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Intrepid School for the Aerial Combat Arts (IC)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:01 pm
by Kanadorika
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Lilija Kristjánsdóttir

"What if it's not as bad as you think it will be?"


"What if the food is amazing?"


"What if some cute boy is in your class?"

Viktoria looked at me, trying her hardest not to laugh.

"Ew no."

She was curled up in the passenger seat reading a book, hardly paying attention to me. We were driving through the thick boreal forest of eastern Kanadorika, on our way to this new school our mother had sent us to.

"So..." I began, momentarily taking my eyes off the road to glance at my sister. "Why is it that you're older than me and yet I'm always driving you around?"

"Because you're my chauffeur," she quickly responded in a matter of fact tone, sticking her tongue out at me and returning to her book.

"Uh huh... I think you're just procrastinating on getting your license. Which is rather odd considering you have your pilot's license."

"Weeeeell driving just seems kinda scary ya know? Don't want to rush into things!" Viktoria again buried her nose into her book, trying to avoid making conversation.

"What are you reading anyways?" I said, not letting her have the satisfaction of being able to shut me up.

"A book!"

"I figured."

"It's about a Navy pilot from the War. Figured since we are going to this aviation academy I might as well start reading up on the stuff."

I was generally intrigued. Normally I resented reading and avoided it like the plague, but as someone who was about to be forced into a cockpit and told to fight, it seemed like it would be useful to read. "That actually sounds interesting. Not like that other erotic crap you are into."

Viktoria blushed, a confused expression etched on her face "How did you kno-

*AHEM* I mean yeah it's great. He flew an F7 Cutlass or something. He seems to write fondly of it. I wonder what we will get to fly?"

"So long as it actually flies and doesn't fall I don't care. I'm flexible."

The forest which surrounded us began slowly giving way to more and more houses. We must have been getting close, as I was not aware of any other nearby forms of civilization in the area. After several minutes, a roadsign confirmed my thoughts.

Welcome to Norrhärad!

"Well, almost there it seems," I informed Viktoria, who I caught fidgeting with the stereo. "Vicky... what are you trying to do?"

"Playing music silly! You talk too much. "

Oh geez, thanks. Love you too sis...

She pulled out her phone and pressed the play button. The car was soon transformed into a mobile concert hall as bass heavy electronic music boomed from the speakers. She bounced in her seat with each thud, a cute smile lining her face.




*thud* *thud*


Viktoria was never the easiest person to ride in the car with...

The city of Norrhärad became more developed as we got closer to its core. The forest gave way to residential streets and homes, which too gave way to the businesses of the city's downtown district. Finally, we came across the street the school was located off of and turned. It led us back into the forest, and was considerably windy considering it wasn't particularly hilly in the area.

After several minutes, we approached the gate of the school, where a handwritten sign awaited us.


Viktoria spoke first. "The airfield? What do you suppose we will be doing there?"

I followed the signs and arrows and was directed to a parking lot.

"I have no clue, but let's check it out" I answered, pulling into a spot. We both got out of the car together and after walking several yards, came across another sign, simply taped to a pole in the middle of a grass patch not too far from what appeared to be a runway.


"Better do what it says," I chuckled, realizing we were the only people here.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:56 pm
by Brusia
Johann von Braun

Johann looked out the canopy of his Adler 275 and, to his delight, saw that the thick green forest which had seemed to go on ad infinitum was finally being replaced by the familiar grey of concrete and steel as he neared the city of Norrharad. Much as he normally loved flying, the flight between Kanadorika and his native Brusia was a long one, and even with a few stops for fuel along the way it was starting to feel mighty cramped in the small cockpit. Still, he couldn't complain; he was quite grateful to the school for lending him the fighter during the summer so that he could keep practicing over the break. Of course, nothing in life is free however, and in exchange for borrowing the aircraft he agreed to fly back a little early to help out with getting the year's new students settled in.

True to his word, he approached the Intrepid School's airfield ahead of schedule, and after contacting the control tower for permission to land, he flew downwind and parallel to his assigned runway before turning to base, then to final, at which point he pulled back hard on the stick and returned the plane to solid Earth once more. He taxied the plane back to its hanger, and after returning it to its assigned spot and shutting the engine down, he exited the plane and happily took a couple of minutes to stretch. After popping what felt like nearly every joint in his body, he put his flight helmet up and made his way to the new students' assembly point, where to his surprise he noticed two students had already arrived.

"Hello there" Johann stated as he approached the pair "Always nice to see fellow early birds." Extending his arm to shake hands with the two girls he continued: "My name is Johann, I'll be helping out with new student orientation." As they looked to be older than freshmen, he then asked: "Are you two transfer students?"

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:23 pm
by Union of Euro Soviet States
Aayden would be riding in the large and bulky UOESS staff car, A blunted thing looking roughly like a Cadillac SUV painted in a dark blue, The standard of the UOESS. As well with each door, the standard of the UOESS airforce would be finely painted on, A circle of stars in yellow surrounding a hammer crossed over what appears to be a styled jet of some sort. Which both would be again in yellow. Aayden, however, wouldn't seem excited for this chance to see the new and foreign lands. His parents appeared to be uninterested as well seeming to want to get their kid, In fine silks and cotton as well. out of the car and onto the airbase. But they would quickly reach their air base. Or as quickly one could go in an armored Staff car. But once reaching the base and after quick and boring conversation mostly consisting of "Go into the base and don't cause an incident" Followed by a short and cute "Yes dad". With that the boy? Or at least what one could assume to be a boy by what he's wearing. Which would be a finely made white, With darker highlights of a button up shirt with the UOESS Airforce seal planted on the left of it And a pair of nice pants of some silk. What would be odd for him, however, would be the small ribbons in his hair and what appeared to be cat ears on his head. Even if upon further inspection they would be just finely combed and gelled hair. Also, it would be hard to tell if he was male or not seeing as with his figure he did look fairly androgynous. But now alone, As his parents drive off back to the homeland. Aayden would calmly, If seeming a bit nervous walk into the airbase, And once seeing the "please wait" sign he would well, Take a seat and wait, Kicking his feet every so often and stare at the ground, humming some tune.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:06 am
by Selviand
Nikolas Anthis

"C'mon kid, you gotta get up. I can't just be waiting around for ya here."

