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Postby Auropa » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:06 pm

Mike Mathews
July 27th, San Diego public library

Mike had spent the last two days in a relatively unusual way.
Normally, he’d look into future internships, developing his powers or just generally mill about and relax, these past two days however had him fully investing nearly all of his time into practicing to fight and learning about magic of all things the latter of which, is what had eventually led him into the library. Even in today’s modern world of technology, finding actual, valid information on magic was like pulling teeth and in the rare cases he actually found something, understanding what it was saying was an entirely different challenge. Now he was sitting slumped deep into the back of an old, dusty and albeit surprisingly comfy armchair trying to decipher a ‘A collection on the study of otherworldly magic’.

He didn’t think even for a moment that he could use magic himself, for one thing there are few super powered mages for a reason and for another the whole idea of spending decades relentlessly studying a field he may never be able to use didn’t really appeal to him. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t deny the real reason he was so suddenly invested in this: Hex. Mike liked understanding how his powers worked, he liked learning about physics and reality to better apply his own abilities. Yet along comes some angsty merlin-wannabe who can apparently and takes his shield, linked together stronger than steel, and just, liquefy it. No change in energy, no change in matter, nothing. All of its structure and strength just, gone. After letting out an audible sigh at the memory, Mike slumped deeper into the chair and partially onto the floor ‘if people can do that, then what use do my powers even have? And what use is learning about the world when we clearly don’t understand a damned thing about it?!’ After forcibly shaking the thought from his head, Mike dragged his tired body from the chair and stretched his stiff arms while stifling a yawn. In the end, all he could really figure out was that the different magics mostly acted like they were tapping into different pools of energy and when harnessed, could have different effects on reality. Whatever the hell that meant, Mike had no idea, but if there was some structure to it he’d eventually figure it out and hopefully be ready for it. As he went to put away the folder of papers and reports, a small buzzing started to come from his phone and after digging it out of his pockets he saw a simple message on its screen

“YB team meeting”

Later that day, Wonder Tower

All in all, Mike had entered the meeting optimistically. Sure, the past few days with the team had been rough, borderline traumatic even, but he figured that there was no way it would keep going the way it had been. Maybe Naja had found out about Roy’s vigilantism comments and was now rightfully getting ready to lay into the team. While the idea of getting into trouble wasn’t exactly fun for Mike, the chance that everyone would have some sense knocked into them before they did something crazy for a change, did brighten his mood somewhat.

But then Roy told everyone what was really happening. Pink Hair tried to be rational and calm. Some new guy was curious about info. And Mike, Mike was pissed. He was upset that they had gone alone. He was dumbstruck that they didn’t consider backup. But he was furious that when things went bad, Mars had left Kiris behind. While the others talked, that little voice in his head that stopped him from doing stupid shit seemed to go mute and as he turned to look at the source of it all, he found Mars unwilling to even face the others he had so gracelessly screwed over. That was the last straw.

“Well if no one else will, I guess I’ll say it." Mike suddenly called out "Congrats Mars. You broke the law, got caught doing it, stabbed your team in the back and abandoned the one person on this Earth you’d be able to trick into helping with it all. And all in the span of one night to boot.” He said without taking his eyes off the so called ‘genius’ daring him to meet back his gaze.

“And you know what?” He eventually added, breaking off his stare to turn it towards Roy “Why don’t we just forget about Kiris? I mean, if Mars thought it was worth leaving her for the intel, then who are we to question his genius intellect? I bet his brilliant mind has already calculated this through better than any of us ever could! Heck, he’s probably even got a speech written up to disown her from the team already!” Some part of Mike knew that Mars was hurting, it might have even considered how the team was feeling too but he wasn't listening to it at this point. After everything they had been through, 'to just leave her?'

No, Mike had let a lot of things go recently but this was something he wasn't going to let slide.
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Postby Absolon-7 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:03 am

Zarkenis Ultima wrote:July 24th

Casimir Herman, July 24
A cocky smirk flashed into existence on Casimir's face once Seristella showed herself to be satisfied with his response. Of course his grandness was recognized by as her armor indicated a worthy warrior as it was only natural after all. Kiris followed up with confirming Casimir's question and mentioned how they've only met two other people so far. This struck him as odd as the team easily had ten times that now. Then again most weren't worth meeting as much as he the great Kabuto was but that point was null. Casimir nodded along to the little exchange between the two and even giving a small laugh to Kiris trying to talk with a mouthful of spaghetti.

"I didn't see a lot of interest outside this tower here. What do you all do for fun in here, besides going out and fighting the forces of evil?"

"Good question," uttered Casimir, "We have a training room but it's woefully inadequate for ones such as I and Kiris. I think we have a virtual reality set somewhere around but its for pretty much for games. So I'd say normal teenager things."

But what where normal teenager things exactly? Casimir had never been the most "normal" when it came to what was usually perceived as acceptable or expected. He'd either be getting into fights, starting fights, ending fights he wasn't even involved in or painfully awkward small talk. That and or consuming entertainment he enjoyed by himself. Or working on people's cars and bikes for sidecash. At least before he got powers.

"Stuff like watching entertainment or talking with each other. Sometimes we have game nights or play video games together. Unfortunately there's nothing really that satisfies the more hotblooded of us," matter of factly said Casimir before he turned to Kiris, "Recall anything you do for fun too? Besides acting all sweet with your boy Mars I mean."

Tomia wrote:Mars
The Republic of Atria wrote:Jason & Wyatt
Auropa wrote:Mike Mathews

Casimir Herman, July 27
The next few days were tumultuous if Casimir had to put a word to describe them. Ash's reception to the team was interesting to say the least. There was some new guy covered in sludge that he could have sworn laughed at him while he tried to learn to webswing between the Tower and some of the surrounding buildings. The damn świnia had the gall to dare find amusement in his pain of repetedaety smaking into the hangar! Nevertheless Casimir could care less what some second rate newbie thought. There was another new girl, named Shi, that Vivi had gone to a mission with and Casimir couldn't exactly put it into words. He had did have something more uplifting to think about as he had managed to convince Naja to get him membership into Dunkmaster's Gym! Finally he could work out without getting splinters every other time like the tree trunks. In some ways he would miss that old set but it was beneath him now. Things were pretty calm and boring in the comfy sort of way and Casimir thought this day would be the same alas he would be wrong.

It started with Roy sending out a message for an urgent team meating. At the meeting room once everyone showed up the news was layed bare in its whole ugly, twisted,thorny truth. As per Roy's words, Kiris was taken by those Warwolf curs. His heart pounded with the force of thunder in his chest as he could practically feel his blood boil. Renata was the first of team to speak out and she simply asked questions. Questions. Yes, that was reasonable. That new guy, Jason, spoke next and said something strangely reasonable as well about not acting irrationally. Granted Casimir could barely hear due to his own heartbeat as well as him imagining finding very creative ways to deal with any Warwolf that hurt her. Then there was Mike. The ever so dependable Mike. An incredibly dependable Mike. After all, only a dependable man would be so dependable. Good grief, venomously thought Casimir.

"You shut your whoremouth you piece of bread ass bitch!," shot Casimir, who abruptly got up from his seat, at Mike, "Like some second rate gówno pijący that's barely around to be a member has any right to criticize. You think pouring some damn salt at Mars is going to help Kiris? You think somehow Warwolf give's a shit about how Mars, you, or anyone here feels? They don't. You shoving Mars face in this mess is worth nothing and helps nothing. Now shut the fuck up instead of lashing out like some petulant child that has to score some cheap points and let the adults do the talking." Casimir sat back down nearly snarling and let out a deep breath. He looked at Roy with cold eyes and a similarly cold tone, "What do we do?"
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Postby Tyr » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:27 am

Siberia, The Town of Grestol
Ivan Morezov, The Russian Federation

♪♪♪Listening Music♪♪♪

The sound of liquor being poured into the glass, a cheesy television show is currently being aired, and the combined voices of small talk and pointless chatter filled the air. It was another normal day at the bar in the peaceful town of Grestol. Ivan had been staying in this town for around a week after he decided to join a small militia force stationed in the town after he heard rather interesting rumors going around the town.

“Things been heatin’ up in Eastern Europe nowadays,” A militiaman comments as the cheesy television sitcom was temporarily cut to show breaking news of Ukro-Russo tensions in Crimea.

The leader of the militia group, Igor Alekhin, frowned and grumbled, “President Martyanov has been pretty aggressive these days and who knows that the man might reform the Soviet Union.”

Alekhin poured vodka into the shot glass, instantly chugging it and continued, “ I’d want to deploy the group to Ukraine, but I’m more keen on hunting down the bigger fish here in Siberia.”

As Ivan lights up his cigarette, he interrupts the boss and said, “Say, Commander Alekhin, care to tell me more about this big fish of yours?”

Ivan thought that this “big fish” that the leader is rambling on about might be connected to the rumors that have been going around town, the rumor being the reason on why he decided to tag along with the militia group.

The militia group was filled with gossips by the militia members as Ivan entered the spotlight and he’s heard quite interesting things from their whispers using his superior sense of hearing.

“Oh? You’re the new guy, Ivan Morezov. If you didn’t know, a higher-up in the Russian Ground Force informed us that they’re gonna give militia folks a good amount of reward if we assist them in hunting down a threat to national security here in Siberia,” The leader of the militia said as he turns his gaze towards Ivan.

“So are we gonna help them hunt down terrorists or something?”

“They didn’t give us specific details but they asked us to station here in Grestol and wait for further instructions from the army.

“Well, perhaps Chinese engineers assisted the Mongolians in creating killer robots to raid and pillage Russia again?”

The bar was filled with laughter after hearing Ivan’s joke, a joke that he thought was lame.

“Ivan Morezov was it? What sort of combat experience did you have?”

“I was a Private in the Soviet Army and I was assigned to the 108th Motorized Rifle Division of the 40th Army. As for my combat experience, I saw action in the seventh Panjshir offensive.”

Obviously, it is of Ivan’s best interest to hide his past identity. It wouldn’t go rather well if we expose the fact that he was a Polkovnik in the army at the time of the Soviet-Afghan war and the fact he joined the KGB a few years later-nevermind his life before the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, the militiamen seemed impressed of his history.

“Ivan, you look too young to have served during the Soviet-Afghan war,” a militiaman commented.

“Hey now, I’m 55,” Ivan further lied about his age

“Wow, are you like a vampire or something?”

“Perhaps,” He jokingly said.
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Postby Finland SSR » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:02 pm

The Republic of Atria wrote:Bael

The Mad Lass, Sina As'tari!

Continuing to fly across the boulevard at maximum speed, only occasionally flapping her wings to remain at the same level and minimize aerial resistance, Sina took a glance towards Bael to see that the fellow Dra'Quinni was doing some odd maneuvers. Having flown high in the sky for much of the race, he suddenly decided to drop down right before her eyes, wasting valuable seconds in a vertical trajectory instead of a horizontal one.

He's not an expert at this type of thing, is he?

