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Thought Cafe Archive Thread

Postby Ghondra » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:25 pm

Thought Cafe
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This Archive thread serves as the place where we gather our RP Concepts, Ongoing RPs and Past RPs in one easily accessible spot. Everyone who has an RP concept he/she posted on the primary group thread is obliged to post it here. Keep this thread one post per person. If you have new concepts edit them into your post,

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A World in Chaos
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Postby Shadowwell » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:32 pm


Concept: You are someone on the island just trying to survive.
Genre(s): Dystopian?, survival, perhaps some others
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Character with factions.
Detailed Description:
Tah Ait, a jewel of green set in a sea of Cerulean, Many call it an island of dreams and hope, even more call it hell. The island is free from nearly any jurisdiction but its own. Many come to the island to get a new start with a clean slate, unfortunately this island is the last place a desperate person should be. If you aren’t careful the island will hew you up and won’t even spit you out, leaving you to suffer in the Pit, or perhaps one of the few worse areas in the Below.


Concept: Kind of like the electro clan series.
Genre(s): I don't know really. Dystopian perhaps, with some others.
Type : Character
Detailed Description: you are a teenager or young adult, that has been raised in a compound for most of your life with others like you. All of you have some notable ability be it mere super strength or the ability to command the elements. After being kept there for so long you and many of the others became curious about the outside, so you created a plan to escape. n the night you were to escape the plan was perfect except you were betrayed by some of the other Subjects. A group of them sided with the Compound and told them your plans. You and some others still amnaged to escape however and are on the run.


Concept: You will control a Gang in 1940’s NYC. The fragile peace has been broken between gangs and law enforcement by death of the son of the cities most powerful crime boss. You will control a new or old gang and try to survive in the city while both the stronger gangs and the Law seek to end you, through any means, perhaps even all out war.
Genre(s): Gang, Noir, maybe some others
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Faction/Gang
Detailed Description: TBD, It will take a revamped version of my film noir rp premise, with some changes.


Concept: You are a guest to a prestigious party on a billionaires private island. The first two days go off without a hitch, only n the third day is the truth revealed one of you is the killer.
Genre(s): Murder, mystery
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Character
Detailed Description: it is a murder mystery why would I spoil so much now? :p


Concept: You are someone related to a hero or monster of legend, and you are entering your first year at the Academy, a place that teaches future generations how to survive in this not quite peaceful world.
Genre(s): Academy, Fantasy, Mythological.
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Character with factions.
Detailed Description: Though this might not come as a surprise to many of you reading this invitation, Monsters and gods are real. Nearly every mythology and every creature and pantheon listed in them exist. Over the centuries man and the other beings have clashed for both survival and supremacy. Just as Man and immortal fought, so too did the Immortals fight amongst themselves. The constant fighting and bickering throughout the centuries with the different pantheons took their toll. Some monsters just grew weary of dying and resurrecting, same with the humans but just with too much dying.

Eventually many of the Gods and their monsters made peace with man. This however angered man of the other monsters and gods. The monsters saw humans as prey and playthings, the gods thought little different despite their power. Eventually the rivavlry between the sides culminated in war. The first of which in recorded history is the Battle of Thermopylae, with the Persian hordes and their pantheon against the Greeks. Many such wars would continue throughout history, until WW2 being the last major one. The coalition of the ‘evil’ gods broke apart due to repeated betrayal and suspicion.

In order to ensure there would be those to uphold the peace, the gods and still living heroes of the various pantheons came together. They created an academy of sorts run by Descendants and Legacies, with some monsters and Demigods. The Academy would be responsible for training those who weren’t exactly normal, let alone human for some, and teaching them about the true nature of this world of ours. Besides the training trips in their first year, students will start missions in their second year onward. The Missions vary from fighting while monsters to recovering artifacts or checking seals on the sealed beings too powerful to let roam. The sealed monsters and gods were caught after and during the various wars.
Many of you who are receiving this are descendants of heroes, regardless of Pantheon. Some of you are descendants of Monsters who had gained a sliver of humanity. I cordially invite you to join us here at (insert name here) academy.

