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Postby Segral » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:36 pm

Lana Graystone/Madeline Davis

The door was surprisingly thick and heavy for such a small, innocuous doorway. This was only accentuated by the comically small handle, which made getting any grip to pull open the door practically impossible. After a few tries and enough cussing to make an Irish sailor proud, Lana eventually managed to yank open the door a crack, shoving her foot in the crack before it could close and send her back to square one. Overall, wasn't the best omen for what the two of them could find within this shady back-alley room.

"One more thing," Lana said, turning towards Madeline as she slid the pistol into the holster underneath her jacket. "Wear your hood. There's probably some folk in there that don't really approve of your...condition."

"Wha...what do you mean!" Madeline exclaimed, quickly hushing up as Lana indignantly placed a finger to her lips, jerking her head towards the sliver of the room that was visible. "I don't have no condition!" she whispered, her eyes bugging out. "You told me that bat wouldn't give me rabies!"

"! Not that condition, your...feline areas." Lana clarified, much to Madeline's confusion and anger.

"That ain't a condition, it's who I am! Can't believe you'd say that, thas' just disrespectful. Shame on you." she said, visibly upset. She had been bullied enough about her cat ears and tail in elementary and middle school, she didn't need other people treating her like she was...diseased or sick! It was who she was, and even though it made her life difficult at times, she was proud of her abilities. Plus, who else could make fire? Not a lot of people, but bakenekos could do it with the greatest of ease.

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. Just, it might make some people suspicious, so just cover it up, please?" Lana practically begged, looking over her shoulder to see if anybody had heard or saw their little scuffle. It was dim, so she couldn't see much, but the noises were enough to make her sick. There was a thick wall of murmurs and the occasional yell, laugh or cuss, but the worst was the animals. Barking, snuffling, licking, whining, and what sounded like...tearing. And the growls. The growls were terrible. They practically vibrated in her chest. She wanted to investigate this, do what she had to do, and get out.

Madeline muttered angrily under her breath, but relented, shoving her raincoat's hood above her ears to cover them. With a nod and pat on the back, Lana slipped through the door, motioning for Madeline to stay behind her. The door shut with a light thump after Madeline, but no attention was brought upon them. They were too focused on...something. The room was much larger than the small door implied, a large, circular, amphitheater-style room, with escalating wooden bleachers ringing a central dais, shaped roughly like a wrestling ring, or maybe an MMA octagon. The walls were plain beige drywall, the ceiling was classic white popcorn, with a central ornate chandelier lighting the entire room. A balcony ringed the entire room, thin silver rails barricading it from the bleachers, only broken by four long staircases at each corner of the room. The bleachers were packed with mostly men, a mixture of typical rough gangsters and surprisingly well-groomed men, some with rings on their fingers. But the worst was at the centre of the room, the dais.

In the center was two dogs, around the size of Dobermans or German Sheperds. They were powerfully built, muscular, with sharp eyes, sharp fangs, sharp claws, sharp everything. Almost like tanks. They were locked in what seemed like an embrace, claws upon each other, heads snuffling each other's necks, teeth gnashing, subtle movements. In another context, maybe a painting or some sculpture by a dead Italian guy, it could be considered beautiful, but in this context, in a dark shady room in a dark shady alley, this was nothing but a dog-fighting ring. A highly illegal dog-fighting ring.

The battle continued, but one dog, a brown-furred one, was losing ground. It tumbled to the ground, sinking onto its haunches. Its grey-furred opponent took its chance, leaping towards its exposed head, neck, and shoulders. The brown dog attempted to claw at the grey's belly, but it was too slow, only nicking it before being shoved back. The grey dog pounced a second time, this time not missing. It's jaws and teeth clamped around the brown's dog neck, its claws sinking into its back and sides. The brown dog cried, whimpered, practically yipped in pain, but the grey dog merely growled, sinking its teeth further, a crushing and crackling noise beginning to emanate. Many men rose out of their seats at this, yelling, swearing, laughing, or even screaming in anger as the brown dog writhed, before going stiff and flopping to the ground, eyes dim, blood gushing out of its neck and staining its ragged brown coat. Modern dancer, fold. Off the stage, exit to the right. The audience applauds, dazzled at gory R-rated sights. The main star and his agents are paid their handsome salary.

Lana simply gritted her teeth as she gripped the rails, trying not to hurl at the sight of the dog bleeding out onto the sawdust coated ring. Her knuckles were going white from the strain, but it was all she could do to prevent herself from going postal. Meanwhile, Madeline was ghost-white, eyes bulging at the horrific sight. Poor girl, she was always too innocent. Trembling, Madeline leaned over, whispering into Lana's ear.

"So, we get to beat up these guys, right?" she said in a fiery whisper, a renewed look of determination on her face. Lana cracked a smile at these words, sliding her pistol out of her holster. "Definitely. We'll wallop them so hard their grandparents'll feel it in their graves. Now, can you light a fire for distraction?"

"I can do one better."

Without warning, Madeline charged up a blue fireball in her hands, before lobbing it towards the east side of the stands. The ball exploded as it hit the stands, sending several men flying from the impact, fire licking their coats and shirts. The fire roared, rising in a massive column towards the ceiling as it blazed with dazzling light and smothering heat. The men screamed, turning to see the source of the flames, so preoccupied that they failed to notice the duo rushing across the balcony. Loading her pistol, Lana opened fire at the wall, attempting to distract attention further. Simultaneously, she willed open a portal in front of Madeline, a portal that lead to the sunken dais. With a shove, she pushed Madeline inside the portal, with the pistol-packing catgirl popping out seconds later as the portal closed behind her.

With a screech, she fired off at least three more, slightly smaller fireballs, the stands lighting up with blue fire as men were sent scattering, rushing for the only exit. Smirking, Lana opened a new portal, with one end opening at the heavy door, and leading to the ring at the bottom of the room, a portal that men would blindly rush into before they realized it was trouble. It did the trick, as at least five men mistakenly hopped into the portal, collapsing over each other in a massive heap at the bottom. Whirling around, Madeline noticed the five men, jumping towards them with an animalistic yell. She grabbed the first man by the scruff of his neck, slamming him against the nearby ropes of the ring before punching him in the face, letting his slack body drop. The second man attempted to grab her leg, but she shook him off, whipping him in the face with the butt of her pistol.

The third man was pinned underneath the weight of his comrades, leaving him helpless for Madeline's attack, as she grabbed him by his shirt, claws cutting the thin material. He was thrown against the ropes, hitting the top before flipping off and hitting the ground with a moan. However, the final man and a woman with blue hair managed to get free, the man lunging towards her waist. Luckily, she drove her knee into his stomach, sending him reeling before punching him and leaping atop him, neck in her hands. The woman crept up behind her, knife in hand, but Madeline could hear her footsteps, smell the metal. Her bakeneko senses taught her well, and her instincts told her to jam her elbow into the woman's face, before driving the heel of her hand into the woman's chest. Thank Lord Jesus that her dad had taught her to fight, or she would've been dead by now.

By this point, several had noticed Lana, pointing and yelling with animated expressions. While most attempted to dash for the exits, the portal now closed by Lana in an attempt to conserve energy, five or so attempted to run for her, drawing knives and bare fists. Frantically, Lana opened up a portal in the floor and one in the ceiling, sending three of the men flying from the ceiling and slamming hard into the floor. With a lunge, she shoved one that was attempting to jump parkour-style over the rails, sending him tumbling back into the floor portal and onto the wooden bleachers headfirst. Luckily, no breaking noises, or she'd have other problems to solve besides this chaos. However, the final one was too close to portal or fight, charging towards her across the balcony with a yell, bald head bowed like a bull. Silently pleading to whatever God was listening, she cocked her pistol and fired off a shot towards the man's chest as he lifted his head to swig his fist, landing straight in his breastbone. The man gargled, slowly slowing down before falling to his knees, clawing at his chest. He'd live, but it wouldn't be pretty.

Suddenly, a shriek emitted from the dais. Lana looked up, only to see Madeline, claws extended, swinging from the chandelier, having abandoned her gun in favor of firing off more of her fireballs. Her vision in the dark gave her great accuracy as she burned her way through the final few individuals that were trapped between Lana, Madeline, and the roaring fires. Cursing, Lana aimed her pistol and launched cover fire, attempting to corner off the final few individuals. But despite her efforts, a second gunshot rang out, one man firing at Madeline, causing her to let go of the chandelier in terror. Shrieking, Madeline crawled back the final three individuals chasing after her.

And then, a sound of thunder.

A sudden bolt of yellow lightning arced out of Madeline's outstretched palm, leaping between the three individuals as they were tossed in the air, plumes of smoke and thin sparks chasing after them with glowing tails. Madeline looked confused, but her wonder was interrupted by Lana roughly grabbing her arm, tugging to her feet.

"WE HAVE TO GET OUT, NOW!" she yelled, pointing to the ceiling as chunks began to rain down from fire. With a swirl of her hand, Lana opened a silvery portal and the duo leapt inside, their hearts heavy.
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Postby North America Inc » Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:07 pm

Finland SSR wrote:Renata

Absolon-7 wrote:Viv

Turmenista wrote:Harley the Dog, on a mission

Solisian Union wrote:Catarina and Yasha

Waning Battle
Vargas POV
Each minute that went by the gunfire dissipated. Most of the gangsters laid there wounded or had since ran off from the commotion. Vargas wrestled with his shoulder to at least push it back in place, but to no avail; it hung there weekly as the encroaching siren rang from the distance. He was out of time, he needed to act. Hiding from inside the mechanic shed, he had few options; on one side he could see the remnants of his men laying there bloody with a large mech standing above them. On the other, he could see Ignacio being surrounded by three different girls, presumably related to the superhero team. He could make out some other figure laying on the ground with skull warpaint oddly smeared over her face, but he didn't care. Placing two more large magazines into his pocket he slammed the door open as he limped his way towards the office. "God damn it."

As the numbness of his arm started to dissipate, he could feel the true extent of his injuries. He needed a doctor badly, he just didn't have the time. Why today? Of all days? Another round of the Mech's Gatling gun head-splitting fire erupted, no doubt to take out more of his guys. I can barely hear myself think. How does anyone even hear with that so close to their heads? Nearly tripping on garbage, he turned the corner to find a silver lining in front of him. A raven haired girl stood there, just as a brunette called to her to help. Maybe I can salvage this. Waiting for the brunette to run off, he aimed his pistol directly at the base of the girl's skull; the round already chambered, he said, "Don't move."

She just laughed.

He didn't.

She attacked.

He fired.

Ignacio POV

She just won't take a hint. Ignacio stood there awkwardly with his arms crossed as this chick demanded the world of him; didn't matter that he could just heal some more broken ribs. He didn't listen to all of her speech mind you, he zoned out a few seconds into it; instead, he tried his best to place her accent. That's not Mexican...No, no. Is it Brazilian? Wait they don't speak Spanish in Brazil, do they? Maybe its Colombian? What ever he was thinking, he snapped back to reality when some mysterious skull lady smacked against the ground mere feet from him. The initial shock of that caused him to physically wince, that sure did look painful; especially with all the bodies nearby. Wait a minute? Is that Eric on the ground? Carlito? Edgar? How long have they been laying there. Had he really allowed all his homies to be taken out like that; why didn't he pay attention! In a fit of rage he smacked his bear paws against his skull. "Ugh...."

He towered above Renata and furrowed his brow, "Now Chica, I'm going to say it again. I don't want to repeat myself, I don't want to hurt you. I'm serious.Really serious! So just leave. Leave now!" His hand got a hold of a nearby car bumper laying on the ground; his grip held it so tightly that it left multiple indents on the rusting scrap.

"Nacho! Just kill the bitch!" He heard from a good thirty feet away as Vargas with a hostage on the open asphalt. Sweating and slumping to the side, he held his machine pistol a few feet in back of the Goth chick. Apparently she had tinnitus or something since this was the second time his crew had been able to sneak up on her. Vargas held his pistol a few feet behind her head; Nacho couldn't make out what she was saying, but knowing Vargas, it was probably telling her not to move an itch or he'll blow her head off. Vargas than shouted again at Nacho, "We have to get out of here now man! The Police are coming. Deal with the redhead and get the bag!" Nacho could faintly see a blood stain on her chest, but she seemed to have took it rather well; was she a healer as well? His boss smacked his pistol against her skull while yelling, "You might have healed from that, but I don't think you'll heal from a head shot. Get fucking moving now! Nacho hurry up and get the bag now!"

Ignacio thought about it for a second, trying to remember what exactly he was talking about. The Deal?! He needed to finish this fight right now.Like a mad bull, he charged at the Ecuadorian, swinging the long piece of metal frantically to hit her. He just needs to buy his boss time. Although she always seemed able to dodge his attacks, he didn't let up; he was not going to give her time to breathe. Luckily for him, she didn't have anyone to help her. The chubby one was dealing with the Caveira limping towards her and was rather preoccupied with that; while the Goth was acting as the human shield so Vargas can walk safely to the office.

A loud scream could be heard off in the distance as fire spout into the air. The wailing of sirens grew louder and Nacho knew that the those asshole cops would be here any moment to arrest him. He was running out of time. With his shirt badly shredded and burned, he ripped them off and adjusted the bumper in his hands; she may be good at dodging but all it takes is one good hit. Scratching his neck he looked over at his opponent and replied, "How about this? I bash your brains in. How's that for a third option?"

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Postby Tomia » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:29 pm

July 27th, Wonder Island
As the conversation regarding Kiris swirled around him, Roy did his best to keep the conversation under control. First he addressed Renata, who was clearly distressed but had a few questions. "Right now Warwolf is refusing to answer any questions, they're refusing to turn her over to officials. And considering what Mars discovered about them, we can assume their reasoning." He said, his tone turning a little dark. "Mars and Kiris set off today to gather information from a defector from Warwolf. What they discovered, confirmed that Warwolf is the military arm of the human supremacist secret order, Lycan. We still need to confirm this, but Mars says that what is on the flash drive is proof of this and a lot more." He said, informing the team about what they had gained from Mars' unauthorized mission.

Then Mike started calling out Mars for leaving Kiris behind, and the boy who had been sitting meekly in the corner shot to his feet. He immediately charged at Mike, not caring that that was clearly not a smart idea considering his target's size. Tears were flowing down Mars' cheeks as Roy held him back from a certain beat down. "You asshole! You think I wanted to leave her behind? I asked her not to but she wouldn't listen. I wish I had stayed instead, I'd give anything to be able to go back and do it differently!" He shouted, still struggling against Roy as Casimir spoke up in his defense. Renata approached Mike as well and Roy could tell it wasn't the friendly gesture she tried to hide it as.

Roy glared at both Mike and Casimir. "Both of you calm the fuck down and stop arguing!" He shouted, an unusually fierce tone. Roy's face took on a very dark look, one that was starkly contrasting to his usual gentle demeanor. He let out a deep and shaky sigh. He was so angry, he could barely think straight. One of his teammates, someone he had been entrusted to protect had been captured by non human hating fanatics and he end up finding out the news like an average Joe. He had to contain his anger just as he had told them to. Just then Wyatt let out a very loud shout that seemed to quite down everyone around them, either coming to their senses or being frightened into silence. Roy was thankful when Wendy filled in the void, and spoke with confidence and leadership. He was impressed by his girlfriend, filling in when he had felt overwhelmed.

Mike then continued arguing, and Roy had considered interrupting and reprimanding him again, but now that Mars had calmed down Roy decided he needed to let people say their piece, otherwise they'd never move past the raw emotion. Soon Alexis spoke up and defended Mars, it was a heartfelt and eloquent defense that impressed the informal team leader. Mars looked up at Alexis as she spoke, looking grateful at her words. After that Alexis and Mike had left the room, and Carter had called upon Mars to share what had happened with the team.

He decided he needed to tell them, even if thinking about what had happened made him want to vomit. "I know you all are disappointed in me, I'm disappointed in myself. I knew what I was doing was dangerous... and I dragged Kiris into it anyway." He said, blinking back tears once again. "I got an email today, it was like something I'd never seen before. It told me some really dangerous things about Warwolf and that I could find evidence to prove it. I wanted to help against Warwolf, but I didn't want to drag everyone into something that could have been dangerous. So I decided to just trust Kiris. She knew the risk, and I don't think she thought it was a great idea, but she wanted to support me so badly she did it anyway..." Tears were flowing down his face now and he took a second before continuing. He told them about the disguise he had made for Kiris, and the riddles that they needed to figure out to discover the location of the informant. Then he described finding him, and learning what they learned, and finally being on the run from Warwolf. Explaining how he got separated from Kiris was the hardest part. He barely got through it but managed to keep composure long enough to finish.

"I know I messed up, but guys, we have to save Kiris. She doesn't deserve this and just thinking about her being at their mercy... It makes me sick. We have to help her... I have to help her." He said, trailing off sadly before heading off with Yoshi as instructed.

Roy then spoke up to the remaining team members. "I'm going to go talk to Naja, take a little time for yourself but don't wander off. You may be needed tonight so stay on the island and if you absolutely have to leave make sure you tell us." With that he left the living room and headed to Naja's office.

