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The Elder Scrolls: Hammerfell [IC]

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:12 am
by Insaeldor
The Elder Scrolls: Hammerfell

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“So have you heard the new Yusuf?” I peeked my ears, Narif was always a brassy one but he had an extra layer of laid back energy to his voice. We walked across the halls of the prison inspecting cells as was our typical routine.

“No I haven't Narif, what's the news?” I asked him back. Trying to keep my eyes on the cells as we meandered through the dark halls.

“We have an imperial spy here, a dark elf no less.” He said with a little bit of boyish glee. The Kingdom of Hammerfell had been trying its best to keep the kingdom save from any incisions, that included spy's. They were given special treatment at execution, usually pulled apart by horses one strapped to each limb. But sometime we'd lock them in a room and play with them for a few days. Give them a branding and send them back to where they came as a messenger to either the Empire or the Dominion. It was an especial favorable tactic used again the female spies we so often got. I myself however was big on the idea, it was always a viscous thing to hear, the cries for help were always one chilling. But it was just one aspect of how we defended our sovereignty, that’s how it's been since the Treaty of Stros Makay.

“Will she be getting the special treatment?” I was curious, would another night be spent listening to the Moans and screams of the tortured or would this month's execution cycle go without much going on.

“No, she's still in her cell along with a myriad of other offenders, she would have been removed last night if that's we were going to do.” He said a bit more calmly. We then stopped, first Narif and then myself as we reached the last cell in our inspection area. It was the largest of the cells, usually meant for those about to be sent out to the execution block.

“And there's the ashlander right there, the imperial spy.” Narif announced pointing to a slender Dunmer who was almost crowded into obscurity by the others in the cell.

“You'll have a wonderful time come tomorrow spy, the same goes for all of you.” I said pulling his sword from his sheath and pointing it at every one in the cell, the tip clipping the bars creating a repeating digging as he moved his sword.

“Alright, Yusuf our jobs finish, let's go.” Narif said turn to walk toward the doors.

“I'll stay here a bit, I want to talk to the prisoners for a moment.”

“Suit yourself Yusuf, just don't let the quartermaster find you fraternizing with the scum alright.”

“I'll try.” I said as he walked off, I waited and looked at every single one of these prisoners. They all had different stories I'm sure. Some you could tell by looking at their faces, a face could always tell a good story, the people of nirn needed to tell a person's story by their face. It's the first thing we see of a new person and we need to make those quick choices, whether it be to avoid the inconvenience of a drunk begger or to listen to the exploits of an adventurous pilgrim.

“So an Imperial spy huh? How'd you end up so low and washed up? That goes for all of you actually. I enjoy hearing the tales of the captured. So I've got about an hours. Mind if I asked how you all got here? Let's start with the spy and you all can take turns.” The cold air of the dungeon made my words echo farther then usual. It was an unusually cold afternoon for the city, winds from the Colovian Highlands brought an unusual chill to the bay and was only exacerbated by the chilleness of the dungeon on any given day. While to many it would still be a warm day here it was a refreshingly cold wind.

I looked over out the small barred window they all shared. You could see the horizon the sea from it and any vessel for miles away. The sight of sails in the distance was nothing knew especially for the port.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:44 am
by Hastiaka
Captain Calia
Rihad | Hammerfell Province


Captain Calia thought to herself as her eyes scrolled through the room. She was in prison, and the worst of all is that she was arrested and bested by the least civilized sub-race of the abominable Human species. She could not help but criticize everything around her. From the skin tone of the prison guards, to the horrible architecture of the Ra'gada. It was torture for her. Calia was a civilized mer and superior to all other races, her superiority is equal to that of the best of men. She stayed awake the whole night contemplating about how her human-made meal was terrible and ugly. Not content, she began to murmur and insult the adjacent prisoner with the worse of terms. The prisoner was a Redguard, a thug, Calia assumed.

''You, yes you. You are filth. Your race, this ''mankind'' of yours, it's the biggest degeneracy of all time. I myself had pondered about your species' awful and absolutely despicable achievements. I am disturbed by you, by these humans around me. I do not deserve to be in this rat-hole. We Altmer, pure-blood descendants and genetically perfect children of the legendary Aldmer, are destined to preserve Aldmeri heritage, culture and identity. I swear, you humans will pay for this.'' Calia ranted, like a true-blooded indoctrinated Thalmor.

The Redguard scoffed, and smiled. ''What's wrong with you Thalmor? What have we ever done to you?'' the Redguard simply asked.

Calia's eyes enlarged and began to laugh softly. ''Exactly. What have you ever done to us? The answer is, everything. The reason for our mortality, the very reason of our painful existence in this world is all because of you humans. Ever since we Mer lost our divinity, you humans have grown to be a pest. Claiming our culture as your own and go as far as to conquer our idyllic homeland of Alinor. The final solution to the Human question, is to simply exterminate them. You are like insects that refuse to wither and are persistent as a pest. You should acknowledge our superiority, it is a fact and truth. You cannot do anything else. That is why I advice you not to procreate as doing so will only create another generation to be slaughtered by the harbingers of justice and truth.'' Calia, a Thalmor indoctrinator herself, argued.

The guard listened and was infuriated by the remarks of Calia. He opened the cell, and kicked her stomach. Causing her to wail in pain. ''Fucking Thalmor scum. You should control your tongue. Don't worry, your head will be displayed on the streets soon and you would know what it feels like to be free of existence and mortality.'' the guard said laughing before he left.

Calia stared at the grilled window. A small rectangular glimpse to the outside world. She peeked at the windoe with the hope of at least gazing for the very last time, the world of Tamriel in all its glory. Her death would make her a martyr for the Aldmeri people and she knows that there will be more Mer ready to take her place. A small price to pay for the victory of the Aldmeri Dominion.

With tears slowly dropping from her eyes she began to emotionally talk to herself one last time.

"I was born to serve the Aldmeri Dominion and to put it into an unstoppable path to victory and I will die serving the Aldmeri Dominion. Mortality is a human construct that has infected the minds of millions of Mer and had sowed fea we should never fear and be moved by death for I know that I will transcend death along with my brothers and sisters and ascend into the Aether. But the Dominion must never fall or else all hope is lost."

She then noticed something peculiar in the distance. A faint light illuminated the sky.

"Something's not right." she quietly thought to herself.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:27 am
by The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness
Raynila Selehas
Prison, Rihad

The prison cell Raynila found herself in at the moment was just how she had expected Redguard prison cells to be: really rather uncomfortable. The fact that she had to share this uncomfortable, cramped place with several others made it all the more inconvenient. The winds blowing through the little bars that formed what was supposed to pass for some sort of window, however, brought in a refreshing cold that reminded her of home, and so she sat in silence, leaning against the back of the prison wall, eyes closed and hands behind her head to provide some comfort. All things considered, things could’ve gone much worse. After all, she was still alive - which meant that there was still a chance of survival, and if not that, to at least get a message out. Better her superiors were to find out she was to be executed from her, personally, than from some second hand source.

