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OUTBREAK (Survival, Reboot) - OOC / Hiatus

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:00 pm
by Beiarusia
-> IC <-
• The Pub •

It happened so suddenly, the beginning of the end.

Millions have been infected, the victims of a plague unlike any other once before witnessed in the brief history of mankind. A deadly contagion that, within weeks, has brought the most powerful nation to its knees. Quarantine has long since failed; countless have died, and many more have been consumed by the ravages of illness. Others have suffered a worse fate. Now, in the aftermath of ruin, a new dawn is soon upon us. For those fortunate enough to have survived, whether by fate or sheer determination,
things will never be the same.

No help is coming.

No safety exists.

Will you, a survivor in the twilight of human civilization, discover the truth of our death?
Or will you succumb to infection?

A manufactured virus has devastated a vast majority of the United States. Millions have been killed in the chaos, and millions more have been infected. Those who do not perish outright are driven to insanity by the damaging effects of the virus, attacking anything and everything with a feral hunger; others are less fortunate, ravaged by horrific mutation and having lost every shred of their humanity. A select few are not only immune but benefit from infection.

This RP will be set primarily in the city of Chicago and the surrounding areas. Those who survived the initial outbreak and subsequent quarantine have long since abandoned the city, and only the brave, foolish, and insane remain to scavenge what is left. Riots have damaged many parts of the city. Looting has left little of value, and what does remain lies deep where infection runs rampant. Checkpoints block all major roads and avenues, a failed attempt by the United States Army and National Guard to prevent the inevitable. The streets are eerily quiet like that of a ghost town, but danger lurks in the shadows, and rarely is one truly alone. For reasons that are your own you find yourself here, in Chicago, and no matter your background or purpose the goal remains the same: to survive.

Although not technically a zombie story in the traditional sense, the infection could be comparable to L4D or even Resident Evil, but only in theme. This is NOT an action movie, however, and should not be treated as one. In the end this is a story about people.
Grey = Optional
Delete everything contained within parenthesis. Those who do not will be overlooked.
Code: Select all
[b]Pic/Description:[/b] (Use a SPOILER if picture is obnoxiously large.)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Bonus points for originality.)
[b]Immunity:[/b] (None, Immune, Partial, or Gifted)




[b]Bio:[/b] (Two paragraphs minimum.)

[b]RP Examples:[/b] (If you do not have any examples then your BIO will be used instead.)

[size=50]DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564[/size]

• No military characters unless otherwise given permission. Be original.
• Equipment is whatever gear is on your person. Keep track of it. No military-grade equipment to start.
• GIFTED will be on a first-come; first served basis. Traits must be realistic. Ask if you are unsure.
• Those with no immunity can become infected.
Name: Samantha Tallow
Nationality: Kent, England
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age/DOB: 14 (April 2, 2001)
    Samantha is young, rather short, and despite being athletic could be considered a bit on the scrawny side. Fair skinned with a somewhat angular face that has yet to mature fully. Thin lipped with blue-grey eyes and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Sandy blond hair is roughy shoulder length and is messy during even the best of times. Ears are doubled pierced with silver hoops. Stands a little over 4'11'' (149.8cm) and weighs 91 pounds (41.3kg).

Occupation: Student
Immunity: None

  • Backback
  • Batteries, D x2
  • Flashlight
  • Granola Bars x2
  • Pencil
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pocket Knife
  • Portable Radio
  • Sketchpad

    Being deaf, Samantha is fluent in British Sign Language (BSL) and has grown accustomed to reading the body language of those around her. Attentive, reasonably intelligent, and with a keen eye for detail, her sense of smell is also, arguably, better than average. Is a member of her school's track and field team and, as such, is rather athletic despite her small size, being capable of outrunning most threats in both speed and endurance. Can draw and enjoys making comics in her spare time.
    Being deaf, Samantha is oblivious to much of what is going on around her despite her sharp eyes. Physically she is weak, mentally and emotionally a child, socially inept, and her cooking skills are drastically subpar. Her stubbornness has also been known to create problems every now and again.
    Given that communication can be troublesome (deaf and mute) Samantha often presents herself as shy or introverted, but in reality she is a genuinely polite and kind person who can easily make friends once a connection has been established. Despite this she can be quite stubborn in her ways and rarely changes her opinion. Optimistic, but exceedingly ignorant of the way things are. Does not handle her emotions well and is prone to brooding, however, she is often the first to offer emotional support even if she herself cannot make the situation better. Is the sort of person to reflect the emotional state of those around her. Is a vegetarian and refuses to eat meat. Restless and has to be moving.

  • Art and Drawin
  • Being Active and Outside
  • Snack Foods
  • Summertime
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Boredom
  • Spiders (or anything with more than four legs)
  • Acrophobia (Fear of Heights)
  • Eremophobia (Fear of Being Alone)
  • Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark)
  • Trypanophobia (Fear of Needles)

Samantha Tallow is the only daughter of a small English family. Born deaf and, as a result, mute, her childhood was challenging at times but otherwise relatively normal. While capable of applying herself intellectually Samantha was truly more at home on the field as opposed to the classroom and is a member of her school's track and field team. She has also played football (soccer) and was briefly a part of the softball team. Despite her disability Samantha has excelled in sports and has overcome many obstacles that would otherwise keep her sidelined. Outside of athletics she has few close friends. Communication is difficult at times and this often leads to a lack of interest on her part. Shyness notwithstanding, Samantha is an upbeat individual with a mostly positive outlook on life.

