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Postby Treko » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:31 pm

Katlin Orav

The descent was rather comfortable or at least I thought it was. Coming down from the sky I was certainly in an elevated state of happiness. I had done fairly well, in my opinion, yet I felt I could still surpass what I had done today. Though I knew if I put my heart into it I could certainly be the best. After all, I didn't sit there and listen to grandpas stories for nothing! As I continued to think about grandpa and how I could improve the ground got ever closer. With the same ease as I took off, I landed the plane perfectly with only a slight bounce here and there. I lowered the throttle and guided the plane with the rudders, parking it near the other planes that had landed. As I turned the engine off I slammed the canopy open and unbuckled myself before climbing out of the cockpit. A grin was on my face, yet I somehow tried to hide despite it being impossible as I was fidgeting with excitement.

"THAT WAS AMAZING" I shouted before I threw a pair of wheel blocks under the plane before walking over to where the majority of students had congregated. It seemed that a dorm list had been posted and it showed our roommates we would be staying with. With my gear still on I approached the list and began to look for my name and my roommate.

Katlin, Ayako: Building A, Floor 4, Room 4-2

"Ai-a-ko? Is that how I say it properly?" I whispered to myself as I rubbed my chin to figure out the pronunciation. However, I gave up fairly early in the process. If I got it wrong I'm sure the girl would correct me. So with that, I quickly turned around and looked at the other students.

"Ai-a-Ko! I'm looking for Ai-a-ko! Don't be shy, I won't bite!"

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Postby Radhkivka » Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:40 pm

Hearing more planes land means the rest of the students are arriving, moving my head around to check the runway I noticed three more planes. I recognize them from before the first mission, but I don't know any of their names, so I just go back to studying my Kanadorikan. Not many Radhkivkan children have learned Kanadorikan, as we just recently became a country to open its borders. It was mostly reserved for diplomats, politicians, and business people. Evenso, since our conflicts with Kanadorika in the past, our relationships have been shakey, but they have been on a rise lately. All of this has lead to not many children learning foreign languages.

"Ai-a-ko! I'm looking for Ai-a-ko! Don't be shy, I bite!"

I instantly jolt my head up, did I hear that right? She bites?! I must've heard wrong because I don't think anyone would actually bite a stranger. Is this some weird foreign greeting that I've never heard about? It didn't look like anyone did it when we were all meeting up before hand! The worst part is I could tell that it was Katlin's voice, without a doubt that was the girl from over the coms. Looking around for the voice, I finally found her, looking around for me I suppose.

She seemed to be the same height as me, although she looks a little bit younger, possibly by a year? Her hair is a gray, not the type of gray that older people have but a beautiful gray split into twin tails with black bows, she is very appealing to the eyes. I wonder if she's from Kanadorika as well. I pack my books back into my book bag and take a deep breath, I've never been too good with new people, but I want to make friends with my fellow classmates, and this is just a step in the right direction I have to remind myself that. Walking up to her my stomach filled with butterflies and I tried to speak clearly but it came out a mess.

"Y-y-yes! I am Ayako, but p-p-p-please! Call me Aya!" I sound like a broken record as I bow, letting my hair cover my face is it is probably red as a crab. "You don't actually bite... do you?"

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Postby Treko » Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:48 pm

"Y-y-yes! I am Ayako, but p-p-p-please! Call me Aya!"..."You don't actually bite... do you?"

I quickly turned around to find a girl who was bowing directly at me with a face as red as a crabs shell. She had beautiful well kept black hair that was paired with light blue eyes. I took notice that she was around the same height as me but I felt that she was somehow older than me. Not a problem, we could still become great wingman! No doubt about that! However, I think we would have to work on her Kanadorikan a little bit. It was good, but it could be even better! While I thought of ways we could become the top dogs I almost forgot that she was still in front of me. I quickly snapped out of my daydreaming before refocusing my attention on Ayako. As I began to speak I remembered the last part of what she said, "You don't actually bite... do you?"