”And there's the ashlander right there, the imperial spy.” Slowly, she opened her eyes, keeping her head low while taking a look at the two in front of her prison, one of them pointing a finger in her direction. The other followed suit, taking a sword in hand and pointing it at every single one of her fellows from behind the safety of the bars keeping them away from him. ”You'll have a wonderful time come tomorrow spy, the same goes for all of you.” She furrowed her brows, slowly looking up. “Excuse you, I was praying.” Not that such a thing was true, of course, but she figured it might’ve at least mildly annoyed the pair, especially considering that these two were unlikely to be the ones to have any say whatsoever as to what happened with the prisoners - and so, she cited an ancient Velothi prayer, starting midway, as if she truly had been praying. “ the altar of Padhome, in the Temple of Boet-hi-Ah, where we become safe, and looked after.” Giving a little nod to herself, she indicated that her prayer was finished.

Raynila couldn’t help but smirk a little as she watched the exchange between the two guards that stood in front of the bars locking her inside. Definitely not the people that had any say in what would happen to them whatsoever. She tilted her head as she regarded the one that remained standing on the spot, the same man that had pointed someone else’s blade at them in a mildly threatening manner. ”So an Imperial spy huh? How'd you end up so low and washed up?” Clearly, the man was bored beyond relief, and wanted to hear some interesting stories. Well, if that was what he wanted…

“Oh, me?” The Dunmer began, still resting against the prison wall. “Well, it’s quite the story, really! But well, where do I begin.. Hmm.. Ah! I know!” She nodded. “It all began when I was taking a stroll in the area surrounding Blacklight, born of solid light, in western Morrowind. It was a day as any other day, until suddenly, the light bent, and towards me came two figures, borne by ribbons of water. One of them wore inconsistent faces, and the other held his hands on his own, swollen belly, naming himself to be Seht, a Saint I thought lost before I was ever even born. ’Go here’, he told me, ’world without wheel, charting zero deaths, and echoes singing’. I asked him the meaning of his words, but before he would answer me, all of it was done, and at the center of where he stood was everything yet nothing at all. Six, I remembered reading as a child, are the formulas to heaven by violence, and six are the walking ways, and also the guardians of Veloth.” She nodded, smiling lightly. Raynila, you spent too much time reading your father’s old books. “And so I stepped forward, taking six steps until all was nothing, and suddenly nothing became a city other than the one I called home. Sentinel, Hammerfell.”

Again, the Dunmer woman nodded. “Remembering I was sent to this place by the Clockwork King, and heeding the written words of the Warrior-Poet, I knew what I had to do. Six, as I just told you, are the formulas to heaven by violence.” Stretching her arms for a moment, Raynila let out a yawn, closing her eyes again as she returned to her previous position, arms against the back of her head once again. “Alternatively, the target I was to kill - and that I indeed killed - was in bed with a whore that could scream really loudly. I shall leave it up to you as to which of these two is true - or whether neither of them are, or both. Does that satisfy your curiosity? Was it an entertaining story?”

Opening her eyes for a moment to look at the Redguard again, she peered around the prison cell at her fellow prisoners, before giving a little shrug, humming softly to herself, not intent on letting her mood get dragged down in the face of her impending execution any time soon.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:34 am
by Rupudska
Rihad Prison

Sonya Blood-Spear was waiting.

For what, she did not know. But then again, when the desire to wait overtook her, she often did know for what purpose she was waiting. But she did anyway, and it hadn't steered her wrong yet.

Well there WAS that time I waited for the guards to stop that thing with a khajiit and a pineapple, but that hardly counts. That was something you could not easily stop.

So she waited, sitting cross-legged on the floor with her hands on her knees, about as quietly as one could manage. Controlling her breathing, in, out, in, out. Good for focusing. Good for shutting out extraneous sounds, of which here there were many. Good for meditating, which she was trying to do. Trying and... not doing that well. Prisons were noisy.

There were others in the prison cell with her, which seemed to be a common theme among Hammerfell prisons. Did they not have room for the prisoners, or did they simply not care and put prisoners slated for execution together in the hopes that perhaps they would kill each other and save them the trouble? She suspected it was the latter. How savage. And not in the way she enjoyed.

There was a Dunmer spy for the Imperium. She didn't mind the Imperium - they left her and her kind alone, and she left them alone for the most part. Spies were another matter, but then again this was technically enemy territory for the Imperium. Still. She didn't trust the spy known as 'Raynila'. Spies were not for trusting.

There was an Aldmeri, and an avowed Thalmor loyalist. Sonya knew this because the aforementioned loyalist couldn't seem to go more than thirty minutes without shutting the blazing Oblivion's arsecrack up about how superior she was to them all and how the Dominion would subjugate all of Nirn and how they were lucky she wasn't killing them all and blah blah blah. Sonya could not care less. The Thalmor liked to posture like they could take on the Empire, Hammerfell, and the rest once more, but she knew better. They may not have been as badly hurt by the war as the Empire was, but they were slower to recover.

A guard came in and asked the Dunmer her story, and she spun a spiel about the Clock God, then made a much more believable story into a sentence. Sonya said nothing. She elected to quietly listen, while trying desperately to ignore Calla.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:00 pm
by Pasong Tirad
Murzim an-Nasl
Rihad, Prison

"Look at this filthy Forebear colluding with the Imperial!" I shouted. It got everybody's attention. Bored, is he? Well, we Crowns are good at putting on shows. Here's one for you, you filthy Forebear rat. "Telling him how to get out, are you?" A chorus of boos from my cell. All of us in here were Crowns, mostly from my group of men, some others probably plucked up from the countryside by Forebear death squads. Probably. We've all heard the rumors. "Look at that, Crowns! They needed a separate cell for the Forebears!" the men cheered in a chorus at the men opposite our cell. It made sense to separate the Crowns from the Forebears - they wouldn't want less people to execute tomorrow, the execution's the whole show. "They even put the Imperial spy in there with them!" Boos. It's not our first time in a cell and, gods willing, it won't be the last. We are Crowns. We fight 'till we die.

"They'll probably ask the Imperial for help from their masters!" one of my men shouted.

"They're even talking to the Altmer bitch in the next cell!" another of my men yelled out. Another raucous chorus of jeers and insults, this time directed at the Altmer. The Altmer sounded like she was insulting the Forebears, but I couldn't quite hear her over the commotion. It didn't matter. Any insult coming her way was meaningless. This is the best way to keep their spirits up: give them something to hate. The Forebears in the cell opposite were throwing back their own share of insults. I couldn't help but join in. It was the usual round of calling us uneducated sand shovelers and bestial horse herders (yes, that kind of horse "herder") and us calling them inbred sword-swallowers and traitorous rat-sniffers. We've never come up with the best insults. The guard in the middle started whacking his sword at the bars on our cell. I was hoping for him to open the cell to try and get us to shut up. He was all alone, after all. That would have been the best show we could ever have. Of course, it wouldn't get us released, but it'd be a show.