Usually, when you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, you don't randomly change your altitude. Either something was going on above that he couldn't resolve and had to drop down, or... well, some other reason, really. She was no telepath, she couldn't read Bael's mind.

But she could take advantage of this.

If he's gonna be handing me a victory like that, then sure, I'll take it. He better not tell me he lost on purpose, though...

Accelerating by flapping her wings in swift periodic motion, Sina suddenly pushed past Bael, gaining more and more speed as she went.

There we go, I think we're close to the fini- Whoa!

She almost left a Dra'Quinni-sized splat on the wall of that building in front of her, suddenly strafing to the side and barely changing in the 90 degree turn in time.

Okay, that one was actually a little dangerous.

Auropa wrote:Mike Mathews

Later that day, Wonder Tower

Renata Martinez, the heroic Stella!

Alright, so, the meeting has started off without much of a hitch. After Renata's initial questions, she was followed up by Jason, who presented a few questions of his own and also requested the team to maintain calm and not try to break out Kiris with force. Jason was followed by Mike, who-


Mike went completely down the opposite end, declaring that Mars not only screwed up, but betrayed the team and his girlfriend that night, and the team should reap the consequences by letting Kiris rot in prison and forget about her. Casimir immediately lashed out back, cursing at Mike in a language Renata could not understand, and for an obvious reason. If this was someone like, say, Red, who was a suspicious individual in general, then maybe Mike going down that end would have seemed more reasonable... but this was god damn Kiris they were talking about! The heart of the team! How could anyone believe that charges against her were warranted and she was not in the right?

-Okay, maybe Renata is not a person who should be talking about judging people who were accused of Warwolf for one crime or another. But at least she is learning!

And she knew exactly how to fix this issue.

Putting on a fake smile, Renata let go of the edge of the couch she was leaning on and began walking up to Mike, speaking:

"Oh, come on, maybe we shouldn't immediately start throwing slurs around and treat Mike like he's the devil, after all-"

Throwing her right arm around Mike's neck, Renata would suddenly stop her sentence and pull the matter manipulator closer, her left hand forming a finger gun aimed in between his eyes with brief sparks of light flying off the tip of her index finger. The pink-haired heroine would follow it up with a whisper:

"You say anything like that about Kiris again and I'm melting your mouth shut."

Exaggerations and threats can go a long way, after all. Renata let go of Mike and immediately continued, with a happy smile:

"-after all, Mike never meant to say anything like that! Something must have happened to him, maybe he's anxious or he didn't have enough sleep - but he's sorry for saying mean things about Mars and Kiris! Isn't that right, Mike?" Renata would follow up her rhetorical question with a nudge towards the matter manipulator, before her smile faded and she moved on. "Casimir has a point. What do we do now?"
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Postby United Kingdom of Poland » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:34 pm

Wendy’s gaze never left the floor as the other argued over what to do. As soon as roy showed her the news feed, she’d realized her scanner had picked up the live feed hours before. She’d been in the perfect position to help her friend and completely missed it. She heard the voice in her head, her mother telling her to drop the act and embrace her family legacy… and with how bad things were, wendy knew that part of her mind was right.

“We calm down, catch our breath, and begin planning this breakout the right way so that when we do come knocking the warwolf guards will wish they were back in whatever third world hellhole they were serving in before this.” She replied, before turning to Roy. “Talk to Naja. She already has to know about what happened, and if we can get Kiris back without starting a shooting war with warwolf, all the better. As for the rest of us…”

Wendy turned back to the others. “Mars, I know you want nothing more than to crawl up into a ball somewhere and cry yourself to sleep, but we need you. We will get Kiris back, and then Roy and I can lecture both of you together on what you two screwed up. Start going through the intel you got off the engineer and start questioning him, take Yoshi with you so we know he isn’t selling us down a river. If you need help breaking any encryption or a shoulder to cry on, just come talk to me.”

“Red, talk to the people who broke you out of jail. We may need extra muscle for this, and while I don’t entirely, I feel pretty safe in saying they won’t screw you over.”

“Cas, settle down and keep an eye on Mike. Mike…” She said walking over to the self righteous hot head and pulling him by his shirt until their faces with only inches apart. “Remember two things. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and that the woman in question controls whether or not the security system on the island fries you like a cockroach. Rat on us to anyone, and I will make sure you’re a dead man as soon as you step out the front door…”

Pushing him away, she turned back to the others. “Alexis, make sure everyone’s toys are good to go. I’ll be working on getting blueprints on any Warwolf buildings they might have taken her. Anyone else have any suggestions?”

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Postby The Republic of Atria » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:57 pm

Finland SSR wrote:Sina

Well, he had intended to mess with her, but not by almost causing her to splat into a building. She recovered, but probably had a mini-heart attack in the process. But he had an advantage, they were close and she almost crashed. It was pretty much a straight shot to the park from there. He was pretty good at straight shots. "<Final stretch Sina!>" Sure, he made some pretty obvious mistakes, but he had powers to back him up.

He thrust his wings with as much force as he could, which was quite a bit, and built up even more speed than when he jumped off the building. Sina had passed him a few seconds prior, but her lead was decreasing. He was having fun, fun he hadn't had in a long time or ever really. He wondered if flying races were a pastime in N'Toak. Or at least common enough an occurrence where he could get in one for fun. Maybe it was cheating that he was an Elder, but they didn't need to know that yet. That, and Sina seemed to get a good enough lead despite that.

The park was in sight. He tunnel visioned quite hard on it. Flapping his wings harder and harder, gritting his teeth as he flew towards the edge of the park faster than he'd ever flown in his life. Only to remember a few feet away from the finish that that he had to land.

July 27, the Screaming Meeting Room

Wyatt sat quietly, listening to all that was happening. Jason had a pretty good start, suggesting they maintain a cool head and think before acting. However, the rest of the team seemed to have the exact opposite idea. With Mike all but losing his mind at Mars, even going as far as to suggest that they might as well not bother with her.

Things only escalated further when Casimir and Renata got up and added more fuel to the fire by launching a tirade at Mike for daring to suggest such an idea. Of course he was against such a stupid idea, but rather than kick the hornets nest again, he decided to do something he'd never done, at least not in the presence of the team. Sitting up and thumping the table. "All of you. SHUT UP." He spoke loudly, but very firm.

"Mars made a mistake. He knows that. We know that. Mike, you're not helping. The mistake has already been made and shouting at Mars isn't going to get Kiris out any faster. And look at it from his perspective. If he had stayed and fought, he probably would have been captured too, and we would be down TWO team members with NO information." He hissed, turning to Renata and Casimir. "And neither are you two. Mike should have kept his mouth shut, but you two are acting like children. Attacking Mike isn't going to get Kiris out either. So unless either of you have anything CONSTRUCTIVE and CALM to add. You will keep your mouths SHUT for the rest of the meeting. Do I make myself CLEAR?" He finished, shifting his glare to all three of them before continuing with a much calmer, but still firm tone.

"Jason's right. We need to relax and think about our course of action. And that means NO arguing with each other." He almost wanted to apologize for raising his voice and snarling at them, but he felt it was the best way to diffuse the situation and get the egos in check. "We can discuss our lack of communication AFTER we get Kiris back. Until then, we plan how we're going to get her back and we do so as a team. Just to make sure you all heard me. Not a single word unless it's to help with rescuing her."

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Postby Auropa » Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:31 pm

Mike Mathews
Wonder Tower

A reasonable man would’ve accepted his fault and maybe even apologized. A smart man would’ve not poured salt onto the fresh wounds of super powered beings to begin with. Evidently, Mike was neither at the moment and after Casimir’s comments ‘did…did he just call me bread?!’ Renata’s hand canon and the feeling of Wendy’s very real threat over him, he was seeing red. But then Wyatt shouted, and something about the rage of a dragon snapped Mike’s survival instinct, at least partly, into place.

“You… you think I would… After everything I…just... Wow.” He slowly muttered as Wendy turned away and stress piled up once more.
“Well, while you lot offer Mars comfort and praise, let me go ahead and be ‘constructive'. We all know what’s going to happen.” He said “Someone is going to find where they’re keeping Kiris and then we’re going to break her out of the mess Mars left her in.” Straightening himself up as he spoke and trying to stop his whole body from shaking with the pent-up emotion, he turned to leave deciding that he couldn't be a useful contribution to the meeting. But before he could, the rebuilt shreds of his survival instinct fell under the pressure and Mike said something he really shouldn’t have

“And you know what Bug Boy? I don’t give a shit about whether-or-not I’m considered part of the team because I’m not a sad, lonely SOB so desperate to feel wanted, that they’d live out their own personal narcissistic power fantasy, in some vain attempt to thrust themselves into the spotlight! And you know why I don’t want to do that? Because this happens! You act high and mighty and people get jealous! They look at you, at us, and think ‘so can I!’ And then they get themselves killed! Mars left with Kiris, alone! Because of a god damned little brother complex. So yeah, my attitude isn’t going to help her but I hope to god that it at least some of it gets through Mars' skull before everyone else starts offering their shoulders to him!” he said, raising his voice as he spoke until he was practically shouting by the end of it, but as he paused for a second to catch his breath, that small voice inside his head continued to desperately search for its missing friend ‘common sense’ and reinstall a much needed sense of self-preservation as Mike continued on in a lower but steady volume.

“And you.” He said looking at Renata “The Spoilt-Over-Enthusiastic-Trigger-Happy-Tantrum-Having-Troll-Doll-Nuclear-Fallout-in-the-making. Don’t think for a damned second, that pretending to be tough and threatening will get me to back down but looking at you, I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re probably more used to using force and fear to get what you anyways. And just so you know Wendy, I AM going to help save Kiris from the mess she walked into, not stab this screwed up team in the back. And I’m going to help, not because I’m a hero, not because of the team and definitely not because we’re all one big happy family. I’m going to do it because helping someone alone and in danger is the right fucking thing to do. Which is clearly something Mars over here wouldn’t understand.” Then after emptying out his mind, Mike slowly breathed in and out as he finally calmed down and realised something he should’ve weeks ago “I know what I’m doing here and why I’m doing it.” He said flatly “I just hope to god you all do too.”

Then turning towards the door once again, Mike started to leave “Wyatt, you’re right and I’m sorry. But I’m not letting this one go and I don't think I can help here. Roy, I’ll get my gear ready and be in the gym. When you’ve all thought up a plan, send me a message and a meeting point and I’ll be there.”
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Postby Northwest Slobovia » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:39 pm

July 25th, Wonder Tower

Sam had been surprised by how long it took to get the Young Bloods’ three tech-supers together in one place at one time. More surprised, even, than he’d been at Wonder Tower’s lack of a meeting room. With Naja’s acquiescence, he commandeered an empty bedroom, and rearranged the furniture, tipping the bed up against one wall and putting the small desk in the center of the room. It was a tiny thing for holding a meeting around, but all he expected to be on it was his laptop. After rounding up a few chairs, the room was ready to go.