"Bite you? No, of course not! I said, 'I won't bite.' I'm not into any weird stuff like that." I replied as I patted her head playfully, "Though you should watch out for Lilija. You can tell she's seething with lewdness!"

As I left Ayako with what I had said I retrieved my backpack before taking my place by her once again. It was here that I made a pledge to protect my wingman at all cost in any way possible. I would exude friendship and goodwill! Ayako...I mean Aya and I would be the best of friends!

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Postby Brusia » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:13 pm

Johann von Braun

Johann circled the airfield in a holding pattern as Jason made his emergency landing and was pulled out of his plane by the aircraft rescue crew. Eventually, the damaged bird was wheeled off of the runway, clearing planes to land again, and Kallen and Theresa were the next group to touch down. Katlin landed a short while later, and figuring the others must have stayed behind to go after the final drone, Johann decided to use the window to land himself. After contacting the tower to make sure everything was clear, he began his descent and soon landed on the runway.

After taxing his plane back to its original spot in the hanger he opened the canopy and exited the aircraft, then made his way to the board with dorm room assignments where the other students were gathering. Fortunately, it seemed he'd be in the same room as last year so he wouldn't have to move his things, but it appeared he'd be getting a new roommate; the new student Nikolas whom he'd just flown with. The room would need some tidying up after being uninhabited over the summer months, but for now Johann decided to remain by the sign and wait for the other students to land so he could show anyone unfamiliar with the school's layout to the dormitories.

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The Imperial Warglorian Empire
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Postby The Imperial Warglorian Empire » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:56 am

Erich Adler and Edward Landa
Three helicopters approached the school. Two of them were Gigant Class Cargo Helicopters (Chinooks), both carrying two different aircraft under them. The other was a Puma Class Transport Helicopter (Eurocopter EC725), heading the formation as they neared their location. As they arrived at the school, they were soon given permission to enter by the airbase authorities, however, were advised caution as a test of some sort was currently underway. In the airfield, the two Gigants approached, carefully landing the two aircraft they were transporting and deploying them. The Puma Class landed near the two aircraft, as the side door opened, revealing several men in black suits as they spread out, carefully looking at the surrounding area. Soon afterwards, two more people came out of the helicopter. Both were teenagers, and both were wearing navy blue uniforms, signalling them as Airforce Cadets in the HB Airforce Academy. Both also carried luggage behind them.

One of the suited men walked up to the pair before saluting. "I hope you enjoy your stay, Herr Adler." The man said. Adler nodded, giving a smile while shaking the man's hand. "Danke Heinz, have a safe trip home," Adler replied. The man nodded, before saluting again and leaving Adler to his own devices. Erich Adler looked around the airfield, finding it to be in very good condition, which he approved of. He had to admit, Erich was a bit nervous, he had to admit he hadn't exactly lived outside of Wargloria that much, mainly because he was often too busy back at home. Now that he was enrolled at this new school, it marked a significant period in Erich's life. He just prayed to the Black Sun that it would be a positive significance.

"Feeling nervous Erich?" a voice mocked beside him. Erich looked over beside him at Edward Landa. Edward had been his friend for many years, as many Adlers and Landas had been before, and it definitely made him feel much better to have his best friend beside him. "What? Of course not, when have I ever been nervous?" Erich replied in an as mocking tone. "Well, we can always talk about that girl in 9th gra-" Landa said, before Adler smacked him on the back of the shoulder, before realising his current situation. See, due to a recent border skirmish between Wargloria and the small neighbouring Republic of Cruxa, any ongoing departures out of the country were delayed. This meant that Adler would arrive a bit later than usual, most likely not that late however in Wargloria every minute counted in every situation, so yes he was a bit nervous and anxious. "Come on Edward, we need to see where to go," Adler said.

