Intrepid School Briefings Thread (Closed)

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Intrepid School Briefings Thread (Closed)

Postby Kanadorika » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:56 am

A Fresh Start

Briefing: Target drones are in the sky approximately 3 miles east of Intrepid highschool. They are flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet above the ocean, and will partake in evasive maneuvers if fired upon. Students will be required to fly the trainer aircraft provided to them to complete the mission.

Objective: Destroy all the drones and return to the school safely.

Available locations: (Choose where you wish to take off from. Only carrier aircraft and float planes may take off from the sea.)
Land: Intrepid Highschool
Sea: Not available

Student Aircraft

Aircraft Supplied: T-12
Role: Trainer
Origin: Kanadorika
Crew: 1
Maximum speed: 208 mph
Maximum range: 730 miles
Service ceiling: 24,200 feet
Armament: 3x .30 Machineguns

Hostile Aircraft

Aircraft Supplied: PQ-14
Role: Target drone
Origin: Kanadorika
Crew: 0
Maximum speed: 185 mph
Maximum range: 512 miles
Service ceiling: 17,000 feet
Armament: None
Behavior: Flying lazy circles at 5,000 feet. Not aggressive, however will partake in evasive maneuvers.
Number of Aircraft: 12
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