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Postby New Finnish Republic » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:11 pm

Fort Snowhawk
Hjaalmarch Hold

For what seemed like an eternity, our group slashed and smashed our way through the hordes of undead minions the remaining necromancers threw at us. While each of these creatures were weak individually, they made up for their lack of quality with sheer quantity. Simply put, for every one we put down five more would take their place. And even then, unless they had been completely destroyed from their initial defeat, they'd eventually end up being reassembled and sent right back at us again.

Try as we had, we were eventually becoming surrounded by the undead horde, and the fighting was beginning to take its toll on me as I bore the brunt of the assault. Things eventually got to the point that I eventually had to decide which oncoming blows I had to try and block and which ones I felt my armor could withstand. For some of the blows my armor managed to hold up, but in others the burning sensation of fresh wounds made it clear that my armor was simply not enough to withstand this much damage all at once.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, a massive flash of light blasted through the crowd of the undead around me, leaving behind only piles of ash where both the creatures and their summoners had stood. For a brief moment, I stood there frozen, unsure of what had just happened. I looked back to the others, wondering if this had been their doing, but they seemed equally as confused.

"Well, hello there!"

In the split second after that voice reached my voice, I believe I spat out nearly every single swear word possible in the Tamrielic language. Turning around to face the source of the noise, I saw what I believed to be an elf, although his lighter skin tone suggested that he possibly had the blood of a Nord in him as well. A feature that immediately drew my attention was the color of his eyes, ones that possessed a dull reddish glow to them. I couldn't quite figure out why, but this seemed to ring off several warning bells in my mind, practically screaming that this man was a threat.

"Who are you and where did you come from?"

Ravonl was the first to speak up, his question being one that was likely on the minds of everyone else in our group based on their expressions. At a glance, I also noted another stranger had appeared, a Dunmer by the looks of it. I briefly recalled seeing balls of fire being fired off in the earlier melee, and I could only guess that they belonged to him as well.

Although my muscles ached greatly, I managed to raise my sword, pointing at both of the strangers.

"Aye, I'd like to know that as well. Both of you."

Before I could get an answer, however, the door that led to the main building suddenly opened. Immediately, my attention went to the source of this noise, sword raised in preparation for whatever was coming next. My reaction proved to be appropriate, as out from the stone building stepped what I could tell to be a elderly Breton man dressed in the same style of cloaks that the necromancers from before had worn. In his hands he held a small book of which his eyes remained glued on to. He stood there, silent for a few seconds, before letting out an annoyed sigh and closing his book.

"I suppose you just couldn't leave well enough alone. No matter, I suppose. I was needing new test subjects anyways."

Before I could even raise an eyebrow in confusion, the Breton's hands suddenly glowed bright blue before he seemed to cast the spell towards the ground in front of him. For a brief second, nothing happened, and I thought that perhaps the necromancer had simply cast a "dud" spell. However, this thought was soon thrown out the window, as suddenly the air above where the spell had landed suddenly seemed to tear open. Through this tear could be seen something so fear inducing that not even the bravest of Nords would dare stare at. It was a sight of what could only be Oblivion itself, an aura of complete and utter terror emanating from it as I could feel my very soul being dragged towards. Had this portal remained opened, I had no doubts that I would have likely fallen to madness.

Whether it was fortunate or not was questionable at best, but this tear in space and time soon disappeared. However, in its place stood a beast that I'd thought was a mere legend until seeing it now in front of me. It was a Dremora Lord, no doubt the servant of one of the many malevolent Daedric Princes that mothers often used to scare their children into behaving well.

My expression must have amused the ancient necromancer, as he let out a wicked laugh for several seconds before suddenly growing quiet, pointing a finger towards our group.

"Bring them back to me alive. However, if they're missing a limb or two it won't make any difference to me."

The chaotic entity nearly nodded before slowly drawing out a massive sword, its design evoking sheer terror that matched its user. It began to approach our group, every footstep heavy and ominous, comparable to how a prisoner must perceive the sounds of his executioner approaching him at the gallows.

