

000 — Survivors
000 — Bandits

044 — Infected
000 — Psychotics
000 — Mutts
000 — Raven

000 — Brute
000 — Butcher
000 — Hound
000 — Lurker
000 — Popper
000 — Screamer
000 — Wheezer
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Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:01 pm

• Goals and encounters will be listed here. Optional, but going out of your way will earn you valuable rewards for your efforts.
• Failed Objectives will be marked red for clarity.

A Light in the Dark
ATLAS: Corporate Espionage
ATLAS: Missing VIP's
• Braveheart
Call of the Wild
Calling Home
Food for Thought
• In the Water
Pirate Radio
Sail Away
Soul Searching
• Starvation
• The Truth of the Matter

Behind the Music
School's Out Forever
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Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:02 pm

Hamish Ferguson
Anthony Hammond
Noah Harper*
Aaron Hikowa
Antonio King
Arturo Ortiga
Rowan Smith*

Martin Rockford
Isaiah ThompsonKentucky Fried Land

Leon Byrne
Olive Fields
Donald Grimer
Arnold Hopper
Matthew Miller*
Hoa Nguyen
Kenneth Rockmeier
Glen Rowe

Franklin Kersey
Alexis Martin*

Daniel Beck*
Morgan Kaur
Lynn Lan Phan

Samuel Wayfield^Kentucky Fried Land

Enos Grey, 2LT
Nick Jamerson, CPL
Ernie Miller, PVT
Ruby Almanza^Kentucky Fried Land
Edward Arthur Hastings*
Madeline HessFantrum
James A. Marceau
Jack Whitehorse^
Ingrid Zakharova*Hastur

Jeremy Jones
Ashley Leigh

Linda Berkowitz
Clyde Forrest
Nancy Kirksey*Kentucky Fried Land
Julian Ryuhn
Monica Stewart
Shaun WildsThe Grand Rift

Buddy the Dog+
Mawuli Jackson*Kentucky Fried Land
Sarah Konig+
Luke LaForge^Tayner
Lynn Matsubara^
Angela Rus+
Samantha Tallow
Caroline Tyrell^

Jin-yoo Han+The Knockout Gun Gals

Zachary Cash^Huntpublic
Ian Griggs^
Jessie Griggs
Samuel Griggs*Arengin Union

Cadence Canning
Adam Denton
Alexandra Keith
Jessica Taylor
Clement WilloughbyKentucky Fried Land
Crystal Wu^The Knockout Gun Gals
Sun Yunri*Relikai
Arnold Hanover

Austin Erickson+
Leonard Jones
Steven Larson

Roxanne the Dog*
Hunter Czajkowski*
Frank Hegland*
Joshua Metier
Hannah Miri*
Nathaniel Nicoletti^
Martín Sanchez
Dylan Stout*
Collin Tallow

DAY 25
Gretchen Abernathy (INFECTED)
Lindsey Peppercorn (INFECTED)
Elizabeth Teely (INFECTED)
Marcus Williams* (INFECTED)

* = Immune
^ = Partial / Carrier
+ = Gifted
Teal = NPC
Orange = GMPC
Red = Hostile
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Postby Relikai » Mon May 14, 2018 7:03 pm

Name: Sun Yunri
Age (DoB): 26, 23rd February 1990
Nationality: South Korean
Ethnicity: Korean
170cm / 5ft7in
60kg / 133lbs

Occupation: Business Associate, Car Model
Immunity: Immune

Hydration Backpack -
Dried meat rations (4 days worth)
Energy bar snacks
Small utility knife
2.4m 5kg aluminum barbell
Water bottle
Mess Tin
Chemical Heating Packs
Identification Papers
50k mAh Portable Solar Charger
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Clothes -
Gym Attire
Casual Clothes
Waterproof Hiking Boots
Light Jacket with Hoodie
Full Finger Gloves

Basic Tae Kwan Do background.
Adequate Cook.
Athletically fit.
Acrobatically agile.
Able to identify foodstuffs.
Perceptive of surroundings.
Good with words, confident with speech and self.
Proficient in First Aid.
Good organizer.
Knows how to adjust human nutritional needs.

Lacks confidence in group leadership roles.
More pessimistic than optimistic nowadays.
Takes failure to heart.
Hard to adapt with the change of environment.

Personality: A determined individual who lived a disciplined lifestyle, and one who takes encouragement from seeing others succeed. She sees her success as something she should be doing as a norm, and praise was often taken as acknowledgement of her works instead of exceptional. When dealing with others she prefers a soft-touch approach, something which was occasionally taken advantage of by patrons of her gym,

Likes: Exercise, Good Rations, Tea, Being Safe.
Dislikes: Feeling Endangered, Feeling Exhausted, Pervert, Complains.
Fears: Failure in her tasks, Getting cut off a group, Being alone in a hostile environment.

Born in Seoul, Yunri had a relatively normal childhood as a South Korean girl, growing up in a well educated environment and attending cram school as well as sports classes. While there was a large emphasis on her academic performance, she was able to squeeze in dance classes in an effort to keep fit, and often taking time to train herself in the home gym. She ultimately failed to be selected as a representative for her high school dance trope, and was encouraged to join a sport instead. The tennis club was her choice, although she joined more for the experience instead of aiming to become an ace of the club.

Her teenage years were mostly the same, but she transited into small time modeling in local fashion magazines after being scouted at an event. While studying, an agency approached her, offering to sponsor her an education overseas in exchange for a bond with the company after high school. The contract began in 2009 when she was flown over the the United States for a more international education, with a focus on knowing the English language better a priority.

Graduating in 2012, she was relocated to Chicago as a regular model for the annual Chicago Auto Show. Earning a job in the Chicago Automobile Trade Association which granted a rental apartment, a steady income and appropriate working hours, life seemed to be taking off well when came August 2016, shredding the peaceful canvas of her world and sending Chicago and the rest of the world into a maelstrom of chaos...

RP Example: ?

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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Postby Turmenista » Mon May 14, 2018 7:03 pm


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Postby Anowa » Mon May 14, 2018 7:03 pm


Name: Sarah Konig
Age (DoB): 33 (March 9, 1985)
Nationality: Canadian-American
Ethnicity: German-Ukrainian
Appearance: 5'10, roughly 173 pounds. Left arm contains a full sleeve tattoo of a vine and bones. Right arm is a Maori design. Back contains a Canadian and American flag crossed over a white casket.

Occupation: CDC Viral Researcher
Immunity: TE-13 (Gifted): Mutations to the P21, TP53,TERC and LIN28 Genes has resulted in a healing process somewhere between that of a mouse and axolotl. After becoming infected due to her work at her lab, she started exhibiting traits not standard to the most common form of the virus, even while continuing work on a vaccine. She noted her healing process was not only accelerated, but resulted in a much lower presence of collagen, thus reducing the future formation of scar tissue. She has theorized that while GSWs, general cellular damage, lacerations, and other non-fatal wounds will heal within days, if not hours as oppose to weeks, she is unsure as to whether or not she can grow back tissues such as organs or limbs, and frankly does not want to find out.