Nikolas slowly forced his eyes open and took a few seconds to blink away the layers of mucus before looking up at the bus driver, who was very obviously making an effort not to lose his temper. He stood up, gasping in shock as he hit his head on the squat roof of the bus and clutched the back of the seat on front for support. The crevices of the driver's worn face started to seize with anger as he watched Nikolas stumble, still half-blind from his sleep, at the back of the bus.

"That's it boy, get a goddamn move on. I got better places to be." The driver said, with noticeably less patience. Nikolas nodded a few times, blinked harshly again, and shuffled his way through the bus. He couldn't deny how pleased he was to have fallen asleep before arriving at the airfield, even if it meant angering the first Kanadorikan he'd ever met. Moving to a new country, so far from his homeland and without the support of any family wasn't actually something he'd considered the repercussions of, not that he wanted to. A chasm felt as if it had opened itself in his stomach as the reality of the situation landed on him and he very nearly fell as he descended the stairs of the bus. This place, whatever it was like, was the only thing he had to call a home now. Nikolas picked himself up and straightened his tie. Despite everything, it was probably better to take this all at once than to have had it trickle into his thoughts slowly throughout the journey here.

"Thank you for the ride my fr-"

"Piss off."

The awkwardly large smile Nikolas had pushed onto his face dropped slightly at the driver's response. He ignored the older man's harshness, breathed deeply and stepped from the bus. Nikolas exhaled sharply as he felt his shoes sink into into the grass next to the parking lot, before reminding himself he was in public now and this wasn't exactly the time to wind himself up this tight. Even though most of the people he'd shared the bus with had been staff members and pilots, so it wasn't as if there was anyone who had a particular interest in Nikolas around. Not being sure what he was supposed to do next, he wandered towards one of the pilots, deliberately choosing the one that looked the most nonthreatening (which was a difficult task when most of them seemed to be 7ft giants with thousand yard stares).

"Sir! S-sir!" Nikolas called to one of the men, clearly displaying the thickness of his accent. A few of the men and women looked at him for a split-second. One of the pilots halted dead in his tracks, turned around and looked blankly at the boy, gesturing blandly for him to go on.

"I'm a t-t-t-transfer student," Nikolas said to the pilot, taking a more meek tone avoiding attracting any further attention. "Who should I be speaking to? Or er wh-what should be doing?" The pilot's expression didn't change and he marched closer to Nikolas before slowing extending his arm to point across the parking lot to a signpost which read: ALL NEW STUDENTS WAIT HERE.

"They're really taking anyone these days, eh." The pilot said, seemingly just loudly enough so that his companions could hear. "Is this a joke, or can you not read?" Nikolas forcefully swallowed his rebuttal and raised his sleeve to wipe the growing beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. He slunk away from the pilot, who spun on his heel and marched off.

Nikolas cursed the man under his breath as he walked over towards the signpost, making sure to take a wide berth around another oncoming vehicle to avoid his new classmates eyes (three of whom looked to be standing under the sign). He fixed his tie nervously and slung his satchel over his shoulder as he approached them. Then, more confidently, he ran a hand through his hair and presented it to the students.

"Pleasure to m-meet you. I'm N-Nikolas, Nikolas Anthis."

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:53 pm
by Treko
Katlin Orav

"Do you have everything in the bag, Katlin?"

"Of course, I'm no fool! I am prepared!" I quickly replied, my voice filled with overconfidence as I slammed my hands down on my bag which sat in my lap.

"Just making sure, Katlin. After all, you did forget to pack your toiletries." stated my father, his free right hand raising a bag of toiletry which was hidden between the car seat and the middle console.

"E-eh...uh...I suppose I could have forgotten a few things..." I replied, my face getting as red as a beet. "Thanks, Dad..."

"No problem, Honey." a grin slowly growing across his face as he handed the bag of toiletry back to me. "Don't feel embarrassed, Honey. I'm just making sure you're prepared."

"I know you are...thank you for coming with me, Dad." I said, my hands slowly grasping the bag which sat in my lap. "This is my first time out of the country."

"Think of it as a growing up experience!"

"How so?"

"You're like grandpa when he was shipped off to fight the enemy in WWII"

"'re right!" I shouted, my hands releasing my bag and forming fist with excitement. "I AM JUST LIKE GRANDPA"

"Calm down now." Chuckled my father as he watched my level of excitement continue to grow.

"YOU CAN'T HOLD ME BACK, OLD MAN!" I yelled in excitement as I watched my father grin from the reflection in the rearview mirror. However, my excitement quickly changed into nervousness again as I took notice of a road sign coming up on the road. Welcome to Norrhärad!...It was taunting me. It didn't say anything, but I knew it was taunting me. Nonetheless, I would not back down after coming so far! As thoughts of how I would rise above continued to grow in my mind the city of Norrhärad became more refined as we neared its center. The forest cleared to residential streets and homes, which then cleared a way to the businesses of the city's downtown district. My father came across the street the school was located off of and turned. It led us back into the forest.

After a few minutes, the gate of the school came into view, but only a handwritten sign awaited us


My father and I both looked at the sign bewildered, yet we followed the signs orders and came upon a parking lot. It seemed that other students were already here as a few cars were scattered in the parking lot. Dad quickly parked the car in an open spot. I took this queue and opened my side car door before dragging my bag and I out. A cool breeze hit my face and I almost immediately smiled in joy for this momentous occasion. I enjoyed the cool breeze a few seconds more before throwing my bag on my back and fixing my grey uniform which had become slightly wrinkled.

"Your mom and I are going to miss you, Honey." said my dad, as he hugged me from behind before kissing the top of my head.

"I'm going to miss you guys too," I replied, an audible sigh soon followed as I pulled away from my dad and began walking over to where the other students were mingling. A few were already conversing with each other and one had just arrived before her. However, she wasn't able to catch his name sadly. Of course, this didn't mean she couldn't make a good entrance..."I am Katlin Orav from Treko! A pleasure to meet you!" I shouted, both my hands firmly planted on my hips in some heroic stance.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:22 pm
by Kanadorika
Viktoria Kristjánsdóttir

A thundeous roar reverberated across the horizon, causing the both of us to look up into the sky to see what was approaching the runway. Lilija saw it first and pointed at it with her finger.