Landa, with a wide smile, nodded, before following Adler. Soon afterwards, they found a small group of other teenagers landing and disembarking from old looking aircraft, most likely these were the other students. Which meant he had most likely missed some sort of evaluation test or something. "Scheisse," Adler mentally thought, "I hope we aren't in trouble," Adler, together with Landa, walked up to the group of students. "Excuse me?" Adler asked to the group "Is there anyone I could talk to? I'm a new student here and I seem to have arrived late unfortunately."
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Postby Offer Erapia » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:45 pm

Jason walked down the hall he rubbed his shoulder, which was in bandages, in slight pain. Why did he have to get careless and nearly die why didn't he just keep a safe distance. Though it's not like it was something that he could control the drone did explode suddenly. Jason continued down the silent halls the only thing that lingered with him was the clicking of his shoes on the floor. He didn't even know where he was he just decided to stretch his legs and picked a random direction.

"Am I lost? Am I even supposed to be here?"

He questioned himself as he turned a corner and continued walking, noticing a peice of paper, Jason walked over and examined it he was glad to find out that the paper was a map of the school. He traced his finger to the "you are here" and began to go up and then left and stopped at the words "boys dorms" he smiled and began walking in that direction.

"Here we are, glad to be home or at least to my room. . . .I think"

He said to himself after he turned a corner and found the various doors were the boys resided. Finding another peice of paper attached to the wall he strided over and read it. This time it was the names of the people who would be sharing a dorm. He found his name and number and walked down the hall, finally stopping, he turned and opened the door.

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Postby Hansdeltania » Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:15 pm

3,000 feet, 5 miles from Intrepid
Jack Nguyen/Akari Hanao

"Tigercat 28-Delta, you are cleared for ILS approach, runway 24. Caution Culver PQ-14 Cadet target drones, falling debris, and T-6 Texan trainers at 5,000," Intrepid Approach ordered.

"Cleared ILS runway 24, Tigercat 28-Delta. We'll watch for the drones, debris, and trainers," Jack replied. "Akari, how we doin' back there?"

"I'm fine, Jack."

"Alright, before landing checklist. You read it; I'll check it."

"Got it, Jack!

"'Before landing checklist:'

"'Seats and harnesses secured?'


"'Fuel selector both'"


"'Fuel mixture rich'"

"Rich fuel."

"'Propellers setting high RPM'"

"High RPM."

"'Autopilot disengaged'"


"'Radar off'

"'Tailhook up'"

"Hook up."

"'Altimeter setting'"


"'Speed below 150'"

"Speed check."

"'Gear down'"

"Gear down, three green."

"'Flaps down'"

"Flaps down."

"Before landing checklist complete," Akari finished. (Quick OOC guide to this dialogue: three quotes sans punctuation and the radar bit indicates Akari, two with punctuation indicates Jack.)

"Tigercat 28-Delta, you're cleared to land runway 24. Caution any taxiing aircraft."

"Cleared to land, Tigercat 28-Delta."

The 18,000-pound graphite gray night fighter gently touched down onto the asphalt runway, and Jack taxied it over to a free parking spot.

"Akari, shutdown checklist." Jack brought up his own copy of shutdown.

"Got it, Jack! 'Power idle'

"Idle power set."

"'Avionics off'"

"All avionics off."

"'Mixture off'"


"'Magnetos off'"

"Mags off."

"Shutdown checklist complete. Let's lock it up and catch up, Jack!"

"Hold on, Akari. I gotta make sure our flight plan's closed," reminded Jack as he grabbed the radios.

"Intrepid Tower, Tigercat 28-Delta."

"Tigercat 28-Delta, Intrepid Tower, go ahead."

"Can you confirm for Tigercat 28-Delta that the flight plan is closed?"

"Tigercat 28-Delta, stand by.

"Tigercat 28-Delta, that's affirmative. Flight plan closed."

"Thank you, Tower. Tigercat 28-Delta out."

"Let's go, Akari!"
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Postby Hansdeltania » Tue May 01, 2018 2:14 am

Jack Nguyen/Akari Hanao

While Jack sat idly in his quarters, he gazed out at the flightline. The sun was still high in the sky, and its brilliant rays blinded Jack if he looked at a glass window or one of the many solar panels.