Angelica, who had been silent throughout the meeting, dispersed with the others. She was angry and terrified at what happened to Kiris, but she knew other people felt the same or even worse, and her feelings just didn't matter in that moment. She headed outside to the beach to try to clear her head. She had wanted to talk to Alexis about what had happened, but now that felt terribly inappropriate. So instead she sat on the beach, breathing in the fresh air to calm her nerves. After fifteen minutes or so she received a text from Roy. Based on the generic message she assumed everyone had gotten it.

Team Press Conference in two hours, everyone should be there. Dress in your costumes, especially if your identity is secret. I know this isn't everyone's favorite thing, but its important and its for Kiris.

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Psychotic Dictatorship

Postby Finland SSR » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:06 am

The Republic of Atria wrote:Wyatt

The Mad Lass, Sina As'tari!

Bael started his reply by stating that while the Young Bloods, unlike the Outriders, are not killing anyone and most of their members have no desire to leave dead bodies in their wake... he did cut off a man's arm once, so perhaps that makes up for it? What a complete non-sequitor - but Sina's eyes perked up in interest regardless. <"Really? That sounds awesome!">

Well, awesome to her. Maybe not as awesome to Bael, given that he supposedly did it in a panic and it was an accident, but awesome regardless. After explaining that his offer to join the Young Bloods had no time expiry and quickly putting in his number into Sina's phone so she would be able to contact him if necessary, Bael offered his hand to her, asking once and for all - so are they friends?

Considering that she never challenged that idea and any opposition started with him... it was an odd question for him to make, but sure, why not? Sina's hand reached out to Bael's and accepted the handshake, the vigilante's face forming a hearty smile.

<"Of course, Bael. It's been great to get to know you.">

Sina took a brief glance over her shoulder and continued:

<"Well, I've got to go. Vendetta told me and Cata to keep a low profile if we're in the team and this has so far been the complete opposite. Good luck out there!">

Showing a final thumbs-up towards the fellow Dra'Quinni as she ran deeper into the park, the vigilante leapt into one of the tall, lush trees dispersed across the area and forming a thick mass of leaves like a roof above the grass below. A few seconds later and half a dozen meters away, a red-haired girl with baggy pants leapt down from one of the branches, moving forward as if nothing happened and checking the smartphone in her hands.

Bael's phone number was now listed at the top of the screen, above "Emergency" and "Police". Sina stared into it for a few seconds, before the obvious question finally popped to her mind.

How do I... get back to the main screen?

North America Inc wrote:Ignacio POV

Renata Martinez, the heroic Stella!

Is this guy... not even listening to what Renata is saying? After her speech demanding his surrender, Ignacio merely went and repeated the exact same thing he had said a few minutes ago, demanding her to stand down or be hurt, something which he really didn't want. Okay, apparently he did not. Because had he listened to even a single word Renata was saying, he would have realized that it was her who should be demanding him to stand down, not the other way around.

Renata's inner complaints only got cut off when the attention of the two fighters got distracted to the street - one of Ignacio's allies was holding Elle hostage, the dark-haired heroine clearly wounded after a firefight earlier and now threatened by the gangster to blow her brains out, who also called for the towering superhuman gangster to escape instead of messing with the girls. This... made things a lot more problematic. In a normal situation, Renata might have opted to melt the barrel of the gangster's pistol from a distance, but, one, she didn't trust her accuracy enough to not hurt Elle while doing so, and second, Nacho listened to his buddy's advice and charged straight at Renata with a detached car bumper in hand.


She had to act quick. Release dual jets of heated air to leap out of the initial downwards smash, landing at the side of the gangster and sending an elbow towards his kidney before throwing herself to the ground to avoid a horizontal sweep. Leaping back to her feet with a hot air jet boost from her hands, Renata once again backed off to avoid further attacks - their little dance continued for a few more seconds before the gangster finally took a second to stop and pull off his shirt - giving Renata just enough time to reposition herself and consider her chances. Sure she, much like Ignacio, could tell that the law enforcement was coming closer and will resolve the situation for good, but... Elle was held hostage. If the cops, or Warwolf, show up, the gangster might just shoot her out of desperation.

And she couldn't intervene to help. She was busy trying to keep this big bastard here instead of on the street.

"Anyone free, go help Elle, for God's sake!" Renata spoke to the earpiece. "Shi, Cass, that's enough trying to level this place to the ground, one of you should probably make sure our teammate doesn't die!"

As she spoke, her eyes focused on the bumper, a beam of infrared energy shooting from her forehead to the middle of the makeshift weapon - Renata made sure to not mix any visible light into the beam to make it invisible to the naked eye and thus not give Nacho any ideas. As soon as she finished her orders and the gangster spoke about smashing her skull, the heroine replied:

"How about a fourth?"

The bumper, its integrity weakened in the middle, broke apart, the top half of the makeshift weapon falling to the ground and the rest having turned hot enough to start faintly glowing.

The good news about this battle is that since Ignacio was clearly able to regenerate from damage, she didn't have a reason to hold back in trying to intimidate or immobilize the gangster. Swiftly, the heroine raised her right hand in the form of a hand pistol and released a series of shots of concentrated sunlight, all of them strong enough to punch through flesh and bone alike, towards Ignacio's elbows, knees and shoulders, as an attempt to immobilize him for at least a minute or two, then pulling back her hand and continuing:

"Keep up this stupid shit for any longer and I'm capping you between your eyes next."

She had no intention to, but intimidation goes a long way, doesn't it?

Tomia wrote:July 27th, Wonder Island

Renata Martinez, the heroic Stella!

Renata left the meeting room in a slightly sour mood. Not only did Mike did not listen to her and lashed out straight at her, but a bunch of the other members of the team accused her of being in the same box as Casimir! What ungrateful bastards! All she did was tell them that Mike changed his mind, and for some reason, they think she's as bad as someone who quite literally spewed out a bunch of foreign language curses and nothing of substance? At the same time, however, she could tell that all the conflict they went through was just a distraction from the real problem - Kiris is captured, getting angry at Mars or anyone else for throwing her away or disrespecting her memory was not going to change that, and if they are going to be productive, then their first priority should not be infighting, but rescuing her from Warwolf's claws. That's what Mars's speech alluded to.

Especially since Warwolf was now confirmed to have ties to Lycan. Lycan! Didn't her father mention that name more than a few times back in Ecuador? And always with venom in his voice... Roy described them as a human supremacist secret order, which would explain exactly why her father would view them in such a negative light - after all, this would put Condor-ruled Ecuador and Lycan, and by extension Warwolf, as natural enemies... No doubt, this is also the reason why Warwolf responded to their presence so negatively in Delta Pharmaceuticals and later Wonder Foundation, and why vigilantes like Icarus have been their targets alongside the usual villains. And if Kiris is now in their hands, then...

Don't think about it, don't think about it. Everything's going to be fine. It always is in the end.

The priority right now should be not to think about how terrible Warwolf might be or what they might be doing to Kiris. The priority for her should be to do whatever it takes to rescue the first friend she made in this team, before she had even officially joined.

Renata closed the door of her room, immediately landing on her bed and hearing something metallic clang as soon as she did. The surprise got alleviated once she realized that the Spectrum Gauntlet was still attached to her right hand, having practically glued itself to her skin after she put it on. The pink-haired girl had completely forgotten about that during the meeting - worrying about the Hadrian took priority and nobody noticed the metallic gauntlet attached to her arm. But now since she was here...

I was planning to try it out, wasn't I?

Standing back on her feet and stopping at the center of the room, Renata raised her right hand in front of her eyes, stretching out her palm and turning it around to show the back of the hand, where the button to turn on the gauntlet was located. The heroine took in a deep breath.

Here goes nothing...


Immediately, light green light started to surround her, while the gauntlet itself turned bright, emitting blinding white light which overpowered all other light sources in the room and filtered across the window, looking from the outside as if someone had placed a miniature sun inside one of the rooms of Wonder Tower. Thankfully, it wasn't actually blinding - but the sudden change came to Renata as a surprise.

What was even more surprising was that suddenly, she began to recant an oath without any of her own input, as if the gauntlet itself was controlling her voice:

"A beacon in day, illuminating in night
A shining example, wrapped in emotion's light
I'll wield this power in all it's might
To shine through the evil, my soul ignites!

The oath coincided with a bright green costume forming on Renata's body, similar in concept to the one Scott used to wear, but obviously more fitting to her body structure. The pink-haired heroine's heart pounded quickly and adrenaline rushed through her veins during the unexpected transformation, but as soon as it all receded and she stood in her new green-clad form, a realization rushed to her mind.

That oath...

She wasn't just a person who was now using Scott's gauntlet. She took the mantle, the position of Spectrum itself.

That's... not what she expected to happen.

First thing's first, however. Renata swiftly popped open one of the windows of her room, warm air immediately brushing past her cheeks as she held onto the edge and stared to the horizon of the Pacific Ocean in front of her. If this gauntlet works like it worked on Scott... then she should be able to fly. And that has been one of her dreams for quite a while. Well, she's not going to be able to fly if she sits holed up in her room, time to leap out and-

How do I fly?

Renata was now falling towards the ground, from far too high up to be able to safely descend with her jet boosts, and had no idea how to do the one thing which would save her.

"AAAAAAHH!" she screamed, flailing her arms around in fright before she finally placed her hands on her face, covering her eyes. Calm down. Calm the hell down. This gauntlet... it works based on willpower, correct?

So I should be able to just... will myself to fly, right?

Alright, I am flying, I am flying... I'm not going to die! I'm not going to die! I'm picking myself up, and flying! And...

The vertical brushing of air past her body was suddenly replaced by a horizontal one. Renata uncovered her eyes to see that the forested ground underneath was no longer coming closer to her, but instead, she was flying closer and closer to the endless ocean before her eyes. The beaches of the island, now right in front of her, the same beaches she would spend much of her time sunbathing in, looked so small from above... And there's Angelica below! This wasn't a dream! This was reality!

"Woohoo!" Renata exclaimed, striking a Superman pose as she continued speeding forward.


And faster.


How do I stop? How do I slow down?!

The Wonder Island had long since left her field of vision, replaced by ocean upon ocean upon ocean. And yet, she was still somehow accelerating. Having no desire to travel to Japan all by herself just yet, the pink-haired heroine began flailing her arms around and screaming:


And so she did - not instantly, to not have her eyes pop out of their sockets after too sudden of a stop, but stopped regardless. The thought of floating thirty meters above the sea, a sea which was definitely dozens of meters deep at this point, sent shivers down her spine instantly. Okay, now turn around. And so she did - in a bit of a rough and unpleasant motion, but turned around regardless. The entire Wonder Island was a tiny speck in the field of vision in front of her, with the cityscape of San Diego unfolding behind it. Okay, let's try this again, but slower.

The wind once again starting to brush past her, though not as violently as before, indicated to her that she was moving forward once again - it's not like she had any other indicator with the exact same waving water underneath her. Carefully, making sure that she did not accelerate too hard and thus splash into the side of Wonder Tower or something like that, Renata returned to the island once again, this time descending to the ground - and, just in case the gauntlet decides to try to pull something stupid, released a jet boost from her hands to soften the landing. Surprisingly, at least the landing was soft and didn't get completely botched.

Tapping on her forehead, Renata noticed that beaks of sweat were already forming. To be fair, that was a lot to take in in such a short period of time, some of it very intense. God, I should get myself a towel before I-

The Spectrum gauntlet responded appropriately, sending a beam of light to the ground, a hardlight construct of a towel forming on it.


That was... the other one of Scott's powers, right? Use the gauntlet to generate constructs of physical light for defensive or offensive purposes... he used them quite extensively in his battle with Casimir. Makes sense that she should be able to as well, then.

"But I don't really need you, though." Renata muttered after picking up the towel construct and wiping her face with it - it soon vanished into nothingness. Alright, this'll be useful. The heroine's eyes glanced towards a series of small trees growing at the side of the island, about a dozen meters away from her, and winded back her right hand. Let's say... a dart.

As soon as she sent her hand forward in a throwing motion, a green spear-like construct got tossed from her palm and flew straight into one of the trees, stabbing into it like a dart into a shooting target. After trying the same one more time, into a different tree, the pink-haired girl let out a snicker. Hehe, this is fun! Alright, what can I try next?

Her mind went to her thoughts right before she first put on the gauntlet. She was worried about her fragility, which Wendy and Wyatt had mentioned to her before and she realized as truth... which meant that the choice was obvious! Shield!

A large green Roman legionary style square shield formed in her hand, which solicited a frown from the heroine.

Why's this the shield my imagination immediately went to? I don't even like history...

Regardless, it was getting exciting! Scott employed his imagination in his fight with Casimir quite well, why couldn't Renata do the same? Already, her mind was leaping towards a bunch of other possible constructs she could put into use, but the pink-haired girl got suddenly cut off by the sound of a message received by her phone. Oh? Renata immediately went for her pocket to grab it, only for her hand to gnaw at the tight surface of the Spectrum costume. Her clothes, and by extension her phone, were underneath.

Alright, I think I've got how this works... Uncover my right thigh. The green-clad suit in the area soon retracted, allowing Renata to pull out her smartphone and check. It was a message from Roy, broadcasted to all of the members of the team:

"Team Press Conference in two hours, everyone should be there. Dress in your costumes, especially if your identity is secret. I know this isn't everyone's favorite thing, but it's important and it's for Kiris."

So I have two hours to get acquainted with how this gauntlet works. Alright, I think I can work with that.
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Postby Indo-pasif archipelago » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:21 am

The Republic of Atria wrote:Jason

"Introduced him to me? You mean your part-"

Before I could finished my sentence, Jason's whole body begun to be covered by a weird black goo. It quickly enveloped him, covering his whole body before a large maw "swallowed" his face. In his place were this, "monster". A black humanoid monstrosity with white milky eyes, if you can call those pale orbs eyes, and rows upon rows of sharp teeth as its mouth. I staggered a step behind, afraid of getting myself anywhere near that black ooze. Who knows what side effect it would have if I touched it? Or what if the creature is not under Jason's control? It was taller than he previously been, and quite larger too. If it suddenly went berserk and want to have me as its brunch, I wouldn't stand much chance.

Luckily, it set its eyes on the left over spaghetti instead of me. It took the whole plate pour its content inside its gaping maw. The disgusting feat only took mere seconds. Before long, the plate had been cleaned of its content and the creature shouted with content. I could only stand still, both amazed and perplexed by what I had just seen. I had seen a lot of weird stuffs on my whole live. Never quite this weird, nor this close.

"La ilaha illalllah..." I was, quite rarely, out of words. The creature did not fit to any kind of being I know that goes around possessing people. God, Jason was not a very picky person about friends, was he. I doubted if I was him I would let the ooze get anywhere near me. I'd be careful not to say that anywhere near it, lest it decided that it wanted Çiğ köfte for lunch.

Almost as if it could sense what I was thinking, it leaned its head closer to me. I stepped further back in response, but apparently it did not plan on eating me. Yet.

"Ye- Yes. I'm Amir. You must be Sludge? Nice to meet you, err, sir." Goddammit Amir get your act together. It did not seem to particularly care about my awkward introduction though, and cared more about the thing it had been sensing on me. "I am not sure what you are talking about. I don't really go around thinking if I got any similarities with others." Sludge mentioned more people that he "sensed", although the list did not really make any sense to me. The thin boy he talking about might be Tadeo or Mars. The pink haired girl must be Kiris, and the dragon would be Wyatt. What the heck connecting the four of us, other than doing this whole superhero shtick instead of going on vacation for the summer? Kiris and Wyatt are non-human. But as far as I know, I am one-hundred percent human, so is Mars and Tadeo. Could it be that I am secretly not human?

No. No, that's crazy. Gosh this is leering on tinfoil hat area.

"Sure, sure, I would tell you anything, if I could find out more. As it goes now, my guess is as good as yours."
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Alexis Cain/Vendetta-OR Base, Condemned District

Nick! Tell me you have something!"It has been days since that raid on the mob ship, and the heat we brought down on us has basically forced us to live in this shit hole while we search for a means to counter attack. Hell, Isaac got jumped getting cat food just the other day and Catarina seemed to have made some new friends. But aside from Sina's little adventures with her boyfriend and the odd trip for basic supplies like Little Caesar's Pizza we have all been trapped down here. I have only been able to meet with the orphans once since the raid and that did not go nearly as planned. I'll have to remind Nick to see what he can dig up on a Nile Caanan. He...seemed nice enough back at the house but I won't risk those kids safety on first impressions. Aside form that I can only clean my car so many times and I have endured Edward insisting referring to me as 'Sister' for far too long. Moving up to Nick's side with a brisk pace and a Beretta at my side I tapped my foot eagerly looking over his shoulder.

"Come on Nick, throw me a bone here. I am going stir crazy." Nick had slept even less than normal the past few nights. Which essentially meant not at all. His eyes were fixated on the screen almost in a trance as his hand weakly attempted to guide a cigarette to his chapped lips, making it to it's destination only by the timely intervention of my left hand putting the cigarette back on course. Nick muttered a thanks and then leaned back into his chair.