Her father, Colin Tallow, is the CFO of a major corporation and travels often. Samantha often joins him when school is out. Arriving in Chicago shortly before the outbreak, she and her father were trapped in the United States during the quarantine. When the situation worsened, and Chicago fell, it was her father's guidance and optimism that allowed them to survive even as infection tore through the country. Despite the grim reality Samantha has remained hopeful. Several days prior, however, she and her father were separated. Alone, the girl continues on in an effort to find her father.

RP Examples:

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564
• Full
The virus cannot survive within these individuals.

• Gifted
TE-13; beneficial improvements but can spread infection.

TD-13; no harmful effects but can spread contagion.

No immunity; susceptible to infection.
T-13 is a manufactured mutagen possessing a high degree of lethality. The virus quickly and often times destructively targets the DNA sequences of a living organism leading to abnormal cell growth, division, necrosis (cell death), and spontaneous recombination and mutation. The virus cannot survive for long periods outside a living host and, as such, transmission is predominantly through direct contact with an infected individual via tainted blood and bodily fluids, however, close proximity (coughing, sneezing, etc.) can potentially lead to infection in a handful of cases. Once inside a host the virus mutates into one of several strains, a process that is believed to be influenced by the genetic makeup of the individual. At this time there is no consistent method to predict which strain will form.

NOTE: The virus will mutate regardless of the strain of the initial infection.

• TA-13
    INFECTION: 68%
    LETHALITY: 99%
The most common strain, the virus embeds itself into the respiratory and circulatory systems of a host, however, other body systems may be affected to a lesser degree. Flu-like symptoms are often present in the early stages of infection and generally worsen over time. The lungs especially are often irreparably damaged, leading to breathing difficulties and, in the latter stages, internal hemorrhaging with death arriving soon thereafter. Incubation periods and progression vary wildly between individuals, though the very young, old, and those with compromised immune systems often succumb to the virus in a matter of days if not hours. Healthy individuals can potentially survive for several weeks with proper treatment.

• TB-13
    INFECTION: 25%
    LETHALITY: 40%
The virus targets the neural pathways of a host but minor mutations in both the skeletal and muscular systems can be present. Though varying between individuals brain, nerve, and spinal damage can result, potentially leading to partial or full paralysis and brain death in extreme cases. Individuals who survive infection often suffer catastrophic brain damage.

• TC-13
    LETHALITY: 80%
The most destructive strain, the virus indiscriminately targets DNA sequences throughout the body, leading to uncontrolled and unpredictable recombination. Progressing in a manner similar to TB-13, given time an infected individual will undergo severe physical mutation which is often times fatal. Survivors are generally no longer human in terms of appearance and are extremely dangerous vectors of the virus. Extreme caution is recommended when encountering such individuals.

• TD-13
A neutral strain that causes no physical change within a host body, although flu-like symptoms may be present during the initial stages of infection. While not harmful to the host the virus may still be transferred to other individuals.

• TE-13
The rarest strain, the virus targets the DNA sequences of a host but with surprisingly beneficial results. Though varying greatly between individuals, those infected may see a boost in physical traits, immunities, perception, mental acuity, and other as of yet identified attributes. Though boasting positive results transmission is still possible. Currently there is no explanation to how or why this strain manifests in the way it does.

• TM-13
This strain has jumped species. A catchall term, progression varies with either little to none or extensive mutations present, including those which could be considered beneficial. Any creature can potentially be infected, though those in greater contact with humanity are at a greater risk.
• Infected
    Prevalence: Common
    Danger: Moderate
The virus has destroyed the minds of these poor souls, leaving behind a husk of what once was human. Feral and highly aggressive (in most documented cases), the Infected will attack anyone and anything and will pursue their prey relentlessly in an effort to sate their voracious hunger, and have been known to kill their own from time to time. Brain damage has rendered the Infected immune to pain but they are killed easily enough from injuries that would prove fatal otherwise. Alone a single Infected is relatively weak, but in groups they can easily swarm survivors. A few are able to use simple tools and weapons.

• Mutt
    Prevalence: Uncommon
    Danger: Moderate
Often seen roaming in small packs, Mutts are dogs or similar canids that have become infected, and although large breeds are typically encountered smaller varieties are not entirely unheard of. Possessing some primal intelligence, Mutts are capable hunters when the need arises and have been known to attack lone survivors. Mutts often refrain from attacking large groups outright but may harass survivors for some time in search of food.
Infected suffering from TC-13 and having undergone abnormal, destructive mutation are generally referred to as Reavers, however, the origin of the term is unknown. Reavers come in many shapes and forms, from the massive to the unassuming, yet the danger posed by these creatures should not be taken for granted. Monsters, these infected should be avoided at all costs.

• Brute
    Prevalence: Rare
    Danger: Extremely High
A mass of muscle and rage, the Brute has undergone extensive mutation to its muscular and skeletal systems, doubling if not tripling its mass atop a dense growth of bone that is nigh unbreakable, traits that give this Reaver unparalleled strength. Brutes are quite capable of tearing through most structures with their bare hands, and unlike other infected are quite difficult to put down once enraged. Although not immune to firearms the Brute's mass makes most weapons ineffective.