Maybe I shouldn’t have played my cards so close to my chest. Maybe telling them more than ‘I’m looking for some help with information technology for a mission.’ would have lit a fire under them.

With that in mind, Sam opened the meeting with an excited-sounding, “So, any WarWolf fans here?”

“Come on, Blizzard, I’m sure you already heard how things went yesterday, you don’t need to play dumb.” Alexis commented as she slowly trekked across the perimeter of the room on her swiveling chair, which she’d brought along from her lab. “What’d you call us here for? I assume it has to do with them… but I could be wrong.” She stated. A recent incident had ensured that she had her own fallibility at the front of her thoughts.

Sam went on with his previous cheery tone. "Indeed it does. I've been keeping an eye on them. A very close eye. The view from a roof across from their headquarters is a good place for that." He put his laptop in the middle of the desk, and showed a video shot from a high angle. It started with a wide angle shot taking in most of a military complex. The camera zoomed in on individual people walking around the base, and fragments of their conversations became audible. The camera tracked people and vehicles, and eventually switched to buildings. The image zoomed in on one building, panned around, and settled on a sign by the door: 2 Battalion/C Company HQ.

Sam hit a key, and the image became a split screen, with the zoomed in video on the left, and a top-down schematic of WarWolf's San Diego Headquarters on the right. Most of the buildings were labeled, and large swathes of the base were shown in red, pink, light green, and dark green.

Sam looked checked the expressions of the teens he'd gathered, looking each one in the eye for a moment. "While Wolfie was playing soldier, I visited their lair." The left-hand video was replaced with a sped-up first-person view of a trip around the base, including into some of the buildings. Labels appeared on insets for those buildings, showing smaller signs by the interior doors.

"So, this walled-off section in the middle is their 'Citadel'. The building I visited there is their communications center. Radio, computer networks, phones, all their data goes through there. And I know what's behind doors number one, two, and three!"

Sam leaned forward and lowered his voice. "I'm looking to return with a small team, access their data, and try to find out what they're really up to. I doubt it's being glorified cops. I could use some help with that, the kind of help you guys can provide."

“I’m not sure how much help I’d be there.” Wendy nervously responded. “It’s not just power suppressors I have to worry about. Anything that affects signals or technology, Jammers, EMP’s, and the like are just as effective. If we run into any of those, I get turned into a hundred pound sandbag. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to hack into their main systems, cracking their radio encryption without anyone noticing while in the field was hard enough…” She clammed up, realizing she’d just revealed her own snooping operation to the others.

“Well, well, well…” Sam said with a chuckle, “Sounds like I’m not the only one who’s kept busy. So, listening in on their radio transmissions is just a matter of building gear to do it.”

While nodding to himself about that revelation, Sam was struck by a couple more thoughts. “If you had one of Wolfie’s computers here to work on, do you think you could access it? Even if it takes a while: days, weeks, whatever you’ll need.

“How about one of their cameras? They’re simpler, and once hacked, it’s just physics to build gear to hack them again.”

Wendy frowned. “It would be tricky, since we’d have to test them in an offsite facility to make sure War Wolf doesn’t have some sort of tracking program installed like I put in all of our hardware…”

“Hey that’s an invasion of privacy!” Mars said, a little outraged.

Sam’s expression became stony, and his voice bore an edge. “All of your hardware? We will discuss that later. We have bigger fish to fry first.”

“Girl, I am so going to blackmail you.” Alexis deadpanned as she glared at Wendy for a moment before shaking her head and looking at the floor thoughtfully. “But! That’s a pretty good point. We don’t want to give Warwolf cause to break into this place.”

“You guys do realize this program is cybersecurity 101 for anyone looking to protect their system, and is dormant unless you try connecting to our system while off Island, right. I’ve got better things to do than pretend I’m the NSA and watch you through your webcams.”
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Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:42 pm

July 25th, Wonder Tower

Alexis rolled her eyes after hearing Wendy’s defense, but said nothing to her. “Moving right along, if you do get a computer for Wendy here to hack into, I could possibly set up an offsite facility or perhaps even put together a small mobile lab for us to work from. It’s risky, but if everything goes to shit at least we’re not implicating the rest of the team or giving them a reason to request access to the tower.” She said before looking at Sam. “Is that more along the lines of what you wanted?”

“That’s a great idea!” Sam seemed genuinely pleased, all traces of his previous anger gone. “So, how would we do that? Wifi needs line of sight, and we’d have to deal with Wolfie’s power suppressors. Could we add something to their networks to try to break in? How about trying to find a back door via one of their patrols?”

Sam nodded in Alexis’ direction. “Also a good idea. We could rent a box truck, hire a company to put legitimate-looking company decals on it, and park it nearby.” The blonde girl nodded, but opted not to interrupt just yet.

“The team I’m taking back to the Wolf Lair will have a teleporter. Let me find out if we can pop out from the truck and return to it. If we can pull that off, the truck will look perfectly innocent.”

“You do that, I’ll prepare equipment to move into the truck when you say the word. Oh, and don’t worry too much about decals. I can just build a projector large enough to disguise the whole thing, that way we can even change its look on a whim if necessary.” Alexis assured, already starting to come up with tentative schematics in her mind. “Oh, and I can make a few more in case you or your buddies need it for your disguises.” She nodded in Sam’s direction.

“I’ll see about creating a program that we can use to listen in on their comms and creating a map of their patrol routes.” Wendy offered.

Sam nodded at each of the girls in turn. “Good ideas all around. Patrol routes would be a big help, especially for their citadel. The more we know about which Wolfies are where, the better. For patrols in the Wolf Lair, we can overlay the radio tracking with video. We’ll have a better idea of what’s going on than they do!

“So we have most of a plan. We’ll get a truck, disguise it, and use it as a base for borrowing some of Wolfie’s computer gear.

“There’s a couple doors in the communications hub marked ‘Archives’. I don’t know what’s behind them. I doubt it’s paper records, but it could be hard disk arrays, SSDs, even modern tape robots. If we get some of that, do you think you can decrypt it?”

“That’s probably the easiest part of this whole mission.” Wendy replied with a smirk. “If you can get me a spot off this island to set up shop in, I can decrypt anything you find.”

Mars gave Wendy an approving glance and spoke for the first time in the meeting. “Then I can get you more to decrypt.” He turned to the ice hero. “Blizzard, I think I can build something to pull Warwolf’s email off of their computer networks. It won’t be much bigger than this.” He made a small square with his fingers. “You’ll just have to plug it in.”

With a satisfied nod, Sam leaned back in his chair. “Now we have all of a plan. Let’s get our pieces done, I’ll get my team ready, and we’ll go in a few days.”
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Carter Graystone
July 27th

The last days had been a blur. A total blur. He was almost confused with how much had been happening. Every waking moment, he had been training his new power, trying to bring it under control. It took some experimenting, but he had realized that the blurry-airfield-thingy around his body was actually a field of air, and he could control it. Not only did it act as a nice little buffer against hits, but he found out that he could use it to enhance his hearing and touch. It had taken a lot of trial and error, playing around with pressures, vibrations, shifting molecules, touching and clapping to try to make noises. Granted, his control over it wasn't any better than it was when he got his ass knocked off a banister, but at least he now knew what it was.

It was weird though, sometimes, he got an odd chill that somebody was creeping on him in the kitchen, only to find Kiris hunting for leftover pasta. Or he would be training in the gym, and he could feel somebody coming in to spar. Was he like high? But he didn't do drugs...could flashbangs make you high?

For now, it was time to blow off some steam from being cooped up inside for so long.

Pickup basketball, baby!

There was a new outdoor court set up at Balboa Park, brand-spanking-new pavement and nets that actually stayed on the rims. Every weekend, Carter stopped by the court to play basketball with some dudes from school, mostly just to give them something to do during the weekends. While he wasn't the best shooter in the world (especially when he wasn't in the paint), he was fast and could jump like hell for blocks and steals. Which made him a hot commodity when picking teams.

It was hot outside, but Carter and the rest were unperturbed, adrenaline pushing away fatigue and summer warmth. A boombox was blaring J.I.D at full volume, the hard beat and flow almost setting a natural rhythm for the play, passes bouncing in time with the pulse, shouts lining up with J. Cole's verses, electrons in motion, orbiting the nucleus, the ball, sounds becoming homogenous, sights becomes one with the main key of attention.

Also, where did the science references come from? Was the tutor actually...helping him?!

"PASS IT, GRAYSTONE!" came a yell, a yell from Josiah Walsh, one of Carter's athletic buddies at school. The two had met while playing pickup basketball, and ever since Alexis and Carter's friendship had deteriorated faster than wet paper, Josiah had been his best bud. He was a lot taller and heavier than Carter, and was way better at shooting and ball control, but he didn't have Carter's speed or passing. Which made them the perfect team to take on these two hipster skateboarder losers.

"YOU WANT THE BALL WALSH, HERE IT IS!" Carter screamed back with glee, deking around a player on the other team and bounce passing to Josiah, right between Opposing Player #2's legs. Josiah had all the chance in the world to run, and took it, dribbling up to the foul line before firing off a pretty jump shot, and....missing?! Josiah never missed.

"SHIT, MOVE JOSIAH!" Carter practically shrieked, charging after Opposing Player #1, who had somehow managed to catch the rebound off of the near-miss jump shot. The two passed back and forth, trying to keep the pressure off each other. They were getting close to the net, Carter would need to pull off a great move to keep the score at 34-9. He needed to intercept the ball was it was coming to Opposition #2, as he had scored 6 out of 9 points, and could lay-up well.

"JOSIAH, PRESSURE HIM, I'LL COVER THE PASS!" he ordered, Josiah following him with a stiff nod. Stepping up to the much smaller Opposing Player #1, Josiah spread his arms out, waving them like a fan in an attempt to intimidate Opposition #1. It worked, as he immediately flinched and attempted to go for a chest pass to his teammate. Perfect timing. Carter leapt out with a massive leap, slapping the ball with his right hand and neatly scooping it with his left, cross-dribbling around his cover-ee so fast that the guy lost his balance and fell on his ass. With a manic yell, Carter charged at full speed towards the net, curving around to the right, and jumping up, slamming the ball down through the rim with two hands in a perfect dunk.


Suddenly, his phone rang from next to the boombox, his enhanced hearing picking up the soundwave with a painful screech. Jogging over, he picked up the phone, finding a text from Roy. Roy? Roy never texted him. Why would he text now, and was he texting him personally, and...NO CARTER, NOT THAT!

Shaking his head in disgust, Carter flicked open his recent texts, and saw a message that made his blood run cold.

"Emergency team meeting, meet at the Tower ASAP."

"Yo, Carter, we playin' more ball?" Josiah asked, sauntering up to Carter. "Jesus man, you look like you seen a ghost. Need a vacuum?" he joked, only to sober up when he realized Carter wasn't laughing one bit. "Seriously, you good man?"

"I gotta go." Carter said weakly, scooping up his water bottle and phone as he sprinted away, dashing for his car in the nearby parking lot.