"Yeah. I got it alright. Took me three days, seventy three cups of coffee and five hundred and sixty eight cigarettes to do so. But I fucking got them, the Goose's Golden Egg for you. I now have the location of the neutral meeting ground for all the major organized crime groups in San Diego. We hit this right and we cut the head off the snake and maybe we can even get some fresh air. The top heads of the Russian Mob. Chinese Triads, Mexican Cartels and every other scum bag all meet here to discuss matters of importance. Like when a entire freighter full of money, contraband and cargo gets blown up. But..." Nick's exhaustion was showing. He shut his eyes hard and rubbed his temples. I almost wanted to ask him the odds that this could be a trap. To have all of our targets in one place like this? Normally it would be too easy. But Nick had been busting his ass for days to get this break through. If this was a set up, it was too well hidden. There was no way for the mob to know we would ever stumble into this. The key to setting a trap was to make sure your prey got the bait. No, it has to be real. But something in my gut just did not settle right with it. And so I let Nick continue to detail me on what he had uncovered.

"From what I am seeing here Vendetta, the meeting spot changes with each new meeting. So they are never in the same place twice. But get this, the meeting this time? A uptown restaurant in the old district. Lots of people, very public. There is no way to hit it and keep us out of the spot light and our window to get in and out will be very small. In the movies, its always some old abandoned part of the city or a warehouse which is easy to ambush. There are lots of variables here. The mob bosses themselves, body guards, innocent bystanders and then realistically police or Warwolf intervention. Possibly even Young Blood if they are not too busy." He rolled his chair back and allowed his gaze to drop down as he rested his eyes. He was clearly burned out and was in no condition to plan a full proof battle plan. Biting my lip I stared at his screen.

"When is this meeting going down?" I asked with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Tonight." He uttered, his eyes still closed. Even an insomniac like him needs some rest.

Got it, I'll call the meeting. We cannot afford to let this pass. You go ahead and rest..." I suggested, patting him on the shoulder.

"We got this."

I summoned a meeting as soon as I left Nick's side. We all stood around the Demon which itself was flanked by weapons crates of various sizes and contents. I myself was already in my battle dress. The black utility outfit with the painted skull adorning the chest. The entire crew was here minus Nick. Brianna, Sebastian, Sina, Catarina and her new pal Yasha, Isaac and Edward. All of us either prepared or preparing for the mission was was just hours away at this point. Each member had a packet with the files including a photo of each of the main targets. The Mafia heads, so everyone knows who to look for once we are in. With a plan that, scarily enough, did not exist yet. That was the main purpose of this little meet. Because while I 'lead' these people in name. I am well aware of my short comings. And so today, this will be a joint effort from start to finish. With input from everyone on everything from our approach to our escape.

"Well, we have finally had a break through. Nick had managed to get the location of a big meeting which was caused by the losses we dealt them at the docks. But there are some complications. In our last mission everyone present was a target. No risk to innocents or the general public. This will be at a Five Star Restaurant in the Old District. The place may be run by one of the local bosses but there will be families there. Workers and employees who are only trying to earn a living. The risk is high both to them, and to us." I placed a AK on the hood of my car gently before taking a few steps back.

"I an not going to lie, we are very likely going to have to deal with police and Warwolf as well. Possibly even a Young Blood or two if we are really unlucky. Non lethally of course for police and heroes. Warwolf....either way, I'll leave how you deal with them up to each of you. But under no circumstances will civilians, San Diego's Finest or any potential heroes be harmed. We are vigilante...not terrorists. This op not being in the Condemned District does complicate things but we still have a job to do."

I scanned each of the faces across the room as I let everything settle in. Before finally getting to the point. "So, way I see it we have roughly an hour or so to get a plan in place and still have enough time to execute it tonight. I can offer some sniper support but we are going to need some recon to find the best vantage points and if the meeting room proper will even be vulnerable to sniping. We may need to flush the targets into the open. I also have this baby..." I announced petting the hood of the Demon like a favored pet companion.

"To act as a getaway car, unfortunately it can only carry a driver plus three. So we will need to consider how we are all getting out of the grinder once we kick shit up." Sebastian then spoke up.

"I have a SUV, it can seat six easy, between the Demon and that, we have enough space for the whole team plus equipment. But, we should still consider alternate vehicles. If anyone has a private ride or can acquire one we should weigh that. We may need to split up to get out." I put a hand up.

"OK, let's deal with one thing at a time. Approach I think we can handle easily enough. We take the Demon and the SUV a couple blocks from the target, maybe a little closer. And then approach on foot from there. As for recon, I think Isaac or Brianna would be best suited to that. Maybe Sina could do some aerial, but a flying dragon could draw attention. We should probably stick to the ground, at least until the shooting starts." With a sigh I allowed myself to lean against a cold garage wall.

"As for execution and escape...I have no fucking clue. I am open to ideas from anyone. We could try and force our way in, hit them before they ever leave the Restaurant or lure them into the open streets for an ambush. Or...well anything else anyone here can think up. I am still fairly new at this. We also need ideas for escape. I think we have a basis between my ride and Sebastian's but it's safe to have fall back ideas. What happens if we are forced to split up? Where would we meet and when? Sina could just fly to safety whenever she likes but for the rest of us trapped on the ground its more complex. At this point I left the floor open for any and everyone.

"So let's hear it? Anyone have ideas on how we get these guys?"
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Postby Confederation of the Equator » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:52 pm

Isaac Fernán
Outrider Base, Evening

The afternoon came to an end as Isaac sat on the edge of the bed in the train wagon he had claimed for a room, going through his phone while Cocoa slept on his lap, which rendered him immobile. The vigilante had become quite acquainted with that situation, having spent his last days after being attacked not going anywhere beyond the Condemned, trapped there due to the circumstances after the cargo ship raid. None of that pleased him. Isaac was someone who would rather go anywhere than being limited, but in that case it was out of his control. He could complain about it, but that was really all he could do. Instead, he decided to pass the time in whatever way possible, be it by talking to the other team members, practicing, watching videos on the internet, anything.

Therefore, Isaac was excited when Vendetta called for a meeting. He obviously couldn’t know what it would be about exactly, but now he was aware they were probably doing something. “Sorry Cocoa.” He got up from his bed, waking up the sleeping cat which ran off elsewhere. The vigilante then assembled his full gear and put in on, hoping that the redhead had finally figured something out.


He arrived there and realized most people were also mostly prepared, which was a good sign. Isaac himself wore his regular clothing, plus a hood and face mask, both of which he kept lowered while not in the field. It was summer and these were a bitch to wear for no reason. He also had an utility belt with the essential grappling hook, a few utility grenades, as well as some extra magazines. Last but not least, he also had his two pistols and knives.

It had been a while since Isaac had seen so many of the team assembled at the same time and place, the last time being right after the cargo ship raid. He took a good look around, his glance shifting from face to face. There was Edward, a person one would usually take as weird, but Isaac didn’t seem to mind him, even if he didn’t know much about the guy. With all the weird things he had already seen, it wouldn’t come as a surprise for the guy to be an actual crusader.

Then, there was Catarina, as well as some newcomer that Isaac was still skeptical about. The cannibal, the monster, whatever she was called, she was the reason why he had put together a makeshift lock for his room, and also why he slept fully under covers. Eating human flesh was something beyond all the fucked up shit he had seen, and Isaac surely didn't want to have anything to do with her. He didn’t see himself getting used to her presence in the near future, and even looking at the woman made him a bit nervous.

The older-looking Sebastian guy was still a mystery to Isaac, but him and Vendetta were a sigh of relief when it came to normalcy in that team… or so it seemed. Even if he was jumping to conclusions too soon, it was good to have people who seemed like normal humans around.

And of course, Sina and Brianna, the first two of the team that Isaac ever met. The white-haired girl was a bit scary in her own way - witnessing her decapitate an android certainly didn’t help - but not nearly as much as the cannibal, and he also found her cute. The former seemed friendlier somehow, although the whole dragon thing constantly kept Isaac on his toes. All in all, it seemed like normalcy was not an integral part of the squad.

The vigilante quietly listened to what the leader had to say, his interest perking with each sentence. Damn, it’s happening that soon…? No wonder we don’t have a plan. Isaac thought through everything that Vendetta had just said. In case he needed to escape, he would likely lose his pursuers quite easily, but he couldn’t just leave his teammates behind. As for the scouting, his climbing and stealth abilities were suited just for that. Even if he wasn't the most confident addressing the team due to being a newcomer, he had to say something.

“I can find some vantage points, as well as get rid of any targets that might be on the surrounding buildings before we do anything.” Isaac spoke up, his Hispanic accent slowly diminishing over time. “As for the escape, I’ve got my bike.” He glanced in the direction of his Yamaha YZF-R3, which was not far from the Demon but was certainly out of the spotlight. “Though I could only take one other person with me if it came down to that.”
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Sam Croft/Blizzard
July 27
Downtown, San Diego

Sam sent his teammates a text containing a downtown address, a time, and “meet me”. The address turned out to be a former wine and liquor store with papered-over windows and a big “Closed for Remodelling” sign on the door. Sam – it least it sounded like Sam, even though he was wearing street clothes, and seemed a little shorter – unlocked the door and welcomed them in.

Once they were in, he peeled off the latex mask he'd been wearing in public. “Can't be too careful these days.” He spread his arms, showing off the place: bottles lined the shelves, and a cash register sat on the front counter. “The owner wanted to retire, and she was planning on selling all the stock and fixtures, but I made it worth her while to leave it all in place.”

He led Doug and Lana into a back room, and pointed out a trap door in the floor. He opened it, and they descended into an odd wine cellar. “In the early 1970s, a businessman got a great idea: he'd set up a miniature cargo subway to move goods around in the city and to and from the docks. Other cities had them then.

“It was a great idea, and for a while it made just buckets of money. But then cargo containers took over the world, and the turns in this subway are too tight for them. It gradually went broke, and was filled in. But parts like this were taken over by businesses for storage.

“So, we've got a 15-foot diameter tunnel almost 70 feet long with lights already in, three ramps to the street, including two that open into alleys, and a front business above. I was going to partition off the area where the stairs come down, because I think hiding the trapdoor would be too hard, and concealing the tunnel's true size is easy. It's earthquake-proof and secure. So, what do you guys think? I think it makes a great base of operations! I've already moved in some tools for making the sort of masks I use for disguise work, so we can get ready to visit the Wolf Lair.”
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Postby The Republic of Atria » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:39 pm

Team Meeting

"And we. EMPHASIS ON WE-" Jason reaffirmed to Mars. "-Are going to get her back safe and sound, and we're going to make Warwolf look like idiots in the process." He finished. Roy wrapped up the meeting by stating that there was going to be a press conference from them in a couple hours, and that they needed to be in costume. Thankfully his costume was his power and it took hardly any time at all to suit up. He had no problems talking to the press, more time to bad mouth Warwolf when they could do nothing to stop it. As he was leaving the room he saw the guy who first got mad at Mike, Casimir. Who was wearing... A Japanese school uniform for some reason?

Eh. He figured shouldn't be talking much about people's fashion choices given his choice of "clothing." Glass houses and all that, but it was the same one he watched learning to swing with his powers. Which reminded him of his early days with Sludge when they were first experimenting. While he laughed about it happening to him now, it was twice as funny to watch someone else face plant a tree, but being on a team with him, Jason figured he should offer some tips alongside a healthy amount of snark. The guy clearly had an ego and a temper. "Hey bud." Jason called over to the Polish superhero.

"Couldn't help but notice you the other day doing your best to miss smacking into trees while practicing swinging with... Frankly, I've got no idea how you're swinging, but the point is I saw it and It just so happens that I do the exact same thing to get around and I've got some advice if you want to hear it." He offered. "Hell, we could go out back and even get a little practice in before the press conference if you're so inclined."

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Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:43 pm

Finland SSR wrote:---

Hearing the first words the heroine spoke, Icarus chuckled. Yeah, tell me about it. He spoke in his head. He was the one knee-deep in this mess, after all. Renata went on to mention the respect that the members of the Crusade would have for him, and that he could perhaps use it to steer them away from their dangerous path. It was indeed something he had already considered, and in fact, it was the solution he was betting on, at least for the time being. But what use was the respect he commanded for them if he couldn't even find them? How did he hope to resolve the situation if he didn't even have a single lead as to their location? It was this that frustrated him the most, but for now, he refrained from letting it show. The was his girlfriend was acting, it was clear she was distressed about it as well, and making her worry about something else on the night she almost died was the last thing he wanted.

The blond boy immediately stood up from his seat and walked up to Renata, pulling her into a tight embrace. "Don't let it get to you, Renata. You may not think so, but you're doing a lot more than that. Sure, we haven't done a stellar job with all our promises..." He chuckled, both at his pun and at the irony that was the fact that both of them had broken their promises to each other, despite having grown so close, so quickly. "But if it weren't for those smiles, I... well, I would probably be a lot worse off than I was before." He said, smiling down at her. It was textbook cheesy, yes, but it was also true. He doubted he needed to elaborate on the exact situation he would be in if she hadn't come along, but he did consider her a positive influence on him.

A short pause would lapse before the vigilante spoke again. "So... are you going to head back to Wonder Tower, or are you going to start here? I could walk you there if you plan on going, but otherwise... well, unless you don't feel safe spending the night here by yourself, I should probably take my leave now."

Auropa wrote:---

Tomia wrote:---

Hearing Mike's question, Alexis let out a nervous laugh. He knew that the boy didn't really know about it, as she had only ever talked to Yoshiro and Angelica about what constituted one of her stranger 'quirks', but even so, the question hit close enough to home to make her feel uncomfortable. "I... honestly, I don't know how I do it, myself. I may be smart, but sometimes I really don't know what's going on in my head." She said with a chuckle. "But at any rate, it's just something we all have to learn to do, isn't it? When the stakes are this high, you just gotta do what you gotta do." She shrugged. "I think you did well. You got carried away a little, but you realized it and decided to make an exit before losing your composure again. It wasn't a stellar performance, but I'm sure the others would appreciate it. You know, if they weren't losing their minds over what happened."

The blonde girl paused, a slight frown appearing on her face as she considered some of the boy's earlier words. "And what we're doing is worth doing; that's the only reason we keep doing it. That's the reason he thought it was worth it to go out and try to gather info on Warwolf, even if his way of doing it was terrible and ultimately led to this. And you know, I don't think her staying behind was something that was decided lightly, or unilaterally." She let out a sigh. "But I guess for now we can't know that for sure. Maybe I should've stayed to hear the whole story."

Another pause. "I guess I've bothered you enough, huh? I'll let you continue blowing off some steam, I've got to take care of-" The tech wizard trailed off as she felt her phone vibrating. Fishing the device out of her pocket, she saw a new message from Roy, frowning. "A press conference in two hours, huh..." She mumbled as she read the text aloud, before putting away the cellphone. "I'll go get some work done while I've still got time. See you later, Mike." The blonde girl said to her fellow Young Blood before taking her leave.

Two hours later, she made her way to where the others had gathered, fully decked out in her Makeshift outfit.

Northwest Slobovia wrote:---

Unlike Sam, who had been careful not to show his face while waiting for his companions, Douglas had been far less dedicated in his efforts to conceal himself, simply wearing casual clothes and a gray hat to keep the sun off his face and partly obscure it; a hood would've been better, perhaps, but wearing a hood during the middle of summer in San Diego was bound to draw attention, which ultimately would've been counterproductive.

That, and he thought he looked pretty snazzy with a hat. He liked hats.

Greeting both Sam and Lana with a friendly howdy, the carefree carpenter followed Sam into the liquor store, letting out a whistle as he noticed that the place appeared to be fully stocked despite being closed to the public. He nodded as the scientist explained in vague detail how he had acquired the place, while at the same time picking a bottle off the nearest shelf and inspecting it. A Bordeaux from some year or another - he was no connoisseur, so he didn't know what the difference was between that and any other.

He placed the bottle back in the shelf and turned around just in time to see Sam and Lana heading down a trapdoor. Following suit, he found himself in a rather spacious tunnel, part of which had been repurposed into a wine cellar by the previous owner of the establishment. He inspected his surroundings as Sam talked about the history of the place, and nodded in appreciation; sure, it was a little bare at the moment save for all the barrels and bottles, but it looked like a prime location for a good hideout, they only needed to go through the work of turning it into one.

"I agree, I like the place. Pretty cozy." The man nodded again. "Looks a little empty without furniture. Nothing I can't fix, assuming you're fine with it." He spoke, before turning back to look at Sam and Lana. "So, moving on to the plan. Just to recap, you and Warp here are going into the belly of the beast while I'm on standby in case something goes wrong, right?"
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Postby New Finnish Republic » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:52 pm


Red's ears perked up when a familiar voice rang in his ears. Narrowing his eyes, he watched as Yoshiro walked up to Mars, reaching out with her hand in a way that to anyone else would look comforting. But for Red, the knowledge that this was all feigned sympathy for someone the thing controlling Yoshiro likely had no sympathy for made him want to vomit. Biting his tongue to snap himself out of his emotions, Red waited until it was clear the meeting was over before hastily making his way over to the kitchen to scrounge around for something to eat.