But he didn't. He got his side of the Alik'r to shut up and my men got bored of yelling at air after a few minutes. The guard went back to asking some of the Forebears why they were in the cell. We put on a wonderful show, but we needed an encore.

"What's the only true Alik'r?" I shouted.

"A noble fucking Alik'r!" my men responded.

"What's the only noble Alik'r?!"

"A fucking Alik'r Crown!" And we shouted it again. And again. And a third time.

"You can never kill a Crown!" And right before my men were able to answer, a Forebear in the other cell retorted: "I've killed plenty!" which made the Forebears in his cell laugh. This got us mad. We rushed at the bars and started throwing another round of insults. Somebody even threw the lid of a lay pot for water at the other cell. It hit a Redguard right in the nose and made us all jeer and cheer. The guard started whacking our hands off with the flat side of his blade. He even "accidentally" cut one of my guys. It wasn't deep, but it did stoke our anger enough to continue my chant:

"You can never kill a Crown!" I started, again.

"Not even in his bed.
Not even when he's dreaming of
stabbing a Forebear dead!"

And for another round, I joined in:

"You can never kill a Crown,
not even in his bed!
Not even when he's dreaming of
stabbing a Forebear dead!"

We weren't trying to piss somebody off now - now, we were angry. We were full of hate. This was our death cry. We had to make sure this guard, whatever his name is (I forget, it doesn't matter), remembers us. We had to make sure that before this Imperial's emperor wetnurse comes to pay for his freedom in the morning, he will remember us. We had to make sure that before this Altmer bitch uses her fancy magics to worm her way out of the chopping block, she remembers the anger in our faces. They both had to remember and both had to go off and tell their masters: stay out.

"You want to know where we're from, Forebear? We're from Hammerfell! A round loud of cheers. "Where the fuck did you come from? High Rock?" the men laughed once again, and proceeded again to chant another round of You can never kill a Crown. It wasn't a song or any kind of poem that had some real flavor - that was for the really noble Crowns who're too busy trying to expand their knowledge about Yokuda. When everything had quieted down and the guard had gone back to talking to some of the other prisoners, I turned my attention back to my men, who seemed rather tired. Some had already fallen asleep - on seats, on the floor, in the corner. "Sep will not waylay our souls tomorrow. Tu'whacca shall welcome us into the Far Shores. Hail Tu'whacca."

"Hail Tu'whacca," they all said. And that was the most I could give them: a final reassurance that we shall all make it to the Far Shores.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:00 pm
by Phalnia
Perelle Ashcroft
Rihad Prison

Perelle sat on the floor of the communal cell, his back against a wall. The cool stone was a nice reprieve from the heat, though Rihad was more hospitable than certain parts of Hammerfell, at least that is what Perelle had heard. All around were fellow prisoners, a lot of Redguards and a few other thrown in for good measure. But, Perelle wasn't exactly interested in them. As far as he was concerned they were only good for a possible distraction. Especially, the boisterous Redguard who insisted on riling up the rest of his fellows with some nonsense about Crowns and Forebears. Perhaps they could start a riot in the prison and give Perelle a chance to slip away. The only problem was getting the two groups together. Perhaps an opportunity would present itself later. For now he was content to examine the rest of the room. An Altmer woman was being as equally annoying as the Redguard. Fortunately, she didn't have any friends to chime in. Aside from her race-baiting banter she seemed harmless.

Perelle shifted his arm and ran his hand up his sleeve chasing an itch. He could feel the hidden pocket and the lockpick that sat inside, when the opportunity presented itself, by Sithis, Perelle would be ready. He still had his mission to complete, he wouldn't break his tenet no prison could hold him forever. And no headsman had yet succeeded in killing Perelle, this streak would stand.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:04 am
by Hastiaka
Captain Calia
Rihad | Hammerfell Province

As Calia looked at the distant light, the guard returned and pulled her by her hair before she had a chance to react. The brutish guard then began to push her towards the bars and into a hallway. There, there were several cells but at the end of it there was this huge cell. She was cast into the cell and she found herself surrounded by a multitude of other criminals and offenders. Calia was kicked inside by the guard and left the cell. The first thing that caught her attention was the Dunmer- was she the Imperial spy she heard about both from the inmates and from intelligence network? Calia then turned her eyes unto a ranting Redguard and a Breton. There were a couple of other inmates.

Calia tempered herself and stopped her urge of insulting the prisoners surrounding her. Realizing that she was vulnerable as ever and if she follows her urge to do so- she will be lynch mobbed by the offended prisoners. It was best for her to keep quiet and so, she began to slowly walk towards the lonely corner. She then began to hear the shouts of the angry prisoners around her.

''Death to the Thalmor bitch! Die Supremacist scum!'' shouted the prisoners from the nearby cells.

The whole sector of the prison became loud and thundered upon the Thalmor agent. It was really deafening. Calia calmed herself and avoid doing anything and instead go to the Dunmer spy. Smiling she, reached her hand to her and began talking.

''I've heard much about you, Dunmer. My superiors in Alinor have sent dispatches to our Hammerfell agents warning us about an Imperial spy on a killing spree. I never figured it would be a Dunmer. You are mer, why did you join these humans? Don't you think that Morrowind should be an independent nation? and not a province of a unwelcoming Empire?''

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:39 pm
by The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness
Raynila Selehas
Prison, Rihad

Yelling, shouting. Yelling, shouting. The local Redguard prison populace sure knew how to make a party. Crowns and Forebears. If she hadn't been used to it by now, Raynila would've been very annoyed at all the commotion indeed. Suddenly, the prison cell was opened for but a brief moment, the ranting Altmer thrown inside - or at least, she presumed that was the one she had heard, earlier. Others voiced their protest. She did not. It'd be a waste of time and effort, anyway. Tomorrow they'd all die. No point in wasting any energy on some vague insults and threats. No, better to just... stay comfortable.

Footsteps approached, though, someone moving closer towards her. The Altmer, undoubtedly. At least mildly curious, she opened one of her eyes, her suspicions confirmed as she found her standing in front of her, extending her hand and beginning to talk. Raynila didn't shake the woman's hand, nor did she even take it, instead opting to have her hands remain snugly on the back of her head as she closed the eye she had opened again.

"Never knew I was famous," she responded calmly, shrugging lightly as she did, "are you sure you might've not confused me for someone else? I can assure you, I'm far from the only one around these parts. Not that I'd know who they are or where you can find them, of course... That'd just be careless." Sweet talking the presumably indoctrinated Altmer would be pointless. Chances were it wouldn't result in anything, anyway, and even if it did they'd both be executed come the next day. "Not that you'd have much use for such information, anyway. Heads will roll tomorrow, I'm quite sure."