Sincerely, Achilles The Unrivaled.
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Postby The Peoples East Africa » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:33 pm


Concept: Zombies and shit
Genre(s): Action-survival
Type: Character
Detailed Description: Similar to the Infection RP, the zombie virus broke out and infected the world. Millions died while billions turned. But not you, you're no scrub. You planned ahead and are now living out in your bug out location, be it your hut out in the woods, your mobile home, or maybe you were on the richer side of life and have a stocked and prepared fort out in the wilderness. Either supplies run low, or you're just getting lonely, but you have to venture out of your base in search of survivors and/or food. Cue zombies and gunfights and all that good stuff.


Concept: Warcraft anything
Genre(s): Fantasy
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Can work for any
Detailed Description: The Warcraft Universe is massive, do anything. First War with the whole movie coming out for inspiration, all those wars. Invading Outland, taking down Arthas, etc, all that good stuff.


Concept: Roman Empire on steroids split up
Genre(s): Classical era stuff
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Nation/character
Detailed Description: Trajan conquered Mesopotamia , but decided to be a good lad and follow in Alexander the Great's footsteps, and conquer Persia too. They integrate well, and soon form an integral part of the empire. Splits happen as IRL, but this time there are 3 Romes in existence, all competing for dominance. Nations could be the 3 empires, plus the Germans, Celts, Slavs, etc. Characters could be various military leaders and politicians and all that.


Concept: Bus
Genre(s): Bus
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Character
Detailed Description: We all play characters on a bus, going places. But this is like Desert Bus, so we have a long time to do stuff, get to know each other, plots to form and all that. Could be a killer on board. People might go crazy from there being nothing but cactuses and sand outside, and might regain sanity whenever a bug squashes on the windshield.

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Postby Valloria » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:41 pm

Map of the World - Now with Climate! (pursuant to the Köppen Climate Classification system, which can be Wikipedia'd to your heart's delight)
Prelim map of realm - Green is Valgar, Purple is Wharlaey, Red is Oglothatea, Blue-ish is Syvern, Yellow is Sozurn, other colors are as of yet unnamed

So, my RP idea is set in the realm of Valgar (obviously...), a highly-decentralized medieval kingdom/empire on the continent of Gralen. A few countries of note:
• Empire of Valgar (:p): (capital: Visgath, Archduchy of Visgath | constituent Archduchies: Visgath (crownland), Seneca, Syferith, Ulthast, Vlosdorn, Berissa, Miklacz) Ruled by Lord Paramount Mariyn X of the imperial House ca Vespicz, by the grace of God, Emperor of Valloria, Archduke of Valgar, Duke of Vespicz, of Osdom, of Prizlan, and of Izel, and rightful Emperor of Osfryth (latter title defunct)
• Empire of Oglothatea: (capital: Oglothatea, Kingdom of Osan | constituent Kingdoms: Oglothatea, Doedgun, Vollin, Aran (these four are Oglothatean crownlands) Osan, Barcus, Moden, Segar, Lodelen, Sivula, Ameren, Posal, Istren) Ruled by Archregent Angorn VI of the imperial House urb Sleaznie, by the grace of God, Emperor of Oglothatea, King of the Oglothateans, the Doedgus, the Vollig, and the Arani, Archduke of Sleaznie, Duke of Bottern, of Lowellingen, and of Oglothatea
• Empire of Syvern: (capital: Svorwacz, Archduchy of Gaegon | constituent Archduchies: Gaegon (crownlands), Mboran, Vilhenny, Cudraw, Venmorg, Bolg, Persnon, Oslan) Ruled by Archregent Vellis IV of the imperial House Seirang-Wosdar, by the grace of God, Emperor of Oglothatea*, King of the Oglothateans*, Archduke of Lormgan, Duke of Seirang, Prince of Wosdar
• Kingdom of Wharlaey: (capital: Starn, Archduchy of Mordran | constituent Archduchies: Mordran (crownland), Losgelots, Isbearn, Hallegat) Ruled by Lord Paramount Mithar III of the royal House ca Vorpmern, by the grace of God, King of Wharlaey, Archduke of Mordran, Duke of Vorpmern, of Stragnath, and of Carmut
• Archduchy of Sozurn: (capital: Iarnhús, Eseda Island) | Sozurn is a merchant republic comprising of several islands) Ruled by Lord Governor NAME of the family OTHERNAME, Archduke-Elect of Sozurn, Lord of the Traders, Guildmaster of the Merchants' Guild
(side note: being a "Lord Paramount" implies independence and the lack of a suzerain - in reality, this is only assumed by Archdukes (independent ones, at least) and above, and only if they are independent)
*Syvern is one of the two remaining split-off Oglothatean empires (see below history), and both claim to be the true empire.