After devouring a handful of assorted fruit and a protein bar, Red reached into one of the cupboards to reach for his shaker cup, filling its insides with cold refreshing water. The meeting had him feeling anxious, both the capture of Kirisvala and the sight of the possessed Yoshiro gnawing at his heart. With Yoshiro, the only person he'd ever really been able to open up even slightly to now out of the picture, the only shelter for his sanity remained within the gym downstairs, where he'd throw around as much weight as he needed until the boiling sensation within his heart was soothed.

Rushing up to his room, he quickly changed into his workout attire, discarding his worn clothes into his laundry hamper. Going over to where his own cupboard was, he retrieved a container of the preworkout supplement Jane had developed for him. Supposedly, the stuff was way above anything he could find on a shelf at some store. He definitely believed the mad scientist could make such a thing, but the safety of it was a matter to itself. Sure, she had promised him it was completely safe, but he couldn't help but feel a bit of hesitation as he was mixing the powdered substance into his shaker cup.

He glanced once more over at his bed, noting a few strands of hair laying across the sheets and his pillows thanks to his guest from the night before. Part of him wanted to be angry at the sight, but he could only muster a small shake of his head before heading out of his room and making his way downstairs to where the gym was located. Finishing off his concoction as he entered the gym, Red was glad to see he was all alone. He needed this time to himself, just him and the weights being the only things of concern to him.

As he began his routine of stretching, he slowly began to notice what he could only describe as a bubbling sense of energy and mental clarity begin to wash over him. Obviously, the effects of Jane's concoction were beginning to kick in, and he was more than happy to feel it in all its glory. Gone was all feelings of weariness that the last few days had thrown over him, as were his concerns about Yoshiro and Kirisvala. Instead, his mind seemed focused on one task alone, and that was the workout that awaited him. The sensation, however, was not necessarily new to him, albeit one he had not felt for some time. He felt the same as he did when he went on missions not that many months ago with the members of his former team, his mind set on one objective and that alone.

And damn, did it feel good to be back.

Red took a deep breath, his final repatition completed. Placing the dumbbells back to where they belonged, he went over to where his shaker cup remained, it now being filled with simple water from the fountain rather than the mixture that was in it before. Popping the top of the shaker cup off, he managed to glance at himself in the mirror, taking a good look at his current form. His arms revelaed fading scars, some fading from times long ago while others fading due to the help of Jacob's work within the Tower after recent missions. His left arm still remained bruised, a fresh pink scar still running up and down its lengths, a momento from his battle with Marionette. It probably could have been healed much more efficiently if Red hadn't been so persistent in him taking care of the unconcious Yoshiro instead, despite Jacob's insistence that there was nothing more than they could do but wait. Looking back on it, it would have been better for him to take Jacob's advice, as now his healing had been delayed quite significantly, as was the case currently with his arm significantly feeling much worse than the rest of his body. Still, it was operational, which for Red was all that mattered.

His grey sleeveless shirt held large dark wet stains, the pools of sweat showing just how much he had exerted himself throughout the workout. He had managed to be completely unbothered throughout the process, which was probably for the best. All of his frustrations had came out, with the redheaded boy often screaming his lungs out several times, only for these screams to be drowned out by the blaring heavy metal which dominated the airspace of the gym.

Shaking his head, he took his gaze away from his reflection and walked over to the music control station, shutting down the speakers. With a touch of a button, the entire gym fell silent outside of the low humming of fans keeping the room at an optimal level. He was exhausted, and with the text message from Roy indicating they were doing a press conference, he knew he needed to call it quits while he still had time.

He was about to reach for the light switches, when suddenly he heard the doors of the gym slide open. Turning his gaze around to see who was entering, his eyes widened at first. Then they narrowed.

"Quite an act you put on there, don't you think, Yoshi?"
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The Rebel Alliances wrote:
Alexis Cain/Vendetta-OR Base, Condemned District

The Mad Lass, Sina As'tari!

Finally, the Outriders are doing something together again. Not that Sina actually minded a few days of reprieve. She had things of her own to deal with - the whole going out with Bael, occassionally patrolling the city in search of anything which might need to have their head bashed (to no avail) and especially getting to know the rest of the team a little better. It was a pretty unique assortment of personalities they had over here. Sina was the only member who wasn't scaleless, and while that normally would be a pretty big dealbreaker for her, the Outriders had this aura which differed them from the rest of their species.

They were a lot better at finding fun things to do. Like now, for example. Alexis gathered the team for a meeting and explained that they finally caught the tails of the San Diego mafia, who are gathering a meeting in a restaurant to iron out a response to one of their ships being lost as well as a few other matters. Obviously, there is going to be no better time to try to decapitate the city's criminal underworld in one clean strike, and this is clearly what Alexis had been betting on tonight, but plenty of problems had to be resolved first. The method of transportation, the way they're gonna get inside, the plan inside and the way to escape...

"If you're still counting the number of people to seat into that truck thing, then you can count me out. I can fly faster than those metal lumps on rubber wheels." Sina commented on the first of the headaches, then glanced to the ceiling, thinking. To say that planning was not her forte would be an understatement.

"Well... the problem is that there's a bunch of innocent humans in that restaurant as well as all the bad guys, right?" the Dra'Quinni vigilante began. "Because most of us don't really work well in such an environment, I think the best idea would be to find a way to separate the two. Say, someone makes a big explosion or something and gets everyone to flee from the building. The rest of us watch from outside and see which of the scaleless have a lot of guards around them or are trying to separate from the rest of the crowd to not be noticed when the police arrive... and then we smash 'em, smash 'em, smash 'em."

Zarkenis Ultima wrote:Icarus being Icarus

Renata Martinez, the heroic Stella!

Suddenly, after Renata let her heart out at being so powerless at helping Icarus with all the crap life is giving him, the heroine found herself pulled into a tight embrace, which took her somewhat by surprise - not that she didn't welcome it, and quickly responded with the same. Icarus spoke about how she shouldn't let those poisononous thoughts let to him - she's had a lot more influence than she thinks she had. Without her, who knows to what depths Icarus might have fallen to?

Remembering the first time she met the blonde vigilante, how angry and frustrated at everyone around him he seemed, how much his words frightened him back then, and what he is like now... Icarus definitely had a point.

"Thanks, I..." the pink-haired girl muttered, so silently that one might have mistaken it for a whisper. "...I'm glad to have helped."

What other reason is there to be a hero if not to help others, after all?

After a brief moment of silence, Icarus moved on to something else, asking Renata on what she's going to do now. To stay here, or take her leave to Wonder Tower? And if it's the former, then there isn't really anything else he could do, is there? No, no! You could... convince him to stay for the night, right? Talk about feeling unsafe, tell him that he's starved, say that you two have a lot to catch up to...

Just... state what's on your mind. What you really want.

"Thanks, Carito... I'll be safe, don't worry. And you have a lot to work on, too, so..."


Rising up on her toes to meet her boyfriend's height, Renata planted her lips on Icarus's for a final kiss of goodbye, keeping it up for a few seconds before finally pulling back and finishing:

"...I won't try to hold you up for too long. Good... good luck out there."
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Postby Auropa » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:51 pm

Mike Mathews
Wonder Tower

“…You know-” Mike eventually said as Alexis checked her phone “arguing with a genius is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be.”
Despite everything, some part of him wanted to believe in the team and that people could just do good for the sake of it but above all, something about Alexis’ conviction and confidence in them hit Mike hard. After everything they had been through and seen, maybe trusting this group, at least a little, wasn’t so bad. When Alexis started to leave, Mike felt a small nagging at the back of his mind, as a question started to form and an impossible hope began to take root, both of which he was thankfully able to smother before causing another catastrophe in the one day.
“See you then Alexis.” He replied as the blonde genius left the room and the doors sealed shut behind her “…And thanks” he added quietly.

After their talk, Mike stayed on his own for a while. After all the emotions he’d run through, now he was just feeling empty and alone. He didn’t know if he had lost the team’s trust or never had it to begin with, what made it hurt more though, was that he didn’t know which was worse. It wasn't like he blamed them for it though, he had snapped at them, left without warning and had barely even talked to them outside of the odd mission. Maybe they were right to not trust him... Rising to his feet, Mike took one last look at the shredded punching bag and closed his eyes. He focused his frustration and doubts as he reached out and felt the bag’s torn surface then concentrated further. He didn’t think about what he was doing or why but felt the surface melt away and erode beneath his will and when he opened his eyes again, all that was left was dust and glass. Then, with one last muted shout, he kicked the pile and shattered it into a fine nothingness.
‘Like hell I’m going to be the sappy loser that sits on ass!’ He thought to himself, he knew what he wanted to do and sure, he didn’t have a clue on how to do it but since joining the team when didn’t he feel that way?! This time he had a new mindset and a new goal. He wanted to be a hero. Not some super-suit fighting for attention and posing for cameras, but a good guy. He wanted to be a person who’d protect everyone, and stand-up to fight so others wouldn’t have to. So what if he pissed some people off? He’d do what’s right.
“Welp.” he called out to the empty room as he tapped his boot against the ground to shake loose the last remnants of the punching bag free “time to get started”.


After making his way back to his room, Mike took out his gear and looked over it. As protective as it was, it slowed him down. At the same time, fighting with nothing but a shield made him realise just how quickly he had come to rely on stray plating doing his work for him. Thinking over his options, Mike decided to try something new. Alexis was busy with her own projects and he still wanted nothing to do with Mars, as for everyone else, Mike figured that they probably needed some space after his outburst. So instead, Mike decided to take matters into his own hands and modify his uniform alone. ‘How hard can it be?’ he thought to himself as he dug out a small assortment of tools from his bag.

As it turned out though, the answer to his question was ‘very’ and after close to an hour of work, Mike had only succeeded in removing two plates, breaking another, tearing the chest piece and denting his helmet. With a frustrated sigh Mike leaned back and tried to think. The press conference was in a bit over an hour and while he could still don his old mask and jacket, he wanted something more official, something that showed he was going to start taking things seriously. Looking at the mess of cloth, carbon and metal before him, he knew that he’d need to find something new. ‘Then again…’ he thought to himself as a stray idea popped into his head. Some of the others in the team had been developing new powers since joining, maybe he could too. Shutting his eyes, Mike tried to focus his mind and force himself to think outside the box, to do something he always hoped he could but constantly failed to achieve. He felt the connections in the armour’s remains but didn’t change them. He knew how to break and strengthen them but now he wanted something new. Soon enough he had found the joints and connections in the armour along with its plates and reinforcements, next he tried to separate them as he willed them to steadily adjust and shift. For a while nothing happened but then, bit by bit, piece by piece, he felt reinforced carbon and cloth begin to almost unwind and uncurl as they seemingly melted into themselves before slowly reforming to Mike’s unconscious will. It was a strange, almost cathartic sensation for him, feeling things perfectly move along to a silent rhythm within his mind as they piled up and remade themselves into something entirely new. It took nearly the full hour, but when a tired Mike released control to look at his work, a massive grin grew across his face.

The suit couldn’t protect him on its own nearly as much as before, but out of nowhere, it had taken a new more streamlined design that he never could’ve hoped to make himself. And yet, that’s exactly what he did. As he lifted it up, his surprise grew further as he discovered that he couldn’t find a single stitch or connection across the whole thing, even the joints and plates seemed to practically grow or stem from the tough fabric as though it were completely natural. The whole thing forced him to laugh at the audacity of it all. Suddenly his powers had a whole new meaning, looking across the room he made a few last-minute changes with his newfound skill before finally getting changed and leaving to the conference meeting point, pausing only for a moment to see himself ,in the mirror. ‘Now this is going to be interesting’ he thought to himself.
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Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:08 pm

July 27th

Here goes nothing.

Alexis had spent approximately an hour and forty-three minutes putting the finishing touches on the newly repaired Oberon and patching up the bugs in the code that explained why the force field system failed to protect the shield projectors, as well as making sure that its formerly damaged leg and the piloting area both worked properly after the extensive work done on them. As the moment for the press conference approached, however, she knew that she had to prepare. Quickly ordering the robotic arms that aided her in her work to put away her tools and return Oberon to its pedestal, she walked over to the table where he kept her usual gear: her blue visor, her armored vest with an integrated shield generator, her all-purpose electronic gauntlets and her trusty rocket boots.

After just a couple minutes, she was fully geared up and ready to go. Taking one last look at her lab, she snapped her fingers, the lights dimming inside and the door opening. She stepped outside and headed into the elevator, taking a deep breath and preparing for whatever awaited them in the upcoming press conference.

A few moments later, she emerged from the building that housed her underground laboratory and began trotting towards one of the many buildings that dotted Wonder Island, which had since been refurbished precisely for the purpose of holding conferences in it. On the way there, she happened to come across one of the newer members of the team, Shi, who despite having only been recruited on the morning of the 24th had already led a mission against a group of criminals the very next day. Figuring she might as well make some small talk in the minutes they had before the conference began, Alexis ran up to the other girl.

"Howdy, Princess." The blonde girl spoke in greeting. "I've heard you're good in front of cameras. Looking forward to this?"
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Postby Aidannadia » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:22 pm


“-The Wonders Facility, where just earlier this week, local hero team the Youngbloods failed to capture--”

“--Masked murderer Blackout is still on the run after another unnamed vigilante saved him. Could this be a co-conspirator? Is he working with the Cabal? Did the Youngbloods let him escape?--”

“-- Warwolf was able to apprehend what is being called by some a genuine Vampire. Could this event be connected to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Blood Drug, more recently referred to as Hemophorics? Stay tuned---,”

“--And the mysterious masked individuals; One can only ask, where are they now?”

As much as Tadeo had a disdain for modern technology, including all of its buzzing and clicking and whirring, it had been useful in catching up on the events of the day before, even while Doctor Jane was keeping a close eye on him to not try and get up and leave again. Luckily, food distracted him in this trying time. The hero had been through several plates already, idly munching while trying to piece together what he knew about the spells being used on the news.

“Doctor Jane!” Tad’s voice called from his bed through a cracked door.

“Yes?” The doctor asked, responding through the cracked door and entering the room. She was rubbing her glasses with her lab coat as she entered, putting them on her eyes to inspect Tadeo for changes to his condition.

“Do you ever think of hot springs? Something so peaceful and relaxing, a wonderful sight, warm and comforting, but with the smell of sulfur and the threat of lava near?” He said, looking not exactly at Jane. His eyes took on a misty quality, as if there was something in the room only he could see, as if Jane was invisible and he could see through her, or that the world stared through him as if he weren’t even really there, before snapping back to a more socially acceptable position than staring quietly. “I wanted to apologize for being stubborn about leaving. Usually, Mungwuppe would have made uh… I do not know the English word but its like a chocolate cake but not… Brownies always make them. They’re truly miraculous when my body is drained like this.” He nodded.

Jane frowned at his first comment, quickly checking his eyes for signs of hallucinations. To be honest she wasn’t sure what she was looking for with Tadeo. This magic mumbo-jumbo was all too real, and that was causing her all sorts of problems. It was easy to throw around words like “Accelerated Probablity”, “Unknown particle manipulation” or “Psychic subconscious phase shifting,” but they didn’t give Jane any help when dealing with what they actually meant. “Precognition”, “Magic” and “Planar Travel” were all words which didn’t help her either, but at least they were more honest.

Sorting the real from the crazy was a task in a half.

Jane raised an eyebrow at the mention of a Brownie. “So, when you say Brownie, just to be clear, you don’t mean the dessert.” She responded. “You mean the creature from Gaelic myth. The faeries. That's what you mean.”

Tadeo tilted his head at her comment. “There’s a dessert named Brownies? I’m not quite sure how I feel about that…” His hand went to his chin, as if considering the gravity of this realization.

“Are you a skeptic, Doctor Jane?”

‘I’m a scientist Tadeo.” Jane replied, writing down a food order from the Kitchen for some Ramen noodles. That would be a good way for poor Tadeo to gain some weight without being too excessive “So yes. I am a skeptic. It’s part of the job description.”

Tadeo smiled to himself knowingly. “I have met a scientist before, though there were certainly more negative vibes to the arrangement. And more probing... “ He looked off into the distance, wincing a bit at the thought of it. “Not to imply that you haven’t done enough probing, I think you’ve done the perfect acceptable amount of probing… Um…” Tadeo visibly blushed, rubbing his hair nervously for once.

“I’m not very in practice when it comes to talking to people my age and species.” He nodded, choosing to continue. “He told me that he needed to prove to his peers what he always knew to be true. Somewhat like me, he’d been exposed at an early age to mystical vibrations, but no one believed him. His need to put the myths and box them into the mundane world is what drove him mad in the end.” Tadeo mused, pursing his lips at his story.