  • 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab
  • MK14 SEI (20)
    • EOTech 552 + G33 3x
    • Surefire M322
  • 2x M14 20 rnd Magazines (.308 Win 20/20)
  • 1x M14 50 rnd Magazine (.308 Win 38)
  • WC 92G Brigadier Tactical
    • X300 Flashlight
  • 4x Beretta 92 15 rnd Magazines (9x19mm 12/15/15/15)
  • CDC ID Card
  • Wallet
    • Military ID
    • Driver's License
    • $43
    • Visa ($3,000)
    • Bank Card ($13,459)
  • TYR Epic plate Carrier (Level IV plate)
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • 3 liter canteen
  • MOLLE Weave Abdominal Pack
    • 10x CAT Tourniquets
    • 20x Combat Gauze packs
    • 15x ETBs
    • 5x Abdominal ETBs
    • 2x Chest Seals
    • 2x Nasopharyngeal Airways
    • 4x NCD Needles
    • 2x IV kits
    • Sharps Container
    • 3x pairs of gloves
    • 20', 1" Medical Tape
  • Molle Weave Back Pack
    • 1x Crick Kit
    • 1x King LT
    • 1x Bag Valve Mask
    • 1x FAST 1
    • 1x Epi-Pen
    • 3x SAM Splints
    • 4x pairs of socks

  • Well Rounded Firearms Training
  • Extensive Medical Training
  • Extensive Knowledge of The Virus' MO
  • Extensive Knowledge of Quarantine Procedure

  • Mild superiority complex.
  • Needlessly stubborn.
  • Sees herself as humanity's last hope, due to her occupation and her current circumstance.

Personality: Outwards, that's a way to describe Sarah. Given her tattoos it's not too hard to read the book by the cover. Though within her mind is knowledge that a normal person wouldn't want to know. Having worked with several strains of viruses which could all but start killing people if mishandled, Sarah has learned to suppress anxiety to a rather high degree, having a notably stoic and calm demeanor, despite her general stubborness. She shows a few signs of PTSD, such as mild hyper-vigilance and an exaggerated startle response. Though these days it's somewhat expected.

Biography: Born to a Canadian Mother and American Father, Sarah was born with naturalized citizenship in both countries. Her early life was spent in a backwater town in the middle of the British Colombian wilderness. It was a town a child could safely grow up in, without risk of kidnapping or mugging. Though the occasional wild animal was a risk they were meek enough to generally avoid populated areas. Eventually her Father got work as a contractor at the US Naval Base of Kitsap, and they moved to the closer locale of Tacoma, WA. Academically, Sarah was always on top of things, not wanting to disappoint either of her parents, and as such didn't have much of a social life, becoming somewhat of an introvert.

When her life started progressing near to that of adulthood, she realized that her family likely wasn't rolling in enough money to send her to the college of her choice, as such she looked towards the military and the post 9/11 GI Bill to give her a helping hand. It wasn't until 2007, where she got her master's in microbiology where she was shuffled into the Navy to become a Corpsman, and one of the few women stationed to an FMF. It was here she learned a few of the harsher aspects to life, namely bad food, bad sleep and a general lack of common sense. She would end her line of service after 5 years in 2013, soon after using her degree to gain employment at a BSL-4 lab in Columbus, Ohio.

A military mindset carried over to her civilian job, a regimented mindset made the stressful job of handling the deadliest things known to man a tad bit easier. But it was much harder to fight weaponized small pox than it was a jihadi or a pirate. So her temperament remained a solely calm level, a mannerism that bled over into her civilian life. Then she met her match, something neither she nor her team could fight, something that would prove to be the end of society as they knew it. While her team slowly passed due to infection, and while more and more of the eastern side of the Mississippi fell to the virus, she finally found hope, in her own flesh and blood, and in Chicago, a place where rumors of evac and recovery are abound.

RP Example: sonny, listen here.

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564


Name: Buddy
Age (DoB): 5 (4/20/2010)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: German Shephard
Appearance: Average size for a male GSD.

Occupation: US MP Working Dog
Immunity: TE-13 (Gifted): As a result of cross species contamination due to of biting an infected individual, Buddy has gained a heightened sense of self awareness. That is to say, that the already toddler level intelligence displayed by canines, has been increased to that of a human pre-teen. Capable of absorbing and understanding most information within a similar time frame of a motivated 12 year old. Also happens to show a heightened level of... mischief. Incapable of speech, and doesn't have thumbs. So door knobs are still a challenge.

  • 8x Titanium teeth replacements (Canines, Incisors)
  • Collar Tag: "Buddy, K-9 Unit, U.S.A.F."

  • Search and retrieval
  • Sentry duty
  • Knows a good amount of English
  • Instinctually knows how to tear a human being's throat out
  • Quick on his feet... paws
  • Dog tier smell and hearing.
Weaknesses: He's a dog, so he can't speak, use tools, or open most doors. Is incapable of seeing a fair amount of colors.

Biography: Born on an unfortunate day, Buddy was bred to be a working dog. And as many of his litter would become, he too became a member of a K-9 unit. Though instead of working with normal law enforcement or the military, he was gifted to the US Army as a Guard Dog for the military. His terms of service include a multitude of assignments, from protecting the President at Camp David, to raiding fraudulent companies. His last posting with his handler was at a CDC Lab in which a vaccine for The Virus was being worked on.

As expected, when things went south, he followed the training that was all but instinct, he started taking down anyone that got to close to his handler, but eventually his handler too fell to infection. As did Buddy himself. He started changing, becoming more... aware. And above the blood spilled around the CDC lab, he picked up a trail, the slight smell of synthetic raspberries and human hormones. He guarded the woman, his new master, with his life, even as she too started changing, he remained loyal either through instinct, or through some scant knowledge that she was doing something that may save the world. And where she went, as did he.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564


Name: Dylan Stout
Age (DoB): 5 (October 14th 2011)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: English
Appearance: 3'5, roughly 37 pounds.

Occupation: Preschooler
Immunity: Immune

  • Stuffed duck toy "Quacky"
  • Sleeping Bag
  • A copy of 'Green Eggs and Ham'
  • A 3 lbs bag of M&Ms

  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Can't read
  • Can't write
  • A 5 year old child

Biography: Dylan was born and raised in Chicago, having never known their father, and not spending a lot of time with her mother due to her remaining few years of school and her less than stellar job. Her grandparents were also somewhat absent in life, having disowned their daughter due to her unexpected pregnancy. But despite all of this, it was clear to Dylan that her mother loved her, and while her aunt was only around scarcely, Dylan knew she loved her as well.