Raynila nodded, remaining silent for a moment. "Regardless, why would I not join 'these humans'? They took in my parents when they needed it the most, and it's where I've lived all my life. Your Dominion, on the other hand, burned the home of my parents, almost killed them while at it, and also made a point out of destroying the urns keeping the ashes of some of our ancestors. Then there's also the whole thing where your ilk persecutes those that worship the same beings as those that follow the teachings of the New Temple, naming them heretics. It really doesn't make for the most appealing... organisation to work for."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:23 pm
by Krugmar
Aureena Anaeduseus
Rihad Prison

Hammerfell was by far the worst part of Tamriel she had visited, even more so than Skyrim. It was too hot, the people were always angry, and like all the other places she had been too, something had gone wrong. This time, however, she was going to lose her head for it. A pardon was unlikely, they probably thought she was Thalmor based on her being an Altmer, and she scoffed at the chance of there being some rescue attempt, or miraculous attack. Such things belonged in the story books, life had little time for such fantasies.

She did not take part in any of the ranting, or explaining her poor situation, or the shouting. Not out of misplaced arrogance, or an attempt to intimidate the other prisoners by being the silent one. No, she was simply too tired, both physically and mentally, to care. Scars marked her body and soul, and though she could not claim the tragedies that had befallen the mighty figures of the past, her own torments had been all too real compared to theirs. Theirs was a story done, hers was one about to be finished.

She would die for the crime of smashing up a shop, not something worthy of being remembered for. It had all started when she opted to follow part of a merchant caravan to Hammerfell six months ago, rather than follow the other one leading to Morrowind. Perhaps there she would have found fame. No, a foolish thought, she probably would have ended up in a Dunmer cell instead. The heroes of the past had been called to their destiny by forces and visions, while she had attempted to force a destiny through her own vision.

She was no hero. She had thrown herself into that arena, and had failed. The dagger had fallen, as the old idiom from her village went, and soon they would lead her out of the disgusting cell and onto a scaffold, where they would cast her soul to oblivion. At least she might actually find peace there.

Though thinking about it, she'd rather not be remembered as the creepy silent one. She turned to the guard, the one wanting to know about their pasts, and ignored the racket going on.

"I'm Aureena Anaeduseus, and I'm here due to a series of events that ended up with me vandalising a local shop. Not really a crime I would think one would die for, but I suppose you'll say that one who lives a life where they do such actions, shouldn't live it at all."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:35 pm
by Zanera
Killian Rootbinder
Prison Cell in Rihad

Killian was tired of the ranting Aldmeri agent and the Redguards who were possibly drunk that liked to shout like idiots. It was annoying because sometimes you heard stuff like that in pubs and inns around Hammerfell, especially ones filled with the lower-lifed of the Redguards, and not the valiant warriors. It was annoying hearing low-lives talk all the time when you were one. He didn't care much for the Dunmer spy, the Aldmeri agent was probably the average Thalmor. The other Altmer that had apparently raised hell in some shop sounded a little more interesting.

"I'm probably liable to be executed three times over for what I've done. If they're executing you for tearing up a shop, then you better hope the crowd finds that too harsh a sentence before they bring the ax down or pull the planks out from under you. I've got no choice but to be worthy of execution. But if the guard wants to hear my story, I'll start with my ancestors, who actually had interesting stories. I'll start with my great grandfather."

"My great grandfather was around for the Great War. See, he didn't mind the Thalmor until they conscripted him to go lose a war. Marched him right over to Hammerfell. He was an archer, and absolutely hated the Thalmor after he was forced to march into the deserts to attack people he, personally, had no problems with. As a matter of fact, he hated the Thalmor rather than Men, or even the Empire. So he became a turncoat and secretly started helping the people he was occupying. Then, he joined whatever resistance they had at the time. Started to become a trusted buddy of them, and went all the way in helping them remove the Thalmor. One time he was asked about his time in the Third Dominion, and he said listening to the stuff that came from the Thalmor was like pouring two chamber pots into your ears. He wasn't wrong, no offense. Afterward he helped repel some Imperial incursion. He was more Redguard than Bosmer, though he didn't buy into the Crown and Forebear crap I hear all the time."

"Then I have my grandmother. She was a guard at Stros M'Kai, before becoming a mercenary and then a merchant. Eventually settled down with a shop, then along came my dad. He became a merchant sailor after my grandmother died. Privateered against the Dominion for a bit before becoming a regular merchant sailor again. Ended up settling down and having me. I became a bandit. Whatever values my great grandfather and grandmother had are lost on me. Talking about the next raid is better than all that Crown and Forebear talk. It seems your Dominion has waited long enough for the old Redguard lines to be drawn in their own sands again. They'll be too busy slaying each other when you come to shore, I'll give you Thalmor that much credit."

"Well, that's my family's story. As well as mine."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:29 pm
by Theodosiya
Larus Vittorius

Loud commotion around him do nothing to him. He faced worse and he survives. But the Aldmeri Dominion captain managed to pick his interest. "Oi! Dominion bit**! How does it feel up there? Feeling very superior, huh? Feel better than the rest of us Tamrielic races, huh. Lemme tel you, bit**. I traveled to many, many different provinces. I know many people good and bad from different races. You and the Thalmor and Aldmeri Dominion bring shame to many Altmer i know." Larus let out a fiery speech.

He takes a deep breath and shouted "To everyone who wanted a chance to beat the everloving crap out of Thalmors and Aldmeri Dominion, come with me after qe broke up. I am Larus Vittorius, son of Legate Julius Vittorius and Tribune Astridr Iron-Shield! My ancestors fought the Snow Elves and every single threat to the Empire! Come to a fortress near the border in the Cyrodiil side, and we'll gear you up!" He sat down, looks at Killian and asked "What do you think?"

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:40 pm
by Zanera
Theodosiya wrote:Larus Vittorius

Loud commotion around him do nothing to him. He faced worse and he survives. But the Aldmeri Dominion captain managed to pick his interest. "Oi! Dominion bit**! How does it feel up there? Feeling very superior, huh? Feel better than the rest of us Tamrielic races, huh. Lemme tel you, bit**. I traveled to many, many different provinces. I know many people good and bad from different races. You and the Thalmor and Aldmeri Dominion bring shame to many Altmer i know." Larus let out a fiery speech.

He takes a deep breath and shouted "To everyone who wanted a chance to beat the everloving crap out of Thalmors and Aldmeri Dominion, come with me after qe broke up. I am Larus Vittorius, son of Legate Julius Vittorius and Tribune Astridr Iron-Shield! My ancestors fought the Snow Elves and every single threat to the Empire! Come to a fortress near the border in the Cyrodiil side, and we'll gear you up!" He sat down, looks at Killian and asked "What do you think?"

"I think we're both going to be executed. In any case, as much as I don't want these people of Hammerfell infecting me with their pride, after my great grandfather my family practically considered ourselves Redguards rather than anything else, though our stomachs still cannot handle anything but meat. Hammerfell has rejected the Dominion, and as the Empire has rejected Hammerfell, Hammerfell rejects the Empire. Thanks for the invitation, but I think I'll put a stain on my family by going down the way I truly am, rather than go down as a false person. I think I'll go down an inglorious bandit."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:05 pm
by Theodosiya
Larus Vittorius

Larus grins. "I actually wanted to ask about my speech instead. But first, don't be a pessimist. We all got imprisoned. So, let us all worked together to escape. Then up each other person" Larus let out a small laugh before replying. He then turned to Raynila.