For a brief moment, the thought of fleeing in terror crossed my mind. Indeed, such an act was probably the best option in terms of survivability. But I found myself unable to move my legs, instead only able to tighten the grip on my sword. My only explanation was that my ancestors had temporarily seized control of my body, making sure I would face the oncoming threat like a true Nord would. Indeed, I soon realized that none of the others had fled, so doing such an act now would not only make myself a coward but a traitor to my word.

Realizing what had to be done, I let out a deep breath, my body relaxing as it did. I prayed to the Nine Divines that they would see me through this day, if not for myself but for Emily's sake. I knew that even if I lived through this by running, I'd never be able to forgive myself for abandoning the others who took it upon themselves to not only aid in my journey but were willing to die in the process.

With that thought, I suddenly seemed to be able to once again control my body once more. Gritting my teeth as I did, I crouched down into a fighting stance, the tip of my blade pointing straight at the creature as the length of the blade rested on my shoulders and arms. The creature held no expression that betrayed any emotion, instead it possessed one that demonstrated pure focus on its task.

Talos guide me.

With a roar, I charged at the beast, beginning what was to be the end of this battle against these dark art users.
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Postby Xah » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:46 am

Haeigr Flamehair
Fort Snowhawk

"What in all of Sovngarde is that?" Haeigr breathed as the Dremora made its appearance. She let her hammer slip a little before hefting it back up and looking at the non-Oblivion-spawned recent arrivals. "I don't know who you are, but this isn't something we can do on our own. You've helped so far, so let's get it finished." The bruise on her face was turning a rather fetching shade of purple and the scratch on her upper arm had been joined by half a dozen other minor injuries across her exposed arms but thankfully, she'd avoided any major injuries.

Acutely aware that she was lacking anything in the order of armour, and hoping to Talos that Einar would distract the fell beast from swiping at her, Haeigr yelled an old Nord battle-cry and leapt after Einar, her dwarven warhammer becoming a golden blur of death.
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Postby Tribe of Rinos » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:38 am

Devthis Mirlis - Fort Snowhawk
Devthis jumped back, nearly dropping his sword. He saw a Nord charging the Dremora, and, not wanting to be outdone, began to launch at it himself. He swung his sword in a broad arc. It connected, but bounced off the armor. The Dremora swung its mace at Devthis and he flew into one of the walls, causing the stones to move and resettle. Devthis reached up to his face and his hand came away crimson. He cursed silently under his breath. He put his sword away and tried to engulf the creature in flames. That seemed to work at least a little more than his sword. He kept up the stream until he was wrung dry. He ripped his sword free from his holster and tried to dodge the Dremora’s attacks as he looked for a gap in the armor.
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Postby Theodosiya » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:47 pm

Magnus Skybreaker
Karthwasten, Skyrim

Magnus silently stares at the cliff above Karthwasten, waiting for any potential movement from the Forsworn warband spotted earlier. Masser and Secunda slowly moves on the sky, yet the light is barely enough for most people to look more than few meters ahead, and the villagers put off most torches, in an attempt to fool the raiders as if the villagers were asleep in their bed. "Thirty five people capable to fight against a sizeable Forsworn warband. Well, we could only try and stand our ground. Hope your plan works, Magnus." an Argonian Quaestor, leading a small group of five legionnaires grunts, as he approached Magnus, who kneeled behind few sacks filled with sand near Karthwasten Hall. "I hope so, Fast-As-Storm" Magnus sighed and turned toward him, and spoke "Seven Legionnaires, five adventurers, and twenty three men and woman capable to fight, against a warband of Forsworns. Odds definitely stacked against us, but let's hope Eight side on us against the Daedra Worshippers", while sliding on his coif and helmet. "Ainethach, are your people really ready?" Magnus stares at the village chief, who arms himself with a Bretonnic steel sword, a shield and a full suit of plated mail armor. "Well, we did anything we could, within short time.Barricades erected, weapons and armor prepared, stakes planted. I hope it would be enough" Ainethach replies, and draw his sword. "Nice sword. Hope it would help against most of these barbarians" Magnus grins, as he draw out his sword too. He looked around again, observing the defenders of Karthwasten. Legionnaires are noticeable, as they wore the standard equipment of the Imperial Legion, and most of them wore heavier lamellar steel armor. Aside from Joffrey, the only other adventurer who have steel armor is a young Altmer adventurer. He somehow reminds Magnus to Legate Fasendil, except that this Altmer are shorter than average. The other adventurer, a Nord girl and two Khajiit trader wore scale or leather armor, and all of them have steel weaponry. The villagers mainly wore padded armor under hardened leather vest, although Magnus swore he saw few of them clad in mail and armed to the teeth. Only four people capable to fling destruction spell, but a sizeable number from the rest of defenders are archers too, so Magnus decided to put those who are capable of archery on the buildings, to support the remainder of the defenders who are scattered behind barricades.

