Of Simplicity and Circuitry (OOC)

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Of Simplicity and Circuitry (OOC)

Postby WaRtArIa » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:41 pm

You are an android.

Rather than being made with flesh and blood, you were made with silicone, computer chips, and circuits.

Once simply a plot device in science-fiction movies, you are now a real being, with thoughts, dreams, ideas, and emotions that are your very own.

Designed to act and look like a real human, you are all designed with your own personalities, your own code numbers, and even your own unique name. Being an amazing artificial intelligence, you are blessed with the concept of basic thought, and of course, memories. Those memories can never be forgotten unless manually erased or tampered with, which may be a good thing, considering that androids are difficult to attack.

Despite your supposed individuality, you are all still machines, and you have your own purposes. Some of you were designed to be maids, companions, factory workers, actors, and more.

You were designed to be humanity’s toy.

It was true. There were nice humans, kind humans, and generous humans. You cannot deny this. But behind the guise of productive corporations, there lies something more. Those humans were the bad apples. It was a mystery, and there was something definitely wrong with this place.

Being blessed with intelligence and a personality, your line of fellow androids eventually grew dissatisfied when being forced to live in this town, Redwood Town, forever. Many of you are bored and wish for freedom.

You and your androids may have a plan, but it’s not going to be easy. Security cameras, guards, traps, defense systems, and alarms riddle the complex of this town. The owners of this neighborhood, Goldleaf Creek, have installed tracking chips into every one of you so that they can find you; those tracking chips will kill you if you attempt to remove them by yourself, although they are still removable. Some of those people can manually reprogram you into the tools they want you to be. Everyone—except androids—has powerful weapons like rifles, grenades, pistols, and blades. The richest people here even have plasma weapons, tasers, or small rayguns.

It’s going to be difficult, but it’s all worth it in the end. You’re stuck here, aren’t you...? Well, can you escape? Soon, you’re going to find out.

I presume you’re wondering who—or what—are we? We are IMPs, the Intelligence Minor Personality Softwares. And of course, we were made by the Intelligence Minor Corporation.

Or maybe instead of having freedom and rights, you’ll just live your life the way the humans intended you to do.

I have retrieved useful information from the Android Intelligence Database.

Androids are designed to look, act, and feel like actual humans. However, you can’t age, and you’re automatically designed to be an adult or teenager forever. In fact, you’re virtually immortal. Your skin is made of silicone colored with human skin colors. Your flesh is made of red silicone with a texture akin to uncooked meat. Your bones are made of titanium. Your veins are made with circuitry. Your brain is made up of circuits, computer chips, and the tracking chip. Thankfully, your memories cannot ever be removed unless manually tampered with. Your nose, tongue, eyes, ears, and skin all contain various advanced sensors. You are durable to physical damage, bacteria, and viruses; however, you are very vulnerable to temperatures, faulty coding, and computer bugs. You have no need for consuming food, but the humans let you do so to keep you happy. You must drink water, oil, and gasoline to survive. The wonderful thing is that you have no need for going to the bathroom.

Androids were designed by humans in factories, each part of you assembled on the automatic assembly line. They later are sold in markets for a hefty price and a specific purpose. There are many reasons you were built. You may be built for being a maid, companion, bodyguard, cashier, or more. In fact, there are many jobs that you may be designed for, although programming or computer science jobs are restricted from you. Some androids are made for menial labor in factories.

Androids have a lot of work to do. They wake up, go to school, go to work, and go home. They recharge for six hours. You must go into your house and into an individual small bedroom to rest. Your house and its occupants are already planned. For eight hours, you go to the local android school, which is always the first thing you do. In the bedrooms, two androids may stay in each room. You may keep some trinkets on the dresser, which is a place where you can customize and order your own clothing. You and your roommate may also add decorations to the bedroom walls. A mirror is in every room in the factory, although there are no security cameras in the bedrooms or bathrooms. Two bunk beds are there for you and your roommate to be plugged onto so that you may recharge. Like a human, you get schooling and exercise, but you must go out of the factory and go into the local android school. You learn math, science, and English. After school is finished, you start your work, and then you recharge for 6 hours.

Not much is known about this mysterious factory, other than the fact that androids are manufactured here. Only authorized human personnel are allowed to even enter the premises of this place. You wish to liberate the working androids here so that they can have the same rights as every human. You want equal rights.

Androids from here go to the public android school, Redwood School for Androids. You take the bus, which has heavily-armed guards in there. They dislike you, and if you attempt to escape, they’ll most likely attack you. You all take the same classes, as you are all endowed with the same learning ability. It is mandatory that you do go to gym class. Gym class is where you exercise your joints and keep yourself well-functioning. You play games, exercise, and learn about your health. Alas, there are still heavily-armed guards here.

Androids in your neighborhood go to Redwood School for Androids everyday, except on Sundays. This is your daily schedule.

5:10 AM – Wake up.
5:30 AM – Prepare for school and get your ID, backpack, school materials, and clothes.
6:30 AM – Get on the bus and arrive at school.
7:10 AM – Finish consuming your breakfast.
7:15 AM – Math Class
8:50 AM – Science Class
10:10 AM – Gym
11:00 AM – Lunch
11:30 AM – Get on the bus and get to work.
8:00 PM – Go back home.
9:00 PM – Whatever.
10:00 PM – Dinner
10:30 PM – Clean yourself.
11:20 PM – Attempt to sleep.

We are android teachers, each with our own names and purposes. We are here to help you with your education, and although we long for freedom, we can’t do anything about it.

These are the rules that are mandatory for you to follow.
  • No godmodding is permitted.
  • I expect basic courtesy towards your fellow androids. Do not be too rude, please.
  • You should keep everything PG-13. Children sometimes visit here, too.
  • It is impossible for androids to simply start with built-in weapons, as no one designs them like that. However, it is possiblethat you can carry daggers or maybe pistols, but nothing more.
  • On your application, you must state “Thank you, IMP.”
  • Respect the OP and the Co-OPS ().
  • Have fun, or else we’ll be forced to terminate you.

This is the application that results in your creation.

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