Valloria was not founded in the modern sense until 1697, six years after the Revolutions of 1691, which saw seven successive governments through eight months of anarchy. However, the nation of Valloria (under a different name, ideal, and type of government) has formally existed since the Grand Duchy of Valgar was proclaimed in 565. In the early days of civilization, the Oglothatean Empire prevailed as the dominant power in eastern Gralen - perhaps the cradle of civilization for the entire continent. Outside of its ever-expanding borders, Oglothatea was surrounded by a large number of tribes. Several attempts at federations of many tribes to combat the subjugating forces of Oglothatea failed. However in 432, Bralaegh Othgat of the Valgai tribe successfully united roughly 70% of the tribes within the scope of their ambitious neighbor into a coalition. Chief Bralaegh successfully led a force of two hundred thousand tribal warriors against a series of Oglothatean armies - defeating each in rapid succession. Bralaegh was so successful, in fact, that his army was able to march on the Oglothatean Peninsula itself. Bralaegh, unfortunately, died in the Siege of Ogloth, and the lack of his leadership caused the fracturing of the armies of the tribes into three factions, which weakened each other so severely that the Oglothatean reinforcements wiped them out with ease. The destruction they caused, however, weakened Oglothatea so much that they eventually split into four rival empires some 60 years later.

This split left the route wide open for tribal chiefdoms to take their slice of Oglothatea. The heir to the Othgat dynasty of Valgai tribe, Argouw II Vostoti was the most ambitious of these, single-handedly conquering the weakest of the four Oglothatean successor states in 527, founding the Duchy of Valgair. His grandson Bralaegh IV Bisgata founded a city in 558 across the Bay of Asgolat from the city of Asgolat itself. The settlement of Bisgata, bearing the second name of its founder, would eventually become the core of the modern Vallorian capital of Visgath. There, Bralaegh IV proclaimed the Grand Duchy of Valgar and declared himself suzerain over all other tribes of the same culture. This led to a series of long but relatively successful wars that often involved grueling guerilla tactics and resulted in the crippling of the previously plentiful hinterlands of Asgolat - causing the decline of the city. Once the tribes were subjugated to the Grand Duchy, Bralaegh declared Valgar a Kingdom and crowned himself High King of All Valgari and Overlord of Aglosen. Bralaegh VI died in 574 childless and heirless - ending the ancient Othgat dynasty and throwing the young kingdom into a succession crisis. A civil war lasting three years led to Bralaegh's willed claimant Mariyn ca Vespicz inheriting the throne. Mariyn was the great-grandson of Argouw II by his second daughter Fra and local noble (and claimant to the Oglothatean crown) Isgarn ca Vespicz. Historians mark Mariyn's ascent as the beginning of the Middle Eon.

Despite a lack of royal education in his childhood, the 29-year-old Mariyn proved to be an incredibly intelligent and competent ruler, furthering the reforms of his cousin Bralaegh and uniting the largely decentralized and war-ravaged kingdom into a centralized entity where the king was the highest authority in the realm. He fathered three children with his wife Riloma (died 572), the daughter of Bralaegh VI's late brother. Mariyn, who died in 609, is said to be responsible for the first true golden age of what is now Valloria. Valgar continued to expand at the expense of both the Oglothatean successor states as well as various tribes, some of which had followed in Valgar's footsteps and founded feudal kingdoms further south on the coast. By 700, Valgar's capital Visgath was the largest city in eastern Gralen and Valgar was highly powerful - and often Emperor of the Nine, a conglomeration of the nine major states on the Vallorian coast. This confederacy was formed after the Oglothatean state was reunited and became a renewed threat to the sovereignty of the kingdoms. The Emperor was elected by a meeting of representatives of the Nine and each of their respective dependencies upon the death or abdication of the previous holder. However, after Valgar formed personal unions over both its neighbors in 779 through a mix of threats, alliances, and politically advantageous marriages, the southern states left the Empire and Valgar reformed the institution as a hereditary imperial monarchy.