"Some sort of jet I dunno."

I had to correct her. "Looks to me like an Adler 275. A Brusian mid-century jet fighter."

"So I'm not wrong" Lilija quickly responded, rolling her eyes.

The Brusian aircraft slowly touched down on the runway and taxied to a hanger, where it became obscured from our sight. The sea was visible from where we stood, located only a few miles to the east. The weather itself was average, at least to me. For those who didn't grow up in a country at an extreme lattitude it certainly must have felt colder. I could only imagine how some of these foreign students would feel when they experience their first Kanadorikan winter.

A figure slowly emerged from the hanger, growing nearer to us. I could make out a flight suit on him, though his face was still obscured by the distance. As he closed in, he became more clear. He was young, obviously a student, perhaps in his fourth year.

Unfortunately, my gaze didn't go unnoticed, as he looked straight at me and smiled.

Please don't do this...

And then he started speaking.

"Hello there."

Just pretend I don't exist and we will get along fine...

"Hey! Was that your plane up there?" Lilija enthusiastically called out. I did my best to position myself behind her so that the boy would be discouraged from talking to me.

"My name", she began loudly, "Is Lilija. This girl right here is my sister, Viktoria."

No!!! Just leave me out of this nonsense!

I didn't want to be rude, so I gave the best greeting I could muster.

"H-heh. Hello."

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:37 pm
by Brusia
Johann von Braun

After Lilija introduced herself and her sister, Johann grinned and stated: "Pleasure to meet you Lilija and Viktoria." Repeating their names might come off as abit redundant to some, but Johann always felt it helped him remember better, and he didn't want to go forgetting any of the new students' names on the very first school day. As Lilija had also asked if that had been his plane earlier, he then continued: "Yes ma'am, the Adler 275 is mine; not too many students here select jet aircraft, but as a native Brusian I always loved the plane's design." He was about to ask the two another question, but he noticed how Viktoria moved behind her sister, and remembering how nervous he had been on his first day, he didn't want to make them any more nervous with anything that might be interpreted as an interrogation. When Viktoria gave her somewhat delayed reply to his initial hello, Johann politely bowed his head towards her in response with the dignity and refinement one would expect in the son of a military officer and national leader.

As he returned back to his normal posture, he saw a few others begin to approach the sign and told the girls: "Ah, looks like some of your fellow classmates are beginning to arrive." The first arrival was a rather peculiar looking...person, with their hair combed up in two odd lumps on either side of their head. Perhaps that was some sort of fashion statement where the new student was from, but here Johann wasn't sure how they'd be able to put a flight helmet on over that particular hairdo. As the student chose to take a seat away from where he, Lilija, and Viktoria were standing, Johann simply gave them a polite wave.

The next student was, fortunately, more traditionally dressed, and it wasn't difficult to see that he was clearly a he. Evidently at least a little more confident than his predecessor, this student walked up to the sign and introduced himself as Nikolas Anthis. When he presented his hand, Johann shook it and stated: "Nice to meet you Nikolas, my name is Johann; I'm one of the returning students who will be helping everyone get settled in." Rather than introduce Lilija and Viktoria, he decided to let them introduce themselves as he didn't want impose if they didn't feel like sharing their names yet.

He didn't get the chance to say much else either, as the fifth student of the day soon arrived and, to his surprise, quite literally shouted her name and nationality to the others. It seemed the smallest person in the room also had the largest personality and Johann smiled, while barely managing to refrain from chuckling, at the sight of the petite young woman standing with her hands on her hips like she was imitating a superhero on the cover of a comic book. As the surprise at the sight began to die down, Johann stated: "A pleasure to meet you too, Katlin."

As there were still some new students who had yet to arrive, Johann figured he should probably say something to avoid any awkward silences that might make folks even more nervous, and continued: "So Katlin, you mentioned you're from Treko; where do the rest of you hail from?"

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:18 pm
by Vietmihn
Eric Mason

Eric looked sideways at his mother, driving the car with an annoyed face his mom had seen too much of lately.

"Mooooom, I KNOW I can fly, but do I really need to go to this pilot school thing? I mean, didn't you say Vietmihn and it's government was getting more stable or something?" Eric said, looking again at her.

She looked forward at the road, and only glanced his way once as he spoke.

"I've told you too many times that this is the FOURTH civil war, and you need a career your family has background in and that you LIKE. This is the passion that you have, and this is the thing your father's connections can get you a job in."

Eric tried to smile, but all that came out was a bad looking grimace.

"I'm only SEVENTEEN, and there's other things I like, I just don't want to be shipped off to some school in the middle of NOWHERE."

His mom didn't reply, but only pointed at a sign. Eric sighed at the look of it.


His mom smiled and turned to the airfield. She stopped the car and got out. Eric gout out, after hesistating for a minute. His mom spoke, quieter this time.

"It'll be better for you in the end, I know you'll like it here." She combed his hair as he tried to smile, not wanting to look like a moody "emo" kid on the first day.

His mother stepped back in the car after hugging him. He smiled, and as he looked away from her, he thought, "Oh jeez, I'm on my own now.."

He walked forward into the parking lot, where he saw another sign.


He wanted to make a good impression on the people he was going to have to live with for the first day, so he walked up to two girls, one seeming nervous, and one seeming energetic, even overly energetic.

"Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Eric," he said to them, assuming they were sisters at the same time.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:03 pm
by Union of Euro Soviet States
the boy? Girl? It was still quite hard to tell with how he looked and all, But the cat ears, or whatever they were seemed to give a slight gracefulness to him as he looked up and around at the group, A few uniforms he would recognize, Mostly that of the Kanadorikians. Or at least they looked someone familiar, Oddly looking similar enough to his parent's uniforms. Odd. As well as the rest of them, Which seemed to be oddly dressed, While yes his uniform. Or well clothes were made for comfort in mind they were made to suit his purpose and the UOESS's purpose of function over form, While the rest of them seemed in odd dresses or clothes which wouldn't exactly work in a combat scenario. But he would account for the group in a proud, Upper crust Prussian accent, which could partially hide how nervous he was about the whole thing

"I am, uh... Ayden Ahrendt. Part of the UOESS VolksLuftwaffee, Which um Uh... I guess means I am supposed to learn how to fly and all of that here? if that's what my parents thought of guess." He would be seeming to be trying his hardest to not seem embarrassed and stage fright but he still would be dreadfully showing his fear "Yeah so I suppose you all are also. Apart from your respected air corps?"

