Beyond the Frozen Sea |OOC, Viking, Fantasy-Lite|

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Beyond the Frozen Sea |OOC, Viking, Fantasy-Lite|

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Hush child, and I will tell you the tale of how our people came to be in this land

The year was 308 Post Arrival, when our people, the Nordlings, began to take to the seas and plunder foreign lands for their wealth, power, and people. Led on by the glorious Ulf Warghide, our people ruled the seas with an iron fist. The Seidr of our Shamans could not be matched by the weak holy invocations of the fools we pillaged and our knowledge in metallurgy allowed us to create weapons far superior to anything they could muster. But, in 328, disaster struck our people. Mighty Ulf was captured in a raid of the kingdom known as Undhilde, in the northern parts of the lands of Yntris. The king of Undhilde, the bastard Hakan, humiliated Ulf before feeding him to his hounds. Horrified and infuriated by this honorless display, the various Jarls, Chiefs, and Kings of Nordica called a Warmot, the first in centuries since we conquered Nordica itself. Striking forth an agreement, they lais out plans for the might of all of Nordica to strike not only Undhilde, but all of Yntris, and forge for ourselves a new home. But before the legions of the north could take our new home, the lands had to be scouted by raiding parties, made up of warriors known as Vikingr. Composed of some of the greatest Warriors, Rangers and Shamans in the realms, the story of their exploits is perhaps the greatest in our history...

Welcome to Beyond the Frozen Sea, an RP focused on a group of Vikingr, Raiders sent by the Nordic Realms, equivalent to Scandinavia, to weaken the realms of Yntris (Britain) for invasion. This RP is partially based on the IRL Viking invasions of Britain, with Fantasy-Lite elements which I will dive further into in the Lore section of the OP. In the mean time, have the rules!

1. I am the OP and my Word is law.
2. Anyone who is given Co-Op Status has those same rights
3. This RP, while it is more free than other story based rps, is still following an overall story, the Invasion of Yntris, and players are going to follow that Story.
4. No Metagaming, Godmodding, etc.

This Section is WIP and more will be added to it as it becomes relevant in the rp
A hard people from the Far North, the Nordlings are made for war. Typically standing at 6+ feet for both men and women, they have a innate resistance to the cold and a deep connection to nature, loath to despoil or waste any resources. Nordling is a general name for a large group of people that all range from Nordica.
They are typically divided into 4 subcategories should the situation require it.
Jorgans- Descended from the great army of Jorgan the mighty that forced open Nordica for modern Nordling settlement, Jorgans are the most united group of Nordlings, swearing alleigance to one King who rules supreme over their lands. They lack a complex nobility system, with each warrior entitled to rule his own hearth and each tradesman a spot around that hearth. Jorgans are the only Nordling nation that doesn't hold women to an equal standard as men and considers most women servants. The exception to this is the Grir, the High Shaman of the Jorgan kingdom that is an exclusively female title and has a strong voice not only in the Jorgans' intepretation of the Gods, but all of Nordica's beliefs.
Nidgels- Nidgels are a peculiar folk from the eastern parts of Nordica. Though they are fractured into several Jarldoms and Kingdoms, the Nidgels are often more organized than even the Jorgans, due to their institution of Jarlsmot, a descendant of the great Warmots, where each Jarl may settle his differences with another without the need for a bloody war. While this doesn't work 100% of the time, it helps the Nidgels keep organized. Nidgels operate under a strict caste system, divided into Noble, Warrior, Slave, and Shaman castes. While there are no laws against interacting with the other castes, intermarriage and moving between them is highly forbidden and can get a Nidgel permanantly exiled from their homeland. Women have near equality to Men in Nidgel society, though they are secondary in all inheritance and unlike in Jorgan, they cannot be Shamans, instead being servants should they be born into the Shaman caste.
Heigols- The Heigol are a proud people, with one core belief, Strength is Power. Their political system is made up of several tribal chiefs, each trying to exert their power over the others in an eternal war between them. Throughout history there have been occaisons where a powerful chief has been able to subjugate the rest of the Heigol tribes and rule as their king, however such occurences never last more than two generations. Shamans in Heigol society have little say beyond their own tribe, and often times have little say in their tribe if they aren't chief. Heigol are particularly renowned as Warriors and many serve in the armies of the far off Predantine Empire as mercenaries and imperial bodyguards.
Asenu- Asenu are the old natives of Nordica, and are often known as Eldermen. Born of a harder stock than the already tough southern Nordlings, their legends tell of them arriving in Nordica through the cold northern reaches, before settling and founding a tribal society throughout the land. However, upon the arrival of Jorgan and the other Nordling peoples, they were slowly pushed farther north, now only residing in the frozen wastes beyond the Nordling territories.
Though Asenu prefer to keep to themselves, it is not unheard of for mighty warriors of their clans to come south and try their skill against the best of the Nordlings. These Warriors are often known as Lynings, and are amongst the most revered fighters in Nordling society. The Asenu also worship a different pantheon than the traditional Nordling one, though time has slowly merged them together.