Damn weather, he thought to himself as he gazed. I could have shot a few down if we'd arrived a few hours earlier!

Then, his phone chirped.

"Hey Akari. What's up?"

"I...I need you, Jack," she cried over the phone.

"What? Where and why?"

"Just...just get to our plane, Jack. Please."

Jack sighed. He swore he could hear a sob in her voice. "Fine. I'll be there in five minutes." Standing up, he grabbed a bottle of water and chugged about half of its contents before sprinting towards the flightline.


When Jack arrived at his Tigercat, he saw Akari sitting on top of the wing with her knees against her chest. Her arms were folded on top of her knees and her head buried in them.

"Dammit," he muttered to himself. "What happened this time?"

Jack was silent as he climbed up onto the wing. "You alright, Akari?"

"This is my first time abroad, Jack," she sobbed. "I don't know anybody, I barely understand the people, and I'm just scared!" Akari burst into tears and buried herself deeper.

"Don't worry, Akari. I'll be here for you." Jack sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "I will be here for you. I promise."

"Really, Jack?" She perked up and looked at him with upturned eyes.

"Of course, Akari. I did promise your mother to be your faithful knight, didn't I?" A sly smile crept up to his face as he gazed into her eyes, and he could see and hear her breaths getting shallower and faster.

"Thanks, Jack." Akari leaned in and rested her head on his arm.

And for the next half hour, Jack and Akari sat on the wing, gazing at the skies and wondering what their first real assignment would be tomorrow.

"Jack?" Akari finally broke the silence.

"Hmm?" Jack glanced down at her.

"I should probably tell you this." Akari took a deep breath and looked Jack in the eye. "I...I love you."

Jack smiled. "I know you do, Akari," asserted he as he nudged her head with his. "It was kinda obvious."


"Let's see...first, I was basically the only guy you talked to outside school; your face turned redder than a ripe tomato when I promised your mother to be your faithful knight; your mother said that ever since we got into high school, I was all that you would ever talk about; once I got my pilot's license, you went off to get yours...shall I go on?"

"No, please, no, Jack," replied Akari rather bashfully while burying her face in her hands. "Was I that obvious?"

"Uh, yeah, kinda."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Jack chuckled. "Honestly, it was kinda cute how you tried hiding it from me."


"Eh, yeah."

"Jack!" Akari playfully punched Jack's arm, eliciting a small chuckle from him.

"Come on, Akari. We missed quite a bit this morning and we should at least try to make an effort of finding some aerial allies." Jack dropped down from the ladder and held his hand out for Akari to hold onto as she came down. With nothing else, Jack and Akari went back to the campus holding hands.
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Suid Kaap
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Postby Suid Kaap » Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:27 pm

With the morning air came a strange sight, four single engined fighters landed. Although not immediately recognizable, these were the infamous LSV 20 fighter’s of Suid Kaap. They flew well in formation and landed one by one. All aircraft bore an unfamiliar grey which was used to show these planes were for schooling and demonstrated. The lead one had a red rounded depicting a white goat like creature. The planes taxied in. These men were all Kaapmans. The leader was a bit of a legend in fighter pilot circles, a man known as Willem “40 second” Boyd. He was accompanied by three cadets from the SKAF Weapons school who agreed to bring the planes over they would be flown back soon. Boyd himself wasn’t impressive in size or lower body build, but bore impressively wide shoulders and a head of slick black hair. Boyd had been chosen by the SKAF to represent the SKAF’s methods in the international fighter community. He was to become the energy fighting instructor. Because of unforeseen weather issues in Suid Kaap, their departure was delayed by a day. Although nobody understood what the Kaapmans said, they could tell they were pretty annoyed. The men continued to walk into the building. Thankfully, Boyd’s first class wouldn’t be until the afternoon.
The aircraft that he brought were old marks of Suid Kaap’s primary energy fighter, a fighter which was designed from the outset for energy retention and ease of energy rebuilding. The bubble canopy combined with the massive propeller and engine made the LSV look even a bit futuristic.
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