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:13 pm
by Treko
Katlin Orav

"Yes, I am from Treko! It's a nation south of Kanadorika and we share some history together...none of it particularly good though..." I stated, my hands coming off of my hips before folding my arms across my chest. The statement made it seem like I was proud of these years of confrontation. However, it was honestly the only thing I could think of at the spur of the moment. I was so eager to introduce myself that it was the first thing to come out. As I stood there contemplating what I had said in front of Johaan I could feel my face begin to express a confused look. It wasn't due to what I had said but how I just embarrassed myself...once again. My confused beet red face stopped looking at the ground before looking at Johaan. I was only able to get out, "E-e-eh," and "Uh," before I quickly quit talking to Johaan to move on to a better source of conversation. One in which I wouldn't embarrass myself...again.

As I moved away from Johaan my beet red blushing began to diminish and I returned back to my normal self once again. While I scanned the group of new students my eyes quickly caught sight of some unusually tall students nearby. Nearing closer I realized they were both girls. A smile began to form as I realized who the two were...they were Kanadorikans! There's not a lot of native Kanadorikans in Treko except near the Geitland-Treko border, but I never been that far west before. Even on my travel over here, it was only minor small talk. I quickly walked up to the both of them.

"You look Kanadorikan! The women are usually tall with big breasts! you fit that description." I stated as I looked the two both over.

"Ha, well we can't be all skin and bones here in Kanadorika. We'd freeze! Gotta have some meat in the vital areas." Responded Lilija

You too!" I shouted as I pointed at Viktoria's breasts as well.

-Response Provided by Kanadorika

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:58 pm
by Rupudska
The Jaakola Ja-6 wasn't exactly the most famous fighter in Karlsland's famed Luftwaffe during the Second Neuroi War - it came late in the war, and no Witch aces used it as a base for their Strikers, though it made a few pilot aces - but it was notable for its unusual layout. A pusher rather like the Fusoan Shinden fighter, but with longer wings and a substantially more powerful engine that allowed it to keep up with the slower jets and most of the Neuroi, as well as avoid getting hit by the lasers.

It was this aircraft, in green and pale blue, that a certain Karlslandic girl by the name of Evelin Neuhoff decided to arrive in at the Intrepid School, coming in for a gentle, easy landing not thirty meters from the Brusian jet. The two planes couldn't have been more different - as advanced as jets were, the Adler 275's layout was rather... tame. Common. Predictable. The Ja-6 was designed from the beginning to squeeze as much maneuverability out of its area, weight, and speed goals as possible, which it did well at the cost of manners - part of the reason it wasn't popular was it was famously difficult to control for inexperienced pilots.

Which Evelin, mercifully, was not. Sure, as a Witch she was used to Strikers, but she could handle planes just as well.

She practically leapt from the cockpit onto the ground, touching the wing for just an instant to slow her down. She landed with a bow.

"Evelin Neuhoff, at your service."

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:20 pm
by Offer Erapia
Arthur stared out of the window of the cab. The passing trees reminded him of home in a way the bouncy car over the gravel road also gave him memories when he and his father would drive to get hay for the horses. The cab made a turn and Jason's eyes were stunned for a moment by the sun, putting a hand up, Jason blocked the blinding rays. He could see in the distance the school grounds not to mention the planes that could be seen taking off and landing.

"Twenty two fifty"

The cab driver said in a gravely voice, reaching in his pocket, Jason pulled out a twenty and three singles and handed it to the cab driver.

"Keep the change"

Jason exclaimed excitedly as he grabbed his bags and jumped out of the car. Quick walking toward the entrance Jason stopped just a few meters from the doors and took a deep breath. This is it a new start and a new frontier in his life, taking the handle in his sweaty palms, Jason opened the door and headed inside. He was happy and joy fluttered in his gut he was excited about the school but he was nearly histarical about his new plane he wanted. Following the guidelines and no and then asking for directions Jason made his way to where he needed to be.

"I wonder whats in store for me today"

Jason said with joy, taking off his scarf, Jason retrieved the necklace from his pocket and put it on. Jason looked around hoping to see any other people who might make good friends.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:37 pm
by Kanadorika
Viktoria Kristjánsdóttir


I couldn't believe it. Why was this even being discussed? Why did this loud Trekkish girl even think that this was an okay topic of conversation? No. Just no.

I looked at the ground, avoiding the piercing stares that I was sure were directed at me. I then moved my focus to my chest.

They aren't even that noticible, are they? This isn't even a tight top! Ugh...

"Don't mind Viktoria" Lilija started with a grin. "She is just a bit shy; even if she has more assets than she knows what to do with."

Don't encourage her! No! I love you sis... but sometimes... You drive me crazy...

Several more people had trickled into the waiting area, apparently as clueless to the whole situation as we were. One of them approached Lilija and I, not reading the signal I was trying to give off that I absolutely did not want to engage in conversation. Of course Lilija's presence always negated that. People flocked to her like flies in honey, even if I tried my very best to get them to go as far away as possible.

"Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Eric," the boy said in a curious and well meaning tone.

"Ah Eric! What's up my man! My name is Viktoria and this girl right here behind me is my little sister Lilija."

Goddamit Lilija what are you trying to pull now? You're about to confuse half the school into thinking that I am you and you are me. Can't you just say hello and stop talking like a normal person?

I grabbed Lilija's hand and squeezed it, giving her a stern unaproving glare. She seemed unfazed entirely. Instead, she left my side and began introducing herself to the others in the most purposefully obnoxious way possible, leaving me exposed in the open. At least now she was giving them her real name instead of pranking them and calling herself Viktoria.

"Nice to meet ya Jason, I'm Lilija!

Evelin eh? Well I'm Lilija!"

Excellent! Now I know the names of the people I should avoid!

Ayako Tanaka

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:04 pm
by Radhkivka
"Ayako, we're almost there, you certain you remembered everything?" Mr. Tosei asked.

"Yes, Mr. Tosei, everything that was requested I brought and the extras you asked me to take! I'm ready all set!" I replied, making sure in my bag I had everything and more.