“A child sees a mango in a tree. He climbs up the tree and tries to reach one, only to have it fall and squash on the ground. He sees this. He smells the flesh on the ground. He feels the tree swaying in the cool wind of the valley. He can taste that mush of a food like anything else. And when you tell him it is gravity he nods his head, because he knows.” Tadeo spoke a few phrases under his breath, cupped his hands together, and reached towards Jane, dropping the contents between his palms into her hands abruptly.

A floating orb, lit with blue flames that made the air around it chill, rested in her hands gently. Tadeo smiled, continuing on with his exposition. “Part of the spell pulled from a place where there is a lot of fire, some more beautiful than others. Another pulled energy from a place that is mostly chaotic and wild with free spirits. And part of my own spirit went into initiating that relationship.” He reached towards her palms, gently guiding them closed around the flame, until they clasp in on each other, removing his hands from hers to reveal no more orb present anywhere. “I live in this world. I see it all around me. I see your spirit, it’s twists and bends and… splits.” Tad spoke gently, before quickly moving on. “And its color and might and smell like…” Tadeo rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself, taking in a deep whiff of the air, “embalming fluid, and lavender and… something else but idk what.” The magician tried to relax, his hand flexing to ease the exertion of the spell from earlier.

“Even what you’re thinking right now, no doubt trying to frame these events within the scope of your reality, it goes up and away and swirls around in endless sea of senseless streams of words and numbers.” His hand made a fluttering motion for emphasis.

Jane raised an eyebrow again, then gave a small shrug. “I know you’re trying to get me to see things your way. The universe is wide and mysterious right? That there’s more to see if I were like you? The problem is I don’t think that way. I’m not the sort to wonder at things idly.”

Jane took her hands back away from Tadeo. She sighed. “Sure. There are things I can’t explain. I have no idea how you did that. I could string together some half assed explanation about bioplasma and remote ignition, but I wouldn’t be a real scientist or skeptic if I did that. I’m not like that scientist you talked about. I don’t think I could fit everything into my box. I don’t think I can wave away some explanation for everything. I’m not omniscient, and I never will be.”

“But here's the thing. Just because I don’t know the explanation doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t strive to understand supernatural phenomenon within a scientific context. Just because I can accept that you can make fire appear from another dimension, doesn’t mean I believe that’s not science. Someday we’ll be able to reproduce magic with technology, and then there’ll be some other mystery.”

“I don’t believe that because you can do mystical stuff, that means I need to believe that dragons exist now. I’ll believe when I see them. Then I’ll try to understand what they are my way.”

Tadeo tilted his head to the side. “Well, of course technology can reproduce magic; a lot of it is magic without the magic part- wait no… how can I describe this…. calling out to somewhere else.” He nodded to himself, still considering whether his wording was adequate. “All I’m saying is that maybe our day to day life isn’t a study under a microscope. Though you should definitely believe in dragons considering we have a mutual companion in Wyatt.” Tad nodded with a smile.

“Even I become the slightest bit scientific when I’m working. Which reminds me…” A pen and paper appeared in his hands, “Can you explain to me what happened at the Wonders Facility from your perspective?”

Jane paused, a small knot of sudden fear tightening around her throat. She spoke after a brief moment.

“I wasn’t much help. I’m ashamed to say that I was too terrified to do anything. I hid behind a nearby piece of cover until the battle was over.” She replied. “Why do you ask?”

“They was only so much the cameras captured. And I haven’t really talked much with the others yet.... “ Tad looked over Jane’s sudden change in body language. Hm… “I can understand why you’d feel uncomfortable discussing it. There were a lot of powerful forces at work on that night. I just wish I had been there. Maybe I could have teleported you to a better spot and you wouldn’t have had to deal with the fight.” His expression hardened with frustration, uncharacteristic for the mage.

“Of course, it’s also strange that you were brought along for the mission. No offense is intended, but you don’t strike me as a very savvy fighter.” Tadeo continued to muse to himself, yet aloud.

“Probably not.” She replied in agreement to his comment about her being a not savvy fighter, which was good. The less he thought about her fighting the less suspicious he would be. “I guess Naja thought to send me there so I could do emergency first aid for anyone who was hurt or something. Or maybe just so I have experience on the battlefield.”

She moved her hand to a notepad, where she jotted down an order for Tadeo’s food.

“Yet Jacob did not come along.” Tadeo gently pressed further. She’s holding something back. “A lot of my life has been spent talking to people. I do not blame you for holding your secrets close. I have plenty of my own. I’m sure you’ll come forward with your story in time.” The mage nodded, and flipped his own notepad to the next page.

“Um… and the soldiers that were there, among the confusion.” Tadeo’s gaze stayed focused on his notepad, unable to meet Jane’s eyes as the topic shifted. “They have a mark on their suit, the mark of a werewolf, right?”

Jane frowned slightly at the comment about her secrets. Tadeo seemed under the impression that she would one day trust them enough to tell them. But how could she? She knew it was eventually going to come out, that she was really just delaying the inevitable, but she really couldn’t see herself telling the Young Bloods willingly what she was. What she had become.

“Just a regular wolf I think.” She responded to his question. “Warwolf, the new PMC in town that’s going to clean up San Diego. Bunch of assholes from what I’ve seen.”

“Ah.” Tadeo nodded, doodling in his journal. “May I confide in you, Doctor Jane? I understand it might not be your expertise, but something is rather taxing on my mind as of late. I understand that humans generally don’t readily share deep feelings of turmoil to such new friends, but I was raised rather unconventionally and it would do me wonders to ease my emotional state.”

“Sure. I’d be a pretty poor doctor if I had no bedside manner.” Jane replied. She decided it would be best if she sat down next to Tadeo for this rather than standing over him, so she brought over a stool. She was glad for the changes in conversation away from her involvement in the Wonder Foundation Raid. “What’s on your mind?”

Tad paused. “I feel… angry. It’s not a feeling I’m comfortable with. When I was younger, I had men in bulky suits burn my village to the ground, and I’ve dealt with that part of myself. I’ve really moved on, but… when I see the mark of the Wolf again, the feelings of rage and powerlessness. The fear of inaction….”

“It shakes me to my core.”

Jane paused, not quite sure what to say to Tad. At one level she could relate to both those feelings, but on the other hand she felt it best to keep her secret. Still, she decided to make an attempt to respond to him.

“Tad I’m sorry… That must have been a horrible experience.” Jane responded. “Warwolf need to be brought to justice, for everything they’ve done. I’m certain we’ll be able to do that to them one day.”

“For now, inaction is probably what you’re going to need to do for a while if you’re going to be strong enough to fight them.” She responded.

Tad nodded, taken aback by Jane’s words of encouragement. “I suppose so. Thank you. I feel a bit better now.” He smiled and looked down. “I should rest now. You’re right. Thank you for everything.” His hands clasped together and he bowed to his teammate respectfully in his seated position.

The Meeting
Tad kept quiet for the majority of the meeting, thinking back to his talk with Jane, reflecting on his turmoil, and worrying about his good from Kirisvala's safety.

As the meeting began to disperse, and each of his teammates scattered to find their outfits. Immediately, he took a step towards Mars, teleporting to face him directly, his own eyes meeting his...

and he embraced the boy.

"You can't always save everyone, Marvin. It's a hard lesson to learn, and I'm glad we can make it right for you this time." A vague pink haze flowed from Tad's hand that was pressed against his teammate's back. "Let's go get Kirisvala now." He patted the boys shoulder twice, and disappeared with another step off to some dark corner to clear his mind.
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Solisian Union wrote:Mass Shooter and Cannibal

Viviana Couture, July 24
This woman, no this monster, was an absolute visage of barbarity as it howled at Viviana. Its viscera covered self swiped at Viviana with it's bony claws and Viviana barely managed to collapse her legs into the floor to avoid them. Shit! She's got claws!, thought Viviana glaring at the cannibal in midpounce.

"Take this, bitch!" yelled Viviana. At an incredible speed Viviana shot two fingers from her hands and jabbed them into the cannibal's tear ducts before retracting them. Viviana then reshaped her arm to a basic form of a baseball bat at swung it at the cannibal's neck.

Not even bothering to see what happened with the maneater, Viviana swiveled around in place and made a run for it. As she had found out with papercuts, her powers did nothing to protect her from sharp and pointy things. Hopefully she hindered the cannibal long enough to regroup with the others and get a handle of these events but the entire situation was a hole in one when it came to mess ups. Everyone was separated and there still lots of civilians in the area and now these psychopaths came and started...killing people. Her lungs began pushing air in and out at a much faster rate then would even be normal for this level of exertion. Was she hyperventilating? Where had gone all her bravado from just a few seconds ago? She had wanted to protect the other so much but that disgusting sight had obliterated it. Over a year had passed since the weekly mutant attack on her hometown but..but..she had just melted away.

With blurry eyes she spotted how Renata and Elle were both traveling up shit creek without a paddle. Elle was taken a hostage and Renata dodging the attacks of the fat one and Renata had taken notice of Elle's situation and pleaded for someone to help. Holy fiddlesticks where was Shi and Cassandra? She had to help Elle out and then Renata so they'd snowball enough to curbstomp the the cannibal. She made a b-line to get behind the gunman. Alright what she do? She needed something much faster and harder to hit the guy. Her rubber tension wasn't fast enough to surprise the guy. Wait tension? Tension made her bouncy and what else was bouncy? That's right! Bed springs!

Viviana contorted her arms to spring shapes and tightly packed them in to build tension and the exploded outwards. One arm shot overhead and completely enveloped the handgun while the other slammed into the small of the guy's back and it rapidly forced him to fall over into his back. Now for the third time Viviana and Elle went to help Renata but it seemed she had the situation had handled itself as Renata had the fat gangster on the ropes. Viviana and Elle stopped next to Renata while Viviana was panting or at least trembling.

"Ya better listen to Stella here uncool dude," panted Vivina, "Shadowkill here got's some nasty surprises for you too!"

North America Inc wrote:Shi

Casimir Herman, July 25
Aha he had struck gold! For once his glorious deeds of battle was recognized by someone in this scorching city. She had even read articles! Before Casimir delved into his daydreams of grandeur he suddenly started paying attention to what she was saying and learned her name was actually Shi. Her alias was Red Princess which he found to be acceptable. It wasn't nearly as amazing sounding as "The Almighty Kabuto" but it had a nice ring to it. Shi was also a solo hero much like him and a select few of the other Young Bloods. Yes, that was most acceptable. Nothing more noble than taking the sword of a worthy cause like heroism. The only thing he didn't like was England. That damn country was nothing more than a worthless fair-weather friend.

"Good morning Casimir, Vivian, Shihong,"

"Hiya, Reem," jovially greeted Viviana to the Arab girl.

Casimir turned his face to see Reem come and join them for breakfast. She was one of the more enigmatic recruits and her and Shi started a conversation in some asian language but he couldn't pin it down which one exactly. Thankfully Shi suggested that they change to English.

"So you were a solo hero as well in the land of crumpets and tea? Care to recall any of your more exciting ventures?," inquired Casimir in an attempt for conversation and an effort to evaluate her.

Viviana Couture, July 27
Wow everyone was such a douchebag. Viviana did not expect her first team meeting to be this volatile especially so as she had come in sort of late to see everyone yelling at each other. More importantly she was disappointed in Casimir. She had expected him have grown a little since joining the team as she thought working with peers would do him some good but it looked he was well not levelheaded as she had put her hopes on. To be fair to him the guy, whatshisname Mike, he was yelling at was a major douche so she had to give so leeway to Casiboy. She had opted out of speaking and instead sat awkwardly in a chair near Casimir. Once the dogfight of a meeting had run its course Viviana exited along with everyone and once she spotted Casimir waiting with that Jason dude. Seeing an opportunity she pounced.

The Republic of Atria wrote:Jason

Casimir Herman, July 27
Well Casimir had learned how ungrateful his teammates could be. Here he was taking the initiative to put down Mike where he belonged but instead of being thankful they were just yelling at him to shut up. At least Renata recognized that Mike needed to know his place but once Wendy told him to calm down Casimir raised an eyebrow. Was everyone blind? He was clearly sitting down patiently waiting for an answer from Roy yet the ingrates were acting like he was just as bad as Mike. Although, Wendy acting so upfront and threatening to Mike was surprising as he didn't the wallflower to come off as so pugnacious. Another surprise was Wyatt roaring for everyone to shut up. He even had the gall to give an order to Casimir which just made Casimir grin in amusement.

"Whatever you say, Wyatt," jeeringly said Casimir. Carter said something else but Casimir simply rolled his eyes at whatever the straw for brain was saying. Mike pipped up yet again in his tantrum to interject some foolhardy "gotcha" comment to Casimir, Wendy, and Renata before storming out.

"Sure sure if that helps you sleep at night, Mike," scoffed Casimir. The meeting progressed with more of the team offering their own thoughts but Casimir couldn't help but feel as if some minuscule jaws of a irksome bug was tugging at his conscience. Ash and Viv were in the meeting as well and this made him feel unwell about the vitriol he had contributed to the meeting and perhaps he should have condu.....Did I just admit something? thought Casimir befuddled. Once the meeting had ended Casimir waited just outside to wait for Viviana but someone else had caught him. The newcomer named Jason who offered some advice for webswinging. Initially Casimir scowled at the very thought of receiving help but he thought back to the time he and Icarus had talked. His expression relaxed as getting the words out felt like he was swallowing a stone.

"Excellent idea!," agreed Casimir with rising zeal in his voice, "Nothing better tha-"

Casimir didn't get to finish his sentence as he felt all to familiar arms wrap around his shoulders and neck almost making him fall.

"Heyo boyo," said Viviana, "Just wanted to let ya know I'm gonna go borrow your computer. Bye bye!" With the farewell Viviana zoomed off to do gods knows what.

'Wait no! You don't even know the password," said the exasperated Casimir. He returned her farewell as a large shade of red filled his cheeks once she let go of him. Casimir recomposed himself as he adjusted his track suit to be better placed around the neck.

"As I was saying, getting some practice would be a good idea and I'll take up your offer," confidently said Casimir as the red diminished from his face and as the side of his mouth twitched revealing some hidden hesitation.
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Postby Bentus » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:35 pm

The Mystifying Ashen Moth!
Wonder Tower

Ash breathed a sigh of relief as Roy ended the meeting. She hadn’t realised how tense she had been while the team had been fighting. It had been awful, all the yelling and shouting, all while she struggled to understand exactly what was happening. Ash hadn’t really had a chance to get to know Kiris too well, but the alien had struck her as being particularly welcoming and friendly. A part of her hoped that her new friend was alright, but seeing how the whole team had reacted to her capture, she couldn’t help but feel buoyed by their determination to save her no matter the cost. If Ash found herself in trouble, would they all do the same for her? The mutant found herself taken aback by the thought, almost embarrassed that these strangers would be willing to do that for her - despite her having done nothing to earn their protection. Is this what it meant to be part of a team?

Realising that the rest of the heroes were dispersing after being dismissed, Ash looked up from her reverie to glance around in an effort to find Casimir. Turning her head around, she beamed as she saw him talking to one of the other boys at the far side of the room. Without wasting any time and eager to wish her best friend a ‘good morning’ after waking up, Ash began to make her way over towards Casimir.

Lifting one of her four arms to get his attention, Ash opened her mouth to call out to her teammate before she suddenly felt the words stolen from her throat.

"Heyo boyo," The mutant’s expression twisted in confusion. Those weren’t her words, and that wasn’t her voice. But the happy, friendly tone towards Casimir seemed to encapsulate something that she had been trying to communicate ever since she had officially become a Young Blood, but that she had just never figured out quite how. "Just wanted to let ya know I'm gonna go borrow your computer. Bye bye!"

Blinking away her shock, Ash stood motionless as she watched the other girl suddenly sneak up and embrace her best friend. For a moment, she saw Casimir’s eyes widen in surprise at the unexpected tackle and she thought that he was being attacked by this strange-speaking girl - but she soon realised that this was something else instead. Unable to tear her gaze away, Ash watched as Casimir’s face seemed to change colour before here eyes - much to the other girl’s chagrin. She felt a strange sensation twisting in her chest, like her gut had just fallen down to her feet while a stone lodged itself in her throat. She didn’t really know the girl, although Ash was able to recall that her name was Viviana.

And then the encounter was over. It hardly lasted more than a few scarce seconds, and yet somehow it had seemed to drag on for an eternity in Ash’s mind. Still confused and uncertain about what she had witnessed, Ash did her best to push aside the strange, sticky feeling in her chest as she forced a smile back onto her features. Waving once more, she strode purposefully up to Casimir and his teammates.