"Hey, you said you're an Imperial spy, right? And you Altmer? If something happens and we all broke out, would you or anyone who wanted too, to ride with me to my family fortress?" Larus spoke, but with more serious tone.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:15 pm
by Dernland
Sir Aleron Hinault
Exiled Heir of Dragontail, Disgraced Lamp-Knight, Prisoner

I sat in the corner of the crowded prison cell, facing the wall and trying to block out the sheer reek of the place. It was awful, though to be quite honest the latrines of the Arcane University were far worse, what with the deranged mages trying out new ways of brewing mushrooms every day. There were no proper lavatories in the cell, as prisoners were not given such luxuries. Instead there were an assortment of leaky buckets that did very little to actually hold fluid, but there was a principle involved nonetheless. That unpleasantness, combined with the general body odor, made for one of the most recognizable conditions of mankind, squalor.

I turned from the sandstone wall out towards the rest of the room, wrinkling my nose at the direct assault on my nostrils. Some of my cellmates had begun to shout among themselves, letting racial bigotry guide their tongues more than their minds. "We're all wasting breath. Best to go to Aetherius with a clean mind and a clean tongue, seeing as none of us will go with a clean body." I mumbled to myself, hardly caring if my voice was heard.

The guard eventually pointed in my general direction, summoning me from the depths of the cell. I came forward and he asked me about my story, and so I began. "Me? Just a high-born brat sent to rot with the Mages Guild's glorified bodyguards." I said with a grimace. "We got sent to escort some mage from Daggerfall, then got jumped by a party of mercenaries. Knew what road we'd be on and when. Got separated from the rest, only me and the Mage, then the mad-man tries to light me on fire. I fight back and within moments the mage is dead at my feet. The rest of the Knights come back and the Captain puts me in irons. Wouldn't believe me, wouldn't even use simple telepathy to know if I was lying. Think he was in from the start." I shrugged, smiling grimly at the Redguard. "That's how I got here, in the simplest terms. Not gonna make myself a fool and cry about my innocence. Learned long ago that I am not the one in control, everyone else is."

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:46 am
by Hastiaka
Captain Calia
Rihad | Hammerfell Province

Calia sighed, and calmed her self after listening to the garbage the Imperial spy sprouted. Calia then listened to the other Altmer, Bosmer and the Nord whom she didn't noticed the first time she entered the cell. The Imperial tried to humiliate Calia, uttering repugnant garbage in an attempt to rile up the other prisoners against her. Calia scoffed at the Nordic man as an insult to the superiority of the Thalmor merited a response. Calia stood up and looked at the Nord's eyes, studying his posture, looks and body language. Calia then simply laughed quite maniacally.

''Say what you want, Nord. Continue to your petty attempts to intimidate a ranking officer of the Thalmor. I do not give a damn about your family's involvement in butchering the innocent Snow Elves en masse. In fact, you should feel guilty about putting an entire civilization into it's tomb. Such a travesty that was, what a loss to Tamriel's culture. Tomorrow, we all will be executed. But I will be remembered in Alinor as a war hero, my memory celebrated with full military honor. How about you? Imperial? You will be remembered as a brigand, a bandit. I will be celebrated by an entire nation while you will be ''celebrated'' by a swarm of rats and worms.''

Calia then listened to the story of the Bosmer, she frowned as she learned that the ancestors were defectors to the Aldmeri Dominion. Despite her hatred for those who oppose the Thalmor, Calia just let him continue knowing that it would be useless to even attempt to refute the me. Calia, seeing that the others were telling their story, joined in and told her own.

''My name's Calia by the way. I was born in the city of Sunhold, it was a beautiful city. My grandfather was the city's Battlereeve during the Oblivion crisis. He led the defense of the city against the onslaught of the Daedric hordes. Shortly after the Thalmor closed the gates of Oblivion, My great-grandfather, Orinlas II was recruited by the Thalmor and was instrumental in indoctrinating the entire city and leading the Thalmor against the Imperial government and the treacherous Royal family sitting comfortably in their thrones in the Royal Palace. After the Thalmor finally took control of Alinor, My great-grandfather became a member of the Thalmor's inner circle he passed away two hundred years ago. My grandfather and father on the other hand became professors in the College of Aldmeri Propriety, where they groomed young mer into becoming good Thalmor soldiers. During the great war, my father was conscripted and fought in the Cyrodiil theatre. He was almost trapped along with Lord Naarfin during the Battle of the Red Ring- but he managed to escape through a Dominion ship in the Rumare. Afterwards, my father returned home and married my mother. When I was but a toddler, I was taken by the Thalmor for the Thalmor Youth program- a program designed to conscript young mer and turn them into patriotic citizens of the Aldmeri Dominion and for the war effort. Yes, the Dominion for the past two hundred years has prepared for war and I know that after my death, it would be only a matter of time until a Dominion flag is raised in this very prison. I'm was the third-in-charge of the all Dominion units operating in Hammerfell. That's why I'm not worried about my death as there are hundreds more like me and sympathizers that will join. ''

Calia then sat down in a nearby stool after telling her story.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:50 am
by Theodosiya
Larus Vittorius

"Oh, managed to answer, eh?" Larus snarkly replied. "The Snow Elves started it first by slaughtering the Nedics. And the Dwemers turns the Snow Elves who driven into subterranean to Falmers. See, none of our races are clean. But now not many people really condone slavery or even genocide, except the likes of you! As long as the Aldmeri Dominion stands, there will be no peace! And let's not forget that you Thalmors wanted to destroy this world so they could ascend to Godhood! Did you really believe it?! Eh?! Did you think that you could dictate what you wanted to do without thinking about every other races?! Huh?!! And lastly, if you are a so superior prick, why you end up in Rihad prison, eh?! Shouldn't a superior know it all Thalmor Captain slays everything around her instead of languishing here? Huh?! In the end, you just a sad, incompetent bitch who hide her inferiority complex behind big words and big acts on behalf of Thalmor, an ancient murderous and infectious plague that should be cleansed. Strip it all and you're just a pathetic useless insignificant bitch! You hear that?! Pathetic.Useless.Insignificant.Bitch.Who.Has.Inferiority.Complex!" Larus shouted loudly, but clearly. "And I also wanted to add that all your ancestors are lesser than Goblins."

Larus grins at Calia after he finished his tirade. "Can't strike back, bitch?!" He let out a laugh and leaned against the wall. He shows a smile at Raynila and Aureena and a respectul nod to Killian.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:32 am
by Hastiaka
Captain Calia
Rihad | Hammerfell Province

Calia sighed at the Nord. She then stared at his eyes, she saw an eye full of both fear and rage. He uttered words that were despicable and desperate. That Nord sure does love fighting the Thalmor and may Auri-El have mercy on him. Calia then stood up and pointed her finger at the Nord, trying to taunt him.