"WHY YOU RUNNIN' BOY, WE ABOUT TO WIN THIS GAME!" Josiah yelled back at Carter's retreating back, annoyed that he wouldn't able to break the 40-point barrier.

"FAMILY EMERGENCY, MOTHERFUCKER!" Carter shrieked back, practically jumping into.

"Shit man, that's all you had to say!" Josiah muttered, picking up his boombox and giving a good-game handshake to his exhausted opposing players.

Reminder: Smack Mars upside the head around 1001 times later. Or as many times as it takes to knock that STUPID brain sideways.

What in the world was he thinking! Going alone with just his girlfriend, no backup from anybody else? Investigating a random tip to "collect" information? Leaving Kiris to rot at the hands of a bunch of freaks in suits instead of maybe using one of her THOUSAND magical spells?! And this was Boy Wonder?! THIS was the guy renowned for his smarts and intelligence?! Carter had done some stupid shit throughout his life, but never anything like this. Nowhere close to this. Not within a ten-foot pole. A ten light-year pole for that matter.

Breathe, Carter, breathe. Clearly, nobody else is, at least not Mike, Casimir, or Renata. Jason, the new guy, and one of Carter's new companions had some sense in his brain, which Carter could appreciate, but it wasn't enough to stop the Hiroshima-Level Nuke being dropped on the team from the Enola Gay. He loved Mike and all, but seeing him angry was not only making things extremely awkward and complicated, it was...kind of scary to see the most level-headed guy on the team lose his cool on Mars like that. Not that Mars didn't deserve it, but his ranting was almost...impressive. Casimir had an ego bigger than Mount Everest and a daily quota of at least seventeen Polish swear words like always, no surprises there, and Renata was...doing her best Marionette impression, apparently.

And he thought he was on drugs.

Wyatt and Wendy were stepping up and playing damage control, which was a welcome surprise, especially for Wyatt, but it wasn't enough to stop Mike from storming out of the room. It almost reminded Carter of when he stormed out after Red's arrest. He couldn't do that a second time though, he needed to stay calm, prove to his teammates he was a new, mature individual.

"I've got something to say, and I want you all to listen." Carter said loudly, standing up as he broke the silence he had been keeping throughout the meeting. "Casimir, Renata, just sit down and shut up, OK, it's clear you idiots have nothing intelligible to add to this conversation other than threats, so just stop talking before we contract some of your stupidity."

"Mars..." Carter said, turning towards the tiny, hunched form of Mars in his chair. Carter almost felt bad for the guy, what with Mike ripping into him, but this screw-up was on him, and Carter wanted answers. "I want the full story of what happened. Starting from when you left the Tower, and when you came back with this informant guy. Don't bullshit me, you've done enough of that already. Just tell us the full story, and we can decide where we can go from there."
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With Harley...

Red watched as the dog's head perked up in excitement, followed by it sprinting forward so fast that a literal wave of sand erupted in front of him, covering him head to toe in the stuff. Cursing as he spit out the chunks of sand from his mouth, he watched as the dog suddenly began to fly towards the stick, grabbing onto it with its jaws with a triumphant look on its face. "Okay, the dog can fly. Neat," Red mumbled to himself, the expected shock that should have came over him eerily absent. It should have concerned him that he didn't feel any sort of surprise, but given what he dealt with on the daily basis, it seemed miniscule at best.

As the dog landed, however, something apparently seemed to go wrong. The dog, looking at its feet currently submerged in ocean water, let out a yelp as it took off once again at supersonic speeds towards Red. He didn't even have time to flinch before he felt the trembling fur of the dog up against the back of his legs. Is it...the ocean...WHAT?

"Please tell me you're not afraid of the ocean, are you boy? For Christ's sake, you just broke the sound barrier. You can't tell me that just a little bit of water could scare you, right?" Red asked the dog who remained cowering behind him. However, based on the look the dog gave him, he realized that his assumption had been correct, causing him to look up to the night sky and mouth the words "why". Letting out a small groan, he gave up on his questioning and simply rubbed his eyes before looking back at the dog.

"Well, at least you managed to dry yourself off," he said sarcastically. Staring back at the ocean one last time, he let out a small sigh before bringing his hand down to ruffle up the fur on top of the dog's head. "Come on, you big scaredy pants, let's go back home," he said to the dog, placing his hands in his pockets as he began to walk back to the Tower. The dog seemed all to pleased to stay close following him, the stick noticeably missing from its mouth. I guess he has bigger priorities right now, Red thought with a scoff.

Making their way back into the Tower, Red made the mistake of glancing at one of the clocks as he entered. "Jesus, it's late," he said with a groan. It had been over 24 hours since he had last slept, and the warm ocean breeze had done enough to begin to feel his eyes drooping. With a yawn, he made his way back to his room, nearly forgetting about his furry companion until he felt a nudge on his knees before he could close the door behind him.

Looking down at the dog, he saw it tilt its head at him slightly before it too let out a long yawn. Their little midnight walk had apparently taken a lot of energy out of it, and given the time of night he supposed it wasn't too much to guess it was ready to go to bed as well. Red glanced down the hallways once more, hoping to see someone else searching for the dog, but found nothing but utter darkness as everyone else was fast asleep. Locking eyes with the dog once more, Red debated on what to do before finally letting out a resigned groan.

"Alright, just don't piss on the carpet. Save that for Carter's room," he said, stepping aside so that the dog could get inside. It seemed more than eager to hop its way in. Red had planned on having the dog take the floor or even the couch, but instead the furry beast decided his bed seemed to be the most comfortable. Red opened his mouth, about to scold the dog and send it elsewhere, when he found himself unable to utter a single word. Letting out his seemingly hundredth sigh for the day, he merely kicked off his socks, tossed his sling onto the ground, and shut the lights off.

"Even with the wet dog smell, I suppose you'll smell better than Casimir," he muttered under his breath before sliding under his sheets. The dog was polite enough to give him plenty of room to lay down in, instead taking a spot in the lower corner of the bed as his resting place. Content with this, Red closed his eyes. He was almost about to drift off into slumber when all of a sudden he felt something rustling beside him, followed by the sensation of something soft resting on his chest. Opening up one eye, he saw the dog had rested its head on his chest, its eyes sealed shut and its chest slowly rising up and down.

"Whatever," Red mumbled, not bothering to try and move himself away and instead letting the overwhelming darkness finally envelope him into much needed sleep.

The Next Day...

Red awoke to the sound of his phone buzzing on his nightstand next to him. With a groan, he blindly reached over to see who in the hell was bothering him and tell them just how he felt about his rude awakening. However, as he opened up his eyes to see what the screen said, all sense of grogginess disappeared in an instant.

"Jesus Christ, what happened now?" he murmured, prepared to hop out of bed when he realized that something was watching him. Turning around, he saw the dog from the night before looking at him with a puzzled expression, seeming to be wondering why his sleep had too been interrupted. "Team meeting," Red said to the dog before realizing he was talking to a dog that probably had no idea what he meant. However, the words seemed to click with it, as the dog rushed out to his door. Red scratched at his head for a few moments before walking over to open the door for it, watching as it disappeared down the hallways.

"Okay, that happened," he said to himself, glancing at the time on his phone. I guess breakfast, or rather lunch, will have to wait, he thought to himself as he quickly rushed his way to the bathroom for a quick shower and tooth brushing session. He winced slightly as his arm continued to ache, but thankfully found himself having regained most of its functions at this point. As he finished brushing his teeth, he glanced over at himself in the mirror, and saw the bags under his eyes were still present. He looked like shit, and all things considered, it shouldn't have came as a surprise. Still, it wasn't like he cared too much about his looks, so he merely threw on a pair of sweats and a long sleeve t-shirt with his accompanying sling and made his way to where the team meeting was to take place.

As he sat down, he knew immediately something bad had happened. As the team assembled, Red realized something was missing. Or rather, someone. Before he could ask Roy where that someone was, however, he turned the television on, and soon his questions were answered. Albeit in possibly the worst possible way.

"Jesus Christ..." was all he could mutter under his breath, shaking his head as he watched the news detail the events of Kirisvala's arrest. It didn't take long for the explanation to come out. Mars and Kirisvala had gone out on a mission unbeknownst to the rest of the team and in the process Kirsvala had been taken prisoner by Warwolf. The sound of their name caused Red to clench his fists for a moment, bitter memories returning to him. Fucking Lycan, he thought to himself, prepared to say something when all hell broke loose.

At first, things seemed to go predictably. People were upset, and wanted to know what to do next. But when Mike suddenly went on an outburst, suggesting that they simply abandon Kirsvala, the others didn't take it lightly. Casimir and Renata specifically seemed the most upset, with Red seeing a side of the pink-haired girl that gave him eerie similar feelings to villainess girl he had dealt with much too often.

Unlike them, most of the team seemed to keep themselves calm, at least as much as could be expected during the situation. This was a good thing, as Red knew all too well what happened when emotions got in the way of planning. Wendy seemed the most capable thus far, going so far as to ask him something he was surprised to hear come from her.

“Red, talk to the people who broke you out of jail. We may need extra muscle for this, and while I don’t entirely, I feel pretty safe in saying they won’t screw you over.”

Red bit at his lip, unsure of what to do with the request. Sure, he could probably ask Alexis and her people to help, but based on what he had been keeping track of them, they wouldn't probably be the best to ask for such a delicate task that would directly tie into the Young Bloods. Still, with desperate times... Red thought grimly to himself. As she asked for any suggestions, Red let out a small groan before speaking up.

"I can see what I can do with our...friends, Wendy. I've already been doing a bit of digging on Warwolf on my end as well," he said, briefly locking eyes with Roy before continuing. "But we've got to be careful about what we do here. This isn't as simple as...other similar incidents in the past. While Mike might've been harsh, he's not wrong in saying that what Kiris did was a textbook violation of the law, and with Warwolf more or less running this city now, Naja isn't going to be able to pull any more favors to drag our assess out of it." He locked eyes with Wendy, a much more serious tone coming onto his voice. "And you'd be stupid to not expect them to know we're coming."

With that, Carter interjected, asking Mars about more information on what had all occurred. While for the sake of those especially concerned with Kirsvala, Red knew that at this point it didn't matter. She was a hostage of Warwolf, and getting her back would take more than a simple prison riot to get them out of there. Granted, according to Alexis that wasn't the plan, but I digress, he thought.

Red glanced in the direction of Wendy once more, his eyes narrowing slightly and a crease beginning to form on his forehead. It appears something has gotten her rather fired up, he thought dryly to himself. The girls seem to be rather busy creating a scene for once, with them either seeming to be possessed, kidnapped, about to melt the face off of others, or having complete changes to their personalities. He rubbed his temples slightly. Jesus, maybe Silva was right all those years back. Women are fickle things indeed. Granted, she also specialized in seducing and manipulating our targets into vulnerable positions just so she could slit their throat, so maybe I shouldn't take her advice to heart, he thought in remembrance of a certain former teammate of his own.