“Kabuto, this is a good morning, yes?” She stated, pleased with her efforts to learn the proper greetings and pleasantries that the team used. “I uh - “ for a moment her gaze shifted to glance at the Viviana’s departing figure before she refocused her attention back towards Casimir with a sheepish grin, “- do you know what is a ‘press conference’?”
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Postby Segral » Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:24 pm

Carter Graystone

The meeting soon dispersed, with Mars filling in the blanks on what happened, and Roy dissolving the meeting. Very little in the way of productivity had come out of the meeting otherwise, as Mars' story didn't really do much but confirm there wasn't much they could do to negotiate, update a status quo, and assure that Mars was the biggest idiot since Weatherman. Only other thing worth noting was a few half-decent strategies from Shi, the new girl. She looked decent enough, although he didn't have enough time to form an opinion either way. Usually he'd be fawning all over a new girl, but for now, he was too tired to even think about it. He felt like he hadn't slept in days, a dull, murky wash in his head and an unnatural droop to his eyelids, sagging harder than Kim Kardashian's melons. He needed to catch up on his rest, he would perform even worse than he usually did at missions. Nearly getting meat-shredded like ground beef patty by that guy at the Wonder Foundation? Make that a human meat-bag. Nearly getting poisoned by Dante at the zoo? Might as well just bury him with all the natives that got smallpox. He needed to be on his GAME, or he would get his ass blindsided at the first chance possible.

Either way, not much had come out of the meeting, he might as well rest up for the mission. Or better, maybe he should wake himself up, test out the strength of his powers. But how could he test his powers, wake himself up, and make it fun? I mean, it's not like there was any fun training facilities on the campus, no skydiving or anything...ah well, he could do the lame thing and just go for a WALK, like a normal guy. Ugh, he didn't even want to do that. Wait...he didn't want to do...ANYTHING?! Oh my god...he was finally tired! NO! WHAT DEMON HAD COME UPON HIM, WHAT SOUL WAS HE FORCED TO FIGHT?! The very thought revitalized him, filled him with delight, desire, democracy, other words that started with d...and ener....oh...there went the self-control. An outstanding battle, but Carter reigned supreme.

He noticed Wyatt leaving the room, and made a beeline towards him, hoping to discuss strategies with him. After all, Wyatt seemed to have his head straight on his shoulders, and he trusted him more than anyone else on the team. Plus, they had been kind of frosty lately, and Carter missed talking with him. Sure, it's not like he was in serious competition for "black friend of Carter", but he missed chatting with the big cool dragon.

"Hey, Wyatt, wait up bro!" Carter called, jogging up to meet Wyatt. "What do you make of this whole Kiris thing? Any plans for busting her out, and am I acting too much like a bad reporter?...sorry, I'm just nervous, this whole thing has me on edge. But yeah, what do you think about it? Do you...really think it's worth risking our team over this? We could lose everything we've worked for if we get caught."

Later, Carter showed up in his navy uniform-esque costume, gathering along with the group for the press conference. He wasn't really keen on showing up for some big news interview, especially because if there was one thing the team was known for, it was bad publicity. Hopefully, this one would go smoother than the zoo, what with Wendy's meltdown, Red pulling loaded firearms on reporters faster than Saudi Arabians, and himself going full-on Charlie Sheen and giving his full name for the world to see. But what was the worst that could happen as long as they didn't lose their head?

Lana Graystone/Madeline Davis

A shimmering disc of silvery light opened in the floor of Lana's apartment, rippling with unknown energy. It stayed vibrating for long seconds, hanging there with ethereal light. It stayed that way for minutes, although it seemed to crackle and vibrate more aggressively as time went on. Eventually, it got so powerful that it seemed to illuminate most of the apartment, splashes and waves of light seemed to splash over the furniture, the portal swirling aggressively. Suddenly, two figures, one with ears and a tail, were shot out at high speed from the portal, landing hard on the carpet. The portal shut almost instantaneously behind them, returning the room to a state of darkness. Reaching up, the taller figure moved to hit the light switch, flooding the room with a usual pale yellow artificial dim.

The two women stared at each other for a few seconds, smiles slowly growing on their faces. Eventually, they burst out laughing, first starting as swarms of quiet giggles, before morphing into deep belly laughs, slamming the carpet and drywall in glee. Lana looked like she was having trouble breathing, and Madeline was shrilly giggling to the point where she was beginning to cry. The sounds of their laughter stretched on like the ocean, breaking and colliding in wave after wave on the rocky shores of the walls, tearing across the entire room.

Eventually, the two calmed down enough to stand up, but their giggles continued to leak out. Madeline flopped on the couch while Lana strode over to the fridge, pulling out two beers from the fridge. "Well, that was quite the event," Lana remarked, smirking as she passed the open beer to Madeline. "How does it feel to blowtorch a dogfighting ring?"

"Awesome!" Madeline piped up, taking a long swig from her beer. "Man, felt so good to punch bad guys! You see that epic shock I did at the end?!"

"Totally," Lana remarked, sipping her drink more cautiously than Madeline. "At first, you're disgusted with the violence, but after a while, you kind of grow numb and it becomes cathartic. Stress relief for people who like to exercise in more constructive ways."

"What do ya mean?"

"...Never mind. Point is, I'm surprised you got into it that quickly. Trust me, you enjoy it...hey, why so glum?" Lana asked, noticing how her friend seemed to have become crestfallen, staring off into space as if contemplating something. Which was odd, because Madeline was never really a thinker. More of a doer, to be honest. Almost exclusively a doer, really.

"Man, it just sucks that all this stuff has to happen. Like, how could people do that to some poor pups?!" Madeline exclaimed, her beer almost sloshing out of the bottle as she tapped it upon the table.

"'re a cat."

"NOT ENTIRELY! And that doesn't mean I don't feel bad...but like, I guess you can't really stop much, huh? Gotta just roll with the punches, right?"

"Well...if you're really that passionate about stopping crime....Christ, can't believe I'm doing this, you wanna come with me on my next patrol?

"Um...s-sure!" Madeline squeaked after a moment of indecision, giving the impression that she didn't know exactly what she was signing up for, but didn't want to disappoint her friend. "But like, I don' have experience or anything like that."

"Did you or did you not set an animal fighting ring on fire?"


"Great, you're hired. Glad to work with you partner." Lana said, smiling as the two shook hands.
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Postby The Republic of Atria » Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:04 pm

Absolon-7 wrote:Cas

Instead of Casimir saying no like he had predicted, he actually reciprocated after he was accosted by a girl about something involving a laptop, he could only assume was his girlfriend. Not his business. His eyes widened a bit in surprise and he nodded. "Alrighty. Let's head out then. We've only got a couple hours so let's not waste a moment." Now he just had to come up with a way to explain how he did it, plus figure out how Casimir does it. Then he would have to point out all the the issues and how to better swing. Along the way, he suited up, the black tar like substance coated his entire body. "Okay so." He started as they got out back. "It's easier if you start with a little bit of distance between you and the ground. You've got super strength, so a good jump should be enough."

"The movement is the trick part. What I do is use my string and yank myself up and forward more. It lets you pick up speed and height while still letting you control your midair direction. By then, you're gonna want to have your other hand already pointed at your next target and then repeat from there." He finished. "You can hold onto a string for a bit if there's distance between you and the ground. Letting go at the very bottom of your swing will fling you forward really quick, but you're not gonna gain much air. However, the height can easily be maintained one you get the muscle memory down, and honestly, that's probably the hardest part. That, and learning the best angles to release at which time. I'd be lying if I said that when I was learning it, there wasn't a good many face plants. There's a bunch of good ways to start. Here's how I usually get going."

"First: spot a good place to stick your string to." He pointed at a sturdy tree. "Shoot both at it and fling yourself forward." Jason said, using both of his hands to shoot two strands of goo at the tree and fling himself at it. Though he didn't continue, instead sticking to the side of the tree on all fours. "You can go around it and swing on obviously. It's great for getting some start speed and height. But the key is to use both of your arms and get the muscle memory down while having a sense of direction." Jason explained as he jumped out of the tree. "It'll be easier for me to help you if I see what you're doing and correct you from there. So uh, show me whatchu got." He finally finished his long winded explanation. "Think I did okay explaining it?" He spoke quietly.

"Made sense to me. I'm just in this to watch him smack into trees some more. It's strange how funny it is. I shouldn't be finding it funny, but I do."

"That's how humor works. Plus yeah, it is kinda funny."


The Polish kid's sarcastic remark only resulted in souring the already poor mood of the Dra'Qunni. He kept his breathing slow, though anyone listening could hear it sounding a louder than usual. His tail flicked around quite a bit, almost smacking into both people and the wall. His fists remained clenched, though not tightly as he took his leave from the room to avoid any more aggravation.

He didn't want to deal with it. The burning hatred he felt for Warwolf only grew hotter when they took one of his best friends away. Somehow, he wanted to blame himself for it. If he just had better control of his power, if he had just talked to them, maybe he could have helped out. The fact that something terrible had happened and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it was like being stabbed, but the knife was now being electrified. His fists tightened at the terrible thoughts about what WarWolf would be doing to his friend. The only thing keeping him focused was the pain of his claws digging into his hand. He could probably go save her, just stop pulling his punches, let them realize what they were dealing with.

Those thoughts felt good. He knew what he would do to a person if he struck them without restraining himself. That body armor wouldn't do anything to stop any of his blows.

He sighed. That wasn't something he'd do and he knew it. He wanted to, but the panic attack he had back on the docks when he saw that much blood made him shiver. If he struck someone full force, it would look far, far worse. No, that wasn't the answer and he knew it. Not that he couldn't fantasize about doing those things, as long as he never acted on them. And it's unlikely he ever would. So many people would be upset with or disappointed in him. His parents, Orro, Kaban and Onu, plus the entirety of his team, including... Carter. Who was standing right there trying to talk to him while he was internally fuming.

Carter was mostly asking questions about what they were going to do about Kiris. He was going to speak, but felt that trying to answer all of the questions would just frustrate him more. Not that he didn't like Carter, he was one of his closer friends, but he was far from being in the best of moods. Of course, he wasn't going to insult his friend. Instead he just decided that less was more. Putting a hand on his shoulder and taking a deep breath. He needed to relaxed. Him and Carter both.

"It'll be fine." He didn't know that, but hearing did help him relax. His tail no longer thrashing about like it was trying to escape off his back, his heart no longer trying to jump out of his chest. Whether it was his own words or just having a friend nearby, maybe things would work out in the end.

And hopefully he'd get the chance to smack some WarWolf troops around in the process.

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Postby Segral » Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:19 pm

Carter Graystone

Whoops, he had caught Wyatt in a bad mood. How did he know this? Because Wyatt almost shish-kebabed him with his tail in anger, coming inches away from his...posterior area. Yelping slightly as he leapt away from the spiky rod of a tail, he slightly retracted from Wyatt, hoping to let him cool down a bit. Great, he had just assaulted Wyatt with a bunch of questions at exactly the time he was upset, what a great friend he was. His heart nearly leapt out of his chest as Wyatt came to a dead standstill, Carter half-expecting Wyatt to slap or attack him. After all, Smaug-lite was way bigger, way stronger, and way tougher than Carter, and could probably tear him apart if he wanted to.

However, luckily, nothing that resulted in a trip to the morgue occurred. Wyatt seemed to take a deep breath, placed a very tight hand on Carter's shoulder, and muttered that everything was going to be fine, calming down as he said it. A little taken aback, Carter awkwardly patted him on the back, trying to reassure him almost as much as he was reassuring himself. For a second there, he actually expected Wyatt to attack him. Jeez, that was scary, horrifying. So much for his childhood dreams of being in the Hunger Games.

"Listen, Wyatt...don't let Casimir get to you," Carter said, rubbing his friend on the back, despite the slight irritation coming from his (quite sharp) scales. "He's just salty because everybody humiliated him for being a donkey-ass. He doesn't know what he's talking about, you were great in that meeting! Heck, if I were the leader of the team, I would have fired Casimir from the team already. Now cheer up, if we have one less person sulking around, our group happiness percentage will go very large percentage!"

Lana Graystone/Warp
July 27

A wine store? Really?

That was the thought that Lana had as she pulled up on the side of the street, rolling down the window to observe the liquor store with a skeptical eye. She knew this section of the road well, although the reason for choosing a wine shop to meet seemed to evade her at the moment. Even more odd was Sam's choice of a latex mask, although you really could never be too careful, what with the "age of the Internet" as the Baby Boomers liked to say.

Stepping out of the car, she tried her best not to attract attention as to why she was sauntering over to a clearly closed store, making a beeline for the two figures already there. She decided to go with casual clothes to avoid attention, along with a baseball cap and sunglasses to hide even more of her face without holding up a neon sign saying "I HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE". Quick greetings and a "Nice hat" directed towards Doug, and down they went into the alcohol store.

Surprisingly, the store seemed to be full, with crowds of wine bottles standing shoulder to shoulder on dusty wooden shelves, and a cash register that hadn't rung in a very long time. Some of the wine actually wasn't too bad, some nice wines down from California. Listening to Sam's explanation with one ear, she discreetly swiped a bottle of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from 2016, dropping it in a small pocket dimension. It would go great with the rest of her drinks.

Twisting around to both hide her wine-swipe and to follow Sam, she walked behind him as he moved to the back, where all the dusty "MANAGER" signs and bathrooms and storage cellars would usually be. But instead of finding a more impressive collection of Italian wine, the room was instead bare aside from a nondescript trapdoor. Dropping down behind Sam, she fell into a big ol' tunnel, spacious as if a former mine shaft or subway tunnel, as it apparently turned out to be. A subway tunnel that had become a wine cellar, which was now a hideout for some vigilantes? Not too shabby.

"Sounds good to me," Lana said finally, admiring the space within the room, as well as a few more red wines on the shelves. "Plenty of space to work with here." she added, before answering Doug's question. "Seems like it, Arrow. Best-case scenario, we won't need you and this all goes without a hitch, but worst-case scenario, you're saving our asses. At least, that's the plan I remember." she said, turning towards Sam for confirmation.

Sir Edward Whilton of York
The Castle of the Outriders

What a joy this new group of comrades were!

He loved this group, such wondrous men and women coming together for common goals! There was Sister Alexis, one that had his stern approval for her good attitude and lack of inhibition when it came to purging filth. If only she wouldn't threaten to "shoot" him every time he called her by her name. What else was he supposed to call her, just "Sister"? Maybe he should try that. There was also Brother Nicholas, the surliest of the group and Edward's least favorite, mostly due to his lack of personal hygeine! The man gave off putrid odors of smoke and gunpowder, his clothes and hair were unruly messes, and he had the attitude of a louse! Brother Sebastian was a more reclusive type, preferring to stay away from the base more often, but he was an honest, respectable man.

Sister Sina and Sister Brianna were also very mysterious, although they had the spirit of real warriors, true women fighting for goals! What brave creations, wondrous spirits abound! Brother Issac, despite his lovely name, was another secretive type, preferring to shut himself up with his scrawny feline, although perhaps he was judgemental. He had no real perspective on Sister Yasha, the newcomer, but Sister Catarina scared him. The way she boiled human limbs, human gore, they were acts of Satan and demons and Hell! Every time he passed her, he said a Hail Mary, and every night, he thumbed his rosary in hopes that she would not ravage him in his sleep!

But besides that, amazing comrades. And what a unique habitat! Edward had learnt what underground train stops were long before, but it was quite a thrill to sleep within a massive carriage, feeling the cool damp and dark circling his body, feeling the rumbles of the ground. While others like Sister Alexis despised the habitat, Edward loved it, he loved it with all his heart! Even better, he had been "evicted" by his vassal, so he could live here for as long as he liked! Usually, he would have been upset with himself for not being a good serf, but now he could be an even better serf here. Especially with a new battle coming forth...

The Outriders had come together for their battle strategy, dressed in full combat gear. Edward had been making additions to his gear, using peasant paint to paint his armor black, adorning it with streaks of orange in places such as the backs of his greaves, the visor of his helmet, and the heels of his boots. Harold's armor had also gotten the treatment, much to the stupid mule's displeasure. He had been given a strange package of important paintings, although he wasn't sure what they meant, which he supposed was the purpose of the meeting.

Apparently, a group of very filthy and disgusting battalions (probably composed of many Muslims) were gathering at a local alehouse, one packed with ordinary peasants along with their intended targets. However, they had just one hour to formulate their attack, an idea that would never function. He had been in a Crusade, he knew that planning was everything, that everything must be formulated, that it was an elegant triump of mind over mettle. Although, he trusted Sister Alexis and Brother Sebastian enough, so he followed along. Luckily, there was a strategy for entering the battlefield, and a basic framework for exiting, but no plan for anything in between. No matter, he could contribute his genius ideas.

"AHEM," Edward coughed, attempting to draw attention with his suggestion. "I agree with Sister Sina, it would be best to lure the intended targets away from the building. I am not clear on how we will do this, but it will be safer to the commoners and it will allow for an easier attempt at this "sniping" tactic. You will not need me in your getaway car, Harold can outspeed you with the utmost of ease. As well, I feel I am better suited for head-on assault over a more delicate infiltration, but I will leave that in your judgement, Sisters and Brothers."
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Postby Finland SSR » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:46 am

The Great Floyd Tolson / Lisette Aveline, the nefarious Marionette!

As they walked past another pair of guards, Marionette tilted her head ever so slightly to ensure that they couldn’t get a good glance at her face. It was probably a bit of an over precaution on her part, but the young villain couldn’t help but grin under the cap she had requisitioned from Malcolm’s mutilated corpse. With her long hair wrapped up to fit underneath her hat, and wearing a uniform that was only slightly too large for her frame, Marionette found herself able to navigate the prison effectively unopposed. Walking confidently out in the open meant that nobody thought to stop and question her, or to offer her features more than a passing glance.