''You have the privilege talking with the third-highest ranking Thalmor in Hammerfell. You do not scare me. I can have my unit execute your friends, your family and everyone you had shaken hands in moment's notice. I usually do not answer back to such irrelevant people like you but by insulting the superior Aldmeri culture, you deserve a response. Let me remind you that the Empire of Talos was scared of the Dominion's great naval prowess and it took a Mer-made device to even land in the Summerset Isles. But even then, the Imperials faced fierce resistance from the Altmer. I ended up in Rihad prison because fortune does not favor me. Just because I'm superior to you filth that necessarily exempts me from committing mistakes. Who are you?'' she then laughed at the Nord.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:13 am
by Insaeldor
I could hardly keep my composer throughout this whole ordeal, I broke into smile a few times listening to the ridiculous stories of these prisoners. It was as if we had just picked a bunch of poor beggars. I assumed the guys back top side would enjoy to hear the lunical ramblings of the sky, who ibstarted to have doubts about. The best part was the apparent lack of civility amongst these people. The second any sort of identity besides the ones they liked was shown in the open they'd have a violent nearly an intellectual convulsion and cry out with nothing but vitriol.

"I wouldn't worry about such petty things, death is the same for everyone. The Axeman doesn't take special requests" I told them, hopefully they'd get it through their heads that the childish bickering was pointless, just made their last moments more stressful and unpleasant.

I took a gaze back out the barred window, the sails I saw in the distance had gotten significantly closer. They flew no flag and operated simple white sails. It was fairly unusual, most ships flew a flag to donate there home port. I looked off with bewilderment as one of the ships ran right past the docks while two others proceeded to take there place. I looked over at the docks when the first signs of something being very very wrong appeared, first you saw it, a large pillar of fire erupted for the unmarked ships and onto the docks. Then you heard it, it sounded like a wild camp fire, you could hear what the fire had engulfed and the sounds of the fire rapidly moving across the wooden docks.

"Everyone report to the barrack, the city is under attack!" Yelled one of my fellow guards as he raced up the stone stares.

"What about the prisoners." I asked in return.

"It doesn't matter they'll die anyways." He said as he ran up the stairs. I thought about it for a moment, were these people really so evil that they deserved to slaughtered by the forces down below? I looked at them all, looking each one in the eyes as best I could, I then looked down and held my amulet of Tu'whacca up in my palm, he would be swarmed with the souls of the dead, why not make his job that much easier? After all a key aspect of the teaching of the Warrior God Onsi were just as much about the merciful nature of the warrior as they were the cruel.

"Alright I'm going to give you the keys, there are some back passages that lead straight to the northern gate, gather your equipment and head out along with the other evacuees, don't try to fight us or fight along side us, you'll only end up dead by our hands alright." I said as I took my keys and threw them into the cell, landing right on the lap of the Dunmer spy.

I ran back up to the stairs on the other side of the prison, hopefully this show of mercy would show them the way to a better life. If not then I'd suppose I'd have to live with my choices.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:29 am
by The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness
Raynila Selehas
Prison, Rihad

Raynila kept her eyes closed during all of the ongoing exchanges, not caring if she herself was mentioned specifically. She had indulged the guard with a little story of her own, and had even been as kind to indulge one of them with a response. No, she would rather spend her thoughts on her last day elsewhere - preferably, better days. Ah, the things she'd do for a good bottle of sujamma right now. If only, if only.

Then, the sound of a fire spreading somewhere in town, people shouting, yelling in panic as they no doubt tried to tame it. Curious. Slowly, the Dunmer opened her eyes, letting out a sigh as she moved to go and have a peek at whatever was happening outside, if she'd be able to see anything through the barred window from here. That, however, wasn't necessary. Before she could even move to face the barred window, one of the guards from up the stairs shouted something at his comrade, the man that had been listening to the... rabble inside of this prison cell telling their stories - or their insults. She raised an eyebrow at the Redguard as, for a moment, he regarded them all.

"Alright I'm going to give you the keys, there are some back passages that lead straight to the northern gate, gather your equipment and head out along with the other evacuees, don't try to fight us or fight along side us, you'll only end up dead by our hands alright." Raynila blinked. Well, good day to you too, sir... A smirk appearing on her lips, she took the keys in her hands, slowly moving up as she muttered a prayer to the Three and the Saints, thanking them for this opportunity that had been given to her. Unable to stop herself, she raised a finger into the air. "Please form an orderly line while I open the door! If any of you try to barge their way into me, I shall not hesitate to throw these things out of reach! Now, then, now that that's all sorted..."

Nodding to herself, the Dunmer went for the door that was keeping her locked inside of the prison cell, going through the keys until she found the one that fit the lock. With a very satisfying clank, the key turned and she pushed the door open. Eagerly stepping out of the prison cell, she stretched her arms for a moment. "Don't delay!" She nodded at the group behind her, now free to leave, before suddenly throwing the keys into the prison cell holding a large group of Redguard. Crowns? Forebears? One of the two, anyway. She reckoned they'd cause some more chaos in the place - which was definitely a good thing. She wondered who exactly it was that was attacking the city - the Empire? The Dominion? Pirates? It didn't matter, anyway. If she'd stick around for too long, she'd die. As such, what did matter was getting out of here, preferably as fast as she could.

Not caring as to whether anyone was following her or not, Raynila made her way to where she knew the guard kept the goods they had confiscated from their prisoners, intent on retrieving her equipment as fast as she could before getting out of the city, and returning back to Sentinel.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:29 am
by Theodosiya
Larus Vittorius

Larus looked outside, chaos rule as battle were fought outside. He then heard Raynila instruction and patiently wait. After he got outside, he looked around, before taking decision and followed Raynila as she left for the room where their gear was kept.

"Hey, Raynila. Mind if I tag along? At least until east of Taneth." Larus took his bag. "Just wait here for a while. I'll look for armor and weapon. Left mine back home and use cheap common stuffs." He raced outside, and after a while, found the armory. He prays that Zenithar won't curse him as he slowly and carefully enter it. Apparently, in their hurry, they somehow managed to left some stuffs here, ripe for the taking. It doesn't take a lot of time for him to pick the gear he like. First, he take and wear a gambeson that happens to fit his size. He then took a Redguard style mail armor, chausse and coif and put it on him. A breastplate with pauldron, upper and lower armguard took his attention, alongside armored gloves. He managed to wear it properly, given the time. A helmet with nose, mouth and face guard lays on the table. He soon picked it up and wear it. He found a a pair of armored leather boot that fits him and soon wear it alongside a pair of greaves. Now he looks for weapons. A straight sword caught his attention. It was very unusual to see a straight Redguard sword. He just pick it up with a round shield and crossbow and bolts.