Of course, not all went to planned, being babysitted wasn't entirely the best idea to have when the apocalypse struck. So here she was, stuck with an extremely quiet boy scout, away from any form of family, and without any power. The only thing she can trust a stuffed duck and herself.

RP Example: boi

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564


Name: Hunter Czajkowski
Age (DoB): 20 (February 28, 1998)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Polish
Appearance: 5'11, roughly 183 pounds, green eyes, pale skin, dirty blonde hair. Has freckles.

Occupation: Walmart Stock Boy
Immunity: Immune

  • 120 lbs Recurve Bow
  • Scrap Quiver
    • 23x 'scrap' arrows
  • Leather Quiver
    • 16x Broadhead arrows
  • Wallet
    • 74$
    • Driver's License
    • Bank Card ($5100)
  • Buck 110 Knife
  • Eagle Scout Medal
  • GP-5m Gas Mask
  • 4x AX class FIlters
  • 5x Homemade FIlters
  • Backpack
    • 4x 60 yard Duct Tape rolls
    • 14x Water Purification Tablets
    • 4x cans of beans
    • 3x cans of peaches
    • 3 liter Canteen

  • Firearms experience
  • Eagle Scout, with Merit badges in:
    • Archery
    • Automotive Maintenance
    • Backpacking
    • Camping
    • Citizenship in the Community
    • Citizenship in the Nation
    • Citizenship in the World
    • Climbing
    • Communications
    • Cooking
    • Dog Care
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Sustainability
    • Family Life
    • First Aid
    • Fishing
    • Kayaking
    • Leatherwork
    • Personal Fitness
    • Personal Management
    • Signs, Signals, and Codes
    • Swimming
    • Welding
  • Hunting experience
  • Very Patient
  • Distrusting
  • Notably Apathetic
  • Unable to Speak

Biography: Born in Grand Rapids, to a diner waitress and a State Trooper, Hunter's life started out simple, his father an avid hunter he occasionally went out plinking with a .22 caliber rifle with his father most weekends. Eventually Hunter joined the Boy Scouts of America at the age of seven, with the purpose of gaining the coveted title of Eagle Scout. Though it came with it's issues, mainly those of being Aphoniac Muteness, with the inability to speak, and relying on sign language to speak, it was something that brought a notable amount of teasing.

His father, seeing his son's morale start to drop, took Hunter out on his first hunting trip for a month, the experience gave Hunter a much needed uplifting, with his spirits up once again he strived for things once again. It was soon after this trip that two things were achieved: Firstly, he acquired his firearm ownership license, and secondly he became an Eagle Scout. In the next two years, Hunter had gone on several dozen hunting trips across Michigan, and though he'd taken a rifle with him for all of them, most of his tags were spent on Deer and Grouse he'd killed with a bow. A rather noticeable feat for a teen.

That was a little over 4 years ago, and since then, Hunter's had to put down his parents, and most of his extended family. And though he's a bit unhinged at this point, and become a bit husk, the decade and a half of Boy Scouts has left him with the values of an honest American: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, that every American is equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights, whether they were born within America's borders or not.

And should these lessons and values be violated, prostituted, or any other form of twisted manipulation which nullifies them, Hunter is willing to lay down their lives because of it.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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If anyone askes where we were Saturday at 14:30, we were at The Pub, understand?

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-No Inspection Ready unit has ever passed combat.
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Yo, that's mad.

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I'm from the land of Coeur D'alene Idaho.
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Next up on the Sopranos...

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Name: Nancy Kirksey
Age: 19 - 3/27/1997
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Appearance: Nancy Kirksey

Occupation: Student/Movie Theater Floor Staff
Immunity: Immune

  • Red Loyola Rambler hat
  • Thin white sweater
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • iPhone 6
  • Apple Earbuds
  • Inhaler
  • Excellent liar
  • Quick thinker
  • Great memory
  • Pessimistic downer
  • Asthma
  • Uncharismatic
Personality: Nancy is an incredibly cynical girl. Her friends would describe her as smug girl with a flair for shyness and a pretentious aura. She is insecure around athletes due to her asthma, and often showcases that she’s quick to judge and quite stuck-up. Her insecurities and defensive nature are off-putting for many people, much to her detriment.

Biography: Nancy was born in Illinois country, where she lived a relatively normal life. Born as an only child, her parents divorced shortly after her birth. After this, she lived with her mother in Chicago until she remarried, at which point they moved downstate to a farmstead. Nancy didn’t get much socialization this way, but enjoyed life overall. She helped her parents out with the farm, and grew to love her stepdad. They became her friends, along with animals on the farm.

Overtime, she grew a disrespect for her parents and found herself unable to tolerate them. She had a few friends, but they never had time to hang out and as such she became lonely once more. The girl was trapped in her home; but once she got a license, a job, and her stepdad’s old pickup truck, she found a way out. After graduating high school, she kept in touch with a few of her friends, but they all faded eventually. She was social with co-workers, but found keeping any sort of meaningful relationship difficult.

The girl went off to college back in Chicago later, where she found a job at the movie theater. She was specifically going to Loyola University Chicago at the advent of her sophomore year when the outbreak happened. She had been in a Quad Dorm for the summer, splitting the costs with her roommates, when the campus was near surrounded by infected. The few survivors on campus have been scrounging off the remains of the mess hall and mostly keeping things safe around campus, but the infected have become more and more frequent.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Clement Willoughby
Age (DoB): 35 - 7/1/1981
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Appearance: Clement Willoughby

Occupation: Psychiatrist
Immunity: None

  • Wide-rimmed glasses
  • Burgundy t-shirt
  • Lousiville Slugger
  • Black dress shoes
  • Blue jeans
  • Wallet, with family photos, various gift cards, debit card, driver’s license, two quarters, two five dollar bills, and one ten dollar bill
  • A can of Bush’s Baked Beans
  • Higher sense of empathy
  • Charismatic
  • Shoulder to cry on
  • Clinically depressed, prone to panic attacks
  • Farsighted, requires glasses
  • Never been in a fight
  • Terrible shot
Personality: Always wanted to know more about the human psyche and solve other’s problems. He himself is somewhat of a cynic. Is ambitious, and has big dreams of returning to his family again. He has problems staying loyal to any one person, romantically and otherwise. Clement also has a fondness for children and the elderly, carrying an extreme amount of empathy for others (even horrible criminals). He is mostly an atheist, but does believe somewhat in a higher power. Clement could be described by others as disconnected.

Biography: Clement grew up in Kansas, with two rowdy brothers and another wild older sister. Him and his older brothers would often playfight, or just screw around with each other like siblings do. They lived in the country, so not many other kids lived nearby. His sister was a different story; she was always the most popular at school compared to her three brothers, and had a severe case of tomboy. Clement’s parents spanked their children if they were rowdy, but still loved them.