Glancing over to the doorway where Mike had left, Red's furrowed buried even deeper. Mike was someone Red hadn't gotten to know much apart from the occasional small talk, but he couldn't believe that he had made such an outburst. While he could understand where he was coming from, saying something like that at this point in time was the least smartest idea to do. Shaking his head, he brought his attention back to the meeting at hand.
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July 27th

Alexis cleared her throat loudly as Carter finished speaking, marking the first time she had made a single noise since the meeting began; so far, she had simply sat on one of the chairs in the room, arms crossed in front of her chest and a scowl permanently set into her face after hearing the news that one of, if not her best friend, had been arrested by Warwolf.

"Before this circus of a meeting continues, I'd just like to point out one thing." The tiny blonde girl spoke up, her uncharacteristically dry tone coupled with her scowl making it clear that she was more than ready to tear a new one to whoever interrupted her despite being the smallest person in the room. "No matter our blunders, we're a team. All of us. Even if some of us may forget it at times. We're supposed to stick up for each other instead of turning on each other the instant we receive bad news. So regardless of how preventable this whole mess might be or how poor our friends' planning might have been, what we have to do right now is support them, not lash out at anyone. The last thing we need to do is confront Warwolf as a fragmented team instead of an united front." She stated before standing up. Despite her size, she had a powerful presence when she was serious.

"I'm starting to sound like a broken record, so I'll get to the point." She nodded in Mars' direction. "He is our friend. And he is devastated. Now, I have the suspicion that you all seriously misinterpreted Mike's tirade, even if he was unjustified in lashing out like that, but I'll say this regardless: if any of you genuinely think that him leaving her behind was in any way a malicious or cowardly act, you either don't know him like I do, or you're just dumb. I can understand some of you being mad at him, but I won't have any more insults sent his way. He is our friend, he is distraught, he needs our support and we need him and whatever information he uncovered if we want a shot at rescuing one of our dearest friends from Warwolf. So let's all drop the hostilities, right now."

The blonde girl paused, letting out a sigh. "I would stay, but I have some hardware matters to tend to, especially now that we're in an emergency, and there's two other brainiacs in the room already. I'll take my leave." She said, looking at Wendy. "Thanks for taking charge. You surprised me today." She complimented the hacker before turning and heading towards the door, though not without stopping by Wyatt's side first, giving the Dra'Qunni a glance. "Good job. Be sure to keep them in check." She nodded at him before continuing on her way, hands going into her pockets.

Of course, the tech wizard didn't head back to her laboratory just yet. Instead, she decided to take a detour and check on a certain someone. Easily navigating the winding corridors of Wonder Tower, she made her way to the gym, throwing the doors open and looking around. It didn't take her long to spot Mike blowing off some steam by going postal on a sandbag.

"You sure didn't make any friends today." She remarked.
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July 27th
Amir Zairi

The day started with nothing out of ordinary. The sun was shining brightly, clouds accompanying it in the sky, birds chirped and flew and do stuffs birds are supposed to do. I woke up feeling well-rested and I had a lovely breakfast I made myself. It started as a perfect day, and maybe I should know earlier that life would always find a way to screw this up.

It started with my phone ringing on my pants. I was jogging around the island, enjoying the beautiful day it was by doing exercise and trying to stay fit when the device vibrated. It went on for thirty-second before it stopped and vibrated for a shorter duration. Someone had tried to call me, decided that I wouldn't answer his call, and decided to send me a message instead. I stopped under the shade of a small tree and check the message. The bright sunshine made it hard for me to see the screen properly, but I could read the words clearly. Roy had called for an emergency meeting. Something bad had happened.


We just couldn't get any rest, could we?

Between the screams and shouts and insults, I was a lot more quiet than I usually do in these meetings. Maybe because my thought was on poor Kiris. Maybe it was because I was worried about Mike. Maybe it was because I was too busy developing a way to kick Warwolf's ass for this. Maybe it was all of them, mixed into a cocktail of tranquil emotions. Weird, how intense emotions numbed you from feeling them.

One emotion felt strongest compared to the others though. I was angry, and I knew everyone else was too. Some, like Mike and Casimir, expressed it poorly. Praise be to God Wyatt and Wendy managed to put everything under control. The room was tense though, and Mike taking his leave in anger did not really help the matter. Alexis was right. We are team. Lashing out at each other would only weaken us and would not solve our problems.

To echo Casimir, what do we do now? Wendy had come out with a framework of a plan, but it was still a framework. We needed more resources. We also needed to agree how to deal with this problem. Head-on violence? Stealth and subterfuge? Strong-arming the Wolves? We were all ready for the first option, but it has the obvious drawbacks. Stealth was a lot more preferable, but we lacked intel on the matter. And I doubted we could just go and blackmail the Paramilitary group that had the government on their back. My mind went back to the flashdrive Old Bran had given to me, something he claimed could put an end on Warwolf's regime in San Diego. It would be the right time to ask Wendy for help. The situation was honestly too vague for us to make any educated choice though. Mars needed to speak now and tell us everything.

My gaze was fixed on Mars, waiting for his explanation. I tried to not look intimidating, and the numbness I felt helped a lot in maintaining my composure. Despite that, the anger stirred once more within me. What Warwolf did only means war. I might have only known Kiris for less than a month, but she was one of the sweetest person I had ever met. She is our friend, our horned ball of sunshine. And now, she was all alone, locked away by the racist scums that are Warwolves. If they dare to do anything to harm her.... May God save them from the fury that is ours.
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July 27th

They're all children. As Mike threw a temper tantrum, Casimir cosplayed as the hot headed foreigner, and Renata acted like herself; Shihong leaned against the wall staring at the TV and cleaning her finger nails. Only a few minutes prior she was peacefully alone at the training arena to practice another move-set, but now she was here, listening to the situation at hand. She had only met Kiris in passing, and she seemed sweet enough. Chuckling to herself as she realized how much she actually reminded her of April. Hmm. I wonder where April ever got placed? Still Kiris was an incredibly powerful Hadrian mage, and one she didn't assume would be captured so easily. She looked over at dumbfounded Mars and quiet Roy as they had to deal with the escalating scene in hand; Casimir and Renata had to step to protect in for Mars as he just stood there. Right in front of them. Loss of his girlfriend or not, that's just pathetic. A hero who only goes far enough to explain the situation but not the next step or plan is just asking for this type of division. And from what she can tell, Mars was just going to take it. Let others fight his wars.

Wendy spoke up and demand that others calm down. At least somebody is taking charge. She gave orders for a team that desperately needed it. Carter and Alexis followed suit, as Mike decided to walk away from it all. Coward. It's not that he's wrong, the four last days have been chaotic mess in term's of team unity; a mess that will no doubt never go away as long as the team functions like this. At this point Wendy seems much more qualified than him. But enough on focusing on Mars many deficiencies. The team needed to focus on the situation on hand. Shi turned back to stare at the muted TV screen and formulated what to say next. Kiris was arrested and already charged; since this day was almost over, no Judge will be here to preside over an arraignment. That means she's going to have to spend a night in jail; which will formulate more team resentment. When her bail is set, they could easily just pay it out.

Except Lycan. Shi sucked her lips at the sound of the name. Backward savages clinging onto a facade of power. No doubt they'll play up her abilities to state that there is too much of a danger to set her free. Indefinite arrest until a proper verdict, that could be weeks or months away. Looking down at her shoes, she could hear Red speaking in the background but she wasn't particularly focusing on it.

Kiris is a Young Blood. She may be a Hadrian but she is one of us. Every day she stays a prisoner, the less our name commands respect. If any other organization could hold our members with impunity, than we are not a group to be feared. And like that, any semblance of respect we acquired will disappear. Shi snapped her fingers.

Shi finally spoke up and cleared her throat. She was new, some of these people will no doubt take offense to a new member speaking to the veterans like this but they forced her hand. With her trademark tone, she looked over and smirked, "I may have only got here a few days ago, and I haven't met all of you yet; but we need to stop focusing on Mars and Kiris. She has been arrested, and us arguing about why or how it happened is best saved for when time is not a luxury. Kiris is not a citizen and not even human; we could only hope her paperwork is in order so War-Wolf can't trump up more charges. Look at the time; even if we could, her arraignment will no doubt be held tomorrow if it already hasn't happened. Some of us should be ready to go if need be. We don't know anything about her conditions or state at this moment."

Shi looked over at Wendy and shook her head, "We need to calm down. As of now, War-Wolf is the law. Any actions against the confines of the law will only mean that we have more conversations like this. More arrested and worse, they'll disband the organization by revoking our license. We aren't the Outriders and we can't become the Outriders since we are scared what's going to happen next. Breaking Kiris out of jail won't solve the issue, the judicial court, for the time being, is her avenue of escape. But we do have one court on our side, the court of public opinion." She started to scan the room staring directly at various other member's eyes, "When Americans see this cute little teenage Hadrian being arrested and attacked by armed men what do they think? She's not a gang member, she isn't a criminal; they see an innocent girl. And we need to capitalize on that. Use the media and all its power to demonstrate how inept and cruel WarWolf really is. They are like us, with a single signature their licence can be revoked. The media is a powerful thing and we shouldn't be afraid to use it."

Looking over at Roy she plainly asked, "Do you think this informant you have is useful? If he already have him, let's use him. He might come off as a paranoid, spiteful ex employee; but look at him like this. WarWolf was scared enough of him that they decided they needed to capture him. Think about it, no matter how odd his conspiracies are; to the average citizen will now see some legitimacy in them. Despite how Mike sees it, Kiris, Roy, and Mars being there forced their hand. The quiet arrest that WarWolf was hoping for is now allow over Channel Five News. They were provoked so much that they decided to attack him; let's use him to damage WarWolf's reputation further. Kiris was arrested to save him, and everyone will want to know why. No matter how many trumped up warrants WarWolf can muster on him, as long we have him; he can say and do whatever he wants. That flash drive you have, no matter whats on it, needs to spread across the internet when we get the chance.

And finally Mars. She turned over to Renata and Casimir, "Mars doesn't need your defense. He's in the room. Fears about Kiris are warranted. But let him speak up, let him explain himself."
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The Republic of Atria wrote:Wyatt

The Mad Lass, Sina As'tari!

<"Final stretch indeed...">

She may have wasted valuable milliseconds almost leaving a Dra'Quinni sized splash on a wall and thus allowed Bael to catch up closer to her, but Sina was not even considering just giving in, or calling it quits, or even slowing down as the first trees of the park started to come closer before her eyes. This wasn't your average flight anymore. This was a race, to the skin of the teeth, and the vigilante was fired up with adrenaline and a desire to win, safety be damned. And Bael was clearly feeling the same way - the fellow Dra'Quinni was clearly putting his Elder powers into full use, as even at her maximum speed in a straight stretch, he was starting to catch up on her.

Those Elder powers were keeping him surprisingly competitive in the race despite his flying technique being basic compared to hers. Not that it's a bad thing. It would have certainly gotten boring if Sina sped past Bael like a hare past a turtle, but nope, a race with either side equally likely to win it is.