"Ok Raynila. I'm ready. Waiting for you. Tell me when you're ready" Larus pants as he arrived back.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:19 am
by Rupudska
It seems Sonya's decision to wait patiently instead of causing another scene upon being thrown into a prison cell with a damned Thalmor had paid off.

An opportunity for escape from these prison walls had presented itself! And in the form of battle, no less! Sure the prison guard had implied in his words that they probably shouldn't fight, but that was unlikely to stop her. In the heat of battle, one rarely cares where those you fight alongside come from, so long as they can watch your back.

Though the Thalmor might be pushing it.

Regardless. Sonya stood up, towering above the others. Like coming in, she'd have to duck coming out. Of course she probably would've had to had she been a Nord of regular height. Damn Redguards and their diminutive statures.

She ducked under the door and followed the Dunmer, stretching her limbs as she walked (and taking care not to overtake her - she had been staggeringly drunk when she was brought in and did not quite remember the layout).

Armor and equipment were easy for Sonya to put on, she'd done it enough times before. This armor was practically a second skin now. Perhaps it was time for an upgrade.

"We should make haste. I doubt the other guards will be so willing to let us go."

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by Pacific Brotherhood of Steel
Gael Corentin
Rihad Prison

Those damned guards chained him up. He hadn't expected that at all. Most of the time when he runs his mouth the guards kinda just faded away. This time the guards seemed very attentive though as they had taken heed of his warning that he was good with Alteration and Mysticism and that's how he usually broke in and out of places. They chained his arms up above him to either side to disallow him from breaking free. Unfortunately Gael's mouth had gotten ahead of him this time. Now he was going to rot in this damn prison and have to listen to these bickering idiots around him until the guards finally killed him. Not how Gael had imagined his death. The worst part of it was the superstitious prison guards had also gagged his mouth as they thought he would be able to bewitch one of them. Gael couldn't even tell the other prisoners to shut the hell up so he could enjoy his last moments in peace.

Gael's only solace in the situation was the well placed window in his cell. The prison was situated in such a way that Gael could see over out towards the harbor and out towards the sea. He had to admit that it was rather beautiful in Hammerfell no matter how damn hot it was in the daytime. Another peaceful evening out at the sea and another wasted day full of opportunity. Traders from Valenwood and the Summerset Isles usually stopped at Rihad for supplies and rest on their way back from further into Hammerfell. Their pockets so full of coins ripe for the taking. There was nothing to be now. All he could do was wait for the guards to come and try and take him to the block. He would make his escape then. It's all he could do. And of course the other prisoners continued to make an uproar especially some loudmouthed fool who was trying to sway the prisoners to join him in a riot. Hopefully the guards took him away next. Gael couldn't take his addled ranting much longer without losing his own mind. Luckily a few other prisoners shut him up and got him to calm down.

Gael figured it was about time for him to take a nap. He didn't have anything better to do. He took one last look out his window past the harbor and out towards the open seas. Now this was quite something. It appeared to be a large mass of boats heading for Rihad. They didn't seem to be trading boats at that matter but they were too far away for Gael to fully take stock of them. Gael waited around ten minutes for the ships to come closer so he could get a good look at them. Whoever they were they seemed in no hurry as they were still fairly far out and still hard to make out. They seemed to be Aldmeri but they were still too far out for him to be certain. Oh well. Gael couldn't bring himself to care much more than that and decided to drift off. Hopefully the loudmouth would be gone by the time he awoke.

When Gael did awake finally there was quite the panic. All manner of screaming and yelling was going on and a sickly glow came into Gael’s window. By the gods, the harbor, it was in flames! Whatever had happened he did not know. Those ships must have been warships though he could not see much from his window. He heard screams and yelling that was all. The occasional clash of swords was also heard but that was all. The clank of lock and the rusted creak of iron bars pulled his attention from the window and back towards the prison. Somehow the others must have gotten the keys and now they were freeing the other prisoners. It seems the Gods still smiled on Gael after all. A burly Redguard entered the room and pulled the gag that kept Gael quiet. He then went to work finding what key fit his restraints eventually releasing him from his awkward position. The Redguard held out his arm to pick up Gael as he unceremoniously crumpled to the ground after being held up for so long. ”Come now little Breton. The Gods have seen fit to give us another chance at life.” Gael eagerly took his arm and hoisted himself off the ground and followed him outside of the cell. Most of the other prisoners were still locked in their cells so the halls were fortunately still mostly clear. The only others he recognized was a Dunmer he had seen when he was brought in who also got into an argument earlier in the day that he mostly ignored. She seemed to know where she was going. So why not follow her.

Others apparently had the same idea such as the loudmouth from earlier and a Nordic girl. No matter. As soon as he retrieved his equipment he'd be free of all of them. The he'd get as far away as possible from this city. Perhaps he could head north and cross back into High Rock? He knew for a fact there was a Thieves Guild in Wayrest so he could easily join up with them. Of course the Count would have an easier time hunting him in a compliant city but at least Wayrest wasn't burning to the ground. The Dunmer had an oddly good layout of the prison as she took them directly to where their equipment was. Strange. But not his business at the moment. Some of the others prisoners stuff was still lying about as it had not been sorted but most of everyone else's was locked firmly behind another door and they had left the keys behind. Not a huge problem least of all for Gael. He approached the door and got down on one knee as he inspected it. The lock wasn't of poor quality but it wasn't the greatest he had seen either. All in all a rather easy fix. Gael held his hand up to the keyhole as blue and golden energies flowed from his hand into the lock where it manipulated it as if it was the very key I the door. ”Open says me.” Gael smirked as he swung the door open, its contents theirs to take.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:49 pm
by Zanera
Killian Rootbinder
Rihad Prison
Mysterious Sea Attack

Killian was around a lot of roughhousing brutes since he was in a bandit gang. Even though he liked to watch a real good drunken fight just like anyone else, he also like scouting around for new loot possibilities alone. It was annoying enough with a Nord-Imperial-looking mix and some Thalmor yapping at each other about whatever the two most annoying races in Tamriel yapped about, without actually throwing punches. At least he got some action, even if it was far away and out a tiny barred window, with the sudden attack. It was enough to really perk up his interest, especially since there was large bouts of flames. It seemed those unmarked ships were really keen on maiming and destroying. It would have kept his attention for a while longer when the guard implied they might all die from the invader. That suddenly sent this caged Bosmer panicking, especially when he had no where to go. The guard decided to toss the key at the weird Dunmer Imperial spy.

He was getting really antsy at the pace of this woman, but Killian knew that all he could do is quickly shift his weight to one foot and then back to the other. With people like this, they were either all talk and no bite, or they could kill two of your buddies before you could count your whole gang. He reckoned she could kill three of Killian's buddies, so he sat down on rushing her without actually sitting down. She finally opened the door and the jumpy Bosmer could barely keep himself at just a quick walk. The springs inside of him had apparently been winding tightly with the lack of action and movement recently, instead of loosening into one straight rod, ready to cut the head off of. Once Killian knew he wasn't deigned to be resigned to a deathly fate, he was ready to flee as quickly as possible, even if it was all the way out straight into the desert. This Dunmer woman was way too cool about this escape thing. When he could finally break out of the line, he ran and scrambled around the room, finally finding his old gear. It was hard to put on the gear as fast as he wanted to since his fingers were shaking more rapidly than the docks were at the moment.