• Burster
    Prevalence: Uncommon
    Danger: High
A DNA mutation has allowed the Burster to absorb high amounts of alkali metals, turning this Reaver into a literal biological time bomb. After being wounded, or excited, they will detonate their internally accumulated supply of highly reactive metals, resulting in an explosion similar in force to that of an HE grenade, along with a 30 meter spray of viscera and boiling internal fluids which can and will burn exposed flesh which can potentially lead to infection. Appearance is typically that of a standard Infected but with a noticeable swelling of the lymph nodes. The longer the Burster remains alive the larger the lymph nodes will become as more alkali metals are ingested and absorbed, resulting in a more powerful explosion.

• Hound
    Prevalence: Uncommon
    Danger: High
Acute mutations have created a lethal predator that is both intelligent and incredibly powerful. Similar to the Brute, these former canids have undergone intense muscle growth that, while reasonably maintained, serves well as a barrier to most blunt-force damage and low-powered firearms. Hunting in packs, this Reaver rarely attacks large groups, preferring to stalk its prey until an oppurtunity arrises to close in for the kill and have been known to hide within hordes of Infected. Appear capable of abstract thought.[/size]
The largest city in the American Midwest, Chicago was a major metropolitan area with a population close to 3 million. During the quarantine the city suffered greatly, enduring riots, looting, and uncontrolled infection. Weeks later and the city is a shell of its former self. Downtown in particular was hardest hit. The outer fringes of the city appear almost serene, if not lonely.

• Willis Tower
    Status: UNKNOWN
The tallest building in Chicago, Willis Tower (or else known as Sear's Tower) is a prominent landmark and will likely serve as a key point for those navigating the city. Despite being within the Military Protected Zone (MPZ) the building suffered some damage during the riots. In the last days of the quarantine Willis Tower was utilized as an evacuation rendezvous point for military personnel and civilians looking to meet up with displaced loved ones.

• Locations will be updated as new areas are discovered or situations change.
    Status: UNKNOWN
An international corporation with the strength and power to rival that of a small country, Atlas is perhaps the most powerful non-governmental entity in the western world. With a focus on biomedical and genetic research, this corporation is rumored to have some connection to T-13, although such conspiracies have little evidence to stand on. Regardless, Atlas has since shown an overt interest in the infection. Although believed to have cease most functions following the collapse of the quarantine Atlas Security Forces are still believed to be active.

• Government of the United States
    Status: UNKNOWN
Once the most powerful nation in the world, the United States has struggled to maintain control in the face of overwhelming infection. Forced from its seat of power in Washington D.C., the government has withdrawn to the interior of the nation in one final bid to survive the outbreak, however, even as civilization falls apart the United States military continues to oversee operations in many areas that have since been abandoned. Priorities have since shifted and tough calls are now being made.
• Factions will be updated as situations change.
• OP/Co-OP have final say. No exceptions.

• OP/Co-OP reserve the right to deny any app for any reason.

• No God-modding or Meta-gaming. No directly controlling another player character, major NPC, or faction unless given express permission to do so. Moving a group of people along is completely fine, however, determining how someone will act, or otherwise giving them no chance to react, will be considered foul. Minor NPC's can freely be controlled if so desired.

• Posts must be a minimum of one paragraph. No one-liners.

• Try to use correct grammar. If I need an Enigma Machine to decipher your post then you're doing it wrong.

• No fighting in the OOC. Do what you want in the IC.

• That being said, keep it PG-13. No topic is off limits, going into explicit detail will lead to punitive actions.

• Be active should you apply. There is no need to be online 24/7 as I will not be, but don't join only to disappear without a trace. Leave a message should you be unable to post for whatever reason. Not doing so can and will lead to your character(s) being killed.

• But don't post so quickly that others can't respond.

• If you do not post for 72 hours and are preventing others from moving on then your character will be treated as an NPC until you return or are otherwise marked INACTIVE. This only applies to groups that cannot proceed without a response.

• You may create two or three characters so long as they come as a set. Family, friends, etc. Do not take on more than you can handle. You can create minor NPC's as needed and within reason. Should you abuse this trust your character(s) will be killed. OP/Co-OP may grant permission for additional characters depending on circumstance.

• No overpowered characters. Too strong and I will make the situation for everyone all the more worse.

• You may find supplies or gear within reason, however, powerful or useful items will only be given as reward for accomplishing in-character tasks. Otherwise, ask before finding a convenient cache of weapons.

• Have fun.

Beiarusia (OP)
Anowa (Co-OP)
Imperial Idaho (Co-OP)
New Grestin (Co-OP)
Ontorisa (Co-OP)


PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:00 pm
by Beiarusia
• Day 0
    The United States suffers its worse terrorist attack since 9/11. A biological agent is released in several cities across the country (Chicago, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles) and within hours several hundred are dead and thousands more exposed. Most are transferred to local hospitals for treatment. Those responsible are not identified.
• Day 2
    Following the rapid spread of infection the United States National Guard imposes a tight restriction on travel into or out from exposed areas. Checkpoints along major roadways are established and regional air traffic grounded.
• Day 5
    Riots engulf the city of Los Angeles after several individuals are killed attempting to bypass a checkpoint.
• Day 8
    An information blackout is enacted nationwide as afflicted zones are placed under quarantine. Hundreds gather in downtown Chicago to protest. Death toll has reached 200,000 in Chicago, New York, Boston, and LA.
• Day 9
    Tensions reach a breaking point as riots engulf the city of Chicago. The United States Army and National Guard secure vital sections of the city, using lethal force as needed. The INFECTED are encountered for the first time. Downtown Chicago suffers extensive damage before order is established two days later.
• Day 15
    Infection is reported outside the quarantine zones and quickly spreads.
• Day 16
    International travel is banned.
• Day 19
    Quarantine fails in the cities of New York and Boston. Top government officials and leaders are evacuated from Washington D.C. to an undisclosed location in Colorado.
• Day 21
    Quarantine fails in the city of Chicago.
• Day 22
    The Federal Government is unable to maintain control of the situation. Safe zones are established across the nation; a mass exodus takes place as tens of thousands flee the cities. Many will not find a safe haven. Death toll has skyrocketed to 10 million and climbing.
• Day 26
    Quarantine fails in the city of Los Angeles. REAVERS are encountered for the first time.
• Day 27
    The United States Air Force launches a bombing campaign against Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The city is turned to rubble. Countless infected and survivors are killed.
• Day 28
    The Federal Government ceases normal operations. Death toll has reached 100 million nationwide.
• Day 31
    The Beginning.
• Major events happening IC will be reported here.