It was a long way from home, in fact probably the furthest it could've possibly have been. Radhkivka and the Kanadorikan mainland were on opposite sides of the world it seemed. We had to make several stops on our flight here, and the drive wasn't much easier. Luckily I wasn't alone for the ride, Mr. Tosei, my caretaker, had come along to see me depart. He has been there since my parents passed away and he's like an uncle to me. I had a special privilege, I was to go tot he Intrepid School for the Aerial Combat Arts, and as a Radhkivkan this is monumental because we just recently opened our borders and our government is finally letting us leave the country to visit other parts of the world.

"You are very lucky young miss, only one other Radhkivkan has successfully become a transfer student, only diplomats and major businessmen and women so far have left the country, you should count your blessings" He says, trying to hide his massive smile on his face.

"I know, I know, but isn't it exciting!? I get to explore the world and further my passion! I'm so happy that the Empress has allowed me to leave at such a young age!" I explain, pretty much bouncing up and down in my seat.

"With that said, we have made arrangements with the Radhivkan Air Force for you to use a Ay-16-KAIc or commonly called the Sukikyo, not the greatest plane that was in our arsenal, but still a very admirable one. Remember to treat it respect, but I know I don't have to remind you of that." The mood quickly changed from excitement to seriousness, as he knew how important this was for our nation. I reply with a gentle, but noticeable nod.

Welcome to Norrhärad! read the sign we just passed, this was the city where the school was located, it was cold, much colder than home.

"We're here," Mr. Tosei said as he parked the car and opened his door. Suddenly it hit, the butterflies, the races in my mind, like one million of our greatest horses were running laps inside my head. A slight pain in my heart appeared to, but I steeled myself and exited the vehicle. Mr. Tosei was grabbing the rest of my belongings from the back, just one more small duffel bag that all my clothes were in. The orphanage was nice enough to supply me with all of the articles needed to live by myself, since I wasn't able to afford everything myself. We start to walk towards the gate of the school, my eyes instantly shoot up to the sky. This was my passion, flying, and I get to go to school for it. I skip around Mr. Tosei and he can't help but laugh.

"You're always looking up to the sky Ayako, are you that excited that you have to jump around me? You can't wait to get in the air can you?" He manages to squeeze out, chuckling. I simply stay quiet.


"Well this is where I must leave you, Ayako," He mutters, his voice drastically changing as he looks at me right in the eyes, something he never does, "Remember, if you ever need anything please call me, I know how you are in new situations. Also, I want you to know how proud I am of you, fulfilling your dream and leaving home." He embraces me, as he has before, but this time it was much more firm and comforting. Tears start to form in my eye.

"Of course, Mr. Tosei, I promise I'll make you proud, please don't forget about me though" I say, holding back my tears.

"You know I won't forget you, and you already have, please take care" He says as he leaves, not really one for goodbyes as it was his job to help find children new homes, I was a special case though, I had been in that orphanage my whole life.

I grab my duffel bag and walk towards the airfield, where I see the other students gathering. I attempt to approach a rather large group, filled with both guys and girls.

"Nice to meet ya Jason, I'm Lilja! Evelin eh? Well I'm Lilja!" says one of the tall girls.

She seems nice, they all seem nice I'll go introduce myself to them!

"Hello e-e-everyone! My name is Ayako Tanaka from Radhkivka! But you can call me Aya!!" I say with enthusiasm, and then deliver a shallow bow, as is customary in my country when meeting new acquaintances. "I look forward to studying with everyone!"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:28 am
by Higher Japan
Above the academy, 5,000 meters

Above the airfield of the academy, a single plane silently flew around the area in circles as the other planes around it began to descend and touch down. The plane in question was the MB-91, MB denoting that it was a medium bomber while 91 was simply it's ID number. The plane itself was famous during the Second World Wars where it was sent into mass production after it's predecessor the MB-90 blew up in a warehouse because of some poor fool falling and shooting the engines which led to the fuel tanks blasting into pieces and sending shrapnel everywhere. This led to it being able to rival earlier planes at matching some of the later models with modifications.

The aircraft was painted in distinct colors of a white layer along with red and purple markings all over the entire body of it. The series was nicknamed the 'Godfather' for initiating the official MB series of bombers after 90's failure. The plane soon began to descend as Suzuya looked down the bombsight, which was of a Norden series installed over the regular built in sight to improve performance as she looked down onto the field to see students. "Students dead below, be careful." . The frame was somewhat thin in certain areas, such as the rear but was clearly strong enough to hold it's own in a small fight.

"Beginning descent, hold on." Kallen said, lowering the plane down as the significant roar of the engine could be heard by the students and new recruits. Within seconds, the brightly painted plane landed down as the crew all got out. Walking to the new recruits, Kallen took a bow as she introduced myself. "Good day, my name is Kallen Isel at your service. As you can see, this is my crew. This is my sister and co-pilot Theresa, our navigator slash bombardier slash nose gunner Suzuya, top turret gunner slash co-navigator Setsuko, Radio operator slash waist gunner Mei, Mechanic slash second waist gunner Himiko and last but not least our tail gunner slash mechanic as well Octavia." They would each bow at the mention of their names, first starting with a similarly white headed girl, secondly another girl that appeared to have her blonde hair tied up messily, followed by a girl that was the only one wearing a skirt with her hair left as a bob, the next with her hair slightly tied up although it was still messy at the back. The last girl however, looked oddly similar to the sisters, although unlike Kallen's twin pony tail braids or Theresa's free flowing hair Octavia's hair was neatly tied into a ponytail with nothing in it.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:41 am
by Selviand
Nikolas Anthis

I stare Johaan down in response to the question. Why would he want to know such a thing? My eyes subconsciously narrow at him as I try to work out what motives drove this man to ask such personal questions to a group of people he's no reason to trust.

Oh for Christ's sake Nikolas, the man's just making friendly conversation. Stop being a bloody prat and talk to him.

"I'm from Selviand. N-n-n-not the nicest place on the p-planet. More of a backwater pit in the ground, unless you like industrial moonscapes an-" I say to Johaan with a small chuckle, before cutting off as I notice that his attention has already shifted fully to a small girl making an obnoxious mess of herself. I sighed quietly and gave Johaan and the girl an exasperated look, letting the self-assuredness I'd built up deflate just a little as I looked around for someone else to introduce myself to.