Floyd, trailing behind the shorter woman, was far less amused at his current situation. This was meant to have been a quick and easy snatch and grab. Heck, if he’d had things his way he would have already been home free. Instead, Marionette's stubborn insistence on rescuing the goddamn Weatherman of all people had forced him to tag along like some unwilling chaperone. His gaze bore into the back of the villainess’ head as he followed her, her clearly upbeat and cocky attitude with the success of her plan so far only served to deepen his scowl. Keeping track of the sequence of twists and turns that the girl took wasn’t too hard, and she seemed to know where she was going anyway, but going deeper into the prison’s labyrinthian interior had not been the escape plan that Floyd had envisioned.

Coming to a stop outside of a locked door, Marionette looked up and down the corridor as if to make sure that the coast was clear. Confident that they at least had a few seconds before some unfortunate state employee wandered around the corner, she turned to offer Floyd a smirk, which only caused the swordsman to roll his eyes. Sighing, he humoured the girl as he ran his gaze over the door beside them, eyeing a card reader built into the wall beside it.

“Wow, a locked door. Pardon me for ever doubting your criminal genius.” The dripping sarcasm was almost enough to warrant a wet floor sign, but succeeded in its goal of annoying Marionette.

“It’s the main security hub for this wing of the prison, idiot.” She shot back, turning away from Floyd to hide her annoyance at his evident boredom. Reaching into the pocket of her stolen uniform, Marionette pulled out an ID card for one of the deceased guards. “And your friend from before happens to have access.”

Swiping the card across the reader, Marionette was grinning smugly at herself right up until a red light flashed above the door handle. Frowning in confusion, Marionette scanned the card once again only for her features to be illuminated by the same red glow. The third attempt was no more successful, the girl quickly becoming irritated as the card kept being rejected. Scowling as she felt the tips of her ears beginning to burn in embarrassment at the unexpected issue, Marionette could practically feel Floyd looking on in amusement. Looking down at the card in her hands in confusion, Marionette’s eyes narrowed as she saw a large blood stain obscuring its magnetic strip. Frowning, the girl licked her fingers before rubbing at the stain for a few seconds. Now, when she swiped the card along the reader, she grinned as a green light was accompanied by the sound of a lock being released.

“There, easy-peasy.”

“Almost as easy-peasy as your victory against the Hadrian.” Floyd shot back, putting his hands in his pockets and glancing through the opened door with evident disinterest. “Pray tell me, why exactly are we infiltrating the security hub itself if you’re only trying to free a single bloke? Pretty sure I could bend open Weatherman’s jail cell and we could be getting out here in five minutes.”

“And undoubtedly trigger every alarm in the complex in the process.” Marionette rolled her eyes as she reached out to open the door. “We might make it out of the prison, but half the city’s heroes and police would be hot on our tails. And besides, I thought you wanted to avoid the guns-blazing routine this time.” Without waiting for a response, the villain casually stepped into the security hub, entirely expecting Floyd to follow her.

The room was kept dark, with most of the illumination provided by the battery of wall-mounted screens which depicted the feeds from all of the security cameras scattered around the prison. A few coloured lights blinked slowly on the control panels, while all the controls themselves were backlit to allow for them to be seen without any external lighting. A pair of guards sat at their posts, patiently monitoring the screens while passing on information to whatever personnel needed it at a given moment. However, with the sound of the door being opened, one of the wardens turned around with a raised eyebrow expressing her confusion. Seeing a petite woman and what looked to be her incredibly bored companion, the guard scowled from her seat.

“Hey, I’m going to need to see your authorisation to be here. The next shift isn’t for another three hours.” She folded her arms across her chest, an irritated expression on her features as she assumed that the pair of new recruits must have gotten lost. Typical, what are we - hiring whoever we can find off of the streets?

Meanwhile, Marionette casually approached the woman, smiling sheepishly as if embarrassed. Glancing around, Marionette rubbed the back of her head apologetically. “Sorry, I think we may have gotten a little bit lost. Wasn’t this the way to get to the cell block C?” She ignored the other guard, assuming that Floyd was smart enough to deal with him.

The woman rolled her eyes in exasperation. “No, C block is -” She never got the chance to finish her explanation, as Marionette quickly grabbed onto the half-finished mug of coffee sitting on the bench by her side. In a single quick swing, the villain slammed the ceramic cup into the woman’s temple, knocking her onto the floor from her seat.

Immediately upon hearing the sound of plastic smash onto someone’s skull behind him, the other guard, a forty something old bearded officer who had been napping at his seat after a long shift, opened his eyes in confusion, his head frantically turning from side to side as he tried to figure out what woke him up so rudely. He didn’t get to wonder about that for long, however, as Floyd’s elbow suddenly struck him to the back of the head, the man’s forehead slamming straight into the console in front of him, the bone pierced through by a metal key sticking out and bloodying itself while the man’s body limped to the ground.

Left holding the handle of what was left of the blood-stained mug, Marionette offered the motionless body on the floor a smug glance. Grinning, the girl tossed the shattered cup aside before carefully stepping over the growing pool of blood surrounding the woman’s head in order to get to her console. Taking her seat without even glancing back towards Floyd, Marionette’s fingers seemed to fly across the controls with a practiced ease, navigating quickly to a specific cell in a matter of moments. Weatherman’s mugshot was automatically brought up on the screen, along with a scrolling list of his confirmed crimes, while Marionette grinned as she did her work. A cascade of windows and menus began appearing on the screens as the girl quickly trawled through the prison’s systems to find the maintenance logs for the power suppressors, until a screen popped up demanding that she confirm her identity with two-factor authentication.

Turning away from the screen, Marionette reached down to pat the sides of the guard who’s seat she was occupying. Feeling a firm rectangular object in the woman’s pocket, she grinned as she pulled out the woman’s ID.

“Floyd, your friend should have had a password generator somewhere on him. There’s no way these guards would have been bright enough to keep it locked away.”

“You mean this one?” the swordsman flashed a card in his hands, spinning it a little with his fingers as he leaned on the seat next to Marionette’s. For a moment, he glanced to the screen in front of Marionette’s eyes, windows and text flashing through like they’re on a race to see which one can be the least informative. “You better not be starting a damn prison riot over there.”

Turning to look at the man leaning beside her, Marionette swiped the card from Floyd’s hand. Pressing a button on the side of the device, the built-in algorithm quickly displayed a temporary PIN on its small LCD screen. Typing the code in with her free hand, glancing between the card and the monitor to make sure that she didn’t misspell a single digit, Marionette only half-listened to Floyd. As soon as she was into the system, she started highlighting all of the cell doors in Weatherman’s cell block.

“Relax, could you? We’ll be long gone by the time the guards realise what’s going on and they’d be far too occupied to care about some transport that forgot to check in.”

A few final keystrokes began a small timer that immediately started counting down in the lower-right corner of the screen. With her work complete, Marionette leaned back with a smirk to appreciate her efforts. Despite Floyd barging in unannounced and forcing her to move up her timetable, her plan was going off without little more than a minor hitch. Honestly, after putting up with that man’s bone-headed incompetence, she deserved a nice warm bath - plus a manicure at the very least.

A green light confirming her inputs broke Marionette from her reverie and her mouth twisted upwards. Conscious of the clock now racing against them, the girl immediately made her way back towards the room’s exit. “Barricade the door when you leave, and start up the bus. I’ll meet you outside after I’ve talked to Weatherman.” Before she left, Marionette grabbed a set of keys labelled for C-block. Tossing the keys in the air before catching them again, and feeling decidedly smug with how things were going, Marionette shot Floyd a final glance. “Try not to get an itchy trigger finger before I get there, okay?”

Having stood by the side and watched Marionette deal with the security system with little passing interest - the only thing which caught her attention is wondering how a girl who looks like she’s barely entered high school is proficient enough at the security systems of American prisons, but he didn’t care enough to ask - Floyd finally raised an eyebrow when the villainess requested him to barricade the door of the security room after he leaves. Really now?

“This ain’t the other side of the Eurotunnel, we don’t do barricades here.” the swordsman casually replied as he closed the door of the security room. Instead of letting go of the handle once the door was locked, however, Floyd remained there, a few sparks of crimson red demonic energy flying around his wrist and upper arm while the metal in his hands bended and collapsed in of itself before the handle got pulled off entirely. Have fun trying to open that, jackasses.

Folding the metal handle in his hands into a small ball of steel, the swordsman continued:

“So far, you have been the one more willing to appease that itch in yer bum out of the two of us, so if there’s anyone who should be struggling on holding out on that, it’s you.”

With these last departing words, the duo separated, Floyd pulling up his hat and pushing up his sunglasses and making his way back towards the exit. Walking his way across most of the complex unharassed and keeping his eyes focused towards the ground to not warrant any attention, the swordsman left the prison with a wide sweep of the front door, taking a breath of fresh air after all the time he spent in the hot, unconditioned, Marionette-infested prison. The reinforced police vehicle he arrived in was right in front of him, placed in between two regular trucks. The swordsman tossed his sword into the back of the car and leaned onto the metallic back door, taking out a cigarette and lighting it up to pass the time.

Hopefully, the walking talking discarded Barbie doll defect wasn’t going to take too long out there.

“I’m here to rescue you!”

The silence of an empty hallway responded to the villain’s cheerful greeting. Marionette frowned at the sound of her own voice, scowling as the words felt wrong from the moment they left her mouth. No, that sounds horrible: real villains don’t rescue people. Pacing up and down a short distance from Weatherman’s cell, the young woman’s features were twisted with concentration as she tried to overcome the feeling of nervousness piling up in her chest. Wringing her hands together, the girl took a breath before she again forced a confident smirk onto her face.

“Hi, I’m Marionette. And I just wanted to say that I am such a big fan of your work and I happened to be passing by -” Her voice slowly trailed off once more.

Passing by? In a high security prison? Letting out an irritated huff, Marionette started over with a fresh smile.

“Hi, Weatherman. We met earlier at the zoo, but I don’t know if you remember me. That’s fine though, we never really got properly introduced. My name is Marionette and I just wanted to say that you’ve really been an inspiration to me and -”

Before she could continue, a faint buzzing from the girl’s wrist drew her gaze down to her Captain Quake-branded watch. She felt a slight sense of panic as she realised how much time she had already spent pacing back and forth in the hallway, suddenly finding herself overcome with anxiety at the prospect of meeting the renowned villain being held in the cell not a few meters from where she stood. Freeing Weatherman had always been a part of her plan, but now that everything was coming together, Marionette felt like she was standing at the edge of the cliff. Worries and concerns that had never crossed her mind suddenly left her paralysed in place, uncertain on how to proceed.

Realising that any time she may have had to prepare was up, the villainess walked up to the cell door. Placing a stolen ID card that she had given the appropriate permissions back in the Security Room, she hesitated at the last minute. Biting her lip, she wondered how the villain would react to her rescue. What if he had already planned his own escape and she was ruining it by barging in? Pull yourself together Lisette, you can do this. Just remember what Goliath always says: the most important thing is a Positive Mental Attitude! Sliding the ID card through the reader, she was met by a blinking green light and the sound of the cell door’s heavy steel bolts sliding aside. Taking one final, deep breath, Marionette squeezed her eyes shut before opening them with a renewed sense of determination. She took a firm step forward and crossed the precipice.


The cell was small, especially compared to the luxuries that had outfitted Marionette’s own room. Its lone occupant had been sitting on the side of his bed, clearly not having expected anyone to be visiting before breakfast - especially not someone who looked like the girl standing in the doorway. Marionette’s voice held a commanding and authoritative tone, immediately capturing the attention of her audience. But as soon as her gaze fell upon the jumpsuit clad figure before her - his face instantly recognisable from the countless newsreels that she had poured over as a young girl - Marionette felt the floor drop out from under her. Her heart pounded between her ears as all of her preparation fell flat in the face of the real deal.

“Yes, young lady?”

Weatherman raised an eyebrow, and Marionette immediately felt flustered as she realised that she had been standing silently for the past few seconds. Quickly trying to gather her thoughts, she hastily began to approach the seated man.

“Oh, um, hi! I - uh - I heard that you were here, and I just wanted to come to see you and to say that you’re my biggest fan.” It took the girl a moment to realise what she said, and the realisation caused the colour to drain from her face. Desperately trying to correct her slip-up, Marionette’s heart sunk as she continued to stumble over her own words. “Wait, what I mean to say is that I’m my biggest...your biggest...I’m a fan of - ”

“Ah, it’s Marionette, is it not?” Smiling as the strange girl’s tongue twisted itself into knots, the Weatherman stood up from his bedside. A wide grin stretched across his features as his eyes lit up in recognition. Standing tall over the shorter girl, the mustachioed villain approached her with an offered hand. “You were one of the bright youngsters at the Zoo weren’t you?”

Lisette’s jaw dropped as the Weatherman cut her off, her heart practically bursting from her chest as he recognised her from their earlier encounter. He remembered her? In an instant, Marionette’s shyness evaporated as she clasped the man’s hand between both of her own and began to shake it vigorously. She was unable to wipe the sheepish grin from her face as she struggled to convince herself of what was happening.

“Yes, that’s right! Oh my god I can’t tell how incredible it is to actually be able to meet you properly, I am a huge fan. You’ve been such an inspiration to me, you wouldn’t even believe it!” Marionette spoke breathlessly, as if Weatherman could vanish like a mirage at any moment. “I’ve watched every one of your fights - even the ones that only have cellphone footage! I actually had my servants tape the newscasts whenever you were on tv - I’ve even got photos from that time you threatened to cause a snowstorm in Madrid!”

Weatherman seemed to stand a little straighter, his chest puffing slightly out, his smile spreading a little wider. He felt a surge of pride, even as he brushed aside the girl’s praise with his free hand - acting the part of the humble celebrity even as she shook his arm hard enough to jostle it free from its socket. “Please, you flatter me. At the end of the day it’s only the support of young fans such as yourself who motivate me to do what I do. The greatest triumph of villainy is to inspire young supervillains such as yourself. It’s all about encouraging the younger generation to be the worst that they can be!”

“But I just can’t believe that I’m talking to the Weatherman.” There was a twinkle in Marionette’s eyes. “I’m shaking the Weatherman’s hand. This is such an honor! Really this is a total dream come true.” Realising that she may have been shaking the villain’s hand for a bit longer than was socially acceptable, Marionette released her firm grip.

The Weatherman couldn’t help but smile as he found himself once again as the center of attention and admiration. After his interactions with the prison guards who clearly didn’t realise the calibre of villain that they had the honour of imprisoning, and that flagrantly impolite alien back at the zoo, it was nice to once again be appreciated. This girl clearly had a good head on her shoulders, as well as a particularly wicked villainous streak to her name.

“Well Marionette, for someone so young you’ve also earned yourself a fine reputation as a truly infamous villain. All too often these days, people forget about what it truly means to be evil in this world - but it’s nice to know that there are people like you in the next generation who will be able to pick up the mantle of villainy.” He paused for a second, seemingly realising for the first time that Marionette was dressed in the uniform of one of the guards. “Say, what are you doing here? This isn’t your usual costume if I’m not mistaken.”

Momentarily left speechless at receiving Weatherman’s approval, Marionette had to shake herself out of a reverie in order to respond. “Oh, right! I’m actually here to break you out.”

That caused a look of surprise to flash across the Weatherman’s face, the thought of someone so young managing something quite so spectacular catching him off guard. He slammed a fist into his palm as he replied. “A break out, why that’s genius!” He paused. “Although, you don’t think it’s a bit too soon? There’s a delicate timing to these kinds of things to ensure that the fights don’t get old.”

Marionette furrowed her brow, nodding as she recalled having tried to tell Floyd something similar not too long ago. “Yeah, I know - and I was hoping to wait a little bit longer. But Floyd just barged in uninvited and forced me to act.”

Weatherman frowned. “Floyd, you say? Is that his name? No alias or fearsome title to announce his arrival?” The older villain rubbed his chin in concern. “That is quite unorthodox. I can’t particularly say that ‘Floyd’ is particularly effective at striking fear into the hearts of one’s enemies.”

“I know right?!” Marionette stated in exasperation, buoyed by the fact that Weatherman clearly shared her sentiment. “He’s a total pain, and he just waltzed in saying that he was going to break me out. And then, it turned out that he wasn’t even here for me - but for some stupid sword of his. Can you believe the nerve?” Stopping herself from ranting continuously, knowing full well that the infuriating swordsman was enough to keep her going for hours, Marionette forced herself to take a breath. “But anyway, he’s got a bus waiting outside. We’ve set the prison security system to shut down in an hour. There’ll be a riot, which will give you the cover you need to get out. And this,” she presented the ID card, making to hold it above the Weatherman’s shackles which responded with a satisfying click, “will allow you to use your powers.”