Clement’s sister began growing distant in high school; compared to her happier brothers, she started going out a lot to sneak drugs. She was a bad driver, from what Clement’s trips in her car could tell him. Eventually, she ran over a child when she was seventeen and prosecuted. Clement went on to become a psychiatrist, his brothers doing their own things with their own families. Soon enough, Clement’s sister was released from jail.

He married at 29, never having wanted a kid. His sister started crashing at him and his wife’s place in Texas; before eventually, she went out and didn’t come back. Clement found her at the hospital, having overdosed on pills at a bar. She died right in front of him and his wife, and a wave of guilt swept over him when he realized he was glad her misery had ended. He became colder and threw himself into his work, before his wife got pregnant.

He stayed at home more often, finding a new reason to live. He adored his son. But his marriage only fell. They were never sexually active, and the light they once had only disappeared. Clement was caught in an affair with the neighbor’s wife, and him and his own flailed for divorce. He moved to Chicago, after finding a psychiatric job there. He was in his apartment when the outbreak began to storm, and has been trapped there ever since the beginning of the infection.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Ruby Almanza
Age (DoB): 25 - 1/25/1991
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Latina
Appearance: Ruby Almanza
Occupation: Patrol Officer for Chicago Police Department
Immunity: Carrier

  • Smith & Wesson M&P 45, fully loaded, 6+1
  • Two extra magazines on duty belt
  • Compact Canon PowerShot camera
  • CPD Patrol Uniform
  • Handcuffs
  • Taser x26
  • Motorola radio
  • Decent shot
  • Good shape
  • Excellent photographer
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Anxiety and guilt over nothing, due to drinking
  • Never been in an actual gunfight before
  • Overbearing false optimism
  • Melatonin dependency
Personality: Ruby is idealistic, and as such an optimist. She is a Catholic, like her parents were. She is mostly collected as an individual, if a bit awkward. Has always wanted to be a detective, but has yet to take the Detective Exam, instead playing out scenarios in her head of solving cases and sleuthing about. Ruby also has a remorseful sense of entitlement. She daydreams often.

Biography: Ruby Almanza was born to a working class family in Chicago. Her and her family grew up poor, and in a local government owned building that his parents called “the projects.” Ruby had a very typical relationship with her older brother growing up, with fights and teasing often, but they were still siblings and loved each other. Her father, Javier Almanza, had grown up in Chicago, and the Almanza grandparents had experienced racism and the Civil Rights Movement in all of its glory. Evelyn Winstead came from the upper South, taking vacation to Chicago with some of her richer friends. Evelyn and Javier met each other in Edgewater, where they hit it off. Evelyn decided to stay in Illinois with her new lover, and the two married quickly, before getting enough money to settle in an apartment in Chicago with another couple. Javier worked in a manufacturing plant, while Evelyn was a cashier at a local grocery store. She gave birth to José Almanza in 1987, at which point they decided to move out and into the projects.

Ruby was sheltered in a way that José, her brother, never was. Being the favored child was never actually a good thing, and as they grew older Ruby realized that her brother disliked her. José constantly wandered the halls of the building, often ignored and neglected. Why, Ruby could never guess. Whether it be misunderstanding their first child, or a resentment for forcing them to the projects, she could never guess. She just knew that José was getting farther and farther away from the family, and her parents couldn’t seem to care less. Ruby heard her parents start to fight more often, and heard from her angered brother that money was getting tight. Her big brother often blamed Ruby, making up stories that cited Ruby as the reason for their poorness. Ruby wanted to get out, but was bullied at school. She had very few friends, and was often harassed in school. She was defended by some though, and found a friend group that she could fall into. She grew accustomed to the racial slurs and grew a thick skin after a while. At one point, her brother decided to introduce her to some of his friends. When her brother took her up a few floors of their projects, she hadn’t expected to see a bunch of guys laid up on couches. White powder in lines covered tables, syringes littered the floor. It was at this point that Ruby realized her brothers friends were more clients.

With more and more rebellion plaguing their home, José only upped his insanity, with still little attention from his parents. Ruby heard him tell their parents that he was going on a trip with one of his rich friends, on his private plane. Her parents seemed suspicious at first, but let him go. Ruby was only fifteen then, her brother four years his elder. She was amazed, but soon learned that her parents wanted to meet José’s rich friend because they were doing bad financially, as Javier was fired a week prior. However, it seemed a dumb teenager flying a plane was a tragic, awful, idea. The plane, while flying over a field while the kids in the back fucked around, stalled. Unable to recover, the screeching aircraft flew into a forest. Everyone in the plane was killed. There were a lot of people at the funeral, a lot of people who seemed to know José that Ruby hadn’t known. Her mom cried a lot after. Her father got a new job, and didn’t come home often. When he was home, he mostly drank from a brown paper bag and watched TV. Her parents didn’t talk to her often, and they didn’t talk to each other much either. In fact, they didn’t talk much at all. The problems only inflamed when one of her friends downed a bottle of beer and a few Percocets. This caused her to lose her faith, and she fluctuated between doubting the existence of God and straight up not believing in him.

One of Ruby’ friends in high school invited her to come stay with her in Chicago after they graduated high school. Ruby, eager to escape her depressing home, came with. Ruby had watched cop shows on TV often, and respected the officer who had come to speak with them after José’s death. She enrolled in the police academy at eighteen, and took a cashier job on the side to help pay rent. She worked until she became an actual police officer, and dealt with the typical shit around town with a partner in their squad car. Sometime around this time, she developed insomnia and began taking sleeping pills, which she grew dependent on. She moved out into her own shitty apartment, finally independent. She was liked by the community, and overall enjoyed her job. She made it her mission to become a detective though, and once she got a good amount of money scrounged up, she would take a loan out and go to college. She was on patrol with her partner when the outbreak occurred, who was afflicted with the disease on the first day. Unbeknownst to her, she was afflicted with the disease as well but showed no symptoms. She was at the station when the infected first appeared, and has been there ever since.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Samuel Wayfield
Age (DoB): 16 - 4/30/2000
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Black
Appearance: Samuel Wayfield

Occupation: Student
Immunity: Carrier

  • Gray and navy long-sleeve shirt
  • Sneakers
  • Jeans
  • School backpack, black
  • Sketchpad and pencil
  • Deck of cards
  • Smart
  • Endurance
  • Runs well
  • Scrawny and weak
  • Depression
  • Disconnected from reality
Personality: Samuel is depressive, weak, and non-abrasive. He is often a doormat and often just prefers to go with the flow of things. He has little self-esteem, is often paranoid, and is scared easily. Samuel also has terrible social anxiety and sees the world through dirty glasses. He strives to be better, but often forces himself to stay down in the dumps.