Somewhere on the cliffs above...

"The village are unprepared for our assault, chief" a woman, clad in Forsworn attire with bits of steel mail and plate on important areas reports. "Heh, this will be an easy raid. Let's kill these Nords and Traitors! Can't wait to sacrifice some of them!" a man, barely clothed and armed with a pair of studded axe grins. Their leader silently observe, while signaling another group of Forsworns on the cliff across Karthwasten to prepare for the raid. The man looks at the village coldly, while muttering curses in Reachmen language. He's covered in tattoos, and he wore bear, wolf and deer fur under a scavenged Orcish armor. His head are protected by a Orcish helmet, adorned with the head of a deer with a pair of antlers. On his right hand he wields a long Orcish sword, and on his left hand a ball of fire slowly materializes from thin air. What the most terrifying, however, hides behind the fur he wore. No longer a heart beating inside his chest, replaced with a briarheart, granting him power beyond mere Men could grasp. "If you all ready, so be it" He calmly spoke, and waved his sword, signalling the attack.

"Get ready people, here they come!" Magnus whispers, as he draw one of his dart. Arrows were aimed, ready to be fired. "Wait for it" Forsworns climbs down, or crept closer, "Wait for it" Magnus hand shakes as he counts the distance between the Forsworns and the village "Hold. Hold. Hold" he grunts as the Forsworns starts to run, before screaming on top of his lungs "NOW! Fire everything you got!" and flung his dart right toward a charging Forsworn, sinking it deep on the Forsworn eye and into his brain. He rapidly throw several other darts at the charging Forsworns, killing or wounding many of them. The defenders followed suit, and soon the Forsworns lost a noticeable number of their fighters. Enraged, they charged blindly toward the barricades. "Brace yourself" Magnus shouted, pulled his spear off the ground and starts to pick target. A Forsworn ran toward him and jumped over the barricade. He shoved his spear deep into the Forsworn stomach, and pulled it out along with the intestines. The Forsworn landed on his face, his stomach torn open and his innards starts to pour out. Another Forsworn charged and climbed over the barricade, only to be stopped by a spear point through his neck, after which he fell down, gurgling and choking on his own blood. Yet many more Forsworn still come and attack, and soon the village turns into a large battleground between the Forsworns and the defender of Karthwasten...
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Postby Ameriganastan » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:15 am

As the battle commenced in Karthwasten, a vague noise could be heard over the clashing weapons and shouting. It sounded like music.

"Oh so fierce, the battle would be. Would anyone be left standing, we'd have to wait and see..."

Marching around the chaos was an Argonian. Strumming his lute and singing while battle raged around him.

"Forsworn, Forsworn! So fearsome and ragged. Clad in furs and pelts, with blades so jagged. Their savage ferocity, could it be stopped? Or would the day end with all heads apposing them lopped? Brave men and women, ready to battle hard. While observing it all, was the humble bard..."

As he walked, one particular Forsworn took notice of him. An unarmored and weaponless Argonian was easy picking. Or so he thought, as he took a running sweep at him. And passed right through him. The bard somehow appearing behind him and continuing on.