There were a few more students arriving now, enough for the tiny square of grass we'd been herded onto to become uncomfortably overfull. I directed my attention discretely to undoing my tie, which was now stopping any air from reaching my lungs after all the adjusting. A blonde girl appeared in the corner of my eye, one of the two sisters with Johaan when I arrived, she seemed to be intercepting each of the new arrivals before they could go anywhere and questioning all of them enthusiastically. I wasn't disappointed not to be one of the students that seemed to be magnetizing to her, all of them were just standing around awkwardly together while she addressed them like an audience. But then... I s'pose it must be less awkward when you've got people to herd around. It took me a few seconds to focus my eyes enough to notice a second figure trying to skulk behind her, who must've been the taller of the two sisters. I'd not caught her name, but for better or worse she looked to be more approachable than any of the others I could see.

"Alright, let's give this another go." I muttered very quietly to myself as I bounded around the back of the shorter sister, who was busying herself rigorously shaking someone's hand.

"Er-hi. I'm N-n-nikolas. T-t-tried introducing myself earlier, but I didn't catch your n-n-n-n-name. Are you... heh, not enjoying the c-closeness?" I say to her, trying to hide my frustration at my stutter with small grin. I lean down just far enough to make sure I could see her face, which she'd bowed directly towards the ground.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:58 am
by Vietmihn
Eric Mason

He noticed the look of the other girl, and got the cue.

"Nice to meet you Viktoria and Lilija," he said, walking away from them, sensing a less friendly mood in the less energetic sister.

He looked around a bit, looking to see for anything. A few planes landed, but there was another plane that was landing that didn't seem to be too normal..
It seemed to be a bomber, which seemed kind of unusual. He began to hear the loud roar of it's engine as it landed. After it landed, a whole load of girls of all different shapes and sizes came out and introduced themselves.

He nodded slightly whenever one of their names was said, hoping desperately that he could remember their names and not have to struggle later on.
He heard a buzz from his phone, and looked down at it.

He muttered quietly to himself.
"Holy sh- what a mess."

He was talking about something recent, how the government of Vietmihn had fallen. The communists were now in control of his homeland, a dreaded thought for him and his family.

He walked slightly out of the way of other people, and sat down, thinking.

Why on earth did my mother send me here, I just... want to go back home, communist or not..

He looked around again, smiling weakly and trying to be friendly, but he knew he was putting off more of an anti-social look.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:08 pm
by Kanadorika
Lilija Kristjánsdóttir

After introducing myself to the others, I made my way back to Viktoria, only to find her being  cornered by one of the newcomers.

"Er-hi. I'm N-n-nikolas. T-t-tried introducing myself earlier, but I didn't catch your n-n-n-n-name. Are you... heh, not enjoying the c-closeness?"

Viktoria shyed away. Upon noticing I had returned, she gave a quick 'please help me' glance towards my direction. Feeling generous after spending the past several minutes annoying her, I came to her aid.

"You're not going to get my sister to talk on the first day," I winked "but you can talk to me anytime!"


"Listen closely!"

The entire group turned around to find a grizzled older man standing near. He was wearing a leather jacket and a baseball cap with markings I could not make out at this distance. He had darker skin, indicating he was perhaps a Northurnlander.

"I am Paaluk Akkaatsiaq, and welcome to Intrepid. I will make this brief. There are twelve drones flying overhead right now, just off shore from here. You will all be flying trainer aircraft and intercepting those drones. I don't care if you are new or a returning student and have your own aircraft. You will all be flying those trainers so I can see how well you handle those birds. Understood?"

The crowd nodded.

"Yes sir!"

"Everything you need to fly is inside the cockpit. That includes your caps, flightsuits, and coms. The aircraft are right over there. Dismissed."

Paaluk pointed to a series of aircraft hangers about a quarter of a mile to the west. Viktoria was finally smiling, though she did her best to hide it.

"Well, you ready Vicky? You heard the man! Let's go shoot down some drones!'

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:28 pm
by Treko
Katlin Orav

As I mingled with some students more continued to pour onto the tarmac and a sizeable group had formed. There was an obvious audible noise coming from our group, however, it was nothing compared to the planes or jets taxing for take off. This quickly died down when an older grizzled man appeared before us and shouted four out attention.

"Listen closely!"---"I am Paaluk Akkaatsiaq, and welcome to Intrepid. I will make this brief. There are twelve drones flying overhead right now, just offshore from here. You will all be flying trainer aircraft and be intercepting those drones. I don't care if you are new or a returning student and have your own aircraft. You will all be flying those trainers so I can see how well you handle those birds. Understood?"

A mission this early on?- I thought to myself, this must be a way for them to weed out the good and the bad pilots. A smile came across my face as I saw the opportunity that lay before me. My grandfather had told me stories of combat and I had listened intently to all of them. If I fail now then I would be failing grandpa! Not on my watch! You'll smile down at me grandpa!

I clenched both of my fists with excitement as I jumped for joy, "YES! LET'S DO THIS!"

I quickly ditched my bag that sat on my back and rushed towards the hangar that sat a quarter of a mile away. Every step I made I could feel my dream getting closer and closer despite the planes feeling out of reach. Despite accomplishing my dream my body was quickly giving out as I neared the planes. My breath was becoming haggard and could barely keep up the pace over the distance but I was still happy upon reaching one of the first aircraft.

"I MADE IT!" I yelled as I grasped the wing of the plane which I used to help me stay up to recover my breath, "T-that...was...a...terrible...i-idea..."

After a few deep breaths, I looked towards the cockpit and my smile only grew bigger. With a fire in my heart, I ascended the side of the plane and cracked open the cockpit to find the items the instructor told us would be in there: caps, flight suits, and coms. I immediately threw the flight suit out of the cockpit before I put on the cap and comms on and hopping into the pilot's seat. Excitement and nervousness rushed through my body as I took in everything. Nonetheless, I focused and controlled these emotions as I strapped in and began to run the startup of the aircraft.