As the shackles fell from his wrists, Weatherman couldn’t help but nod appreciatively. “I’m impressed - it is a well thought out plan. I see that I wasn’t mistaken about you.” A hint of colour touched the young girl’s cheeks as she couldn’t help but turn away. “Say, how about I giving you a little parting gift until we meet again?” Picking up a marker from beside his bed, Weatherman began to write his autograph on the ID card that Marionette had used to free him. “To my biggest fan, Marionette. Signed, the Weatherman.”

“I - I don’t know what to say.” Marionette stuttered as she reached out to take back the card, clutching it close to her chest as if it could break at the slightest provocation. “Thank you so much, I promise I’ll look after this.”

Weatherman brushed aside the thanks. “Please, it’s nothing. Now you better get out of here - there’ll be plenty of time for us to catch up and talk later.”

Nodding firmly, Marionette did her best to reign in her excitement as she made for the door. “Right, yes, of course, you’re totally right. We’ll be waiting outside the prison walls for you.”

Smiling, Weatherman offered the young girl a wave goodbye. “Until then, good luck!”

It’s a good thing Floyd had thought about the possibility of long waiting times and picked up a solution with him - though initially, he anticipated that the problem was going to be the usual traffic jams and not being forced to wait for Marionette to fangirl over some of her fellow inmates for half an hour, if not more. Usually, he does not take something as fragile and likely to fall out of his pocket during an intense swordfight as a phone with him… but he made an exception for himself in this case. And even downloaded a whole bunch of emulated games on it from his teenage years to have an another go during the wait.

It was a simpler time. Back when he wasn’t just a jaded veteran looking after wannabe heroes and villains alike and having to put up with their shit, and instead one of those goggle-eyed youngsters himself. Back when he still had some morality left and didn’t get it eroded away by reality kicking him in the balls for years on end. From the classics of that time, he usually preferred bullet hell games and other types of high speed, high intensity action games, as those put more of a test on his reflexes than most. Your average shooter or fighting game simply isn’t very fun anymore when you have superhuman reaction times and can flawlessly or almost flawlessly win any match without breaking much of a sweat. Sure, when he hits the same brick wall in real fights, he can let himself hold back and have the other side score in a few hits before he gets serious… but actively playing a video game shitty just didn’t feel right. Like he’s not allowing himself to have fun.

And speaking of not allowing himself to have fun…

I’m not forced to wait for Marionette here, right? I’ve gotten the sword I came here for, I can just drive away and have her deal with the consequences, and it’s not like she could do anything about it…

...whatever, I can wait.


Thankfully, Marionette did not forget that she was, in fact, supposed to catch up with Floyd, as the swordsman’s ears picking up the sound of footsteps closing in on the truck indicated. Still shriveled up in the driver’s seat with the phone in his hands, the swordsman shifted his body around to open the passenger’s door with his foot, just in time for the villainess to make her way to the front of the truck, and he spoke:

“You wasted so much time that you could have freed Weatherman, taken him out for dinner and gotten knocked up by now.”

Sticking her tongue out in defiance of her villainous sidekick, Marionette’s excitement couldn’t be brought down to Earth by Floyd’s typical abrasive attitude. As soon as she pulled herself into the truck’s cabin and closed the door shut behind her, the girl practically squealed - letting out all the excitement that she’d kept pent up while navigating through the prison. A wide grin was spread across her features as she turned to Floyd.

“He remembered me! That was absolutely incredible, Floyd - you’ve got no idea what you missed out on. The Weatherman. Recognised. Me.” Taking a breath, Marionette forced herself to at least partially calm down, glancing down once again at her watch. They still had a job to do before she could really celebrate. “Ok, let’s go. The fireworks should start in forty minutes or so and we’ll want to be outside the prison’s walls when it all kicks off.”

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Scott Green-San Diego Residential District-July, 27

The last few days have been...well not the most productive. Of course, for someone in my position I am not even certain as to what I should be doing in order to be productive. Not knowing anywhere else to go I ended up on the door step of an old friend of mine who quite literally thought I was dead. Bria Mitchell, we went to high school together at Thomson and used to be close friends. That was before I was abducted by aliens, discovered a alien glow glove weapon, brought to an alien world, lived on alien world, dated an alien, survived an attack, crash landed on Earth, joined a team of teenage heroes and promptly quit said team. Needless to say, there was a lot to bring her up to date on.

As for her, well she is living on her own, working as a secretary and taking college courses online to be a lawyer. Between the two of us she always was the one with a clear sense of direction. And she has a boyfriend, or rather, had one. Apparently she kicked him out just days before I showed up. She's been a good friend, patient too. But it seems that after the last few days her patience may be running out, as she is standing just outside of the locked door to the guest room I have been using.

As for myself, I am in bed and under the covers. Not that I am undressed. Actually, I am very dressed. I have been awake for hours. Woke up and showered, dressed myself in a plain pair of jeans and a button up shirt with an under shirt beneath that and socks snugly on my feet. I just, couldn't do anything more than that. And so I replaced myself back in bed. When she let me in fir the first time I had made a lot of promises. I promised to tell her everything. I did that one. I promised to seek help, I am claiming that one. I mean, Bria is helping me. Or enabling me. I promised to see about finding some work or at least looking into something of interest. Yeah, didn't do that one. And lastly, I promised to actually leave the guest room today because aside from the showers and occasional snack I have pretty much closed myself off in here.

"Come on Scotty, open up will ya?" Nu uh. I could almost envision her shift her stance and tone on the other side of the door.

"Scott, you are in my house. If I say do something you have to do it." Now she was getting serious. She did not use her nickname 'Scotty' for me. And her tone carried some authorty in it, well as much as she could muster. I reinforced myself by pulling the covers over my head.

Not happening.

I could hear a sharp exhale from her side of the door as she gave it a firm knock once more.

"Either you come out or I come in, you know that I can open any door on the planet. Your choice Scott." Bria threatened, explaining her 'super power' of being able to seemingly magically undo any lock. Be that as it may, I have prepared.

The locked door knob turned and I listened as Bria struggled against it. But only taking a moment to realize what was stopping her.

"Really! Scott, you moved the dressor behind the door?!" I listened as she stomped her foot just outside as I peeked over the edge of the blanket.

"I'll...tomorrow. I come out tomorrow..." There was a moment of pause, but no sound of footsteps leading away from the door. No, she had not given up yet.

"Scotty..." Her tone was softer now, gentle even. "I know you are afraid. And you know what, you have reason to be. What you have seen and experienced is...beyond my imagining. But no matter how alone you feel in there. You are not ok? I am right here. Twenty feet from you and separated only by this...stupid dressor you pushed between us. It's going to take time to heal. Things are never going to be the way they used to be. And, I cannot promise you that if you get up and get out of there that everything will magically be better. But I can promise you two things Scotty. That there are people, more than you know who care about your future. And two, if you stay in there, and do not let no one in. All your future will ever be is listening to others through a closed door and one day, if you do not let someone in. Anyone in...those voices may go away Scotty."

Now, I just felt low. Pitiful. But she is right, this world frightens me as much as the invasion of Aeon did. Warwolf turning the city into a prison. Murderers like that Marionette breaking loose. Anyone of a thousand people being hurt or killed every day. And if I stay here, locked in this room I will be safe. But...I'll be hurting those closest to me, day by day. Starting with Bria.

"I didn't even make a dent did I?" I tossed the covers away from me and moved across the floor. Then started to pull the dressor away from the one thing separating me from what could possibly be the only friend I have left on the blue and green pebble in space. Opening the door just mere inches I looked at her through the gap. A long moment of silence passing before I finally spoke up.

"Maybe a dent..."

A little anxiety was no reason to break tradition. I sat in my wrinkled clothes on the living room couch and set up the main activity for the day. A full marathon of Star Trek Enterprise. I picked this as I believe it's a good place to introduce Bria to the Star Trek universe. Bria was in the kitchen fetching popcorn dressed in gym shorts and a fleece sweater, which to me, is just sending mixed signals. I mean sure, she keeps her apartment cold. But if she's cold, why not wear sweat pants too? I don't understand it but hey, maybe I am not meant to. She sat down on the chair to my left and said nothing as I hit play on the remote.

Glancing over at her I watched the popcorn with envious eyes.

"Would be nice to have some of that." I whined. She put on a fake surprise look, trying to cheer me up.

"Oh, would Captain Scotty of the Millennium Falcon care for some lighted salted goodness?" I groaned face palming myself.

"The Millinnium Falcon is Star Wars, this is Star Trek Bria. Our ship is the USS Enterprise. And...yes, I would like some...lightly salted goodness...please..." A giggle.

"Well, sense you asked nicely." It was then that I had a flash back a moment too late to warn me of what was incoming. Just as a piece of popcorn smacked me in the nose as she tossed a piece at me.

"Bria..." Another hit.

"Smile first." I do not negotiate with terrorists. I thought to myself as I was about to continue our repartee. Then another hit.

"Smile." I couldn't help it. After three hits from the popcorn combined with her own smile I relented. Finally smiling at her antics as the show started.

"Do I deserve the popcorn now?" I asked. She responded as she handed the bowl over to me.

"You deserve all of the popcorn, Scotty."

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Blizzard/Sam Croft
Old Fart Team Future Base
July 27

“That was the plan we discussed. Since then, I met with Naja and some of her teens. Do you guys know them? The Young Bloods? I worked with them on wrapping up the Blood Drug problem, right before Wolfie showed up. They're a good bunch, if sometimes immature.” Sam sighed heavily at that last word. More ships there than in the port, more fireworks than the Marine exercises on Coronado.

“The teens have three tech supers: a technopath and two gadgeteers. I'd like them to help, because we can use the help they can give. The technopath, Wifi, had also been doing some legwork, and now she can listen in on Wolfie's secure radios. So, she can give us more overwatch. Does working with the teens sound good?” Sam glanced back and forth between his teammates. He could easily see one of them saying no.

Doug thought it over. “We're gonna be working with a bunch of kids?” After a pause and a shrug, he added, “Eh, I'm in.”

Lana nodded, so Sam went on with gusto. “Great, great! They've got more tricks than just that. One of the gadgeteers, Mars, says he can build a device that'll intercept Wolfie's email. All we have to do is install it on their wired networks. That shouldn't be too much of a problem, because I'm working an electronic skeleton key for their keypad locks.

“Wifi says that if she'd get any of Wolfie's equipment in front of her, she should be able to hack it. Problem: Wolfie may be clever enough to have tracking gear in it. So, the other teen gadgeteer, Makeshift, is going to trick out a mobile lab for her to work on. I'm picking up a rental truck for that later. That'll also be our temporary base. If we can manage it, we'll teleport to and from the truck, so we won't be exposed to view at any time.

“So, the full plan: we drive up, take the email-grabber, jump in, sneak inside Wolfie's comm hub, open a few doors with juicy labels on them, install the email-grabber, and swipe something even more revealing. Massive data backups would be ideal. Then we sneak back to the chink in their power-suppressor armor, jump out, and watch our electronic safe-cracker reveal the goods. Wifi will be listening in on Wolfie's radios, Black Arrow will be across the street covering us.

“Does that work for you guys? 'cause if so, I've got some lovely information on the Wolf Lair we should go over.”
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Bentus wrote:The Mystifying Ashen Moth!
The Republic of Atria wrote:Jason

Casimir Herman, July 27
What the blazes am I saying?, furiously thought Casimir. Was he seriously accepting someone's offer right now? Well when he thought about it he wasn't exactly asking for help as he was just being taught something. It wasn't any different then a school teacher showing a pupil how to do arithmetic. In fact this was much better than asking for help since Jason was the one who approached him so this simply made it him being pragmatic and exploiting an opportunity for his own betterment. Yes! Today was a day of growth and not some simple rolling over on his belly and asking for help in some trite cause. This was nowhere near close asking for help....maybe. Suddenly the sheepish voice of a familiar white and purple moth girl attracted his attention.

"Kabuto, this is a good morning, yes? I uh - do you know what is a ‘press conference’?”

"Good morning Ash," cordially greeted Casimir as he raised an eyebrow at her question, "A press conference eh? Well first you gotta know there people called reporters whose job is to tell the masses about events that happen faraway or locally among other things. And a press conference is where a bunch of reporters ask someone questions about something that happened so they can tell it better to others. Does that make sense?"

Jason promptly told them about how'd they'd have to head out soon. Well the present was the best time for anything. Casimir nodded at Jason before turning to Ash.

"Do you want to come along? Jason here is gonna show me some pointers in webswinging. You can probably show off what you can do if you want," inquired Casimir at the nervous girl.

A little while after, they reached a spot outside where webswinging could be possible and Casimir noticed in fascination at the gross yet iridescent film that made up Jason's suit. Casimir nodded along to the initial lesson and watched as he demonstrated his own swinging ability. Casimir thought his should work similarly enough or maybe not. Nevertheless he grinned at the possibility mastering this ability as it could open up for him a great many possibilities in fights. So far he'd either been missing or been targeting things that would be too big to miss. There was no precision to it. No élan.

So uh, show me whatchu got.

"With great pleasure!," vivaciously exclaimed Casimir at the end of Jason's informative lecture.

Casimir leaped up around twice his own height and flicked both arms forward releasing a twin stream of webbing at the tree and yanked himself forward as per instructions. He swung his legs forward to propel himself to the side as he opted to continue around the tree. As Jason had said he could feel himself gain more and more speed as he circumnavigated the tree. As he was almost halfway around Casimir remembered to aim his left hand at his next target which was another tree not too faraway. As his arc lowered but only slightly he could feel himself accelerate and he repeated the process of yanking himself upwards once his string hit the next tree's branch. As his arc swung him forward Casimir meant to let go and spin to land next to Jason but instead the branch his webbing was attached to snapped. Naturally this let to a rather jarring conclusion as he was forced to hit the ground next to Jason hard on his heels nearly tipping forward.

"Stupid tree!," gasped a scowling Casimir as he regained his footing and braced himself on his knees hunched forward, "I'll go again! I was sure that branch could support my weight."
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Postby The Republic of Atria » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:00 pm

Segral wrote:Carter Graystone

He didn't know how Carter did it. Maybe it was his real power or grievous abuse of the English language, but Wyatt cracked a smile and even a little snicker as he told him to try to ignore Casimir. There were some fiendish ideas forming in his head to get back at him. Maybe ask him to spar and "accidentally" go a little overboard. Casimir was pretty tough, an accidental smack across the jaw wouldn't hurt him that bad... He might even go through with it if he were that kind of person.

"Yeah... I know. And you're right." Wyatt replied. "Emotions are pretty high right now, and we can't be hyper tense when we go this press conference." His tail still flicking around, but no longer with the risk of smacking Carter. Now that he'd thought about it, he had absolutely no idea what to expect from a press conference. He'd almost certainly would get to be on TV on one hand, on the other, he was not the strongest speaker. Hopefully he could just stand there and look tough. Roy and Jason should be the ones talking to them. Roy was the leader and would probably do most of the talking anyways. Jason was very good at being wordy and... Controversial? The Young Bloods were already controversial, though Naja kept most of the vultures at bay.

It was nerve wracking. Hopefully they wouldn't ask him anything too personal. Or something complicated... Or about N'Toak. That would be a train wreck. He wasn't even sure if he was allowed to talk about it. Would they be mad at him? It's not like the humans didn't know about it's existence. Then again, he could always pull a presidential candidate and just say a lot of words that went nowhere and meant pretty much nothing. Another thought that he found humorous. "So, uh. That press conference. Obviously we're probably going to badmouth Warwolf a bit. You think they're gonna ask us questions?" He finished, carefully putting his arm around his friend. "Sorry about earlier. I got heated and... Yeah. I'm just mad that Kiris got captured and there isn't anything I can do about it. You ever get that feeling of helplessness? Like, you've got powers, you know how to use them for the most part, and you're still stuck not being able to do anything?"

Absolon-7 wrote:Casimir

Jason made himself comfortable as Casimir prepared to give his web swinging another go. One part of him felt... Kinda good that he was helping someone. And it didn't actually involve violence. Kinda of a weird feeling, but not a bad one by any means. The other part was all too eager to get a close up view of Casimir smacking into a tree. It was almost hypnotic to watch.

Casimir once again made an attempt, and it actually went much better than the previous times, with the issue being this time that a branch from a tree snapped. Jason stifled a laugh. sludge had to help, but he found to quiet funny as well, but was less concerned if someone caught him letting out a gurgling snicker. Of course the pair followed up, swinging into a tree branch that was very much alive, sturdy and perched there. "Much better. Minus the tree branch snapping. But hey, look on the bright side: building are much less likely to come apart." Jason said. "But yeah, I guess at this point it's just a matter of you keeping up your practice until it's muscle memory." He said standing up. "Tell you what. You keep practicing, and in a few days, how 'bout we race?" He offered as a friendly gesture, though he had the utmost confidence he would win.

"After this business with Kiris is wrapped up first of course. Speaking of that... Do we even have a plan?" He asked. "Obviously we''re not going to let one of our own rot in a WarWolf prison cell, and as badly as I want to go try to bust her out on my own, I've got a good enough feeling that it probably won't go my way."



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