OUTBREAK (Survival, Reboot) - OOC / Hiatus

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Are you still here and/or interested in keeping this RP afloat? Be honest.

• Yes
• Yes (but unable to post)
• No
Total votes : 21

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Postby Altito Asmoro » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:44 pm

Beiarusia wrote:Alright. So, as one can see, things have been slow, terribly so, and judging by the poll approximately half of those still interested cannot post. Considering that my XCOM RP died after a major slowdown comparable to this I have to ask: should Outbreak go on hiatus and come back at a later date? I understand that Outbreak was a major thing that brought many of us together in the first place, and I want to develop this world into something expansive with No Man's Land and whatever spin-offs happen, but if this was perhaps a bad time for a reboot... I could make another poll, but I'd like to hear from those present their thoughts on the matter concerning the prospect of a hiatus.

I'd like to see the Outbreak continue, Bei. If we put the RP on hiatus and then come back at a later date, there's the chance it couldn't be revived and ended up died. This probably wasn't the bad time for a reboot considering we started 5 months ago, but the middle months have been tough recently than ever before, I assume.
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Postby Beiarusia » Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:02 pm

Alright. So I'm officially calling it. OUTBREAK will be going on hiatus until such time that I return to rework some plot points, hopefully getting us on a decent pace in the future. I am not done with this series and it will return sometime in the future, but for now I plan to focus on other projects and participate in other RP's. Thanks for the support and may these work out better the next time.


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