An audible rumble could be heard as the aircraft was brought to life. My right hand grasped the joystick while my left held onto the throttle. I ran a quick check of the ailerons, elevators, and rudder before I pushed the throttle forward which lurched the aircraft forward. My smile was still there as I slammed the cockpit closed and proceded to align myself with the long strip of tarmac. I slowly increased throttle and corrected the aircraft place with the joystick and rudder pedals. As the aircraft continued to slowly move down the tarmac I pushed the throttle ever more forward and flew off down the tarmac. With the speed rising exponentially every second I began to pull the joystick back and watched as the nose of the plane lift off the ground before the rest followed suit.

I brought the aircraft around until it was flying in the direction of the shore and angled it at 10 degrees for a steady climb.

I want to be above those drones so I can dive on them and get out in time, I thought to myself as I gave more power to the engine and continued my climb into the air.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:31 pm
by Offer Erapia
Jason walked to the airfield and joined the large group of people. He stayed in the back of the group and decided to listen to what the instructor had to say he looked at the other people in the group, there were some tall and short some girl or boy. He looked at the instructor, and when she finished, headed over to the hangars. He looked around for a plane and upon seeing one hopped in the cockpit, after getting suited up of course.

Inside the cockpit jasons hands flew as if they had a mind of thier own. The countless books he had read over his life gave him all the information he needed. Jason looked back and checked his flaps and rudder and made sure there was nothing faulty about them.

"It's go time motherfu-"

His sentence was drowned out by the loud roar of the engine started up. The vibration shook the cockpit and himself also, reaching down, Jason gripped a small lever and pulled it up. He twisted and turned a knob along with a few switched.

"Takeoff flaps extended, trim set, brakes released"

Jason shouted as loud as he could, reaching back, he closed the canopy and strapped himself in. Looking at the safety personnel that was there to make sure he didn't screw anything up Jason put a thumbs up and slightly raised the throttle. The next part excited Jason the most, taxing the plane, he headed over to the landing strip he was the second from last in the line of aircraft but that didn't deter him. Reaching down he pulled the brake and pushed throttle all the way up the loud whirring and heavy vibration of the plane was enough to make Jason need a new pair of pants.

Waiting for the green light Jason closed his eyes and prayed. He prayed that nothing went wrong and that this would be a successful flight. Opening his eyes Jason pulled the cross out and kissed it for good luck. When the order to go was initiated Jason put on his mask and activated the oxygen tank. Unbeknownst to Jason the oxygen tank was faulty and not working right. He saw the plane in front lurch forward and Jason released his brake and took to the air.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:51 pm
by Brusia
Johann von Braun

It wasn't long before yet another new student arrived; a fairly short, black haired fellow who Johann overheard introduce himself as Eric. Unlike most of the other students, this "Eric" didn't seem overly interested in introducing himself to, or conversing with, the whole group assembled, but seemed to focus his attention solely on Lilija and Viktoria. It wasn't particularly difficult for Johann to guess why that might be the case, but for those students who might've been drawing a blank on the curious behavior, Katlin soon called attention to a reason, or, well, two reasons, as she pointed out the sisters' well-developed chests. So much for trying to make them less nervous on their first day.

When some of the students began answering his question of where they were from, Johann shifted focus to their statements and learned that the person with the peculiar haircut was named Ayden and hailed from the UOESS, that Lilija and Viktoria were Kanadorikan (or at least looked that way to Katlin), and that Nikolas was from Selviand. Johann wouldn't get a chance to respond to any of them however, as the already busy scene near the airfield grew even more chaotic when a returning student taxied near to the group in her aircraft. The noise of her propeller drowned out most of the nearby conversations, and Johann couldn't help but wonder why she'd taxi her plane here rather than to the hanger where it could be serviced and refueled. As she leaped out of the cockpit towards the ground, making contact with her plane's wing on the way down, Johann rolled his eyes as the most probable reason became evident: trying to show off to the new kids.

As his hands were too full with trying to help out the new students to worry about the puerile stunts of returning students, he turned to do a headcount as the dust from Evelin's prop wash began to settle and noted that another new student, wearing a necklace and holding a scarf in his hands, had arrived. He didn't have a chance to catch his name however, as yet another young woman arrived and introduced herself to the group as Ayako Tanaka from Radhkivka, leaving Johann wishing he'd brought a clipboard or something to write down all of their names. He wouldn't get the chance to speak to her either, as another aircraft, much louder than Evelin's, came in overhead for a landing.

"They should really consider holding these orientations in one of the classrooms..." Johann thought to himself as the bomber he could now identify as an old MB-91 touched down with an audible *thud* on the runway. Fortunately, the bomber's pilot and crew at least had the common decency to walk over to the assembly area rather than taxi their plane right next to where everyone was standing, and a short while after they arrived and introduced themselves to everyone, one of the instructors finally appeared, causing Johann to breath a deep sigh of relief. Though he was a little disappointed he'd be stuck in one of the old trainers rather than his Adler, he was still more than happy to be trading the chaotic assembly area for the open skies; that, plus he was starting to get a little chilly out in the open wearing just his flightsuit.

Hoping to keep things at least fairly organized, he stated: "If you'll all follow me, I can lead you to the hang..." before he could even finish his sentence, Katlin had already darted off at a sprint towards the waiting aircraft. Sighing, Johann continued: "Nevermind, I guess they aren't exactly difficult to find. Word to the wise though: don't forget to do your walkarounds and pre-flight checks; I know everyone's eager to get in the air, but safety should still come first." With that, he walked towards the hanger and located the same plane he'd flown back when he first started up at Intrepid for old-times' sake, then took his own advice and performed a walkaround and pre-flight inspection using the checklist in the aircraft before standing next to the plane and waiting for all the other students to get suited up and do the same. He figured he'd wait until everyone else was ready to take to the skies before doing so himself, just in case there was anybody who needed some extra help.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:50 pm
by Offer Erapia
In the air Jason felt like his dreams had come true, raising his gloved hand, Jason wiped a tear from his eye. Pressing g a button on his headset he turned on his com and did a check. Looking over Jason counted the planes in formation and found he was the sixth one.

"This is plane six to plane one do you copy, over"

He announced to the aircraft on his far left to the opposite side of the formation after a response Jason ran through the planes numbers, checking with every other plane in formation. After he concluded that his comms were working g Jason sat for a minute in silence enjoying the ride. Looking around Jason noticed a series of black dots in the clouds above. Reaching his hand up he pressed the button that aloud him to talk.