• Day 31
    The Echo-6 Safe Zone is established at Washington Elementary School by remnants of the United States Army. Several survivors arrive throughout the day including Joseph Foley and Jessica Ann Raines. Though imperfect Echo-6 serves as a beacon of hope in the darkness that is Chicago.

    Soldiers trapped inside Kelly High School are rescued by Luke LaForge and later James C. Wess. They take refuge at the Wess Bunker.

    Elsewhere survivors meet up at Midwest Sporting Goods. Graham Willoughby and Elizabeth Powell stumble across the twins Cameron and Kyle Oosthuizen. Jonny 'Chains' Daffers foolishly attempts to rob the group and is shot by Vladimir Ivanov who had been watching from a distance. Daffers is later shot and killed by Cameron. The group then decided to head over to Midway International Airport to scavenge the National Guard Armory. They don't make it before sunset and have to stop for the night.

    Samantha Tallow is lost and ends up at Chestnut Grove Movie Theater where she is saved by Alan Bilks. The girl later allows Daniel Beck entrance to the theater only for an Infected to slip inside as well. The Infected is killed by an upset Alan. Later that night, Samantha accidentally starts a fire that quickly consumes the theater. The three survivors are forced to flee and take refuge inside a deli where they meet Wallace Pines.

    James Koski meets superfan Leonard Jones and agrees to help the man by acquiring the signed baseball bat used by the legendary Ernie Banks. James successfully braves the overran Wrigley Field and retrieves the bat, however, upon returning to Leonard it is discovered that the man has been mortally wounded. James gives Leonard his prized treasure before mercifully ending the man's life.

    James Sullivan makes an emergency landing atop the CNA Center.

    Most other survivors have congregated in Downtown.

• Day 32
    Samantha Tallow, Alan Bilks, Wallace Pines, and Daniel Beck head for Sears Tower to find the girl's missing father. Using the elevated interstate to travel, they avoid much of the Infected, however, a compromised offramp forces them to seek another way down to the Chicago streets. An abandoned utility lift offers a way down, but during the precarious climb Samantha falls due to Alan's headless rush to avoid Infected. The girl is caught by Beck and suffers no injuries. The four manage to reach the tower with no further problems and are joined by Conner Brass and Elizabeth Victoria Adams. Reaching the topmost floors, they find signs of Samantha's father but the man has long since departed. Infected force them to climb down the elevator shaft where Alan is knocked to his death. Aided by Luke LaForge, the group makes it down to the ground floor and head for Echo-6.

    Looking to scavenge the National Guard Armory, Cameron and Kyle Oosthuzian, Elizabeth Powell, Graham Willoughby, and Vladimir Ivanov find signs of a failed stand against the Infected. Cameron heads inside where she reunites with Buddy the Dog shortly before encountering Bursters for the first time. The pair are unable to regroup with the others and escape via alternative means. Later, Cameron and Buddy would encounter and "rescue" Allison White. Back at Midway International Airport, the others are attacked by a Brute which kills Ivanov. Everyone else manages to escape.

    Those taking shelter at Clinton Fire Station face considerable danger after a large horde of Infected are attracted by the arrival of several new additions to an already large population. Hounds manage to kill one survivor and mortally wound another, and soon after a Brute compromises the station entirely. The large number of survivors have no choice by to abandon their home and flee.
• Relevant questions and answers will be placed here for future reference.

Would-be activist successfully set loose the animals trapped inside the Lincoln Park Zoo.

    • The current year is 2015. IC will start on Monday, August 10, 2015, otherwise known as Day 31.

    • Ammo will not be in abundance. Looting has taken its toll on the city so ammo, and other goods such as food and medical items, will be in short supply. That said, OP/Co-OP's can grant some special finds if you ask beforehand. Completing objectives will also earn you valuable supplies, weapons, etc.

    • Electricity is still operational in some parts of the city, typically those areas connected to utilities, meaning that running water and power can be found in some places. The water purification plant, however, is offline and clean water won't last forever.

• Goals and encounters will be listed here. Optional, but going out of your way will earn you valuable rewards for your efforts.
• Failed Objectives will be marked red for clarity.


Completed / Failed

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:01 pm
by Beiarusia
Blue Island Fire Department



DAY 31
DAY 32


Survivor: 1
Bandit: 0

Infected: 77
Mutt: 0

Brute: 2
Burster: 1
Hound: 1

* = Immune
^ = Partial / Carrier
+ = Gifted
Orange = NPC
Teal = NPC, Military

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:01 pm
by Beiarusia
DAY 32
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
69°F (21°C) - Light Rain

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:02 pm
by Ithalian Empire
I'll get a character out tomorrow.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:02 pm
by Imperial Idaho
Eyyyy, expect app soon.