"His music was soothing, he walked around free. But his enemies eyes could not see..."
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Postby Theodosiya » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:57 am

Magnus Skybreaker

"Whoever and whatever you are, bard, you have big balls, or whatever else. Get the fuck out of here, or help, at least" Magnus screams, as he bury his spear deep inside a Forsworn gut, who let out a chilling scream before she fell to the ground. "Fuck! These Forsworns keep coming!" The Nord girl grunts, as she dispatched one of the Forsworn with her axe. "There's only so much of them before they must cease!" Magnus pulled his sword and skewer a Forsworn who jumped at him. The poor man lands on his own pool of blood, his chest torn open. Another Forsworn charges at Magnus, and he simply bash the Forsworn head, breaking his nose and crushing his face. He followed it up with a swing to the throat, coating Magnus with blood spraying from the Forsworn neck. As Magnus kicked the now dead Forsworn down, he spat on the ground and started to scan his surroundings. Many defenders have been wounded, and being pulled into safe area, other few lies dead, with brain, innards or limbs cut off. Then, Magnus hears one of the worst voice he ever heard...

"Well! If this isn't Praefect Magnus Skybreaker..." The Briarheart let out a loud laugh as he approached Magnus, his sword covered in blood and meat of his enemies. "You again... I thought I have offed you years ago, bastard" Magnus grins, as he turned to face the Briarheart. "No, whoreson. You only managed to wound me. Thanks to the Hargravens..." The Briarheart tapped his Orcish breastplate "I'm immortal, now" The Briarheart cast a flame spell on his left hand. "And thus, when you died, Hircine would love to have you in his ground" Magnus rest his blade on his shoulder, shield raised, ready to respond to any attack. "And I'll happily send you to Sovngarde in pieces of burnt meat!" The Briarheart charged, launching spells and slashes at Magnus. Magnus barely dodged many of the spells, and some of the strike lands on his shield and armor. He flinched away, carefully assessing the situation, while dropping his shield. "Let's see how you fare against this!" The Briarheart revives some of the dead Forsworns and villagers, and ordering them to protect him. "Letting your minions do your job, eh, dishonorable cur! I'll show you what I'm capable of!" Magnus leaps, using his sword with two hands. The first zombie the Briarheart raise fell as Magnus sword cut off both of his legs, another got his head looped off, and the one with Magnus spear got nearly ripped off in two as Magnus yanked his spear off her gut.

"Come and face me, you fucking bastard! COME ON!" Magnus shouted as he cut his way through the undead raised by the Briarheart. "As you wish" The Briarheart launched two successive fireball, before running at Magnus. Their sword soon clash, as the two warriors fought for their life, each eyeing the right time to land blows and thrust at the gaps of their armor. And Magnus quickly spotted his chance. He spotted a few places where the Briarheart scavenged breastplate being held together. If he managed to strike at them, he could loosen the armor, and open up the weakness of the Briarheart. He sidestepped, as the Briarheart strike the ground next to him, and quickly thrusted his sword with all his strength and both of his hand into the gap on the Briarheart armor side. It dig into the Briarheart side, and as Magnus soon pleasantly discover, the strike managed to cut some of string on the side. However, the Briarheart is still very much alive, and swings his sword at Magnus chest. It glances off, but enough to push Magnus to defensive. The Briarheart let out an animalistic roar, and charge wildly to Magnus, fully consumed by anger. Magnus managed to duck down and then strike again at the other side. "Ah, fuck it!" The Briarheart, feeling that his breastplate loosen up, decided to throw it off. Unhampered by the weight of the breastplate, he charge at Magnus, intending to finish the duel once and for all. Magnus, tired and wounded, braced himself and lowered his body, before leaping ahead and swipe at the thighs of the Briarheart, cutting of some blood vessels and nerve cord. The Briarheart fell to his knee, holding his wounded thighs, screaming off obscenities and curses at Nine Divines and Daedric Lords. "Ah, shut up, you worthless piece of shit" Magnus grunts, as he shove his sword down the Briarheart mouth, through the neck, and out from his back. Just to make sure the Briarheart is dead, Magnus ripped the heart out and throw it away. The Briarheart gurgled, and lies flat on the ground, blood pours out from his wounds and gaping hole on his chest. The Forsworns, witnessing the death of their leader, soon began to rout, and the defenders don't waste time to score some additional kills. At the same time, reinforcements came to the defenders of Karthwasten, and joins in on the slaughter. As the sun rises, cheers of victory could be heard, as well as the sight of forty dead Forsworns strewn all over Karthwasten and its surroundings.
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