After a century of rule over both of its neighbors, a regency during the minority of Lord Emperor Ostrath I led to the nobility taking huge powers for itself. The ineffective 12-year-rule of Ostrath led his strong-willed successor Mariyn VIII to break the hold of the nobility, but concessions had to be made. A parliament was formed, and an elective monarchy was nearly instituted. However, in a brilliant move, Mariyn VIII forced the ducal nobility to make their positions elected: in each of the nineteen Archduchies, the seven to ten Dukes would elect an Archduke from amongst each other upon the death of the previous. With this concession, each Archduke was given the title Lord Representative and was able to represent their respective interests in the Imperial Council of the Empire of Valgar. The Emperor himself would often take the title of Lord Representative of Valgar, which was de jure the Archducal title of Valgar. Eventually, this title was combined with the title of Emperor and the monarch would often title himself the Lord Emperor. In order to streamline administration and reduce the presence of the monarch in legislative matters, the Lords Representative eventually demanded that the position of Lord Governor be created - subordinate to the Lord Emperor, sat on the Representative's Council, and governed Visgath in the stead of the Emperor. This institution sped the integration of Syferith and Seneca, as all nobility was represented.

By 940, both Syferith and Seneca were annexed and integrated into the Empire of Valgar. In the historic Battle of Seneca and the corresponding sea battle at Sergisfeht, Oglothatea was heavily defeated and Valgar established its dominance as the supreme power in the region. However, expansion into the western mountains supplied huge amounts of furs and steel to the southern states, which had united into the Empire of Osfryth in 983. These valuable trade resources weakened Valgar's power - as did a huge defeat at the Battle of Godtorp in 990, after which the throne was usurped by Whaerg the Bold. The Vespicz family was exiled to Osfryth's court until Whaerg was finally assassinated. This exile led to the royal marriage of the Vespicz heir to the eldest Stragnath (Osfryth's royal family) daughter, and vice versa. Forty-eight years after the Vespicz return, in 1047, the last Stragnath died and the Osfriy throne was inherited by Emperor Casiym VII ca Vespicz of Valgar. Casiym VII was mentally challenged throughout his reign, and this led to the weakening of the personal union throughout his life, becoming painfully apparent upon his death in 1060. However, his grand-nephew and heir Mariyn III was an incredibly capable ruler who modernized Valgar and integrated Osfryth, although the exhaustion caused by this led to catastrophic defeat in the War of Estreni Vassalage against Oglothatea.

Although Valgar reached its political, military, and economic apex during the fifty-two year reign of Mariyn III (the longest of any Vespicz monarch), a few decades after his death three short, decisive wars with Oglothatea and the drawn-out civil war in Osfryth led to the rapid decline in power and prestige of Valgar. Nearly completely integrated during the reign of Mariyn III, Osfryth became largely independent during the reign of his great-grandson Ostrath II, and attempts to restrict this led to the aforementioned civil war in 1130. By 1150, Osfryth was able to declare independence as the Kingdom of Wharlaey without any meaningful attempt at reintegration by Valgar, and war after war had caused the continual loss of border towns and cities in Valgar. Many historians agree that by 1200, Wharlaey eclipsed Valgar in power, despite being only two-thirds its size. Now, the year is 1293. The Oglothatean Empire is once again threatening even the most powerful of its neighbors, and the Valgari lands it once held uncontested are its next target for expansion.

TL;DR? Screw you, you inattentive peasant. Read the damn thing.

At this point, you're probably bored. Now I'm going to get to the juicy stuff. In this RP, you will play as one of the lords of Valgar, or Oglothatea, or Syvern, or Wharlaey, or even maybe a merchant dude; knock yourself out - during this complex age of war, intrigue, and changing power. I will play as the ambitious and highly intelligent Lord Governor of Visgath Mariyn ca Vespicz, steward to the ineffective Valgari Emperor Ostrath IV (NPC; controlled by me). I will try to save my liege from himself and the Oglothateans as they prepare to press their claim on the Valgari throne. You could be an Archduke on the Valgari Emperor's council, voting on all sorts of laws. Or a commander in Oglothatea. My co-OPs will each play one of the following: the Emperor of Oglothatea, the Emperor of Syvern, and the King of Wharlaey. All other characters must be vassals of one of these realms, or the independent leader of a smaller realm.