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by The Twelve Isles

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by Vacif

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by Kentucky Fried Land
I'll have an app or two or three up soon.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:07 pm
by Tayner
Name: Luke LaForge
Nationality: United States of America
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ethnicity: White Trash
Age: 25

Add a growing beard and that's basically it.

Occupation: 0351 Infantry Assaultman, Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps (Honorably Discharged)
Immunity: Partial
x1 AR-15 semi automatic assault rifle
x2 loaded 20 round magazines
x3 expended 20 round magazines
Two days worth of canned food
One week's worth of water
2 and 1/2 packs of cigarettes
One zippo lighter
A few packs of baby wipes
A green flannel shirt, and a red flannel shirt, along with two pairs of carpenters blue jeans. One half dozen pairs of boot socks, and extra underwear. (Two sets of clothes) A pair of steel toe boots, and a ball cap with an Eagle Globe and Anchor on it.
About seventeen dollars and thirty eight cents.
Various other tools and survival supplies.

All packed away in an ILBE rucksack.
Personality: He's a southern gentleman, but is willing to point guns around and pull the trigger if need be.
Skills: Marksmanship, demolitions, physically fit, and slightly above average smarts.
Weaknesses: Having just returned home from his deployment, he was adapting to civilian live when the outbreak caught him off guard. He find himself making simple mistakes and second guessing himself often despite his training.
Likes: Shooting, barbecues, and drinking.
Dislikes: Bullshit, threats, and running away.
Fears: Death, being trapped in a corner, and being infected.

Bio: Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Luke was a normal child. He attended school and graduated from high school with less than average grades. Instead of attending college, Luke left home at 18 to work. He found himself in South Carolina a few weeks later with a job in the state's largest firearm store. He worked for about a year, saving his money and living in a trailer.

When he turned 19, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He went through training at MCRD Paris Island, and chose his MOS to be Infantry Assaultmen, specializing in SMAW gunning and demolitions. He served two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq. He received two Purple Hearts, and a Navy Cross during his deployments, and was honorably discharged due to his second Purple Heart, where he took some shrapnel to his legs and torso.

While his body armor saved him, his legs were still severely injured, and he had to get surgery done to remove the shrapnel. He made a perfect recovery, but in the eyes of the Corps, he would only be more of a problem than an asset, and therefore was honorably discharged. Luke packed up his belongings and went home to New Orleans, when he was informed that there would be a family reunion in Chicago.
RP Examples: The entirety of the Outbreak series.

I'll expand upon my weakness if I need to.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:09 pm
by Albertae

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:11 pm
by Altito Asmoro
App soon.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:13 pm
by Beiarusia
Tayner wrote:Name: Luke LaForge

ACCEPTED. Could maybe be cleaned up a bit and still needs his appearance, but returning characters get a pass.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:14 pm
by Kisinger
Name: Thomas 'Tom' Bakker
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Dutch/German/Afrikaaner
Age/DOB: 28 (March 6, 1987)
Pic/Description: (Use a SPOILER if picture is obnoxiously large.)

Occupation: Former Pressure Vessel Inspector/Plumber
Immunity: Immune

  • Backpack
  • Toolbelt
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • 4 inch (blade extended) pocket knife
  • Bag of deer jerky
  • Package of ritz crackers x 2
  • Bottle of water x 3
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Blue Jeans
  • Hanes underwear
  • Pair of black socks
  • Brown leather boots
  • Gray sweat shirt
  • Brown leather gloves
  • Pack of Marlboro Reds x 2
  • Zippo Lighter
  • Flask of Cheap whiskey

Being a Plumber and a Union Representative has granted Thomas a variety of skills, such as being a relatively strong man (though you can call his endurance into question), he has also learned a great deal about plumbing! Not that it's any use in the apocalypse, another skill he picked up was learning how to talk to people seeing as that's how he rose through the ranks of the Union and had earned a raise for his work.

Thomas despite having a proud family history hasn't lived up to its name, years of no exercise, poor eating habits, and a knack for nicotine has left him physically unfit, while mentally he isn't all there, with the Outbreak causing excessive stress and strain on his mental physique, he is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Personality: Thomas, while not the most talkative person, isn't afraid to approach people for help or advice if he needs it. He however is prone to long periods of time where he often doesn't talk to anyone around and attempts to isolate himself. He does generally try to be an optimist but most of the time he ends up being very pessimistic of his surroundings.

Being safe
Not dying a horrible death

Being lead
The colour red
Canned food

Fears: Fear of Clowns and Snakes

Bio: (Two paragraphs minimum.) Thomas Bakker was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to a Dutch immigrant and a second generation Afrikaner from Namibia. They lived a quite life nothing special was really there. No real drive, his parents seemed stuck where they were and were happy with it. Tom, however, wasn't, he began acting out as he went into his teenage years.

At first his parents didn't think anything of it, just your typical teenage angst but it became more than that and it slowly became progressively worse until he eventually stole a car and went on a joy ride through downtown Fayetteville. After that stunt, his parents took him and left town selling their house and moving to Wyoming.

In Wyoming, Tom was worked non-stop by his father who made life hell for him until the day he turned eighteen, he learned through this experience that hard work and perseverance eventually prevailed though the occasional encouragement from his father helped. And overall by the time he turned eighteen he had become a new person.