Yntrisans- Yntrisan is likewise a blanket term for any who inhabit the isles of Yntris, a group of islands predominantly featuring Yntris itself, the largest isle and home to most of it's people, and Kalis, a mysterious land in the far west where Magic still runs amok and one can find Fae wandering in broad daylight.
There are three main categories of Yntrisan:
Unhildr- Named for their last true kingdom, Unhildr are the last descendants of the Proger, the old nation of south Yntris. The Unhildr are typically a shorter people, and tend to prefer trade and diplomacy to combat, though they are famously merciless when forced to fight. Unhildr society is dominated by a system known as the Haedran, where the monarch must work in tandem with a senate of their citizens. This is the last remnants of the old Sendenian Imperium,
which ruled their land for hundreds of years. The Undhildr consider themselves natural successors to Sendenian rule on Yntris, though they have struggled to press this claim for several decades. The Unhildr are also currently divided in a religious conflict between the monotheistic faith of the Sendenians, Oltheism, and the traditional Yntrisan pantheon, which is not dissimilar to the gods the Nordlings follow.
Wystling- Wystlings are largely responsible for the removal of the Unhildr as primary rulers of south Yntris. Around the same time the Nordlings migrated into Nordica itself, the Wystlings migrated and conquered the southern parts of Yntris, forcing the Proger into their last kingdom and turning them into the Unhildr. The Wystlings are not dissimilar to the Nidgel in terms of their society, even holding meetings known as Crennocks not dissimilar to the Nidgel Jarlsmot. Wystlings almost all follow the Oltheist faith and women have some freedom, but not as much as enjoyed in some of the Nordling kingdoms.
Kalisans- Though only a few Kalisans reside on Kalis proper, they none the less bear the name of the western isle. The Kalisans are a very short race,
with some of their shortest being mistaken for children from time to time. Kalisans rule most of Yntris north of Unhilde, the lands west of the Wystling nations,
and the northeast shores of Kalis itself. They follow the traditional Yntrisan pantheon and are similar to the Nordlings in a lot of ways, yet ethnic hate between the two groups prevents any form of major cooperation.
Magic exists in this world, however it is not as prevalent as it once was.
Very few magical places still exist in the world and those that do are fading away. Magic primarily comes in three different forms, each operating in a different way.

Wild- Wild magic is the classification for any magic not controlled b y humans, including magical creatures and phenomenon. This magic is fading throughout the world, with many magical species becoming rarer and rarer, like the Dragon, Warg, or Unicorn. Though an avid hunter can still find these beasts in the wild, it is not without great effort and skill. Magical Phenomenon like Fae Groves or the Singing Pools of Salgon are likewise becoming rarer and even more so than the beasts. Some speculate that the last truely magic place on the planet is the Isle of Kalis, where Fae spirits keep all human influence save for the Kalisans themselves off the island. Indeed, should nothing be done about it, magic may fade from the natrual world forever.

Seidr- Seidr is the magic practiced by Shamans, capable of great and terrible feats. Though many have to give up a great sacrifice like an eye or a hand to wield it, and it's cating is often complex, Seidr can be used to complete feats of tremendous power. Typically cast in Nordic tradition through use of Runestones,
hand gestures, and complex rituals, Seidr can often times be used to change the tide of war. Some legends even speak of great councils of Shamans using Seidr to warp reality itself.

Invocations- Invocations are a weaker magic used by Olthen Priests, though one should never misunderestimate them. If Seidr comes from the Nordic pantheon, than Invocations come from the Olthen God. A priest can speak certain words or offer a prayer to cast a weaker spell quickly and efficiently. Though it is not capable of the feats of strength Seidr is, Invocation should not be underestimated. An Invocation user can quickly shift the tide of a fight with a few simple words before a Shaman can even use a Rune.
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