"We got possible tangoes three o'clock high right side, I repeat possible tangoes three o'clock high right side"

He shouted into comms Jason strayed from the formation just a bit to get a better look. After a minute Jason saw three drones in the distance. Once again his hand flew to his comms.

"Identified three tangoes, repeat, three tangoes, permission to engage, over"

Jason called out to his squad mates waiting for an answer Jason looked at his cross and smiled with joy. All these years of waiting and now his dream had come true, looking back, Jason checked his six to make sure no one was on it.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:15 pm
by Vietmihn
Eric Mason

He stood up to the instructor's quick instruction, and nodded, beginning to walk over to the hangars that the man indicated.

He walked over quietly, avoiding the other people as he stepped in the cockpit and got everything he needed done-

Just to be sure, he made a mental note: "Pre-flight check? Yes. Nothing faulty? Yep. Everything done? Uh-huh."

Inside the cockpit, his experience came to good use, his hands moving around, doing everything they needed to do in solid, confident motions, the plane roaring to life, an expected sound.
More motions came from his hands, him readying for takeoff.

Under the sounds of the plane's engines, he spoke quietly to himself, "Everything ready for takeoff? Yep."

He sat for a few tense moments, waiting for the green light for takeoff. He got it.

He pushed the throttle forward bit by bit, until the plane went off the tarmac and into the direction of the shore. Eric angled the plane up until he was taking off with a steady climb.

He gave more power to the engine, stopping only once to think, "I'm in the air, for the first time in quite a bit.. I need to be accurate, unless I want to deal with firing on evasive manuevers." once.

The plane was now steadily flying, and he was doing pretty well, except for the fact that he couldn't see any drones yet, but this first mission was off to a great start.

After a minute or so of enjoyment, he heard a few shouts from over the comms.
"We got possible tangoes three o'clock high right side!"
"Identified three tangoes, permission to engage, over!"

Eric barely saw the things the other person on the comms were indicating, but he saw them, a few dots 3 o'clock high right.

Ayako Tanaka

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:46 pm
by Radhkivka
"Listen closely! I am Paaluk Akkaatsiaq, and welcome to Intrepid. I will make this brief. There are twelve drones flying overhead right now, just offshore from here. You will all be flying trainer aircraft and be intercepting those drones. I don't care if you are new or a returning student and have your own aircraft. You will all be flying those trainers so I can see how well you handle those birds. Understood?"

"Yes sir!" I replied without even giving myself time to think. This was it, this was the moment I've been waiting for. I slowly walk over to the hangar and drop off my belongings, noticing someone must've already done the same as there was already a set of items here. After moving more towards the back of the hangar and dropping off my belongings I approach the hangar of my plane.

It was old, and seemed crudely built compared to the Radhkivkan planes I knew and loved.
"The T-12 huh?" I muttered, with the sound of a girl yelling "I made it!" in the background. I laughed in agreement.
It was indeed the T-12, the trainer aircraft the Kanadorikans used, I only knew this because Mr. Tosei forced me to study all sorts of planes I may encounter at this school. I climb the side of the plane and open the cockpit, the cap, flight suit, and coms neatly arranged inside. The cap and the flight suit fit snug, the coms gave me trouble but I finally got it to work.

"I'll have to ask a teacher how to properly put this on next time." I sighed.

A loud noise suddenly filled the air, that same girl that sounded so excited had already started her plane! She was already on the move by the time I quickly climbed into my own plane. Then the second plane had started their engine.

"I may not be first but i definitely won't be last!" I yell to myself while closing my cockpit.

Everything was in Kanadorikan, which I knew but still took me some time find everything.

"Flaps? Check! Engine? Check! My trim is set, its time to go~!" I sing to myself as I let my breaks go and slowly move forward, heading to the airstrip. After getting permission, I accelerate the trainer and put myself into a shallow climb, "I did it, I'm in the air again, time to make sure everything goes smoothly." Keeping this shallow climb i remember from my studies that the Kanadorikans preferred diving and flying away at high speeds when they fought us in the war.

After obtaining a suitable altitude I see three other planes in front of me, must be my classmates.

"We got possible tangoes three o'clock high right side, I repeat possible tangoes three o'clock high right side" came ringing through my coms.

There was a brief pause as I held my breath, this was more intense than I thought.

"Identified three tangoes, repeat, three tangoes, permission to engage, over"

I divert my attention to where the planes were describing, and saw the targets, three of them flying in circles on their 10 o'clock.

I regroup with my classmates and await further instructions, this isn't how I wanted to approach it, but I'm here and was always taught to support your friends.

"Number six plane, this is number four, I'm approaching behind you from your 4 o'clock"

The intensity in my stomach grows as I await the response of the commanders.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:12 pm
by Offer Erapia
Jason flew for a minute only him and his thoughts. He checked his gauges his fuel was good he could feel pressure in the stick and his oil and water weren't to high. Hearing a voice crackle on his com Jason listened closely plane four was coming up from behind, peeri g over his shoulder Jason watched as the plane made it way up beside him. He waited for a minute then saluted to the pilot as thanks.

"Roger plane four"

Jason said in his comm. Reaching to his high right Jason flipped a switch and turned a knob.

"Combat flaps extended, trim readjusted ready plane four!"

Jason asked on on his comms after reading off what he did. Jason looked at the pilot and saw him move his hands up to flip switches and knobs. Thinking he was doing the same Jason waited for the order to engage. It seemed like hours before the order was given but truth be told it was only a few minutes. Though upon receiving the order Jason wagged his wings. A sign that it was go time, reaching up to his comm, Jason radioed plane four.

"Plane four, we have the green light, Happ hunting, over"

Jason instantly pulled back on the stick the plane went up and winged over. Jason felt butterflies in his gut as he knew this was going to be fun. After leveling off Jason put the plane into a steep 35 degree incline. Now came his favorite part the WEP it was like an extra kick of energy to the engine. The cockpit vibrated like never before and the engine roared loudly as the plane ate up altitude. Glancing down at the altitude meter Jason watched it wash over two-thousand feet and a few seconds later three-thousand feet. It wasn't until around sixty five hundred feet that Jason leveled off, glancing over his shoulder, he looked and saw his wingman right beside him.