The first thing he did after he left his parents house was go to a trade school and became a plumber, easily excelling at his new job. After schooling he found a job luckily(or unluckily) in Chicago and moved there and set up shop. His new job quickly began to earn him large sums of money which he would then use to buy a home in the suburbs. After working for a few years, in July of 2015, Tom went into Chicago to get his Pressured Vessel Tester certification and upon receiving it, walked out to his truck before the attacks began. Leaving him stuck in Chicago with limited supplies and no where to go. He did finally decide that once people began dying off to head off towards the tower that loomed over Chicago...

RP Examples: (If you do not have any examples then your BIO will be used instead.)

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:14 pm
by Tayner
Beiarusia wrote:
Tayner wrote:Name: Luke LaForge

ACCEPTED. Could maybe be cleaned up a bit and still needs his appearance, but returning characters get a pass.

I'll work on finding a picture.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:18 pm
by Albertae
Beiarusia wrote:
Tayner wrote:Name: Luke LaForge

ACCEPTED. Could maybe be cleaned up a bit and still needs his appearance, but returning characters get a pass.

Any idea as to what I should app as?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:20 pm
by Beiarusia
Albertae wrote:Any idea as to what I should app as?

Barring military or police anything is welcomed. Is there a certain feel you're going for? Could be a busnessman, a member of local government, soccer mom, pizza delivery guy, etc.

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by Kentucky Fried Land
Is three characters fine by you? I know it says 2 or 3 in the rules, but wanted to just double check.

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by Sarejo

Name: Richard Turner
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Age/DOB: January 19th, 1981; 34 years old

Occupation: Alderman of Chicago's 3rd Ward
Immunity: Partial

  • Torn Black suit
  • Pen Knife
  • Picture of Family
  • Cellphone (48% battery)
  • Car and House Keys (Useless mostly)
  • Keychain Flashlight (Mostly unused)
  • Quaker Oats Granola Bar x3
  • Aquafina Water Bottle (3/4 Full)

  • Charisma
  • Diplomacy
  • Running Away
  • Decently Strong
  • Out of Shape
  • Poor Shot
  • Cowardly
  • Lack of Real Survival Skills

Personality: A charismatic man, he won over voters for several elections using his excellent speaking skills and as a hero of the people, however when the proverbial shit hit the fan, his true cowardice showed and he abandoned his people to the infected less than 2 hours after the first quarantine broke. However despite his selfish actions, he feels deeply remorseful and hates himself for his cowardice. Losing contact with his family has also led him to depression, and if he had any alcohol he'd likely drink himself to death.
  • Being Liked
  • Peace
  • His Family
  • The Bears
  • Being Alone
  • Abandoning Others (despite his cowardice)
  • The Packers
  • Dying Alone
  • Losing Everything
  • The Dark
  • Losing His Family

Bio: Alderman Richard Turner was born in 1981 to Collin and Susan Turner, a dockworker and union secretary, respectively, and grew up in the slums of Southside Chicago. He grew up in poverty and dealt with gangs throughout his childhood, though he never joined one himself, and when he graduated high school he attended the University of Chicago, majoring in political science, putting his broken past behind him. He met and married a young nursing major, Clara Wynston, in his senior year, and they had a daughter, Diane, three years into their marriage in 2003. Richard first ran for office in 2004, winning from his brilliant use of words and cunning, and in office he became hailed as a "Champion of the People", fighting for more better pay for blue collar jobs and improvements in the more underdeveloped districts of Chicago.

However the irony of this title became known after the outbreak, when Richard suffered more and more from indecision and stress as his people died and cried for his help, while he remained helpless to act. Finally indecision and fear broke way to full cowardice, and he fled the people he was supposed to protect. He tried to gather his family and leave, but was quarantined by the military. Along the way he got seperated from his wife and daughter, and this has truly made him into the nervous, cowardly wreck he is, wracked with guilt and self-loathing for his cowardice, but he knows he can't change what he did. He now tries to stay alive in the hopes of seeing his family again, and possibly righting the wrongs he had done.

RP Examples: I am of the mystical Pub.

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by Beiarusia
Kentucky Fried Land wrote:Is three characters fine by you? I know it says 2 or 3 in the rules, but wanted to just double check.

So long as they're somehow related. Friends, family, or otherwise stuck with one another.

Sarejo wrote:Name: Richard TurnerDO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

ACCEPTED. Forgot to put his age just so you know.

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by Sarejo
Beiarusia wrote:
Kentucky Fried Land wrote:Is three characters fine by you? I know it says 2 or 3 in the rules, but wanted to just double check.

So long as they're somehow related. Friends, family, or otherwise stuck with one another.

Sarejo wrote:Name: Richard TurnerDO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

ACCEPTED. Forgot to put his age just so you know.

I put a DOB, I thought that was enough? Give me a sec, I'll change it.

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by Anowa

Name: Cameron Oosthuizen
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Afrikaner (Direct)/Scottish (Distant)
Age/DOB: 30 [02/28/1985]
Occupation: Law Enforcement Officer for the United States Secret Service.
Immunity: Immune

  • P229R (29 rounds [.357 SIG])
  • Buck knife
  • Kevlar lined combat gloves
  • M16A4 w/ M203
  • 3x Empty 5.56 30 round STANAGS
  • 3x 40mm M583A1 Para-Flare rounds
  • 1x 40mm M406 HE rounds
  • IOTV-F Plate Carrier (UCP)
  • BIC Lighter
  • Canteen
  • Backpack
    • Maglite
    • Duct Tape 1/4
  • USSS Lapel pin
  • USSS Badge

Skills: Pistol marksmanship, a good read of people's body language, good at answering philosophical questions, speaks Afrikaans. And I'll list it for ease of management:
  • -Situs Inversus
  • -LPR-5 Mutation inducing an increased bone mass and durability.
  • -Myostatin resistance resulting in an increased muscle mass and between 10-3% body fat.
  • -Genetic Chimerism resulting in two differing bloodtypes (O+ and A+).
Weakness: Not a very sociable person, the arising stigma of being a genetic petri dish, overly honest, which could lead to uncomfortable situations. Cameron also has issues with not being in control and has a slight superiority complex. Swimming is reasonably difficult without a floatation device due to the very high mass to volume ratio she has, and her metabolism is absurdly fucking high. Blood transfusions absolutely require O- or O+ blood.