He finally got on his leather bracers, leather armor, some good desert boots, and his turban/leather helmet. It was a relatively long process to get the clothing in order, and it was killing him to move this slow during a time like this. Then he had to get his quiver and iron arrows in order, then his long bow and watersack. He decided to keep the bow out for at least as long as he was in the city. No knowing what you'll find rushing at you in a suddenly besieged city. Killian finally ran outside, only to stop instantly as the hot desert sun shone its rays directly into his eyes, which was a seemingly malicious thing the sun liked to do. His vision returned, and he looked south over the city, seeing fires and smoke pop up everywhere. Contrary to his bandit logic knowing exactly what to do next, his gut wanted to go straight towards the mayhem. These fires needed to be put out. He needed to cut down these destroyers and invaders. They needed to either die or be taken into custody.

Then his bandit logic came back in. The guard said he and the other prison guards would kill him if they found him fighting, no matter the side. Plus, rushing into a large battle was not what he or his bandit gang did. This city might be a goner. There would be plenty of refugees to rob. If he escaped now, he could make it back to his gang and get them organized for the refugee floods on the roads. Plus, his tracks needed to be covered with an Imperial agent, a proud twat of a Legionnaire, and a haughty Thalmor running around, probably the kind who looked down on criminals. He needed to get out of the city, cover his tracks, and find his bandit gang. Right now, he needed to pull up some food and water from the well and market stalls. It was mayhem, the guards wouldn't mind someone swiping some ribs when some of the city was already burning.

He ran, getting some water from the well and grabbing up some good freshly-cut steaks, which were probably expensive. It would be fine, he thought, as he rushed out onto the road and into the desert.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:21 pm
by Hastiaka
Captain Calia
Rihad | Hammerfell Province

Calia sighed, she was tired and she knew that by sunrise, she would lose her head. It was the end of the road for her. But then an explosion! It was bright and then she heard the residents in the docks panicking and scattering in every direction. Calia ran towards the window and saw the docks burning. She looked at the galleons and attempted to know their origin. She was confused. Has the Third Aldmeri Dominion come to liberate her? No, she thought. It was too early. The Dominion had not planned to invade Hammerfell in the coming years or even decades and only after instigating a civil war among the Crowns and the Forebears then will Alinor initiate the invasion of Southern Hammerfell. Calia heard the sounds of the key swaying and she looked back at the other prisoners and saw the Dunmer spy opening the gates of the cell. It was the perfect time to escape from this hell. Calia knew best- she kept her pride and went along with the flow.

As soon as the Dunmer opened the cell the prisoners stormed out in droves. It was only a matter of time until whoever those who were inside the ships landed and kill anyone they see. Calia followed the Dunmer's lead, along with the rest of the prisoners. They came across the room where the guards housed their confiscated equipment. Calia looked for her and spent her lockpicks on wrong chests. But then, using her last lockpick, she opened the right one and equipped her elven armor and glass sword. She then took a couple of loaves from the nearby chest for food.

Calia took a moment to think about a contingency plan. She planned on going to Taneth- where the bulk of the Thalmor's agents, sympathizers and collaborators are based at. Taneth was a safe city for the spies of the Thalmor. There were many Thalmor agents there and a precedent was set when several prominent Redguards betrayed the city- leading to a total Dominion victory over the Redguard city during the Great War. Despite efforts made by the Alik'r warriors to root out Thalmor sympathizers, the Thalmor almost managed to evade every attempt doing so. The Thalmor's spy network was very sophisticated; with agents in almost all cities, they coordinate with coherence and fluidity. Despite it being superior to that of the Empire's or Hammerfell's it suffers occassional failures. The latest failure of the Thalmor was the capture of Calia and her three officers.

Calia then looked at the Dunmer and said; ''Let's get out of here!''

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:08 pm
by New Finnish Republic
Ragnar Orthbörk

I have survived through the harshest winters in all of Tamriel, hunted and killed a Sabretooth Cat, and even walked the seven thousands steps to High Hrothgar. Difficult as these challenges may have been, none of them have came close to the challenge of not strangling those around me as I sat waiting for my imminent death.

Given the circumstances I suppose I should not have been surprised by the manner of my fellow prisoners, but between the shouting of the Redguard man and the insults of the Elven woman, my patience was beginning to wear thin. Had I not been separated from the woman, I wondered whether I would've been able to resist smashing her face into the sandstone walls that surrounded us.

Thankfully, it appeared a man who carried both the appearance of an Imperial and a Nord seemed to be more than capable of putting the Dominion dog in its place. I couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of it. If only your ancestors had been wise so many years ago and allowed your brothers to the North to band together against the Dominion, I thought silently to myself as I stared outside my window towards the harbor.

The thought of being killed not in battle as a warrior but instead by the hands of an executioner as a criminal tore at my heart. I knew my ancestors in Sovngarde were looking down upon me in shame, knowing that I would not be able to join their ranks and feast with them in Shor's Hall. Reaching down towards my chest, I grasped my amulet of Talos, closed my eyes, and whispered silently as the noise of the others continued on.

"Talos, grant me the opportunity to die as a true Nord in battle. Where I shall die or against who matters not to me, simply allow me to not bring shame to my ancestors and prove my worth to Shor."

When my eyes opened, I was met not with the tranquil scene of the Rihadian harbor, but flame and death as an unmarked ship suddenly began to lay waste to the harbor. The Redguards, realizing they were under attack, rushed out to defend themselves from the invaders, save one last guard who stood their in front of our cells, keys dangling in his hand. My eyes widened as I waited to see what the man would do. Much to the surprise of the prisoners, the guard tossed the keys at none other than the supposed spy.

Once free, I did not hesitate to quickly search for my own equipment. It took quite a bit of time of searching, but at last I finally found it all. Wasting no time, I donned on my armor and slung my sword into its scabbard located on my back. While running away from a fight wasn't something liked to do, I understood that getting involved would serve no purpose. Instead, I searched for the Half-Nord that had spoken up to the Elf earlier.

I found the man, donned in the armor of the Redguard, panting next to the apparent Imperial spy. I slowed down my approach, wary of the Elf. I didn't trust the Elven race, and her being accused of being a spy did not ease my wariness. However, given the situation, I would have no choice but to stay within the group until the situation allowed me to do otherwise. I was about to speak up when an Elven woman spoke up to the spy.

"Let's get out of here!"

I nodded my head.

"Aye, it'd be best that we get a move on quickly before those...guests decide to pay the prison a visit. I doubt you Milk-Drinkers have the guts to try to hold them off."