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Redstone Nights [IC]

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:51 pm
by Plzen
Redstone Nights

Theme Song

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Image Credit: Daisuke Kuroneko

In the deathly cold of the Redstone Nights, how will your people survive?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:52 pm
by Plzen
April 11th, 1962
Ruins of Houston, Cajun Empire

The Golden Legions roared, their voices shaking the overrun settlement. The clicking of their strange language terrified survivors - what few of them were left, anyways. Most mutants of the American southwest could still speak - their intelligence supported it - but the greenish yellow beasts of the Golden Legions were far more mutated than most. Their bodies were barely recognisable as humanoid. In any case, they never had a chance to learn a proper language, with their nomadic lifestyle in the deeper reaches of the infestation.

The Unimproved, as the derogatory term which the Golden Legions called their victims could be translated to, had little insight into the Legions' culture, language, history, or structure. To them, the Golden Legions was simply a band of barbaric bandits, roaming the wastes. Something to be ostracised. Isolated.

They dared to hold a self-image of superiority, as if they were the stronger ones!

No matter, no matter. Soon their little Empire will hold that image of superiority no longer. Houston was not the only settlement that the Golden Legions overran in the past few years, but it was certainly their largest to date. Every month, every week, every day... the Legions grew stronger. Bolder. Reaching deeper into the heart of the Empire.

The screeching could be heard from miles away.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:36 pm
by Eclius
April 11th, 1964, 11:00 p.m.
Tokyo (Core A.01), MoK ruled territory

At the heart of Tokyo lies a secret palace. The palace is pyramidal shaped, four corners protected heavily by machine gun turrets, elite cadres, cyborg reapers, and a handful of Harpy helicopters patrolling around like a swarm of bats at its full preparedness to hunt down at its prey in a fearsome strike. Within the palace, a group of MoK Cybernetic commandos and MoK top advisors lined up neatly outside the grand study. Minutes have passed, a fair young lady walked out the room, and immediately, all the cybernetic commandos followed her along. The lady was all dressed in business attire, and as she walked by, her long, silky blond hair swifted back and fourth horizontally. However, to her top advisors awaited for her presence, it was not her silky blond hair that grasped their attention, but instead, it was her enigmatic smile, a smile feared by many. "Abbess Kovacs", one of the advisors greeted, "I apologize for such disturbance at late night. LEGION's strategic analysis program showed potential room for expansion", "It's fine" Abbess Kovacs asked, "and what is this......particular location?", The advisor lead Abbess Kovacs to the central meeting room, where top MoK officials gathered around a large and sleeky meeting table. Having observed the entrance of Abbess Kovacs, the attendants of the meeting bowed their heads gently, then seated. "Abbess", General Adamson said, "with the exile of Black Hands and removal of the remanents of old NOD, we have discussed that, it might be beneficial to our plan that we expand forth, into Northern Korean peninsula", "Abbess Kovacs" said Secretary Philips, one of the top-notch advisors within the MoK Inner Circle, "According to Legion's statistical analysis, northern Korean Peninsula is currently unoccupied by any major factions that we are aware of......much of the territory is reined by local militias". The meeting room fell silent for a minute, then Abbess revealed her enigmatic smile again, then said in a mysterious tone, "ladies and gentlemen, I can see the logic through the plan to expand.......however, much has to be done in aim to stabilize our own government. And you may all know, a small fraction of Black Hand supporters still exist within our territory........though, it's time that we make them realize, the future of this state matters than grudges between our factions," the other members of the circle began to fuss, much disagreement were shown in response to her plan Abbess Kovacs took a moment, she waited silently, then continued, "The world, ladies and gentlemen, is against us, this state need more unification than ever before, I'm aware of the existence of those......Black Hand followers, who aims to search for their long-dead leader Marcion. Perhaps, we can start with a......mutually agreeable term."

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:17 pm
by Absolon-7
April 11th, 1962
Tripoli Army Base, Tripoli, Libya

Almost like a dream a calm atmosphere loomed over the bustling fortress-city of Tripoli, which was supposed to be one the three main redstone exporting sites in Libya alongside Benghazi in Cyrenaica and Sabha in Fezzan. Giuseppe Felix was himself near falling to blissful sleep but the ruckus of his fellow recruits kept him from sleeping in his seat in the saloon. His fellow soldiers were celebrating a recent arrival of reinforcements to base since they have not heard from the central leadership since Giuseppe's own arrival a year prior and thus were plastering themselves till God Himself would tell them not to. Bent over the table his face was at this point forming a pool of drool that was already reaching his mustache. At that time his friend and superior officer, Umberto, walked over and sat at the other side of the now sullied table.

"Already keeled over by a single shot of Ameretto?"

"Still not used to it I guess, " groaned Giuseppe.

"That's right, because your a goddamn mainlander! You don't have what it takes to survive hear in the land of the crescent, " boomed Umberto.

"I'll show you. Another round please!" he yelled as he propped himself up. "Hope none of our more pious comrades herd you take the Lord's name in vain."

"No matter... Oh right I wanted to tell you that you've been chosen to be one of the men escorting tonight's newly arrived caravan to Malta,"

Giuseppe simply groaned louder as he heard the news.

"Heard there's a band of raiders on the way maybe a horde of mutants too. Those are just rumors though. Hey maybe you'll run into one of those psychotic Greek pagans. You'll also wont be seeing your Saracen sweetheart for awhile too," Umberto rambled on.

Giuseppe pitifully groaned more as he fell into the arms of sleep.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:04 am
by Ulls
The Worth, Cajun Empire,
April 14, 1962

Many cities were crushed under mutant feet of the Golden Legions and what's left of Houston came to the Worth where the Texas divisions of the Empire were stationed and ready to descend upon the Mutants. The troops were made of light armor with light and fast armor with some with power armor coming from New Orleans. The airforce itself was bring in support to handle the Golden Legions with airship support and attack choppers to bring down the horde.

Many Texans put the blame of the Golden Legions arrival to be a mistake in letting in mutants and trying to be just like them. This not only increase tension between the unmutated people, it started to hurt the government's trust. The Emperor still had faith that not all mutants were like that but the Golden Legions needed to be put down like the dogs they are.

The military was sent to Houston from the Worth while the army at the borders of Louisiana started to march to meet the Golden Legions in battle before they burn the Empire down.