Lacking any other options to increase her speed and Bael's horns starting to emerge from the corner of her eyes, Sina reached out for the last trick up her sleeve - suddenly folding her wings completely and descending straight at the edges of the park like a hawk descending upon prey, minimizing any and all aerial resistance for the last seconds of the race. Only at the last possible second did she just as suddenly spread her wings apart as a makeshift parachute, but it was definitely too little too late, as the Dra'Quinni vigilante immediately crashed to the grass, rolling for several meters before finally coming to a full stop, lying on her back.

It hurt. A lot. But she was happy. Happier than ever.

<"That was amazing, Bael! I haven't had such an exciting flight forever!"> Sina exclaimed, breathing heavily, her mind having already forgotten that they were having a race and she should probably check who landed in the park first. The vigilante dragged her arms across the grass as if making a snow angel in the dirt. <"I feel so alive!">
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Postby Auropa » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:34 pm

Mike Mathews
Wonder tower training room, July 27th

‘Melt my mouth shut and fry me?!’ Mike thought as he landed another blow onto the gym’s punching bag.
‘I’m not the one who went off alone! I’m not the one who abandoned their partner!’ As his thoughts stuck to the team lashing back at him, he continued to lay into the training bag as though the answers he needed were somehow stashed inside it. ‘What?! Does him being nice mean he doesn't get consequences?!’ he thought as he took a half step back and launched a vicious hook kick towards it, only for for his foot to go into, and partly through, the suspended bag leaving him stuck in it’s new tear.

“Oh for- Come on! really!?” He shouted to the empty room as he tore his foot free, widening the new hole and causing sand spill freely beneath it. Frustrated at the bag for breaking, at Casimir for berating him, Renata for threatening him and Wendy for not trusting him, he unconsciously focused his mind as he threw another heavy punch. When it connected, the chain holding the equipment in place shattered and sent the bag careening to the floor where it slowly began to roll away, as though making some feeble attempt to escape its merciless attacker. Refusing to relent however, Mike paced up fallen bag, dropped to a crouch beside and continued to wail on as sand continued to steadily poured out through its opening “Why! The hell! Am I the bad guy in this!?” He nearly shouted as he punched before finally being interrupted as the sound of the doors opening and a familiar voice rang out.

"You sure didn't make any friends today." Alexis remarked

'Perfect. Just, perfect.'
“Are you here to yell at me too? Lecture me about the value of teamwork and friendship?!” Mike nearly spat back unconsciously before hearing himself and dropping his head “…Because I think there’s a line for that now…”
Then, before she could give a reply, Mike dropped from his crouch and took a low seat on the fallen bag to better face Alexis and try to get his thoughts in order.
“Look I’m sorry. I’m just a bit defensive after, well… all that. I mean, god! Do you ever have something, a point or a thing, that you absolutely have to make clear? but when you try to say it, it all just comes out wrong and screwy? Its just that, he left her behind for crying out loud! We’re not meant to be the ones who do that sort of stuff! And then everyone else… I mean, of course we’re not leaving Kiris! I would never even consider-ugghhhhh” Mike began to say before giving up and running a frustrated pair of hands through his hair “I’m getting off track. Did Roy send you or did you figure that letting Casimir come to check on me would’ve left someone in the med bay again?”
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Finland SSR wrote:Crash Landing

Both of them had the same idea: using the last few blocks to gain as much speed as possible, probably appearing to the on lookers a red and blue blur as they shot above the street at high speeds, at least until they actually got into the park. It looked to him like Sina won, even if only by a hair, and then she crashed into the grass and rolled for quite a bit.

Hilariously enough, his landing wasn't any better. Smashing into the ground, getting dirt and grass stains all over himself as he tumbled to a stop, a little dizzy an dirty, but was perfectly fine otherwise. Immediately, he bolted to Sina who was... Also mostly fine and too busy laughing and talking about how that was probably the most fun she's ever had flying. "<I was going to ask if you were okay, but you seem fine.>" He said, taking a deep breath as his heart rate started returning to normal. And as he thought about it, it... Was fun. A lot of fun. "<It really was, wasn't it?>" He snickered a bit and sat down next to her and leaned back. There were probably some people staring at them, but neither of them cared.

"<Yeah. I don't think I've ever flown that fast.>" He said and just let himself fall back. "<I... Wouldn't mind doing it again some other time.>" He definitely should get to the Tower soon. He was already missing a lot of the time and he really needed to get more practice with his powers. And a shower. "<I'm sorry for acting like a jerk earlier. I've just got a lot going on right now. I hope you're still fine with hanging out more. Because I could certainly use a few more days like this one. Minus the start of course.>" He said, dusting of some of the loose grass and dirt that was on his body.

Was he really going to do this? Sina was quite the troublemaker, but as much as he hated to admit it, she was fun to be around. "<Offer's still open if you want to join my team. You'd be in good company. Don't know how you feel about Jason, but he's there too. You'd start off better than I did.>" He chuckled.

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Postby United Kingdom of Poland » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:13 pm

“We’ve been trying that approach for the last month Shi.” Wendy replied. “I’ve watched, and listened, and read about all the messed up stuff they’ve been doing, and nothing has changed. The fact that even the FBI’s being warned off from investigating all the lethal force deaths should tell you in exactly whose pocket the courts lie, and the news channel have been just as much their friends as anyone else's. The minute they get to the courtroom, they are going to do everything in their power to slander both her and us, whether we do anything or not.”

“And that’s assuming she even lives long enough for a trail…” She continued, pulling up all the news reports of individuals killed “resisting arrest.” “Here,” she handed the tablet over to Shi. “Thats the body trail War Wolfs’s left in their wake, and they didn’t recently make Warwolf look like a roving band of morons. I see where you’re going with this Shi, but from my own experiences, you don’t stop stuff like this waiting for others to solve the problem.”

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Postby North America Inc » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:18 am

Absolon-7 wrote:Casimir and Viviana, July 25

Rupudska wrote:Reem.

Pulling off her headphones as not one, but two people came into the lounge, she made some room on the table for them to join her. Holding a smile since actually kind of liked Viviana, she looked over at her boyfriend. Casimir from first glance didn't appear that threatening, his thin frame and childish demeanor was more than enough for a few different first impressions. But with meta humans looks can always be a little deceiving. As they took a seat next to her, she ate a strawberry just as he sat down and introduced him. ""So you're Shi right? Doubtless you must have heard of my alter ego, the immortal Kabuto: one of the team's founders, but you can just call me Casimir."

She remembered from the dossier and file she got from the Guild a few days ago. Apparently destroyed a local gang and multiple mutants that attacked his school, all before he even joined the group; that's rather impressive. Swallowing her food, she nodded in recognition. "I do Casimir. I've seen a few news articles about you; that was rather impressive what you did in Northern California."

Sipping her water she continued, "Well my alias is the Red Princess, but you can call me Shi. Technically the way its spelled its suppose to sound like shoe but its butchered in English. But yea, just call me Shi..." Taking a breath, she thought over something to talk about, "So you did solo work in California, well back in England I did the same. Any missions that sticks out..."

Before she can finish her question, another girl that she had only met last night walked in. Reem came in with her own swagger, "Good morning Casimir, Vivian, Shihong," then throwing Shi in for a loop as Reem spoke Cantonese as if she was a native, "How are you adjusting to the team, and life in the tower?"

Shi knew Mandarin and Cantonese well, although she did sometimes slip up and use them interchangeably for some words. Replying back, "It's going great." She feigned positivity, "We already had a successful mission disrupting a racket near the San Diego Border. Although we had trouble with a few..." she spoke in English since there wasn't any real words to translate it too, "Outriders and English."

Going back to Cantonese, "Other than that. I have enjoyed it. What about you? You just joined very recently, if I remember right..."Switching back to English, "Although we should probably talk in English. No one likes to be left out."

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Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:33 pm

July 24th

Absolon-7 wrote:---

Seristella rolled her eyes as she heard the gaunt black-haired boy mentioned training. I know better than you kids how fun it is to push your own body to its limits or engage in friendly combat, but I specifically asked for things unrelated to that. She thought. When he spoke of his group having virtual reality sets for entertainment, though, her tune changed completely, a pleasantly surprised look on her face. "VR, huh. What do ya know, I guess you people do have some interesting toys in here after all." She spoke. The rest of what Casimir said struck her as fairly standard, seeing as the urban populations of Adai and Earth weren't so different if one left aside the obvious differences in physical needs.

"Hey now! I don't spend all my time with him." Kiris told him, giggling at his friendly jab. "Just a significant portion." She grinned. A thoughtful expression then took over as she placed a clawed finger to her chin, reflecting on how she tended to pass the time. "Well, I like climbin' the trees and buildings around here now and then, but they're sparse enough that it's not very fun to do it often. Oh, I like goin' for a swim sometimes, or even just lookin' out at the sea." She smiled, recalling her earlier magic practice session by the beach, which was where she'd first seen her sister in five long years. "And I spent lots of time in my room makin' crystal figurines, but she's probably not interested in that stuff." She said with a chuckle.

"Now, now, what are ya sayin'? I'd love to see what you've made. Besides, ya know I was gonna want to take a look at your room sooner or later." The older of the two Hadrians said as she threw a friendly arm around her sister's shoulders.

"Oh, really?" Kiris wondered, a little surprised, though she was also eager to continue showing her dear sister around, the energetic whipping of her tail betraying her excitement. "We can go right now if ya want, then!" She said with a smile before turning to look at Casimir. "We'll be goin' now. I'll see ya around Casy!" She cheerfully bid farewell to the Polish boy with a friendly wave. The two Hadrian girls then began to walk away while continuing to eat pasta.

July 25th

Finland SSR wrote:---

Icarus simply chuckled and gave a little shrug as he noticed the look Renata shot him after seeing him unlock the back door all by himself. Oh please, like I'm going to break into someone's home. He smirked as he followed her into the house, taking a quick look around to acquaint himself with the layout. So this is what it looks like on the inside, huh... I wonder if it felt less hollow when I saw it the first time. He briefly recalled his improvised first date with Renata, a small smile appearing on his face only to be replaced by a grimace has his mind's eye went over the moment she asked him to make what was perhaps the priciest promise he had ever made.

Shaking his head to clear off dark thoughts, the blond boy slipped into the bathroom while Renata headed to the kitchen to wash her face. He had picked up a change of clothes on his way there, as he didn't want to have to spend too much time as his Blackout persona while in the nicer parts of the city where Renata lived, given Warwolf's stronger presence there, and now was as good as any moment to get changed. Thus, a couple moments after he had walked inside, Icarus walked out wearing a plain red t-shirt and lacking both of his masks, which were safely stored in the small black garbage bag where he'd kept the other clothes.

The vigilante walked back into the kitchen just in time to hear Renata announcing the disappointing results of her search for food. As she offered to give him a tour of her former home, he simply shook his head and moved to sit down on the kitchen table. If everything's going to be this empty, I don't think I need to see any more.