Bio: Born in Lincoln, Nebraska to an Afrikaans immigrant and a farm hand Both Cameron and Kyle. But to say she was a normal child would be such an understatement, that it would replace the quotation of BA flight 009's captain. To start the laundry list of abnormalities, she absorbed a monozygotic twin, yet also having a dizygotic twin brother. The former of which proved to be the sound reason on why she became a Smorgasbord of genetic mutations. Yet nothing else was immediately noticeable until the onset of puberty. Though despite what one would assume, Cameron didn't have much baby fat. Later in life it would be revealed as to why -along with a number of other things- but much with Cameron's life everything comes in stages.

During the first few years of going through puberty, she started experiencing chest pains near where her heart would be. Her father, in a fit of worry, drove her to the hospital without delay. After an overnight stay, and an MRI, the doctors promptly concluded that the girl would likely remain healthy. Seeing as they pain wasn't coming from her heart... which was on the other side of her body. The diagnosis of Costochondritis for the chest pain. And Situs inversus -or a mirrored abdomen- for the position of her heart, lungs, liver, and stomach being, frankly, not where they should be.

Though one would expect a bit of normalcy from then on, the universe wasn't having it. In her seventeenth year of life, she was taking a driving lesson when she was involved in an accident. The resulting crash mangled the car, and left the T-boned wreck embedded into the front end of a panel van. After a rush to the hospital, the doctors were once again puzzled. While the teen had several contusions and lacerations from shattered glass, she had not one broken or fractured bone despite the impact being on the driver's side. After reviewing Cameron's medical history, the doctors and surgeons prepared for some weird shit. And after once again surmising that something was off, they decided to run a whole board of tests at Cameron.

Several things things were found after a three week wait. Medical professionals put a name to the reason for why she wasn't a cripple. The LRP-5 gene -capable of inflicting Osteoporosis- was also capable of increasing bone mass if mutated in the opposite way. Nearly all cases of such a mutation descended from Afrikaans settlers, of which her father was. But the shock wasn't done. Beyond the increase in bone mass, doctors discovered that her musculature wasn't receiving myostatin in adequate levels either, resulting in a higher muscle mass. And having two differing blood types as a result of genetic chimerism added on to the miracle. Doctors were shocked at the damn near medical impossibility they encountered. By common rationality Cameron shouldn't have existed, but there she was, being.

Though one doctor said something she overheard that riled her to no end: "She shouldn't exist."

It angered Cameron, now intent on proving the world that she belonged. Prior grades began to rise, and her outlook on life turned from mild curiosity to 'let's get shit done'. In a way, learning that she was all but a unnatural abomination was the catalyst for her saying 'fuck you too' to the world and moving onwards and upwards.

At the end of their standard school retinue, both herself and her brother enrolled into to university. Cameron herself for Criminal justice and sociology, and her brother Kyle for a biology degree. She initially aimed for a job as a lawyer and a potential political career, but she had an odd change of heart after Hurricane Ike, before deciding to pursue a career in law enforcement. After several months of preperation, she landed a job as a member of the United States Secret Service.

When the Virus first started making rounds, there were several attempts to manufacture a vaccine. After several attempts, Kyle, Cameron's twin, decided to try and see if she had any chance of having the key. It took a rather long time for an opening to be found. By the time they learned that Cameron's tissue samples refused infection, it was already too late. The continental US was about to be kaput, and they were all but stranded in the Midwest.

RP Examples: Bruh...

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564


Name: Kyle Oosthuizen
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Afrikaner (Direct)/Scottish (Distant)
Age/DOB: 30 [02/28/1985]

Occupation: Viral Researcher for the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Immunity: Asymptomatic Carrier (TD-13)

  • Hazmat suit
  • Claw hammer
  • Roadside assistance bag
    • 4x Road flares
    • Ratchet set
    • box of bolts
    • box of nuts
    • Women's nylons
    • First aid kit
    • 4x 1.5l Mineral water bottle
    • Cigarette pack
    • 6x Chemlights
  • Three doses of anti-HIV/AIDS grade "Triple Cocktail"
  • CDC ID
  • M1A SOCOM 16 CQB [4x Rounds .308 Win/7.62x51mm]

Skills: Highly knowledgeable in the medical field, cautious, calm in most scenarios, a very determined human being. Late nights with various social circles have given him trivial knowledge in a variety of fields.
Weakness: As a result of his mutation he tends to 'trip' over his own words in times of high anxiety or stress, socially awkward at the best of times, overly cautious, the sped up metabolic rate due to his nervous system's adaptation.

Bio: Born in Lincoln, Nebraska to an Afrikaans immigrant and a farm hand. Kyle is a stark contrast to his sister, he was not at all a different child. He had interest in sports, spent an odd amount of time on his SNES, and had a tight knit group of friends. His academics were rather high, and was dedicated to learning.