Biography: Samuel was born in downstate Illinois. He was an only child, and found most of his comfort with his parents and their siblings, though he lacked social interaction with kids his age. From a young age, he was quite shy and socially stunted, leading to bullying and feelings of inadequacy. His self esteem plummeted, and he became sensitive to the world around him. Samuel cried more and grew paranoia, his parents hovering and over protectiveness looming over him. He found himself enjoying isolation after a while, enjoying drawing and watching movies and reading. In middle school, he was bullied more. He became stuck in a rut after this; in high school, he felt himself falling into depression often. He felt that his grades were plummeting, and he wasn't getting enough sleep at night. He refused to tell anybody of this, but the signs show eventually.

Samuel’s parents tried to help him, but they were largely unsuccessful. He’d simply feign happiness until he was allowed to stay in his room all day. He grew disconnected with the world, taking to drawing in the woods of their Illinois home, surfing the web, and playing solitaire. As high school went on, Samuel found himself with few friends and a depressed attitude on life. He tried dating, but could hardly keep a long-term relationship going. He began to dedicate his life to schoolwork, leaving drawing behind as a somewhat distant memory. He was going on a tour of the University of Chicago with a friend when the outbreak occurred.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Jonathan McCormick AKA Mawuli “Jackie” Jackson
Age: 24 - 7/13/1992
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Black
Appearance: Mawuli Jackson

Occupation: Lawyer (Prisoner/Drug Distributor)
Immunity: Immune

  • Full suit
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
  • Briefcase (with papers he doesn’t fully understand in it, as well as a sandwich)
  • Correctional Officer Key Ring
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Glock 17, 15+1 rounds
  • Willing to kill to get his way
  • Intelligent
  • Overconfident beyond reason
  • A bad liar when it comes to framing himself as a lawyer
  • Smoker
  • Selfish
Personality: Mawuli proved himself to be a very clever man from a young age, despite his use of his smarts in criminal operations. He often uses tricks and cons to get his way, selfishness being a prime characteristic of his. He’s not often outspoken about guilt he feels for his crimes, but it does show up if he’s cornered with the question. Mawuli’s primary focus is on himself, a lack of altruism influencing him to choose his own survival over another’s any day.

Biography: Mawuli was born in Chicago in mid-1992 to a very poor family. His father was a harsh man and his mother was neglectful and subject to her husband’s more violent lash-outs. Mawuli’s parents often tried to control him, micromanagement oft introduced into Mawuli’s life. He escaped to the streets and school most of his days, falling in with a street gang on the East Side of Chicago. He rode with them most of his days, graduating high school but not doing much other than that. Working his way up in the street gang, he watched as it steadily grew and became more organized. Mawuli “Jackie” Jackson proved himself to be intelligent, one of the drug distributing captains of the gang. As life went on, in 2016 he shot two men who invaded his turf. He was caught and indicted only two weeks later, a lack of forethought and care behind the murders.

After his incarceration, he was put into a Chicago jail awaiting trial. (Un)luckily for him, the outbreak occurred during his tenure there. He learned more about the infection outside with those other jailed from the television there, before eventually the jail was attacked and overrun. Luckily, a more "sympathetic" guard let the prisoners out before escaping with his own life. It became evident this was a ploy to distract the infected already swarming, and a good few of the prisoners were killed, yet Mawuli managed to get away. He escaped into the city of Chicago and eventually stumbled upon a lawyer’s office. Inside, the lawyer and his bodyguard were both dead, an infected having attacked and killed them. He took the lawyer’s phone, the bodyguard’s pistol, and then grabbed the lawyer’s briefcase and keys. Before he went out, he took the lawyer’s ID and followed it back to his home with the help of the man’s phone, but was nearly killed by infected on his way around town. Nonetheless, the lawyer’s apartment did turn up, to which Mawuli happily went inside. Taking a suit from the lawyer’s closet, he became a new man that day.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Isaiah Thompson
Age (DoB): 23 - 9/9/1993
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Black
Appearance: Isaiah Thompson

Occupation: Stick-Up Artist
Immunity: None

  • Ruger SR22, 5+1 Rounds
  • Jeans
  • Black t-shirt
  • Sneakers
  • Wallet with driver’s license inside
  • Winchester SXP Defender, 4 + 1
  • 12 Gauge x9
  • Junk Food x10
  • Raw Food x10
  • Martin Rockford, 57
  • A good shot
  • A commanding voice, is able to “get shit done”
  • Experience with gunfights and fights in general
  • Impulsive
  • Lack of survival/book smarts
  • Arrogant
Personality: Isaiah may not be the smartest man on the street, but he is one of the most famous. He relishes in his fame of sticking up liquor stores and gas stations, and especially relishes in the reputation that he hasn’t killed a single person out on the streets. He has a heavy understanding of how the streets of Chicago works. His “job” could almost be considered something Robin Hood-like, as he sometimes throws the money he steals the way of less fortunate folks. Of course, he isn’t exactly stealing from the rich.

Biography: Isaiah Thompson was born in a Chicago hospital in late 1993. Living with his single mother in the projects after his father ran off before he was born, he did not have a good upbringing. Isaiah was unable to concentrate in school and often mouthed off to the teachers and his fellow students, getting into fights and looking up to the criminals on the street. In his 9th year of school, he dropped out and ran away from his drug-addled home. However, this environment was only reintroduced to him when he started running with a band of drug pushers. He was a petty dealer for a while, before him and two of his friends in the same gang broke off.

After the trio left the gang, they started mugging people on the street primarily. Eventually, they upgraded to liquor stores, gas stations, and trap houses. Leading up to the events of the outbreak, Isaiah was involved in a trap house robbery gone wrong. One of his friends was shot during the shootout, leaving only Isaiah and his other partner to escape with their lives. This friend was later arrested after losing his mask during a liquor store robbery, leaving only Isaiah. As Isaiah tried to figure out what he’d do next, the outbreak occurred, sending him for a whirl.

RP Example:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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I see you are rebooting this rp. I will make a app soon and i will post more often this time.

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Postby Tayner » Mon May 14, 2018 7:23 pm

Name: Luke LaForge
Nationality: United States of America
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ethnicity: White Trash
Age: 26
Pic/Description: 6'1", 182lbs

Occupation: 0351 Infantry Assaultman, Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps (Honorably Discharged)
Immunity: Partial
1 Mossburg 930 Tatical Semi-Automatic Shotgun
x12 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells
Two days worth of canned food
One week's worth of water
2 and 1/2 packs of cigarettes
One zippo lighter
A few packs of baby wipes
A green flannel shirt, and a red flannel shirt, along with two pairs of carpenters blue jeans. One half dozen pairs of boot socks, and extra underwear. (Two sets of clothes) A pair of steel toe boots, and a ball cap with an Eagle Globe and Anchor patch on it.
About seventeen dollars and thirty eight cents.
Various other tools and survival supplies.