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Postby The first Galactic Republic » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:42 pm

TG me about my avatars for useless trivia.

A very good link right here.

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Postby Stormwrath » Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:18 am


Concept: A modern fantasy world that is primarily centered on characters that go on a variety of adventures. The overarching plot consists of the fate of the Corestones, seven gemstones that are tied with the fate of the world, as well as the fate of the portals that link the world with other dimensions.
Genre(s): Sandbox, Mixed Genre (primarily Adventure, Action, Modern, and Fantasy)
Type (Character/Faction/Nation): Character-based
Detailed Description: Let me do an introduction to gauge your interest and give you an eye into the overarching lore of this RP.

Long ago, the diwata (gods) were creating world after world, universe after universe, dimension after dimension, tailoring them to their own designs. These worlds were grand and majestic in beauty. They were ruled by the great Daikila, chief of the diwata, who created them with her delicate hands. However, one day she gave birth to three children—the first time diwata came from her womb and not from her hands.

Three brothers were born to Daikila: Bathala, the eldest; Kulo, the middle child; and Misap, the youngest. Bathala, who favored order, made the Great Universe (the dimension of Daigdig) and populated it with men of dirt. His brother Kulo, who favored chaos, created Baba and populated it with men of fire. Misap, a rather eccentric diwata, created Tangayin—a universe more fantastical than what his brothers had envisioned in their universes. As a result, Bathala and Kulo grew envious of their little brother, who was favored more by Daikila than they were. And why wouldn’t they? Daigdig had no magic, and Baba was a sobering wasteland of fire and brimstone.

Bathala and Kulo argued on how to tarnish their brother’s creation, an argument that went on for a century. Bathala wished to remove the magical forces in Tangayin, for he saw it as unsightly for a universe, while Kulo preferred to burn every living thing on it. This argument went nowhere. And so the two brothers resolved to challenge Misap for Tangayin, promising its inhabitants that things will be better if they worshipped Bathala and/or Kulo.

Yet the alliance the two brothers had devolved into rivalry. Bathala taught his followers to abhor magic and seek creating things, while Kulo excited the violent tendencies of his followers. Misap neglected to do anything, and so the inhabitants of Tangayin were divided between the two gods. This division led to a war, in which swords and catapults of the humans Bathala brought faced the eldritch legions of fire elementals Kulo brought. This resulted in the utter desolation of Tangayin—the Anabu Peaks flowed with rivers of fire, and the trees, which would’ve been protected by magic, were reduced to ashes. Greater damage was done for the dimensions, for the veil that once separated them was torn, and so the puwang (portals to other dimensions) manifested wherever it wished.

This was something that Daikila couldn’t ignore. She chastised Bathala and Kulo for their wrongs, and punished them by relieving them of rulership over their dimensions. Daigdig was given to another diwata, while Baba was left godless. Worse, the two brothers were never again to set foot on Tangayin. To control the puwang that were opening up all too frequently between universes, Daikila set Bathala and Kulo as Keepers of the Veil, and their powers regulate the appearance of the puwang to this day.

Misap used his powers and recreated his world anew, and Tangayin was more than restored to its original state. The humans and fire elementals that were brought into his dimension were allowed to stay. They immediately set up the first two kingdoms of the new Tangayin: Pantawo, the human kingdom set in the Adlani Plains; and Magliyab, the kingdom of fire nestled in the Gravelands. Many more like them would follow, appearing all over the island and repopulating Tangayin anew.

More than 400 years ago, a devastating war ravaged Tangayin among the elemental kingdoms, mainly between Magliyab and the kingdom of Waginaw. Fire and ice was soon joined by water, earth, wind, nature, and light, and together their conflict killed thousands—even millions of mortal souls that were caught in the crossfire. Seeing the terrible results of their foolishness, the elementals prayed to Misap for forgiveness and reconciliation. He was willing to hear them, and instructed their leaders to gather at Mount Tayog. There they were entrusted with the Corestones, and given the title of Sanggri, guardians of the stones.

While we are in a time of peace, even the diwata watching over us know it may not be so...

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