His life has been full of ups and downs, despite his love for his family, he couldn't help but feel neglected when his sister always had a notable amount of attention on her. Early in his teens he grew to resent her for it. Generally neglecting her when she needed some support, and even sometimes joining in on the teasing. Later in life he regretted doing so. Regardless it continued until later in life when Cameron got involved a car accident, Kyle, horrified to learn this, honestly thought his sister was going to be dead when he finally saw her.

It was in those moments of agonizing uncertainty that it clicked that he shouldn't have been the way he had to her because she happened to be different. Instead he should've supported her when she was still alive, but as they approached the hospital, he relegated himself to a life of regret. But his ecstatic response when he learned his sister was not only alive, but conscious as well, brought him to tears. In her hospital room, the two had a one sided and tearful reconciliation. And as news poured in that Cameron was even more ungodly different than thought, he didn't hate her for it. He loved her even more for having such a special member of his family.

During his time at university, Kyle came out of his shell, a slight contrast to his previous self. And yet again a contrast to his sister. He spent a decent amount of time socializing and studying, but a small amount of time actually sleeping or winding down. A fact that he says has contributed to his early graying. Yet regardless both himself and his sister managed to get jobs with the federal government. His sister deciding to protect the president, and himself taking the liberty to protect the world by creating vaccines and treatments for many different viruses both vanilla and weaponized. The nature of which further contributed to his early graying

It wasn't until recent in which he faced off with a challenge that he couldn't solve with pure effort alone. With the entire staff of a BSL-4 Lab trying their damnedest to crack The Virus' genetic code, it was nigh impossible without a viable tissue sample. And that's where it clicked. His sister was different, to the point that she should't have made it past child birth, but there she was. He thought that maybe she'd be the needle in the haystack to all this.

Over a few weeks, Kyle made call after call trying to get some time for his sister to arrive for testing during the turbulent time. But he accomplished his task, and she arrived to give a tissue sample. And just when they found out that she was in fact immune to infection. The other researchers involved succumbed to prolonged exposure. Amidst the escape, Kyle became infected by the virus. In an attempt to avoid stressing his sister out more than she most likely already was, he avoided telling her, until it became plain that something was wrong.

They've since moved onwards to Chicago, Kyle having taken up wearing a hazmat suit almost all the time to prevent the infection of others.
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by Albertae
Beiarusia wrote:
Albertae wrote:Any idea as to what I should app as?

Barring military or police anything is welcomed. Is there a certain feel you're going for? Could be a busnessman, a member of local government, soccer mom, pizza delivery guy, etc.

Hmm. I'm feeling... Former father, average joe, now an everyday survivor.

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by Altito Asmoro
Name: Jung In-hyun
Nationality: Korean, South
Ethnicity: Korean
Age/DOB: 28, 1988, Andong, South Korea

Occupation: Former small-time architect back in South Korea, currently in a scholarship college master's degree in Chicago and working as Uber driver.
Immunity: Partial

T-Shirt and black jeans
A pen and a journal
A smartphone (50%)
1 canned bean
1 bottle of water (still full)
1 pack of cigarette
A lighter
A taser
A small backpack
A kitchen knife

Skills: Driving, basic military training, physically fit, fluent in Korean and English well, diplomatic, architecture degree.
Weakness: Pacifist, overprotective.

Personality: Friendly, calm, hard-working, and diplomatic, Jung strives for a peaceful resolutions in any conflicts, though he is no stranger to violence he knows that sometimes the benefits are not on his side, so keeping the conflicts in a relatively state of peace is actually good thing.
Likes: Peace, warm food, rain, great architecture, ethics of hard-working.
Dislikes: Bizarre architecture style, hot days, cats.
Fears: Unable to protect others, unable to solve conflicts peacefully.


Born in Andong, Jung was not from a rich family, though his family at the very least was slightly richer than most working-class family, his father worked hard as a factory worker. His mother tended at local daycare as a daycare worker, so pretty much the only time they spent together was during weekends and day offs. Jung was not a bright child as well, he tended to passed well at school but pretty much passed it average. He passed through the schools until graduated from high school with good grades, enough to be enrolled into college.

But he passed the first chance for college so that he could be drafted into the military. He didn't quite bothered about college, and considering there is compensation for military conscription in South Korea, the money could be saved for his family's savings or for future businesses opportunities. After 21 months in the Army, placed on reservists and obligated for annual mandatory military training for few days for the next 6 years. By the time he was 20, he went into college and graduated with architecture degree. He developed a sense of protection to others during the mandatory service.

He was employed by the government to supervised constructions at smaller towns, homes, factories, buildings. Small-time and all that, helped local and senior staffs. His compensation money was spent on stock market business and an opening of a food stall for his mother, who grew older and appreciated the gesture. After a while and his mandatory annual training ended, he went for a scholarship of engineering, and got one in Chicago.

He took a leave from the government's job and went into Chicago, worked as Uber driver at the same time to funded his living life. Occasionally, he spent times physically trained himself in local community's gym. He was on his service as a driver when the outbreak hit Chicago. The good news is that USA is the only one affected so far, but the bad news is the same thing. Meaning he couldn't went back to Korea, as much as he wanted to. He went into shelter at his living place, but when the Infected appeared, he fled to the police station, and later, to hospital, with as many as he can carried off.

And now, he's somewhere inside Chicago, wandered around...
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by Hansdeltania
Tag. 80% interest. Expect a PJ or CCT in my app.