All packed away in a civilian hiking rucksack.
Personality: He's a southern gentleman, but is willing to point guns around and pull the trigger if need be.
Skills: Marksmanship, demolitions, physically fit, and slightly above average smarts.
Weaknesses: Hot headed, hates the cold, minor tinnitus
Likes: Shooting, barbecues, and drinking.
Dislikes: Bullshit, threats, and running away.
Fears: Death, being trapped in a corner, and being infected.

Bio: Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Luke was a normal child. He attended school and graduated from high school with less than average grades. Instead of attending college, Luke left home at 18 to work. He found himself in South Carolina a few weeks later with a job in the state's largest firearm store. He worked for about a year, saving his money and living in a trailer.

When he turned 19, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He went through training at MCRD Paris Island, and chose his MOS to be Infantry Assaultmen, specializing in SMAW gunning and demolitions. He served two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq. He received two Purple Hearts, and a Navy Cross during his deployments, and was honorably discharged due to his second Purple Heart, where he took some shrapnel to his legs and torso.

While his body armor saved him, his legs were still severely injured, and he had to get surgery done to remove the shrapnel. He made a perfect recovery, but in the eyes of the Corps, he would only be more of a problem than an asset, and therefore was honorably discharged. Luke packed up his belongings and went home to New Orleans, where he became roommates with one of his old battle buddies who got sent home because of a hearing disability he got in the service. He would take up a job as a bartender, and a hobby as a street musician. He also found himself volunteering with the VA often, learning ASL with his roommate and the VA. He has recently traveled to Chicago for a family reunion.
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If anyone askes where we were Saturday at 14:30, we were at The Pub, understand?

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-No Combat Ready unit has ever passed inspection.
-No Inspection Ready unit has ever passed combat.
-There is nothing more satisfying to you then having the enemy shoot at you, and miss.
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Subject to change.
Name: Ingrid Zakharova
Age (DOB): 28 (15/12/1987)
Nationality: Russian
Ethnicity: East Slavic.

Ingrid Zakharova is a Russian of east Slavic descent, standing at 180cm and weighing around 70 kilograms, sporting a wiry, coltish build with light blue eyes and back length dark brunette hair, which is secured into a tight ponytail. Has a deep bite wound on her right forearm, covered with an emergency bandage caked in dried blood. Currently outfitted with the black combat boots, straight legged jeans, a white long sleeved shirt and a black Membrane soft shell jacket with a plate carrier over the top of it. She has a Atlas Security division identifier patch on her upper right arm and an plastic ID holder containing her company ID card within on her left arm of her jacket. She also uses a half mask respirator, a set of combat gloves, shatterproof goggles and a black baseball cap with the Atlas Logo on the front to protect herself from the elements and decrease her chances of infection.

Occupation: Atlas Security Division; Asset Retrieval And Protection Unit.
Immunity: Immune.
  • AK-105 5.45x39 assault rifle; fitted with a front rail system, one point sling, eotech optical sight, foregrip and flashlight.
  • Five additional 6L23 magazines, two fully loaded with 5.45x39mm PS cartridges, three empty, kept within the plate carrier.
  • CRKT M18-04 locking knife.
  • Sapper Shovel.
  • Sentry-V hand-held VHF radio, battery powered.
  • 6b46 (BNZ) olive plate carrier with Type IV armor plates. The carrier has additionally been fitted with a number of magazine pouches, an admin pouch, IFAK kit and a radio holster near the neck area.
  • IFAK containing a tourniquet, pressure bandages, gauze, tape, a sharpie, chest seals, shears and a single morphine auto injector.
  • Half face respirator fitted with anti-viral filters.
  • Twenty pack of cigarettes, Mayfair super kings brand.
  • Zippo lighter.
  • Patrol pack containing the following;
    • A bulletproof and near indestructible secure container that holds a series of confidential documents and files from the failed raid on the secondary Atlas laboratory in the city. The lock box containing two four terabyte hard drives and several flash drives containing a large quantity classified company information. The box is kept secure via a eight digit digital code lock.
    • A PDA containing operational information detailing key objectives, VIPs and area maps.
    • Three green SOS signal flares.
    • Twenty pack of green glow sticks.
    • fifty foot of parachute cord.
    • Duct tape.
    • Satellite phone, half charge.
    • leftovers from a number of twenty four hour Russian army MREs kept within a zip-lock bag, storing a dry fruit drink mix, tin of Tushenka, two cans of sweet milk, three black chocolate bars, vitamin tablets, tea packets, several coffee whiteners, cheese spread and apple jam.


  • Veteran: Served within the 731st Communications Battalion of the VDV, a Russian paratrooper unit. she is well trained and knows how to fight and operate a wide array of Russian military equipment, along with other vital skills such as combat first aid, basic survival and reconnaissance training.

  • Atlas connections: Has connections to the Atlas corporation which may help in the long run, knowing roughly where the major facilities are and what is considered valuable by them.


  • Foreigner:Zakharova isn't a Chicago local nor an American. Spending less than three weeks currently in country. As a result, she has been actively relying on GPS, her squad mates and outdated local maps to navigate the metropolitan area. Since the loss of all three of those things, she is now going to have to be more reliant on other people to survive and navigate the city.

  • Trust issues: Due to her largely being a fish out of water and the perceived aggression from the locals during her time evacuating VIPs, she has some trouble trusting the locals and can be somewhat hostile towards them is she feels threatened by them, although her attitude doesn't help their perception of her, becoming somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Limited Combat Experience: While trained by the VDV, she primarily served within an intelligence unit, and saw little combat, being primarily hired for her job due to her understanding of counter intelligence, something extremely useful within the realm of corporate espionage. While her training allows to fight well enough, that can sometimes go out the window in a panic, and can sometimes result in her making not making the most rational decisions.

  • Injured from a bite: bitten in her right arm. Bite mark is deep and possess an immediate risk of infection if not treated carefully. In addition, the wound is likely to create an elevated level of paranoia amongst people due to the stigma around such injuries.

  • Stubborn to a fault:She can be particularly stubborn when it comes to decision making, being fairly headstrong. Often finding herself slow to adapt to other people’s viewpoints if she feels that they head isn’t in the right place.

An industrious type with a keen eye for trouble, a reliance on her own instincts and a somewhat jaded moral compass. Ingrid being a highly proactive and pragmatic person who is particularly analytical and aware, but, when faced with a problem, will take instinctively take the most direct solution. Something that can sometimes lead her awry when the solution just isn't that simple, or when her instincts are wrong.