Then, the uncomfortable question came. He felt like it had become a staple of their meetings by now, but precisely because of that, he was used to it by now. Hearing Renata ask about the reason for his presence in the condemned district, the boy chuckled, lightly shaking his head again. "That, yeah, that's quite the story..." He mumbled before letting out a sigh. "I was looking into a group of organized vigilantes that call themselves the Crusade. You see, I've run into them a couple of times already. Once before, after a particularly close encounter with Black Arrow, and also the night I talked to you after the Cabal incident; I was walking back home when these thugs attacked me, and they helped me fend them off since my powers still hadn't returned." He explained, pausing and looking out the window with a pained look on his face.

"I... I've got reason to believe that they're a group trying to imitate what I do as Blackout. You know, just like those three kids in the alley..." He stated. He had since ascertained that Renata was on his side in this ordeal, but the memory of the event that started it was still very painful to recall. "You can probably guess what the problem is. Even if they seem to be doing good things, how long until something like that happens again? And... and what if they decide they're not going to wait until it happens again? What if they decide that the safety of their members is worth neglecting the life of the people they hunt? Or if they want reprisals for what happened to those three?"

Another pause. Another sigh. "I don't want more lives on my conscience. That's why I need to look into it, why I have been looking into it. For most of today, in fact. I tried finding information online during the day, and decided to search the districts less patrolled by Warwolf to see if I could find something. But so far, I haven't." The boy concluded his explanation, looking up at the ceiling in silence for a few moments afterwards.

"But I did find you." He suddenly looked at Renata, a faint smile appearing on his face, but only briefly. "I guess we've both had our hands full, huh..."

July 27th

Auropa wrote:---

Alexis pursed her lips and deepened her scowl as soon as she heard Mike speak up, the boy's response far more hostile than anything she said deserved. With how tense things were in the team now, and still angry about the news that one of her closest friends had been taken away, she had half a mind to verbally tear Mike a new one right there and then, but held back the impulse, firm in her conviction not to be the one who causes things to go from bad to worse. Still, if glares could kill, hers would be undoubtedly considered a weapon of mass destruction. Really now? Is that how you react to someone checking on you, asshole?

Fortunately it seemed that the boy soon realized his mistake and apologized for it, earning only a grunt in response. While she was not pleased with his behavior so far, she could definitely understand him being on the defensive, what with being harshly insulted by Casimir and then outright threatened by Wendy and Renata. He continued speaking only to confirm that, indeed, most of the team had actually grossly misunderstood what he meant when he 'suggested' that the team ought to leave Kiris behind.

Hearing the boy's last comment, the tech wizard simply shook her head. "None of the above. I came to check on you because I was worried - maybe you'd have found out sooner if you spent less time yelling." She said flatly. "Look, I get it if you're pissed. That was a real blunder back there, how they didn't pick up your sarcasm even though it was thicker than Casimir's skull, but to be fair, you did say some pretty horrible things regardless."

The blonde girl then sighed. "I'm not going to tell you how to live your life or anything, but maybe you'd do well to wait until hearing the whole story before judging people. We're not the sort of people who leave their teammates behind, that's true, and Mars least of all, especially when it comes to Kiris - I'm not even guessing here, I know. If she got left behind, it was probably because the options were one captured teammate or two and who knows, maybe even civilian casualties." She stated. "The point is, let's give them a hard time over the things we know they screwed up, not the things we assume."
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Postby Bentus » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:57 pm

Wonder Tower

Even after receiving the urgent message from the team’s leader, her phone vibrating loudly on her bedside table, Yoshiro had remained motionless on her bed for a few more minutes. Idly staring at the ceiling, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the emphasis in the message, as if anything was worth forcing her to move from her comfortable position. A part of her was tempted simply to ignore the summons, understandably insulted at the prospect of being commanded to-and-fro by some short-lived mortal even after having earned her long sought-after freedom. Eventually, and with a dejected sigh, the possessed heroine’s figure had rolled itself off of the mattress before belatedly getting itself ready for the day ahead. It was too early for her to show her hand, no matter how much the Scarab would have preferred to tell that pesky Roy exactly what she thought of his adorable little attempt at leadership. No, it was better to keep up the charade for a little bit longer. But that didn’t mean that she had any reason to rush downstairs.

Glancing at the mirror just as she was about to leave the room, the Scarab offered her new reflection a confident smirk. The pair of eyes looking back at her held a slightly different expression to her own: a glimmer of pain and fear just managing to shine through. Winking at the reflection, the Scarab closed the door to Yoshiro’s room behind her, curious to see what was so important that the Young Bloods had all been called to gather together. She hoped it was something exciting rather than just more training; she was itching for a chance to stretch her wings after being cooped up for so long.

Sitting near the edge of the room, it was all that the Scarab could do to stop a wide grin from spreading across her features. This was definitely more entertaining than training, and she had made sure to grab a packet of chips to better allow her to properly enjoy the show. She of course forced her expression to feign as much shock and concern as the others, but inwardly she could hardly believe her luck. Only an idiot would have thought that the team wouldn’t have blundered into a scenario like this eventually, with the incident with Red having already brought them dangerously close to the wrong side of the law. But never in her wildest dreams had the Scarab thought that the Hadrian would be the one to finally snap and bring the whole house of cards crashing down on her friends and allies.

Humans were petty creatures, and the feelings of anger and concern bubbled over into insults and threats. Mike was probably the most level-headed among them as far as the Scarab could tell. The Young Bloods weren’t nearly powerful enough to fight all of Warwolf on their own, and Kiris had sealed her own fate by going along with her boyfriend’s hair-brained scheme. If the team of heroes made any overt move to free their friend, then they would by definition be breaking the law and giving up on the ideals that had driven them to put their lives in danger in the first place.

The Scarab paused for a moment, the thought lingering in her head.
Actually, that sounds pretty appealing now that I think about it.

Eventually, Wendy finally seemed to take charge and bring the mudslinging contest to a close. It was another surprise for the Scarab, and the technopath was probably the last person she would have described as ‘leadership material’, but the team did seem to have a knack for doing the unexpected. Listening as Wendy told Mars and her to go and interrogate their prisoner, Yoshiro’s mouth twisted upwards into a small smirk. Stuffing the last of her chips into her mouth, the girl tossed the empty packet onto a table beside her before pushing herself off of her chair.

“I’ll do my best, Wendy.” She responded confidently, although inwardly the Scarab rolled her eyes. Please, my best? I could turn the meatbag’s mind into a puddle if I wanted. Walking up to Mars, Yoshiro placed a comforting hand on his arm. “Let’s go Mars. Kiris is depending on us.”

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Wonder Tower

Coming as quickly as she could to the team meeting, Ash cursed herself for having been so slow getting out of bed. She was always groggy in the morning, her body initially unwilling to tear itself from the warm embrace of her new bed’s blankets. It had taken her a minute to fully internalise the urgent message that she had received on her phone. When she had, Ash had practically cried out in surprise as she realised that she was running late for her first emergency as a Young Blood. Half flying-half running through the hallways as she raced to the lounge, Ash arrived breathless, but she found herself hesitating as she placed her hand on the door. A piece of lead had sunk into her stomach, bringing her to a stop as she suddenly realised that there would be someone on the other side who she was far from excited to see.

In her meeting with Naja, Ash had really meant it when she said that she would apologise to Renata. She had meant it when she had promised Casimir that she would as well. But she hadn’t thought that it would have been this hard! Despite her intentions, Ash had found herself avoiding the redheaded girl for the entire weekend. She had gone out of her way to ensure that she would always have something else to do whenever the opportunity to approach her arose, coming up with whatever excuse she could to kick the proverbial can further down the road. But now, with the whole team being called together like this, Ash found herself forced to confront the inevitable. It is ok. You can do this, right? You told Casimir and Naja that you would, and it is what a proper hero would do. Still not feeling entirely confident, Ash nevertheless tried to steel herself as she opened the door and stepped into the meeting.

“Hello, I am sorry that I am late!”

Ash’s apology was lost in the shouting match that filled the room, with Casimir yelling into Mike’s face as the other team members seem to hurl accusations and insults at one another. None of them seemed to notice the shy girl who had just entered the room, or how eyes widened in surprise at the sight that greeted her. Trying not to barge in on any of the conversation, Ash quietly made her way to the outskirts of the gathered team members, doing her best to try and listen to what was being said in an effort to make sense of the chaotic scene around her.

Ash couldn’t keep the look of confusion from her features. Her gaze constantly shifted between each of her team members as they spoke. She had tried her best to keep a smile on her face to disguise how little she understood of what was going on, although her efforts had wavered as the meeting had become increasingly heated. Ash’s lips were contorted into a frown as she struggled to understand why everyone was yelling and arguing with each other when their friend was in danger. Looking towards Casimir with a pleading expression, as if hoping that the other hero would explain the situation to her, Ash instead saw that her friend’s furious expression was fixated elsewhere - his attention fully embroiled in the current situation. The girl’s antennae drooped slightly as she felt isolated, as if she were looking in on the team from the outside. Keeping her mouth firmly shut in the fear that she would say something wrong, Ash forced herself to stay silent. She was still new to the team and still had to learn how they did things. It would be rude for her to interrupt in the middle of a crisis.

Taking a breath, the mutant tried to assess what she already knew about what was happening: Kiris had been captured by Warwolf, who were bad people that attacked those with powers. For some reason, the team could not just fight Warwolf openly - Casimir had mentioned that it was not allowed, or something - and so they now had to think of some way to help Kiris that didn’t involve breaking the rules. Casimir seemed to be very upset at what Mike said to Mars, which made Ash think that the other boy had to have said something wrong, although she couldn’t figure out exactly what.

Before Ash could complete her train of thought, the sound of an unmistakable voice caused her muscles to tense. Turning towards the venomous tone, her jaw dropped as she saw Renata approach Mike before pointing her index finger towards him. Instinctively, Ash’s eyes narrowed as she tried to suppress her fight-or-flight instincts, her wounded wing shifting as she recalled the pain from when the woman had attacked her. Even though the red-haired girl spoke sweetly about understanding and forgiveness, her actions said something completely different. It was in that moment that Ash saw how devious she was, feeling an anger in her chest as she watched how she felt emboldened to walk all over her own teammate.

It also didn’t help that Renata seemed to have aligned herself with Casimir before Ash could, which only served to irritate the mutant further.
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Postby Finland SSR » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:51 pm

The Republic of Atria wrote:Wyatt

The Mad Lass, Sina As'tari!

Sina stopped dragging her arms and legs across the ground when Bael sat down next to her, leaning forward a little to meet the fellow Dra'Quinni face to face. He had just as much fun as she did, apparently - which is great, because since it was so fun, the last thing Sina would want to hear from him is that he hated it and wanted no part in any such races ever again. Being with him was fun and why would you want to lose that?