Socially she's quiet and isn't too trusting of the people around her. She doesn't talk all that much, particularly with the locals and other Americans, on account of being shot at several times, her limited amount of trust and the fact that she’s a “tourist”. She is cordial enough with most people and will throw around small talk when asked, but she'll often try to keep it to a minimum and can be somewhat curt in her responses at times, coming off as rude and aloof. In addition, she is also not to keen about talking about herself. Often straight up refusing to delve into her past or her line of work, the latter due to certain negative connotations that come with it. She'll often try and guide the conversation to the task at hand, often focusing on her own plans and goals, which is getting the hell out of dodge.

Likes: (optional)
Dislikes: (optional)

  • Tunnels
Imagine a set of claustrophobic maze like twists and turns thirty feet underground, the types that run through a sewer or a subway system. Now imagine being stuck in the pitch dark where you can't see three feet in front of you without a high powered flashlight, with only two directions to move, forwards and backwards. Now pack that tunnel with infected, in a place where sound travels far. Ingrid, as a result, isn't all too keen on using them. At-least topside you can run.

  • Hospitals:
A mere dislike that has been elevated into a deeper concern. Naturally when you've never been a fan of needles it isn't a place you are fond of, throw in the fact that said place is likely overrun with infected makes the concept of going to one much less desirable.


An Ex-intelligence officer within the 731st Communications Battalion of the 106th Guards Airborne Division, Ingrid Zakharova found herself stranded in the unfamiliar city that was seemingly collapsing with each passing day. All thanks to her suspicious but well paying employer, Atlas Corporation, or more specifically, the private security wing. The outfit whom she had been working with since 2015 following a recruitment drive looking for multinationals, officially for protection details with VIPs in foreign countries, with her ending up in the Chicago headquarters right at the beginning of the devastating outbreak of the T-13 virus poised to spread across the continental united states. The panic of the virus spreading like wildfire as riots began overtaking the streets. And Atlas wanted to protect themselves, and their assets. The job was legality questionable, but it seemed that nobody really cared enough about law and order, at-least enough to turn down huge amounts of money in both salaries and bribes.

Ingrid's teams part of the operation was simple. Secure company VIPs, assets and continental information for extraction outside of the city. Things too important or embarrassing to lose if they were to disappear or leak into the mainstream, the dark and important secrets that was considered valued enough to risk lives and later direct punishment for breaking the imposed quarantine.

They were on VIP retrieval at first. Pulling out high value personnel and the "important" types who held the three letter aberration job titles like CEO's and CTO's, them and their close families. With them scouring the city to find them all, before escorting them to designated evacuation zones to be flown out. The first days where quiet. At-least in comparison to what came later. Services still ran, police where still responding and people still walked the street despite the increasing violence, a danger still loomed in the background, indicating a calm before the storm.

That calm fell through as the virus continued to spread and violence began erupting everywhere. Being passed off as extreme civil unrest instead of a symptom of the viral outbreak by the media and the government, trying to avoid another swine flu incident and limit the panic, right up until the point when the local police and the deployed national guard became overrun as chaos that reigned supreme.

Things became harder for the team in addition, they got shot at more often, got attacked frequently and the VIPs became increasingly difficult to locate, at-least the ones that were still breathing. While they were pulled out a sizable chunk of the VIPs off the list, results had almost non existent as the conditions worsened and moral dropped. It seemed like they wouldn't get the job done, and likely wouldn't even get out of the city collapsing in on itself. Casualties were beginning to mount and entire squads dropped off the face of the map, deserting their post and trying to get out of the city themselves, increasing the workload required. They weren't soldiers anymore, nobody could force them to keep on fighting when the chips came down. Most just wanted to go home, or in Ingrid case, get the hell out of dodge.

Juilet's eight man squad had dropped to five as two of the private contractors jumped ship and another died as the streets became increasingly overtaken. The extraction of VIPs had became a lost cause and the logistics of it becoming increasingly impossible. Leaving only the mopping up of the droves and droves of sensitive information backed up on servers and paper files located the headquarters, the laboratories, backup facilities and the homes of employees spread out across the city. Ingrid and her team was reassigned by what was left of command and was sent to the secondary laboratory facility within Chicago. Given the objective of securing confidential materials kept within the data-center and company safes, and reinforcing Zulu squad who had already set up within the building and had began the wiping process. Being given the promise of their own evacuation via helicopter out of town once it was done, in addition to a bonus and the additional money, although that didn't add any intensive. Ingrid just wanted to get as far away from the city as possible. And continuing with the job at hand seemed like the most effective method. Walking out didn't seem practical.

Things quickly went sideways almost immediately on their arrival within the laboratory. Finding out that Zulu squad where already gone, that a firefight had occurred and that the buildings security system was down. The entire thing stunk, but they continued in anticipation of the second shoe dropping. Securing the building, they were on borrowed time, with infected lingering around in the streets posing an imminent threat. Ingrid was forced to get to work as quickly as possible. Securing what she could from the valued files and data, and destroying the backups, done in the most time efficient method possible, with a series of AN-M14 thermite grenades, frying the contents of the disks. They where however, Interrupted.

Before she could finish, all hell broke loose, an disruption kick starting a pitched gun battle between her team and opportunistic armed looters who wandered off reservation. Interrupting the destruction and retrieval process, preventing her from completing the mission. The cracks of gunfire only made things worse, drawing in the infected into the building, charging their way up the staircases and intercepting them mid gunfight, quickly turning the situation into nothing short of a massacre. Ingrid and the few others she called friends where only saved by the looters, due to the momentary distraction they offered to the infected. Acting like chew toys. The team was forced to retreat, pushed back by the dozens of infected that now ran rampant throughout the labs, and they quickly became separated in the chaos. Leaving Ingrid on her own with a seriously injured squad mate, and in all likelihood, to die within the city if she didn't get pulled of the fire by her employers. The contents of the secure container, while not complete, was her last hope of getting out of town. One last bargaining chip to be played.

RP Example: CRESCENDO & Last Of Us

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Postby Beiarusia » Mon May 14, 2018 7:43 pm

Relikai wrote:Name: Sun Yunri
DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Picture code is defective, and given its size maybe consider a spoiler? ACCEPTED.
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Postby Ithalian Empire » Mon May 14, 2018 7:51 pm

Name:Daniel Beck
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: German American.
Age/DOB: March 4th 1980 (36)
Pic/Description:Daniel Beck

Occupation: EMT
Immunity: Immune

4 Cans of baked beans
3 bottles of water.
Blood pressure kit x1
Cervical collar x1
Pen light x1
Sutures x2
First aid book x1
Pair examination gloves x8
Abdominal pad 5"x9" x6
Pain reliever/aspirin x 20
Safety pins x6
Triple antibiotic x10
Burn Aid package x5
Tape 1" x2
Antiseptic wipes 45
Air ways x2
Ammonia inhalants x5
Instant Glucose tube x1
Skin and eye wash x1
Hand sanitizer 2oz. x1
Hand soap x1
After bite wipes x6
Emergency blanket 52"x84" x2
Sam Splint/Universal splint x1
Elastic bandage 6" x1
Sterile sponge 2"x2" x15
Sterile sponge 4"x4" x8
Multi Truama dressing 12"x30" x1
BleedStop bandage x2
Eye pad x5
Triangular bandage 40"x40"x56" x1
Bandage strip 1"x3" x32
Butterfly strip x5
Bandage strip 2"x3" x15
Knuckle bandage x15
Ice pack x4
Stethoscope x1
EMT shears x1
SS Hemostats x2
Tweezers x1
Scalpel handle #3 x1
Scalpel blades x2
CPR mask x1
Tongue depressor x5
Rubber Tourniquet 1