After apologizing for acting like a jerk earlier, Bael brought up the offer to join his team yet again - in response to which, Sina snickered and replied:

<"Isn't that team of yours all goody two-shoes like you who wouldn't dare to kill anyone? Would I really fit in there?">

Standing back up on her feet and stretching a little to relax her muscles after the intense aerial race she had a minute ago, the Dra'Quinni vigilante continued:

<"How long is that offer gonna be up? Don't really wanna abandon the Outriders when they've just accepted me, but if I ever feel like I would try out something new for a change, then sure, why not? If everyone else there is as fun to be with as you and Jason, then it's bound to be a real treat.">

Zarkenis Ultima wrote:Icarus

Renata Martinez, the heroic Stella!

As soon as he was presented with the question, Icarus's thoughts quickly trailed off, and the blonde-haired teenager began to explain the situation. No, apparently, this was not just an ordinary patrol in the Condemned District, Icarus was actually investigating something himself. As it turns out, the vigilante was looking into a recent organization of vigilantes who call themselves the Crusade, imitators of his deeds whom he had already run into a couple of times already.

Really now, Icarus has only been operating for a few weeks and he has already gathered himself a bunch of fans? That's cute and disappointing at the same time. She's been operating a lot longer than he ever has and she's nowhere near that level of popularity!

Oh, well, the blond did explain that even though the teens in the Crusade saved his life, he was not happy with there presence and instead deeply worried. Which, to be fair, did make sense - after all, they were throwing themselves into danger, and who knows if they wouldn't resort to far more violent methods than their idol would ever dare to. Not to mention that the three teens in that alleyway - a slight shudder went down Renata's spine immediately upon their mention, her mind instantly redirecting towards their dramatic meeting afterwards - were supposedly in some way associated with the Crusade... Which served as a grip reminder of what might happen to this group if Icarus doesn't put a stop to them.

Which he has apparently been trying to, scouring across the city to try to make contact with them, but, apparently, to no avail so far. Instead only finding Renata, who was in just as much trouble as he was.

"Yeah..." the pink-haired girl muttered in response to Icarus's comment, her eyes trailing to the ceiling of the kitchen as she leaned onto the counter behind her. "That... that doesn't sound great at all."

Renata stopped for a few seconds, thinking on what she should say next. Offer help? That would be great, if she actually had any idea on how to resolve this issue... it's safe to say that she had never seen something like this happen to her. Or even considered it.

"If you believe that they're trying to emulate you, then... well, you must have a lot of respect among those teens, right? To the point where they even see you as an idol... So if there is anyone who could convince them to channel their energy in more productive and less violent ways, then it would probably be you... I-I'm just throwing it out there, though. I'm sure you have already thought the exact same thing."

Renata's hands clenched into fists and the pink-haired girl glanced to the side, her eyebrows furrowed and a small frown forming on her face. "It's... it's just like with the entire Warwolf thing, you know? Life keeps punishing you, Carito, and the only thing I can offer is promises and a smile... It's starting to get on my nerves, you know? Not being able to do anything about it?"
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Postby Auropa » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:19 pm

Mike Mathews
Wonder Tower gym
July 27th

As Alexis said her piece, Mike couldn’t help but let out a small, almost sad chuckle “Now why’d you have to go and bring reason into my nice little tantrum?” He half joked before settling his eyes on the ground 2 feet in front of him.

“Its just, we made this team, what a month ago now? And its been one thing after the next. The zoo and that murder-bot, red being… well being himself I guess and don’t even get me started on Marionette. I mean, I haven’t met her and I’m glad I won’t have to but still… Sheesh. Though each time we go out and end up doing crazy, reckless stuff, we all pull through. Sure, I’ve got my doubts about the whole thing but each time we go out, I get proved a little wrong and while I know its hella cheesy, I think its because we’re all working with each other. Yoshi saving Red, Roy saving Wendy, heck even Casimir saved me back in the fight with Thunderface. Though don’t tell him I said that, ‘The Great and Mighty Kabuto’ has a head big enough as it is.” He added with half a smirk.

“And so, the moment when I’m beginning to think, ‘Hey, maybe what we’re doing is really worth doing’ Mars runs out alone and all this happens. Look, I know a lot of people on the team have some pretty messed up pasts, they don’t talk about it, but you can see it’s marks on them. My history though, it’s pretty good all things considered but I do know what its like to be left behind, and I wouldn’t want to put that feeling on anyone, especially someone like Kiris. And now that’s exactly what she must be going through, and all because Mars didn’t want backup. I know I shouldn’t be lashing out at him and I know he had good intentions, but how am I supposed to just ignore what he did when he can’t even tell us himself?” As he paused for a moment, Mike couldn’t help but let out a tired sigh as he tried to rest his chin onto his hands.

“How do you do it?” He eventually asked the girl “Just tune out your emotions and do what you know you should?"
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Finland SSR wrote:Sina

He chuckled when Sina called his team "A bunch of good two shoes" and nodded a bit. "<Some of them definitely are, like me, yes. But there's definitely those who've got a little bloodlust in their system. Jason's obviously is a bit more... Flexible on what he does. Sure, we're not killing anyone but... Well. I ever tell you that I cut someone's arm off once? It was an accident and I did it in a panic, but he was a bad guy.>" He explained and shrugged, internally cringing at how pathetic he was. Sina made fun of him now, he could only imagine how much worse it be if she knew just how squeamish he used to be.

"<But the offer's open indefinitely, and I understand.>" He replied to her saying that she just joined the Outriders. "<But we got lots of action, we practice pretty much daily if not as a team by ourselves. And you'd be in good company. And I'm not just talking about myself.>" He finished and stood back up dusting himself off a little more. "<Anyways. I should get going. I do actually have to show up there. If you... You know, want to hang out some other time or... something. Give me a call. Uh... Lemme see your phone right quick.>" He said, entering his number on it and saving it.

"<There. I've got yours, but just push than and it'll call me. If I don't answer, assume I'm on a mission and I'll call you back when I get the chance. So... Friends?>" He asked, offering his hand.


It didn't take too long for him to unpack his belongings. Which he was grateful for since he could now go out with Orro and see some more of his own people. He rushed out of his room, tail flicking around happily, even as he almost tripped over his own feet. Which Orro chuckled at. "Calm yourself. We have all day." He said and started making his way to the roof with his "apprentice" in tow. "You seem to be enjoying your visit so far."

"Yes. It feels... I don't know, weird because I've never seen a place like this before, but at the same time, people don't stare at me like I'm a big freak like when I'm back in San Deigo." He'd mostly gotten used to ignoring it, but still. "I'm normal here. Barring the, you know. Obvious thing. It's nice to not be the odd one out." He said as they arrived on the roof. "So, you said we're going clothes shopping right? So what do we wear, aside from waistcloths?" He asked as the pair took flight, Orro flying slightly ahead to lead.

"We typically wear less than humans do. Though we have less to hide so that may explain it. Some choose to adorn their horns with jewelry or other accessories. Like feathers, colored bands and some more daring even use chains. Jeweled collars are quite common among the more extravagant. Adorning one's tail is also common, usually with bands to show it off. Usually to be flirtatious. It's less common, but some cover portions of their torso. Usually with cloth or some sort of enchanted jewels. Typically a symbol of formality and wealth. Robes are worn during the colder months, enchanted to better hold in heat of course. As for arms and hands. Rings, and you guessed it, more bands. Truthfully, I never understood the fascination with them."

Bael listened to Orro as they flew. Seemed that his people loved to put bands over everything. "Alright. So we like accessories more than full on clothing. Fair enough, humans have more things they need to keep hidden. And I presume we've got a bunch of different types of waistcloths?"

"You assume correctly. You can get them in myriad styles. The one Kaban gifted you is a larger one. Though he is a larger person. A formal one is much more elegant in appearance. Usually more royal in colors, the fabric is much longer, usually going down to one's ankles. We can choose some that you find appealing." Orro said as they landed. "Hm. I know that I lack any sense of fashion. Maybe we should have brought Onu."

"Onu's weird. Ironically she seems to prefer human clothes. Or maybe she just likes clothes shopping in general." He remembered the one and only time Onu took him shopping, and she had him trying things on for close to an hour. It seemed like He and Orro would take a fraction of that. Which was good because he wanted to see what Kaban had in mind to take him. Hopefully it wasn't a brothel or something.

Orro shrugged. "She is quite odd. But those who regularly practice sorcery do tend to be a tad bit more on the strange side. Despite that, she seems quite kind and... Knowledgeable about what she wants I suppose."

"You talking about when she was flirting with you earlier?" He asked as they landed on a much shorter, but wider building.

"That's what she was doing?" Orro replied, his tail immediately shooting straight up. "I thought she was just being nice."

"Wow. And I thought I was bad at that."
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Catarina and Yasha

The fighting was intense. Not only would she have to deal with the criminals she was killing but also with the Young Bloods. She noticed that they were quite a mix. Some kind of robot, an Asian like her (maybe a Chinese lass) and a dog. Seriously, a dog. It was probably a combat dog but what impressively surprised her more was the fact that another girl was using a non-lethal firearm. Rubber bullets? Really? In a situation like this? That was dangerous to herself.

As for the rest, she wasn't sure if she noticed the rest of the Young Bloods. But nevermind that. What mattered was----


She saw her temporary partner get engaged and then tossed towards the rest of the girls fighting the gang bangers. Like a ragdoll, she was beaten by the Asian lass using blue fire. She couldn't do anything as she was merely giving support. But another thing troubled her as she started to slow down, her firing becoming less intense.

She realized that she was making a big screw up. A mistake. She was acting out of line, she was killing people without a legal basis. But wasn't what she just yelled out her ba-

"Qué Cabrón!" Catarina yelled out at the bitch who was now yelling at her in English. Well, that probably would rile her up or confuse her or do both! Cata didn't understand too much English. She responded in her own way,

"¡Deja de hablar, pechos grandes y ojos negros! ¡No puedo entender a ninguno de ustedes!" (Stop talking, big boobs and black eyes! I can't understand any of you!)

And after that, Catarina did not waste any time not in an attempt to pounce on the unlucky Viviana, her voice becoming a hostile, monstrous howl as she attempted to use her hand claws against the body of the Young Blood. Meanwhile, Yasha did stop firing. She was taking cover, attempting to protect herself from incoming fire from the android. Plasma rounds.

She waited for a pause in the firing and when that came, she popped out of cover in an attempt to fire upon the offending android. That, however, was a stupid move which became a part of her greater mistake being here.

Two rounds of plasma struck well against Yasha's body, bringing her down and burning up areas of her left shoulder and a little of her cheek. A cry escaped her lips as she fell on the ground. She dragged herself back into cover as she addressed her wounds. They were bleeding and burnt. She smelt some of it. It disgusted her as she yelled out

"Fuck! That's mad!" She then tried to yell out to Catarina, who was still busy with the Young Bloods now. Even though she was drenched in blood, with pieces of skin and organs sticking to her, the Filipino cried out

"¡Oye! ¡Tenemos que salir de aquí!" (Hey! We gotta get out of here!)
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