2x Oxycontin
4x Melatonin
2x Codene
3x Xanax
5x Co-codamol
5x Vyvanse
3x Ibuprofen

A surplus US Army med bag.
Glock 20 10mm, 3 30 round mags

Skills: As an EMT Daniel is able to perform basic medical tasks, this mostly means he is good at keeping people alive until an actual doctor can take care of the patient. Most of his work has centered around trauma from gang related violence in the shady parts of Chicago to car accidents on the clover leaf, he has seen everything from shrapnel wounds to gunshots to stab wounds. Daniel is a hobbyist shooter, with some of his down time spent at gun ranges.

Weakness: He no longer has the best eyesight in the world, and while he has a pair of prescription glasses, he refuses to wear them saying that they make him look like a nerd. He has bad knees due to several years spent working construction. This is aggravated when he spend too much time on his feet.

He also believes in the sanctity of human life, and as such he refuses to take the life another human. This of course is a problem when there are other people who don't really care and would kill someone for no reason at all. This also means that Daniel tends to avoid direct conflict, which could become an issue in a group situation.

Personality: Daniel is a man who enjoys the company of other human beings. He is always ready to share a beer or two with almost anyone and will not refuse to help people, even if he doesn't like them. Daniel is also a person who has to constantly moving around or doing something or he will get agitated, this has lead some people do describe him as fidgety.
Likes: Beer, preferably cold. Hiking in the wilderness.
Dislikes: Confined spaces, having to sit for long periods of time or having nothing productive to do.
Fears: Dying alone. He is deathly afraid of heights and deep water.


Born in a relatively poor framing community in northern Illinois, Daniels early life was spent outside in the wood, working on the farm, and trying to get through school. This made his life fairly normal for the his area. So he went on through a relatively normal childhood in the 80's and early 90's. After graduating from high school in 1998 Daniel spent the next three years working odd jobs, trying to scrape by and for the most part still trying to figure out what he was going to do with the rest of his life.

He decided to enroll into an EMT course at a local community college. He would find his life's passion there. he would dedicate himself to trying to help others in need. He worked for a while as an EMT in his local area, but soon would grow bored of the small town scene, and the small town pay. So, in 2008 he moved to Schaumburg Illinois and joined the Chicago EMS. Chicago was indeed a change of pace as apposed to the relative calm of the country side. Here there were drug over doses and shootings on top of more mundane emergencies like heart attacks and broken bones. Many would have burnt out after five years, but Daniel stuck with it. He got into his work, chasing his chosen path with a fervor.

However things would change, in away that no human being could fully comprehend. An event that would change the world forever. It started with a terrorist attack at O'hare, at first no one knew the extent of the attack, first responders where sent in. Daniel was amongst the first to be on the seen. At first it was just those injured, than things got scary. Those near the initial attacks began getting sick and the true nature of the attack became know. A biochemical weapon had been unleashed in on of the busiest airports in the world. People died in droves and the medical system became overwhelmed. Six days later after the first attack things got even worse as the infected began to attack people. Than the riots and the martial lay. Daniels coworker died one by one, from infection and the chaos the ruled the world.

After day 16 any semblance of law and order broke apart. Daniel took as many medical supplies as he could and abandoned ship. He hid in his house until things calmed down. 25 days after the end of the world Daniel left his house, low on food and water.

RP Examples: Amongst the Cold Stars After the End

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
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Postby Relikai » Mon May 14, 2018 8:10 pm

Beiarusia wrote:
Relikai wrote:Name: Sun Yunri
DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Picture code is defective, and given its size maybe consider a spoiler? ACCEPTED.

Edited on mobile but it should be fixed by now.

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Postby The Federation of Kendor » Mon May 14, 2018 8:14 pm

I'm interested. Can I have a storyline about a pilot on the US who tried to escape to a neighboring country, like Canada, assuming he managed to survive and find a functioning plane to fly there, during the RP?
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Postby Anowa » Mon May 14, 2018 8:16 pm

The Federation of Kendor wrote:I'm interested. Can I have a storyline about a pilot on the US who tried to escape to a neighboring country, like Canada, assuming he managed to survive and find a functioning plane to fly there, during the RP?

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Postby Hastur » Mon May 14, 2018 8:19 pm

The Federation of Kendor wrote:I'm interested. Can I have a storyline about a pilot on the US who tried to escape to a neighboring country, like Canada, assuming he managed to survive and find a functioning plane to fly there, during the RP?

I believe that everyone has to be restricted to Chicago at the start, but a pilot isn't out of the question. People will be looking for a way out of the city, so it could be a plot line.

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Postby The Federation of Kendor » Mon May 14, 2018 8:25 pm

Anowa wrote:
The Federation of Kendor wrote:I'm interested. Can I have a storyline about a pilot on the US who tried to escape to a neighboring country, like Canada, assuming he managed to survive and find a functioning plane to fly there, during the RP?

It's the apocalypse boyo. Nowhere is safe now.

I thought the US is the only affected nation.
Hastur wrote:
The Federation of Kendor wrote:I'm interested. Can I have a storyline about a pilot on the US who tried to escape to a neighboring country, like Canada, assuming he managed to survive and find a functioning plane to fly there, during the RP?

I believe that everyone has to be restricted to Chicago at the start, but a pilot isn't out of the question. People will be looking for a way out of the city, so it could be a plot line.

So, let's say my character will be in the city for some days with other survivors, while doing his mission. If he doesn't undergo a character change that will make him stay, perhaps the OP can decide the ending for him once he reached Canada successfully
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Postby Hastur » Mon May 14, 2018 8:28 pm

The Federation of Kendor wrote:
Anowa wrote:It's the apocalypse boyo. Nowhere is safe now.

I thought the US is the only affected nation.
Hastur wrote:I believe that everyone has to be restricted to Chicago at the start, but a pilot isn't out of the question. People will be looking for a way out of the city, so it could be a plot line.

So, let's say my character will be in the city for some days with other survivors, while doing his mission. If he doesn't undergo a character change that will make him stay, perhaps the OP can decide the ending for him once he reached Canada successfully

I think that'd be fine, I'm not the OP, but I think Bei stated that the plan is to have the RP move outside of Chicago at some point.



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